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dulles, at brookland park which is in annees, aatrrundell county, quantico nearly torly t 50 miles an hour and bwi att 46. better now but and as the sun s goes down we'll see thoseee winds getting a little bit easier to take but our but temperatures are still in the teens to 21 degrees. what a cold shot.grshot. so, did we oversell it or not? we gave you several daysave notice that this was coming but until you t rhaeally t feel, wow, there's nothing like feeling that 26 miles per hourep wind gust come through all a your layers. 29 is what the current windsin are at frederick and that's as a gust, 23 for manassas, 25 for 2f quantico and that gives usives wind chill temperatures in thert single digits for much of the t area.ea to the warm spot, we feel atel leonardtown, that's the windt'sd chght right now. what can you expect for theect r rest of the evening? we'll e keep it around 22 degrees at 7 o'clock. of course the wind chill in the teens. byrse th 9 o'clock, 20 and by 11 o'clock, 19 degrees.9 de quite a contrast to where we wrw were last year with our high o temperature of 67.temp so, the winds are a little biti
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still breezy but not quite as windy as today was and you a mentioned that we also might alh have to deal with a little bit of a winter weather advisory. as we've got our first watch of wch the year posted. poste it's for a storm that's goingt's to track well to our west andurw it will only affect our area for a few hours very latey l friday night into the first part of saturday. satday. a winter storm watch is postedae for northern baltimore, for carroll, for frederick, forck, f washington county, morgan, brook lean jefferson in west virginia and frederick countanyt in virginia, a small amount of snow, sleet and freezing rain up there could makeeet an someom travel difficulties but if you don't want to deal with ifitcu i give it until about 9 o'clock oo or 10 o'clock on saturdayock ony morning and it will be gone ord it will be liquid by then. then. for tonight 11 o'clock windk wid chill temperatures will be inin the single digits to low teens t and by friday morning, you've, u still got a deal with those t bitter wind chills but they'll be a little better than they were this morning. we'll talk a lot more abouttle u what to expect for that friday night, saturday morning systemgs and also a pretty significanty t warmup comin
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as all of that in just a few minutes with our seven-day forecast. tony. >> thank you, sue. a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit has been filedwsui in the police-involved shooting death of terrence the sterling. sterling was shot and killed was in northwest d.c. back in ptptember. fox5's paul wagner is livee tonight outside d.c. superior sp court with the latest. lat paul. paul >> reporter: hi, tony. ty. that lawsuit was filed here inif d.c. superior court late this afternoon by t family ofamily terrence sterling and namesing n the district government thect g police department as well as the officer whoovepar was namedi the shooting brian trainer asers well as his unnamed partner.artn what we can tell you tonight ton is that there is some new information in the complaint and it says that ten rrence sterling was shot twice, oncece in the neck and once in the back. back. you may recall that witnesseswie also said that two shots were w fired from the car that tha morning on september 11th byy the officer at terrenceterren sterling. however, when the medicalver, w examiner released the t information a few weeks later,
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in the neck and the back andhe c there was some question as to as whether or not one of thoseor shots might have been an exit wound. however the complaint tonight nh says that he was shott hat tmpl, once in the back, once in the neck. here's some other information.on the complaint alleges thatompl officer brianai trainer and hiss partner violated multiplee metropolitan police departmentmt general orders in the moments leading to mr. sterling'sterlins death specifically a generalec ordeifr that prohibits officersf from placing themselves inves front of an oncoming vehicle vic where deadly force would beould the likely outcome. outco in spite of this, general order, officers unlawfullys placed themselves in front of mr. sterling's oncoming. st motorcycle. there was a press release by there s a murphy firm in baltimore that filed this suit. filed it says "the killing of unarmed black men by policey li officers must stop. mr. sterling's death wasstling senseless and tragic.estrag he did not need to die thatieha night. "we can also tell you as we y a have previously reported thattet there is a grandur
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investigation ongoing in this caseat.ion ca this grand jury has been g sitting for several weeks andrae they have already listened several witnesses. livewitn outside d.c. superior o court paul wagner fox5 local l news. >> a federal grand jury has dicted the man accused off walking into comet ping-ponget - with a gun.un edgar welch was arrested aftere that incident at the pizzat at p restaurant in northwest.rt police say he told thehwm hehemh came from north carolina toina t self investigate onlinenle conspiracy theories claimingin high level democrats were running a child trafficking trac ring in the pizzeria.izri those conspiracy theories are false. well as much scheduled to be muchorn court tomorrow for his arraignment. if convicted, the charges hees faces have a maximum of 35 of years in prison. >> ♪♪ >> new tonight a jury found jurf dylann roof guilty on all a three counts in the murder ofuni nine people at an historic histo black church in charleston south carolina. it took the jury just two ook s to reach its decision. they convictthed r roof its d os including hate crimes, murders,
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he confessed to the crimes ono r videotape.videotape. the jury will meet next month m to determine if he will get the death penalty or life in prison.pris he's slated to face anotherther death penalty trial in state ine court early next year.ea he also could be sentenced to death in that trial.rial jock janson was released j from prison to a residentialesii facility in johnson got out of prison six p months ahead of his expectedectd release next summer. smer. back in 2011 he pled guilty to o corruption charges connectedes t to bribes and transactions that involve county business officials developers and his wife leslies de johnson. jns >> new tonight a former d.c.r.c department of corrections corret worker is accused of havingg her boyfriend killed.ille carmelite meh at a hendersone m appeared in court thisourt t afternoon charged with with conspiring to kill levi davisvis a former inmate at the jail. fox5's alexandria limonndria joins us live now with more. alex. al >> reporter: that's right anepd whileorte carmelita hendes was charged with first degreege murder andwi
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detectives believe shehe orchestrated the entire crime,me they do not believe she actually pulled the trigger. instead, they think there are a at least two other peoplepl connected to this murder whos are unidentified and still on the loose.oo >> it's a long time coming.e c >> reporter: police and prosecutors say it's a tale ofe jealousy and an alleged romantic relationship betweenwe a d.c. department of corrections mail clerk and an aa inmate that ended with that inmate, levi davis, murderedlevs in cold blood, m on september 16th, 2015. shot more than a dozen times in northeast d.c. months afterts he was released. relea 14 bullets and other fragments were found during the autopsy. prosecutors believe the violent crimeosecut was premedid allegedly by 49-year-old cam cam lita henderson who was fired war from the department of corrections after allegedly aegd stealing mail other women were sending to
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court documents reveal appeal a cooperator told police henderson said she planned toedo have davis killed because he kie got her fired from her jobob with beating -- was beating on her and ruined her life. l henderson allegedly even said s her sons carried out the shooting. shooting. do you believe she was involved? >> absolutely. she brought him to the scene.ghe >> reporter: the night. off the murder davis was shot in henderson's suv.sos s henderson was there and gavethee police a sensational account of two masked men opening firenf on davis saying he tried to climb over her in the driver'sre seat to get away from ther shooters but witnesses told wit police the men were not maskedsk and henderson didn't havedi't blood or glass on her according to police.ol after more than a year long investigation, henderson was arrested wednesday but the two t men including the one seen s with a gun in hand in that parking lot on the 4200 block bo of east capitol street have not been identified or arre
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didn't want their faces shownac and they say after the hearing i was over the suspect's spect daughter harassed them. >> she just stated she's glad gd he's dead.ea that's so senseless.sess how can you say something likeeg that with someone who leaves l seven kids behind?eh >> reporter: now, thisow hearing ended just a short s time ago and even though itug was only an arraignment inn court today the defense arguedd that most of the evidence in i their opinion is hearsay andrs a they believe some of those witnesses are not reliable but a still the judge orderedrd henderson to be held with no wh bail for now, but scheduled sed another hearing for next week w to revisit that issue. i reporting live in northwest nort d.c., alexandria limon, fox5 local news. n >> d.c. police want you toyo t take a good look at this they need help identifying antii person of interest connectedf to a it happened back in on thisn you can see a man approa
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woman from b he ran off quickly after a stealing her cell phone.ho if you recognize that personn recognize his clothing, his walk, call d.c. police. polic d.c. police also need yourdu help identifying three persons of interest connected to another robbery. happened last monthned th inside a school in northwest. nh police don't know how they gothy inside but they did take offe of with an unknown amount ofmot money and a cell phone. pho if you recognize them you know what to do. >> six metro employees areloyees looking for a new job tonight. g they were fired earlier todayody for falsifying inspectionnsct records. metro says six more employeesmps could face termination or unpaid suspension.uspeio many of them are track inspectors and the firings stem from the julyft train derailment at the eastast falls church metro s. since then 28 people have beenee disciplined or fired. the union that represents those workers blames metro fore poor track inspection training. >> that's what they arewh they alleging.alle and if you talk to any ofny o them, you will f
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they have done is not necessarily falsification in their mind in their mind. now, i've talked to them.m. we're doing our ownwn investigation.instig we're trying to find out whatuta is this falsification that wmata is talking if it's legitimatee falsification you won't hear aea peep out of me. >> also today metro's board of o directors voted to suspendnd late night service for at for a least two more years.. >> well, it is on. coming up tonight on the newsn h at 6:00 hundreds of thousands ts of women who plan to march on washington on president-electono donald trump's first day in office now have an trump spacea gather. hey, sue, it is chilly out there. >> it is bitter cold, that isbit for sure, shawn. but we are going to see itt easing out of town by saturdayy afternoon.rn hey, i have something fun forngf you from the it could be worse department. let me show you this. t that is mount washington whichun is the highest peek in thehest t northeast.noast. it's 17 degrees below zero bow right now. that's the air temperature.ra the wind chill is 53 degrees
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and their current wind gust 54i down from their highest windst w gusts today of 78 miles peres p hour. all right, so maybe you feel a l little bit better about our thursday night forecast withast wind chills in the teens and a a little bit better in the wind w department tomorrow.depa we'll have a look at fridayhave and the weekend in just a a f lw come on on back >> ♪♪
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>> more than a dozen mor protestors demonstratord outside the trump international hotel intorsoutsln northwest this afternoon.ftnoon. they're upset that he won the te election and say he needs to remove himself from his frohi business the protest was peaceful. officials predict more protests expected in the weeks leading up to thecialecte inauguration.auguration. meantime the million womanhw march in washington is on tonight. we've got an update on thee on e controversy surroundingunding protest permits for the weekrmie of president-elect trump'sk inauguration.tion >> the organization calledrgan gathering for justice is aces a group of women who plan too march downtown in protest ofroto donald trump. t
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d. rally area will be at independence avenue and third street southwest.thwe it's estimated there may be 200,000 participants.ticipa >> fox5 is your station for f politics. let us know was think from the political protests to thes to president-elect not holding aelc press conferencet since he was elected. elec we want to know was think wnk about it. tweet us right now and use #5at6:30 and look for your you tweet on our political showicals coming up next at 6:30. >> today santa's sleigh wasigwa replaced way silver bus and his elves grew just a few itches. capitals wizards and mysticsizas spread a holiday cheer around ao d.c. it was part of the annual family to family gift gift delivery. several families were nominated byveral area nonproft organizations and they were surprised with clothes andd th c toys and of course a chance to t meet some of their favorite athletes. >> looks like they had a lot of fun. >> uh-huh. >> so, does the cold havike ye u you feeling a little out of it tony??
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>> not yet. >> not yet no,. >> some people though. it might no,. aomcte ually be ar some some of those folks arese f feeling. how the cold temperatures tempeu could be a trigger. trigger. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. as those temperatures drop out pe seeinrag anuping a tick in the number of peopler ol looking for help withh allergies and other coldrol related conditions. fox's linda schmidt on how toidw protect yourself this time of year from the cold. >> we just went to buy somet wee stuff for the winter for thefor cold. >> reporter: so you went to went buy your hats and gloves. glove >> now we're ready.>> n >> reporter: hats and gloveowsso can help keep you warm but but they don't always protect fromro you cold related health hea conditions. >> i think people many times are in dis peobelief that the cd weather could have actuallyctll resulted in some sort of skin s >> reporter: and some of those skin conditions are hives and reynaud's. >> it'
6:18 pm
vessels constricting.striing. >> reporter: dr. sharma isa head of the emergencyad of th department at new yorkt new y presbyterian hospital on thean h uner east side. un also cold weather can trigger hives. hiv >> histamine reaction thatmi your body is having to the cold weather. mild cases usually have some raised welts that couldt ul be itchy and severe cases thatea can result in breathing problems wheezing and mostd mos severe cases drop in bloop and anaphylaxis. >> reporter: all thoseepter: extreme conditions are not common dr. sharma says it iss ii still scary nonetheless whenlesw it does happen to you. you he recommends bundling up u dress in layers and keep your head, ears and hands covered. cv linda schmidt fox5 news.s. >> always pretty good tipspr when it comesetty to keeping yourself --se >> i would agree.>> i w please welcome sue palka. pal >> thank.>> t. [laughter] >> i was very busy chasingery bn wind chills.g >> yeah. >>
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does it feel it feel lik >> still feels like the teensee and some single digits.meingl do you think we oversold thisd s or. >> no. >> has it been exactly what you expected. >> oh, yeah. >> you said it was going to be cold.t been tit wheays think that t perception of what we actuallycl get is so much stronger son basically than what i described.bed. >> this was brutal.his waruta >> good news is you said it would only be two days.oay >> that's the only thing ihing i heard. >> shawn moved right to thehto h good stuff.good s. tomorrow will be cold again as well. if i have any better news it'sye not going to be quite as windywd as today was as you saw a fewsaf minutes ago i showed the factac that we had plenty of placess getting gusts over 50 miles an5s hour today but it's betterte w.w. so, still cold tomorrow.row. but the jet stream is going tont bring in a big and dramaticramac change in the temperature department by saturday afternoon sunday we're talkingki 50's and 60's back along the east coast and that will w result in a very interestingntes but brief winter weather eventnr for us very late friday
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saturday just a few hours.. meanwhile that cold air comingig across the great lakes stilles l resulting in some streamers of o lake effect snow. sw. syracuse is under this one thion right now and they've got someom blizzard warnings as well asarns lake effect snow warnings upup there because of the terribleri visibility going on. meanwhile temperature-wisera we're at 21 degrees, buffalofalo 13, detroit 14 and chicago cca there is the core of all of o that cold air and it continues s flowing in our direction butectt it will be getting a push back up to the north but in the i the short term we certainly havee lots of winter weather alerts.rt these are all the wind chill advisories as well and they have -- also are in effect for parts of our area. winter storm warnings, winters, weather advisories you see here in the purplead but invi ti area, we still are watchingin those high points about aut 2500 feet for the possibilitysiy of wind chills that could cou still feel like 10 degrees below zero to about -- through r about 8 o'clock tomorrow morning as a result of those strong a r winds. w here's where temperatures arere right now.t now. low to mid teens
6:21 pm
that's the actual air temperature. what about the wind chill? cll there are those single digitsths including even here in d.c. atec eight.eight. 3 degrees at dulles.ees atulle 3 degrees at feels like six in hagerstown and zero at westminster.inst. so overnight air temperaturesrae again in the teens all over allo the region. rio wind chills not as bad but b they'll still be in the teensees tomorrow morning. high pressure is going to be right on topure of us overnighn so that will help to get those o winds a little bit lighter. tomorrow we start withrr sunshine oown w our friday but t clouds will begin to thicken thk in the afternoon and that t brings us to our wintryy weather event that has prompted some winter weather advisories for the northernor communities which we'll get toet in a moment. tomorrow single digit wind chills.chil tomorrow teens. teens friday evening wind chillsveni again in the teens but then clouds c tomhee t in ahead of tf next area of low pressure p that's going the ride to oure to west. west. that's usually a track thatsualy brings in warmer weather a t for us but as we're transitioningnso to
6:22 pm
small amount of snow, sleetw, s and freezing rain for thesefor e counties to the north of uso th and maybe even a little bit of freezing rain and drizzle inzz i the district and montgomerytg county as that warmer airat warr comes on in. so, that will be for a few f hours after midnight itt i probably begins between 2:00:0 and 24::in the morning andorni wraps up by about 9 o'clock asla it changes over to rain andai then on sunday we have more m rain coming in but thosese temperatures will be near 60 nea so here's what we're thinkingnkg saturday early mor a combination of ice sleet and d snow. maybe a little bit of sleet of l and freezing rain here briefly but you can outwait if youwait i don't have to rush anywhere. around an inch of snow in thesnw white areas with a combinationwc of a little sleet and icet and there as well. so obviously it's not a huge event that we're dealing with wt very late tomorrow night until l about nine or 10 o'clock ono'clo saturday morning.ay morni but it's the first one and we ae want you to be ready for it so s we don't have any problems.y pr people are still doing a lot l of running around right now. 52 on saturday.y. shawn weather is in your
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forecast department for sundayy 62 degrees. you'll like that. >> i will like' that. >> another cold shot showhot shw though. >> i know you don't like the rain. cold again on monday and yo something we'll have to watchu o is doen s tmondheay rhaaiven toa night become frozen for mondaydy morning. >> and monday night there's ada renidsghkins game here.ame . oh, r really? >> yeah. yea >> oh, wow that's going to beoib a cold one. one. that's the second cold one forof them on monday night. n >> yeah. >> yikes. >> hopefully they won't be cold.ully co >> yes. red >> we'll be right back. >> ♪♪♪ >> hello. lieutenant davis here in southwest asia supporting mynanp pocountry. i like to wish my name cincinnati ohio columbus georgia and norfolk virginia happy holidays.
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its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster >> tomorrow is our big fox5or make a wish day.row kaheem will be our star of thet day. >> that's right. five-year-old fromar-oro maryland is in activectiv treatment for leukemia. listen closely as he shares his wish. >> i'm kaheem i'm want to be a superhero. >> aww.>> >> i'm kaheem and i want to bei a superhero. serhe guess what? that's exactly what he's going to be tomorrow.what show us us kaheem to h his superhero run. r let's see if we have that.have a he's got it down pat . >> [laughter] >> yeah. [laughter] >> outstanding. that's great
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>> that's is fox5 and make a wisath's gret midatlantic know that kaheem kam definitely has what it takesly h to be a superhero so do s montgomery county firefighters g prince george's countyunty firefighters, d.c.. firefighters, the u.s. capitol.p police and the d.c. police, pic they're all helping us makeak his day tomorrow. tomor he's going to be joining thosehe local heroes and helpingpi people all day because that isea his wish and we look forward fod to it. to >> that's right.t's tune in all day. u can watch live on our facebook page also on airalso right here on fox5.ox >> save us kaheem. >> yay! >> 5 at 6:30 next. >> next.
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>> ♪♪ >> happy friday eve everybody.dy >> that is -- my gosh you'reh ye right. it's been such a long week igee kind of forgot where we were.e . i got the make my blackjacklaja dealer over at the mgm oveat thm national harbor.naonal har >> let's get to the show now. nw new proof russia interferedus with the u.s. elections andio a new concerns that theat president-elect business couldec be benefiting from his whitet i house win. >> you can see it on the run see do iwn on the side of yourof yor screen. this is what we're talking about at 6:30. wh alwaysout tweet us what's on your mind with


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