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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 a local news at 0. right now at 10, a disturbingtub discovery inside a virginia restaurant. what we've learned about a man found dead inside a bathroom. the post christmas shopping police the returns and what people the r are doing with unwe gift cards. inaugeration will also be movini day at pennsylvania avenue.nue. a look at
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get the white huss ready forth r new administering. your news tarts now. i'm jim lokay and i'm ' sarah sip once. we start with your weather as yoou get ready to head back to the workweek after the holidayla weekend. get ready for a winter warmup and that's not all. caitlyn roth to get us started.r it was cloudy, pretty chilly. it's hard that by tomorrowomor afternoon it will be feeling like the middle of spring.spri it actually will be as we are anticipating a one-day warm up. that one day will be very nice.y if you're lucky enough to be off again tomorrow you'll enjoyoy that. if you have to head back to work it's going to be at leaves a nice drive home. we have been sitting at the same 45-degree mark in washington sense we were on earlier this evening at 5:00 p.m.00 p really temperatures have note gone anywhere with the thickthe cloud cover and an approaching cold front. i do expect that they will risewill during the overnight hours. 45 in annapolis, 45 in
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48 in culpeper. winds have been increasing slightly out of the southwest. areas west of washington overnight should get pretty breezy. wind advisories last on 0 tonight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. loudon county, northern fauquiee as well as areas along the west. that's out ahead the cold frontd that will come through tomorrow morning. clouds around right now it'sro been a veryun quiet night. fine for travel and tomorrow itself actually looks decent for travel. you see the cold front bringingn showers from toronto and buffalo. that will move us, but most ofst the moisture is expected toecte break up overnight. you see within the next hourr some steady rain for pittsburgh. by the time the line reaches us it's a sprinkle or two. i don't think any of us see any rain tomorrow morning,e but as the front passes we
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into sunshine and there's no cold air behind this cold front. temperatures warm up nicely behind the front. a good breeze out of the west. we should hit 64-degrees under shinily skies. we are going round the year witr some more wintry weather. aisle have the roller coaster of temperatures coming up. we'll get to that at aroundget 10679.to10 30. jim? fox5 is in arlington county tonight. police are investigating thenves death of a man whose body wasody found inside of a bathroom at a restaurant.. workers were cleaning up route steakhouse when they found the body, fox5's marina maracco reports. and tonight the ruth steakhouse in crystal city is back open for business after a cleaning crewcw this afternoon at about 2:00 discovered a million dollars a m aged man dead inside the bathroom stall at the steakhouse. now, police would not say how long the body had been inside the restaurant, but it's believed this may have been someone who was
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christmas day at the restaurant. now, investigators initiallytial reported this to be a suspicioni death, but throughout thehr afternoon and based on what they found, earlier tonight they'reye saying this is no longer a suspicious death investigation. a car was toed from the scenene and now investigators stillstil trying to piece together how long body was inside the bathroom, how long it went without being discovered and why and how this man died still alll under investigation.nves in arlington county, virginia, marina maracco, fox5 local news. a family out shopping inshop maryland ended up in hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poison. a woman and her three kids fellf in. the family spent sometime in the car and were taken to shockho trauma in maryland. they weren alert and conscious when he were taken to the hospital. that family is expected to makee a full ted recovery.
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now to prince george's county where a car crashed into a tree earlier today killing one woman and injuring a man. this all happened in laureln where a city spokesperson tells us 68 sean yeah smith died inied the car cash.r she was a passenger, the driver a 3 # year old man is inin critical condition tonight. fox5's's matt ackland has morere for us. >>reporter: it happened here earlier this a just across the treat here, this is old sandy spring road.d. the car basically left the road and hit that tree there. let's show you some video taken earlier this afternoon. laurel officials say 58 year old sonya smith of baltimore wasalti killed in the accident.the she was a the driver was male and he was taken to a nearby hospitalistedd in critical condition. at first there was some confusion over whether theethe occupants in the car may havey been injured before theth accident, but that turned outned not to be the case. there were some earlier reports about other injuries sustained at this
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we now believe, and it's still under investigation that other a injuries that were reported earlier were as a result of this car accident.ccid a lot of people exer size, walki and run on this road and luckili somebody didn't get hit.. there were many officers hereofi for several hours.l the car was moved property scenr about 3:00 today. once again, an investigation is underway. still no cause known at this point.po in laurel, matt ackland, fox5 local news in woodbridge a man was killed today while he was walking along the interstate. police a22 year old issac delgado was hit by a tractor-trailer while walking along interstate 95. authorities say he and two other people were driving south on i95 near route 13 when they ran out of gas. they reportedly didn't want to call for help so they decided td walk to a gas staying.ying moments later delgado was hit by a tractor-trailer and was takena to a hospital where he later died. no one else was hurt during that incident. we n k
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man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer on christmas morning. he is identified as gerald haul of northeast d.c. police say officers were calledw out toe a home on walnut streete for a domestic disturbance and investigators say when officers arrived hall was caringying a knife. they order to hut the knife down, when he refused an officer shot him. he later died in the objection to the form the officer involved in the incident is currently oned a mtheteorologistive leave. a man suspected of committing several rob wrist and assaulting a special police officer is now in custody is now in custody. police haven't identified the suspect, but he's responsible for tweo robberies in northeaste and another one that happened in southwest earlier this man. investigators say he was also involved in this assault on a special officer on fourth street in northwest.thwe this incident happened two weeks ago and police are still looking for others who were involved in the assaults. new tonight am you hit the malls today to spend the holiday gifta cards, but the popular christmas
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fox5's lindsay watts braved thed crowds to find out what you can do with all those gift cards you're not so excited about. >>reporter: everyone i spoke with her at the mall says theyy got gift cards they are excited to use especially with all the sales going on. many said they got cards they didn't know what to do. they are options besides regifting a gift card or letting perfectly good plastic collect dust. most of us have been there.ere. walking the mall after christmas with gift cards we're not so sure about.ut. bath and body works.ks >> you didn't like my bath andad body works? owe, my goodness. i'll know next year. i got an amazon one and i was asking for that so i was excited. i also got a build a bear one ba which i was really planning on getting. if you can believe it estimatesi are that 1 billion-dollar in gift cards went unuse
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operative ' gotten some that i probably regifted to other people. have you ever thought aboutough selling them or trading them in. >> no. i didn't even know you could do that. the options are better than ever.n there's a growing number ofr of websites where you can trade orr sell your cards. card pool is one of them.he you do lose some of the giftt card value, though. for example, a $50 target cardae will get you a check for 4 # .5. >> i didn't know that, but iut might try now.mi if you want money on the spot, some of those k-9 star can i okays you see at the grocery store now have a gift card option. they accept cards from over 1505 stores and restaurants. again, be prepared to lose somee of the gift carvidlol why you in exchange for the fast cash. >> that's great to know. you can find information about i all of then services we'veve mentioned on our website, fox5dcom
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at the fair oaks mall in fairfax, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > i don't understand. i've never meta gift card i didn't like. >> give it to me, i'll find a way for it. > think about how many stores sell gift cards.ds. you can sometimes take that card in and use that gift card for a different card. > president obama versus donald trump, who would win in a head to head option. why both of them are tackingking that question today. host a statute of a convictedctd murderer on its campus. how the world i remembering thee live and legacy of ionic pop singer george michael. stay with us, fox5 local news at 10 will be right back. pass pressure system
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> it was a national day of morning in russia as dozens brought flowers to r
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so shy. pilot error or technical faulthc caused the plain to go down. all 92 people on board thatthat plane, some of the russia'sruss military choir. it is a stunning reminder of the violence that's engulf the cityu of chicago this year. more than 40 people were shot over the holiday weekend.eeke chicago is on track to have more murders than new york and losss angels combined.comb more now from fox's kelly wright. >>reporter: all of a united states: a sen i heard poppop poppop. christmas in chicago marred byby multiple shootings, one claiming the lives of two brothers, justs 18, and 2 # years old.old. when i first came out i saw the bodies laying. yeah
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dead, another 50 people hurt. these are deliberate and planned shootings by one gang against another. they were targeted knowing fully well that individuals would bedl at the homes of family andamil friends celebrating the holidays. this was followed by several acts of retaliation. chicago has seen an alarming increase in violence. police say there have been 745 murders this year. the total number of shooting victims soring to more thanhan 4200. while this is the sickening reality, it shows yet again that our penalties for carrying and using guns here in chicago are just not an effective deterrent against repeat gun offenders. all this violence is having a major ripple affect driving upup the murder rate forth nation'si' top 30
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14 percent. chicago alone responsible forrep nearly half that increase. in washington, kelly wright, fox news. > new at 10, a dispute issput brewing over a hypothetical election between president obamt and donald trump. yes, thisan is the thing. on a pod cast release today, president obama said if he ran again he would win over a majority of american voters. and of course trump disagreed. he sounded off on twitter saying president obama's record wouldod have prevented him present curing a victory. he cited a loss of us jobs, the affordable care act and residents are sending a strongog message to one of their temporary in chevy chase, abortion rights activist recently posted lawn signs saying this neighborhood trusts woman. vice president elect mike pence is representing a home in their neighborhood. neighbors have also p
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dozen rainbow flags against a support of lgtb statute signed by pence. american university, a nine foot statute with leonard pellet yeat found of guilty on two fbi agents. there have been several attemptt to grant him clemancy. there is a new push to seekto pardon from president obama before he leaves office am say they're concerned about thebout efforts to free him and believed the convictions were fair. he's still alive. those two agents are dead. he is a grandfather. they'll never be grandfather anb hee committed this crime and he killed those agents in cold blood. american university release a statement about the statuteta saying they see it as a piece of art, but they don't have a position on the movement itself. celebrities and fans are mourning the death of anotherf music icon. pop singer george michael dieded on christmas day from heart failure. he is in
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unique voice and the personal struggling that he fought during his life. fans pay tribute to georgerge michael outside of his home in england leaving flowers and other items at the place where e it appears the pop star divedstr heart failure. >> sadly missed. a great man. he's a local man.. michael first gaining star tat us with the teen group wham ingu the early 0s, the pop duo's last christmas is a holiday favorite. last christmas i gave you my right.righ michael eventually moving on a solo career selling over 100 million albums globally and winning album of the year at the 1990 grammy awards. over his career, the 53 recorder duets with aretha franklin, and elton who writes on instagram, quote i many in deep shock byck th
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my heart goes out to his family, friends and awful his fans. michael was also known for off-stage controversies. he struggled with drug use and was arrested in 1998 for public rudeness. didn't let the arrest silence him h releasing a single making fun of the incident. even though there wasre w controversy in his earlier yearr yours it was his later yearslate actually that he was more knownn for his charitable work giving away millions to children and those suffering for chance cancer. > there was a woman that had to come on that had to have somee life altering surgery to have a george michael saw it at home and wired in the money so she could have the surgery. > carry fisher eho suffered a
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major heart attack is currently in stable condition.cond her mother, deborah reynoldsnold posted an update thank youing people for her prayers.raye she is just 60 years old.ld. up next, heads up for parents,es now that kids have unwrapped thp new tablets and gaming devices. getting the white house ready for a new administration is aoni massive job.b. we're getting a behind the scenes look at what it's all about coming up. .
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we are just days away fromus ringing in the new year andt there's a new pole that says americans are hospitalful that says 017 will be a better year. a lot of americans are glad 2016 is to break it down, here is fox5's will car. >>reporter:
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016 out on the wrong foot. the call by the associated press and the time squares alliance reported a measly 8 percent ofct the country got better this year. about a third however, say it got worse and maybe that's why mother jones declared dumpsterup fire at the meal of 2016. events including mass killings and bombings like the ambush in orlando which now stands as the worst shooting in united states history. other notable attacks taking place in france, belgium and packs stand, 60 percent of people say these stories impacted them personally. stories of people being killed by police and scries verse aan wered the years' most important enthusiasm has, but overwhelming majority like the presidentialse election has the biggest storyst and certainly the snowiest. t donald thinks belittling womenit makes him bigger.r. the outcome
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complete of the nation, but # 5 percent of the coming yearng says it's going to be better regardless of the west ring regime change. it has been the privilege of my live to serve as your commander and chief.f. being on the side lines has benefited president obama, he's helping the end with a healthy 53 percent approval rating according to the latest fox news poll. 206s what haven't bad for everybody, the cubs won the world series and the us gymnastics team won gold. > am children will be playing with new video game consoles and tablets they got for the holidays and kids may spend extra time playing games. one online group peer side sid issued a report one in five us teens have received an unwanted sexual
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they recommend parents set up parental controls. they also stress the importantpt absence of adding parental controls at home. now that christmas is over, manm people may be wondering what dot you do with that tree.e. if you live in the district,ict, holiday trees and relates will be collected from your hope on february 27. if you live in montgomery county you can mon put your tree on thn curb on your recycle day. prince george's county trees there will only be picked up mondays. it's really important to remove all the decorations and do not put the tree in plastic for clot bags. you would think that would make sense. or a plastic bag. everybody puts them onto drag it out of the house. is facing backlash tonight because of a
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controversial t-shirt that is for sale. a behind scenes look at all the work that has to be done to gett white houseo ready for the trump p administration. ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10 we're back with some of the top stories working on tonight. d.c. police need your help to find a missing woman. her name is pennsylvania try a mack cull i. she bass last seen in the 2,000 block of capital heights. mcnally is an actress and is known in the theater communityer much the circumstances in thisin case appear suspicion petition. they do say she may be driving a white two door toyota ion. if you have any idea of her whereabouts please call police.
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unidentified man was a patron yesterday. but his body wasn't found until today. no word on highway died, but but they do not believe the deathth appears to be suspicion. a man is in critical condition after this car slammed into a tree this afternoon.erno investigators are not sure what caused that driver to lose control t of the car. they identified the victim as 58 year old sonya smith. > and i hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.nd. pretty nice weather. pretty seasonal weather.sona we started off gloomy on christmas eve but turned it around by christmas day. we are expecting warm weather tw your knowledge spring-like weather, but just for onear dayd it's a tuesday day special, soa, if you're visiting and lucky enough to be around for one more day enjoy this. 64 in washington, 65 affianthing could he, closeto to 70 in plea. the day starts off kind of gloomy. we
10:32 pm
through. we'll see some clouds, maybe abe shower north and west. by midday the clouds picked up. we'll get a west wind which boost the temperatures into thei 6 20s. just some sunshine in thee afternoon. enjoy the 64 degrees.degr cooler by wednesday with still a high temperature of 64 degrees. overall a nice day. the hint of what could be a bit of a mix north and west thursday morning before changing over to sunshine in the afternoon. it's a cold friday new year'sr's eve looks chilly, but day. new year's day we could have some showers. more on that and your fulll forecast coming up. president elect donald trump don soon will be moving into the in white house. what goes with changing of the guards. >>reporter: what happens on inaugeration day is a very fine tune almost military precisionsn moving. and as we found out, the white house changes hands almost as instantaneously as the presidency does. what people don't know is that in tha
10:33 pm
they have to move one presidentd out and one president in that there are 132 rooms in the white house and there's a torchhere furniture, a lot of momentos, a lot of things about thinking ini and out. there are several hundreddred staffers who work on this very careful orchestrated members of the white house staff will be frankly moving out the remnants of the obama administration and preparing the residents and offices for theirr new inhabitant.bita starting that morning, every single item in the west wing is moved out. the desks, the paper, the computers, everything, new paint is put in. new carpet is laid. they'll bring in new pencils, new desks, the whole 9.hole who exactly is in charge of the changing of the guards? ' overseen by the white house chief usher.her. they sort of understand where thingsrsta are going, everyone the chefs to resident staff is involved to get kitchen stacked, toette good the closets filled.
10:34 pm
white house staff members that spent years serving president sr obama and his family in the president has a political staff who come in with him on his first day at the white house and they'll stay with him until he departs. the remainder of the folks at the white house are called career staff and they'll stay from present to present. whether it's the butt letters, the chefs, pay the try chefs,fs some of these people have been here for 30, 10, 50 years. what about the secret service,i, when do they officially stand down from their job to protect president obama? it doesn't't matter who the president is, whether the vice president takes over forth president or a president elect comes in the secret service who is assigned to the president will remain with whoever the in coming president is. juxta pose that with the trump trump
10:35 pm
in gold, from what i hear they're not going to replicate that at the white hours, however, i'm sure they might make a few changes. after the obama accompanies president elect trump to the capital they'll head off on marine one for the very lasty time to an undisclosed warmrm vacation and upon their return will move into a rental home just a few myself from the whit house in washington. bill waldman, fox news. n it may be the most as you tear surrenderrings for donald trumpr when you see the inside of trump tower and everything else. >> i can't see how they decoratt in there. that's always one of the things, it's interesting to eat personal touches. >> yes. > up amazon offering young an easy to give back this holiday season. theho boxes, all the boxes thate have stacked up?? >> 20, 30, something like that.l > how much did you eat this holiday weekend any know, do you really want to fess up to this? the average christmasca
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maxx life at t.j.maxx. welcome back, amazon blacks lives matter merchandise. they are demanding they removeme the shirt.. walmart recently removed the same shirt.irt. the police union called it offensive. right now it is stylisted on amazon's website, but i is listed as currently unavailablee amazon has yet to comment on the issue. > peg of amazon the retail and goodwill are teaming up to makee it easier to give it back after the holidays.ays. the two companies are teaming up to the give back. you can take any of those emptyy delivery boxes around the hours, fill it up with a bunch of itemo thatf you want to giveaway and then visit give back to print out a label. the donations go to the nearestt goodwill store.good if
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guilty on this day after christmas because you ate a lot you're not alone. a survey from remember kitchen says the average person it's nearly 6,000 l calories, that includes a big breakfast, dinner with all the fixings, plus there's desert snacks, drinks, the leftovers from zinner that z youin may be thinking about, and wine. >> the drinks, that's part of the drink. it's a way of life i think forik some people, the wine. some people. up next, caitlyn, she's got your forecast coming up in just a about it. we're looking back at off the scandals of the year from anthony weiner to ryan lochte. we're back after this. it looks like a lot of americans are holiday shopping for cars. according to kelly blue booky bl december is poised to be the biggest month for car sales in 2016.2016
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expected to move this month alone. but that's actually down slightly from last year's december sales. the markets closed today for christmas, but stocks will be looking to close out a big year during the final week of trading in 2016 and if you're on'r vacation this week, chances are you've noticed a bigger bill wherever you're staying. according to aaa average hotel rates between christmas and new year's are up around 7 percentud from the same time last year. one night is going to cost you around 160 bucks.. that's business.ines i'm david asman. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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> in case you didn't realizese this, today you marks the firsts of kwanzaa. the african-american cull yournm t. the holiday wasl yo created acty in 1966 to celebrate family,amil culture and heritage and is modeled after the first harvest celebrations in africa. some people who celebrate kwanzain
10:45 pm
angelina joely. this is not what a lot of peopl are wanting to hear about,out, winter storm causing some chaos. the dakotas and south minnesota are a mess. large portions of two highwayshh are shutdown because of snow and visibility. thousands of people still without power. forecast others expect didn'tstr to improve by tomorrow morning. >> they had a white christmas. >> that was an all out blurred christmas, the dakotas. be careful what you wish for. exactly. you want a white christmas, sometimes in that part of the country you get a little that's coming toen a end for them. luckily weave got some wet weather moving in.we it looks like a shower or two. most of tomorrow's forecast is real atreat. we'll show you that coming up ip just a minute. a live look outside on this daya after christmas which am of you enjoyed as a day off and some of you
10:46 pm
after. if you're fortunate to be off tomorrow try to enjoy sometime outdoors it's much easier when the temperatures hit 60s andand that's exactly what we're w calling for tomorrow. high temperatures only in the mid 40s, but temperatures arempr expected to rise overnight so that we start the day in the 50s. this is out ahead of a cold front which might bring an isolated shower, but very isolated. mostly are talking about a gorgeous tuesday afternoon that will feel like spring. right now it looks very lightvey and the chances for any wintry weather will be far north andth west, but it's the only thing in the forecast that looks wintry at this point.oint very seasonal out at reaganeaga national 47 at dull, 43 at bwi.bwi. overcast all day long.long couldn't get any sunshine touns break out. you need a mechanism to come through and clear out the loads and that's going to be tomorrow morning's
10:47 pm
temperatures stayed put from where they were earlier this evening. 45 wash attorneys 45 in annapolis. these are current temperatures outside right now. 46 in winchester. everyone well above freezing. you don't have the cold bite toi the air. it feels kind of comfortable. winds have been increasing slightly out at the southwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. nothing overly gusty quite yet, but as the front comes throughms it does look like it will have a decent amount of wind it with especially north and west of washington. a wind advisory issued until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is for stream western maryland, washington county and frederick county.ount and loudon county, northern few quarter county and then on theh ridge tops where you can get gusts of 40 miles an hour at times. it will be breezy at timest tomorrow morning for us here in washington. satellite and radar showing the thick cloud cover overhead. travel weather was fine today. it actually should be fine tomorrow as well. you se
10:48 pm
through the great lakes back into the ohio valley. a lot of showers with from toronto down through buffalo, cleveland. that wet moving. most of the moisture is going ti break up. i don't think we see much rainha by tomorrow morning.ning not much wintry weather. freezing rain in the northernai mostn counties of new hampshirs and vermont and even into maine. we're seeing wintry weather across the northeast and into england. a testament to temperatures being on the rice. that's the setup for tomorrow. it's a brief warmup, but a warmup nonetheless. temperatures in the 50s across the northwest. places for southern virginia and charlottesville possibly 70. we'll see. here's our combination radar and temperatures, watch thee temperatures go up even though we're falling into the overnighn hours and by 7:00 a.m. it will feel down right mild
10:49 pm
temperatures well into the 50s.. notice how the wet weatherther breaks up, just a north and west and as that clears up, temperatures continue to riseurs into the c 50s. it will be colder by wednesday. 45 overnight, tonightover temperatures will be on the on rice. we'll be in the mid 50s. it's breezy and mild and pretty beautiful. 50-degrees on wednesday, sodnes sunny and cooler and then early showers on could be a mix.mix. we're watching that. whatever it is doesn't look like too bi lgo of a deal. chilly friday. that's a cold day and then the new year's holiday itself looks pretty nice.ce. that's a look at the forecast. today marked the rematch of maryland and acc. the game was also a about it of a reunion for head coaches tj turk onand steven acasio because they wereve both assistant coacs back in 2010. a familiar faces and a tough start for turgeon terps fell
10:50 pm
behind 16-0. second johnson shot out of a canyon off to the races.race touchdown also a 30-yard score. he finishes at 159 yards. then boston colleges next possession the reverse to jeff f smith. he's not running. owe, no, he's throwing, to the quarterback.quar patrick toast, a 21 in the second half, the terps were down by 2, but theyt th responded through the air. senior per irhill was up theup right side, lavern jacobs. it works out fine. jacobs makes the the terps scored 17 straight points to cut the deficit to three. that's it, the come back fallsa short. maryland loses 36 to 30 and coaches technology onand adas owe on the side with a about itb of an embrace. one game left for the redskins. we already know it's getting moved to later start, 4.
10:51 pm
25 against the giants, fed ex field right here on fox5 and it's a mess win no matter what. the monday night football going on right now, which dallas is win, 35 to 21, towards the end of the third will play a major role in guide the skins' destiny. here's the first scenario on how the redskins can get in the play joust. the second scenario, if the lyons can come back here, then new year's day the redskins tiln have to win and thely once have to turn around and beat the packers. today jay gruden would ask,ask, what's the furthest you would do to influence the game tonight? g any calls to dallas about maybeu keeping the starters in tonight? >> yeah. no, hard to root for dallas. like i said, it's fun to watchto this until the bitter end and see what happens. we'll see what happens. i know if dallas ends up
10:52 pm
and then detroit has to beato green bay so we still have a chance. regardless of what happens we have to take care of the giantss when the dust set also we'll see where we are. there's chance. tonight the wizards hosting the bucks three nights after getting blown off. first half, fight for the loose ball, kelly oop ray.ray. gets it to john wall. the beginning of the big night b for the former hoya. with seven minutes to go, the wizards trailing by ten. sinks the jumper, 18 point, the wizards up 99 to 98.o less than a minute to go, the lead still at one, the wizards worked it out to porter who calmly drills the three point other, the wizards in front by four, a game high 32 points. and in the final second, thehe lead now three points, the bucks tony snell, baseline three noee good. a battle for the rebound. the wizards exact revenge 1 post office 7-102
10:53 pm
home. if you lost faith early on, an,a the look of people >> they're on a role. they are in deemed we'll be right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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> as 2016 draws to a close we d remember some ofra the scandals and unbelievable headlines thatt popped up this here, from andro the my weaner sexing, it was ann unforgettable ways in many ways. fox's martha ma cow and reportsd >>reporter: you can call it water gait. ryan lochte claimed he waslaim robbed at gun point. it turns out he allege urinated outside a bathroom. he lost major corporate sponsorships. d trident elect donald trump went through a whirlwind of controversies including more than a dozen sexual harassments allegations. he also got caught saying somean
10:57 pm
he denied them all and all polla apologized for the comments on tape. feeling the burn, debbie wassermann schultz resigned. this as wikileaks release an avalanche of e-mails related to hillary clinton that am say cost her the election. team usa goal i hope solo rippee into the swedish woman's teamma' after they eliminated the usasa from the olympics. she was suspended from the team for six months.onth a few days later solo also parted with her national womens soccer legitim. a sex scandal rocking baylor university. several women alleging charges against members of the football team including four at least gangrenous. the largest baptist university inbapt the university has beenen playinged by allegations that it
10:58 pm
assault committed by its students. former baylor president ken star and art biles lost their jobs.l and the saga of joe line a. justin bieber posting anting instance gram accusing his believers of attacking his relationship with sophia richie. former girlfriend so lean a gomez took to the comments toto retort, if you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your new girlfriend. after he deleted his instagram, gomez relented that read what i said was selfish and pointlessne she said. former new york congressman anthony weiner in trouble againe this year. it started when his former wifer said she was leaving him after finding him thatting out that he was sexing with another woman. he sent a lewd photo to theto t woman with his four year old son in the picture t. an fbi investigation uncovered new
10:59 pm
e-mails related to the hillaryet clinton puttinged a jolt into ho presidential campaign. wells fargo ceo john stump stepped down after the bank cam under fire for their sales practices. in september of 2016 the company agreed to pay $185 million toio settle allegations that accounts were opened without customer's permission to reach aggressivee sales targets. and the maker of epipen, mylan, agreeing to pay $465 million too settle allegations that it over billed medicaid for the live safing drug. the house grilled the ceo aboutb the controversial price tag after"allegedly received a race of 670 percent over nine years. that's 2016 and with 2017 righth around the corner no doubt there will be more of these scandals in the news. we'll be here to cover it all for
11:00 pm
> leave beer's girlfriendve b alone. >> i'm hopinndg for more positivity in 2017. less bieber.ber. > ette aer way, we win. all right. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at # 1. cue start with your weatherweat tonight. as we take a live look outside.i it feels like a typical december night out there, typ but that is about to change. thanks for staying with us, everyone i'm sarah sip once. i'm jim lokay and tony and shawn off tonight. caitlyn roth is here with whatht we can expect. most people kickoff a short workweek. jim and sarah, good evening tod you both. this is the type of changes than you hear about in december that you want to hear. not talking about cold air, not talking about any within the weather, but a spring-lining water for your tuesday. if you're lucky enough to have tomorrow off, enjoy. temperatures outside right now,


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