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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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tricia mccauley disappeared christmas day and her family says her car and body were found last night. >> white house hypothetical could president obama won a third term against donald trump and commander-in-chief things so and president-elect says no way. >> mall brawl if you see the christmas rush was ugly you should see the people that want to cash in gift cards and make exchanges. >> it's tuesday, des 27 for a holiday workweek with people we have trouble spots on roads he already. warm and traffic on the fives. good morning to you. wisdom martin in for allison see more. >> first at 7 following new developments in case of missing d.c. yoga instructor and actress. >> in an hour they'll hold a press afternoon and provide updates in the case. earlier this morning
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members posted on social media the woman's body was found. anjali hem yn field is with us this morning. friend and family of tricia mccauley of worst case scenario in this situation. her pod question was found and this was confirmed by her brother on facebook. look at this facebook group and she thanked all friends and family for their support during all this. this page was created ach she disappeared to friend could organize how to find her. now the title changed to in memory of trisha mng cally and several people are posting shocked and heartbroken over the news. d.c. police have not confirmed they have found tricia's body and if they have taken nine custody regarding this case. there were records they have. but they are telling us one thing they said a smul while car
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night that car was tow away early this morning and witnesses hearsay that police warmed nearby cvs and walgreens before de sending on white toyota scion: she never showed up for dinner at a friend and missed a flight out of ronald reagan national airport shoes a yoga teacher, activist and herblist and she was well lighted and last seep on north call toll. the man they sgloykd as 5' 9 and athletic bluld they believe he was driving her car. it's unclear if they've tape someone patching that description into tuingt i can an hour from now we're hoping to hear the latest in this investigation. for now live in northwest
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>> a dae body was found at a a steak house in arlington. they believe the maps with a patron and now word on how it dpied. >> a maryland family ended up in the presidential while they were shopping. a woman and her three kids fell ill. fir foyingters tell us they were alert and conscious when they were taken to the hospital. >> and a buoy man facing possible possession charges after a gun found inside his bag at bwi airport. the man was scheduled to board a plane at the time and was tape into custody. ironically had he stored the gun in checked bag am he would not be facing any charges. >> post christmas shopping turned vie nrent several shopping malls across the country and in arora, colorado police forced to see
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after a large disturb apps was reported and similar incidents in cleveland, missouri and nassau country new york on long island. yelled gun and several suffered injuries in the chaos. >> in russia they found one of the flight reporters from the military plane that crashed in the black sea. 9 people or within board when it crashed saturday and dismissing terror played well in the past. it was either mechanical problem or buy another. >> 75 years ago this month today prime minister:be is said to viing the 191 bombing joined by president obama yesterday he visited fashional memorial cemetery
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than 24 people were killed in that attack on pearl harbor this visit came six months after the president of united states wiingt visited hiroshima, japan. >> and every time of year the man show sgle man show. >> often limited. >> this is where you end the xwreer. right on the man show. >> just right. >> and it's warm outside. >> i have topic for today man what are he. >> ked skins, fishing, cuff lipings you, you know nothing about any them. >> i know well about them because you want to talking about them. mid mid 60 arch this afternoon a mild day you may be able to turn the heat off or on a window or two. temperature in mid safeties i can see that happening. >> i cannot turn the heater off and save money. >> save money. >> cold couple weeks. >> rain showers
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maybe another shower or two before it wraps up hereby mid to late morning and then we should start clearing process and this is actually a cold front coming through and lagging a little bit cooler air. so we'll get a nice warm-up today ahead of it and we should be in mid 60s before cooler air gets in at night and goes 67 it's a full day. motorcycles that's what they do. >> let do that. >> keep working on it. >> you know. >> i does. >> are you invited okay. >> am i. >> yes. >> i can only -- >> he's trying to make you feel special but it's exclusive. >> i feel like i need a photo in the middle of all us guys because it's the erin show plus the men. >> there you go. >> it's like no wisdom says it's like no. >> fairfax county parkway there's a i crash west oak road and stopped traffic because of that. use caution avoid 2
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morning and 66 eastbound slow far fame 12 with. seeing green on the map and we had stop and go traffic and volume but not typically what we see in terms of congestion on all lanes norm and southbound reopened at the ikc and heavy traffic on poub there was an earlier crash investigation because ever a person hit by truck. aside from that 14 street in district closed because of crash as park wood place between park wood and perry place 500 block, 13 street to get you around that one. earlier crash moved to shoulder by little river on inner loop and slow as you pass this springfield interchange going to that location and metro rails on time and as a look at traffic. happen ill little tossing it back to man show now. >>
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documents revealed possible evidence of bribery and fraud by netanyahu and they sea it's nonsense just an attempt to bring them down. >> yahoo ordered suspension of all ties with twelve un security council countries that vote todd urnl israel toe stop butting settlement on u.s. land. the vote further increased tensions between netanyahu and president obama. >> donald trump firing back at the claim president-elect said addressing everything from outta ptd nations to charitable foup dailing. doug luzader has more. >> donald trump to favorite social media platform yesterday to opine on a number of subjects including whether president obama could have won a hypothetical third term. he's already didn't it twice
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pulled offer a third term if it was a loued under the constitution. his successor doesn't think so. donald trump tweeting president obama says he thinks he whoa have won that ut by i say no way. i'm confident if i -- if hi run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilized majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> trump's tweets go beyond theoretical election and the white house decision to allow him to move forward. and the israeli government trying to rock the at mrtion i was biss pointed of volume of reaction and trump
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shutable foup daition which he's under investigation by new york attorney general and he's taking credit for optimism saying the world was gloomy before i won and this was no hope and and now the market is up 10% and christmas speaking is over a trill don't. as far as the hypothetical match-up between president president obama and president-elect trump frez obama is pretty good fight now. the approvaliting is 66%. in washington, doug luzader, nox 5. dan cuellar . >> new signs popping up in chevy chase neighborhood where vice-president elect mike pence is upping a home. abortion rights activist posted law saying this neighborhood trusts women and the group comes in response to peps's stop sign eps she has some of
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and neighbor rainbow flags as result of lgbt signs. >> what if the gift is self was a good tart. >> we'll it will you pay to no you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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>> 7:13 the beautiful start to the day today on this tuesday morning. not just any tuesday it's 24 car at music on its way to mgm imaginational harbor. bruno mars hitting the stage tonight right here in the d.c. region now following behind bruno mars will be one allison
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see more. we told her to take a lot of pictures. she's taking one of her children to the show tonight at mgm. those of us owe who cannot make it to the show can live through her. check out her instagram page. >> she had to go. her daughter was not able to drive herself so she had to go. >> smoomz you have to make sacrifices for other people, tuck. you just do. and i understand. >> it if it was two careers ago an your daughter wanted to see prince. >> well, yeah. >> no, no, no, not prince you she could not see prince. >> if shewas older. >> maybe probably, probably yeah. >> you would chaperone. >> yes and cover her ears and eyes. for awe hot of the show. all right. let me do warm and back to the man show. we're looking at 56 degrees what do you think? manly weather/. >> absolutely. >> all right
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>> 65 to 70. >> would outside with muscle shirt or tank top on. >> excellent add ice. >> 80s shorts. >> sun out gun out. >> suns out guns out. >> in memory of george michael i was watching videos 0ss were a great time pass it wise salt lake city 6 degrees and vegas 34. cold as well. that's where all the cold is. we'll tap into that not today we're up ahead of the frontal system. a fromle or shower leftover. you can see the frontal system on the radar. there you go. we'll get afternoon clearing and again all that cold air you saw to west is lagging a little bits. so, in between we'll get a chance to warm it up today into the mid to upper 60s and then the cooler air will get in tonight. quickly look at the 7 day. much cooler tomorrow, highs 50.
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>> it will be nice look like a good week all around. >> fairly mild really when you consider where we're at this time of year we could be doing ice and snow. >> that's te. >> erin. >> wait my minute. >> erin for the record it it's a nice try but you need more than a tie to be part of man club. >> i wanted you to know i'm making the effort. >> we appreciate the record. it's a crash 395 northbound as we forward cameras you can see the delay back to king street. parked. and 25 extra minute because of the crash. we'll let you know when traffic moves again. 95 turning into parking lot now because of crash cherylington circle and let's forward cameras to the maps. aside from that crash northbound fax fair county we
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fairfax country parkway 23 and everything else dissipated and and looking nice all lanes on in laurel after a person was hit by a truck at the iyy 14 closed park wood place 3500 block take 1 to dwaet round that. relatively quiet 70 to spur in morning and a little delay through oxon hill as awe approach the wilson bridge and i actually kind of like the way the tie looks. i may have to start wearing these. >> it matches. >> back to you guys. >> thanks, erin. >> many of you hit the malls already. spending holiday gift garts of course. popular honors a what can you do with the gift cards you're not too
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>> everyone i spoke with at the mall said they got gift cards they're excited to use especially with great sales going on. people said they got cars this year they don't know what to do with. what matchy didn't know there's options be side regifting a gift card or letting perfectly good plastic collect dust. most of us have been there. walking mall after christmas with gift cards we're not so sure about. >> i don't like bath and body works. >> you didn't like my bath and body works. oh, my goodness. i'll know next year. >> i got amazon one i was asking for that i was excited and build a bear one which i was not planning on getting. >> if you can believe it estimate are 1 billion in gift cards unwrapped last year and gotten some i probable hi regifted to other people. >> have you thought about selling them or trading them in. >> no, i didn't know you could do that.
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ever. there's a grow number of web sites you can trade or sell cars and car pool is one of them. you do lose some of the gift card value though owe for example a $50 target card will got you a check for $43.50. >> i didn't know that but i might try now. >> if you want money on the spot some of those coin star kiosks you see at grocery store have a gift card option. they accept cards from over 150 stores and restaurants and again be prepared to lose some gift card value in exchange for the fast cash. >> that's nice and greet to know too. >> watch for this one. >> you can find information about all the services you mentioned on our westbound sit at the bare oaks mall in fairfax lindsey watts. >> coming up riding rails in the northeast could get faster. >>
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>> several opposition groups in syria coming together in fight against terror more on their efforts with international allege news as well. 7:20
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>> a plane slid off a run way early there morning and spun
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stop. all passengers with are safely evacuated 15 of 157 passengers suffered minor injuries and a technical glitch caused the mraeb to veer off the run way and the incident remains under investigation. >> and several groups in syria plans to form reorgization in des mask us and forming what will now be known as syrian democratic front. members of opposition movement are calling on officials to step up anti-terrorism effort and uming other world leaders across the blobe to lift sanks against syria. >> a deadly weekend in kick chick once again and detectives investigating more than two dozen shootings over the christmas weekend including two monday morning and twelve people killed and 50 people hurt and city has seen 7 45 murders this year. total number of shooting victims soared to more than 4,000. chicago is on track to have more murders than new york city and los angeles combined. >> manhunt is underway for two
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inmates that escaped from a tennessee jail. four inmates made a get away yesterday morning. it was prompted by a water leak behind the jail toilet and repairs caused the toilet to weaken at the concrete and two were caught by the guard and two men on the loose are considered armed and dangerous. >> federal railroad administration unveiled recommendations forecaster service in northeast corridor. officials say vision is for corridor that can move population faster and more reliably than more. it will not be cheap the plan requires a lot of money and not investing in a new system would be a mistake. >> another loss of legend this time from astro nawmical world. veer areuben died. she had roots here in d.c.. reuben received ph.d. astrong my 1954 and later became an assistant professor in 196 and reastounded checks with research in galaxies and it would become fo
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theories on dark matter. she was 8. >> and all ready for the 128 rose parade in pasadena on monday. hundreds of voll deerz getting floats ready by the end of week and four are over every detail like slicing right fruit use as decoration on one float. they go all in. volunteers working on almost a dozen floats for the parade. it's said to be held next monday so january 2 this year. >> when do you think is that manly going to rose parade. >> there's a foot ball game that goes with it. >> penn state is plague. >> you don't get to go to the game just parade. >> maybe if you wear question jersey. >> okay. >> i think it would be fun to go sometime. >> all right. >> if you go to game and you like steve then say i'm good. >> okay. >> just saying. >> 56 washington and hey we'll be warm this afternoon. we'll be really
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mid 60s maybe upper 60s this afternoon and wind south, southwest at 16. and we're showing rain showers. we have had rain showers moving through in the past hour or so. slight hours 95 looks like up towards we'll go laurel towards columbia andel cop city and showers to the west. whip chester, hagerstown and here the deal the cold is far off norm and west. frontals supply through. we'll get a one day warm-up before the cooler air can filter in tonight. enjoy it, 67 later today. i guess everybody is on their way back today to work erin. >> it's not the case we had crashes tuber but overall volume lighter. let he show you this. 395 northbound three lanes blocked overpass and i want to show you look at delay. because of that things are crawling --
7:27 am
good jammed to seminary road with stand still traffic. you see police cards on right shoulder going up to aid in the crash scene. as you get to 95 you could face over at least a half hour delay if the lanes don't reon soon. not looking hot. we'll switch it over for a look at maps and we have other problems you're up against. look at 66 tucker obviously not everybody back to work and 270 looking good and route one back to normal now that's it's reopened in laurel. >> presidential nomination around rpt corner weeks away and hundreds of thousands of people expected to town. >> and we'll tell you how you make big bucks by temporarily renting out your
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♪♪ all right.l welcome back. welc time now iomse 7:29.:2 as we take a live look at thet white house this morning.isning temperature 56 degrees.gree nice and warm for this time of o the year.. take look at our top stories right now at this hour. first up, the brother of a a missing d.c. yoga instructor ana actress posted on social media m that her body has been found.ou this comes after police sayole tricia macauley's white toyota zion was found at 22nd and mnd m street in northwest 46-year-oldo had been missing since christmam day. police are looking for a man fom they say may have been drivingee her car. c also breaking newsing out oo laurel, maryland. police are still on the scene oo a pedestrian struck by a car on route one. this happen in the 4:00 o'clock' hour. parts of route 1 shut down between powder mill and icc. so far no word on the person whw was struck on their condition oi what happened to the driver of the vehicle. v
7:31 am
we'll check in with erin geteci more details of the trafficic location of this in a littlef t bit. bit. upcoming presidentialsintia inauguration could present you with the opportunity to makeon e little bit of cash by renting ri out your room or entire homee hm online. >> i had chance to talonk withkw travel expert laura powell aboub the ups and downs what you really need to know if you wanty to be temporary louandlord. >> we dealt this here with d.c.d in past nurses, big events, people want to come to d.c.o people used to go to craigslists and offer my space up there. >> >> air bnb much more popular nor than it has been in the past. te i know there are catches. let's talk first of all what'sla out there now.ou people are listing already? a >> oh, people are listing already.alre. they're asking for a lot off money, i mean, you're finding houses going for $10,000 a nighg in some cases.. really big houses, you know, kno even regular apartments columbii heights or somewhere like thatt going for 400.00 i mean much higher than theyha could normally ask for inor i january. now, whether they actually get
7:32 am
>> right. >> that's another matter. >> sure. >> we hhaave graphics i think w can put up while laura i se grap lauras talking as well give you an idea what the average prices are that we were able to find right heret in d.c. there you see the average listing a thousand dollars forta the couple of days around thehe inauguration compared to $170. 10 times as much on average just for that week.eek. >> not just the inauguration but lost people are coming in forari the womens march the following i day. so i think, you know, thew, interest in both of those eventt is really driving demand.emand >> a lot of events that weekend. next one shows the actual pricei that we found which you you some areas like columbia heights nearly $5,000 for a three nightt .tay. logan circle capital ill well il over a thousand doltz a night. n here's the question that we havv for you because people will seee these dollar signs and think,hi i'm going to pay my mortgage fof the year.e yr. >> absolutely. >> in a couple of days. if we want to in a list our pre on air bnb what do we need tod o know. ow. >> the first thing to sign up at
7:33 am
abnb and list your property andt tell what exactly it is that ist you're renting.enng. now, you need to know that abnba does take fees out of thathat thousand dollars or whateverr he you're going to ren the roomthem for. they're going to take 3% processing fee which means forer the credit card payment. payment they're also going to take feess of six to 12% just for serviceei fees. fe they provide customer service si and provide some insurance soo that's what that money goes for. >> 15% now our thousand dollarsl is down to 850. 8. then there's also the fact thatt if you as the host decide to can settle reservation you could bed libel for a cancellation fee.. so that will vary depending ondg if you all of a sudden at theudt last minute are like, oops,. oo, >> i don't want to do this. do . >> you'll pay for that as thepah host. so you need to be aware of that. now, there also be taxes charged. dc has a 14-point 5% occupancy tax.ta. however, that will be added toed the price of the house but it will also be the taxes will
7:34 am
remitted directly to washingtono tax office.ic so the -- t -- >> does that mean if i list my m house at a thousand dollars it'a actually going to be listed atta thousand dollars plus the 15%.5% >> right. s a asl put that on a separate line item.e ite it will be list thed but that tt will cost the consumer more. m at the end of the year you neede to declare that income that youa get from renting.. so air bnb will send out a 10991 and that has to be declared you'll pay taxes on the moneyey you get from your air bnb. >> 30% tax rate you'll pay 30% of that thousand.housan >> basically you'll get aboutget half of what you list it for.t >> which is still not bad.. if it all goes well.el >> we're flying through our tim i want to make sure people areee aware there are zoninging requirements, condo requirements. what do people need to check with if they want to peop i wantan to put my condo up and somebodyd will pay a lot of money?on if you have a house you neee to check with the zoning fficeif and department of consumer and regulat
7:35 am
you often need a license for a f this kind of thing. condos and apartments have veryv strict rules against renting oun your unit for less than 30 days. so if you rent out air bnb you u maybe in violation of your condo agreement or your agreement witt your landlord and that can get t you in big trouble, big finesigf and maybe if you're rentingen booted out of your apartment. a. >> it seems like one of thoselie things that is an option and fof some people a great option butn you need to do a little ltl homework. >> you absolutely do.. >> so air bnb expects 10,0000, people to use the site to book b rooms in the d.c. area for the inauguration and those listingsd up and running. t don't delay if you want to gett in on the action just like youiu heard be aware between taxes and fees -- fe >> it sounds like a great idea until you start factoring facto everything they'll take awayng l from you. >> you may make half of what yot got there. you looking or listing?ti >> i'm doing neither. i'm doingn i'll actually getting lots ofs o photographs of a rainbow that'ss across the city right now.ight . >> very pretty.>> veret ge gorgeous. >> will you share?>> wilyou >> yeah. tucker fox5.erox come find me. >> no, will you share withs? w >> oh, yeah. yome
7:36 am
>> yeah, give me a second stevee i'm just getting it right now. n i thought this was part of thete man club for the hour.n ub for t >> this is what men they bicker amongst themselves about silly thick little thingsi >> also, just to follow up witht my twit i'm getting lots ofs requests we talk bout redskinss playoff run on our man show.w. >> cars on the list, too? >> yeah.>> you pick the topic.u ck the 56 now in you saw the beautiful sun theree we're going to break the cloudss up pretty quick. q thank you for all the rainbownb pictures i'm getting with wh daytime highs in the mid to mido upper 60s.0s we'll be that warm today upod ahead of a change in air mass. s much colder north and west. i don't know if you saw chicagoi 25 get into that colder air colr tonight. all right. few leftover rtoai n showers again showega you saw the live shot alsohot a getting sun.un clouds will break up by late l morning and we'll be in for f mostly sunny conditions behindeh the front by early afternoon and temperatures are going to surges here we'll be good 20 degreesdes above normal cooler air doesn'tt get in here until tonight itht i will be breezy winds southwest h 20. plenty more weather
7:37 am
i too to get the rainbow picture posted. >> i know on twitter you hitit 16,000 followers,lowe, congratulations.lation >> yea, thank you.k y >> look at this behind me.ind this is really bad. for 395 travelers. 395 northbound this is north ath glebe road between that area ana shirlington dealing with bigh crash blocking three lanes. l zooming it in right in t let's take a look at that delay. you are parked from beforee seminary road and i don't like l what i'm seeing in all thoseho local lanes give yourself 30rsf extra minutes once you passas shirlington things open up for r right now try to avoid gettingng stuck in that if at allt possible. poss let's take look at our mapsibk p aside from that big problem thal we're dealing with, fairfaxai county parkway right now one noo northbound lane does get by at one ox oxoad. but we're still dealing with aii big delay as you head on thatn t road. aside from that 270 southboundoo we're actually completely delayd free from 70 to the spur. s so if you're you're waking up in gaithersburg and rockville enjoy the quiet positions. problem free on 66 in b
7:38 am
directions. back to you wisdom and steve.. >> rin, thank you very much.than star buck getting rid of itsrids holiday drink menu and adding an new items to the mix.em the coming up we'll tell you about b the new drinks being added tonga the menu. >> might have to dress up toreso drink them. k we'll explain what that meanswhe next. could 2017 be the year of hope.p more on what americans believe e the new year will bring.ring. it's 7:38.:38. ♪♪ ♪♪
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z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ we're soon going to have tov
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stay goodbye to star buck buc holiday drinks.y dris. looks what's available now, n wisdom. wisdom. >> that looks good.>> that lookd >> they've added new drinks to. the menu.dded tuck seed dough trio drink line now available.a as you can see in the pictureans right there, kind ofee looks lik a tuxedo black and white comes s in regular, mocha, frapuccinoran and hot chocolate. it's mocha mixed with -- it's a mix of dark chock lot and whitei chocolate.chla hurry they're only available ail until january 1st if you wantryi to try that out. try tt ou >> speaking of the new year's ny days away from ringing it in. ii americans are hopeful 2016 willi be better year. >> poll shows lot of people are glad 2016 is nearly fox5's will carr reports. >> reporter: perhaps wee started 2016 out on the wrongng foot. foot poll by the associated press and the times square alliancellia revealing a policely 18% of o people thought the country gotnt better this year.hisea about a third, however, say it,i got worse and maybe that's whysy mothe
7:42 am
fire as the meme of 2016.. >> top news events since januare included mass killings inin i bombings like ambush of a of nightclub in orlando which nowcn stands as the worst shooting ing united states history.. >> other notable tax taking takn place in france, belgium, turkey and pakistan.akta 63% of the ap polls say these te stories impacted them personally. >> more than half of those say half ho stories of people being killeded by police and vise versa were vr the year's most important newsrt but overwhelming majority citeit the presidential election as tht biggest story and certainly thee noise yesterday.erd. >> she's guilty of very very serious -- >> donald thinks be little linkn women makes him bigger. >> out come may have beenom jarring to the majority ofy nation but 55% think the comingm year is going to be bettere bet regardless of the west wingin regime 12-point improvement from lastms year's poll. >> it has been privilege of mygf life to serve as your commanderm in chief. in c >> being on the side lines hasin
7:43 am
he's ending the year with a healthy 53% approval ratingat according to the latest fox news poll.. >> 2016 wasn't terrible forbl f everybody. the cubs won the world serieslds and the us women's jim nat tickc team swept gold at the olympicsc in rio.. will carr, fox news.ews. >> christmas is over but what ba are you doing with all those leftovers. >> coming up tips on how you cay make your leftovers last longer. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> i mentioned a few moments ago i'm getting lots of rainbowai pictures in. thank you. literally got half dozen of thet now. tucker fox5.ox send me your pictures.s. that's arlington a doubleouble rainbow. polly sent me that.poll >> very pretty.>>ery pr >> gorgeous pictures of thege morning skyous here. something.meing. >> okay. >> very nice. >> a little sun out there. ittleah. >> had some morning rainome mog showers. >> um-hmm.>> >> so, yeah.h we'll talk redskins playoff runr at some point. pnt >> sure? why not. n >> that's part of the man show. >> ♪♪ >> you know what else is part os the man show.ho >> they're going to make youngmy walk. >> switch it up, tuck. do something sits since it's tht man show. go backwards or something. som >> i got to do my thing. >> you're just going to do yourr regular thing. >> that's what i got to do.t's i >> when it work it works, wks wisdom. i don't need to switch it up. >> i understand.need tstand. >> right? >> i understand. [ laug
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>> where is allison when i neede her? she helps me. toasty tuesday. we'll be in the mid 60s latermil this afternoon.eron. can you believe it? mid 60sbelv around here with daytime highs h about 20 plus degrees above20 pu normal. get ready to enjoy a nice afready ternoon. 56 now in washington.ashing 55 in gaithersburg.ur already off to very mild start. we actually warmed up overnightg with these very strong southerlr and southwesterly we've been dealing there you go winds out of the oo south and west at about 20 to 25. 22 in quantico. 22 up in baltimore.alre 26 dulles very very warmar temperatures moving up ahead off a cold front which is going toso bring us cooler and drier airrir later this afternoon and reallyr the cool air won't get in here h until tonight. morning showers dealing with aow few of most of the action is now eastos of us. us anne arundel county getting showers, parts of prince opr george's county, croft ton andfa bowie an few sprinkle norththor west of the we should wrap up so the showers in the next our or r two and we'll get gradual clearing and we'll keep it mildl
7:48 am
cooler air that's off to ourhat north and west really won't get in here tonight. afternoon with bonuson temperatures.mpures future cast showing sunshine bye early afternoon we're in bonuson territory with temperatures in the mid 60s.the mi60s. the cooler air will get in heree later tonight with clear skies r and overnight lows back to whero they should be with cooler cle temperatures expected for yourxr day on wednesday. 67 glorious degrees today. ? >>t?hat? >> yeah. then there's your cooler tre weat'sher. we wednesday, thursday,y, thuday, temperatures above normal.atureo about 50 but noticeably cooleryo than what we get today.. >> okay. more weather coming up.. erin is here as well.el >> oh, don't say it like that was mean.n. 7:48. is it because i'm not part of p the "man show".. >> you're honorary.orary. >> honorary member of the manmea show.. >> put on the neck tie. on the . >> i can. it clashed with my dress. dress >> i know you care about thoseet thing. right now normal service forvi metro. we have no problems. they brought the camera back on wisdom no to show
7:49 am
he was in this talk.he was i [ laughter ] >>n aside fro m that take livet tak ok o outside. big problems on three knifeknife northbound at shirlington.t sh a crash blocking three lanesan right now and because of that,ft we are parked like that all thet way back to duke street. see you are looking at delays ofs over half hour at least if yous are trying to get to the 14th tt street bridge out of alexandriai so again 395 northbound it's a rough right right now. n let's go ahead and take look att our maps some other problem thii morning even though metro is ons time on the roads this crash 95 southbound after the 212 powderp mill road cleared to the to he shoulder. still big delays from well north of the now that route 1 is reopened inn laurel, that's a better bet or baltimore washington parkway iss still nice andhi quiet.ndui delay free 270, 70 to the spurpu problem free on the beltwayeelty through college park but thisutt crash northbound fairfax countyy parkway one lane gets by at wesw objection we have your commute covered. cr back to you, steve. >> erin, thank you very much. tk 7:49 right now. all right. .ere we go are we ready for football? thii afternoon temple university andt wake forest universit
7:50 am
the best college militaryity football teams going head tod t head in the 2016 military bowl.. they are there. they are representthing the gamm is in annapolis but today's gamg more than your average footballb game during half time twoe students who's parents have dien while serving ints our militaryt will be awarded very special scholarship and this morning this gentleman rear admiral rr thomas lynch from new day uss joins us he is helping to create this special moment. >> thanks for coming in >> thank you steve.>>nk >> not just with new day now inn this role in your life, but we w should also mention former superintendent of the us navaluv emademy. former captain of the u.s. naval football team. tea it's good to see you this you ti morning. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> always good. g ou won't be playing out at the stadiu tm today.stadiu tod >> no. >> it still will be an excitinge game. since the military bowl has beee around it has helped put a p a national spotlight on the navy y football program, on annapolis,l on the stadium there. >> and state of maryland and tha whole d.c. metro complex. compl this i
7:51 am
we've becoming recognized as one of the top bowls in the country. >> you have a ranked teamou play hing.av ay temple ranked in the top 25. that's fantastic.tast hopefully a lot of folks will fw make the trip down from phillyhi to go that game. go that gam what they're going to see in sei addition to a great football game, but you have some speciale opportunities for somepos youngsters out there as wellut >> we do. i'm privileged right now to chair the executive chairman off new day usa a mortgage lending l company we're veteran centerr provide va loans only for activt duty and retired and veterans on this country, and so one of ourr core values we live our core coe values one of our core values ii giving back and so we take 5% of our operating income. incom put that into our new day usa foundation and give back to veterans, charities, anything we can do that u.s.o., the medal of honor society, retreat, so many things in the baltimore statione the homeless shelter forhe veterans but it gives o
7:52 am
employees, our 600 employees at new day an opportunity to give back themselves and they've donn over thousands of hours of volunteer services the past pt year, but one of the mostf e mos significant things we do is i provide scholarships, high school scholarships, tuition free major military schoolsy soo around the country for young men and women whose fathers weree either -- fathers or parent, pen fathers or mothers were either killed on active duty or at least 80% disabled, and so today at the military bowl at half hal time we're presenting to liam griffin, he's a young man whose father was killed died on active duty and his motherr unfortunately committed suicides a year ago.. he's been living with his w grandparents.grandp wanted to go to saint john's northwestern saint john'snt jn' military academy up in deerfi
7:53 am
were able to provide thathat scholarship.horship. he's one of 25. one o 2 we have a young lady sophia moore at culver academy in culver indiana her father took a shrapnel to the head in mosul in 2004. the mother has been struggling.. the mother is becoming a nursese and so they're just two thatwoha we're presenting scholarshipsolp today at the game.ame. two of 25.. >> fantastic opportunity to helu these youngsters get throughetou this part of their life througho these military schools. schools. what do you see now as not justj parallel between the education they can get and the lessonsesss that you learn on the football o field as we bring these two thee parts of life together, but alst the learning experience thatiene they can get at the schools when the whether or not they go to ae service academy eventually oruay just what they can learn to gett them through life?ife? >> exactly. one, they'll get a quality qli education and that's a given bun on top of that, they get the leadership training, they the understand perseverance, they te understand team work, they twork understand discipline and a
7:54 am
character driven leadership. we have that program right at a new day usa. daysa all of these schools have that.a so these young people who have had so much heart ache and ae anguish and pain in their livesl now have an opportunity to get a quality education and to getndog that leadership training on topt of it which they're going to beo the leaders in our societyurie moving forward. >> when you read the stories and you hear the storeadries especia the young man who lot of both oh his parents in very short amount of time they need the help theyh can get out there.n ge so that they can those leadersea inhehe future. thehey do. for us to have that opportunityy it's very >> i want to before we run out of the time let pto beople knowo there's the information on theen screen about the game today.. now this is annapolis kick offko at there are still ticketse ill available. you can actually get tickets foe low as $25 if you go out and iff you cannot make the to the gamee you can actually donate ticketse to the troops as well if you gou on the website you see at the at bottom military great opportunities to getties o tickets for the troops if you can make it yourself or you canu just make donation or come outoe and watch a great day off football. before i let
7:55 am
over the navy loss in the bowl l game at this point?nt >> no. [ laughter ] >> or the loss to army.rm we're looking forward to gettini them next year. >> nine wins on the season anded then you lose two toughest gameg the end of the season.ea >> i know. .rm to hasn't it army army deserved that win. they came back and when we wentn ahead 17-14, i'm saying,g, bye-bye, army, but boy, theyoy,e came back. came b they held us. hel they deserved that win. w. and the bowl game dishearteningg as well. i was out there in texas for that one roger star back and i i were in the sweet together tog watching the game. how can they makwae that call. oh, my goodness much not the n coaches fall but the official's' call. it is what it is. is. we lost 48-45 and we're ready ty go next year. >> admiral from captain of the football team at a time navy too career in the military and in admiral i think you'll getthyou' passed this and find a way toay move forward and continue toonte lead. >> there are more important things in are >> thanks for your service. >> thanks, steve. steve >> appreciate it. over to tucker and get a looppk e e forecast.
7:56 am
enjoying daytime highs in the mid 60s. mi still a few leftover showers early with winds out of theut oe south southwest at 11. 11. actually those winds which haveh been gusting 20 to 25 which hass been bringing warmer air inarr a overnight.nit leftover showers generally too the east of the city but you cac see we got some on the northeasa side and few leftover showersho north and we have as a . it's a cold front comingin through. but most of the energy most of o the cloud cover with it shouldsh be through by late morning we m will get afternoon sunshine anda look at the daytime high. 67 degrees today.od get ready to enjoy beautiful buf ternoon.n. cooler tomorrow. highs about 50.ghs about >> erin is back with another look the roads.lo the roa >> go, temple.e. >> okay. >> nice school. >> yeah. >> i'm allowed to say that.say . >> absolutely.utely. >> hmm. right now roads are backed up.p. what?? >> you guys are owls.ewls. >> temple owls. >> spent four great years traffic moving along a little ll bit better at king street crasht that was blocking three lanes aa shirlington has moved over. ove so we're seeing residual delaysl as you pass that point gettingii towards the 14th street
7:57 am
minute early start it seem likem things are starting to clear upr let's move it over for a look aa our maps right now.psht n aside from that traffic on on southbound 95 still backed upstd even though crash by powder milm moved to the shoulder.tohe s you're backed up solid right now on the northbound side as well.s we'll certainly have moreav trc fic in few. back to you, wis. wis. >> coming up at 8:00 we're8: wer standing by for update fromat fm police on today's top story.. d.c. woman missing sincein christmas day and the possible -- the possibility thaa they've discovered her body.y plus talking to your kids abouts a topic like race. r we're sitting down with authorth and white house germ journalist april ryan to share lessons learned at mamma's knee. knee.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning to you i'm i'm maureen umeh. ume i'm steve chenevey thanks fortho joining us this in.isn. >> 8:00 o'clock on this tuesdayy december 22nd 2016. here's what's on the fox5 news5n morning menu.u. >> breaking news coming out ofge the district investigators areci about to release new information in the case of a missing d.c..c. yoga instructor and actress herh family says her body has beeny e found.un police have still not confirmedi that. we'll be live from policero headquarters though coming up. plus mall mayhem from newm o york, ohio to colorado and texax fights breaking out at malls al across the country. post holiday shoppers are senten scrambling for the exits.
8:01 am
and tonight, grammy awardy d winning artist bruno marsars bringing his 24 carrat magic too the brand new mgm nationall harbor. harbor. i feel like we should have takee the show on the road this othe morning. >> seriously.>> serioly. >> ♪♪ >> if only. if only. bruno btickets there with all right. well you looking at that let's l look at this. at thi live look outside.utsi. it's going to be very mild day. 56 degrees right now as a matte of fact. we'll have your full forecast and weather and traffic that's all coming up on thera 5's on ts tuesday morning. >> first up 8:00 o'clock we area following new developments inw the case of missing d.c. yoga y instructor and actress.. >> sadly the story may havery mh taken a tragic turn. tur dc police are expected to updatt the press at any moment now. fox5's anjali hemphill is livese in northwest with the latest. ls i understand a press conferencec is about to get underway. what can you tell us? t us? >> reporter: yes, this is d.c. police headquarters you can seee the podium here behind me alld a set up ready fllor this presship conference to start literally ay any moment as members of thent r media are here waiting for thatt this is of c
8:02 am
the latest in d.c. police's investigation this is anigatio i important update because, of course, friends and family of tricia macauley are waking upinu this morning to devastating news after her brother posted to facebook that her body was found. this is a facebook group that was created after sheer s disappeared on christmas day. d so friends could try to organizz to help find her. well now post by her brotherro says that search is over becausb her body has been found. fou we are here because dc police pl have not yet confirmed any off that information.nformation they have not confirmed thatt c they found tricia's body.od also not confirming in theyinhe taken anyone into custodyustody related to this the only thing they are tellinge us they did find a small whitelw car similar to tricia's late last night on m street nearr second towed away early thishis morning.rnin 46-year-old tricia macauleyacley disappeared on christmas day. d. she never showed up for dinnerre at a friend' house.d' hse she's a yoga teacher and ann actress in tv, film and theatere and she's also and herbal list and lat scene near her home on o north capitol street i
8:03 am
northwest.rthw police were also searching for r man they describe the as 5-footf nine with athletic build thatuid they believe was driving herrinh car. ca again, it's unclear if someone m matching that description wasipi taken into custody.usdy but we are hoping to hear that update today, again n a mastertr moments.s. this could it was scheduled for 8:is00 o'clock it coulitd happe the my we'll bring you the latest as it comes.mes. we're live at d.c. policeol headquarters, anjali hemphilll fox5 local news. >> are not naming that man we'r' seeing in the pictures with theh black company. he's in the suspect.e suspct. they're looking to talk to him.m is that what we understand? >> reporter: right.ig we actually don't even have that information confirmed. there have been report that isth someone was taken into custodyus and that is all we know.l we k dc police have not said a word w since last night when they put out, you know, the informationna that she was missing. msi so we really don't have that t information at this point, andoa we are hoping they will clear wc that up at this press conferencc coming up here shortly. >> information trickling. th
8:04 am
we'll continue checking in withe you as we learn more c on the te discovery or rather the missingg woman here in northwest d.c. d.c. police investigate a pl deadly shooting in northwestic i happened last night along theasl 200 block of cedar street. right near the 7eleven you're looking at police responding to reports of gunshots they found d man with bullet wound he later r died at the hospital.e ho right now there's no word on the victim's identity or suspect. >> president-elect trump not-elp holding back his opinion of thef united nations.ited nations. trump questioned un's effectiveness yesterday he fired off a tweet saying thes ye un h great potential but has becomeac quote just a club for pebble tot get together, talk haven't a good time.good t the tweet comes days after the t un voted to condemn israelili settlements in the west bang. bn however, trump's views are not unique.unique un has been accused of by of governments in the past of being inefficient and prief us will.l. another big night set foret the mgm national let's take a look at that. grammy award winning super star bruno mars will be in town to bring the funk.unk mgm is hoping to stab itself asl the e
8:05 am
the d.c. region and so far soo r good. go allison seymour has tickets. we'll hold her to make sure shee takes lots of pictures and posts them on her instagram looking forward to that.d toha man, i love that song.. >> look carefully in theef background. i'm in that video.m >> that's you back there?back te >> you're one of bruno mars mar passe members? mem >> yes. >> i thought you had an outfit a like that.n ou >> you did score tickets tweetie us and let us know how you likek the show tonight.onig if you didn't get tickets he'sk' coming back in september.eptemb a long wait.ait. >> mgm is so private. p. >> more intimate. more intima >> 3,000 seats i think.hink. >> high five from him.mim. >> man. >> man >> a lot cozier than verizonthav center. >> um-hmm. >> but guess you is it ill have two more chances to see himeso e later this year. >> meanwhile in the world ofle f weather we all win because we'll be in the mid 60s with afternooo sunshine. let's get to it. 56 now at reagan national. hasn't budged in air. budged in that's a very warm start. srt our average daytime high mid 4 40s. 10-degree bonus early.early dulles, bwi marshall
8:06 am
have had showers overnight overn lingering on the east side of s the beltway route 50 towards annapolis getting light shower s activity.activi howard county up towards towar columbia and clarksville a few f showers and we'll keep a showero in the forecast forwe another hr or two.wo then things should wind down ouo frontal system gets east of usfs and we'll gradually clear it out as mentioned this is cold fronto but the cooler air is reallyea lagging north and west so we'll' get an afternoon warmup with daytime highs surging aboutbo 20 degrees above normal. 67 degrees this afternoon.ftno open the windows for a time a tm perhaps.perhaps. >> um-hmm. >> and it will turn cooler coor tonight.nigh so i'll have the seven dayev coming up momentarily.entaly >> that sounds great. tunds gre. >> let's check in with erin comm what the roads are looking likei on this tuesday morg good morning. >> good morning. you man.u maureen.go overall much quieter inuc terms of congestion around the e dmv than what we usually see for tuesday after the christmashriss holiday.hoy. however, southbound knife crashn after 212 that's powder millr ml road right lane blocked so welll north of the icc jammed all waiw down to the beltway.. i'd say void 95 southbound righ now.ig
8:07 am
better bet earlier crash in laurel has cleared.ed. traffic patterns back to normall e.ere. bw parkway looking quiet. quiet as we take a look at northboundn fairfax county parkway closureao has been lifted crash cleared at west ox road. so all the earlier congestion w were seeing has cleared out oflo the way. 66 completely delay free.ayre i love what i'm seeing throughiu gainsville, manassas,sas, centreville into fairfax.airf volume picking up towards theds beltway on 66.6. falls church slight amount of sf congestion as well.cong police activity in the districtc still has m street closed clo westbound between 22nd and and 23rd watch out for that onet e and 95 northbound absolutelyolel zero delays towards the beltwayl from stafford on up. u slight amount of volume buildinn through annandale on the innernn loop and metro is on time if yom want to take the rails. rails. i would say despite a few f causing delays like 395 3 northbound still bit back up byb shirlington. other than that pretty quiet this tis m back to you guys.ys. >> erin, thanks very much.nks ve you may have seen a statue s at american university pop uptyp recently.recently it is causing some controversy..
8:08 am
can't miss it representing theng likeness of convicted killer leonard pell tee eighty three. he was found guilty of murdering 2fbi agents native american. ami there have been several attemptt to grant him clemency but nowy t there's a new push to seek a pardon from president obamaro before he leaves om ffice. there's the statue. s many are concerned about the coe efforts to freern peltier and te believe his convictions were fair.fair >> he's still alive. those two agents are dead. d he's a grandfather.ndth they'll never be and he committed this crime andd he killed those agents in cold blood. >> american university released a statement about the statues sa say see it as a piece of art of they do not have position on the movement.move right off nebraskame avenue. av. overseas in russia,a, officials have found one of thet flight recorders from thehe military plane that crash in the black sea. s. 92 people were on board when iti crashed on sunday.unday. 13 bodies have been recovered ss far. far. the russian goe
8:09 am
dismissing the idea that terrorr played a role in the crash because it was a military planea instead it says it was eitherit mechanical problem or pilotilot error that caused that militaryy style plane to crash. marks said he intervened toe restrain the passenger because b the crew was quote ill traineded and ill equipped equipped toquii deal with him.pp korean air will review the usehe of taser guns on board. japan's prime minister in hawaii recognizes the japanesee attacks on pearl harbor.rlar the prime minister is schedulerh to visit the site of the 1941 t1 bombing joined by presidentsi more than 2400 people werepl killed during that attack on pearl harbor.r. his visit comes six months aftea president obama became the havee you sitting american h presidene to visit their row seem ma,a, japan. on the west coast prepsst pe began for 128th rose parade inen pasadena the parade will be onlo monday.
8:10 am
dred working to get the parade floatl ready by the end of the they are pouring over every ery single detail. like slicing the fruit justit right to make sure theehe decorations are just right on r the float.lo. volunteers also currently crenty working on almost a dozenozen floats.fl the event set to be held next monday.moay still ahead president obamaa leaves office with healthy oic approval rating he leaves leas president-elect donald trump with his >> how did trump respond to theh president's comments? whoa,ho twitter. at's's a clue. back after this. this.
8:11 am
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♪♪ it is 8:13 right now. hi, t is >> hey, time to get cute.ut >> let's do it. >> cuteness factor of the day. y my first five. f let's get rolling.. queue the music g!ic >> my goodness another santa s pick. >> hey, baby doll. d >> i wouldn't if that was the waiting forldn't santa face.e >> this is five month old nathaniel that's adorable.. >> obviously a few days ago thad was his very first christmas. >> hi, santa baby.ab. >> he dressed as santa baby. >> i'll bet he's the best b present for his family. fil >> know he was.s. >> they can ever ask for.he that is adory ableca.abl >> you are so cute. >> if that is not a christ nasss card i don't know what is goodid nathaniel gets up every morningg and watch us here at fox5 witho5 his family. >> hey, nathaniel.
8:14 am
you're so cute. >> he's got a little growing tog do. >> he does.e do. >> fit into that hat.o that. >> yeah. >> so cute. your child's pictureture go to our facebook page, fox5 d.c. it will be tough to be cuter than nathaniel f they'reye as cute as nathaniel, send iteni in. we'll put it on tomorrow. >> >> thanks for watching nathaniel. >> merry christmas. >> i hope you see yoursel f on>> m tv. we're off to a mild start. srt. 56 it won't feel like christmas at the moment or this afternoon. an early spring with daytime highss in the mid to upper 60s. 60s send me your warm weatherm pictures later today.ater tod >> that's a good one.has a good. >> folks taking advantage of itf 32 in detroit.etro 25 in chicago. that colder air will get in herr tonight but ahead of it, we'll ' be nice and mild. lingering showers here most of the action is east ofsas the city. anne arundel county, parole,are, thinking of you,.ou,. >> wow. wow >> parole south of annapolis.nns >> yes. >> you ever hang out there.he >> i have not. hnot. i've seen the signs.n the gns [
8:15 am
>> up towards baltimore a fewalw showers as well.l. once we get east of us we'll u clear it out by early afternoon and we should be bright sunnyt s and very mild around here laterr today. 67. 67 cooler tonight. much cooler airr for the weekend.for ek you know what, steve, as part o the extended man show we'll havh to focus on the sunday afternoon time frame for our redskins/giants game. >> 4:30. 4 >> yeah. >> i'm fascinated by the town tw name of accident maryland whichl is out in western maryland.yld >> weren't you supposed to bee missing oddly named towns ondlyo your forecast.wn you were going to startec doingg that? >> what i going to do it. >> you did it for two days.r twd >> i'll bring it back next yeara >> yeah. my favorite weird town not inot this area.this area. >> i want to go to hollywood hlo maryland. >> i've been to hollywood. >> in south carolina there isol one.on >> what do they have.>> what >> in south carolina sugar hit. >> in south a town named 96.6. >> interesting stuff.estituff >>es, it w was. >> my favorite sugar tea.
8:16 am
traffic forecast.. >> my favorite is erin, tennessee.see. >> see? >> there you have it.>> t >> i like thathere y.. >> whole town myself inyself i tennessee.. 14th street closed at parkwayay pass 3500 block crash c investigation keep it to 13thp 3 street to get around that.ha. police activity closing m strees in northwest.west. it's on the web side between bet 22nd and 23rd lot of volume on l street as well as k streetr so be prepared for that as well as new hampshire typical volume around duke important circlet around the dmv our roads havedsh been beltway looking good. we are dealing wltitwah big dell 95 southbound because of a crasa after powder mill road 212 thede right lane is blocked and lookdo at that from well north of thefh icc down to the beltway you'reae stacked up with that crash.t cra i would say keeping it to route 1 or baltimore washingtont parkway better bet. bw parkwaypa southbound littlerb of congestion by powder and then 66 eastbound tolllyol delay free wide open there it te really does feel like holiday on 66. 395 even though crash clear at a shirlington delays rem
8:17 am
to edsall really heavy volume.. super quiet across the wilsoniln bridge through oxon hill and we're problem free throughh annandale crash by little river turnpike cleared zero delayseros toward the bell way on 95way o northbound. so enjoy those conditions whilen they last. th metro is still on time. t i haven't had any rail delaysaid all morning.mong. back to you. back t >> all right. thanyou.ank you. 8:17 the time. dispute brewing over hypothetical election betweenicl president obama and donald trump on recent cnn eama podcast witd axelrod if he ran again aga president obama said he'd win h over majority of american voter. >> donald trump disagreed.ump dr sounded off on twitter sayingttr president obama's record wouldd have prevented him from securinr a victory.a victory he cited the loss of u.s. jobs b the affordable care act and thel growth of isise .. the white house declined tone t comment on trump's tweaks. >> panasonic and car maker tesla set to produce solar cells inn buffalo new york.. >> they finalized an agreementlr panasonic will pay the capitalap costs for manufacturing. so far no financial figures havs been given. production will
8:18 am
2017. tesla says it will create 1400 1 jobs in buffalo.. >> 2016 had a theme song it might be rem the zen of thef the world as we know >> new survey reveals just how t fed up we are the year thatha brought us mass shootings, deata of harambe, noxious fake newse n and election masquerading as aaa haunted house. fox news will carr reports. >> reporter:.orte perhaps we started 2016 outo on the wrong foot. f pole by the associated press ana the times square alliance alliac revealing a policely 18% of people thought the country gotnt better this year.sea about a third, however, say it,y got worse and maybe that's whytw mother jones declared dumpster fire as the meme of the 2016. >> top news events since januarn included mass killings andll bombing like ambush of a ambh nightclub in orlando which now stands as the worse shooting inn united states history. >> other notable attacks takingn place in france, belgium, turkee and pakistan, 63% of the
8:19 am
say these stories impact the t them >> more than half of those say s stories of people being killedle by police and vise versa weree w the year's most important news n but overwhelming majority cite c the presidential election as tht biggest story and certainly thee noisy yesterday. yesterday. >> she's guilty of a very very serious crime.ri >> donald thinks be little linke women makes him bigger.ggr. >> the owl come may have been jarring to the margo are the ofe the nation but 55% think thehe coming year is going to be b weather. weather. 12-point improvement from last l year's poll. >> it has been privilege of myf life to serve as your commanderd chihief. >> being on the side lines hasih been benefited president obamada he's ending the year with aith healthy 53% approval rating r according to the latest fox news poll. >> thousands showing up foror 15-year-old girl's birthday
8:20 am
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea ♪♪ um-hmm. >> oh, yeah. >> there's a look at national on harbor. mgm bruno mars will be playing a there later this evening. mr.
8:23 am
>> somebody get me a ticket. >> stop by, hang out. >> please. >> want to get back to the news right now before we get get to o tucker's forecast 8:22.:2 this was to be a huge h celebration down in mexico andio by huge i mean like thousands tn and thousands of people came out for the -- that is the young t y lady celebrating look at the loe crowd that showed up.crowthat itt vnt viral. the dad invited everybody ondy o facebook literally invited thehe world. a million people responded anded said they would be there.he thousands showed up and thennd e tragically we just learnedt lean someone actually died there. tre a man apparently stepped out int front of a racing horse, a galloping horse during a horsese race. 60-year-old and was struck andnd killed. again billion people responded p to this and as you see thousandn and thousands showed up. u so should have been a big partyy and something bad happened.appee >> need to explain that. it was likeee a 1d 6th birthdaya party. >> 15th >> coming up age traditional.. >> dad must have been leader -- >> he must have been..
8:24 am
a million >> given the stage they planned for a big event but not million strong. >> just to have million people say they want to come hav to yor party that's bragging even if they don't show up.w u >> i'm telling you what will they do for her wedding.ding >> let's get to t mid 60s think afternoon very v mild. still dealing with left overt or rain shower. i've been getting thank younk y everyone sending them lots and l lots of pictures of a, beautiful sunrise, b, the rainbow that waw out there.t t double rainbow early this e thi morning. 56 degrees now in washington.own leftover showers just south of f town. a few showers out towardsow andrews joint air -- joint base. >> base. >> joint base andrews. j >> thank you i got it rightoints a little confusing.onfusing >> showers out towards annapoliw as well. as w these are all winding d we'll clear it out and we will w be in for plenty of afternoon ao sunshine again these very veryer warm temperatures for the end oo december with highs in the mid to 60's. to quick look at that seven the cooler does get in herener tonight much cooler wednesday we and thursday. thuda
8:25 am
if you're looking ahead to the e weekend new ears eve i thinkve i will be dry and kind of seasonably cold overnight lows back in the 30s.. so going out --ut >> bundle up. >> first night celebration that kind of thing it will be cold.ic olol. >> try to retain heat today.ea y that's the plan, erin.n, e get outside. o get lunch enjoy today. tod >> i like it. >> we'll worry about the weekene later. >> my goal is to get a run inal today we'll see if that happens orapps just a nice afternoon naperno np witness windows open.s wiows >> that works. >> look at 95 northbound out by route 1 and suing he traffic isc wide open as we forward ourrd or cameras that's not the only place with free of delays thisey morning.morn we're seeing really lightht conditions as we get back tos w normal on this tuesday morning. traffic north of king street on knee life looking good. earlier crash by hurling tonsh i cleared. bigger delays have here we are by annandale road r traffic is moving along justlo j fine off of 66. 66 also looking good thishi morning where delay free there.e inner loop and outer loop by the legion bridge cruising along
8:26 am
problem free there.oble. i love what i'm seeing on 270.70 270 on the southbound side is completely delay free. f we haven't had any congestion from 70 all the way to the spurs mornmorning. light flow of volume the outer loop through college park verykv quite from 95 to is georgia.eo another speed there. the i'll keep you updated knife k through calvert ton leftover delays from an earlier crash by powder mill. >> all the games, gadgets and tablets your kids received allec the holidays called them trouble. >> another new report. too much time ano online can led teens to inn appropriateiate advances online.. what parents need to do to makek sure your kids stay safe. safe. it's 8:26. 8:26. ♪♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero.
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♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ oh, yeah, bruno mars in towi for the concert at mgm nationala harbor tonight. hey, bruno f you're listening in you're watching, what's up? p? come on in to the loft beforet f your concert tonight.ight glad to have you. y if not just send us i like to see your show.ho beautiful day outside today as t you can see.u casee. a little, hmm, misty. m >> it will be warm.wie warm. >> very warm. ew year yeaahead to the n many children will be playing pi with new video game consoles ano tablets they all got during thee holidays good that means somenss kids may be spending extra time online playing games or surfingi the web.eb. are your kids safe on the on internet. tern online pure site issued a report that says one in 5us teens haveh received unwanted sexual s solicitation online
8:30 am
experts recommend parents set up parental controls on thetrs on children's gadgets and internetr connected toys and point out the importance of adding parentall controls on your home fie wi-fi to reduce the chances of of children stumbling acrosscros something inn appropriate whilee browsing the web. web all right.alght let's toss it over to wisdomm martin in the lot of right now with more on kids parenting an whole lot of wisdom.isdo >> good morning to you. y talking with your kids about aut racially sensitive issues it iss could be a daunting task butk bt former white house journalistrns april ryan is looking to make m that conversation just a littlel bit easier.t easie she just wrote a new book called "at momma's knee, mothers andota race in black and white" it's aa series of stories from iconicni figures about what their mothert toll them about race and the a t book includes true stories froms the mother of trayvon martin,ti, sabina fulton, congressman johnh lewis, former first lady hillar clinton and a lot more.or this morning april joins us livi to talk about this book and whyd we need to have these conversations and talk aboutalka
8:31 am
good morning touch thank youning very much for coming in and talking to us. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure. >> ise still a whiteuch fo correspondent 20 years january.. >> congratulations. number 45 will be my fourth my r president. >> still going strong. >> i'm still going. [ laughter ] sti>> i >> look let's talk about thealkh why do you think that it's so so important that you havet yo something like this in print soo people can a hold of it and rear it haven't these discussions?iso >> my beat is the white house, u and i cover issues of race, and particularly last eight yearsghs have been really racially charged in various ways. ways. race and politics will alwayslw follow this president, and the second term we've seen so much m when it comes to policing, badgb policing but we support great policing, but, you know, there's we'd out of bad police and thehe book kind of was born -- itorn i wasn't kind of. it was born out of the baltimoro unrest.un i'm from baltimore.ti i make that commute back andac forth every day from the whiteyw house to and it starts out from the fm baltimore riot
8:32 am
about how we as mothers are noww the ones who are most physicaltc the numbers are increasing whenn it comes to us being the head of household, the sole provider fof a home and i'm that mother. m i'm a black mother from f baltimore who is trying to raisr two little girls and we are nown giving the talk to our childrenn versus the men giving the talk t to their t it's the mothers giving the tall to the girls and the sons.s. and president obama also graceda me again with another intervieww for this book as well as thel as first book. first >> right. bout hthis about having this conversation.conv is there in your book do youo y reference any age point where w you shall have this conversatio or is it just whenever you feell comfortable with your childrenhe fouling about it?ulinabou >> unfortunately, we are in succ a situation where the news cycle the constant news cycle, thele, news machine, the churning outig of news, is creating such a buzz for not only the older americana but for the younger all of our kids are on devices v all the time and they see these things.ings. >> right. >> so it forked me particularly with the tamir rice situation
8:33 am
backyard and my younger daughter has a nurse cannon gun and she a was shooting my i wasn't said s come back in the house.acin the. she said why? a young boy was killed. we didn't want to have any he a question as to what kind ofnd device my child had in her hand. i had to show her this video.. i mean there are realities thata are happening in life we have te explain to our children.ldn it's hard but it's veryy interesting, and in these stories, i talked to sabrina fulton the mother of trayvonyv martin.mart i've also talk to eric garner's mother gwen car about how they handled the matters and talkednl to president obama. presi he talk to me about his motherhr told him about race in americane when they were in other places how she would bring -- give him items talking about the civil c rights movement and differentfee things to make him aware. congressman john lewis senator s corey booker i've got so manyany different people, so many soan different people talking aboutpa their experiences as powerful,or
8:34 am
comes from that spot that heartt issue.e. >> right. >> a lot of people don't want te talk about this. america.. iopn >> yeah. >> especially now.ecially now. >> it's interesting that youat u mention this.n i've hads. that same covering ii a father of two girls and a boy about the toy gun business. busn i had to have a conversationc with my kids.with m >> it's reality.t's ali >> it's reality because this is goe goes on. you can't do this out in publici you can't do -- whatever do youy don't take this to schooll because, you know, other things we've talk about.. >> trying to save our children. >> you also talk to jimmy carter and hillary clinton.llar so this is not just about blacka people talking about blackla issues. >> right. there are white people in the book as well. e whit even have reince priebus theebs head of the -- former head. rnc he'll be the former head tod the chief of staff for the nextt president.esid >> right. >> so, you know, i talked toal t black and white. w i talked to all races. es i talk to men and women and iomd talked to people from differentt parties. partie this is an issue that has to bet dealt with and right now we'e
8:35 am
at a pivotal time in this natioo where race is at the forefront. >> right. you also have another book. so haves. >> the first book.>> >> the first book.>> t >> okay. >> the presidency in black andca white my up close view of threeh presidents and race in america.. before president obama came toat the white house, i was coveringr the white house and the issue oo race was on the table, but you did not see it in the a block until there was a crescendoreeno moment or you didn't see it above the fold unless there wasu a crescendo amount like katrina or on the issues that happened but it was always on the table.t bill clinton would tell me racee was always on the table.le george w. bush would tell me, wm ways is always on the table.n te but the problem for him heim didn't talk about it becauseecau that wasn't his base.that wasn'a if he would have done that aseul little bit more, id think it tk would have little bit more bit m equity in the black community at the time when katrina hit.. >> last asian question in 10n seconds what's of the moveov fascinating thing about theg ab first book or the second book,db what's the most fascinating thing you learned.rned >> they talk about t
8:36 am
in he lie gentleman cummingsumng he's the fierce fighter onhe f capitol hell talked about howbo race still plays from his h childhood how he still havingg issues of self-esteem when ithen comes to matters of race. can you believe that? elijah cummings maryland congressman mr and congressmanyl the fierce thf fighter on capitol hill.ol i got a lot of heart from thisrm from a lot of people.ple. >> right. >> thank you very much for coming in and sharing your timer with us this morning. mni there's the book right there.e g you see it rightht where can people get the book? >>, barnes & nobles.e it's everywhere.very get it and let me know wasas think. >> thank you very much for coming in. continued success. nk y >> thank you. >> covering the presidents of .ing thted >> number four for me. m [ laughter ]er ] >> 45. >> 45. >> january 20th. >> all right. >> 2017. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> all right. let's get over to tucker barnes abulouser to tucker b weather we'r fe havulingou for r advertisement year because it'sb unseasonably warm. >> yeah, wait until this wait afternoon we'll be in the mid to upper 60s. 60s 56 in washington.n washi this is a pretty striking map. m 45 now in pittsburgh.burg look at chicago 25
8:37 am
you get the idea 30-degree temperature difference in thenct world of weather not too far off to the north and west.est. a couple of showers early.. these are starting to be push to the east so that's good news.ew i think we're going to watch the rain showers wind down in thewn next hour or two.ouor t and then gradual clearing and as wisdom mentioned some very mildr air for this time of year. yea in fact warm highs in the mid 60s this0ss afternoon. enjoy a beautiful, beautifulul afternoon.afternoon. it should be dry later today,aty too. 67. 67 tonight much cooler tomorrow. to i'll have the seven dayven ay momentarily. erin is back and it feels likeca the roads are back in action. >> actually, take look at tamara right now. ght no >> that's still more thantill mn yesterday. >> more than yesterday, yes, but way less tha yesn usual on tuese morning. i'll take it. in colge p college park. the outer loop as you make youru way passed new hampshire greatre representation of all of ourta majors.majo light volume on 66 knife comingm up from virginia. 50 inbound through cheryl.ound let's take look at our maps. oup show you the wide view so youw u can get perspective.. at christmas screen again tucker look at that. look volume right now coming downown cabin john clara barton and
8:38 am
in the district delays left asta you come up 395 northboundorth towards shirlington earlier ear crash cleared. inbound new york avenue disableb truck though blocking two rightg lanes after florida. f watch for some delays growingayg there but look at all the greeng on the map that gives you y perspective how light the volumm still is around the area.e a 14th street remain closed at park wood place 3500 block fewlw extra minutes needed there.he that's your look at traffic.. >> mall mayhem fights break outk at malls across the countryou including in virginia.gia >> all what may have been behind all oa these fights we'll have the have details coming up.ils cong u more fox5 news morning after the break. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪♪ we're back with breaking news.e ba dc police now talking about the case of a missing dc yoga y instructor and actress. peter new some had the podiume m with mayor bowser by his sigh. s let's listen. >> 1:35 p.m. we believe the5 p. suspect was in the 400 block ofk rhode island of a northeast and between 2:00 and 2:20 p.m. we0 e believe the suspect was in the 2800 block of seventh street this investigation is proceeding rapidly.rapi we you were the public to, f anyone has any information or if saw the suspect at any of thesee locations at these times, we'd,' appreciate it if they'd give us a the suspect's photo has beeneen previously released.ed so i know that the media has iti we can take -- the mayor
8:42 am
wanted to say a few words and then we'll take any questions that you have.ll tak >> thank you,that chief. chief i want to thank, um, all of the members of the metropolitan police department and certainly members of our community and miss muck call's friends and family for their steadfastnessfe in ensuring that we located miss macauley. let me express on behalf of alll of us in washington, d.c. our deepest condolences to hers family and i want to thank the e public for your assistance in helping us locate her vehicle. e and the person we believe isve i responsible for her death.eath the chief mentioned all of the e different locations we believece the suspect was after. after he took potion of miss cawley's car. and everything that you can can provide us in numbering thisnghi story would be helpful. hpful. so please continue to text
8:43 am
(202)727-9099. (202)727-9099. >> chief. >> can you give us some sort of idea of how these two came to know each other, giv te ohow th meet? mee how he ended up with her. h >> we do not believe at thishi time that the suspect knew the victim. but we don't have any any information that specificat s information at this time.rmatio >> can you give us an name?am >> the suspect's name will be wl released a little bit later thit afternoon by way of a press pss release. >> question from reporter.orr. >> we do not. >> any sign of trauma. trauma. >> that appears to be trauma tor the we will know more when the the autopsy is completed. >> do you know when she mightkn have been killed.ved. >> no i don't, we don't have inn information yet. >> some of these locations wasaw she with her car or was he witht her you believe. >> all i can say at this pointap is that last contact with the victim was on 4:30 p.m. on christmas day the
8:44 am
that the -- we believe thatt those locations that i gave and those times are areas where we e believe that the suspect was. ws we have information to suggesto that he was at those locationsoo at those given times. times >> do you know how long the carn was ow hmarked on f street.ed os >> i can tell you this.this. we received information once we put out a media release and i ai believe that the person who gave us the tip and we're very thankful for that had actually a seen the vehicle shortly beforee police arrived.rred being oped by the suspect. >> can you say where arrestedrrd him. >> he was arrested in the 220020 block of m street northwest.. >> shortly after the car was c parked. >> correct. >> did the witness just recognize the car or did h didee her in the car? c >> you know, there was a media d report earlier today where the t tipster actually gave ange interview and he suggested thatd he recognized the car from f social media
8:45 am
>> was eight normal arrest? is he cooperating?he coopera >> you know, i don't know whatwk you would consider a normalidera arrest.arrest but there was no need to use t u force in the case. >> can you talk about whatut w happened inside that cvs? you said -- >> there was a theft that t occurred and the suspect assaulted employees at the store. and so, you know, we were looking for him forso, thayot a particular offense prior to learning that she had been been missing and that that was herasr car. r >> any thought you might have mv been trying to use credit cardsi in that store.t s >> that kind of detail i can'tna go into right now.go int that the part of the investigation. like i said, this investigationn is proceeding very rapidly.. it would be very helpful to us u if anyone had seen that suspects in any of these locations to t come forward as we piece this thing together. >> chief, do you know where he e might have met, end counseled cd her for the first time.the firs. >> we do not. dinner orner to that
8:46 am
>> that information we do notn o know at this particular point. the only thing i can say ints tt she was last contact with heritr was at 4:30 p.m. on christmastms day. day. >> what was that? >> who did she talk to?k >> we can't talk about that tha right now.righw. but i can say we do haveo h information that someone had see contact with her 4:30 p.m. on christmas. >> can you tell how he was first linked to the car initially. inl >> the way that we came to knowo that he was linked to the car cr was the incident at the cvs. c >> that was my next question the question about the timeline. the incident at the cvs happenee yesterday morning.yeday >> correct. >> it wasn't until yesterdaysn y evening that the car was found f in that same -- right in frontn of that cvs. so did he leave and then come back? >> that remains to be seen as we gather more we'll piece that together. togh. that's one of the reasons we're asking the publicth for f information so we kind ofki of identify exactly where those, no car was throu
8:47 am
>> it didn't happen right afterh the theft. th it happened much earlier in then day. >> those are two different cvs, o.o. >> oh. >> without identifying can you f go through his history.isistory >> i wouldn't want to do that aa this time. i can tell you this, that laterr this afternoon we will be releasing his name. >> so tricia was found with him in the car at point of arrest? >> the decedent tricia was founf in the the vehicle i can say that. >> all right. >> question from reporter.te >> you know, peter, we're going to wait just out abundance off caution so the determination bya the medical examiner.miner so as soon as we get thathat ruling, you know, we'll proceedl with the investigation, accordingly.. >> was this a traffic stop?? >> yeah, i also wanted to talkdk about we had another homicide yesterday in the 200 block of bk cedar street northwest.orthst there was an altercation
8:48 am
occurred out in front of --t >> you're listening to the acting police chief inie washington, d.c. and heard from. the mayor earlier in regards too the death of a local actress.. we're getting some conflictingft stories throughout the morning.. so police are trying to sort owo ought the details.detls anjali hemphill is down there. we'll check back in with her she'll sort everything out there. >> we're thinking there's are suspect in custody t.hit in ctoy we don't know this man is you will actually a suspect. we'll work out the kinks andinks meet you on the other side withw more information hopefully. back after this.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> 8:51 right now. that is -- that's not typo on the bottom your screen. it is 56 degrees right now.s -- it's gbooings 56 get drees warm. the question is, maureen, how, h much warmer will it get. >> let's fine out in, oh, 10 seconds with the forecast. >> quick answer to that about as 10 degrees warmer. 56 now in washington.we1056 n but we are vowery i very mild td start your morning.orning. 60 in annapolis. 59 in leonardtown look at thek t mountains you guys are doingoing great out there as well.ell 57 in winchester. 53 in hagerstown.erstow obviously well well above normal here temperature wise to start a your morning the reason why a w big push of some very mild air d up ahead of our frontal system which has been coming through.g. bringing us rain showers but the winds have picked up here.ere. quantico a wind gust at 22. 2 17 in gaithersburg..
8:52 am
and again it will be breezy dayy today. all had some morning rain showers mi those are breaking up andking ud pushing to the east most of it'' east of the bay. b left over sprinkle or two.r we might get a sprinkle the next hour. the trend will be to clearend wi things out and as wll be clear g out, we should be in for plentye of afternoon sunshine.ine dry conditions and these verysev mild temperatures set to move in later today with daytime highs h 20 plus degrees above normal.. so what's happening cold front cooler air lagging far enoughno off to the north and an. temperatures right now places like chicago in the 20s. ie it will take until later evenini for that cool air to get ino g i here. we get a nice one day bonus afternoon warmup to look forwarr to. there we are at 2:00 o'clock.00. breaking out in sun andeaki temperatures mid to upper 60s 6s later today. tay then later tonight we will seeie that cooler air move in. in. much cooler day tomorrow withw daytime highs in the 40s to t about 50.t 5 so enjoy the one-day special.pel 67 today. cooler weather on the way. w looks likeae rain showers thursday. nay you're making plans for newm year's wakineekend i think satuy
8:53 am
seasonably cool.oo and we may hit showers around ao for big football game sundayda afternoon at 4:30. redskins/giants could be some bs showers and temperatures aroundo 50 or guys, that's a weather update. t i'll toss it back to you. >> as much as we try to you werr people to play nice in the world, sometimes they don't. d fights breaking out at shoppingn malls all around the countryl od yesterday. as people were trying to eithere find the after christmas salesas or cash in their gift in ohio nobody seriously injured but this cleveland ohio buthi b during a panic there fallsre f reports of gunfire.un ohio police say officers had tot use pepper spray to disperse a large crowd following a fight at an upscale shopping mall theg me incident appears to have beenrs quote loosely organized onaniz social media.. >> chaos unfold tad mall intall colorado police had to evacuatee center in all right roar rahh outside of denver same area where a gunman opened fire one n
8:54 am
after authorities responded toio reports of large fights on the premises the ball posted on o social media attracted hundredsd to the scene making it difficulf for responding officers tos t restore order.rd >> we had to circle our officerc and so our officers had to calll fohelplp. >> they had rifles in the mallle and they had batons to getet people out of the mall.. >> again, maureen, let me try ty unthis.un you see a fight on social mediad is at the mall. mall. you go to the mall. >> go to the mall, rigyoht.u rt >> i'm just making sure i gotsug it.. self injuries and arrestsuried r reported there. the as there should have been.ue >> arrests that is.>>es take short break. back with more after this. ♪♪
8:55 am
>> ♪♪ well let's say hello beguneg morning to our facebook fan of n the day times two.. >> look at that. >> mercy free man and her littlt fur baby gigi. gigi playing along with the hat. a lot of dogs don't like the l t hats. you can dress them up but thes h hats that's a tough one. o >> marcy celebrated a birthdayty yesterday.da she's almost a christmas baby. happy birthday mars see. see. she says she watches everyates e morning and loves us allsll especially allison.llison we love al,, t thanks for the love marcy. mar if you'd like to be the fan of n the day post your picture belowl this one on fox5 facebook page.. gigi looking good. >> um-hmm. >> all right. toetreal quick before we get good day give us the had he hade lines. >> i love that gigi wearing christmas vest there. the headline is bottom line we'll b in for warm temperatures. 58 now at 9:00 a.m.. just updated winds southou southwest at 11.
8:56 am
those are pushingho out of the area very quickly.area very we are going to clear it oquut t we are going to enjoy temperatures 20 degrees abovede normal this afternoon. enjoy.. 67 degrees with dry conditionson cooler weather tonight and youtt can seeon by tomorrow back to where, clerks to where we shoulu be upper 40s close to 50. >> 8:56. it's been relative quiet inie terms of congestion around dmv.d taking a look green all over 666 very quite from 234 all the way through fairfax problem free one the inner loop through objection zen hill and we're lookingll weo really good 295 and 50 inbound b through cheverly problem freee look at a crash inbound new york avenue because of that disableis truck blocking the right lanean after florida.ri no major delays however becauseu traffic is pretty light in thetn district as well.rict al 14th street remains closed for an accident investigation attign park wood place. that's 3500 block. keep it to 13th street to getst around that one and then policep activity has m street closedd still westbound between 22nd and 23rd look at all of thef t congestion there as you make m your way around dupont and logan circle l street, 21st street,t
8:57 am
hampshire all dealing withng wih influx of congestion.f nges metro is still on time.e 270 southbound wide open 95pen southbound in calvert back too rmalal. maureen and steve, back to you. >> erin, thank you very much. we continue to follow our breaking news out of theontinunu district. a missing actress and yoga y instructor her body found in the car the suggestion inspect inspc cuodydy. stale lot questions.stal we'll have update from anjalipda hemphill who's been followingee this story all morning long. lo. >> not having short-term memoryr is actual guilty in some arenase like say football say if you'rer a kicker. you go to the forget the bad and move on with the good.ood. we'll talk about redemption through football with somebodyeb maybe you know.u kno former redskins kicker markker m mosley will join us.mosley we'll be chatting with himth h coming up on good day as well. l don't miss it.t mi i that's next. it's 8:57.
8:58 am
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♪♪ straight ahead a murderurr mystery unfolding in d.c., a yoga instructor and actress goee missing on christmas day.ay days later, her body is found. f we've got live update on this ts holiday horror. plus, mall melee. chaos erupts monday aftery a christmas at more than a dozenaz malls across the country. burgundy and gold one stepos closer to the playoffs. what needs to happen for them t clinch spot? good day at 9a starts


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