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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 14, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> this is fox5 a local news at 11 1 #. only on fox5, video of the former chair of the prince george's county liquor board as he fails a field so bitty test outside the mgm national harbor. plus, is metro literally shaking a local neighborhood? the mirror that's in my living room, it dropped down behind the sofa. how the transit agency is responding to the complaints. and a truce with donald trump? how celebrity chef jose andras wants to settle his legal battle with the president elect. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with breaking news, a nasty accident on i95 in beltsville involving a tractor-trailer and five cars still has traffic backed up in both directions north and southbound.
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the scene. h h is i95 right at the inter county connector. investigators tell us one child was air lifted to the hospital with live threatening injuries. an ambulance also took three adults to the hospital. one of those adults we're told also has live threatening injuries. at this point there is no word yet what led to the traffic. you can see traffic getting by on the left-hand side of the accident scene. traffic appears to be getting by northbound right now we will keep you updated with the very latest throughout the news cast. > now we turn to our fox5 hae former chairman of the prince george's county liquor board apparently stum t knowledge his way through a field so bitty test following a car crash. you can see the video right here it surfaced just hours after charles caldwell resigned from his job. sarah simmons joins us with the video. >>reporter: this is video. it's exclusive coverage given to
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accident last thursday night. it shows mr. caldwell struggling to walk a straight line with an officer as you can see looking on here. this comes on the heels of today's news that charles caldwell is resigning as chair of the prince william county liquor controlled board. police charged the former chairman with driving under the influence. the video seems to confirm what investigators are telling us that caldwell failed the field so bitty test and he refused the breast lighter test. he had two drinks over a two-hour period and that he took the breathalyzer, but the results were inconclusive. he also told fox5 he failed the field sobriety test because he is almost 75 years old and is not steady on his feet. he claimed the incident was quote, blown out of proportion. this is video you're looking at right now of caldwell making an appearance on good day d.c. earlier this year. he was talking about alcohol fails approved for some university of maryland supporting events. after days
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governor larry hogan asked him to step down today and he agreed. hogan's office release a statement that said in part the governor is very concerned and disappointed in this situation and has asked mr. caldwell to step down from his role as chairman which he has agreed to do. ultimately there is a legal process that will play out. the current vice chairman will assume the leadership duties of this board in the interim. the couple who gave us h exclusive video were again involved in that crash with caldwell. they did not want to speak on caldwell but did say a female passenger in their chair suffered minor injuries and is still not feeling well. we reached out to speak with caldwell and so far he has not responded. > shawn. thank you sarah a wild police chase that started in the district ended in alexandria, virginia this afternoon. the woman who led police on the chase was already in handcuffs when it began. she was barred from the housing complex in northwest because she was involved in fights with the residents. a us
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her. somehow she stole the housing authority's vehicle and that led to the chase. police tell us the woman crashed into at least ten cars during that chase. we turn now to the weather and let's take alia look outside. it's cool. it is cloudy, but some big changes are in the works. sue palka got an update on a bitter blast of cool or she's got an update on a bitter blast of cold air. it will be here by this time tomorrow night we'll start to see pretty significant changes and by thursday morning no denying that our coldest air in about six years in december will have arrived in d.c. we're calling it a piece of the polar vortex, that big dome of cold air that rotates up near the artic and a little piece of that visits by thursday and friday. it will be bitter cold. criming to jump you forward to tomorrow night about this time where wind chills will likely be in the 20s but it gets worse as we get to thursda
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within chill temperatures in the single digits, cumberland showing up at 6 blow zero washington feeling like 11 and that will continue all day long. i wanted to check temperatures right now, too, because it's mild in comparison to where we're going to be thursday. 34-degrees in the district, but some places are close to the freezing mark and there have been a couple of showers moving through overnight. we're going to see upper 20s to mid 30s. i also wanted to reassure you that we're seeing very little on radar right now. intact local radar not pick prognosis up on much of anything. all when we put a composite together you can see there is a little bit of very light shower activity south and east of d.c. and a little bit of lit snow north and west. an isolated chance that we see a little shower, or flurry overnight but it will be gone overnight. we have to talk about another chance of maybe our first accumulation of snow over the weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. > thank you very much. well, as sue mentioned our region is
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freeze. earlier this evening vdot began treating on of the roadways in fairfax county. in northern virginia alone more than 5,000 lane miles will be treated ahead of the expected big freeze. they will target loudon, arlington counties. the cost to do so is about $300,000 to treat the four counties. it takes a couple of days to dot deicing. crews will be working tomorrow and thursday to complete the task. fox5 is in the district tonight. the neighbors in the petworth community say metro trains are shaking their homes and waking them up in some cases. fox5's lindsay watts is live in the neighborhood tonight. lindsay i understand the shaking has even caused damage. >>reporter: right, shawn. some of the people we've talked to have lived in the petworth neighborhood for decades, but they say that
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started about six monthsing a and as it's continued concern has green. there was a community meeting about this last night. metro is saying they don't know what this is. but as we've been out here we have some idea after seeing for ourselves what people are complaining about. take a look. it definitely has been kind of a low rumble. neighbors say they initially dismissed it. at first we thought it was trucks. but they soon realized it wasn't traffic or their imagination. you can feel the vibration. whatever it is that's under there, that's coming through my dining room area. lucinda martin insighted us inside to check it out. our camera was on the floor he with when it happened. a half-hour later, exactly at 6:30 we felt it again. there it is. this mirror here fell off the wall. martinay
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that's something that never happened and i've been here 65 years or more. her mom tells us things are falling down and she's being kept up. every time it trembles at night i hear it and i wake up. i said has ' the train running underground. > how many times does that happen. >> it's all night. > metro says it's looking into the issue, but the noise hasn't been confirmed as metro related. but inside the petworth station we found the in your 7,000 series train has a specific lower frequency sound audible before it even reaches the station. now compare that to the older model. and that difference in sound is even more noticeable when you're inside the station. we also found out that the newer
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trains are heavier than the old ones and metro got a shipment of them right around may which is about the time that people started noticing the vibration. in northwest, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > television icon allen particular has died. tmz is reporting he suffered a massive heart attack while he was playing hockey with his h 19 year old son in california. he of course is best known as the dad on the '80s sitcom growing pains. he was also most recently part of the netflix fuller house. robin particular, allen particular was 69 years old. still to come a local celebrity chef calls for a truce with donald trump. also tonight an armed robber pulled a gun in a gas station, but he picked the wrong
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get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. > developing tonight, police are investigating a shooting in suitland, maryland. it happened at an apartment complex in the 3900 block of stone gait lane around 9. the victim was found about a mile away at a gas station on suitland road. we're told he is now in critical condition. the man accused of firing an
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assault eifel inside comet pingpong is now facing federal gun charges. court documents showed edgar welch traveled to d.c. from north carolina because he believed a fake internet conspiracy that claimed the pizzeria was conducting a trafficking ring. he was willing to kill to safe the lives of the children he believes were being abused. he remains jill without bond. his next court appearance is next friday. police say the man approached a man at this florida gas station and asked him to buy a beer. the man refused. so the robber pulled a gun. well, the person he asked to buy the beer was wwewrestler. fred gas per. he's six foot seven inches tall. weighs nearly 300 pounds. he shoved the man against the cooler, took the gun away. hold him in a choke
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he reacted because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt. now, okay, -- may not have known he was a rest leadership duties, but he could see what he looked like. the guy looks superman. this is who you're going to challenge? it's ridiculous. you know what they aabout criminals, right in. >> yes, they're not always the brightest. > still to come, the redskins head coach talks some crash to a ♪ silent night ♪ ♪ holy night ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. > we are continuing to follow breaking news in beltsville, maryland, traffic on interstate 95 is still moving slowly following a nasty crash near the icc. this is a live look the at the scene from sky fox. investigators say the accident involved a tractor-trailer and five cars. we are now told that one child was air lifted to a hospital with live threatening injuries. medics also transported
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adults by ambulance. one of those adults also has live threatening injuries. less ' no word yet on what led to that crash. president elect donald trump has officially announced his pick as the nation's next secretary of state. rex tillerson is the chairman and ceo of exxonmobil. the nomination has still has to be approved by congress. lawmakers on both sides of the end are concerned about tiller son's close business ties with russia. perry to lead the energy department. that is one of the department's that perry said he wanted to eliminate during his presidential run back in 2011. well, tonight kanye west is tweeting out new detaste about his meeting with donald trump this morning. the rapper says the two discussed issues like bullying, supporting teachers and the violence in chicago. trump says he and west are friends and called the musician a good man. celebrity chef
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proposed a trues with donald trump with a donation to a charity donation. he reached out on twitter tweeting can we end our lawsuits and we donate. why keep litigating. let's both of us win. people do everything by twitter now. so far trump has not responded. that's how you communicate with him, though. > well, you're right. that's true. last year trump filed a $10 million against andras for backing out of a restaurant deal. he canceled his plans to launch a new restaurant the at trump's d.c. hotel after trump's comments about illegal immigrants. he's a good man. he does a lot of good workaround the globe to end hunger. i hope that they'll work it out. pain they'll tweet out a negotiation. we certainly will be following twitter closely. hashtag work it out.
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werk. > we got to bundle up in the next couple of days to get through our bitter blast which i'm happy to tell you will only last two days. > good. we're still in d.c. we need to get used to these thingsly, right? we have to ease into the cold because we'll have another big batch of cold air coming in. this is certainly the coldest we've seen this season. and it's not here yet. tomorrow not a bad day. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. more sun in the morning, but clouds in the afternoon. but the artic blast is going to be coming in and tomorrow night it's a gradual process but we'll certainly be seeing temperatures dropping. tomorrow 44-degrees. a little bit breezy from time to time t. you'll notice the breeze. it will make it feel like it's in the 30ness for a while. tomorrow's high temperature post office 30* and falling, but considerably higher wind gusts. maybe even 30, but that means single digit wind chills and you'll really feel that. we think the winds will get a little bit better on frid
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it will still be on the the breezy side. temperatures will only top out in the 20s. tonight we have seen a few places drop down to the freezing mark already. we're 42 in the district. it will be a cold night and i think there was some concern that maybe there would be more precipitation around. we're not seeing much showing up. but there is a chance that there could be spotty light rain showers or maybe a little bit of snow here and there. be reel careful tomorrow morning. again the general trend that this is really try drying up and no problems anticipated. if the breeze picks up tomorrow morning right behind a frontal boundary that ill with be leaving. we'll have sunshine to start the day, clouds to end the day and definitely on the chilly side. a quick look at the futurecast because while we're nice and bright i wanted you to see it's trying to pick up on some snow flurries or flurries tomorrow around 8:00. that will be ahead of the surge of artic air that will be coming
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maybe even setting a couple records here and there. highs in the 20 #-s and 30s on thursday and friday, and again a quick look at the wind chicago of we showed you this a little while ago, 7 in the morning on thursday, single digits to low teens and even by 4:00 in the afternoon we're still talking about digerornimo single digits. werap it with the seven day forecast, from 30 to 29 on friday and then late friday night, are we going to see some snow? it looks like it. it could end up changing over to rain on saturday afternoon and another round of rain on sunday as we get up to 58-degrees ahead of our next cold shot that's your seven day forecast. but don't go anywhere. we'll come back with a look at sports. ♪♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on!
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> a little hockey on this tuesday night. about in brooklyn for the capitols against the take you to the second period. as jacob brown and that's his first career goal. 2-# it happened just like that. third period it is now 3-2. point blank range, that's one of 26 days. a big night, supplying some offense without a goal all year, he found the back of the net not once but twice with less than two minutes to go, the caps win 4-#. sunday's script has been a familiar one all season. so far on it of ate of the redskins 13 games have been won by 7 points or less. the win over the eagles keeps them in the playoff hunt but with three games to go there is little margin forkerror. we understand we're right in the mix. we do know that. but we also know that one slip up and
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half possibly back. so it's just up to us to take care of what we can take care of and that's carolina right now and then we'll let the chips fall where they may. jay gruden in a good mood after sweeping the eagles. after s interviewed by deon sanders. he was talking trash about a play that took place 30 years ago. you know in 1986 deon i threw a post at you against the lou iville cardinals. >> you're joking. i swear. a 36-yarder right over the top of you. >> it couldn't have been you. if you said 15, 20, 36 yards. >> i got to see it. i'm not sitting here lying because you're not that kind of guy. but i got to see it. > i love that. we can't find the proof, but apparently it was just
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pass but not a touchdown. gruden got a touchdown later on. after 30 years. i love sanders' reaction. he's making a pretty good career for himself. > i'm just saying. i love those interviews that he does. why not do that. go for it. that's it for tonight. see
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