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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> right now at 7 o'clock, he h reached fame around the globe ge and now people mourning the death of singer georgepeople sir michael.gemi another musician gone too soon. soon. d.c. police investigating a deadly domestic disturbancetue there happened on christmas. chs a police officer on leave asas the investigation unfolds.ol this morning the family is nitalkinngg exclusive to fox5.ox those details are ahead.. >> headed home from the holidays? there's a winter storm hitting parts of thettin country.untry. we're going to tell you wheretol there may somebody trouble spots and a live look outside oi on this monday morning.s mondori it's december 26, 2016. weather and traffic coming up cn on the 5's at 7:05.:05. enjoy your last week or so of o 2016. good morning up to i'm allisonpn seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. the las t ful'ml s fox w5 eek of 2016.f. well, the world is mournings mog this morning the death ofornihe singer george michael
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>> ♪♪ >> george michael getting his first start with the band whamah before he goes on a solo sol career of course.oue. the sing are died yesterday at s his home in england. eland. he was just 53 years old. tmz is reporting he died fromd f heart failure.ailure his life wasn't without whout controversy. he was known for his drug use and risky sexual behavior.ior. got him in trouble with theith law on several occasions. michael sever announced he was a back in the 1990's. he was active with a numberck io charities helped raise money mon to fight aids and help the aidsn needy and hed fought for gay gy , ghts, too. this morning musicians andniia other entertainers in thein t world reacting to his loss. michael's wham band mateat andrew riply tweeted heartbroken at the loss of myosm beloved friend. me his loved ones his friend fri the world of music the world wor at large forever loved.ed singer brian adams tweeted riper george michael. i can't believe it. such an incredible singer andi b a lovelley h sumaninge being. bg far too young to leave us.
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james cordon wrote i've loved george michael for as long as i can remember.hael fi came lambw an absolute always ahead of his time. tim again george michael dead at det the age of 53. a lot of people area lot feeling the loss.of peofeele lo they're reacting on social media. >> you can see some of some somm them and we'll scrow throughcrow the soundtrack of my life.dtrack we've heard from so many folks. if you would like to contribute as well then go aheadte a and leave your comment on line and we'll try to pullol some out throughout the >> switching gears let's getngea to news in the district. tragic police-involvede-volv shooting in the district overcte the weekend. weekend. this morning family members still looking forning answers. s >> it all began with a holidayay argument. the man's family spoke exclusively to fox5 and anjaliai hemphill is live in northeast now with more. mor good morning.good >> reporter: m well, goodood morning. family of gerald haul say theyda are heartbroken on christmashrtm day after they say police shot hal l3 times in the chest.he cst that officer here who fired fed
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on administrative leave,intr routine administrative leaveeea pending the outcome of an investigation. jamie of gerald jevon hall say he was days away from his 30th t birth day. his mother spoke exclusively spo to us last night from thelast hospital after she heard theer e news that he passed telling us n he's a five year navyg veterann and was currently working as an electrician.rian he leaves behind fournd fou children. hall's mother says he stoppedr h at his girlfriene d's house around 11:30 christmas morningag to pick up some presents hesent bought for his kids. kid it was at that home off walnutat street in northeast where an argument between the couplee started. police say when they showed up u hall had a knife and repeterly ignored their commands to drops the weapon and at least one officer fired.ired. >> he does it so sew big forw his children every year.ildren y he takes care of them. the he's a single philadelphia. he's a electrician.rici he works for the union. he doesn't deserve this.erve ts. they don't have a father now.atw they don't have a father. fat you know, and i feel so bad
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they didn't have to shoot himhot multiple times in the chest.e c. he had no weapon. wean >> reporter: police say theyhe did recover a knife at thee scene.e. officers that responded wereed r wearing body cameras and that at footage is being reviewed aswe part of the investigation.estig. live in northeast, anjalin hemphill fox5nort local news. nw >> thanks anjali.nj happening right now d.c.ow d.c police investigating another anr shooting this one happened in the 600 block of 46th place in i southeast. no word yet on the victim'sicti condition. police are looking for the shooter and we'll bring you an n update just as soon as we get it. it >> as storms taking across theos united states chaos as folksol are traveling home from thefr holidays. the dakotas and southwest minnesota just big old icy icy mess because of freezing rain. i large portions of two major m north dakota highways shutst down because of snow and in the northern plains and and some western states completeplet whiteout conditions. it is wintertime.wintertime. >> yeah. >> yes, it is. >> if you're traveling in those areas i guess you gyoetu'g used to it
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>> kind of winter light aroundrn here. yesterday was 50 sunny ands 50 a bright. today about 50.toy about 50. tomorrow 60's. >> unbelievable. >> we'll see what next week wee nas store.nas s clouds and drizzle today.rizzley we change it up after a lot of sunshine.hi clouds moved back innein there's a couple, i'll showl sho you on radar momentarily atarily couple light spots of drizzle out there. 41 now washington,aso line in annapolis. leonardtown good morning 37.7. 40 dulles.les. manassas we haven't forgotten about you.t y. we're waiting for it to get to repaired. 37 in winchester.cheste 41 hagerstown. i know you guys are thinking g so whas t? people care. car >> no, we're not. >> we've heard from >> there's your light drizzle.yi let me mention that's a freezing rain advisory inor i pennsylvania where there could t be some icy spots if you're headed north here over the over next couple hours.hors. otherwise we'll be generallyeray cloudy today with highs right around 50, maybe low 50's for0'r a few spots with warmer wme temperatures on the way forthe r tomorrow.
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a holiday weekend.eend tough to find good manassasas map fixer over the weekend.eeked >> that's the truth.t's thtruth. >> yeah, absolutely.y. >> we'll get back to it, too.oo >> we're easing back into the work week, erin. >> i guess today counts asay like a third day of the day o weekend for most people. >> right. >> is anybody driving out there.anybod >> look behind me. loop oxonth>> lr hill.hi. it's usually super jammed jme towards the wilson bridge. right now there's so few cars fs we could actually counter themch so enjoy this if you have toe make your way out to work.ork. good news is commuting won't abproblem today. this is 29le5 southbound from 5 down to the 11th street bridge cruising.cruisi same story on the northbound nod side. problem free from the beltway to the 11th street bridge andee fbeyoroh stet bnd.yo this is actually 50 through cheverly inside the beltway.eltw when do you ever see 50 see 5 looking this quiet? we're notet seeing any issues. any iues. so enjoy that.ha top of the beltway in college park is also b qeluitwet.uiet and we're not seeing any any problems as you make your wayury out on 395 from the beltwayeltw past this point at edsall roadda to the 14th street bridge. bridg gw parkway is quiet. qui cabin john clara barton rivertoi road looking good. g no problems to
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through manassas. hov restrictions have beenricti lifted through manassas somanas enjoy that. en no problems on 270 coming downgw from frederick all the way toay e spur.r. very light we're at speed. speed i don't have any complaints.mpl. metro service began at 7:00:0 today. to they're operating on a sunday schedule.du metrobus operating on a sunday s schedule as well.l. no vre service and marc marc operating on an r schedule.chul. if you have questions about getting around at erin fox5t ero d.c. on twitter.d.c. on twitter. good news as you see behind me's a pretty calm quiet day. >> erin thanks very much. 7:07 right now.ow more tough news coming frommingm hollywood.llywoo actress carrie fisher remains rs in the hospital after suffering what's being calledwh a cardiacat's episode during aig flight from london to l.a.o l last week.lastk. her mother debbie reynolds reyns tweeter on sunday her daughterye is in that stable n of course she's probably bestsh kne'ows n for her role as
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leia.leia wishing her the best. the bes back to work for so manyo wo people includingrkle incdi president-elect donald trump. tp >> more cabinet announcementsen will be pending and we're e learning more aboutpend how aa trump administration may operate after next month's inauguration. doug luzader has more. luzad >> reporter:er president o hbama is in hawaii, president-elect-e trump is in florida and washington itself is kind of caught in the middle in thatt awkward time between administrations. >> aloha. aloha. >> reporter: president obama greeting troops in hawaii for christmarosops perhaps one of f more pleasant of presidential tasks but make no mistake thisss is an uncomfortable period. [applause] >> reporter: president-electde donald trump who garnered a applause is that anxious toioust get moving but he doesn'toe control the white house president obama is floodingloodn the zone with new regulations and executive orders banning bni oil drilling in parts of thef te atlantic and the on the vergen e of releasing a new group of
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detainees from guantanamo >> they're worried which isre w why they're taking some of these steps.or're with most of the thingses ye oup seeing the president do over pre the last few weeks he can'tean lock things in permanently butnb he can make them harder fordefo president trump to remove and rd i think that's what you're z'rez on the other hand trump is doing what hether can to musclen on twitter he has as sailed as d the obama administration'strati' decision to allow the united nations to criticize israeli settlements. trump has also said the u.s. should expand its nuclear nle capability and those kinds ofino decrees through and socialia media may not stop after january 20th. >> on the tweeting thing let me just suggest if i might wef might as well get used to it. i this is who he is. is. this is how he's going tooing t operate whether it's brilliant or stupid, he beat 16 rivals ril then he beat hillary clinton cnt and he beat the elite media.dia he ain't giving it up. u >> reporter: not giving it up because from trutemp'sr:'s perspective it allows him to h t communicate a message bypassing a mainstream media he thinks s has treat
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luzader fox news.ews. >> the president-elect is now vowing to dissolve his charitable foundation. democrats say thengitab president-elect's decision toist dissolve that foundation nothat good enough. ald p ne donald trump needs to put his business assets into ae blind trust. the trump campaign says itgn ss will dissolve the foundation before theresident-elect isdent sworn in next month but theyuthe need to wait for a new yorkew investigation into how theatn in foundation's money has been used to wrap up before they can dissolve it.ssolvet. >> developing news out of russia. and a deadly military planead crash that happened there overle ththe erweekend. authorities do not believe bie that terrorism played a rolerism after a military plane with 92 people on board and crasheded shortly after takeoff on sunday yesterday. authorities believe everyonebele died in the crash.e csh rescue teams are searchingearc though for victims. for vms right now investigatorstiga believe pilot error or a technical error caused theauth crash. cras the plane was headed to syria. a >> christians in war torn aleppo doing something theyethie haven't been able to do in a abd long time, they're going to church.
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in aleppo. government troops backed bys russia won control of the cityfy after four years of fighting. fn time right now 10 minutes 1u stst the hour. >> story that captures theureshe meaning of the holidays.heay a young local boy spent his christmas helping theping the homeless. more on his efforts to give back next. 7:11. 7:11.
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> ♪♪ >> a live look at the capitol building this morning. >> stars are out. that's really pretty. >>that's stars..ldi >> no . >> [laughter] >> never mind. >> darker th
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>> that feels like it's toos i' dark for 7:15 in the morning. mi >> what are those --os-- >> yeah. >> what is behind it? >> it's not actually thehe capitol, either. >> okay. >> is the flag moving? thehe flag is moving.ov >> all right. well -- looks like it's superoks cold here. s here's the question for you. quo did you spend too much moneyhon this holiday season.n. maybe santa missed somethingomet on your wish list. l saint mick is here to helpp you. enter the saint mick contest.k you can be the lucky winner off $500. go to fox5 d.c./contests./cont between now and friday at 11:59 p.m. and enter for ap.m. chance to win. one winner selected randomdom drawing. draw all entrants must be 18 or8 older. complete rules at and it's i saint mick because the newmi show on fox icks called the micm so there you go. cross promotion. proti hi tucker. >> good morning. cloudy out outy out there. feels a little gloomy. g. not sure it's quite that dark.a. that that's
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about that live shot.ho >> you think it was. >> it definitely wasn't starst s because it's cloudy out. out >> but do you see what i was talking abo >> glitter on the screen. on ren >> i love glitter. glitter >> fine with me. >> can we talk about parts ofboo the country that are experiencing winter weather. >> yes. >> you will see a lot of cold l out to the west. look at boise this morning 9 degrees. 9 13 in great falls.. just across the border there in vox hall minus 23. dakotas dealing with blizzard b conditions overnight.rnig you can see the rain showershors pushing through chicago wheretho it's certainly mild.ugly mil that's our next rain maker butut up ahead of it we're going wre have a lot of clouds in thein forecast today and a littlest t bit ofod light drizzle here and there with highs about 50 or 50o so. association it will be note nearly as nice looking as yesterday but it should be one n the mild side for
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little bit of rain shower activity tomorrow. look what happens tomorrowacrrow afternoon. sunshine, 60's around here for r a few hours and the cooler airlr gets in by the middle and endnd thehe week. looks like we'll be trending colder by 2017. >> 50, 60 degrees last week of december. >> cooler tomorrowly.roy. >> let's check in with -- busy-b trying to find something tofindi do. >> i was having a nice chat with wisdom martin. i stole lee's coffee: a lotot going on that's not traffic related. 7:16.7: look behind me.ehind this is why view.hy v no problems to report.toepor 395 is quiet.ui 66 is quiet. qui. problem free in potomac. potom i love what i'm snowing chevywiy chase as well as beth. college park the outer loop 95 l over to georgia flowing. 95 northbound and soundand southbound past powder mill. no issues in bowie.nd love what i p'm i seeingss in re
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shout tout to dale city and annandale. top side green all over the place in colesville.olesvi headed to bwi maybe you'reou're getting out of town after at owa busy holiday weekend trafficke on the way to the airport a won't slow you down. d we're cruising towards, let'sui see, reagan national assi wngell as dulles. dles. if you're waking up in gaithersburg and you have toburg work this monday morning you're in great shape.u're maybe you want to return some tn presents or cash in some of or o your holiday gift cards as yous make your way to the outletsut you're in great shape sope really pleasant traffic righttrf now. metro service started at 7:00 70 no vre service today.erviceoday marc operating on an r schedule. hov restrictions lifted on 66.n i'll keep you updated if anything pops that you need too be aware of but i say let'say lt not jinx it i'm want to enjoy ty this monday.onday. backo n and steve.u >> a maryland boyal is spreading holiday cheer by helping the homeless. he's making and delivering deliver what he calls blessings bags.gsg >> it's the second time that
7:18 am
nine-year-old josh spring tonon has taken on this project. projt >> reporter: like every e nine-year-old on christmas morning josh is all about the ae presents. >> i made one bag so far. >> reporter: the gifts h me'adse e' focused on aren't the ones one under the trees. >> he's collecting filling and making. >> lotion, yeah, hasn't sanitizer soap tissues, tissues deterrent. >> reporter: all bags if youteru feel all the things we takengs k for granted but if you're you living on the streets you just s don't have. he. >> these are probably at least l 25-dollar bags, so they don'tyon really have the money for m that. >> reporter: it all startedt alt off last year as a collectionlen of hotel toiletries.oileie fast forward one year josh's blessing bags for the homeless have grown to include snackswno even cold weather essentials. ei at just nine years old josh is spreading the christmas spiritri with a maturity beyond his year
7:19 am
drive at our church and then the two years later, we juste j weren't helping a lot so i decided to google it and thenhe we found this idea. i >> reporter: so what does a does kid who does so much foruc for others want for himself on christmas you.ristma >> ooh want for the homeless to get their blessing bags and probably a mini drone.dr >> reporter: in dundalkun alexandria limon fox5 local locl >> i love it. involved,ou get especially at the young age that's your spirit of theouspir season right there. the >> seems like he gets so muchs h joy from doing it doi >> cool thing is he's done it di before and he got the excitement realized he wasment doing good, does it again. >> remember his ngoameod because --e -- >> hopefully it gets biggertsig every year. >> beautiful souls like thatul l they just don't stop and we see them grow intow into philanthropists.anth love it. >> kwanzaa begins the holidayaab a week long celebratiegonon honoring african heritage inagin african-american culture.ican c. >> here in d.c. hundreds hundred turned outer outte
7:20 am
last flight for the annual national menorah. mor the holiday began at sundown sdn on sunday and it lasts for lts eight days. it doesn't happen too oftenn toe but this year of courseou hanukkah and christmaskkahnd c overlapped. the last time that happenedne was five years ago. okay. happy hanukkah.h. 7:20 right n. if you are watching fox5 f morning news at 7:00 thenn you're in luck 'cause that's tha where we are. >> you know we'll be right back with more m after this. >> ♪♪ >> this is staff sergeant luke card. >> reporter: luno rock u.s..s combined division at camp red c cloud korea.clou. i'd like to wish my friendsri back in the washington, d.c. was area a merry christmas and a happy holidays.olidays. second to none. fight tonight. .
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y27zxy yi0y >> ♪♪ >> 7:23 right now. a>> 7 former fort bragg soldiers accused of murder and rape andap headed for execution.cuti ronald gray was a cook for the army in 1988 he was convictedvid of killing two women and a raping three others while stationed at fort bragg.rt bra he's being held at a militaryity prison in kansas.ansas. his execution would be the fir f for the army since 1961. >> germany n
7:24 am
have diffused a world war ii era bomb. bom the shocking find yesterday led to major evacuations inn there southern town. about 54,000 people in alle in were told to evacuate. 54,000.,000 the bomb had -- if the bomb had gone off the buildings in about a mile in radius woulds wo have damaged people were aloudr to return later in the day toino continue their christmas celebration.ation the university of floridasid will lead a new researchesrc program focused on stoppingppin zika from becoming aecom widespread issue in the unitedse states. the program f undd from a $10 million grant for the centers for disease control and prevention. anigthreat of zika very higfohri in florida.lorida. researchers will try to stops wi the disease from spreadingm sp even more. >> talk about a christmastm miracle a pennsylvania family that was stranded in thevania y arizona forest is now safe. se. the family got stranded on atran road in northern arizona therent they took trying to reach the north rim of the grand canyonheg which is closed during therad de winter. they got stuck on thursday.da authorities found a womanund w
7:25 am
walked check it out steveve 26 miles to find help.d help. the woman's husband and sonnd s were found back near the nr the vehicle which had gotten stungtn the woman was hospitalized andzd is being treated for exposure to cold but she's alive. ave >> got lucky. 7:25. good>> morning, tuck. >> 26 miles? wow.mile w all right. hey, we got cloud cover outut there. 41 degrees this morningsr in washington.ngton. not going to be the bright bthe sunny christmas day we hade had yesterday.yesterday. it will be a mostly cloudy dayyd today. even a little light drizzle inzi a few spots.ts. there's the big look.g lk. if you're traveling some raine r out towards chicago. this is our next rain maker. mak it will be here tomorrow tomorrw morning but ahead of it we'll wl have a lot of clouds today and a daytime highs on the mildd side. side. we should be in the low 50's but you'll want a jacket. going to feebel iu'll coo wl wie cloud cover later thisd cover ls afternoon. couple of showers tomorrowow morning. morn look what happens tomorrowt afternoon. temperatures jump into the low 60's for a j tumime and then soe cooler weather for the end ofheo the week. looks like we turn colder ass we get into 2017. >> what.
7:26 am
>> that's crazy. cra >> feels like it was 1984 justi a couple days ago. >> graduated from high schoolgho for 15 years.ea. that's sad. s >> can't even remember how e long it's been since i graduated from high schve it'ooh i think 16 years.ears. okay. >> yay! moving to traffic, it's it' been a quiet monday morningday n ride. light volume in southernlun s maryland.maland problem free in clinton.nton no issues on five inbound at the 301 split brandywine as well as fort washington.hingto no problems in virginia tonia t report on 95. earlier southbound crash bythbos prince william parkwayceilliam y involving a tractor-trailerail has cleared. this is a look at 295 from295 fm visit to the 11th streetto the1 bridge.brid we are at speed.we a at no delays inside the beltway b through cheverly.thro new york avenue by bladensburg looking good.oo suitland parkway inbound by by south capitol also quiet. quiet the outer loop no issues in college park. par kensington traffic is movingffiv along just fine.onjust f same story in beltsville. route 195, bw parkway in greatn
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problem free on 270. on 270. i'll let you know if any otherar sueses pop up. metro service did particularar in at 7:00. 70. back to you guys. gs. >> erin thank you very much. new this morning, this massive seal seen wanderingeal e through a neighborhood in >> you don't want that. >> at one point the seal climbed onto a car caused thousands of dollars ind ontond damaolgela. >> i would think so. s >> is that the biggest seal -- that's like a -- what'ss happening? he traveled fromvele the ocean to a river and then on land. land. >> way out of his element. >> really. it's expected he'll bebe released back into the wildil after an assessment.esent. >> he's just trying find theind water again.te >> i'm so glad he's okay. >> yes. that picture on the car there notre on the most graceful creature.creare. >> no. >> 7:27. still to come a lot of peoplef o give them and get them forhe f >> we're talking about thoseut e glorious gift cards. car i think you can't go wrong personally. steve you gave me one ine one addition to something else andgd i love it.i lot. >> it has meaning though.meang u >> it does have meaning. mea
7:28 am
like the ones you got.ot at 7:00 find out how you can can cash in on those gift cardsar that you won't use. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back. it is 7:30 on a y morning.. it's december 26th 2016. last full week of 2016. 2016. so get ready for new year and new beginning. back with a look at the today'sy top stories.tories shocking death of george michael. just 53 years old.ars old. he died yesterday christmas dayd at his home in england.nd tmz reports he died of heart failure last christmas wake me e
7:31 am
some of his top songs.. he sold all told more than 100 million albums worldwide. several awards throughout hist s career. care now to the districert.heist. this morning members of a familm members i should say of a manlda shot and killed by d.c. police.l still looking for answers. the incident happened on walnuta street in northeast.east police say they responded to a o call about a domestic dispute du and when they got there, they ty say that the man had a knife and repeatedly ignored their the commands to drop his weapon. at least one officer fired at hall, officers were wearing body cameras at the time. storm taking aim at parts os the u.s. could cause chaos asoss people start traveling home from the holidays.s the dakotas and southwestst minnesota icy mess because of o freezing rain. rn large portions of two major m north dakota highways just shutu down because of snow and lack of visibility.sibility in the northern planes and a western states, it's a complete white out. steve?e? overseas for look at the too
7:32 am
the world today.the rld to national day of mourning inurnin russia. rescue teams couldn't to searchh for victims a military planey p crash happened yesterday morniny shortly after take off to so chief plane was carrying 92arin people to syria. all 84 passengers and eight crew members are feared to be dead.aa they just found fragments ofen that plane in the black sea. bad cold kept queenept elizabeth the second fromd fro attending the traditional christmas church service in i norfolk england.nd it's rare for the queen to miss the service considered to be a e cornerstone of the royal familym lebrbration. the queen used a rerecorded christmas day message to praisee olympic athletes and other who'o inspired her throughout thist t year. queen is 90 years old. >> mazing.azin new this morning, if youthiy didn't get the gift you wantedun this christmas you can alwaysany take it back to the store and ha can change it.cachan >> or if you didn't get the gift card you wanted you can exchange at a as well. you can even cash in for a cardc you might actually fox5's sarah simmons has more
7:33 am
>> reporter: the nationalationa retail federation says gift gt cards are the most popular christmas gift but consider this. in the past eight years alone,s, an estimated $21 billion in gifg cards haven't been redeem. the people at wallet hub trackck retail trends for consumers.surs they say you're in luck if youry gift cards from netflix, targete wal*mart or amazon, those havesh the highest resale value. how do you do it? one option ii to go online and find a gift aif card he can change.e there are several reputable oneo according to wallet hub. it's generally easier to simplyl sell your card to the site sit rather than get masked with interested buyer. you can get up to 95% of the card's value for some of theome most popular but expect to take hit if you'ru trying to sell card from thed e secure retailer or one that onlt serves a small area of the t and some resale sites t
7:34 am
commission.. >> so any way -- steve, i wasvew saying we're back on. thank you very much, sarahry mhs simmons. if you're big a gift card od an exchange sight, like very vey talk bourke you have to take toe precautions.ections. >> verify the balance available on the card, input the id code c at the retailer's website make k sure like uh-uh don't get a carr that has a dollar left on it pap with a credit card you will havh recourse if the card does notrds stack up what you paid for or do what my friend allison always ay does and.. >> -- keep >> and spend it wisely. >> you do it right.>>ou d there's meaning behind it or i o shop the those places. some people get sting kearse ie guess. i don't know. this holiday season skip id s reeagifting altogether donate td chity.y. and goodwill.. goodwill and amazon are makingak it easy for to you give backiveb after the holidays. the two companies are teaming up for the give back box program. m you can fill your empty amazonn boxes with clothes, accessoriesi and other items you'd like toe o
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then visit the gift -- visit give to print a a free shipping label.ab it can be shopped dropped off ao the post office or ups or pick up. >> give back >> give back but my question is, can youy just give back whatever? withh amazon a gift you didn't want. >> no, no, no, even -- instead-e of actually going to goodwill, l if you have clothes anythingnyth that will fit in a box that you got from amazon, basically youiy go to that website they'll givee you a free shipping label fillaf that box drop it off for free. f >> i hope i get >> they'll cover the shipping and send it to goodwill. it todl >> okay. >> you don't have to go to thea store. >> hash tag perfect. htag >> hi, tuck. hi, t >> great idea, isn't i re great idea. >> yeah, it is.. hey, beautiful christmas day. dy did you guys get out and play? ? i know allison didn't. >> steve? >> no, i was inside. >> you were in florida.ri that's nice. let's get to it. mostly cloudy
7:36 am
washington. and even a little light drizzlez in a few spots.ts. 24 up in boston. chicago 49 degrees.deee getting rain in cooler air the r way for chicago.r chicago. there's the were egg picture igi do want to mention locally we'ly be mostly cloudy today. t have had a little bit of spot ot two of drizzle out there early. and a little bit of light rain n up into pennsylvania.a. there's actually a freezing raii advisory for pennsylvania andnd new york here if you'rerke if ye traveling north today.y. otherwise, daytime highs in thet low 50s and we'll keep it kp i generally dry with a lot of o cloud cover today. tod rain showers tomorrow and we'lll talk about the rest of the workf week and new year's day, new da year's eve all of that coming up in a minute. >> erin is back to tell youou there's nothing happening on thi roads. >> tucker, guess what.ucker,uess >> there's nothing happening on e roroads.ap >> yeah. >> green everywhere. let's take live look outside>>.i this is the exciting part. par taking a look at our cameras ans showing you how few cars are ono the roads. roa this is a look as you make your right now on 395 super problemem free. free. very light volume no issues tos report as we forward our cameras
7:37 am
dmv, such quiet traffic.ic 295 southbound there's actually not a car right now in this camera. one lonely car from 50 down to d the 11th street bridge. there come a few more.e northbound side light volume ase well. 50 inbound through cheverly, cvl problem free.le i think most folks are still are sleeping in. so the good news is, if do youdy in the get off from work today, traffic won't be a problembe a slowing you down. we're looking great on 66.n 66. metro service started at 7:00. no v. no r service today and mark operating on a schedule.ed ck to you u guys. >> thank you very much. t we appreciate it. pweerson psoet for thahatnk who has everything? maybe a a gold plated iphone case withcash donald trump on it. i it's solid gold. gol >> come on, steve. >> end roughed with diamonds. you want to guess the cost, jal, >> don't look.oo guess. guess. >> shall i guess it?>> sha i g >> yes. >> solid golden crusted withdeni diamonds. $3 million. >> i would have gone like maybe 15, $20,000. $151,000.,000
7:38 am
diamonds. >> $151,000.>>1,00 the bling is sold by goldol jeannie a store in the unitedd arab emerates where obviously oo you shop there if you can afforr to shop there. 51,0,000. >> you like a my bid.>> you lik i goe way high.. >> it would be funny we onlyny l have it for iphone five.e. >> right. right. >> okay. >> not as much goal.. time now 7:38 on christmasistm monday. it's not too late to get your gu flu shot if you haven't done if that yet. this is welcoming news as the as flu starts to take its toll onoo folks. >> no doubt about it. no doubt b this time of year.ear. plus if you are a theater love or you have friends, family,am members who just have alwayslway wanted to go broadway, but you y never been able to do it, well,w we have that ways now that youto can catch all those broadway bra hits or at least one of them o e from the comfort of your stay with us.ith us.
7:39 am
7:40 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
7:41 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ get your flu shot, steve.te >> you know i don't do that.w i' i know. i don't even know why i asked. d flu season starting to rear itsr sniffly head across the united u states. the centers for disease controlr and prevention say flew activitv still pretty low but it is it picking u hardest hit places so far, new jersey, new york and puerto rico cdc recommends everyone sixe months of age and older get a g flu shot.u you can get the
7:42 am
point during the season but itha takes your body about two weekso to build up resistance. new season typically peaksks between december and march. >> and for those who heeatn edeh needles apologize for all of a that videoll of people getting needles.les >> yeah. preparations underwayions ua already in the new york cityy saturday will be new year's evee so all the big parties will beil saturday night. thousands as always expected toe pack the streets of new york city to watch the ball drop in times square. squ down south in miami florida flo snoop dog, queen latifah will wl bid 2016 an epic farewell farew hosting pitbull's new year's revolution. you can catch the new year's television special on fox. or if you're in miami.iami >> that's what i love to do. to i love to watch the ball drop oo tv. . >> yes. >> okay. listen up theater cats.stena you can now watch broadway showa from the comfort of your livingn om.m. broadway hd will stream life the height musical holiday inn in january it's only the secondhe s time a broadway show has
7:43 am
dreamed live for audiencesor auc worldwide. holiday inn is based on then t classic film stars bryce pinkcep man, lori lee and gore bin blueb the stream begins january 14th 1 8:00 p.m. at broadway >> i like we're getting back too more more than live s you see the special productionso on testimony v but now now if we they dot broadway shows that'swa cool. >> i'm not familiar with that show. i have to do m nyot f that resec >> nothing beats being there. >> nothing beats being there. bg >> heart warming story this holiday season you probably sawy this tweet. got to love look at all those lights. 140,000.0,000. >> beautiful.. >> little boy in foster care noe has a good home. h his happiness being spread b s across the nation.he nation. details ahead.. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
♪♪ hope everybody had a great holiday weekend.very lidawe're just cy atching up ons today. today. >> wake up early, grab a cup ofo coffee and sit around and talk t about the holidays.t holi >> though we saw each otherh otr front day. >> because it was holiday itse i feels like i haven't seen youeey guys. i'm trying to catch up. tcatc often i'm getting caught on television doing so. >> little birdie told us you'rer abandoning us the rest of theese week. >> yes, i will be here today.ret >> you have the concert y ou htomorrow. >> big concert tom orrow. >> bruno mars.ars. >> 24 carrat magic.atag >> come see us tom >> he needs to
7:47 am
first show -- first show.. >> it's big >> you're going to weasel your y way back stage after the show ts and asking him questions allns l night. >> would i weasel? wse >> you would weasel. ♪♪ >> i got to walk.w >> very special george michael a walk. >> i'm sad about george michael. >> me, too. >> ♪♪ >> we don't know what did itdi i yet. get your heart check. heartck get your yearly physical. physi. that's all i'm going to say. >> i folic he had a series ofd s issues. >> he did, but look at caryar fisher.fier same thing. it's like -- yeah.ea get your heart checked.. number one cause of death.f dea. >> i'm out of here. of he going to get it right now.. >> clouds and drizzle today. t i started with minute 30 i now have 12 seconds. seconds it will be mild day.. about 50 this afternoon buternob cloudy day. little light drizzle central
7:48 am
freezing rain possibilitylity freezing rain advisory in advorn pennsylvania. if you're traveling north be on the look out. travle bit of icing. elthat's our next rainlitt mitaker o.ak it will be very light rainght r tomorrow morning. m this will bring us cooler airle but before that cooler airolerir arrives, behind the front, we'lw be nice and mild tomorrow withwt daytime highs in the low to midd 60s. so get ready to enjoy a nice onn tomorrow. there's our front for tomorrow morning. i mentionedr fr it. future cast show you the cloud c cover this afternoon.on again little light drizzle outzt there later today.there lar t keep the clouds around withun highs around 50 and here comesec your cold front early tomorrow o morning with few showers beforeb we get the milder temperaturespe in her and next couple of days it's no' going to feel like winter.ter. 52 today.ay 64 tomorrow with afternoon aft sunshine. all right. let's enjoy it. alt's eny i cooler by the end of the okay. erin is back with roads that arr green. green >> green roads, quiet. roads, 7:48. 270 just light volume. it looks good, doesn't it. it. >> yeah. >> that's the entire stretch from 70 past showed gravy to tho belt wage beltway is just asis s quiet. we have no problems to
7:49 am
this is by new hampshire.psre. usually it's at least 15 minutet delay right now we're at speedse from 95 all the way over toto georgia problem free there.he it looks like it's pretty quietq it's not snowing that was just a bad camera. bad right now traffic looking goodig out by georgetown pike as you ay make your way inner loop and loo outer loop. l all of our area bridges 11th street, 14th street, rooseveltse memorial looking goo rail service started at seven an operating on sunday schedule.y . back to you guys. >> 7:49 right n fox beat music kevin mccarthyccr who never takes a day off ever o in his life g to see you bud.oud >> honest i'll really wish youry husband mark was here for thisei segment. because allison and mark haveav three daughter.augh >> y movie called why him whichi is about the idea of a fatherr meeting his daughter's love of o his life and how that goes -- i- always wanted to know when offhn girl. >> yes. >> do you worry about that?hat? >> oh, yes!! >> who the first boyfriend is bs going to be. >> yes. >> we know how guys are. >> yes.>> yes. >> the thing movie came outut friday i spoke to bryan cranston
7:50 am
and franco plays the love of his daughter's life.ife. >> a little quirky.uiy. >> yeah. >> billionaire, zillionaire in i the movie the cool thing bryan y cranston has his own daughter.te she's like 23 years old and herd name to taylor i believe. bie he wrote about her in his new book. i wanted to know if she was if something he was worried about t meeting his daughter's firstughr boyfriend. the cool thing his daughter as a baby appears in the movie. >> aww.>> a >> check this out.. >> the older photos we see off you in the beginning of theninge movie -- >> from the moment she's born ar man's daughter is the center ofr his universe.. you give her love, you give her encouragement, you watch her grow into a strong, confident woman. >> they put in the character isi that really you with your daughter like older photos of po that. >> a mix. l pictureicturea rea that i brought in with my real daughter. and when she was baby baby itya was actually h
7:51 am
>> that's her on screen.hat's >> that's my daughter with me on screen because it's a little l infant.fant and zoey brought in pictures and sometimes we would replace my face, you know, with -- i mean m we would put in my face in a picture of hers or put in her h face and a picture of mine or or something like that. just to tie it in. >> then one day, you come facee to face with the love of her life. >> the flemings are in the house! yes!es >> oh, my god. oh, my >> is that something you worriew about leading up to like -- >> no. >> the first boyfriend orhe firy something like that, so e something -- >> it's something you thought about, like i wonder whatso that to bg to be like. but it's brief.. because they're little and thene all of a sudden before youn fore realize it, they're grown womenn going off to college and you'ree scratching your head, how the y hell did thatho happen? so quickly. >> yeah. >> it does. happepens really fast. but, no, reall i've been very ly that taylor has made choicesch that are really smart and she's a
7:52 am i'm real proud of her.ud her >> you're keeping highs in hergh dialogue in the back just to --t just in case. >> just in >> i can pull it outeat any time.. >> i have little surprise. ta-da.-d >> is that our christmas card.a. >> it's all you.. >> happy holidays and everyt>> haphing. >> it says happy holidays?everi? >> yeah. >> i gave the guys a christmashs card. ut happyapnow he p holidays on there.liys on there. i guess that's on me foreveror now. >> when you wear toot twos in aa film do you get to keep them onn throughout the production or do you take them off every night? g how does that work. that ork. >> you put them on sort of like transparent.spar first you design them. then there's a house that will w make them for you and then put p them on transparencies then you put them on with water i think t and if you go to a good place,la they'll generally stay for about three days.. i mean they'll stay stronger s start to deteriorate and you have to take them off. >> i'm genuinely
7:53 am
curious was that something youot and mark were worried about? bo you have three daughters. threeh >> of course. yes. yes >> what water first -- can i ask what the first experience wasxpc like as boyfriend.boyfrnd >> sidney is now just -- she's e 16 went always said sean goingeg to date till she was 16. 16. and so but she's -- sidney likes nice guys. >> right.>> rht >> that's what bryan was sayingn i'm not too worried she makes mk good choices. >> i'm not worried about itgo. so so far she's made really good choices.. one we're worried about schuyler. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> schuyler is my quirky uirky daughter. >> sidney is going mom. m >> i didn't say anything ath personal. >> sidney i'm sorry.y i'm sorry. >> i was just curious because iu lauren and i, f we have kidsavek haven't daughter i'll bel worried.ied. i'll come to you and mark and talk to you.e to >> we'll be right there for youy r y >> i feel bad for mark.d for . >> yeah. >> we're worried with our quirkk daughter she'll find a quirky qk guy. >> i love schuyler. >> we love you schuyler. >> thanks allison. >> let'see
7:54 am
of the day. he the honor goes to monica. hi monica. >> hello.>> h >> this is monica dressed up like an elf. e. >> super adorable. monica watches us every morningi and also at 10:00 p.m. and shens says quote this little elf istl checking to see if we've been b naughty or nice. how about little bit of both, monica? >> there you go.ou go. >> mostly nice with a sprinklein of naughty.. this morning this little boy lie from arizona is winning over tho hearts of america. three-year-old mckail brownai b spent thee years in foster carer and last week officia adopted. just in time for the holiday and you know he'stime saying yes right there in that picture.ic the brown family says that theye fell in love with him and just j knew that he was going to bengo part of their family.f their fa. after the adoption was officiala the family tweeted out a photo of young -- michael celebratingg his new family.amil the tweet has of course goneon viral. >> i love it.>> lov >> he thinks his name is michael brown.n. so it was again meant to be hiss last name was already brown.e w didn't have d
7:55 am
so it's been wonderful. >> apologize for miss apogize pronouncing his name at first. t michael brown.chaero the tweet of the little boyittly celebrating his new family gotil tepp hundreds of thousands ofan likes and thousands of retweets. and he is just a cutie pie. >> oh, yeah.ea congratulation. it's theco best. b >> love it. >> it's the best.ebest may you have a life full ofl of happiness.ines. >> he's out in the land of palmt trees and play time, tucker.r >> locks nice and warm oute anwm there. hey, 41 for us. cloud cover to start 4 your day. christmas work out great for usr we had daytime highs about 50 ut with sunshine.she we won't get that today.od we'll still be mild today butod get clouds in the forecast andra even a little light drizzle outo there at the moment.e at toment. this is our next chance fornce f little rain shower activity thav will get in here early tomorrow morning, and then we'll start a gradual cool down but before then, 60s maybe 60s tomorrow t afternoon. before the cooler air gets inn here. 52 today.. 64 tomorrow.omro that's after some morninge mning showers then you can see coolerr weather to end your w
7:56 am
seven day. day. hmm. i wonder what 2017 has in store? >> ooh. >> erin. >> what's your new year's resohat's lution. >> how are roads. areds >> roads are just >> let's try that again. try thn can you hear me now? n >> did we fix it? f i >> i was standing right here.g i it's holiday for me.. marc trains and vre trains onn holiday schedule.chedule. marc operating on the r schedull no ve service. service you have to work today find a fn different form of transportation operating on os sunday schedule.. we'll keep you dated if anyfny delays pop up on metro. the roads are so quiet i don't t have anything bad to say bout s around dmv. 295 through chevy chase everything is looking reallyng good i.. we'll let you know when and ifnd that changes.thatnges any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on keep it to fox5.ox we'll be back in just a few ijua moments.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪♪ >> this is fox5 news♪ morning. it's shocking news out of of london overnight. pop icon george michael has died at the age of 53. of this is a live look from outsidt of michael's home in oxfordshire. hmm. sad news this morning. tning to you. .i'm allison seymour.eymour >> i'm s
8:00 am
thanks for joining us thisoinins morning. 8:00 a.m. on this monday mdy morning, december 26th, 2016, enjoy your last full week of 2016. here's what's on the fox5 news5w morning menu. consider to be britain's pop star to the 1980's fans from across the world paying tribute to the legendary singer.ryinge we'll take look at his life and legacy next.ex we're following developingle story out of the district. young father shot and killed by dc police this morning his m family talks exclusively toly t fox5. that's coming up in a live report.rert. and ready, set, return.eturn tis the season to take back anyy unwant the gifts. no receipt no problem really a l guide to giving back no no questions asked. plus, a look at weather and traffic not much on the roads.. that's a good thing on thishis monday morning. it's still a holiday really,ay l isn't it, for most people? maybe.yb. okay. we'll have traffic for you onico the 5's any way still ahead. ♪♪ have i to believe that
8:01 am
work to do here.e. amazing, amazing live and if in wasn't spiritual enough before r the last four, five weeks then i certainly am now. >> that was an interview fromro 2011 in which a very emotionalml george michael addressed theed t media week after he had beeneen hospitalized with a severe formr of pneumonia.. >> this morning the world is i still reeling over news of aews sudden death.sudd >> one of pop music's brightesti stars who's music trance zennedd generations. get more details on his legacy c from fox's kelly wright. ♪♪ >> reporter: british popsh pop singer george michael is dead.e. according to his pub his siftis the 53-year-old died peacefullyu at his home in england.. at times controversial artistt shot to stardom with the popop group wham in the early '80s joined popularity as teeny bopper idol singing last last ch
8:02 am
you go-go. >> ♪♪>> ♪♪ >> reporter: michael went ont o to enjoy a long solo career car selling over 100 million albums globally and earning numerousumu grammy and american music awardd he also recorded duets with music industry legends like aretha franklin, ray charles and elton john his career wasn'tasnt without controversy.ersy throughout his life his drug usu and taste for risky sex brought him into frequent brushes withew the most famously in 1998 when heheh was arrested for public lewdnesn in a men's restroom in losn los angeles. the scandal threatened to end e his music but the artist managed to use it as inspiration for a song called outside that poked fun at the situation.ation. ♪♪ >> reporter: celebritiesebti tweeting about his deathea remembering him fondly. fony. talk show host ellen degenereser as well as close friend eltonon
8:03 am
>> actress cary fisher in ther t meantime the world is mourningmi george mychal cary fisher stills in the hospital after sufferingg what's being called a cardiacac episode. it happened on flight from fro london to la. l that was last week you heard you about that. this morning, still in stabletal condition. her mom debbie reynolds posted p update on twitter asking ever everybody for their prayers. she's best known for her performance aspirins says lay ya in star wars.wars he's just 60 years old.eald >> we're following developingwig story out of dc this morning. >> family members are searchingc for answers after a man was shos and killed by dc police. anjali hemphill is live in northeast with more mor good morning. >> reporter: well, goodood morning. yeah, while the family of gerald hall spent their christmas day y in shock over his death that dc police officer here who firedhor his weapon, he's been placed on routine administrative leaveivee pending out come of anint co
8:04 am
us by gerald jew von hall's family he was days away from his 30th his mother spoke to fox5 exclusively last night from them hospital after she got the newsw he passed away she tells us he's a five year navy veteran anderaa currently working an w electrician. he leaves behind four children e one of them as young as fours fr years old. now, his mother says he stopped at his girlfriend' house aroundd 11:30 christmas morning to pickk up presents. he bought for hupis it was at the home off walnut wl street in northeast where an argument between the coupleoupl started. police say when they showed up,u hall had a knife and repeatedlyy ignored their command toss dropp the weapon and at least one officer fired.ired. hall's family tells fox5 he wass hit three times in the chest. >> he does it so big for his f h children every year. ery yea he takes care of them. the he's a single father. he's an electrician.rician he's -- he works for the union.. he doesn't do deserve this.hi they don't have a father now.hew they don't have
8:05 am
you know, and i feel so bad for him and they didn't have toav t shoot him multiple times in thet chest. he had no weapon. >> reporter: police say theyayhe did recover a knife at the scene and officers that responded were wearing body camera that footaga is being reviewed as part of the investigation. live in northeast anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> 8:05 right now. ♪♪ kind of mild out there thise morning, tuck isn't whatisn'hat beautiful christmas day we haddd yesterday.erday. >> um-hmm. >> we had a lot of fog lateat saturday night early sunday. rudolph's knows was necessary. >> cloud cover and drizzle. we'll get mild for this time ofe year about 50 this 41 at reagan national.nal. dulles 41. bwi marshall 38.all 3 we are featuring cloud cover cor early and light sprinkles andnd little drizzle on a spot or twoo looks like a little drizzle up u there in montgomery county, and i just want to mention if you're goin
8:06 am
and new york, they're concernedn with freezing rain up there.. so be on the look out forutor freezing not here.t here >> okay. >> that's if you go fartherou gr north. >> for us 52 today.od generally cloudy conditions andn little drizzle out there. there i'll have the seven day whichhi features some 60s on it andnd we'll take a sneak peek at theee new year's weekend. w why not coming a lot of people will be out anda about for new year''s >> it will be busy. >> yeah.eah. ha thank you. >> dress for it.>> >> check in with erin get a looo what normally would be traffice this time of the morning. >> i wish i had more to tell yoy about pretty quiet. quiet. we have one crash on the outer t loop right now bw parkway. however, because we're dealing g with such quiet conditions thisi morning it's not causing any any delays.lays 95 to georgia still at speed no problems at bw parkway once you get on to bw parkway you'reou'r fine. fine. past that crash scene if greenrn belt no delays. just use caution past that tha accident. 270 southbound delay free from e 70 to the spur.e ntire s70tretchtrche of 270 this morning. if you're headed on the on northbound side towards deep
8:07 am
the spur isk no quiet.uiet. then 95 southbound a crash israi blocking the shoulder at princep william parkway a minor delayay passed that location but oncen c you get passed the crash scenece traffic scene is super quiet. q i'm not seeing any issues on the northbound side throughthugh newington getting up to thegein mixing bowl at the principlele no issues in southern maryland, fort washington, clinton, brandywine, rosaryville, upper marlboro, everything is cruisins without any issues. insidewith touhe district all or secondaries are quiet, 295 and 50 moving along just fine.e. suitland parkway delay free.ree. new york avenue by bladensburgdg is quiet.ui northeast northwest, southeastta southwest i got to name everywhere almost.ywhere almost. let me know if i didn't get to t name your town for how quiet itt is and i'll add it to the nextex five. allison?lison? >> oy.y. virginia lawmaker has filedd a bill to make it illegal to use your cell phone while driving. the free lance star reports that the bill was filed this month. it would require drivers to usee a hands free device behind theee wheel. right now, 14 states ban
8:08 am
of hand-held cell phones while driving. mother nature flexing herleh muscle out in the midwest overet the holiday weekend. >> let's start in arizona.rina snow forced many to spendo snd christmas in their cars not what you would expect in arizona butb rain and snow made for dangeroue driving conditions with up to to 12-inches of snow in parts ofaro the state. now a lot of ttahis was in flaga staff not far from the grandhe g canyon up in the northern part p ofhe statete. heavy snow shut down the eastthe and we shall lanes of i40 fromm saturday into sunday. of course that's one of the mathatjor enter states across te south.h. drivers were forced to find wayd to keep their minds off the unfortunate situation whiletihi trapped in their vehicles.les. for other states it wasn't justs white christmas but a wet andnd windy white christmas bothtmas dakotas turned into slippery messes aft freezing rain camein down in the morning before heavh snow hit late in the day t d blizzard warning in effect foref most of north dakota.a authorities warned residents tor stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.ecessary. in mid section of the countrythy iowa christmas day a windy oneio as well.el high wind warning issued for
8:09 am
many areas in the plains gustsus up to 65 miles an hour hittingii parts of the state a nasty windd chill.l fierce winds knocked out power o to thousands of homes. also severe weather coming tocig oklahoma and nebraska so there'e your glad i'm not there segmentt all right. so you had a big meal yesterday probably eating festival and a celebration of food. nobody counts calories on o christmas, right.ig. e not.e not. >> that's what i say. t >> i had thahe discut'ssion as l calories don't count on on if they did, somebody did the dt math and let's just say it's non pretty. according to a survey from remrr kitchens the average person eata on christmas nearly, wait for it, 6,000 calories.ies. on christmas day.ay now, here's the break downak dow that's if you have the big breakfast.breakf >> break it down, steve.steve. >> dinner with all the fixings much, then your dessert, you'll snack throughout the day. have a fewthroug drinks. click and otherwise. and then maybe some leftovers aa night from that big thousandhoun calorie dinner.lorie >> did you add the eggnog?ggno >> eggnog counts as drinks.rinks >> oh yeah that's t
8:10 am
>> even though it seems like a meal in itself ilfm >> it sure does.t su you could be up to 6,000 calories. it's the the h eny y it. have fun with >> time out. o i got caught up in this eggnogg shortage mess yesterday. >> couldn't find any?ldn't nd a >> no. >> it was christmas day. why you going out on christmaswm day. >> oh, steve. that's not the o point. pnt any way, there's a shortage in case -- the eggnog producers manufacturers underestimated t a love of the nothing and people o like me last minute folks left f with no nothing. >> falls unthe tmi category.egoy last year it wasn't the love ofe the no they didn't make that mah much this year.y there's a new found love the the until og.until o >> i love the nog and the fruit cake.. >> he said when do did we startt calling it the nog. >> politics for you. you trump versus obama things mightg seem friendly up front butro b there's a battle brewing behind the scenes. >> russian rescue teams in
8:11 am
russia scower the scene for thet bodies of the 92 people who w crash on christmas day.ay. >> all of that coming up. don't knock the nog.
8:12 am
8:13 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ♪♪ ♪♪ 8:15 right now.ow all i want for christmas.hrtm magical -- >> cuteness.>>eness. my y first five. >> wish granted. >> cuteness factor of the day.o let's do it. s all right.righ >> let's do holiday edition.diti >> pressure is on.ur on. time now for my first five phott
8:14 am
>> my goodness. >> it's io and lola.ol >> what great pose.e. >> if these two look alike tok i you, that's because they'rese th twins! >> that's so cute.s so c >> can we take the banner downad now that we love their names?am >> i want to see the who thing. >> you know what this tells me? this looks like to me, a futuree talk tow promo c >> it does. overed doubly.c >> i don't think that's a goodod slogan.ogan >> that is just the cutest thing ever. ever >> that is adorable. >> okay. we love it.e it >> i'm sorry. >> the music a little aggressive but everything sells great. [ laughter ]lls >> their parents tell us eachac morning they actually ask too turn on the news so they can ses their weather report. yes!ye >> they love you, tuck.. >> they love to watch thehe weather. thanks so >> i want to say what ththeyank. >> it's weather time! >> yeah. >> you're on tv let's say that a again, steve? steve? >> it's weather
8:15 am
>> i love that. tha it's literally what it says thee yell. >> go to fox5 d.c.. >> we love your picture. ptu >>o cucute. >> i prefer to say personally,ny it's tucker time. >> yeah.>> y that was an epic t-shirt you-srt gave tucker.ucke >> it was pretty awesome.t wa i put a pictures .picre people were i want that t-shirti >> it takes a lot more me to get a ravens shirt for anybody butno for tucker i make exception. exi >> i didn't wear it yesterday and i should >> he did his job.. >> he did. did he particular itty well.tty. 41 in washington. in look at all that mwaild air a getting push up ahead of coldold front out towards chicago. chi 49 in chicago real cold air.ol a we haven't seen. s of that in the last week or so. denver 18. boise 10 degrees. just north in to canada negative numbers there. there that cold air will, you know, what, it will start to creep ine here later this week but for the next couple of days we'll be onn the mild side.e mildide. cloud cover for us.clou some drizzle today. tay won't be the bright sunny day we yesterday. we will be mild with highs abous
8:16 am
towards chicago will get in here early tomorrow morning. morning we're not going to get a lot off rain but what we will get mild m temperatures for the next couplt of days before the cheooler n ar gets in here.ere. enjoy today. by tomorrow afternoon we'llorro break out in sunshine and we'lll be in the 60s. >> what?>> wha >> yes. the 60s.0s before cooler weather gets ineti here fort middle and end of thed week. no extreme cold.ol no signs of any winter weatherra on our seven day.. >> ever since i went to dallas i keep an eye on your dallas map.p that place is insane. inse it goes from 70s to the 20s t every other day. >> wow! >> i mean, look, i don't love'tl the cold here but i likeike consistency.. >> right. rig >> that like --hat lie >> that will throw you off. o >> tuesday is 20, wednesday it's 70, thursday it's 20 >> it's texas. they do everything big there. >> big temperature swings.wis >> how would you possibly dress >> i'd have to have severalal outfit changes.nges. >> and my house would be so bigg it wouldn't fit on the greenreen screen. [ laughter ] >> you know what they say. 95 southbound crash blocking k theno the shoulder at prince williamil
8:17 am
crash there's police activityivy there.ther a little bit of a delay from the objection quon on down but notwt terrible because volume is super super light for this morning.ori it's federal holiday keep in kep mine as you make your way out ot photographic is quiet. quiet no hov restrictions lifted ontri 5.5. edsall road to the 14th streetdt bridge is quiet. all of our areaid bridges aredge moving along without any slow ay downs. and then as you make your wayouy out in maryland looking good. outer loop crash at bw parkwayay blocking the shoulder but as yoa come up through green beltelt you're in good shape and no in s delays. no delays on the spur.deay the no delays in kensington, colesville or bowie i like whatk i'm seeing on 270 the entire eir stretch and problem free on 66n as well as 95 northbound througo virginia.rginia i'll let if you know thatf you w changes. metro operating on weekendnd schedule for this monday.onda so i'll let you know if thinkf i delays up there.ys up e no vre service today and marc is operating on an r schedule witht reduced service. back to you guys. to yoys. holiday shopping rush before the holidays might be over. now, the return time.n t giving you a live look outside
8:18 am
of montgomery mall. mal >> wow. >> i know you so well. i know >> 8:0yo0 a.m. people are out there ott on day off to exchangg gifts. >> you're off, you know what io, mean. >> or to get post holiday salesl >> a little bit of everything i would. woul 42% of us have admitted tote returning those unwanted giftsis that's one thing. thi if you don't have the receiptpt retailers like in order tromm which is right there inh ight montgomery mall, kohl's, j.c. j penney, bed, bath and beyondey have generous return stores like k mart, sears, sears barnes & noble forever 21 they're tough customers if youue don't have a receipt and likeike personally because, upping, upp forever 21 near and dear in my y home they've got pretty toughy t return thing any way. so there's little heads up foref you.u >> i never offended if people pl return the gifts because i wante you to have something that you t want.want >> you aren't. >> you know that you are, i youl say that this. >> a bomb gift giver.ft giver >> if you bundle up andyobundle everything and take it back i might have a little personality complex. >> do you know i used to work in mogogomery mall.ow i >>me i believe you useryd to dee t
8:19 am
at bass kins robbins. >> montgomery mall shout out to glory jeans coffee. coffee. >> it's not around.>> i>> starbucks and all that camm in. in they were like bye-bye.e >> that's too bad.has to >> shout out to montgomery mall. back to news now, today they he national day of mourning reallyl bad news in russia.ussia this is rescue teams continue to search for victims of that t military plane crash over thera week glenn authorities do not a believe terrorism played anylad role after the military planeyle crashed.crhed. 92 people on board including eight crew members. it happened just after take offk from sochi.. authorities believe everybodyiev died in crash. they found a few places from thm plane. pl investigator it's believe pilot error or technical error calledl caused that crash.used tt cr russian crews are continuing again to scower the black sea to try to find any parts of that t plane. apparently they did find a few parts. part but at this point ns.o reports f any bodies found. found musicians on board headed to heo perform for the troops in syria. >> that's right. tha israel now promising toelowp retaliate aft
8:20 am
states abstained from voteot condemning settles in the west s bang move allowed the unthe u security council to condemn west bank settlements.tlents it racially prime minister -- he is placing his hopes on the incomely trump israel had to deal with threats from pakistan after a fake newsn article prompted the defense minister of pakistan to tweet tt about nuclear act. the story in questionstio incorrectly quoted if pakistan sends ground troops to syria israel would destroy them withm nuclear attack.k they tweeted the report was fictitious.ious >> ♪♪ it is back to work this weee for president-elect trump. tmp more cabinet announcements may y be pending and we're learningea more about how a trump transition may operate afterte next month's inauguration.naugut doug luzader is in washingtonhio right here in town with theit latest
8:21 am
>> thumbs down on that package guys i suppose?up >> reporter: president obamater: greeting troops in hawaii for riststmas. troop maperhaps one of the more pleasn of presidential tasks but make k no mistake this is ann uncomfortable period. president-elect donald trump whu garnered applause over the ove t weekend attending christmasas church service is clearlylear anxious to get moving. movin but he doesn't control the white house yet. president obama is flooding theg zone with new regulations and ad executive orders banning oil drilling in parts of the atlantic on the search ofheearc releasing new group of detainees from guantonimo bay. b >> they're incredibly worried wr while they're taking these steps right now. with most of the things you're seeing the president do over tht last few weeks, he can't lockoc things in permanently but he can make them harder for president e trump to remove.ump toem i think that's what you'ret yore seeing. >> reporter: on the otherepor hand, trump is doing what hete n
8:22 am
on twitter he has as sail thes t obama administration's decision' to allows d the united nations t criticize israeli settlements.e. trump said the us should expandn its nuclear capability and those kinds of decrees through socials media may not stop afterfter january 20th.20 >> on the tweeting thing, let me just suggest if i might, um, wee might as well get used to it. this who he is. he i it's how he's going to operate.a whether it's brilliant stupid, um, he beat 16 rifles 1s and then he beat hillary clinto and beat the elitehi media.edia he ain't giving it up. >> reporter: twitter givestt g trump obviously the ability too bypass a main stream media thata he sees as being fundamentallydt unfair to him.o h steve and allison. >> all right, doug, thank you. still ahead a maryland boydy spreading holiday cheer by cheeb helping the homeless.. >> state of emergency in effectf for one michigan town after afta massive sink hole opens up ons u forcing dozens of homes to be evacuated. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪♪ massive sink hole opening ui in michigannk. has it under town under a statea of emergency. emergency. more than a dozen homes justmess north of detroit had to beado evacuated after that sink holekh opened up earlier christmas eve. one homeowner house partiallytil collapsed and caused police toeo block off major roads and diverr traffic. authorities say it's not clearte how large the
8:26 am
end up being they think it'sy ts linked to possible sewage sewag problem more than 50 feetfeet underground. wow! >> merry christmas.hristm sewage sing hole. >> thanks for sharing,, >> right.>> r >> yeah. >> not >> um-hmm.m-hm ♪♪ 41 is.. >> yeah. i mean it's cool.s c not terribly cold. cold we'll be mild today for this for time of year down right warmarm tomorrow.rr mid 60s. >> hash tag love it. >> right?>>ig >> winning. >> couple days. >> that's right. ashington washingto cn. winds out of the east at three.r today will be a rather gloomy go day. keep the clouds around.loudsro light drizzle here and there.. and we're focused thon cold col front out towards chicago thatha will bring us at leave thering u possibility of a few showers swe tomorrow but the cooler air associated aa with it is really lagging behind it so by tomorrow afternoon atnn least a few hours we break outao in sunshine temperatures believl it or not in the 60s. 6 look at your next couple ofle o days. nice and mile. me cooler weather by the end of thf week and more typical where werw should be by friday and
8:27 am
with highs in the 40s for ourur last day of 2016. >> bye-bye 2016. 26 >> it all becomes a blur. a blu i remember '94 pretty well. >> '94? >> the year 1994? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> '94 taking it way back. >> really. >> yeah. >> taking it way back.k >> i'll be ready for 2016 to bee over. >> oh yeah. 2017. 2017 to start >> i agree g once you get to ono december everybody says that e every year. >> nove .>> n >> this was an especially espy bizarre year. >> yes, it was. >> it just was. w you know what's not bizarreizare right now. >> what? >> the roads. ohiquiet we have nothing t complain aboutng. >> federal holiday today. doesn't it make >> i'd like to put it out to thu public then.publ >> okay. erin reminds me of a super heroo today. i thought it was laura croft tomb raider with her outfit. out >> cat woman. wan. >> i don't think it's cat womani i want to say black wnkidow i i think that's too easy. >> black is slimming and i ate e lot christmas eve. e >> you look adorable.>> yook i'm trying to figure out who itt is. >> thank you allison.. >> hash tag erin's look. l i know w
8:28 am
>> iove e you. >> yeah. >> i'm going to look at thelooke green maps and let you know ifni that changes. cng go it up. >> back to you. you >> actually we'll be back inwe'l just a few minl utes. min i think we're going to break.toe either way we got it.. yeah, we win. win back in a few minutes. minutes.
8:29 am
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me lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. >> welcome back, everybody.elco ail 30:00 on a monday morning.m glad you're with us. u >> rick he's coming to theinto national harbor, he's coming o
8:31 am
the 930 club. clu he's coming somewhere. somew i'll look it up. >> we love rick arby. a >> can we get the prompter and thank you.thk yo >> all right. rig let's talk about what's happenee this year in 2016. it's been tough, al., >> it sure has. especially for the musicalor the industry. i'm talking like david bowie,, right? prince.rinc >> prince. >> i mean it's been -->> i >> george michael.>>a >> year of losing the legends. s >> big names. big names >> big names. e music music th industry. once again we mourn the loss ofo another singing sensation star a gone way too soon. george michael passed awayasse yesterday at the age of 53. 53. the british pop star first shots to fame with the 1980s duo whamw with hits including wake me upem before you go go, careless whisper his family released statement saying michael diedhal peacefully at his home. >> let's get to social mediaso m right now.ri >> a lot of people feeling the i loss on social media. you can read some of them here. >> same viewpoint that we h it's
8:32 am
david bowie but there's more. mr generation to generation, a lot of people saying who isho george michael but their parentr were figure fans of george ofeo michael. it is not good news to wake upae to for those who were not made d aware of yesterday. >> absolutely not. >> reactions still coming in. prince, david bowie many other celebrities. >> rick arby will be at the 930 club on valentine's day 2017. 21 just to complete that thought.hg >> 8:32 right now. n let's get to news out of theewtf district this morning familyhisy members of a man shot and killel by dc police still looking for o some answers. answers the incident happened on walnuta street in northeast police sayoc they responded to a call about a domestic dispute.ispute now when they arrived, they sayy that this man had a knife and ke they say he repeatedly ignored their commands to drop hismmano weapon. at least one officer fired at hall. >> he didn't deserve this.e dier he was going to pick up christmas toys for his
8:33 am
he had just left my house and he said, ma, i got toys fort kids. can you wrap the toys for me? >> officers were wearing bodyngb cameras at the time now that tht footage is being reviewed aseid part of this investigation. steve? other news now, montgomery county considering a proposal which would give l cowonsi incoc students priority for its language immersion program. county concerned about racial ce andrn ethnic disparity.. a report recommend the county end -- access to minority students. ud all righty.l ri it is 8:33. 8 we're going to get another checc on weather on this really --ea it's a quiet day for the traffic and weather team. but -- >> hmm. >> we turn to you any way,e tucker barnes.tu bar >> yes. i can see that. >> i can say something reallyang mean to tucker right n row. rigt go ahead, steve, say it.. >> get it out of the way for 2016. 2016 >> i was just noticing thetici e ravens purple fading away at tha
8:34 am
>> wow! >> yeah. that was was >> yeah. okay. >> it was worthy of cricket.ri >> it made me mad.>> imade >> i know. >> was it cricket worthy? it don't know. >> right there. >> on the line?>>n th >> okay. it was fine. >> it was clever. cleve >> all right. let's do it. 41 now in washington.ashingto 33 in new york city. you want one of the cleanestanet shows don't tune in this week. 25 in binghamton.. 49 in chicago. daytime highs in the 50s,0s sprinkles very light.ig i don't think it will amount toh much iinn youk r rain gauge, eri know you have one at home.. >> rain gauge. >> yes. >> i sit out on my patio and patio track storms.torms. >> ex lenell. i encourage that. daytime highs around 50 later lt today with cloud cover. cov few rain showers you couldrs y probably measure early tomorrowm morning and then some mildom m temperatures. i'll show you the seven day inw just a coupleda minutes. mes 52 today.52 today some drizzle, chilly and cloudyo as i said earlier, steve, i wish number 52 from the ravens woulds visit you at your hose
8:35 am
him. >> actually i would love for hir to come to the station. >> he's an mazing player i givev props to that.tot. >> excellent.>>xcel erin, should you looking. looki. >> my cousins were at the my steecouslers game yesterday. ye. >> i didn't know. let's move on. >> i will say tucker barnes got me cat magnets for the holidaysh so thank you for that. >> well they're special cat cat magnets. only the back half of the cat. >> the back half of the cat to hang on my refrigerator.. >> fantastic. who doesn't want to see.o n't >> miss allison got me cat measuring cups.g >> now i have several littleal things laying around the house.h >> they can help me makeeak cookies. thank you allison and.okk you s >> tucker for everyone thinkingi i'm a weirdo when they come at a my house and look at myook at m refrigerator. traffic, can you believe this ii the 14th street bridge. >> wow!>> w >> i think there's -- there's a' few cars that's exciting going g at speed maybe too fast forast speed but the good news no slowo downs 395.s 3 i don't know what this isow wt s supposed to be. n promise whatever roadhateve it is there's no traff
8:36 am
this is the beltway where the we inner loop and outer loop movinv along just fine bottom side of the beltway towards oxon hill.xh none of the usual slow downsw morningning. we earlier crash on the outer o loop by bw parkway that clearedd 270 has been a dream for my 270 computer commuters all morning. metro operating on a weekendeekd schedule.sche no v.. re marc trains operating on r schedule.schedule >> top side of the beltwayof t w looking nice. look plenty of beautiful things tohig tell you about the words, if you are a, working like we are,we traffic don't slow you down.own. b, heading home to the airports. problem way free and, c, if youo have some shopping you want toan score the post-christmas sales,s you're in good shape on your wau to all the outlets and malls. ms so exciting stuff. stu allison and steve.allin an >> very cool. very ol rogue one a star wars story whaa we have just called star warsars movie dominate the holiday box office. office >> isn't a star wars movie.. >> that's the official title t with all of the new opening
8:37 am
at the box office. >> t please. >> take a look at the must seeak movies coming up in the box beat. >> i'll try to go see thattoo se fences movie today or hiddenn >> or opposite of star wars.posr plus a maryland boy's good deed goes a long way to help tht homeless much his story is next. it's's 8:37.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> married boy spreading h
8:40 am
this year it's not the fir sst r time he's done it making andakia delivering what he calls lesson this is the second year he'scon' only nine years old.ars nine-year-old josh spring stoppr has taken on this project.. fox5 rosss alex limon has the story.y. ♪♪ >> reporter: this one because b it says jackpot or not. n >> reporter: like any a nine-year-old on christmastmas morning, josh spring stop is all about the >> i made one bag so far but the gifts he's faux cuff on aren't c the ones under the tree.. >> bags for the >> reporter: there's the giftshe he's collecting filling and a making. >> lotion, yeah, um, hand sanitizer, soap, tissues, deodorant, shaving kit. k >> reporter: small bags full smg of all the things we take for granted. granted. but if you're living on the o t streets, you just don't have. hv >> i mean these are probably at least 25-dollar bags. so they don't really have the hv money for that. >> reporter: it all started srt off last year as a collection of hotel toiletries
8:41 am
blessing bags for the hopeless s have grown to include snacks, even cold weather searches.rche at just nine years old, josh' is spreading the christmas spirit with maturity beyond his years.a >> we started with a shoe drivev at our church and then, um, twoo years later, we just weren'tter helping a lot.ot so i decided to google it and then we found this >> reporter: so what does a a kid who does so much for othersh want for himself on christmas? >> i want for the homeless toso get they are blessings bags ands probably a mini drone. drone >> reporter: alexandra limon, fox5 local news. >> great job by that young man.m good to see him doing eightoinge couple years in row.rsn r kwanzaa begins today.kwanzaa bei it is the weekns t long celebrai honoring african heritage ande d african-american culture. so happy kwanzaa to everyonery celebrating beginning today.. >> um-hmm. omoja is the first day
8:42 am
here in d.c. hundreds turn out on the ellipse last night forthf the annual lighting of theof menoh.h. menorah lighting to mark thear t start of hanukkah.. the event features songs, food,, lighting of the 30-foot me nor r the began on the sundown onn sunday and lasts for eight daysd next celebrities take to social media to share their thoughts on the death of pop icon georgerg michael. ♪♪
8:43 am
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♪♪ >> that's actually georgeha michael' house in london. beautiful house. otheview on the other sidet's ah beaur tifuel house on the waterr now you can see a lot of folks l there it's early afternoon inern london.ndon >> interesting you just sorttin of -- you don't know what elsehe to do. we saw this when prince you want to be -- >> you want to go there, youou wanting to somewhere where youew can relate. can rela you feel like you'rete closer to the situation. >> i believe in my american accent i mississippi pronounced i said oxfordshire. oxfordshi i think it's >> we won't hold that >> i want to be right. rig he gave us so much.uc i want to at least get where he d.ved. >> george mychal passing away is his young 50's.s yog 50's. if you haven't seen, we weree wr talking about the james corden bit with george michael, this is before james corden became a house hal name here in the her states he did the same
8:46 am
carpool karaoke so different now he drives around in range roverr with sponsored on the back and d he and george michael do bit and it's after he had run in with the law for -- there was some little risky sex business b happening, and it's perfect.. self deprecating much he's funnf and charming you see why thehy world loved him.d lohim. >> absolutely. huge loss. >> checkout out if you can of.ty >> self deprecating, funny,, charming i thought you wereou we talking about tucker for second. >> same qualities. >> we have to wait for a full holiday 10 seconds. you know what's eyes magknow about wham songs i can instantls be transpoonrted to exact wrl il was when i heard that song. >> that's right. trigh >> i can remember exactly wherew i was when i heard it for the fr first time. firs clouds and drizzle today.nd drid we are not going to see
8:47 am
than yesterday. yesterday he turned into mild tn day. about 50. back near 50 this afternoon. actually a little on the up sidd here compared to averages. arage 41 now in washington.n 39 annapolis. annapol 38 in everybody above freezing whichen is good because light drizzle di out there and in parts ofarts pennsylvania they have a the freezing rain advisory because u they're concerned that there could be a little light freezinn rain there.ra for us it will be just light drizzle keep clouds general alel round today mostly cloudy day.y won't be the price sunny day wey had yesterday with daytime highg about 50 or so. s cold front gets in here earlyere tomorrow morning. a few showers with it and then t what will happen the actualct colder air is lagging a little t bit we'll get a chan behind thai front with a westerly wind toy w warm up into the low to mid 60ss tomorrow.rr so tomorrow afternoon we shoulds get a period of sunshine andnd some mild temperatures to looktk forward to for a couple of hourh before the colder air gets ins n here tomorrow night.w night mentioned that will be tomorrowl morning. just a few showers out there.. it's all liquid unfortunately ii know if you're going off to thef north and west wanting to ii
8:48 am
it will be rain for everybodyaie herery locally.ocal temperatures are too warm of anything else.g there we are tonightwere ton 8:00 o'clock. keep the clouds around. t cloudn here's your light showerght shr activity for tomorrow morning.or you can see it froading off to t south and east by nine or 10 ini the morning and we'll clear it r out tomorrow afternoon. afteron. tomorrow afternoon look beautiful.ful mid 60s. 60s cooler weather for the day onhey wednesday. there's your seven day. no wintry cold onth oerur seve'd although we do trend colder bite end of the week. wee that is a weather update.e steve and allison, back to you. >> ♪♪ it's time for the fox beat b this morning.orni hi, kev. >> steve and allison, yeah.. yesterday was rough day for aroa lot of people in music and all a over the world musicians andia a celebrities but george michaelge passed away as we mentioned alln morning long here in the mornine on christmas day.. and there's been so manyso m celebrities that have come out and reactioned to thiss particular situation.ti and again i mentioned something earlier about how when i wasi younger when i was in middlen school and high school i was w introduced to george michaelha because of bands that wereuse covering him
8:49 am
so amazes me how many differente lives he touched, how manyw m different people he actuallyctul influenced with his musicalhis l passion, and we mentioned thiset earlier, allison, did he not have a genre of music. >> no. >> there was like multiple genres. ge i see on this wickipedia there's pop, there's million different e genres they actually give credie to him for. him >> right. >> but the beauty of him as a ha musician was that you could never pint point an exact genret for george michael.icha which i thought was really rlly really cool. >> he had that soulful voice and that goes so many differentyfere places. >> right. >> you know what i mean?? >> we don't use wickipedia as a standard for journalist but ittt was kind of cool.nd of ol. they said post disco, dance popp blue eyed soul and pop.. >> right. >> kind of cool. >> bunch of different versions.v >> not just one.>> n >> he can sing this face off.ace >> he was phasing. phasi sold over 100 million albums worldwide.woid nominated for eight grammy awara and won two.and t a lot of people are reactioningn yelled of yetter including
8:50 am
former wham band mate andrew a richly.chly i was heart broken at the be loved friend the world of musics at the world lat large forever loved.loveed we mentioned this earlier nog is a nickname that michael --el george michaels given by hisives family it's derived from the greek version of his name.. george is how you pronounce his ss n nail. elton john was a massive friendn of george mychal.ycha the cool thing about thishi relationship they stayed friendf but they had major duet back in 1991 we all know this song andsg this is great song he wrote anda elton john particularly said on instagram that he said -- excusc me i'm in deep shock i have a loft be crossed friend theend te kindest most generous soul an s brilliant artist. a my heart goes out to his familyy and friends and all of his fansn don't let the sun go down on men which is 1974 song that elton et john released they then redid in a live duet format it became
8:51 am
most popular version of that tha particular song. now, this past year 2016 alonene there were so many films andms movies touched by his music. still and a lot of movies actually used george michael'shl songs as a through linehrgh throughout the entire movie onee of was dead pool. poo dead pool actually ended on careless whisper actually a hugh part of that movie so ryan ren fond tweeted out george michaele was a kind and gentle soul.le s on top of that jordan peel wholw did keanu with keegan michael m key they had amazing movie. keegan michael key's character t the entire movie is singings sgi george michael songs. father figure, all the classicss songs that he sang, that was kind of cool that jordan peel jn tweeted that out.. ellen degeneres i just hearduste about my friend george michael'l death. he was such a brilliant talent.l i'm so sad.i'm sad. and so many other musicians. singer brian adams rip georgeeog mychal. i can believe such an incredibli singer and lovely human beinganb far too young to leave us as yoy mentioned allison, l
8:52 am
host james corden who before carpool karaoke here in theerine united states had a version of that in england.. ig right. >> and he wrote this i've lost'o george michael for as long as ia can remember. he was an absolute inspiration.n always ahead of his time.ime so very cool to see everyoneone somehow touched by him in some m way, shape or form in regards to music, movies, i mean you can c pick out so many famous movie scenes his songs have beenave b placed in. >> right. >> for me it's cool to hear hish music being talk about again.. careless whisper is ahi is a masterpiece it really really is. >> aww. >> great song. many films opened up this pasts christmas week.wk. including fences, hidden hid figures, star wars rogue one one star wars has taken the number n onotslot again. shocker. >> nobody surprised by that. >> no one is surprised here.odys noedw is alreadysla putting estimates out. o the official numbers won't be wt out until tomorrow because it'se considered to be a four-dayber-a weekend.we >> holiday weekend. nd, t>>hough, thouge deadline is reporting $70 million for rogue one a sta
8:53 am
animated sorry sing opened up 31.1 million. since wednesday release lookingo eye to be $70 million for thatha vivie. >> that's pretty good numbers. >> so many films i reviewed last week and i gave a lot of films f wade ratings.atin why him four out of five thefiv film with bryan cranston andto a james franco.james co assassin's creed i gave a 2.5 out of five.ive. i want to mention fences it was phenomenal movie with denzelze washington. wash this was actually brought to t stage biden sell and viola davis. they then brought this to the big screen denzel directing theg movie. gave 4.5 out of it opened yesterday christmasnet day. more numbers coming out. if you haven't seen it highlyrel highly rem that. rem and then finally hidden figuresr the most important film of the year, also opened yesterday.. in two theaters in washington,si d.c. only amc hoffman center anr regal gallon row place.ce >> big oni
8:54 am
>> january 6th is the big the release i gave this 4.5 out of five. o telling you right now pg for the entire family and inspire and a hopefully make everyone noticee this incredible story that nohao one ever talked about. not even actors new anything any about these threee african-american women work fog nasa which were actually the brains beyond john glenn first t successful space mission intooni orbit. it was incredible. sunday. sunened up on yesterday. a lot of movies opening up.p. cool. >> all right. good to see you guys>> a. >> i was going on and on. a i don't know if anyone was listening.stenin >> i'm listening. >> i'm going to the movies today. that's what i'm going to do.oday >> back after this. ♪♪
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one winner shrek beside random r drawing on january 2nd.awing j all enantrants must be 18 or old complete rules available at all right tee.l rit te it is tucker time.rim good morning. m >> all right. get that color playol pla there.there. saint nick instead of saint nick. >> here's the forecast. looking at temperatures right ht now in the lemowperatures 40s.. still 41 degrees at reagan winds east northeast at three. r cloud a lot of clouds today.od and even a little bit of lightig drizzle out there in spotspo across the area with daytime dti highs about 50 or so.0 or it won't be the beautiful sunnyn bright day we had yesterday but it should generally be dry day.d a little bit of light drizzleri out a few showers tomorrow morningor with a frontal season.ea look what we do tomorrow afternoon.afternn. 64 degrees and cooler fort middle and end of the weekf thew little more typical of lateat december. decemb >> all right. that's look at w>>eather. now instead of erin doing traffic i'll do it because it's really easy.
8:57 am
>> wears my honk honk. hon >> beep beep. >> everything looks great.>> back to you steve and allison.rh >> yay! that was a good job. >> best weather and traffic team ever. >> marc trains are on rn r schedule. no v. v r service. find a different way around.. service began at seven operatina on holiday schedule for metro.eo any questions at erin fox5 d.c.5 on twitter. no delays for metro however. hor taking a look at the ts tucker what do we have there? te >> green.reen all green all good. i love what i'm seeing onal then beltway.belt problem on 50 inbound and no n problems if you're heading outdg of down to pwi reagan national o or dulles. traffic on knife looking goodngd and i got you covered if covered anything changes.ythi enjoy this monday morning ride.r more good day at 9a coming upp guys.guys if you're expecting holly and ad maureen you're out of luck and a you're stuck with us today. tod >> you, me, wisdom and erin.. >> whoever we can find. we can . see you then. see you then.
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♪♪ straight ahead, georgerg michael's last christmas.. >> ♪♪ last christmas i gave you my heart but ♪♪ >> legendary singer and sicknd s symbol died at just 53 years old. leaving the music world wld urnining. ♪♪ wake me up before you go-go ♪♪ >> this morning, we're lookingro back at his life and legacy and how he is being remembered. plus


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