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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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from the scene.he s. traffic is still backed up.dp. bob barnard is there. the erin has was need to getet around the scene. scene. >> donald trump kicking off atr thank you tore today ahead of annoyancing more details aboutet his deal to keep jobs here ins e the united states.tate >> meanwhile hot off thele hot t campaign trail formerorr democratic vice presidentialresi hopeful tim kaine joins usoins u live in the studio this hour h for his first live localal interview since his stunning stg loss for the vp ticket but his h political career far from over. he'll join us at 7: 30.0. >> first though it's beginning's to look a lot like b theehe holidays around the white use.e. look at those two gorgeous gorgu trees inside the white househi u right. it is thursday morning, december 1st, 2016. 26. weather and traffic coming upmig on the 5s at 7:05. 75. gearing up for a big holiday hod celebration this evening andis d we'll tell you all about it. yoa goodbout morning, i'm allison an seymour.ym >> and i'm steve chenevey. cve let's get to the breakingge news.t to a multgicar crash on 295 right right at burroughs avenue in a in
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>> reporter: yeah, guys, guy well, the roadway is still closed.os these are the southbound lanesso here and you can see we've seen people out of you their cac backed up there. there this is as d.c. 295 southbound approaches burroughs avenueughse which is closed.ich people are out of their cars. if you look offer to the leftofo you see a lot of police down here on the roadway on then service road directing people around at this intersectionn sending them up on the service e road to benning road to get g them back on their way butay b we'll slow what is causing allw this.hi videotape from 6:30 this:3th morning a total of six carsx c involved. it looks like it was a chain cha reaction rear ends collisions co with one car, the small maroonmn sedan ending up underneath theat small silver suv.uv we're told two people had to be extricated from the red car c and then a total of 10 people pl were taken to the hospital.ospi. so, if you come back live now,ew i want you to come back livek le you see here police andolicend highway folks. f
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coming through. they've reopened -- these aresee the first people to now come past here southbound d.c. 295..9 i will tell you there is a lotat of glass in the in th they did not -- and fuel anduean other things that they have have not cleared, so they're justhey' going to let there cars clears r this off.. but 10 people taken to theo t hospital.hosp one one serious.ious. they brought a mass casualtyasua bus out here and again now itow is just now reopened.eo these are people who havearv been sitting there for aboutenge an hou fr oorr so guys waiting t get where they're going andng it's just reopening.'sust the studio to erin como. erin, what should people do? i mean, it's moving now but now there are going to be residuals i would imagine. >> that's right bob. in the delays there's tha a secd crash in cheverly at 50h inve blocking the right lane. rig lan so that is not helping folksng trying to get from the beltway y to this newly reopened stretch of 295 and southbound.und. and you can see a lot of folksfl who were forced to divert to dir the service road are stille roae waiting there. even though terhe 295 southbound lanes are opened a huge delay dl
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to exit before 33 opened allll those lanes waiting to getaing t around back onto benning road. still a large police presencee as they direct traffic. traffic once again even though 295 southbound is moving as bob as b mentioned, it's going to cause just a huge residual delayalel throughout the morning. let's take a look at our maps.up northbound traffic on 295,n 295, hey, at least that's lookingoo good. so as we switch to our mapsur m the second crash is just northto of 50 blocking the right lane.hl you can see traffic is stills si parked.park take mlk jr. highway in take tak the outer loop to route oneou o southbound. any way you cut it i would say you need at least an e commute.ut. steve. >> clara barton parkway backkwak old. after a deadly crash causedde that to shutad dowly cn for sevl hours. lanes blocked from chain from bridge to glen echo.n ech a car caught on fire. fe. police are investigating what happened.ed >> ?? >> developing overnight in the district, one person shot to to death and his killers are on aro the loose still.e loosstill. right now d.c. police areolicare looking for two suspects boths h men were wearing black jacketscj with hoods and black pants.ds ad
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the 100 block of irvingtongton street in southwest.we no word on a motive or what what led to this >> police in alexandriain alendi investigating a murder there. te a man found dead last night inn old town.d the victim was found afteroundft officers were called to theto t 1200 block of colonial avenueavn for a report of shots fired.ed police say the victim is 41 i41 years old and not a resident ren of the city.heit it is alexandria's seventhsevent homicide of the year. year. >> prince george's countynce police are qgeuestioning man whw may be connected to hour barricade situation.on this began yesterday afternoon o in upper marlboro with reports s of a break in and someone seo being held hostage. investigators later found a man outside the right now he is not n considered a suspect.. >> developing overnight inn washington state a-policetate ac officer shot and killed in theie line of duty. the officer responding to a barricade situation at a homen h in tacoma washington not farot r fr seaeattle. he was shot multiple times. tes other officers arrived on then scene they managed to pull him h out of the home but he laterbuhl died at the hospital.l.
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is still barricaded in thatcade home with a gun. g >> protests erupting overnight in charlotte north carolinaol following the decision not toth press charges in a deadly deadl officer-involved shootingr-in s earlier this year. yea yesterday a prosecutor saidtor officer bradley vincent was w justified in a shooting ofin o keith scott.h ott. now, the d.a. says evidencevidee shows that scott was armedas arm with a handgun and repeatedlytey ignored officers' orders. at the time of the shootingof to scott's family insisted he was reading a book in his car. >> turning to politics right rit now donald trump kicking offerrp a special thank you toreial thao tonight in cincinnatu toi ohio o where he and vice presidente prn elect mike pence plan to visitis the states they won with elections to rally supporters. r >> they'll be the indiana toal thdiscuss the carrier deal tol t keep jobs in the state. j anobs election recounter begine today in the state of wisconsin.on this is the first recount inecoi 16 years. donald trump won ah wisconsin ws by less than a percentagepercene point over hillary >> and just a reminder to hiler
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loft later this this. this will be his first liveiv sit down interview way local w station since he lost his bid b for the vice president position. >> before we get to weather we have a school get closing to pas along. monocacy montessori closedorclos today due to a sewer problemrobm but staff is expected to report on time. again that's montessori. let's check in with mike.ik >> happy december to you both. b >> that's >> first day of december and, oa yound, know, notify ended on aeo warm note. we had 60's yesterday.terday. not going to be the casein tog day. going to feel a little moree m decemberish but no snow or anything like that in theng l forecast just yet. we'll let the count down toikfoe christmas begin. temps outside right now 53 in washington. start consideringsiring it's december 1st.emr 1st. 46 for gaithersburg, 48 at frederick, 48 at westminstertmsr as well. good morning leonardtown
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culpeper you're cooler at 40 degrees. satellite and radar heree and de clouds have cleared out. h we're actavually offer to a very good start here.go now, clouds will hangl hang around for our friends out tout the west, west virginia,ginia, panhandle of maryland.yl here in d.c. should be mostly b sunny skies here's a check of your forecast with temperatures later on this afternoon nn's a witr on tstaying in the y 58 here in washington. little bit of a breeze frominerz time to time. cooler the farther north and far west you go. g we'll have a preview of the of t weekend coming up in just aust few minutes.w minut weather is quiet.weat traffic is not.affic is not. erin como is here with another o look at the roads.eoa going start you off way lookoo from bob barnard on the ground ground gathering more information.orma. 10 people injured in a sixjureix vehicle accident.clcid all lanes on 295 southboundthbo have reopened at burroughsroughs avenue.av all lanesen previously had beena blocked there.blocked the you can still see an overflow oo of traffic from the earlierer detour onto kenilworth terrace a avenue exit to get to the get te service road and just keep inuse mind these delays extendingxtdi all the way back outside the beltway to powder mill roadow even though all lanesalnes reopened.
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second crash in cheverlyn c blocking the right lane out by b 50. avoid 295. i would say thed beltway overele to route one or 95, taking thein beltway over to mlk jr. highway suitland parkway central avenue.y su avenue. 50 inbound dealing with a huge t delay as folks patiently waitnti to try to get to 295. t95 it's causing over an hour delay this morning. we'll keep you updated ondelay u thatpdat. that moving over to a look onn clarksburg road that is alsod th closed due to fallen powerlen pe cables between frederick and lewis road.s freeway a crash at the case thec let's move over to somethingr to happy. the national tree lighting.ight the pageant of peace ceremony taking place today at 5:00.:0 we have several road closuresres in place to that kick in ask in early as 2:30 in the afternoonnn and our own shinily star annie n yu is out there with the very latest on the festivities this evening. >> reporter: good morning erin. good morning, everybody. it's just an exciting time in orter: thge nation's capornian excitg. we look forward to this eachac and every year. it's been going on for 94 9
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tradition and we can't wait.d wt it goes down at 5 o'clock tonight here on the ellipse atsa the president's park and this ai is a ticketed event so if youou don't have a ticket, you cant, u watch it on tv. we're going to stream it live lv on air and online. is our web site andit of course fox5 news at 5:00 is i when you'll be able to see the flipping of the switch where this beautiful tree behinf dth e will be illuminated by the president and first lady michelle obama. mi looking atta she's a beauty, right or he.rado i , don't know. but it's 30 years old and just over 30 feet tall and it wasd iw planted here on the ellipsehellp back in 2012.n 2012. a lot of tlc goes into thisnto i tree and joining me now to nowo talk more about it andnd everything sunshine rounding rounding -- surroundingsurdi tonight's events is jenny aka a ranger jenny.en good morning. morning. >> good morning way. goo an exciting team. >> it's always an exciting time to kick offer the holidayay near president's park.
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ab different difrea design so talk about this so as dar's design. >> this year it's lit with 600 red, white bruin lights.te >> reporter: wow.ow >> it's decorated with stars and sugar plums.ugar plu it will look sharp when itn gets lit after 5 o'clock. 5 o'c. >> reporter: did i hear it'sr:id red white and blue. blue. >> red white and blue.ed w going with a patriotic themeotie this year but i think the treehe looks super great. >> reporter: it does everyte year.r: for those lucky enough to get tg the tickets back in october through the lottery, what doat o they need to know? is the the entrance still at 17th streetstt nort >> that's right, 17th streettr line up from e street north soto you'll have to walk all theal te way to the end of the line iff i you come from north towards towr the washington monument.onum make sure you come from the north. gates open at 3:00 p.m., closetm about 4:15. if you have a seat for at for ticket you got to be in your ber seat by four:30 or gets given away. >> reporter: okay.>> r >> butts in seats by 4:30. 4 bring your boots, it's a little muddy down here 'cause d it's been raining,ow bring yourr layers. it's going to be a little cool o be a this eve lningittle but overale going to be a great day and be r lovely evening. >> reporter: of course with w
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nation's capitol security is mostst. talk a little bit about what w they can expect when they get here, police presence. pre >> heavy police presence.sence. you're going experience someng road closures, 15th street, e 17thsure ss,treet from constitui up top new york avenue along with c, de and f between 18th and 17th plan ahead.he public transportation capitoln bike share. those are great ways to gete gr around get homwae from work if you haven't come in yet think about teleworking but if f you come down for the event ifvt you're attending the event and have one of throws tickets you're going to be screened at security. make sure you look at that proh e yoibited items list no bags, no purses.urse >> reporter: no ipads.epter: no >> no ipads but bring your camera, bring your layers and you're going to have a great time. >> reporter: you'll vang tatlue great time. that is a guarantee.'ll thank so much ranger jenny.enny. the closest metro stops for you is farragut north and a west. we keep that in mind if you are mdf headed but again as ranger jenny said butts in the seatsts
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>> good deal. good always a fun time of year. >> yes. >> kicks offer the festive season. we'll switch gears. new details just came out about thattails deadly plane ch in colombian that killedomt dozens of people. opeop what we learned about the troubles the plane faced moments before that tragicic accident. >> first vote on a newir schedule for late night metrotet service. time right now is 7:12. is:12. and we're back in just twoust
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>> ?? >> 7:14. thousands of people gathering for a memorial s of p in medellin tomedellin pay tribute to the brazilianrazn soccer team that was nearly neal wiped out in a plane crash. c new clues from the black box the pilotes fro reportedly requu permission to land due to fuel f problems. experts say the recording and the lacky th of an explosion upo impact could point to the
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>> federal prosecutors say arosa north carolina man has beenna hs arrested and charged with setting two of the wildfires wif roaring through parts of the zrz the rain from storms in thems region is helping to fight fig those fires. fes but it comes too late for many y who have just lost theirheir homes, their businesses and at a least seven people who lostos their lives in tennessee. tenne. president barack obama says heba is committed to providing thera assistance necessary to fightcen these thouth gngwn south getting a closer look at some of themef storms and suspected tornadoor that tore through alabama anda georgia. in alabama three people werepler killed. crews working to clear treesar t that toppled and blocked roads. parts of georgia residentsofia there working to clear trail t of downed light polesight poles shattered roofs and cars that just got crushed by fallen trees. >> ?? >> mike is here with a look at the weather. weath >> hello allison. >> happy december 1. a>> h d >> happy december 1 to you as dm well. look at that signs of decemberae
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>> are we going to see christmas season washington.hi >> it's my hope. >> can't wait. >> i'll wait.t. >> come on. com on. >> go ahead.ahe >> little preview. l >> i got to brush up on thesh u word actually.uall >> live look outside big stormto over the great lakes lookingoo like december across portionsorn of michigan this morning and a upstate maine as well. w here in d.c. not so much.uc we'll keep it clear and sunny s this afternoon andnoon a temperatures going to be goi cooling a little bit as we head through the next 24g a to hour 53 you were currents numberrrene here in washington. w there are 40's north and winds right now are not tooot bad but i did see just out toust the west they are starting to pick up.pick martinsburg last hour had aour a gust of 36 miles per hour. so, again, that's kind of what w you can expect later on this onh afternoon. af we're going to have thoseave t winds picking up just a littlega bit. here's a look at your fox5 looku accuweather r 7-day 58 for thursday, mostly sunny skies. continuing to friday butyinuing coolfrerid, 52 degrees. saturday cool as well with w visit degrees.
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it's looking's next l week very deserve with ah mix of 50's and 40's bouncing around but no snow on then seven-day forecast.ven-day >> all right, that's a littlefol victory that we'll take away i guess.gues >> small victory. >>nks. let's check in with erin. >> 7:17.>> 7:1 295 southbound has reopened reoe between burroughs avenue andburr benning road. but look at this backup. bac backed up traffic extends allxtl the way outside the beltway to o powder mill road as you try tol extends down to penronsylvaniaya you are parked. you can see speeds are nota aren even hitting 10 miles perlepe ho about an hour and 20 minu dteone of extra traffic i would say woy coming down from northernorth maryland take 95 southbound toou the beltway.the beltway you can use route one but ine would avoid 295 southbound.thbon we'll swift over from a viewa v of skyfox where we're taking aaa look at that parking lot andkina look at our maps.ou we have a second crash that isht in the delay.e del. it's out at 50 blocking ackg right lane so that is adding add to the delays.el 50 inbound completely parkedy pa from the beltway to 295.95 and we're starting to see outer loop delays as well
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inbound as well. so again even though thehe closure has cleared and it's reopened, 295 and southbound, 29 not a good bet for your bet f yr morning mmut in addition to that metro met delays still in a disabled work unit at u a street single tracking on theing green line between u and georgia. delays in both directions dectin there t we're seeing a lot of congestion building on ourtiin typical routes. we'll take a look around thedhe dmv next.ext. allison. >> thanks erin. a preliminary premi vote on a new schedule fore late night metro service.vice >> metro says it needs toeeds reduce hours starting n summer to allow time forimfo routine repairs and repairs maintenance. obviously not everybody agrees with that plan. ck iswi's melanie alnwi live now at metro headquartersdt with more.or good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning steve and rep allison. s a lot of people weighed in onn this. metro says that this proposal brought in more responses frompm the public than any other proposal that it has had on had its agenda in quite some it was an issue here, if you recall, when safe track began
7:19 am
general manage paul wiedefeld cut back on that it used to snatageyback opene ou 3 a.m. he says no more of this late night service because we needsee time for safe track.afe tra safe track will be donefe track sometime next summer they're w trying to figure nex out will ow service be restored but paul pau wiedefeld says no, we're notwe'r going to go back to things the way they were saying thatg t metro does need to claw backo cb eight more -- carve out eightig more hours in the special much schedule to makeur inspections and maintenance gets done on those tracks. we know that was part of the cause of the problemone that bef was not having enough right of o way access to do the minutes the and -- maintenance inspections.insp overwhelming there was oneelmi proposal that everyone even though most people said we prefer not to see service cutvi but if we have to have serviceic cuts this is the one that wene e would be willing to accept and what that looks like would bee
7:20 am
11:30 p.m. and then friday and a saturday from 5:00 a.m. -- friday is 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., saturday 7:00 a.m. toy 7:a 1:00 a.m. and then sundaysun from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. so, essentially right now metro open until midnight. so, during the week they would e be cutting back half an hour h during the week but they would d be restoring those friday andri saturdays to 1 o'clock in theng morn ting.s to 1 o now, a lot of people in d.c. aren't happy about this. t city council member jack evansrk who represents ward of restaurants and hotels in in his ward very concerned aboutcea people who need to use this late night service to get to sco and from work. he and the city council passedla a resolution saying they want wn metro to restore the late night service. evans also happens to be the chairman of the metro board.oa he is saying that even thoughnhh he doesn't like the proposale ta he might be willing to acceptlig it with some changes if there were a date certain when that late night service would beig restoredht. sstored so, today what we're hearingeea is there will be a vote in
7:21 am
anyone is going to try to makeom some changes to this very controversial proposal.ropo live at metro headquarters i'm melanie alnwick.s >> 7:21. a disturbing story out of thein district. take a look as three men hop h out of a car go into a storeto on 17th and u street in strt northwest then they pull out their guns 33 just startust t robbing the it happened last thursdayap around 11:00 in the mpeorneningi police are asking for yourskingr help in finding these suspects. rapper kanye west out ofer s the hospital this t what we know about hisknow aut h condition is >> first former vicevi presidential candidate and current virginia senator tim kaine joins usenti lviive rgin e studio. despite a surprising lossisinlo according to polls for the vp vp ticket his political career car far from over. he's getting ready to take ondye a congress under a trumprump administration.mira he joins us at 7: 30 for an interview you will see firstee r
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>> ?? >> 7:24 now. and we have some good news for kanywe the hospital for more than a week for treatment for hisntor break down or condition orditi o whatever he was going through. h according to tmz they say it was a nervous breakdown. bakdo sources say kanye suffered from a mental breakdownwn triggered by the anniversary anr of his mother's death. tmz says kanye is not out ofs o the woods yet still needs ongoing psychological andpsycho medical treatment.reat >> time to check in with mikeh m thomas and get a look att what's happening outside onpeni this thursday morning. good morning, t
7:25 am
happening after a couple daysple of rain december is going to gog be starting nice and sunny anduy dry. it will be a little breezy ase s we head towards the afternoon ar hours. starting out a little bit on the cool side as well. outcool 53as degrees here in washington. gaithersburg 46. frederick 45.5. martinsburg here 46 degreesgr where they just had a gust ofguf 36 miles an hour within thehouri last hour so again some of those winds heading in our direction for this afternoon tht do beerno 54 by 10:00 a.m. today,ay lots of sunshine.lo of by 1 o'clock 56 degrees.6 degr again we'll keep the breezes brz sunshine all day long. lg. 57 degrees and cool as we head a through the course of youre of u thursday afternoon.ernoon. weekend is almost can't wait. that's a check of the weather. r hardest working woman inrking ni traffic erin como on her wayay in. in. >> thank you mike. tha unfortunately for a lot ofunat commuters around the dmv need dn a lot of patience today.ofatie 295 southbound it's reopenedeo between burroughs and benning bi road after a serious injury iur crash involving 10 injuries0 inr and six cars has cleared. cared delays still linger frominr from powder mill road down insideil
7:26 am
pennsylvania. there was an earlier crash atlit 50. that cleared so at least allea l lanes on 295 have reopened.eone but 50 is completely parkedy from the beltway and it's actually causing an overflow o of traffic on largo up to 50. t i would say the beltway to either central avenue suitland parkway taking mlk jr. highwayrg n if you're on the top sideop outside the beltway in maryland i would suggest 95nd i southbound taking maybe route one into the city bu wtnd tak aa 295 and 50.nd if you have to take those t routes i would say givees i wouy yourself at lea hour to battle that congestion.esti 66 eastbound typical delaysoundl right now.ay right you're jammed from 234 princeric william parkway with a 45y with4 minute delay to the beltway.tway things start to ease after 50. . an earlier crash there did clear. northbound 395 jammed from edsaoull road tond the 14th strt bridge. there is a southbound crash at glebe road so you're hitting a t southbound delay that's atypical there. it's a 25 minute delay from the bottom of the beltway to the 14th street bridge.elay f belthen ostn the eastbound sidd the freeway we also have a crash at the case bridge. bdge.
7:27 am
towards the third streetasd str tunnel. as you can see 295 northbound nd wide opened and we're notd d we seeing any jam-ups on the 11th street bridge. brie. clarksburg road is closedd islo right now in frederick fromro frederick to louis road due to fallen power cables. 270 southbound jams up as jup a well. we so much traffic to gettrfic to through. more in a few.a few back to you.back tyou. >> erin thanks. still ahead hot off the campaign trail, former forme democratic vice presidentialsidt candidate tim kaine will joininn us live in the studio next. >> it is his first live local l interview since his loss forfo the the virginia senator looksat l back on the campaign trail andnl also looks ahead to his hopesop for a congress under a donald an trump administration.tration. you don't want to miss it.n'
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?? >> of course we stand with ourir teams during an election season. that doesn't surprise anybodyise but after election day theectioe public expects to us reach across the aisle that's what isw have done in my career inr i virginia and now in the senate. that's had hillary's trackrack record, too.. >> ?? >> no doubt been quite the yeare for virginia senator tim kaine.i most recently of course runningi alongside hillary clinton as th democratic vice-presidentiales nominee.minee >> following their defeat he'shd now ready to tackle a new aew congress, working under a donaln trump administration but before he doesbe that, senator tim kaie joins us live in the loft this morning for a look backth on his whirlwind political year andtica what's to come. 're so thrilled you've taken time out to be with us today. wd >> it's great to be back withgr you ssed yed you.
7:31 am
feeling? it was, you know, 12 round fight.ig >> yeah, i mean i did the 10000 5-day version, not the two-yearr version.rsn. so 105 days i went to 40 statese i went to about 140 cities andie my wife and i together because u my wife campaigned full-time too we did 950 events in 105 days i was a whirlwind a lot of goodot memories a lot good friends.en obviously disappointed in then e out come but really proud ofud virginia. vi we did very well in virginiarg d vote. the same as winning thee election. i am back very focused on thenhe senate and while i'm disappointed certainly it makesd it easier to get o cveerr the te disappointment like just have ta get right back to work that's wh the best thing.hi >> we want to talk about thatlka moving forward. when you went through the entirr campaign obviously it came downe to you that one night, electiont night. >> yeah. >> take us through your emotional swing that night and a what you were feeling. feeng >> i really was holding my expectations down. dow
7:32 am
she's trying to be a woman a w president and we never had one, and it's really hard to wino three terms in a row so i kept k telling everybody i don't care what the polls say you're the'rh underdog. so i was holding my expectationa down but i'll tell you, the head fake that started me to feelo f pretty goodbye seven -- virginii polls closed at 7:00 we're thee first polls to close in thellse united states. 7:00 p.m. eastern by 7:45, i knew we were going tt win virginia and we were goingei to win by more than presidentdet obama did four years ago. a. we have some jurisdictions thats report real earl those and we say, okay, it lab good night.ight so i was able to tell, you know, the boiler room in brooklyn, bok we're going to win virginia byy significantly more thanore than president obama did four yearsfs ago. i think it will be good nightoog fours. then i started to get info a gog mood that was at 7:45 and by b 9:30 just because virginia isirs doing better that doesn't meandn other states are there was kind of a holding my expectations down.own starting to feel good about 7:45. 7: but win an hour and a half hal obviously we were looking at other states and it wasy wewas
7:33 am
you had told me we would winou w virginia by a bigger margin than president obama did, and we and would win the popular vote byy 3 million votes and still lose,l i would have said i'm in the ine sure that's possible.hat's ssib but that's the electoral elector college. that's the system we have. the . >> what was your conversationwat with hillary clinton like that t night election night?ight >> a number of so, you know, we were --w >> after you found out she would not be president of the unitedsi states what was the conversation. >> hillary is a very resilient person. i mean she has dealt with anea awful lot in her life. life. painful situations, dif situations. and she's got to philosophicalal perspective, you know, if you, u you've been given a lot of lot opportunities and a lot of goodd things have happened to you andp that's theened case, but you alo have to accept, you know, the tough things. i love my fate to the very coolc and right-hand. it's not all fruit. fit there's core and right-hand,ighn too. hillary understands that. that so we talked that night and obviously deeply disappointedap but she had an understanding oft it, and then the next morning m
7:34 am
introduce me i want to give a a concession speech. speh. the norm the presidentialdentl candidate gives a concession con speech with no introduction.ducn will you introduce me? i was ss glad i got to because i can sayy things about her that shet wouldn't say about herself, ande that she didn't say aboutut herself but i was glad i wasladw able to look, i'm proud to be oe this ticket.t. i'm proud to be hillary'slary friend. i'm proud that she, you know,at won the popularyo vote. v that she made history as the a first woman nominee of any party -- of any major the country's history. hisry while we didn't quite get theret i'm proud of the effort and, umu and we're continuing to, youo, know, to be together. tet we'll do some thank you eventsvt together here in the next couplp of weeks, and but there hadn'tt been a have a yann on a nationaa ticket a virginian politicalit figure since 1840 and so thatndo was also kind of a cool thing t just in terms of a little homehe pride.prid >> right. ot putn thut on the ticket partly because of me, but i alss put on the ticket partly because
7:35 am
it was important from 1780 to 1840 in national politic. pol it was unimportant for many forn years. virginia is important again toat both parties it's important.. both parties competed hard for f virginia and that will be thelle case going forward and i'm prour of that.wa of t >> let's talk -- we hate to harr on the election but having youco here is amazing to get into --n >> you guys are my first lifeirl interview way local station hern in d.c. .c >> love it. love it. let me ask you aboutlo this t recount evident.dent what are your thoughts on this?h >> well, you know, the clintonli team looked at the votes and looked at recount and we're nott going to pursue it, but when jill stein want one of the thiri party candidates decided to doeo it if there's going to be agoine recount we have to be at theweat table to make sure it's done doe right. that it's done fairly. fairl you know, i do think people are entitled to know that thethat t results are results that they tt can trust and that they canha count on. coun so if there's a recount, we havv to be at the table, and we are. and, you know, i think people pe are entitled to know that thetht results are fair. f
7:36 am
things during the campaign obviously, um ---- >> there were a lot of odd o things during this >> even with respect to voting.s during the summer, you know, you have the intelligence agencies e of the united states saying, sin that the government of russiaf i was trying to influence the outh come of the election especially hacking into a couple of stateol boards of elections.elect the boards of elections inardsel arizona and illinois. so if there's questions about was there some influence, it'sci important to put those to bed.. and we're very doubtl and yet it is important fortaor people to know the results are results they can trust. can trut >> i'm curious what your take is just because of the way thatau this entire campaign went, it'ss different from what lot of lot o people i think had seen inee i american politics leading up tot now. and for that reason alone it will stand out in history presidential elections.ions but when it comes to things like the recount now there are thoseo who say, look, thisw person wan elected by the democratic process.oces it should be left alone at this
7:37 am
from more people in either ehe positive or in negative ways i'm sure than you ever heard beforer represent having a have a now ah someone attempting to represent the entire nteatiomptin.ion. >> yeah.>> y >> what does that do for the future of politics? what does that do for the future of working together trying to haveo cohesive now on both sides ofido the aisle when there was a lot l of just it seemed like it's myy person, your person and there ii no middle ground?d? >> well, the most important ior thing that all of us can do whatever our role is to play tht role we can and reach across aisle. here's what i'm proud of.'s wha i came back to the senate thethe week after the election, and i i introduced a bill with marco rubio is bill to battle againstt anti semitism which is somethinm we're seeing sadly on thee seeig increase around the world. so i partnered with a republicai to put in a bill about a topic c think is really important. yesterday we finish the conference.conferen i'm on the armed services committee the single biggeste sg thing i work on every year is ya
7:38 am
bipartisan and i signedig conference report as a democratic member in the minority and bipartisan billsanb that likely will pass conferencc report in the house in the nextx day or two and in the next next ekek. the most important thing we cana do in whatever role we play jusa go right back to work, and findd areas of common cause. c there's going to be areas wherer i disagree with the president trump just like i'veev disagreed with president obamada who is a friend of mine.e president trump's first action i've disagreed with he asked thk house don' bill this year. instead punt it into next year.y i said that's really bad.y it's really bad for the nation's defense.defense you said that you were going to be a prowe militreary presidentb by pushing off doing a budget in december and appropriations bil which we should do, we have the time to do it, and saying no,g let's do it in march, let's dold it in april, let's do it in may, you're actually hurting the nation's defense.efen so here's my goal coming back i going to advance everywhere weew can and work with my colleaguesg in congress to do that acrossats
7:39 am
priority that is are important for america, priorities that art important for have a have.or haa >> back to work for virginia w speaking of the military ory defense you have the pentagon pa there. what a huge employer theuge emet pentagon is. >> right. >> how do you work to make sureo the jobs arerk to there and tha their paychecks stay? >> here's an example. in the defense bill>> her i said originally passed out of theut t senate over my objection, thereh was a provision that imposedt id what i thought were dramatic and really unjustified quote quote headquarters cuts. cuts. headquarters in just the pentagon i world, but there was a number ar for the cut that i just thoughtt it was entirely too large. l we worked really hard in thisnhi and the bill that's going get gg voted on reduces those tse headquarters cuts significantlyy there was a provision that was t going to reduce the basic housing allowance for dualor military couples. coupl we were able to get that out oft the bill. i'm really happy about that.o and we also got a ly h two-point 1%oint 1 pay increase for our military ir the bill that we'll vote on. vn. i'm really happy about that. abt the committee that i end up e
7:40 am
services committee and there'sne no state that's more connecteds to the nation's military mission than virginia, and i'm one of'me two senators have a child in thn military so this is like really personal to me, too. so this is an area where, youyou know -- the good news this is pretty bipartisan.san senator mccain our committee chair he and i work he we get g along great, we disagree on soms things bust we agree on most.. so i think back to your point,, steve, which is okay eye after a an election that was, you know, that was a divided one and every presidential election means thaa afterwards we've got to comee together but this one may be may more than most i'm happy i havev to place to play in the senatehs i'm on committee like armedike d services and foreign relationsio and the aging committee we sends to be bipartisan we can promote bipartisan solutions that's whah i'm trying to do.i' >> let me ask you about thate a though. i know as far as the future plans for senator tim kaine, asa you've said that you really reay don't want to be president innt 2020 but do you want to continuu to be senator in 218.n >> i do. you'll have a big target on youn now because of this push of gopg
7:41 am
right now. right no >> yup.>> yup >> how do you -- to changeha anything? do you do anythingo o different now just knowingnow jk you'll have big namedgam republicans gunning up against n you in 218. >> i've never not had a target.t >> this is a bigger target now.n with the entire country nowoury knows who tim kaine is.. >> when i ran for the senate in 2012, more outside money, outside virginia money by superr packets was spent against mein m than against anybody in historyo other than the presidential race that year. that now since then, sadly thatadly t record has been i think i approach this racehisr like i'll approach any race. r i have no idea how who my m opponent will be i'm considerinm this race the hardest race i'lll he have run. haveun but i have been a very happy senator.r i'm back a little sadder, ar, a little wiser but incredibly ire >> we did see your fire in thatt one debate. >> hey. hey >> will you stick we wantl yo to talk about movinv forward what you'll do as as >> absolutely. >> we'll take a short break and we'll be back with senator timai atkaine.
7:42 am
7:43 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
7:44 am
f the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ?? welcome back. 7:44. we're continuing our in . dep conversation with senator tim kaine. kaine. just fresh off the campaignff trail for the v tice-presidentil nominee.nominee
7:45 am
>> yes. >> i want to get to this, t because we're dealing withaling proposal that might stop service earlier and also metro is saying, hey, jurisdictionssdicts local -- you got to put money iy thot pot. where do you sit on this? thi >> well, i mean, first i've gotv a long history with metro when was governor, you know, we so depended on metro in that capacity, and now in the senate, as, you know, in the federal oversight and finding is important. the d.c. metro area doesn't worw without metro. i mean it'trs l runs on metro.etro >> right. >> i mean we've got to be metror that works and i give paul wiedefeld the new general manager who's been in a littleit bit over year i give him a lotil of credit.of cdit. he came in and realize we gote t major safety problems and goal a one people have to be safe, anda so this safetrack proposal thata he put on the table there were short term pains for a lot of fo people. but the system is safer as aer a result. so i give him credit for a solil first year of, you know, getting
7:46 am
i think he said so next year is about being good. first year is about being safe.f next year is about continuingtiu safety but being good. there's this tug of war of about do we give more money to metro so they can fix their challenge oars do we demand they fix things before we give them m more money.more mey both sides have some points, you know, of importance.ornc what we needed to see from metro in congress was a dramaticramati commitment to better managementm because frankly, it was w management that was lacking. both in the also at the board. the board was not doing a good o job of managing this system. they were managing like kind ofo a bunch of political appointeest rather than transportationation professionals.onals. the last year has seen a s significant improvement in thata and so i'm going to continue to go to bat for metro every whichi way i can but i'm also going tot do all i can with the maryland d.c. and virginia delegations tt hold them accountable on thele o management improvement.vement >> talking with virginia senatot tim kaine about local and and national issues. iue wrap it with one more election o question.
7:47 am
where the votes came in for thee election.ti there's always been this talkhil you've been in virginia and and washington for so long as all oo us much this inside the beltway mentality versus outside thesidt beltway mentality.ntality >> that's why i live inve i richmond. [ laughter ] >> i want to make sure i connect with people outside the beltwayy are thinking.g >> do you think that thisthi election was wake up call for aa lot of people who inside the beltway focused and democrats im this case, maybe change things i going forward as to who were actually reaching and listeningi to in this country?ry? >> lk, have a lot, you know, there's a lot to scrutinize in them. certainly a feeling of being upset with washington is a big b part of it. it. it's not only hillary was trying to be the bet first woman president.n pre that cannot be under sold.ol it's very very difficult to do.d in congress right now just tot give an example 19% women. that ranks 75th in the world. wr we're behind iraq.. we're behind afghanistan.hani we've made it hard for women to
7:48 am
running against.gainst. hard to win three terms in a row. very difficult in recent history to win three terms in row for the same party.ty. >> right. ' twor president obama' twos terms to be followed by a democratic president.nt. >> only two democratictwo democc presidents have done that. thtse first h democratic presidt andrew jackson and fdr.dr. so we're kind of a channelhann changing nation after two terms we tend to say, we want to see -- all of those are factors. look, i think -- i think, um,nku you just see a lot of things,, but thatis though being a senator fromor f virginia would be really easy, live in northern virginia andiri drive across the bridge everydgy day and almost all the senatorst in recent history from virginiaa lived in northern virginia i vii live in richmond because i feell like even though i got to be here during the week and got atk lo at of friends and nova and d. i'm a little more connected witt people who don't do politics 24/7, you know, by going tooingo church in richmond hanging out in night neighborhood inht nghbo go to the diner in richmond.
7:49 am
tim.m. >> if possible call me senatorlr in richmond they're bad at me. [ laughter ][ >> if they call me tim, i knoww i'm okay.kay >> in washington in the post election days back on the senate floor and we do appreciate you being here with us.g >> thank you very much.hank you >> so happy to come back. vomac. >> appreciate. >> we'll take a short break andr we'll be much more. it's 7:49.:4
7:50 am
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> happy thursday and happy t december as well. november ended on a wet and war notewa. reagan national al dulles had record rainsai yesterday over an inch and and a quarter of rain at dulles.s. bwi nearly an inch of rain.f rn. needed rain around we're in a drought situationitui given we've been dry throughry h most of fall so rain has now pushed off the the coastline. some clouds have pushed over asa well and here in d.c. we're left with just sunshine if you liveol out to the west, clouds will bel sticking around for -- throughout the course of the dae today. here in d.c. worry expect goingg sunshine.sunshi. 53 currently here in washingtong 46 for gaithersburg.sbg
7:53 am
winds aren't bad unless you livv out to the west.t to we are getting some reportsets thank you susan in loudounoudo county telling me that winds are getting little gussie high pressure building in overeu the next few days.nextew d it will mean lots of sunshineune for us.r cool and breezy as well.l. in fact today probably the the warmest of the next several days. 54 degrees by 10:00. by 1:00 by 4:00 o'clock, 57 take a look at your seven dayvey forecast.foca weekend getting closer and will be a cool one. saturday dry sunny 50 degrees.d. only 40s on sunday and late afternoon shower on sundayn we'll say things are looking log better and better in that that department we may just be ableeu to keep it dryst. >> check of the forecast erin e como has roads this hey erin.ri >> such a busy morning, mike.ik >> calming down yet.. >> a little bit. lit normal service resumed on theede green line. residual delays in both directions. watch out for that. otherwise we'rewatc th racking safetrack surge 11 impact theac orange and silver line withlineh single tracking between west ana east falls church.rch. let's switch it over to our
7:54 am
we have crowded roads into thent district around the dmv thiss morning.morn look how parked we are on 395 northbound by edsall road.l from the bottom of the beltwayoe to the 14th street bridge,rie, you're safe to say it's about aa 35 minute delay right now. southbound side looking muchuch better. this is a crash 66 let me gueste out of the way block the right g shoulder by com ton road.d. heavy vol trauma from would 34d to the beltway it's about 45 ab4 minute delay from gainsville tot get into falls church. chuh. looks like it's a little lit brighter than it should behan il outside.e. camera went out stacked towards the spur.d to back to you guys.wards. >> erin, thanks very much. 7:54. 54. heads up for drivers. drivers. if you see an accident on dorsey run road between maryland 103 1 and montgomery video road between 10:00 and 11:15 this thi morning, later this morning, mog don't be alarmed because it'slae part of a demonstration withtiot maryland state police and thed t state's department ofartmen transportation. it's meant to show the riskstr t first responders on the ofespo accidents and stress thend importance of the state's montvv over law.
7:55 am
7:54 now. n today a ground-breaking ceremonc will be held for the relocationo and restoration of the lockk keeper's house that's located oo the corner of constitution avenue and 17th streettree northwest. you know this little building, , right? the event mark the beginning of the first phase of the rehabilitation of the constitution gardens on then the national mall.l. and that house is the oldest oes structure on the national mall.. it dates back to the early ng> during his weekly press h wconferenceeekl yesterday, sq kirk cousins talked plentyd pnt football but he also revealed that he has a secret love of broadway and that he has a a musical background himself. >> ?? oh what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautifuleaf day ???? >> sing it kirk. all right. cousins t eammate vernon davisavis revealed "the q" b likes to rapp the lyric to the broadway hit
7:56 am
addition to the lion king, kin jersey boys and several otherevo hits. check him out. e him rihim right there. >> i love it.ght ther >> you go ahead and take thed tt front. why does he remind me of mikee thomas in this ithis sh. >> he has a little mike thomase quality to him.. >> cousins revealed when thewhen super bowl was in new york citys he wen itn to broadway show ans quote just blown away. he also says as you see on the h screen he had a brief careerbrir himself on the stage during hish younger years.un what are we thinking high school maybe?e? >> his mom says he was encouraged by his mom t >> you know what i think it is,, though? people who perform at m high level respect other who's w perform at a high a hi. it doesn't matter what it is m that you do. see broadwayyyouat actors you know these are the at best of the best and they'rehey' putting on a darn good show. sho he respects that.. >> vernon davis an excellent artist.tist. he's a hidden talent that he has.. football players highly skilledl on and off the >> you already knew >> yeah. all right. let's check in with mike thomas right now or go to e riinn. wit
7:57 am
more kirk cousins like. >> northbound 395 jammed frommmo edsall to the 14th street str bridge. there's also a southbound crash at glebe road. g freeway is really backed up andp you can see right there betweent the 14th and 11th street strt bridges we are just jam packedae crossing from 395 northbound too the freeway. 295 northbound jamming up twop the 11th street bridge and look at 295 even though it's been open for while now, between burroughs and benning huge place lingeringingi back to the beltway close sr.cle look at and that all theat all t closures around the christmas cs tree lighting as we break. we'll keep you posted. pte keep it to fox5 8:00 o'clock
7:58 am
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>> good thursday morning.d th i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey thanks for joining us. >> 8:00 a.m. this thursdayurm moalhene a.m.rning. can you believe it's december. s morningt's go meninu. former democratic vice-presidential candidate timi kaine was live here for his first life interview postew p election and nothing was off the table. >> the american flag at the center of a new movement fomellowing donald trump'sri twt about punishing those who burnhr the stars and stripes.trip. metro is making commuter asa bit nervous now the transitnsit agency board takes vote today oo service cutbacks. we'll have the details for you u
8:01 am
perhaps. okay. this is a live look. idiss i day. world a the iconic ribbon rememberingrig those life lost and so much worw to do to try to find a cure anda also it erase a stigma that that hangs over an hiv aids a diagnosis. the clouds have cleared today.d we can expect plenty o sunshine. weather and traffic straightaffi ahead on the 5's.ahea >> let's check in with --n w-- >> let's do it right now. >> erin. e >> righto >> unfortunately 8:01 traffic ic bad enough that it warrants awar little bit of an earlier hit. even though 295 southbound has reopened, from the beltway to 50, we are completely jammed and then south of 50 all the way the down passed the 11th street see bridge heavy traffic.. all lanes open. we were dealing with a crash involving 10 injuries and sixnds vehicles on 295 southbound thatt it shut down earlier thislier ti morning. still seeing an overflow ofow o traffic in the traffic patterns try to get back
8:02 am
295 is completely parked withit congestion.ngtion and the outer loop through largg heading up to 50 slow.low. same story as you head upp towards baltimore washingtonltim parkway if you're trying to hea trsouthbound i would say comingy from n corthern maryland your bs bet take 95 southbound to theune beltway or route 1, route 1 inti better shape but lot ofot secondaries in the area because of these residual delays are are jamming up as well. wl. suitland parkway inbound very vr slow. the 11th street bridge isid i jammed. as we take a closer look at thaa top side of the beltway, unfortunately, 95 right now on o the southbo to the beltway is just as jammem as baltimore washington parkwayh in both directions. 270 southbound about an hourn hu delay from 70 through urbana asa you get to the spur they'rehey' heading to the beltway ear alsoo seeing heavy traffic, you can, c see a closer look at just a solid line of red over theve the legion bridge on the in your opinion we're seeing significant delays and 66 eastbound jamsams from 234 to 50 with about a 45 a minute delay from 234 to the green line good news for metro t riders normal service resumed.ed we still have safetrack surgeur
8:03 am
those closures around therounhe national tree lighting with yout next look at traffic.ook atff back to you allison. >> erin, thank you. clara barton parkway is backsac open after a deadly crash causeu it to shut down for several hours this lanes were blocked from chain bridge to glenn echo.o. the crash caused car to catchch fire. police are investigating whatha happened.happ happening today the metroino board takes its first vote onn post safetrack late nightig metro general manager just completed his first year on thee job and he's starting his seconn with a b the transit agency's board takek vote today again on the post safetrack late night what does that mean? melanie me alnwick is live at metroet headquarters back with wmau fox5 contributor martin dicaro.icaro the hours of operations seems ts be on everyone's mine.sine. >> reporter: that's right,ter: city. this question is something metro says more of its customers cusme weighed in on any otherth question. what should metro service hourss look like after safetrack? ases
8:04 am
fridays and saturdays beforeor safetrack.safetrack. everything has been curtailed tl midnight the question becomesioc once safetrack is over, how much time should customers have and a how much time should maintenance and inspections have? wiedefeld wants to claw back another eigho hours into that.hours that would mean the proinposalra that most people are willing to accept i should say is service hours till 11:30 monday througho friday but restoring some of thf late night service hou trs. martin dicaro looking at that,h, too. martin, you said this could besl interesting. this vote vote today it is just a committee vote. >> yes. >> reporter: but we're note' sure what's going to happen.n >> that's right. today the committeet's r will sl whether or not paul wiedefeld'ss plan to restore metro to a stata of good repair after decades ofo neglect will survive a full vott in two weeks. wks because the metro board doesn'te really operate like most, you know, legislatures in allsn all something called theme jurisdthictional veto.ictional t
8:05 am
except two from one jurisdictioi in this case washington, d.c. are against the proposal, it fails. even that if they're in the minority.t if t here's what's atri stake. stake. 1:00 a.m. closings on saturdays. 1am closings on fridays. frida it appears most of the metro board wants to give paulau wiedefeld two years of thiss preventive maintenance program r where we have these earlierarli closings than we've been usedend to. but the district of columbia iss only willing to go along for ono year, and then reassess.ess. so there might be some room for compromise there because theause point where the entire proposalo is vetoed and they have to start over again. uld alorter: that would also just kind of put metro backut mb where it was before. >> that's right. right. yeah f91 of these proposals anda none of them were altogetheroghe popular you mentioned all the ae comments they got, 16,000 comments, there was a mural will the in favor of 1am closings, if they can't pass any the boardtha can't pass any of these scenarios, the schedule revertse back to 3am closings come july.l >> reporter: and then you'ren yu in the situation again with a w new general manager who wants tt
8:06 am
that. yeses. general manager's view the viewt system needs this. he doesn't want to reduceuce service. he would love to runse trvrainst 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturdaa nights.ghts metro has been doing preventive maintenance hasn't been doing system wide inspections. there are a number of programs that require long blocks of timm in the overnight hours to be successful for the next twoex years. but the hospitality industry,us, bars, restaurants, hotels, hotel hospitals that have late nightit shift workers, they would like k to see the trains run late soe s their workers >> we know that committeeknowha meeting begins 9:00 o'clock thih morning. another interesting meeting sots to speak happening on capitol ct llll as well. >> yeah. this one might be a doozy likeoe it was earlier in the house.. house overnight committee willel hold another metro overnight hearing tomorrow 9:00 a.m. andnd when they convene this hearingei seven months ago it turned intoo a fireworks. you had jack evans, dc council member chair of the metro boardd exchange in a shouting matchingm with republican members of o
8:07 am
jock john mike a republican of o in order who host his election o this is his going out so to spk.k. highly critical although altho supportive of metro in the pastp he wants answers from the from t general manager about howut how safetrack is going.troi but we can expect to hear more r arguments over funding metro.. federal government about 40% of its workers rely on metro to geg back and forth but they don'tont pay into metro $1.8 millionmillo operating budget. budget. >> it all comes down to money.ey martin thank i know you'll be in meetings. our matt acklnd will be will b covering them as well.ell we hope the board comes to anomo agreement back to you tyou >> mel, we know you will keep us posted. one change from yesterday,m terd yesterday this time everybodye v had their umbrellas out for alla the reports in the everybody trying to get to workr today don't have to worry abouto that at least.thatt least >> sunshine is back. sun >> you might need a little l heavier coat today. >> little bit. >> it wa ls actually warm w yesterday. >> wasn't bad. 69 degrees yesterday.egrees yese >> all right. f d ot bad for the last day o november.mb not for the first day of day o
8:08 am
50s coming our way december doee start sunny we will get into i little bit more of a breeze asre we head into the afternoon thatn breeze will be bringing coolerb air from the north and west.t. satellite/radar shows rain has r push off the coastline.oastli and we're left with justhus sunshine around the region to start the day.da clouds are hanging over ther the mountains that will be the cases for our friends out to the weste in the maryland panel handle an west of martinsburg see the see clouds sticking around through the course of today.d th tod. 46 degrees in martinsburg thiss morning.rn gaithersburg had gust of 30 lass hour. 46 at this hour. 46 at west minster. 49 degrees this morning inn baltimore.ore all right. all righ there are those gusts andare th there's that gust of 30 there in gaithersburg.rsrg. again, not too bad here in d.c.c just yet. get into the afternoon you'll'l start to notice it more and more. 58 degrees your daytime high.ig yes, sunshine is back. back but so are those cooler cle temperatures.erur >> thank you mike thomas.e thas >> all right. we do appreciate it much thanks, mike.te i ke eight minutes past the hour. ho. let's get to top stories thistos morning in the district onene person was shot to death the
8:09 am
both men wearing black jacketscc with hoods and black pants. pts. shooting happened in the 100apnt block of irving ton street inee southwest d.c. no word on the motive or what i was that may have led to the shooting.ooti. in alexandria police have aa murder mystery on their hands. s a man found dead last night neaa in old town.ow that victim was found afteroundt officers were called to the 1200 block of colonial avenue for tht report of shots being r police say the victim is 41heici years old and not a resident ofo the city. it's the city's seventh homicidc of the year. theea in baltimore now, anre nowan left two people dead.ea four others hurt. reports say a lone gunman opened fire at a group standing outside of a convenience store whichch police say might have been in in retaliation for an incident thaa happened an investigation into this casee is on-going.n-ing. again that's up in baltimore. >> all right. big dogs by the white house today. national tree lighting cerem bym happens in just a few hours. hrs >> let's take a live look now at the tree. look at that.ok at so exciting.xcit they'll be traffic issues, off course, we know the routine nown
8:10 am
to know this year.nothis year. back in a moment.backa mo >> beautiful day for it, though. >> come on donny.
8:11 am
8:12 am
?? all right. 8:13 right now. we'll give you a little bonus. n time to our cuteness fact of the y.y. >> yes. >> hi, mike. >> i get to do the honors.s. >> mike thomas we have the havee
8:13 am
with him today. >> and tomorrow and early nextex week. tucker is back on wednesday. >> staycation. >> it's cuteness time.t'tene our favorite time.ime >> hi, beautiful.if >> our fox5 first five. fiv this is eliana. elia she is two years old and shend loves playing with her brother h and her sister and her favoritet movie allison can you guess it?i >> i think it might be >> i think you're correct. corct >> she's just so cute. she look at her in >> should we sing it. >> let it she's because if watching --watching >> she can probably singeran prg better than we can.etter twe >> absolutely. absoluty. eautifutiful. >> absolutely. we love it. keep those pictures coming toomg send us your child's picture --- >> there it is.. >> we'll let the pros do >> i'm hoping she's watching. let's listen.ten. ??? >> that's for you.ou that's for you this morningning eliana. all right gorgeous little one. >> for your child's chance fox5f head over to our facebook pagek and post your child's picture
8:14 am
>> so hard to fight feeling toli join in on the song. >> those hair brushes double aso microphones, too.ophone too. >> my goodness.ness best microphones ever a good g hair brush, of course.rse. >> perfect.erfect >> have a super day. >> hope you and your family havh a great day. satellite/radar here cloudso and rain cleared off the off t coastline.ine snow flying way off to the nortn we'll let that go.'llet not going to be here just yetusy talking about sunshine not justj today but tomorrow and into theo weekend as well. there's closer view again you an can see clouds sticking over thi today. to mostly sunny skies coming our or way. wa 53 degrees here in washington.hg but look at all the blue on thet just out to the west detroit 36t this morning.. chicago 37. you can see thche winds there starting to push out of the wesw that will move some of that colc air over in our direct as we asw head through the next couple ofn days. so cooler weather more decembere like weather on the way here. hr fox5 accu setter seven day day forecast, 58 degrees today. breezy from time to time this afternoon. 52 for friday.. a cool but sunny 50 on saturdayr
8:15 am
upper 40s for sunday that's oura next chance of showers but it ii looking better and better. br >> thanks, mike. mike. >> um-hmm. >> you have to get tickets with the lottery for the national nio christmas tree lighting. >> to be >> just answering a twitterrin question lucky mrs. g also it it will be televised.evised. >> it will be. okay. it will be televised. televis tickets and lottery next year.e. i hope you have better luck thak i did.. >> every year we try. t >> i've never ever gotten aveevr ticket in the lottery.cket >> i would love to see that inea person. >> well, we've been trying forrn 15 years. 12 years, 15 years.ea >> maybe you'll get it.ou'l i >> you'll probably go next year. >> if anybody from the whitehite house is watching we'd love to e attend.te >> of course we would. >> everybody would, right. o >> a big deal.f rybody lit>>tle a aitabout a bit of morning congestion andond then we'll get to all of thell l closures around the nationalhe t tree lighting.hting. so 295 southbound jammed fromd r the beltway to 50 from that earlier injury crash involvingnv we're hearing now seven cars and 10 injuries.ies. 50 inbound signed the beltwayeel still parked and you see the ane
8:16 am
looking great about an hour a lay ththere. i would say keeping it to your u secondaries and mlk, jr. highway, route 1, suitland stl parkway any way you can avoid ad 295 i would still suggest doing so. now if you're heading out to the national tree lighting ceremonym one of the lucky ones that got a lottery ticket for the pageant a of peace ceremony even thoughn g that starts at 5:00, road:00,oa closures down by the white house are in place as early as 2:30.0. including let me get out of the way. way. portions of constitution fromiom 14th to 18th, 17th, 15th madison drive, jefferson as well as c, d, e, f northwest from 17th to 18th.. more road closures later thiser morning. pennsylvania avenue, 14 tolvanie 15th, 15thnu independence toe t new york and those kick in kicn tonight at 4:30 in the0 t afternoon.afte so if you're heading out andng o about to work this evening ors trying to get home, i'd avoid a the area by the white house.hite it will be a lot of congestion. farragut west and east stops ifs you want to get also keep in mind caps taking on the islanders tonight at 7:00 at tht
8:17 am
the game as well. wl. busy night in d.c. a lot of fun. f we'll keep you update the. the that's look at traffic. >> 16 minutes past the hour. 8:17 to be accurate. >> new clues this morning aboutt the final moments before thishis week's deadly plane crash insh columbia.ia a recording has reportedly burlington-bristol leak iton-bol contains a final exchangee between the pilot and air traffic controllers.trolrs. now in it the pilot reportedlyey requests permission to land duee to fuel problems. problem experts say the recording and lack of an explosion upon i could point to the jet's fuell running out as it was flying at its maximum range.. meanwhile, hearts do remain rai heavy columbia following the crash.h. mourners gathered in medellin mi yesterday to pay tribute to thet victims despite the devastating -- look at theing o crowds. despite the devastatingtati circumstances many were festives at the service. the columbian scatter not the first time a sports team hae been practically wiped out due o to plain crash. of course united states all tooo familiar with this sort ofitis s
8:18 am
back in 1970 the martial mti football team, 37 members of m o that team were of course that disaster was made into a movie that a lot of folks with called we are marshallarsh starring matthew mcconaughey.auy that same year 14 players fromm the wichita state university uit football team were also killed l along with their coach whenn their plane crashed in colorado. internationally in 2011 russia lost 27 members of a hockey teah when the plane went off runway,, and in zambia, 22 players on a soccer team were all killed when bone. tragically it has happened many times. there was another movie that wat made about a soccer team that also died in south america ame universities of years ago. a >> a little disturbing. okay.> ok new video this morning showingho the devastating aftermath causee by deadly large wildfires in gatlinburg, tennessee we'rebu looking at the trail ofrg d, ame left behind by the flames f throughout the area.rea. many lot of everything fromthing
8:19 am
take look there. just devastating.. got to send well wishes to our neighbors down meantime recovery efforts areors slowly getting underway there in gatlinburg, tennessee.enne meanwhile a man is inn n custody. he's accused of setting two oftf the wildfires which have ravagev parts of the state.ta authorities say the fires haveeh killed at least seven people. pl more than 14,000 people havepl v been evacuated in gatlinburgatlr president barack obama isiden committed to providingt vi assistance the nees also down south we're we're getting closer closer look at the damage left behind by series of severe storms and suspecteded tornadoes that tour throughth georgia and alabama now inn alabama three people are deadred this morning. this m and crews are working to clear e trees that toppled and blockedck roads as residents in parts of georgia work to clear a trail ol dined light poles, shattereded roofs and cars crushed by trees. former vice-presidentiale-ed candidate tim kaine was in thehe
8:20 am
studio isn't we'll share part or what he had to say coming up. u time right now 8:19.:19.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> take a look outside righta now. temperatures mild out there. as a matter of fact we're checking in at 53 degrees right now. actually down from theloig ohtvg temperatures but not too bad t right now as we take a look outk over the potomac river. al. al. kind of pretty actually. ofr all right. meantime, new york city kicked e off their christmas celebrationn last night.. thousands of folks just bracedad the weather it was raining up rp there gathered in midtown for mn the lighting of the rock fellerl christmas tree. tre diblasio flipped the switch illuminating the 94-foot tall, 14-ton norway spruce with 50,000 multi colored lights.edig >> i'd like to see a time lapse of them installing 50,000 lights on a tree. >> they do it it >> just to see how they do it. d w lolong it take. it's very pretty, isn't it? >> all right. >> all right. >> new york it's a big tree wit 50,000 lights but we get the g t national tree here.onal te he >> hello. >> in washington, d.c.
8:24 am
washington with the lighting of tree tonight.. >> the obama final treeal t lighting. here with a preview of theprw of star-studded event miss annies e yu. yu hello. >> reporter: hello, hello everybody. well, i can tell you we haven'tn spotted any stars.ta i'm kind of bumped out about of that. because it is a star-studdedded event.ev but if you look behind me,ehin m there's a lot of hustle ande bustle going on just hours awaya from the big ceremony going dowd at 5:00 o'clock tonight. t that is when presi you minged and first ladyst michelle obama will be b illuminating the beautiful tree on this side of my shoulder orhr right behind me i should say. isn't they she beauty.uty. this is the super star of ther f colorado blue spruce just overvr 30-year-old and just overr 30 feet tall. on that tree right now are 60000 lights, and over 300 ornaments n all deck out in red, white andtd ueue. it's going to be magnificentnift once it's lit today at 5:00. 5
8:25 am
t herere. the host of eva longoria. beautiful eva is here in theer district of columbia to hosto this wonderful event. eve you also have country star s tricia year wood and garth g brooks they have a lovelyks the coy uple. you have kelly clarkson. clarkso let's see who else? we have the loom minute nears.eears. the phenomenal could vocal listl gospel legend yolanda adams a gracing the sta mark anthony latin singer markk anthony j.lo's ex as well.. and so lots of stars co celebrate this awesome event,ve and we have video from last las year's event. event this is a tradition as yous a mentioned it's been going on for 94 years but this is a tradition that started ba mc 1923 withith president calvin coolidge andide since then, it has just grown g into a nationally televisedelev event with celebrity hosts, some amazing performers and of coursd the president and first familyam always participating in it sincs 1923. it's a big deal here in the
8:26 am
can all celebrate as a country. this year olympic swimmer simone manuel will make a specialpe appearance with the first lady l on stage.ta. lots to look forward to.orrd you have the airmen jazzjazz ensemble united states air forcs along with the afro band a theye be on stage accompanied by ally the big performers.ers but when you have a big event e like this, where you have 20,000 people gathering in one place,na of course, security will bewi b super tight. tight we actually see the heavy security presence now but it n b will be even more intense tonight they are obviously oio taking it very very so expect to go through thoseouo long security they open at 3:00 o'clock todayk if you're one of the luckyuc ticket so but you have to be in your seats by 4:30.y 4 that's the very latest here frof northwest. annie yu fox5 local news.s. >> annie, look behind you.ehind. chance is behind you.chan is >> just kidding.ding no really he's there. >> give her a second to look, l steve. >> i wanted her to look twice. t she and she did it. >> steve is always killing my my
8:27 am
>> reporter: i believed you. >> i know did you.>> i i'm sorry. i lied to you.i it won't happen again. >> he's really there, annie. ann , m mike. >> i wanted her to do the epic look >> you got her.>>ou g >> i did. >> and then you got her.. .> twice. >> poor annie.>> p >> what's going on out there?ute >> all right. wet wise if you're heading downd tonight definitely coat, gloveso probably needed.eede lower 50s.r 50s little breezy out there. so i guess you can say little st bit on the cooler side we'llide' like 40s out there. there the good news no rain coming cin down u york last night. 54 degrees by 10:00 a.m..m 56 by 1:00 p.m. and 57 degreesge by 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. no shortage of sunshine. >> thank you. >> a tongue twister. twister. >> beautiful gift from you.ut thank. >> you're welcome.iful. >> early holiday p're resent.ay. next our candid conversationrsao with senator tim kaine.. >> plus the american flag at tht center of a controversial newal moment that is just burning up itter.r. ??
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
??? welcome back. it is 8:30. nice looking day. d>>egrees. 52 warm asto be as yesterday but also no rain in the mike will be along shortly withw an extended look 8:35. 8:3 >> i really was holding my expectations down. dow i always felt like hillary was
8:31 am
she's trying to be a womanoman president and we never had one,o and it's really hard to win to three terms in a row so i keptt telling everybody i don't care what the polls say you're the underdog. pol >> i was holding my expeclstatis exp down. >> senator tim kaine joining us giving exclusive interview sincn he lost the bid for vice-president. he spoke candidly about being oi the campaign trail and the t reality of the moments when thew votes were coming in and thing started to not going go in their favor.fa as far as the recount it started by jill stein and theiln clinton campaign is on board tot make sure everything is done fairly. the recount begins today incoun t wisconsin. first time a recount has been done in 16me a r years. yea donald trump less wisconsin by b less than a percentage pointe pn over hillary clinton.over hil >> speaking of the>> president-elect, he is kickinge off special thank you tour t tonight in cincinnati, ohio.i,hi he and vice president-elect mikm pence plan to visit states theyt won during the election to rallt with but before that, they will be in indiana to discuss the carrierri
8:32 am
begins in wisconsin again as agn steve mentioned it's the first r time in 16 all right. this started with tweet frometro president-elect donald trump thp burning of the american flaghe a appears to be gaining steam onnm social media.. so is this a first amendmentment demonstration or just down right disrespectful? maureen is backs in studio with more and this isi going on on >> it is going on on twitter now. goi keep in mind this is an issue that has been in the forefront f since about 1907 even beforee then. so nothing new really. rea tweet from president-electnt donald trump. ld he sent it out in the early hours of tuesday morning writing "nobody should be allowed towed burn the american flag.can fla if they do, their must bee consequences, perhaps loss of of citizenship or year in jail ". his statement resonated with wit some who feeling the burning ofo the nag shows ultimateshows mate disrespect for american valuesal but it also angered a lot of l o other people who aerugo that flag burning is a first amendira the right.the riht those had support burning theure flag are not staying silent oni social immediate yacht hash tagh
8:33 am
president-elect's tuesday tweett and when we searched for it onto twitter we found quite a few results. let's show you video posted onoo tuesday from outside trump tower in new york.. taylor wrote alongside the video we refuse to accept a fascistasi america your turn.ica the hash tag flag burningg burni challenge.leng another user posted these stilll images of an american flagrin f burning under the same hash tag saying, they were taken in fronr of the trump international hotel and tower in new york.k w national shared this image withw the tweet reading, here are 10r1 reasons to burn the flag.lag of course, the small movementemt has received considerableved cor backlash on social media and wea should note we are only able toa find just a few tweets that showed people actually takingyin part in the so-called challengen so the question this morning isi would do you think of this thinh challenge? let us know onlet n social media using the #fox5dc 5 but steve and allison as you you well know this is an issue theue supreme court has weighed in onn saying, yes, it is, it is constitutional to burn the the
8:34 am
disrespectful and i think a lota people would say yes it is.est >> i hate to seat image of a flag being burn. in my gut it doesn't sit well. w >> i think because of the wayay we're raised in this country ana people raised us to be full of l pride and to really cherish whaa makes merck.makes me americaamerica.rica >> seeing it burn doesn't situr' well i think with more than ahaa few >> maureen, thank >> absolutely. absolutely. >> okay. po that may have been sparked byesb political bias which you can sen written on the hood of that carr detectives say a family woke upu to find three cars spray paintep this is in maryland burtonsvilll spray painted with swats tis today, racist and othero derogatory words.. trump was on the hood of a car.c police think the homeowners political fail eighty six wasei the motive. the mo so far noti averrests. all right. it is a couple of ticks away awa from 8:35.:35. let's head on over to mikee thomas. om
8:35 am
>> mike, take your time.ake you. >> why not? i need it to talk t about how much weather is goingg on here. her not too much.noh. [ laughter ]laught >> all right. we do have some c>>louds out tod the west.the that's about it. elkins, west virginia you'll beb looking at mostly cloudy skies. same deal with morgantown.n. here up and down i-95 a good95 g amount of sunshine.shine much needed rain we had over the night last night has pushed offo the coastline and we're lefte' with sunny conditions, not just today but for the next severaler days here. da some nice weather coming our waw after a couple of days of rain. 53 degrees here in whi gaithersburg good morning tod mo you, 46. 45 at frederick. 46 for west minster.. annapolis 51.napolis leonardtown this morning a mning chilly 52 degrees.2 grees. later on this afternoon, most m will stay in the 50s. 5 winds will get a little breezy y though and starting to pick up p here in washington. wasng out of the north and west at a 13 miles an hour as the last check.eck. 18 miles an hour in gaithersburg. 14 for dulles. gaithersburg had a gust of a gut 30 miles an hour within the lass hour so just gives you an idean what you can expect thisou can c
8:36 am
today a good amount of sunshine again little breezod amoy. 58 degrees for daytime highig we're not too far away from it.. tomorrow more sunshine.uns even cooler, 52 degrees.deee and waking up tomorrow morning most locations heading back toa the 30s and the 40s. 40s getting little bit of a seasonaa reality check.. erin como is here with ooh onhon the roads. the >> it's time to get my socky so monkey hat out.ey hatut. >> it's about that time.t's >> it's about that time of yeary right now take look at 66.t we're improving in terms ofnerms volume but there is still a car from an e the right shoulder much this isi 66 eastbound out by compton comn road. little bit of heavier traffic rf closer to 234 suddenly road.nld. we'll forward our cameras andmes show you what else you're upe u against. traffic looking much better onou the beltway on the outer looputl but the inner loop is still s stacked from 66 to the legionio bridge. bridge we'll take look at our mapsk ato because some other problems inei montgomery county clarksburg clb road remains shut down betweenen frederick to lewes road for for fallen power cables much there'e also a southbound crash on 355 bowling manor
8:37 am
get around the 270 congestion.. slow through germantown.maow 270 and 355 southbound dealing d with problems this and then from clarksburg to thee spur you can see like just it'st a whole lot of congestion on 270 southbound. 95 from the icc to the beltway y and the outer loop jams 95 to5 o georgia with a 20 minute slow down. do northern maryland you can see ao we take a wider view trafficierf backed up on bw parkway in both directions by powder mill.wd from that earlier huge injury crash 295 still jammed back to you guys. >> erin, thanks. 7:30 -- eight -- let's notit back k in time. let's go forward. 8:37. like kirk cousins may in the want to go back in timek co to o embarrassing high school videoso >> why is it >> or maybe he wants to own iton and say this was me then. >> ?? >> look at me now. ? ?? >> right. >> next his teammates reveal al secret that nobody new until now. and thank you. >> you like that?you you le t >> to his >> i think it's awesome.esom
8:38 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
8:39 am
welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! male vo: comcast. i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding.
8:40 am
a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. ?? >> come on. ph rudolph the red noticed reindeer r.ed er >> doesn't that sound great.t s. >> and it looks great too. beautiful blue skies.kies light breeze.ez that's our white house thiste ht morning. >> that's our annie yu covering the lighting of the christmasr i tree.g will it be televised t.evised
8:41 am
>> it happens 5:00 o'clock. 5:0l you'll see it'll s >> well other news now duringr d his weekly press conference yesterday, skins qb kirk cousins talk plenty of football, sure,l, that's what he does, right, butt also revealed he has a secret se love of broadway he himself hash a musical background.kgun >> let's take a trip back in time. vernon davis revealed that the t quarterback likes to rap theo re lyrics to the broadway hit hamilton which cousins has seene that was kirk singing by the wae in addition to the lion king,heo injuries see boys and severaloye other broadway cousins revealed when the superp bowl was in new york city, he h went to a broadway show and he was quote just blown away. >> do you think that was hamilton?you milt >> well,on hamilton, lion king,, could have been any of them. the right? >> he also as you see on theonhe screen had a -- brief career on the stage during his younger yog years doing pretty good job.ob. he said his mom heart tilley epe crapped.crap when you perform at a high levev you respect others that performo at a high level.h lel broadway performers aresre performing the highest level ofo the
8:42 am
the highest level of football.. >> a love of the art. art. >> i like it and i respect it. . to get it clear you do like d lk that. that. >> when i tried that earlier,d i fell flat.fell flat. that's right.'s r >> you like that?>> y lik >> you like that? okakay. new 8:00 if you're wondering wog what the best sports to take upk so that you can live longer, lge what they they a we've got the answer accordingrr to new study you should take up a racket sport things likengs squash, bad it minute ton whichh i'm pretty good at -- >> um-hmm. [ laughter ] >> or tennisug tennis, too, maybe.too,aybe >> there you go.>> t study found people who take paro in these sports cut their riskrh of premature death from cardiovascular disease by 56%.6. the second best activityy swimming. the report found people who swim have 41% lower risk of dyinging from cardiovascular disease. >> you know what wasn't on thea' list? running.ning a lot of people turn to to try to get their exercise andnd it's better than doing nothing.i >> i hear the walking is really good for your joints and stuffin
8:43 am
and start movements it helps the body as a whole.ol two different things.t tngs. >> i got a mean backhand all i'm >> badminton backhand.on bkhan >> and tennis >> i'll steer clear on the court. >> searching for a pot of gold. >> police in new york on the foe hunt for the thieves who stolehe nearly 90 pounds of gold caughtu on camera running around withd t it, too. , 8:43. ??
8:44 am
8:45 am
?? flags blowing in the wind a
8:46 am
>> looks like the wind isin i picking up out there. there. you know what else is out there, sunshine looks real pretty thisi morning.g. >> will the temperatures stickte around will the sunshine stickei around.. it's that time of the day we start to countdown to mike thomas -- >> in 3d. >> 10 seconds. i like that countdown. tha it's dramatic. >> thank yourama.. days until christmas fourasou weekends to go.o the holidays are here. are get that shopping done.g don get that tree up. get the lights up.gethe in fact tree and lights nationao christmas tree lighting toee lit night. we're expecting good conditions for it.pectin fairons skies littl e breezy little l bit of a chill out theitre. t lower 50s but we'll feel likelik 40s with the wind.. so definitely bundle up getting out there. good news don't need the't neeth umbrella this year.ea should be good conditions foror big storm system spinning up u over the great lakes broughtesrg snow to michigan this morning. i
8:47 am
expecting any of that aroundof d here. there's good news there.e'good h lots of sunshine locally.ocal with again that storm systemrm s spinning just off to the north here and high pressure off theuh coastline. little bit of a squeeze play b o there because of that.because of we will have those winds gustins later on this afternoon. gusts 20, 30 miles an hour atout times.. i'm seeing those gusts west ofus dc this temperatures right now the t mountains here kind of shieldinl us from the true cold.e trold. 53 degrees in washington thisoni morning.morn 54 at richmond.hmd 55 at raleigh but look at thek t 30s and 40s back off to the t kind of have about 12 more houru of not so cold weather to go to then by the evening hours thengs cold air will surge in over ther mountains and we will drop into the 40s.e 4 58 degrees later on this on thi afternoon here in d.c.n he in cooler north and west. west. only 49 for hagerstown.own 51 for frederick and dulles thih afternoon.rnoo. breezy for the evening hoursvenu back to the 40 wes go. to e 40 s 40 here in washington.hingto little warmer near the water. annapolis 44 overnight tonight.t 30s back north and west.ndt.
8:48 am
38 degrees chilly degrees deges tonight in hagerstown.ow fox5 accu weather seven day day forecast 58 degrees for yourou thursday. 52 for friday. for we head into the weekend we'rek' dry and cool on saturday at 50 49 with maybe a shower on sundas the good news things look likeok they're improving we head into next week kind ofei mix with clouds with a chance oe showers next tuesday.ueay more december like with lowerh 50s and upper 40s for highs.ig all right. all right. that's a check of the forecast. steve and allison back toth ye t >> district experienced crazyedy at apartment building in northweste took major hit.ajor >> the storm actually tour the roof off of the building. fox5's bob barnard live at thatt building with the latest my goodness, strong winds win indeed, bob., good morning.od m >> reporter: allison and steve, good morning.eve,mo we're in the takoma park sectiot of dc this is cedar street 400 block just an observe.n obser take look at this rose. this rose survived just fine.t . but take a look right here thish is heavy and lots of it, this roofing material that came offat
8:49 am
building. buil you can see the bdilue tarp in e back there. basically came off the back side of the roof here, and you canndy see scattered in the courtyard a here a bunch of this material.i. this was about 6:45 last night.g i live in maryland and out of of the blue came these strong windw the whipping rains and this isps one of two buildings right onigt this block that got hit by thesy strong winds and look what itk h did here. it just tour the roofing rng material off.terial off. flipped it on into the courtyard right now there are 12 units ini this building that are off limits lit right now about 10 people we'rew told have been displaced.ispl we spoke last night with pat carpenter who came home to findh all of this.. >> my mouth dropped open. o like i can't believe. i can't be what is this? it look like at e war zone. people coming out of theout of building and we didn't know wha was going on.was goon the firemen were like you can't go in and i had to stand out there. but i live her e.e here. but you can't go go we have to assess, you know, the damage to see what's going on
8:50 am
any way my son came and grabbeda me and dragged me in the houset with my daughter-in-law.inaw then that was when they toll ust the roof out back had fallen off and blown over into thein neighbor's yard. >> reporter: so unfortunately,te a number of people may temporarily showed homeless byi this gust of wind that came inen last night again around theround dinner hour, 6:45. fortunately, guys, nobody wasody hurt in all of this but a lot of clean up to do and this is heavy stuff here, and some work to dow to repair the roof a t apartment building here inbung r takoma park, d.c. >> all right, thankfully nobody was hurt. bob, thank you very much.nk you meantime, in new york,or police are on the hunt for goldl thieves. they're looking for one manth ie guess just a thief accused of taking a pot of gold from anm armored truck. tru >> literally you see him right g there taking that pot which thee said weighed 86 pounds yet he'sh able to carry it fairly okay. >> come on. o wait a aut
8:51 am
>> did you see him, steve. steve >> i watch this many times.atcha i watch it yestenyrday whole buo timime. apparently, the truck driveruckd went to the cab to retrieve a cell phone from the cab of the f truck and left -- like a pot you wouldn't know what's in it but'b there's $1.6 million worth of o gold flakes in it.t. i don't believe it weighs 86 pounds if he can pick it updp with one arm unless that's very very strong man. >> if you have a fortune in youy hands maybe you get the strength of somebody to try to run away.a >> it's like carrying a littlegl person like a child. >> all right >> okay.>> o any way, everybody knows wh he is now because he's clearlycr caught on video.caugn this happened on west 48tht street back in september and iei guess so far they haven't founde him yet.nd >> i feel bad for the driverr because, you know, hope heop didn't face -- he or she anyny real repercussions.cussions. >> are you going to leave the y back door of your truckou g opee >> armored truck. >> with a couple million dollarp in it to get yourle m phone?hone >> sitting right there by thehtb edge, too. >> how convenient. >> waiting for somebody to just come up and walk awayng for witt while you walk away for second.c
8:52 am
>> wisdom, are you saying there might be something funkyhe going on >> oh h. >> if i got a pot of gold in thl back of truck i wouldn't put it on the edge. e >> it looked like a paint p bucket. >> how did he know it's gold inside of it. did >> iint could have been doorulve number one versus door number dm two. sometimes you get a million andi a half in gold.nol sometimes you get yellow paint. >> your suspicions might be onse porit right now. >> um-hmm. >> huh. >> it could have been a whole w bucket of >> it could have been.>> i >> that weighs way more than thn anything. >> i cou easily, steve. [ laughter ]ould >> let's talk about what we gote coming up gone day no haterade coming. throw back thursday of epic epic proportions we're going back too the '80, '90s and early 2,000 20 our wheel house he's one of thet hottest dee jays around towardar with madonna helping to find thd sound of the new d.c. night live decades.des. dj inferno will be spinning forn us over the next two hours.ou >> and because we're going backi in time, we want your best throt back holiday pictures. pictu use our #gooddaydc.oddayd
8:53 am
basketball wives la star and the ex of gilbert arenas laura, she's life in the loft. >> plus he's call the sexy santa and also here life.e. oh, boy, better watch out. >> maureen, she's got game.. allison can only look. >> what? >> maureen -- >> who do we know he doesn't have a mrs. santa claus. do ve m >> you'll find out becausel fi you'll do an investigativeo an a report. repo >> also live the one, the only o ross matthews is spilling dirtpn from hollywood.ollywo >> celebrity chef and chef kwamekwe yamaguchi.. >> you'll watch me? >> all right. she's going to watch becausegoin we'll cook up some trump shuts s dieses. maureen said she's going to she watch me. >> i'm watching uh-uh. top rated good day dc momentsens away as you can see it will be i show. >> he says he's quasi santa single. >> there you go. >> i'm up for two sheets what i
8:54 am
>> i'm not asking you. you. >> whole bunch of quigley liness >> i'm waiting for cute santa. >> all right.>> no internet connection not n problem. >> netflix has a way for you --u >> to watch stuff.>> to h stuf [ laughter ] >> netflix has has a way for
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> satellite/radar lots of sunshine coming our way today. rain is gone. clouds will stick around over the mountains buelt hernshineeyn ill st d.c mostly sunny skies through the t afternoon.oo temperatures now 53 degrees. 5de much cooler than yesterday.este. just jumped to 55 in annapolis.s 49 for baltimore.timo frick at west minster.inster taking a look at your fox5 accuc weather seven day forecast herer 58 for a high today. yes it will be breezy if you'rer heading to the christmas treeast lighting later tonight grab a gb jacket. definitely need it. even cooler tomordefirow 52 butt lot of sunshine as well.. ing into the weekend saturday st sunny and dry.. showers. we may be able to pull thoselhoe showers out of the forecast t o soon. >> all right. that's a check of the weather. >> erin como busy traffic day. tting any hebetteckr?mo bbte >> no. in northwest there's a crash>>wt right now on military road r westbound by 16th street. s and that's causing big delays iy just got a tweet about it and i put all the information onormatn social media look at the wide tw view for thursday morning.orni huge delays still on 295 southbound.sout we had a closure over an hourn u and a half ago on 295 southbouno
8:57 am
it's been reopened but overfloww traffic still on 50 inbound and 295 southbound.bound. 295 northbound coming up to theo 11th street bridge is slow and 66 eastbound remains jammed frof 234 prince william parkway to 50 with about a 30 minute delay. northbound 395 jams edsall roadd to 14th street bridge.rie 66 inside the beltway remainsemi slow. metro is back to being on time except for safetrack surge 11. >> thanks very much.yuc >> good day is coming up next. don' even --- >> that's chance the rapper. he'll be in town tonight.wn tont >> that's chance the rapper. he'll be in town tonight.wn tont >> he's right there with annie.. fact.
8:58 am
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?? first on fox5, former vice-presidential nominee timnot kaine.ine. >> i have to get right back to o work. that's the best antidote.e. >> virginia senator opening up u on everything from the brutal bl race to crushing loss to how he'll work with his former for arrival from his seat in the senate. plus, a victory lap for thee president-elect.ect. today donald trump will make one of his first public appearancesc since winning the election lastt month to make good on a campaign promise. a night of protests in north carolina after prosecutorsrocu refused to press charges againin it's police officer who shot and killed a black man. the whole confrontation caughttu on tape. and later, fighting words aw new york chef looking to make move to dc might find it a


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