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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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virginia. take a look at this skyfox above traffic. this in the mixing bowl over virginia and traffic is running smoothly in some parts of the area, you can see holiday travelers hitting the road, getting to their places and some of the areas trying to pick up their turkeys for the holiday. careful as you head out. and a lot of people heading home, just from work. but heading out to their destinations for the holidays as well. it's getting busy out there on the roads at this hour. let's get a first person the roadways. lauren demarco right now >> traveling along beltway with all of this traffic in the traffic. lauren, what's it like. >> reporter: i have to tell you i'm pleasantly surprised. we left the station friendship heights at 4:25. it's 5:00 and we're already on 95 north. traveled the beltway and hit 95 and college park. just got on, so passed the exit for 212, coming up on 200, inner
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i think we're about to hit another slow down after 200. heading up towards bwi marshal airport. we were expecting it was going to be difficult getting on to 95. you figure you got the interstate travelers. it really wasn't too bad. the beltway was moving the entire time. doing about 35, 40 miles an hour here and there. ylauren i'm picture i ams usually at this hour, beltway is packed. maybe travelers left a little early. >> reporter: earlier in the day, there was an accident on the beltway. i don't know how that impacted travel. people said let me get out now or i'm going to wait until later. right now, 5:00 p.m., wednesday before thanksgiving is pretty incredible. >> who knows about some of the other routes as well.
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up there as well. from your variance things are moving smoothly we have talked about this before, we always say we're surprised come wednesday, but that's because i think a lot of people are leaving on tuesday, some even starting on monday. i think we've kind of gotten used to the drill >> a lot of people like myself leave on thanksgiving it's just easier. you avoid crowds that way. lauren, safe travels, continue to check in with us if you accomplish -- come into a traffic along the way and let us know what. >> reporter: i do want to mention, looking at the maps, just to let people know and i saw this coming in, southbound 270 approaching the outer loop that looks to be one of the worst spots right now. it wasn't too bad coming in. that's a little heads up. >>. our area airports are reporting busy conditions, travelers making their way in
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>> tom fitzgerald has been at reagan national airport most of the day. you seen a steady flow and increase of security i understand. >> reporter: you want good news. >> reporter: there was absolutely no line here, we've been here most of the afternoon. at one point, this line behind it snaked all the way down the concourse of this terminal. right now, at 5:00, you can see for yourself, hardly anybody but that could change as we cross past this 5:00 hour right now because anybody who has not left dc at this point and left work, is probably headed here right now. we can take you on the roadway outside this building. there are serious traffic delays people are circling around to just pick up people. take a look at what we saw today from a security standpoint. components of both federal and local law enforcement who have jurisdiction over this airport
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rammed up their profile to deal with terrorism threats the country may face arbitration agreement this busy season, that will last until sunday november 27th. psa tells us their, you want to leave at least two hours before departure to make sure you get through security. they will anticipate larger crowds tonight. even though you're not seeing them until now. remember also, our weather in the area? pretty good lately. hasn't it? that's not been quite the case in some regions of the midwest. they also want you to check on your flight status before you get here. you don't want to find out when you get to reagan. now, as far as driving here? we'll tell you, it's jammed outside of reagan right now. but rob from the airport authority he says there are places you can go to wait and pick up somebody as soon as they show up >> we have a lot of parking but a lot of people dropping off.
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little bit busy. folks navigate to the circle. we advise people to come on in the parking garage. plenty of space there, wait in the cell phone lot if there's room. >> reporter: you can see basically nobody is there right now. if you got a flight, this is a real good time to get on the security. we checked the parking. it works pretty good. it will not only tell you how many spots are open. it will also get into the garage where those spots are. this is one of the busiest airports in our region right now. you wouldn't know it from looking around here right now. again, tonight, later tonight, and especial sunday, that is when things are really going to hopping. live at reagan national tonight. send it back to you. . turning to the trump transition. donald trump, president-elect, spoke of cutting government waste fraud and abuse during
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now he is the president-elect. could his plans for reducing the size of government affect your job >> ronica cleary is here with the look at the promises president-elect trump made and if your job could be on the line. a lot of people worried about this right now. >> reporter: i can imagine having a position in the government, wondererring if you'll be affected. we can take you through some of the things that he said. >> exactly. let's take a look. at a cnn primary debate back in quote, we will cut so much that your head will spin. well, where was he talking about making those cuts? government agencies. now that mr. trump is the president-elect you may have concerns about your job security. and if you are a government employee, here are the top things you need to keep an eye out for under a trump administration. first, a hiring freeze. in president-elect trump's contract with the american voter or his hundred be day plan he
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employees through attrition. he would exclude the military, public safety and public health from this freeze. next. fire executives. in donald trump's vision to row form the department of veterans affairs he notes his plan to fire those executives who have quote let our veterans down and also fire any employees who have jeopardized the health and safety of our veterans. next one. cut power end reach. what it refers to the department of education. in his book, how to fix our crippled america. trump spoke about the possibility of cutting the power and reach of the department of education. now, he also acknowledged those people who think the department of education should actually be eliminated completely and he seemed to leave that open as a possibility as well. finally, would mr. trump abolish the epa, the environmental protection agency.
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interview with fox news in october of 2015, he was asked if he would cut departments as president. his response? quote, environmental protection. what they do is a disgrace every week. they come out with new regulations. now, he did go on to say that we could leave, quote, a little bit of that agency in tact. other republican leaders have also spoke about pushing -- making plans. stopping union contracts. do all of these proposals make you nervous about the future of your job or do they make you feel better about reducing go. size and spending? let's discuss on facebook and twitter. you know where to find me. at ronica cleary. sending it back to you. this happens every transition but really it doesn't happen quite like this but he's made so many statements about making cuts in a larger way.
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named south carolina governor nikki haley as his u.s. ambassador to the united nations. he tapped the two-term republican governor as he headed to florida. haley was an out spoken critic met the president-elect last week at trump tower. her selection requires senate confirmation. ben carson is reportedly accepted an offer to serve as department of housing and urban development secretary in president-elect trump's forthcoming admini the position, he will take the reign from current hud secretary julieann castro. he has never held elected office. musician elton john is denying reports that he will perform on inauguration day. a member of the trump transition team made that claim but the
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he's been an out spoken critic. and performed a fund-raiser for hillary clinton. there's no word on who will take at the stage during the inauguration how to moderate the dinner be table debates and avoid political show-down. talk about bad timing the popular brand of gravy being recalled? it's happening before thanksgiving, not pose. a community thanksgiving thousands of seniors and families left in the district to take part in an annual thanksgiving feast. we're i'm going to show you why this is no easy thanksgiving eve meal the weather is cooperating for everyone trying to get away or running around getting last minute errands done. temperatures won't be as cold as they were. we're going to track showers
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tomorrow. we'll let you know how long they last into thanksgiving, fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be right
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. live pictures coming to us from one of our crews out there on the roadways as the sun set and traffic moving along. and if you haven't gotten to the grocery store yet, i hope you have and maybe you're prepping your food for the big dinner >> imagine if you were cooking for thousands of guests? that would cause some heartburn.
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out what many are thankful for. >> reporter: we're at the beef for sharing, minutes away from so much food being served here. take a look behind me. you got the servers ready to go and you got all these people who have been cooking all morning, marked potatoes, yams. all of this has been prepared throughout the evening. they've got enough to feed about 5,000 people. in just moments, dinner is feast for sharing, thank you. >> reporter: they come from all over. some bussed in from senior homes, others as church groups >> there's a line over here. it will be upstairs and across. >> reporter: this is no easy thanksgiving eve meal. 1500 turkeys cooked and served by hundreds of volunteers. for those enjoying the meal they're thankful for some of the simplest things.
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lord i'm still living. >> we met mary maintain, she tells us this thanksgiving will be extra special. her daughter was hospitalized for a mysterious blood issue. it didn't look good until she got a phone call yesterday >> she was wearing a, yesterday, she called me and said, mommy they taking it out. i don't have to take it anymore. that was my thanksgiving. >> reporter: for some this feast is about getting together with old friends to for other, it's the only thanksgiving they will have. that's why so many worked so hard to make it special. in the district, matt ackland fox 5 local news >> a variety of reasons. >> it's good to be thankful. makes you feel good. nice to pause, take a moment and really think about it >> it's usually simple things >> exactly. coming up, a car crashes
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ended after the break. alex? >> reporter: and this popular dc pizza joint is accused of running a child trafficking ring, but the viral social media posts just aren't true. i'll explain coming up. let's check in with tom fitzgerald. >> they say the early bird gets the worm. right? hundreds of people across the country are getting a jump on those black friday deals by camping out some people saying they were getting paid around $200 just to wait in line for someone else. consumer experts estimate holiday spending in the u.s. could be more than 600 billion dollars. stay with us.
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5:00. police are investigating a deadly shooting me southeast. it happened around 8:30 last night in the 3300 block of 22'nd street. police found a man suffering from multi-gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. he's identified as 26-year-old mar ket tyler. a school teacher is in serious but stable condition after a house fire on heights. her adult daughter was able to escape on her own but suffered minor burns. family dog was rescued by firefighters. police are still trying to figure out what caused a car to crash into the first floor of a town home. this is the scene over keymar way in gaithersburg. they were be able to get everyone out and the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a popular dc pizza joint is
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fire storm accused of being a human trafficking hot spot using children for satanic rituals and worse >> it is all fake. fox 5 alexandra limon is here to explain how the northwest restaurant has become the slaved victim of a fake social media post. alex? this is a problem. >> reporter: i want to be clear. i spoke to the dc police department today and they told me they are not investigating them for any rea child trafficking rings on satanic rich what's in the basement below this restaurant are unfounded. you could see the community is rallying behind the restaurant. it's a packed house inside. >> hours to casually destroy people, they don't believe we
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is talking about the bizarre and untrue stories circulating social media about the popular northwest pizza joint using pizza gate, many are slamming the restaurant with false reviews, floating conspiracy there's, that the pizza shop along with members of the clinton campaign and even hillary clinton herself are involved in child trafficking and satanic rituals. >> it seems kind of crazy, because i go there frequently. and it's just like a fun place. we play ping-pong. there's lots of kids and families. >> i think people who don't actually know the place, and know that, know the community ought to just step back, and leave everybody here alone. >> reporter: to make matters worse, some are using legitimate photos of children from the restaurant's website. >> they're using photos of children where like the parents
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on. >> reporter: the harassment is spiralling out of control. the gm says the owner and other gay employees are being targeted. >> things i'm not going to repeat because it's so vial, i wouldn't say it on camera. >> reporter: the problem haves gone from the cyber world to the real world. >> most of the time when they come in here, it's just weird, they videotape and ask strange questions. >> reporter: in one post, someone released personal information of at least 20 all of the claims against the restaurant are false and unfounded. the dc police department says not only are they not investigating comet ping-pong, they're keeping an eye on those threatening the restaurant and employees. now, another rumor that circulating online is that the star and moon is symbols on the comet sign are satanic symbols of some sort.
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adams morgan that was there decades. when it was going out of business, the owner of this brand new pizza shop opening ten years ago decided to buy the sign and save a piece of dc history. that moon and that star were already on the sign. again, just completely false. reporting live in northwest dc, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> horrible. you got to do your homework. >> it'in 2016 has been full of debates and harsh words and when. sometimes when families come together around the table they can give grief to each other >> tom fitzgerald has out at reagan national airport. you've been asking people a something a little bit different. i love what you're asking people today. >> reporter: here's the thing,
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know, the one that -- what are you thankful for and they say grandmom and world peace and the new family dog. we want to know something difference. in 2016 we've had a year here when everybody has been going at each other pretty good with their protests and with discussions and with debates. so we wanted to know this, when you sit down at that table, is there any subject, topic, that you are going to avoid? >> no >> money >> money >> don't talk money >> no. >> reporter: what happens when you ask about getting more money from mom? >> i got a job. and that's how you got the money? >> yeah. >> that was easy. >> maybe parenting skills.
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little contentious? >> everybody, we're all adults. we try to tell each other -- try not to tell each other what to do. >> no, no, no. >> what don't you talk about around the thanksgiving table? >> fox news. >> no, no. >> reporter: what subject do you avoid? >> politics. >> does it get heated >> it can. it can. it's generational. it's between the generations >> i think that allam will be talking politics at thanksgiving, regardless of whether it's uncomfortable >> don't avoid it? >> no. >> so you all get along? everything is good in your family? there's nothing you can't talk about >> nothing i can't talk about >> that was easy. >> is there any subject in your family that you avoid? >> politics. >> reporter: you don't talk politics around the table >> no >> how can you not talk about
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agreement we don't talk about politics. >> happy thanksgiving. >> that was easy. >> reporter: thanks to newt gingrich for playing along. remember, when you're at that table, remember the immore tall words of nancy reagan, if you come up with one of those topics that's going to start a fire storm, reach button and just say, no, it will save you >> we want to know if you got any scoop out of the speaker, the former speaker on any appointments? mr. gingrich. >> reporter: his wife was standing just off camera. she wanted nothing to do with this at all. she was like get over here. >> she's a smart woman >> you're not talking to the press, let's get on the plane and out of this airport >> don't leak news to the press right now.
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thanks, tom. a head stone in memory of former dc mayor marian by the way is scheduled to be unveiled. the heart felt ceremony attended by hundreds to remember dc mayor. a group wreaths of america needs additional help this year to continue their honored holiday tradition. how you can help the organization fulfill their annual goal of placing wreaths on the graves of thousands of he award handed down to the redskins quarterback. we'll tell you about it when we
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ing orrers behind a holiday tradition at arlington national cemetery need your help.
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across america revealed they're thousands of wreaths short. the wreaths cost $15 each. the last day for the fund-raiser is december 17th. information is located on our website ? ? >> it's been two years since former dc mayor marion barry died. his grave site finally friends and family gathered to unveil the monument in his honor. a spokes woman sets process took longer than expected in part because the original design had to be scrapped for not conforming to the cemetery's requirements. >> beautiful head stone, worth the way the, i guess. >> a beautiful day outside too. you can tell from that video >> nice for travelers, tomorrow we may have couple showers early but overall it will be decent. yes, we're looking good, weather
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the mgm casino down in national harbor. re there's a couple national spots. it is a beautiful evening. however, little tricky on those roads. although as we heard earlier, maybe the rush was more this afternoon, keeps getting earlier. it was so cold this morning yet again, we shouldn't be as chilly overnight. thanks to the cloud cover that's increased. morning and then we'll see seasonally cool weather as we head to the weekend. showers around here very sparse. you see a little bit of light green to the north, there's a system working its way in. but we got incredibly dry air so it's difficult for this rain to hold together or even make it to the ground. little more organized up towards pennsylvania. you may see light rain showers and laurel high lands, snow showers or frozen precipitation mixing in. they got a little bit of wet
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there. we don't yet and the big story is further out to the west. you can see a good chunk of moisture moving through the ohio valley, cincinnati up in indianapolis southern michigan. that becomes snow in northern meisha and northern wisconsin. but this system will have a tough time holding together, working its way into the dry air that's in place. let's check some airport alerts. anywhere on the looking good. all the washington airports looks fine, it looks like national they're reporting light rain and bwi looks good. look at these morning temperatures, 32 was the first freeze for the district this morning. 20 in dulles, 23 at bmi. temperatures well into the 40's to still 50 degrees right here in washington. and all across the northeast,
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readings around 50 degrees, 40's up in new york and boston, 30 in bing tan. >> the showers fall part as they move eastward. 6:00 a.m. if you're traveling northward, rain showers and possibly snow showers and widing scattered showers started to dissipate by thanksgiving evening. we'll see the sunshine return by friday morning, black friday shoppers in luck, the forecast looks easy to contend wi we'll be dry. few clouds. happy thanksgiving to you. and everyone else in town. we were offering best weather but it certainly can be worse, 55 mostly cloudy with just a couple of showers for your turkey day. we're at least not as cold as we have been. couple showers on early black friday morning maybe. we'll be a little warmer and the weekend looks great, dry and seasonal, watch for a warmup. temperatures into the 60's by early next week. that's a look at weather.
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>> doing sports with you? >> i didn't know exactly how to respond to that. i didn't get the green memoranda >> your beard is chilling >> the beard probably will be on ice a little bit longer i have to anchor the 10:00 news tomorrow night. >> i see that -- big honors for kirk cousins named the nfc after the mast if you feel performance against the packers on sunday. perhaps the most crucial start his career, 24 hours away against a team on a total 180. dallas riding a franchise record nine game winning streak. dakota prescott throwing 17 touchdowns and just two interceptions, runningback seek keel elliot leading 1102 yards.
5:47 pm
jay gruden >> zach and z iek, done a great job. he gets chunks of yard itch. zach has done a great job. very poisoned under people. they both are very impressive for young football players and they're getting better as the season goes on. >> a special thanksgiving wow. wow. we're 10:00 a.m. for redskins game time. at fox 5. before that, we asked the age old question, what are you thankful for? take a listen. >> being around everybody. my family, and enjoying, i like peach cobbler >> my wife makes a really good turkey. when i first met her, we got engaged.
5:48 pm
first thanksgiving with her. honestly, she was put to the test, and i think i moved away. >> when we eat, it's like brother trying to shove everybody out of the way because they're bigger than anybody in. that's not happening. ladies first. >> the last time you became a bit of a viral sensation. i'm going to ask you what is your favorite side or part of the thanksgiving meal? sweet potato put yams. >> some redskins fans call you yams. >> he's like, dude i have a great video of you. >> i was like what is it? sweet potato yams? >> you name it it's on the
5:49 pm
>> it's a southern food. they come out with trucks and trays and throw it on the table. i can go down and name the whole food group over here all day. >> i'm stuck on the peach cobbler. that's a new one i have not heard before. not for thanksgiving. that's what i mean. i've heard of peach cobbler. >> tomorrow i'm going to introduce you to something called let's talk about the health watch. >> really, this is very bad timing. heinz is recalling a popular gravy product just before thanksgiving, allergy risk they say, about 500 cases of home style bistro were mislabeled, so the product has milk and soy but they're not on the label.
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customers can return for refund
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. fox 5 is partnering with make a wish midatlantic for its season of wishes campaign. >> we meet nitin who absolutely lodges our local sports team, especially the wizards. watch this amazing wish unfold before your eyes. >> my wish is to be a washington wizards player for a day. my name is nitin i had brain tumor on my fourth ventricle.
5:54 pm
chemotherapy. it was really hard. it took a toll on my body. >> one thing i think a parent never wants to ever see is their child suffer. leave alone being told they have been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer >> i'm glad to say i'm recovering and getting my strength back to where it would have been before me treatment started. started. >> as parts, i will not forget the day when his wish was granted. and when he knew that his wish to be a washington wizards player, he was adamant that he has to -- he dribbles a ball and be able to at least throw the ball up >> three months before and after the wish, because it really changed the way i was feeling and recovering. i started getting more active. i got out of my bed. i walked around. it was so hard for me to imagine
5:55 pm
happen. when that happened, it was one of the greatest days of my life. i got to eat breakfast with my favorite players. >> you're such a legend i watch on tv every day >> i got to warm up on the court with them. i came back for the game and got introduced with the starting lineup. for nitin, >> then i watched the game f close. >> he's a totally different nitin on the day of the wish >> not only that day but then couple months after, even now, looking back at the videos and looking back at that day, and
5:56 pm
was, it just, brings joy to my heart. >> great kid and this was life changing for him. it really was. >> you can see there. make a wish needs money and help and air miles to help grant wishes. >> please go to midatlantic dash season of t >> thanks for being with us, the news a the 6:00 starts after the
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. the great escape is already begun. we're taking a live look from braddock road. let's go to it. there you go. look at that. traffic not too bad there.
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amtrak service is delayed along the northeast corridor in both directions. unfortunately, a pedestrian was struck just south of wilmington. services resume but there are delays. we do have a little good holiday news, the temperatures will warm up for thanksgiving and all of you black friday shoppers, let's get to sue palka with a first check on the forecast. hey, sue >> for anybody running around this afternoon and evening or going north or south on 95, weather is not a problem. braddock road live shot a moment ago, not too bad. a quick check of radar. farther west you go out toward the great lakes, you're going to run no a little bit of mixed snow. chicago gone over to rain to st. louis towards memphis. if you're going to be in and out. maybe a couple of light sprinkles or showers, the air is dry. anything we do see will be


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