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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, tears and prayers as a large crowd remembers tricia mccauley. you can feel the sense of what she brought to people p's livess it's just amazing. a local yoga i be instructor found dead in her car afterer disappearing on christmas day.d. now, new details about the man
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the family of the man killed by police officers says they've seen body cam video of the incident and they disagree with the department about what happened. and how hollywood is on org the life and legacy of carrie fisher. > your news starts now. we begin with dramatic newdram details about the disappearance and murder of a local yoga instructor and actress. thanks for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. tonight a large crowd gathered to remember tricia mccauley. police found her dead inside her car early this morning after sha went missing on christmas day. police have arrested aidry andir duane johnson charging him with her murder. fox5's marina maracco is more on the case. the details coming d out of theet investigation arenr truly disturbing, the medical examiner's office saying that
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death and according to police sources she was also sexually assaulted. tonight we're also learning details about the suspect's past. he was just arrested before mccauley went missing. police say this is 29 year old duane aidry and johnson.hnso mpd says he's from asher marlboro oh, maryland. court records show he has multiple recent addresses thates show him to be a d.c. resident,n along with a long rap sheet that dates back to 2011 filled with shoplifting incidents, the majority of which johnson pled guilty. just five days before tricias mccauley went missing, johnsonos went before a judge yet again on theft charges, a judge finally ordering he enroll in gps monitoring. he was supposed to show first thing the next morning but there's no record that ever happened. the decedent's vehicle and the suspect was in the 700 block of fourth street. instead, the
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mpd interim chief peter newsham johnson once again stole from a cvs store while already in possession of mccauley's carccau just hours after the yoga instructor was reported missing. the suspect was involved in a threat at the cvs at that location. he assaulted employees. the news hit this bloomingdaleoi community hard. in consolable friends and neighbors who are now left with the memorize of the 46 year old. she was the type of person evenp if you met her for a reallyreal brief moment you were just -- it was just obvious how wonderful she was and how full of lightht and love and people i think werk just drawn to her.. and who feel their sense of safety and security has been to think it was basically the middle of the day on christmas, you know, yes, it's scy.
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> but that's why we all need to watch out for each other as mucs as what happened to tricia has really thrown me for a loop andn i don't even know what to think to tell you the truth. it's just frightening and i think there's a lot of thingsins happening in our community thatn we need to pay attention to. and in previous cases the court also requested that johnson undergo multiple health screenings to determine his competency in those cases.ases the court also ordering that he enter drug rehab, a series of times and for the most recent theft case, the one back on december 17, the court ordering not only that he be expected to wear a gps monitor, but also to appear before a judge yet again next week. live tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local. > tricia mccauley did more thad just teach yoga. she also worked as a professional film
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rolls in movies such as the paper girl, step up and neverevr dream.dr she was an herbal list at common goods city farm near howard university medical center and she ran a business called levy head lotions and positions.d > well, the discovery of mccauley's body this mornings happened in part because ofcaus social media. a man walking hisa doing was checking his phone when he spotted mccauley's car and approached the man inside. fox5's matt ackland continues our team coverage. >>reporter: tricia mccauley's small car was loaded onto t a police tow truck overnight. earlier jonathan paget was walking his doing when he spotted the car after seeing aen friend of tricia's post ont social media. i see the car. he he spoke to the man in the driver's seat and then called police. i wased really scary. you know, i'm so glad that what is there to, you know, see that and relay the information and help get closure.
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found mccauley dead inside herhr car. there appears to be trauma to the body.y. we will know more when thewh autopsy is completed. at an early morning pressorni conference the interim police chief and mayor asked for the public's help saying the lastst contact with mccauley was 4:3030 christmas afternoon.s af they release a timeline of places they believe the suspect traveled yesterday in mccauley'a car. first early yesterday morningnig from 30 to 3:30:00 a.m. they believe he was along georgia avenue inn the parkview antibody hatchedvi then a few hours later there was an assaultew aours and theft ats at fourth and mass in northwestt officials say the man may havem been connected.nnec from 9:15 to 9:30 they believe he was here at 700 block of north street northeast. at 11:00 a.m. near the rhode rho island avenue crossing. two hours later they believe he was just a few blocks away at a fourth and rhode island northeast. that's around 1:15 and finally at the intersection near 2800
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northeast. the chief mentioned all of theth different locations we believe the suspect was after. he took possession of miss mccauley's car and everything that you can provide us in fleshing out this t storys would be helpful much that was matt ackland again, police are asking for the public to help them retrace the suspect johnson's movements after mccauley went missing. new at 10, a northeast family is asking for justice after they say police body camera video shows their loved one was unarmed when he was fatally shot by a d.c. police officer. the incident happened on christmas day. police say the man had a knife and refused to put it down. fox5's teisha lewis joins usoi live in northwest with more on this story. >>reporter: well, sarah, the failly says they watched that bodyt camera video keenan theyat insist that their loved one was
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contrary to what police say. this is all the aftermath of that shooting that you mentioned, sarah, that happened sunday morning around 11 1 #. 30. now police were called to the neighborhood in northeast.rthe it was a domestic dispute involving 29 year old gerald haul and his girlfriend. when they arrived police sayve hall was armed withd po a knifee they say he ignored officers' verbal commands telling him to drop that knife and then at least one officer discharged his service weapon striking now police say haul's weapon that knife that's at the center of all of this controversy, police say it was recovered on the scene. family members paint a very different picture about what happened. none of that video showed nothing about him wave a knife. they shot him dead. they told the girl, move, move, move out of the way, pow, pow, pow. that was it. i don't feel like
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deserved none of this. and family members say that they simply want justice. that was hall's mother angieot speaking there.sp she says the family is planning to hold a vigil this fridayday night on walnut street where the shooting happened. we did reach out to d.c. police about all of this. we're awaiting their response.eo teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > developing tonight, d.c. police are still trying to tracr down the driver in a deadly hity and run that killed a woman who is defense. it happened just before 6:300 this morning along fourth street and park wood place northwest. police say 54 year old jacqueline kohl's was walking in the crosswalk when she was hit. she was rushed to the hospital where she died. police are looking for a dark colored suv with front headlight damage. we have new details tonightight about two murder mysteries in fairfax county. a medical examiner
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you hand just was shot in the head and neck. he was found h his springfield home. the next morning they found chinook shed dot two miles awayw this he believe the two deaths may be related. a mother and her baby seriouslyo injured in a frightening crash this afternoon. fox5's lindsay watts is live in aspen hill tonight. lindsay. >>reporter: we've learned theth little girl who was hurt today is less than a year old. her a mother was getting her out of her car seat discuss across the street here int dis aspen hill h the collision happened. the mother suffered a devastating injury. new information after the break. also tonight how hollywood is remembering ionic actress carry fisher. we'll be right back.
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> d.c. police want you to takee a good look at these w two menan investigators say they are responsible for a deadly shooting in the city yesterday. it happened arnd
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on cedar street northwest. police tell us three people were outside a convenience store when a fight broke out. one man was shot and killed. police have identified the victim as james dorsey, jr. investigators release the sewer tape this evening. they want to hear from you if you recognize either of the two suspects. new details now on a horrible crash that put a mother and herr baby in the hospital. montgomery county police say asy driver hit the woman as she was taking her child out of her car. it happened in aspen hill this afternoon near the intersectiont of park land drive ande independent street. fox5's lindsay watts is live at the scene now with an update. >>reporter: tony, we have learned from family that the baby who was hurt is only about 10 months old. investigators initially saidid that she only had minor injuries. but a family member i spoke to told me it may be more seriousoe than that. the baby's mother lost part of her leg in this accident. let me take you through what witnesses say happened.
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involved, a mercedes was stopped at this stop sign on independent street and there was also a car stopped on the opposite side of the intersection. that driver beeped, signalingbe for theep mercedes to go and witnesses say that they couldy hear the mercedes' tiresedes squealing as it rounded thiss corner onto park land, that the driver seemed to lose control hitting the median and then thee woman who was on the other side of the street.reet we'll show you video of the aftermath, you can see thatn se light colored mercedes there. investigators say the woman was getting the baby out of the black vehicle and the baby was still in her car seat when then crash occurred. the 28 year old mother was air lifted to shock trauma in baltimore where she remainsns tonight and the child was taken to childrens' we talked tons a witness who saw this happen. she says at first he thought it was just a parked car that was hit. and then i heard a woman screaming like really loud. and that's when everybody started going
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okay. i think it could haveld been avoided. she didn't have to have that h happen toa her. she was just trying to get her child out of the car. the crash happened around 36789. 15, but police stayed on scene o forn hours. they blocked this intersection until about 7:00. neighbor is spoke to told me across the board they feel park land drive is a dangerous road because motorists are constantly driving too fast here. police haven't said whethern't speed was a factor in today's crash. investigators say charges are still pending and no decisions have been made at this point.nt. we do know that the driver of the mercedes stayed on scene ane was not injured. live in aspen hill, lindsay watts, fox5 local > well, it was a december day to remember with temperatures feeling more like spring thanng winter out there.ere. will this continue intoo tomorrow. we would like to think so. let's check in with caitlyn roth with the very latest.t. good evening, sarah. i know i'd love to y
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have a whole week of this and into the new year to look forward to. we will be back to normal with our temperatures much l cooler by tomorrow. but what an afternoon it was. high temperatures to cap, 68 at reagan national.onal 66 at bwi and this is with a cloudy morning. we didn't really break out into the sunshine until the afternoon, but once we did, temperatures a good 20 plus degrees above norm a. certainly a nice little l break from the cold weather that we know is coming and last over the next couple of months. outside still pretty million dollars, 48 gaithersburg, 48 ouh ofer dulles and 46 in wincheste. the cold front passed earlier today, but the colder air has been lagging behind it. it's starting to come in now and the reason i can tell is that the winds have started toic p up ushering the cooler air from the northwest. winds right now sustained at about 15 to 20 miles an hour in some spots.s. it's a little breezy as the front comes through, but overall we're not expecting anything to
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clouds hung tight in southern maryland and central virginiaal but the front has gotten its final push offshore. clear skies overnight and we do expect temperatures to fall pretty steadily back into thehe 30s. closer to normal for your overnight low temperatures itlo will bete chilly, 39-degree in washington. mark in some spotsme like gaithersburg, frederick or hagerstown. planning forecast for tomorrow. we still feature the bright sunshine. it will be a beautiful day, but much more like late december. 41 by 8:00 a.m. for driving to f on.or >> temperatures much cooler thao yesterday. 47 by noon with partly cloudypat skies and round out the day with a high temperature around 50-degrees. tomorrow, but cold to end 2016.16. i'll have a look at the seven day forecast. > thanks, caitlyn. fans are mourn the loss of another hollywood legendd tonight, actress, author and mental health
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fisher has died. fox's anita vogel takes a look at her life and legacy. >> carrie fisher, best known for her rolls aspirinsly a in the blockbuster star wars passed away four days after suffering r hearint attack on a plane coming from london. she passed at 8:55:00 a.m. tuesday morning at a los angeles hospital saying she was loved bd the world and she will be missed profoundly. hollywood had been quick to react to carry's death withath tweets being posted by many celebrities including mark hamels who tweeted no words, hashtag devastated. another from billy d williams saying she was a deer friender whom i greatly respected and admired. the force is dark today.ay. and harrison ford told people magazine, carry was one of a
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emotionally fearless. she lived her life bravely. the actress and writer was born into hollywood royalty on october 21, 1956 in loss angels, california. destined for star document. her parents were singer eddie fisher and acres debbiebie reynolds. she became a pop culture iconon after stark aspirins leah in the 1977 hit film star wars and its sequel. she will be most be remembered for she was whether it think and funny. she wrote like a dream. she was fantastic actress. she went onto become a successful screen writer revising many hollywood scripts and taking on supporting rolls in movies like when harry met sally. he's been married for over a year. really? married she long battled drug addiction and mental illness, but recently
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aspirins lean in last year'sar's star wars the force awakens and finished the third film in the franchise due out in december 2017. carry fisher was 60 years old. in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. > wow. is sad.y we've seen so many losses at the end of this year. this has been an extraordinary year in general, in the last few days were just rather amazing. i like one of the words that ara being said about her. brave. as harrison ford said she did lead her life very bravely, very openly, talked about her demons and i think in doing that helped many, many people.many talking about her mental illness is not he's situate for someone to admit and talk openly about. up next here, how president obama made h
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today. what metro is doing to help keep you connected while underground. we're back after this. .
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> a brief scare at trump towera this afternoon. th the cleared the lobbyre a of building after someone spotted an unattended package. this cellphone video shows people running for the exits. the bomb squad was called in for this. tush turns out the backpack was filled with children's toys.ys. president elect trump was not there when this all unfolded. he's at his place in florida.ri > there was an historic time in that way i. for the first time a japaneseese president
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it propelled the united states into world war ii. japanese prime minister shin show i bay did not apologize for the attack but offered his condolences for those who died in the war.e a prime minister of gentleman pan, i offer my sincere and ever lasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here. america's first battle of the second world war rued the nation. here in so am ways america came of age. japanese leaders have visited pearl harbor before, but abe wa first to visit the memorial that lays above the sunken memorial where the wall has names of the service members killed in then surprise attack. free wi-fi
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all underground metro stations. thanks to a pilot program that launched in august. metro's general manager has agreed to support a programort starting next summer. they hope to have 60 percent of the stations finished by the end of next year and the remainingmn stations finished by 2018. taylor swift pulse off a surprise for a world war ii veteran.vete a multimillion heist caught on camera. what these guys were after coming up. tomorrow good day d.c., you can make this a new year's resolution, an expert is coming in at 9:50 to talk about declutterring your life and your house.ho looking fabulous for only 20 bucks, an makeup artist has tips on how to keep your looks affordable. we're back after this.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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> this is fox5 local
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10. welcome, we are back now with ah look at tonight's top stories. fox5's marina maracco has morehs ottoman accused of killing akill local yoga instructor and actress that went missing on christmas day. marina. that suspect 29 year old aidry and duane johnson, a resident of maryland. he has been charged with murder one, murder of tricia mccauley. she's a 46 year old yoga instructor here in the districte she went missing christmas day. her car was found outside a west end cvs a suspect gave police the keys to the car and when officersen searched her vehicle they found mccauley's body. a northeast family wants justice after they say their loved oneoe was unarmed and they say the police body camera video provede it. now, this is contrary to what police say when they fatally shot 29 year old gerald hall. we spoke with the family
10:32 pm
hear their demands and what thet want police to do and what theyt want the public to know aboutnow this incident. sarah. she is best known for her role of princess leah but also found success as a screen writer andan hospital. she had been in the hospital since last friday when shewhen suffered a massive heart attack on board a flight from london to los angeles. carrie fisher was 60 years old. > all right. all from the fox5 accuweather team, what a nice beautiful december afternoon it was withit temperatures in the 60s, upper 60s, in fact, here in d.c. reality started tomorrow.tomo much cooler with highhigh temperature touching 50-degrees most of the day we spent in the 40s. it is bright and sunny, though, so it will still be beautiful looking. not much winter weather in the seven day forecast, but our oneu chance could be as a stormrm system that's just getting going tomorrow morning. it looks to be mainly rain forfr washington but north and west
10:33 pm
or possibly some freezing sleete or rain mixing in.. a light mix between 6 and 8:00 a.m. it shouldn't cause problems forblem the morning drive.ive. otherwise we clear out pretty quickly, 48-degrees there. let's look at the rest of the week, 4 # and very cold on friday. what we're not seeing are the windchills. friday looks cold, it looks liks a chilly night out new year's eve. showers come in late on new year's day. temperatures are in the 50s monday and tuesday with our next stop. that's a look at your seven day forecast. > thank you very much. shopping malls t thahey can genktget crowded and crazy this time of year, but this year post christmas shopping turnedu violent at not just one, butbut multiple malls across the country. fox's rob schmidt reports. it was mayhem, the day after christmas as
10:34 pm
worth, texas, the cellphone cam caught on dash cam video. a number of fights, officers seen here trying to jump in and top the may lie before anyonebeo was seriously hurt. malls all over the countrycoun looked like this yesterday, though there appears to be no connection. this video reported near cleveland, ohio, appears to be more the same. a fight erupting, pushing, shoveling, punching and running and pushing those. it was really scary for reel.for at this mall in elizabeth, new jersey, a chair crashing down on the floor sounded enough like gun fire to cause a panic. a small fight erupted at which time someone slammed the chair down causing a loud noise. another patron yelled shots fired or gun. at that time pandemonium happened. > around ate people were hurt there. people screaming shots fired at a mall o at a mall on new
10:35 pm
long island caused panic, as well. aurora, illinois fights broke out in a crowd about a thousand a police officer was punched in the face. ate juveniles were charged. police responded to twotwo different malls in memphis, tennessee. many shopping malls were packed as many other stores were closee for the official weekday observance of christmas.chri in new york, rob schmidt fox new. > arlington police are a investigating after arlin persor found dead inside a ruth chris a man was found unresponsive ini the bathroom in the crystal syssitia restaurant. the man's deathsyss doesn't appr to be suspicion. korean airlines is taking ta security to the next levelt l following an incident with an unrulely passenger.ssen they're allowing flight attendants to carrie stun guns t on board.oa after us singer richard marks mr reportedly fought off and restrained an out of control
10:36 pm
vietnam to korea. the flight crew was completely ill quipped for the situation. they awill allow staff membersee to use stun guns to manageage violent passengers going forward. the airline is also imposing a ban with a history of bad behavior. the traffic stop thattenned withha a marriage proposal. taylor swift surprise add diedd hard fan who is a 96 year old world war ii we're back after this. is. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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furnish fur wiped right off the rack in new york city.york tonight the thieves are still ot the run. police release this surveillancs video of the brazen break-in. you can see three suspects smash through the buy teen on christmas eve. once inside the suspects made a b line for the most expensive sable and chin chill a furnishes. they believe they got away with 20 furnish in tennessee, several inmates have been recaptured after a bold bathroom jail break on christmas day.y. prison offerings say six inmates ripped a toilet bowel out of the wall at the newport countyrt facility and then escaped through the hole.e the antiquated plumbing system made it easy forth prisoners to make their get away. six five of the six are backk behind bars. the person who spearheaded the escape
10:41 pm
as a woman through her neighborhood she heard a police sigh rep. list anderson thought she might have been speeding.ed as it turns out the officer who pulled her over she realized it was someone she knew, her boyfriend. he quickly got down on one knee and asked anderson to mare marry him.him. > will you i saw the police officer and then i got pulled over. and then i saw it was him, and d thought jimmy, you're giving me a ticket? kramer had the whole thing planned out with the help of his friend and fellow officer he pulled it off without a hitch.tch. >> congratulations to them. > yes. >> points for creativity foror sure. we're g coingor to head out to northeast d.c. where friends and family have gathered to remembeb the life of tricia
10:42 pm
it may be december, but we hope you spent sometime outsidede today, temperatures reachingra into thetu mid 60s across partsf our area.ea. we'll take a look back at all the crazy weather 2016 brought with it. .
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back now with an update with that winter storm that hasat caused headaches.s. people the storm is weakk thanking. thousands of people are without power in michigan. many of the warnings have now expired. but the national weather service says the roads are still hard to navigate due to large snow drifts. merry christmas.rr i don't wanty to see that anyat time soon. >> i don't think we're going to. > good.
10:46 pm
winter weather in our seven day forecast and possibly two-week forecast, too. we're going to have to wait until we're a little further into january. for those of you who want it. >> it will happen. > we're just resting up and packing our patients.pati a beautiful winter day,, nothing like winter am the sunhe came out in the afternoon and man, did those temperatures jump. it was just glorious to be outside. any day you get 68 is nice, but in late december it's a real it treatment of's if you were lucky enough to have the day off from work, i heard national mall, sarah said you drove by and it was packed. people out running. i was jealous. i can't blame them.them it doesn't happen too often and it won't be happening for the te next couple of daze. your accuweather forecast colder for tonight with temperaturesith
10:47 pm
it will be chilly. you'll need the heat on again. the temperatures were already ie the upper 50s by 8:00 a.m. it will still be a beautiful day. by thursday we're tracking a little bit of light rain, possibly snow mixing a cold, but dry end to 2016to 2 ringing in the new year withyear some chilly weather, but thattht usually does happen.appe again, the high temperaturesmper today out at reagan an impressive. degrees, the normal forfor december 27 is 44.s 67 at dulles and 66 at bwi. all of us felt the effects, the nice push of mild air that came in behind the fronts. t this cold air was really lagging and that will start to arrive b tomorrow morning. still pretty while out 56 inty w annapolis, 54 in washington, 48 in dulles and 47 in martinsburg. the winds have picked up a bitit over the last hour. as they increase out of thethe northwest i think that's assuring in some of the cooler
10:48 pm
daytime highs were in the 0 #-s and 30s. it's cold back behind us. even a few high gusts over 20 miles an hours, it looks like that's come down. annapolis 23-miles an hour. the cooler air is coming on through. satellite and radar very quiet overhead. we've got the l ast of the clouds pushing off the delmarva coast. high same clouds into parts of pennsylvania, but overall it's a really quiet picture across the country. winter storm winding down already across the northern n planes. there are a some snow showers across great lakes. for late december travel weathel between holidays are really good. we will have an issue comeis tuesday and that will be a storr in new england.engl clear skies tonight, sunshinetoi tomorrow looks great, travel noo problem. it's by thursday morning that might become a little problematic. here we are at 4:00, rain showers start to come intome i washington much that's a littlec bit of ah
10:49 pm
town. the concern is that he enough of ae micox will get ine between 5, 6:00 a.m. that itthat could slick up the roads at least briefly, but it's a very small window for that to a. being saidfo it's still thest morning commute, so before the showers push out we'll have too watch for areas north and west of 95 particularly places like hagerstown and into northernto virginia for it looks like we clear out■ç nicely thursday afternoon and then the snow machine starts onr the mountain, the cold air causing the snow showers that'ss going to continue for a coupleue of days. lowe's overnight 39, 31 in gaithersburg, 33 in culpeper.pee we may briefly touch 50 tomorrow in washington, otherwise we're'r just in the 40s. 50 for tomorrow, 48 thursday anu it is a chilly morning with those showers coming through. they push out and then we get at remember information shot off that cold air by p friday. this will be really cold because as storm system which is barely a storm system for us pulse outt it will get
10:50 pm
chills on thursday, still chilli onll saturday, high of just 46jt with temperatures falling backru into the 30s by midnight. new year's day itself 52 degrees. not so bad.d. it will be cloudy with some rain moving in. rain showers monday and tuesdaym and thaton is just rain showers because the temperatures will be above freezing, well into the 50s. > that's the seven day forecast. the count down is onto the annual new year's eve ball drop in times square. they finished installing thethe wart ford crystal ball today.od 100 of the crystal will sparkle with the new gift of kindnesskid theme. this year's was inspired by the us election season. 2016 has been a tough year andan it hasn't been kind, our devisive presidential election, debates in europe about what to do with rev gees.gees it's been a tough year.year
10:51 pm
and small scare is important. i think it resinates in timesims square. the waterford drizzle tool ball weighs more than 11 1 # thousand pounds. have you ever seen it up close. >> i have seen it up close when i was working in new york.w i got to go into the big closet essentially where they keep itey for most of the year. and it's disassembled. it's very unimpressive up close disassembled. sure.'m > did you steel a little piece. >> no. no glim ' kidding. > coming up, one of taylor swift's oldest fans, perhaps her oldest fan is feeling 2 #feel tonight. that's because the singer pulled off an epic christmas surprise. take a look.oo all young girls screaming, but taylor swift treated a 96 yearye old cyrus portfolio and his family to a popup concert att their christmas party. she performed shake it off.f.
10:52 pm
who was recently featured on tv for his love of swift's music. he said he has seen her twice in concert and thinks she puts on one of a kind so. he was dancing and moving to the beat and having a great time itt with.wi i'm getting old. i'm just enjoying everything. that is great. he says he hopes to catch swiftc in concert on her next tour. > i'll bet he gets a seat forfr any concert. 96 years old, that's great. he said he can't wait to see fifth harmony in concert as well. > stay with us, we'll be rightt back. shoppers are feeling a lot ofof holiday joy as we head into 2017, consumer confidence sorine this month to its highest levell since 2001. a big reason for the optimism many americans believe thebeli economy will improve in thee i first half of the year.year the post election
10:53 pm
stock market pretty good. do you rising # 1 points but failing to reach the 20k mark. the nasdaq index hitting 5500hit for the first time ever beforeev settling a little lower thanhan that, but still at a record high. the s and p500 also finishingfii up. it's getting more expensive to own a piece of the american dream. home prices rows more than 5 percent in october from am short time high demand, low inventory, those are the reasons we aree watching the costs of homes going higher. this one doesn't really makesú■a lot of sense. apparently it costs more to mako a penny than a penny is worth. the us mint says it paid 1 and a half cents to produce eachh piece. that's business. i'm trish reagan. .
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> so be honest redskins fans did you find yourself cheeringos for the cowboys againsts the i tony is nodding his head.head let's run it down for you again. new year's day all that has to happen, the redskins has to win. that has to happen. then we wait all day for sunday night. if thely once can win, thing asn win, somebody has to win because the worst-case scenario is a tie. we just hope for a win. hope for wins all day. obviously wouldn't think of it as a successful season unlessn you get in the playoffs.lay that's for sure. that's our goal coming into thee season. we went to the playoffs a year ago and had every intention of trying to win the division andon go back to the playoffs. any time you don't make the play playoffs regardless of yourf record it's a little bit of a
10:58 pm
we have a good team, good players. we still have work to do and it's not over yet.yet. there are some doubts heading into sunday's finale, rememberin twalo games ago when the redskis were dominated at home by the panthers. former redskins linebacker robert henson is voicing hisvoic concern on twitter. jay gruden of course expecting to see them playing.m we're going to keep moving on here with this. t the redskins got some good news, preston smith changed the game by blocking the field goal. he only had a half sac in his previous five games, but he gott matt barkly to record his fifth sac. this is the preston the coachch hopes to see every week.ek. i think it started with the blocked extra point or blocked field goal. he gotfiel a lit piss as in hima little bit of in him and he just felt it. he got good gums on a s
10:59 pm
count, using his hands extremely well. he was getting pressure. that's what we expect from preston. he's the first one to ill you. i've been on him every -- every snap i've been on that poor kid. > got to get some pressure insr the coach there. >> i share the concern. i was at the panthers game. it was an ugly game. they looked great against chicago. chicago is not a good football. they have to what i'm anxious to see do the giants play the front do you have ally manning in the whole game, he del beck ham for the whole game.wh >> if you'reol going up againsta them that's a tough task. > the news at # # starts rightg now. this is fox5 local news at 11. i feel like she was -- the word effervescent comes to mind. she was talented. a somber night
11:00 pm
as crowd gather to remember ther live of tricia mccauley. we're live with the very latest and more ottoman now charged with her murder.urd we're hearing more present the family of a d.c. man shot and killed by police back on christmas day.s what they're now saying about that altercation.terc as we prepare to ring in the new year, temperatures reached the mid 60s across our area. we'll take a look back at all the crazy weather 2016 brought a with the news at 11 starts right now. we thank you for joining us tonight at 11, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. friends and family gathered tonight to remember tricia mccauley, the yoga instructor and actress was last seen on christmas. her body was discovered lastcove night inside her car in northwest. d.c. police announced earlierar today a man found near the vehicle has been arrested and charged in connection with her murder. fox5's marina maracco is liveo s tonight in northwest with more.


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