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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ?? >> one of television's mostf beloved mothers has passed away.telemoth this morning we're ememberingememberi florence henderson.florence h >> time to get youren shop on o this black friday.ri some of you might be returning from the stores, surome of youof waking up now at 6 o'clock'clock saying uh-oh, look how longk hoo the line is already. aea we'll check things out for you y shopping centers across theoshe region including the new t n outlets up in clarksburgur maryland. >> live look outside on this oni friday november 25th.25. black friday. frida do you have plans to cut d a christmas tree today? today because tucker is coming upg u with your holiday weekend forecast. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin in forod martf allison seymour. seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news morning. f if you're just waking up thisg h morning some sad news comingews from hollywood today. florence henderson one of theen mostders beloved tv moms inms history has died.storhas died. >> maureen umeh joins us nowh jn with how generations of fansfan are responding to the shocking n news. good morning. allyt really is shocking. tucker just walked in and sawwan the picture and said oh no i feel like it's my mom. mom. i think a lot of us feel thereer way.y.
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to 1974 florence henderson became many people's fridayle'sy night mom as carol brady inradyi the iconic series the bradye bry bunch. >> what's all the yelling up yeu here? what is >> oh, nothing, nothing at w, nt all. >> uh-huh. that's the kind of nothinghe kin that bothers me td heof most. [laughter] >> henderson's publicist saysons she passed away from heart failure after ped b aeing admitd to the hospital on wednesday.ney since her death tributes have been pouring in from some ofsomf the actors who portrayed thetrad brady kids and henderson'sende's many celebrities fans. celeb m marsha brady posted a picture pc of the two of them togetherem just a few nights together atge the "dancing with the stars"" finale. mccormick wrote florenceick henderson was a dear friends for so manway verys years and n my heart forever. fev love and hugs to her family.ily. i'm miss her dearly.y. >> latoya jackson wrote she wros was deeply sad depend by the loss of henderson. henderson so many of us grew up watchingah carol brady.
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>> larry king says rest in peace florence center son ace c dear lady way great sense of humor an terrific laugh.caugh. america's mom has died. die henderson began her actingr n career in the 1950's and 60's with lead roles on broadway.rowa she also had a short stint onn the today show before thebeforet brady bunch began. beg florence henderson was 82ce years old and we're hearing hen shd ean dd iewed of heart failuu steve and wisdom, a sad day. day >> it is. i >> yeah, it.>> y been on the day showt re for a brief glint remember she didt rs "dancing with the stars" in wit 2000 again. >> right. >> i guess in my mind i guesst she was just so energetic sewn full of life. lif >> and many commercials overy thecomm years. years >> snickers us a justnickus a mentioned.ioned. >> marsha, marsha, marsha.a, msh >> she'll be missed.issed. >> developing overnight hereighe at home let's get to news thiseh morning. mo fairfax county policeic investigating a murder ing a false church and they discovered man's body aroundlseh 10 o'clock last night at an lash apartment in the 5500 block of o seminary road.naryoa 33 currently have one suspect se
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any information additionallyddio on the crime is asked to calloal police immediately.ediately. it's black friday. that means time to heaitd's outt the stores get your shop on sho and stores are offering plentyge of deals this morning as youthim might expect. >> that's right. stores are>> opening up right now. we sent chan annie lieu tonnie o check out the outlets in clarksburg maryland. marand. is it still crazy? i'm sure'mur it's going to be crazy all day. >> reporter: oh, yes, theyteh, y are expecting last people outope here. thousands came out last night when doors opened hereca amet o we're seeing a lot of tired yet determined shoppers. shopper they're waiting in linen l willing to wait in line battling the cold.he take a look at this shrines shre outside of tory burch.e ory we're seeing it shorten upen then getting long.en getting l some people that have beent ha towards the front have beene be waiting in line for over an a hour just to get inside. iide. the store has basically basly reached its capacity soapacy whenever someone leversne l they'll let someone elseev inside but the reason for thisho is because they are offering 40 percent off all purchases and then an extra 20 percenten
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morning. that is an incredible deal for tori birch. come on in here michael metroni he has been herei he overnight taking brief naps n here and there. a but most of all you have ave great big smile.ig smi house has it been since thes itb opening at 6:00. 60. >> it's been fantastic. i couldn't believe the turnoutev laste night. night we were expecting it to be busy but we can't believe howelw many people came out enjoying eg the small savings. >> reporter: so many came out you reached comorpatess ir:e in the parking lot. what is the plan if that if t happens again. >> we have an excellent eellent traffic management plan inma place i'm sure is going to beoit handled beautifully by our o police detail and our interior r traffic control and we alsoels have an off site parking location at high point farmint a with six luxury shuttle busestle escorting customers back andacka forth. >> reporter: parking won't abter:problem. wasn't i love most about theabot
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it's an outdoor shoppinghopn experience. definitely dress in layers,n la wear comfortable shoes.hoes but you know what else i lovee v is that you all have thoughtthoh of everything. every there are even charging stations for celle ar pe hones. >> yes, there is. y >> reporter: plenty of seating for those tired andireda husbands and boyfriends. >> yes, there is. >> reporter: thank you so much. all right, guys, that's the latest here.orter: they're going to be openedo latego b a'clock tonight andt, y then back opened tomorroworw morning at 8:00 at 8 that's the very latest here here from clarksburg, maryland, mar >> another tradition for the foe thanksgiving weekend isvikend football. college games today. yesterday it was all skins.lleg man they got cy loit ase but the just could not crack through tou past dak prescott ezekial ezeal elliott and the rest of thet oft boys. i know you didn't like the >> i had part of the score.. i said the cowboys would getould 31 but i had the skins gettingng 36. 36.
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of the best quarterbacks ines the lead. chris baker tweeted this out.t feel bad we let the offensequ bake down and they made plays wela just didn't make the plays when itla counted.ount dallas y'all got us 100 percent. >> nothing to be ashamed of. to they played a good game. game. late game steelers improvere their afc playoff hopes with ah big win over the colts in indy. ben roethlisberger threw threehr touchdown passes to antonioio brown and bell rushed for oned r 20's yards an touchdown andrewdn luck was in street clothes he sat ti concussion. his backup tossed two interceptions. >> tuck, good morning want to talk more about the redskins.oou >>t re we got plenty of time. t. >> steve you do the math butathu if the kicker had made those the two field goals and they convertd that two-point --wo-pot >> a lot of ifs.ffs. >> it's a lot of ifs.. you never know tuck becauseecau what if they do that thenhe dallas might do somethingomet different and then they might score, too. t >> if you would have scored sco
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against so ande in so. >> yeah. >> if i had asked that girl out on date.had ou oh, here we >> life could have changed ahaed hundred percent.d pe >> let's do the forecast. he'sy, clo duds out o there eary cool temps reagan national hitgt 46, dulles is 42 and bwi marshall 40.hall 40. lots of clouds for yourorou friday. there might be a sprinkle but honestly i don't think the chances are terribly high. cloud cover will remain ar36e much of day. d there's a live look at stormt tracker radar.ker rar tr hour. look for a shower or a sprinkle this afternoon. very light whatever we get withle tht w daytime highs in tt upper 50's.0' might be a peak of sunshinef sun here or there. so, you know, good shopping weather.her. >> okay. >> all right. >> details on the weekend forecast momentarily. >> all right. barnes. bneckerails orecast mom say. >> say good morning to erinoo como way look at traffic thisd mornmoook ating. how we looking out there? a tha lot of traffic around therafficn shopping areasd .oppireas >> y-take a look at skyfox
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folks out and about.ouand some crowded parking lots there. use caution. and news is things on 295 100 are moving. min i would just say your secondaries leading into those h parking lots around arundel arud millions will be the crowded ones. an earlier crash in laurel has cleared between 197 and 198. 1. all lanes opened, just a touch u aphorism -- in accokeek billingsly road r shut down north and southboundun at livingston road.oa crash involving an overturnedurd vehicle. let's hop outside and show you a live look intsid northernthn maryland.ry this is 270 southbound at a montrose road where you canre y see a little bit of that usual u morning flow coming down towards the if you'rwae headed to theto t district for work, now notice the northboundside, that is
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know what else pops up on this post-thanksgiving shoppingnksg day. back to you >> 6:08 is the time. the a local animal shelter ister is running its own black fridayy deal where you can adopt a pet p for free today.r fr >> missing for three weeksee after failing to pick her kids d up from day care a californiaif mother is found alive but this t morning there are many, manye aa unanswered questions.ns it's 6:09. today we're gonna be comparing
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>> ?? >> 6:11. new this morning we have learned that a u.s. service member has been killed in that syria. that makes that person the first w thned thas bthat mak americane fighting isis in syria. syr happened in northern syria an ied was detonated.ated u.s. troops respect part of at joints military operation inrati that region. r the state department hastm not announced the name that off fallen soldier.di >> two people are dead thisead s morning, four others injured after an exchange of grump af had gathered to watch the annual juice juice bow the gunman got away and the motives remain unclear. >> charges expected to be announced today. collin rose had been on patrol near theose campus tuesday nign when he was shot in the head.t t the five year veteran of theeteo police force was taken offer taf life support one day later. in california a plotter of two whoal disifappeared threeper weeks ago is back with herith h family this morning.his mor sherri papini was rescuedescu after flagging down a driver dve
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150 miles from her home. h she told authorities that sheese had been abducted after goingfti for a jog on november 2nd herben captors then released herthen re early thursday. the 34-year-old had been "bound with restraints but wasi able to free herself. hlf police are looking for twoor hispanic women armed with a handgun an dark colored suv. >> terrifying scene at a a catholic monk retirement home in france.ra attacker is still on the run at this point and so far thi authorities say this was notitie ans does come just months after a islamic state supporters murdered a priest in a nearby city. >> one-two punch in nicaraguachi as hurricane otto made landfall. a tsunami alert was issuedas i then later lifted so you get y the hurricane and the and t earthquake in the same day.ay allll right. >> holiday shoppers, we know we
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>> no doubt about it. >> take a live look outside right now. that's a pretty looking christmas tree.>> nake a we're going head arounthdat'schd area on this black fridayday check some sales, weather and traffic. that's on the 5s next.
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experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> ?? heading out toding out to the malls. looks like a few spaces remain
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facility there. >> maybe there's some som five-dollar tables. get in ther ta christmas spirit. not much sunshine today. today in fact we got some cloudome cld cover out there early andthere d we're going to have some cloudeu cover this afternoon.on the bottom line on today is more clouds than sun and we'llnl keep it relatively cool 50. 46 now in washington.hington. 40 in baltimore. 37 in frederick.4037 in 41 winchester.chesr. 44 hagerstown. herst so, cool, cool temps not the cold we had a few days ago. ag remember we wereo. waking up a few mornings ago tofew temperatures in themo 20's.0' there's your cloud cover.s yo we have a very weak frontalurro system off to our south andff to east and we're going to watch gh a little area of low pressurew e kind of ride along that today.t. it wouldn't be strong enough eno to bring us much in the way ofmu rain but it will keepch generally cloudy skies in thedyi forecast today. you might get a peafok of o sunshine later this afternoon.
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light shower. you can see locally we don'te lo have much in the way of any a shower activity so i wouldn't iu expect we're going to see ae'reg lot of rain. let's city we can -- see if weei can find anything ong futurecast. there's your sprinkle at 5:00kl0 p.m.p. you can see one or two little ll showers across the bay.ay. not much of anything withhing w daytime highs upper 50's to about 60. weekend looks fantastic.d look low to mid-50's saturday and sunday and then perhaps a good g soaking rain around here bye tuesday and wednesday.daand we really need it along withlont milder tempts as we get close to december we're going g to end it on a nice mild note inin. so, you know, we want some colder temperatures tow it starts to feel like theempefeel holi >> i understand.erand. >> how was thanksgiving.sgivin >> so good.>>o go >> yeah. >> turkey was perfect. perfect how was yours.wayours. >> fantastic. >> i feel full and sleepy and i broughtfull a my coffee in tht shot because i didn't want tosei put it down. d right now skyfox over arundel ad millions mall and you can seeee crowded parking lots. lots.
6:18 am
that's flashing lights of thegh casino in the background >> i think so. >> use caution making your wayyw out to the parking lot. 295, 100 getting there thetihere majors are quiet. qui we'll switch it over show youovu a live look on 66. 6 if you're taking metro this morning heading to viennaad metro traffic is quiet on 66n east and westbound.ound wide opened. really atypical day since it s i is black friday a lot of folksof haff off work. if you're heading to workg to w today in the district you canico anticipate commute than what we typically see. see. metro is operating on a normalor schedule today without any issues. we'll get to that in a second. c if you're heading out inut accokeek billingsly roady r northbound and southbound atd hu livingston. a crash involving a overturnedre vehicle. july to detour around that.ha here are your rail lines thatou are on time thatra includes thet greene green and silver as and well. all good on safe track taking a break so ta the red line is back to t normal. branch avenue to the wilson bridge you'revenu qe uiet.ui.
6:19 am
harbor for those outletsutle traffic looking good right nowow as well. i'll let you know when thatwh t changes. i'm going to drink my coffee.ff. back to you steve and wisdom. w >> 6:18 is the time. tim president-elect keeping busy this thanksgiving weekend. we'll tell yelou whaect he'nksgn to try to keep american jobsn from heading overseas.veeas. >> an annual tradition at thehe national zoo begins tonight. tit it is time for zoo lights 2016h6 style the holiday themed lightht show set to music, the zoo zoo lights will be opened everyd evr night from 5:00 until 9:00:0 except christmas eve christmashs day and new year's eve final day will be new year's day. it's a great light show.
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>> 6:22 is the time.>> wall street set to reopen on this daytree after thanksgivingn but the markets will closell early at one:00 this:00 this afternoon. now earlier this week in i preholiday trading the dow and s & p 500 both set records. >> meantime the president-elect trying to keep jobs in the united states. donald trump tweeting out "i am working hard et-veel in n on thanksgiving trying to get carrier ac company to stay in t the u.s. they're in indiana. making kll know soon. in february carrier announced ac plans to move 1400 jobs to mexico. donald trump of coursedonalp known for informing the o public via twitter an account heccou opened seven years ago.eneven ya during that time he amassed a collection of more than 30,000 a tweets millions of followersol but as fox's doug luzaderuz tells us he's on the verge of v taking social media activity soi to a new level. l >> reporter: president obamaorte may have ushered themay presidency into the twitter
6:23 am
bring it all to a new level. he's called people dopey lose ers and. some trump skeptics see.. >> his ability to control thisbi side of himself in such a sh crisis, if it comes, will haveel a lot to do with just aboutt everything else he's trying to y achieve. >> reporter: trump promised to bepe morore restterained ased president and since he won thehe election he's b forth sometimes lashing out,s lo sometimes sounding mag nam amous. amou men ran ya' trump will make an a cause of' going after sire bullying.yi >> cyber bullying is>>er b relatively new. it's a new aspect and when you n go with kids you can't go wrong. it's a great topic to try and
6:24 am
>> reporter: and will>> r president trump takes over at potus it will be something ofeno a step down. trump's account has around a 16 million followers at potuspo has just over 12 million.2 of course both of them are fare behind singer katy perry who per is approaching 100 million. 100. clocking in at a paltry 1600aly or so i'm doug luzader fox news. >> meanwhile president baracknwi obama spent his last thanksgiving at the white house with his family some friends turkey andleobanksgie wn the president also made nine ma phone who are currently deployed. now that thanksgiving isivgi over it's beginning to look a lot like press christmas at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.00 the tree is coming p fenronsm fm wisconsin. it will be on display in theay i blue room. >> happening today old townn alexandria it is the annualis tn tree lighting ceremonyy festivities start at 6:00 p.m.. market square on king street.g . the event is f santa will be there.he if you want to head down and get in the spirit of the holidays.ho
6:25 am
all the games yesterday thatay were on spends sunday in the oval office. >> and the food right behind me, the big c hair i tnhe their i middle and the tvs in >> 'cause you never see when s you sitting in the chair what ca you're actually looking at. >> that will be your platform. a >> i'm going to change the thehe way we watch football. ftbal >> i like how you mention the mi christmas tree like it's inik the blue room like we all know k what the blue room is.wh the >> you don't know what the blue room is it's the roomm that's b >> the only blue room i know is from clue.rom clu >> it's the one with the tree.e >> we are cool. >> 46. is that how you can tell it'sn e the blue room. roo >> what. >> it's all blue. >> is it blue. >> yeah. >> i'm going for that right now.'m goi i wouldn't bet anyri mghoney onn that. >> maybe it has a blue door or something. we'll keep it cloudy today.yod maybe a sprinkle or a very a v light shower. best chance will be thisst chanc afternoon bute wi generally cloy skies but mild upper 50's to about 60 this afternoon.
6:26 am
we have a week area of low of lo suresure. driving back in town on sunday you would be on the internet int or something.ething >> eastern shore maybe. may >> you look good on sunday ifsy you're coming back to d.c. weather-wise. >> weather-wise. traffic-wise --fic-wise - >> weather won't cause moreeath traferfic. >> the blue room is blue. t >> is it.he b >> yes. i've done some research. blue room is blue is the white house. >> educate >> let's check in with i >> that's naturally why wisdomis is wearing his blue tie andnd i'm wearing a blue dress. d we want to go check out theant branch avenue at the wilsonec au bride ge inner loop is quiets q flowing freely.flow maybe you're headed to to alexandria into old town to do d some black friday shopping. sho. a lot of great shops downat s there. let's take a look ate. ls skyfox right now. they are over arundel millionsil mall. we have some crowded park lotsa right now. however, traffic is moving on
6:27 am
your way through those crowdedsd parking lots as you try to get o some deals this morning. mning we'll show you what elsehat you're up against.inst. from rosslyn into georgetownow look at the key bridgeri inbound. usually gets crowded. cro it's black friday day after a thanksgiving a lot of folksng al off work so if you're headedde to work you're that are goodthat shape. traffic is flowing. no issues there. some you want to d shopping in georgetowneorgetown secondaries are quiet. q i'll let you know if any of
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>> ?? >> welcome back and here's a look at clarksburg outlets in clarksburg maryland on blackme l friday.ryl you know, people are out therepa getting their shop on spendingpd their money. stimulating the economy doinge c all those things that people ppl do after they eat all that turkey. they have been out there fore bt awhilehe. awhile got out there early -- well, w i'll say early this morning eari and late last night.latet ni >> overnight.>> o >> overnight, yeah.>> o trying to get a deal. morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's atand tr 6:35. 6 first at 6:30 this morningni tributes pouring in for florence henderson actresson ace best known for playing car c road brady on the brady she died yesterday after being admitted on wednesday withnesdah heart problems. pbl she had a brief stint on thent o today show before the bradyrady bunch. >> which i wasn't wear ia >> i didn't know that either. ee >> i don't think there's not anybody that is not aware of her as't tthat carol brady on t brady bunch.
6:31 am
happened in false church in faeh virginia. they discovered man's body in the 5500 block of seminary s road. one suspect is in custody. in cy anybody with additionalional information is asked to call asa police. po >> busy thanksgiving foriv for firefighters across the area. a montgomery county and princenty george's county firegeorge departments say they respondedsd to 25 to 30 kitchen fires yesterday and this home one 24th street in northeast d.c. d didn't involve cooking but a family using their fireplace. f. >> one of the holiday>> one thanksgiving of course iscose i football.. time for the morning line at t 6:31 and let's talk about heit.u what a game it was on paper.ap the skins looked great in the end they left too many points on the field although we'll lefo talk about this later on in detail 'cause i didn't feel they played that badly but anyway. [laughter] >> george wilbourn.wilbou it's wilbourn day on this black friday. good to see you. tgohankodsgiving.nkiv >> happy thanksgiving to you thk as well.sgiv so look, you saw what happenedpp yesterday. >> i did. i d >> are you pleasedou pased disappointed? how you feeling i
6:32 am
>> disappointment at a alltmen a time low. i'm not disappointed.appointe >> like a muted disappointed.ap >> i wasn't disappointed withoit the exception that we didn't get the win.ptiothwin. >> didn't get the win.get thw >> that's the best loss theres h i've seen the washie ngtonhito redskins have in about 10ut0 years. years. >> wow, okay. o >> they are definitely aity realtime. no one wants to see these guysuy and for them to get injuredetnj like that and come back in,n, you got a quarterback in cousins who is claimed -- haseda claimed this team.aimed >> right, right.ight >> and i broke a record last night in nit that loss. l to me i just think virtually viy it could have been a nine andand one, nine and one season yesterday when they >> yeah. >> so, you know, i just think it that this is going to be ahis is very dangerous team and i think that washingtoniansshi should be very, very excited. et >> i really think any team in the league not named dallasal cowboys would have lost to the skins yesterday. >> o no doubt about it.t abouit. the cowboys are very lucky to get away way win and they are
6:33 am
one of the best teams obviously in the nfl right now. >> i think when you talk aboutaa kirk now, look, we know statistically it's differentcall than winning, we know last know great quarterbacks on paper on p that would have traded it a you will for a super bowl ring n but i think he's on pace to dodo things that only a fewly a quarterbacks in history haveisry done and you're talking names n like brett farve dan marinoar tom brady et cetera. et cetera >> he's valid.s vali >> he's legit. >> i'm sorry. if the skins can find a i'm s wt kind of bottle what they did thi yesterday, what they did theyidy played w same -- with the same energyene as some people voted in thisedns last presidential >> there you gsiode bringingngin politics in. i >> they played with disdain and hatred, you understand.ndert if they can do that and they the do that with the cowboys every time they see them on thehe schedule but if they applyy a that to the rest of their o t schedule i don't know, wedule could be i looking,.ooki,. >> gets a little mean and le men nasty on the field.nasty on >> it is going to be hard though.ough i'll just keep it really i'mllyi
6:34 am
it's going get'soing the margin for error now is is really, really small and tight t which means you got to be ono b your extra a game from here on out. >> and the margin forn confidence in that roomen probably is extra, extra highigh even though coming off of a very, you know, a very big loss. 'cause it's one game you want to win but that locker room thar has got to be on fire right now. no >> i think the crutch this team has had in the past isas hh they play up or down to the competition. you're not going to face afa much better team than what faced yesterday. now the challenge is when youge have arizona, when you have hav these other teams around .500ro or a little less those teamse ts you have to dominate now.e n >> that's right. you have to play with that same type of okay i want to rip your helmet off like they did yesterday. >> right, right. >> so, look, i got to bring to b this up as well. w trash talk during the game and weth talked about this. ts. >> whew. >> that trash talking betweenet josh norman and dez bryant. b >> we knew it was coming.knewwa >> i'm just not a fan. i just n >> the talking after thehealki
6:35 am
don't have a problem with itve on the field. >> hard to a turn that switch on stc and off guys. you know what i'm saying.t i' sy if that's a part of your personality and it's your jobyoj to be that antagonist on yourisu team and to be the defensive dei player that's going to makeng te sure that everybody else knows that you got toever come through me and i'll talk all the way thy to the car and the parking lotag to let you know that.w t >> so it's all good. g >> it is all good.>> i think it is.i you need that and you need that grit. g >> bravado. >> y-indeed. >> bring it up. [laughter]te >> put some base in yourin voice. that'sr what my grandmom 82 grao tossed say. to putss some bass in your voice, , boy. >> you're doing somethingou di're fferent. >> next week i'll be at silver i spring and the silver spring fire station. station. very good guy gary king is oneg of the great promoters outmoters there. i've been here for ae few months. few mont i'm going start relieveel something stress around the dmv. dmv. >> stress reliever.>> s >> i'm going to start next weekend at the firehouse, g silver sproiening fire station i
6:36 am
show. i think i, its a late show.e s >> i'll be in the bed. the bed. >> i know. >> i'll be long asleep. asl >> you know he still got pajamas with the feet in it. >> yeah, but the toes are out. >> will. wil [laughter] >> and everything matches. >> everything matches. >> and it's going down in the blue room over eve evet's go the it's going down . >> [laughter]>>laug >> george, thank you up. >> any time. alkklways good to t football. foot >> happyba holidays. hid >> same do you to you guys.e >> tucker barnes, what's goingdo on? >> cloudy skies. that was a good segment. all right. weaver looking at just c was louds out there early, cstoo cl conditions we're in the 40's ins currently and you know what, we'll get the tempe wratures ina the upper 50's, maybe a 600 later this afternoon.fter. 46 now in washington.hing 45 up in new york city. c 40 in boston. bto let's see 36 in binghamtoninghan where they still got pretty pret good snow cover from the lakerol effect snows earlier thisno eari week. that's your cloud cover.'s y and and it will remain a remai mostly cloudy d we might get a sprinkle or a o shower later this afternoon.ser
6:37 am
sure it's worthy of ans wort of umbrella and a little sunshine h here and there later today.nd t wehewe'll go 60 for daytime high we have some need rain in thatha forecast. we'll talk about itut it momentarily.ment let's find out more about erin's turkey dinner. >> i was like bracing myself l for what you were going toikereg say. [laughter] >> dinner was amazing.ner was ai i had a couch nap, i watched football, everything i could thanksgiving. i hope y'all enjoyed the holiday as well and pe yif you' heading out for some black somel friday shopping, we've been b topher with skyfox anne arrundel millions mall crowdedii parking lots rows of cars c parked.park lost shoppers out there. good news 295 northbound and 100d and getting to the mall have very light volume is.e as we switch it over for a look look at our maps hov ms restrictions have been lifted
6:38 am
accokeek road, please follow police direction. the the rest of our commute is quiet.qu metro is on time today. tod they're operating on a normal aa weekday schedule and all sixll rail lines are on i'll let you know if thatw t changes. wisdom and steve.teve >> 6:38 is the time. time. national anthem marathon. aretha franklin getting a lot of flak for her thanksgivinghanv day performance. performan >> let's led over to tysons another fairly busy place thisys morning.g. 6:38.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> it clocked in at fourcl miocnutes 35 seconds. seconds now if you're asking how long typically the national anthem nm is, about two minutes soin double the time and add a little twitter has no chill. one user said the refs should throw a delay of game flag at her. another said colin kaepernickepn would have developed arthritis in her knee.ere. in pasadena california calii
6:42 am
utility just like you would wou pay for water and a trump campaign christmasas tree ornament has sold out on amazon despite costing $149. $14 and only getting one and half it's a mini replica of trump'sms famous red hat with the slogan a make america great again it's made of brass finished in 18 karat goldly. gd >> kevin mccarthy coming upng with today's fox beat.ox bt. we're going to hear from thefr t lead actress of the new disney s film that is new in theaters.her a reminder before we headbe to break that if you have a h news tip you can share it with us 20,028,953,000 or e-mail us
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6:44 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
6:45 am
>> you know what i noticednow yesterday and maybe you guysando noticed maybe at home if you iyo were watching football everyl ey other ad is now a christmas adis during the game.dung the game. >> oh, yeah. >> i mean, it was like you hadn't even finished yourn fishd turkey yet and all of a sudden it was just like here's your holiday sales. the radiowt li stations, i'm not going to say s which one they started playing i christmas music a couple weeks >> i don't mind, i like my holidays one at a time butt a tt
6:46 am
jested the food yet from yet fro thanksgiving and every ad wasd for the holidays. hday today is black bld we're taking a look from tysons to the new outlets in clarksburg. >> any of you going shopping todayou y. >> oh no,. >> not a chance.>> >> no, no. n not even going to partake ino pe y ofof. that too crazy.oorazy. >> yeah, me, too.oo one year i went -- i'm going i to the mall with my motherall when i was a kid.. >> right. >> grew up locally.reup l we looked for a parking spot spo for like half an hour then left. le >>hen n left.ft >> i did that a couple yearshat ago. thing, walked in and saw itnd si was chaos and confusion and spent 30 seconds in there andecs the whole family we in th turner around and walked out.out. >> sadly now tucker i've donee that on friday nights goingtsoig dinner. [laughter]ghr] >> steve does it at the driveoe through when owes going get hisitwhen o dinner. dinner. not much sunshine. cloud cover out there. lots of thatd co today. today it won't be a bad day. a baday. we're going get into the upper 50's close to 60.o 6 46 in washington. annapolis 46.
6:47 am
frederick seems to be the only spot here with temperatures inpa the 30''s 37 degrees.37 degrees. leonardtown we're not gettingn o at report from you.t from you. see what's up with that. t winchester is 41.nchester i 44 up in hagerstown.stn. lots of cloud cover as mentioned. still got a weak little frontsen that sits off to our south and a east and a little area of lowa o pressure that's going to rollha' along that and thas t will givee us cloud cover. i don't think we'll get muchinke in the way of shower activity.' you canf sh see it's not terriby well organized so maybe we'll w kick up a sprinkle or a light ag show little area of low tepressureow kind of gets on out of here. slow moving system as mentioned. mild temperatures.rare few spots if we get any g a sunshine at all it will be in the low 60's with a sprinkle or two a little later today and then wheelchair up for theep weekend. it will be cooler. cle winds will be north and west.nd. cooler for the weekend but lots of sunshine both saturday a sunday and here's some goodsomed i know nobody likes a day ofs a rain but we've got a couple coul chances for some good soakingin rains around here tuesday into n wednesday. really need the rain.
6:48 am
dry around here so that wouldat be good. erin tell me about your sides. >> mac and cheese a big hit,bi made the stuffing with chicken k stock and sauteed onions and celery. it was delicious. you know what tonight isasow w italianha thanksgiving at my mom's house in souths in s philadelphia so it's lasagna sausage peppers all thatrs all t stuff. >> no, just italian food.itian plate. take a look the beltway b cruising inner loop and outernnr loop cruis ling.isin same friend college park on the outer loop 95 over tover georgia. bottom of the beltway throughth oxon hill if you're headed tobef th yeou n'rational harbor outles well. well. let's move it over to a look to at our maps.ap heading to clarksburg 270 2 northbound flowing.rthb green all over suitland parkway inbon und.all y inbo. upper marlboro four inboundur looks g i can't say enought oug nice things about the mall but as you saw from skyfox earlieroa over arundel millions mall
6:49 am
once you get into the parkingntk lots please use caution.ut 95 looking good all the way from fredericksburg on thesburg northbound side to the beltway y and southbound as well. problem free throughhr gainsville manassas on 66 on eastbound. we are tracking this crash on co one of your secondaries in accokeek, billingsly roadbiings closed north and southbound at livingston road. the crash is involvingli an a overturned vehicle.over so you'll want totu use that t caution right there.ighthere if you're taking metro to get tg out and about all six railix r lines are on time or close tocl that schedule.thatchedule. i'll let you know if thatt changes. back to you wisdomnd >> erin thanks.n thanks. 6:49 right now. four abandoned dogs from fro kosovo will arrive in arrive washington. volunteers pulled together to find the dogs new flights pulles after a german airliner onne flights forced the the cancellation of other flights.h. three other dogs will arrivegs e on monday. mon they'll be available foror adoption through the d.c. d.c nonprofit lucky dog animal rescue.reue >> tired of the shopping mallst on black friday? the humaneridh rescue alliance has a solution i for you. from now until sunday theyy t
6:50 am
for all available animals atlabl the new yorke avenue and oglethorpe adoption centersrs all part of a nationwideioe effort with zappos to help h 9,000 animals find forever forer homes this holiday season. sso great opportunity for so manyny people. what would christmas bee without the grinch?, you know,no the grinch that eventually thatu comes around.s oun for this week's special foxal f beat friday give away youwa could see four tickets to see the dr. seuss how grinch stolenl christmas musical.stmas musical. good stage show.gotage $372. >> go to our facebook page andke enter for a chance to win.ce to one winner selected by random drawing on november all entrants must be 18 or b18 older. complete rules available at >> as an added bonus you mightig see tucker barnes there i the think he's going that night asas well. kevin mccarthy here with usre ws right now.righ time for today's fox beat.t. good morning. morning happy thanksgiving.g. >> wisdom.>> wisdo i'm a little full from lastrom t night still.
6:51 am
>> how many times did you eat?de >> twice yesterday. >> okay.y. >> i ate three. tee >> i ate once here and then onc once at home. you ate three times. >> three times at home. >> you guys are aggressive t.arr >> but they weren't big >> she hate me. >> i like spike lee a lot. usually this time on fridayrida i'm doing move rihanna viewsannv but i reviewed the movies on wednesday five i-gave rules don't applyult a three and half out of five and allied a three and a halfnda out of five but i recently satta down with two of the stars of ss rules don't apply matthew mth broderick you might know him h from ferris buehler's day off. here's the new han solo.olo. >> in the film that comes out co in december. >> not until a couple yearsnt fromil a now. this is a han solo spinoff. spif
6:52 am
broderick he's had a 30 year 3ea career. >> right. >> but everyone calls him him buehler when they see him.n the. i was in the movie theater tat before i saw it and as he wase s leaving the theater someone s went buehler and i wanted toante know does that make him mads that peoplethat only yell out tt one role. on basically i wanted him to say buehler and he does. hoe watch this.watc thi >> when that happens, doesns, es that bother you that people just yell out one particulart ea film to you? is it hard toyou?s get away from that role i later >> well, i'm used to i it actually doesn't bother met o 'cause i'm so used to it. >> yeah.eah. >> and i think usually it's aa friendly thing.frie >> sure, sure. >> but sometimes it's a littl se bit of a mock a little teasetlee or a -- i know it's not always a totally friendly thing to do d to scream out buehler at me.out [laughter] >> you know what i mean.ea >> i have been working as a professional actor for 30 for years. in a way they're saying you'rege still --il [laughter] >> i get that.>> i get
6:53 am
>> have that one iconic role r that they're known for harry potter daniel radcliff.clf. >> zach young.ach young. >> zach known for so manyany other things than snakes on a >> i'm tired of these snakesed o on this plane. thiplane. >> long kiss good night, pulp pl fiction. one of the best actors ever. b have youes seen django orjang hateful eight. >> you're talking to wisdom. wdo bad film taste. >> pulp fiction was great.reat. ferris buehler was one of my o m favorite movies.fate movies. >> moana opened up today t1 ofa the things i've always told t you is that the actors reallys a don't ever work together t thege young actress who plays moanaoa didn't even meet dwayneetwayn jackson until after the t production was done.oduc >> so amazing. what that whathnow was like do you even just call l him up and ask him for adviceorc and apparently she didn't. >> nothing? >> you had scenes with dwayne
6:54 am
before that. >> no. i thought i would be rubbing rbi elbows with dwayne johnson indwn the booth. >> which is crazy to i did you guys es vecrr have ar ha conversation on the phone, doon you e-mail about the on characters? i feel like when you're shooting this do you have to have som? e ikind fho f chemistry? are you hearingu hrg his dialogue? how does thatw work. >> actually no. you watch thectua film and youdu know that it sounds as though it's back and forth.and h. >> talking to each other.kingch >> exactly. to say these say t lines over and over again. ain. i mean, probably up to 40o times so, yeah, perfect one. >> but at one points are you like can i just call the rock and talk t joust him. >> absolutely, no, no. n he's the busiest man in hollywood. >> he always tweets though t t he's always sweet tweeting.s sw >> that he does. >> here's what i don'tt i don't understand. are you playing moana in a play leadingck is your co-star. how do you not get on theetn the phone and talk for just five fo nunutes. >> get to feel each other the
6:55 am
radio before i b did tv and the first time they e said do this commercial, lookial this is a cheap commercial inl i a small area but forty three said you're going to do thise go commercial and then we'll cutlut it in with the other peoplepl because you're not there ath the same time. how hard can this be read the giant to get theo gt voices to like have the same sam inflection same type ofype conversation it's veryersa difficult. it's amazing they can do that without being there and justing have it flow so well. wel >> when you see moana thiss weekends think about that.ha eversc they were never together. never met until after the movie was done. de. >> wow okay. >> that's crazy. crazy >> does this movie have a good ending. ending >> really good. >> i don't want to be. sad whenn i go to the movies. mov >> she looks exactly like her h animation.anim >> she doesn't she's 15, 16 1 years old now. >> 6:55. let's say good morning to our to facebook fan of the day all fana the way fromy brazil, say hello to anumba onyi.nyi.
6:56 am
that's some loyalty. all the way from brazil got his eyes on us. hi watching right fr now. that's fans. i love that. >> that's amazing. >> our international our viewership is growing. >> you know what that >> what's that.>> >> you have to watch us from fm australia. >> you know what i'm giving you for christmas tucker. >> sure. sure. >> me being weigh for twoei wei weeks. look how happy he is. is. >> let's go to the forecast. >> you just melted the grinch's heart over there >> winds out of the northeast. cloud cover. es ofunfew waves of sunshine today. we'll be mostly cloudy. later today upper 50's to about 60 with sunshinesshine expected this weekend.edhis we beautiful saturday, sunday look good.ook . it will be a little cool.eoo erin don't go away. awa i don't want you to leave. lea >> never. but if kevin needs to fill in with somebody needing to go to o spain or london while he's whils gone, i'll be here. he. traffic is flowing on 295. southbound side from 50 down don
6:57 am
northbound side from theom bottom of the beltway past the 11th street bridge alsogels looking really g keep to it kee fox5 news morning.x5 news morn wei have your black fridayfrid travel day we're back iavn ael few. >> ?? ?? ?? ??
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> black friday bargain hunters headingla out tock placa like the new clarksburg primeg p outoutlets. live for a closer look at the t some of the deals which may wch expire soon. >> ?? >> and developing overnightg ovg another hollywood legend lost. l florence henderson one ofdeon o america's favorite tv moms t m passing away. a look back at her decadesec cng career. >> a california mother missing for nearly a month has beenasee found ali tide after she flagged down an passing car for help.g r for what police are now saying s about her disappearance weeks >> and oh, so close.lo the burgundy and gold falling short of the today louseoday cowboys. all of the highlights or lowhe t lights. it wasn't bad. that's ahead.he >> not well enough.noug live look outside right now onhw this friday morn it is november 25th.25th hope everybody had a fantasticat holiday a-great thanksgiving.nkn


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