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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. the accident injured several people including children. witnesses say the truck driver was driving erratically but the driver is telling a much different story, alexandra limon is live on the scene tonight with the latest. alex? >> reporter: well, shawn, that is the big problem tonight. that witnesses and the driver gave very different accounts about what caused the crash. and while at this point, that driver is not facing charges, i just spoke to a source with prince george's county police who says it's possible he will be facing charges soon. >> i was on the sofa and felt like an earthquake. >> she said she felt her home shake after dump truck plowed into one of the tri plexes connected to herself. it injured two boys five and seven >> the car right there and two young boys, one of them had a mouth
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and i was trying to assist him and comfort him. >> reporter: the wrc truck was driving down owns road in oxon hill where there is ongoing construction and signs warning people to slow down. >> it's significant impact to the front at a pretty good rate of speed. it has penetrated the front of the building. >> reporter: the home crumbled from the impact. crews shored up the building but unit is condemned. the driver was larry clark. >> it was a white truck passed in front of my truck which jammed my front wheel. and pulled me right into the car. and i couldn't stop. hit the car. then i went right into the building. >> reporter: police say so far they have not confirmed his story. crews who were on the scene told fox 5 they never saw a white truck. >> that's new information. we would determine if there was white vehicle involved. the driver was also operating
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the investigation. >> reporter: now, luckily nobody was inside this house when the crash happened. you can see it's all boarded up. four people were inside the cars and they were all hurt. however, we're told they're expected to be ok. reporting in oxon hill, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. now, two a brutal beating at a mcdonald caught on camera in arlington county. the victim's mother gave us this deo. lice sce arreste two people. she sopo d o has ren at led to the attack and what the victim's mother is hoping for. >> reporte the beating took place friday around 9:30 at the mcdonald's behind me. the victim's mother contacted fox 5 for two reasons. firsnsr son caught. second, she says it's important to speak out. if you don't speak out. she says nothing will be done. >> it is hard
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the 17-year-old struck over and over and over. now listen. the victim didn't want his identity known but his mother contacted fox 5 wanting to speak out for him. she told us what happened when she first saw the video. >> i howled, really loud. i lost it. >> she says she believes the attack is pay-back for her son reporting a crime against him months ago. >> my son was attacked and robbed six months ago. and one grabbed him from behind during school and the other one reached in his pant's pockets and took out $40. >> police arrested these two men, ricardo jordan robinson and
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senseca. one man is you accused by the victim of robbing him back in may. back to the video. police points out they do not believe this is gang related and no further charges are pending connected to the attack. >> physically, bumps, bruises, scratches. there's a golf ball size bruise on the back of his ear. >> reporter: the 17-year-old who was attacked is physically doing much better, his mother says his physical injuries are healing. he did not want to speak but he said that his mother could speak on his behalf. if you have any information about this video, call arlington county police. in arlington county, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. dc police are taking a major step towards strengthening the relationship with the community. today, the department announced it will be realigning its special liaison division to report to interim chief peter newsham. the division is made up of
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that represent african-americans, gays, lesbians, latinos. their goal is to create a support system that serves members of the community, historically under served >> there was not one particular issue that spurred this. in fact, i've been interim chief now, i think, a little over three months. and i just think it's something that i feel is extreme important. i would say change is more attributable to my leadership style as opposed to an issue with the unit >> the election expedited his decision to streamline the units reporting back to his desk instead of to an assistant chief's office. he says unless you're part of these under served communities you likely won't see much of a difference. the new fbi headquarters building could be moving to maryland. sources on capitol hill tell fox 5 it is looking very likely that maryland will land the facility when the final decision is made in march. three sites are now being
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springfield, virginia. congress already okayed $834 million for theproject. fox 5 learned that new site requirements that have been placed on the winning location put green belt in the lead to win the new building. let's take it outside. guess what? it is now officially winter. the good news is we are not going to go see those brutally cold temperatures, let's check in with sue palka. if you liked what you filter, temperatures were about 11 degrees warmer. a nice easy start to the season, typically associated with the colder air, we had planet of that earlier this month and the solstice occurred at 5:44. this is our first night of astronomical winter. not bad today, 48 degrees at reagan, dulles and bwi. that's about three degrees above average and definitely a whole lot warmer than it was
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yesterday. 45 degrees is where our temperature is right now. we've had a deck of clouds around today. so that has prevented us from seeing those temperatures falling too fast tonight after that the sun has gone down but we definitely have places in the 30's and if i have good news, how about this change in temperature? we're 11 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago here in the district and generally nine to ten degrees warmer elsewhere. so not a lot of wind tonight. we will have clouds that will stick around, really hung tough today got a little bit more sunshine. we managed to still get to 48 despite those clouds and here's your evening planner. 7:00 temperature, 42. by 9:00, a lot of clouds, 39 and at 11:00, 38. look like we'll head for 20's -- but it won't be as cold. shawn will have a look at the seven-day in a few minutes. a blood drive was held to honor a fallen montgomery county police officer, a drunk driver hit and called officer know what
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leota while he was working at a dui. it was held in gaithersburg, leota's family and many fellow officers were on hand to make donation >> we had a fallen officer. noel leota and this is done in his memory and giving the public an opportunity to be able to give back to kids who have severe needs, who definitely need blood. during the holiday season, the supplies of blood go down, right now, the need is high. we always sort of looking for donors to make sure that we're able to help the red cross fill their needs during the season. >> this is one of several blood drives hosted in horn of officer leota. coming up a story that spread like wildfire on social media >> a uber star claims he was kicked off of plane after oak heard talking in arabic on a cell phone. why some are questioning if the
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avoiding potential travel trouble this holiday season, what experts want parents to know before they hit the road to fly the friendly skies. we're back after this.
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investigators trying to figure out what sparked the massive fire in new jersey. flames broke out at a furniture store on john f kennedy boulevard in north bergen begin, the fire started in the back of the building. thick flumes of black smoke could be seen for miles. it was unclear if anyone was inside when the fire broke out. so far no reports of any injuries. a new warning tonight before you head on to the highway for your holiday travel. research is now highlighting the serious safety risks for kids during long trips especially when parents are stressed. researchers found 15% of parents say they did not put their toddler in a car seat for every car ride.
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safely storing medication. and 30% of parents failed to check to make sure cleaning supplies and guns were out of their child's reach. to prevent accidents, experts suggest bringing your own car seat when you travel. and packing extra safety devices like cabinet latches and baby gates. also tonight, wal-mart is pulling a controversial t-shirt from its website, bulletproof black lives matter. the store agreed to stop selling the shirt at the request of the president of the national fraternal order of police. he asked the store stop selling all shirts with the lives black lives matter but wal-mart refused. it issued a statement saying it will continue to offer items from different groups including those that say blue lives matter, black lives matter and all lives matter. it is a story now that lit up social media today. a youtube star claims delta airlines discriminated and kicked him off a
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speaking arabics, not everyone is convinced that it wasn't staged. fox reports. >> we're getting kicked out because we spoke a different language >> that's adam soley getting kicked off a delta flight. the 23-year-old muslim internet prankster who amassed more than 2 million subscribers on youtube posted this to twitter. >> i'm out of the car right now, seriously because we said a word in a different language. six people -- how can you pick them, i feel uncomfortable. no, you're going to kick us out once we go out >> he claims it started before take-off when he began talking to his mom on the phone in arabic, other passengers got upset and delta personnel escorted him and his friend off the plane. >> it's why people complaining about people speaking a different language >> he said inside police and
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him and his friend multiple times and eventually rebooked them on a different flight. delta airlines responded with statement to its website saying in part, two customers removed from delta flight 1 departing london heath throw after a disturbance resulted in more than 20 customers expressing discomfort. air carrier going on to say we take all seriously and gather all facts before jumping to conclusion, our culture requires treating everyone with inspect. he says the first thing he plans to do is head to his lawyer's office. from kennedy airs, fox 5 news. you can understand why people are buzzing about this but you can also understand why people might be skeptical if he's >> he's known for some of these pranks. >> all right. coming up next, the global manhunt for the truck driver behind that deadly attack in berlin. >> the questions that are surrounding this
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chain reaction explosion at a fireworks market in mexico. back after this.
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a manhunt is underway for a sunny new suspect in berlin. a wanted notice today for a 24-year-old tunisian man used six different aliases, and three different nationalities. police say man should be considered armed and dangerous. 12 people were killed and nearly 50 injured when a truck slammed into the outdoor market on monday. two men, originally detained after the attack, were released for lack of evidence. 32 people are dead nearly 50 others hurt and tonight, investigators still don't know what sparked this chain reaction explosion at a fireworks market outside mexico city. fox's adam housely hats latest tonight. >> reporter: tragedy in mexico, a deadly
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at a popular fireworks market just north of mexico city. the massive explosion coming as the market was crowded with people buying fireworks for christmas and new year's eve celebrations. the fiery scene ultimately leaving more than 30 people dead, and dozens injured including at least ten children. most of the market's 300 stalls were destroyed and the mexico expected the death toll to rise at least a dozen people are listed as missing >> we're looking for three people, a 50-year-old woman, a 9-year-old boy, and a 15-year-old boy. >> reporter: a 12-year-old girl an three month old boy are among the dead. a challenge for forensic investigators, many of the victims killed were burned so severely, their age and gender have been difficult to determine. meantime, investigators are now sifting through rubble. this is the third explosion at the same market since 2005. >> we're troubled by the human losses. that's how we make a living.
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that's our work. i don't have words now. i can't find my father. i can't find my father and my mother is very badly burned. >> reporter: several children are being thrown to the hospital for treatment. it was just inspected by officials last month with month irregularities found. in las los angeles, adam housely, fox news today is the first day of winter, the winter solstice the one day with least amount daylight. solar energy can be helpful even on days with less sunlight. they put solar panels on its roof in an effort to send electricity for affordable housing communities. more than 60 dc residents will benefit from the project and it will save them as much as $20 a month on their electric bills. >> it helps. not as cool? >>
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we've been starting out on cold most morning and will continue to do that today we got up to almost 50. 48 at all three airports. thin clouds today. it did bring us a beautiful sunset. i'll show you a great picture in a moment. another nice thing about our first day of winter coming in more gently, it's not going to be quite as cold tonight. i don't think we're going to go see teens, we probably won't ceelo 20's but there will be upper 20's and low 30's around for the overnight. here we go on this tuesday night and a quiet weather day, i wanted to share at least one of the great pictures, this is from dan lawrence above silver spring. i love this sliver of sunlight. you can see the cloud cover. it did make for a spectacular sunset. put some of those pictures on facebook and twitter and if you got a good one share it with me. lots of clouds as you can continue to spill into our area,
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cloudy tonight. are you missing the snow? it's still up there in pennsylvania, they've got a little bit coming across with a weak disturbance. forecast for tonight, high pressure on top of us, we'll see a nice night. not too cold, dry conditions, winds are not too bad as well. and we will head for the 20's and 30's not the teens and 20's, so it's still a chilly night. not bad. here are the temperatures, 45, current temperature, 45 degrees in the district. we've got a few place downs into the 30's, like gaithersburg at 36. winchester and culpeper down to 34, 39 in quantico, 37 in leonard town, but as we look at our overnight low temperatures, you don't see teens and you don't see too many places down into the low 20's. 34 to maybe 28, 29 degrees for our colder suburb, not too bad for the kids tomorrow at the bus stop. but one thing you will notice about tomorrow, it's going to be a little bit breezy, and even though temperatures will be above average, those breezes, you know what they do
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colder, we got the breezes coming from a frontal boundary that will pass us by. they're not a lot of cold air behind it. there's probably no rain with it at all. it's going to come through on the dry side but it will pick up winds and the breezes may gust over 25 miles an hour in the afternoon in put a few spots, especially north and west in the higher elevations you may get stronger wind gusts. prepare for that. you will definitely feel that. we're going up to about 51 but it will feel colder with the breezes, 47 gaithersburg, leonard town 54, annapolis 52. if you're traveling we think a lot of people may decide to travel friday, whether you're flying or driving, not much to be fd in the east. there might be flurries around chicago but from new york all the way down to jacksonville to atlanta, raleigh, dry on friday, you'll run fellow flurries across the northern plains, many through minnesota and iowa and a few showers as we get to the mississippi
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maybe snow into the higher elevations, but otherwise, looking good. quick look at the weekend forecast then we'll get to the seven-day. hanukkah begins saturday and it's christmas eve, there could be showers, we think they will be mostly before noon, sunday looks like, christmas day 50 and lots of sunshine, that forecast as gotten better. as we wrap it up, i want you to notice that next week, we're at 55 on monday, 60 on tuesday. and wednesday about 45, so all of those temperatures are above average. >> bonus >> bonus is right. >> ding. >> traveling trying to get to somebody's house, trying to have people come to your house. there aren't going to be too many travel worry, coast to coast really. >> very nice. that's good. >> seems like every year, we have all the, you know, travel, you know, planes >> gosh, question, nothing worse when you're trying to get somewhere on a tight schedule. all right. >> we'll be right back. ck.
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>> i'm in afghanistan and i want to wish my family a very merry christmas.
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next cup of joe could be a drone delivery. 7-eleven made 80 successful drone delivery to
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>> and all of these customers were in reno nevada. the convenient store teamed up with drone maker flirty for the trial run, they've delivered coffee, doughnuts, a chicken sandwich and a slurpee. most orders were delivered in less than ten minutes, 7-eleven's experiment marks the first drone delivery service to operate in the u.s. flying ahead of both amazon and google >> too bad it was cold when it arrived from being on the drone so long. just keeping >> slurpee drone delivery? >> anyway, 5at630 is next, everybody, stick around.
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let's get it started to president obama move to president-elect trump transition. >> these are some of the talkers at 6:30, tweet us let us know what's on your mine using the #5at630. the rundown is not there. there it is, popped in. ask and you shall receive. now to the road to the white house, the presidential inaugural committee unveiled the schedule of events >> the big event kicks off


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