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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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> right now at 10, breaking news out of the district where e man wanted in connection to the shooting death of a 6 year old has turned himself in. and a story you'll see first on fox5. preventing mass casualties, thei police chief at the university of maryland walks us through the school's state of the artar technology that could help save lives in an emergency. plus playing favorites? is thee
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city limits while forcing somecg homeless americans to get help elsewhere? what d.c.'s mayor is saying to fox5 right now at 10.. but we begin tonight with that breaking news out of d.c. where. the man wanted in connection too the shooting death of a 16 year old girl has a turned himself in to police. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy.ya brianna macmillan was shot and killed last friday on capital at this point police don'tpoin believe she was the intended target. fox5's lindsay watts is live ati the police headquarters with the very latest. >>reporter: police sources are confirming that 30 year old sigd read evans is now in custody turning himself in just hoursurs after a press conference where he was named as a purpose connected with this murder. we'll give you a look at his mug shot now. police say evans was caught on camera firing a handgun at theth shooting scene friday.
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charged with murder at thiss point. but at the least he may haveave some important information on
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that her he's from a particular area with documentation is a very difficult thing to implement and frankly it's not a very workable and will function to prevent people from accessing the services that they need. the city says it is spending $80,000 a night on hotel rooms for people who have nowhere else to statement of the mayor sayshy those rooms should difd frble a
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in northwest, sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > still developing, we arere learning new chilling details ci about the man who carried out yesterday's car and knife attack at ohio state university. police are still trying to determine abdul area tan's 11 people were hurt when he drove his car into a sidewalk of pedestrians then got out and attacked people with a butcher knife. investigators are looking into area tan's friends, neighborsigb influence over him.uenc at this point it's unclear if he was radicalized. area tan did make several facebook posts thrashing out at the united states for its campaign against the islamic. one post said america stop interfering with other countries. especially the muslim room a. we are not equal woo. we are not equal what. remember that. the university police officer who safed lives with his quick
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the attack schools all a over the country y should say are planning for the worst so officers can respond an fast as a only to mass violence. tonight, only on fox5 the5 university of maryland is launching new technology thisg e weekw to keep the campus saferu and we're getting a behind the scenes look. our lindsay watts hasjj hive his school ever every ever pocket. this week the school will start
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the average active shooter, start to finish is about 12ut 1 minutes. on average it takes, believe ite or not, about two minutes to get a 911 call dispatch. the location of where it's happening is depicted on the map. this is an example of a map that would go to authorities with an exact location and more. the technology. answered for. the university already has a series of cameras on campus.
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wounds. he was rushed to the hovnanian where he died. the victim will be transported for an autopsy. no word o yet on the victim's identity or on a possible suspect. the tonight the world is mourn members of the brazil and soccer amazing though several peoplepep survived. we'll have the
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a maryland police memorial targeted with graffiti, where ie happened and do investigatorsine think could be gang related. later in the show, the d.c. city council is considering approvine one of the most generous familyr leave policies in the nation. some say it could force businesses out of district. we'll take a look at both sides
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all right a live look outside tonight. some of you probably noticed wed got some needed rain for todayin and we could be in for a wetor we let's check in with sue palka ta see what we can >> we are going to see a wet wednesday and we need a wet wednesday because we continue ts be in a moderate drought. our short term problem tonight is you may have have noticed thatat outside your wind on. then. national weather service has put much of our area on a dense fog advisory until sunshine tomorros morning with the exception beinp lower southern maryland but the visibility is very poor in many areas tonight as a result the
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look at dulles down to an eighth of a mile. heads up if you've got some traveling later to do tonight or your commute starts before dawn tomorrow because fog may be around. shooter shortly after the fogg dissipates the rain should be ri moving in. we've had a break tonight with one system moving on out. our next system is already onale deck and you can see it as well as the numerous tornado warnings and the width spread tornado mississippi and maybe even hardd hit tennessee. which was drought stricken. they are about to see some rain moving into that region.regi that is the wayne that will bebe in our area tomorrow morning. some of it could be heavy. there could be a rumble of
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cold front later tomorrow night. this could really help. that would really help potentially. 63.63 it's a few spots into the 40s but most places are going to stay very mild tonight and a quick look at your forecast planner with our futurecast.ture we'll show you that that rain gets close closer to us and especially across northern areas, some very heavy rain,
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may actually be dealing with some thunder tomorrow morning. we'll take you through the dayhe parts and show you that seven y day forecast coming upou att 106789. 30. shawn. thank89.. you, sue.ue. there is a mysterious sheen floating on the potomac. perhaps you've seen this and it is getting closer to the district. the washingto n suburban sanitaryitar condition is monitoring the situation. officials say it doesn't poseoen any danger to the region's drinking water but it's unclearr what the substance may be or be where it came environmental officials spottede the sheen sunday near dickerson, maryland. tonight bell air maryland police m are investigating a vandalismndl incident at a police memorial. take a look, police say someone spray painted ms on a memorial on south bond street and ms13 on a wall on south main street. beth incidents happened monday although ms13 is the name of a gang, police do not believe the vandalism is gang related. if you know anything about thiss
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police. fox5 was in mount where the man wasmoun sentenced to seven and a half year.r. 25 year olden rick yea wheaton pled guilty to sexual assault of a child. repeatedly sexually assaulted the girl at her home and several other locations after. after prison cash local will be on probation for five will also have to register as as sex offender. his roommate will be sentenced next month. police need your help findingdig this 18 year old. he's accuseded of range a 15 year old in falls church last summer. ronald contrair as raped her ini a wooded area back in july.r bak the victim says he was a family friend. detectives believe contrair as b iseli hiding, but still here ine us. he is wanting for rape, abduction and assault.
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latest in the investigation of a plain crash that claimed the lives of members of a brazil and soccer club and several journalists last i'm not and the mounting bills to fix metro could lead to more problems fors the millions of people who rely on the transit agency every single l day. details when we
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> there is heart break-inre brazil tonight. dealing with ai tragic accident.iden a plane carrying members of a brazil and soccer team crashedae in colombia overnight.vern 71 of the 77 people on boardn were killed.kill the victims included members ofs the soccer team and some fox journalists who cover the sport.
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hil keating. >>reporter: here is brazil's soccer club on its charter plain about to take off in the finals in medellin, colombia. players excited. for most of these young men this is their final image alive. just minutes before the plain went to land it slammed into thi mown and isnt disintegrating inn thousand dozens of rescuers workedwork through the night struggling to find and pull survivorrors out in the mud and pouring rain.ain. six on board did survive.urvi 71 passengers did not. the plane departed santa crews, beau live yeah when around 10 last night the pilots declared an electrical emergency. then all contact was lost. the medellin mayor said what waw
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turned into a tragedy. the british president declared three days of national mourningn the dream is now over. almost the entire soccer team was on board this plane, all but three injured players who stayed back. columbus and aviationavia authorities say 21 journalistsjr were also among the 81 passengers, including six fox sports brazil colleagues.ague this video posted on the team's facebook ecstatic after defeating two of average general contain a's fearestgene club after a green season. the soccer club saying that is the last image of the team. this afternoon columbus and investigators at the crash siteh did find the two black boxes describing their condition asas and in a tremendous gesture of brotherhood and sportsmanship,
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scheduled to play in tomorrow's huge match, the columbus andlumb team tonight they're calling for this year's south columbus and club be awarded to the before scale and team. deeply sad end to learn that six of our valued fox sports brazil colleagues were killed in the crash. they were david, mario sergio, apollo julio, rig owe santana and loso jr. > there is more bad news tonight metro. metro board chairman jack evans met with the mayor and other d.c. council members to outline some of the financial problemsoe facing the transit system.yste long term infrastructure needsrn on metro rail will end up costing the city hundred hs of millions of dollars in years to come. the redline leaks.
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to get in the tunnel from cleveland park to medical center, it leaks like a sieve. the only way to fix it is to build a new tunnel inside the tunnel. they knew this ten years ago.eas they knew it five years ago.o. they know it now the question it have for everybody, it's a rhetorical question is do we ever want to address this or doo we want the tunnel like the toilet in the bathroom to fallal through the ceiling? councilman evans supports some metro proposal to cutback late nig rail service. take a look. this will be up for a preliminary vote thursday. metro said it needs to reduce hours starting next summer to allow time to routine repairs and maintenance. councilman evans said he would propose the safetrack service cut backs only last for a yearar and not indefinitelily as currently proposed. > just ahead on fox5 news at 109 ' being touted as one of the most generous family leave acts in themily nation. how will d.c.'s proposal impact business in the district? we're
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coming and tomorrow on fox5 news morning, tune in for a special performance by diana ross? no, tony, someone who looks like diana ross. >> owe, okay. and also the best gift guide for 2016 and tips on how to select a charity for your season of giving. all that and more tomorrow on
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ay breakfast. > this h is fox5 local news at 10. we are back now with night's top stories. d.c. mayor muriel bowser wantssr the city council to approve a proposal that would placeld p tighter restrictions on homeless services in the city. if the proposal passes people would need more prove that they previously lived in the districd before they ended up on the opponents say the bill wouldould make it more difficult for homeless people in the city to get the help they need. police in ohio along with fed investigators are still tryingsl to figure out a motive for
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university. investigators searched abdul area tan's home in columbus and they talked with some of his neighbors and friends. a lot of people were hurt when he drove his car into a group of pedestrians and attacked peoplet with a butcher knife. schools all over the country are planning for the worst in thehe wake of the attack at ohio state. the university of maryland is launching new technology thisloy week to keep the campus safer.e. the school has installed sensors around caus immediately detect gun shots and notify dispatch. they are doing a free test of shot spotter for six months.mont > i'm sue palka with anotherit look at the weather. we'll start with the weather headlines but good news in the forecast. we have badly needed rain cominging tomorrow and helpful rain for the short term tonight we do have some areas of drizzle and widespread thick for, tense fog advisory till stay in effect
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the rain will be back for thator morning commute and especiallyee across maryland it could bee heavy at times with a rumble of thunder. even throughout the day will it not only stay mild, not only 70 degrees, but a thunderstorm cannot be ruled out, but tomorrow night this time is when we think the front will cost.os. we'll have a look at seven dayse forecast forecast coming up inci just a few minutes and a check of radar and then we'll hour by hour for your wednesday, the last day of november. for those with canser, put people first.irst that protest right there is over family leave.ave. it's an issue that effects ef millions of americans and rightd now it is at the center of a big
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take care of a loved one or a new addition to your family, the last thing you want to do is have to worry about whether yout job will be there when you go back. it would allow ate weeks to care for a sick child and eleven weeks for a parent to bond with a newborn. it could force jobs out of city and even worse. a senior firm in d.c. lobbying group and lead political local 400 are here to look at bothboth sides of the issue. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. get into thisthis debate we know that d.c. council chair phil mendelson introduced this today. let's listen to what he had hadd to say when we caught up with wi him today. it will be for all employees in
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his point there, everybody would be eligible for this in the district of columbia. you actually worked on the steering committee to get help get this passed. it seems like a win-win for the district and for d.c. family, but to fund this generous leave, it's going to have to be fully funded by employers of the district and people are saying that's a bad thing. >> i think that one, we say it's definitely generous, but there are other jurisdictions that have passed legislation effortsl like this and ieg they recognize thereco responsibility of business to help take care of and be responsible for the families, i think, you know where we are in the district of columbia we've seen the city evolve over the past 10 to 15 years and we'vewev attracted business. we've done a great job of that. what the city has dot not donede the best job at doing is supporting the families and working people. i think this is a step in thep n right direction. > julius, how do you respond to that? she's saying this is a
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helping families. they do this already in europe.p we're not doing it here, but what about business and concernd about whether businesses willbui leave because this is too expensive to funds? ' very ' expensive. the district of columbus has one of the highest tax rates for businesses in the met poll area. so one of the things that you can anticipate will happen, there will be a slight downturn in the city's economy once thise is enacted. there will be a lot oflot businesses that outside of the district.tric others will move to outside of the city keeping a minimum number of employees in town. i think something else that needs to be understood, the majorityte of the employees who will benefit for this do not reside in the district of columbia. thats 'istr what we heard therem chairman mendelson. he said what benefit -- i guess your point would be how much isw this going to benefit d.c.?.c.? >> as a native washatonian
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diana? >> as someone who was born andor raised in the city and haveve watched over 40,000 residentssie leave, not because they wanted to, because they couldn't affort to stay here, i think that is a problem. we represent grocery store workers and maybe 15 years ago, many of the workers that we represented could walk to their neighborhood store. they didn't drive. they were happy to be able to work in the same community. but they can't do that now because they don't make enough money. i do think legitimacy. we shouldn't be taking care of maryland and virginia residents, but at the same time if we lookl at some of of the same jobs, a lot of those are retail jobs ans their jobs actually help ourlp economy and d.c. thrive. at this point d.c. mayor'sayor hasn't signed off and said she'e leaning one way or oh, but she o said she's concerned about the high cost to companies that will have to fund this.ha as we look at this propose l alp
10:36 pm
concerned that we could see businesses move out, but shouldn't we be evolving a little bit more here and startsr to loot at benefits? i think statistics show when a parent or a caregiver can bond with a newborn baby or an adopted child that they both do in the long? >> sure. the mare put it very well. wel if you're going to race $50 million in new revenueeven shouldn't it go to other you all just did a story on homo less families. should the money go to something like that? that's the concern. what's the win-win both ways? there's no way to fund it in thi district of columbia the way it's funded elsewhere. in other jurisdictions they taxs the business as well as the employees. but in the district of columbia he we cannot do a commuter tax. so as a result of that you can't tax employees because you can't tax people who don't t live
10:37 pm
businesses. > that is only less than one percent. i think when the bill was originally introduced over a year ago, the chairman has done due diligence to make sure thath the bill that was now being introduced strikes a balance of being good for business and goon fodr families.ilie let's be clear we haven'tlear whatted to make sure that theret was also going to be medical leave that was offered there. that is no longer in there. >> exactly. because the city felt like itlie was too expensive. presented strikes a balance for what's good for business and families. > if this does pass, we know weow w have to get through two moretwo votes for city council. it still has to get through a republican controlled congress. we know donald trump said he iss for family leave, but only sixix weeks, but funded differently.fe are you at all concerned even in it passes d.c. it's noting going to make it through congress.
10:38 pm
uncertainties. we don't know what it look likee under the donald trump era, it's even more reason why they shoull be passing legs like this to protect worker. >> i spent the '80s handling veteran affairs by the district of columbia. absolutely you can expect you congress to get involved and they won't stop there.ere. that's part of my concern. that bill wouldn't be the only place that they would step in. i know there are a lot of concerns on both sides.side thanks for coming n. i appreciate it. > thanks for having us.
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's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. > we're back now with there latest on the transition b of power to a donald trumpp the associated press has learned trump and vice president electet
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indiana a thursday to announce u deal with the air-conditioning company had threatened to move nearly 1,000 of its jobs to mexico. carrier has said it worked out d deal with the president elect te keep the jobs in indiana. the president elect built moreme cabinet slots today.ots the job of secretary of statete remains open and formerform presidential nominee mitt romney met with trump. restaurant. rom any, retired general david e petraeus and former new york city mayor rudy gillian i are under consideration for the job. former vice-president dan quail also visited trump tower this afternoon. he is not up for a cabinet consideration. he say he he was in the area and stopped by to congratulate him.
10:43 pm
things are in good hands. he's moving forward and he's going to make america great again. > word has it that a lot of the reporters didn't even recognize quail. quail was of course president george h bush's vice-presidentnt from 1989 to # 1993. it is official, president elect donald trump has selected georgia congressman tomorrow con price to overseegr the nation's healthcare system. price will lead the department of health and human services with more than a decade in over the years he's been a staunch critic of the affordable care act also known as obamacare. he also crafted to private advertise care.e the president elect also tapped former labor chief elaine chow to serve as transportation secretary. she served under george w bush. once confirmed she will be the first asian american woman toto hold a cabinet level position io
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> with all the interviews happening at trump tower we know one person who actually turned down a position in the president elect's cabinet.inet et founder bob johnson says he was offered a position earlier this month and he says he doesn't want to be part of government. he doesn't believe the new commander in chief is racist. he even. at least three people are dead, hurt. caitlyn r0* has the latest with the developing story next at 10. forget waiting in line, it's all about shopping online this holiday season. consumers spending a record $3.45 billion on cyber monday. that's up more than 12 percentpc from last year. this might explain the surge, consumer confidence rising more than expected this month now at
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listen up homeowners, advertisee the season toow sell.ll. according to a new report we saw home prices soring to an all-time high in september recovering all the losses fromm the housing bust and financial crisis. you might be watching your waste line this season, but don'tn't forget about your wallet. a study ranking the top cities for wallet fitness to santo s francisco is in the best financial shape winning big for high credit scores and low the worst, newark, new jersey. that's a look at business.
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million dollars
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> we're back now with there latest on b the fires in tennessee.te firefighters tonight are still working to douse flames and clear the roadways.dway
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one tennessee county.see it is not save for residents toe return to their homes. caitlyn roth is here with the latest. the ones on social media are absolutely frightening. the hasheddest hit areas are the resort towns of at. > en greenberg pigeon forest. the 500-acre fire was fueled by 30 to 40-mile an hour windsur monday afternoon.tern you combine drought and the fire spreadspre quick limit it caught residents by total surprise. so far sadly there have beenve three fatalities and 14 injuries. as many as 1500 homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed and at least 14,000 residents of at. > en ^berg were evacuated on monday night. it's the biggest wild fire that the state has seen in 100 years. some people were even trapped inside the gladden ^berg hotel monday night. they couldn't get out because
10:50 pm
engulfed in flames like you're seeing the riply's museum had to be evacuated. luckily all those people and the animals have been okay. the troops have been sent in too help the firefighters as severe weather moves in tonight. in the past 24 hours we experienced a windstorm that was up to 80 miles an hour. when you couple that with thewih drought that we've been experiencing, everything was almost like a perfect storm. > we're not going to get complacent because in like this you will find the fires sit down a little bit and when the temperatures come upem and you getpe a little l wind lt under it you can be off to the races officials confirmed, they doey believe the fire was human caused. that being said it worses the flames. you had all the gusty winds and then you have an exception drought.dr most of thest coast has been experiencing drought-likeroug systems. we have a moderate drought here.
10:51 pm
the deficit of almost 10 inches of rain to this date for the whole year. chattanooga, look at that, a deficit of over 20 inches of20 i where they should be much that't an exceptional drought. that's the worst it could be ane that is, yes, in eastern tennessee. they do have some wet weatherwe moving itn tonight. look at radar right now you've got this whole slug of moisture moving into central portions of tennessee. that is good news. they're getting some rain that will help the firefighters, but this is also some severewe associated with this complex ofx showers and storms.rm you have active tornado watchess and warnings. lightning and very gusty winds are also a concern despite the n fact that they will be getting some rain that they so desperately need across parts of tennessee. home here of course acetone i and shawn, sue palka will tell you about it. we have been experiencing dryin conditionsg ourselves, also getting some rainfall tomorrow morning. i'll tell you you what i was not
10:52 pm
messing with my hair in the end of november. the due point is 55. look at my hair today, the humidity, what are you doing. >> a couple days last week the due point was 17. > your hair still looks beautiful. >> thank you, so that's so niceo of you guys. we're back to the humidity.idit i have to say i really enjoyed today because it's been so long since we've had a rainy day. >> i > tonight wasn't much rain, either. we have a from seven to ten inches arounds our area, but we only got aboutt a quarter inch in the wettest spots to maybe a third of anan inch. you can see as we look at ourat live shot tonight. our short-term problem is allis the fog that is around. it's very mild tonight.mi the due point is rising. we have some areas of dense fog advisory in effect until seven e in theff morning. shortly after sunshine i done i think that the fog situation will get better.bett caitlyn was showing you the
10:53 pm
moderate drought local limit we need to make up some of the deficit and we'll do that witht tomorrow with maybe a few spotss especially across marylandmary picking up an inch of rain. you have a deficit of 11 and and half inches since january 1. that's what the numbersat's represent. the worst of w the drought has been this fall. what about rain for us, some of the moisture we ' much whatting pushing into tennessee will be here at 8 in the morning.morn there are some brighter colors indicating the rumble of thunder.nder this will come in waves and it looks like a dryer period as wee go through the afternoon tomorrow. watch the frontal boundary. as that gets closer it's going to drive some skinny line of showers maybe ease of our area by about this time tomorrowomor night and then thursday startsrs out on a dry note. again that dense fog advisory, though, pretty widespread. it doesn't include southern maryland, but it does includelue
10:54 pm
check of the currentrren visibilities with dulles down to about an eighth of an hour. gaithersburg, manassas down to aquifer a inch.h. this may slow you down later tonight and during the day tomorrow. how about 70-degrees. that is doable for us tomorrow afternoon. with off and on rain. maybe some heavy rain tomorrowvy morning and ra rumble of thund. i can't rule out a rumble off thunder later in the day as well. thursday temperature drops down to 58-degrees which is stillll above normal for this time ofme year and it will be coo it was on the mild side todaytoa and tomorrow being our last day of november it will certainly go out on a warm note. a a quick check of temperatures now in the mid 50s.50s. we're going to stay right around this region. so a mild start to your wednesday evening, but a mild start as well. plan extra time for yourou disputes. i wanted to show you as we go as through the next few days after our rainy day tomorrow it gets cooler into friday. saturday and sunday we'rere talking near 50.e and then we drop down near the 40s on sunday. the next chance of rain after we
10:55 pm
few showers around on sunday as well as on that is your seven day forecast. come on back, much more to talk about. fox5 local news at 10 will return after this break. s or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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a lot of kirk cousins and thethe contract situation, will theyl cuff up nearly $24 million too keep him next year, about the only person not talking about tonight was kirk cousins.cous launch a new safety campaign aimed at fighting distracted driving. phones down, touchdown.touc one of the reasons he gote involved, the death of formerme michigan mike sadler. sadler was killed in the crashld last i think the tell nation ision strong and that's why we need a campaign like phones downdown touchdown to increase the peer e pressure and to make it clear m
10:59 pm
distracted. we need people as passengers toe step up and make it clear thatht they've taken the pledge and they're committed to not driving distracted. the more peer pressure we can create the better off we are and that's why social media in this campaign is so important to geto the word out. a big honor for anthony rendon named national league come back player of the year.ear. the award voted by mlb writers is given to the players whoplay he came back to slug 20 homeses and lead in fielding. it would pay off when he headsh to salary arbitration this off season. > some new troubles for johnny manziel, that is a real thing, being a disgraced quarterback. he wouldn't mix the johnny football. he complained about manzielan
11:00 pm
a million dollars. what a troubled soul. he has got to get it together. >> hard times. t > thanks, jim. >> sure. > we'll be right back. h this is fox5 local news at 11. offering refuge to immigrants while turning away homeless americans? tonight d.c. mayor bowser's plan is turning heads.. what she's telling fox5 > plus, new details about theet man who drove a car into a crowd of people at ohio state university and began attacking them with a knife.fe. fox5 news at 11 starts right now and we have some equal bring news out of prince george'sf pr county tonight. county council mel franklin is in who the water after being b arrested on suspicion of drunkrk driving.dr sources tell fox5 the district s representative was involved in


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