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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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anjali. >> neighbors told me they heard up to ten gun shots before lunchtime coming from the parking lot you see behind me here where 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was found shot several times, guys, take a oak that picture had this is brianna a student at washington metropolitan high school and shot steps away from her mother's apartment. police resbonted to report of several gun shots in the area 11:40 this morning and you can see in the video in the door of a car parked half a block away from the scene. they arrived to find her shot multiple times and she was taken to a nearby hospital and did not survive. police are still investigating what led up to the shooting and they don't have any suspect that time. neighbors hearsay they've about very concerned about violent crime like this happening more and more in what's supposed to be up and coming area of capitol hill. friend of brianna say they don't believe she was intended target and they believe she was
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at the wrong time. >> is she was just tweet everybody. everybody will miss her. i deposit think it would be her lying there blood coming out her head or wherever coming from i wouldn't think it was her. >> the city has an ultimate responsibility to protect our communities and right is not being doon in certain parts of our city. and the evidence is right here. this happened 11:40 a.m. this morning. 11:40 a.m. in broad daylight. right after thanksgiving. when do the mayor, the chief of interim police say enough is enough. we must do much more? d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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twitter saying "i'm sick eped by today's violence in potomac gardens and loss of young life" npd is investigating please help call 911 with info. now, d.c. police are offering up to 25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. if you know anything you're urnled to contact them. you can of course always remain anonymous. "fox5 local news". fairfax country police are investigating what they call a thanksgiving gaminger wrong and officials say a man was murdered last night on seminary flowed false church and police aarrested three anyone connection with the case. freddie august even, gabriel cora and jose amya they are charged with murder and burglary and police are looking for a fourth suspect, 21-year-old adonae cabrera. if you have information call fairfax county police. >> new tonight, friends and family are mourning loss of a
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the meant gone says senior chief petty officer scott dayton died thursz from injuries he suffered in a blast in syria from improvised explosive device. he was part of inherent resolve u.s. military operation fighting against isis. he he was with the navy since 1993. >> a frederick woman as out of the hospital after being attacked by a bar. she was mauled last wednesday night when she left her house she was trying to see why the family dog was citizens bank park barking. as she headed out she unknowingly walked between a female full grown black bear and her cubs. >> i did not think i was go to make it. karen osborne has a black eye, stitches, broken arm, broken pelvis, four broken teeth and bite marks all over her body.
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coming face to face with a black female bear. >> i heard horrendous growling and turned to look at it and the bear came out on two feet and grabbed me by my face and threw me to the ground and then came around behind me and grabbed my arm and bit tractor-trailer in half. literally. >> the bear came at her four separate times from three different directions for about 35 minutes. >> and then she came baca round again and grakd the top of my head with her and then she started to try to go for my neck and i sart of was doing like this to protect my neck. i hit her fours times i tried to hit her hard to get her to go away and it didn't work and then she came around the last time she attacked me and put her paw on my back and kept trying to bite at me. every time i moved she would start to come and attack me. i could feel her breath. i think she stopped because she was tired.
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karen pelt her phone under her leg and called 911. >> i'm being attacked by this bear he's coming up back. hurry. he's -- he's broken my arms and my legs. >> people said you were so calm and collected i said, no, that was resolve. i knew i was dying. i was pleading out. i could feel my energy leaving me. >> the morning after attack maryland department of natural resources tracked and killed that bear. but karen sur didn't act sooner. she has these been a number of nuisance calls reported by the neighborhood about that bear and she's worried those three cubs have been left in the area for forth for food on their own. >> i'm a little concerned about that decision and i understand they're trying to set up a meeting or something to discuss this with the and karen says this holiday week she realizes she has much to be thankful for
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davis, "fox5" us in. >> osborne says she's considersing legal action can she. >> now to the latest on donald trump's transition to the white house. two more names announced as part of administration. lauren blanchard has the details. >> president-elect donald trump continuing to pull together his team in preparation for president densey. some are criticizing his process and some say he's right on track. >> when bill clinton was elect today took six weeks to pick cabinet official and here we are week three he is rocking and rolling. >> no cabinets point will be made until next week but today announcing staff picks campaign lawyer don mc began as white
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the deputy national security advice are own flynn tweeting so broud and honored to be kt fk far land adds part of the national team. she will help us make america great again orders remain skeptical mr. trump is considering. especially mitt romney a cop fepder tore secretary of state. of mr. trump. some of his closest allies are. >> he seems to be picking great people whether they were with him or not he'll do what he he'll do. >> most of the country has accepted donald trump as trez elect. green party candidate jill stein says she raised over 5 million in wick wish wish and
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making -- tag a live look outside now. there's the capitol dome. looks beautiful. it's been cool but not bad out there for everybody who heed headed out on brak friday. >> the rest of the hoy day weekend is looking for us but it is going to be a little on the cool side. it's going to be a chilly wind. you plan on standing out in lines anywhere tomorrow. so let's take a look at where we whitt daytime highs into the 50s all three airport and mit to upper 50s and we should be in about the the mid 50 graivrping and that's why we're headed for this weekend. current temperatures now 50 noos, 52 quantico. 50 in nation's toll toll cooler
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45 gaithersburg it's same as baltimore and 46 haikers town. we'll see these clouds starting to move to see if the pressure moves in and we have clearing skies finally tomorrow we'll have plenty of sunshine for you and in the meantime, for tonight, 43 degrees and we will see the winds picking up and they will be a little breezy once we get into tomorrow. 5. 5. s kicking in. 44 on sunday. and as far as the weekend is mrebtsty of sunshine, cool and breezy and some changes coming up in the weather birthday for the 7 day forecast. i'll have those details a little later. back to you, sar ar. >> blax ahead. >> tomorrow is small business saturday plus the whis house decking diego castellanosed out
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>> black friday shoppers swarming stores around the region and norm aly the rush slows down friday evening. this is what arundel mills mall looked like earlier tonight not a empty space in sights. retailers are hoping to set records in weekend and online sales appear stronger than in stores. in fact macy's web site had so much traffic tonight some customers got a message about temporary shopping jam and it to wait to enter the site. >> which i did. >> i'm cones fesing i was on here black shopping at work. it didn't last long. >> i saw so many deals online. i know is that the whole cyber monday thing but. >> i think it will be bigger not just monday now. >> shoppers gets another opportunity hit the stores tomorrow it's small business saturday. >> the shops in ellicott city need a boost more than ever about the flooding this morning. speaking to people on main
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the very first time. >> shoppers filled with beautiful mcdonald's sweet elizabeth jane opened doors for the first time season the flood that destroyed the store in july. >> people volunteering to do everything to help us get on for 7 hours ago everything in here was if a box. >> shop is in a new location a couple blocks up the hill on main street where it used to be and the walls, found gaition and every s were whipd out by the raiming flood. but the people, the owners, workers and customers are the same ones who lived through that horrific night and the days that followed. one of them sarah huber is hard to forget. >> she was swept away on a car after choseing the store that night. >> everybody is kuinging me even if they don't know who i am and seeing a lot of people we already know too is awesome. >> the street itself retopped
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stores just were not ready to do that. but, now as we head into the biggest shopping surprise of the year many are back and hope the customers will return too. >> howard county is hosting a symbolic grand reopening for main street on small business saturday. >> that's our biggest day. biggest day of the year usually. >> many of the stores in the historic main street came a long way in the flood. while sweet elizabeth jane is in a new building the all. >> it's the things she chooses and how nice it's accomplice played and everybody everyone is ready for the town to being back on again. >> alexander limone. "fox5 local news". >> white house getting in christmas spirit too. michelle obama accepted the white house christmas tree this morning alongside nephews and
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the dug lars fir rivd on
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>> the whipped pickp a little as well. so, let's see what will be happening for you. starting off as i said with the sunshine for the weekend. don't be fooled by the sun. because it's going to be cool. let's make sure you have a jacket or sweater if you will be out anywhere trying to catch up with some of the sales as we know sox ut will be because it's cool and those winds are coming in northwest. we're talking the workweek starting dry monday and then that's going to reverse. we have rain in the forecast, could you stay and for the most part we're talking tuesday and should be liquoring through to hump day. we need the rain i'll show you those numbers in a second. clouds moving out as ridge of high pressure moves in. a weak system moving its way off the coast today and so that's left these clouds in the
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d.c. and 52 quantico and 45 for gaithersburg cooler and 41 frederick and 6 haagers and tone into the 50s all three airports and we'll go from 50s, to 40s and down again. ridge i high pressure large and in charge. winds pick up a bit. it will be breezy and maybe gusty in neighborhoods. over the higher vel rations i cannot rule out frozen precipitation. have you to watch in the mountains hunt. 0s and 0s there and and that today for everybody coming back from the holiday we're talking snow hear west this storm sit and then it's moving is way east. dry to southeast and from snow to northeast if you know anybody or friends or family
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want to make sure you head to the heart to pick them up. >> speaking of needing the rain we should have our deficit at here. 8" as i mentioned the 10:00 store drkts c.d.c. rubs are really, really desperately need the rainfall. hopefully midweek to help out. in the meantime, for tomorrow, no rain. 49 by midday. cool companies with the sunshine for you and as we put it together tomorrow's high into the 50s north and west. 43 overnight. then for us mostly cloudy becoming clear and winds picking up for tomorrow and hit the 55s tomorrow and by the time we get to tuesday, humingp day, grab umbrella there's the rain showers coming down. and we're heading into the 60s again. look at that. by wednesday, flirting with the 70 dz agree mark as we head to of 7 and down to the 50s.
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>> holiday shopping run rush is here and 29 days. >> i hate it when you dot countdown. >> if you look for the perfect gift. fox's jonathan hunt has a list of this year's hottest items. >> here are a few suggestions for your holiday shopping list. el vision pressly the pleat album collection is 60 box set thaten includes all of the legend albums and three new dick of rarities from the 60s and 70s. ? >> the frank sinatra collection continues the centennial helping with three new titles. blue eyes is back and the main event at the royal festival hall sinatra and happy holidays
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>> do not be fooled by cuteness. >> soppy picked have a lunch box gift set cloudy with a chance of pete balls and hotel transvaibia are mopping the cold behind it. >> a 40 anniversary ed tion of taxi driver is now available as well as 30 annie yu verse question of lab written m which includes h behind the screens. >> the complete series come in nine-disk flexion and if the afore vinyl fans come rock and roll portable briefcase turn tables available in three different hodz models. and olds cooling gamer can look
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>> in holly woot, i'm johnthon hut fox news. >> i know what i'm getting sarah. >> it was kind of frightening actually. >> all right. >> super mario brothers.
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>> you still have tomorrow to pick up your powerball ticket. the drawing surprise to a whooping attaches and jackpot climbed this high because no one hit the pig prize new months. your odds still got great. they're at 1 and 292 million there you go. >> there's a chance. >> he only. >> see you tomorrow, bye-bye.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, happy day after thanksgiving, everybody! >> hey! harvey: so i feel semi-bad about what i'm about to put you through, not totally bad. but what i'm going to ask you to do is bring you up in pairs and blind fold you and whoever can eat the doughnut the fastest clues, which if you get correctly, will lead to a bottle of champagne. >> yeah! >> all right, derrick and british. harvey: and go! >> wow! harvey: british is going to kill him. >> derrick, get that tongue in there! >> it's gross already! ew! >> why are you doing it like that?


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