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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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eastern areas. and but you know it will be off and on in some part of the day. not a total washout. highs tomorrow look at this upper 50s and 60s unbelievable this time of year and plan are by midday 5 with rain. it will be windy as well. gusty winds pushing in from the south. wrapping it up for you 48 for tonight and looking at rain pushing in overnight hours and for tomorrow a mild 60 degrees. my goodness christmas is in another week or two isn't it? how did that happen? >> reality show when it dips to 30s and rest of week hanging in 40s or so. we got another storm system on thursday to keep an eye on, also. >> that's kind of all over the place. >> what you're saying is no white christmas. >> typical weather buff fay matt. >> lose to choose from. >> i want to put you on the spot here. >> i said storm system thursday we don't know what it
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bring. >> all right. >> we have time. >> when i'm looking at this 60 one day and 37 next day and to me it's like vitamin c, vitamin c and ooch i think it is. maybe it's my own problem. i'm taking vitamin c. >> don't you get sick because you catch something. >> i don't know i think -- >> we're just happy all night. you're right. >> coming up next in sports the redskins josh norman gearing up to face off against former team and keep skins playoff hopes alive. >>
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>> after last night ace win in carolina they won six straight games and that's enough to keep pace
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columbus blue jackets won naet a row and coming into tonight the philadelphia flyers are on a ten game winning streak for the caps back-to-back after a road game and it showed in the energy level tonight. another replay like really? caps down 1-0. great puck movement. finishing off nikki backstorm, his ninth goal of the season and rocking red at the phone booth. caps tied 1-1 after equalizer and it showed in the third. streaking just past braid known chance caps lose for first time in two weeks 2-1. >> we did a lot of things pretty well and failed to that last step of the way
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goals. and when you don't do that you cannot expect to win. >> we wanted to create more chances. and you know, tlar a tough team to play against they play with a lot of speed and you know really make you pay. >> talk leading into "monday night football" has been about this man skins josh norman facing off against former team carolina panthers and rightfully so. they made the super bowl and without norman 5-8 and out of playoff contention beasting one of past defenses in nfl. playoff dreams are pretty much over and skins aspiration as live. they're behind tampa bay for the sixth spot in the nfc and would put themselves great position to leapfrog to the wildcard spot. that's monday night. we talk about redemption for norman this team needs a win
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greater than for revenge. >> we're in the mix we know that. we also know that one slipup and you'll be game and a half possibly back so it's just up to us to take care of what we can take care of and that's carolina right now. and then we'll let the chips fall where they may. >> all right. back to norman. this is going to be emotional game for him. he blossomed into one of the best corners in the league in car line and the team didn't feel he was worth paying to keep in panthers uniform. carolina loss has been redskins game norman has been as advertised equally battling and shutting down the opponent top receiver and become ago leader in the locker room. >> it may not come across in the media and the answers or way he answers questions but he's a quiet humble leader on this team who goes about his business. you see him stay after practice. winning matters to him. he's been a part of winning team. he knows what that looks like. i think getting some best players to be best leaders
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where i'm most pleased with josh on top of his ability. >> one of the most -- today acc fined tech for receiving wake forest game plans before game with daekons in 2014 this week wake radio analyst admitted to leaking games and info to their owe phone bone enter in the last two years. they finished regulation tied zero. i don't know how much the info did. >> this week's santa sleigh was replaced by a bus. they surprised families to delivering patients in need and for kid, it was not just about the gifts. they got to meet their hard court heros. >> john wall. >> i thought it would be like one or two players. i though
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i was not expecting john wall and brady beihl. i was not expecting that. >> i thank you guys so much. this means a lot to me and my family. and i thank god for you guys. oh, my god i'm overwhelmed. >> i've gone to this event the last couple ears years and every time the looks on their faces they know the wizards are coming but don't know it's star players and cheerleaders and mascots. >> do it i know. >> they pack you know these houses and it's a swarm of people and the looks on kids faces are sheer awe. >> important work because those kids look up to players. >> sure. sure. >> all right we'll be back in a moment
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>> march
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with missouri hospital to celebrate the hospital in the nicu unit and the staff at st. luke's hospital of kansas city made special costumes for the babies and infants in care area dressing them up as tiny little presents. the outfits were delivered to the babies by santa himself and three volunteer photographs from the march of times dimes who are mom's of former nicu babies captured all those photos for parent that were there. >> i love the part about the moms. it was her way to give back. we've been there and we know how it is to. >> all right. the elf on the sell of made return to homes this holiday season. >> you're too young right. >> yes. >> i'm torn about the elf on shelf. >> one dad swapped out the doll for his son. >> yeah this is s
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that alan lawrence dressed up his little boy rockwell as elf. 15 month old poses in spots around the house. he posted on instagram, facebook and blog where they're racking up the views. he got the idea last year when someone pointed out rockwell kind of looks like elf. dad said he deposit mind. >> is that really the kid. >> it looks like the elf. >> he said he doesn't mind the elf costume but doesn't lover the hat. but he looks adorable. >> you don't like the elf. >> i don't know i think kids are scared of it. >> my friend that have kids say they like it and it keeps them this line. >> we'll be back in a moment
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z26i0z z17vz y26i0y y17vy >> newesten stallment in the "star wars" has hit threaters. >> rowing 1 and other new movies hitting
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this weekend >> hey, everybody, kevin mccarthy here to going out about brand new movie releases, rowing 1 and la la land considered for best picture at the oscar this year as current front runner in my phone take home best picture at the academy awards. starting "rowing 1" star wars story this is amazing and huge i'm wearing my "star wars" suit. i saw it last night it take place between episode three and four. what that means first "star wars" movie was episode 4 and before that the group ever rebels steal plans for death star and leads directly into the first "star wars" movie. i got say the action in this film is brilliant. gar is edwards did
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job directing movie and what works is third act. that's where movie is worth all the money to see. because there's a sdleen that act that is township minute long that i would pay 20 to watch on a loop for hours that's how epic this scene was and all i'll say it's the best scene this character ever had in a "star wars" movie. i'm tell you will flip out the first act is fantastic i love introduction of character. great cast. it's second act and script dialogue at times that felt a little lacking. once you get to third part of movie and finale you will be blown away. movie sake released in i max d dim tally and i've only see the digital version not worth the extra money in my opinion i'm seeing it in 2 d, 70 millimeter i max this coming is it a and hopefully have more information there. but
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not waste money on extra up charts i paid 21.49 for that last night. it was too dark in the beginning. garrett edwards is fantastic. i loved his movie mop sisters. i gave movie 4 out of 5 not as great as force awakens if i range the "star wars" movies i would go embuyer episode five then four then episode six -- i'm sorry episode five, four, seven, six, "rowing one" and you'll the prequells down below episode three, two, one a. tack of the clan was one of the worst of all times. i gave the movie 4 out of 5 i recommend seeing it it is awesome at the end you will be geeking out and having neared tears. next up "la la land" this will win best picture at the os aries it's phenomenally executed by
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filmmaker and making movies at his age i don't think film 35eubgers are making until 10, 11, 12 this is major film after whiplash. emma stone and ryan gooseling play this this movie. an aspiring actress and their love of trying to chief their dream. ryan gooseling plays the piano andp revolutionizes musical and takes place in modern day and songs are so catchy you will be sing when you leave the cheater. i gave it 5 out of 5 it's six. pie five of the year an i have to say it's only number three of the year overall. arrival and dead pool are my top two. "dead pool" number when and arrival if you remember two and rowing 1 third. if you have not seen whiplash recommend that
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nominations came out. there are five films you have to see 23 you want to catch up. "hel or high water" thin street available offer netflix and see arrival as well as hack saw brim and la la land. >> tweet me your reviews at kevin mccarthy tv. >> there's a lot of good stuff. >> there's a lot of good stuff. >> and isn't this the time of year award whipping movies come out. >> it's award season. they save them until the end of the year. >> for sure. >> thanks for joining us at 10. >> fox news at 11 starts after the break.
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>> thank you for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> we're going to start tonight with the forecast. boy the warm caused a mess on the roads this morning. didn't it? freezing rainp made driving conditions dangerous and there were hundreds of crash around the region including a massive pileup on i 95 near baltimore. we'll get more on that in a moment. >> first i want to check in with gwen in the weather center leading off the 11:00 show we're a little late. but hey there, gwen. >> happy to say all the winter weather moved its way out of region an we're looking at rain approaching now. ty a look at big
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to the west plenty of rainfall and weren'try mix and snow. we're going to be dealing with primarily rain over the next 24 hours or so. and right now we have some clouds and so we're waiting to sew that starting to move in which should happen anyone the overnight showers all associated with a frontal system. ahead of that frontal system we're getting quite a warm-up and rise in temperature as pretty strong southerly flow and that helps to melt ice today as well as what was out there and sunshine we managed to get. elsewhere across the country take a look at warnings and watches and add scienceryes far cry where we are and we however to far west have wind adviceys in effect and that kicks in until noon sunday. that strong, gusty wind. in the meantime temperatures now into the 0s and 40s and temperatures continue to rise up and down the mid atlantic. overnight low 4 with southerly wind flow. rain overnight hours will be windy. we're looking at patchy
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tonight and patchy fog tomorrow as well. it's going to be a warm one though folks. we're headed into 60 up believable this time of year and it will be mild and also be wet the good news sunday is not a total washout and i'll have the details on that and of course a like at the all important 7 day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. cold and ice this morning caused a disaster on the road. police responded to hundreds of accidents around d.c., par mar and virginia including several massive chain reaction crashes. >> "fox5" lindsey watts has update on those collisions. >> most of the slush and ice from this morning is gone now. although, there is still a little bit left behind on the sidewalk as you can see on connecticut avenue in chevy chase and the roads though are just type. if anything, tlar a little wet right now. but nothing like we saw earlier this morning. we have updated information about the worst accident that we saw
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a firey chain reaction crash on i 95 northbound baltimore. police have now upped the number of vehicles involved from 55 to 67 this started when a tanker carrying gasoline skidded off the road tipped over and exploded 3:30 this morning and driver of the tabor one of the two people killed in that accident. and with two dozen people were hurt and several remained in critical condition tonight. all day long 95 has been impacted by that crash with lane closures. >> i was going to go out this morning early and decided not to because of road conditions i saw the news and i just fwot out now. the roads are not bad. but sidewalks and things like that are still pretty bad. >> also this morning in virginia there was a huge accident on beltway. police say a total of 23 vehicles including two tractor-trailers were involved
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this was mile marker 50 fairfax county 5:15 a.m. and virginia state police satisfies a mile away from crash scene they fopd a man's pody on shoulder of road and it appears the victim was involved in a crash and walked away from his disabled car. no cause of death yet and other fatalities or serious injuries from that crash. the roads were so treacherous earlier even first responders had trouble. a fair fax county fire truck slid off the road and hit power lines and went partially down a hillside route 50 near farrow mall and fortunately nobody got hurt. we talked to people who say all of this is why they chose to stay off the roads early this morning which is what was advised. still a bit of messiness on the ground in area tonight and with the warm-up that's on the way overnight into tomorrow all of this should be gone by the time you wake up. >> in chevy chase, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> up next donald trump


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