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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 10, 2016 10:30pm-10:59pm EST

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get the ball wide and in has the best chance. one chance for jordan morris. he might just take it. you want to talk about set pieces. that might decide this thing. >> set pieces might decide it. jordan morris has been invisible. just needs one opportunity. i don't think he is 100%. ivanschitz coming in with the service. that's important on set pieces. >> i am looking for that guy. that's your came very close to getting on the end of ivanschitz's cross. >> ricketts fresh and fast legs. seattle have one more sub. brian schmetzer addressing his troops. >> cramping up very hard? >> yes. >> like the last time? >> yes. >> just get us through the first couple of minutes and we will make a change.
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>> john: ready to go. how much longer does jordan morris have. you heard the comment from brian schmetzer. second half of extra time. if we are still tied we go to penalties. morris who had a hamstring injury in a game day d then had some sort of a virus and he scored the winner in colorado in the second leg. not much longer for the mls cup. morris above altidore. activity on the seattle bench. morris tries to run. he will body off zavaleta. fernandez. here comes the cross. hagglund made the play. contact there.
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brad evans prepareing to enter for seattle. a big early moment for the sounders. torres decked altidore. brad evans limited with substitute rolls since august with a series of different injuries. joined them in their expansion draft. another of these heart and guys for seattle who has seen his role reduced. beitashour's cross. altidore bodying up. ricketts head itself just wide. >> [crowd noise] >> seattle does not get out quick enough. sitting back. i know they are tired legs and
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this chance. just goes off the outside of his right foot. trickles by to the post. had frei beaten. >> brad: these little things. >> john: brad evans is on the field now. his 21st playoff appearance in seattle's 26 all-time playoff games. julie? the final sub of the night? >> julie: jordan morris is out of gas. not looking like himself. talked to him and he wanted to come off. brad evans is the guy we know can dominate the midifeld. already looking at penalties. very good at taking them. >> john: played ahead. ricketts. no one in the middle. torres. the cross.
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>> [screaming]. >> john: wow! what a save. stefan frei. ricketts fouled. >> brad: stefan frei the busier of the 2 goalkeepers. not stretched like this today. >> joh >> brad: how about this? ricketts really tight. cross for jozy altidore. stefan frei comes back and gets his feet set. that allowed him the save. then powers off that left leg. on top of that a strong left wrist. big play. >> john: long ball played through by seattle. stefan frei 6 foot 3 and used every bit of that to make his
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7 saves against kansas city. 6 in the first leg against colorado. now 6 tonight. those are the 3 most saves made by any goalkeepers in the playoffs. >> brad: that's one of the best saves of the mls this season. 6 foot 3 inches starting in the near post. coming back to the center. to go back to where you were just to get up in the hair. -- air. a very good header by jozy altidore. >> john: limping after been run over by roman torres. >> brad: off-side.
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forward. fernandez in the middle. hagglund blocks the cross. 5th corner of the night for seattle. in the 110th minute. >> brad: jozy altidore. have a look at that. able to claw it out. >> john: what a return for the former toronto fc goalkeeper. if anyone feels he doesn't get enough attention, he will get plenty of attention particularly if they win. getting pelted by streamers. asking them to stop doesn't do any good. he will walk away. got hit by something that was
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before. >> brad: a can or bottle. >> john: an announcement over the public address. still they are pelting ivanschitz. he plays it into the traffic. marshall battling. will johnson too low to head it away. desperate to close down ivanschitz. a seattle throw. ivanschitz blocking the referee out. kelly. >> brad: very experienced player. just stands there. if they want to waste time at home so be it. >> john: lodeiro back to mears. evans a touch.
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roman torres didn't know it was coming to him. beitashour missing. torres has to sprint back. >> brad: this is toronto's turn not to get out fully. a big mistake by bites. -- by beitashour. you would be devastated in you lost the mls cup on a mistake like that. >> john: 8 minutes stoppage time alan kelly elects to add on before penalties. benoit cheyrou. ricketts the speed to get there in time. back for nick hagglund. hagglund trying to switch. got a chunk of the turf there. ivanschitz behind beitashour. zavaleta going to wrong. a flag is up by the aassistant
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sidelines. was at the world cup and the copa-america this year. >> brad: a good engine on him. joevin jones. looks like he just came in the game with the sprints he is laying down. >> john: 3 assists in the first 2 playoffs games. no one in sounders history had done that before. settles down for fernandez. altidore. ricketts. torres is immediately there. >> [crowd noise] >> john: everybody on their feet as they have been pretty much all night.
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roldan. a huge roar or a shot in silence? beitashour on jones. deflected cross. corner number 10 tonight for toronto. >> brad: beitashour just grabbed his right hamstring. >> john: they are out of subs. >> brad: he knows it. just holding the back of his leg. very painful remaining 6 >> john: michael bradley to take. everyone back for seattle to defend. bradley. benoit cheyrou. drew moor brings it down. roldan got between him and the ball. roldan has the speed. will johnson. trying to tackle him and could not. ivanschitz running up there. roldan coast to coast. not a foul.
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dead ball. >> brad: roldan is cramping now. >> john: both teams opened up camp in late january. 10.5 months since the 44th game for frornt. all competition this is year. 45th for seattle. roldan using his body nicely. >> brad: and starts driving. will johnson can't run with him. roldan beats him ball. most referees in mls would call that a foul. i think it incenses a lot of players. it's nice to have a referee that allows the play to carry on. >> john: roldan out of the university of washington. surprised everyone on draft day how far he fell. seattle with the trade to pick him.
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huskies. he began this year out wide. brian schmetzer put him next to osvaldo alonso. he's been so good. not thinking about january now. thinking about 4 minutes plus stoppage time left in the mls cup. trying to win a final for his adopted >> brad: the strength to go away. the sprint. >> john: who has that it takes physically or mentally to win this thing? it's going to be a remembered victory. a nasty memory for whoever falls
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ivanschitz intercepted that. the pass meant for lodeiro. altidore and benoit cheyrou. ricketts in front of them. marshall >> [crowd noise]
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too far for cheyrou. a second ball out there. that will put alan kelly in a tough spot. they move it off. hesitation by alonso. altidore gets to it. ricketts from shire. cheyrou. frei was stefan frei again coming up huge. >> brad: very difficult to get down low right by your feet. jozy altidore plays it. benoit cheyrou right back to ricketts. marshall doesn't expect to get it wide.
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>> john: does stefan frei get credit for a 7th save. the biggest against jozy altidore? is there one more chance upcoming. 1 minute stoppage time on the way. >> brad: he should be given credit for that save or 2 saves on the header for al a shot on target tonight. it might be defensive the rest of the way. >> [whistle] >> john: 19 shots credited for toronto. more than half of them blocked by a seattle player. they have given that a shot on
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frei matching his total from the knockout round game. the record was for the kansas city wizards in 2000 as they beat chicago. this will be an opportunity for the goalkeepers and 1 minute from right now to be a hero in e >> brad: clint irwin may get to do something in the game. >> john: alonso down in pain. both teams are down in subs. >> brad: cramps as well. >> john: he had a sprained knee. listed as questionable.
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gone the distance. greg manning talked to us yesterday. the -- greg varney talked about closing the deal. getting over the finish line. both teams on the verge. it looks like for the 40 time in league history. penalties will decide it. altidore. alan kelly looks at his watch. exhausted one minute he indicated of stoppage time at the end of extra time. we are going to penalties to decide mls cup 2016. stefan frei 7 saves in his return to toronto.
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♪♪ >> welcome back for the fourth time the mls cup will be decided by penalties. the first time it's gone to regulation and extra time tied at zero. you were on one of these back in 2006. what is important? >> it's who wants it? you can practice and know who is the good shooter. the coaches need to know who they can count on under pressure. >> how big has this guy been? he is already the
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saves. >> it's not a coin toss. an art to control your body and mind in this moment. who wins mls cup 2016. back to john and brad. >> john: toronto will go first. stefan frei 7 saves. clint irwin not a save to make. what are the keys in your mind? >> brad: no pressure on the goalkeepers. the goalkeepers can only be heroes. all of the pressure on the 10 players who walk up to take the penalty. >> john: jozy altidore 15 goals in 19 games since returning from the hamstring injury. first player to score goals if 5 consecutive playoff games in 1 post-season. he will step up first against 6 foot 3
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in front of the toronto supporters. the man who has been a huge catalyst to toronto's run to mls cup. can he get them started in the penalty shootout. >> [crowd noise] >> john: big sigh of relief. >> brad: stefan frei goes the right way. >> john: brad evans 9 and 9 in his regular season career. went to the goalkeepers's right and made a penalty in the
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cup 90. clint irwin in his way. 9 consecutive penalties go past him. evans delivers. 1 apiece through one rundown. >> brad: pressure does strange things to players. not for brad evans. probably the first time in a half-hour or 45 minutes that irwin hit the ground. >> john: michael bradley 0 for 1 in taking penalties. went to the right last summer. the captain now. trying to keep toronto going. saved. >> [cheers and applause]. >> brad: it might be stefan frei's cup. michael brad
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with power whatsoever. >> john: ivanschitz came on as a sub. played in cup finals and the european championship. an opportunity to give seattle the advantage after 2 round. irwin the roll away. >> brad: left footers if for a high percentage. goes to the goalkeepers left side. clint irwin goes that way. sorry dives the other way. ivanschitz puts it to the left of the goalkeeper. >> john: benoit cheyrou made a penalty in the uefa cup round of
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very experienced player. a big goal in extra time. stefan frei. is this going to be his cup? benoit cheyrou trying to get toronto back on the front foot and just beyond the outstretched finger tips of frei. >> brad: a huge percentage of left footed penalty takers take to the goalkeepers left side. >> john: fernandez rejoined the team in 2012. can clint irwin level things for toronto? yes, he can. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> john: that's a big moment and irwin stands his ground. not an outstanding penalty. not in the corner. don't saving height. will johnson who had to watch from the sidelines 2 mls cups. not an opportunity to have a direct hand in his original hometown coming back to toronto this year. swaying back and forth in the press box like we were last wednesday. johnson scores. toronto in front.
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>> brad: tightly contested. just like regulation and extra time. first time frei goes the wrong way. good confidence showed by will johnson. >> john: joevin jones left back for seattle. from the trinidad-tobago national team. needs to make this to keep things terse going into the final round of the shootout. how about that? top corner. we are in sudden death now. sudden death. >> john: this is the first time we are had free agency and drew moor was brought in to shore up a defensive issue for toronto. it's an offensive opportunity for him now. mls cup winner. can he put
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yes! >> brad: brian schmetzer wanted him to go second. >> john: he said no i am going 5th. if he misses, toronto wins mls cup. how about that from lodeiro? we are going to bonus rounds. >> brad: goes to the goalkeepers left again. never a doubt. >> john:
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highest scoring defender. he said i get overlooked. i am not in the conversation of top american left backs. the best left side attacker. taking it in the 6th round of sudden death. against stefan frei. off the board and seattle now a kick away from winning it. >> brad: morrow wanted to go straight down the middle. just gets his foot under. leans back a little bit. >> john: roman torres who missed a year with an acl injury. returned in portland at the end of argue. that a beast he's been tonight. dealing with jozy altidore and sebastian giovinco. now an opportunity with his foot. to win it the


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