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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 20, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11 an all out brawl at a local high school. three students ending up at the hospital, what sparked the chaos and how the school is cracking down. plus terror in berlin. a semi truck rammed into a crowded christmas market, a terror analyst he was in on the investigation. and still need to ship the holiday gifts? we went to looking to find the cheapest option for the last minute deliveries. your news tarts now. we begin tonight with that chaotic video, a fight inside a maryland high school. it ended with three students being taken to the hospital. thanks for staying with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm jim lokay in for tony. a school at central high school recorded the video. a parent sent it to fox5 demanding action from the school. let's reacou
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lindsay watts who is live tonight with that story. hey, lindsay. >>reporter: hey, jim and shawn, the investigation into this is ongoing, but race may have played a role in this awful clash, that it was a group of african-american students fighting with a group of hispanic students. the parent who provided us the video says he kept his daughter from school today, that she wasn't involved in the fight, butts eat racial element that really has him scared. here's more of that video. high schoolers out of control in a lunchroom brawl. this happened on friday. students punching and kicking each other. three students had to be hospitalized after a fight that school officials acknowledge may have been racially motivated. a spokesperson for prince george's county schools says the african-american students were the aggressors and because the assault was directed at the hispanic students, the principal is working with the district's did i
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bring all students together. we're told the l school is also developing a plan to address safety concerns from both students t and parents. i would want more security beefed up. a mother we talked to was horrified seeing the video. i just wanted to know where was administrative security. i'm concerned that it got out of hand like that. you maive have had the same thought. we went back and slowed down the video and found at least three adults who were trying to intervene. police say the school resource officer called for backup from prince george's county police. we asked the district if there is going to be an increase in security after this. no response yet on that question. the district did tell us that the principal has met with the parents of everyone involved and all students were part of an assembly to address what happened and try to keep it from happening again. the district says all three students who were hospitalized have now been release. police tell us that nobody was arrested as a rut of the fight.
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students involved were punished in accordance with school policy. i spoke to two students who were in that assembly that was held earlier today and they said they heard there that the aggressors in the fight have been expelled. they also told me that they don't feel that there is a racial divide at their school and from their understanding there were other issues that prompted the fight. live in h capital heights, lindsay watts, fox5 local news developing in germany, the white house tonight is condemning what appears to have been a terror attack in berlin. a man drove a truck into a crowded christmas market this afternoon. at least 12 people were dead, 48 others were hurt. a passenger inside the truck were among those who died. the man in custody they believe is the driver. they have not said for certain that it was a deliberate act. the islamic state anal wade a has called upon their fellers to
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sarah simmons has more on this one. >>reporter: we're outside at this holiday market. it is closed up for the night, but when it is open it is a very fessive atmosphere. when you so what happen with the attack in berlin today it really does sort of rattle your sense of safety. itself though loan sort of attacks that make it difficult for local and federal authorities to get a handle on where exactly the danger lies. terrorism experts say there are certainly threats against the us that investigators are to thwart every day. what happened oversees didn't come entirely out of the blue, though. the us state department issued a travel alert before thanksgiving for those visiting holiday markets and other celebrations in europe. experts we talked with told us about the best way to project a possible terrorist attack. you just put yourself in the shoes of the terrorists and see what will be the ways. for example, if you are in a mall if you interior a crowded
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places, board meetings. remember in california what happened or in a nightclub such as what happened in orlando, have the instincts of being in a counter terrorism situation. now, this downtown holiday market from earlier tonight. i spoke with one of the organizers behind the event. he says even before today's christmas market attack in berlin he had already hired security for the event and he does this every year. this was the 12th year to it. and he works closely with d.c. police on security warnings and issues. now, there are of course as he said some security measures that you cannot see when we are in d.c. there are a the look of course measures you may not '. but there are some that you will notice when you come down here to the christmas market. for instance, it's very busy here at seventh and f. yet they do have the barriers up here just to try to protect pedestrians from any sort of traffic coming along this way. that's the latest here in
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sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > and also developing in turkey tonight, the us one of many governments condemning the assassination of the. with respects say the assassin who was an off duty police officer shouted out about aleppo antsiry a was later killed by police in a shoot out. the attack comes a day before they meet in moscow to discuss the situatery and war. > let's take it outside right now, yes, the temperatures, we are now blow freezing officially. how long is this artic air going to stick around. lets check in with sue palka and see. >> it's a short visit. we're going to see everything getting a little bit more comfortable as we get later into the week. specifically we're talking about wednesday seeing this artic air kind of leave town. this blast isn't kind of bad as we had before. it's not necessa
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but wednesday when you'll notice temperatures getting a little bit easier to take and at least it's not windy tonight, right in it's 31-degrees here in the district. we do have a few places near the freezing mark, but a lot of other places have headed down to the low and mid 20s including winchester at 23, martinsburg 5 and gaithersburg 5 with quantico coming in at 32. there could be a few places in the teens tonight, upper teens to mid 20 #-s, the range. that means it's a cold start for sure tomorrow morning. we've had a few clouds coming through tonight, but high pressure is eventually going to build in and we're going to have a settled nice day tomorrow with teens and 20s to get it started. while you'll still want the kids to have the heavy coat at the bus stop with a range of 19 to 20 degrees, after school it's a little more reasonable 37 to 41-degrees. by wednesday i think we'll get close to 51-degrees. we'll talk about that and what you can expect for christmas eve
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>> thank you sue. it is official, donald trump will become the 45th partnership of the united states. today the president elect surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to be declared the winter. and by anti trump forces to abandon the president elect did not impact today's electoral college vote. donald trump finished with 304 overall votes. still to come tonight, a woman claims she was kidnapped from a quiet d.c.ineighborhood and police say more than one man targeted her. also tonight you have a couple of days left until christmas. which carrier will get your holiday package to its destination on time and how much is it going to set you back in we'll tell you what we found. we're back after this.
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> one northwest d.c. neighborhood is on edge tonight after a woman told police she was kidnapped, forced into a van, assaulted, robbed and then thrown out of the vehicle in a woodly park neighborhood. this happened early yesterday morning on
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police grabbed the woman forced her into a white van. inside were two other men. police say the woman was assaulted and then they stole some of her personal items. people who live nearby say this whole incident is very troubling. >> there's not much traffic on this street. what you see right now is it. there's real who the spots. certain places are better. we're aware of that. the victim is recovering and police have not release an official report that disclose details of the kidnappings mapping. someone hacked the frederick public schools. students who attended the school between 2005 and 200 # may have had their personal information breached. nearly a thousand names, social security numbers and birth dates could have been compromised. unfortunately the school system says it's hard to identify the source of the hack because it happened a decade ago. if you think you were expected we have a link on o
12:43 am that might offer some help much coming up next tonight, what word would you say sums up 2016? >> the mind reels, doesn't it in miriam webster unvailed its word of the year. you're running out of time to male the gifts. when it absolutely, positive has to be there on
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to be shipped to colorado.
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our first stop, the fed ex store on klehr done boulevard in arlington. how much value would you like to place on the item. the cheapest fed ex can get our gifts to forth collins by texas is by ground shipping for 41.756789 next we're heading to the ups store in boss than to, same package, same desire, to fine the cheapest way to get our gifts to forth collins by colorado by christmas. the objection to the form way ups says they can get their box there in time is via their special express service for 90 it will arrive by friday, december 23. our next and last stop, the post office, this their busiest day of the season for p mailing packages and cards. what would be the cheapest way to get there by friday and saturday? we're told our box should arrive in forth collins by friday, via priority male
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36.50 stressing the word should get there. to guaranty delivery by christmas we can use express male for tomorrow delivery for 73.95. so there you have it, looks like fed ex is the winner for guaranteed cheapest delivery. bottom line, you still have time. what you may depends on who you turn to. in arlington county, bob barnard, fox5 local news. the good news you have options. 2016 has certainly been a whirl bond with full of surprises. miriam webster unvailed the word of the year, sewer release body. >> sewer release body is interesting in one way. it's spiked in different moments. it spiked when the terrorists attacked brussels and then again in knees and also the turkish queue and the biggest individual
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other top internet searches include the word bigly. a word people thought donald trump although he said he was saying big league. and also the word deplorable. no matter what it is it all comes back to the election. thanksgiving dinner, pass the potatoes, it comes into an election discussion. it's true. we were like let's not talk election and then five seconds later it came in somewhere. the other thing we always talk about, the weather. >> it's that time of year. if you figure out how to get the subject off the election, will you let me know state of new jersey you're the one who usually do that. they say the key to that is to distract. i'm going to be your distraction right now because we're going to talk about the christmas forecast. i can't believe its christmas week, right, guys? the forecast for this saturday is looking
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to a long weekend for many of us, maybe you've got the rest of the week off. it looks like it's going to be a mild day, 50-degrees during the day with some clouds, maybe a slight risk of a shower and the temperature only drops to about 40-degrees. so perfect for santa, right? what about christmas day? some showers possible, even warmer about 53-degrees. last year you may have bun running the air-conditioning in your house because it was topically humid and very rainy. maybe it's a about it more reasonable this year. there's a batch of high clouds moving on through. these are not going to last much longer. we've had a few showers down to our south. we'll have clear skies and a sunny day to greet you on tuesday. if you're traveling maybe you're going to run into a little bit of snow activity. but otherwise it's pretty quiet across the whole country. no big travel worries and not terribly cold air anywhere. d.c. is
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pittsburgh 20, but this is a lot better than it was last week when the bitter air came in on thursday. 14-degrees in columbus and detroit is only 4-degrees and chicago coming in at 14. lots of sunshine tuesday, temperatures should be right around 42 degrees and we pump it up to 50-degrees on wednesday and i'll go ahead and say it's going to feel mild considering what we went through over the weekend with our up and down weather. we'll see the high clouds getting on out of here later tonight and then you're going to see a good amount of sunshine coming back into the forecast tomorrow. it will be with us until it goes down and then clear skies tomorrow as well as on wednesday. our next chance of any showers, a slight chance on thursday when a frontal boundary comes on through and that front will bring in a cooler day friday. it will get our winds getting late in the day. tuesday, cold start for the morning. upper teens to mid 20s. maybe 28-degrees in the district at 8 in the morning. a cold start.
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hour. 39-degrees, by the time we get to 4:00, 41-degrees and it's a nice dry day without a the lot of wind, either. with the sunshine i think it will feel pretty good to you. enjoy your last full day of fall. 38 for gaithersburg, and 39 for martinsburg, 4 # for the district, 40 for leonardtown. looking at wednesday, temperatures should warm up nicely and close to 50-degrees in many areas and we'll get cool at night into the 30s, but all things considered looking pretty good. tomorrow probably the coolest day we're going to have in the while. wednesday and thursday in the 50s, a little cooler for friday. we talked about a slight chance of showers■ç on christmas eve. a slightly better chance of showers for christmas day and then even warmer on christmas day. if you got some running around to do you will only need a light jacket. don't go anywhere. we've got more to till about, fox5 local news at 11 will be right back.
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> yesterday $2 wizards proved they can do what they do when they compete at high level. getting it done on the road is a totally different story. tonight's second game back to back facing the pacers. bradley beal coming off a h 41 performance. he gets the rebound, drives up, lay in. the with wizard build an 11 1 # point lead, but this game as it seems quite too often comes up to the last minute. john wall goes out to beal, pulls up near the three point, and then lets it fly. it's a two point other, not three. the game is tied at 105. with five seconds left, they go inbound. point 9 seconds to go.
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wizards with one last chance to make this count. no good p. the wizards fall 107 to # 0105. > you see this, with an emphasis on the c. watch the helmet. he's hit by the packers so hard, the c goes flying off the helmet. apparently the decals just don't stick that well in nine degree weather. he's okay. next monday afternoon maryland will play in a bowl game. the terps will face boston l college in detroit. some of the guys play tribute to the motor city in their own version of car pool chair car oak i. > n. music playing)
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> are we there yet. >> we haven't pulled out yet. the makeup job is pretty good. >> they did a lot of work there. > not a good night for the redskins. they're not out. i feel bad for anybody out there because it is cold. iran outside briefly, ran back in. it's not that within did i, but it's a long time to be sitting in the cold. this is cold for us on a december night. we have a quick shot of the seven day to show you that we are going to see things warming up as we get into
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coming up on today's telecast: >> hallelujah! there she goes! there she goes! she's been waiting! whoo! oh she's going to shout a little bit! look at that! she's going to run! >> he got $150,000! >> cancelled that debt and that debt was $27,000. god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. stay tuned as reverend popoff ministers, prays, and reveals the power of a living god


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