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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> right now at 11 the thanksgiving get away from the bement way toy bwi marshall. we're following the conditions for last minute travelers. >> and then the path to recovery for a local women who survived a bear attack. an update on her condition we'll have. >> cyber breach impack the navy. details on the hack that put personal information of more
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fox news at 11 starts now. i was serious sdm i mean it's thanksgiving eave, we're just eating it not preparing it. >> we're enjoying and being thankful. >> i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> we'll begin we talking about the holiday travel rush. many people right now are headed to their thanksgiving destinations. the road tonight. she was on the beltway when i 95 to bwi marshall backed down to northern virginia how are you now and where's it going. >> it's been a piece of cake this afternoon and evening. there's been pocket of little accidents and things like that but really no majorsh use. i want to take you right now to
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in the 10:00 hour we were live. we made it out to dulles in 15 minute. we were waitsing to do this and drive through and show you there's not going on departures and arrival if you were waitsing to travel until this evening you were the smart one. because you shouldn't find much of app issue. earlier we fwot video from i 95 maryland. we left the station in friendship heights ape headed to the welt way putty did towards bwi marshall. there were no issues then i'mer. they only thing we ran intos with a little slow task. we have i asecond piece of video headed to bwi on route 195. they have about seeing delays actually delays continue at
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so pretty heavy and slow there. people telling us some of them it took an hour. others said it took about half an hour. it took us about 20 minutes or so to go one mile sitting in that delay. and then once we get to the airport the security lines were moving fast and they were not each -- we talked about what travelersen koupderd along the way. >> we came from west chester, pennsylvania, and then just came down through the tunnel and up until the suppress way 195. >> what did you find what's the worst spot. >> as soon as you turn on i 95. >> we temed her when she landed and we thought if we kept driving we would get here before she got here and so we went and parked.
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in and now it looks past. >> it's empty. >> now this morning was another story on the beltway. this were massive delays and that was because around 7:45 aex on outer lone near the american leemingon grij there was accident involving a large box truck all lanes were shut town for spim. police to clear away the accident and clean up fuel from the spill -- from the crash that spilled and there plays tsh we were told there were two nine that oyvrd as evan ruddy charged with excellent driving and ungrading on suspended license. other an that there have throughout the day been accident here and and no maids issues sound like most people left early this morning and worked yesterday. my photographer said yesterday
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three hours to cigarette our station in chantilly during the evening rush. today we didn't see anything like that. we've been answering happening out. i know you railroad making front of me i still am eighting -- that's a headache out traveling the dulles toe road and back toward theition station. >> if you head anywhere now you should number good shape. i saw a l northbound bw parkway approaching the parkway. back to you in the stud quo. >> that's good news. good for anybody heading out right now. all right. lauren. you guys be safer out there have fun eating chest nuts in the meantime back into the studio. we'll save for you guys. of course you know we fwt a thanks fiveing feast going on in the loft. and we'reen squoying that. let's take a live look outside.
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people driving tonight. sue, how are things looking for tomorrow to thank giving day. >>el ier we had showers come through mixed with bit of sleet. there will be a little more tomorrow morning. it's not a wet day and wash quout. a few thank giving morning hours could ab returned and i think the timing will be bhm 7 to 9 or 10:00. it's not a lot it's aetch proving to the west down towards middle vaey comfortable ahead of a frontal boundary and will produce light showers. but nothing that will spoil your turkey trot i don't think and nothing that will require you to drag umbrella along all day. afternoon should be drier. little cloudy and bit on the cool side. we'll see temperatures head near 40s and even good news not as cold as the start.
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last night, 20 to 0 in the area and upper low 40s overnight. >> we climbed to 55 with one or two showers. i'll give you the timing quickly so you can see as we go throughout the rest of the night we watch showers approach 7:00 in the morning and it's not a rain. you may not see showers it quickly moves through for the peaches and by afternoon maybe a few peaks of sunshine electricy day we 2350eu7bd things down and watch temperatures rides into the mid 50s tomorrow. checkup temperatures now towards freezing. win chester 3 and culpeper sag a little warmer than they did last night. we'll have a weekend forecast and shawn i'm running to that studio. >> try out the past to soup that's all i'll say it's really good. >> new tonight the navy says
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130,000 sailors was preached. hackers hit a laptop used by hewlett backer employee working on a taivy contract. they informed the breach up cheweding social security numbers of more than 14,000 current and former sailors. slael notify by hope to, email and mail and we're looking for we learned the woman attacked by a wear was released from frederick. they setp a good fund me for karen osborne you see her there. that page is set up to raise money for her medical expenses. including a broken arm and broken pelvic. doctors say they wion't be ai believe to walk for 4 to of weeks. and the attack happened odd a home on iron gait lane frederick and osborne wentoids in the dark and unknowingly got
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maryland natural resources say a black bear maybe cases are rare. >> and a police officer avoided serious injury after a drunk driving. he never saw the officer hit him. edward payton caz directing traffic last night night. i pulled his cruiser behind the woman's car and turned on his emergency lights. moment later >> she or she is charged with driving under the influence. >> i know statements he made to my partner. she asked did you see my part near's lights he states the no. she asked did you see her lights on her car he stated no. >> the incidents comes after fearly 1 year after a drunk driver hit and killed montgomery countsy police officer and noah liotaa on
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>> drivers taking alert this holiday season not just on the road but alsoness parking lotsness allege saferty council says two out of three drives are not paying attention in parking lots. i know you see it every day and instead they're doing things like texting, talking on the phone or paming their gpa. thousands of crashes happen every every year in parking lot and distract the walking can be an issue. many are focus out there. >> absolutely. >> we'll continue talking turkey and talking about a thanksgiving tradition one last time. >> yes, this was president obama's final turkey pardoning. i get the feeling he's happy about that. he was sure to save all the about that. he was sure to save all the best electricy puns for last.
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>> and ger take a look at that. >> he put in more eggs while you were out. >> yes he did.
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>> and thank giving tradition at the white house the annual turkey carve pardoning. >> in case you didn't know this is president obama's final pardoning he granted tator and to the clemencey. >> for the past seven years i established another tradition embarassing my daughters with a cornopia of bad jokes about turkeys. this year, scheduling conflict. actually had they couldn't take my jokes anymore they were fed up. >> he seemed to really enjoy this. >> yes, he did. >> by the way the pardoned birds turkeys have a home at virginia tech when the president talked about it earlier today he said they were going to a place that was kind of hokie cared for by animal and poultry sciences department good and oddly enough, the
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was named courage that turkey passed away yesterday. >> wow. >> isn't it weird. >> they only have a certain you know short life span. >> yeah. >> anyway, cool. last one. sasha and malia were i'm out. >> we're out dad. >> notice the nephews there they were loving it. >> they were loving it. >> they're cute. >> speaking of turkey i know i lot of folks will be up late cooking and some keting on the road tomorrow and we'll be okay warm-wise. >> couple of showers coming th nothing that end the drought either. you know what it's thank giving we'll give the rain a pass and few light showers getting through. a lot of people like to do running in the morning and while you're dispoint todd hear there may be a couple showers moving on through it will not be tear bally cold. it might be just right for the runners and i don't think the rain will be heavy at all. talking less that tenth of inch if we seen see that believe me because the air is dry over our
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through earlier as mentioned and mixed with sleep in a few spots. that air was dry and we had he vaptive cooling and here come the showers and see them around in the area tomorrow morning. other than that with snow pushing across minnesota and up to the peninsula of michigan we're not seeing a lot of weather this system in the pacific norm west and not strong either. no travel problems or worries about anywhere including new york city for the parade this morning we may get the parade will be over. dulles hit 50 and bwi 53 that is not bad at all and this the was coming back from temperatures that range from 20 last night to 3 2. we won't be that cold tonight. keep in mind average high 55 and that's where we're headed thanksgiving day. little warmer for our black friday shoppers. near 60.
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south of d.c.. 54 saturday and 54 sunday an 'slow front approaching the area. we had clearer skies in winchester and that allowed the temperature to drop to 3. meanwhile compare tat to d.c. 46 with that south wind. 3 at call 3e7 pepper, dulles, 8 and 40 haikers town. that's a little better than last night and in a couple spots we have to deal with 30s early in the morning to low 40s in the distrt. towards binghamton 8, 41 new york just i and 5 lexington kentucky quick check of airports around the region and no delays to be honest across the country and rain showing up chicago o'hare and that's about it good travel weather this wednesday and wednesday night. that is for sure. looking at thanksgiving day. day parts 8 a.m. temperature 44 with a few showers around and noon 50 and cool and by 4:00.
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sun here and there and as we head to friday spots near 60 with frontal boundary coming on through and that would maybe bripsing a shower here and there. here's your 7 day forecast. sunny and dry. we need rain. our next chance of staying out of rain would be tuesday. notice warmer 62 and wednesday showers likely temperatures in the mid 60s. happy thanksgiving
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ooh i'm sitting next to two people with plates and there's nothing in front of me right now. >> awe, poor jim. >> let's talk hockey now. >> look that. >> you know the truth. >> alex ovechkin really likes giving st. louis the blues. he had six goals against the blue notes.
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play. danny out to ovechkin to the glove of hundredton. ove slap ergos and back to obe and makes no mistake on second attempt. just like that-0 advantage. and then in the third period. now,-1, caps with the face-off. obi takes offer into the blue zone. there 6th of caps surrendered two late goals we don't care because they win 4-3. >> that means i have jt 3 and georgetown facing owe be oklahoma state in the third. cowboys took over long three pointer from here, no good. jeff in with the follow up jam 20 points offer the bep. today final second first half cowboys evans races to the line
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buzzer" line. dominated -- they dropped to 2-4 on the season. redskins have a lot to be thankful for and so do the players. brody logan went to get hot takes of thanksgiving dinner. >> just being around all my family. i like peace calvert. >> m i met her and we gotten gauged this is my first thanks giving with her and obviously she was put to the test. and i think i moved sooner. >> i hope she brings me a plate. >> when we eat it's like our brothers try to shove everybody out ever the way because they're bigger and they say, no, that's not happening, ladies first. she makes it show. >> the last time we played on
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sensation. >> sweet potato yam. >> what is your favorite side or part of thanksgiving male. >> sweet potato yams. >> you know redskins fans call you yams. >> i know that's hilarious. my teammate he said dude i have a great video of you. >> i said what was it sweet potato yamz. >> yamz, sweet po tate" yams >> i mean geez i don't know what you want to call it southern food. there's dishes you think galore they come out with trucks and trays and throw it on the table man and i can go down and name all the food but weeding here all day. >> that was really good. >> that was good, fantastic. >> woo. >> i'm sorry sfxt laughter.
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>> all right we could not finish off the evening. we were stuffed. from ot i thank you for joining us and bringing us this beautiful feast. this is what happens tomorrow. leftovers what happens with all the leftovers. >> easiest thing to do turkey sandwiches and salads and only let's. >> electricy everything. >> keep it simple. >> start in the morning and by the time you get to the night normally if oti feast it's all good. >> what are you thankful for. >> just to be here you know to overcome all the odds i've been through and thankful for my family and guests that keep coming. >> we is five second. >> we're thankful for you. >> we're thankful for you.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the biebs packed a punch in barcelona for sure. >> this fan goes inside justin bieber and justin puts his hand out of the car and clocks him. you see the fan out there, his lip is like busted and he's bleeding. he's like freaking out in spanish. eak in barcelona.catalan they >> oh, p.c. -- harvey: it's not p.c. it's just inaccurate. >> there may be a little bit of a silver lining with kanye being hospitalized. the insurance policy he has on his tour may kick in. > if i was kim, by the way, i would be really pissed. i just went through this horrific experience and he decides now as the time to go to the hospital. >> story of my life. now you have a nervous breakdown. >> gucci mane, went to the game


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