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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today own fox news morning are we're following tips on a missing it d.c. woman. >> today it's warm and getting warmer and some of you may have to deal with morning showers first. >> good morning to you thank you very much for joping us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> gary mcgrady is talking about those warm temperatures. erin como talking about traffic. we'll get to both ever you in just a few moments. first let's bring folks up to what is happening the news and we're starting this morning with braeinging news we've been following from the district. it's been case of missing d.c. yoga instructor and actress. >> there's been no search departments and anjali hemphill is here with all the latest developments, good morning. >> good morning, friends and family of
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waking up to devastating news this morning after her brother confirmed that her body was found. take a look this was facebook page that was created when she went missing christmas day to organize friend and family for a search for her. it now reads in memory of trisha mc cally and post by her brother underneath says trisha is gone they found her body thank you all owe for your work, support, love and to all d.c. family she truly thought of you that way and thank you for being here for all these years hang on to each other. at this point z.c. police are not con firping any more details in their investigation including whether or not they found trisha mc cally or they have taken anybody into custody. what they are telling us is right behind me here on m street and 23 they did find a car similar to trisha mc cally's packed here late last night in northwest d.c. and an hour going we were watching as that car was tow away from this ar
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witness tells me he watched late last night as several officers stwharmd area of m street. first going into nearby stores like cvs and walgreens and finally descending on that white car. d.c. mees were searching for 46-year-old trisha mc cally christmas day after she never showed up for christmas with friend. she's actress, local herblists and last the seen off north capital and v streets northwest. police also put out this information searching for this man 5' 9" athletic build who they believe was driving her white toyota scion with d.c. plates. they are not come firming if the car is trisha's and they're not con firping this they found her. that post by family and friends they're reaking to that post and def nate stating news to get. we nraerd a witness a coroner
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van pulled up to the scene and eventually pulled away. that's the latest now anjali hemphill "fox5 local news". >> we'll check with you throughout the morning. new this morning police are vehicleing a deadly shooting in north west that happened last night along the 00 block of cedar street. police on the scene found a man with gun shot wound who later die today at the hospital. >> police are investigating a dead body found inside a bathroom at ruth cyst bathroom. the death does not appear to be suspicious. >> a family ended up in the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poise opening. a woman and her three kids fell ill. family spent time in their car. they were taken 20 shock trauma in baltimore. firefighters tell us they were alert and conscious when taken to the hospital and the family is expected to make a full recovery. >> bu my man is facing owe possession charges after a gu
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airport he was scheduled to poured a plane to los angeles. he was taken into custody. if he stored gun in checked baggage he would not it be facing charges. >> now that christmas is over many of you may wonder what exactly to do with your tree. if you live in the district holiday edge tries can be collected through january 27. christmas trees will be collected during the first two weeks of january and if you live on montgomery country put it on the cushion recycling days. it's important to remove all deck races and not to put the tree in plastic or cloth bags. >> if you like me you can fold it up and put it back in the basement until next year. >> that's how i roll. >> hail to the dallas cowboys. that's because redskins are one step closer to making postseason because the dallas cowboys beat lions 42
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all they have to do with win sunday against the giants and they get into the playoffs. it's that simple unless they have to side with detroit in that game. >> it's highly unlikely. >> okay. >> very likely though we'll like temps minus rain here and there. >> it's 57 now here in town. and it's 59 for annapolis. so wow temperatures out there super mild. cooler than everybody else in frederick, 46, haikers town 53, martinsburg 58. warmer this morning than 24 hours ago. 17 warmer in town. annapolis is 20 warmer. everybody is warmer than what we are and sustained wind gustsy, run in, 15, 20 miles an hour and gust up to 0 in some places and dulles 1 out west and higher elevations there's a whipped advisory in place until 10 a.m. notice showers to west of us. a lot will struggle to get over the mountains. some of it will
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expect we could indeed have showers here coming across what will amount to littleed commute, temperatures later today headed for upper0s. some of you lower to mid 60s and 0 is possible down south. i don't think here. down to the south there may be enough sunshine this afternoon. here's erin como with a look at tuesday. erin this is the last tuesday morning of the year. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit for special offers. >> last tuesday of the year, that's right gary, unfortunately we have problems this morning. if you head owe beltsville route one on southbound side shut down right now shoulder getting by as awe approach boulder mill road and north bound shut down between powder mill and icc. let's look at maps. i want to help you get around that this morning. 9
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washington parkway we're seeing a lot of red on our map especially northbound side approaching closure and detour powder mill taken to 95 or baltimore washington parkway. if you head to the beltway this morning that will saver you time. want to hop outside ud for a live look on 95. we're seeing a lot of congestion now on the northbound side as you head up to ewington. much heavier traffic now than we typically see this hour. everyone is getting back to work. we're seeing again heavier traffic patterns earlier than usual. if you head out of stafford congestion there by the courthouse and by prince william parkway keep that many mind. we'll ep keep you updated and people are working up earl will. >> 5:08 president-elect trump once again letting fingers do the talking tore for him. >> catching post christmas shopping sales appears to be turn into harmful thing to do. fights break out at malls across the country over shopping. >> okay. >> we're headed to
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let's look live across the d.c. region. it's a warm, 57, more fox news morning after the break. like the melo groove, wisdom z you should see him head nodding. good morning, .
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opening a criminal investigation into prime primester minister ben franklin it's an attempt to bring them down. >> he has ordered us is speption of all ties with twelve un security council that vote todd urge israel to stop building settlements. u.s. ab stawnd from that vote friday which increased tensions between netanyahu and president obama. >> president-elect donald trump not holding back his opinion. he questioned the effectiveness and said the un has great potential but has become a club for people to get together and have a good time. it comes days after they vote todd condemn israeli settlements in the west bank sfwling the prime menster isin
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pearl harbor. he's scheduled to visit the site of 1941 bombing and will be joined by president obama. yesterday he visited national memorial cemetery in honolulu where he took place in a weej laying ceremony. more than 2100 people were killed after an attack on pearl harbor. president obama became the first to visual hiroshima japan. >> russia found one of the recorders that crashed from the plane wept into the red sea. it was caused by i'm are a mek an acheal problem or pilot era. >> post christmas shopping turned violent. in aurora colorado police were forced to evacuate after multiple skirmishs inside the fall and there were similar incidents in ohio, texas and new york. they just can't wait to get their hands on this so they have to fight.
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i heard they -- a bunch of kids posted stuff on social media urging fights and circling police officers. come on. >> nonwednesday. all right. >> m coming up on "fox" news morning, hypothetical what if question leads towed war of words between president-elect and current president of white house. >> and what role does gender play any sports. one athlete says if she were a man she would have been declared best ever a long time ago. >> the time now is 5:12 and temperature 5
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> 5:14 is the team now. developing overnight new details of case of missing yoga instructor and actress. the car belonging to trisha mc cally has been located and her white toyota scion was found 22 and m street northwest.
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missing since christmas day. police are looking for a man they say may have been driving her car. a vigil will be held at her -- for her at the la droit park 7 p.m. and they're no longer searching his brother said according to his tweet. >> and let's check in with gary mcgrady. warm day today. things are change sfwling one warm day out there in the 50s this morning. we'll quickly be in the 60s. once we get to sunshine this afternoon we'll go mid up toer 60s. record high temperature today 7 for d.c.. don't think we'll get there. some places south with sunshine today in this westerly wind kicks bz in and it may touch 70. there's potential we could go lower 70s in some places too. dulles 57, bwi marshall it's a trifecta.
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check out east coast 55 new york city and boston going up it was 56 last hour and now 57 and what's going on. raleigh is 53 and becomely, west virginia 5. you jump front temperatures go to 30s for columbus 38 degrees and st. louis 3 and chicago down to 5. yesterday morning kick chick was in lower 50s. so cool air comes in. today is 67. it will be breezy. morning showers too possibly. i know it's not wet out there. we'll show you showers back out west of us. we'll come across tomorrow. tomorrow cooler and not normal 50. substantially cooler than today. but we would be in the mid 40s or so for normal high temperatures. so here's rain back out west of us. front obviously coming through ohio now and then that will cool things off tonight once it comes through. ahead of that we get morning showers okay doesn't look like a lot of rain but for those of you going into the office this morning or are have travel plans
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will complicate things a little as you come across the mountains and afternoon sunshine temperatures upper 60s. winds west, southwest 20 miles an hour and here's 7 day forecast for the last week of the year. pick out your favorite day. i bet that is saturday, sunday, holiday weekend. lot of folks are off the entire week. sunday wisdom likes sunday. >> i'll take sunday. >> it will be wet. new year's day will be showers around. >> we're washing out stink of 2016. >> i'm liking today. >> 0 you kidding me? >> how can you pass on that? >> here erin como. >> all right. 5:17 we continue to track breaking news out of beltsville. route 1 northbound shut down between powder mill and icc. southbound traffic is getting by now at heat on shoulder. we're seeing a little movement there all lanes previously blocked on the southbound side as well. and let's take a look at maps best bet to gate round that this morning if you leave college park beltway and headed to belts
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line northbound side of route 1 and 95 north and southbound clear and baltimore washington parkway cruising and keep to at into the save yourself time this morning. now if you take metro normal service across all lines you don't have any reduced service reported on bus lines either i'll let you know when that changes and we're taking a break from safe track surge 12 doesn't gear up until after the new year. we'll keep you update odden that one. enjoy metro conditions. rest of tuesday morning commute green you all over the beltway and traffic picking up earlier than usual. a live look on 66 as you make your way by lee highway. traffic through centerville look at that. eastbound side towards beltway heavier flow than usual. as you make your way 234 towards beltway i would leave a little early to battle that congestion. we'll keep you updated, wisdom and maureen. >> all right it's 5:18 let's look at stories you're engaging with this most this morning on social media with realtime
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25bg tracker. >> if we can have the prompter thank you very much we appreciate that. president-elect donald trump is not amused by the suggestion he would have won against trum this year. president made the comment in an interview with former senior advisor david axlerod. he tweeted "no way" in all caps and said the world was gloomy before he won and that there was no hope. he cop tipped in another tweet saying the market is up fearly 10% and christmas sending is over a trillian tlarz. >> next up, serena williams letting her thoughts be known about her dominance in worl of tennis. she says if she were a man she would have been considered the greatest player a long time ago. being a woman is a whole new set of problems with society you have to deal with as elwell as being black. she made comments in interview with espn up defeated and yes she is it not get full props she's brilliant and people are always looking for
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tear her down. >> all right. >> finally let's wrap twup this simone biles has been named ap female athlete of world named by u.s. editors and news directors yesterday fifth gym noyingt win that honor. congratulations for her. >> she came here to our loft. super tiny, very cute. congrats to you simone. >> m coming up riding rails in northeast could get a lot faster. >> and favorite coffee chain debuts a new drink. it's 5:0. uh-huh♪
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officials say the vision is for the corridor that can move the growing population faster and pour reliable than ever before. but they say it won't be cheap. the plan requires a lot of money. but officials say not investing in a new system would be a huge mistake. >> we'll soon have to say good-bye to starbucks holiday drinks. they added new drinks to menu. tuxedo trio drink line is now available coming in mocha, frappuccino and hot chocolate. it's made with steamed milk and whipped cream and sound delicious. >> amc poised to become biggest movie chain in the united states and received approval from justice department to buy out smaller competitors like carmike cinemas and in a deal like 1.2 billion the dojav
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amc and carmike would sell theaters in 15 market. >> and 128 rose parade in pasadena monday and hundreds of volunteered are working to get the floats ready by end of week pouring every every single detail including slicing fruit right for decorations on one float and volunteers working on a dozen floats. the event will be held next monday. all right. weather time. gary mcgrady and it is i was looking at that. there's a camera here. i should have known better my bad. anyway, it's nice and warm outside. >> it is. it is. >> unseasonably warm. >> the warm, dude, i'm supposed to know this stuff and it caught me off guard. i knew we would warm overnight and still when i walked out this morning at ungodly hour it caught me off guard a little bit. i was like wow it's mild out. and as i was coming down you know wisdom and i come in from booneyes and
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going up and up and up. >> right. >> why are you shaking your head. >> i was thinking i was talking to our great producer. >> he does talk a lot. we all love him. but he likes to talk. >> sometimes. >> radar coming across. >> he'll make me pay for that, won't he? >> showers come across. light rain showers. nothing too heavy and temperatures today wow look at this up close to 70 or so for some. i think some of you could get there. fredericksburg 69 on here you could get to 70. if we were to get to 7 in town which i don't see happening that would tie the record. record high is 7 or so and 63 annapolis erin como gets me out of this the more i talk the more trouble i'll get me self into with ogee. >> breaking news for ur in the district northwest. police activity closing m street on westbound side between 2 and 23 and you can see some congestion
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already on 29, new hampshire. l street north west. caution in that area watch for northwest congestion and avoid police activity closure. aside from that laurel route one remains shut down between powder mill and icc and big delays coming from belts willing to lauer this morning. southbound side the right lane blocked by powder mill because of that police investigation we're hearing a pedestrian was truck by a car in that crash. large scene there. take the beltway and college park to 95 northbound keep to baltimore washington parkway northbound. aside from that beltway looking good. problem free 395 and 295 and in fact take a look at 295, 50 down to 11 street bridge quiet and no problems on beltway inner and outer loop through largo and suitland past capital no major congestion yet. volume building 66 eastbound as you pass 28 as well as 95 northbound as you make your way in virginia and into dale
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and good news light volume southern maryland in clinton as well as for the washington and metro bus and rails all on time right now. back to you guys. >> all right. 5:26 is the time now. coming up on "fox news morning" a prince george county mana restsed after attempting to get a gun past airport security. >> and local family recovering after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning while shopping. >> and a live look across the region. 5:27 is the time. a nice, warm, 57 degrees is the temperature. back in a moment.
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>> today on "fox news morning" tributes for george michael continue to pour you in around the world. >> and disturbing discovery inside a virginia restaurants and man found dead inside a bathroom and new lifeline dallas win means redskins control their own destiny just like before they have to twoyn get unless there's a tie in the nfc north. "fox5 news morning" starts right now and this is "fox5 news morning". >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, december 27 dpary is talking about the one day warm-up if you will and erin is talking about traffic all coming up on the fives joining you in a moment. first news this morning follow breaking news fo
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instructor and family members are saying they are body has been found. anjali anjali hemphill is live in northwest. bring us up to speed on what's going on now. >> reporter: it's lerl ily in the morning. family and friend on edge are waking up to gut wrenching news that trisha mc cally body has been found and take a look that facebook group. we show you now it watt created after she disappeared christmas day so her friend could organize it reads in memory of and several people that know her are posting on that page and just shocked and heartbroken thovr news and it's important top remember d.c. state police not yet confirmed if they have found trisha's body and they're also not con firping at this time if they have taken anyone into custody. there's reports of someone into custody and a small white car similar to trish
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behind me here parked m street north 23 late last night and early this morning it was towed by police. witnesses said they saw police swarm nearby cvs before they swarm the white scion. trisha mc cally disappeared on christmas day and never showed up for christmas with friends. she's an actress in movies even and herblist and yoga instructor and last seen at her home in northwest. they are looking for this man. 5' 9". athletic build thought to be driving her car. again it is unclear if someone that matches that description is taken into custody for questioning. there are reports that that has happened. and we are waiting for up state from is d.c. police police and sometimes later this morning and live in northwest anjali hemphill "fox5 local news".
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investigating a deadly shooting in northeast. police are happening 200 block cedar street 7-eleven police respoping to reports of gun shots they found a man with a bullet wound and he later died at the hospital. there is no word on identity or suspect. >> also this morning police investigating a dead body found inside a bathroom at ruth cyst steak house in arlington the unidentified man they believe is a pate rop and no word how he sdi died and the death is not suspicious. >> and a maryland family ended up in the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning after shopping. white oaks in silver string spring after a woman and three kids fell ill. they spent time in car and were taken to shock trauma baltimore and firefighters tell us they were alert and conscious when they were taken to the hospital. the family is expected to make a full recovery. >> a buoy man facing possession charges after a gun was found inside his bag at bwi thorough good airport and the man was s
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board a plane to los angeles and he cause taken into custody by maryland police had he stored that gun his checked baggage he would not be facing charges. >> now that christmas is over many of you may wonder what to do with your christmas tree. and in fairfax country christmas trees will be collected during the first two weeks of january. if you live in montgomery country you can put your tree on the cushion your recycling day and prince george county trees will be picked up on monday. waste collectors say it's important to remove all decorations and put trees in plastic. do not put trees in plastic or cloth bags. >> dallas cowboys get the redskins a solid night. reds skins one step closer to making it to the postseason and control their own destiny now. cowboys beat the lions 242-21. they're in the playoffs unless there's a tie between green
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and detroit. >> that's a big one. >> are you kidding me. >> took him down like wamo. >> very devin of itly. >> how about that does not feel like 27. >> right. >> doesn't feel like that at all. >> all right. >> we're 57 degrees right now. that has not changed. dulles 57, gaithersburg 55. wow when you look at this annapolis is still sitting just below 60. and frederick 46 and warmed up to 50. everybody now at least in this collection is 50 or more. nobody is sitting at 60. but that can change before it's all said and done. there's a wind advisory until 10 a.m. and higher elevations back out to west we're gusting now to almost 0 in town. dulles gusting to 30 miles an hour this continues through the morning hours and stormtracker radar shows light showers most norm of 70 okay
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baltimore and little coming to haag rz town down now and back southwest as well. light passing showers across. i'll call it showers 8 a.m. and 64 and breezy at noon topping out in upper 60s. sunshine and dry this afternoon. here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> update on breaking news a5:36 route 1 northbound remains shut down between powder mill and icc crash investigation person hit by car at this location. as you make your way out of college park to laurel hul hit a slow down. best bet take 95 northbound or baltimore washington parkway toward the baltimore parkway to get around that. southbound side shut down. shoulder getting by. all southbound lanes on on route 1. aside is from that police activity m street close inside district northwest between and 23. you'll need to detour around that. we're seeing a lot of earlier congiston than usual. right now 50 inbound
5:37 am
in through chefly and i we're seeing a lot of backups as we forward cameras and things slow as well in virginia seeing a lot of congestion building 395 northbound side past etsel road no major slow downs yet by amount of volume i'm thinking you should get an earlier start. getting crowded already too, back to you wisdom and maureen. >> coming up on "fox news morning". water damage plays a role at a jail break. >> don't you love to be able to speed up some people that get on your nerves. >> yes. >> that's exactly what they do and one south american country. >> we're going to break now with a live look across the dmv. time now 5:37 and temperature 57. back in a
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back now 5:40 a deadly christmas weekend in chicago. investigators are investigating two shootings. twelve people were kill and 50 more hurt. the city has seen 745 murders this year and number of shooting victims soared to more than 4200. chicago is on track to have more murders than new york city and los angeles combined. >> a manhunt underway for two inmates that escaped from tennessee jail. two of four inmates escaped yesterday morning and breakout was prompted by water leak behind a jail toilet and
5:41 am
repairs caused cop create behind the toy throat weak ebb and four men escaped and two were caught quickly by guards and two men on the loose are considered to be dangerous and possibly armed. >> all right. 5:41 is the time now. look at this. fascinating concept here. cultures around the world have unique ways of celebrating christmas one section of peru it's fighting. goal is to settle old conflict and start new year afresh with improved relationships and those that prefer not partake in the knockout festivities can watch from spectator's stands. if somebody would beat you up wouldn't you be mad. >> how can you let that by a by gone when you get kicked like that. >> and probably on youtube and it would be everywhere. >> that's a tradition that will not cross the border. >> although probably ten people that i would like to put on the list. but only in we're in peru. i'm a peaceful man otherwise. >> what if you eat lima
5:42 am
while doing that does that counts is that peru -- coming up on "fox news morning" presidential inauguration will be a headache for some and others an opportunity make money. >> how long keep you keep leftovers for christmas. it may surprise you. >> we're headed to break with a live look across the d.c. region. oh, man, little james brown♪ 5:4 is the time. deal with it. 57 degrees.
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more ten tie dumb
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>> that was remix right there. >> i wasing to to say. >> wedding singer. >> you can only see gary. >> that's gary's theme song. >> he's busting a move. gary i've never seen this side of you. >> that's his walk up music. >> he says this. >> call you walkup mu suck i call it stand around music. come on gary. >> no, >> we all should be dancing temperatures like this. this is happy dance song. >> i'm only person in world that does not wants my dance going viral really. >> i'm saying and frederick up to 50. check this out. washington 57 boston 57 and not bad,
5:46 am
comeing across. the core of arctic air to mountain region back out west here. it's not coldest by far we've seen so far and that's well below zero to parts of canada okay. warm to deep south. that warm m is coming in today. we're upper 50s to low to mid 60s and some places upper 60s here in town upper 60s with jet stream. colder air comes on in. we're one mild day. one warm someday. 67 for high. showers this morning. sunshine this afternoon. drier conditions. look at tomorrow. we're cooler and still not normal okay? we'll be above normal even though we'll be pretty cool. temperature in the 40s to right around 50 or so. right now showers across the mountains. frederick county and few in baltimore county as well. nothing around dmv yet. that will change because front has to come through and as front comes through it pu
5:47 am
we have chance at least for a few morning showers. breezy by lunchtime. temperatures up to middle 60s. we'll go upper 60s for highs today and couple days let's see tomorrow and thursday 50 colder on friday and then we get a warm-up going into the new year weekend showers possible on monday. >> i can't believe it's 2017 time already. >> can you believe it. last week of the year. >> get your resolutions written out gar. >> right now 5:47 we're dealing with disabled car from a crash. this is 66 eastbound by 123 and as you can see volume heavy. right lane blocked and looks like folks are weavering around that. backed up 24 to 28 and past the scene let's go to maps that's not the only problem. route 1 northbound shut down powder mill and icc in laurel involveing a person hit by truck. vehicle underway. southbound traffic getting by. take 95 north or route 1 avoid that and
5:48 am
washington parkway and get around that one. more traffic in a few back to you guys. >> 5:47 the time now back with was trending on the web this tuesday morning. >> stars around the globe continue paying tribute to michael george and elton john saying i'm in shock i loved a be loved friend and goldy hahn rest in peace your music lifted our spirits you'll be mitsed and paula abdul said i'm thankful i had the honor of core graphing his tour. what a legend. >> and rubin died she received ph dmxt agent tron my and research eventually became foundation for theories on dark mater. veer arubin was. >> comedian harris died. he made numerous appearances including deaf comedy jam tracy morgan show and people versus oj simpson. he died of
5:49 am
>> major changes to algorithm after backlash on online halocaust and they changed algorithm for those sites. >> experts offer tips on making leftovers last. kavrking meat off the bone for urk electricy and ham call keep it fresh are longer and seafood peel shells and freeze for up to three months and okay. upcoming presidential inauguration could present you with the opportunity to make cash by renting out a room or your entire home online. >> our steve steve talked with travel expert laura powell of ups and downs and becoming temporary landlord. >> we dealt with
5:50 am
d.c.. people want to come and people use fod to go to craigslist and offer their space. air bnb more popular than in the past. before we get to that and what people need to know first off what's out there now? people are listing already? >> people are listing already and they're asking for a lot of money. you find houses going for 10,000 a night in some cases really big houses and even regular apartments in columbia heights somewhere like that going for 400. much higher than they could normally ask for in january. now, weather they actually get those prices that's another matter. >> sure graphics we have that we can put up i'll give you an idea what average prices are we were able to find in d.c.. there you see the average listing 1,000 for the couple of days around inauguration compared to 170. you're looking ten times as much on average for that weekend. >> and it's not just of crs
5:51 am
coming in for women's march the following day. it's interesting in both of those events is driving demand. >> a lot of us this weekend the next one shows actual prices we found which you mentioned some areas like columbia heights nearly 5,000 for a three night stay logan circle there you see capitol hill well over 1,000 a night. so here's the question we have for you. people will see these dollar signs and think i'm going to pay my mortgage in a year in the next couple days if we want to list our property on air bnb. >> first is sign up and list property and tell what it is you're rentding. you need to know air bnb takes fees out of that $1,000 or whatever you represent the room for. they'll take 3% processing fee. for credit card payment and fees of 6 to 12% for service fees. they pvi
5:52 am
and they provide insurance and so that's what that money goes for sdmrxt that's 15% now 1,000 is down to $850. >> and there's the fact if you as host decide toyed cancels ser vacation you could get cancellation fee. if you called of a sudden last minute. >> say i don't want to do this. >> you pay for that as host. you need to be aware of that. now, they -- and there will also be taxes charged. d.c. has 14.5% occupancy tax and however that will be added to price of house but it will also be taxes will be remitted during directly to washington tax office. >> so. >> does tat mean if i list my house 1,000 it's actually going to be listed at $1,000 plus 15%. >> they'll put it on as separate line item listed out will cost consumer more and ear thing you need to be aware of end of year you need to declare thenc
5:53 am
the income you get from renting. air bnb sends out 1099 that's got to be declared you pay faxes on money you cigarette air bnb. >> 30% tax rate you pay 30% of thousand and there basically you get half of what you listed for. >> which is still not bad if it all goes well. >> i want to make sure people are aware there's zoning requirements and condo requirements and what do people need to check with it if they say i want to put my condo up. >> if you have a house you need to check with zoning office and also department of consumer and regulatory affairs you ovrp need a license for this kind of thing. condos and apartments often have strict rules for presenting out less than 0 days if you rent out on air bnb you may number violation with condo agreement or agreement with landlord and got you in trouble and big fines. >> seems one of those things an option and some people a gr
5:54 am
homework before you. >> you absolutely do. >> what i learned i'm not going to do it. i was all in and now no. >> by the too many you make any money, yeah, no. >> air bnb expect 10,000 people to book rooms for inauguration and those listings up and running. don't delay if you want to get in on the action. >> craigslist still an option to post good probably. >> you never know what you get there. >> you can put it on facebook. >> okay. >> okay. >> did you spend too much this holiday season perhaps santa missed something on the wish list. don't worry saint mic is here to help you. >> you could be lucky winner of 500. go to between now and friday 9 p.m. and enter for chance to win. one winner selected by random drawing january 2 all entrance must be 18 years
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complete rules available at "fox5" g. >> time to meet facebook fan of the day. today marcy freeman and fur baby titi high guys happy december birthday. >> she watches every morning and loves all ever us especially allison seymour. we appreciate that. if you want to be fan of the day post this one on the "fox5" facebook page. >> i lover the santa outfit. >> cute. >> and gary mcgrady is 5:55 you have banner behind you one warm day, one. >> just one, just one. then we'll cool off tomorrow. today listen if you like that kind of thing warm temperatures into december we'll be there today. we're starting off super mild this morning. 57 degrees in town right now. gaithersburg 56. fredericks was up to 50 back down to 48. it's been uns woulding around a little bit. and look the winad
5:56 am
in place. whipped kicking up a little. gust of 30 and little more than that. especially higher elevations back out to the west too. this is including western loudoun and up to frederick and washington and you guys right there along i 1 just inside i 1 and ridge tops further down i 81 and showing you winds gusty, dulles 31. not bad. dwuingts there gaithersburg 16 and baltimore gusting to 25. here in town almost 0. showers along the mountains light rain 15 frederick country and few more showers loudoun and eventually montgomery count question. temperatures today middle to upper 60s we'll have a chance for showers early this morning an drying out through the day. there's the 7 day. late. we cool accuweather forecast today. mott much though. >> 5:56 gar and route 1 northbound shuts down between poud are
5:57 am
involving person hit by truck is under investigation. serious injuries reported. big delays building back to beltsville almost to beltway. keep to 59 northbound. keeping up updated on your morning report. we're back with 6:00 hour
5:58 am
here you go, the spare! the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> a woman missing we're live with the disapiece ever ai local actress tricia mccauley. >> and what the current xhapdner chef said that had donald trump saying no way. >> live look outside on tuesday morning, december 27, warm and traffic on the fives it will be mild today. enjoy. it changes on the way. we're talking weather and traffic on the fives 6:05. good morning to you i'm maureen umeh in for allison today. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to fox news morning. >> first at 6:00 breaking news coming from laurel maryland right now police on the scene of pedestrian struck by kara long route 1 happened on the 4:00 hour and parts of route 1 shut down powder mill hod and icc and so far there is no word on the condition or driver of striking car and erin como has more on traffic impact in a couple minutes. >> the other big


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