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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he has close ties to vladimir putin and no background. his expansion for free trade doesn't fit with the president elect's beliefs. but tiller son is haven't the first cabinet pick who came as a surprise. fox's ronica cleary starts us off live from the white house. >>reporter: shawn and toned initial it has been fascinating to watch president elect donald trump's cabinet unfold and really today's announcement of the selection of rex tillerson x to be the nominee as secretary of state, it's just anotheranot example of what i'm callingng someone who is not a trump loyal list, if you will, being w selected for oneill of these cabinet let's take a look at a handfuldl of those loyalists who a lot of people thought would be filling trump's cabinet by now. governor chris christie, mayor rudy guiliani, governor mike huck bi, into the beginningnt
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seems unlikely that any of them will be included in trump's cabinet. insteaned we've seen others maye unexpected figures filling those rolls. general james mads for secretar of defense. tiller son which came out today, rex tillerson for secretary of state. senator jeff sessions for attorney general. governor nick i hail i for un ambassador and then dr. ben carson for secretary of housing and urban development. if our show 5@6:30 we're going to have a panel take a closer look at some of these new cabinets. before then let me hear from you. i love to hear what your thoughts are on these picks. you know where to find me, t facebook and twitter at ronica cleary, reporting live at the white house, i'm ronica cleary,
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> it has been reported that ryan zinc can i, republican freshman lawmaker from montana m has been chosen as the next secretary of interior. he is a former navy seal commander and was an early trump supporter. he met with trump on machine ann discussed a range of topics relating to montana, including land use and ownership, nativeie american affairs, nationalairs security and veterans of course fox5 is your station for yo politics. we want to know how you feel about the president elect'sct's cabinet picks. tweet your answer right now, use the hashtag five at 6:30. then look for your tweet on our political show coming up next at 6:30. > the man accused of firing an assault eifel inside cometeife pingpong is now facing federal f gun they dropped the case againstst edgar welch so he could face thh charges. the north cane look a man appeared in us district courttr today. fox5's paul
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the details. >>reporter: shawn, when federal prosecutors moved the case from superior court to here in h federal court they also included a new 12-page affidavit into the court record and that affidavit nowing whys into extensive detail on how mr. welch from north carolina believed that there was a child sex trafficking ring operating outno of comet pingpong. it also says he attempted to recruit others to help him and he was willing to kill to get the job done. the court document filed in the case says edgar welch texted several messages to two people in the days before coming here m to washington in which he hoped to recruit some help. in one message welch said he hah been researching pizza gait andi that it was quote, making him sick. he told the unnamed people he was communicating with that he was getting his information from youtube and when asked what the mission was responded with this, quote, raiding a pet
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possibly sacrificing the liveses of a few for the lives of many. standing up against a corrupt system that kidnappings, tortures and rapes babies andndr children inap our own bank yard. he then said the world is too afraid to act and i'm too stoush upon not to. the document says welch walkedd into comet pizza with an assauln eifel that was loaded with moree than 20 rounds of ammoniation o and fired a few when he found ad locked door. when asked by the fbi where he was getting his information about the sex ring he said, quote, from the internet, othere people and the radio. the document also says that welch told investigators that he believed there were hidden rooms and tunnels underneath comet pizza and when he didn't find them in there, he a agreed to give up. he'll be back in federal court here friday morning for a preliminary hearing. > live outside the federal court house, paul wagner, fox5 local news. > a rockville man who
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killed his neighbors last year found out his punishment this afternoon. a judge sentenced scott tomtt t discuss can i to life withoutut the possibility of parole. he pleaded guilty last september to murdering rich a hard and jill unvoluntary ladder today. they called their killingsngs gruesome and said the fact this he happened on mother's day made it all more painful for the voluntary ladder dough family. this murder was discovered by katie very ladder owe, dick and judy's daughter who when their mom and dad didn't show up for a family meeting on mother's day drove to the house and discovered a horrific murder scene. tom excuse can i also stole items from the voluntary ladderl doughun home. he then went on an alast kin crews after he killed the couple. > a pretty scary scene unfolded in prince george's county.nt peopleob
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seabrook area. the suspects were dressed all in black wearing hoodies and caring guns and crossbows. mow onnde was hurt.t. the police chief says it is important for the community to know that on duty or active law enforcement officers are alwayss easy identifiable. > we are always well identified. clearly articulately a that we are police officers.ers. you will see emergency vehicleee also if there are police pol officers involved in an operation and this is where i really want to begin my campaign in 2017 of organizing prince org george's county against crime.e. anyone with information is asked to call the number 1-866-411 tips. > the justice department is suing a virginia county for discrimination against muslims. the lawsuit claims culpeper county official are illegally blocking the construction an islamic mosque. they were denied a permanent back in april because of proposed building sewageewag disposal plan.
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into the place because theyace believed the permit was deniednd for religious reasons. since 199 # every pump and haulh permit that has been asked for has been granted. so it does seem odd when you see the one islamic center being the one time it's rejected. is this racism in your view? >> i would call it islam phobia for sure. > culpeper county official havf not commented on the lawsuit.wsi > virginia senator time cane road the rails today. his thoughts on metro's silver line as the transit agencyy begins major upgrades. > and many areas across our region charge five cents for for plastic bags at the store if you don't bring your own. well, in one small maryland city you won't be able to get a plastic bag even if you're willing to pay for it. hi, sue. >> not a bad day today,y, temperatures into the mid and upper 40s around the region, bu, get ready for it to be a wholewl lot colder by the time we finish up this workweek.
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of snow or ice over the weekend we're going to talk about that as well as your seven day yo forecast. it's all coming up in a few minutes. tony. thank you very much. if youank have a story idea, cl the fox5 tip line. the number 20 #-895-3 now you-85 can also e-mail your tips to we'll be right back
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100 bill plastic bags each year. that's why tacoma park officials are banning them.em. there's already a tax on bags in montgomery city officials in tacoma park are taking measures to cut down on the waste. the only exception to the ruleh are for dry cleaning, newspaper bags and bags to pick fruits and vegetables. city leaders plan to work with th
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it plenty of time to comply. farmers markets have until thehe end of 2017. construction work continues to phase 2 of metro's silver line project and today virginiagini senator tim kaine got a chance to see it firsthand. he was joined in the store by general manager paul whether it field. the pair road the silver line to phase it will extend another s 11 millions ended at dulles airport. senator kaine spoke to reporters about safetrack during his ride on the silver line express bus.. they'll figure out the way around it or what they have toe do for the two weeks when safetrack is being done in theo stretch that we're relying on.n. you just got to give people a chance. > the silver line train servicn to dulles airport is expected to be available in about four years. > in montgomery county, a special honor formont a fallen o from
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sergeant alex car been or owe today he was killed back in 201b while serving his second tour ik iraq.iraq congressman chris van holland who petitioned to name the east/west highway bridge afterer the sergeant was also on hand for the ceremony. i don't know about the rest of you, but i drive across thatt bridge very regularly. as did thousands of other marylanders and because of the efforts of alex' parents and others in our community when people cross that bridge they will remember those who sacrifice for all of us in thes community and of course remember alex for his dedication to our community and our country. > sergeant car bear narrows wan unvailed and installed on thatnd bridge. the redskins turned i theirat
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room into santa's workshop. how some players are giving many kids from the d.c. area a great christmas.
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> well, an annual holidayl, tradition is making a christmasr bright for some area children. fox5 photo journalist nelsonnels jones spent the afternoon at the redskins santa shop. i'll be back with some more, guys. we have more on the way. owe, my gosh it is wonderful to see you.e thank you so much
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santa. hi, sweetheart, how are you? ? guess who brought something forh you and you and you and you. ? san a that. yes. what's your name? what did you get? what did you get? what did you get? a fire engine. it feels the world is kind of tough, man, and i hate that kids have to bee a part of that pain and some of that hardship and some of thesef kids, i
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background and stuff like that, but i'm sure there is a kid outd there that has been going through a rough time and if this thinking about that or makes a good memory for hem to have, i'd love to be able to produce that. > the smiles on their faces iss what it is all about.all they do it every year. it's one of the best things they do. > a great assignment for photographer nelson jones, too. he did a great job on that. a little bit cooler today. >> not bad, but it is definitely cooler than yesterday by about 10-degrees or so. you ain't seen nothing yet.t. we've been talking about the code, thursday, friday, really bad wind chills, single digits,s but also friday night into n saturday i want to make suree everybody is aware that we're expecting some snow that could
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night into saturday.satu so we'll watch that, see what happens. the good news is we don't have schools open on saturday morning. people can time their running rn around to wait until we're more rainy. but those are the two big weather headlines going forward. what about tomorrow and alsoalso throughout the night tonight? we have a couple of very lightvy showers around tonight, butight temperatures are still in thehe mid 40s so we're not worried about any kind of freezing or any precipitation tonight andn o during the day tomorrow we're still fairly settled. we'll get into the 30s for30s wednesday. but it's tomorrow night and thursday and friday when the really cold air gets into town. i wanted to show you on radar we have scattered showers mainly south of d.c. a few flurries mainly north. it was just he in you have to cover the grass. this batch of moisture we've been watching up throughhrou northeastern maryland is justd s about ready to exit the state. there's definitely more snow,tey but it's all to the north, a couple of much ines two, three
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the western pennsylvania arean and a lotpe of that is going to stay up to our north and we gonw through the night. don't rule out the possibility of a quick shower or maybe you'll see a quick flurry northt and west. temperatures in the low 40s. martinsburg a little bit coral at 38. a little bit of a given in thel system. the colder air is still pretty far off to the north and west. pittsburgh 31, but chicago 10-degrees, detroit 25. that's the cold air that we'll be tracking coming in herein tomorrow night and in place for thursday. so for this evening, 43-degrees with a the look of clouds around. we have a gym net meteor shower tonight. it will be hard to see because of the clouds.clou maybe a light shower of rain or snow here and there widely scattered. by 11:00 same deal, but shortly after 11 ultimate see see on our futurecast it doesn't look likek much will be left. at 11:00 maybe we'll have a couple of showers here andand there. a bit of snow in the mountains
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sunshine. we'll start sunny on our wednesday.wedn we ' see clouds and with the clouds coming in the afternooneo also the wind will start to pick up and that ill with be the first sign that the artic blast is in coming. here's a look at the bus stopus for wednesday. pickup temperatures seasonably cool, 20s and 30s, maybe even cold we could say. after school, 30 to 46, the breeze beginning to pick up. the heart of the colder air being pulled into town is goingi to be thursday and we're really talking bitter colditte temperatures. mentioned yesterday thethe coldest air we've seen in december since 2010 with high temperatures only in the 20s to near 30.near average high is 47. tomorrow 44, thursday 30-degrees, friday 29.-deg these are the air temperatures, wind chills will be in the single digits and in some cases blow deer on. saturday about. sa 50-degrees. we do bounce back saturday which is why anything we do see fridas night that is a mix or even some snow will likely melt off as we change ove
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warm temperatures. at 11:00 wednesday night,ight 37-degrees to t that's the not terrible, but byy the time we get into 8 in the morning single digit windit chills, someplace as blow zero on thursday morning. take you through to the noon hour to 1:00, single digit wind chills thursday. winds will be out of thehe northwest at 20 to 30.o they could occasionally gust to 40 miles an hour. an that is really the bitter blast we're talking about. at 6:00 thursday evening single digits, one blow for hagerstown and that will also likelylike continue overnight thursday. so let's jump ahead to friday night. the national weather service has said thereathe is a slight riska winter storm friday night intono saturday. there could be a small amount of accumulation of snow, especially north and west that we could be seeing, but it will not last n very long.on the cold air certainly in placen so that's why we'll have to much what the timing of any moisturer but then the warm front comes is and we'll see strong warming pushing our temperature saturdar afternoon up
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maybe you can time things wellet so you don't have to deal with anything frozen falling for ther first part of our day on s. youu can see it right here we get up to 50 on saturday afternoon and sunday up to 58-degrees.58-d we're kind of getting an easy introduction to winter with ah couple of really cold days and then it backs off very quickly, a chance of a few hours of accumulating snow and then it melts off really quickie. i think mother nature is beings kind to us. monday and tuesday more cold air, 36 to 38 degrees. up and down. >> yes, and monday, tuesday, christmas > it's coming and i'm not ready. >> i'm ready to see a little bi of snow out my window, take a picture. > and then that's it. >> i have too much to do on saturday. > thank you, sue. >> stay with us. > y wi we'll be right back. back.
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> fox5 d.c. cares is partnering with make a wish mid atlantic for what promises to be an amazing wish day this friday.ria the star of our day is five-year old tahim. he lives in maryland. he has leukemia and currently it in treatment. lot of kids wish to go to disney
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place all he wants to do is help people. that's right, his wish is to have courage and be a super hero. fox5 d.c. cares is going to helo make a wish make that happen. his mom says her son is going to be so excited. >> what i want other parents to know is that there are people out there who care for your kid or your children, whateverhate they're going there are people that will carel as well as make a wish foundation has beens a great support to me and my child and i would recommend all sick children to go to make a wish.wi > i'm so excited.exci it's going to be a lot of fun.of make a wish and fox5 would notld be able to pull off what we have planned this friday if it were not for the help of our l local heros. s doesn't know this yet but he's going to be travelling around the region with firefighters and at each stop he will be asked td help out in some
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our local firefighters were soht helpful iner planning this specl day. you'll be able to watch itt unfold on our facebook page. in the meantime please consider donating money to make a wish season of wishes. org. > we'll see you back here for 5@6:30.
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> i don't know if you heard, k but it's nownow officially official.offi president elect donald trump announced his pick for the next secretary of state, it is exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson.rsn yes the oil exette is up for the big yup. he is up for the big job? a lot of people asking the bigng t question. h this is what we're talking tonight at 6:30. as always, tweet us with what's on your mind.r we have been hearing quite a bit about the speculation. announcing the pick rec tiller e son is the man he wants for thee job. as mentioned he is the chairman and ceo of exxonmobil. all of the nominations have to go through congress and tiller son could face an up hill battle. lawmakers on both sides of the oil apparently concerned aboutee his close ties withru


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