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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> fox5 news morning. fox get ready the victory tour is coming to a city near5 the vi yy president-elect donald trumpelec says he wants to say thank you y to america.meca >> live look outside rightut rig it's cool and dry in most areas. but will the weekend be theeekee
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question. >> okay. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. ood mod morning to you and good morning to you.k i'm maureen umeh. today isyou t yi'm morning to yod mi'm december 1st.dember 1st check it out. o gary mcgrady, erin como, c they are talking traffic and weather on the 5's.on 5's we'll get with them in just aus moment. >> let's start with our top witt stories though right now at 5:01. 5:01. protests erupted in charlotte ct north carolina about anh caroli announcement by the districtdis attorney about a policerney aboa involved shooting is.inis prosecutors say officer brently benson in opening fire on keith scottir and he won't face chae rges.hars the district attorney producedcd evidence that scott was armed wm with a handgun and officeric vincent who killed him feared ha scott would shoot. >> thousands of cubans lineds o the streets of half vanst florida to sayreets goodbye toe fidel castro. ctr they watched as a casket carrying his flag draped ashesrs drove by.dr the route traces in i verseacesv the victory tour castro took after overthrowing the forces
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he ruled the country for nearly 50 years. >> a last ditch effort in thetc senate from blocking theh u.s. government from receiving expanded hacking powers failedng yesterday. the changes p could jeopardizeiz the privacy rights of innocentt americans and risk possiblend re abuse by the incoming andand presidential opponents say the authority is i unprecedented and will put american's personal devices at risk. >> today president-elect donald trump will begin whatday hebe has dubbed a thank you victory tour both i and mikeande pence plan to visit states ste they won during the to rally with supporters.porter. the celebration will kick wil offer today in cincinnati cnnat ohio. >> and later today on fox5 f news morning, virginia senator s tim kaine joins us live in theet loft.ft this will be his first livee sit down interview way localayoc station since lost his bid for f vice president. catch him this morning at 7:30 rightis m here on fox5.ox 5:two is the let's talk about that deadly accident on clara barton bton parkway. >> right now the parkway ishe p shut down and will remain remai closed until further no's. fox5's melanie alnwick is
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scene as we were allowed to allt get by police. melanie, what can you tell us there. >> reporter: we're about a mile and a half away from where the crash sceneter:nd is d that's sort of the midwayhe mid point between the closures atlos what is the known as the glen tg echo turn around which is just around the bend here.he bend hee the reason you can't seeason anything behind me is if you've ever driven on theven ont clara barton parkway you knowonp there's really very few places to pull over wherear it'lys saff we're here in a small parking pi area as close to the closuresure point, so folks as they get ty t closer to tha around that's where you would go left on macarthurur boulevard. you'll see police and flashingnd lights and the barricades across clara barton parkway onkn this end. nd if you're coming from thefr the other end arizona avenue towards chain bridge also that is where the closure is on the d.c. side. s it doesn't seem like folkse folk coming from virginia, bignia, bg place for folks to come in over chain bridge fromdgrom northern virginia it lookst like they're going to be ablerei to get into d.c. right now but we shot a little bit of video vd
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boulevard. it's kind of hard to see itevar through th he trees. trees all we could really see were flashing lights. light park police are telling to uso what happened, it was around itd 1 o'clock in the morning, aornia single car accident, somehow went off the roadeh rolled overe became fully engulfed in flames. one person dead. one person with nonlife-threatening injuries. so, somehow that person miraculously, i don't know,ly, able to escapekn this car beforr the flames broke out.roke out we're not really sure at thise i point but investigation because it is aio fatal crash is going to go onn for quite some time and it isd t expected to have major traffic impacts here for that thesehere commuters who try to get off fwg of the beltways and take thosese back roads into the northerner parts of the city.ity. so, we're going to try to keep working our way around hereund r the not easygoing but we'll dold what we can to try to geto g closer and maybe get you aetou a little bit more information asma it comes to tus. back to you guys.u guy >> all right. rig. 5:04 is the time right now. te i more bad news for
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28 percent in the system this ih year. meanwhile, rider ship is downid according to metro theerg met majority of the perpetratorserpt and the victims are young menngn and more than half of the assaults take place at train atn stations in d.c. d. metro says the major motives miv tend to be arguments ando be robberies or attempted >> problems in maryland's newd' payroll system have shortchanged some of itsha som prison workers. now the workers union and a governor larry hogan arere arguing over the severity of s the issue.evthe is the union says employees haveesh been under paid over the p four pay periods. periods comparing the problem to maryland's rollout of the affordable care act under the o'malley association.iation all problems with back payac will be resolved by december 14th.mber 14th. 31 nfl teams getting a refresher course on the the district of >> this started when redskins rn fan wanted to buy a beer, justes one beer from a vendor at new jersey's metlife stadium during the redskins win ove srr the giants in september. septemb now he was asked to produceduce
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he handed over a d.c. driver's license.licee. the vendor thought district ofot columbia was in columbia south america.america. >> just stop. >> he then asked for the skins for a passport so nfl sent outut a reminder letter after d.c. delegate eleanor holmes nortonor complained to the league.e. >> ?? >> i don't know how you don't know that. tha >> colombia south america.erica. >> i'll leave it a professor, good morning to you. did you know at any point in your life that the district ofot tcolumbiahe d was in america? e did teach that you in school. >> at some point right.t right. somehow i know. >> shaking my head. >> kiddos out there, look, so>> shas ouy. you don't need to go with theee umbrella. you don't need to go with theed rain jacket.go w you don't need to go with theo t fancy rain boots this morning,os okay. it's all dry. ittle bit breezyit out there. winds are kicking up s ocking temperatures are cool in somee esaces.
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neighborhoods than we are here in the district. generally 40's and 50's. 50' after school anywhere between about 52 degrees, cooler incoo the northwest, 57 here and the t winds will be basically out of the northwest at about 15 to t 20 with an occasional gustio higher than that so it's than ts definitely going to be ately goi breezy afternoon even though iho expect good amounts ofmounf sunshine. not perfectly sunny.t rfec sun and clouds today but stilltl good sunshine will start to dry things out just a little ous bit.t a temperatures now 55 degrees in w the city.the dulles is 51 degrees. culpeper 47.cueper 47. e starmpting to come down just a little bit.ome raintt is exiting to thehe east. east. frontal system is comingl throughsy and that's bringing ia cooler andt' drier air from the northwest. we're dry for a few days ty ys looks like the next chance of rain late sunday into sunday sun evening maybe.ay there's still some question quet marks there. we'll talk about that coming up. rightmak abouing now let's goint como who has a little bit of a t busy morning for you here but h not weather related i hope, erin. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota.
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special offers. >> that's right, gary, five:07 f right now.righw. melanie just showed us how us clara barton parkway is osed.d. shut down between chain bridge e and glen echo.nch big stretch for a crash investigation. best bet gw parkway macarthur boulevard or riverrd r road. road. just watch for extra congestion on those secondaries.cond this is just insides the t beltway on clara barton afterft cabin john turns into claracla barton. we'll keep you updated on thatet closure and when things are are able to reopen much as youas y make your way out for yourr from that traffic on alltraffioa inbound bridges looking gunookig the beltway is quiet.. problem free on 50 headingeadi inbound from annapolis. annapol. keep in mind if you're heading out by the white house today whi we have the national christmasnn tree lightinalg c taking place.. road closures kick in as earlysy as 2:30 p.m.p.m. we'll take a close look at all of those road closures with w your next look at traffic. wisdom and maureen. and >> coming from fox5 newsing morning a suspect is inspecis i custody accused of starting stan two of the tennessee wildfires.wi >> major league baseball andeagu the players union reach ach
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>> as we head to break a livee look across the d.c. region. rio it is 5:08 right now and 56 degrees. more fox5 news morning after d r the break.e b >> ?? >> ?? >> 5:09 is the time.>>
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setting two of the wildfires which have ravaged parts ofgerts tennessee. the fires have killed at least a seven people.seve look along the some of the alo damage in the gatlinburg areabug where more than 14,000 people14o have been evacuated. evacuat the flames damaged ore es d destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses.usines >> this morning the last ofhi the four inmates who he ishoe draped a california jail last -- escaped from a california jail was captured.tu he and three others tied others together bed sleet to rappeletop to the ground from theirm santa clara county jail.clco >> in arizona small planema veered off the runway atff theun scottsdale airport yesterday.da the airport had to close forle a nearly two hours because ofecau that incident. th onate person was aboard the the plane and appears to be fine. be that is according to athat o spokesperson for the airport. ao no word though on what causedhad that accident.ccid >> after a high stakeser a highs negotiation process p-it came down to the wire baseball players and owners reached to a tentative agreement. 33 announced a five year yr collective bargainingecti agreement. the deal came less than fourn fr
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deal expired. as part of the deal, the luxury tax threshold rises from 189 million ontoom 1 millit 210 million by 2020.llio 2 the deal still needs to be neeoe ratified by both sides. sid >> vikings coach mike zimmer mi may not be on the sidelinesin today after undergoingdergog emergency eye surgery lasty eye night. the surgery is his third in just one movement happenedne after he scratched his retina during a monday night loss tohe the bears. he will likely be replaced indn tonight's matchup against thegat cowboys by newly promotedmote offensive >> 5:11 is the time.>> coming up on fox5 news morning if you 5p 're ona smoker livingi public housing, you will soonwio have to find new place to pla light up.p >> kimye are together againogetr after mr. west is allowed too return home. >> we're going break right now e with a live look across the the region.regi time is 5:11, temperature 56.em
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. >> good news for kanye west family. he is actually back home afterdt being in bac the hospital for me thanhe h a week for treatment fr his mental break downk dow according to tmz. sources say he suffered from am nervous break down. tmz says kanye is not out of noo the woods yet and still needs ongoing psychological andch medicals treatment but goodls news for them, tre kanye seeming to be doing a little better. >> 5:14 is the time. t as we take a live look outsideut on the first day of t first day of ofem >> wild. i cannot believe it.nnot bve i then look at this.that the national tree lightinght ceremony.ce >> yeah. >> come on. on that's this evening. i can't believe it's already here. seems like justbeli yesterday.ey fair skies, a breezy chill,y il low temperatures in the --ures well, low 50's forfo temperatures by the time we're t lighting the tree. we're going to have this to ha online, right, we're going putrg it on the web site orsi o streaming live is that what i heard annie yu talking about? a something like li tha usually sue palka goes outut there. i have no idea if
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reagan national 55. nat what i'm saying is watch it onai our news people, 5 o'clocklock tonight. ton dulles is 51.igs1. bwi marshall is 52. it really gets you in the y spirit. here's the weekend forecast. wec 50 degrees on saturday.reesn sa saturday looks pretty goodrettyg certainly dry with a fewainldryf clouds but it does look like l we're in for a really a nice nic day. little cool, very fallish. flish sunday is tricky because itecau looks like definitely we'reli going to have a lot ofke d cloud not much sunshine.not much s the big question is -- ands a we've had rain in the f for sunday afternoon, sunday s evening pretty much all weekprec long but beginning to see hopefully a little trend hereend where the rain is backing offff a little bit for sunday. sday. so, right now i'm just going to call for some late showershoe possible on sunday because, again, the trend seems to be to for this next system to be just a little bit slower bit slr getting in here and if so, then that means we couldns w salvage most of sunday drive.un if not all of sunday dry. d
5:16 am
bringing in drier conditions cos clearer skies too.cleao. winds are coming down out of the northwest 15, 20's, 2 occasional gusts up to 25 orustr so and as the front comesoom through the drier and cooler clr air is coming on in. forecast for today looks likeorl this. we'll get up to 58 degreeso 58ee probably by noontime or so and a then we'll cool off a littlell o bit more than thatff in thein t afternoon. a few clouds but good amountsteu of sunshine, toood.. now, look at our futurecasturas here. near great shape today. we're in great shape lots of sunshine out there.t the again, a few clouds north andorh most part. sunnier and drier around here than where we have been then last couple days.ouplys saturday still looks good,ay slo okay, good amounts ofmoun sunshine, a few clouds but not bad at all so sunday is dry.s saturday is dry.sry then we look down to thiso t this is early sunday morning,ori kind of coming out of texngas here and right now you seend some showers early, early e sunday morning coming up hopefully into the stilllly in e drought stricken areas of thef h southeast here and bringing brig even more rain.oreai that will be nice.l be n the question mark is how longs o
5:17 am
pushed it off a little bit. optimistically late showers,e ss maybe after 4, 5 o'clock onn sunday. most of the day dry.f the day ry here's a look at your yr forecast. now we'll go to erin >> thank you gary. gary. 5:17 right now.17 right now some breaking news with metroitm off the top.e top dealing with app disabled work unit at u street.t u because of that the green line e could see delays in both directions.ct we'll certainly keep you updated on that. tha safe track sur falls church. clara barton parkway shut downdo in both directions betweenbetw chain bridge road and the glen g echo turn around with a fatal crash investigation. police letting us know itno could be several hours beforeour they're able to restretch thatch that road. keep it to george washingtonhito parkway macarthur boulevardrd or river road. watch for that a lot of congestion in the cabin johnon i area inside the beltway as more people hit the road nsthids morning. also keep in mind for your you thursday morning drive theay m rest of our majors looking lki
5:18 am
if you're head tout national tree lighting ceremony todayod everything kicks off at thehing white house at 5:00 p.m. kuse a. however, keep in mind thatd tha road closures for that treet tre lighting they kick in as early e as 2:30 in the afternoonerno lasting through 7:00. the biggest one is around a constitution of a 17th, 15th,iot portions of madison,, jefferson, c, d e-e and f e-e a streets from 18th to seventh sev street and then also keep in kep mind for the tree lightinge l kicking in at 4:30, 14th to to 15th on pennsylvania and 15th5t from independence to new york.or we of those road closures. clore caps are playing down at the p verizon center at 7:00. at 7 going to be crowded. cwd plan ahead if you're headedd out down by the white housewn b this evening.wh a f. traffic in a few. back to you maureen andeeand wisdom.wi >> ?? 5:18. 5 is let's take a look at thehe stories you're engaging with eni the most this morning onmost tho social media with our realtimera news tracker. with ou >> first up o could there be aor place for sarah palin inrah donald trump's administration? ? former alaskan govern seemedovem to confirm it on facebook aaceba video produced by her plate pla
5:19 am
the department of veterans affairs. this after reports she's under's consideration to be thee e veterans affair secretary. >> smoking in all subsidizeddize housing could be banned.ned. the department housing and urban development made the the announcement yesterday. yesterd. the rule bans parking in indoor areas even inside auntss 20 feet of buildings. >> as he gets ready to head h out the door president makes a surprising suggestiongg in a rolling stone interview.nt. the president said marijuanaid should be legalized aennd treated like tobacco andco a alcohol. he says he's been very clear cle about his belief that weief should discourage substanceage abuse but that treating tre smoking weed as a public health issue is a much smarterue way to deal with. >> coming up, 10 acres of 10 re prime real estate in northwest d.c. is sold to a developer. der >> and netflix is make is m something changes to the way cha
5:20 am
look across the d.c. regioneg right now. time is 5:19. 5:1 really mild out there right rigt still in the 50's. 5 more fox5 news morning afterwsor the break. th >> ?? >> ?? oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?.
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>> 5:22 is the time.>> fannie mae's iconic w 5isconsins avenue headquarters has beeneadq sold for $89 million. milli the buyers say they envisionvi replacing its complex wayplex w include residential retail and office spaces.ce spa now fannie mae will move tonniew its new headquarters at 1100, 1 15th street northwest in aboutno two years.. >> things don't look too goodoo r go p pro. company announced it's laying off more than 200 employees and invoking a hiring freeze.rif go pro will shut down its entertainment division and thene president will be leaving thet company.will despite the news though consumer demand still solidan but they warrants to
5:23 am
business. >> netflix users, the companysea will allow customers tors to download some shows and movies to their devices for off line viewing. netflix says its shows such as orange is the new black and the crown will be among the t first series customers can download o the feature is i available now as an update topdo the netflix app. a >> just in time for christmas perfect gift for the star wars fanatic in your life toymaker has unveiled new star wars battle drones. the remote fighters allow users to engageng in mini battles. battles. the drones cost $240 a piece.. >> time now to check in with inh gary mcgrady and talk aboutcg the weather. boy,rady it was other than the otherhan fact that it's the first day fid of december and you respectes cold weather it was nice whent you walked outside this morning. >> not bad at all.>> not b temps in the 40's and 50's.he 4 the winds kicking up a little al bit. this frontal system is moving throntugh so talhat's s drying n out. it's going to bring down the relative humidities just a hum little bit. bit i got some tweets yesterdayome people saying how muggy it s
5:24 am
saying what they're tellingtheyl me, maureen. mau it was 70's degrees yesterday.stday. >> 70 degrees yesterday.0 >>de right, but it was --as -- anyway. >> 70 degrees yesterday, yesrd people. >> 48 -- how many days until how your birthday.yo >> 18. >> there you go. change the subject real quick, q right wisdom. 48 degrees westminster and 52 degrees for baltimore.egreesf you guys areor r bigalht. r temperatures out this morningor are pretty mild.are pr i wanted to show you the wind speed.sp nothing dramatic right now but anywhere betwe and 15 for some locations. locao a lot of locations are belowre b 10 miles per hour. but this will kick up a littlei bit. we're going to be breezy especially late this morning and throughout the afternoon.hen temperatures will start off inff the low 50's today. today warm up into the mid to upperpp 50's and then start to cool t off a little bit more in the afternoon.afte sun and clouds, a good way toayt say i we're not going to beoing t completely sunny or completely cloudy either. more clouds north and west than what we're going to havelo here in tgoinhe dmv.g hmv so that's a look at your you
5:25 am
with us. >> and right now at 5:24, some4, more breaking news for thes for green line.ine. because of the and disabled a work unit at u street, greenreen line now single tracking tra between u and georgia watch for delays in both directions. we're also dealing with the safe track surge 11 work sur single tracking east to westin t falls church on the orange andrg silver line delays there as lina well. well on our roads because of a fatal crash investigation clara barton parkwaygati shut dd in both directions betweenons bn chain bridge road and the glenhe echo turn around. at those locations.ocatns. to get around that gw parkway macarthur boulevard or riverleva road. watch for a lot of congestion ct on those secondaries aroundecona the closure on clara barton. really tends to get busier later in the morning by aboutniy 6 o'clock so we'll keep you updated on those traffic if that's your normal route iou would suggest getting an earlyae start. st for your thursday morning ridenr seeing a lot of green on the lot map right now on the top of theo the beltway in college park, p outer loop 95 to georgia. georg
5:26 am
we'll show you some of your other majors in the ys >> i> thisthe is 66 out by 234 prince william parkway. par volume increasing but notot enough congestion to cause any y slowdowns just yet. westbound side out towardsow gainsville flowing freely.wing as we forward our maps andsnd check in with 95, things aregsre also waking up as you make youak your way through newingtongt towards the beltway. south ofto twahat point congestt by courthouse road inad i stafford.ffor but again not enough to add ano lot of time to your commute.imey we'll keep youou posted. pos southbound side making yournd sa way down towards dale cityale ct also looking good. g we'll go back to our maps o m right now look at the top of the beltway by colesville. you can see a lot of green obyno 295 as you make your way on wayn the northbound side to the 11th street bridge southboundouo side also cruising past 50. 50 through cheverly is stillgh e looking good and i don't see i d any problems as we make our me way out on route one throughhr oakton reston or tysons thisis 270 also quiet. quiet all the way up from frederickedk at 70 down to the truckhe tru scales. i'll let you know when that knoh changes. back to you wisdom and t ur >> coming up on fox5 newss
5:27 am
death. at >> new questions raised about donald trump's claim that he brokered a deal to keep a thousand carrier jobs from fro leaving the u.s..s. >> time is 5:27. 5 temperature is 55.
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>> today on fox5 news morning,n parts of our region recovering from heavy rains and flooding as welfol aurs rvy r winaids sou it tore the roof off an apartment building.ui president-elect donaldesid trump is getting ready to go on a get victory tour. tou and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.hrisas especially here in thepe h nation's capitol. capitol we are live as crews get readydy for tonight's national niona christmas tree lightingh ceremony.remo fox5 news morning starts right >> ??>> >> this is fox5 news morning. mg thank you very much for waking up with us, i'm wisdomve martiri >> and i'm maureen umeh. ireen today is thursdaysd december 1 gary mcgrady, erin como, mcgrady they're stand, inerg by talkingl about weather and traffic onat the 5s.he the we'll get with them in just a jt moment. first let's tell you what'st's been happening in the news. police in alexandria ale investigating that city's latest murder. m a man was found dead in old town. town. police tweeter out thisli picture of the crime scene. the viccetim te of twas found r officers were called to theedo t 1200 block of colonial avenueon for the report of shots
5:31 am
and so they're releasing veryer few details at this time. tim this morning questions are a mounting about whetherer carrier's choice to keep choicep hundreds of jobs in indiana is s as much of a victory asicto president-elect donald trump says itt-el is. the currents deal spares aboutst 800 union workers from havingavn their jobs outsourced to oced to mexico but 600 others willer wil still be laid off. also neither trump nor carrier has yet to say what thee workers who stay might have to give up and whatstay incentivese were used to change thee the company's mind.ind. carrier is owned by defense contractor thatfense benefits from billions ofcotsro dollars in federal >> today president-electoday donald trump will begin what he has dubbed a thruank yoump victory tour.ct t both he and mike pence plan to visit states they won duringon r the election to rally with wit supporters.te celebration will kick off today inbratio cincinnati ohio. later today on fox5 newsy 5e morning, virginia senator tim sr kaine joins us live in theive loft. this will be his first live l sit down interview with aew wit local station since he lost l his bid to be vice president. you can catch him this morning at 7:30 righttch here on fox5.f
5:32 am
which means it's time to get t into the holiday spirit.ay spir. >> washington is kickingashingto things off tonight with the lighting of the nationalional christmas tree near the whitehi house. here way littltee preview of the star-studded event annie yu yu joins us live this morning. mor. good morning to you annie.or good to seeni you. y >> reporter: hey, good to, gd to see you, too, wisdom andm an maureen. good morning to the both ofor you.ning you. good morning, everybody. m this is aorni wonderful american tradition and i can't believeel it's been 94 years, this isthisi the 94th year as we jump neum it's all going to night at 5 o'clock here on thee ellipse at president's park. we'll be streaming that live especially flipping of theally switch on our fox5 news at 5:00 tonight so be on sure tour tune in. tune in. you can also stream it on yoursa phone or on your computer at but it's just t very exciting time in the the nation's capitol and this iss i a ticketed events so they heldel a lottery back in october and the national park service gavevg out thousands of tickets. ticke. last year i know they gave out around 3,000 tickets for theictf seats here.s re.
5:33 am
but if you are one of thethe lucky few, you've got to know tw that the entrance again is agais going to be on 17th streetstreet northwest and your closest clo metro stops are going to beng te farragut north and farragutragu west. we and so behind me,st guys, is the real stamp it's this year's -- - real it's this year's tree.s tre later today you'll be able toe see eight little better.eigh it is the colorado bruce -- bru- blue spruce excuse me, justust over 30 years old and just jus over 30 feet tall and it wasan planted on the ellipse herellipr living tree that that peopleree can visit all year long. l but it is going to be litng to today at 5 o'clock and this year's design features red,ign e white and blue lights.itand it's going to be sprinkled spr with stars and sugar plum ornaments and there are about ao 300 recycled ornaments on that t tree right now. n this lighting ceremony is really a it began back in 1923 with president calvin coolidge.lidge. it has grown into a nationally
5:34 am
performers and of course thehe president and first lady and what typically happens is the president and first lady ladynd will come on stage, there'some s the count down atage, nd the president will illuminate thetee tree with the flip of a swift os it's such an exciting tm remarks will be given.mark this year you see somes off those names there.e nas there it's going to be hosted by eva longoria.looria. there's also the gold medalist swimmer simone manuel, she'sanus going to be making aning be mai appearance with the first ladyit on stage so that's very exciting and also country yearwood will be performing yolanda adams and the list goes on. there you see it on thee itn screen. so a very exciting time but e bu also keep in mind thatind that whenever you have an event of ee this size security of course will be very tight.e very tight you have a lot of agenciesve a t involved including secret sec service u.s. park police andnd d.c. police and so you want too leave those items at home, we talk about it at all these all e events firearms, weapon and of any kind, knives, pepper sprayea and this event you are not allowed to bring ipads..
5:35 am
if you're headed out today.od that's the very latest here ther from northwesty la d.c. annie yu fox5 local news.ew >> looking good.king looks like there's going to beob one big holiday party down there. >> could you believe it's already that time of year.t time >> yes. >> you can. >> i can. >> you know i can. >> 18 days. >> 1 gary, how did you8 da know?iy >> come on now. s the official datel d th.ugh. >> eighteenth, a week beforeeekr christmas the 18th. the 18t >> my wife's birthday is on the 19th. >> she feels my pain.n. you got to do two different dre gifts. none of that here come combined.combed. that's the pet peeve. pet p >> are you saying she feels your pain because you workou with me and she lives with me. m >> i wasn't going there but since you brought thatn't up.t. >> here's the forecast fort this evening's tree lighting, lt the national tree lighting. lht she would probably agree withd that. >> i know she hasprobit tho. to. >> gary are you all right withaw me. >> hm. >> you are all right with me.reg >> come on man giver me some.e s >> you're all right with mewithm too. do i get a hug. >> the producer pushed ther pd e orange button right now.n righ
5:36 am
>> one button you had to push that said camera that's all you had to do.o. it's going to be one of thef milder christmas tree t lightings that i can it's not going to be wet, soet it really does look like it'sk s going to be nice. the drier air isgo coming incomg behind the front. front rain is moving on off to thevin east. some places picked up some good rain. we picked up about a half an a inch here officially for national. temperatures later today in the upper 50's. get tgk we're goingat tureso there by like noon oroon o 1 o'clock and then in little bit. bit. winds will be breezy, too. t we're going to go 15, 20 miles per hour gusts.. there could be an occasional oco gust up around 25 or so. 25 or i noticed now winds are beginning to pick up just a little bit as this cooler and drier air is coming in fromom ir the northwest.rthw it's not going to be outrageously windy but it's buti going to be real, real nice. fredericksburg you're close to e 60 today and leonardtown 58 degrees. your forecast, that's yourhat'sr forecast, how about a little traffic this morning with erinim como.erin she's in with that. t >> that's right, 5:36 right6ht
5:37 am
you out of annandale. braddock road shut down inn i both directions between monroee and montgomery street. a reported gas leak.le fairfax police working on this situation. watch for that delays inside the beltway in annandale.r th we'll keep youbeltway in updatet one. south of that is take that over to 395 if you395f need to. we're still tracking thisg closure on clara barton parkway. pa there's a fatal crashrkway.a fah investigation.vestigation. it's between chain bridge road and the glen echo turn around. take gw parkway boulevard or river road as r alternates this morning. rnatjust watch for a lot of exte volume on those secondaries. 270 southbound delay freeel right now actually from 70 to fo the sponge you can see all the u green on the map coming down the that stretch into urbana. once you pass urbana thingsa thn still quiet to the spur. outer loop looking good in in olney problem free. i'll let you know if thatw t changes. volume picking up on 66 on eastbound in manassas.stbo a look at that next.t nt. wisdom and maureen. mau >> all right, 5:37 is the time m right now. coming up on fox5 news morning, a peace deal ending a g
5:38 am
approved. >> and a temple built moreuiltor than 600 years ago is i discovered near mexico city. >> as we head to break right hea now a live look outside acrossos the d.c. region. 5:38 is the time, 55 is the5 ise temperature. we're having a little fun intlen here this t back in a moment.aent. >> ?? >> ?? >> i'd like to say happy'd l holidays to my mom and dad mine brothers andys t sisters joseph and paul meschler, joseph saran rachel i'm missi' you all and i can't wait to come home. he. >> see more greetings from our troops at
5:39 am
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. you brush your teeth diligently... o times a day right? t 80% of bacteria aren'even teeth.diligently... eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different.
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colgate total for whole mouth health. >> 5:41 is the time.1 is t tim new clues about the final moments for this week's deadly planethis crash in colombia. recording has been leakedbeen containing a final exchangeng ac between the pilot and haairlot r traffic controllers.. in that conversation the pilotht reportedly requests permission s to land due to fuel problems. p. experts say the recording and a
5:42 am
impact could point to the to the jet's fuel running out as it as was flying at its maximum range.nge. >> also colombia the country's s congress formally ratified a ra peace agreement with its agreemt biggest left activity rebelrel group.grp. the agreement comes after fourto years of negotiations andtion seeks to end a 52 year year conflict that has claimed more than 220,000 lives and drivennde almost 8 million people fromerom their homes.their ho but rebels also want the alswane government to free some 2000e 00 rebels who are still in >> archaeologists working in mexico city uncovering aoveringa circular temple built than 650 years ago to worshiporh a god of it was excavated at a site discovered two years ago when to a supermarket y was demolished.l the temple falls within whathint is believed to be theelieved toh perimeter of ae large l ceremonial site. archaeologists say atticists human remains were also found there. >> coming up on fox5 newsew morning president-elect donaldin trump says he plans to leave his businesses behind. bin well at least during the nexte t four years. >> and police in one town have unique ine way to
5:43 am
suspects and it involves band nickelback. >> we're heading to break way h live look across theeadi dng.c.c region. is 5:43. 65 degrees. little smooth country music for you as you get smoot going g this thursday morning. mni we hope you're enjoying ouroying tunes much happy holidays everyone. everyone.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> ?? >> oh, yeah. check it out. the white house adorned with christmas e ho decorations, lights, lht slowly coming up. you can make out -- what is it is, three these there. the is that the blue room you wereel talking last week about? abo >> i can't tell.>>an't tell. >> that's the back.>>t's the ba that's the back. b >> is it. >> i don't know. i've never been never >> that's back. bee >> that's very cool -- very cool. cool. decoration goals. >> first day ofde december. dem >> yup. >> closer christmas. >> i can't make my christmas lights work on my't m tree. tre >> you can't. >> i can't make the lightse lits work. wo >> is it one of those prerklitsi ones. >> yes.. >> when a section goes out goes et aet about it. >> i don't know what to do. tdo. >> oh, >> just go by some more. >> bootleg buy lights andnd restring them. >> that's what we're going tos have to do.what orks.or. >> you call it book --- bootleg.otg. i call it something else. else.
5:47 am
>> the what. >> the dollar store has you.. >> og keeps us on time which tim is a good thing because we're easily sidetracked.idetra 50 degrees on saturday.ur few clouds but good sunshine s too. looks like a nice fall sunday is interesting becausenge we've been talking about theeenn chance for some rain prettyg abr much all week long and what's w happening now, it looks like l maybe we're trending towards a later arrival of some of thehe showers. i think we can safely right now push it back to at least akc late arrival on some of the of that we could have a mostlyostly dry day on sunday. hopefully that trend trend i don't really see any reasonlya why it won'tso as we're getting a little closer to the 55 degrees here now.. winds are coming in from theminm north and west behind theind frontal system. drier air, too.r, too pittsburgh is 41. columbus 37. detroit 37. same for chicago so some cooler air up her e for obviously. not outrageously cold or anything like that.hi
5:48 am
not completely sunny but we'll today have some decent sunshine. telye dece it will be breezy. b winds 15 20's occasionallycaonal higher than. that futurecast calls for for basically any weather system weh staying away from us.y om a few clouds north and westnd ws for today, for tomorrow and asnd we get into saturday it's looking good, too. sunday as i mentioned is theed h trick because we got a coupleca of things to worry about onuse sunday.sund how much -- it jumped on me.jumd well, that means the model updated and jumped past as the a new data came in. in. there's going a lot of rain of r down here on sunday moving inovi our directionok just have to wait and see howee long it takes to get here. hopefully it will be sundaye s afternoon into sunday evening. i fronts is moving through.throug. drier air is coming on acrosscrs with fair skies.r skies again as the front continues tnt to move on off to the east, e the wind speeds will kick up a c little bit.. by the later part of theof morning into the earlyrn afternoon it will be breezyilbeb down there some winds kickingkig up about 25 miles per hour or so. we'll reach 58 degrees earlyh e and cool off in the afternoon.fn we'll be back down into thein te
5:49 am
o'clock. lower 50's for the lighting of n the christmas tree tonight.treet if you're one of the lucky l ones to be able to have one ofaf the tickets out there. a few clouds around on saturday,ets ot temperature cool, though, 50 degrees and then on sunday, a more clouds, a possibility ofndt a few late showers, some s clouds on monday, moreom showere possible on tuesday. tsd and then we're back to a drier conditions on wednesday.itio association a lot going -- so,-s a lot going on and here's,er withraffffic. >> 5:49 gary.>> 5:4 we have breaking news for your with metro if you're justou'r getting out and about disabled work unit at u street r sings on the green line between u street and georgiau avenuest. watch for delays in both directions. we have safe track surge 11 impacting the orangee safe lined sliver lynn sings west falls to east falls.t fal things looking good around thee beltway. be we have volume building on 5050 inbound through cheverly and 95 and southbound new crashbounr heading down towards two lanes are blocked on 95 southbound south of quantico.ic seeing quite a delay building. d keep to it route onekeep southbound to get around that
5:50 am
building from dale city uprole c across the occoquan as youn as y head towards the beltway soo watch for that one and then on 66 a lot of volume princeume prn william over to 28 and then ande again as you cross the fairfax county parkway. par clara barton remains shut down d by chain bridge because of a bri fatal crash investigation.esti a closer look at that witht w your next look at traffic. tffic back to you wisdom and maureen. >> president-elect donald trump says he's leaving his business empire to focus onsaysr being to fpresidenoct but theree growing concerns that trump t could wind up breaking the lawbl on inauguration day. d that is because of with the federal government oner the old post office whichice houses his hotel.ot the president-elect says he'll lay out his plans to part fromar his businesses at a newsesseat a conference on december 15th.berh house democrats have once againe demo elected nancy peloss their leader. lea pelosi received two-thirds of-td the votes to defeat tim ryan.m the representative fromativero california has been the top the democrat in the house since sin 2003 and even though employees see says there is a sense of reli tefhe following herer reelection, she says she
5:51 am
reunite her party.her timep right now is 5:50. let's take a look at thes take a stories you're engaging withagih the most this morning on withit our realtime news tracker. tck >> first up a self driving car could be in your future soonerlr than you think that's futur if you've got the skills to do it yourself.yourself. yesterday self driving car startup company ai released ad free code with instructions ontn turning any car into a self io ing ing vehicle. now, the question is why wouldy they do this? well, company's founder is a well w known hacker that that planned e to sell the code for ae for a thousand dollars the government said it needed tothot aiapd proved first so he decided to offer it for free. f the software isn't really for r the common person. it's mthore so for other o hackers. people that hot says if they if want to do bad things, they already could. >> so,... okay.. o
5:52 am
could be available for prescription to treat ptsd magic mushrooms might be rightre behind it. studies show it can treatat anxiety and depression inion in cancer patients.ies. more research is needed. preliminary studies show the effects can last as long as six months. m people shouldn't try it on shoul theirdn own.r it should be administered in clinics by trained staff. >> nike's self lacing shoes goih on sale but only by by appointment and in new york.n nw if you're not in new yorknew y don't worry because the hyp called will be available in three other cities on will e decehember 20tr h and d.c. won't be one of them so you can'to yot get them in d.c. >> manman. finally depending on yourou musical tastes you may love orsm hate this next idea. canadian town trying to discourage drinking and drinkind driving by using the band nickelback. if you're caught driving drunknu cops will force you to listenu o to nickelback music while taking you to jail. they announced the news on a o facebook post for those whook p they sayfo ar re dumb enough ann
5:53 am
nickelback, come on, this iss like a slam in the face, isn'tet it? oh, come on. their songs aren't thaten't t horrible.rr >> well, don't break the law. tl >> i guess not.>> i g not okay, don't know if you knoww if this but let's tell if you. today is world aids day and un secretary ban ki-moon was inbans new york yesterday to discussyea endingy to the stigma around thh living with with ai. moon said people with the saipe diopsease must receive the caret treatment and protection theyteo aren entitled to. >> we are motivated to fight f every child deserves care every person deserves treatment and all vulnerable vue groups deserve protection from f stigma and abuse. >> an end to the aids epidemicem by 200030 is part of the un's sustainable development goals initiative. >> food assistance center needs your help purchasing a new cargoood asur h van to delid to families in f it comes after one ofne of their vans broke down asn a volunteers were attempting tott
5:54 am
center has raised nearly nea $15,000 but are still wellretill short of their goal of $35,000. if you would like to make a w donation we put aould link on or web site. >> more than a dozen angelsnge descend on the steve love thishs week for the 2016 victoria vto secret fashion show. fas the annual events was taped t yesterday it featured he kendall jenner and gigi and bella hadid lady gaga and thea e weekend also hit the stage hit e performing as the models m strutted the runway. runwa the extravagant show will air w next mon o >> ?? >> hello back to you.>> hello time now bac for our facebook f of the day and shout out to clarissa span and her daughter h kale len. clarissa says they've beenn watching fox5 since her sce daughter was a baby. >> clarissa gave us a heart emoji. >> thank you. >> if you would like to be ourou facebook fan of the day just fan post your picture under this
5:55 am
shirts on, too.n,oo >> and the matching smiles,g il too, right. beautiful. mom and daughter looking gooddar this morning. l right, gary, wrap it up u for this hour. hour. >> let's start with schoolith hl forecasts here. school bus forecast i tell youtl what it's going to be a littleet cool out this morning but it'srs not cold, all right.not cold, winds are kicking up a a littlla bit and we l do have fair skiesi for the most part. so, expect a dry early morning m at the bus stop kiddos. after school we're a littleit bit breezy. . temperatures will be rangingures from the lower 50's to theow bit breezy out there.ut the temps out here right now 54 in d.c. so we dropped off apeff a little bit. gaithersburg 48.bu and dulles 48 and thenn fredericksburg is 52 degrees. 5 okay, real quickly i want to wt yow you this. a big night out there. tre it's already here, thehe national tree lighting.ight fair skies. it's a breezy chill but it'sl bs not too brutal, low 50's i0'i mean, i can remember when it'sbn been really cold out there forlr the lighting of the christmas tree. it's been drizzly, rainy butai b it's not the case tonight. toni. if you have a ticket not tootict bad. just dress in layers and yours u
5:56 am
look, this at traffic.raffic >> well, right now as i walk in we do have a lot of aot breaking news to get to on theoe roads. ads. lots going on at 5:55 this55 t morning unfortunately.unfo we have metro delays on theays n green light as you make your y way out sings between u streetgb and georgia. delays in bot h directions. direcons. that's in addition to the single tracking because ofbe safe track surge 11 on therack orange and silver and as we move over for a wideor a d view of our thursday morning commute, a lot of volumeut a l picking up around the area so as please be prepared for that asth you head out in southbound two lanes arendwo l blocked heading into stafford. a just south of quantico.uaic keep it to the left. l but also keep in mind routed rou one a better bet to get you gety around that. northbound side also dealingside way bit of a rubber neck delay d and then once you get on the northbound side into dale city, you definitely slowy s across the occoquan. occoq keep in mind clara bartonarn parkway is also shut downow between chain bridge and the the glen echo turn around. take river road or gw parkway pw to get around that one. sluggish traffic on 66
5:57 am
give yourself aboueyt 20's extrr minutes there and keep it to keo fox5 news morning.orning we're going get you around allud the road closures around the national christmas tree lighting this evening. it's 5:57 right now. t now. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays.
5:58 am
5:59 am
my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> ?? morning.s fox5 news
6:00 am
flames. right now parts of clara oc barton parkway closed whiled il police try to piece together what caused this accident. >> and we're also gearing up for a holiday traditionsed re ae 2349 district. the lighting of the nationalng a christmas this year's star studded lineup coming up and details about some road closures in the area this afternoon.ernoon >> first though a live look livo outside. it's thursday morningin december 1st. we are finally done with thethhe rain. rain weather and traffic coming upinu on the 5's at 6:05. good thursday everybody, i >> and ipe i'm steve chenevey. . welcome to fox5 news morning. mi the accident will have a major j impact on your morning commute m on clara barton parkway. melanie alnwick live on the scene.ra balnwicsc mel, what's henappening?appenin? >> reporter: i can tell you telu that some of the carsom t occasionally are starting to stack up here on clara barton parkway.way. the accident happened around 12:45 is when montgomerymo county fire and rescue saysescua they responded to a single sin vehicle crash.ra now, it is about a mile and ae d half from where we are parkede right here.


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