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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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over at the butterball hotline. there's something new thisho som yearet, thoughih. you're going to like it. >> one of tucker's fav goroiitet times of the morning that's mors coming up this hour.p this hou after dinner how about someutom football skins waking up in skiw dallas this morning ahead ofs mn today's big rig valry game. 4:30 kick judgment we wantednt n to know what do the playerslars look forward to most on thanksgiving sewing we asked emem. >> back to a live look outside i on this thursday morning november 24th, 2016. 2 a very happy thanksgiving toivit all of you. you. a check of forecast coming up at 7:05.:0 good morning, i'm allison'm al seymour. seym >> and i'm steve chenevey.neve happy thanksgiving everybody. ey welcome to fox5 news morning. mg some people in our areae in ore breaking a bit of a sweat onwe this morning on the turkey trots that are happeningpening across the region others the reh getting a workout in ag rkou different way.fferay credit card and the cash ah little shopping this >> k-mart some inn springfield virginia one spot that's t opened its doors to shoppers shr who wants to get a head start on holiday sales or need aeea couple things for tonight's
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she joins us now.e joins us now. good morning to you.ou happy thanksgiving.nksgivin >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving to you, too as wel yeah, you know, people here, per are definitely getting a workout with their wallets.. it doesn't feel like the black k friday craziness or grayra thursday that some people callpl it. take a look behind me.ook be m it's kind of a normal average aa everyday feeling in k-mart feen this morning and that's and thas probably because when we many years in the past, theret,e was pretty much no line. right before the store opened o at 6:00 a.m. a couple people,e , about 10 or so, showed up and walked in, but really theyhe crowds were not anything likeini they have been in years past. p is that because the deals are not as good? dea no, that is non ue.e. actually the deals arehe d a fantastic and one of thetic things i wanted to show you y that is a really good deal dea here today on the grayra thursday is christmashris decorations. take a look at this.oo thi 50 percent off all christmas
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one of the things that we justht bought for my family was a artificial tree with lights. igt we saw them priced up to t $4,400 at other here, you know, you can getanet them for less than $200 and$2 a they're beautiful.beauiful there's a ton of differentiffert kinds and as you can see, see their christmas decoration display goes on and on.y goesn n i've seen a lot of people pe taking advantage of this salesal today. ngoo electronics are looki really good. cooking supplies are looking really good. guys, if you're afraid of fighting those black friday fria dealing with all the craziness, k-mart is goingar really well today and i thinkayi all the shoppers are enjoying ey the fact it's a little bit calmer they can get theiry ca stuff done get in get out and ot get ready for thanks give.iv now is a good time to shop ifo s you want to get away from thewar family a little back to you. >> kind of nice without the crowds. >> every time i see one ofof nic see thosonef artificial trees anjali i say this is the year i gor that route but i do love thethe smell of the pine. what do you do? do you do
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i am like you. y. i like the live trees but this i year we went and we splurgedd and we bought an expensivexpenve tree and that's really nice nic because it does color andlor a white lights, whatever we'rer we feeling like and they'reke and ' already set up, too, which iswhh kind of nice too and they're perfectly put throughout.hrgh you know how hard it is to putst lights on perfectly.ts on pefec. >> you're making me come overngo to that side, too. too we'll see you in a little while much thanks very much. t it's not a bad idea.ha n a bad >> in other news developingin overnight back to news now, a man shot and injured in in sout this happened around 2:00 this:h morning in the 1600 block of 28th avenue in southeast.. again, when police got therece e the victim who had been shotn in the neck was thankfully awake and was breathing. unfortunately no word on hison h condition right now.righnow we're going let you know justnot as soon as we know.e ow. >> developing story out ofopin china right now.a rit now. at least 67 people were killed in a tragic constructionnstr accident. a scaffolding collapsed.. happened at a construction site in china. work platform at a power plant tumbled to the groundund earlier this
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over recent months blamed on b corruption and pressure to assu boost production amid a slowing economy. economy. >> in turkey, a car bomb attack has rocked a city at least too two people arere dead another 16 wounded. wounded so much officials aren'tch o saying whether it was a suicide attack or not.ff this is theng wheide latest int string of deadly bombingsng throw in the country for morerye than a year. >> this morning the nation ise a mourning the loss of yet yet another police officer. offic collin rose was a canine officer at wayne statenetate michigan. we told you yesterday he had been shot in the head. he passed away last night. the 29-year-old hader bsiee n shotu ye shod aw bee whilen shot investigating possie thefts near the school when he approached a person onth ae bi. rose had been on life supportfe following surgery tuesdayin night.g su he was surrounded by family and friends his fianc?e as a well when he passed.ese a suspect has been taken into i custody but so far no charges cs have been filed. beeed >> a sixth child has died fromim injuries that he suffered in that bus crash in tennesseenn this week. th we've also learned the driver di who is behind bars on bs vehicular homicide charges was
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officials also say that he wasas going well over posted 35 miles an hour speed limit. the ntsb is not onln y lohookurn at the 24-year-old driver butveb the company he worked for as well. well. >> president-elect donald trump spending the holiday weekend at hissidentendi mar-a-o estate in palm beach florida.lmb it's aea working vacation heionh continues to fill positions inii his administration.istrat this morninges expected tod t name wilbur ross as his pick pic for commerce secretary.comm he madeer his billions by in the manufacturing and steelau industries. donald trump selected two women for his t cabinrumpet betsy devos tapped to lead theeadhe department of education a big supporter of charter schools s and voucher programs.d earlier in the day southvouc soh carolina governor nikki haleyal was chosen as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations.natis. both selections still require senate confirmation inte january. the president-elect also took some time to deliveesr idaa thanksgiving >> posted that message onge on twitter. in his tweetit he says he praysp that this thanksgiving we
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>> we have before us the chance now to make historye htoy together to bring real change cg to washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities including ini our inner cities, so importantot to me and so that important tott our country.oury but to succeed we must enlistt l the effort of our entire nation. this historic politicalrilit campaign is now overly. detail any of his plans in his thanksgiving address.. ly. >> 7:06 right now. let's switch over and welcome wo tucker barnes back in the mix. m >> good morning.>> some rain showers across theshe area and they're very light. lig i mean really not going to amount to a whole lot. >> scattered.>> s >> put on your slicker? whatyo are we talking about.ur sliwe ta >> we'rebout. talking about if u see one, tweet me, tucker fox5. >> so they're pretty rare.rare. >> yeah, very widelyy scattered.tere but we have cloud cover andr a some cool conditions to startioa the day. there's a live shot.ehot.
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that looks a little bit like december out there, doesn'tuthee >> uh-huh. >> this is good eating weatheroa that's basically the bottomotm line. line >> and just being inglideust bei right. >> family, friends.>> f >> familamy time, football, perfect day. day hey, clouds an few showersu out there 55. that will be your eventualtu daytime high. we're not that warm at thet moment. in fact we're in the mid 40's with a couthpln faect e light showers out there rightrst now. no winds are calm. humidity is up ass the moisturt is moving through and there's te your light rain shower activity and it will be with lii us here for the morning hoursnis so the we've got a chance for a fewew showers out there but you cant h see the widelyer scattereder nature of it. o much of the area not gettingti much of anything at all.ll primarily the action is off to our north here.ounorth we're on sort of the southernouh end of things and later today,ed you may see a few breaks inres n the clouds in time for sunsett since i know everybody will be out, you know, going for a nice brisk walk after a big >> yes. >> or maybe not.. temperatures in the mid 50's later today. >> we'll do whatever we want o who. >> no we'll be watchinge watch football.foot >> i think my exercise is iscisi
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switching the channels. chann >> i sediner was 6 o'clock.lock >> halftime. perfect. >> eat real quick. >> yeah.>> e >> 12 minutes to eat. >> 15 point in get it in plust n maybe a commercial break,cial bk you're're fin pace yourself.oursf. [laughter][laughter] >> okay. >> as you race around for last l minute thanksgiving items remember to keep your head upo and be alert behind the wheelkew not just on the road.oa talking about driving aroundro parking lots too.. distracted driving lapse in parking lots and those little fender-benders can ruin your holiday national council says two out of threeute drivers don't pay attentiontteni when they're parking driving around the lots texting making n phone calls thing about what you just the council says on average a more than 500 people die. d a lot of those pedestrian deaths too so please be extra careful and know a lot of people are out there with you today. >> al montgomery county police officer thankful to be alive speaking out for the firstmeryat time since he was hit by a suspected drunk driver ond drunv saturday. now last saturday night
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burtonsville when a womanoman approached him and anothernd officer saying that her carsa had broken now, he pulled his cruiserruiser behind the woman's car and a turned on his emergency lights t but just moments later, hallerhl struck from behind by pedro p vero arrested and charged with h driving under the influence. >> the statement he made to myoy partner when she checked oncked him, she asked him did you see e my partner's lights he statedd no. and he asked him did you see her lights onu e her car. he statede no. >> the incident comes nearlyearl one year after montgomery county officer noah leotta was w struck and killed by a drunk aru driver along rockville r >> new this morning, a go fund me page has been set up for up r maryland woman who waslandan attacked by a bear. bear. remember that story a week wee ago? happened in her daughter's's drivew. karen osbourne is nowren recovering back at home. heosrri fngamily says she was be in the face, the arm, the legs s and the torso.. she needed nearly 80 stitches.
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pelvis. she called 911 while she was w laying on the ground. wildlife officials later tracked down the female bear.fet they werehe female forced to et it. they believe there bare was protecting her three cubs nearby. >> ?? >> we'll see some new faces on the streets and in som the skiei of the new york city big time parade. the macy's parade, it's the t 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade.rade. amazing. the stars of the show blown up last night. last they'll be flown down sixthix avenue this morning. diary of a wimpy kid. k. what did you say? say it onet e more time? >> [inaudible]auble] >> thank you very much.hank youv and also trolls.> you're looking at liveanlive pictures now of the three and half million people are expected to line the streets of new york.k. three and a half million. mlion. would you still want to go? stl okay. to watch the parade. pad it kicks offer again at 9:00 9 this morning. mor >> it's a pretty big city. >> it might be a big city --t --
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head again. head again. >> for the first time in eightni years his daughters were not w at the ceremony.em they had a scheduling conflict so his nephews enjoyed him. in 2009 president obama set a new precedent for pardoningdoni not one but two turkeys.wo tur that turkey is like i can't can take the chance. c i got get out of >> they're like relax you'reou'r okay. >> this year tater and tot are t set to retire at gobbler's rest at virginia tech. if you happen to beia t in this weekend. weekend gobbler's rest will be openedes to the public on friday andc on saturday and also every friday a and saturday through december 17th. the week before christmas. >> very cool. ly. >> i want to see that picture again.again. nephews are so cute, reallye ct cute. coming up next an updatenext on that big storm in theet bist cariorbbean.cari we're going to tell you whebbree hurricane otto is right now.. >> also what are some of yourate favorite redskins players thankful for this year? we're going say. we asked them and we'll letand l you know what threader to say.t.
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and we're get something greatng tweets from people we've good evening bean getting them for the past couple gete pamake sure to send them e #fox5thankful and we'll put uput as many as we can on the otv.
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>> 7:14. welcome back.
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could make landfall today in nicaragua or costa rica or o both. bo thousands are now under evacuation orders in costa rica. rica the category one storm istorm blamed for at least threeeast deaths in panama. inam >> as you were reading reading t just saw an alert. it strengthened a cat twoat two storm. officially getting stronger s down ttrhere.he a rare sight in tokyo.n tokyo. let's keep it on the weather i team right now. how abou rt snoigw in november? when do you think the lastyou time there was snow in november in tokyo japan was? as did you say 54 years b that is i 1962.19 about an inch of snow fell andel that created icy roads andnd train delays.ays. and you laugh al but as soonauga as i said that it popped up onpu the screen. >> i know. >> had to make reference toence it. >> all right. okay. it is 7: 15 right now. now >> so cool. >> right on >> otto is going to -- it's an a atlantic hurricane. hur it's going to cross costa rica and then out into theut ine pacific still as a storm sostil it's going to be both an atlantic an pacific. pacific >> it could theoretically pickk
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after it gets into the the pacific. paci >> it will go back intofi the -- >> over the water again. aga >> into the pacific yeah warm wr water will support it so itrt it will likely -- you can see how w there's not much land area. are >> will it make a come back. mak >> yeah. good news is once it gets outsut into the pacific it will bell b days before it will hit anyill y land area so it will probably pl fall apart out there but veryutv unusual to get a storm thatt remains intact there. >> wanted to make its presencesc known in as many bodies ofodof water as pretty greedy. >> last frame otto you can seeoe the eye wall very distinctlytitl which tells you it's intensifying as well.s as steve mentioned it's now a a category two.ry t. more on otto. oto. really the issue is going tong t be rain. that's going to be the main's g mountainous areas they'll get 10 or 15-inches of rain r they'll have a lot of flooding problems. >> how about here?? >> we need the rain we don't have much in the forecast. we have a little bit out there at this hour. 45 now in>> washi hngton.ow thet to the mid 50's this
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that's been working through early this morning. morni i would not let this cancelis cl your plans to be outdoors ifs if you are going for a nice jog nij before your big lunch, dinner later this afternoon. but it will remain cool and a rather cloudy today withy w daytime highs in the low toow mid-50's. there's a bigger look. it's knowing again upstate newtw york. york. i was just looking.stking. they're having travel issuesng and roads ways are coveredi andd 30-degree temperatures up nearra binghamton this morning.orng for us 55. us we'll keep the showers in thers forecast for tomorrow and thennt we'll clear it out saturda sunday. returning on sunday, you lookook great. if you're driving out of town oo today and not coming back until sunday it looks great atra least weather-wise. >> that's good.>> that's good. >> decent weekend. >> yes. >> thank you tucker. 7:17. what a game last night.>> d thar. you wereame la astsk ning ight.s earlier.ea let's keep track. ovechkin watch that's goalgo number one.nuer o >> yeah. >> then seconds period right now so that was the end of thech first period. period. he is going take a shot miss it carlson back to him there's e
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that's goal two. one in the first, onthe in theie second. company possibly get a third in the ssib third? at this point thisn don't even pass the puck ovie. i just shoot it. there's your hat trick. tri caps rain down on the ice 16th career hat trick. trick. they hold on to win four-three. there are the caps being b tossed onto the ice.ssedo th >> hats. >> hats. .tric's a hat trick >> people just have the hats? t must case. >> they do. it's a hockey thing. also a tradi's ation now to havv the night before thanksgivingnkv game aint home for turns out to be very popular.. >> that dude for detroit diddeod it then all through octopusesct out. >> yes, that was, th you don't want yourt you octopus back after you throwftor it on the ice. i >> is the plural of octopus. >> octupi. let's leave there alone.leav good time to talk about basketball.skball. thanks tuck. hoyas with an eight-nothing lead. go georgetown.
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it got. they lost 97 to 70.o 70 georgetown now two and four. fo. tough start to the season.easo the big game today tod skins-cowboys. now what would thanksgiving beh without a little football? ootb after they take on dallas thislh afternoon the playersternoo hopefully get a chance toce to enjoy the holiday with theirh th own families.own familie >> would do they look forward f to most on thanksgiving? iving? fox5's brody logan found fnd out. >> just being aroundinarou everybody, around all myl m family everybody enjoying theint meal but i like the peachch cobbler.le my mom makes >> my wife makes a really,akes l really good turkey. tke when i first met her and we -- h obviously we got engaged she she wants to do the first -- this -s is my first thanksgiving withg t her so obviously she was put w p to the test. and i think i moved --ov -- >> i hope she makes me ae >> when we eat it's like my brothers try to should havery t everybody out the way 'causeout they bigger than everybody.rybo grandma gets in and says noay that's not happening ladies lad
7:20 am
>> last timf wreec you played o thanksgiving you became a bit b of a viral sensation. >> yams.>> yams. sweet potato yams.ato ya >> so i'm goinmsg ask what ishas your favorite side or part of p the thanksgiving meal. >> sweet potato yams. y >> you know something redskins fans call you yams because ofof that. >> i know that's funny. my teammate came and said dudeau i have a great video of. o i was like what is it sweettwe tow pou at any tow y >> yams, sweet poe at any toteep yams. >> you name at this time much it's ontee at t the table. >> ?? >> i don't know southern food.o. dishes, they come out with trays, throw out table and iow o can go down and name the wholeme food but we'll be here all day. da >> ??'s the obviously the middle game is mid the one that matters the most.hs here's your run down footballool action happening today.ay
7:21 am
can do this before you eatre your first round of food.oo that's minnesota and detroit. 4:30, your main event skins-cowboys. late game at indianapolis.s. andrew luck out because of ausea concussion he suffered last week. >> lucky your game is like late. way after dinner.ner. >> that will be turkey comakey a tonight.nigh >> that's true. >> actually -- >> lonnie taylor our frid life and on twitter says i ss should just prepare to serveer at halftime. halftim >> that's what we said. s >> yeah, it's not the same.ame. >> but then you only have likeee 15 minutes to eat. >> come on >> big football right here inal d.c. as well today.l welloday some high school football action.. forty-seventh annual turkey bowl this time woodson goingtimi for its fourth straight turkey r bowl win. they beat wilson in the gamehee last year. t eastern high schooll
7:22 am
to invite everybody to stay to y tuned today. here's the deal. we are going to do good day ashs we always do but at 10 o'clockol this morning it's all all skins-cowboys pregame. >> okay. >> brody logan is down in dallas. of course the whole crew -- he does the slow on sundadyy log e whunda morning. >> right. >> going to be here with us to h today so we'll do good d uays 9:00 to temperature 10:00,.,. >> we'll be checking in with some experts from butterball.tsf >> get your ques what you need to know beforew be you hit the stores foamres fo some folks already out there
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>> ?? >> 7:25 right now. new this morning, one of>> 7 the olympic's most pioneeringpioneei athletes has died. theresa manuel was themanu first african-american woman won from florida to compete in theet international she attend the the 1948 olympics in london to compete 440-yard relay.yard r. miss manuel worked as a r.acher. she died monday at her home in tampa. e was s 90 years old. >> volunteers including a fewcla celebrities will be spendings wi their thanksgiving hnganding ouo meals to pipeline protestorstesr in north dakota. dakot some of those celebs includes is jane fonda shailene woodly.woly the food will be set up at a uat school near a camp wherep whe hundreds of demonstrators have
7:26 am
>> happen to see that story sto get a lot more press lately inan the national media.ed. tucker over to you.ou. >> thank you allison.llon we're cool this morning. morng 45 degrees.45 got a couple very light showers and sprinkles across the area.d sp t going to amount to a whole who lot. we're expecting less than alessa tenth of an inch of rain which i isn't a lot but at this points n we'll take every drop we can c get. ge hard tot. believe we've been soe dry the last couple months but b that's the the we're running several inches ine lined as far as what we typically get stages of november here as farve as rain.mbas r okay, light rain showers asshows mentioned. most of the stuff scatteredcatt and not amounting to a wholeng e lot. we'll keep showers in thewers i forecast through about noon t and then we shouldhrou turn gradually -- go from mostlyroly cloudy to a little late day te y sunshine. you might get a peak or two ofto sunshine later dan we keep it cool. daytime highs in the mid 50's so it's going to be a cool cool day. look what's happening to ourengo north. nice snow pack up they're getting more of itw geto this morning.f i is mt ofhere most of thet
7:27 am
edge of this frontal system that's working through.'s wki 55 today.y. might be a spotty showerr tomorrow, 59 and a greatre looking weekend both saturdaythy and sunday daytime highs in hign the low to mid-50's. should be a nice weekend.nieeke nice return weather too on o sunday.. that's the latest. l back to you. >> turks do you have plans too you shop on this black friday tomorrow? next we're going tont find the best deals. deals. >> first we want to know whato h you you're thankful for today. t let us know.le a lot of folks have beenave b sending in great thanks.nks. use the #fox5thankful.x5thankful a lot of folks thankfulks tu for just like bianca d hope everybody has a fantasticst thanksgiving today. >> hi, ronnie.
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today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
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>> note 7:30. let's get caught unon internat the fight d to retake mosul from isis that city is surrounded by iraqi fled forces for one of the firsr time. one day after freshafr fr reinforcements arrived to battlt the terror organization.anizio this newest batallion of troops replaced soldiers right fightint the war for several weeks. week. >> publisher plans to row lease a memoir by keyser khan who madm headlines when he spoke at thehe dnc about his army captain son'n death in iraq.q
7:31 am
next fall it featuresfeat contributions from his wife who also appeared at the convention. this morning shoppers in tht area flooding to the springfield k mart hoping to beat blacklack friday rush and score some deals before they get their turkeysure cooking in you're planning onnno holding out until tomorrow tooro get your seasonal shopping donea we have your compll ete blacklak friday shopping guide that is going to be coming up in just at couple of minutes. minut in the meantime the 11thime annual arlington turkey trotke o starts in just about 30 minutes. so some folks are lacing upac others trying to figure out thoo get around the area.rea several roads have been closed. this is in the area of northorth pershing drive and northorth highland street. strt. roads will be closed untilseunt 10:00 o'clock this morning.k there's the details much thisths race helps support several local charities.ies. another turkey trot this onehise from so others might eat. that will be downtown it could d cause traffic delays until abouo 12:30 this afternoon.. pennsylvania avenue from tenthfn to 13th streets will be shutehu down still time if you want to t get your run on to get signed uu for this one because it's onlytn
7:32 am
until 9:00 o'clock. on site registration if youre would like to do so. something else to be thankfulgil for the powerd baelllsebe t wast last night.last nht. it rolled over $403 million nown you can still get a ticket for saturday's drawing prize money y will only increase as people bub tickets for that good luck. allison, $403 million up for for grabs. >> the odds of me not winning again.agn. >> stay the same.>> sthe >> whatever. g playll going to play. as soon as thanksgivinghankg dishes are cleared from the retable, some people wil clle ht to do a little holiday shopping. just because something is on i n sale doesn't mean it's a must'tm have forus your shopping cart. c experts at wallet hub the freehe consumer website that rankshat k everything from retailers to to interest rates gave our holly hy morris some tips on what to snao up right now and which items ims might not be such a great deal. >> what kind of discounts are ww really talking about? i mean, how do you know that this is the most discount i'm going to get g or do i wait because they mightg give a little more little laterr
7:33 am
so shoppers should really uselle that as a threshold.hold >> okay. t fk at fat they're look a it's less than that probably not the best discount. discot >> oh, that's the best tip ofstt the day. basically if something is not 40% off let's round it up wait a you might get it better laterr l but if it's 40% you're probablya doing pretty well.ell. you're getting a deal. a dea >> wait or shop around it mightt be a better discount elsewhere. >> okay. let's move on to gift cards. cds still very popular for people to give, right? and peopleple generally like getting g s?rds? >> yeah. they're actually really popularu 60% of consumers this years yea actually want to receive a gift card. it's not like how it used to be, they didn't know what to get me. >> like default gift.ift. >> all right. what's the criteria you>> used o determine the best gift cards?? >> we used a few differentfere thing. first of all we look how populap it was, resell value in case c they don't want the gift cardift how much can they c get for it i the secondary market. m we look to see fit had aad shipping fee any bonuses you cac get with it.get with it.
7:34 am
>> these were the ones that you said were thethe best for yourr money i guess.. >> best for your money and money really the most popular here too. too. someone doesn't want one ofdoeso these gift cards there's a small chance they can actually reselll it for about what you got it for. >> okay. target, netflix, wal*mart,ar amazon, i tunes. >> thanks holly.ol now before you go dash off toh t the malls and outlet stores keep this in in mine. the folks at wallet hub say 17% of so called sale items for imsr black friday c more than the sameos product onn web based retailer.le. always check. check. finally i'm in the habit of theh doing that,, stve. >> there you go.>> >> before i buy anything big ib go online and check. >> bottom make sure something i 40% off. >> 40%. >> common threshold.hold. >> video game software, cell phone and toys steeplyteep discounted and aren't likely to find -- you aren't likely ton'to fine the very best bargains ongn black friday for clothing either also accessories and jewelry.. >> i might try to do this year. i might --ig -
7:35 am
hub. >> retailers may offer 0%aile m finaayncing for holiday shoppinn look out for deferred interestdt before you sign up. the deferred interest coulded it eventually increase your totalou bill by more than, guess howow much, steve? yup, 25%.5% now, what were you saying?aying? >> i think i might try to do ala my shopping online this year.s y i try to avoid any storetore altogether. >> that's the part of it.f i >> i don't like that part. >> okay. >> they talked to people whoeopl went to tysons a week ago and ad said it was lr >> it's fun. >> if you go witness girlsnessir maybe. >> yeah. >> if you go by yourself, not sf >> maybe tucker likes it.r li i don't know.n't kn >> do you?>> dy >> when is the last time you t were at a mall tucker.ker. >> long time. >> i'm over year at this point.i >> are you serious?? >> yeah. >> oh. >> you guys i'm giving hugs thii year instead of gifts. >> it would be a i'm not going to lie.not going l
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shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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>> but i do have questions i because i don't know if it's aln thowe way defrosted.ed. >> right.>> >> is that the word.>> i >> that's one of the topha questions the folks at buttert' ball i thinke fo it would be totally tot daunting experience if you neven cooked a turkey before.ed tur >> to try to do the whole thingg unless you have mom or somebody else there to help you.orre to y >> if you don't, you canyou can represent a mom.presa mo what you can do, obviously -- -- >> or dad.>> or there are men who are cooking. i >> you're absolutely right.'re u folks at butter ball defilynitei are there for all.or all. >> they are. ty ar
7:41 am
steve the folks there at the butter ball turkey hotline andna look at wait looks like.oo l have you ever wondered what itv actually looks like. l >> like mission control.trol >> they have been handing out free advice on everything from o that wassing your turkey toury stuffing it making sure you take the little bag of innards out of it which sounds nasty is nasty i apologize and how to know when w it's done. do. joining us by phone phyllis p kramer with the butter ballr b hotline and there's something knew this year. good morning. >> hi, good ning. this is tara how are you. y >> i'm fine, thank you happy y you're joining us before we -- before we get to gt the questions about the bird, tr we're talking about texting now. you guys are right here in 20161 with everybody else. >> yes. exactly. for textr here (844)877-3456. and we have had texting for ther first time this year for a wholo week and today is the last day and it's gone really great.y gre
7:42 am
questions.tions so we've been doing this forhi over 35 years here the talk linn 1800 butter ball but every yeara we try to stay current, and a people just getting busier andir we want to be on demand. >> so far are you doing ther ar texting for a couple of days.r . have you gotten the same kind oo questions via text that youhat typically get via phone or are people texting fog different things. >> yes, the questions are the de that wassing which is our numbem roasting, thermometer, you namem it. we're getting it. we do chat. we have facebook and the -- our- butter actually has new videos this year.r. so that's great, too, if youoo, like to see something, you knowo someone can tell you how to do it but visually it makes a greater impact. short one minute videos just tos help you. one for thermometer placement. that wassing. roasting.asting
7:43 am
going ask because it seems likel so many -- so off these days people are let me go to my internet search engine and how w to thaw a turkey how do you knoo if it's done et cetera. you guys are there it's theheret one-on-one communication thattit sets you apart from going online and searching, right? right >> yes, i agree. yes, i agre because as you're talking to someone, sometimes they justy js come up with other questions. qo maybe they started out having a thawing question but it's thatht personal interaction oh, well o how about this and how do you d that? so it's definit conversational. sometimes people just, um, need the affirmation.irma they need to communicate withniw another person just to, you to,u know, feel good about the t decision they've made. made. >> right. >> sort of like mom or auntie>>e grandma and just, you know,no hearing a soothing calming voice saying, you know it's all goingg to be okay.y >> you know you get 10,000 call0 on this day alone but i have one question quick question beforest we you go. go. i have this turkey and it seemss
7:44 am
all the way through? throu >> we have our guidelines for fr the refrigerator -- every e 4 pounds it's one day.ay and that's 24 hours.. then for thawing it's 30 minutes per pound. so for example 10-pound turkey would be about five hours. h but when you feel that turkeyury it's going to feel soft to theoe touch.toh. >> okay. >> when you pick up that package. >> it does feel soft, ohekan y. >> right, right. >> thank you so much.much. >> i feel better. bette 10-pound turkey right now. n roughly 8am on the east coast. c if i have not done anything witt this and i have a frozene a fro 10-pound turkey right now, can i still eat it today? tay >> well, i tell was, we'd likeek to you call our one-800 butter ball number.umr. gooood answer. >> if you have 10-pound turkeypn you could have completely thatet wassed in five hours using our cold water method.d. >> see. there's still hope, al. >> there is still hope. hope. >> we love it.>> thank you very much put theryuc numbers up again for phones and
7:45 am
hands full with side dishese dis maybe and you just like the t turkey let me text it instead o making a phone cinall.stneal >> happy thanksgiving to >> thank you very much. t >> happy thanksgiving to you.ha nkhave great day thank. >> 7:45. >> bye-bye. >> good deal. i'malf of it the demea sure. sure i'm sure everyone is like tara. really sweet.we >> why didn't you thaw i you should have done that twoha days ago. ago. >> right. >> it's not going to help out.t. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> okay. >> gary mcgrady has the forecast ady coming up in a few minutes k is here with his picks for thekr best movies to watch on this on thanksgiving day and i'm to guess there's -- i can guess one of his thanksgiving movies. >> terminator two. terminato >> that's a given. t >> plus erin is cooking some breakfast forgotten meal todayld lunch, too, on this thanksgivinv and we appreciate it. we'll check in with erin afterna the break.
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
>> welcome back.>> good morning, happy thanksgiving to you and yhaoursppy and i hou enjoy it, friends, family, fil everything.erything 45 degrees. y es not that great a day to be outside. 41 for gaithersburg. douglas 40 degrees and fredericksburg 43.ksrg little bit of sunshine breakingk through i'm talking about a few showers out for the morningorng s.urs. temperature today with enough sunshine will get us up to abouo 55 degrees or so for high.or h let me show you if you'reou're traveling just kind of give youy an idea area of low pressure prr moving closer to us. so showers around the mideid atntntic. the snow is way up to the north up -- not up upstate of new yory
7:49 am
england.d up snow showers possible laterrt on today as another area of loww pressure getting into theohe midwest. not really much of a concern fof us either way.ay a couple of showers out this thi morning. notice that nothing has been too terribly heavy here and all thit is kind of moving up to the eass and to the northeast.thea a lot of us will not even get g any rain at all today.oday. some of us will but a lot of us won't. but definitely a lot of cloud c cover at least for the next nex several but look, i think we began to t break into sunshine, too, and a that will allow temperatures tot rm we'll go 55 for today. mostly cloudy this afternoon. most of the shower activityr act should be for the first part ofr the day.ay. winds will be out of the southeu about five to 7 miles an hour. . here's the seven day forecast. if you're traveling this weekene and still should be great up and down the east coast. cst 54 on saturday.da clear skies. skies sunny skies on sunday high of of about 53 degrees. and black friday it's not toos o cold of a start tomorrowro morning. temperatures will be in the mid temperatures in the afternoonon upper 50 toss low 60s.0s a spotty shower.we
7:50 am
stay dry.ay dry. guys, back over to you. >> thanks gary in i like thosei odds. you know what else i like? thee fact that erin como is team player. it is early but erin is already, she's bypassing her traffic tra esties today. >> she asked to that.. >> she was up super early. >> anchoring the 5:00 a.m. hourh of the show and now volunteering in the fox5 kitchen. >> listen, i love a good g breakfast to start off o thanksgiving. so if i'm working i want tot t share with you guys.are wi >> we love you for it. i >> just like family, right.ig i'm wondering when am i going gi get the chance to eat myaty delicious spinach and feta omelette. >> you'll be over here at thebee 8:00 o'clock hour with me.lock >> it depends what time thee t order slips came in.r slip >> we have the bacon fryingon fg right now. i have the potatoes and someoese yellow pepper and some onions in the pan as well simmering because they take the longeste e and wisdom martin's cinnamon buns are also in the could have oven. timer should go out in four in minutes and i'll get themm frosted.osd. steve's bacon i have to flip itp
7:51 am
enough so it gets nice and crispy on both sides. i line the plate with paperh p towels. take the bacon out.ut once that's done i'll clean oute the pan and start our onlynl let's. between 8:45 and 9:00 you canyoc join me in here and have someome breakfast with me.brea >> you can count on that. can >> good c.ou>> g >> did kevin order cocoa pebblel and skittles to go into hiso hs omelette. >> kevin actually volunteered to help me scramble the eggs aftera his hit.. >> erin, i really want spinach feta omelette just like allisonl does. >> that's what i want too.s i got plenty for everyone i'll make steve and bacon and cheddar one. one. wisdom doesn't do the eggsggs there's extra cinnamon ones if i you want dessert. >> this may be the best day ever. >> we can't overeat.oveat we have to save room for later. >> erin thank you very much.ank >> speak of eating and everything going on todaypeak dd you can find time between thewee football games lot of people pel will be scheduling meals around them. kevin might be schedule link abs movie around them.e arhem. he has his favorite thanksgiving day movies for folks who don't t
7:52 am
hank with the family get get together.geth >> i feel like is the most unpredictable segment of allll meme. movie guy doing best best thanksgiving movies onies on thanksgiving day.thvi who would have thought.wo >> it's amazuling.d ing. >> it's amazing.mazing. sometimes all the pieces justtht fit together. a treat for our viewers.iers >> i love it.>> ie it. >> so many films that are good thanksgiving themed films. fms by the way i'm thankful to benk here with you as guy i've said that million times. ts i'm thankful for lot of time. t. my wife lauren, my grandparents, my parents, 35-millimeter film, skittles.les milk duds.milk duds. >> we're faithful for your fait passion for movies in it wasn't' for you tucker would be tellingi us what to watch. watch >> he thought grown ups two wass a great film. >> it was very bad. moving on, three films thanksgiving theme element tontt them first up plains, trains and automobiles.autobi >> the ultimate film you cannotc not have this on your list andra you cannot not watch this on thanksgiving day. john hughes, classic directorec
7:53 am
ferris aisle bueller, pretty in pink.. great road trip movie. john canny taking steve martin to his thanksgiving dinner in chicago.ago. one of the fun yesterday filmsuy of alles time. it's still holds up today. toda. i was watching uncle buck thek t other day. john candy, he really was the lendnd. everything did he was hilarious. his comedy stands the test off time.. >> michael mckeon as a policee officer.cer. >> it's classic. it's classic. classic. i didn't realize that. >> next up you got mail youl y movie you might not think is a thanksgiving film but it hash thanksgiving sequence it in.nce. meg ryan in the grocery store goes to the cash line at the grocery store and she doesn't dn have any cash. but the cashier let's her through -- let's her use itse i because it's thanksgiving >> there you go. y go. >> great film. tom hanks and they were iner i sleepless in seattle together, e joe versus the i love their chemistry togetherg
7:54 am
even my wife we've gone to the ' park in new york city where the meet up at the end and it's as a very beautiful i think it's funny. i think it has great chemistryhy to it and i think overall itverl will make you feel good ond o thanksgiving day. >> very nice. >> finally i got to mention -- - you never saw you got mail? mai >> you got to see you've gote gt mail. have you seen it?have you see >> when it came out i sawn itiw tha it was 18 years ago.rsgo >> i miss aol. >> you've got mail. >> i don't miss that. >> e-mail me i i d sontill havel >> i love that.hat. >> they don't say that any more. >> different saying noway anything.'tanythi >> when she has it -- >> i want to meet the person who created that soundbite and entee vied himim. >> he's an uber driver inve cleveland. >> the guy who said you gotho so mail. >> his wife work for aol. aol >> came out week ago.. particulars that's pretty cool.. he got paid a hundred dollars. >> wow! that's mazing.azing this is not your typicalal thanksgiving movie but we all a know that rocky meets adrian onn thanksgiving day.ay. >> go sly. s >> classic film. >> yes it is. is. >> i interviewed stallone forone
7:55 am
scene you're seeing right here was totally improvised. they just took cameras out and a shot it. shot had him running through theoughe streets these people didn't eved know they were in movie. i guess some guy throws him ann orange -- >> it catches it.>>t >> which was completely improvee for the film. fil he was originally going to run r up the stairs with his dog but g he didn't want to hall him up u the film just celebrated 40 year anniversary on november 21 thiss week.week. and again, the scene at thanksgiving in this movie not thanksgiving f doork.ork. >> listen to the music.ic. wait. wait >> there you go..>> t >> classic.>> >> ?? to m mov was up to me, movie would have no thanksgivingnk connect at all, terminator two. >> yes. 'raware.are. >> and sand lot. terminator two judgment day thet greatest movie ever made. >> that's all there there is itt [ laughter ] >> we appreciate that.appreciatt >> the reason why i'm sitting s here today. >> thanks, kevin.>> >> see you next hour. t see y >> gar ny, what's going on. on. >> is planes, trains andra automobiles on netflix?mobiles n n>> that's a great because we got to watch thatha
7:56 am
is it will tell you whatt streaming platform it's on. on i'll find out and tell you nextt hit. hi >> amazon prime. prime. hulu, probably all of them.he >> i just saw rocky last year yr for the first time?im >> never too tooe. >> actually big problem, gary.a. >> welcome to the club.. >> steve and i were together.og. >> let me show you what's goingg on out there right now. now 46 degrees gaithersburg is 41. 41. frederick come up to 37 degreess now. obviously we're talking about -- we've been talking about kind of a few showerswe around today i think that will be the deal but it's a few andnd it looks like by this afternoono we'll get into some sunshine ass a matter of fact we may already be able to get a few sunny breaks right now out there won'n that be nice? but there's morem showers back into west virginiaa kind of trying to stream overst the mountains let's see how much of that stays together as itr i gets on across. across. here's the forecast for today. y that's not 55 for high.. tomorrow a shower is possible. l but just very very spotty.potty so black friday looks really rel
7:57 am
back over to you guy. you guy >> all right gary.>>ll r it smells so good in here. h i think somebody is cooking breakfast. >> i think i'm going to head out for black friday this year. goiy >> and take the girls. >> just one of them. time for our jus facebook fan oe day. it's thai duct. duc >> wait a minute.e >> is that thai duct or wisdom martin?rt >> he does look like wisdom.dom >> kind of does a little bit. bt >> wearing the same tie by the e way. >> he actually gets told he t looks like the one and onlynly wisdom martin as well.ell. it does look like the same tie. >> have great day.. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. we'll see you back here at 8:00 o'clock. >> he's wearing the same tie,
7:58 am
we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good.
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8:00 am
?? >> this is fox5 news morning. straight up 8:00 o'clock.:0' good morning, everybody. everyby i'm allison seymour.mour >> i'm steve chenevey.henevey. thanks for joining us thisorning morning. beautiful fall colors out there on this thanksgiving morning. yup, it is 8:00 a.m. again you are watching fox5 news morning.morn hey, here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. live look outside right nowg on this thanksgiving day toay t t art out. while some people in our areare are breaking a sweat this sweati morning in one of the region'seg turkey trots, others are getting in work out by shopping.hoin the k mart in springfieldfield virginia one spot opened its its doors to shoppers who want toant get a head start on some ofsome those holiday sales. >> anjali hemphill has been outn there for hours. hrs
8:01 am
are thing picking up at all.pica >> reporter: they are.t alepor tededica theted black friday shs are great thursday shoppers, ifr you will, got a little bit of af late start this morning.orning. maybe it was the cold weather.w. maybe the football game coming up hook knows? we do have h several customers in the store now. milling about. again, though, not your typical black friday great thursday thua scene out here it's been very manageable.manaable. a lot of people i've seen comeve this morning showed up alone not with any family members like yo you usually see them with theirr maps and they'rell going from store to store. stor. a lot of people showed up alonel they tell me to kind of get in,t take advantage of the deals anda then get out, you know, they the just kind of wanted to get ontet with it and get intoo thanksgiving and have some timet to spend with the family. most people have been alone butb i did find jennifer here.r here. she is shopping with her two children this morning. mng what are you doing up so early?y >> well, we're already up. aeady so why not come out and have hav some fun? we're all in our o pajamas and we'll go home andome cook turkey and --
8:02 am
you come specifically here for anything?? >> what are you here f. >> i just came looking for salee items. we're up.we'r so might as welcome out. out it's kind of fun for us. u we do it every year. y >> reporter: okay.ka you're someone that comes every year. >> um-hmm. >> reporter: are you surprised at the crowds this year, arewds reey different.this >> there's not many people out.e but i've dawn lot of online onln shopping, too. i think a lot of people are.of o >> reporter: i what are you get nothing it? i lock locate you got christmas ornaments.ornames. >> christmas ornaments we'lltse' below things for the front yard. items. [ laughter ][ la >> reporter: the kids lookter:hk like they're enjoying themselves. what do you feel about shopping feel a?ksgiving with your mom >> it's fun. fun >> you get a lot of preps, pre right. t. >> exactly. jennifer just like many folks come out early this morning morg taking advantage of the deals.f. are they worth it? >> yeah, you can find some goodo deals. they actually have stuff inuf stock today which is good. >> okay. oka so you hear that, guys.ou heatht not a lot of lines. lines
8:03 am
plenty of sales.ales. plenty of stuff on the shelves.. men of deals for to you takeou advantage of usually i'd warn iw people don't come out to theoutt shops because it's crowded andwd crazy out here but it's been bee really really mild and pleasantt for the shoppers that arehare shopping. if you have time this morning before familye gtietmes there k advantage of those great gat thursday deals if you must. >> oh, man.>> o man. >> back to you guys. back to you >> i we shall i was closer to g where you are.all i where fter t right after the show. thanks so much. other big great retailersets open on thanksgiving include 6:00 p.m. though. thoug best buy, toys r us, macy's plas to open at 5:00 tonight.ght wal*mart also getting ready forf black friday d.c.'s newest location on riggs road northeasa is offering customers sweetwe patti pies but also specialo scl wrist bands starting at 4:00s s p.m. today. the vip bands at wal*mart willl allow customers first dibs ons the hot items. i now that's a good idea, rightht wal*mart black friday eventyve actually starts tonight at 6:000 p.m. >> all right.ight
8:04 am
get the best deals. dls drivers being warned to stay alert not just on the roads but in the parking ldsot.arking lot so many people will be out out trying to hit two out of three drivers don'tot pay attention in the parking lots. lo instead they text, talk on thea phone, program their gps, etps,t cetera, there are actuallyuall thousands of crashes every yeary that happen in parking lots. lot a lot of around the busy holiday shopping.shpi distracted walking can be an issue. please stay alert a lot of a lof pedestrians looking at theirlogt phones, too they don't see the t cars backing in and out ofut hundreds of fatalities ins parking lots every year. you don't hear about it but good refresher this time of year. ye. >> sure. look behind you. take a minute.lo i know you're in a rush.ute. y' slow down maybe f you're looking for a way to entertain thein familiar daal you can hit theaa l yomuseum. >> a lot of people don't realizi it but the smithsonian museums are open on thanksgiving dayin that includes the national zooil as well. w >> the national gallery of artlf also open for the holiday can'tn make it today, the museum ofm of natural history is actually extending its hours on blackn bk
8:05 am
awesome.. president-elect trump meantimene calling for unity across thecr united states in histatein h thanksgiving address it's a message he posted on twitter. donald trump says the nation has -- had a long and bruisingig campaign and that tensions don't just heal overnight.. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal te our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very vr common resolve >> now, trump did not detail ann of his plans on the holidayiday address.addr he is appointing top administration officials.ials so far he picked betsy dvoss as secretary of education and south carolina governor kick nikki haley.le both require senate confirmation. >> gift of giving is the spirit of thanksgiving. >> people across the country getting into that spirit with handiving tha. while new york city a major security presence is in place p
8:06 am
fox's jackie ibanez has more. >> reporter: from ships to seaea to overseas basis many u.s. u.s troops serving far from homeromm already ushering in thanksgiving 2016 with traditional turkey dinners. di >> it's weird. it's my first time ever spendind thanksgiving away from my home, but honestly the spread out herr is so nice. n all the food and they do reallyy good job feel kind of like -- kind of ato knme, you know. >> reporter: in washington,waint d.c. president obama and his family taking time out to help l serve up some early thanksgiving meals to veterans living at thet armed forces retirement home in the nation's capitol.ol. while in los angeles, volunteerr started serving turkey toy thousands of the city' homeless. la area also seeing some majoraj traffic. as millions of americans havecav been traveling to be with loved ones in what's shaping up to beb
8:07 am
meantime, in new york city, thee giant balloons are filled.ille droves of police are out in full force.e. to ensure the 90th annual macy' thanksgiving parade stayss safe.fe >> nypd is more than ready to rt handle anything that is going on around us, and to work with wh everyone to make sure it's a is safe and fun day for everyoneven who attends. >> reporter: across the us, u ooh a number of people are now camped out gearing up forring ur another tradition this time off year. that's right. this as president-elect donaldct trump is out with thanksgivingig message.ssag he's calling for american unityi this turkey day.ay. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox ?? could all use a little moret love and unity. >> you know it. kw it >> tucker barnes was going tobas give out hug this year um.r u i'm guessing he'll have a lot oo hugs to give out today. tod he made it to bells today. today tuck, how are you?, are >> i'm doing great, steve.. i've given out two hugs since ie
8:08 am
bethesda, i'm at the turkey chase.ase. annual tradition 34th year.ea you can see everybody gatheringg the start is 8:30 this morning.i and we'll be talking to some off the organizers and perhaps some of the runners here.ere. got to love it. i 10k i guess that's about 6 miles. that's a perfect race to get out and get some exercise before boe your big turkey festivitiestiti later today.ter t come on down and see us. let's do some weather. we did encounter a shower when n walk out the door.oo there are a few scattered showers out there with cool, it's not bitter coldr c temperatures in the foursatures everybody warming up out here. r and we'll be look eventual daytime highs in the mid 50s. 5s we will warm it up with a chanca for just a few more showers for the first last day by thisy t afternoon i think we will be wil left with just a few clouds andd maybe a little late day sunshine before the sun sets. all right. right. i don't know what maps you saw.. but here's a look at today's tay forecast and seven day.
8:09 am going to start moving. >> stretch. >> back to you. >> we don't need any weather>>ea injuries. it's really genius idea you goao out there this morning 8:30 by b 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock you'veck y burned off thousand calories.ies >> right. >> you're good to go the rest o the day. eat guilt free.ree >> how many calories doescaloesd cooking burn.n. >> i think it burns a lot.bus a o foo for it. >> i've been there.>> i'v okay. >> today actually should be act guuailllt freehold day any way.y >> i would agree with that.hat >> spend time with the family tl eat and enjoy.d enj >> we want to know what you'ree thankful for so many people saying family, jobs, good friends.riends >> good >> we've been getting greatre photos from people.e. the pictures make it so speciall if you don't have a photo you want to tweet us what you're thankful for. put it on our facebook. hash tag fox5 thankful.hank we'll share it this morning.himn >> love it.. >> erin como busy, busy, busy multi tasking this morning newsw anchor, doing the traffic reports, now in the fox5
8:10 am
buns for you guys. how does that look. d delish. >> great team up here come um to sample some of the bacon andacoa cinnamon buns and gave it at thumbs up sole we'll have breakfast all ready for youy fou bacon is frying.s fry this is the second round to go.. trying to get it nice andend perfect and crispy the potatoese are almost done.on and then after that i'm going tt scramble up the eggs and make uu great only let's for ya'll. ya'. you can see the bacon is just j looking almost perfect right now. i don't know about you but iowuu like mine on the crispy side. i'll keep it little bit longerie and potatoes nicely. kevin mccarthy is coming in to t help.he he promised to scramble the eggg for me.. >> i'll help scramble the eggs. we're doing spinach and feta.nd. >> for you and me and allisondls and whoever wants it for the staff.staf >> justin is saying yes.n is sge >> michelle and maggie came up to test it. >> you're so selfless.fless. >> i grew up in cooking familyil my parents are come fogome fog thanksgiving today.
8:11 am
get all the sides going for for italian family app advertisersee thanksgiving just as important.i we like shrimp cocktail, cheesee and crackers. italian food is oh great. >> i try to weave that throughug the thanksgiving feast a littlee bit. >> cool.>> c what can i do to help? >> kevin, i need you in justn js minute to take the bacon out and put it on the paper towel to soak up the grease and chop it up little pieces to make steve e and bacon and cheddar cheese ces omelette. >> these are good for my abs.mys >> very cherry wood smoked thick bacon pieces.pies. >> we're going to toss it backnt to you allison and steve.teve kevin will be my sue chef. che i promise everything will gog w very nicely. nicy. >> i have feeling i'll get pop p rocks in my eggs now. >> taking another cinnamon bun.n [ laughter ] >> thanks, >> wisdom martin. mti >> we love you too. you too >> we do appreciate it. >> we can smell it.>> >> you can smell it. we ca you >> we'rean very s thankful we hv all work here for very long timm
8:12 am
family, i'm thankful to be withh you guys. ha thanks. >> thank ya'll very much.ll verh >> thanks. >> we want to know what you're thankfulo kn for today. we've seen great pictures keeprk them coming fox5 thankful thefu hash tag we want to see. to see isn't let's see a couple now. >> tailgate ted. tailgat ted, thank you very much.hank yu through in a bunch of pictures. ted helped us out many, many, m, time overs the years. yrs he wishes he was in dalla today. >> love child little monday chih is turning one todayin. >> aww. >> happy birthday >> louis tweets us all the timee some of our very frequenty freqt sweater followers they feel likl family to us. louise hope you and yourou familiar val a fantasticanta thanksgiving as well.l >> they have an actual actua familiarly? >> johnny hill, thank you i'm ym thankful to see anotherth thanksgiving with family. >> johnny, short changed him aea little bit but wish you theish e best. all those pictures are online, , too.too. search for fox5 thanks. thank it will be on there. the in the meantime a lot off
8:13 am
dinner this year's politicalitil climate may cause thing to get g little overheated we have a fewf tips how to cool at dinner still ahead. new information on that deadlyit schoolbus crash in tennessee.nee we'll have it for you next. nex
8:14 am
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?? listen, we'll step it up a p little bit even in the as cutee the pictures we've gotten for fr thanksgiving and everybody whatt they're thankful for, it's thata
8:16 am
p tra dig of the cutenes factor. >> 8:15.>> >> my first five.>> >> let's see it. m let'see i because -- >> aww. >> this is what i'm talkingis outut. wha >> we take everything we had ana just bump it up to anotherth level. >> i love the sweater, michael.. >> senate cute.e ce. >> seven months older.onth >> he's adorable.s >> of course he watches fox5. >>antastic.c. >> every morning while hery watches mom get m roready. ready >> look at his little legs.e leg little jeans.ttle j >> this is not unusual for him because he's always always >> so cute. >> joy to be around. joy too. >> i wonder what it will bewie instant favorite on then the thanksgiving table?le >> the gravy and the stuffing.g >> i say stuffing.ay s >> stuffing and gravy. gvy >> maybe mashed potatoes. >> seven months i don't think you're eating too much turkey - turkey dinner. >> it has to be something soft.. >> he might still be into babyy food. food in pumpkin pie. >> give him some pumpkin pie. >> sweet.>>weet. >> little bit of whipped cream. >> yeah.eah. >> aww.>> aw. >> have a super thanksgiving.nkg
8:17 am
you're cutie pie. pie >> great picture to the send your child's picture to ourur facebook page fox5 d.c. if you would like your beautifulul treasure to be featuredsure to a tomorrow. how we looking outside,tu g ary.,ar happy thanksgiving, michaell little bit of shower activity a but not a lot.t lot very little bit of showerr activity. activity. happy thanksgiving to everybodyo we're talking about 55 or so for a high mostly cloudy.udy we've got few showers passing by. by. i think by this afternoon moston of that rain should b and we'll end up with hopefullyy a pretty nice afternoon andfton evening for this thanksgiving.g but of course everybody will beb inside watching the game. gam >> it is a good inside day, al. >> black friday looks great, too. >> and eating. hello. kiss the cook.ook. overseas right now, newew developments in the fight to t retake the city of mosul fromul isis this morning that city is completely surrounded by iraqiqi led forces.orces now this comes one day after aer fresh reinforcements arrived tot
8:18 am
the new ba till i don't know ofo troops replaced soldiers whodiho have been fighting in the war for several weeks. a sixth died after that terrible bus crash earlier thisi week in police confirm that longing l another child elementary schools student has died this as federal investigators remain on the t scene looking into the crash that has the bus driver facingg charges of vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. mor this time out of the police officer who was shoto in the head while patrolling near wayne state university hash sadly died.. officer colin rose just 29 yeara old the school's president says that he is the only wayne statee officer to ever fall in the linn of duty. dut the suspect in the shooting hass been arrested.rrte no charges have been filed yet.. this morning, in the south, arson investigations under wayo as fire crews battle six new large wildfires.ildfes
8:19 am
the southeast states including virginia, north fire crews from as far array far what is california and oregon io those states helping to battle these fires. steve?> st kanye west will spendpe thanksgiving in the hospital.osi he's still held underdnd observation for this own safetyt is what we're toll. toll. he was admitted to ucla medicalc center on monday after authorities were called to his trainer's home aft reports heors was behavely erratically. his wife will spend the holidayd by his one of the olympics most m pioneering athletes has died. d. theresa manual was the firsthe t black woman from florida torida compete in the international games.mes 1948 olympics in london she s competed in the 80-meter hurdlel and 440-yard relay, 400-meter00t relay. she went on to work as teacher. she died monday at her tamp at herampa home. she was 90 years old.ea o can you imagine, you're ine class, off teacher, and then ata some point you fine out your out teacher was an olympic athlete.
8:20 am
generations.nera lot to be thankful for this rnining. one thing, we're getting gti breakfast made to order.o o >> we're not going to complain.i >> we appreciate it. >> erin como is in the kitchencn working on her masterpiece thiss morning. erin. >> good morning. the spinach i>>s sauteeing about to make your only let's fresh th order. bacon all crispy, steve. ste. >> we'll be back and have great home cooked breakfast for u u cinnamon buns are almost gone. . >> wisdom had five of them of te already. >> so we'll have your breakfasta
8:21 am
8:22 am
you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
8:23 am
>> you know what that is, newno york city and, yup, it's macy's' thanksgiving day parade, and a life look right there. getting all the preps together. they say how many people? number of people lining the of e streets in new york and linreet ma nnhattan.ewmanhatn. >> okay. >> seems like more and more balloons everyms lik year.ea it looks like -- we saw pictures earlier of the balloons thatonha were staged all lined up on onel of the streets beforel theyehe unleash them to all the folks at the parade.. it looked like it was pretty ptt always the big fear the winds oo the day of the parade.arad >> right. >> so g we'll ask tucker if he h has a chance to look what'sk happening up in new upr so far so fo >> got to be honest i love thiss city that i'm in right now. n
8:24 am
go up to new york aren't you art like, this is amazing city. >> it's not just that. thanksgiving giving is a time os tradition and this was one ofase the traditions we had growing up. we ate breakfast and watched thh parade and work on dinner.ner. i guess from there. that was pretty much the day asd milyly. >> very cool.y col. okay. >> we're starting new traditiont here at here when erin como works on thanksgiving morning she cooks for us. >> is that going to be our new trks goiadition. >> i don't know. let's ask erin. it't's the first time. for one thing i wie lfil say yoy have recruited more sue chefs se than a my life. l >> i know. >> you must be doing somethingt right. >> i'll tell you somebody sampll the potatoes cinnamon buns are gone i'm sorry about that i'llba have egg and potatoes for you i omise.e. >> unfortunately wisdom had five of them and garyly had one and w there's none left.t >> 91 left. >> i've actually been washingnas the dishes and erin has been b cooking which has been amazing.g erin has always done this for us. us. you've always been amazing likel this. at, u gknow what, you guys welcome me i'm the newest membem to the team.
8:25 am
>> make breakfast for everyonee we're all working on holiday kev better way to spend it than i t starting the day off way cook breakfast. omelette is almost ready for the filling. fillin make sure it's not too moist yot don't want it runny but you but don't want to get it too brown t on the sides only let's are really testy with time and theyd fall apart if you don't timeon them just right i'll give ite it about 30 more seconds and add ad the spinach and feta in. kevin will taste test the firstt omelette before we give it to br you. >> i thought i was the only one that liked spinach feta omelette. they are phenomenalomel.. >> allison likes it. you like it as well. feta cheese, this is not an ad, they're not paying me, i love feta cheese. i would drink this but i'll savl it. >> sauteed the spain new jerseyr with cooking spray and season to make sure that it's a little bie flavorful for you.r you so we got the spinach in.n. kev, i'll take the cheese andhee add in -- i'm a little extra generous witness cheese becausec well, you know what, it'shat, is breakfast it's thanksgiving.sgig calories don't count ever for breakfast.
8:26 am
it will be good i'm very excitec about this. >> it's perfect. >> you want to it's pe take the --- >> wisdom, there's no more's no cinnamon buns.. >> just flip the -- you can sees that yellow color. >> stop! >> wisdom is eating -- ein >> and then it will be ready for you.yo i'll try to save ya'll somee breakfast in the studio.. get over here by 8:45. i'll make it fresh for you.. >> you're newlywed did you everd try to cook for lauren beforeref you got married to impress her.r >> i used to cook s every night.y night i need to start doing that agaia that we're mary. m i was doing that at theth beginning trying to be a goodg boyfriend i need to be great b g husband. >> it work out. iwork >> oh, kev, you are a great husband.. >> it must have work. hwor maybe we are underestimatingre i kevin's >> i've had the joy of doublee dating with kevin and he's so kinds to her and she'sns so sweet to sweo they're in so in love.. it melts my heart. hrt. >> i'm very good at mike crow mr waving hot pockets. pts
8:27 am
>> you know what, the saddestst thing is wisdom with an empty ae plate like that. wisdom i see you. it's the sad defsdinite thing. . >> he doesn't like eggs and he ate all the sin in a mondayn aon buns. >> what do you want?>> whado >> we'll get to tucker right gek now. tucker is actually with a bunch of people who are working offki their meals right now.right n getting a little exercise in ana little early morning turkeyur trot. good morning. >> reporter: hey, steve.,te we're only three minutes awayawa from the start here.from we've got over 7,000 people that are going to be running. rning what they're ymc turkey chase up in bethesda. they're going to be chasing thac turkey you can see in the back of the the truck i tnhe so i guess if anybody catchesdys the turkey they get a freee turkey although i don't suspect they'll catch one all right. al well, i'm going to stop talkingg .ere. ??
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> tucker barnes in bethesdake right now. it looks like the race isr undr way! >> it is, steve., s turkey chase is officially gun.. yeah.yeah they're off chasing that turkeyh in the back of theat truck. we just had the seven minutein milers run by.le b there was a good group of couple hundred and momentarily i thinkk the 7:30 will start over 7,000 participants this t year for a great cause raises r money for ymca and they help ouo local communities here. great cause, and you know, getw, your exercise early get out foro
8:31 am
and then eat a big turkey butke here we're about to see anothero group here get released and i guess the race i've nevere never actually run it in goes aroundrd bethesda in kind of a big circle and finish the same place theyee started here in about 45 minuten time. ti at least for that first off and running. run all right. here we go. countdown and our nextex group should be off and runningi i'm always a little nervous before i start a race.e i don't know about everybody evy else.. but i'm always hoping i can hopn finish. here w here.he temperatures in the 40s with, w um, just a few showers out earle but the showers really not a big factor in the run out here witht the turkey chase. but a lot of people out peopl supporting them.pp a lot of people out spectators t along the roadway watching thegt runners out running. and again, going to be a great e morning out here with total expected participants over 7,000 this y i think this is their biggestth year yet. ye this is their 34th running of o
8:32 am
so each year it builds andldan builds and gets little bettere e organized which is justnized whc wonderful to see the whole see e community out here involve. all right. real quick look at our weather.h we're looking at i've actuallyy gotten broken clouds here we mae get some sunshine this afternooo maybe a should you here for f another hour or two. daytime highs in the mid 50s ans if you're making plans for theot weekend friday we've got a g shower in the forecast butecas saturday and sunday featuring fu sunshine and nice conditions.dii all right. here's our next group.up steve i think we're way in the 10 minute milers. >> i think so, too. ihink >> toss it back to you guys. gu. >> i was thinking, tuck, how tuc nice would it be is that sevenhs minute category on cold day coly you're done in 45 45n >> oh, yeah, they'll be back. be you know what, stay tuned. t they'll be back here in anotherh half an hour or so. an hor so >> i'm sure. i'm sure. >> moving right along. >> myeah, eighths cool morning g here. >> all right. i like the guy that got down inw the sprinter stance.nce. >> a lot of people here clearlye faster than tn herere we go. toss it back to you guys. g
8:33 am
>> eight minute milers right nog getting ready to take off.ake o. there they go. >> go, kids.>> go, >> look at the little one.oo k a couple of kids in the frontt >> all right. nice pace, though. pace, tho eight minute mile and 10k be0k done in about 50 minutes. >> wow, i applaud you. >> thanksgiving dinner alreadyir rk o off. when we come over to the lot ofo speaking of dinner --eaki of >> thank you. >> feta cheese is the greatest thing of all time. en and you erin and thank youe kev. >> erin made that. perfect. perfect omelette ps. ps. >> i'll give you a chance to ala >> erin cooking for us this u t morning.morning. 8:33. ivinghanksgivinghanksg dishes are clear from the tablee lost people heading out c tleo o for holiday bargains see what w they can find. they take your time.ouime. eat. >> i want to read. want r just because something is oneths sale doesn't mean it is must have, right? for your shoppingp cart. experts at wallet hub the free consumer website that reasonst s everything from retailers toilet interest rate gave our holly hly morris tips on what to snap upna right now and which items may m not be such great deals.reat d >> reporter: what kind ofhat kio
8:34 am
about? i mean how do you knowou that this is the most discountun i'm going to get or do i waito w because they might give a littlt more a little e later? lat >> on black friday this year thi average discount is 39%. 3. so shoppers should really useeay that as a threshold to whatld t they're looking at. if it's less than that probably not the best discount.isun >> oh that's the best tip of thf day. basically if something is not nt 40% off, let's just round it up, wait you might get it better ite later but if it's 40%, you're'r probably doing pretty well.y you're getting a deal? getting d be a better discount elsewhere.. >> okay. cards. ce ton gift there's still very popular.opul for people to give, right? and people generally like gettinge t gift cards?ards >> yeah. they're actually really populara 60 of couldn't soup mers thisp s year actually want to receive ae gift car it's not like how it hi used to be when they didn't knok what to get me. me. >> like default all right. what's the criteria that youhat used to determine the best gift cards? >> used free differ things.sed r we look how eepopular it was.
8:35 am
how much can they get it for the on the secondary market. we looked to see if it had a shipping fee. if there's any bonus days yous o can get with it.n ge wit >> let's take look at the oness that were actually ranked the t highest. these were the ones you saidwe were the best freor your money i guess. >> the best for your money andry really the most popular here too. someone doesn't want one oft ono these gift cards there's a smala chance they can resell it forher about what you got it for. >> target, net 96, wal*mart,mar, amazon, >> some of the best gift cardsot you can get out there courtesyoy of the good folks at wallet hub helping us out earlier this week b you go dashing off to the offt malls and outlet those folks at wallet hub say 17% think about one out of six o of the so-call sale items for f black friday can actually costuc more than the same product on aa web base retailer the bottomm line if you see something you sm like, maybe you have a smart a phone with you in the store, do, a quick search and see what's se
8:36 am
it up at the store or not do that everything with i'm hahn toys and cell phones will bel pe deeps discounted you're not fine the best bargains unblock fridaa for clothes, accessories and a jewelry. >> retailers may offer 0% financing for holiday shopping. watch for deferred interestd i before you sign up. that y could eventually increass your total bill though by morehb than 25% that's one of those thing it'si' like 0% but if you don by a certain time or you miss aa payment it will jump up in hurn reach be careful of that bottomo line she said in that piece is that look for things that are, threshold is 40%. 4. >> so something is 40% off or aa greater discount probably goingg to be good deal.togood d if it's less than that it may ti have been marked up and had have discount on top of it. >> 40% is the magic number.icbe >> erin i have been devouring mm omelette.el it is delicious. >> i'm glad you like it. o i'm much.u s >> you're welcome.elme
8:37 am
i was teaching kevin how to break eggs. >> she does it one hand.oes itnh >> kevin, i can do it with one e hand if you want me to show it.. >> i can get a yolk -- yolk >> that's watch mine.h mine watch. >> go ahead. >> that's terrible.erri i got it. i. >> he's learning. this is so good. i l learn it. >> at leave they're scrambledbld egg. it's okay.'s i had to fish a lot of shells s out the last time he pack tiff.. >> true.>> she was digging all the shellsi out. >> hey, hey, kevin learned and d now he'll make lauren s breakfast this is a happy a thanksgiving. >> as long as we don't get bacon and she will only let's overe lo here. >> no worries. allison can attest it was good.g >> it's delicious.icious >> i'll need hot sauce erin,ri thank >> i need hot sauce too.ce >> keep an eye on what he'st h doing over there. there i got shell in there.he in t >> i'll keep an eye. i'll ep a >> we're thankful for our f o friends and our family, of course, and health and all thata good stuff. what are you thankful for? f >> i'm looking kevin out of then side of my eye hilarious. many our viewers sharing their e
8:38 am
we thank you so very much. first of all we thank you for yr being with us each and every dae here on fox5 it means a lot. we're especially thankful you'rr willing to share what you aret u thankful form.thankfm. sometimes the fact that the kidh sleep all night long and thatngt means you sleep all night longil that's something worthy of being thankful for, meghan, we get g you. yo thankful for friends, family, live, this great land ofand o opportunity and of course fox5. >> that's nice. that's nice. >> keep them coming.>> very sweet of everybody. >> i thank god for my family and i love watching you all every ee morning. thank you.thanyou we appreciate you seive sylvia.. we'll be right back.'lbe rig ??
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
?? >> great look outside this morning. even though we had three or four days of really reallyat win ldyw conditions still a lot of leaves left on the trees. stitt beautiful here in the washington, d.c. area. aa >> audio, perfect.fe >> family affair.. >> very nic perfect family for thanksgivingv and many people that meanshat ma watching fool turkey not the only things folkf are looking forward today. he we got a big one. o the skins getting ready to taket on the rival dallas cowboys doww in dallas. dalla one the highly most anticipated match ups of the season play ofp implications are on the line. kirk cousins described theib significance of getting to playp on thanksgiving day. day >> across the country are watching with their families and
8:42 am
to be able to, you know, bring g joy to people and play a gamee that we love and put a smile onn people's faces. >> obviously it's a rivalryiv game. bragging rights are on the line. bothht teams as lso on the rises now for dallas a win bring theme closer to home field zapping fog the nfc playoffs they've wonhevw ne a a row. skins are hot, too win keeps ths skins in the post season hunt.nn sure would be nice to get that t it's the prime matchup of the day. because the game at 4:30 right t in the m maybe after dinner you just wann to kickback on the couch watch t little football.tbl we'll get you all ready to go wo have our pre-game show coming up in an hour and 12 minutes.ines >> we'll preview what to expecto for today's matchup and talk all things pigskin that starts righr after good day from 10:00 to 11am. >> grant paulsen all right in pu the building getting ready tolsy talk footbal football. >> it will be fun.>> i o okay. so would you mess with thelh rock? i know i won, but t kevin is brave enough to do so. eo did he.
8:43 am
what kevin wplas willing to do o the revving he was willing toasi take.ta >> wow i'm on camera.era. >> he's still here. h >> he survived.e su we know that. >> i was chewing food. food. >> even thought i wasn' i was about to eat some mn ore.r >> equal opportunity they get op you all.or we'll tell you how it played outd o
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8:45 right now. that's inside the k mart down in springfield, virginia.ide ringfr some folks came out early thisat morning open the doors att 6:00 o'clock this morning.
8:46 am
there. ther she's trying to get a look atlot what kind of sales. of s they have christmas thing on you're not like you're buying b last year's stuff or a few months ago.nt a >> you need christmas stuff it' a month away. might as well get it now.. >> past seasons of christmas. c. >> it's not like they tookk like -- t-shirts aren't on sale right now, something you didn't need now. w like something you can -- can - >> both little confused.h litton >> i'm sorry.ry. it's holiday. it's early. gary's forecast is coming up in just 10 seconds. it's 46. >> how is that shaping. >> not to cold. i mean tucker is down at the turkey trot. it's not too chilly out there. tle tuco g>>et how tooittl break in the overcast a couple a of showers still possible but sl
8:47 am
nice thanksgiving. most people spend it indoors buo any way it looks like it's going to be okay.y. temperatures are in the 40s. 4 few spots in the 30s. the 3 here's rain this the rain is really really lightt most cases it's just been enougo to wife wet the pave many andan move on along and a lot of us have stayed dry.d dry a lot of us will stay dry.tay d right now at least with thest we satellite picture it's showing i little bit of clearing back outo to the west. not here in the city right now.n even though there's been augh t little bit of sun trying to through but most of the clearinf is back out to the west.he w but i'm very very optimisticc that as we get into the latterhl part of the morning and theni early afternoon we will get somm sunshine.. so still call officially forffiy ers ers today. high temperature with little bit of sunshine gets up to t 55 degrees real real nice happy thanksgiving.anksgi black friday temperatures closes to 60. spotty shower tomorrow but noowt big deal and for those of that o you like to go out late tonightt and then wait overnight.veight >> yeah. >> and stand in line. >> right.>> a>> r
8:48 am
cold 5am store ope >> better than some years. >> where are you today at home.h >> just our little immediatetle familiarly. >> awesome. i can't wait. >> i know. >> happy thanksgiving >> kevin mccarthy here he and his yam shirt ready for today'ss fox beat. >> call me sweet potato pie. >> that's my new name.e. >> trending hash tag yet. >> no, i want all chironshirons changed to sweet potato pie. no longer kevin mccarthy. mccar >> i was going wi jams. jams >> that's really good.t's rely g see, steve, that's why i lovewhl you mark and. and snl. >> sweet guy. g. >> speaking of sweet guys iuys i wanted to be mean to the rockn t for a second.for ec now i love the rock. >> new york let me ask you thiss >> i think most people knowow kevin and the rock have prettyy good relationship.hi >> we're best friends.est frnds. >> they've hung out a few times online relationship is tight. t at what point in your inou conversations with the rock thi relationship did you say i'm dis going to prank this guy at somem point? >> couple years ago -- i've been
8:49 am
hawaii and back for 30 hours too interview him for four minutes i remember telling him that. him . ever since then highmen -- we'v- had really fun interviews.ntervs really good goo g i'm not just saying that. tha he's real is a nice guy. g over the years he's been very cool to me on social media.l mea he's tweeted me all the time saying congratulations on yourao wedding and your bachelor party. >> he tweeted me for my birthday. >> he was in vegas when i was in vegas for my bachelor party iinv tweeted him can you come hang out with us? instead of just j not reaping no, man i'm shooting my productiony p company all day long.comp have great time. i responded back with, ith, i doesn't matter what you're doin' today, he goes, you're alreadyea messed up, aren't you?t y >> no. [ laughter ] [ >> very very funny.laug fun. >> any way, you know what, w there's a bit the rock does twoo years ago chris introduced me te him the rock would yell inld yel people's faces like he would asa them legitimate question likenik gary, what's your name? and asd you're answering i go, ito, i doesn't matter what your name is? he would scream it a bitt a did he for years.he f not my bit.
8:50 am
>> it's a bit -- when he did iti in front of kids it made me laugh. seven years old kid, how does ii make you feel it doesn't mattere the kid starts crying. c very funny. fun. >> i want to do prank the rockrk with his medicine.with h med i set it up.t he had no idea it was coming.omn this is not scripted.cripte this really happened as you'ren watching. watch this. >> i want to thank you by thetou way because you always send me m incredible tweets. twe my bachelor party and my wedding. i'm just wondering like 10 and d half million twitter followers l how do you have time to even see time to even reply? >> kevin -- >> it doesn't matter how you dot it?er it [ laughter ] >> sorry. >> you got me. .> i got you >> she's got me. m everyone got me. got m >> i literally got you.. >> did i get you >> you got me. got me. >> did you jump. i didn't jump. jum >> the timing, my buddy chris -c >> where is chris at.s chri a >> it doesn't matter!! >> i love the idea of yourou character earning his i love the scene with the storyo and how he earns them all.
8:51 am
famous one you've had. had i've seen it all the time in thn movies and shows. sadder particular story that yot feel like earned aory certain tattoo and that aspect? >> this tattoo tells story of mf life and everything that'sinha portrtant to me. and i sat with tattoo artist for urs.s. we prayed. we talked about it before he did it. and total 60 hours and fourour sessions.sess so it's really long process. prs and nothing -- there wasn't ones moment that i thought oh, i've earn it. it's just a term we have poll nissan nis called mana, power, spirit s sometimes mana takes over and you just know it's time.ime >> really really cool. it's time to get the tattoo.. ??
8:52 am
booth than it is to record a rea when you're doing dialogue yougy have cameras around things thata are happening w you're actually sinking is it a different studio. >> i love the sinking partthsin. >> how is it different.>> >> i love the sinking how partat because lin-manuel was there w with me and he was --as -- >> genius. >> conducting me at the samethsa time. >> yeah it was really an honor.n it's a different kind of alive.f when you're doing the animationa i'm in there with the writer, um, and the directors are theree too, as well. wel and we're telling the delivering monologue.delivering it's a different kind of m alive when you're singing threats ther it's a performance.. it's like you got to bring itri on. on >> you did a hell of a job, mr. >> thank you. t y >> good to see you. y >> continue tweets.ontitwee it means so much to m it realleay really does. >> i'm so happy. you're awesome. >> for the record, he went in wt for that hug. i went in just for the -- >> he was like -- >> too much now. >> you guys do need to do a d scene together. t i know you've done -- de >> we're best friends. friends.
8:53 am
he actually called out my o m bullies last time i interviewedi him for central >> you havely with a little tooe strong language.gue. >> kevin hart was like bleepe b bleep bleep.bleep bleep >> there was a lot going onas ai there. >> he has your back. he s yo moana in theaters now greatat animated film from dizzy in youy like frozen --rozen >> what did you give it.t did ge >> four out of five.f >> if you liked little mermaid aladdin. princess and the frog. >> good for kids and parents. >> nice for the foe a day. >> of course i will will be.. >> erin thank you very much.thae >> erin tweeting us today.. >> best omelette ever. >> clean plate. all gone. more coming up.. don't go anywhere. 8:53.8: >> i'm making michelle our'maki producer scrambled eggs right
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> thank you, gary.>> t >> don't run away. >> i'm not good at this either. i'm just>> good learning. leain this spatula is perfect. right now. i've infused them with spinach.h >> thank you. thanks for the drum t roll.m rol >> so proud of you. y >> and the feta, too. t have you ever tried feta in youu eggs because it's my secret. sre >> i love it.t. spinach and feta in the eggs.ggs steve got a cheddar and bacon. i crumbled up the bacon and put it inside the omelette. ole only let's are testy i thoughtht scrambling it might be just asta good and not as beautifulif presentation wise but still sll tastes good. >> i think that's awesome.s esom
8:56 am
doesn't melt down.esn't >> it stays kind of solid theree gary. >> we got a few showers but b nothing much and i'm beginning to see some sunny breaks back b out to the west of us. so loudoun county i'm talking tt you and listen i think a few showers still possible even atee the 10am hour. hou most of that will be off to the east. east. >> do you know what that is,u gary. >> that's good eating weather. >>kn is, absolutely it's great n her.her. mostly cloudy but we'll get g sunshine this afternoon and that will help elevate theeve the temperatures into the middleo tl 50s. hopefully we'll get this rain ti out of here and end up being a so if you want to get out for aa little pre-meal exercise or a a little post-meal exercise, it sh bld be -- d good options. >> or both. >> or neither like me.>> oithe [ laughter ] >> 55 degrees today for hightodi temperature.erat tomorrow is pretty good, too. 59. . we're just like everybody wants to be in the kitchenyb.oditchen everybody wants to be around thd cook. >> you're popular.ou're pula >> wisdom never spent more timem er here evever. >> he doesn't talk to anybodyerb he just meanders around.round. >> are you going to clean up,
8:57 am
>> clean up team.>> c up >> since you and i have a shared love for italian food maybe likl a sausage and peppers omelettemt and then just drizzle little bib of your sunday gravy on the top. >> yes. >> >> you know what else is good if you take left over gravy and pug it in a little dish in the ovenn with some sauce and then eggs on >> look at this much this ishisi fantastic.astic. >> very beautiful omelette. ole >> you know what else is reallyt good, cinnamon roles. roles >> how many did you eat, be hospital nest. nes >> two. >> let me tell you. >> kev said you ate five. ate cinnamon rolls not the same. sam >> he said arrival was goodval a movie. >> steve, you all right know.igk you already know. >> erin -- >> i have announcement to make.e >> yes,nt allison. aison >> single ladies if you aregle i watching rightf you now, take f how the men just gather aroundrd the woman who knows how to cook. i'm just saying.ayg >> meghan our producer up here p and said teach me your waysr we're going to find her a hot at date. >> you know the whole man through the stomach type of
8:58 am
>> i had to interrupt for thatoa public service announcement.emet t that's okay. >> i'll join you for good dayjoy for 9aou. ffo we're not going any w just to bo clear there's no more cinnamon rolls. talking football, too. >> redskins versus the cowboys.s >> wisdom had 10 cinnamon rolls behind you. >> taking the cinnamon rolls
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> straight ahead, family, food and football. the holiday saheaeaso kicks off


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