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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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evacuate.te. we're live with the very latest. la >> also developing in theo deve distlorict, new details in that frightening armed standoff at a popular northwest pizza p parlor. we're learning about theuthe suspect and how the communityomy is rallying behind this restaurant.restnt. >> president-elect donald-e don trump, president-elect donaldsit trump once again i'll say it s twice taking to twitter ttt lashing out at critics andcs a china all while his transitionro team continues to build ann administration as we learn thewe search for his secretary ofta state may actually be >> and a live look outside ode this monday morningorni december 5th. weather and traffic coming upd i on the 5s atc comi 6:-- 7:05.05 >> holly morris in for steve chenevey. well do you mean fox5 news morning. >> more on that breakinyog news out of northwest washington. d.c. fire and ems on the scene e of a two alarm row house fireser along iowa avenue in the petworth neighborhood. >> while the flames are out this hour good news thereorth tu several people unfortunately are now without a home.nfor
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us now as he just arrived oniveo the scene with the latest.he las what happened here, bob? bob? >> reporter:. >> reporter: they don't know yet. ye this ends units pretty much destroyed. this is where the fire started around 4:45 this is this morning. there was collapse next door doo there is fire damage as well.el in that row house there werehous eight people living there including a family and one of the people who wase ipenoplea e this morning is caesar morales and he's here with us live.e. caesar how are have a picture of yourou daughter and grandchildren inside the fire departmentent rescue squad over here.ver he. tell us -- take us through tou what happened. >> so, we woke up to a whole who bunch of smoke and the alarmss going off and then also triedo e to open the back door of my of y house and just seen all thoseho flames engulfing --ngulng -- >> reporter: can you show usr: the video.eo. >> oh, yes. i have a video of it.f i i can show you of how bad it b was when we came out of the
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toughest thing was seeing youg were grandchildren in the middle of the night. >> just seeing therandchddle exn on my granddaughter's's it was horrible to watch heratch little faces, you know, likesw,s not know what was happeningappeg and i don't ever wants them to go through that again.hat again. >> reporter: you were sayingr: caesar you don't have y people l in the area. a >> i don't have any people ineon the area.rea. i need as much help as i can. i don't know how much damage mue it's done to the house and hou what we're left with. w but i would really appreciate ae have good hearts and can help us out whether it's with money, clothes or even a place e to stay.ta we don't even have a place to pt stay and red cross still hastilh not even showed up yet.. >> reporter: thank youter: t y caesar. if you can hold that this is how bad it w holas, guy. they've been allowed in. in. this is next door. d this is the unit here that was a under renovation.vaon. caesar and his family and somens other people live next door.oo they have been allowed in ton t get some things but they can'ttc stay there. the there's too much damage nexto mu door and again eight people e po
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caesar his wife daughter andte a grandchildren as well as someelo other people who live here,re guys, but nobody was hurt inurin this fire before dawn thiswnhi morning. >> good news there but our hearts go out to those go out te families for sure.falies thanks bob.anks bob. appreciate it. developing also right nowpig a north carolina a man arrestedd in northwest d.c. after.c bringing a loaded rifle into a popular pizza shop. >> no one was hurt but scary sca moments unfolding at comett com ping-pong a restaurant that t made headlines for being at a the center of a fake newsake ne article. ar fox5's melanie aln live in northwest d.c. this morning with the truly bizarreae details disturbing, too. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ter: allison. you know, ever since those rumors and those onlinein conspiracy theories startedcy t circulating inst eararlyte nover restaurant employees here say e they have been the subject of harassment andmp eloveben somets odd people coming in filmingng them and asking questions. well, now this has turned tne vient.t. take a look at the video here. this is sunday afternoon ass d.c. police swarm the corner
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avenues northwest.orthwest it was about 3:00 p.m. when a man walked into the restaurantt comet ping-pong and put a gunt g to an employee's head. hea somehow here everyone wobblee wb to -- was that able to get out safely.saly. edgar maddison welch did fire df the gun inside 45 minutes later about he was taken intoaki custody. his arrest here captured onuredo cell phone video by fox5ox5 executive producer jeff gygac. c here's how witnesses described the s >> we saw a bunch of peoplef ppl gloucesterd around comet and all runningd tcohis way like dn connecticut and then someone told us that someone had came hm into comet way gun.into comet wn >> he was immediately pickedic up by the police and taken away. away. >> reporter: d.c. policeter: recovered two weapons inside the restaurantwto and one in welch's car.s after his arrest he told he told police that he came here too investigate what's known online as pizza gate forate r
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fake stories circulatelineries saying that hillary clinton and her campaign were involved in somehat hiai sgnort of sex trafficking or satanic rituals s in the basement of comet december police have saide said unquiver -- unequivocally that those stories are false. fal they've been monitoring the the shop is closed today butay we understand that thed thathe restaurant community and the neighbors around here are plan p on coming to the re friday. frid they want everyone to come and patronize the restaurant onstaut friday to show their support. s. live in northwest, i'm melanie'm alnwick fox5 local news. >> 6789. >> recounts of the>> r presidential results in michigan set top get under way today. it's a victory for the green partyiden whoti top saitod rydee hand count until wednesday wedsd would have been cutting itveeen close to complete by december 13th deadline adline a counts is under way inder y in wisconsin and there is a push as for one in pennsylvania asin well. pas
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secretary of state and plansands to meet with more candidateste this week.k. much more on those candidates ca coming up at 7:30.:30. >> new this morning, the primemo minister of japan will visitrnf pearl harbor later this month mh with president barack obama.dent he said he will join thed he president to w remember the victims.ims. japan attacked u.s. forces ator pearl harbor 75 years ago this wednesday. >> ?? >> 7:06 is our time right now n and are you with us on on wednesday?da and then tucker is back on on wednesday. >> why do you ask?hy dyou >> i ask because he used to to get us coffee on wednesdays.eday >> starbucks wednesday.edsday >> we called it starbucks wednesday and starbuckscalled hs new hot cocoa drink. >> i didn't hear about >> snicker doodle. >> it might be worth coming>> sn back. >> if you can't find me forfo the next --t >> nonetheless we'll beonet getting our own.hegetting he's not here onour wednesday.. >> we could use that some hot ht chocolate this
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up right now you'll noticeotice your car is wet, the roads arere wet but the rain has pushedhe out over the atlantic ocean soo we're drying out now. now we have the clouds around.un by the time we get to the t latter part of the morning and early part of the afternoon weae will be clearing out ande eari turning nice and sunny and not d so bad with temps in the 50's later this afternoon. 42 here in washington.ashington. still some 30's north and westsn especially. 39 at gaithersburg frederickreri hagerstown martinsburg is 36 degrees this morning. here's you were forecast forre this were fterno. again 55 here in washington.hin. not so bad, and fredericksburg.ur cooler though the fartherarth north and west you go ofwe go course, 51 degrees for frederick for a high. a high. hagerstown only 48 degrees.deee. coming up tomorrow more rainto in the the we'll time that out and i'll anl tell you much more about a big b cold air outbreak coming our way. way. >> winter headed our way atr he thade end of the week r >> you're absolutely correcty co but no snow. >> okay. >> yup. >> little silver lining. >> that's w tle uter abo positive mike thomas.sitive >> that's right. mik>>
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>> bad news. 7:07, southbound 95 closed once again coming from prince pc william into stafford you'reor going hit that closure. it's just north of russellt norr road. it's involving a a tractor-trailer crash and fuelnf spill. let's see if we can forward ford our maps right there and zoom isn't on the southbound sideid of 95 you can take the 619 t 6 exit to route one however because of big backupsiu i would suggest exiting att 234, taking dumfries road exitot working your way down route r one south.ou huge delays in the trea. give yourself at least an extra hour.ou southeast-southwest freewayreew crash on the eastbound side at s d street. jammed across the 14th stre et bridge back to the pentagon.enta love 395 northbound delays. del 50 inbound a crash at one at on never blocking two left lanes. backed up from well before bor crane highway so give yourselfy extra timeyo there. there outer loop crash atoop ash connecticut has moved to the shoulder but still in for about an hour aserdelay but frot thurspur. back to you holly and allison.. >> latest on a horrificor
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warehouse fire is rising. it is now is at 33. >> half of that number -- that -- that number isber expected to rise.expe we're learning more detailsetai about the late night danceight party that was going on when w the flames broke out.ase flam >> maureen is here with more i on thiss story. story mo. >> tragic story indeed allisonon and holly. right now rescue crews arews are digging through the rubbleh thee looking for more victims andms a clues as to what caused thecaus fire at the building officialsbu call a "illegalil home for a rotating cast >> we don't flo if our kid isifi dead or alive. sad. sa >> reporter: the oakland community come together tor mourn. >> i'm praying for everyone's losses,ying f the people i didn know. it's just -- it's just -- iust i can't even,, it's mindt's mi blowing. >> reporter: as many as 100ter: people were inside the warehouse when it caught fire during a dance party late partye friday night.
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firefighters digging throughnghh what's left of the building using buckets and shovels as they look for people believedied to still be missing. missing. >> i just want to find my ust wabrother. i don't know where he is. >> reporter: former residents say theknow w>> rep we was partitioned into artisto studios and served as an illegal home for dozen ahozenh dozen or so people known as the ghost ship. it's being described as dcrib cluttered with few exits. exi >> when i left i felt like i made it out left alive and nowi out alive you know what i'mwhati saying? almost like a death d trap. it was like, it's a deathea trap.trap it is a house of horrors. it is a house of horrors now.ow it was then. >> the names of the sevenhe sen victims have been released. an eighth person has been identified but they are a 17-year-old minor whose named mi will not be released. holly andll not allison again jj tragedy still unfolding in thent bay area this morning. mning. >> mo thanks for that update upt there.
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tennessee, 14 deaths now to now blame on those wildfires inires the gatlinburg area.g ar the latest victim an a 81-year-old woman who suffered a heart attack while driving away from the fire causing a multi car crash.ra. >> also this weekend officials said a mass text messageext mess telling people to evacuate you you -- was never sent due to that disabled phone and cellndel phone actress. dolly parton is planning alannia telethon on december 13th in nashville.nashville. >> developing news out ofelop north dakota.dota. engineers says it will blocksays construction of a final pieceale of the dakota access pipeline. n the core says it wants to w t explore other routes for theroef pipeline and examine itsminets potential impact. impac of course protestors have demonstrated the construction for months. they say the pipeline is bad b for the environment and it cuts across nativeenvi american land that is considereddere sacred. >> humans bidding cubans
7:12 am well wishers left flowers inrsn his honor and of course his meanwhile in the sportswhilt world and for us here it was w another tough loss right forossr the redskins.dsk making a trip to the playoffsyos a little bit harder this morning. >> we were on such a. oh coming up the good, the badlb and the u wgle y.we thethgl wisdom martin and tail get tedlg both good -- tailgate ted joint us live to brake it all down
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?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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>> old man winter paying a m visit to the windy city this weekend. chicago gettingan t ihets firstf measurable snow of the season yesterday.yest talking up to 9-inches wasas expected in areas outside the that's measurable. >> yes. >> more than 200 snowplows tha
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you -- were you looking in thenn midwest. >> oh, yes. >> but they weren't expecting nally.hey wenallrigi it was sewnly supposed to beos between two to 5-inches. 5nc >> then they got 9-inches.n thee >> yeah they got about nine.s. [laughter] >> for chicago that's -- that's >> for chicago it's not butcagob for us it would shut us downown for day >> for weeks. >> yeah. yea >> 9-inches, geez. >> signs of the season. we're going to feel t sheigns ss of the seasons later in the week right. >> you're absolutely right holly as we get seaso towards 're friday, saturda going to be much, much colder than we are r bighte mu now. despite it being pretty cold prc out there this morning.t lots of cloudsther you saw them in the live shot lt there. we had some rain rain overnight. we do still need the rain. we're in a little bit of af drought. vain welcomed.dr headline headlnou reads dry sunny beautiful t ityt will be pretty good.e prty temps in the mid to upper 50's 5 in some0' locations. locations. 42 though right now here in d.c. pittsburgh 51 35 in columbus.olbu chicago waking up at 33 degrees. 33 degrees. satellite and radar there ise an
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it's done, it's out of here, h kaput. no more rain this afternoon.rai we will get rid of the clouds o as well. as w bright sunshine coming our sun way. looking down to the south s though because that's our next t system getting its actng itsct together there in texas.ther t that will be here tomorrow and bring us chance for someor som pretty good rain showers swe especially during the secondly e half of the day tomorrow.y tomo. 55 degrees your daytime highyteg today a-chilly 45 therey 45 the tomorrow and then as hollynd thl mentioned look at friday, ariy, high of only 40 degrees.0 deee the winds will be blowing by the time we get to saturdayo s highs in the 30's, 39 degrees.9e those ove 20's.'s >> i see putting my christmas pi lights ungp on m wednesdayay outside. >> good day to do do it. >> i'm not going make it it. >> 7: 16. >> that sounds really nicet so right now. take a look at this. look at you are parked on 95 southbound.nd. all lanes blocked south side of russell road. some trafficerag get through. throu once again stopped all again stp traffic. there's a fuel spill they'reuelh cleaning up. again all lanes blocked andednd
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a standstill back to 234 t23 mfries r road. heading from prince william prii into that stafford you'll haveuh to hop off there and takeop off route one south. huge delays on route oneou southbound so your best bet ifes you don't want to get stuck in k about an hour of traffic,ff leave early, try your luck on your other secondaries giveesiv yourself extra time. tim northbound looking good.oo south of the points at the the triangle backed up inn fredericksburg from 17 to theo aquia harbor with your usual u delay and then add the rubberhee neck delay and again you don'tgn want to get stuck in this mess 95 southbound. souun let's take a look at our maps we'll show you all the reded leading to and from thatha crash.ash. again, you can see backed upac u for several miles 95 mes southbound. not theso only closure thissures morning. more breaking news out ofg newso southern maryland.sout 210 indian head highway h northbound closed. c crash involving a pedestrianedes at palmer road.d. delays past swan creek. more traffic in a few hollyn w o and allison. allis >> thanks erin.nks er appreciate it. a lot of disappoint theappoe redskins fans this morning. mni washington lost another heartbreaker and now it's as really tough road ahead if aad
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>> wisdom martin is standing by withm ma tailgate ted cookinn up a scenario.cenao still smells so good.still sm where doel they go from here? r good morning guys.orni g >> good morning to you let me put that down and get to work here.rnut t heto work look, ted is t official -- not supposed to talk with youral -- mouthful. h so ted this team where do they go from here? they got to winin out. >> we have to win out.o win out. at this point we're hoping hopin that the bucs loss.that i'm a cowboys fan right now n because i need the cowboys to t beat the giants. >> what. this point but we got winlea o. >> you're saying some of thee redskins fans are we'resa not going to root for the cowboys under any circumstances. >> to me all thatr an matter m center city getting to the cit players. we've been there less than five timesbeen in 16 years so ii got clear for todays. todays. >> beat philly and no,. b >> and the >> and tam pennsylvania.nsyl you got cheer for them. >> i'm rooting for them the next two rooti >> right.>> right. basically. redskins have to win outave win still. >> we do. >> tampa jumped them t yesterday. >> yes. >> based on yesterday, based
7:19 am
oddshe are you s beingcht doou e fan here and the officiall tailgater of the washingtonr of redskins, what do you thinkwh the odds are that they'reare going to do this and get into gi the playoffs? say 60 percent at this down. >> they got a shot. >> we got a slot. but>>initely have a shothis>> t there's no margin for error. i mean you really have to winavt out and do something.ometng >> and you were saying they you don't control w their own the o destiny any more y >> don't because tampa jumped je ahead of nut standings andndin they have a better nfc i don't know if we'll make itf e this year. >> l's up in the nfc east. e here's the good thing if youg i can find something good about f sometwhat happened. this is the remainingthiss the e schedule. we got the eagles in philly, phi that's a tough game. panthers eh,. e >> prime time monday nightay n lights are on. >> , right, right. then the day before>> , r chriss at the bears in chicago coldea they got a nrsew quarterbackba matt barkley, eh and then the tn rivalry game against the giants. ts >> you hope that the giants gia maybe aren't playing forlayi
7:20 am
card seeding. that bars game. ther at thather athat game yesterday. yesterd it was more inch you saw whate h happened to kaepernick.aepeic >> it's awful.>> it's awf awful in chicago outsidehigo o around this time of the year. y last thing, the standings canndc we put up the we've already talked aboutalre this. this is where things stand rights wh now. now. basically yesterday dallas isyei still in first placet p washington lost, the giantss lost, philly lost. so that's good.s good [laughter] >> that's good. >> that is the>> t good part oup of yesterday if you want to gv good for the redskins.tood f all the other teams lost in the division except for dallas as well so ason e you said, ted, they still got a shot.till g s w we do. but we're not catching dallasal and new york is two glimpsetwo e ahead of us with one game left to play them at the end of thef year. if new york stumbles they gotor a chance but new york'sstum actually the quietest eightesei and four team out there. >> tailgate ted always a pleasure. plea >> my pleasure. >> man. let me get back to work over here and toss back over etto b your to y guys. all right. l back to you.
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>> you fill your we'll fill everyone in on the in [laughter][laute >> thanks, whiz. well, speaking of footballbl the college bowl pair rags rags out.ou here's the local schedule.ule. december 23rd navy will playy louisiana tech in the armed forces bowl in fort worthort rt texas. december 26 maryland takes on boston college in the quick qui lane bowl at ford field in field detroit. december 27th it's the the military bowl right here in annapolis with which pitsit temple against wake forest. december 29th virginia techer 2 which is down in charlotte. crlt >> all righty. all rht stay with us. we'll be right back. bac >> now where were they again. >> ?? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the north and the south are mine.
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>> ?? .> back it's a 7:24 right now. happening did senator timen kaine will tour a communities ci health center in along. in alon. senator kaine will meet withit the staff and discuss thess t importance of the affordable care. a new survey found a mor the affordable care act. a president-elect donald trumpt-el says he will do away with itwi durillng his first 100 days in office. >> let's get another check of our monday forecast wit ghet a k thomas.thom >> hey allison. eonday starting offer a little chilly around the region. good news is while there is wet grass out there the rain has moved out and we'll be back into sunshine thisck intns there are your temperatures atyr this hour. reagan national 42 degrees, du nllates 40,io bwi 41 degreese there's rain we had overnight.ig we dollar need the rain so itai
7:25 am
dry and sunny we're startinge' a that process right we p droo still have the cloudsd for the time being but in then next few hours you'll seeoul clearing starting right at the front end of the mountains mou that will push back into our region. your planner for the day pla for today, by 10 o'clocko'oc 47 degrees. we're keeping it chilly. cll by the afternoon not so bad.oad sun breaks out 52 degrees by 4 o'clock this afternooner 54 and by the time we get to tomorrow a brief little hint a b tomorrow looks l the region. so get that umbrella ready. r you'll need it for your y tuesday. that's a check of the forecast.that let's get a check of traffic's t with erin como.chec >> 7:25. shout out to tailgate ted he knows philly food.knows ly that was great breakfastrefa cheesesteak. >> i'm going have to get overoig there and ge ht some.t som >> get over there.he bad traffic this morning.sorning 95 on the southbound side traffic is parked. once again all lanes blockedlo 95 southbound south of russell s crash involving aving a tractor-trailer and fuelr-traile spill. big cleanup underr way. w
7:26 am
234 dumfries road well northel r that of points but route oneou e southbound is completelyomplel stacked up with bailout traffic. give yourself an extra hour iff you're come do you know 95 c from the beltway intoomom teltw fredericksburg.freder northbound side looking good goo here stacked up south that of ut point from 17 through the aquia harbor. let's take a look at our maps. p that's not the only big big problem we're dealing with dealh this morning. this mor several other crashes that wenie need ts o get to. to. right now it's monday and you can see some big delays on gw parkway inbound. iou the outer loop of the beltway from route one over 210 northbound indian headia highway right now is closed.sse there's a crash involving avi pedestrian at palmer road. you're basically parked from fort washington road so you'lln need some extra time to gete through that area and battlethr that congestion coming out ofn f fort washington. wng outer loop because of anr lo earlier crash at connecticutctic you're in for over an hour hou delay from route one over to the 270 spur.0 . 270 coming down from frederick e typical half hour delay hour de especially heavier in urbana inn as you get south into i rockville this morning.e th also dealing with someom
7:27 am
wide view. v exactly what you're up againstga this morning jammed again 70ga 7 into montgomery county.onomer earlier crash at 32 cleared32le but bw parkway still jammedammed up. up take 95 southbound to saveave yourself that some time.meim allison and holly back to you. u >> still lady on fox5 newsy on morning a check of your topou t stories including breakingg developments in an overnightn ag house fire in northwest d.c.t that left several peoplee homeless. >> and who will be donald trump's secretarynd who of stat that question still unansweredwe this we learn that the search toeah fill that position may m actua we'll have details in a live a l report.
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>> welcome back.>> it is monday morning. little gloomy out there but, iso heomy,y goulass half full looke beautiful capitol dome and blueu skies behind it..
7:30 am
complain about them, right? bou, 42 degrees to start off our dayy mike thomas will be along with w little bit of a warmup coming uu on this monday. mony. first, back to news now at 7:30. 7:30 we do have breakingreaking developments in overnight houseo fire in northwest d.c. d.c. this happened along iowa avenuee in the pet worth enabled. we've just learned that oneone firefighter did suffer minor m burns battling those intense flames.ames d.c. fire and ems say the two alarm fire broke out on a rowow house damaging two buildingsgs no word yet on what caused thatt the time the blaze broke out.. a north carolina man facingn serious charges this morning for bringing a loaded gun and firi e a shot inside a pizza shop inn northwest d.c. 28-year-old edgar welsh was arrested yesterday at comet com ping-pong pizzeria.zeria. he walked in to comet ping-pongo and pointed a arrival at an employee.employ welch told police he was there e because the pizza shop waszzop w involved in a national fake news
7:31 am
?? meantime president electionn donald trump once again takinge to twitter lashing out attter ls critics and taking china to task all while his transition team continues to build in administration.miti >> this morning we're learningii that search for secretary of o state may actually be expanding. fox's doug luzader joins us from capitol home with more. so how close is he to finding that second of state, doug?g? >> reporter: well, we'll start t with a different secretary firsf because this just came down fro the trump team this morning. nominated for secretary ofry o housing and urban development.n. we knew he was being considerede for this position.n still, you know, from one standpoint it is surprising in that not too long ago carson indicated he wasn't interestednt in a formal job within the administration.admini he is apparently changed hisha h hyped on that.t. meantime, the search continueshc for secretary of state and the short list keeps getting longere and whoever gets this job willil
7:32 am
president-elect donald trump spent the weekend on twitter ttt going after everything fromingrm saturday night live's impersonations of him to china and allegations of currencyurre manipulation after being accused of upsetfterting a diplomatic ae cart last week by accepting a congratulatory phone call fromal the president of taiwan.t tai it's a real sticking point fromr china which sees taiwan as a a province. pr one of trump's for secretary off state defend the >> the president of the unitedde states should talk tont whomever the interest of the unitedhe u states, and nobody in beijing gets dictate who we talk t >> reporter: the search src continues for a secretary of state. with more indication that isatio trump may be moving away from former gop nominee mitt romney.y and he may be considering former utah governor and us ambassadora to china john huntsman. >> at the moment there are no -- there's not a final finalistal
7:33 am
with additional candidates earlr this week. >> reporter: but at the samee se time a recount of the november e vote could begin today in iganigan. one of three states includinglug wisconsin and pennsylvania thata green party candidate jill stein has targeted in her efforts tott uncover voting fraud.ud and many of the voting machinesc themselves are suspect she says. >> we need to get rid of thesehe voting machines.nes. these electronic touch screens s which have been proven highly vulnerable to tampering to hacking to human and machine errors.rors this is an abuse of the american vote. >> reporter: well steinlin continues her fundraisingaising efforts to carry out these the recounts in those three states, wisconsin, michigan andnd pennsylvania.nn time is not really on her side.. in two weeks, members of thers electoral college will castl cas their votes. vot back to you guys. >> all right. a lot going on in the politicall world. thanks, doug. appreciate it as always.iateas a 7:33 right now.ow happening today ohio man will wl learn his fate in a foiled
7:34 am
carry out on the us capitol. christopher lee cornell could cd face 30 years in prison. he was arrested last year for plotting to carry out a deadlyel attack at the 2015 state of thet union address.union dre prince george's countyce g police looking for for a man who allegedly assault add womandd wm inside a massage parlor in i woodbridge it happened aroundd 10:00 yesterday police say the suspect entereded zy massage on dynasty loop. loo locked the door, and proceededrd to attack woman inside.e. now if you recognize the man ini thes clear, take a look at yourou screen if you have a moment,hav, you're asked to call police. also in prince william county ct police need your help finding fi this missing 12-year-old boy.oy. his name is ezekiel. ezekiel he was last seen yesterdayay morning along flow till la way w in woodbridge.dbe. police believe he may still belb in woodbridge or the dumfries area. ar at the time he went missing he e may have been wearing a purple sweatshirt and carrying a whitei bag. if you see him, you are asked tt call prince william county police.police.
7:35 am
about 7:35.5. let's get another check of our o weather now.we i said it was going to be a to e little warmup.armup. mike. is that true or false. or false >> little warmup later on this s afternoon.rnoo that's true. >> okay. >> a big cool down later this ool do. >> i didn't know -- >> we're focusing what'sing w happening on monday.pp >> that's>> >> let's do it. let's take look what's going oni for your monday.for onday. wake up and look outside and a sepad dells on the ground maybet you need the umbrellhea today. y not the case. ce. the rain is done you can see iti pushing off the eastern shoretee line now we're left with and damp conditions by the timem we get to the afternoon hoursonh clouds will break the sun willul come out as allison mentionedenn little bit a warmup in store asa we head for the mid 50s which ih actually this time a year ar a little bit above normal.l. 42 degrees your current crent temperature in d.c.temperatur chilly start up to the north. gaithersburg at 39 degrees.grs 37 degrees this morning in westt minster.ter. baltimore 41 and annapolisolis 43 degrees to start their day. . there is a little bit of a breeze out there and it is is helping make things feel a f a little bit cooler.
7:36 am
like temperature is.s. wind chill of 35 at gaithersburr feels like 32 in west minster mr feels like 34 degrees at dulles. definitely a jacket morning andm again by the time we get to gett those afternoon hours up to 55 degrees with cool conditions out there. by the time we get to tomorrowomow 45 degrees, with a good amount of rain around especiallyia tomorrow afternoon.tomo do be preparerrdow you'll need t umbrella and rain boots and all of that tomorrow afternoon. >> all right.ight that's a check of the erin como is here with today'soy traffic. >> 7:00 arthritic. seeing big problems now all 7 southbound just south of russele road with three and a half milee backup. right now they are letting oneto lane that is why traffic is moving mn again but very slowly. swl you're basically parked. they've been opening up a lane and then closing i otpe down soo lot of folks still skiting at 234 dumb industries road takingt route 1 south. that is completely jammed asjams well. you need at least an extra hourt to make your way from dumfries e down towards fredericksburg this morning again you can see traffic at a crawl right now n with huge delays from that fromt tractor trailer crash also inasn
7:37 am
earlier closure at russell roadd we also have tractor traileril another crash not involving a tractor trailer but involvingnvi several cars leading towards that tractor trailer let's go ahead and switch ittchi over to our maps. maps 95 southbound is not the only oy problem we're dealing with. w there's a freeway crash cra eastbound at d street.bod it was blocking the right lane l even though it cleared.ed residual delays lingering backrg to the pentagon. northbound thee knife completele parked. it's monday morning. mni huge delays and 210 northboundd shut down at palmer road right r now. a crash involving a person hitl more on that your next look at a traffic. allison and holly.. well, something you really l don't hear mid flight, brace foe impact.imct that's the situation dozens of passengers found themselves inot some taking cell phone video ofo the ordeal we'll have it for you next. plus saluting this year'salut keing nnedy center honorees comm up behind the scenes look at the
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
?? 7:40. and we are back now with with ah horrific scene unfolding indi pakistan.. where at least 11 people areplea dead after a fire at a hotel. h it broke out in the kitchen andd quickly caused panic.ic. guests broke the glass in theire hotel room windows, tide bede sheets together to climb down tn safety..
7:41 am
more than 50 people wer injured. inju a tense situation at the sat antonio airport on sunday afterr landing gear issues force addsoe flight from houston to mexico tt make an emergency passengers remained calm for thr most part. part. some even reporterred theed the moments before and after thefter plain landed.ande take listen. >> there could be multiplehere b impacts before the aircraftcraft comes to complete stop.e sto did you hear the commandhe evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. et you are to leave everythingveryh behind. >> wow. when the united express planere landed on the runway, the knowsk gear collapsed.laps all 55 people on board were safely evacuated.. also, in texas a sink hole swallowed two cars in san antonio leading to dramatic dti water a 60-year-old man was pulled toe safety by a good samaritan who o witnessed his car driving drive into the hole knowledge word ifi anyone was in the first car.
7:42 am
is my question? que >> i don't know. k all right. annual tradition right here inoh d.c. next we are rolling out the rede carpet for this year's kennedyen center honorees. >> first a holiday message from a local service member overseas. ?? i'm a1c brownie. bro i want to wish my family andnd everyone around my area in i maryland a happy holiday. holid. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot.
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7:45 am
?? oh, my goodness i thought -- we were joking about enya i i thought that was -- that's madge. madg >> a little mellow music on m o monday.mond. 7:45. not to bad out there right now.n mike thomas joining us to talk k weather.weat >> not at all. we'll get the sun out thiss afternoon it will be even beven better. >> good. >> we'll leave the other stuff f fo donon't say it. >> we're all positive here. >> okay. >> it's time for tucker's walk.. tucker is not here. h >> no, you own it. >> this is mike's walk. >> ??? >> that's nice. >> great walking music. mic >> strut your stuff, mike. >> i feel like it's got to beott smooth walking music.. >> like you. like you. smooth like you, my friend. exactly.y. >> you're doing it. >> sau>>nder into a room and lea them know you're there. >> own it. >> >> look, it's mike thomas.homa
7:46 am
mike thomas, mike thomas.s. >> we need something more upbeat. [ laughter ] >> one more day of thi s.. i i request more upbeat forbeat tomorrow and tucker is back on wednesday. >> i'm kind of tired after that. that's kind of kind of temperatures outside right w non 42 degrees here in we'll walk on the walk for thirty nine in frederick.ty n f good morning west minstert miner 37 degrees.rees 43 annapolis..nnapol. 41 degrees in leonardtown thisws morning. mo chilly start to the we did have rain that s movedt v through overnight even someght v sleet. yesterday. we got some reports out of out o leesburg of sleet falling lateat last night. nht good news that didn't cause anya travel trouble last night.. tomorrow we could do a little al more sleet again and once againn it's not expected to be enough to cause any sort of travel issues. let's expand things out there'se our next storm system down in di texas starting to gather some ge moisture it will head in our i direction overnight tonight andh through the day tomorrow.t niy . let's do future cast here we ara at 1:00 o'clock.ock in washington we're into there e sunshine clouds will buildld through the day today.ugh thday and through the evening hoursthn
7:47 am
eventually back into our area by about 10, 11:00 o'clock tonightg there's your rainfall startingtg to push up in our direction. dii it will be here maybe by the early morning showers tomorrowrm in a few spots it looks like wek keep the morning commute mostlys dry by 1:00 o'clock you'recl seeing the pinks and oranges out here that's that future castutuc model trying to paint sleet ovee the mountains.mountans near d.c. southern maryland maybe a shower or two butut heavier rain looks like it willw hold off until the eveningve commute hours. h so tomorrow evening commute could be a little troublesomeub jet stream pattern temperatureeu pattern over the course of there next few days. day 40s and 50's. today 50's.s tomorrow 40s with the rainh the around. a cooler pattern.tern we get a brief warm one yens mim to upper 50s around the region. big-time cold sliding throughhr the northern planes into the midwest that will head in ourado direction for the weekend.the en you'll see that here.ere. fox5 accu setter seven dayn d forecast time, taking a look
7:48 am
and here it comes. fox5 accu setter seven dayay forecast time. te. >> yay. >> finally came up for me. 55 degrees.55 d 40 for for fday 39 degrees for saturday. >> all right. that's the forecast. hthaveat't havyou don't any map trouble like i just hadh >> you know, it happens. it ppe it's monday. right now i have metro problemsl we'll start you off with that,ha mike. big issues for metro right nowin yellow and blue line delays tost huntington and franconia there'a an earlier train malfunction atc the pentagon moving off the linl issues there. now aside from that we dn aveoav safetrack surge 11 impactingg orange and silver line withe wit single tracking west falls to east falls church.rc monday morning overview, a lotil of bad t. i want to hop outside for lookoo at ours maps.s map 95 southbound this has been abos trouble spot all morning long.nn they were able to reopen somepem lanes and close it tractor trailer crash as well as hazmat situation 95 southboundoo south of russell they are ableya to get the left lane by thathat crash however, by triangle go back too our maps another crash in therah
7:49 am
you need at least an extra houru it's over three and a half miles of just standstill traffic allsl the way back to 234 dumfries due road much aside from that we'ret dealing with a crash on the crah freeway. it's at d street traffic backedc up all the way to the pentagongo and then 395 northbound basiclyc from the pentagon on up super us jammed up you can see a widereew view there.view there. inner loop of the beltway jams. we earlier crash by 236. 2 and you're seeing slow traffic f all the way up to 66. 6 outer loop jams 270 to really the 270 spur with an hour d huge delays actually starring to link to the delays pastas baltimore washington parkway.wan 210 indian head highway h northbound closed a person hit e by a car at palmer road and jamd all the way back to livingstonio road. not great way to get around than but keep in mind if you'ref y coming out of the fort o washington this morning towards national harbor you need emornxa time.. 270 southbound also very slowers coming out of urbana thisahi morning. lots of traffic to get througher today but we're going to keep tk you posted on that one.hane >> sounds good.>> sounds good. happening later today, we'l'
7:50 am
much residents pated mgm grandrd hotel and casino thursday theayt casino will welcome guests for the for fir at 11:00 p.m. at the national harbor. now, last week maryland gaming official doctors control demonstration to make sure that all systems are aion to go. in the casino we're told allolda went welch as for traveling tovi the casino, people are concernee that the beltway is expected toe be couldn't jeffed around theffo skit for the first few weeks. so any tips to get through it all, we know the person who jusj might have the answer.r. yes, plan an the nat. take the water taxi from alexandria.alexandria you can drive into alexandria,l, park your car and then take that across branch of a king street e metro stops. i say uber, carpool, lift last they have designated drop offff and pick up spots for car sharea they have new parking lots thata they constructed big parking garage that let's you know whici levels have spots available. >> i know those are alwayslway supposed to work i find they might be a little misleading.isd
7:51 am
actually driving and you'rely going there and they think the y skits will t bhie crowded how mc extra time should you allow? all >> i would say if you have plans especially i think it's reallyty going to affect people that heaa to and from work in that area used to normal traffic patternsp it gets crowded any way by 210y as you travel through the inner loop by the wilson bridge.ridg i'd say in the beginning of thef week give yourself an extra 30 a minutes to play it safe andt sad we'll have to see as the firstst day kind of opens trafficraff patterns adjust betterette information. i do have a lot of informationti here i got from the mgm about you head around the casino cas because also keep in mind it'sn' holidays it's national harbor ho outlets are a busy, too.y, a lot of people additionalnal parkers heading that to findin s.ots. >> new shops within the casino. >> >> i heard there could be hea shoppirdng. >> there is a circumstance later they do thesh pa ciarking lots area around the casino take youe to the casino from farther out.. >> okay. >> my best advice, head down there, scout out the parking pki lots get comfortable witnessable area and figure it out. a figur i want to go down
7:52 am
i'm kind of freaked out.kind ofe there's always a backup rightal before youys g aet there like te wilson bridge area from where we i'm coming from. >> 295, 395 all of that.ll of t >> there will be a big learningn curve. >> i'm headed tout get a sneak s preview for good day dc. >> cool. >> i'm going to take a look atnt the parking lots all the traffia areas and try to help folks bess plan their commute first hand h we'll take pictures down there.e >> sounds great, erin. eri >> bob barnard will join us at 8:30. headed out that way to talk morr about the big opening.oubi >> it's exciting. >> it is exciting.>> it is exci. >> super exciting. e >> thank you. for this evening about the the widening of i-66. the hearing starts at 6:30 at a washington lehigh school inchoo arlington.arlin the i-66 transformation projecto will attempt to ease congestion on 66 outside of the beltway. ddot's plan for call for two t express toll lips and threeee regular lanes in each direction between the beltway and hey market. >> holly. brand new capital bike share is opening newest dockingocking
7:53 am
northwest. it will dock 23 bikes. d.c. department of wil transportation and u.s.d.ansptai department of state employeeonsy will be on heeand for the ribbon cutting. in 2010 inlaunched back and right now there are more arr than 400 capitol bike share shae locations in the dmv. 7:53 right now. now today's fox beat, no surprisepre here. disney late at the time animatee feature moana taking the top t spot in the box office oncee again. ag family friendly animated movieov took in just shy of to almost $120 million.miio rounding out the top three,hr fantastic beasts and where to we find them and the sci-fi thriller arrival.. nation's capitol getting aat taste of holly wooder last nighg at president barack obama's final kennedy center honors. hor among the honorees al pacino, james taylor, the eagles, mavis staples and much more.
7:54 am
those records were huge for us.r we listen to them all the time.t we'd sit around and try to to write, you know, songs likegs james. me >> how does this honor stack upa to other awards you've gotten g over your career? >> sweetheart, it's just -- it's the highest note. this is a higher and no higher.g this is zero and no higher.r 91 above this one.s one this is the best one. o this is the best one yet. >> all right. that. >> excited throb. >> kennedy sent honors set>> e t air december 27th. 2h that's amazing that's alwayslway such a great s it's such a great event. and you can see just always tell everyone is so honored to get that distinct. dtinc i love the variety of entertainers.rtrs >> they're always really good aa picking a variety.arty >> all right. last one at least for thishis administration, of course, itrsi continues. >> the kennedy center honors,te, sure. >> that's right. that'righ
7:55 am
today this is miss gerri scharrh rod and she is 70 years oldrs o today. to that's all i'm going to tell you. happy her friends nominated her. h they say she is an inspirationan person and she always tunes insi to fox5 and updates them about o what they have missed.isse >> look at her miss polka dots.d >> i know i know 20 years herrsr junior, that's an effort. >> not even getting her leg upel there but look at her legs. l >> my goodness. um-um um.. >> i have seen the polka dots. >> yeah. y yeah. >> so cute isn't we pay so attention to all detail.cunt >>n yeah, we do.e d as we do when mike thomas speake about the weather. >> wet this morning.orning dry this afternoon. >> absolutely right. nothing more needs to be said.rt rain ahead -- moved throughedhr overnight and gave us a soakingi here.he the good news is as we startedta our morning commute thosemute showers over the eastern shoreae and they have since pushed offsu over the ocean and we'rend wre starting to see some clearinglen
7:56 am
get the sun high in the skyinhey what's left of the clouds will i burn off and turn mostly sunnyts for the afternoon.fterno pretty good start to the worktow week. tuesday is a little take a look at five fox cab sues weather seven day forecast.fore. 55 degrees later on today with w the sunshine coming clouds return overnight tonightg tomorrow does look wetlook w especially the second half ofd f the day and the evening commute. 45 degrees for time high.igh. wednesday 55 degrees with meweet clouds. last warm y stretch. big cold swings through late thursday night.ig friday windy and cold. 40 for for high. h saturday 39 for a high.for h overnight lows back in the 20s s and teens for some of our o o suburbs. a check of the forecast. erin has a checkec ok f the roaa this beep beep. be >> 7:56. i want to show you parked camera unfortunately even thougheven traffic is getting by, 95 southbound south of russell roar completely park.ark. it's an hour delay from 234 dumfries road down past earlyary tractor trailer crash.ra
7:57 am
conditions heading intong io fredericksburg.frederic so please be prepared get abouto an hour head start.rt we'll move back over to our mapm keep in mind that route 1ou southbound is just as there was a second crash on thet backup through triangle and thaa is not helping the situation.itn 95 northbound typical delayselay from 17 to the aquia harbor. har taking a look at metro becauseeu of disable train from earlier at pentagon moving off the linein we're seeing big delays on the blue and yellow lines betweenwen huntington and franconia.rancia more traffic, news and weathernw in few. in we got you morning. morning. keep it to fox5. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. morning. keep it to fox5. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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for just 79.99 per month online for the first year.
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8:00 am
?? >> this is fox5 news morning. good monday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm maureen umeh. thank you for joining us. >> it is 8:00 a.m.,od mm al i'my december 5th, 2016. 26. here's what's on the fox5 news5w morning menu.enu >> shots fired inside a popul suspects the connection betweene that gunman and conspiracy and hillary clinton.nton. >> i want to go over te i want to -- my brother is in i there i want to find him. family and friends wantan answers following the deadlyeay warehouse party fire out in oakland, california.or 33 people confirm dead.ea several others still missing. and ben carson nownow officially part of the trump administration.ston. the cabinet position the former
8:01 am
just this morning. >> plus big dogs around these parts.rts. billion dollars mgn nationalatna harbor set to open this week. wk tell you what you need to knowto about the new traffic patternsae in order to keep it moving ahead in live report.. meantime live look outside at the white house, of course, s at a minute after the hour of 8:00 o'clock. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's.affithe s. breaking news right nowgh nw 8:00 o'clock. o'cck. a recap of that horrific rowfi r house fire that happened ind i northwest dc this the flames are out now. but just befor the blaze broke out inside at ia vacant house along iowa avenue this is in the pet worth neighborhood.ig the blaze then spread to nearbyy home and eight people insidensid that home are now display. dis one firefighter was injuredur while putting out the fire, and, we still do not know what causee the blaze but we do have crewsee on the scene gatheringri information. more as we get it. ??
8:02 am
executive producer jeff, captured yesterday the scaryry moments when police arrested ata man in northwest d.c. for bringing a loaded begun into a a popular pizza shop.ho thankfully no one was hurt.. >> but there certainly wereherer sctaariny unfolding at comet ping-pong a restaurant recentlyy made national headlines foriona being at the center of a fakeak news article. >> fox5's melanie alnwick ise ak live in northwest dc this d t morning with all the disturbingg and bizarre details. mel? >> reporter: well, guys, what we're learning from d.c. policee reports the type of weapons that the suspect had with him ar veev rifle, high capacity ammunitiono feeding device.e colt 38 handgun.dg a shotgun and a folding 95di facing seven charges in all anda again it's the kind of thing thi people here were worried aboutbt after these online rumors started circulating and d.c. police saying last night it does appear that those conspiracyspac
8:03 am
restaurant owner says that thisi fake news now has realea consequences. >> we should all condemn thedemt efforts of some people to spread malicious and utterly falsese accusations about comet com ping-pong beloved d.c. institution.ut let me state unequivocally,ocly, these stories are completely ana entirely false. what happened today demonstrates that promoting false andnd reckless conspiracy theories dod come with consequences >> reporter: now, policeolic swarmed connecticut and nebraska avenues sunday afternoon. right after this suspectpe identified as 28-year-old edgarr matt madison welch of salsburyar north carolina walk signed the restaurant with that arrival ana pointed it directly at one ofe employees. somehow everybody was able to geterybod out safe but then thew a barricade situation.uation. the d.c. police report says that welch did indeed discharge his weapon inside that restaurant.t.
8:04 am
into custody and again you're looking at that cell phone videl that was captured exclusively by fox5.. now police again recover these weapons two inside theid restaurant the shotgun inside welch's car. c and after his arrest, he tolde l police that he came here to investigate what's known onlinen as pizza gate these fake stories claiming that hillary clinton and her campaign were involvednl in child trafficking and satanic rituals. dc police have said over and a over again that all of these the rumors are they had been doing some increased surveillance in thelat area. is asking aunity folks to come together toher t patronize the restaurant on on friday just to show theirw the support for the employees andloa the owners live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. ?? 8:04. 8:04. developing right now the deathit toll in the massive warehouseare fire out in california is sadly rising.rising. 33 people dead. people some of those victims justt
8:05 am
expected to rise with peopleh pl still believed to be missing ani crews digging through theghhe wreckage. fox's kelly wright has more. we don't know if they're dead oo alive it's >> reporter: oakland communityni coming together to mourn. a local chapel holding an intert faith vigil in remembrance ofcef all those killed in the fire. >> i'm sorry for everyone'srye' loss. the people i didn't know. it's just -- it's just -- it's-i >> reporter: as many as 100 100 people were inside the warehouse when it caught fire during ag a dance party late friday night. dozens are dead includingng teenagers. firefighters digging through what's left of the buildinguiin using buckets and shovels asls a they look for people believed to still be >> i just want to find my brother. i don't know where he is.t >> reporter: former residentsknn say the warehouse was
8:06 am
dozen or so people.eople. known as the ghost ship it'ss being described as clutteredluer with few exits.xi >> when i left, i felt lining ii made it out alive and now i feee even more like i made it out alive, you know what i'm saying? it was like a death trap.eathra it was -- it's a death trap.ra it is a house of horrors. it is a house of horrors now. it was then. the >> reporter: city planninging officials opening inquire lastus month after complaints about tht oakland's mayor says the city ii doing everything it can to preserve evidence in order toero fully investigate how the fire happened.happen in new york, kelly wright, fox news. so unfortunate thattunate ta situation out there in the bay your heart breaks for thosereakh families. >> mike is here with us. >> hello. >> to look at our weather.eath >> we're checking on that on tt forecast today.cast folks waking up this m torning h rain on the cars but good news w
8:07 am
today.toda >> good. >> believe it or not the rain has push on out over it or the n and we are looking good for thee afternoon.afteoon. sun will come back out.kut temperatures outside right now n on the chilly side. 43 degrees.eges. the only gained 1 degree lastas hour here in washington and 30 3 do's remain north and west. chilly 39 degrees in i gaithersburg.bu 37 at west minster.inst good morning annapolis, 44 degrees. good morning baltimore. in don't make me try to sing iti trying to make me sink from thet show hair spray.ay. >> good morning >> see. >> you almost had her.ou almost >> that was great.>>t was great. we'll try again next hour. >> satellite/radar here againe n clouds are starting to clear out. so pretty cloudy out there. we'll get sun this afternoonft next system down to the southouh texas, louisiana seeing the raie early this we get into the daytime hours hs tomorrow. we'll see that rain start cominn across.acss. here's future cast 9:00 p.m.9: m tonight you see the clouds starting to return.starting t we'll geto re into your morningi commute looks cloudy but not too wet there's good news there.od n we get into the afternoon hourss
8:08 am
from south to north.. maybe even some snowflakes orlao some sleet and freezing rain in the high elevations out to the west. west here in dc all rain for us byors the time we get to the evening g commute that could be a littleat tricky we rain fallingfaing throughout the evening commute.. 55 degrees your daytime high yot today. lots of sunshine this afternoonn >> we'll take it. it. all right. unfortunately, not wanting toel take what's happening on they,ot roads this morning erin como ero here with a check of our troublesome traffic this morning. >> definitely, maureen. troublesome. look behind me. inglo down fromn fadinit prince william c stafford has been just jam pack all morning. we're dealing with a tractor a t trailer crash and fuel spill. one lane at least getting byti b south of russell road.ll road. hour delay from 234 dumfriess road down passed russell road ir you're heading to the quantico c area factor in that time leave the house about an hour early ey even if you exit and takeake route 1 southbound that is justt as jammed with very heavy delays you can see traffic just at a crawl right now.crawl righ in the bactkup through triangleg there's a second crash nowra blocking the shoulder. shode
8:09 am
because 66 eastbound not much mh better right now.ight n look at that delay.elay. just beyond this point there's a crash after 50 delays are heavya all the way back to fairfax faif county parkway.ay. and you're still jammed in theme typical spot 234 to 28. 28. it's about a 45 minute delay from 234 to get inside thehe beltway towards arlington.ington we'll take a look at our mapsurs right now. w. virginia not the only placela dealing with issues. outer loop of the beltway fromm route 1 over to the 270 spur hah about a 40 minute delay withith congestion and 210 northboundun fort washington.ngn. there's a crash involving in pedestrian at palmer road we're' seeing huge backups in that area. area best bet take 223 over tor clinton factor in lot of extra e time as you try to get to the te beltway this morning.orni here's closer look at the outert loop where you can see those jam ups. 29 southbound completely jammedm through the beltway and 270 from 70 down to the spur stillpu dealing with a 30 minute delayud of stop and go traffic.ic blue and yellow line delays oney metro look there next. next. back to you..
8:10 am
being offered for informationmat which could help officials offia determine the source of an oil o plume we've been telling youe be about along the potomac river.. the oily substance was first fir spotted last weekend near point of rocks maryland.ks mand. epa believes it may be hydraulic fluid or lubricant of some sortr officials they are taking stepss to make sure the plume doesn't t affect the water supply. construction ofnstruction o controversial $4 billion oil pipeline in north dakota is temporarily on hold to allow army corps of engineers to lookk for a new sight. sht >> well it is a victory for thee protesters of the pipeline.ipin the story has been going on forf some time now.imnow. officials say there will now beb in depth evaluation of differene routes for the pipeline closer e look at its potential impact. depth straighters claim the gasg pipeline would endanger the t environment and cut acrossoss
8:11 am
>> this is the best news that i've heard forever.orev. best news for native people. native country. the whole united states all thet people water is so precious.reci not everyone happy of courss about the decision.n. house speaker paul ryan took ton twitter he said "this is bigig government decision-making atki its worse. i look forward to putting thishi anti energy presidency behind us ". now to the very latest onatn the trum president-elect donald trump hah picked doctor ben carson foror housing and urban developmentele former campaign rifle hade had previously said he would not bet joining the trump administration. carson has no experience in public housing but did live inan public house ago a child. cld he believes individual effortsuf not government programs are thet key to overcoming poverty.. this morning, we a tracking how many positionsns president-elect has in fact f filled the partnership and and
8:12 am
so far only 11 nominees haveineh been announced. zero have been confirm and 651 still node to be filled. the 115 congress couldn't seepse on january 3rd. 3 the senate can start holding h hearings to confirm the nomineee during this time and the this a transition team will need to to fill more than 3600 positions altogether. happening today, 4.8 billion ballots recounted in michigan.n. federal judge order add handdd n recount of the state's presidential results to begin by green party candidate jill stein is trying to force recounts inni thee states they include incde pennsylvania and the deadline is december 13th.. also today, the high court is taking up a case that hitst h close to home. he. the justices will hear argumentn about redistricting disputes inn virginia and north carolina. african-american in those statea they remember diss crem 98edmbe9 against when8e the, h thehe electoral districts were drawn.a they say republicans created the
8:13 am
rely on democratic voter than tn yesterday to elect theirct their preferred candidates.ndidat okay. maryland newest landmark set tot open on thursday.y. preview of the mgm nationalatio harbor casino.o >> i'm feeling lucky, mo. red hot red carpet last night at the kennedy center eye honors. n i'm really not feeling lucky.. the longest loudest standingg ovation wasn't for al pacino, mavis staples or any other a lister whom was it, al., al. >> you'll have to wait to fine f of minutes.
8:14 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:15 am
8:16 am
?? cuteness time, mo.e, >> it is. it look who we have speaking of sp cuteness.cuteness >> oh, maureen. [ laughter ]ught >> mike, can i just tell you yoe have such a pleasant yh a pleant disposition. every time like you're on youe y just so happy.just so happy it make everyone else happy.e hp >> thank you. tnk y 20 sitting on my desk --y dk >> i'm not butters you up.. >> i sincerely mean that. >> aww you guys are the you know what' me -- >> it hear the music --usic >> it's got to be,. >> oh, my gosh. adorable.adorable >> this is our fox5 five. >> president carter berry.r bey. >> adorable.dorae. only eight months e this is an old pastime of minein as well.el he loves putting his feet in his mouth. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> carter you are so cute.e. >> adorable.dorable. >> the most expressive faceexprf
8:17 am
e.rain a tranc >> you can see him as a littleil young man.g ma >> um-hmm. >> you're so cute. y're so c >> look, he voted. >> yes, did, d he. >> he voted for himself.imself >> of course did he. >> good job, president carter.r. >> one day maybe we'll be votint for him. fo >> great little sweet little face.le >> he is the cutest. i love it>>. h it. >> we love it carter. carter. keep them coming to zen us youry child's picture head to over our if as fox5 facebook page and pud your child's photo up there. >> president carter, we havedeae temperatures outside ratherathe chilly throw the jacket on ifkef you're headed out and about thii morning. 43 in washington. t.43t.rth and wes pittsburgh at four.ou columbus arthritic. chicago waking up to 9-inches os fresh snowfall this morning.. >> yup. >> 33 degrees at this hour.s ti satellite/radar here are thee/rt rain you see on the map up nearn our area has pushed off to theoe east.east we are drying out and get the gt sunshine back this afternoonnoon attention to texas and louisians where our next system is gathering strength.erin that will be coming our way asry
8:18 am
by the time we get to tomorrow,o mostly during the afternoon hours we look rather wet arounda who are with showers, rain andaa maybe sleet for those who live l in the higher elevations out toi the west. quick look at your seven dayn dy forecast, we got 50s tomorrow, o 50s again on wednesday and thent big cold push this weekend highh only in the 30s on saturday. >> ew. >> december cold it certainly ia settling in, isn't it? >> okay. >> winter is here. >> yes, it is>>. >> somebody's birthday is coming. >> i don't know, my daughter sidney. >>'t ker aww. >> happy birthday, sid.irthda sd twins. >> yes. maureen's. i was just joking. >> i wasn't going to mention iti again. no. >> don't worry. we'll do something fun for youru birthday.hday >> ut-oh. >> okay. >> right now outer loop crash at 123 the process of clearingar blocking the right shoulder part of the right lane. the r delays are back to the dulless toll road and spilling on to tho dulles toll road.dulles toll roa watch for heavy traffic you canu see that sluggish commuteommu forwarding our cameras to a looo heading towards stafford fromffd prince william county.y
8:19 am
still completely parked from 616 down past russell road. heavy traffic lingers all the at way back to 234 dumfries road.oa right now the left lane ise i getting by but two lay right lat lanes are block from a tractoror trailer crash and cleanup f can you're hopping off of 95 and ofd taking route 1 southbound that'h just as heavy. as he solid hour delay so be prepareda for that heading down towardsnow stafford this morning.ning 95 northbound still jams from fredericksburg 17 to the aquia harbor. switch it over from this look aa right now yellow and blue linee normal service resumed ated a pentagon watch for delays thingi get back to normal.geck taking wide view, heavy trafficf lingering especially across thes key bridge, 14th street andtreet douglas bridge.ridge. more traffic in a few. f. maureen and allison.lion >> erin, thank you. t you 39th annual kennedy centerr honors held at the -- last night. >> it was. the event will not be broadcasta until after this morning fox5's lindsay lins
8:20 am
scenes. >> reporter: it's a nightep whereor worlds collide.. politicians, athletes, and and hollywood celebrities. >> how are you? y >> let me look at you.. hey. >> reporter: easy to get starr truck here on the red carpet c even if you're a star yourself.. >> i mean james taylor for me m means those records were hugeerh for us. we listened to them all thell t time. we'd sit around and, you know, o try to write, you know, songson like james. jam >> i'm here to honor mavis such a wonderful person and hadh a huge influence on my as a singer loving gospel and soull music. >> october don cheadle spoke ofe the influence of aadlel pacino.o >> i know so many actors that, t you know, want to emulate him, and everything that he does. doe >> reporter: wonder womanon actress linda carter couldn't ct pick a favorite among the honorees.. >> oh, it's james taylor and the eagles, of course, al pacino alo i it. >> for aretha.a. >> anyone you're especiallyspia
8:21 am
>> the entire ceremony tonight.. >> all of it.f >> reporter: some of theorteome honorees skipped the red carpetd we caught up with singer james s taylor. >> it's sort of a life achievech many kind of a thing, you know.. it's a pinnacle it's a high point. >> reporter: agreement fromntro fellow honoree gospel singer mavis >> i know i'll have to hold back tears. >> reporter: she's had 60 yearrs career from performing atrming president kennedy's inauguration to being here at the kennedye an center. >> how doe to other awards you've gotten over your career?aree >> oh, sweetheart, it's just --t this is the highest note. this is on -- this is a higherr and no higher.ighe this is zero and no higher. hhe 91 above this one. o this is the best one.est one this is the best one y >> reporter: once inside thehe honored guests were kell come by >> joe walsh. >> while we're advised not toisn talk politic on the red carpet host steven colbert wasted nod n
8:22 am
>> distinguished honorees, politicians, diplomats, endangered swamp dwellers. dwe [ laughter ] >> honorees were seated arounded the obamas. the couples last time here ate e least in this role. r >> prior to the ceremony allony five honorees did get to go tooo the white house so they had had one-on-one time with the obamaso as is the tradition.rati if you want to captain event, ii will be airing december 27th.r h at the kennedy center, linds watts fox5 local news.ew >> when they made their entrance they got a warm welcome and a a standing ovation. >> i can >> we said they weren't a listers.s >> i know. inow. they don't more a than that. t >> if they're not a list who is. >> can i just say, first lady ly
8:23 am
>> i love them. love em. >> okay.ka in full disclosure.e. >> exactly. > > okay. thicklickles me. if you want to visit the washington monument you'll have to wait for years. yrs we'll tell you the next timet t you'll be able to step inside of dc's famous landmark.k >> it it's going to be okay. panic aboard united expressedxp flight in texas what went wrong that forced the pilots to makeok an emergency landing. we'll tell you all about that ta
8:24 am
8:25 am
see holiday tradition in a whole new light. join in the joy of christmas town at busch gardens. new this year, meet rudolph the red nosed reindeer and friends. celebrate with special holiday shopping and shows in our winter wonderland. with over 8 million twinkling lights...
8:26 am
>> all right. rht if you want to visit the w washington monument, you'll have to wait while. it will stay closed to visitors for more than years because ofan those on-goi cngloseyebe pcarobm elevator system.te two to $3 million in funding needed for the fixes though they have been secured and all thanks to verred y generous philanthrop here in the d.c. region butn monument is not expected to to reopen until 2019 but when itt does, fixes will be in and in ai guess we'll all be safer and non be able to go to the very top.yp >> there you go. go >> all right.ight. >> feel bad for all theall the tourists.urts >> yeah. let's get right to weather. we'll do the good stuff strt aii away. straight to the seven dayven da forecast. hey, 55 degrees later on thisgre
8:27 am
to the afternoon hours. hou tomorrow does look wet. w cloudy for the first half of the day. wet the second half of the day d clear it out again briefly warm, 55 degrees to nean 60 in a few locations but thenue the big cold settles in for ther weekend. showers thursday night. leading into some colder air air only 40 for a high on friday ana 39 for a high on saturday.y. >> chilly chilly weather coming our way.ou >> there we go. >> you've been warn.'ve bear thanks, mike.thanks still ahead, a little bit of laa vegas capitol the doors to the mgmgm national harbor opens this >> fox5's bob barnard is therese live with a preview of what's ts come. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey g thank tha morning gook i, glitz, glamor, and traffic. brace yourself this big casinoao resort opens up later this week. we'll tell was everybody isveryy doing to try to make the gettini here and getting around as easys as we'll be right right ba.
8:28 am
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. ?? >> welcome back. it is 8:30. live look there at our>> newest star in the dmv that's the mgm national of course.f cours >> it is a beaut.t is a bea >> i can't wait to go and look.. i'm not a gambler.ambler >> me neither.>> m >> but i do like a pretty spacee >> when you pass by it's pretty it's so gleaming and so new. i'm so glad prince george's county has something of thatf t caliber to celebrate.ra lit really will attract everyone
8:31 am
this area big gamers in thisin t area. >> absolutely. >> i didn't know. >> me either. >> why would it come here? that's why.>> i this t's whursday, hopefully yol be feeling lucky as the mgm m national harbor opens its doorso much. >> a lot of people eager too place their bets others ares are worried about gamble on traffic. fox5's bob bar far live outside the mgn in oxon hill to help usu sort out how we can co exist inn this regard, right, bob.ard, rit >> reporter: that's right,, hats maureen and allison.and alon this is the week, and in a few the opening. 20,000 a day after it.t. at least initially take a look.o still work to be done hereon h beautiful the middle part here is the the casino. the hotel part is the tower in i the back and the parking parki structures here right next to hr us. but you'll see there's still aes lollt of work being done around here.. they've spent we're told $10 million on transportation infrastructure and redirectionin and signaling and all that tod o try to make it easy frameable tt
8:32 am
right next door to nationalatna harbor an attraction to begineg with this part of princet of pr george's county but we'll be be even more so later this week.. joining us us now to talk abouto the traffic issues and and transporation sized this wholeso tom kill kenny with aaa mid atlantic much thanks for beingob with. >> good morning.>> bob, how are you?bob, h >> doing very well, thank you.ku we understand aaa was part oft f group meeting with the mgm national folks and local andocal governments about how this iss going to happen.hoing to if you bring 20,000 people a day to what have they done to try to to make it possible without peoplel getting frustrated and notnd n wanting to come back. >> i think one of thingsac thata national harbor and gmg grand ga did was to be very open and a trance important i think in thii process and so we were invited in for a conversation and you're right, they've invested a fair i amount of money in the highway structure around this 23-acre
8:33 am
live picture showing the wilson bridge. did he want people to maybeant e consider going to northernoing t virginia and taking the waterg r taxi or buses from northern norr virginia over.iniave so the wilson bridge all thesese highways around us will be b impact. impa >> they're all going to bere a impacted but one of things thatt i -- i was impressed with was ww the fact that they've made a lol of roadway improvements around the facility in addition to widening it they're going to -- they have a state of the art ability to look live at what's s happening. change the traffic signals.igna they're going to have some 200 2 officers throughout the area at intersections at least for the e opening and then i think for the week or so afterwards. so i think -- you know, it's its like any opening of any new attraction, a ballpark, whathat have you, you know, people areel going to have to find their wayy around just -- when i wasn i was driving around to find you thiss morning, i had to take a littlee slowly because i hadn't beenn'te
8:34 am
to have to be a little bit patient with this.s. but, boy, i think you can almoss feel the excitement now andent a we're still only few days outs t when the door opens.pens. >> absolutely. a little tricky because, youricy know, you get up to the top ofof the the hill here you may youayy make your immediate left to come back to the resort but that will take you right out to 295.95 so you kind of got to go aroundn little bit there, so thank you for being with us. >> appreciate it, tom.ciate it,m we do understand that policeic will be with the mgm folks local and maryland state polic everything works out well and that they can adjust to issuesos and i will tell you there willrl be ripple effects they told usod indian head hoy way oxon hilln l road, guys, we'll see backups. s will have impacts and they're t' not right around the resort.. so brace yourselves a lot of excitement coming here but a lot of other people, too.oo >> that's right, bob much that'h why i want to help people getplt moving around the area.d th are. i'll head down there and joinrej you in just about 10 minutes. mt and we're going to try to keep e
8:35 am
to access mgm national harbor hr from dc use 395 south.. from baltimore 295 south. south and from virginia the beltway over to signs for the national harbor exit 2a and b. crowded conditions overflow onn 210 and objection zen hill.en hl any question at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter bob was hearing greae advice. get used to the traffic know ana how to get around the casino c let's take a look outside.utsi big problems this 95 southbound is still at all at crawl as you head from prince pc william into staff for.nto the left lane is getting by butb there's still a big clean up clp evident from a fuel spill andspa tractor trailer crash.r sh so as you make your way out wayt you're parked from 619 to southt of russell road.ll it's about an hour delay evenaye from dumfries road 234 down past that point and if do you try tot detour and take route 1 southou you're just as backed up.ked p so please leave the house aboutt an hour early..
8:36 am
and rubberneck delays on top off that. let's forward our cameras. this is 66 as you make your wayw eastbound towards 50 from earlier crash. we're also see big delays stilli lingering from 234 all the wayay through 28 also an outer looproo crash by 123 clearing but you'rr still jammed back to the dulless toll road so be prepared for that one as well.ell. i got you covered this morning.g head out to the casino i can'tan wait, mike.e. i'll hit a bunch o >> got to leave >> hopefully you'll be hereere getting everybody through thatbr traffic. can't wait for the casino either. it will be a lot of fun i'lwalif fun i'll lose a lot of money. mon that's for sure. sur temperatures outside right now,w around the region, on the cooler side. but by december standards stilli not all that bad. bad 43 degrees your current numberru here in in shingt 30s north and west. gaithersburg 39 degrees.9 ees. 37 in west minster. 40 at dulles. dle 41 in manassas this morning.. satellite/radar here we did havv some rain that pushed throughthh overnight.
8:37 am
sunshine later on think on thk afternoon. not for too long though.ugh because this little storm systee down in texas gathering some som strength. that's going to head its way inn our direction as we get throughu the day tomorrow.omorrow. today we're dry and we turnn sunny for afternoon hours. hrs tomorrow this area of low ofow pressure will bring up some golf moisture from the south and fro we'll get some rsoain especialll the second half of the day andnd the evening commute could bete b more troublesome than thehan t morning commute tomorrow.morrow so here's your forecast next two ys.s. 55 degrees today.55 degrees t a cooler day with sunshine insh and then tomorrow rain fallinglg especially during afternoonftern hours with a high only 45 degrees.egre chilly rain even colder colder temperatures coming our way by c the omweekend i'll have that see day forecast in just bit. bit allison and maureen over to you. >> thanks mike.>>nks mi still ahead tense moments aboaro a united flight. >> back with that and more. more >> multiple impacts before theoe aircraft comes to a completeo ao stop. if you hear the command command evacuate, evacuate, evacuate you
8:38 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> tense seen at the san antoni airport. landing gear issues forced a flightat tgeoar an an emergency passengers remained calm.d calm some recorded the moments beforr and after the plain take as will zen.. >> there could be multiple mti impacts before the aircraft airf comes to complete stop.e s if you air the command evacuate, evacuate, evacuate you are toat leave everything and i mean everything behind..
8:41 am
the sky west flight landed on le the runway the knows gearr collapsed.llap 55 people on board all safely evacuated. one person, though, did suffer e minor ankle injury.njur the plane was en route to mexicc at the time.. now, let's check in withnit wisdom and hold toll see what'se coming up on good day d.c. hi, gang.hi,an >> what's going on? look,go here's the deal.he dea fox5 first on the scene andce continues to get new details des about the suspected gunman who w enter add popular dc pizza placp and fired at least one shot.neho we're there live with the l latest. and developing now,d velo president-elect donald trumpt-e picking new members of hisw mber one is a former politician, a former rival actually.uall a former rifle. r we'll talk about what you need n to know in the first fiveiv minutes. and double ugh the redskinss lose two a row.ow now what? that's the big's theg question.. we're paying monday morning mdao quarterback with fox5's grant paulsen and during good day it'i been years in the making and you will get the first look at this inside the new mgm resort ates
8:42 am
this. we have team coverage on this mgm monday. monda also on good day at 10a of the victoria secret fashion show mao be tonight but you don't have tv wait long, because we are having one right here in the loft. mike thomas, he's going to neede smelling salts. this is going to be big. oh, boy. b mike thomas, you hear that? tt? plus, we're getting ready for the holidays with a live look ao the hottest air styles to rocktc this holiday season, and his new song i so where is he this morning? how about right here on good day d.c. josh will perform his hit heaven on my mind live in the loft. this week there's only one placo to be trust me it will be a b great december. december to remember.ce to good day d.c. is next. >> thanks, wis. >> all right.ight. >> oh, boy. b [ laughter ] thanks,
8:43 am
holiday season with your health intact. intact tips on keeping your sanity anda your immune system together. tet >> good working order, y plus a major milestone for d.c. fire station.tation is a celebration a century in cy thmakining. we're back after this.hi thmakining. we'rmaking room for one more shouldn't cost more.
8:44 am
8:45 am
at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. >> we are back eight ckt at 45:00-ton this monday00 morning. taking a look-t mgm grand. beautiful sight to be hold.
8:46 am
it's going to be crazy out there but lots of >> elevated the whole area.olea. t didn't it. >> a whole other level. lel >> gleaming piece of amazing. >> sure is. we have your forecast but you have to wait 10 seconds for it. all right. welcome back. counting down the days until christmastime. can you believe it? less than three weeks now until christmas. by the w eengke dnd beli goings no to beoing to feeling a christmastime with colder air cr moving in. pretty chilly out there thishere morning as well.morng as 43 degrees you see sky cast here good amount of cloud cover around little bit of a bries oub of the north and west giving usg a little bit of a wind chilld cl feels like 39 degrees as you'reu heading out and about thist ts morning. definitely need the jacket. so today we're generally in the clear. we had rain overnight.ain overgt it's pushing off the eastern e shore line here.orne we'll get into the sun by the afternoon.rnn down to the south here lookingth at a little bit moree so rain tn our next system that will be
8:47 am
be windy tomorrow as well asl a raining? not so much. m there will be a little bit of af breeze out of the east but not b overly windy don't have to worrr about that. later this week, though, bigh, wind comes in friday and onnd saturday. so thank you for sending in your questions. if you have any questions abouto weather, live in general i'llall pretend i know the answer. ar. send them on in.sendm on future cast through the dayhe today, again, good amount ofd a sunshine. ne look future cast doesn't evenstt show any clouds on here at a 3:00 o'clock this afternoon butt we had he into the evening hourh clouds come back from south tooh n maybe few more sneaking into thn region by the morning hoursningh definitely cloudy for the amy fa commute but we're hopeful we cae keep the morning commuteomte relatively dry. second half of the day when thet showers start to creep back uppa from the south southern maryland looking at some rain as early as 1:00 o'clock down through down vintral virginia. and then by the time we get toeg the evening commute, that's whaw we're worried about here maybee we're looking at steady to evenn moderate to heavy rain at timess around five, 6:00 o'clocko'oc tomorrow in it.morrn temperature wise the next couple of days, 50s today.. 40s tomorrow.omorro
8:48 am
here and it will actually headlh farther off to the north and i think wednesday is probably our warmest day of the week our besb chance to get into the upper 50p here in washington but that'sut all ahead of a major major cold push that's going to be comingbn our way as we head into fridayda bringing the wind along with iti much colder temperatures on thee seven day. get to in in just a second. 55 degrees your daytime highigh we have the clouds for now.ave h break out ine to the sun by by afternoon hours. h heading out tonight, mostlyy clear, early definitely coldelyc 39 degrees for overnight lowrniw clouds do begin t 9:00 o'clock tonight andht a continue to build through the t overnight hours.t here it is your fox5 accuccu weather seven day forecast.ecas 55 degrees your daytime hightime today. a chilly 45 with rain moving ing during the afternoon wednesday we clear thing out wet get back up to the mid 50s hereh comes the cold. 48 on thursday.y friday 40 degrees for a high h temperature. saturday only 39 so very very chilly weekendkend coming to d.c..c all right.ig that's a look at the forecast. c i'll zen it back to you.k to y >> all right. thank you mike.thanyou
8:49 am
took place in northwest. 100th anniversary of firehouseee engine company 28 and clevelandd park.park. fox5 as alexandra limon was limn there and tells us about theabtt unique and fascinating historyis of the fire station that firsthr open its doors back in 1916. >> reporter: it may bee surrounded by restaurants andurs bars now, but when it was constructed 100 years ago, engine company 28 was the onlynl building here on this stretch of connecticut small lodge.smallodg cleveland park residentsevel gathered to celebrate thehe centennial anniversary of the t break out stone building that'sa been neighborhood landmark since 1916. >> when it was in poor shape aae few years ago and it had to be really redone almost from top to bottom, it was very veryy v important to keep the facadeacae looking the same way and one ofo the challenges is the fire fe engines are a little larger that
8:50 am
>> reporter: firehouse recently had a $4.7 millionmi renovation.novation and while today the if as said s may appear very similar to the e original, it is in fact justt that. a facade.a cade in when the building wasldg w originally built, the front of o the building held up the roof,f, the second floor and the roof.he it no longer does that. tha >> in fact the arched doorways y were originally inn tendon to do accommodate a completely different type of fire vehicle.c >> this was a transition timeiot for us. for a lot of the horse drawn in 1916 there was6 e only about six those were were motorized. >> reporter: but despite thehe infrastructure, when it openedui its doorst in 1916, engine company 28 was one of the firstr in the district of columbia to get motorized vehicles. vehic while the history of the truckst and the building is fascinating, what stand out most is the work of those who serve here atco 28. and all they do.
8:51 am
occurred i guess about '66 or '65 where tragic allot of the patients in the intersection home died in the fire. the f that was probably one of the biggest fires this company wasas involved with.vo >> reporter: that's preciselys e why dozens of community memberss big and small showed up to sayps thank you on this 100th birthday celebration. reporting in cleveland park, par alexandra limon, fox5 local news. th survivin g the holiday seasoneaso with our health in tack. it can be a be a ce we're talking about the stress,, the eating, more eating, dr. ship pee al war a physiciann board certified in familyin fam medicine and shilpi joins uss with advice how to make ite through the holidays without ant health issues because in the famous words of that one woman,, ain't nobody got time for that.t >> am i right.m i >> over the holidays. >> i do agree.gree >> good morning. f morng.rning.
8:52 am
>> i worked down the germy set s because allison the truth is ths especially when you're travelint even in general around thehe holiday time we know 45 millionl people are going to be travelint between now and the end of theoe year. ye that's a lot of people.eo you're in tight spaces theht sse plane, the car all of those allh places have germs.e so a couple tips on how to keepk yourself from getting sick. sic. >> okay. >> first, make sure that you're doing a lot of hand, make washig but sometimes water is just nott for that reason i say use the ue hand sanitizer.anitiz it's better than not washing ata all. >> now you see that and itowou s sounds like it's not your firs choice.choi >> it's not. course would bersul my first choice.hoice. there's nothing to replaces gooo hand washing. >> if you're in a pinch and youy don't have water available orabo you're on the plane and you'ren getting ready to take off usee that sanitizer. okakay. >> using a wipe to wipe down tow surfaces you're tray table thett arm rest in your car the car steering wheel, your phone, of course, is a dirty place as a well.. remember that it's reallymber tt important to wipe those down flw virus can actually live on liv surfaces for up to eight hours. ow wow. >> yeah.>> >> that's nasty. >> keep a little lotion becausei
8:53 am
using that hand sanitizer.iz >> hydrate, hydrate. >> hydration so important a los times we skip out on the on the hydration because that security you're not able to take througha yourto water t bottles.s. pack an empty water bottle or b finish it right before securityr and fill the up afterwards.fter the rule of thumb for hydrationi is one cup of water for everyore hour of travel. that means if you're going fromo here to new york and that's a a' four hour trip you need to be having four cups of water. 32-ounces.32 >> that's good way to remember.r >> yeah f in honor of this nextt tip i have want everybody stills ha >> isn't a tip, travell comfortably. comfort is very important.or if you have a travel pillow mako sure to use it.w masureuse also make sure to wash the covev outside cover before you use ite because germs can live on here.r you will not believe how manyown neck injuries and muscle pain i see from patients because b they've been traveling without t proper neck pillow or theirheir necks hurt or shoulders hurt.ule so using a neck pillow very important. rt then another good tip people peo
8:54 am
them to sleep better whenter hen traveling. make sure please please do noteo use those medications for the f first time on your trip.r because you don't know how it can affect you. n i always say try to do it fourtr to five days before. bef take that sleeping pill or thata over the counter sleep aid s you're going use and see how iti affects your body you don't want to be the groggy person that stays on the plane and everybody eplaeplaned. >> talk about pain. before we move>> on, i'm kind of always freak out about clotsbouc when we sit tooon the advice if we have a long plane ride or train trip or car >> the tip about drinking a lot of water it's a built way in wan for to you get up gone to theono bathroom.bathroom. do calf exercises moving yourex feet. take your shoes off because that makes you exercise your feet aor little bit more. and you're more comfortable.fore walk around every hour for at least two minutes. >> okay. we do thishihing looks like mom bag right here.hh >> it is. >> we shouldn't just do it forod the kids, right.the kids, r >> not just for the kids. not j for us.
8:55 am
always pick fast food but thosee snacks aren't that great. g we're already eating very unhealthy during the holidays.ay so having some good snacks withw you, make sure they're prey' p pouringed can replily help toepo you safe on those calories butob also give you more so you're not reaching for sugary snacks and i found a candy cane in my pocket g that't a good excuse. >> yes. fruit that's the original fasthi food allison. >> did you just say that? tha >> i did. >> okay. we love you any way. shilpi, thank you so much. so m. thanks for joining us.s >> you're welcome. ?? my name is sergeant brad b smith currently stayinged at brag ham, afghanistan. raised in baltimore, maryland.yl go ravens, i support ya'll, thet
8:56 am
>> disney moana taking the topmo >> did you see it. >> i didn't see it. this is my last weekend of > i frs eedomymt . >> hear that sue.. auntie allison will take you.e . it took in just thigh of $28.5 million.5 mi bringing it's total take to $123 million.23lion. fantastic beasts and where toc d find them and sci-fi thriller te round out the top >> we haven't gone either.
8:57 am
going to the animated. animate >> i'm still trying to see dr. strange. >> , me too. mike, good momorning. >> good morning to you allison.n >> looks like a good movie.ov i'd see it.t look at the clouds out overheada right now.t now. still dealing with cloudinessinn you see a little bit of clearinn wt to the west. we'll get to the sunshine by tht time we get to the afternoon.. fox5 accu weather seven day d forecast 55 degrees today. chilly 45 with rain during therg second half of the day on hf ofn tuesday. clear it back out for wednesday before a stronger cold front cdf moves in thursday night bringini in colder air for the weekend.. on only 39 degrees for a high on saturday. >> back to [ laughter ] >> he's still growing. gwi >> i love mike thomas. thos >> good day jam packed today.ked it's coming up next.t. ??
8:58 am
8:59 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
9:00 am
?? straight ahead, a fake news story turns realht ahe serious. after a man armed with ann assault arrival walks into a dc he claimed he was investigatingi an online conspiracy theory.. we'll have a live report. trump transition.nsitio this morning, the short list for secretary of state just got a g little longer.. plus, breaking overnight, former rival ben carson nominated for a cabinet position.ition. we'll tell which you one. o and this pass is going to bo picked off by peterson. >> two in row.ow the burgundy and gold playoffs o


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