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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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family by the man killed by dc police, the body cam conflicts with the official story says the family. right now at this very moment, it trueing feels cold outside. good morning thank you for
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joining us i'm wisdom martin >> i'm maureen umeh. wednesday september 28th. gary is talking about our colder temperatures. erin is packing the tracking, more news, weather, traffic coming up. let's talk about the news right now. secretary of state john kerry will hold a new conference this morning to discuss peace prospects for the decades long israeli palestinian conflict. it comes one week after the u.s. abstained from voting on a resolution that called on the israeli dpochlt to stop construction of jewish settlement in palestinian land on the west bank ton dismantle all homes built there since 2001 no funeral plans for career, died yesterday morning days after going into cardiac arrest on a flight from london to los angeles. best known for her role as princess leia in the star wars movie. he was an accomplished novelist and screen writer. she's sfwiefd her daughter, billy lord, mother debbie reynolds. jason
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chief legal officer will serve as a special representative for international negotiations, this is according to at a statement. greenblatt once served as advisor for the trump organization. friend and family gathered to remember tricia mccauley. her body was discovered inside her car in northwest. anjali hemphill is here with more on the story. >> reporter: we're learning even more disturbing details of this case. the suspect not only had a long criminal rap sheet here in dc, five days before tricia mccaul ey he was here in dc superior court where he face add judge and ordered to enroll in gps monitoring. police say 29-year-old duane adrian johnson is from upper marlboro but court records show he has multiple dc addresses and a criminal rap sheet dating back to 2011.
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incidents where johnson plead guilty. less than a week before tricia mccaul disappeared, a judge ordered him to wear a gps device and supposed to show up the next morning but no record he did. while johnson was in possession of mccaul's car. johnson once again stole from a dc cvs store, the medical examiner's office says 46-year-old tricia mccauley was trang he willed to death and they gathered at a vigil to share memories of her >> she was the type of person even if you met her for really brief moment, you were just -- it was just obvious how wonderful she was and full of love and people i think were drawn to her. >> reporter: records show the court has requested johnson under go multiple mental health
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competence me those previous cases here, also been ordered to attend drug rehab, a number of times. for now, live in northwest, anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. 5:03 is the time. a northeast dc family is asking for justice after they say police body camera video show the loved one was unarm when he was shot and killed by a dc police officer on christmas day. 29-year-old had a knife and refused to put it down. family says the video paints a different picture. also in the district. accusations of police misconduct reportedly costing the city over $30 million in court judgments and settlements in 2005. about 90's % of the money came, and 4% after their civil rights had been violated. misconduct lawsuits have cost city taxpayers nearly $4 million free wifi will soon be available at all under ground metro station, now there's s
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metro stops thanks to a program that launched in office, paul weidefeld decided to expand starting next summer. hopes to have 66% of the stations completed by the end of next year. the remaining will be completed in 2018. it's 5:05. let's check in with gary mcgrady for our changing forecast. hello >> a little cooler today, obviously. i mean, you can't stay in the 60's to right around 70 degrees along this time of year, we got one day in, that was not bad. we managed to keep pretty sunny yesterday. that was a bonus as well. 45 degrees here in the city now gaithersburg hit 36, baltimore 38. culpeper down to 36. temperatures are dropping in some spots. the winds are light. skies clear, winchester come up from 34 to 36. wind kicked up a little bit. martinsberg 38. this is good. we're going to be still a little bit
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we're going to touch 50 for a high today, cool off a little bit again by 4:00. how about the holiday weekend? looking pretty good. few clouds around on saturday, which is obviously new year's eve. i think it will be dry for festivities. temperature on new year's day upper 40's and 50's. we'll have a chance for few showers on new year's day. i don't think it will be a big deal. at least it's wet instead of white. obviously we get a lot of people traveling especially up down i95 getting back from their holiday vacationly holiday weekend is shaping up to be not too terribly bad. i don't see any real cold stuff coming. looks like cold stuff stays locked up for awhile. it will make another run for us eventually and we'll be all over that. here's erin como with a look at your traffic. on time traffic brought to you by toyota.
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green around the beltway. let's hop outside we'll give you a tour of the area and show you how traffic is moving. this is the inner and inner loop. outer loop. 29 and centreville. westbound side a little bit lighter than eastbound side. despite the fact you're waking up we're not seeing slow downs. we're not seeing any issues on the beltway top side. take a look at 270. i like what i'm seeing. the southbound side is quiet as you make your way past shady grove north of that from 70 to the truck scales light volume. northbound side looking good as you make your way up. no issues on 70 either and i like what i'm see on 40. as you head out in maryland, i'm not seeing issues through college park. if you want to skip the roads and keep it to metro. keep in mind metro rails are
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no metrobus delays. so far, i like these calm conditions we're seeing around the dmv. the finishing new year touches being put on time scare >> the next time you fly don't mess with the flight attendant, they could be carrying a stun gun. >> heading to break. look at ray charles this morning. traffic looking oddly heavy for a wednesday. and technical with people maybe >> probably getting back to work. >> that's true. ok. we're getting you in the mood. in the groove. back with more fox 5 news morning. go make that money. .
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president obama and shins shins paid tribute to pearl harbor. shin did not formally apologize for the attack, but did shay the memorial rendered him speechless. president obama spoke about how the attack that led to world war ii transformed america forever. in south carolina federal judge ordered a civil rights trial for a white south carolina police officer charged with
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driver running from a traffic stop in may. despite the cell phone video shooting him. a state court jury could not reach a verdict earlier. airlines is allowing flight attendants to carry stun guns comes after an incident with an unruly passenger. they restrained an out of control passenger during a flight from vietnam to south korea last week. he says the flight crew was completelyll equipped for the situation. the airline is now providing more training to manage inflight disturbances. airline is also imposing a ban on passengers with a history of bad behavior the countdown is on to the new years eve ball dropping. the world famous waterford crystal bauchl contains nearly 3,000 waterford chris tells, organizers say this year's theme was inspired by the divisive u.s. election season.
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more than 11,000 pounds. >> right. >> one day i want to go up there and check it out. i don't like cold weather >> i was just thinking that's got to be a bucket list thing. >> yeah. somebody saying it's overrated. we'll check it out. >> coming up on fox 5 news morning, the good intentions of one celebrity to honor carrie fisher are met with a lot of backlash. thousands of parents are furious after the must have hatchable christmas toy failed to hatch >> going to break with a live look outside across the dc region, 5:11. back in a moment. ment
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back now with a live look outside. people starting to stir. i got to say, yesterday, with the temperatu
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50's and 60's, i got a chance to partake in some of the festivities. that warm weather will allow to you partake inform a festival of warmth, outside on the bikes riding around. the bike you got for christmas >> no, we not getting new bikes. you didn't get chance to get out >> i walked frommy car to the building. back to the car. >> that will have to suffice. >> we have a crazy day. sad to see that the warm weather is going away. hi, gary. you know, all need is one day. >> i'm not complaining, i thought it was awesome too. i spent a lot of the day in the car. 50 degrees today for a high temperature. going to be on the cool side. sunshine, a lot of it. the way it's looking right now. tomorrow, sunshine goes away, we're dealing with showers, now, optimistically tomorrow, we should dry out tomorrow. whether or not
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sunshine tomorrow, looks like we will but i'm notted going to promise that. let's wait and see how quickly these showers tomorrow want to move across. reagan national is 45, dulles 40, bmi marshal is 38. temperatures across the region. this is not bad. yesterday 57, boston was at 56. right now boston is at tlachlt columbus 27. detroit are loving life up here. 30 and chicago while chilly is in the super cold, 21, st. louis is 37. nothing too terribly cold across the region, we're obviously cooler today for high temperatures, but relative to where we should be this time of year, we're about five degrees below normal. winds will be out of the northwest at five to ten miles per hour, lots of sunshine today, the way it's shaping up. futurecast shows that. confirms that, if you will. high pressure building in.
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clouds come in and showers by early, early tomorrow morning, this is 4:00. notice rain coming on across snow way up in the colder air for western sections of pennsylvania. again, modelling is showing that by tomorrow morning, most of this gets out of here. and we dry up in the afternoon, and we get into sunshine tomorrow afternoon. this is what modelling is showing. still pretty cold air, look at this know here, western facing mountains back out to the we have the of us, sometimes we can get clouds coming off of that i don't want to say completely sunny even though we will be optimistic and get sunshine. last week of this year, 2016 you got big plan for the holiday weekend, in the too bad. clouds around saturday. few showers possible as we ring in the newier. temperatures on saturday, 46. temperature on sunday, 51. all things considered, not a bad looking
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we keep the real cold stuff up to the north. that's all i have. coming up on 5:17 and if you're taking metro, no delays reported. everything is moving along just fine, including the silver and red line. we'll let you know if any of that changes. moving over to the roads if you want to skip the rails and drive, traffic looking good. things in chef chase looking good. massachusetts as well as can't net can it and if your making your way out from annapolis inbound is a dream. 295 is cruising, if you have an early morning flight. traffic is looking really nice, no slowdowns reported, 66 eastbound quiet through centreville same story through falls church and arlington this morning outside the beltway.
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manassas you're in great shape. light volume building, nothing to slow you down on 395 to the virtue of the 14th street bridge. freeway looking good, all area bridges are quiet and at speed this morning, 95 through dale city, south of that point and richmond frederick and stafford seeing light volume. same story on route one and i like what i'm seeing in southern maryland. on 270 southbound, that road is wide open. 70 is problem-free as well. and as we forward our maps once again, 295 closer look there. you can see all green all good all over town. any questions at erin fox 5 dc on twitter. back to you, maureen and wisdom. time now, 5:18. let's take a look at the story you're engaging in on social media. first up, once again, hollywood paying tribute to one of its fallen stars, heart felt
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condolences: george luke kiss been friends most of their lives. carrie fisher had a wonderful personality. steven spielberg saying i've always stood in awe of the carry, a wonderful talent and light has been extinguished. this morning, at least one star's tribute wasn't so well received. steve martin tweeted when i was a young man carrie fisher was most beautiful encourage i ever seen. she turned out to be witty and bright as well. that didn't sit well with many who took her as receiving to being a beautiful encourage. he deleted the tweet. >> sin based on was forced to delete theirs. the popular company tweeted a photo of a woman's profile drawn in cinnamon with a sin bon to assemble the way princess leia wore her
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sin bon deleted that. let's wrap it up. scrambling to find. many, it didn't deliver what it promised. thousands of hatchables failed to hatch. apparently a malfunction caused an issue with some of the batches. many kids were in tears after the failure. the company that makes them says it's doing its best to fix the problem. i got a hatchable for my niece. she couldn't have cared less. took a look at it, tossed it to the side >> probably still playing with the box >> absolutely. you know how kids are. nevertheless. thank you. coming up on fox 5, a u.s. auto maker is being investigated for issues with the brakes on the vehicles. based on the numbers, seems like a lot of you went on shopping sprees live look outside across the region, the time is
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see how i cover that day up? i was looking a the temperatures. in the 40's. >> it's ok, me pea pod don't explain.
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new york government is vertigo ford fusion and mercury cars brakes may make it hard for drivers to stop. three crash can say blamed on the braking issue. they say the brake pedal can go soft when driving on slippery or uneven surfaces. an employee of the luxury fashion store versaci is suing the company. he says he was told about the code during his training, d410 is a product code for a
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shirts in men wear. in men's wear. he said the coat re code was also used to alert a worker that a black person was about to enter the store. he's suing for unpaid wages and damages. very sach chi deny it. changes include making the nursing facility feel more like home by allowing residents to choose a variety of meals and choose among roommates. regulators improved the procedures to handle complaints and giver patients more involvement in their care and discharge plans. the numbers on the 2016 shopping season won't be known for weeks but experts expect holiday sales to exceed one trillion dollars. retailers benefited from christmas falling on a sunday. gave consumers an extra saturday to shop and the shopping momentum continue i do not monday, which was a federal holiday. >> i did go out to store on saturday. didn't spend money but it wasn't crowded
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>> it was not crowded >> i thought you were going to say it was crazy because i went out. my gosh, i felt like the whole world was out. >> christmas eve; right? >> we were out a little bit on christmas eve. there was no problem at all. >> the friday, the day before christmas eve was -- crazy. >> depends where you were >> listen here's where we are this morning, a little on the chilly side. no doubt about that. gaithersburg 36, frederick 37. winchester 34, fredericksberg they dropped off, down to 33, much, much cooler than what we were yesterday. of course, yesterday morning was darn near warm at annapolis was close to 60. at 5:00 a.m. yesterday. here's the satellite and radar. northern counties, maryland up into pennsylvania we'll see a little bit of cloud cover. other than that, mostly sunny this morning h
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coming on in. temperature gets up to about 50 for a high. temperatures will be in the 40's north and west. little cooler around hagerstown. you may have a few more clouds, otherwise pretty sunny out there on the cool side. here's erin como. take a look at metro 5:26, they're till on time. wide view of the beltway and traffic is looking great. largo problem-free, a live look in maryland, 50 inbound coming in from cheverly past 202. over live look on 270. volume continues to pick up by shady grove road, not enough to cause delays to the spur. from 70 down to the spur, still a great speed through gaithersburg and rockville. outer loop, inner loop, same
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story, making your way over to baltimore washington parkway. i'm not seeing any problems on 66. 95 to virginia i'll let you know if and when any of that changes. any questions, erin fox 5 dc back to you, maureen and wisdom buying and registering a gun in maryland is about to get simpler for some of you. but a lot more clicked for others. according to new numbers, few people are choosing to drive while intoxicated >> heading to break on this wednesday morning with a live look outside national harbor, the ferris wheel in the distance. yep. a lot of old school songs, little older, 35 degrees right now. back in a moment. .
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we're learning more about the man police say murdered a local yoga instructor and drove around with her dead body next to him. the family of the man killed boy dc police said body cam video of the incident doesn't match the official story from police. and despite headline grabbing stories like these, the district is actually getting safer. fox 5 news morning starts right now. good morning to you, thank you for joynering us i'm wisdom martin >> i'm maureen umeh. today is wednesday, december 28th. talking weat
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let's get you caught up. this morning on northeast family asking for justice after they say police body camera video showed their loved one was unarmed when fatally shot this happened on christmas day, annie yu joins us from police headquarters in northwest with the details. annie? >> reporter: hey, good morning, maureen and wisdom, the family of gerald hall says they dispute what police are saying happened on christmas day. they say they saw the body camera footage on tuesday, and according to the family, their loved one was not armed with a weapon. not armed with a knife. and that is contrary to what police are saying. as you mentioned it did happen christmas day. they were called out to a shooting on the 3200 block of walnut street northeast. excuse me. it was a domestic violence call. and that neighborhood. the walnut street northeast neighborhood. it was a domestic disturbance between gerald hall as well as his girlfriend. when they arrived, police tell
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knife and he ignored officers' verbal commands directing him to drop the weapon. at least one officer discharged their service weapon striking hall. according to police hall's weapon was recovered on scene. that weapon at the center of this controversy and the family is seeking justice. we spoke hall's mother an gie. take a look to what she has to. none of that video showed nothing about him waving a knife. they shot him dead. they told the girl move, move out the way. pow, pow, pow. after that. that was it. i don't feel like my son deserved none of this. all i'm saying that police officer shot him, we want justice. >> reporter: we know that hall leaves behind four children and according to the family, he's a five year navy veteran. and the family is planning a vigil this friday at
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scene of the shooting on walnut street. they tell us that hall would have celebrated his 30th birthday on friday. as for the officers involved, we know at least one officer has been placed on administrative leave and we also reached out to the dc police department regarding the family's claim, and have yet to receive a response. that's the latest from northwest dc. annie yu fox 5 local news. a the family is planning a vigil at the scene of the shooting. he leaves behind four children. also last night large crowd gathered to remember tricia mccauley, a local yoga instructor after going missing christmas day. police arrested adrian duane johnson charging him with murder and saying mccauley was strangled to death and appears to have been sexual assaulted, muriel bowser asking for the public's help in this investigation >> the chief mentioned all of the different locations we
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took possession of ms. mccauley's car, and everything that you can provide us in fleshing out this story will be helpful. >> police still not revealed how mccauley died exactly, exactly how mccauley and johnson met. anyone with information being asked to call dc police 2016 does come to a close now with some statistics about crime in dc. there's a 9% decrease in violent crimes. this includes an 18% decline in homicides from 160 this time last year to 132. sexual abuses meantime are up by three, as well as assault with a dangerous weapon and robber are down by 6 and 13% respectfully 4% in property crimes. maryland residents will be able to apply to purchase handguns and other firearms online. state police say they're moving away from pen and paper because they will streamline the process. applicants using the new online
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address and a credit or debit card to pay the $10 application fee. good news for america's drivers, drunk driving incidents are on the decline, federal government released a report and the numbers are encouraging. in 2014, roughly 11% of americaly drove while intoxicated down from more than 15% in 2002. the sharpist occurred among young adults. drunk driving kills thousands of people each year. 5:35. talking to our man, gary mcgrady about this weather of ours. good effort, not so good today. if you liked yesterday. >> i don't know anybody that was necessarily complaining about yesterday but i hope after today they're not complaining about today, because it's still above normal. >> you take the good and bad. >> you don't have a choice because you se
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anything put in front of you. i still haven't figured out how to make a choice. i'm just reading. that's all i'm doing, the crystal ball downstairs, it has a crack in it >> the crack >> the crack is not your problem, stay in your lane. >> it's not my problem in the sense that -- >> this is loaded, man >> temperature is 45, 36 for gaithersburg. how many years bad luck when you crash a crystal ball? fredericksberg feels cooler, not much, feels like it's in the low 30's in some spots. feels like it's 38 here in town. here's a forecast for the day. listen, if we wouldn't have added darn year 70 yesterday, we would think this is great. keep that in mind. lots of sunshine today. few clouds northwest, lots of sunshine, temperatures will touch 50 degrees. here's erin como. it's hump day. . it's
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big deal. right now, wednesday morning, commute has been super quiet so far in cabin john, clare bar the end and river road, mcarthur boulevard still quiet. traffic is light. it's definitely feels like a holiday week, 95 northbound down in stafford from fredericksberg to the harbor, green good on the map. that's turn it's everywhere, let's go and hop outside, we'll show you how some of those green roads are translating, 66 by centreville. looks to be a normal wednesday morning commute not enough congestion to show us down, all metro rails on time. covered on social media if you have any questions earn fox 5 dc on twitter. and i engineerian officials are forced to answer questions after they recently freed girls returning home for christmas >> for delivery workers ads up to another hugehi
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similar to holiday rush actually >> live look outside across the region, time 5:37. temperature, 45 degrees. ees.
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. 5:40, nigerian families and lawyers accusing officials are preventing girls freed from more
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spending christmas at home. the news raises questions about the country's handling of the 21 girls freed from boca back in october. the girls had been held in the capitol for trauma counciling and made it by christmas eve but were held at a legislature's house. a group of syrians and syrian organizations could face sanctions for their alleged involvement in chemical weapons attacks, the proposed un security council. helicopters have investigator haves determined were used in chemical attacks major prescription drug directors agreed to settle a lawsuit. the opioid epidemic of bringing in large shipment of painkillers they found drug companies shipped nearly 800 million hydrocodone and oxycontin pills there over six years. in that period, more than 1700 people fatally overdosed >> can you get something you don't love for christ
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you're not alone >> we can't send you back though. >> ups expects to deliver 1.3 million packages back to retailers jan 5th. celebrating the deliveries, the delivery service, they're calling this national returns day. surging online sales have been followed by a surge of returns by air and if ups is right, it will be its busiest return day ever topping last year's 1 million >> i just got a text saying one of my returns is actually on the way, i'm like, yes. >> really? already? >> yes. >> where did it come from? tell me during the break who gave it to you. >> ok. coming up at fox 5 local news president-elect trump cabinet is nearly complete but the nominations only half the battle >> iowa gave 800 of his employees a special gift going to make your jaw drop >> are they accepting applications >> live look across the dc
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region, here's the ferris wheel at national harbor and it is 45 degrees, back with more fox 5 news morning after this.
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5:45 is the time now. we've been talking about this all morning, how great yesterday was as far as the temperature is concerned. things are changing.
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sunshine. maybe few showers. yep. it was all good. get outside. i saw people outside running, walking dogs, shorts and regular shirts. how about you? >> why did they give you a salon beat these days. in fact that's what we're calling this, gary rolls. changed the name of it. how gary rolls it's a 50 cent song. 50 cent. >> cool card is about to be revoked. cooler dry today. but it's cooler than it's cooler than 70. temperatures in the 60's, close to 70 yesterday. kind of kissing 70 in some spots. little cooler but it does look like even though we're cooler, it will be
5:47 am
we're going to be about 50. northwestern suburbs you'll be cooler and dry. buffalo is 28 t they got snow. toronto is 27. we still got 60's and 70's down south. that's kind of important as long as we still have that mild warm air down in the south, we can still get unusually warm because that will get lifted up storm systems coming towards the east coast. we still have the potential of being mild from time to time and it look like that's going to be the case and the super cold stuff is well up into canada. a polar vortex will slip down into the hudson bay. when i look at wrong range, i don't see super cold stuff coming our way, maybe a glancing blow here or there. 46 on new years eve. it looks like we'll have a lot
5:48 am
of sunshine and clouds. rainy potential on new year's day. we'll definitely have limited sunshine, temperatures will be upper 40's and low 50's. today's forecast looks like this, sunshine through the day. temperatures start in the 40's. we'll touch 50 and back off of that for the afternoon. look at the futurecast, we're all dry today with high pressure tonight early tomorrow morning, showers, erin tomorrow's morning commute. rain coming across, might be compromised but we'll dry out in the afternoon. seven-day forecast looks like this. last wednesday of the year, last week of the year, basically and we get into the new year weekend and it's going to be pretty nice. >> i'll take it. that's good for everybody going out on town this weekend. look behind me. busy scene first workers out in alexandria water main break between vermont, on vermont between gordon and hudson street. big scene and a small
5:49 am
the neighborhood. unless you're living there it shouldn't affects your commute. kaheem it could cause slick conditions they got to get that cleaned up. we'll keep you updated on that work that's underway. let's go ahead and take a look at our map. we'll show you where that is in alexandria. just south of 236. that construction zone vermont avenue between hudson and gordon got you covered if that causes big delays that could cause additional sides streets in that area. outer loop, all clear from the 11th street bridge and i'm not seeing any problems on suitland parkway for pennsylvania avenue, through upper marlboro, quiet from -- we start to see some congestion on 295 southbound but that is not the case yet. 15th and cheverly, 50 from the bay bridge through annapolis is moving along and 50 inside the district as you turn to new york avenue past bladensberg. night and quiet metro rail lines on time. any questions earn
5:50 am
twitter. wisdom and maureen >>. 5:49 is the time. president-elect donald trump's cabinet is almost full republicans control the majority and have few complaints. >> all in all, trump will get virtually everyone in he nominates. it's possible he'll have to withdrawal one or two because of problems that emerge at least six multi-millionaires and five billionaires committed to the incoming trump administration including steven mnuchin, wilbert ross both likely to be approved but there's strict rules about being able to divest to avoid conflicts of interest and of course, president-elect has his own business conflicts of interest to sort out as well and his promise to explain how he plans to do that before inaugust rated in
5:51 am
my organs in mexico are pushing north to reach america before trump. the number of illegal immigrants coming from mexico and central america increased. many fearing donald trump's campaign promises on immigration reform will become reality. they're taking advantage at the light staffing at immigration points. . back now with what's trending on the web. carrie fisher best known as the iconic princess leia in the star wars franchise died tuesday following a heart attack. she was just 60. she starred in a lot of of popular 1980s movies and became a mental health advocate after revealing she suffered from bipolar disorder and drug addiction. two yet to be realized film. wonder world and as princess leia the next star wars movie. more headaches as trump tower had to evacuate the lobby after reports of suspicious packages or any suspicious page
5:52 am
was reported. traffic was snarled around the area as investigated. since donald trump was elected grid lock has become a huge problem because of increased security measures, president-elect trump was in florida at the time. it's been a year of honors for basketball star labron james now he can add another honor to that list. the associated press named james its male at least of the year for the second year. labron james left the cavaliers to its third nba championship back in june. also named athlete of the year at the 2016 sbes and recently honored as sports illustrated sports person of the year. congratulations. talk about employee appreciation. an iowa cabinet maker rewarding his employees for a good year. he's taking all 800 of them on a caribbean cruise first they're going to fly on a charted plane two miami spend one night at a five star hotel before they set
5:53 am
the reward comes after they met company goals for the year after a recession. >> pretty nice. it is. that, it is. we're still talk about hamilton, still the hottest muck cal on broadway, maybe not quite as hot. despite big hits like hamilton failed to break any record over the christmas holidays. there were five fewer shows this year than last. ticket sales fell by nearly $6 million over the 2015 christmas holidays. next month is the slowest month traditionally and could be worse, with several closing matilda, jersey boys and humans. hulu scored a exclusive deal with disney. titles include the nightmare before christmas,
5:54 am
pocahontas. it's the first deal with disney and it's largest with the studio. it will make it the only subscription video service offering the collection one of the world's most famous dell contest is closing. the restaurant is known for its massive put a terry wayne millendermy sandwiches opened eight decades ago. included presidents, movie stars, authors and astronauts and musicians. it will still have los angeles and bethlehem, pennsylvania. all good things must come to an end. hello. giana, our facebook fan of the day. she's been a fan of fox 5 since moving here from philly in 2006 and says, it would be a fantastic birthday present if she could be fan of the day. there you go. she says mike thomas
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barnes are her favorite. >> mike single. wasn't going to go there, but since you brought it up >> i see what you did there >> single and ready to mingle. >> here's the weekend forecast. 46 saturday, clouds and sun and sunday, well, that's new year's day. looks like we're going to have showers, not too chilly. mid 40's on saturday and upper 40's to low 50's on sunday. so there you go. looks like it's going to be a fairly nice new years eve looks great. we're going to head to 50 most of the day. certainly most of the afternoon, temperatures are going to be in the upper 40's. lot of sunshine today. cool side later on. showers come back into the forecast, at least for the first part of the day tomorrow. optimistically i think we'll get sunshine tomorrow afternoon. temperatures with the rain and the clouds early only up to
5:56 am
about 48 or so. now, it will be colder friday. looks like a pretty chilly today. high temperatures in the upper 30's to low 40's. it's the coldest of the lot. so to speak. we get into the holiday weekend and it's not going to be too terrible. here's erin como, look at your wednesday morning traffic. >> i've been tired this week. i don't know. i think it's a post holiday food coma/family recovery time. if you're travelling in alexandria, we are dealing with an active water main break scene, crews trying to get that repaired. vermont between gordon and hudson street. doesn't look as if they're letting traffic by. use caution, you can see shining on the road could cause slick conditions, temperatures a little bit warmer, so shouldn't cause freezing, keep an eye o let's look at our maps. you can see south jersey of 236, rest of our traffic in alexandria looking good, delay-free on 270 southbound but we do have a northbound issue, medicalme
5:57 am
side of 270. i'll let you know if that causes delays, metro on time. keep it is to fox 5 news morning. back with your final wednesday of 2016 in just a few.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
what we know about the man had a killed a local yoga instructor, more on his criminal history. a man shot to death by police he was carrying a knife, his family says he was not. a live report on this story next. live look outside on this wednesday, december 28. it's looking good out there. cooler than it was yesterday. weather traffic coming up on the 5:00 at 6:05. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> friends and family is yoga instructor and actress last seen christmas, her body discovered inside her car in northwest >> anjali hemphill live this morning in northwest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're learning not only did the suspect have a long criminal rap sheet, arrested several times here in just last year, five days before tricia mccauley disappeared he was here in dc superior court facing a judge


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