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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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around this time next week e you could partying at the new mgm grand.m g. the big grand opening bringing g lot of celebrities to town. tn we'll tell you a few who are w e coming in just a bit. folks, we made it. hallelujah hands it's friday f morning what a beautiful day itd will be today. december 2nd, 2016.016. we'll have weather and trafficnf coming up on the 5'sic at 70:55a fox news morning at 7:00 startss right now.ri good morning to you i'm allisons seymour.r. >> i'm steve schenn z welcome to we'll start with developing devn story this morning. search in northeast d.c. for afo group of men wanted inantein connection with a deadlyith a dd shooting.ting. >> annie yu is on the scene livl now with the latest.t. anything new this hour, annie? >> reporter: hey, good morning g allison and steve. steve we're still waiting on the t detectives to arrive here soere they can finish processing the scene. sc i know they still have to takeok photos don some other things t here. but this is the 1900 block of capitol avenue in northeast, ana it's unclear right now if thehe shooting happened in the middlem
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of these residential homes. homs but again detectives expect toxo be back out here this morning ig just a bit to complete the -- t- continue the investigation ition should say.. meanwhile you have the officersc here that were here overnight ot hours after the shootinghog happened we know it happenede kn around 7:30 last night. nig i want to show you some videoe o from what we shot last night n once the shooting took place. pa they got here at 7:30. 70. they found two men who had gunshot wounds. wnd sadly one of the victims did pass away. a we don't know right now theht n victim. and as you mentioned police tell us that they're searching for five to six male suspects description not available atn na this time.ime but they are asking for anyonene who may have heard something,hi, saw something last night to givv them a call.em that's the very latest here from northeast d.c., annie yu, fox5 local news. now still an active scene in culpeper county, virginia, an an alleged intruder entered a house and was then shot and killed byb the homeowner.wn it happened just before 6:300
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in the 14,000 block of woodland church road much police have been there all night processingg the scene. we'll update the story as we get more details if you ever. eve montgomery county now,ow police investigating after aer a woman was shot in the leg while out -- inside of her apartment.t police say the bullet camet cam through her window.throher windw this happened around 3:30 30 yesterday afternoon on stewart a lane in silver still no word on the woman's wan condition this morng again, shot in the leg. the leg no word either on a suspect butt police say it appears to be some sort of an saturday accident.idn now, officials need your helpouh finding these two missingsing teenagers. 14-year-old jacob fairfax and 14-year-old haley walk were lass seen on november 30th at fairfax's home in leonardtown.. anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county sheriff's office. also n prince george's nri county police are searching forf another missing 14-year-old.-old gentleman lie ya brown last sees on november 29th in the 250050 block of corning avenue. anu last seen wearing a black tankcn
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call prince george's county police.ce happening today it ispp sentencing day for northern d fn virginia teenager charged with w making and selling a deadly mixy of drugs to another teen earlier this year. 17-year-old alexa spring kerr oo centreville died back in march h she was found unconscious at her home. ho an autopsy revealedme she had se several drugs including oxycodone in her system. 18-year-old david evers you saw first plead guilty to numerousge charges he faces up to 40 yearsa in prison. d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser summit ton climate change.on clc bowser will join dozenshang of h city leaders to learn aboutrnbot cutting edge work being done ine cities across the world.ld she'll also share lessons from m the progress made right here in the district. i have a buyer for the fan ambulance.ambu >> tailgate ted.>> >> he needs a new he's been talking about it. >> $8,500. is that what we said. that whata >> i don't know if there'sid.'t enough room for all of hisis
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>> did i miss something.ethi >> only $500. >> 8500.>> 8500. >> oh, 8500. oh, >> he was excited for minute,in wasn't gentlemen.wasn >> for 500 i might buy it. >> hey. >> ya'll can share the vehicle.c that's not a bad idea either. ee >> we can all ride in the back.. >> you have to outfit tailgateat ted. >> good luck. >> all right. allight. tailgate ted has me beat there.e happy friday. >> happy friday.ri >> we got a pretty good one in i store in the weather department. it's colder outside. coldets the first thing you'll notice.ot than it was this time yesterdayd in fredericksburg. 16 degrees colder in leonardtown 8 degrees colder here in washington. still enough to warrant the jacket as you head out the door .ees morning ough tu he certainly going to need ortemperatures arounnidng the. o right now 37 in winchester.esr 41 dulles.le 45 still here in washington.shio manassas at 36. quantico 35.5. leonardtown still holding steady at the freezing mark. 32 degrees.32 degre satellite/radar this morning, a, few clouds overhead althoughltho they're macing for gorgeous
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sun will get higher in the skyh the clouds will burn off. off back to mostly sunshine thiss afternoon should be a gorgeousou second of december. 53 degrees that's just aboutst right where we should be ford br this time of year. timof y lots of we'll be a little bit on the o cool and breezy side. side. all things considered not toored much to complain about.bout >> no complaints at all, mikellk thank you. th >> let's check in with erin fine out what's happening in the's h world of traffic thiaps morningr >> all right, more problems, pbm steve. up to a quiet -- off to a quieti start. if you're headed in take a lookk southbound just inside theinside beltway.way. right lane block by a crash anda heavy traffic all the way by the beltway to rodney road much much please give yourself extra time. may want to kite colesville road if you take new hampshirehi inbound this is what you're up p against. outbound side nice and quiet.idi we'll forward our cameras andar show i was crash alsoou tracking on 28 southbound it's betweens b the dulles access road andd frying pan road the good news, n it's cleared all lanes open. op. previously just moment ago amoma left lane was getting by so so delays are starting to ease butb
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from sterling road.from so if you are headed out s by te dulles airport watch for wch f residual delays left.eft. as we move over to our maps, wew are dealing with another crash a on the inner loop annandale this morning. it's blocking the lineft lane so it's causing some delays by by little river turnpike downe dn there. ime.imourself extra t you can see as you pass the springfield interchange you'll hit a bit of a slow down but we're seeing overall i would sas lighter volume than we typically do for this friday morningni commute around the not causing as big a problems am we typical trailer on 66 eastbound by 234 clear. clear. i wouldn't say traffic israffic flowing though you're stillouour jammed up from well beforeef prince william parkway through u 28. more traffic in a few. few back to you guys. >> president-elect donald trumpl took his own staff by surprise when he named his latest cabinet choice in front of thousands ofo supporters at a thank you eventt >> choice for defense secretarye is drying bipartisan praise butt come with complications.atns
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>> reporter: general james madem dog mattis is a popular figure g within the military but his h experience would make hise h nomination for secretary of o defense a little more difficult. >> to say thank you to ohio -- >> reporter: for almost an a hour in front of a large crowdao in cincinnati it seemed likemedl donald trump was back on the campaign familiar themes, usual attacks t on the media and surprisinglyly enough a tab net pick.. dog mattis --atti-- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- as our secretary ofecrero defense.. but worry not announcing itingt until monday so don't tell anybody. >> reporter: but here's thee' te complication with mattis.ontt he retired back in 2013 and there's a law barring officerss from serving as defensese secretary win seven years ofse their retirement.. still early indications are thaa congress will sign off on an a
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widely excepted not just by thet rank and file but also lawmakers. i believe from both parties on the hiloml. b mattis news overshadowed trump's other bigtb story a stop at carrier air-conditioning in indiana inda after helping to convince themm to scrap plans to send some 8008 union jobs to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any morm without consequences.sequences. not going to happen.inappe >> reporter: but the carrier deal required about in state tax incentives drawing fire from liberals and from some conservatives.vative >> when the president of thef t united states says we will not t allow companies to leave thehe country without consequences, ii he has the power to do that,hat, what else does he have the powew to do? >> reporter: and as far as the mattis nomination for secretaryy of defense is concerned thatrnet brings this up to eight oft cabinet level positions now filled with prospectiveve eight more to go.oo.
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fox news. today michigan's electionsns board will considerr president-elect trump's request to block a hand recount.nt he won by more than 10,000 votes over hillary clinton.. lawyers for the trump campaignin argue that green party nomineeon jill stein cannot seek the the recount because she did not receive enough votes where misss counting of votes could havees e cost her the election.he eleion. she garnered 1% of the vote ino michigan. tracking metro now, nearlyrl five months after metro train tn derailment near the east falls l church station, the the agency's ineffective inspection and maintenanceenance practices are to blame. blame only a few passengers were on o board when it happened back indc july. no one was hurt thankfully.hank. in a report released yesterdayes though the ntsb found the the spacing between the rails wasas nearly too inches wider thanr t accepted by the washingtonhi transit authority.trant au the report also highlighteded crumbling cross ties along the tracks. tr metro says replacing those cross tie is that so major focus of safetrack metro officials willfl spend time on the hill today. ty
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oversight hearing on seive teeit and budget challenges. this is right of course in thesi midst of metro's new proposal to cut hours proposal not sitting i well with fox5's melanie alnwick is live in northwest with more. good morning.orni >> reporter: hey, steve and svea allison. here along u street corridor cdo this is where d.c. officials are concerned about those cutbacksoh and late night service.ce we've got ben's chili bowl, bow lincoln theater, a number ofumbe bars and restaurants here, and d they say cutting back late nighg service hours not only will hurr these businesses but will also disproportionately hurt thoseure workers who dope make a lot ofpo money and do depend on metro met service to get home from theirhe late night jobs. and also jack evans yesterdayted throughout the idea of perhaps a veto threat of this late at the time proposal.tiropo now the metro board, thehe committee customers service sere committee did go ahead and approve paul wiedefeld's plan to curtail late night service for two years after safetrack israci done. approved byve bt's
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effect july 2017 and go on for f two years.two years. here's what that plan looks like it would mean that metro railail service would run from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. monday throughrouh thursday. 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. friday. 7:00 to 1:00 a.m. on saturday. and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on p sunday.sunday. that would give that extra eight hours a week general managerag wiedefeld says is needed for maintenance and inspections.ctis but d.c. officials as we knows o they pass add resolution in october saying severely disagreed with that idea, andnd yesterday metro board chairmanha jack evans ward two councilman said he will not accept that time frame.ra >> we are not willing to go beyond a year. so you can pass mr. augustine'se resolution and at the end ofnd this meeting i will n the t general manager and the boardrd that we intend to exercise our jurisdictional veto at the board
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3:00 o'clock it's not a threat, mr. goldman.. it is what i... no. [ inaudible ][ >> it is position of theis distri pct of columbia.. >> there's no way we're going to have this preventive maintenancn program up and running and getnt real data back in a year.ea it's not realistic.listic >> reporter: and so that isthats the big question here. her who is going to prevail in thist what appears to be now a test oo wills among the board, the the metro general manager asag a well as d.c. officials. officia. now for his part councilman jack evans said that he's going to g back and talk once again withint mayor bowser and with the cityht council members and find out iff indeed they want him to press forward with that veto the votet coming up, guys, in just two weeks. live at the u street metro, i'mm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> mel, thanks very much. muc finishing touches boeing pue in place now for the mgm mgm national
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as people are excited to place a their bets the road to get there may cause some headaches.ea more on how the city is gettingg ready for all the traffic.
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?? well mike tom marks how are you. >> i'm great. how are you. y >> doing well. >> it's friday. to hapot to be happy. >> always helps, doesn't it?oest >> this enthusiasm off of mike,m them pass it to you.. >> hi, mike. >> now i'm feeling a littlee down.wn >> we drained you. that's what we do. [ laughter ] >> pretty good friday in store here. definitely chill toll start thei day. by the afternoon sun comes out,t temperatures warm um into theumt low 50s much pleasant december e
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reagan national at 45 degreesl e right now. the other airports dulles ands d bwi both sitting at 41 but mostm of our suburbs still in the 30s3 this so definitely if you haven'tf yu headed out and about just yet jy grab the jacket and the gloves.o you'll need them this morning.n. satellite/radar here big storm s system well off to our north our across southern portions of pori canada.nada still spinning starting to losel energy but snowflakes tillke flying around the great lakes. k here in d.c. we have high thinii clouds out there making for a a beautiful sunrise this morning.s and then off to the sunshine wew fox5 accu setter seven day forecast, 53 today. tod weekend is chilly but mostly dry. maybe a shower or two late onn sunday but i think most stay dry throughout the weekend justust sunday will contain more cloudse than sun.thanun good chance of rain not until nt ne tuesdayay. >> thank you mike.ou mike. >> let's check in with erin get a look at your commute at 7:16.7 >> we have trouble spots arounda the dmv.the d this is live look. is ve look. you're seeing the overpass of sh the beltway behind mee a littlt sluggish as usual, but take autt look at those brake lightsra
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we do have a crash. cra it's blocking the right lane. l once you get inside that and tht delays extend back past rodney e road outside of the beltway.ay. coming inbound on new hampshires avenue anticipate about a 30 a 3 minute slow down.w dow you can always take colesville road. other secondaries but be prepared for that delayher on w hampshire avenue in hillendale. outbound side looking good.d. overall pretty light traffif negligent 295 and 50 inbound ini ch we have a closure rightch now manassas saidly manner drive ini both directions due to a crashta at bethlehem road. r a crash at little river turnpikk blocking the right lane.he righl one week away mgm nationall harbor plan how you'll get there if you're attending the openingg festivities next week.ies xt we have route suggestions forrou you coming in from baltiggmoesre virginia and d.c.iniand d back to you, steve and allison.n >> we'll get more on that from f bob barnard right now and we'll actually be in national harborlr
7:18 am
>> awesome. >> it will be a chance to show ility.ll b facfac >> are we going to be there.g te >> i hope we're inside because it might get this time of the morning. we shall see. review previewing a p right now as folks are getting ready to get to the mgm nationao harbor for the first time.rst grand opening next thursday.y. >> likely appearing double thenu traffic. >> and celebrities.eleb >> let's talk about the good stuff with bob right now.ri's good morning tuff wi. >> reporter: hey g morning,ornig guys. talk about the good stuff first. basically, it's still a construction site.ucti sit the grand opening a wee last 11:00 o'clock on thursdayda december 8th but it'sth but it' beautiful.beauti it's shining, it look great anda everything but it is still a construction site. sit and what you're looking atng a basically the front there, the horizontal line there is, that'h the parking facility, the parking garage. the tower in the back is the hotel part. part in between is the casino and yod can see the sign just said stin coming inin march. i can show you that the actresse sarah jessica parker will bearkl
7:19 am
hotel casino. they've got a number of concerts already bruno mars will be december 27t. lionell ritchie december 22nd. duran duran on new year's eve. cher, earth wind and fire stingg coming up in the coming week asg well. to get here to enjoy the fun,, you'll have to deal with a lotla of traffic and local f officiala and mgm folks have been warning about this. they put together this video onn the mgm national harbor facebooo page. early and stay late. you can take metro to princepr george's county, alexandria and then come in by metro bus. b there's also the water taxi from alexandria. they're also suggesting maybe my you can park at the local outlet mall and they'll circumstance cu later bus. basically, it's 295 from thehe district. ct the beltway from maryland, mar virginia, there is a designatede ramp if you're coming fromin f virginia into national harbor.r. but -- they've done a lofte a l they've widened
7:20 am
but they're basically sayingay streets like 210 -- indiana head highway and ox second hill roadh a lot of the surrounding sundi roadways that come in to the mgm national harbor are going to be choke points when it opens andns it could take weeks perhaps a a month or so for things to shake out and for the flowing to awint little easier than it will at a least as they're expecting expei initiallily.itil it's coming it's been in theg ie works for a number of yearser o we're less than a we the grand opening of the mgmanon national harbor.r >> all right. can you get more and more buzz m in the next week,or bob, thanksa much. >> exciting.>> exciting. all right. not so exciting actually reallyc sad neitws forin the nfl. n one of its players killed kil yesterday more on what led ton d his death. >> first though a close look ato the devastation in tennessee nun that we're getting a better loot after the massive wildfires. wi. and sadly the death toll there e rising as well.el
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?? taking look what happened down in tennessee right now.nneh death toll from the massiveve wildfires has now risen to 11.1. sadly officials say more people are still missing.e stil. look at the devastation. entire areas just wiped out. o there's a hotline of course setu up for family and friends todso report missing loved in the meantime homeowners andod business owners will get aet a chance to go back in and take ak look at some of theirtir properties. the wildfires earlier this weekk started aft officials believe ae flames from a manmade fire
7:24 am
and the dry conditions. today marks one year since the san bernardino terror tackk that killed 14 seriously wounded 22 others at the moment the the shooters unleashed terror in the town county employees willl remember their fallen colleaguea with a moment of silence. those are at cued shooters.hoer >> happening today families of e those killed in this week'see plane crash in columbia willa wl receive the remains of loveded ones. ones 71 people were killed includingi players and coaches from ad coh brazilian soccer team. tea officials suspended the chartert co recording of the flights final l minutes suggest the plane ranlan out of fuel. fuel. >> sad news former nfl running back joe mcknight killed duringr apparent road rage fight in neww orleans yesterday. 20-year-old -- 28-year-old mc knight played with the jets kansas chiefs as running backng and return specialist. nfl players and coaches express their sadness over the news. seahawks coach pete carole col tweeted, everyone loved joe andj
7:25 am
". >> he was with the jets. jets. veterans showing their solidarity for protesterser pipeline project. group of veterans arrived at the camp joining thousands every ery active vets yesterday.. police use a megaphone told thee to move away because they weree trespassing they shouted back they had served their countrythr and had a right to be there. tre the obama administrationatn wants gender equality when it w comes to military draft. dft yesterday it declared support so for the draft.raft. it's a step towardsds incorporating women at all levels of the military. of thmia the support comes at an unusuall time two days after congress agreed to strip a provision froo its annual defense bill thathat would force women to indeed register. >> 7:25. check back in with mike thomas.. get a look at the forecast for r this friday gearing up for theie weekend.end. >> beautiful start to friday.da it is a little chilly out theree depending on where you live. liv 45 degrees -- not really.t r it's chilly
7:26 am
39 in gaithersburg this morning. frederick, good morning, 43 atnt this hour. 37 for winchester.te. 31 at culpeper and very chilly c in fredericksburg this morning. 30 degrees for a low thishis morning as we work our wayur way through the day today, goody, gd news, sunshine is back. back. it will be rather chilly for thy first half of the 47 degrees. d by the afternoon little warmer w as we get into the 50s little lt breezy as well and then by the afternoon 4:00 o'clock 52 degrees and again keeping things on the cool side but all things considered not too bad to december. all right. that's a check of the forecast. erin cck of omo lady in red has h traffic this morning. >> i've stolen your weather weah graphics.hi right now traffic is backing upu a bit on 95 northbound.und this is at poe hick road fromm woodbridge to the beltway you'll hit about 10 minute slow down.o. but i would say it's a really rl pleasant as you make your way from fredericksburg throughg thh stafford we don't have anyeny typical congestion by courthouse road things are looking muchuch better in dale city but again aa you get closer to the beltway
7:27 am
sluggish commute 395 northboundn at the 14th street bridge theyy extend back to edsall road.loa from the beltway edsall prettylt good shape.odhape. good news once you get on to the freeway eastbound and westboundd sluggish as usual by the third i street tunnel. let's take a look at our maps.up starting to see little bit of congestion building from 270 2 down towards the spur only abouo a 15 minute delay right now frof urbana down the outer looper loo remains a bit heavy from 95 oveo to georgia about 15 minute slows patterns though than we usuallyy see during the week.ri the inside the beltway new hampshiri avenue backing up because of ana earlier crash.rash we'll keep you updated.pded back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much. much. 7:27 right now. n facebook is fighting againsttinn fake news. ke we'll tell you how they are are trying to get fake news off youu facebook feed. metro's controversy --sy -- facebook again. >> big news. and metro's controversialtrr new proposal to cut hours not sitting well especially with
7:28 am
it is 7:27 now. ??
7:29 am
7:30 am
live picture of the potomacic river this morning. a little color on the leaves.tua the wind we had -- had >> took them right on off. o everything. it is that time of year.s it'sth december. decemr. december 2nd believe it orievet a lot of folks wonder wagon wiln happen with metro now.h menow. metro committee voting to cut c service hours for two years.woea the goal to give the rail systee more time to complete the needed maintenance but it's not a finaf decision fifty four according to board chair jack evans he told t the panel a year's extension isn all he's willing to endorse, onn year, not two and veto could bed in the offing.g. evans later said he would put wd that idea to the mayor and put a
7:31 am
metro are opposed by many businesses.busiss restaurants, bars, who stand too lose lot of revenue late night customers van >> the general manager paul p wiedefeld said there's "no way " to have preventive maintenance plan in place in just one year". so up next meeting of the full metro board that is in just two week. a lot of businesses that couldtl be adversely affected by early metro closing up around u streer that's where melanie alnwick iss this morning with more details.s mel. >> reporter: good morning,orte guys. guys opposed to the plan to curtailtl those late night hours aaa mid m atlantic which certainly has puh out statement last night sayingg it would affect not only the t businesses and workers but alsos impact traffic adversely in theh d.c. people ended up having to drived their cars in to work instead. d it really does bring up an interesting quandary i suppose e because not only do we havee wiedefeld saying he needs this t time to get the system back inak good repair you've got the citye saying they don't want to do ito it will hurt businesses but thet
7:32 am
putting pressure on metro abouto maintenance and inspectionsns joining me now is martin dicaror i know you were in the board b meeting yesterday the committeee how would you describe thatribet interaction?n >> well, it was a contentiouss i hearing. it went on for about two hours before the final decision or atr least the committee vote toe to close the system at 1:00 a.m.1:m friday and saturday nights.s. 11:30 during the 11:00 p.m. on sundays. sunda and it ended with d.c. council c member and metro board chairmanr jack e the juries dick al veto to killk a two-year preventive maintenance plan he's insistings on one after the meetingeeng chairman evans said well i haveh to go and talk to mayor bowserow and the d.c. council before weow go ahead with the veto in two weeks. we mayor bowser put out a statemene yesterday that wasn't specific as to whether she would approvep the use of the >> reporter: what do you think? in your gut feeling. it seems like that sort off nuclear option it. it.
7:33 am
bringing it back to a repair. metro needs to do -- needs thiss time overnight hours to do hou inspection and maintenancetion i programs that it has never doned before at least not to thiso th extent.extent take, for instance, cable c inspections.sp these programs are designed to t stop track fires. fir we remember what happened ond january 12th, 2015. 2015. a track fire led to the death of carol glover of alexandria on ai yellow line train at l'efantnt plaza. d.c.'s perspective hours another time. t maybe do this for one year and r then reassess metro said we neen at least two years to make thist maintenance program effective. i >> report roar then of courset o you've got capitol hillar and tt oversight hearings.s. >> today. t >> reporter:od they're reallyy'e putting the pressure.g the press they would sort of be in wiedefeld's court.ourt >> some of the votes yesterdayrd were cast by federal board members who were appointeded bisect of transportation anthono fox who has repeatedly and
7:34 am
safety and maintenance ahead ofo service.rv. the federal transitnsit administration has said this.aii national transportation safetyat board has said this and outsidee transit experts have all viced c metro they need to find more time to do maintenance and inspections. the argument i s about when ton find that time. thatim metro says it has to happen ina the dc officials believe metro canet find some other com days. >> and how many people is thisps going to affect?ffect? >> before the safetrack safra moratorium on late night servici metro was averaging riders per hour between midnighd and 3am. 3 most of those coming in the houu between midnight and 1:00. 1:0 therefore we have thisthi compromised proposal to keep thp system open until 1:00 a.m. however there's no way of of looking at that. metro has been doing rebuildingd for five years and was running fewer trains in the late night n of knight hours already.hos proponents of keeping the systee later if you actually run robuss service you'll get many moreanym people using it late at night. n leaving these bars andrsnd restaurants that we see here in
7:35 am
>> reporter: certainly is is i think a tough call for everyonen thanks so much for breaking itag for for us. we'll see how it goes in twotwo eksks. >> big vote in two weeks.o wee >> reporter: that's right.ght. back to you guys. ba mel, thanks of., thanf. 7:35 right now. we'll switch gears.. >> switch gears to w >> not too hot, not tooea cold.. hi, mike. mike. >> happy friday to you both.. >> weekend right around theun corner. we got prettcoy good weather fof friday. yes it's a chilly start by srt december standards not too bad.. let's get straight here's a look at currentook at conditions out beautiful sunrise to start thert day. 45 degrees. your current number here inurren washington. we do have high thin clouds forr now. those will burn off burn mostlyl sunny as we get into the lattert portion of the morning morningnr with little bit of a breeze out of the north and west it doest coldeolder. feels like 40 degrees right noww outside in washington.. satellite/radar what's left ofra the storm system that broughtt b all that rain earlier this weeke still spinning well off to thefo north bringing snow showersow s across the great lakes regionsen here in d.c.he
7:36 am
you can see those there on the satellite/radar. those will burn off through theg nextew hours.s.h here's a lock at your forecastrr for the next two days. 53 degrees today. breezy from time to time but probably not as bad asrom as yesterday. mostly sunny by the afternoon.fn more sunshine for your saturdayr cooler, though, highs in d.c. only 50 degrees and many of ouro suburbs will stay in the 40 tomorrow. that's a check of the forecast.s erin como has the roads.oa >> i want to see something. seei i want to see if the green flowers. >> no it actually stayed. the flowers match your dress.o . >> isn't that pretty? >> it's beautiful>> isn. >> why wouldn't it -- i'm so confused. kind of like a green color,en cl right? righ >> um-hmm. >> allison come over here let mm see ine your blazer keys >> i can't because my footwear w isn't right. is see you later! lat [ laughter ]ter ] >> i heart you. you >> i love you. l [ laughter ] >> let's rever[ se and pretend e never invited you.ou. >> okay. >> okay. but the flowers are pretty i'm hold them for the report rightowertight now.w. i feel like i wouldn't miss miss
7:37 am
gw parkway inbound backed up bae from the beltway same story onn cabin john to clara barton heavy volume. outer loop from 95 to georgia 11 minute delay. del. much lighter conditions thanha what we usually see this fridayi morning not to worry if you're y heading out and about thisout au friday. fr 50 inbound from 202 to 295 a little slow through cheverly.h and just look at that delay. del just increased. 295 southbound from 410 down ton 50 and down to pennsylvania little bit of sluggish commute the 11th street bridge.dge northern maryland all greenll coming down the 270 spur. however, the outer loop you cana see closer look at that delay and a tine 93 bit of volume 95 5 southbound to the inner loop aso we take look at 270 southboundoo building delays still continueon from 70 to clarksburg and then e down again from urbana to the spur. spur as you make your way out, allut, green on 395 from the beltway to edsall but things really jam upu and through annandale residual a
7:38 am
river turnpike.npe. dale city to the beltway you cae see as you cross the occoquanccn some slow downs only about a 10a minute delay from the act kwanhk thehe beltway. metro is on time except foreptor safetrack surge 11. i'm going to keep these flowerso for all of my reports. rorts back to you guys. >> you have to carry them around everto cywhere. >> i'll be better prepared nexte time. >> i'm sorry i sprung that onory yost mst minute. i >> no, um-hmm, we roll with it. uber offering rides on thert water and in the we'll explain next. >> very cool plus we gety co plu presidential tweets but how b h about presidential texts? could our next president be able toebe send text messages? more on me
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. ?? changes are brewing atan starbucks when it comes to the top. we're talking about the verygewe top. the ceo will step down come n april. now he still will be on board od but the second time that howardd schultz is resigning from the fm position. first did he it back in two to us and ctwame back to take on te role in 2008. 200 the company's coo will take ovee as ceo. howard schultz ceo now will wil continue to be chairman of thei board and spearhead socialhe causes important to the company wall street doesn't love the t mo.e. starbucks stock dropped quite ap bit on the news yesterday.esrd >> all right. war on fake newse news
7:42 am
labels on them for some usersse part of a test to root out misss information in its news feed.d. one example reads this websitese is not a reliable news source.e. that move seems to be the firstr indication facebook is makingin good on its promise to fight the spread of fake news.. uber is offering a couple oo new ways to get around miami this week.eek. art boss sell brings some of tht best art to the system but alsos a lot of traffic. so to help out, uber riders cann now get a around on water and id seaplane which you see right there. also, uber boat i don't thinkdo it's the cruise ship.hip. i don't think that's the boat but that would be awesome if itt was. uber yacht uber cruise. >> uber uber everywhere.rywh >> uber texts perhaps. pha texts from donald trump could bb in your future because ofe something called a wirelessirels emergency alert programam initiated more than 10 years ago. when congress passed the warning alert and response network act.
7:43 am
country.try. >> wow!! >> no president has used usedasu the system so far.the syem so fa giving donald trump love of twitter, he could be the first.r pure speculation at this point. >> ?? 7:43.> in today's hell watch, peopletcl who enjoy a glass of wine everye day or morning like steve may be slightly increasing their riskir of melanoma so, steve, anothernh reason -- >> cut back now. ut cut back on the booze. >> before 7am. bacore 7a >> researchers look at peopleeo alcohol intake people who dri of getting hell noma. interesting.stin study authors noted beer, red b, wine and liquor did not significantly affect melanomaoma the study does not prove that white wine causes the deadliest form of skin cancer. >> another study w conflicting reports.confliing >> why work, okay.kay. >> fda wants to remind if youou you bake your holiday cookies ww talk about this every year and we always do it. i
7:44 am
it's baked.aked it sounds silly but we do it.t. >> steve, i'm 50 years old.ld. i did it.t. my entire childhood.hiho >> you're alive. alive. >> from for the most part.t p i'm okay.y. >> doctors just warn thatt warn anything containing raw eggs can increase your risk of salmonella don't tell rocky. don't r>> i was going to say rocky ry ate -- >> i know al, i know you well w enough to know what you're going to say. >> i need a vacation i need aeed break from you.ou >> flower poses a risk it can b contaminated with strains of of e-coli which can make y consider yourself warned. take matter noose your own hands. >> how did you know i wasow thinking of working. didf >> i've worked with you for 13rt years now, al. >> feels like 38.eels l >> sometimes it does.>> s some days do.. coming up which celebrityel has the most instagram followers after her? plus the nationalsls looking to make major off season move but where would they put t him? that's the big >> all right. first though holiday message mes from one of our troops servingng overseas.
7:45 am
want to say happy holidays tosa friends and family back inack i annapolis, maryland.lis, i love you guys. g wish i could be there with you but hope you guys have a great g ?? ?? be noisy. be silent. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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7:47 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? it is 7:47 right now.s 7:igt tucker is enjoying a few wellell deserved days off. o >> he never takes break.r takese >> he doesn't. this is actually a big deal. dea
7:48 am
mike which we love to >> hi, mike. >> he's in california.. sunny callie.alli >> don't tell too much. d >> he posted a pictureo yesterday. >> oh, did he? [ laughter ] >> never mine. >> right under the g nlde de ge. that's exactly where he is thent >> there you go. if you want to go see tucker gor to san francisco? >> he'll be back on >> who would want toay leave d.c and all this wonderful weathere we're having. >> i don't know. >> only tucker. >> not me. .> that's righ >> all right. >> he does a little walk. >> he e does do adoes walk. >> oh. so -- let's leave it up -- thist is mike thomas. this is your inaugural walk.. >> well, mike walks on thee wal weekend. >> occasionally i've done it on e e weekends.nally >> let's see what you do.t you . >> i'm feeling the beat. >> button has to come off. >> there you go. >> ?? ? >> little more bounce in youre n step. step >> mike, you're not doingike, yu anything speal. >> okay. o now you just did it >> i feel like there's like le something that just wants to juo come out. o >> here we go. drop it right here.
7:49 am
>> there it is. the he's so cute.he'scute >> there we w >> mike, you know what, that'sot as good as it get, ts. >> it was all right with us.ll h >> thank you. thank >> awesome.wesome >> that's the junior version ofr the walk. >> there you go. there g >> tucker will be back next week [ laughter ughter >> all right. pressure off to the north for the weekend. let's talk about the off t weekend atndt friday we can't wait foror saturday.rday high pressure settling into thei north lots of sunshine for usors for saturday we'll be cool.oo keeping northerly breeze around. by the time we get to sunday little piece of swing out of the mountains brinb us cloud cover and maybe a may a shower or two but after dark. dk so just keep that in mind.ind. temperatures on sunday for mostm of the region in the 40s in fact here is that forecast.. 50 degrees for your saturday saa afternoon.ternoo again, few clouds out there bute most of us will see the sunshine. 49 for sunday with again maybe with a m an evening shower but most will stay dry throughout both days. satellite/radar here what's lef of our storm system that broughg us the rain earlier this week te still spinning off to the northr is giving us a little bit oftlef
7:50 am
after and in we'll be back to the sunshine thosed in i wn souh maryland, northern virginiania seeing mostly sun already atlrey this h all right. moving on to temperaturesng on e because it is a chilly startrats december here 45 degrees inn washington.gton. 39 in gaithersburg.ersbg 41 at dulles. 38 in martinsburg.nsbu 37 for winchester.ester. quick look at the wind chillshil and we'll get to the seven day d here. 40 what it feels like out ine on washington.. feels like 30s if you're headina out and about or getting readyea to grab the jack much here'suc your seven day forecast. sev dar weekend is dry. dry next g tuesday. all right. that's the forecast. erin como walking into the setthat right now.. >> it's my mike thomas walk.s wk >> i need to work on.k >> i like the move at the end.hd i like the button pop.n pop i like the confidence. >> i think tucker would be proud. >> i hope >> i'll have to send it to you.o we'll see what he says.e says. >> send it to him.>>d it see if he's doing his walk outk in california.or >> the cali walk. >> exactly. let's take look at our maps. overall, it is a much morehor pleasant friday morning drive d
7:51 am
typically deal with during there week. 50 inbound jams a touch to 295. 295 stop and go traffic innerrai loop jams as you try to get froo 210 towards the wilson bridge. 95 a bit sluggish from knievelmi dale city exit to the about a 15 minute delay fromelao stafford all the way to the to t beltway and the inner loop aer a little slow from the springfiele interchange to little rivertle r turnpike let's take live lookve outside at your routes you can get a perspective from a live le look what the volume is, looingg like. 270 still heavy from u the spur with about 20 minute 2t slow down no crashes but you cay see some volume there. the as we forward our cameras, we'l' take a look right now at the the american legion bridge. bdg the inner loop a little bite b heavy and same story on the on outer loop so going across the r bridge especially the outer loot coming off the spur a touch ofoo heavier volume there. the forking our cameras 295, 295 2 southbound also jams up a bit bb eastern but nothing compared toe what we were up against on 295 yesterday. back to you allison and steve.e. erin, thanks very much.ry mc in sports news this morning won
7:52 am
nationals looking to make offake season moves and fox kev rosenthal the nationals andnalsa pittsburgh pirates discussing as deal that would bring 2013 201 national league mvp andreww mccutcheon to washington. that's him right l he had his lh worst offense season of hisnf career last year.r. a bad year nor andrew mc cut ken a pretty good year for anybody. still in his prime at 30 years old. d couple years removed from beingm the mvp in the league. theea i don't know what that means fos jayson werth and bryce harperare and tray turner only three outfield spots to got around tiger woods back inds action for the first time in 15 months after back surgery. sur he had some good holes and hend had some not so good holes.ol but again a bad hole for tiger r woods is a great job by anybody else. pretty impressive return untiluu the final three holes.ol two doubles in the last threethe holes. 17th place in the tourney outeyo of 18.. he's beating somebody, al.ody, . >> yeah, he is.h, is you know, he's been -- >> he hasn't playedla competitively in a long longgon long time.
7:53 am
>> getting his mojo back. b let's talk about what's going on fox beat. britten's prince harry joinsar rihanna and yes, that is how you pronounce her >> that's how she refers peoplep say it.le barbados to raise i wasness for worlds aids todayay yesterday. these two, i mean, what i lovehv about them, steve, honestly iony love to see like the younger ynr generation out there doing doi things. >> watch them in this>> watch tn interaction. geinelook genuine. >> right. they'reikok just like away from the c spotlight which they're the technically not. n they're not in hollywood.lyod. they're not no london.n. they're just two people hanginge out with each other.out with eat >> what they're doing is sohe great.t they eat. they're taking hiv tests tohiv t promote the day world aids day yesterday.da it was hiv drop in center inrn bridge town which strives totrio raise awareness of the diseasees and promotes ways to find curesc to they joined each other onachn stage on wednesday night to celebrate 50 years of barbados independence.ence >> i told they've been seeing ae lot of each other the last the l
7:54 am
>> i'm just saying.>>'m j >> he is very happily involved e in with an american actress.. >> yes.>> and rihanna is with drake secretly. secretly >> they're good friends.he [ laughter ] >> selenay're gomez your new queennew q of instagram. 103 million people followed thee 24-year-old on the gram.he g that makes her the most followee celebrity on the popular socialr media site. >> i feel like only people our age say the gram. t g >> go ahead.d >> mike, what do you say? >> ig. >> what do you call answer. >> insta. >> he's making that up. >> that sandsoap older.oaper selena gomez dominates withinatw individual posts and has eightat of the 10 most popul celebrities photos and top evenv celebrity videos following behind her is taylor swift with -- that's not just behind. 120 million.million. to 90 million.llion. >> what's the math, >> 30 some million.0 some milli. >> love it. coming in number three and fourf bee i don't know san and kylie jenner on the ig.
7:55 am
>> all the insta. >> did we say beiber. beibe >> no, we didn't say girl power.ow. taylor swift number one on theen highest paid musician's list. l go, tay tay. forbes magazine says she earned $170 million between 2015 and 2016. the boy band 1d, one direction,n whoop whoop comes in second at $110 million. but women again dominate this ts list rounding out the top five, adele, madonna and rihanna.ihna >> more women dominating >> all right. >> fox5 family wants you to joii in a true holiday tradition the magic of the nutcracker and oneo viewer could win four tickets ts the washington ballet's nutcracker at the warner theater they're valid for any show through december 23rd.r 2 >> the winner may request up two potential dates which could usee their tickets subject tots subje availability at the time ofbili redemption.ty now the prize has an approximatm retail value of $360.f $36 go to fox5
7:56 am
one lucky winner will bee selected by random drawing onwio december 5th, is that monday maybe? i don't know. kw. december all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules and online entryt available at fox5 steve, giving me the thumbs up.s that's monday. mony. >> mike thomas has look at our o forecast at 7:00 vick.:00 vi >> i can't believe you guys have never heard of it called inn n nsa. >> no. i don't know. nsa i think say i instamatic. >> we'll make a new one call it the gram.era >> that's how we started.hat'ta >> we said that. [ laughter ]hter ] >> did i miss that? t >> don't worry about it.. >> beautiful sunrise out there t this morning. brunswick maryland glorious higg thin clouds.uds. fox5 seven day forecast, 53 for 50 on saturday.y. only 40s for sunday.unda next chance of rain is tuesday. >> all right. that's a check of the forecast..
7:57 am
>> ig works.orks. >> the ig. >> i think --hi - >> i like insa. >> ig or insta. >> i like ig as well. w right now metro is on time t except for safetrack surge 11 continues single tracking westwe falls and east falls church. crc we're dealing with minor delaysl around the top side of theide beltway outer loop we'll takeak closer look at the roads aroundn the dmv as we continue. conti
7:58 am
7:59 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. it's friday morningy m everybody. good morning. m son seson seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m great to be with us on thishis friday. 8:00 a.m. on this friday,y, december 2nd and here's what'sea on the fox5 news morning menu.u. >> first up, is d.c.'s interim r poli for the pearl meant position pin unfit for office? it is a fox5 exclusive. plus, pointing a in you report laying blame onn the derailment of metro trainra over the summer.r. meanwhile the agency movesyoves forward with plan to cut lateat night service. we'll have a life report.e port. and later, the answers cellc phones users have been looking for. fo this morning we're sitting downn with an expert to talk about ala those bugs that may have hav infected your device recently and the havoc they could beul causing and boy do i haveboy dov
8:01 am
at 8:00 o'clock.cloc and we will have weather andweaa traffic coming up in just a few minutes.mites. >> wilson bridge looking goodbr right now.idge ri 8:00 a.m. fox if ioxf exclusive all eyes are on the a nation's capitol n month and a a half new president will be swort in and hundreds of thousands ofn people from all over the nationn and the world will gather forat the presidential >> now the spotlight is also on d.c.'s police department which hasn't had a permanent chief now since chief lanier resigned twot months ago.go assistant chief serving as the interim top cop c and he'll continue in that rolee through the gnarring.h e gn he's also the frontrunner to to hold the permanent position. poo the city says there have beenhae more than 100 applicants for the job. job. a process that's been completell halted as mayor bowser filledr e other top vacancies.. for now he's still at the hell. d.c. police department and hiseh desire to be the top cop of aop police force is no secret.ecret last year he was a finalist forf achieve job down in brayden toww florida and this summer he was a final list for the police chiefi
8:02 am
both times a final list otherote than knew some was given theen e job. is he fit for the job here? >> fox5's marina march rocco roo takes look at the reasons why. >> reporter: the city streetsee remain peaceful tonight afterigt protester city. >> at this time the assistant chief of police was peter new some. >> both of them anticipated in the order to arrest.e der there's no issue about that. [ inaudible ]
8:03 am
replacement it's like giving the devil do. [ inaudible ]dible ] >> my job requires me to bee truthful.. >> far the past 27 years, peter newsham risen through the ranksn of the metropolitan policeolice departnt >> a person who's so hostile to free speech that he arrests for hundred people peacefully milling about in public park which should be a place of refuge and safety, that is a person who's not qualioufit oueb chief of police for washington,, d.c. >> at 25 years old, peter peter newsham started his career withh d.c. police as a rookie officerc and for the past 14 and a half years, he has stood in the shadows of two police chiefs cef passed up for the position ofheo
8:04 am
>> the entitlement in would comc with him being the chief oh, my oh, my goodness.. that's almost -- not almost, itt is sca >> reporter: peter newsham hasas had a long history of bothfot personal and professionalssio scandals. '90's and 2,000s were plaguede u with allegations of alcoholismco and domestic violence.lence a history of love affairs as well as the mass uncons people at d.c.'s pershing park and a scathing third partyty report uncovering theing e department's mishandling ofli o sexual assault cases while newsham was at the helm of the mpd's vet gate tiff serviceservi reauau. >> did peter newsham lie to you? >> in my opinion he did. >> peter newsham a liar?r? >> in my opinion he is. is >> reporter: is peter newsham nm
8:05 am
>> he did more than ruin myn rny daughter's life. my husband's, myself, family members, close friends. it's been i was, nine years andd we're not over it. i >> reporter: very ron anyyon best's daughter was raped byaped multiple men at just 11 years old. >> she lost her youth. youth >> reporter: her daughter from the 2008 aggression was was charged with filing a false report after her account of of events if found to be b inconsistent despite several medical accounts detailing her r sexual injuries and the findings of mull pell samples of semen on her underwear. the case till this days remains open. the help the 11-year-old cued cd are still on the run. best claims newsham for allowing investigators to charge herer
8:06 am
her.he >> he perpetuated the wrong anda i say that because there arere e still officers on the force who he knows should have either be removed, suspended or somethingi not sent to another desk. i don't know about his past, ana i don't know how he started out, but somewhere along ago he losts the ability to be empathetic and it's not there, and i think he would lie just as soon as tell the truth if it benefited him.em >> reporter: 52-year-oldye-old newsham had a protective order filed and granted against him by his ex-wife in 2002. 2002. records show litany of alleged domestic violence encounters involving newsham and his formee
8:07 am
ildrenen. >> he turned around busted my m teeth, gave me a black eye, busted my lip. i still have the scar.hahe s i still have the scar, your honor where he busted my lip and my two teeth almost fell out. fo >> reporter: dental records rord entered as evidence in an earlyy 2,000 family court hearing show newsham's then wife claimed shes was quote struck in the mouth. h >> we had a physical confrontation.. i picked up a little going to protect me from this ts 6-foot four man, i'm 5-foot onee i told him if he ever touch mech again i would kill him.uld >> reporter: case that is havekv nearly cost newsham his job. >> judge can we approach the bench.h. >> sure. se >> i don't know what you'renow e doing but my dad's career is onn the >> off violent temper, don't you? you? >> no i don't.>>i do >> off serious drinking problemm don't you? >> no i don't.o i >> you had your gun taken awado. >> objection.
8:08 am
you can answer.ns >> you had your gun taken away y from you because you were foundd passed out on the sidewalk withl your revolver? >> in early '90's i had my weapon taken, >> reporter: during thishi family court hearing allegationo from both parties were made me painting a picture before the court of a volatile relationship. >> you and your wife have argued?? >> >> have the arguments occasion led to a situationon where there was some physicalhya confrontation between the two oo you? >> yes. >> have you ever initiated or been physical against your wife? >> no.. never. >> reporter: montgomery countyoy judge ultimately granted newsham and his wife joint custody of their children with newshamewam having final authority. his actions have cost the city y
8:09 am
dollars.s. >> people were getting hit onwe three h gead with night sticks. people were getting c. people were getting kicked andgd all we were doing was sittingng >> reporter: assistant chiefhief peter newsham admitted in courtu he ored the arrests of almost 400 protesters, journalists and bystanders during the 2002 world bankmf protests at pershinghing park. park. >> what is the charge. >> there is no charge report roar federal district andhat s t appelate court found the arrest -- >> was nothing short of >> reporter: it costs the city more thancost $10 million to sel a lawsuit filed by thosese wrongfully arrested. >> they hog tied them wrist tort ankle.kl rift to opposite ankle and leftf them in that painful position for 10, 15 hours on gymnasiumnam floor. it was an extraordinary act ofrf punishment.shme. why? because people were w engaged in decent then wanted to shut it down.ow >> reporter: the arrests thatha followed the 2002 demonstrationa protesting meetings between thee
8:10 am
cost taxpayers a reported nearly $3 million just to defend newsham and then police chief ci charles ramsay.amsay. not only did newsham order the e wrongful mass arrest but he wasw virtual al loud to investigate himself because at the time he was also the head of the officec of professional responsibility.. the ethics branch of the police department. it was ultimately discover thata the log of events that wouldwoud have certified and do you meanee the chain made that day completelyy the evidence somehow disappeared and the immediate aftermath offr the arrests.the res >> you have the mass falsefalse arrests of 400 persons followedd boy a subsequent coverup. cov peter newsham has never ever apologized. he's never indicated that what t he did was wrong.. i believe the facts show he knew it was wrong. if you take lockit what the cout pins found, the court pins found that no residential policee officer could have ordered these mass arrests. arrests.
8:11 am
destination within thehin department lies ultimately withh the city's mayor and will needie green light from the cityligh councilt . >> please, think about what youa are about to do.ut you are about to unleash a a monster in this city that willl not have any restraints, and ini years to come, you will have toe hold yourself accountable as well. not just whatever he does butoeb you hold yourself accountable interim chief newsham didamd not directly respond to our to request for an on cameraera interview.rv. instead the public informationoi office put out this statements m which reads "more than a decaded ago chief newsham was involved l in a divorce and protractedd custody dispute.te it was one of the most difficulu experiences he has had to goad o through in his life. lif like any loving parent theent te thought of possibly losingosin custody of his children weighedi
8:12 am during the custodyoc does itoest dispute unfounded allegationsego were lodged against him.agnst hm those matters were adjudicatedut in public hearing and he was awarded custody.tody. the allegations that were raises were subsequently reviewed and investigated by internal affairs for misconduct.nduc the interim chief a commander at the time was not charged withit any misconduct.uct the court records are public ana he invites anyone to read themm and draw their own conclusions. but out of respect for hisor children and his ex-wife hee chooses not to this matter ". " as for our questions on the 2008 rape investigation and thed mass arrests pershing part partt the incidents you referencedefed occurred many years ago and the media reported he can tenseortet tiffly on both matters over thet years they have long since beenn adjudicated. we've also attempted toed reach mayor bowser and her communications team repeatedlyel over the course of 36 hours and we are still waiting to hearr ckck. fox5 always extends an invitation open invitation toatt
8:13 am
to any of our fox news programsr to respond to this story. sry metro backlash a fight isigi brewing over a controversialov proposal to cut hours.ours. also, details about a grilling g ahead on capitol hill today. tay >> live look outside right now as we head to break on thiss friday looks nice out there.ok weather and traffic comingni up
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> in the works. wor [ laughter ] >> all right.>> all right. >> i'll be on night shift.ghshi. it's saturday, isn't it? >> okay. >> you'll be done by midnight.g. >> i was going to may matchmakee but he can't go out. >> we'll talk. .kn never know >> all right.>> >> it could lead to something like this. beautiful little baby.. >> cuteness down the road. roa [ laughter ] >> he looks like you. >> he's so cute. >> aww. .> so so cute this ma can i everybody.. >> six months old.thld >> just the best.>> jth >> guess what he loves?? >> mickey mouse maybe good i'm o going to throw it out there.out. >> that's a great guess. gue that's exactly what he loves.t l >> babies love the mouse. >> he also loves to wiggle andgd dance to the mu sick.nce the m >> he looks like so much fun,si, doesn't he, steve?t he, ve >> he's so cute.>> h >> he looks adorable. big old smile.le. >> beautiful baby boy.oy >> wiggle and dance moves in get in here and show me the
8:17 am
8:15.15 >> he watches fox5 every mornini with his family.y >> awesome.. >> he probably watch the mickeye mouse club.use c >> he probably would.. >> yeah.>>ea thank you so much makhi. >> mouse. m >> it goes so quickly. >> satellite and radar here. out there this morning.ning. but we should be sunny and dry y later on this afternoon.ernoon closer look you can see thek yoe clouds i-95e and portions nortn and west but those will bel b breaking up and will turn mostll sunny relatively shortly. sholy 46 right now in washington.n. gaithersburg out of the 30s and into the 40s. 41 degrees. drees 43 in fox5 accu weather seven day forecast, 53 for daytime highmeg today. it will be little breezy this l afternoon. cooler for the weekend.eend most stay dry all weekend long.n one chance for showers will belb sunday night. night
8:18 am
the next chance of rain foror everybody doesn't come untilil next tuesday. tuesd >> all right. good to know. know. still need it right the rain. ri >> still need it.>> sti >> hi, erin. >> good morning. grnin relatively quieter commuteer around the d-m-v this friday fra morning than what we typicallyyy a few problems areas picking upu outer loop crash at 95 it's i right at the mixing bowl.l. delays on the outer loop side of things back to little riveriver turnpike.pi. what we're you're looking on the inner loop that yellow as you yu make past the mixing bowl through annona nan dale through little river turnpike that'st' your normal morning congestion.. extra time needed for that tha portion of the belt nay botht nt direct examination.dire inner loop crash blocking twoctn lanes at branch of a look atnc o those delays. day they extend well into largo as you head south of 50 you'll hitt a big slow down. pennsylvania avenue inboundaniae backing up from just outside tne beltway as you try to get insids the district. also suitland parkway lookingayl pretty good right now southou capitol.capi to 95 southbound from 50 to thet bell way dealing with big red bd zone towards the 11th streett
8:19 am
off the northbound side of 295 5 as well. 50 inbound that was cheverly chy also backing up 295 as we takeak look in northern marylandn disable vehicle right by 193. 1. that's causing some issues onsuo the outer loop and then the outer loop again jams 95 over to georgia.georgia. metro is on time except for f safetrack allison and steve. >> tracking metro nearly fiverle months after metro trainer metra derailed near the east falls fas church station ntsb says the agency's up effect inspectionnse only a few passengers were on w board when it happened back in n july. ly no one was hurt in a report rort released yesterday, the ntsbts found the spacing between thehe rails was nearly 2-inches widerd than accepted by the washingtonn transit authority.hority the report also highlights crumbling cross ties along the e track. tr metro says replacing those croso tie social security a majorca focus of safetrack.. metro officials meet withs et w lawmakers on capitol hill an oversight hearings on safety sat
8:20 am
>> empty middle of metro's controversial move to cut back on hours. fox5 melanie alnwick is live ise with details now.ails n mel. >> reporter: steve andepte alr:lison, u street corridor isr one of those areas that will bee very much affected by this proposal to curtail those latee night even after safetrack is over. initially, the idea was thatha once safetrack was done, metro t might go back to its 3am closing time on fridays and saturdaysda and look at this.this. people who work at these bars bs and restaurants and other oth businesses where, you know, some folks have to work the night shift, that's what d.c..c officials are worried about.woru they're worried about they're worried about employeess who perhaps don't make a whole lost money can't afford cab faic all the time or parking. parng those are the people who wouldld rely on metro to get home. me. they are the ones who would belb diss proportion natalie affectee by these proposed cutbacks. nonetheless, a metro board
8:21 am
general manager paul wiedefeld's proposed plan if approved by tht full board would go into place july 2017 next july whent july safetrack is here's whattr the new hours woud look like.ik 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. monday a through 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. o friday. seven to 1:00 a.m. objectt saturday. 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on p.mon sunday that does allow thatha extra eight hours a week fork fr maintenance and inspections that wiedefeld wanted but dcut officials are pushing back hardr jack evans yesterday during this meeting saying he might veto. >> we are not willing to goo beyond a year. so you can pass mr. augustine's resolution, and at the end ofnd this meeting i will n the the general manager and the boardoa that we intend to exercise our juries dick al veto at the board then we go back to 3:00 o'clock immediately. it's not a threat, mr. goldman.n
8:22 am
position of the district oft o >> there's no way we're going to have this preventative maintenance program and up and d running and get real data back k in a year. in it's not a realistic.. >> reporter: we should tellhol you jack evans did say afterer meeting he'll go back and talknk with mayor bowser and city city council and see if indeed theyy want to go with that veto.hat vt also want to let you know inn addition to approving thoseg tho hours the metro board did also approve what would be considerei those folks who might be mht b affected by the early closures. the final vote in two weeks.o back to you guys.o you ys >> still to come this mornings m we'll break down the skins sns matchup in arizona on sunday.da. >> first though a first foror america's largest mall you willl this holiday season.son rye now holiday message from aea service member overseas. ?? season agreings i'm carl
8:23 am
i just want to wish all manylly family and friends from frederick, maryland arc happy holiday and a happy new year. m. ?? holiday and a happy new year. m. ?? ?? you can't predict the market. holiday and a happy new year. m. ?? ?? t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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8:25 am
all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication,
8:26 am
?? capitol dome right now on fridaa 8:26. always feels better on a fridayi doesn't it. it. t dot does. blue skies, too. that helps. >> hi mike.i m >> ready for the weekend. weeked i'm going to work but i'm stills ready for it.i >> it's still the weekend.eeken. >> i don't mind working on the n wed ekends. >> it's nice. >> it's like -- it's different feel. >> there's no's nor >> there's no traffic. tf >> people are in a better mood.. >> that's right.>> tt's >> all right. let's get to the weather tthe forecast. forecast. beautiful friday coming here ane let's go strait day forecast.. 53 degrees for daytime high. h yes we're in the 40s and stillns some 30s out there early this morning.orn definitely need the jacket just about all day long through the e weekend as well only 50 for ay r high on saturday and 49 degreesr on sunday and not a lot off sunshine on sunday. sunday. maybe even a shower or two latel in the day. monday 53 degrees and thenhe chilly and wet on tuesday itay i does look like our wettest dayte of the next seven. seven all right. that's a check of the forecast. erin como has traffiche thicks s rning.g. i, erin.rin. >> lady in red.
8:27 am
got mat you. you. >> we need photo op. >> i love it after the traffic.. few problem spots 8:27 right now. there's a crash on the innerh on loop after the american legionro bridge. delays all the way back into tysons allllow f tor extra time there. there. also dealing with really heavy t traffic on the beltway in youray opinion and outer loop as weand forward our cameras throughloopo annandale. give yourself extra time to gett through annandale this morning.g you can see earlier crash we csh were dealing with after the t springfield interchange slowingc down the outer lhaoop.he out lo. inner loop delays remain heavyrh up towards 66. well.we metro on time except for safetrack. more traffic in few minutes. 8:27. trending in this hour the obama administration wants genderon wn equality when it comes to military drafts.raft it has declared its supportup requiring women to register forr the draft when they turn 18.n however the support comes at a unusual time with just weeksus w left in president obama's term.t also trending the mall of mall f america making history thisryhi holiday season as it welcomes wo its first african-american santn
8:28 am
the mall says the search for f diverse santa started last yeara with the idea of quote finding a santa every child could relateae to. to nearly 1,000 santas applied forf the job. this gentleman is the latestt santa's helper larry jeff son.ef larry is retire us army veteran. he land the gig following a four-day stint in minnesota. mia he'll return to his home turfomt where he helps out santa at a mall in dallas, texas.exas >> i like to see people'seoe' reaction to that.t. both sides how people are f against it.against it. >> lot of santa's helpers outels there. >> that's right. santas for everywhere.where. it seems like we're alwaysrelw talking about problems with ouro smart phones weather it's a hack or virus issues with their iss software update.pdate. >> after the break we'll get get answers from one of the region'o top software security firms.ury it is 8:28.:2
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
?? 8:31. let's check our top storiesp sri right now.w. president-elect donald took everybody by surprise lastt night name his latest cabinettab choice during his thank you tout in ohio. he picked general james mad dog mattis as nominee for secretarye of defense. on capitol hill today, the safety and metro -- safety off metro front and center at aente house oversight hearing. hri lawmakers will get update on the service and budget challengeshan meo fafaces. they also want to know if metroo has a direct path for safe, reliable and sustainable
8:32 am
and deadly shootings sot overnight in the district. this morning police are on then look out for as many as sixx suspects.spec this happened around 7:30 last0 night in the 1900 block of capitol avenue in northeast. police say two men were shot.e s one of them was killed. kle so far a motive is unclear. steve, over to you. for nearly a million cellarl phone users holiday lump of colf has come early android and iphone users are battling bugstu and hackers.acke. for apple lovers, that can mean your iphone suddenly shuts off, android downloading apps canppsn give hackers access to your info. so what's happening and can youy prevent it well the answer tonso the second question is yes youeu can joining for how to do derek weeks vice-president sona type.p let's start with generalitiesies here when it comes to lot ofes o these bugs in the system aresyse coming through the app storesre that we use right as soon as wes download something a bug gets into our phone? a bugur pho? >> right.ig so i think all of us are leading
8:33 am
lead a digital lifestyle, we, really need to have strong digital high jeep practices, an, that may sound little complextlm but it's pretty simple.ple. when you're using an apple phonp or an android phone, simply download the latest updates frof those vendors of the software s that they're giving you becauseb they're improving the security continuously. also, when you're using the applications on your phone, make sure that you're downloading those applications from onlyati trusted sources like google plaa right that's had you're makingak sure that you have the most trust evidence securee sec applications that are availablet to you. >> so are the chaeompanies thatt putting those platform, apples, androids the googles, are they t doing their due diligence toue o make sure that if an app is in s one of their marketplaces thatca it's safe for to us use? >> absolutely.ol so companies like apple, google, also, other companies likeike
8:34 am
digitally hygiene obsessed. oes these are organizations that are baking security practices intont the development of theirheir software as well as looking att those that are supplying apps ta their app stores to make sure that those applications are ther most secure and i think that'sht what we really want consumers ts protect us is having thoseing t manufacturers looking out for.or isn't is there anything we canwe do when we go to download an apn to know that it's secure or doer we just h those companies are doing the job and making surempan tiehey'e secure? >> i think as we talked about,db having the strong hygiene practices making sure you're non just going to some third partyhy rogue site that you don't even ' know about to download an appd a that you or your kids might find interesting, go to the apphe a store, go to google play and download these but, again, i think we also need to look at are the manufacturers obsessed about security that are creating these applications fori us?
8:35 am
there are some apps, row appsowa out there that are going tore gt cause some problems like for li example we mentioned iphoneed ie suddenly you have a battery bat drain if we find our phone ishoi doing one of these thing is thi there any way for us as laymanam who don't have a degree in iphones to know what's goingoing wrong >> i think the vendors i think themselves are rea tlly -- appls and google's are looking out fof these problems and monitoring what their consumers aremers experiencing and this is where w we see -- i see personally on my phone apple sends u says the latest operating systes is fixing some bugs and some flaws. >> a lot of times that's where that comes from,flaw allf ti tht complaints they get. g >> exactly w that comes to you,, update your phone. pho don't delay and, you know, say i don't want the latest update upd because i may lose some of myy data or something.ething in right. >> that's really protecting youl as a consumelyr pro in making yu apps and other devices performfo well. ll >> real quick before i let youey go. go i know this was a problemro android users were being hackedh in some ways.e way.
8:36 am
your phone, you know that you'va been a victim, can you do y anything at that point?nt? >> i think again what you realll need to do is look for yourorou latest software updates and rely on those manufacturers to have the best software made available. >> very complex world when it comes to all of this. all rcoightmp.lecomes all rig putting our faith in the peohtpt at the top.he >> thank you very much. thank >> hopefully it workout.orkout thanks derek for joining us this morning.rning. it's 8:36.'s 8:36. check in with mike thomas forhof look at the forecast g trackingc a couple clouds.ouple c it's a pretty nice start to your by the afternoon these clouds cd will be gone. will be go we'll have mostly sunnyne. conditions through most of the m day with the exception of thoseo of you who live out in westwe virginia, panhandle of marylandn clouds around longer throughr rh friday afternoon.iday afternoon. let's take look at temperaturesu still chilly outside. ode 40 degrees now in martinsburg.rg still 30s culpeper arthritic degrees. chilly 33 for fredericksburg.ckr 37 at quantico.ntico. here at dc46 degrees.6 gr take look at your planner foranr friday afternoon.ay aft by 10:00 a.m. 47 degrees.7 gr chilly conditions out there. the
8:37 am
we'll have a bit of a breeze. we could gust 25, 30 miles an0 hour from time to time. not overly windy f brout slighth breezy by the time we get to the 4:00 o'clock hour low to mid 50s around the region withh temperatures on the cooler sides but lots of sunshine just generally a cool and breezy december day.ay all right.all rig that's a check of the forecastts erin has the roads. has the roa >>o. do. 8:37. 8: we have breaking news out of nef manassas.mass liberia of a closed in bothh directions between princeween pe william parkway and signal that's causing big delays at del that intersection. saidly manor drive closed in dr manassas this morning trackingig this due to crash at bethlehem southbound crash as well onwello prince william parkway after saidly manor drive a lot of aotf extra traffic in that area ofhao manassas as well. outer loop crash at 95 bottomot side of the beltway at at springfield interchange and we d have delays extending back toaco little river turnpike heavier hr traffic there.fic t inner loop jams from theop jamom springfield interchange upterchp towards little river turnpike ak well with just your normalr n
8:38 am
395 from just south of duke o d street up to about the pentagona city area we're dealing with det little bit of heavier congestion. inner loop crash did move to the shoulder by branch avenue.rashce residual delays lingering fromro 50 on down passed branch avenueu outer loop is heavy top side ofd the beltway and we have a crashc on the eastbound side of thee freeway and main avenue causingc some delays as well.elays ell. metro is on time except for safetrack surge 11 impacting tht orange and silver line.e. i'm requesting allison and steve to get their ugly christmashrism prefer steve's to have a cat ono it good did i have a cat oneat o year. >> it seems like you had a cats vest butli he didn't think it wt ugly until we told him. >> we'll see what we can do forf you erin. 8:38. 8:38 holiday tradition here ine washington now over for ther r h president.ident. >> the first family lights theis national christmas tree one last new time during a star-studdedre evening.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
?? al, how much do you love this?w mu >> what, the song.>> w >> the song. l love it. s >> i know do you.>> >> so much i.. >> we'll keep at 9:00 o'clock it is time for good day dc.good d . let's find out what's on the bit show from holly and wisdom.m. >> hi, guys. >> good morning to you. good to see you next week atoodw this time the much anticipated mgm national harbor will be opeb to the public. >> hence the bruno mars we weree just plaining.
8:42 am
need to know before you go. >> former air force pilot and cowboys defense tackle chad c henning is here and has and has special message this holiday hoy season. >> live in the loft, as the first time newlyweds celebrityei make up artist kym lee her wedding was an event to remembee even made the washington post. t a star-studded beautiful eventue we'll talk to her all about it i at 10:30. 130 >> let's walk over to the good day >>.all right. we got epic brunch battle thatea will take place.ace >> how about erin como. co. >> heard of her.>> h >> paul wharton.>> >> heard of him.>> heard of him. >> they'll come in here andll cm they're going to cook somethingi hopefully it will be edible ande we can eat it. >> no, they are brunchare br afficionados. i think that it's going to beoie quite the face off.ff here's the deal, though. tug they'll make the food. f we'll decide who wins. >> okay. don't you think. >> that's the way it shoulddowas work. work. >> that's how it we'll have a wonderful taste. te we hope you joins for the next t two hours as always.. epic friday edition of good day.
8:43 am
understand the rules they thought afficionado means eatine the brunch going out to dine.oin >> they better know the >> erin has her apron on from fo what i hear. ir. >> one out of two so far at at lost. lost >> it's better than 0%, steve.te >> i'm with you, wisdom.dom. >> exactly. >> thanks, guys. see in you a little bit. 8:43 right now>> you. >> kirk cousins apologizing to the skins punter. punr. >> what terrible thing could have happened he's not reallyd r needed the punter so kirk says,, sorry, we're just that good. goo >> did he have on sunglassesn ss when he did this?when >> i don't k no. no there's the answer to youranur question. n e punter on the team actually been needed 29th a times this ya that is fewest punts nfl for those who follow football that't a good thing. we'll break down the matchup in arizona. >> 8:43.
8:44 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
8:45 am
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>> little chill with the holidat music much that's relaxheing. we should be at a cocktail partr right now. with us. >> i have the desire to singng over any instrument.nsument. >> i would let you but we have y to get to mike in just 10t seconds. all right. the countdown begins to christmas. hethye juscot about 23 days un big holiday.g hol countdown begins for thef t weekend. it's friday and we can't waitani
8:47 am
50 it will be a little crehilly wi good amount of sunshine comingum your way saturday for sunday, more clouds.elo maybe start with just a tiny bib of sun, more clouds build ins bi through the afternoon.h the aftn maybe a shower or two but mostus will stay dry throughout the dae on sunday.. that's your weekend is looking l leak right now. right n here's what it looks like wha le outside right now. in fact feeling chillyhi 46 degrees in washington.hingto. 43 for gaithersburg. west minster 39 for you. 43 in baltimore.almo 46 annapolis. 41 leonardtown is finally out oo lower 40s. 40s factor in little bit a wind it d feels chillier.illr 37 gaithersburg. gaiur 34 what it feels like in westn e minster.mi feels like 42 here in theik h district.rict feels like 37 at baltimore.timoe again definitely need the jackee today.y it's certainly feeling likein fe early december.em big storm system that brought uh all that rain earlier this weekw is still kind of hanging out ini southern portions of canada it'' throwing a little bit of cloudfc cover our way.way we're to the going to get any oa the snow they're looking up at t great lakes here actually watchw this just out to the wes
8:48 am
up now for later on this evenine out towards garrett county, cout maryland and mountains of westns virginia. mostly westward facing slopes here. we won't get any of that here ir d.c.d.c. looking at a mostly clear andatl cold evening temperaturesea late tonight down into the the 30s and maybe some upper 20s off too the north and west.d wes saturday, sunny and bright asrit well and then watch sunday 9:009 a.m. starting to see those see clouds advance out of the southu and as we head through the afternoon with those clouds t thicken and we'll turn cloudyn c for the rest of the day on d sunday. 58 degrees though for your mostly sunny skies, cool and a breezy once again much like much yesterday was. ye we head into the evening hours u it starts getting cold ratherdat quickly after sunset.runse few clouds overnight a cold night ahead. ni 37 here in washington. washing that may mean a couple of upperu 20s out so definitely going to be ang te colder night. 53 degrees once again your daytime high today. tod 50 for saturday.50 for sat 49 on sunday. we start monday off 53 degrees r with a mix of clouds and sun.un and then a very good chance of rain next tuesday. all right.all right. that's look at the weather.
8:49 am
>> mychal, thank you very much.u pp appreciate that. okay. we want to talk about the skins root now. they have a big gameto tals comc on sunday in arizona.ri pretty much a must win.ust win earlier this morning i had h chance to get wisdom together tt with easy street all of us of u weighing in on the big matchupih against arizona.. >> before we get started onn what's to come, what do you makk of all this talk about kirk abot cousins and this whole contractc thing, this whole crack he doesn't have c all this is rumor more and innuendo right now. n >> i say he stays and doe >> give him the money, man. i mean who else is out theresut you. >> don't have a plan b. d hav that's what i same he's not's going anywhere. this is all is ta whether he gets franchised tagse or they give him long term. he will will be b >> you can give him a half aha a billion dollars contract but ifi you guarantee three years worths of that money, i think you keepk him lock him down and keep him p around. last year i understand doing the one-year tender you didn't known what you had. he proved himself last year. de vehe's proved himself td hrough three quarters of the seasonqua this year.this i mean what else do you have too
8:50 am
quarterbacks in the last decadec >> we got to keep this guy, manm he's the real deal. deal. >> okay. >> if we don't we're in troubleu who else is outb there?? ig right. there is no plan. p i think they know that and iha think they're good with that.odh all right.all so we talk about t rhe franchise tag and all the things with kirr cousins. abouttalk about arizona coming uprizo and let's talk about oury josh norman because he wasas already talking having gotten oe the field this time he's talkins about a battle with patrickat peterson another defensive backe they're talking about who is the conversation, this back and forthwith our guy josh norman store it matter?atr? >> i'm not mad at all man you. n >> like the back and forth.e tha >> i love the back andnd forth.h when it comes game time the ball goes in the air, man you need te shut that guy dow >> you better represent f you'ru going to talk you betterk you be represent you don't care, steve doesn't matter? m >> you know, i like the trashw,s talk on the field. >> i'm okay with that.y that. i don't like it off the but i'm just -- put up or shut up. >> put up or shut.hut. >> get the job done.>> >> get the job done.>>
8:51 am
>> that would be fun. >> the whole dez bryant thingbry was way over the >> that carried on. on >> after the game.. >> yeah. no more of that. leave it on the field.n thfie >> i mean some people i think tk they have to elevate themselves. >> right. >> they have to challenge the y themselves.ha right. if they talk lot of smack it's i have to go back out.k o some people truly believe theyee are the best and like to run their mouths.s >> thug motivation that's whatmi we call it.. >> he's got larry fitzgerald to cor.r. quick guys out l we'll see howle it goes. >> shut him down, bro.. >> moving on, advantage adv disadvantage let's start withane the quarterback.terba. cousins versus carson?ar >> who has the advantage in thae matchup. >> right now i'm saying cousinsi because carson is not doing that good. only got four wins a ton off interceptions as well. so -- >> okay. going with cousins.. >> cousins, too. he's been defense proof so far.r
8:52 am
in general?? >> johnson is tough. tou >> he is tough. t >> he can catch theou ball out the back field, too.ld, t it's tough.ough but it starts witness witness quarterback.terbac if kirk has a good game good advantage redskins. >> what about you? >> jorda wn read it depends if s he'll play or not. n >> i don't think he's going to't play, i don't. >> they still have vernon daviss >> we have to depend on dc's own vernon davis.av. >> last thing give a score. s >> okay, we win by two touchdowns.uchd. >> okay. >> i think it will be low scor i'll go 24-or16.4- i was only up by three points p last week. >> you were pretty good. >> 24-16. >> i'm going 35-19 in favoravor of -- of >> that's a big spread youhat' better have winner in that headt yoursrs. >> you better say it.>> y our producer lynn told me we'ree out of town. there you go. g i gave you the score. i'll give you the winner laternr on this morning.on t >> he did it again, al.. >> lynn told me i'm out of time. 13-19. i'll tell hugh will win. >> wait for the magic.. it goes from allison and mike to
8:53 am
i thought it would be allison ba and myself. >> dagger.agr all right.all spoiler alert wisdom willom not be picking a winner for this gape. ga the game is sunday glendale gndl arizona 4:25 on fox5. fox5 hope the skins pull this one out. >> want to sale say hello to our facebook fans of the day.of the this is andrea, dawn and dawn'ss thomas. do you recognize the dude in the middle?dd? >> that's my picture taker orphan of the dayt is in the gray, right?,ight? >> everybody is kind of the fany of the day today. body.veryi she says, though, it was such ah pleasure to meet steve and thatt you are just too cool. c >> this was last night they did a sneak preview at the mgn the big casino. >> you all casual with your blue jeans.. >> everybody out there lastvery nighbot. >> it was a fun kind of laidf li back night.. man oh, man so many great fox5af viewers out there.viewers out i wish we had time to say hi toi
8:54 am
great to might. great to meet everybody last l night. took a lot of selfies.f selfi we'll do the show out there nexn week next thursday.hursy. >> sneak peek on monday. s we'll see you thursdayne. >> more after this. ?? ?? mike, what you got? >> i gotmike, weather. >> okay. >> i expected that. i e [ laughter ] >> pretty good. >> dish>> p.. >> dig deeper.eeper. >> high pressure will move ines the course of the nextsu coreupo days. cool and breezy weather morey wo december like weather coming our
8:55 am
you're looking at a cloudier day lots of sunshine here. fox5 accu weather seven dayev dy forecast weekend mostly dry. dry more sun on saturday than on tn sunday.ay next good chance of rain here ii washington is next tuesday.sday. >> we still do need it. i >> yes, we do. d >> hopefully the dry roads helpp with the commute this erin. >> still lighter commute in ligm terms of congestion for thismut friday morning but we still havv some problems. pblems. outer loop there's a crashop thh blocking the right lane and thee left lane to the off ramp to 95t is blocked.lock. so if you're heading out onhe from that point.oint. hop off one of the other exittht routes and work your way over te 95 if that's your normalr nma commute. 395 northbound congestion conge improving liberia of a out in manassas shut down north and noa southbound between princeound william parkway and signal hilla road because of a d big crash.. earlier crash we were dealinge i with closing a portion of sudlee manor has for the rest of your commute ame little bit of linger and volume on gw parkway down to the t t roosevelt bridge and cabin johnh
8:56 am
metro is on time accept for savv traffic surge 11 impacting the t or yank and silver line. le. have a save friday morning mni commute. >> we can't leave you this hour without someleave in depth resh you know you've been dying for.r >> what is it. i >> have you ever gottenten mcnuggets and you wondered is there a method to the madness are these actual shapes or globo of stuff thrown in the deepeep friar. there are actual shapes it isace been define.s efin >> what?>> >> it is confirmed now mcnuggets different shapes on purpose.urse >> thankfully there's no b. >> thanks for ruining the mojo o according to business insiderind website they are as you can seee on the screen bone belt, boot bo and ball they have slightly sli different names in countries.met >> they're actually differentife shapes of the shapes are the same are tam throughout the world though even though they have differentiffert mcdonald's spokesperson whon spilled the beans about these t super secret nugget shapes alsos said they're made that way on o
8:57 am
fun for kids enjoying theg t chicken and the sauces there ise a little bit of a method to thet madness the meth of the the mcdonald's madness. keep the illiteration going.. >> i kind of put a little thought m do deep easier thann hehers. the little boot. >> there you go. big show>> coming after the break. >> yes. >> you have a good weekend sir. a goodl get an early start on my weekend i would never do soo so unless it gave a present to ouro great viewers.t vi tw allison seymour. >> what? >> you're doing the show. did you not know tha'rt.e doowha
8:58 am
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?? straight ahead, trump takess a victory lap.. >> thank you to ohio. >> and in the midst of doing sos drops his pick for secretary ofy defense.. >> we are going to appoint mad dog defense. >> but in order for the retired marine colonel to be pentagontao chief some rules have to be he o we'll explain. more maintenance, less track time.time. the push for cutting backk metro's hours in order to fix the ailing system not sitting st well with this as metro officials head to the hill today to talk accountability.countabi we'll have a life report.


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