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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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crews were able to safelyto saf extinguish the fire. fe. luck no one was hurt. hurt. >> happening today, the manning tpolice say walked into cometom ping-pong pizza in northwestn nt on sunday and started shooting an assault rifle will appear wia in court. cou edgar madison welch is facingac several charges.seve he read on line that the restaurant was harbor child chid sex slaves way connection to way the hillary clinton campaign and wanted to see fory cl himsef and help reassures queue them. e that story is false. is alse become latest victim that of o same fake news story this time in new york. brooklyn restaurant known for wood fire please pizza received telephone callsedelep threatening its employees.lo >> it came after social mediaeda users connected the restaurant n to the pizza gate hoax gate centered on com pet ping-pongino in d.c. no arrests have been made. mad >> president-elect donaldside trump slamming a union leaderntl who claims trump lied about lieb
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negotiated. whones weted chuck jones is president of united steelworkers 1999 has done a 19o terrible job representing workers.wo >> president-elect is traveling to columbus ohio presi today tom meet with some of the victims of last week's atimtacks at ohio stateo st the private event will includetc a meeting with police and paramedics who responded tond t the possible terrorist attack.k. trump will return to his thank you tour heading to des moinesd iowa where he'll hold a rally with vice president elect miket pence. >> trump using his down timen t continue filling out his cabinet. he included john kell as a homeland security sec kerr andc linda mcmann to head the smallhl business administration.istratio president-elect also made headlines for his nominationentn of oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt a known climate change denialist as epa chief.. a coalition of progressivegs organizers heading to capitol hill to deliver a petition with more than 1 millionthan 1ln signatures to congress urning
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bannon to be chief white house u strategist and senior adviser. s he was the chief executivehe chu officer out of trump'scer out presidential campaign. campan. >> federal judge who orderho o michigan to begin its recount ended it yesterday tying histe decision to a state court ruling that found green partyty candidate jill stein had nosteio legal standing to request another look at ballots.ts. the ruling seals republicanre donald trump's narrow narro electoral victory over hillarycr clinton in michigan. micgan. stein got about 1 percent ofce the she's pushed for recounts. recot those states respect michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin.. trump nar roll won,, narrowlyarl won all three states. stes. >> developing details about the bus driver who died in a deadly school bus crash in baltimore last month. mon the ntsb says the driver glenven chappelle had a history of of crashes and seizures. they say he had been suspended e two months before the crashs t because of his medical medal certificate and he was not on file. file. an investigation revealed thegai
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the speed limit at the >> happening today t-the d.c.mi. council is expected to confirm i the nomination of antoinef aoi wilson to become the city's cit' newest school's chancellor.el mayor bowser nominated him after kaya henderson resigned. g >> developing overnight in southeast families braved brave chilly temps outside the orchard park apartments for arka chance at a new home.neme. >> the apartment complex apa col making an offer some residents n it worth it? melanie alnwick joining us live with thee wi t special offer's catch.fe good morning, mel.rgood m >> reporter: good morning,ning guys.ter: yeah, so, what we have here h respect people waiting in line n some of them -- are peopleeopl waiting in line.ine. some have been here sincece yesterday for chance to put chap their name on waiting list for affordable housing in the district. thisdi is the visible impact of the housing crunch that d.c. th.
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mayor bowser is working on an initiative to my preserve moreoy affordable housing in theable h city. just the fact that theth opportunity get on a waitingg list for affordable housing is bringing people out in theou the cold overnight, out of their homes to sit here basically onas lawn chairs bundled up so that a they can try get their name onn waiting list and i want to talk to you real quick here.ere. just tell me why did youdou comeout why are you putting uptu with this?his? >> because i need someeesome somewhere to stay.soto i nd and it's really convenientonvent when the -- when it works with you, when it moves with you y affordable t.ght. and so do you think you'll geth al shot here? >> yes. 'cause i live here. her my mom lives here so, yeah. yea >> reporter: how does itowoes work? you're going put your name on a list and then what.t. >> and then you and then time goes past, aboutbo six months to a year. yea >> reporter: reallily?ll >> you'll be moving in or
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through over the time that you'rey over waiting and then yl be moving in.ov >> reporter: so it couldor take thatte long? >> sometime three to six,time thre, sometimes it does take a year. d sometimes people do oewait thata long but yeah.long but y >> reporter: just to find places -- tough top find f places that don't cost tooto much money. >>mu yes and it moves with you.y when your income goesncome goe outpatient it goes up, yours upr paying goes g >> reporter: okay. rorter: what are you guys doing to stay warm. war >> we have sheets and.e haheet >> blankets. >> blankts we bundled up -- a lot of lotf people like me, i was out heree alone and met some people and we out here just waiting and sticking together. >> reporter: okay, all right. >> you're not alone. yal i'm with her.i'm >> reporter: we're going twio g check back with more people here a little bit later ontle bt guys and see how it's l going,ag talk to you a little bit morelie about the process, a little a ll bit more about what's going onuw with affordable housing in theb city. back to t >> very important.o>> vy im we wish all opof them luck thiss morning. >> especially when you talkingyh about how cold it is outside.
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it's cold. >> it's coldly. >> straight up cold. >> i knew when i stepped intocoi this>>ill ng i>> strwhen i stepp said sai ooh, it's cold out there. the frosty, too.oo if you park outside, i had a little frost on my windshield. s just keep that in mind.eep th i only going to get world out wor there. give you a couple extra minutes to have to deal withl wt that however it is, whatever whe it is your strategy foror dealing with that.with tt. dulles is 33. gaithersburg 34, westminstertmir 34. it's cold in martinsburg this t morning, below freeze there. listen skies. i don't think these temperatures are going to drop off a whole lot more. maybe a degi redoen' aref a ow there. some of these numbers could go up a degree or two. two i mentioned last time there'se e some snow back out to the westt here and these little snowtle showers super light. moving in our direction.on i don't think -- most of this-- will not come across thess the mountains but you see a flurry y out west this morning inin northwest, it's possible.ossibl. another round of colder air is getting set back to the westes of us that will move through thu during the late afternoonfter
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that but it will start getting t colder late afternoon into the evening hours and the nexthoura couple of days are going to beob really cold. chilly this morning at 8:00rng t a.m., mostly cloudy o sun and ad clouds through at the rest ofouh the day. a temperatures will be upperur 40's teso right around fiftyrout five degrees or so and lateate today and into the eveninghe it's actually going get ag little breezy out there out ofhe the northwest around 20 milesd per hour or so. s we call it friday ev at least that's what erin comoom likes to makes us all feel betterl bet doesn't it erin. >> friday eve is lika way to l say thursday.rsy. right now unfortunately wakingoa up in virginia we have somee som problems on the road. dulles toll road a crash c westbound after restonboun warkway. you'll hit a little bit ofit of congestion leading towards 28.8. keep that mind. taking a look at the beltway bey outer loop crash before bef baltimore-washington parkwaywash block pentagon the left lane. as you approach that areaagon th you'll hit a littleat area bit a slow down.ow plenty of green on the map. map just not enough congestion to cause any major delays yet somao through largo up to 50r you'reo
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speak of 50 as you head fromfrom the bay bridge inside the beltway through cheverlyy th you're still quiet. traffic on 270 still lookingyo good.u're 270 go aodt metrolook back to you wisdom and to yosd maureen. >> following that deadlylo warehouse fire in california aia call for stricter laws toso prevent sinal lar tragedies from happening again. details up next.aptail >> we're hours away from the grand opening at mgm national harbor a look back at thek at t project from start to finish. fn it is 4:38 right now and a 39 degrees t more fox5 news morning after the break.
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>> 4:40 and that means it'san time to check and see what'sd trending this morning.theck di n >> holly morris joining uinsg. s with what's hot on the web. the. >> reporter: good morning.te first up r:two teens arrested suspected of starting the fire r in the great smoky mountainsouai national park in tennessee.neee that fire caused 14 deaths,ea
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morning a judge is thatt deciding throat hold or hold o release suspects who may bee tried as adults for aggravatedre arson.n. meanwhile in oakland oakla california officials thereia o want to toughen up smoke alarm regulations after a deadlydl warehouse fire that killed 36le people. oakland's mayor says she's creating a national task forceao to look at fire codes in thes it bay area.. thing told members of congress s they hope to lower the numberhen of soldiers asked to repay rep bonuses from 17 now, this comes after a report t that the pentagon was trying to get backbone us in from thousands of soldiers who were paid a sol decade ago to enlists when troops were badly needed ne to fight wars in both iraq and afghanistan. a message from the heart. hea lady gaga opening up about her battle with posttraumaticttra distress disorder.diss d in an open letter she writes there is a lot of shamee ise
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important that you know that there is hope and change for recoopvery.e shere also says she believersbei that the most inexpensive and the best medicine is that words, kind words, words thatdst help people who feel ashamedd of an invisible illness to t overcome their shame and feel fl pretty. words matter. matr >> they do.>> tdo. holly thank you. y an eye opening report overno thever dangers of. o >> reporter: -- e-cigarettes. >> mgm national hour will ber we full in a few hours and those te looking to have a good time, agd lot of people going to be out ot there. annie yu is already out there. she's coming back live way preview in just a moment. fox5 back after this. baf
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>> ?? morning. mnix5 news >> back now at 4:45 with a5 wi live look outside at the mgm national harbor. countdown is on to the grand thg opening tonight.ig >> it's set to open at 11 o'clock but fox5 has you h y covered with a preview of all the excitement our annie yu is i down there. we'll check in with her at 5 o'clock. first responder we say good feeling lucky? i'm maureen i'mu umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin.nd i
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opening of the -- are youing t betting on it? would you betd e that mother nature would -- woud the other question is are youreu betting that the roads and all the traffic will thatff cooperate for everythingerat that's happening down there aspg well. so,. >> good question.>> goo let's find out.ut erin we'll get to you. go gary mcgrady. t d e got you covered folks. that's how we do on fox5 morning news.s. gary let's talk our forecast first. what are folks going to have? h >> i'm not a big betting guyetti at all but i would put someut s money down on thi i think it's going to bein pretty decent all thingsk considered.cons in terms of where we're going g to be,, what time do theyo open? maureen are you a listening to me. somebody tell me. 11 o'clock ton it is going to be dry, kind of chilly no doubt about that butdb today we're up to 50.o i mean, that's about normalut nl for that this time of year so t come on and we got some prettyhy good sunshine, too.oo definitely chilly conditions cos this morning. this there's a lot of 30's out ms a f there. actually we're in the 30'sly we' near town now andre there's soms
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back to the west of us thiss morning potentially a few of f those flakes come across the mountains. not a big deal at all. a it's nothing more than a little flurry here or there.lurr speaking of temperatures.empe win chester you're 32, martinsburg 30 degrees, hagerstown cold temps there. frederick as t well. down culpeper it's dropphek ings down to 33 degrees. annapolis 39 and over on the eastern shore cambridge is 32s but stevensville is 43. 43. so temperatures in the 30'sres and the 40's this morning. all things today. to cold air is come congress. cgr we'll talk more about that. me right now let's do traffico traf with our very own erin como. hey, erin. e >> 4:47. we'll take a look at our at currents commute if you'rets coi traveling in virni dulles toll road closed on thehe westbound side between reston parkway and fairfax county parkway at crash involving anvoa tractor-trailer so please betrai prepared to detour at reston parkway and watch for a lot of congestion building as youuildiy head towards fairfax county parkway this morning.wa we'll keep you updated on thatha
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loop near bwo parkway did clearr and if you happen to beap heading to the casino opening tonight we have a lot oft information for you, ways you can get there from d.c. take 395 southbound, exit towards 295 south to national harbor.haor. from baltimore 295 south andou if you're head out in virginiatv make sure you take the beltwayay to exit 2a or 2b watch for a waf lot of congestion as they get used to those trafficff patterns. they have made some roadpattomrd improvements.impr any questions at erin fox5 erifo d.c. o back to you wisdom and maureen. >> the wait is almost over. wai t tonight at 11:00 p.m. the grand opening oft mgm nationalil harbor. >> the process to get here hasce been a long one. tg one. fox5 looks at the journey fromeo the first groundbreaking too today's big reveal. >> ?? >> yeah, i'll go and i'll sit il
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[laughter] >> ?? >> i would come just for the atmosphere and the excitement. >> ?? >> will you come?you ce? >> yes, i will. >> why? >> because i want to spend my money. >> ?? >> there's to lot to offero loto inside mgm national harbor. >> ?? >> it is beauty and the fox55
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mgm all morning long counting down to the grand. oh fox5's annie yu is livee to give us a behind the scene view of what visitor coastaltora storm look forward to.look forwt we want to know your thoughts. g tweet us using hashtag fox5 d.c. of course we'll share on itwe'lo air. >> it will be interesting toll b see how many people show up because i know it's going tot's be packed. it was packed before the mgm grand got out there. t >> have you driven past it.e yo >> i've been out there a'v e couple times. >> it's a show piece for thisa f area but i'm not lookingooking forward to t i'm going to try to brave it tonight. tonightl be all right as long as you're out of therefe by 11 o' >> when i hit that j >> we'll never see you again nes so it won't matter.atte traffic won't be an issue ifn ii you hit the jackpot. we won't even have to ask. 4:50 is the time. switching gears to a massive a e manhunt under way right now inro georgia for a man accused of shooting two police
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coming up up >> the man accused of bringingng a gun insides a d.c. pizza parlor heads to court another pizza parlor hundreds of miles away says it too is the target e of threats.eas. >> live look outside right nowin at 4:51.51 going to be a busy day aroundro the dmv especially around the national harbor down near the mgm grand. 11 o'clock the big grand.ig grad oh live coverage all morningge r long.
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>> happening now d.c. policening need your help finding to missing 15-year-olds. your take a look at your screen. on the left you see regina christmas last seen nearly a nrl week ago on minnesota avenue ave in southeast and on your right
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november 27th on reynolds place in southeast.outhst if you've seen them pleaseas call police immediately.olicimme they could be in trouble here.lh >> also in the districto inhe d disturbing video near unionron market after a man waser aan w brutally attacked by a group of people. peopl happened last month along ang morris street nor police say after knocking himayr to the ground the k suspects sut took the man's phone debit deb card i.d. and took off in hisis car.r. a $10,000 reward is beings b offered for informationfered fon leading to an arrestfo and conviction in this case. >> that's difficult to watch.t . in manhunt is under way in w georgia for this man he'se' accused of shooting two policepo officers killing one of them. of officials say 32-year-old minguell lembrick shot thet officers at an apartmentn art complex near the campus off georgia south western state. while they were responding toesn dams dispute call. the surviving officer -- domestic dispute >> more damage after themagefter deadly earthquake in indonesia. drone footage shows the devastone atiofon as search efff
4:55 am
asian nation. s are now sifting through the rubble for survivors ofvivof the quake that killed over ae hundred people and leftthred ped hundreds more seriouslyus injured. >> 4:55. let's goat gary mcgrady and a check of our w>>eagoatth ger h thursday morning.orni gary mcgrady, take eighte eit weigh. >> hey, guys doesn't it have ayd good ring to it thursday whichwh means tomorrow is -- >> so, close,, frida >> that's what i'm talking tking about. >> wisdom put a smile on your face. >> i'm gm. >> he's smiling on the inside. >> gaithersburg is 34, martinsburgilin gai is 30.s 30 it's cold out there spots a-little frosty, too.oo you'll find little frost on your windshield out there this morning no doubt about it. fredericksburg you're 36.'re leonardtown cold as wellown cosl temperature of 34 degrees.e of e we have clouds on top of us of now and it looks like most of the morning hours we'll have aea lot of clouds but we willl eventually become what we would call sun and clouds so we're going see somell s sunshie today t look at temperaturesratu later on this afternoon. aftno a lot of us are going stay inoia the 40's t-okay, especially e farther north and west. w there's still colder air to colr
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one little wave of cold airir moved through yesterdaythrough believe it or not and anotherno one, the reinforcement, the the real cold air comes throughr coo tonight and sets the stage for tomorrow and saturday reallyea being pretty cold but luckilybuc for us we've moderated theat temperatures just a little bit which means we've warmed theansv friday and saturdaynd s temperature up just aat tad.a t just a tad. a tad not much.not but enjoy that 50 degrees today for about six minutes mut because that's as long as it th' will be 50 degrs asees later onr this afternoon.ftno here's what i of on friday eve 'cause it'scaui thursday, right, erin, close c to the weekends.nd >> that's right, and 4:56 4 right now.htow taking a look at the mapss dulles toll road closed rightser now so keep this in mind ifind you're heading towards. tards tractor-trailer crash.acr- you'll have to detour ate to det reston parkway to get around aun the rest of your secondariesda in reston and tysons looking good this morning.orni 66 flowing freely from f gainsville through centreville r this morning. problem free through annanda
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northbound dale city to they toe beltway take a look there you te can see traffic is at speed.t sd we'll keep you updated and and take a live look around the t dmv back to you wisdom anddo maureen. >> dozens of d.c. residents rid spending the night outside for e a chance to live at one locale l apartment complex.omplex. we're live at 5:00 with the details. >> plus donald trump goes on yet another twitter td the target of his latest lat social media rant that'sal medir coming up next.ant ng unext >> before we head to break b quick look at today's stockay's futures. fox5 news morning back right af
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>> ?? oxnehis is fox5 news morning. >>ws straight ahead at 5:00 thee man accused bringing a gung inside a popular d.c. pizza p parlor story.or this is another pizza piz restaurant hundreds of miles away says it is the target ofarf >> the wait is almost over. mgm national harbor officiallyar opens tonight but fox5 has abora live preview all morning long. >> whew. l's takt, let's take a look eight. there she the mgm grand casino out at a national harbor it is a beauty t i know you've driven past it. it is like apast show piece by national harbor just sol beautiful. we'll have all the updates as


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