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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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precious final moments but ists it all a hoax? the story is now being checked twice.ed fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. goo thank you very much for joining us.d ank yo i'm wisdom marn. mti >> gary and erin joining us as well.. they'll check in with us for weather and traffic. tffic first we'll check in withn wit game. game. this batter snap coming ourat way we got to talk aboutter itt od m morning. >> the headline here is that t it's taking a little bithag aitl longer getting this initialni push in which is not bad butad t let me just say it is going toii be a real cold day.ld d. look at what's happening up topo the north of pus.f pu there's a lot of this cold thisd air, arctic air spilling on in. detroit right now is 8 degrees, pittsburgh in thedete teens, buffalo at 11, so allo this is coming in and give it another couple hours andher temperatures are going stop gng dropping off. right now temperature in the city is not all that bad.w te it's 37 degrees and even
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we can do that.o but listen, these temperaturespe will keep dropping because theae arctic boundary is basicallyical right on top of gaithersburgthsg right now, so given two, threewh more hours these cold temperatures will continue toesw move on through. dow, too, the wind the win gusts and they're starting torto kick up especially higher elevations from hagerstown martinsburg and winchester. wins it's it's not just goingst to be the cold today, it's todas going to be the wind today soe t that's going to keep the wind te chill factors -- this morningthr we're in the 20's and the the teens but bite end of the end oh afternoon we'll have windrnoo'l chill factors out there in the single digits especially north and west so more on this cold, l cold air mass coming upmi up throughout the morning hours. hs how long does it stick around? how cold are we actually goingng get? all those questions willuo be answered.d. wisdom, maureen, back up to up o you guys. >> four:31 is the time.ou31 is i in the news this morning we'lls' begin inll temple hills where ae murder investigation is under in way after a man was found deadod early this morning.earlthis m >> let's get right to annie yuh who is live on the scene for for us this morning with theng details. good morning, annie.good mor >> reporter:
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morning to you wisdom and maureen. this is an active murderur investigation behind me here.nd you can see there are multipleti police cars out here as well a l as detectives working thiskinghi fatal shooting.ot this is the 2700 block of colecl brook drive near temple nitts a residentialni neighborhood and what we know so far is that tthood aprince gs county police got the call for the shootinice g around 2 o'cloc this morning t when they got here they found a man lying in the drive way of a house. h he had been shot.beenho police aren't sure right nowrere if the victim lived here orere o how this incident infolded.olde. the captain on scene tells me m there is no suspect info atnfo this time or a motive. m however they're asking anyoneyon who may have seen or heard something to give them a that number 186-6411 tips.6411 . that's the very latest heree from temple hills maryland.mary annie yu fox5 local news. >> breaking news overnight inrng montgomery county. police saymo a 36-year-old womam and a 22-year-old man werean wer shot while sitting in a parked r vehicle. cl now it happened aroundneound midnight on the 3800 block of palmyra lane in
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police say an unknown mannown walked up to the car and began b talking to the victims andicm then shot them. t both victims sufferedd nonlife-threatening injuries.atn police are searching for a areea plan in his late teens oree o early 20's. 2s. there's a $10,000 reward for information. >> checking outer loop othering top stories prince george's county police they're stillorie searching for whoever shot thef driver of that car you're looking of after the car crashed into theet front of iverson mall inall temple hills. hil take a large it's a pretty a ptt wild scene unfolding there. police say the victim crashedayt his car after being shothecar a several times but police say poy before the crash they spottedy t the victim's car being chasedsed by another scar near basement still no word on what led to let any of the each vents.s. >> also in that prince george's county this morning police are continuing to search for two suspects who alsu shot man during ance a for t ard robbery. happened yesterday afternoon aer at a construction site inio brandywine. police say the suspect robbed rb two truck operators shooting shn one of them. t both suspects did get away.way. still no word on if the victims were specificallycifi targeted.ed. >> happening today t-apeningoday preliminary hearing for ronald r francis
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with two counts of firstount degree murder of two nonprofit r workers in woodbridge eric and jannell hixon colleaguesol avenue program supervising young adult. hixon went missing back in august,went yadero back in april both were eventually foundou dead in wooded areas. areas >> in the district mayorn th bowser will hold a news conference twso diser wcuss the mpd's body camera program and provide updates on thedas on the progress of efforts for safertsr stronger d.c. the conference comes as the distrinfcteren plans toce outfil mpd patrol officers with body it would be one of the mosthe ms comprehensive programs in the country. >> an update ah on a story a d.c. woman says she finallye nay heard back from police aftere reporting a break in nearly a ny week ago. jean darlington says police failed to file a report oro file even investigate after an intruder tried to enter herer h home. surveillance video shows two d.c. police officers police offs responding to her call butdi says she doesn'tng receive any follow-up. when she contacted police sheol was told a report for theeporr h incident did not
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>> 4:34 is the time.e. let's get down to gary mcgrady and talk about thisbouts cold -- these coldse cold temperatures because it's notno just one day, it's going to get pretty cold around here. >> uh-huh. >> oh yeah, the arctic air is here. he the he'ding ledge of it is'ding really right on give it a couple more hours mor and it starts to really oozellyo area across the mountains andund everybody is going to get cold. let me just give you an idea ani where we're going today just so you know. it's not a ll that bad outad there right now but this is the forecast wind chills 6:00ll0 a.m. this morning.his ng. 14 degrees or so. the winds are really gusty, up p over 20, 30 miles per hour.les h it's going to be that way allhal day long.y l let's take you untilil lunchtime. wow. okay, now we're in the single digits, some places way up, so north and west really close to zero, if not zero or below.ow we take you to 5, 6 o'clock in n this casewhere between theen the teens couple spots below zero. r all day long as this air mass just continues to kind of move e through. we're just going to get cold g
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we're in the 30's now but the 3 actually we'll be droppingppg through the day actually intocto the 20's and then you add in a the wind with that and that's t' why we have these wind chill factors that are single digitsgd on and off most of theand afternoon. now, tonight it will get a ight it little bitwi better as we -- you can see here it's not quite as a bad. the winds will die down al little bit tonight. tonight tomorrow still cold but not windy, okay p we're not going'rg to have a lot of sunshine sunsh tomorrow but it's not going toto be windy tomorrow so it won'tont be as uncomfortable.omfortable. layer up today, bundle up guyso because the way it is outthe wai there right now is not the way w it's going to be four hours from now.. wisdom, maureen book to you.k y >> i'll take it gary.tat ga 4:36. taking a look at traffic and tra the i know you mentioned some wind. wind. traveling in glen burnie this morning fallen pg owiner cable n maryland 177 mountain roadain r between maryland 100 and10 a baltimore annapolis boulevard. a caution there as you get around that intersection.ersect. 97 looking good. as we zoom out for a wide view
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beltway looking good problemro free in tysons right now.ow 50 through arlington lookingloo good and not seeing any problems in chevy chase orha o fairfax. right now traveling the innernn loop through oxon hill traffic is at speed from five acrosscros the wilson bridge and the typical delays not yet.. metro gearing up for serviceerce at 5 o'clock. o'clock. so far no reported delaysday except for safe track.ce that's stillpt impacting the orange line and silver l we'll keep you updated.u upd any questions at erin fox5 erin5 d.c. on twitter.witter back to you wisdom and wisdom ad maureen. >> 4:37 is the time. tim yahoo says the users are once ao again the target avenue major m security breach this time the number at risk more than a at ra billion. we've got the details comingilsm up next. santa's -- santa s story that tugged at america's i heart strings but was it all a a hoax? why some are now some double-checking this santa's encounter of with a little a lit boy.
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>>'re back in two minutes. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> we're back at 4:39 with a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. bact tt >> we turn to holly morris aty r our realtime news tracker. tracr good morning. >> good morning both of you.go welcome back whiz. glad you're feeling better. good morning, everybody out there. let's talk aboutou're wa trending already.ding ady. first up it's new and unfortunately it's bat.ately it' yahoo announcing as ba major m security breach that may have be resultaced in the theft of dataf associated with more thanre t 1 billion user accounts. the breach happened in augustus 2013 and involves passwords and phone numbers but apparently not financial finan information. so they'rerm saying.ay this is separate from a 500 million account breachount that the company announcedhe back in seven. sev yahoo says there is probably prl those though some overlap ofugse the impacted accounts.un. next, a muslim american woman who claims she was attacked and harassed by suppte
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was arrested yesterday fort-el y allegedly making up her nypd arrested the 18-year-old8-o for obstructing governmenternm administration and reporting aea false incidents and sayingg they definite voterinite r significant resources investigating her >> the state's department ofartm motor vehicles is putting a stop to uber's testing of self s driving cars.dring the ride share company was operating its self driving volvo's without a state issued i permit then must stop testingenm until the dmv issues thes t proper documents. docum to date though some 20 dat companies including google anded tesla have received dmv permits to test on california roads. roads. finally, new questionsna this morning about a story ofll a santa claus and dying child that went viral earlier this week.week last sunday a knoxville kxv newspaper published the storyhet about santa claus actor eric eri schmidt madison being called to the bedside of a dyingf a dyg child and holding him closeg hic until his last moments.ts.
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can't be verified and some s schmidt madison is not identifying the family had the touching encounter with. the paper retracted the story t saying it did not meet the standards of veer picked.ic >> that story made me cry. c >> i'm going choose to believeio he's preserving these family's privacy. >> i'm going choose to believe b maybe the paper should havethe e verified ther sh story before ty published it.blishe >> oh, this is a tough one. o >> tough spot. toughpot. >> we're going leave it alone.eo we give you the night. the night you decide what you want to do with it.with thanks holly. if you plan on hitting the png roads or the skies for thehe holidays.lidays you will not be alone a record c number of travelers expected. e. we'll break it down coming >> good news for local holidayiy tradition following ourlowingur nation's fallen serviceservic members recently in jeopardy of not being table keep up. >> it's going to be a
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today. not so bad right now.not ad 37 deg rrees.37 yeah, it's cold but it's goingoi get colder.olr. 4:42 is your time. we're back after this. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good thursday morning. it's 4:45 andfox5d thur yeah, bi cold outside s if you're if your headed out there, bundle up. it is going to be dow
4:46 am
frigid. frigid. >> we could even see some snowes this w i saw snow last weekend.eekend we already talked about that. >> it was pretty. >> yeah, it was pretty. it's always pretty as long as>>i it doesn't cross your toenails. it doesn't get up that high.ig >> i know was been. >> we're going talk to gary goio mcgrady because we want to g get to our colder andar pbeoscay snowy forecast. fecast. >> right. we're enjoying the dean martin r song right now. >> listen first we deal with the cold and yeah, you're righld atnd we do have some snoo coming the way it looks over lor the next let's see fridayxt l night saturday morning we'reetre going have some snow aroundome r here the way it's looking.oong doesn't look like a lotot because it's going transitionit over to range let's talk about the cold now. arctic boundary just about to come through thr d.c. temperatures dropping up to ures dnd wdsd west and winds are pick up. the cold air is arriving now basically. the wind chill factors todayhi will be in the single digitsll e and the teens. tee bitter cold. col not so windy tomorrow but it'sus still going to be bitter coldit okay on it doesn't look likek lk we'll have a lot of sunshine ofe tomorrow. as we get into saturdayinto saty there's a chance friday night
4:47 am
little snow then it will go toot mix saturday morning and thend rain saturday afternoon, okay,ka so that's kind of the trendhe te for this wintry weatherea potential as we get towards we s the weekend. right now we're 37te're 37t temperatures up to the northto and west not all that bad yetbay but again leading edge of this h is just starting to come downto now o the winds have really kicked up. hagerstown up to 36 mobble wind gusts. here in town we're gusting umusting over 20's miles per hour.our. gaithersburg the winds are tinds gusting up over 30 miles periler hour. over the next couple of hours or so these winds are goingnds g ton continue to gust foro st for everybody and coulduld potentially get just a littley e bit stronger and nott own thatt but the temperatures will berewl dropping as well.pis well so, wind chill factors rightight now in the city 28 degrees.degre teens up to the north and west. west that will be replaced by 8 o'clock this morning in theths single digits and the teens mit for just about everybody asbodya the cold air comes through t tht so, more details on this cold,o, cold for at least a couple off days. now let's get to erin como waymw look at your
4:48 am
>> 4:47 gary. 4gary taking a look around the area. live look 66 from gainsvillevill through manassas intoh nassas centreville. this is east of compton roadd and you can see traffic on the eastbound side flowing.boun westbound side very light.y lht we don't have any problems ore o congestion there just yet.rheus as we forward our cam trees aesa look on 270, as you make your way down into montgomeryo mogome county you respect wide opened d ride right now. those truck headlights.e truc heading downk to the spur to s get onto the beltway from 70 fm past the truck scales into clarksburg we have the samerg w cohandveitions, no congestion yt slowing us down and we'rende' crash free. f northbound traffic just as quiet. quiet. as we look at our maps we'll show was else you're facing.ein quiet through cheverly no, problems in the district. new york avenue lookingms i gn g in northwest we're qui we'll keep you updated on your r commute and let you know if i metro pops up with any delays. . back to you maureen reason wisdom. >> a murder investigation under way after manurder was fs dead early this morning. mornin. >> let's get right to annie yu live for us at t
4:49 am
the details. what can you tell us? can >> reporter: good morning wisdom and maureen.orter:reen well, we know that policeole we're get something newt information, we thought thatn, w the police had got a callal shortly after 2 o'clock forlockf the shooting but we're nowre hearing from the pio that theyt actually came across the bodyy shortly after 2 o'clock here'cle at the 2700 block of cole of col brook drive in temple hillsempl maryland.maryla it's still very early in thei t investigation so things are still fluid but we know thatt we this happened shortly afterned 2 o'clock. the man was found dead in thed n drive way of a home.f a straight ahead there you canou see multiple detectives ons o scene. scen again this is the 2700 block b of cole brook driver so it'soo in a residentialk neighborhoodh they found this man lying inn ln the drive way of this home. we asked did he live here. d he they don't know yet.ey donnow they don't know if he was was visiting but we can see several evidence markers nearmak the home then just put up thatpt big light so we're able to see e a little clearly now but the captain here scene tells me m they have mom suspect info att i this time or a motive but aree a asking anyone with information to give them a ca
4:50 am
that's the very latest here inen temple hills maryland, annie a yu fox5 local news. >> closing arguments expectedted today in the case of dylanna roof. he's accused of killing ninelinn people at a historiack church in south carolina. a j iury n wisoll that decide if roof is guilty of federal hateae crimes. he could face life in prison iin or the death penalty a defense attorneys wanted to presentesen evidence about roof's mentalutoe health but a judge ruled itul was irrelevant to whether he's h guilty in the case. in e >> in minnesota this morning thg lawyers for the police officer charged in the shooting death of man during ath te raffic thes are asking for those charges to be dismissed.missed officer geronimo is accused killing philando castile as heta sat in his car. his girlfriend live streamede the aftermath on facebook.ebook an autopsy revealed castile did have high levels of tch in n his system at the time.e. holloo
4:51 am
we've got the details next. nt. >> a holiday tradition in our region will go on after fearsea it wouldn't be able to keep up u whip demand noun it needsnoun in volunteers how you can help.ou h that's next. >> cold temperatures are tem already here but gary sayshere it's g boing get even colder. c. we're going to check in withith him for details in just a i minute. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 4:53 is the time right now. e more sad news out of hollywood this morning. a familyews spokesman says dr. bombay on bewitched asewitea died. he died of heart failure
4:54 am
fox was 89 years old. o >> americans are set to travel a for the holidays and new year's.. aaa says there is the highest th number on record.rd. most people will drive about 93 million -- that's about how s many people will drive but 2 percent more people will fly this year than last year. despite rising gas prices they're among the lowest since 2009. >> wreath across america says it has enough wreaths to placeha on all headstones at arlingtonon national few days ago the few da organization said it was stillya in needon s of a thousand ---- thousands of wreaths donation but they are now all set to set lay more than tens ofy re t thousands of wreaths thiss of ws saturday at the cemetery. cet if you would like to help out lu they're looking for volunteersoe t the wreath laying ceremonyt will begin at 10:00 a.m.h on:0. saturday so they're lookingay s for volunteers to comeo out and help out. >> all righty. if you're going to go out onut n saturday i think that's probably another cold day butd y let's talk about the
4:55 am
gary, not too bad right nowht n but you're saying, oh, yeah, y brace for it. >> that's right. want to show you why to give you an idea what's coming ourou y.y. pittsburgh is in the teens t tee last hour it was 14 so it's 12 i now. it's getting colder up there. columbus, ohio, is 6 degrees. 6s this air mass is super cold and chicago is one, so that's ta all kind of moving in our o direction. obviously we're not going to'ren be that cold.ol we're looking at air tempsir tem here. here factor in the wind today, thea t winds are real starting toing kick up now as this arcticti boundary is starting to moveingm through and with the arcticthe boundary moving throughunda temperatures are going down, windsry aurrees coming up. up. we just dropped now.ow they just updated theed t temperatures.mper we've gone from 37 to 35 here th in the t city. starting to see the extremextree northwestern areas in the t lower 20's.wer 20's. frederick at 28 degrees so thest temperatures will continue tours drop over the next several hours. wver we'll level out in the uppert 20's and then go down a littletl bit more late this afternoonthir but it is the wind gusting up over0
4:56 am
of locations including here in e town winchester is 35 degrees, -- not 35 degrees but 35 miles per hour windwind gusts. dulles is gusting over 30. and even for baltimore it's upr' close to 30 miles per hour andou it's going to stay this way onhn and off all day long. l as a matter of fact i think werf could have some gustsst potentially get up as high as 40 miles per hour brieflyrri today for a time.e. the wind chill factor is nowtorw single digits for hagerstown, ht close to it for martinsburgartiu and winchester.esr. we're lower 20's near town. t again if you're just gettingetig up now, just getting goinget it's going to stay like this ts all day long even with evewi sunshine, so best advice i advi could give you, dress iness layers and a lot of them. here's, with a look at your y traffic on this thursdayy morning.morn friday eve already.frid wow erin. e >> can you believe it? 4:57. 4 here's a look at 395 north of nh duke street. see traffic is moving along okay. oa we had earlier constructionction that cleared out of the way.ut . from the beltway to the 14th street bridge all lanes bele l n opened. as we rw
4:57 am
show you a look in silverer georgia out by east-west highway traffic is flowing southbound side picking up a little bit but you're stillnd ss wide opened and congestion free in both directions there.he all of your commute in silvern spring looking good same gd sa through kensington and chevy any chase. we'll take a look at our maps. p we have one problem in glen some fallen power cables power b between maryland 10 andnd baltimore annapolis boulevard.oa you'll need to detour aroundeed that. back to you guys. ba>> 4:57 is the time right nowt a deadly sceneime breakinging overnight prince george's county as a plan is shot and ist killed. we're live at 5:00 with the latest. >> president-elect donald trump set to continue his thank you tour as 1re0ssidep sef thousands voice their concernsvc over his conflicte of interestr as commander in chief.hief. the action they're takingacti today right near back after this. >> ♪♪ >>
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>> ♪♪ morning. mnix5 news >> breaking right now at 5:00 police on the dean and scene avenue deadly shooting inue prince george's county. d annie yueadlince g is live. l >> let's take a live lookk outside this morning.ide this m believe it oorr not i think we might be at the hight t temperature right now. it is goingmp tero get cold, col cold later today. we all need to brace for theo br


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