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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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family of a man. seen body cameras and disagree with department about what happened. remembers an icon we're continuing to honor the life and legacy of carrie fisher. a live look outside on wednesday, december 28, 2016. yesterday was extremely warm, nice, and now things changing back to the way they probably should be in the winter time. weather and traffic coming up at 7:05 friends and family of tricia mccauley still in shock over the murder of the instructor and inspiring actress >> her body was discovered monday inside her car on northwest. anjali hemphill is live in northwest with the story. >> reporter:
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long criminal rap sheet but five days before she disappeared, the suspect went before a judge here in dc superior court when he was ordered to no, i don't in gps monitoring duane johnson is from upper marlboro but court records so he he has multiple dc addresses an criminal record here dating back to 2011. most shoplifting incidents where johnson plead guilty. however, less than a week before tricia mccauley disappeared, a judge ordered johnson to wear a gps monitoring device. she was supposed to show up. while he was in possession of her car the day after she went missing he stole from a dc cvs store, the medical examiner's office says tricia mccauley was strangled to death and friends an
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for her. >> i feel like she was like the word ever vest ent comes to mind. she was kind and generous. that's what made her a good yoga teacher as well. i'm happy today is a sunny day, i feel like that's the good way to help this news come. it's the second day. >> reporter: mccauley worked as a professional actress in movies such as step-up and the paper girl. also in several theater productions. she taught yoga. she was an her balancist and ran her own wholistic business. court requested johnson undergo multiple mental health screenings to determine his competency, had he also been ordered to attend drug rehab. we're live in northwest,
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hemphill fox 5 local news also developing in the district in northeast family wants justice after they say police body camera video showed their loved one was unarmed when fatally shot by a dc police officer >> it happened christmas day, annie yu joins us from police headquarters. good morning, wisdom and steve. the incident happened christmas day. yesterday, the family of 29-year-old gerald hall was able to get a look at the body footage camera yesterday and they say the video shows that their loved one was not armed with a knife like police are saying. take a look at some of the video from the incident on christmas day. police got a call for a domestic disturbance call in the 3200 block of walnut street northeast neighborhood. the family says they were called out there. it was a dispute between gerald hall and his girlfriend. when police arrived, police say that hall was armed with a knife and he ignored officers' verbal commands directing him to drop
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officer discharged their service weapon striking hall. and according to police, hall's weapon was recovered on scene. but the family is disputing that. that weapon now at the center of this controversy. we spoke to hall's mother an gie. >> they shot him dead. told the girl move, move out the way. pow, pow, pow after that. that was it. i don't feel like my son deserved none of this. all i'm saying is police officer shot him. we want justice. >> reporter: that was angie, gerald hall's mother speaking. we know that one of the officers involved is currently on administrative leave. we also reached out to the dc department, police department regarding the family's claim and have yet
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this friday at 7:00 at the scene of the shooting on walnut street. the family is holding a vigil at 7:00 p.m. the family tells us that general hall would have celebrated his 30th birthday on friday. that's the latest here from police headquarters in northwest, annie yu fox 5 local news. >> thank you very much. 7:05. carrie fisher. best known as the iconic princess leia in the star wars franchise died following a heart attack. she was 60 years old. fish starred in a lot of of 1980s movies and became a mental health advocate after revealing she suffered from bipolar and drug addiction, her next projects are in two yet to be released film wonder wall and the next star wars movie. >> she shot all the parts for that. look who return. the man show is back. got topics for us today. >> for the man show. >> written on its finest linen
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action. strenuous exercise. best action movies. good eats at 7-eleven. >> ok. >> five bucks. >> exactly. >> the strenuous exercise yesterday was a day for strenuous exercise. >> i went running and i was on the bike riding around. that's what the guys do. >> put the channel on tv many times yesterday >> that's strenuous. if you're up getting it and doing it yourself >> 49 in washington, 36 frederick, gaithersburg, 36. freezing temperatures frederick 32, bottom line, sunshine bright upper 40's to 50, and cooler than yesterday, not cold. it will be sunny and dry afternoon for us, with a quiet weather pattern for wednesday. more on that coming up and we'll talk about new england snows. that's manly. >> you got to shovel it. if it's
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very manly. >> 50 this afternoon. >> i guess we can let erin play along. >> yeah. >> she can join the club for today. >> if there was ever a girl who deserves to join the boys' club, hello. >> it's because i'm from philly >> she definitely knows about good eats and 7-eleven >> i'm a wawa girl, number one. don't let him bully you >> you do not arm where he is he will? >> no, i would turn that down too. take a look a look in fairfax county parkway. southbound northbound a little bit heavier but compared to what a normal commute around the d m v. we have a disabled truck. traffic on 123 pretty heavy give yourself 15 minutes
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westbound side not doing too terrible. let's take a look at the maps, not the only issues we're up against this morning, good news in dumb fieries. route one crash at grand park road cleared and it has reopened so traffic getting by. in alexandria, washington is still closed between madison street and montgomery street dealing with a crash at that location, we'll keep you updated 270 southbound looking good coming down from frederick steve and wisdom. a deal is back in the works in syria, turkeyish media is reporting turkey and russia agreed on a plan for a cease fire it would go into effect after midnight. the plan would be presented to all five of the syrian conflict it would apply, quote, in all regions. terror organizations would be kept out but the agency did not say which insurgent groups would be considered terror organizations. the obama administration scrambling to defend its role condemning israel >> john kerry about to deliver what's being called the major
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mideast peace process >> but as doug luzader it comes amidst starting accusations from the israeli government >> what is secretary of state john kerry going to say today? the obama administration under a great deal of criticism for refusing to block a un vote very critical of israeli settlements touching off a diplomatic battle with the u.s. ally. with president obama continuing his vacation in hawaii, it's up to his secretary of state john kerry to to explain what role the administration played in last week's controversial united nations vote to condemn israeli settlement in the west bank in east jerusalem with his department denying that the u.s. orchestrated it >> we reject the notion that the united states was the driving force behind this resolution. that's just not true. >> not the driving force, perhaps but did the u.s. play some role? the israeli government not mentioning words here,
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relations between the u.s. and israel become more frayed >> we know there was deep collusion between the bomb administration and the palestinians in order to push this united nations security council resolution forward. that is deeply disappointing because historically, america has protected israel at this very, very bias body >> all of this as president-elect trump wrapped up his criticism of the united nation >> as you see the israeli trying to collect evidence they're going to show to trump to prove that obama both produced and provoked this resolution. this is going to be an ongoing story as we have, we're supposed to have one president at a time, but it's a story that trump will relyish being involved in. >> we'll see what the secretary of state has to say today but the criticism of the united nations goes beyond just president-elect trump. there are some republicans here on capitol hill that are talking about cutting off funding for the united
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in washington, doug luzader fox news. let's head back oversees, search crews found a second flight data recorder from a plane that crashed into the black sea christmas day. it killed 92 people. investigators believe the accident was likely caused by either pilot or mechanical error and not terrorism. yesterday president obama and shinzo abe toured the per harbor in hawaii. shinzo abe has not formally apologized but said the memorial rendered him speefrp less. president obama spoke about how the attack that led into world war ii transformed america forever also said the alliance between u.s. and japan never been stronger. a sticky mess for one fast food bakery after a comment about carrie fisher >> what metro is doing to help you keep connected while you're on
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back after this. his.
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the weather. so nice yesterday. so glorious, >> i couldn't believe it. >> very nice. >> it was beautiful. >> really did feel like a little bit of summertime. i had shorts on yesterday, i'm not going to lie >> wow, it's beautiful out here. won't be as warm today, upper 40's to 50. not brutally cold. no extreme cold on the
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big storms featuring, but we got changing conditions here. >> when you go from 70 to anything less than 70 >> true. >> it's -- it will >> any parts of the country not 65 to 70 to 25 or 30 this morning >> we're not doing that much >> let's get to it. we're 40 in the city, but temperatures culpeper manassas around freezing, buffalo is 28. no stream cold in the lower 48 this morning, temperatures, coldest looks to be out in the rocky mountains, boise is 15. bright sunshine today, cooler weather pattern, upper 40's to 50. cold front come through later tonight and when you get up tomorrow morning, that morning commute will have rain showers around and it will be a cool one tomorrow with daytime highs not getting out of the 40's. as i mentioned a few minutes ago. that area of -- that cold front will spawn an area of low pressure that will get up the coast and parts of new england are looking at snow bananza l
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inches in parts of vermont, new hampshire and maine, so if you have relatives up there or going skiing, you're going to be in for jackpot conditions. we will not be dealing with that. along the allegheny front we'll get snow, even the local ski resorts will get snow by friday. there you go. 50. >> check in with erin get a look at the roads this morning. folks heading back to work 7:16, feels like the first real morning commute of the week, wednesday the last day of 2016. earlier disabled truck at 66 on the eastbound side out by 123. sluggish commute leading past this point, stop and go traffic from 234 to the beltway. not terrible. in for about a 20's minute delay total because of the stop and go conditions. right now, other issues on the roads we're up against the rest of your commute. the good news is
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look le a typical commute around the dmv, quiet conditions delay-free 95 to georgia looking good in largo, the outer loop. this should be cleared in alexandria, washington shutdown between madison and montgomery. we'll let you know as soon as things get back to normal on washington use caution, college park, you can see 95 bw parkway looking good between the alcohol and baltimore beltway. if you happen to have an early morning flight, you don't have problems, 270 remain light in terms of volume. as you make your way down to the spur through rockville. as we take a closer look in gaithersburg, quiet germantown problem free, 295 all green all good. 50 to the 11th street bridge and cheverly quiet. suit land parkway delay-free and inner loop. 11th street, 14th, no issues on the
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i got you changes i guess it doesn't feel like a typical morning ride, that's a good thing. back to you. let's talk about this, parents are outraged after one of the year's most popular presents showed up broken. we've talking about hatchables. they aren't living up to the hype. the company that makes them spin master has been getting bombarded with complaints on facebook and twitter their hatch he shoulds aren't hatching. the hatchables were so popular when it led up to christmas they were selling them for up to $300 each online after rapidly selling out across the country. so lot of people, as wisdom sounding off. the hatchable didn't get out of the egg, kids was in tears, not worth money. many more tweets that we have been able to pick up. according more disappointed youngsters. they
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theirs on the ground and it hatched. >> there you go. santa brought a dud. if you have issues, tweet us with #hatchable fail like you saw there in that picture and looks like mom and dad turned to some wine perhaps to deal with the issue. of the hatchable. >> a lot of people trying to return the broken hatchables or other gifts, ups expecting to deliver 1.3 million packages back to retailers on january 5th. it will be national return day, surging online sales following by surge of return and if ups is right it will be the busiest ever topping 1 million returns last year. we know a lot of people take time off to get away or go on vacations. an iowa cabinet maker is rewarding his employees for a good year, we're going to talk about real employee appreciation, this i
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taking all 800 of his employees on a caribbean cruise, taking a fly on a charter plane to miami. one night at a five-star hotel then set sail. comes after the employees met company goals for the year after the recession, they're going to be very happy employees. >> awesome. >> that's how you keep people. >> yes. >> so it will be hard to leave that company after that. ok, we met our goals, now we're going on a cruise >> if you leave the company right after you get back, you're put a bad person. your boss is doing you a favor. 7:20. one coffee banning donald trump. the controversial note they left for visitors >> a daring multi-million dollar heist caught on camera. what these guys were after coming up. p.
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another mall melee, a flash mob breaks out for the second night in a row at the philadelphia mills mall. a crowd of 200 people showed up to the mall. officers were ready. about 30 people actually got inside the mall. police did arrest three teenager boys. >> cafe making headlines after the sign was posted on the front door, it
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if you voted for trump, you cannot eat here. no nazis. the sign causing backlash, they're not actually asking customers if they voted but expressing how much they dislike him. hawaii overwhelmingly supported hillary clinton. millions of dollars worth of fir coats swiped off the rack. thieves are on the run. they released this surveillance video. you can see three suspects smash through the glass door at a boutique christmas eve. there he goes, once inside, they made a bee line for most expensive furs. the manager believe those thieves got away with at least 20 fur pieces. a former employee for the luxury fashion store versace is suing the company. he worked for very sach scary about two weeks.
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d-410. according to the lawsuit d-4 ten is the product code for all black shirts in mens wear. also to alert workers that a black person was about to enter the store. suing for unpaid wages and damages, versace denies the allegation. 7:25. let's get back with tucker. hope you enjoyed that 68 yesterday. cooler temperatures and here to stay. 40 this morning in washington. winds out of the north here at ten. windchill 33 degrees. good news is bright sunshine expected today. it will be a nice looking day. comfortable afternoon. it is the end of december. not the big warmup. we do have a cold front to the west that's going to bring rain showers tomorrow morning. that commute is going to have rain around and if you're well off to the north and west we may have icing issues early tomorrow morning, rain will be out by tomorrow afternoon, i want to mention our new year weekend. looking good. saturday
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night. if you're going to be out and about it should be dry and a few showers on sunday. it will be the redskins game sunday, temps in the upper 40's to 50 so the big game at 4:25. that's the weather update. erin, where are you >> right here. hi. >> checking on the cameras. take a look at this. 95 on the northbound side by fairfax county parkway earlier crash cleared to a little bit of heavy traffic heading up towards the beltway not terrible. same story on the southbound side gets congested there. otherwise things looking good on 66. earlier disabled truck cleared traffic moving along a lot better, forward our cameras again, really like what i'm seeing on 270 southbound side been a dream all week, no major congestion in gaithersburg and rockville and college park, the outer loop that is such a pleasant view. no major slow downs 295 has been quiet. we'll let you know if that changes, all metro rail lines on
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>> free wifi will soon be available at all underground metrostations, riders can access them at six stops thanks to a pilot program in august, metro's general manager paul weidefeld said they want to expand starting next summer to all the stations they hope to have 60% next year and the rest with wifi service by 2018, 7:27. coming up at 7:30, the battle over obamacare takes center stage. >> what are some of the things we can expect as president-elect donald trump takes office? less than a month? a lot of people asking about this, will he change obamacare story new this morning.
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here you go, the spare! the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
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♪♪ live picture of the white house this morning. not pictuhous quite razz breezys
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now it looks pretty calm. 7:30. let's take look at our top lookr large crowd gathered too remember after going missing on christmam day. police have arrested aid degreeg yann dwayne johnson charging him with her her they say macauley was strangledl to death it appears to have been sexually assaulted. also this morning northeastr d.c. family asking for justice after police body cam videoeo shows 29-year-old gerald hall was unarmed when he was shot ans killed by a d.c. police officerf on christmas day. police say hall had a knife anda refused to put it down. actress carrie fisher diedid yesterday she's best known fornr her role as princess lea in star wars film found success as screen writer and author.ut she had been in the hospital hpi since last friday when shehe suffered a heart attack. attack. she was just 60 years old. politics. new this morning health care keh issue for candidate donald trumu and it is set to be the top oftt thag
7:31 am
when he take office next month. >> fox's rich ed son examines ei what a health care fight on capitol hill would really mean.. what's your name >> reporter: chris, runs ann internet marketing business fros his home in northern virginia.a he, his wife gina and children sawyer and scarlet have obamaba care insurance. they bought a mid level silver plan on health andgo ad receive a subsidy. they say some of the related costs tour high and the system e has been inefficient.icie >> my biggest thing it just it j comes down to cost. c you know, when it comes toomes o business and family, i don't i't really care about politics. >> the tack credit is not ken at any timing for the increase of c the premium going up. the tax credit not helping ust t out in terms of lower the cost.. and they're health insurancs may soon change. dramatically.atic >> look we to get obama reliefel to families as fast as possible. >> reporter: republicans moveepi to replace obama care, they must decide whether or how to prevent
7:32 am
millions from losing that insurance while they draft itsft replace many. republicans in the congress ares not going to vote to take healta insurance away from 20 millionn oplele. so no matter how much they talkl about abolishing obama carema c they're going to need agointo n replacement. >> reporter: they would stillous need to agree how to pay for pay these insurance credits whethere to keep repeal obama care taxess and spending cuts, how much to t give states to ensure their t sickest patients and whether to maintainor scrap all obama carer insurance reforms.e reorms >> it's going to be hard to gett to the finish line settle on a single plan they'll vol toey'l decide what kind of subsidies si they want in the individualndiva market for small businesses.usse they'll have to decide what dot they want for the equivalent ofo the cadillac tax or not have not anything like that at all. all. what will be the insurance rules and how do you handledl pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: aisdministrationtro says obama care covered 20 million people features f allowing young adults to stay on their parent's insurance plansaa until age 26. it prohibits insurance companiei from denying coverage and charging mr
7:33 am
illnesses.lnses days after donald trump won thee presidential election, the walll street journal spoke to him andd reported "he favors keeping the prohibition against insurers ins denying coverage because off patient's existing conditionsdin and a provision that allowsll parents to provide years ofrs o additional coverage for childree on their insance policies. polic he told the paper quote i like e those very much. muc it's a lengthy list of questiont who's answers will have sub seas sal consequences for american ae families and small >> bottom line, small businessee are run by people that have families. and when you have a lower cost c of business you'll be moreor likely to higher people.r p when i see my costs going up ana then i'm thinking that in six ii months from now my costs are going to going up even first eve time it makes me little scaredre to higher somebody to help meto out. >> reporter: uncertainty aboutr: whether a republican plan will l be better than what they haveave now. >> pass major administration a vote needs 60% in the senate. republicans are several votesert shy of that
7:34 am
thanks senate budget procedure they would repeal and replace re obama with care with 51 votes is the senate and simple majority y in the house. cedure democrats doc used in 2009 to pass much ofuc o obama care.. in washington, rich edson,, fox news. 7:34 right now. now we'll get tucker littler extra time.tra ti. talk about all the great manlyan things we did yesterday when it was degrees out.u >> share with me one manly thing did you. >> i went running yesterdaydiine outside.oue tackled a few hills, logged alod couple miles.up nice day.lece >> i took the kids outside weutw went for ride came back insideas and told them to clean theleanhe kitchen, clean their rooms andoo make sure everything in thethine house -- >> focus on the outside, wisdoms >> i'm sorry.>> i'm sorry i thought you were talking aboun manly stuff. being mean daddy.beinan >> took a bike ride.. >> took bike ride it was veryy cece. >> i took several boxes out toer the dumpster and broke themal dn and put them in the recycling bin. >> many people don't do that.on. they don't take that extra step. >> yeah i did. i broke them down.n. ly manly. >> very manly for the man show. >> i did feel manly athe
7:35 am
alntal. >> yes. >> did you wear cut off shirtr i while you were doing, shirt witt the sleeves off.e sleeves off. >> i was wearing shorts becausee it was 68 was d >> cut off shorts.horts >> mantle shorts. >> okay. >> tight fitting -- >> we might to transition to >> transn to weather now. weathe [ laughter ] >> let's get to the forecast. you'll get me in trouble.rouble. let's do the forecast.t we were 68 yesterday. yes that's prob probably the only t part of anything you heard h actually accurate.ccurate. 40 in washington now.40 32 in pittsburgh. yes. temperatures cooled off overnight. the flow there out of the northt and the direction the arrows showing the winds are out of the northfn and north and west we'll be in n for cooler day today.oday upper 40s to about 50 foror daytime highs.. regionally much cooler air in a place. all right. front out to the west. wt. looking at sunshine today.e tay. upper 40s to about 50. 5 we'll cloud up tonight. tig rain showers around tomorrow atw this time. te. tomorrow morning for thatorni ft morning commute we'll have raine showers around. we'll get it out of herare byerb afternoon but the trend will bee to cool things down.toth i do want to mention that areata of low pressure is going tooing explode off the northeast coast thursday 49 day and bring som
7:36 am
england.glan. so if you're going up to new got england for new year's weekend e you'll be loving it in vermont and new hampshire 12 to 18-inches of snow in parts ofarf maine, new hampshire, vermont bb friday. all there's seven for us our new year's weekend looks and cool. cl. maybe a few rain showers onrs o sunday. ig redskins game onamn sunday. start focusing on that. >> wahoo! oo >> erin is back with roads. r >> all right. 7:36. couple problems need to be awar as you head out on wednesdayn morning. morn eastbound seven there's a crasha south of georgetown pike the pie right lane is blocked that's causing delays. del nothing keep in mind if you'ren headed out on the freeway this t is on the westbound side beforee the third street tunnel. two lanes are blocked right nown as you come off the 11thhe1t street bridge from 295 you'll yl hit that delay. day. give yourself a few extra fewxt minutes notice all the green onn the map. m. wednesday morning starting toy n get back to normalin tg raffic c pattern just much lighter volume for the post christmas pre-newew year's week. as we take look on 395 395 northbound edsall road to the 14th street bridge you're wideou
7:37 am
glebe and ever since reallyce rl quiet conditions.ti let you know if and when thatow changes things in marylandn moving just fine as jus back to you guys.t fiyoys talk about christmas i want to meet bubba. bub bubba is a bad bubba is a big bloated bad girlg here's the reason why. she stuffed because she chowedhe down on christmas dinner. she ate the entire turkey.e tke >> what. >> the entire turkey. >> christmas dinner not totallyl ruined. they were able to get theirere e hands on another bird not before bubba ate the whole thing. hope bubba is feeling okay ang o couple days later.. that's like eating your weightrw in >> bubba will sleep that off foo a week. >> that looks frightening. because ba is in a bad way.. >> bubba is not feeling so good. 7:37 is the time.s the time. talk about major mistake for cinnamon. >> fast food bakery getting backlash about a tweet about the late carrie fisher.eis we'll show was they had to say
7:38 am
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>> welcome back. tweet gone bad. cinnabon apologize fog this tweet they sent in the wake of the news that star wars icon carrie fisher has died. it said, rest in peace carrie theon apo sen tharrie f res bestt t buns in the galaxy. it was a post with cinnabon inspired princess lea with cinnabon roll as her hair. cinnabon later apologized andzea said that that wa
7:41 am
taste. amazon ending 2016 on high1n note. online retail giant had theirade best holiday ever. e shipping more than 1 billion 1il items worldwide through thehrou prime membership program andgrad that is a whole lot of packages of course if you're prime that'a lot of money paid to the prime p memberships, too.membersh >> that's right.s r happening today people areg tode saying goodbye to bad habits.ab today is good riddens day in nen york. here's how it works.. participants pen memories fromof the past year and toss them into a large bin in hopes of not n repeating the same mistakes andd miss fortunes next year thet yet papers will be shredded. >> all right.ig that's good way to start new.ew >> move on.>> m >> extra security in new york s city for the annualec burall dro the ball is now in place. pce there you can see some of theomt crystal triangles going into i position there.positi the they feature new design for 2011 called the gift of kindness. outgoing united nations generaln will initiate the ball drop.e to estimate add million people wilw ring in the new year in times im
7:42 am
will know that there's a speciap design of the ball. bal >> right. they'll just be out therere >> it drops at new year's.dropsw happy new year.r. >> 7:41 right now.:41 ght coming up we're on bald eaglelde watch. >> these two bold eagles ared el gaining national attention. attn they're in a nest in fort myersr florida, where any day two babyy eagles they're going to hatch. t we got more on this straighttrgh ahead. stay with us. ♪♪ y27zry yi0y
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the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white. z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ all right. so listen up. 7:44 is the time. we're on eagle watch again
7:45 am
well they're glued on nest innei fort myers, florida works babysb american bald eagles they caney hatch at any second. two eaglets laid ond on november 22nd and 25th. >> we're used to it after watching that happen.ha >> remember that. >> a year ago.>> >> went crazy. r >> i kennow. i kw. couldn't get enough eagle >> hopefully they're doing welll >> we know if they're in fort f myers, florida, they're >> they're warm.>> >> it's all good.l good >> this continues my thoughts my that the steve miller band iss made a lifetime off of one song. >> right. >> any time you show an eaglele they play that song. sg. >> that's true.hat'srue. little did they know, right, r relevance remains.mai what's happening outside?si? >> cooler temperatures here tora >> ♪♪ >> ut-oh. what's this?hi >> no idea. >> okay. sounds like walking music to me. >> i don't know fit passes our o need to be manly today.. >> oh, that's -- >> is the the man in black.lack >> johnny cash? >> no. >> ♪♪
7:46 am
>> sounds like him, though.hug >> it sounded like him at firstt >> sounds like >> i'm cold. >> that sound you hear o manliness is me. >> ♪♪>>♪♪ >> no? >> wisdom help me little bit. >> where is allison where i need her. her. >> i heard the part where he h said slandered and ridiculed.icl >> you're right.>> temps back to normal. n we are looking at daytime highss about 20 degrees cooler than t 40 now in washington.n washingt. we'll be in the upper 40s to about 50 this afternoon.fternoon 38 dulles.s. freezing temperatures, yes, fredericksburg 31. 31. culpeper 30. 3 37 hagerstown.own. manassas we haven't forgottenorn about you we have to get to g somebody down there to fix theit thermometer. 43 in annapolis and 41 in in leonardtown this morning. mni winds out of the north here athr about five to 10.0. that flow here out of the northe is reason the temperatures havev cooled down overnight, andown again, it will be much more m seasonal today. tod it is late december after all al otherwise bright sunshine,unshi, beautiful looking day. day. should be nice quiet afternoon.r
7:47 am
today. we're not expecting any we are expecting rain showers se early tomorrow morning.orni so quick moving weather pattern. we do have rain showers in there forecast with a cold front which will team up with some gulfe g moisture here and bring us aeren period of rain early tomorroworo morning for that morning commute tomorrow. so just keep that in mine we'lll have rain showers around.round i think it's possible the rain n gets started early enough theret could be some slight icingng issues perhaps freezing rainai what you're watching from theg m north and west here laterater tomorrow so keep that mine. kp th there could be brief period ofeo freezing rain early tomorrow tom morning. then we'll clear it out byar itb tomorrow afternoon and we'll wel keep things seasonal aroundngs o here.un 50 today. 48 tomorrow. tor a lot going on here.n he. there's a >> raucus for sure.>> >> how are roads>> howre >> i like that song that you son walk to. >> yeah, nice song. >> something little . >> of course, we have no idease what it is, we. >> i would like to know. let me know. right now metro is on time.n tim we don't have any delays earliei problem on the green line has ls cleared up.d up so traffic -- metro back to normal towards branch avenue.h e as for tra
7:48 am
of our wednesday commute. it's been a holiday week for sure.sure no delays right now on 295, 509, through cheverly, 395, new yorkr avenue, bladensburg road looking good. good. problem free on suitland parkwaw and upper marlboro four inboundd by dowerhouse is quiet.erhouse i we do haveet this eastbound craa on seven. sev south of georgetown pike blocking right lane. lane. if you're headed up on theonhe freeway heads up, delay pick upu this is slow down despite thepit fact volume is light coming off 295 northbound across the 11thh1 street bridge.ridge. westbound side before the thirdi street tunnel blocking two lanes is he watch for those delays.el. notice how the 14th streettr bridge is nice and clear weleare never get to see conditions that quiet on the 14th street 14tree aside from that washington street has reopened out in alexandria between madison andis montgomery and earlier crash cra that things completely shut dowt there. we'll let you know how trafficuw is getting t through andra agaia closer look at 395 wide open ope there and arlington trafficra looking good problem freeree outside the beltway on 66. slowing freely a little bit of o tap of the brakes once you getot towards fairfax in centrevilletl
7:49 am
quiet. i'll let you know if and whenouk that ow. now a special guest nw back to you guys.u guys >> exactly. time for our tuesday talkers and look, we sometimes let a foughtt ladies crash the man show. >> sometimes.>> somet >> erin gets permission everytsi day and every once in awhssilioe we'll let our friend sarahar fraser come join us as well.s >> i feel so honored.l so honor. this is amazing.ths >> awesome to have you here. tou >> i didn't realize it was a guy show. >> i hope you got manly topicyo that's the themame of the man tm show. >> no, i don't have one.on hav >> chime in.>> c >> tuck. >> wednesday call it tuesdayl id talker. >> tuesday talker is just akeisj ining. it could be thursday edition off tuesday talker.tuesdatalk >> i just wanted to make sureak it's wednesday. >> we're men, tucker. accuracy doesn't matter we justs got to be right all the time. t that's how men do it.eno i >> i feel like these are feminine topic. you guys will have to roll witht it. >> as men we understand that.weu >> we need to you cndhime in ern much this first one is about a a woman she's 18 years old inld wyoming. she has what's being call the most ridiculous gofundme and itm is all about funding her dream. she wants to not conform to socie
7:50 am
she wants tofo raise $2 milliont buy her dream home in california and live against the norm. ka okay. would you guys support that? yst she's getting destroyed --oy - >> she wants to live like a celebrity.ity. is that pretty much what it was? >> steve, i think she feels asla though she just doesn't want too have a 9:00 to fief job and worr for the >> everybody dreams of having ai 9:00 to 5:00 job and having to make living to support theirrt r family. >> catherine clem mon is herne e name if you wanm tmo to google n out and support.uprt she only had about $30 so far. >> okay, good. o i was going to say i can't -- it can't hate on her for putting ii out there. there. >> that's the thing. >> i do have problem with tha pe that will enable >> right. >> by giving her the $2 million. >> really? >> how is it any different thane funding someone's movie? it's?' really not if that's your yr passion. if that's what you want to do. >> this is he can treatment andy stupid.e can [ laughter ]ht ] >> i mean that's from a male a e perspective.. >> wisdom, if you're daughtergh said i want to put this outhis o there. >> first of all, steve, list september to what you're sayingn >> hypothe
7:51 am
this one.wo >> okay, all right. all right. >> basically trying to say if she raised money for, say, herlr college education so you didn'tt have to pay 40 you would notu wl think that's's sd. >> that would be great.hat woult >> you don't have to pay it..'tv >> that would be great becausedu she's paying for her college ana hopefully she will get a job ana there you go. >> i think she's trying to escape responsibility.ibility. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> and but i don't have problemm with her put it oh thrust ifstf people are willing to do it. i think they should keep a running list of everybody thatdt donates. >> you can see it on gofundme.en over the holiday i was up in in maine that's where i'm from onrm couple of occasions i saw peopll wearing ugly sweaters toerto christmas mass. mass. do you feel like this is appropriate or not f aeeppropri? >> that seems like it might not be -- be - >> do we folic now any mass any religious ceremony is basicallyy casual? >> catholic church -- that wayhw in catholic? i'm not catholicac so i don't know f my church i gg to regular old baptist church. jesus doesn't care what you look like. it's not like you're going getnt stop at the door of the heaven
7:52 am
>> they don't heaven or hell tol put in you. that the the key.that t >> i thought of all people youeo would feel like there was someas sort of dress code. ce. >> no.>> no. >> really. >> the ski to get into the church. it's about your soul, notki y tr our wardrobe. >> i'm just saying. jussayi >> words of wisdom.isdom >> sounds like ugly sweater atet mass are fine.ine. >> i've seen more ugly sweatersg this year just out in the open.. >> right. >> just like normal like i'mke r going lunch with ugly sweaterglr on. >> it used to be a specialci occasion. >> you know what that does, it makes it not soco spewhciatal ay more, does it?redoes [ laughter ] >> now it's just a sweater.we >> an ugly sweater.. >> one more real quick. so 2017 this story is so good about kind of freeing up some on brain space for you, and stop s making little decisions and oned of the biggest things they say is that you should become likeom mark zuckerberg and have a very regimented wardrobe you neveru e have to think about yourou wardrobe we spend hours everyoue day thinking about what to eat e want to wear.ea >> right. >> it's stressing us out.s st so what do yreou guys do? are y guys -- >> i spent five minutes on eachh decision so i have to stress when it comes to those at >> you don't. >> i line up my c
7:53 am
weeknd all i have to do get upp at 2:00 o'clock in the morninghr this is my monday wardrobe pulll it it. >> do you lay it out every week. >> every weekend, yitea oh.,eah. >> every weekend.ry wee you're ahead of it. i >> it's not a thought.t's i just -- okay. today i'll wear this.hi >> he's mr. advanced than i am.. i picket out the night before br because i have zero brain cellss in the morning. >> yes want to think about the . >> a big up tick in 2017 will bb more people hiring stylist orlit wearing the same things, and and more food delivery services. so like plated, like, you know,k blue apron so you don't have too think about what to eat.about wt is that a big stress of yours, s what you're going to eat every night? >> it is for me. >> peanut butter and gelly.. >> i throw stuff together. toge. i'm a matter of mixing stuff. su i'll eat it. >> it's a stress for me because i eat teach so much.uch >> i'm in the feeding adi a familiarly. >> we ate that yesterdaymi.lird >> do you do the grocery shopping or your pi >> that's a whole othengra whole conversation. i do all the grocery shopping, oh g, yearoh.oh yea >> do you? good we'll talk offf camera. >> my wife is at w
7:54 am
>> wear an ugly christmas chris sweater in 2017.017. >> i decided to be '90's today. >> very throw back.w bk >> do you like this. do you like >> i like it. >> somebody said it looks likesd pasamas. >> i think you look great overga there. th >> thanks. thanks, wis. , well said. s i love this man show.ho my god where is the trampoline.n i'm so ready. ready i love this.hi [ laughter ][ laer >> i'm so excited. >> still want to have a showho tomorrow.rr >> see you later. later here's nice feel good story. sto that young man had surgeryay today and look who his visit the one and only cam newtonton spreading holiday cheer at aerta hospital in atlanta he spentpe some time with a 10-year-oldye-o auburn fan who has severe hearta condition look at that hug from the heart. th he has that risky surgery sgery schedule today.ay newton found out about this thi because of a social media postos from the little boy's elementary schoolteacher so he spent his day off yesterday making thatg wish come true. te. nice move by cam newton and boyy i'll tell you that little boyitb doesn't want to let go.o >> that was mazing to see thes t emotion from the child. ch that was pretty cool. coo >> make it all worthwh
7:55 am
>> three days left until 2017. 2 so let's take a look back at a wacky videos of the year.ear. check out the highlights. >> whoo! wo! ♪♪ ♪♪ oh, my god! ♪♪ ♪♪
7:56 am
>> that was that's wacky. wac [ laughter ] >> stole my line, steve. >> i'll still waiting for the wacky. >> tucker like i was telling t they should put that video oftho you and ion that zipline when we had the go cart race with girltr scouts. >> college park. >> the brakes didn't work>> i crashed. you beat me.t >> it wasn't particularlysnla memorable i don't think.ble don' >> you cheated, though. thoug >> let's do the forecast. we'll be up 50 this afternoon. sunshine, 40 now in washington.. it's cooler than it was 24 houru ago, no doubt about it, but it should be sunny and bright andra beautiful. quiet weather pattern for thehe day. we have rain showers earlyar tomorrow. that morning commute will have rape showers around ge ct iomt t by tomorrow afternoon and all a systems go for a relativelyive quiet holiday weekend here the. saturday christmas -- new year'e eve looks good with temperatures in the their if's you're goingoi out. >> yay!>>ay! >> erin is back with roads. boa i want to start you off howff
7:57 am
this is just outside the beltwab from the icc down to the beltwab wide open. same story northbound if you're orthboheading towards baltimore. so beautiful day for travel to and from the baltimore beltway.l let's look at our maps a few problems on some of our roads rs right now eastbound seven there's a crash south off georgetown pike right lane l blocked other than traffic inheh reston looking good. goo southeast southwest freeway frew westbound crash before the thirt street tunnel. two lanes blocked.bloced starting to cause a big delay.ey we'll take close sr. look atk that as we continue.weonti we'll be right back here on fox5 news morning. morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. hey g morning to you i'mingu maureen umeh.maureeme >> i'm steve chenevey.'m steve c thanks for joining us this join morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on this wednesday,d december 28th, 2016 much much here's what's on the fox5 news5n morning menu.enu. start in the distract.he dit new details emerging about thebt man suspected of murdering a a d.c. yoga instructor actress. he has a long criminal his toryal hto and should have been wearing his ankle monitor at the time of tho arrest but he was not. the latest coming up in a liveie report. plus security scare at the e trump tower in new york. y cell phone video showing peoplel running for the exits after aftr suspicious package was found inn the we'll tell was was inside cominn up. actress carrie fisher diedid yesterday this morning hollywoor continues to rememberni her anda her contributions to film andtif television. years old.t 60 let's take live look outsidi on this wednesday morning.orning
8:01 am
out there on the mgm national harbor.or. beautiful beautiful seen thisn i morning a little cooler thanr yesterday but not a bad start tt the day. >> right now 8:00 o'clock this t morning friends and family of o tricia macauley still in shock s over the murder of the yoga instructor. mack cawley last seen onaw christmas day. her body discovered monday nighy inside of her car in northwestst d.c. fox5's anjali hemphill live this morning with more. m >> reporter: suspect had long l criminal rap sheet here in d.c.c and also just five days before e tricia macauley went missing, hh was here in d.c. superior courtt where he faced a judge and was ordered to enroll in gps mototoring. now, police say 29-year-old9-yed dwayne adrian johnson is fromm upper marlboro but court records show he has multiple dc addresses, an criminal rap shees here dating back to 2011.1. most of them shopliftingopft incidents where johnson plead guilty, however, less than week before stray macauleyle
8:02 am
johnson to wear a gps monitorinr device and he was supposed to so show up the next morning to getg that fitted but there's nore's record he ever did.. police say while johnson was ins potion of macauley's car the c t days after she went missing, heh once again stole from a d.c. cvs store and meanwhile the medical examiner's office says tricia macauley was strangled to deathh last night friends and family fl gathered at a vigil for her. h >> what happened to tricia has really thrown me for a loop, ano i don't even know what to thinkk to tell you the truth.e tru it's just frightening, and ind think there's a lot of things ti happening in our community that we need to pay attention to. >> reporter: macauley workedyke as a professional actress shehe was movies like step up and thet paper girl.gir also, in several theater the productions here in d.c.d. she also taught yoga.a. she was an herbalist and also ao ran her own natural health and a hoe lis
8:03 am
records also show that the court had requested johnson undergo multiple mental health screenings to determine hisermie competence in toes previousce io he was also ordered to attend an drug rehab classes. live in northwest anjalii hemphill, fox5 local news. news. >> get to developing story outto of alexandria much police on the hunt for two robbers. rbers police say two men pull outull their guns and stole cash fromm convenience store. this was in the 500conv blockeno carlisle street.t. no one was injured.njur. this morning's robbery came juss hours after another armed arm robbery in alexandria. that incident happened lastiden night when suspect brandished ad gun and stole a cell phone fromo a victim in the 1,000 block oflk north henry over to d.c. northeastorthst family is asking for justice jui after they say police bodye b camera video shows their lovedov one was unarmed when he was shoo and killed by dc police officerr that incident happened onne o christmas day.s d police say 29-year-old gerald gl hall had a knife and refused too put it down. down. the family says the have you yoy paints very different picture.
8:04 am
nothing about him waving ag a ifife. they shot him dead. dead. they told the girl, move, move,v move out the way.ay pow pow pow after that. that was it. i don't feel like my son deserved none of this. all i'm saying that policeolic officer shot him, we want justice. >> the family is planning vigilg for haul this friday att 7:00 o'clock at the scene ofe that shooting.atoting. he leaves hyped four children.rn also in the district,trict, accusations of police misconducc reportedly costing the city over $30 million in court judgmentsum and settlements tins 2005.nttin2 about 95% of the money came from allegations of false arrest arr while 4% was plaintiffs is saidi their civil rights had been hadb violated.ated. in just the first nine months oo this year misconduct lawsuits have cost city taxpayers nearly $4 million. in maryland, beginning next, month, residents will be able tt apply to purchase hand guns andn other firearms online instead of filling out
8:05 am
state police say moving awayovga from pen and paper will stream m line the process.cess applicants using the online onln process will need an e-mailai address an credit or debit cardr to pay a $10 application fee. ♪♪ new this morning twong t earthquakes struck near lakeck l tahoe yesterday early thoseho rumblings felt across parts ofpt two states.s o st us geological service said theye both sented in remote area of ao nevada near the california line. ♪♪ all 8:05 is our time.ime. tucker barnes sliding into thel shot here talking about our weather.her. hearing about more earthquakesqs lately let's go back to that in the area, right, am i mistaken? one in virginia about a week and a haling.hal >> 2.2.>> >> that was pretty small.t was s >> still when the earth moves aa any time aren't you kind of like ooh.h. >> forecast -- >> o, i teased that one right up. up >> never mine.. >> okay, then. >>
8:06 am
eartere hquakes.rthq no -- >> earth-moving experience.-mov >> i guess it's just been in the news little moreins ljuately. . we have had very big ones likeik down along the pacific rim called the ring of fire.e. >> really? you are not makingt that up. >> i'm being serious .eingerio we've had large ones they'vey' been in the news.been i rn eagan national 40. 4 dulles down to 31.o 3 we'll talk weather here bwi marshall 36. bottom line on today it will not be the 68 degrees we had had yesterday.yesterda it will be little bit coolere to today nice looking day. expecting a lot of sunshine andd dry conditions you can see theny satellite/radar featuring clear skies and we'll be nice and dryd this afternoon upper 40s for for daytime highs to about 50 thishi afternoon.rn quick look at thaoot seven day,d we'll wee revisit i heads up. rain showers tomorrow morningomn for the morning commute.mute. if it gets started early enoughg and if you're well off to theffe north and west there may be awee little icing early tomorrowomro morning. so predominantly just rain, butb if you're one of the viewers ofe to the north and west stay tunen there could be freezing rain ouo there. more on the forecast coming up.. 50 this afternoon and we're inri good shape. s
8:07 am
erin como g morning checkingheck traffic. hopefully hasn't been too badha out on the'ton theoads >> maureen, for while it look like it was going to pick up and be a normal wednesday morningayg commute around the 66 still pretty quiet. qui we have a crash blocking theghe right shoulder this is eastbound side out by 123.y23 but volume really light righthtg now. not causing any delays from 2342 prince william parkway all theal way through. let's take look at our mapsy muh aside from that crash blockingck the shoulder eastbound sevenev crash still in place south oftho georgetown pike even though it t cleared we have a little bittleb delay there.. southeast southwest freeway few crash before the third streetrdr tunnel. to lanes blocked moving over tor the shoulder.shder. so things clear across 295 2 northbound to the 11th street se bridge. minor delay passed that crash scene 14th street bridge clearee and washington street reopenedeo in alexandria between madisonad and montgomery. metro rails are all on if you want to make metro instead of the roads to getoet around. around back to you maureen and steve. e new this morning babyng bab injured in horrible crash in on county released from the hospital.hospal some good news. the basoby's mother
8:08 am
her out of the back of the carhf when she was struck yesterday y afternoon in aspen hill.en hil the 28-year-old mother had to be airlifted to shock trauma in police have not yet said ifaid speed was a factor in this crasa but the baby at least out of the hospital.hoital. princess leia one with theot force.force. >> hollywood heavyweight mentall health advocate and activistt carrie fisher passed away at tht age of 60. 60. anita vogel has the story. >> reporter: carrie fisherishe best known for her role as re princess leia in the blockbuster franchise star wars passed awayy four days after suffering aring heart attack on a plane comingon from london on friday.y in a statement from her daughter billy lord her mother passed at 8:55am tuesday morning at a loss angeles hospital.l saying quote she was loved by b the world and she will be missee fro foundly. hollywood has been quick tock react to carrie's death with w tweets being posted by manyany celebrities.ities including her star w
8:09 am
mark hamil who tweeted "no words, hash tag devastated. "another from billy d williamsim saying quote she was a dear dr friend whom i greatly respected and admired.ed. the force is dark today ". hasn't prison ford toldn fod people magazine "carrie was onee of a kind, brilliant, original,i funny and emotionally fearless s she lived her live bravely". >> actress and writer was bornan into hollywood royalty on october 21, 1956 in los angeles, california,. she was did he say tipped forpe star tom. singer eddie eie fisher and actress debbie reynolds.ol. she became a pop culture iconco after starring as princess leiaa in the 1977 hit film star wars s and its sequels. >> carrie fisher has so much more to be remembered for. she was witty and funny.un. she wrote like a she was a fantastic actress.
8:10 am
novel in 1987 called "postcardsd from the edge" which she later adapted into a screen play andld then was made into a fi starring meryl streep andng m sr shirley mclean.mcl fisher went on to become acome successful screen writer, revising many hollywood scripts and taking on supporting rolesrs in movies like when harry met sally. >> ken door mon.oo. >> he's been married for over aa year. >> really? married.. >> she long battled drug drug addiction and mental illness but recently repriced her famous role as princess leia in last lt year's star wars the force awakens.s. finished filming star wars sr w episode eight the third film inn the franchise due out in i december 2017.7 carrie fisher was 60 years old.d in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news.. for the first time russianei official admit to
8:11 am
doping among olympic athletes.. >> saving betty white? why one fan set up gofundme page for the veteran details after the break. 8:10 is your time.
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪♪ all right. time to get to it, tuck. bonus time and to a little biri tells me we could use it todayod because we have some bonusus cuteness.cuteness. >> not one, not two -- butut three. th >>h, m my gosh. >> have we had three before. b >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. g how adorable are t
8:14 am
>> all right. we got>> cuteness overload.oad. fox5 first five photo of the day. >> break it down. roll call tucker whom do weo we have? ha >> all right.>> all right we have i hope i'm getting key y eaea. >> key era. >> tierra.>> tie and sierra. >> yes. >> they watch fox5 news every ey morning with their grandma. >> aww. >> one lucky grandma. >> their actual triplets.uaiple >> yeah. >> so cool.ol. >> that is so cute. >> aww. a >> they take turns turning on the tv and thetake ty look forwt seeing the morning crew. >> yay! >> y >> that's awesome.hat' you know there's so much energye and love in that house.d love >> oh, my god.y god i can only imagine that's ane ta handful of cuteness.haful look at that. >> super adorable.doble. >> to send us your child'syour's picture or your children'sld pictures go oh our facebook page fox5 d.c. d. key era, tierra and sierra. s have a fantastic day. >> aww. thahat's great. beautiful smiles. >> wow
8:15 am
if your grandma, do you have trouble -- >> i was going ask how do theyog tell them apart. i bet their personality.sonality 'm i'm sure. at quick gnce. >> no. i mean doesn't your mom stilloml call you like by your -- off brother, right. rig >> yeah. >> by your brother's name sometimes?mes? >> hmm.>> h. >> they don't whatever one youtn are, come over here.e. >> right.ight >> my mom does tricia, you, come here. here. >> come change the channel.hael >> let's do weather. do weather 40 now in washington.ngton. colder -- cooler temperaturesra today. it's not going to be bitter colt but upper 40s to about 50 this afternoon.rnoon. binghamton is 25 hey, look at chicago 24 degreesr so there is cold air just off tt the north and west.north d w we are looking at sunshineun breeze out north today. but a quiet afternoon. afternoon lots of sunshine it should feeld pretty good out there.the but it won't be the 68 we had yesterday.sterda. quick moving cold front will geg in here late tonight early early tomorrow morning that will bring us a period of rainning showerse first half of the day tomorrowor and then we'll clear it outt out tomorrow afternoon. i want to mention that samehat m syem
8:16 am
nor'easter off the new england coastline and places like vermont, new hampshire and maini are going get 12 to 18-inches of fresh powder. >> wow. >> if you're headed in thatded n direction for the new year's y weekend. should be nice. >> winter wonderland up there.wa all right.nd up ri 50 for us today.oday chilly tomorrow.or 48 with morning rain showers. se our weekend looks good friday, , saturday, sunday generally geral quiet. might be a few showers for redskins football on sundayy afternoon with temperaturesra about 50.bout 50. going out new ears eveve temperatures should be in the se 30s but it should be dry which is very important.nt. >> okay. i'm done. >> i like it. >> all right. at aooin with erin get a look the roads this morning. morning. are folks heading back to work k >> at first it look like theyik were. >> now it calmed down.ow it calw >> now it's super quiet oncen.i again.. >> faked you out. o >> good for if you you get tofoy miss work.missor there was a little flow of folkl heading back to work todayor earlier.ier southeast southwest freewayre crash cleared and you can seeyoa not an ounce of congestionongest
8:17 am
that point. eleventh street bridge is quiet. 295 north and southbound theun t entire stretch moving.oving. same story across the freethreet street bridge.e. 395 northbound problem free.em f bottom side of the beltway belty through oxon hill is cruising hu all of our area bridges are quiet. 95 hasqu zero delays towards the beltway through dale city this s south at that point in staffordd also quiet conditions passed pae courthouse road. roa 66 flowing freely. frey. earlier crash by 123. 1 that has cleared out of the wayo just a minor stretch of yellow w through fairfax.rf inside the beltway looking goodg through annandale. 95 springfield interchange up tt 66 quiet and no problems up inp maryland works 70 the beltwayelw looking good. 95 baltimore washington parkway as well as route 1. sore w ias likase w what i'm sen rails as well. no delays on metro.elon m back to you tu >> let's take advantage of itak while we can.e in international news right nowt president obama and japanese prime minister sin so abe visited pearl harbor payingr pin tribute to the side which honors those who lost their lives back in dean forty nine.rty ni
8:18 am
rendered him speechless.s. president obama spoke about the attack and how iamta changedha america forever.ev in russia search crews founs second flight data recorder froo plane that crashed nat black set on christmas day. d. 92 people died in that crashinha when the military jet went downn minutes after take cough nearkeg the city of sochi. investigators believe theors bei accident was likely caused beesb either pilot error or a mechanical problem, not terrorism.. for the first time russian officials now acknowledging ann institutional conspiracy when ii come to the doping of hundredshd of olympic athletesop. >> the scandal at the same timea some of the world's most sportso events during interviews witness new york times russian officiala said they cannot longer disputes credible evidence of a organizen russian doping president.ian ahead of donald trump'sdoofr inauguration migrants in mexicom they're pushing north to reach r america before trump takere tmpt office. of us officials say the number ofbo illegal immigrants coming from mexico and also central americaa has increased since electionle day. a lot of people fearing trump'sp campaign promises on immigration reform will actually becometuecm
8:19 am
take you over to cube b theb economy is taking a dip for the first time in 25 years. yrs. it's all because of decrease ine aid from venezuela.enezla this last time cuba's -- last time cube bass' economy took aoo hit was in 1993 after the soviee union collapsed abruptly abrup stripping away much of the the island's aid and they're trade.. growing number of americansa are choosing to retire outsideue the united states.tates. just under 400,000 retirees nown living abroad much this is is according to the social security the number grew 17% between 2010 and 2015. 2015. and it is expected to rise overe the next 10 years.ea. the country they choose mostosos often include nan today, japan,, mexico and the uk.k >> i'm curious if it's becauseae financial.ial. >> yeah. >> cheaper to live abroad. >> do it. oaprer you're at that age r folks just have want to do something different.sothing difr >> the experience,en yeah. >> at that point don't have toit work any more let's do someome traveling. do> let's do it. >> did you get something youou m didn't necessarily love foror christmas? if you did you're certainly not alone.certaiy not ups expects
8:20 am
packages back to the retailersee on january 5th. that is selling national returns day. surging online sales over asalee billion dollars worth this years just on amazon alone followed bb a surge of returns by air and if ups is correct it will be thewie busiest returns day ever up 30%3 over last year's 1 millionon returns. >> all right. ahead, good riddens a lotot of people are staying 2 >> if you want to throw out anyt memories of this past year, l well, today is the day.ll, toy s we'll tell you how coming up.p. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪♪ okay.>> take a look at it. this is harriet the bald eagle e and she's nesting right now.ghtw she's got two little eagletsagle that are waiting to hatch anytcn day now.ow the eggs were laid back onn november 22nd november 25th. nterestinteresting story with harriet sto >> am i going to gueryss w tit hauess t ozzie is the --he >> the man in her life. lif >> ozzie is supposed to be thete man in her life.if but get this. so ozzie apparently killed her former mate. what?t? >> yes. i got that m15 is the new mate. m15 killed ozzie in a fight. fit >> to be with her? her >> yes. who knew, right? >> need a little reality show. >> we have the cameras.ameras. >> i was reading, this is crazya >> big reveal should be cominglm
8:24 am
eaglets are expected to startart hatching soon. very cool. c we did it here in d.c. last year. >> what's going on there? >> looks can be so deceiving.ei harriet looks cool and calm. who knew she was little >> she's something special somee that's for sure. >> yeah. if you want to eye as they t look forward to the future andea additions that their family in 2017 if you'd like to get rid od the past in 2016 today is good riddens day in new york people say goodbye to bad to b habits. how does it work you ask? sk? participants pen bad memories mm from the past year and then they toss them in a large bin in thet hopes of not repeating the same mistakes and miss fortunes nextt the papers will then behen b shredded. >> i guess if yoush have an ex x somebody you're not happy with,, that's it. done with the it. moving on.n. >> all the bad mojo out of here. >> we have an empty chair.empta. we didn't shred tucker dark we.w >> we didn't shred him.d h we want him to come back inn .017. >> or 8:24. 8 whichever comes first. >> i just climbed out of thet dt dumpster. >> which ex tosse
8:25 am
>> actually there could be -- let's go to the forecast. >> okay. >> definitely one or let's do tempings.em 40 now in winds out of the north at eighti upper 40s to about 50 today. to. yesterday we hit skate gloriouss degrees.s not that be warm today but tay t bright and sun know day with ait bit of a breeze here out of the north. sunshine is the rule for today.. can't prom this that forhat tomorrow morning we'll get raini quick moving cold front that coh will kind of lock in the cool le pattern for the weekend.kend. just off to our north and westnw that. will bring us morning rain showers. well north and west it'sow n and possible there could be a perior of light freezing rain so just stay tuned to that. tha but otherwise, quiet weathertea pattern as we get into the weekend.ekd. new year's eve looks cool. cool but clear with maybe a shower oo sunday for our redskins play ofa run sunday afternoon. >> okay.. >> okay.ka >> as we get closer we'll give g people better forecasts iffore they're going out to the game on sunday. >> more details. n getth enheck in with eri a look at the roads 8:25.ds 8
8:26 am
been pretty quiet around the dmv for this post holiday pre newrew year's week we do have big crasc scene closing down the ramp topo nutley street from 66 eastbound. i'm going to get out of the waye there you can see a lot of first responders, white truck tck completely flipped sideways. fire truck out there blocking bo off the scene while they work or that crash.that unfortunately it looks likey itk there are injuries involved.olve we'll certainly keep you postedp on that. avoid the off ramp to nutley nue choose another exit to get toreo where you need to be coming f gf virginia this morning.rg let's go ahead and switch finrom our cameras and show i was lookl at our maps right now. metro all rail lines have beenae pretty quiet.pretty we have one green line delayeel earlier and that's it. metro surge 12 safetrack doesn't kick in until after the new yeay keep updated on that one.hat on. as for the wide view of your o commute you can see that redha r line building on 66.n that is near the crash by nutley street.reet rubberneck delay as well.l other than that, just a touch oo volume coming inbound from cabin john on to clara barton. bar let you know about other delayss if they pop up.op back to you maureen and steve. e >> inauguration day right aroun the corner and it's
8:27 am
next we're getting the insidens scoop from white house correspondent.corres >> details on that security secy scare at the trump tower in newe york. this is cell phone video showing people running for the exit.xi why? we'll tell you coming up. it's 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> all right. 8:29. we're back. that's steve you her. you h he's making things right in the loft.ft. taking live look outside lde beautiful day on tap.ful day ont 40 degrees right now. right now lot coor
8:30 am
don't worry it's still gorgeouss day. make the most of it. okay.ok let's take some looks at what's' happening in the news today. tay take look at this more headaches for trump tower w in new york city. yk cit police had to evacuate the lobby yesterday after reports of artsf suspicious package. traffic was snarled around the area as they investigated.tigat. you can see people running runni through the lobby not sure ofno what was happening. wasappeni it turns out that the packagepae was actually backpack which wasw full of children's toys. since donald trump was electedcd gridlock has become a huge h problem near the building.ld president-elect trump was in florida at the time.he time. steve?st? >> ♪♪ let's talk more about that. president-elect donald trump's's inauguration less than a month n array way. we have heard dozens of proteste are planned for that weekend. attendance may be low a lot of d.c. top hotels are sold out. white house kate bennett joins i us to talk about the gnarring. happy holidays to you.y holi >> let's start with that. in the
8:31 am
just the big money suitesey suie selling out, the big money folks who will be cupping to town orto hotels starting to sell outg tot across the board?across the b >> i think they're starting tohe sell out across the board whatyw i've h there was some initial stress sr that the hotels weren't bookingb within the 48 hour period thatet the obama administration gotn booked much these hotels rightts after obama were like done, d we're book, thanks for playing.g this year it took little longer, an lot of the people who aree coming in are coming in for protests.ts. upping, mixed bag let's say. say but some of the big hotels are e doing these giant packages like the ritz had that $150,000 $1500 inauguration -- >> where do you get $150,000.150 >> you get first class airfare.e you get a sweet you get a sapphire necklace.klac >> fancy. >> just in case. sapphire is>> the 45th anniversary gift. g 45th president.sident >> 45 i got you. y >> you get tickets to inaugurall ball. four seasons is doing somethings similar. not quite as extravagant but b they're real pros inaugural, yoo know, events., eve the trump hotel has been sold out
8:32 am
probably before what they told me. and that big sort of townhousenu high roller sweet they have wass going for $100,000 a night wasas the rumor more.. so i think people are doing okao in the hotel world. wld fun fact, though, a lot of lot democrats i've talk to are, um, airbnbing their homes fort weeke glenn they want to get out townt >> they want to get out of town. a herd in bethesda that i knowio is getting something like a lika thousand dollars night for her r house in bethesda.hesda so imagine if you're,ing.ou're, >> not exactly walking distancei to the capitol.he citol >> exactly.xaly so something to think about if i you are enterprising person off any party who wants to get out of town maybe airbnb your place. >> this is interest to go one o the difference this year from t inaugurations more recently in i the past the celebrity aspect a has been looked in two ways.o wy some people are saying there'sye not lot of big name that is havs been announced so maybeay celebrities don't want to be ane part of it. pa of course donald trump is sayinn and the inauguration committeeoe is saying well this is for theli people. we're not focusing on c elebrityelebri as spec but we do
8:33 am
coming it might be paying off already.aly. >> jackie evan the 16-year-oldao girl runner up and america's got tal leapt reach reaping theping benefits of saying yes. her christmas album came outam it's number one on the billboard classical charts. and her other digital download i mean her numbers have quadrupled in sales since it was announcedc all these people saying no elton johns, garth brooks, celine dions, might want to reconsiderr just for the financial aspect.a. >> money talks. >> it does. ten, she wass enterprising she's 16.he's6. she's going to come sing the the star spangled banner and excited about it and her record salesor have reflected that.cted we have to remember that thehe country elected donald trump. >> right.ight. >> so, you know, putting your thinking cap on maybe going toot the inauguration and performin isn't such a bad ideat ch a >> how about the trump family itself? you talk before aboutbt ivanka wanting to get a place in any update on that search?earc >> that's stilly rumor more she and her family are going to look for a home.ome. have been looking for
8:34 am
they want to be that's an area e she knows well she went to school at georgetown for afor a couple of years, and so alsoo those rumors that the orthodoxdx jewish synagogue that's inagogu' georgetown would be their placea of worship. so so far, no. >> no they're in hawaii for the holidays ivanka and jared and their children.hildren. they're not in florida with theo rest of the family.f family so we'll see. see but she's gearing up.earing up. i -ar -- >> you're hearing rent not buy. >> i'm hearing rent not buy and that's maybe because of houses s in the area might not be what bt she's looking for the ones thatt are for sale.e r sa sometimes it's easier --asr >> how about the white house itself? how do we think donaldn trump will decorate to his likings? we've talk about in in other transitions of power it's' literally a couple of hours to t get the new furnishings into the white house. what do you think we'll see?u ie >> you have six hours from whens the old president obama goes and the trumps move in like 130ik 10 rooms to turn over.nver. so these guys are really good at it. it >> i mean i think, listen, i, think the
8:35 am
was all the gold and stuff he's had that place for somethingomeg like 30, 40 years. years. that was the style. i don't think they're going tont paint everything gold and put statues in. i think he's going to beo be traditionalist and sort of stick to what i hear is, you know, the americana theme and i thinkhi melania has very she seems too have very chic taste.aste i don't think there's going to be this worry they'll turn it into this versailles. not really going to happen. hap. >> you'll be working out of theo white house. you'll be the first to . >> i'll let you know. >> if that i'll happens. kate benefit net white houseteou correspondent. let us no he what else changeshl in the meantime. >> thank you. >> 8:35ly check in with tucker barnes speaking of changes itngi was almost 70 yesterday.esterda. >> 68 degrees yesterday.degr couple it? cooled off overnightg now 40 in you can see that regionally herr we've got temperatures belows be freezing just north and we haveh so cooler weather pattern not a cold weather pattern. p it won't be bitter cold out there today but cooler.oler. daytime highs upper 40s to abouo 50. 50. lots of sunshine to look forwara to
8:36 am
quiet day. high pressure will keep things s nice and tranquil around hererod for the remainder of our day,, and i do want to mention we have rain showers in the for cost in tomorrowfo morning i'll show tht you coming up here but we have a fast-moving cold front that will move in from the west overnightg tonight. 50 today.oday. winds out of the north and westt at five to 10 khein nd of lockig cooler day. all right.all r erin is back. she's got roads that look like they were getting back to normaa then it turn out it's another ah quiet day.ay. >> roller coder of emotions. we have a bad crash right now.ow but the good news, volume arounn the dmv tucker pretty light. lht look at this. thi big scene here a truckruck completely sideways the off-ramp from 60 eastbound to nutleyle street completely shut down.ow a lot of first responders evense have the fire department outtmeo there. we have to keep it to 66 t eastbound and get off at anotheh exit depending upon where you'ru going. be prepare, you cannot exit at a nutley street right now from 666 eastbound. causing a little bit of ae t of rubberneck delay passed thisd ti pot asas well. aside from this serious crash ch that we are tracking, we will gg to our map right now and show sw tucker just how qui
8:37 am
what do you see around the dmv? >> green. >> christmas green. g>> >> christmas chris right now traffic looking goodd 95 over to gentleman georgia ono college park on the outer loop.o through largo we're looking gook and cheverly suitland, arlington, vienna you can see ce that red line 66 eastboundtbound that's passed crash seen werashn showed you at nutley cabin johnj a touch of volume coming from clara barton. barto other than that kind of like thd what i'm seeing and metro is ono time. that's your look at traffic. >> thanks erin. e betty white has some diehard fans.fa [ applause ]ns >> including tucker.r. me inn clued.menn c one actually started gofundmeofm page to save the veteran actress from what you say? the answer e after the break.the eak ♪♪ ♪♪
8:38 am
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our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile...
8:40 am
with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter eth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white. >> 8:40 on this wednesday:4 morning. not lot going on on the roads an least right thereg .. traffic pretty light.ty l erin talking about lighter thant usual traffic, too. t. she's been seeing for today.od >> i think a lot of people maypm were able to take the whole weee f.f. >> yeah. >> a nice present for everybody else who does have to get to g t work.wo. lucky one. 2016 has been terrible year for celebrity losses from david bowie to prince, carrie fisher s the latest.t >> muhammed ali was 2016 as well goodness.. >> fans of betty white want toat make sure she's not the next nt loss.. gofundme campaign to quoteuote protect betty white from 2016m has gone viral. val and nearly reached $2,000 goal.g the campaign founder said theoui money will be used to k
8:41 am
white safe.white. but that if she doesn't want ana armed guard the money will beeyl donated to theater in south iso carolina and hedge educate a nen generate of stars to quote carrr a mantle of the legends thatdsha have left this year.eft yea >> i don't know if she would bee honored by that or littleit ticked. what do you think. >> i think she's done okay on her own so far.whnk sheher own f >> so far so >> going strong.on >> okay. check in with wisdom fine outomt what's coming outpatient on goog day d.c. because he's the only o one left. good morning. >> the only one left, steve i.'e so the only one left here i'mt e going to make a dramaticti entrance. en he there you go. how do you like that? that? >> that was drama. >> dramatic. in the first five minutes of good day d.c.,ir wste'll get a v update on the murder of a a popular yoga instructor andruor actress here in d.c. what we're learning about herg h alleged killer, plus we'll goki live to tmzller.o tmz they have news about the deathhe of carrie fisher and the impactt it's having on hollywood. also ahead on good day, our very own allison seymour, the allison seymour, she's going to join usn live because last night she toot her daughter to see the one anda only bruno mars at the
8:42 am
national harbor she tells allel about it all the details coming up.up. also, this morning, we'rewer looking to nail that new year's' eve look but wasn't to do it ono budget because we can help witha that. good day dc just a few minutesut away. in dramatic fashion, i'm going i to walk out just like i walk in. >> see ya. >> see you not in 2017 but in 18 minutes. mi >> exactly. 2016 a year also filled witt controversy. >> no doubt about it from congressman anthony weiner too e ryan lot tee the presidentialdea election.el we will take a year -- look back at the year of scandals next. ♪♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
ive look at the white houseok a right now. tucker the flag is not moving right now on top. by thet m ri flags aretlahe gentle christmas tree still in front or the white house ere. very nice. >> can i ask a question? when are you pposed to take downsk ae your christmas >> oh my goodness, there were two trees outside of my m building. >> already. >> the day after christmas. that morning at 7:00 o'clock in the morning they were already gone. d >> i was talking to meghan onea of ouring th palngro tducers yoy take it down before the newwn br year's because it's bad luck tok go into new year with all that.a >> i never bought into that. >> i didn't heater. hea >> until it dries out the effore it takes to put it up i'ls l eny it. >> i put mine up late.up lat it will stay up until probably -- >> enjoy the holiday season. the magic of it the. >> we'll join nice temperatures we think. we'll have to wait 10 seconds to find out and then we'll check in with tucker.
8:46 am
maureen, my take it's allure weather related. as long as there's no thunderstorms in the forecast, as ltormkeep it up.n, >> keep it.eep >> once we have thunderstormse e back in the forecast it has to h be out othf he ere.e. >> got to go.oo. >> temperatures back to normalrt today. yesterday we hit 68 degrees.8 e. today more like upper 40s to0s about 50. 5 cooler numbers out there early e this morning.orni 40 in washington.ngton. 36 up in couple slots hit the freezing fn mark. 31 now at dulles. fredericksburg you guys belowrgy freezing early this morning.or 37 in culpeper.per 41 leonardtown. cool start to the day. winds they're not terribly terri strong but we do have a breezere out of the north and north and a west, and with that flow hereloh out of the north and and north and west indicates big changesia in the weather pattern weathtern temperatures next couple of day will definitely trend more likel what we would expect in laten lt december. not the upper 60s we hads we h stererday. otherwise, great looking daye, i should be lots of sunshine.nin dry afternoon.erno just beautiful out there if yout want to get out and about weather will not be a big playea in you
8:47 am
i do want to mention we'll haveh rain showers tomorrow morning ir you're headed into work tomorrow morning this frontal system fm right here will team up and getd little moisture from the gulf g and bring us a period of somed e rain showers around here here probably between about four andr 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.i then we'll get it out of here oh tomorrow afternoon and we'rend e going to be in for much coolerhr couple of days around here byey friday, saturday and sunday. sua all right. there's future i'll show you showers moving ins no problems tonight.onht should be nice sunset and getsea the clouds in here quick and thd frontal system along with prettp good rains again early tomorrowo morning. if it gets going early enoughlye and cold enough we may have fewe pockets of freezing rain north i and west by early tomorrowrly tr morning. so stay tuned to that. we might get advisories.dvisorie then we'll clear it out tomorrot afternoon and it will getl blustery and chilly around hered tomorrow night with overnightigt lows back near freezing there'sg your seven day. want to helping saturday lookss good, new year's eve e temperatures in the 30 if'sates you'll be out and about firstirt night activity outdoors saturday night and if a few showers on o sunday with highs about 50 for r the redskins big game sunday
8:48 am
but won't be wintry.. does that make any okay, guys, back to you.ou >> makes toll sense like always. 47.7. 2016 draws to close we remember the good and the bad. we remember some of the scandald some of the unbelievableunlievab headlines that popped up thispei year. >> former congressman anthonyngn weiner's sexting to sex scandals, at a popular christias university it was an unforgettable year and in lot o ways. mark mccullum reports. r >> you can call it water gate, gold medal olympian ryan lachtkc claimed he was rob at gun pointp out a night out in rei gee deepd he urinated outside a gas station bathroom.. he lot of major corporate corpoe sponsors ships.sponsohips president-elect trump went wen through a whirlwind of controversies this yearcontro including more than a dozenhan n sexual harassment allegations.eo he also got caught saying lewday comments about women on a 2005 n access hollywood hot mike. m he denied them all. a and apologized for the commentst on tape. fein
8:49 am
debbie wasserman schultz s resigned after a trophy ofy o leaked e-mails showed partyty officials conspiring to sabotagb the campaign of senator berniee sanders of this as wikileaks released an avalanche of e-mails related t hillary clinton that many sayany cost her the election. >> team usa goalie so low ripper into the swedish women's team t after they eliminated usa from f the olympics.. criticizing their defensiv defee style of play. styl she was suspended from thero national women's team for six sx months.mont few days later, solo also parter ways with her national women's's soccer league team.. >> sex scandal rocking baylor by university several female seral students reported sexual or domestic assault charges againsa members of the football team including at least four allegedl gang rapes.apes. the largest baptist universityns in the country plagued byla b allegations that he failed toaid handle cases of sexual assault u committed by its students.s. former baylo
8:50 am
and celebrated football coach art broils lost their jobs. and the saga of jolene in a. a justin beiber posting instagram accusing him beliebers of attacking his relationship withp sophia ritchie.chie. former girlfriend selena gomez took to the comments to retort if you can't handle the hate, ht then stop posting pictures ofres your new girl friend lol. after beiber deleted this instagram gomez rei lened posting a snap chat that read, r what i said was self fish andh a pointless she said.. >> former new york congressmanor anthony weiner in trouble again this year started when his former wife said she was leavina him after finding out he wasut h sexting with another woman. mr. weiner sent allude photo too the woman with his four-year-old son in the picture. >> fbi investigation found newew e-mails from hillary clinton.lli wells fargo ce
8:51 am
stepped down after the bank camc under fire for sales practices. in september of 2016 the compana agreed to pay $185 million too settle allegations that accountt were opened without customersmes permission to reach aggressivesv sales targets.gets and the maker of epipen milan agreeing to pay $465 million ton settle allegations that it overe build medicaid for the life-saving drug. dru the house grilled the grilled te pharmaceutical company's ceo heather bresh about the controversial price tag afterl t she allegedly received a raise of more than 670% over nine >> some of the scandals makingof had he lines i tn 2016. 2016 now, at some point we'll try tot recap the year in entertainment but that is going to be major bm job down the road. >> good to see you guys this y morning. yesterday in the 10am hour we0au were talking about this lessonso that comes from this new movie e
8:52 am
now denzel washington starringsr and directing in the movie ass well. this is based on the august wilson play but the movie dealsd with a lot of themes of family m and a father taking care of hish family in 1950s pittsburgh onetg of the biggest lessons from the movie this idea that nothat n everyone in life is going tooint li y you. his son literally says to him,im how come you never liked me? m? and it's seen you're seeing ye right here. it's a lesson that i think a lot of people learn. lea it's different points in their life. i learn it later in life because you try to be nice to everybodyy there are people who aren'te pea going like you just because thet just don't like you.ike you i spoke to denzel washington wag about that particular lesson ana how important that was for him r in hollywood, and he kind of left me speechless.pehless. k thk this out. >> a line in the film you talk t about think idea of, you know, y like not everyone is going to gi like you and that to me one of the biggest lessons you learn in life because you want people top like you but not everyone isou b ut ngoing to like you.e you need to make sure being areg doing right by. >> can i ask you a
8:53 am
how you ain't never like me? m like you?? >> what law is there to say i got to like you? don't you go through life worrying abouth li whether somebody like you or not.r you bettersoyoor be making suree they're doing right by. by. >> talk about what that means for you as an actor going intooi this and how important thattantt lesson for people. peo i think people really thinky t everyone should like them andhoe it's not going happen. >> well, how old are you. well,w >> i'm 32. o >> what's the number one thing t people want now.t now >> what do you mean?>> >> likes. >> yeah. >> living on likes.ikes. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> it's true. it's tru >> what do you think about thatk >> yeah. you're rig>> yht.u' [ laughter ]re >> i'm going to end this end t interview and get some likes.d . >> who in the hell said i got ti like you? mr. washington, thank you very much.h. >> wonderful job. wonderful job. >> let them know when i just tmn said who the hell said i got tot like you that's a line from thee >> that's line from the play. t. >> i love denzel i it's an interesting thing. an we do base a lot of our lives l what
8:54 am
people it becomes a thing where you kind of show yourself in a n certain way you think thatink that's kind of how people areinw grading you. affects your mood. >> totally. >> when you post something and more people like you'ryoe likeue okay. >> it's fascinating.fa >> some people post too much.e s >> true. >> they want the likes.>> the >> in our business we postn because it's part ofou our job,j you know. that movie out right now inn theaters very great film if yout haven't seen it yet.n'en it next up a really happy i love this so much.uc >> taylor swift --wi >> hang on, la, la, la remarks.s >> you don't like taylor swift.i >> she doesn't say the word. wd. >> happy. >> taylor swift much this story is azi she showed up at a surprise party for a 96-year-old fan of hers named cyrus porter. p now, if we can remove the banner. bann you see this little girl dancing that gentleman 96-year-old children is a world war ii war i veteran.te >> that's him with the hat >> here's the cool thing. thing porter is a world war ii veterar featured on tv for his love off swift's mus
8:55 am
in concert and shes she put on t one of a kind show.d s she showed up at his 96 birthdaa party to surprise him. >> okay.>>y. >> acoustic performance of shakf itff.f. her grandson picture will showis neck coming up. grandson that's his grandsonn posting a picture of the selfiei with the grandfather.he grandfa >> he look great. >> he looks amazing. 96 and he's dancing.anci >> do we know the back story hoy they got him -- her to comeo c there. >> apparently he was on>> television a,pp and he was talki about how much of a fan he was a of her music. they did a story about this and -- and -- >> veteran. >> the oldest fan of taylor swift. seen her twice in concert.once i guess per pr team caught wind this is my assumption. ass >> right. >> they decide to set something up like that. i don't know how that all went know h t downha. >> really really cool.l. >> now will you -- you >> yes.>> y >> you can say her name for atoa least a day. >> say her name once. onc >> taylor. >> tay tay. redemption is slow. is w. >> thanks, kev.ons) >> take a short break
8:56 am
♪♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. all right. 8:56 right now. i told you we'd be right b ack and we were.e >> lick account split.k accountt >> put the attention on tucker e now. now. >> quick look at the weather. loo. here i am . >> hi. >> we're going to be cooler thag yesterday. upper 40s about 50.bout a lot cooler than yesterday. yey 44 in washington.n washi winds out of the north and westt hehere n. bot toll line on today lots ofoo sunshine, dry afternoon but feel more like december thanber t yesterday when we were close tor 70. quick look at the seven day.. plenty for details on thisls cong
8:57 am
tomorrow morning and it look ito like a cool weekend but a quieta weekend for the most part ift i you're going to be engaging in activities. whatever those might be.ho mig >> whatever those might be.r the [ laughter ] >> yes.>>. >> all right. erin, hopefully we haven't we worked you too hard today. hardy >> no, it's been actually at's t relatively peaceful week, maureen. i'll be honest with right now -- what's that?hat's t >> take look behind me.e look this is a crash we've be tracking 66 eastbound.6 e some breaking newsas.akg n off ramp to nutley street stree remains shut down. down. really serious crash scenerash s there. we have one of the vehicle involve tow truck. this van smashed inside ways.e y dozens of first responders outnt there. traffic is causing slow down on 60 eastbound because folks arese slowing down taking a look atg n that incredible scene blocking the off-ramp make sure that youy choose a different way to exitt aside from nutley street and and watch for 20 minute delayine picking up.pickin u keep update.keep update. good day at 9a is coming rightit up. keep it here to fox5.
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i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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♪♪ ♪ straight ahead, still more amo questions than answers after the murder of tricia macau ansley. ♪♪ last night friends gathered todt remember the local actress and a yoga teacher police search forrf lips to her suspected killer. ke we're learning more about hist brushes with the law. >> tension escalating between the president-elect and the mane he will relays. tensions build between the


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