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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it is definitely cold. the winds have improved since earlier. wind gusting 16 to 22 miles an hour, you factor in the air temperature and wind and this is where we end up getting the windchill. this is what it feels like when you step outside. 27 degrees at dc. 20 at winchester, 21 at dulles, same at gaithersburg and 21 at frederick. into tonight we're see those windchills dipping to the teens, be prepared. overnight lows, in the 20's for most locations. 27 degrees at dc. 26 at manassas and 26 at culpeper. cold weather stick around. daytime tomorrow, 40. sunday, cold 39 degrees only. you definitely want to make sure you prepare accordingly. because it's a cold weekend, not quite as windy but the warmups
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those details and a look seven-day forecast in just a bit. tony? >>. well, if you're traveling along the beltway tonight, you may want to give yourself extra time this is a live look, let's see what we can see. some of the traffic looks ok. but there are slow spots out there. this is the area around the brand new mgm national harbor. and for the second time in less than 24 hours since it officially opened, officials announced harbor is currently at full capacity. fox 5 lauren demarco is at the resort with more. lauren? >> reporter: tone, officials are telling us that the traffic hasn't been the issue, neither has the parking. it's the people heading inside. as you said, they have had to announce several times now that the resort and at times the casino is at capacity, i'm told that ebs and flows and standing out here, it is freezing.
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temperatures dropping. what they don't want is people to be stuck waiting outside, so the message is if you don't have reservations at the hotel or at the restaurant, not to try and come here this weekend. take a look at some of the video that we got last night. everybody flowing in. well, we heard from 10:30 last night to noon today, 50,000 people visited the new mgm grand. that is way more than they expected. i spoke with a spokesperson for mgm heai number of hotels in las vegas in his career. this is the first time he's ever had to say come at a different time. don't come here this weekend. if they're at maximum capacity, it's a situation where there's one person out and one in and you're going to be left waiting. they don't want people to have bad experience, they want everything to be positive. they've worked very hard to accomplish that. again, not so much of an issue with the traffic so far, i know
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that hasn't been a major issue. same with the parking. they've been using once the lot here at the mgm is full, there are some overflow lots they've been using and just directing people to national harbor where you can catch a circulator bus they don't want people walking because of the cold temperature, there was a big issue, i got my colleague paul wagner. the head of the prince george's county liquor board arrested >> reporter: yeah, it was about 20 to midnight last night. charles caldwell is his name. and what we can tell you is that he was involved in a minor accident, which he calls basically a scrape. but police were called to the scene, and they said they smelled alcohol on his breath. let's show you some video. mr. caldwell it's a talk-back he did with fox 5 last year.
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caldwell was in his car when he was involved in an accident here at the mgm. police came to the scene, smelled alcohol on his breath. asked him to take a field sobriety test. let's listen now to lamar robinson with prince george's county police. >> they approached mr. caldwell on the driver's side of his vehicle, observed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. some preliminary field sobriety tests caldwell which he failed, and subsequently he was placed into custody, and at that particular juncture he was charged >> mr. caldwell was involved in a vehicle accident with two other vehicles >> anybody hurt? >> nobody was hurt or injured. >> reporter: now, mr. caldwell, charles caldwell is the head of the prince george's county liquor board basically it's the board that oversees all liquor licenses in the county.
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appointed by governor larry hogan. we tried to reach mr. caldwell all day today and we got him about quarter to 5:00. this is what he told me. he said all of this was, quote, blown out of proportion. that he was drinking, he admits that. he said he had a cocktail or two over a two-hour period. he says that he did not refuse a breathalyzer, as police are saying, he said he did take one at the police station and he said the results are as far as failing the field sobriety test, he said at nearly 73 years old, he's unsteady on his feet. he also told me that the police were very professional but he said, quote, i believe they made a mistake. live at the mgm national harbor paul wagner fox 5 local news. fighting back against fake news and a serious consequences it's had for one northwest dc pizza shop. that was the intention behind a
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>> it drew a lot of community support after a gunman showed up and fired shots over the weekend said she was investigating rumors about child sex trafficking. alexandra limon is live at comet ping-pong right now where the event is still going on. >> reporter: this fund-raising was so popular during the lunch hour, we're told they had three to four times as much business as usual. dinner hour, same thing, they've covered their patio with this tent, not something they normally do. simply to accommodate these big crowds, members of the communities who wanted to come out for the fund-raising event called stand with comet. the idea, of course, more business than usual to help them fund raise and pay for several things. one, the damage that was caused when that gunman edgar welch went into the pizza shop on
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did actually cause damage to the inside of their building. and and because this gunman claimed he was self investigating false online rumor that is started before the election that there's a satanic child sex trafficking ring operating in the basement being run by the hillary clinton campaign, now, the business was closed on monday, as a result of that incident, so this was also, an effort to help them make up some of the money and business that was lost on that on top of that, comet ping-pong now had to hire these security guards that have been here around the clock since this happened, obviously, they have to pay for that as well. but luckily there has been a huge out pouring of community support, and a large dc police presence we saw here during the day as well. in fact, interim police chief peter newsham was here today with a message >> there's nothing on her, the
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this is a great business, and, you know, the fact that anyone would continue to perpetuate that lie is a little unsettling. we got to tell those folks, it's not funny. you know what i mean? and you need to stop >> one thing i've been saying, if this future incoming administration want to get serious about standing up to fake news, right now, up the street, vice president elect pence is a neighbor of the community. if he wants to get serious about this, he needs to show his support for comet >> i'm wanting to come out and show the community supports everybody. we do not accept this harassment. >> reporter: now, this initially was supposed to be just a one-day fund-raising event. but there have been so many people. there were running low on some of the pizza toppings during the lunch hour, they've decided to keep the momentum going, try to keep it going through the weekend to help them raise money, if you can't make it out
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there's a gofundme page, i checked it around a half hour ago and they've raised almost $13,000 on that. if you want to donate, you can go to our website, live in northwest dc. alexandra limon fox 5 local news >> that's incredible. >> i'm sure they're very happy. coming up more additions have been made to donald trump's cabinet and while the president-elect prar into the white house, could he still have a role in what happens on the celebrity apprentice? . president obama ordered a review after allegations russia may have attempted to influence the recent election. what that all means when the
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this is fox 5 local news at
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. donald trump continues to add members, there are reports he selected goldman sacks executive gary cone to head the white house economic council which advises the president on global economic policy and the transition team announced former new york city mayor become the next secretary of state. giuliani will remain a advice chairman of the presidential transition team then return to his law firm and the private sector >> he may be coming to 1600 pennsylvania avenue but donald trump still going to have a say in hollywood. the president-elect will stay on as an executive producer of nbc's celebrity apprentice. it's not clear what trump exact involvement with the show will
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the show returns in january after a two-year hiatus with a new host, arnold schwarzenegger president obama ordered an intelligence review of russian hacking of the democrat national committee in an attempt to influence the outcome of the presidential election. garrett tenney has more. >> reporter: the obama administration is accusing russia of hack. the president is ordering a full review of the allegations, which is terrorism russia was involved >> we no longer review the cyber threat as a technical problem origins problem but rather a threat certainly in the national security space. >> reporter: some republicans are pushing back and accuse the white house of trying to give political coverage to hillary clinton and criticizing the
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making the allegations public claiming it damaged the credibility of the electoral process. >> i do think what they did by going to the public was a terrible move. i think it created a lot of panic. >> reporter: the white house says that's not true. and insists that foreign interference in an american election isn't something to be taken lightly >> we're committed to insuring integrity of our elections and this report will dig into this pattern. >> reporter: we're learning more about security preparations for inauguration. there have been no credible threats thus far but home land security is ramping up ahead of the massive crowds and protests that are expected to descend on washington in january. >> transitions are a time that adversaries will want to try to take advantage of. >> reporter: president-elect trump has refused to accept the intelligence community's conclusion that russia was behind these cyber attacks surrounding the election.
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tenney, fox news. now to the latest on the controversy over protest permits for the week of president-elect trump's inauguration, everything is on hold for protest groups, including the organizers planning the women's march for the day after the inauguration. that's because the presidential inaugural committee has permits on file for spaces including the national mall, the elipse and the lincoln memorial, the national park service released a statement this afternoon saying it is a longstanding practice to create an application on behalf ofhe committee. and that the committee's permit to the lincoln memorial site would have been issued regardless of what candidate won the election. if the inaugural committee chooses to release the lincoln memorial space it could be made available for other permits. an incredible story involving a missing dog in caldwell and what he did in an attempt to get reunited with his owners gwen will be back with a full look at your forecast you will want to see what that is all about. the news at 6:00 will return.
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. he said cold but not coyote as cold in parts of the midwest. the weather is a blessing for one minnesota construction crew in the ice castle this holiday season. it's located along the saint croixs river in the small town the still water. >> we harvest icicles that we grow outside the castle. and we bring -- we bring the icicles in and that's the brick. i wish this snow had come last week, the snow is pretty integral part of our building process, we need it to make
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ankles in place >> the castle is expected to be complete in three week >> >> i love how he said we wish the snow would have come last week. >> keep it. keep it. >> please. >> you can have it. >> i know. what we do have is the windy cold temperatures. >> very much so, we're getting a blast, strong blast of cold air, but you know what? it's only round one of the cold air blast. coldest air of the season so far folks, bundle you will if you're we were talking significant windchills and tonight will feel like it's only in the teens and the single digits. yes. definitely a night to cover up by a warm fire or something inside, nice fireplace and watch fox 5, that's what you need to do. a cold night, we're talking temperatures in the 20's, it will be breezy and then we're talking saturday mostly sunny skies, it won't be quite as windy as it was. that's good news, thumbs up for
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the time we get to sunday and chance of overnight precipitation happening, and sunday into monday, the forecast becomes challenging and we'll talk about that in a second. highs in the low 40's, upper 30's all three airports an indication to have the season. and take a look. you can see all this cold air well to the north, at any rate down the midatlantic. very cold really settle in and make itself at home all up and down eastern sea aboard. winds not as strong as they were earlier but still we have wind gusts, 17 to 21 miles per hour wind gusts even 24, and so that means we still have some windchills, and here's a look at the current temperatures right now. we've got 35 at dc. 34 at quantico, a chilly 32 at baltimore, 31 at dulles, only 30
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you factor those gusty winds into the equation and the equivalent becomes your windchill factor. this is what it feels like when you step outside. even though temperatures are in the 30's, feels like it's only 17 at gaithersburg this hour, 27 at dc. 21 at dulles, 22 at martinsberg and 23 at baltimore. so you feel that real bone chilling kind of cold as i call it. sky conditions not much happening, we have a few clouds, it will become partly cloudy tonight. snow showers to areas west, that will move in at the higher elevations for tonight, same story for tomorrow, can't rule that out. nothing that's really going to accumulate much less than three inches is anticipated. your planner for tomorrow, we'll see mostly sunny skies, a few clouds, it will get breezy, clouds will increase later in the day. a very cold start even at 27 degrees only at the 8:00 hour. 37 by midday, and by the 4:00 hour, we're talking 37 degrees
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overnight. navy versus army, 39 under the sunshine with an occasional breeze. definitely, very cold chilly weather. ridge of high pressure building in, we're going to see saturday, less clouds than sunday, this is the storm system we're watching, going to move its way to the north of us, and with it we're going to see rain showers late overnight saturday into monday and i can't rule out as it starts that maybe we might see few flurries or even a little bit of that rain snow mix kind of starting out, especially to our north and northwest areas, but then it will change into all rain, we're talking definitely a rain events as we get through into your monday. 27 tonight, partly cloudy cold, windchills in the tens and teens, saying it makes me cold. 40 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and not quite as windy, seven-day forecast showing you exactly what we're talking about with that really cold air
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reenforcing shot by wednesday, we kind of get a little break at 51 with warmer air flow by monday with the rain and the good news is the warmer air will keep it mainly as rain, the colder air kicks in back to the 20's, the teens the end of the week. wow then we get temperatures into the 30's for daytime highs. if you're -- you got the winter coats, the mitts gloves, scarfs, keep it out. you're going to need it. fair warning, time for the >> i know, that reminds me, i have to buy gloves so i can promptly lose them and have to buy them again. >> you'll have a whole bunch of them, >> that's what i need. stays with, we'll be right back. . michael robinson, i want to say happy holidays to my lovely
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. they were able to locate the owners, he was reunited and they said they've been looking for him all night. >> that's adorable. >> did the dog know, to hey, if i go in a police car >> i had a dog jump in my car running around the street. they like to ride in cars, i guess. 5at630 is next. guess. 5at630 is next. the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models.
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5at630. i got it wrong a couple of minutes ago. let's get to it added to the president-elect cabinet >> this is the hottest store at 6:30, tweet us using #5at630. there are reports goldman sacks executive gary cohen is trump choice to head the white house national economic council. he joins andy puzder the c eo of -- they're latest selections from the president-elect, but


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