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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ >> born in aurora, colorado. now living and training in albuquerque, new mexico. michelle waterson, better known as the "karate hottie" ." the former atomweight champion of invicta fc. she i
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extremely dangerous. >> absolutely. she is going to walk into the octagon, a phenomenal fighter good despite a long layoff, she has really dealt with being the headliner well. she has been loose all week. and now the key, it is fight night, can she carry that into the octagon? she told me this week that paige is so successful because she is new, she is fearless, everything she does works. and she is very unpredictable. her keys to stop that, though, are sticking to her basics. she is not going to go outside her own comfort zone. she's going to keep her distance, user tools, not waste energy in the early rounds again vanzant. >> wearing the ceremonial headpiece of tie fighters. she has got the black belt in american freestyle karate, but we have seen her fight over the years, she can do pretty much everything on her feet. >> i have trained
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young lady for years in albuquerque, new mexico, she has been training with her trainer for a very long time, and really the struggle for her was to find a fight. being in atomweight there was not much, because but there was no ufc division for her. now is her time, she is focused but very excited for the opportunity, and that is key. you can see one person in the gym being able to transfer here when it matters most. it is very important. >> the "karate hottie" has trained in thailand, she has visited, she is set for the biggest fight of her life. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i'm telling you, especially with paige vanzant, you watch her on "dancing with the stars," you see her interviews, the beautiful smile, the gorgeous look. she is at the open workouts dancing with everybody. when she gets in the octagon, she is extremely, extremely tough. several times we have seen her fight her way back into fights. absolutely fantastic. she was in a
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last fight, came back, got the stoppage. >> earlier tonight we said farewell to the california kid, urijah faber. her inspiration, her leader, her mentor. paige vanzant said urijah created me. he made me a fighter. >> you know, and they are both similar. urijah says about paige, she is at her best here, here, she is a true gamer who finds ways to win. >> we are 60 seconds from the best. ♪♪ applebee's buy one get one free menu is perfect for two people. or one really hungry person. buy one meal from our buy one get one free menu and get a second absolutely free.
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's. >> our tale of the tape for this, our main event of the evening. sponsored by budweiser, this bud's for you. waterson, eight years the elder of vanzant, who will have a 3-inch reach advantage. let's get it over to bruce buffer. >> announcer: ladies and
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event of the evening! sanctioned by the california state athletic commissioner, our three judges score in the contest act octagon side. and when the action begins, or referee in charge of the octagon, john mccarthy. and now, for those in attendance and ufc fans watching around the world, live from the golden 1 center in sacramento, california, it's time! in the ufc strawweight division, introducing first, fighting
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out of the corner, 15 wins, for losses, she has 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighing in at 115 pounds, out of albuquerque, new mexico, presenting the invicta fc atomweight champion, the "karate hottie" ," michelle waterson! and now introducing her opponent, fighting out of the red corner, holding a professional record of seven wins, two losses, she stands 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing in at 116 pounds. out of sacramento, california, by way of reno, nevada, presenting the number seven ranked strawweight contender in the world, "12 guage" paige vanzant!
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>> paige vanzant. michelle waterson. big john mccarthy is our referee. >> here we go! tonight's fight clock is sponsored by america's navy, around the world come around the clock. america's more at >> waterson in the white top and black trunks. the southpaw stance. blue trunks, blue top, paige vanzant. >> immediately speak six utilizing the waterson is utilizing the side k
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michelle waterson is about embracing her style and traditional roots. >> merely a decade ago, brian, you alluded to it, you trained with her. she moved from colorado to new mexico. she went from prodigal talent to invectives champion, and now she wants to make a run at the top of the ufc strawweight division. >> for all of her skills striking, that is the focus, but she is also an excellent grappler, and that is really the thing that caught the most attention from paige vanzant. she feels like she prepares for that. the question with vanzant is which paige are we going to see question like the one that goes from the outside using athleticism, or the one that wants to clinch, make it dirty, make it a grinding, ugly fight with 30 boxing to put you down. she uses the right hand as she closes distance r. >> vanzant said that waterson
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she has ever faced. >> nicely done. >> paige gives up her back, that is a technique that waterson has taken a lot of time and training for. >> good knee to the body so far from vanzant. >> don't forget, when we are done here on fox, go to fs1 for our post fight show. >> that spot, that was a gorgeous throw, set up perfectly by michelle waterson. immediately transitions the back, now with the body lock. >> body lock on the good side early in this fight. >> look at how immediately waterson switches, making sure she keeps the body
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>> looking to finish this by submission early. >> this could be very fight, paige page has her right hand up. >> man, this is going to be tough. >> she got it, she pulled it down, but now waterson changed her grip and tighten it up further. >> looking to finish it right here, right now. >> paige continues to pull the wrist down. >> but look at michelle, she has one arm and is grabbing the shoulder, and the body lock is giving her leverage to finish with one arm. she continues to crank and look for the finish. >> paige could go out here. >> man, paige is tough. while, the body lock makes it. >> it is all over! michelle waterson
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paige vanzant, my goodness! >> you called call it, b. incredible. to do it like that at the layoff. michelle waterson has been out for a substantial time due to injury. to come in here at this stage, a star was just born in michelle waterson. >> michelle waterson chokes out paige vanzant. move of the fight. sponsored by metro pcs. switched to metro pcs to get a fast, nationwide, 4g lte network for only $30 period. >> this is beautiful. this is not always an effective takedown in mma. but michelle executed it perfectly, and look at how she immediately goes, both hooks, transition, then goes to the body lock. we talk about the grappling game, everybody focuses on the striking. this is where she has gotten the majority of her
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submission of her career. beautiful adjustments with her hands, here, as paige was fighting it off, and there you see her go out. paige is as tough as they come. but a huge win for michelle waterson. >> the "karate hottie" by submission, don't forget one more time, i will remind you, we want to know what you think will be the best move of the night. tweet and let us know at #metromove. tune into the fs1 ufc fight night post fight show after our fight for the way move. "karate hottie" by submission.
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sfx: music and muffled intercom talking sfx: sailors talking into intercom ♪ ♪ around the world. around the clock. in defense of all we hold dear back home.
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>> a disappointed paige vanzant choked out by michelle waterson to make it official, here is bruce buffer. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, referee john mccarthy has called us out to this contest at 3:21 of the very first round, declared the winner by submission due to a rear naked choke, the "karate hottie," michelle waterson! >> congratulations! >> here is i'm here with your winter, michelle waterson, this is the biggest fight of your career, headlined the fox card with your daughter cage side, how does it feel? >> i'm really excited, thank you for welcoming me, i love this town, it's a beautiful town! and, you know, i know that pumping
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paige green, but she is going places. i just wanted to thank her for giving me an opportunity to come here and headlined this event. guys, thank you so much. my daughter told me that i would be her favorite fighter if i want tonight, so i had to make it happen. >> michelle, you dealt with a considerable layoff, it was jul. what were the nerves, the anxiety light, coming in here after such a long layoff? >> i was more excited than anything. you know, it has been a year and a half. so i have been in the gym every day, injured or not, waking up before i have to take my daughter to school so i can get the work out in that i need to to show the world what i can do for the ufc. >> talk to us about the takedown of the rear naked choke sequence. she fought the choke well, but you are able to finish it and put her out. >> you know, i kind of wanted to see if i could throw it on her. but i know she is real s
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bully, so we worked really hard on it chin submission and just staying calm when she is trying to scramble, because she is really good at it. >> you came in ranked number 11, undoubtedly going to be top ten now. is there anybody you would like next? >> whoever the ufc gives me, i'm ready. and you know what, i'm not dreaming, i'm wide awake. so bring it. >> there you have it, an unbelievable performance, ladies and gentlemen, your winner, michelle waterson! >> michelle waterson, the "karate hottie," the winner in our main event of the evening. sharing the moment with her husband, she will celebrate and wait for what is next inside the octagon. congratulations indeed. all right, when we come back, we will talk to our fighters.
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♪ ♪ >> what a night it was here in sacramento, california, as the ufc made its first visit to this plush new golden 1 center, a most memorable one. welcome back live to the fox sports test, jon anik hanging out with the ufc champions, daniel cormier and dominick cruz. a lot to digest here on the main card, your biggest take away from ufc fight night? >> my biggest take away was urijah faber having his very last fight in sacramento. the crowd went crazy, he came out to a hero's welcome, went out there and put on one of his greatest performances prayed he may not have gotten the finish, but he looked good from start to finish. urijah faber, going out with the victory, but not only going out with a victory, doing it at home and doing it his way. what a great job by urijah faber, men. and also, hats off to brad pickett. he was in a lot of trouble early, never
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always believe that he could get the job done. tonight wasn't his night, but great job, urijah faber. also, hats off to you brad pickett, coming into sacramento and doing what you did. >> jon: who stood out for you, dom? a >> dominick: about to go with michelle waterson, the way she went in and handled paige vanzant. paige is hard to deal with, she is bigger and stronger than most of these girls, and she's good at scrambling. you see michelle waterson sinks her hips and go straight to the choke out the scramble. this is high level grappling, this is good stuff. the way that she finishes the choke and stays with it, her chin on her hands to finish it, and paige was doing all the right things to try to fight it, but michelle waterson just looked very composed and like a champion tonight. she has something for these ladies to deal with, i will tell you that. >> jon: no nerves whatsoever, we know she is opportunistic with her submit game. fourth career win by choke, and her ninth career by submission, none bigger than that one as she gets it done against paige vanzant prayed a lot of things
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a big performance tonight. so the strawweight's on display here this evening, but in less than two weeks it will be the bantamweight's in the main event, as ronda rousey returns looking to reclaim the title against amanda nunes. >> we have barely seen ronda. >> what is ronda rousey's plan, what is she doing? >> you'd have to talk to her. >> it's not consistent with who you promoted yourself to be. >> is not about losing, or is that about losing the mystique and the image that you worked so hard to create? >> jon: so that is ufc 207 friday, december 30th, and of course my man dominick cruz, looking forward to your championship fight against cody garbrandt as well. that just about does it for us, don't forget for a complete recap of all of tonight's action, we hope you'll tune into
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fight show, that is coming up in a few minutes on fs1. coming up next here on fox, you're late local news, except on the west coast. wi that, thank you all so much for watching fox ufc fight night, for daniel cormier, dominick cruz and our outstanding crew, i am jon anik, signing off from here. we will give you one last look at the california kid, urijah faber. ♪ ♪ >> he is the california kid! >> urijah faber. [cheering and applauding] >> as long as urijah faber has been fighting, he has stayed amongst of the very best in the division. >> one of the most prolific. ♪ ♪ >> is there another fighter that gets under your skin like dominick cruz? >> absolutely not. >> that is it! how do you like the work of
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i've had such a great road, and thank you all for being a part of it. the love and support. >> fall out from winty weather. >> and a massive pileup in maryland. >> and president-elect trump makes a final stop of the year on his thank you tour. more on those stories and gwen has your forecast. >> join us tonight at 10.
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>> right now a wild weekendp warm and freezing rain that lead to massive pileups on the freeways and. >> gwen has the forecast coming up. >> and weather ended up canceling opening ceremony and did not stop a holiday tradition of honoring men and women buried at arlington national cemetery. >> and president-elect trump make a final stop on the thank you tour before the new year. his message to the crowd in alabama. fox local news starts now. thank you i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> boy, it was a rough start to the morning, wasn't it, with ice all over the place. let's start with that and the forecast. the weather caused ai mess. freezing main made driving conditions hazard us. there were major accidents and pileup in
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we'll have more on that any amoment. >> first checking in with gwenp in the weather center and seeing what we have going forward. hi. there. >> things different than what we dealt with today and i'm telling you you'll be surprised. >> to the west of us line of heavy rainfall and mixture of wentry precipitation behind all that. we have snow and all of this is moving to the northeast and we will see wet weather and the line of rain is headed our way. in the meantime, though, we're just dealing with cloudy skies and not much happening here at all. all that interprecipitation moved its way totally off to the northeast. and so, we're actually having a pretty calm evening right now. and aside from maybe just a few clouds. current temperatures, it's getting mild out there. 37 degrees in d.c. and double threes in baltimore and 36 gaingainburg and 45 dulles and 3 win chester and to the
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52 culpeper and 56 fredericksburg and that's because we are going to be benefiting from a pretty strong southerly wind nroy. right now whipped are calm. up to maybe 14 to 15 miles an hour. and we will see wind gusting though up to 25 miles an hour and bringing in lots of warmer air. 4 your overnight low becoming mostly cloudy. whipped increase in the overnight hours. rain will be moving in overnight. and we'll also have to deal with some fog. once we get into tomorrow things will take a totally different turn. we are looking at a pretty, pretty mild day and unseasonably warm to be exact and sunday is mild and wet and not a washout. full forecast in a bit. back to you, lauren. >> thank you, gwen, cold and ice this morning caused a disaster on the roads. police respond todd hundreds of accidents around d.c., maryland and virginia including several massive chain reaction crashes. >> "fox5" lindsey watts joins with an update on collisions
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hi, lindsay. >> reporter: my hi, matt, lauren, most of the ice from this morning melted. i have to be careful walking a long the sidewalks in chevy chase. you can see the slush that is still left behind tonight. as for the roads, though, they're looking type. we're right along the on ramp to 495 eastbound, if anything being just a little wet. traffic is moving along long just fine. we have some updated information about the worst accident that we saw today. a firey chain reaction crash on i 95 north in baltimore. police are now upping the number of vehicles involved from 55 to 67. this started when a tanker carrying gasoline askeded off the road, tipped over and exploded around:30 this morning and the driver of the tanker one of two people killed in the accident. about two dozen people were hurt. and several remain in critical condition tonight. all day
10:30 pm
impacted by that crash with lane closures including into tonight. also this morning in virginia theres with a huge accident on the beltway. police say a total of 2 vehicles including two tractor-trailers were involved in that one. this was mile marker 50 in fairfax country 5:15 a.m. and virginia state police say a mile away from the crash scene they found a man's body on the shoulder of the road. police say it appears the victim was involved in the crash and then walked away from his des able car. no cause of death yet and no other fatalities or serious injuries from that crash. the roads were so treacherous even first responders had trouble an a fair fax county fire truck slid off the road and hit power lines and went partially down a hillside. this was on route 50 near faroah mall. fortunately nobody hurt here. we talked to people that said all of this is why they chose to stay off the roads early this morning which is what w
10:31 pm
advised. >> it's going to go out this morning early and decided not to because of the road conditions. i saw the news. and i just got out now. so decided to go to the bank and get gas and roads are not bad. sidewalks and things like that are still pretty bad. >> and as you saw each tonight there is still some messiness on the sidewalk but with this warm-up gwen was telling you about coming overnight to tomorrow hopefully all this will be gone by the too many you wake up we're live in chefry chase, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> let's hope so, lindsay, dedicated volunteers braved rain and cold to honor our fallen heros and today is 25th annual wreath as cross america thousands of volunteers walked ground at arlington national cemetery this morning to place wreaths on the grivz of those laid to rest there. volunteers say they're honored to be part of a special trad
10:32 pm
connection because my husband is a veteran of the u.s. marine corps. it's important to come here and remember our veterans. >> it's a great day to honor those who served and remember the fallen. most important i think is for the next generation that follows us to teach them value of freedom. >> the poor weather conditions forced organizer to cancel today's opening ceremonies. as you can see all the wreaths got laid down. >> president-elect donald trump wrapped up post election victory tour in m bam today. >> he also announced pick for white house budget director. ripard is in mobile alabama with more. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump closing out his thank you tour saturday in mobile, alabama. >> this is truly exciting time to be alive and the script is not yet written. we do not know what the page will
10:33 pm
but for the first time in a long time, what we do know is that the pages will be annual ordered by each and every one of you. >> earlier in the day, trump further antagonized china tweeting china steals u.s. navy research drone in international waters rinse today out of water and takes to china in unprecedented act. earlier this week china seized u.s. navy underwater drone in international waters and accused u.s. of hyping up incident. saturday the pentagon said it secured a deal to get the drone back. >> whether you sees a drone or aircraft carrier the principle is the same. this is act of pie rasy and act of war against the united states. >> meanwhile trump's transition team announced nomination of south carolina congressman nick molvany as the electoral college gets ready to choose the next president. trump has a lead over clinton in the electoral college though lost the popular
10:34 pm
3 million. >> i have not seen niling like it i have gotten three or four bags of mail all asking the same thing a lot of form letters on the west coast and east coast. >> this rally is expected to be president-elect last public appearance before he heads to his estate for the christmas holidays. in mobile, alabama, richetson, fox news. >> meanwhile anti-trump protesters rallied on national mall today two days before the electoral college meets. they are urging those to swing votes away from trump and vote for someone else. >> up next early christmas present this for kids in prince george county. >> we'll take you to an event where sanlt aput a smile on the faces of children in need. >> and police rush to rescue a woman frozen stiff in a parked car and they're shocked to find out she was not each real.
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>> final farewell for former astronaut and senator john glenn whose casket was transcripted today for a public memorial service. vice-president joe biden delivered an emotional eulogy. glenn who was first american to orbit earth died at the age of 95. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >> there are are new questions about the trump hotel achb whether the president-elect can continue toing in and own it. >> the language is clear or is it? paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: a little over a year before trump announced plan for president he sent a strongly worded let to general services administration threatening to pull t
10:39 pm
deal for old post office unless he got his way. >> gsa officials were according to internal documents that we secured in litigation according to the government's own description they were so rattled and that's their word by trump's posturing they had to convene internal meeting. they were quite concerned. they were frankly intimidated carl masinio who is suing government in hopes of learning terms of the deal wonders this. >> as soon as donald trump assumes presidency he actually in effect becomes both the land lord of that property, which is not his, it's the public's as well as the tenant. he is on both sides negotiating. how are those gsa officials so intimidated in their own word rattled by donald trump businessman going to be able to negotiate fair terms in the public interest when he is in fact not only the president but their boss. >> just this week four house democrats sthent letter
10:40 pm
gsa administrator asking how the gsa was going to address the issue writing, mr. trump will be in breach of the lease agreement and the moment he takes office unless he fully die investigates himself of all financial interests in the lease for the hotel. and a lease that says no elected officials may benefit from it however in a statement the gsa says it does not have a position that the lease provision requires the president-elect to divest of financial interests. in a word, they want to wait to see what mr. trump will do with his businesses and there's more the foreign businessmen and dignitary who's alreadyed have shown interest in staying there. >> this is not a new issue of course. when the framers wrote the constitution and enacted the constitution in 179 they enacted provision of constitution article 1 section 9 called a mollyment clause which prohibits any time of benefit flowing
10:41 pm
government to government officials. >> and did not invest property when he becomes president for law who will not be sued and may then be up to the general services administration which would then be under the oversight of the trump administration or republican controlled kong gretion gress paul wagner, fox local news. >> don't forget "fox5" has you covered with latest political news. join fits and ronica tomorrow morning "fox5" on the hill:30 before fox news sunday and tune in every weekday for 5 at 630 hoeinged by jim lokay and shawn yancy. >> moving on now. new tonight, police returned to recuse a woman frozen stiff in a parked car in upstate new york or well they thought so. it turns out it is just a man can. officers smashed a window and realized the victim had been
10:42 pm
lifeless the car was parked there by a salesman for a medical training company that left the mannequin in the passenger seat. he's not too happy tonight because he got a busted out window. >> here eye home a live look outside. it's not as cold as last night or this morning where we saw so much ice it will be bitterly cold. what's next. >> gwen, how is sunday looking. >> sunday will look great and that mannequin would not be looking frozen. let me tell you that. all right, guys here's a look where we stand now. because we have clouds outside. we do not have any freezing rain to talk about i'm happy to say. it's 38 right now. winds are calm. we do have the clouds and it's all ahead of our next system and it's front
10:43 pm
will make its way across the area and once we move into tomorrow. but in the meantime we are talking all that winter precipitation headed off to the northeast and on the backside of it plenty of rainfall and some wintry mix and snow moving over the upper midwest and that rain will be heading our way and we'll see that in the form of pretty heavy rain showers tonight to tomorrow. right now nothing showing on radar for us over on far northwest we expect to see it and temperature wise what a big change colder air is settling in all along the sea board southerly flow is strong and will continue to keep temperatures on the up side? it will be unseasonably warm tomorrow. mild sunday. can you believe it? we'll be in the upper 50s and low 60s my goodness what season is it we continue to question it freezing rain to mild qunz and temperatures in the 60s. that will hold steady tomorrow until the front comes through and we'll see a big change in
10:44 pm
check was be get back to winter season and temperatures drop right to the 30s on monday so get prepared to rain tomorrow it's not a washout i want to tell you that and windy conditions for tomorrow and monday and you will see that difference in the temperature. we'll got a little treat with the warm weather. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. >> talk about early christmas present. take a look at what navy veteran and current trucker troy davidson got from u.s. chamber of commerce foundations hiring heroes familiar program. it's a fully loaded 016 semi-truck valued 170,000 and davidson served as jet engine mechanic and currently lived in michigan and owns and operates his own tractor-trailer. it's very humbling and honorable to be here with a life changing event. i mean it's really going to change any life for the better. >>
10:45 pm
veterans. there's so much to continue to give they're skilled and talented and dedicated and professional and we need to hon are or them every chance we get. >> davidson was selected over two other veterans who are truckers and transition truck ago ward competition recognizes that to have made a successful transition from military service into trucking industry. clearly giving them tools they need. >> great. >> you can imagine that's a head start for him. >> absolutely, that's great. >> christmas came early for special kids in prince george county today. >> yeah, a toys for tots event took place at prince george county police headquarters and volunteers including officers teamed one marines and santa to handout presents top kids in need. this year they disstribed more than 27,000 toys? >> it's good to give back to the community. we all enjoy that. there's nothing better than putting a smile on a child's face. i think it's great for the police department and for the
10:46 pm
mar each corps and as well as community to all get together and it's a very positive event for everyone. >> ard coming to the web site, the marine corps toys for tots program collected and districted 18 million toys to more than million children last year. >> good work. >> definitely. >> u.s. they have their own christmas traditions right? >> we're in the u.s. >> okay. >> they do. >> we. >> okay. we thanks for the clarification lauren demarco. from massive trees. >> i have a fake tree. >> do you? yeah i don't have a tree this year -- anyway from massive trees to detective stovr windows. >> around the world there's many other ways people celebrate the holiday season and fox's benjamin hall has more on that. >> here in the british capital the harris decorations may look familiar to americans. but the london pant
10:47 pm
race is unique way to celebrate holidays. christmas pantmime and pub. >> it's incredible event for charity and great fun. it showcases greenwich and london. >> over in germany, a group of bikers wear santa costumes for berlin christmas bike tour it raises money for charity this year's ride benefiting a local soup kitchen and yunl organization and don't forget about glue vine and the malt whine is christmas mark stable and belgium takes it a step further drinking and dining with the big man himself. four days santa hosts guests for males at sleigh shape table suspended above brussels. >> and you see it like you've never seen it before. >> cardboard devils are burned in a tradition to chase away bad spirit and australians get to see santa climb the harvard bridge to plush out the best
10:48 pm
delivery roots. it's a similar experience in finland where they can visit st. nick near the arctic circle and santa holiday village features reindeer and main post office. >> he receives half a million letters all around the world. >> he needs to head back to the north pole to deliver it gift but children all over the world can follow the progress with the annual norad santa tracker. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. glad the receipt of the world is in the holiday spirit. this guy doesn't each have a tree. >> i didn't get a tree this year. i have a few days. >> who does that. >> i'm coming to your house didn't i tell you. >> you're invited okay i'll be there. >> coming up, kaheem saves d.c. >> best story of the week. >> of the year. >> of the year i agree with you the little boy stole our hearts as we watched him yesterday live his superhero wish and we'll take a look back at the special day that was made possible by those people working here at "fox5" and, of course, make
10:49 pm
that's coming up next. you don't want to miss afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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. >> big superhero mission accomplished a 5-year-old maryland boy reminded us all of what is important this season. helping others. >> young kaheem is battling leukemia his only wish was to be a superhero and help other people. >> we teamed up to make his dreams come true. tisha lewis takes us on the incredible journey. >> i'm kaheem i want to be a super hoor owe. >> 5-year-old boy from owings mills transformed
10:51 pm
superhero. he was diagnosed with leukemia and at this moment he fought another battle being a superhero. >> come on down young man. >> super kaheem started his day at "fox5" arriving on montgomery county fire truck where greeted by favorite super her owes. >> hi, body. >> his next stop the national harbor where santa was stuck on a fair is wheel. >> you can see on the distance he is stuck. >> santa. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> another mission complete with the help of tucker. there there off to the capitol where he received a superhero message. and grinch stealing presents at the it national theater. >> the final mission ended at the museum super ka home rescued sports mascot if a second floor balcony.
10:52 pm
a true superhero reminding us of what really matters. ♪ love that. >> love that. >> such great work. >> all day yesterday his cute live laugh and smile and it was perfectly done and i hope that he remembers that for a long time. >> the people at mack a wish and people here i mean really need to be commended. that's great work. >> yes. >> what a cutey. >> you have people in prince george county and montgomery county here in d.c. >> first responders. >> firefighters. >> paul ryan. >> got a video yes the grinch there and. >> museum was involved. >> yeah. >> it really is we have it all online if you want to take a look at more clips online. it will make you smile for sure. >> all right. coming up, santa babies. >> how the march. dimes is bringing christmas cheer to preemies and parents who are spend the holidays in the
10:53 pm
>> santa baby♪ ♪
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10:56 pm
>> what a scene we woke up to had this morning. i know we were reporting tractor-trailer night before but i didn't quite expect it to be a shock when we opened the door and all these accidents we had. >> i know that was really bad. >> right around noon it started to warm up. >> it was shifting. >> and started to develop. >> and and exactly. some of our neighborhoods well north had lingered longer. but definitely it was dangerous out there today. things greatly improved. we're happy about that. sunshine today and rise in temperatures which was a good thing. so now we're trying to go in
10:57 pm
e we're actually not going to be talking about winter precipitation but we will talk about rain. take a look at this. radar you can see right here there's a lot still going on mid section of country and plenty of cold air on backside behind a frontal system and they're getting slammed into parts of illinois and up to the great lakes and then we have all the rainfall here and everything else is moved off northeast where i know they had you know at least 3 to 4" of snowfall in some areas of new england. things are calmer now. we is clouds and we're expecting rain into the overnight hours as a result of at approach of frontal system. egg speaking of what's going on elsewhere look at all the watches, warnings and advisories. however, on our door step not too much to speak about exception being far area here to west where this there is actually wind advisory in effect and that until into on sunday. so here's what's happening in terms of ice totals and anywhere from quarter of inch tore less in many neigor
10:58 pm
and regardless the small littlest bit made it dangerous here as we've seen with reports of accidents. temperatures now. we have 43 d.c. and 6 gaithersburg and 33 baltimore this hour and we have 53 culpeper that's quite a variance isn't it? 32 winchester and 33 martinsburg and that's an indication of what happens to us in the next 24 hours air rment warmer air is moving into the south already. we will see the warmer air impact our forecast tomorrow. in the meantime for tonight benefiting from it a bit with overnight lows into 40s and see more of cooler air morm and norm west. and we're looking at fog developing participatey in nature overnight tonight into early sunday morning also. so this is next weather maker right here. this is cold front. the warm front moved to the knowledge of us today allowing warmer air to come in and mixed precipitation to head off
10:59 pm
along and ahead of the frontal system we'll see rain that starts overnight tonight into your sunday. and however, on the backside of that frontal system is our reality check as i called it of the season. ahead of it we get the warmer air and behind it the colder air is going to return. and that's going to happen on monday. but on sunday the later part of evening hours we'll start to see front getting closer and adds it does we will gradually see a temperature drop. by tomorrow night cold all over and monday is the day. and seeing rain tomorrow. not a total washout all day. future cast so though you 1:00 in the morning sunday moves in west and progresses way to 6:00 hour and then we advance to 9:00 hour and you can see we have pretty good heavy bands by midday and even heavier by:00 hour and we -- once we get past that to 4, 5:00 hour moves way off southeast and by the time we get to early evening we have clouds
11:00 pm
eastern areas. and but you know it will be off and on in some part of the day. not a total washout. highs tomorrow look at this upper 50s and 60s unbelievable this time of year and plan are by midday 5 with rain. it will be windy as well. gusty winds pushing in from the south. wrapping it up for you 48 for tonight and looking at rain pushing in overnight hours and for tomorrow a mild 60 degrees. my goodness christmas is in another week or two isn't it? how did that happen? >> reality show when it dips to 30s and rest of week hanging in 40s or so. we got another storm system on thursday to keep an eye on, also. >> that's kind of all over the place. >> what you're saying is no white christmas. >> typical weather buff fay matt. >> lose to choose from. >> i want to put you on the spot here. >> i said storm system thursday we don't know what it


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