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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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flames. right now parts of clara oc barton parkway closed whiled il police try to piece together what caused this accident. >> and we're also gearing up for a holiday traditionsed re ae 2349 district. the lighting of the nationalng a christmas this year's star studded lineup coming up and details about some road closures in the area this afternoon.ernoon >> first though a live look livo outside. it's thursday morningin december 1st. we are finally done with thethhe rain. rain weather and traffic coming upinu on the 5's at 6:05. good thursday everybody, i >> and ipe i'm steve chenevey. . welcome to fox5 news morning. mi the accident will have a major j impact on your morning commute m on clara barton parkway. melanie alnwick live on the scene.ra balnwicsc mel, what's henappening?appenin? >> reporter: i can tell you telu that some of the carsom t occasionally are starting to stack up here on clara barton parkway.way. the accident happened around 12:45 is when montgomerymo county fire and rescue saysescua they responded to a single sin vehicle crash.ra now, it is about a mile and ae d half from where we are parkede right here.
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right before what they callal the glen echo turn around. that is at macarthuracarth boulevard so right now all ofllo clara barton parkway inboundound and outbound closed between bwe the glen echo turn around atundt macarthur boulevard and the and chain bridge. so, people have been asking meim on twitter, yes, you can stillal turn left on macarthuracarth boulevard but you will not be able to continue inbound on canal road and where claralara barton parkway turns intonto canal road into the district. ih you will not be able to dole tdo that. it looks like commuters w virginia can still make it over the chain bridge and then make their way turning right from the campaign bridge onton t canal road and getting into int d.c. that way but they wouldy not be able to turn left. lef i don't think they wouldt in ordinarily be able to do that bb in the morningle t anyway.nyy. but what we can tell you is u.s. park police are the responding agency here, they came out and they're continuing the investigation.tin we were able to get some
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to be honest from macarthur macr boulevard where we were ablewe e to kind of look down through the really all we could see was asea very large response witheit lights there they were putting i up there and fire and rescuees vehicles and police vehicles vee as well but couldn't see anyt s evidence of the crash itself. what we're told is therf the e a single car accident, appears aps to be some sort of a rollover, e perhaps the car left thet the roadway and then burst into amames. montgomery county fire andrc rescue says the fire was occupant in that car did die.atd another one was transported to the hospitalted h with nonlife-threatening injuries but park police tell tl us, steve and allison, that it's going to be closed forsed quite some time here whileme t they continue the crash investigation.stigat back to you. >> mel, thanks. >> police inolicin alexandria investigating afterns a man was found dead justead ju before 9:30 last night in old town alexandria. the victim's bodynd was locatedc after officers were called to
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avenue for a report of shotsfho fired. police say the victim is 41s years old and not a resident red of the city. cit this is alexandria's seventhsent homicide of the year.e ar. in the district one personeo shot to death and his killeril or killers on the loose. loo right now d.c. police lookingoln for two suspects both men wearing black jackets with hoods and black pants. that shooting happened in thes ha10en0 block of irving street n southwest d.c.t d.c. no word on the motive or whate a it was that led to this shooting.shoo >> prince george's countync police questio hour barricade situation.uation it began wednesday afternoonft yesterday in upper marlboroaror with reports of a break in and someone being held hostage. investigators later found thende man outside the house.outs right now he is not consideredd a suspect. susct in baltimore, a gunmanma opened fire outside of a o convenience store in thee the northwest part of the city killing two people andpl a injuring four four ot. police believe the shooting shog may be in retaliation for another recent incident. incide.
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this morning. >> also breaking overnight in washington, state police officer killed in the line ofli duty the officer responding top a domestic violence call.stic v other officers arrived on the scene managed to get the injured officer outside and hedh later died at the hospital during surgery.during surgery police believe suspect iselievee still barricaded in that home with a gun.un >> tense situation in charlotte north carolina ash roi protestors took to the streetsot after the city's distrheict dis attorney announced there would e be no charges filed in an a prosecutors say officericer brently benson was justifiedus when he opened fire on keith okt scott back on september 20th.mbr the d.a. said evidence evidc showed scott was armed with atts handgun and repeatedly ignored i police orders to drop his weapon. >> an update on the wildfires wr burning in tennessee.ennessee. officials confirm the deathea toll at seven now.. the fires scorched throughsc gatlinburg and surroundingurrodg areas destroying hundreds ofro homesyi and businesses.inesse >> we lost our home.
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years. you know, i really can't dwell'd on it that much. i think of others that haveof oh lost there's and it keeps my mind off of our problems. >> this morning the mayor oftheo gatlinburg said the city could u reopen later this president obama spoke to thee e state's governor and offeredverf his condolences and supportuppot for residents also committedomed to providing the assistance assc necessary to combat the fires.ct now the rain took care of most t of the still smoldering though.smoldeug rain is gone this morning,n, another place to stayli after the roof blew off theirlew off r apartment building because ofilu a storm last flight in the 400 4 block of cedar streeteet northwest d.c. d.c. fire and ems say 10 say 1 residents will need shelter. wie they're being helped by the t red cross.. >> 6:05 right now.ghtow tucker taking a couple dayse das off. mike thomas is hello. >> mike good morning. mik >> good to seee good you both.ot >> doing well. d well. >> i like your little christmas tie.ristmas ti >> 'tis the season.>> 'tis happy december to you botthe h.t >> kind of crazy but here we go.
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count down is 24, 25 days.5 day >> no. >> get that shopping done.hat sp >> or start it . >> [laughter] >> all right. oing ot oing on out there. >> after a couple davis rain we had the warm temperaturesempu with which this time of year yer when we have rain a lot ofa lot times it comes with warmer wme temperatures.erat sun is going to beur back today. you can see there on satellitene and radar rain is moving out o across the ocean n we're starting to clear thingsi out. in fact as i wtoas drivini in this morning crystal clear cr skies out there.out there should be a nice one but a but much cooler one.le one. yowl notice it in fact you'lle notice it this morningt thisng especially north and west a w fallen back into the 40's. 49 this morning inraack hagersw 48 at dulles, 48 at martinsburg, 54 here in the district.di as well as annapolis.nnol 53 for quantico. definitely jacket weather thisae morning and you'll notice a breeze starting to pick up asans we head into the afternoon. aft. winds already gusting upwardsg a of 20 out to the here in d.c. not too bad quiteui yet as we head through thehrou t next few hours we'll start sta picking up those winds in then h wind department.wi check out your forecast for today.da 58 degrees winds out of the west again gusting 25, to 30 25
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noticeable here if and there.anh >> is this the highhe h temperature of the day right thg now? >> high temperature of the day, we're not far off.temp okakay. >> but -- >> it's not going to be a 70's day. >> it will not be a 70'sgoin's y >> darn it. december. dbe >> but it's not a 20 or 30's0' day either erin good morning. mi >> good morning.>> breaking news in the district. 295 southbound there's a crash. it'suthb just before burroughs r a involving at least four fr traffic diverted onto o kenilworth avenue n it's overflowing traffic ontoff that 50 inbound throughou cheverly and 295 southboundun jammed up parked basicallyasal from the beltway down ton t burroughs we're traffic iss weer diverted.diverted d.c. fire sending a mass casualty traffic force to to investigate this z. we have several serious injuriesnj reported. we'll keep you updated on thisni eweaking news. i would avoid 295 southboundthbo for your morning drive.rive choose your alternates. let's forward our map becausep e that's not the only closureot te owe're dealing with thisnlh th morning. we're also dealing with aal
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closure between chain bridgeen and the area of the glen echo gc turn around. that is for a fatal crash investigation. take river road or gw parkway.. live look on 66. o 66. 66 eastbound as you make your way past 50 we can take a look a at that camera it's dealing dea with a big crash blocking thehe right lane and right shoulder.h. two left lanes getting by but g this is causing a significantnia delay all the way back to 2344 prince william parkway.arkway. keep it to the left a yourselves at least 45 extrat xt minutes to get from manassas maa to the beltway.tway. more traffic in a few. tffic back to you to u gu >> holiday season officiallylly kicking offer tonight in theht t district it is the lighting ofis the national christmas t tree. >> it's the 94th time that thehe tree has lit up the white the wi house ellipse and the the obamas final tree lighting ceremony. h a with a preview of the star-studded event our owned evo bright shining star miss annie yu. good morning. awe.porter: how so sweet allison.on good morning to you.od mning t
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yeah, it's been going on for 94 years.ea it started back in 1923 as a a small community event and since then every president has participated in this eventn th every year.isevy ye it's sump an exciting time initi the nation's capitol.apit. how lucky are we to be part of it. thousands will be gatherings here. this is a ticketed event.willgs it is nota ticket opened to the public. back in october they held aoc lotttoerbey and i know last yeaa the national park service gavega out about 3,000 tickets.ickets so, keep that in mind.n m it is not opened to the public but y news at 5:00 tonight. tonight we will be doing the flip of flf the switch live on the air so lv be sure to tune in withe us asa we show that. that. now, this is going to be a star-studded event.edve every year they have a great lineup of stars and if youtars u take a look there, you can see e olympic medalist simone manuelml is going to be she's going to be appearing with the first lady which iss an amazing role that she's playing. she'll take to the stage with the first lady michelle obama. they'll have somdye m remarks aa then you'll also have kelly k
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season one of american idol. phenomenal vocalist yolandat yoa adams will be gracing theng t stage and mark antony and thentn list really does go on and thehe big host this year is eva eva longoria.longia. the beautiful eva longoria isria going to be here in the district sewn it's just going to be a spectacular event witheh lots to see even from then from comfort of your home so don't s worry we've got you covered. cor and the lighting ceremonyg ce really is a unique experience. it's just grown over the yearso and it's n televised and what typicallyypal happens is the president and the first lady take to the stage sta and they'll do the flipping of the switch, they'll have a fewty remarks. officially kicking offer the off the holiday season here in theon nation's capitol and of's pitn course with events like thiss ls when you have thousands of h people gathering here in the nation's capitol,avhe secriuris very tight. tight. you have multiple agencies involved, u.s. park police, pol, d.c. police, secret service,ervi so please, if you are coming c
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back packs, weapons, firearms and the usual things at home. hm you can't even bring your ipads to this events so keepo k that in mind. at's the very latest heretest from northwest, annie yu fox5 local news. >> maybe we can see chance thent rapper warm up or something somi this morning. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. well, okay, so here's theorteer deal. they're not real being forthcoming with a lot ofoming h info. fo we understand a lot ofnder celebrities had sound checks last flight but it did rain as well so they might make a appearance today. but chance the rapper 23-year-old from the south side of chicago doing hist chans thing and he's giving back tog a the communities especially inite those under served communities so we're big chance the rapperhr fans here. >> yeah, we are. >> reporter: back to you in the studio.ter: bthe stio. >> hope fell -- hopefully we get a glimpse. glimp >> as the president-elect gets-e set to begin a thank you tore tonight, word this morning m that sarah palin is being b considered for a cabinetet potition.
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it's 6:11. >> ?? >> done drum kicking off a special thank you tore tonight in cincinnati ande drank he anv president elect mike pence visiting states where theyy won. they'll talk about the carrier r
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of indiana. indna the election recount beginsgi today in wisconsin, the first tr recounts in 16 donald trump won wisconscoinun b a less than one percentage percg point over hillary clinton.ry ci >> sarah palin apparentlyarah being considered foral a a possible cabinet position as the secretary of veterans affairs in a facebook post the former alaska governor postedos a link to an abc news article. c she raved about donald trumpd tp also and included a messagege for her medal of honor hon recipient >> first on fox5 virginiairst oo na live in the loft later thisloats morning. he'll be with us for his first t live sit down interview with a local station since lost hisosth bid for vice president andr vi that's coming up at 7:30 this morning right here onoming fox. >> looking forward to it.rd >> uh-huh. >>t't's 6:13 now. you don't want to miss this. th. a sneak peek at the victoria secret fashion show. show. >> here is a sneak peek sneeek outside as we head to break onro this thursday morning.dayng live look at reagan nationalnal airport. temperatures pretty mild out there, in the midures 50's. weather and traffic on the 5's
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>> take a look at a couplee a trouble spots out there when it comes to traffic. onespotit c on 66 and well 295 s problem. let's check in with erin comok r right now. n she'll steer us aground that's right. we'll start you off with the breaking news. s outheabound aki very seriouser crash just before burroughs bro avenue northeast.avenue northea. d.c. fire letting us know fourno cars are involved and theyy have the mass casualty taskasuaa force on the way to that way tot location. right now all traffic on to the kenilworth terrace exit. this is causing standstill traffic from 410 all the ways ca down to burroughs.s. 50 inbound because a lotecau of folks trying to get onto ont 295 respect stopped.espect stop. are you at a standstill from f 202 to 295. to 2 i would say your best bet give yourself a lot of extra time lot if you're heading inbound fromnb the top of the beltway detourhey at 410. 410 give yourself extra time to timt get through those secondariesons but avoid 295 right now.. again that huge crash closing all lanes of the southbo cunlod
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we have aar freeway crash c southeast-southwest freewaye westbound at south capitolunth street. that's going to be causing some big delays, 395ay 3 completely stacked across the 14th street bridge. want to take a look14 atht clarl barton there has reopened betweenet chain bridge road and glennd gn echo. some overflow traffic asc things get back to normal but nt that fatal crash investigationen they had it shut down for earlier this morning again hasnh cleared and traffic moving. mov let's take a live look outsidesi and show you that camera on 66. bad news here for my commuterser you can see some firstst responders out of their vehicle. out o righ t now two right lanes are blocked, two left lanes get buying but a vehicle also blocking that leftng but shouldl traffic is at a crawl from 234 prince william parkway throughau 50. you need at least 45 extra a minutes to get through thatst 4a area. area. we'll certainly keep youl posted on that. o ou to our maps nowce. we also have some metro delays for you. y green line is single tracking ta with a disabled vehicle ofa di disabled work you may see an overflowdisa ofw traffic on the yellow line asina
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track work impacting thempacng t orange and silver.r. hey mike at least are you l reporting no rain for this f t morning rush.h. >> erin somebody needs to get you a coffee.e. you are one of the hardest working people of the year.le o. >> are you >> i volunteer someone downstairs a little later. y i v weather-wise not nearly asr-wisl busy as the traffic that's fory sure.e tr we were busy yesterday.esteay reagan national picked up .38-inches of rain dulles setf e a record over an inch of rain o at dulles.s. badly needed.y neede rain is heading out. o in fact december, welcome toel december by the way startser byh nice and sunny and it will getti a little breezy this afternoon but definitely don't need theni umbrella as you head oteut today for the first time in aboutt tio two days here. here. big storm system over the or great still bringing some snowfallwf to detroit this morning and aitt lot of snow up towards maine. good news is things arehinow upe clearing out here.ere. again we're dry and we'rey and e heading for sunshine this afternoon you can see as weoon o zoom in here just some clouds s left over the mountains andouai that will probably stickill prot around through the day todayicky but no shortage of sunshine here in washington and for thea surrounding areas.ounding 54 here in washington button let's take the bigger view bger here 'cause you can see what'seo
6:19 am
here across the center of the country. 37 in chicago thischicago ti morning, 36 in detroit. detroit. all that will be pushing its wil way in our direction overtion about the next 12 to 24 hours here and by tomorrow morning we're waking up to temps in u the 30's and 40's around the arh region. quick look at futurecastre showing a whole lotc of nothingt except clouds still stickingilln around over the mountains evenua as we head into the weekend. the sunshine is still going to best sticking around until sunday. we'll s out here as we head throughd t the next couple days.the ne58 degrees for a daytime highh today sun is back, cooler and ad breezy.. fox5 accuweather 7-day 7 forecast here. 58 for your thursday down tosdao 52 for friday.da weekends cool but dry on tuturday. some clouds and maybe a lateudsa shower on sunday.t we will keep our eyes on that.n all right, that's a check of c f the forecast. steve and allison, over tor you.yo nk mike thanks. a lack of sleep is> a affecting more than just ourre health it's also hurting theurtt economy. ec new study out. we'll take a closer look next.t.
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is business bee dropping in ons us. we now have the opportunity tobi drop in on him.n one in im. his north pole home is now listed on zillow so you canso y check it out for yourself butouf it is not for sale. >> okay. >> it was constructed in thes co 1800nss but remodeled threeedhre years ago and it sits on 25 acres three bedrooms tworoom baths and it's described as a toy lover's paradise.e. >> stone fireplace is to die t for. >> if it were for sale the estimate value about $657,000.6. >> you can't put a price tag
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neutrogena?. "see what's possible." >> first though a check of thehg markets. joining us from the fox business networkining studio lu simonetti. happy thursday. allison. allison happy gateway to the week. gatet how is ito th going.t goi >> i know that's right. i k doing well thank you.noing wehak
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>> reporter: we had ahad 9 percent pop in oil yesterday e on the opec deal that did notpe help the stodeck market out.ark the dow up two points, that's it. it the nasdaq saw 1 percent. nonetheless november awesomeve month for stocks. youmot i have to tell about december because it is i s the first day of december? embe? it's also an awesome month for stocks historically. each averagethstoc will gain abt one and a half percy bring itg on. people making money this year. y >> i love. that let's talk about the cost of sleeplessness. s we know what it does to our o bodies but hurting the bo line as far as the economys the going too. >> reporter: yeah. there's a >> study out of you're'r trop finds two things.op numb fer onein, your sleeplessle nights cost your boss money,oney lost productivity at least a million days lost, $411 billion and productivity lost because you're notst sleeping bec about eight hours t night. and as for your health your mortality risk goes ups 13 percent if you don't geton'tg between seven and nine hours. hu you don't get between seven and nine hours. >> no.
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>> i don't.orte fa reporter: how many did you get last night. >> i don't -- five and a h half. steve is pick of putting up autp big four. you know what, new year,ea that's like number one on myoneo new year's resolution list i lis got to do that for myself. mys >> reporter: amen.ter: >> let's talk about what we's tu also should be doing,t wh meanii splurging on things like l 3 million-dollar bras at the victoria secret show in parisn p this year. >> reporter: um, no, becauseo, u it's very uncomfortable.omfortab the victoria secret model who wore the $3 million for the victoria secret fashion show, s the iconic show being thrownhr ever. it was so heavy because it had 450 carats of gemstones on it oi that jasmine said it reallytea hurt her shoulders.ulders. it's an honor to wear a 3 million-dollar bra. >> 450 carats. car >> reporter: pretty models. pred good morning. 9,000 gemstones. >> does anybody ever buy thosehe i wonder. >> reporter: i would have ran out the door with thateport >> that's a funny image, too. t lauren thanks so much.uren one more alarm clock.rm c
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>> reporter: yeah, baby.epor see you then. >> ciao. >> definitely don't want to cover it up with a t-shirt.initi >> don't want to cover it up u at all. >> what say you young mike. mik >> if i had it on i would rund around with it as well.h >> now that's a funny image.funa what's going on out there.n oute >> all right, it's moret's more sunshine today than we had thehd last couple days. no more rain in the forecast.ors want to get the kids offer togeh the bus stop on a good notee ki this morning. 40's north and west. a wes 50's here in the district to t s start. off to a cool start, cooleroole than the last few days.da by the aer you'll notice the difference. de lots of sunshine butnshine t temperatures in the 50's around theerat region here withe breezes picking up. again 54 here in washington right now, 46 in gaithersburg. 4 here's your pinlanner for the fe day today. 54 at 8 o'clock. o'c 56 by the 1 o'clock hour andou by 4 o'clock, 57 degrees. 57 gr >> are we warmer than usual december 1 or no?o? >> we're right about -- maybe m a degree or two but we're w right about normal. >> okay. g to remember thisberhi steve for next year like whenikw
6:26 am
10 degrees.ik >> i feel like it's januarye nuary usually but mike's the experts e but i do remember erin last las christmas eve 70's degrees. >> uh-huh.h-huh. >> crossed fingers for that,ger, too.o. and clear traffic. it's terrible out >> oh, juster terrible allison.. we'll start you off with breaking news out of fairfax. braddock road closed for a gas leak between monroe andetwee montgomery because of that, we're seeingoft a ton ofhat, w congestion in tht area. try to keep it to edsall road or your other secondaries inonei the area. are as we forward our maps for aapsf look at a really serious crash here he involving at least four cars c and several very serious injuries. juries d.c. fire has requested a mass casualty task unit to head to h this accident accid we're going to keep you're g tok updated on it but right now now all southbound traffic beingtrce diverted to kenilworth terraceer exit. because of that, traffic is at i a standstill on 295 from thefr t beltway all the way down d through cheverly as 295 gets into d.c. 50 is also completely backedelyk up from about 410 to 295.o 2
6:27 am
highway, exiting at central a avenue if you're heading intont the southeast area or perhapsera suitland parkway is a best bets or taking the beltway up toayp t route one but a lot of extrat or time needed. more traffic in a few. f >> it's 6:27 right now. it is still an active scene in alexandria. >> scene an overnight>> scene av we'll have an update for yough aup next.da >> what's going on in philly? hi why last flight's sixers gameame was canceled.
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>> ?? >> 6:30. welcome back to fox5 news morning on a thursday morning. looking at traffic om troublee ba a tro this morning.. 66 eastbound at 50 at fairfaxrfx county parkway massive delaysay due a crash. cra it just cleared. that's the good news there. 295 southbound serious injuries reported. erin will be in at 6:35 with 6wi the details as well as mikee with an update on our wea just a couple of minutes.utes meantime clara bartonmeantie parkway back opened after a deadly crash caused it to shuthu down for several hours this this lanes were blocked from chainroc bridge to glen echo. the crash caused the car to catch fire. police are investigating whattii happened here. meantime in alexandriaaleri police investigating after after man was that found dead just before 9:30 last night in old town, alexandria.le the victim's body located locat after officers were called tod the 1200 block of colonial colon
6:31 am
police say the victim is 41s years old and not a residents rn of the city.ity. that's all they're saying at sa this time. and in prince williamil county now this woman wantedwome for murdering a man in front in of a grocery store in manassas police say core dray jackson was involved in a fight with w roberta brandon and anotherbr man in the food lionan parkingar lot on tuesday evening.. jackson wall was shot and shot later died at the hospital. >> three cars vandalized theirae swastika the word racist, trump and other words on theirhe cars. police believe the family's political affiliation may haveai been the motive here. so far nobeen t more bad news for metro. aggravated assaults are up by 28 percent on the system thistet year. year and according to a report, metro will present today, the majority of perpetrators ands d victims are young men. m metro says the major motiveotiv tends to be arguments orum robberies or attempted
6:32 am
today the board is also expee rictedda ty tho vote for r time on a late night serviceserv cuts proposal. popo how about some good news? let's head over to the white house ellipse now where holiday spirit will be merrye m and brighton night for therighth lighting of the white houseng o christmas tree. t it is the 94th year that thethat tree has lit up in washingtonng in a tradition dating back to president calvin coolidge.encalg tonight's ticketed event will el that feature star-studded performances. it's all kinds of music tonight from the lym nears to ns garth brooks and triciaks a yearwood to chance the rapndpere will be and there so many morese and it's emceed by the lovelyy actor eva longoria. lgo all right. steve, over to you. >> fantastic. james taylor too tonight andht whole bunch of people in town. overtime in oklahoma city. wizards put up a good fight on the road bt ut came upup a littl bit short.bit before the game it was a standingre t ovation for headd coach scott brooks going backgo to oklahoma city for the first t time since he was fired in
6:33 am
let's get to the game. fourth quarter bradley beal b knocks down a three.owt final seconds though thel su lead three russell westbrook hits a clutch three pointer to tie the gamere at 105. that tours forces overtime. dematha grad hitting a three t and wizards could not answer.ns final score 126-115. 126-115. westbrook 35 points, hisbr fourth sootraight triple-doubleb playing well without kd ind oklahoma city. cit last night a bizarre situation the sixers r kings game. the game had to be postponedad e due to p condensation on thehe court. the outside temperaturess combined with the hockey ice underneath the basketball baskel hardwood left the floor so weto couldn't play on it. on can't run, can't stop. nobody could figure it out howuh to fix it. i after an hour delay the game g was finally postponed. >> this never happened. >> bizarre.
6:34 am
league baseball involvingolving smokeless tobacco.okelesto league and player unionuendp agreed to ban klug tobacco for f all new it will be a grandfather gnd clause.clause. the ban won't apply toppplyop current major league player. smokeless tobacco banned in several ball parks includingks i here in d.c. emergency eye surgery mayury keep the minnesota vikingstaik head coach away from the sidelines and his team set to take on the cowboys in minneapolis. there in time to coach his teamf .thin t te redskins heading tore hea arizona. despite the loss to dallas on thanksgiving kirk cousins and cs company very impressive.ssiv cousins says he's ready to doreo it all over again now from the phoenix area. aa. >> i've always believed thatveha people may forget how youho you start but they always rememberem how you finish.h. and what a great opportunityor for us. it's not going to be easy.o beas it's going to be a challenge cln but we've positioned ourselvesue now to have a greatve opportunity to finish strongro
6:35 am
>> finally al i know you'llw y hate this story because d.c. d.c just doesn't get any respect.nys >> true. >> >> finally every team in the nfl received a refresher refresh course on exactly where the district of columbia is located.loted. >> what. >> yes, that it's a reales place., it all started when a redskinss fan wanted to bye from a vendor at new jersey's metlifesf stadium he gave him his id handed over his d.c. driver's. r license and the vendor thoughtdu the district of columbia was ofw in colombia as in south in america and said sono go i neede a pas beer. last i checked most people che don't take their passports toirs a football game.tball game. >> that person should beha fined.t be >> d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton got involvedinvolv complained to the n. the nfled t sent out a picture of d.c. licenses to show workers to prove that yes, in fact, d.c. dc people are legitimate walkingng talking human beings.ei >> this is what i'm saying this is what i believe in life. fe sometimes you have to put theut onus on others because of of
6:36 am
>> yeah. >> like you get in trouble forue something. no, no, no but it's all about taking ownership. that's ridiculous.ulous. >> d.c. license doesn't it have like the american flag on n it. >> well, it does sort of look like -- it looks -- it looks- is different if you doyne knowen what the district oft if distrim you don't know what the district of columbia is -- is washington, d.c. where the president lives. >> where the president lives. [laughter] >> anyway. the p >> we dealt with this at the t.s.a. a year ago. now it's beer sale another vendor and got a beer.n. >> yeah, but it's frustratingrua though. >> right. >> your legitimacy is being questioned, mike. quth.n't have that.r legi >> no.>> >> all right. all right all right, weather time ir ti guess. >> okay. >> are you calm. 'm g'm good.>> a >> all right. aht. you're cool under pressure. >> put the onus on them. the >> satellite and radar thisndart morning sunshine coming backg b this afternoon. afternoon. hey, we had a lot of rain theha past couple ofd a days but we'w
6:37 am
tomorrow, saturday.morr looking at temperatures right now 54 degrees here in washington. 48 at dulles.t es. 46 at gaithersburg.thsb 50 at baltimore.tire hey, national tree lightingigg tonight. bring a jacket.tonibrg a jack i don't think it's nearly asek a cold as it's been the paste past couple of times. low 50's. that's really not that badt considering there have beene ha times where weaver been out there in hats and gloves in gloe the teens and 20' here's your fe orecast fororec today. to 58 degrees. d no precipitation tonight.tion tt >> awesome. >> we're in the clear. little breezy this afternoon. 52 more sunshine t we'omorroree >> all right. >> thank you mik >> nice.ic let's check in with erin takeh e a look at roads this >> right now steve dealing with some serious problems on the roads. 6:37 righte seri now.ow. bob barnard just getting to this scene.. 295 and southbound shut down.n. all lanes blocked because ofse app serious injury crash involving four vehicles.ehicle look at the amount of first ofi responders out there. you canu n see some of the vehiclesme involved. we're getting reports severalevl serious injuries. in fact,seri d.c. fire departmet has called out their mass casualty task force totyask investigate as well.s w all traffic right now -- look l
6:38 am
other red car just incredibleibe pictures. pi this is the first live lookcte o we're getting from thatm location. traffic on 295 southbound southo backed up from the beltway down to the closure pnt they're diverting all traffic ta to kenilworth terrace exit.xit. i would avoid 295 southbound.thn pick any alternate you can to ar get around the city.around city. but this is not an area where you want to be sitting parkedtie where you're forced to divert onto kenilworth avenue terraceea again just a serious crash.justa at least fou sr cars out there.e looks li a well all blocking there left the side of the road and all ofroadl the fire department just investigating. sizable amount of debris on the road as we're working on getting me oroe details on the amount of injuries involved and if therevh are in fact any confirmedonfi fatalities at this crash so wess will that certainly keep you updated on that.t cedated hat. again bob barnard gatheringathei more information right now atig the scene and we'll bring you b a live update there as soon as it becomes available.le let's go ahead and switch back to our maps right now. now aside from that serious crashusc that we are tracking, i wanted n to talk a little bit about howit
6:39 am
through largo. taking the beltway instead of bw sitting in the backup on 50 o through cheverly that isugh backing um from the beltway to 295 because of that closure, ili would say taking mlk jr. jr. highway maybe taking the ting beltway down to central avenue or suitland parkway or takinging it north on the outer loop upe e to route one. any way you cut it give yourself a lot of extra time.ot delays on route one picking up g as w if you're taking metro app met disabled work unit outside u out street single tracking on theinc green line u street to u et t georgia. on braddock road in annandale. that's reopened. rpe back to you. >> erin thanks. a lo>>t of jokes over the o years about the music of theout rock band flick kellback. kellb now -- nickelback. music may be used as a form of punishment. >> holiday employeesolid photograph a service member -- message from a service memberem overseas. >> i'm currently deployed in bagram afghanistan.
6:40 am
holidays to my friends in montgomeryville maryland. happy holidays and i'll seelidai
6:41 am
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>> 6:42 right now. here's what's trending on thehan web on this thursday morning. m california national guard troops reordered to repay thousands in bonuses they got 10 years ago ys will no longer have to pay up. . congress agreed to waive thatwah payment. tomorrow there will be a vote in the house on the mea thesurea followed by action in then the senate. mastering chess may raremayr the patience of job but this takes the cake. c a match at the world chessorld c championship ended yesterdayship after a not hours, 19 days., 19 d it ended in a tie that went tott a tie breaker round after 19 af1 days i guess that's what you do. do. finally depending on youry pendn musical tastes maybe you lovetay nickel back maybe you hate nickel back maybe you lover this idea or hate it. a town inthis i canada where nil back is from trying toying t discourage drinking andge drig n driving. they say if you get caught cau driving drunk cops won't just wt charge you they'll also forceou you to listen to nickel bac theb while you're going jail to are
6:44 am
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor with confidence. >> 6:46. want to get to bob barnard on the scene of that accident on 295. it looks horrible,get toe bofob what happened?what hap >> reporter: yeah, well, it wel, looks like a rear ends e collision with one car goingithg on top of another. ather they're actually moving prettyrt quickly here to clear this roadway. all of the lanes, this is, s southbound d.c. 295 remain5emai closed but not for long.or l you can see this white carhis wh
6:47 am
this tow truck backs up you'll u see the red car that hadad slammed into it.t. the red car went under it, thet, little car was up above it. i we understand two people hadeoe to be rescued from the redm the car. a total of 10 people have gone g to the hospital from thisomhi accident because you had this ti red car hit this suv and then beyond that, they've pulled itul away here, we can't see it s it right now but behind this tow t truck there was also a van, a regular van and the driver of the van you can see him downcaei here kind of leaning against agt the wall, he did not want t talk to us about what happenedt but he was drivingha the vanhe v which was rear-ended by two other cars. we're told one of thee to o persons -- the people who was injured here is in criticall condition. another one in seriouserus condition.ndit the other eight are going tore g be okay but they have like aike mass casualty bus in whichhi they loaded all these people the and they have now all thelhe victims here besides thishi young man who was the driverhe d here again who didn't want to wt tell us what happened, everybody else has been takeny away and you can see down ttahe
6:48 am
here at nanny hill burroughs bro avenue which is just below us. w it's the bridge over nannyan helen burroughs. there's a ton of traffic t backed up almost we're told d.c. 295 past 410 and what have you. there are ways to get out and gete ways around it but a lot ot people are stuck behind it. beh. looks like d.c. 295 northboundoo is moving clearly because ofly o the median here.dian h you really can't see much so not a lot of rubber necking nki going on here but they're while all three lanes are now an in the shoulder -- and the shoulder are closed.lder a clo they're about to reopenpe southbound d.c. 295 in the5 in city which is going to help aelp ton of people who are tryingrin to get into the city guys.nto ty for more on what's going on onn our roadways around thear region, let's go into theou studio to my colleague erin to como. erin. >> thank you,myrinmo. bob. b six another 48. great update. again 10 people in ple inin that crashj. 295 southbound still remains rai shut down and right nown and riw they're diverting all trafficrac to kenilworth terrace exit and a
6:49 am
patiently waiting for thingshi to reopen.eo they're stuck between thehe closure point where they'rere diverting traffic attraffic at kenilworth terrace andce a burroughs avenue where thes av crash s now traffic is actually backed up on 295ked up5 southbound all the way to thellw beltway.beltway. folks are just parked out there crawling along, speeds spe under 10 miles per hour.r 10 it's also causing ang a overflow of traffic on 50 fromno that basically 410 to 295. 295. that's parked as well.d asell. so if you're trying to getyore t around that my best advice tot v you taking mlk jr. highway, higw maybe tacticking the over to kenilworth -- excuseh -c me passing kenilworth taking the beltway to suitlando itla parkway. we'll let you know as soon ass s they're able to open any lanes of traffic. traffic. there's a live look of folks off trapped right now in theped backup where the closure pointrt is. they got there before they were able to diverott t trafficc the kenilworth terrace exit. so they are just patientlyt pat waiting right now.waitin you may have friends or family who were on 295 southbound earlier this morning runningunni very late at 6:49.:4
6:50 am
back to our maps right now. s n. that's not the only big problem we're dealing with. 270 southbound this is just a whole lot of congestion rightstt now from that 70 down to you can see the you're the you heaviest past the truckav scales. about a 35 minute delay from that 70's to the spur. want to take a live lookiestk35 outside at 66 if you're comingem in from virginia because of anf earlier crash 66 eastbound at a 50 cleared.50 cle delays are easing but you'reg bu still jammed back to prince p william parkway with at leastthl a half hour delay. day more traffic in a few. aew mike, at the least we have hav clear weather conditions this >> yup, weather is not nearly nl as rough as the traffic is outsr there, erin.n. keep working thank you for everything youu f do. sunshine to start december.ecr. much, much quieter than then the past couple of days have been,vb no rain in the forecast here.ecr dry and breezy conditions fromt time to time later on thiso afternoon. as we head through the next couple of days we're going toti head t we'reoing to keep sunshine in the forecastsh but on the cooler side ofine sio things.thin more typical of early december m feel as we head through theough course of your friday,da saturday. next chance for a few showersrs maybe sunday afternoon but b sunday's looking better andet
6:51 am
watch it here but for now heren is a look at your weekendhe yr e 50 degrees on saturday, just aas few clouds out there. there then upper 40's for sunday. sda again, it will depend on justd n how much sunshine we're able sun to get.le right now looks like showersho later in the day but again weuta could take those out of the forecast if trends continuesndsn to move drier. satellite and radar out theree rightand now big storm system g over the great lakes.ak that's pushing its way off to ot our north not worried about itut here. skies are clearing. car sun is coming out.ingut beautiful sunrise out there sohe far this morning. mni temperatures respect fallingures 40's. martinsburg 48 this morning, frederick 48 as well but nono 30's out there quite yet.. manassas 41 good morning to you. 41 to leonardtown 48. 54 in annapolis as well ass here in w downtown d.c.own d.c over the next few days high pressure is going to slidinggois in. that will keep a northerly breeze. br it will bring p cooler air.ler it will feel more likere li december but no shortage of sunshine with conditions aons a little breezy today andttle tonight but then b by tomorrower we'll get rid of the 58 degrees today.egre
6:52 am
time during the afternoon hours. tonight chilly, dur 4in0 ndegrer here in the district. that means 30's for the suburbs so get ready to 21 t dell up. heading out for christmas cs tree lighting i think you'll need the jacket. t j your fox5 seven-day forecastec 58 today, 52 friday.rida weekend right now not lookingki too bad. that's the forecast. allison and steve, over to,ve youly. >> thanks mike. happening today, officials in g irfax county will host a ribbon cuttingtodax ccouneremoo celebrate the completion ofate the new lorton vre stathtionti park and ride project. it's an expansion project thati spaces, new pedestrian connections and lightingesecons improvements.provents hopefully that will help outilhp with the commute. >> to montgomery county amogome special retirement party forty one member of the finest. fin lieutenant thomas jacocks the longest serving police officer at a single agencyff in theyn t state of maryland. myland. he turned in his badge lastadges night after 61 years. he says he is still not takingog a break though. he plans to continuestinu volunteering for the force. probably his car just driverser
6:53 am
>> right. going to the store ended up at work. >> right.>> r. >> happening in the district mayor muriel bowser and its department of health announce a plan to end therimu hriivelnth epidemic. >> this comes of course onn world aids day today where there is also a push fromaidsisa grlsoups arouno da tpuhe worldo stop the spread inn a video message president barack obamaid spoke about the success we'veen made in recent years. >> more americans are gettingic linked to care faster and living longer healthier that's why building on thelding work of my president george w. bush we'vewe quadrupled the number of people receiving treatment.ment we're now supporting over o 11 million men, women and children across the globe with lifesaving anti-retro viralving treatment a and i've committed'd the united states to increasing that number tothe nearly 13 million people byn peb the end of next year. >> president obama of coursebams annual hiv cure summit set toet be held today in san francisco. 's leadingngworld
6:54 am
give updates on recent recen progress towards a cure for hiv. a possible vaccine test is i under way in south africa. aic the world health organization fledged put an end to aids by ty the year 2030. >> philip morris consideringon not making cigarettes at all.ll. after decades of selling marlboro and parliament theen te company is looking to shift shi its focus away fromm traditional cigarettes andtes a toward smokeless products. proct the company's ceo says philip pi morris is working on a not burn product that it hopes will hitrodu the market sometimt next year. >> 6:54 now and in today's foxof beat some good news for kanyeye west and his family.y. kanye back home after being in the hospital for more than ait r week of treatment for his mental condition break downow exhaustion, don't really knowon exactly what it according toac tmz though t they're saying a mental breakdown. sources say kanye suffered afere nervous break down triggeredeakd by the anniversary of hisnnivers mother's death. tmz says kanye is not out ofot o
6:55 am
ongoing psychological anding psc medicalho >> prince harry meeting thee har princess of pop yesterday attert an event marking 50 years ofkino independence for barbados. >> okay.>> the prince met the country's biggest star of course rihannaea twice in one day during the celebration, first at anatio fir afternoon event and then againna at a celebratory concert latercr in the evening. eni isn't that an awesome >> flies to meet you.t you flies to meet you again. >> all right. britishri to the royal says the pair's firstr's s encounter was actually ater s au surprise and that the prince a had nond idea she'd be at the midday gala. gala. >> that's a nice surprise.t'ce any time rihanna just kind ofndo shows up -- surprising.urising. great picture though.great >> great picture. young people changingtu the world. >> i like it. it.t.e >> erin good morning. >> skyfox over the closure ofheo 295 southbound just before burroughs avenue.outhbo traffic being forced off att kenilworth terrace exit toxi t take the service you can see the wide view of traffic that is just completely parked trying to parr access that service road. r a lot of folks just stuck in stn that backup. at right now we're seeing somee
6:56 am
service road again once they o get to that that point and get g ound.d. northbound side not dealingou with and s major rubber neck ded but with such a huge stretch of 295 southbound shut downn with major injury crash at least 10 injuries involved asnv bob reported as you can see they're working to get the road clear.. they towed most of the vehicles out of the way andand they're clearing debris. we'll let you know as soon asyo traffic starts moving again. agn in the backup because becse traffic is parked from thefromhe beltway to the diversion pointoi at kenilworth terrace we arece dealing with another crash.witha let's go ahead and t at our map. that crash in cheverly justt north of 50 again not helping h the situation. situation 50 inbound completely parkedetek from before 410 to 295 as a well. i would say mlk jr. highway inbound is a better bet. a bter taking the beltway on the outer loop up to route one rte o working your way through thehrot city that way. any way t you cut it right now t would avoid 295 southbound.oubo you're going sit in an hour of extra traffic. we'll keep you updated with updw team coverage. cover keep it to fox5 news morning.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
from the scene.he s. traffic is still backed up.dp. bob barnard is there. the erin has was need to getet around the scene. scene. >> donald trump kicking off atr thank you tore today ahead of annoyancing more details aboutet his deal to keep jobs here ins e the united states.tate >> meanwhile hot off thele hot t campaign trail formerorr democratic vice presidentialresi hopeful tim kaine joins usoins u live in the studio this hour h for his first live localal interview since his stunning stg loss for the vp ticket but his h political career far from over. he'll join us at 7: 30.0. >> first though it's beginning's to look a lot like b theehe holidays around the white use.e. look at those two gorgeous gorgu trees inside the white househi u right. it is thursday morning, december 1st, 2016. 26. weather and traffic coming upmig on the 5s at 7:05. 75. gearing up for a big holiday hod celebration this evening andis d we'll tell you all about it. yoa goodbout morning, i'm allison an seymour.ym >> and i'm steve chenevey. cve let's get to the breakingge news.t to a multgicar crash on 295 right right at burroughs avenue in a in


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