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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 29, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, a brokenad,e heart. actress debbie reynolds out o living her daughter by one day. >> good morning, good
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you. >> hollywood legend best knownek for her role in the sinking inkn the rain collapsing fromollaing apparent strok one day after the death ofth o carrie fisher.r we'll look back at her life andd legacy and how hollywood iswoodi remembering her.. the search for missingng bethesda man goes cross countyoy he hasn't been seen in weeks. ie who just used his cred deadde card?ca >> retaliating against russia.i we can learn how the white housh plans to punish the kremlin forf reportedly interfering with thet us election but the move couldou drive a deeper wedge between the president and his successor.or we'll tell you why. and later, the countdown to 2017 from security to spending d to stepping up your party game.m we're getting ready for theor te celebration of the year. y good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ >> very appropriate song forg f many reasons today.od good day d.c. it is 9:01 on thii
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i'm maureen umeh alongside erin, steve, wis dollar. dla holly has the morning off. >> more coming up on the life tl and career of the unsinkablekabl depth bee reynolds straighttrai ahead.ah also this morning pretty much m drivers dream come true we'll t' talk about a new york's uber green light camp and why maureen says uh-uh. not buying it. >> didn't happen g first atn' 9:00 let's talk about thet ha th weather. weather. cold and wet start to the tth morning especially south of thet dcegioion. but if you plan on spenting theg new year in new england youla could be stuck in blizzard foror details tucker is back with akit first check of the forecast. kind of a gloom mow day outside. >> yeah, we got clouds and we'v' had pretty good rains overnightg the good news the rain isn winding down pretty quick, andca we should break out into somento sunshine this afternoon.hine tho so the forecast gets better froo here. 43 definitely chilly out there.. winds out of the south at nine.n and still some lingering maybe m we can flipped the prompter thah won would be fantastic, fanta lingering rain showers acrossg a the th
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tracker radar tracking leftovero showers notice the heaviest of the rain pushed to the east.he s overnight we did have goodeoo soaking rains for southerner maryland, and for much of theuc area and really our big concernn overnight was the potential forf freezing rain north and west. best i can tell that did not really materialize.ateriali so that's great news. new bigger picture here, i do wantan to mention we'll get mountain mt snows later today, as the windse pick up out of the north andortd west. we should see some sun sheen sus is afterernoon. so we'll get a chance to dry iti out. upper 40s to about 50. 5 this whole system this is a colc front will become an area of lol pressure and as erin mentioneded big snows in vermont, new, ne hampshire and maine. mai 12 to 18-inches expected up u there they'll get a christmas/news years big storm in between with good skiinnegwsg weather up there for the weekend. there's our seven day, and i'lld come back and we'll revisit some of these days but the bottom bto line is cooler weather on the way later this afternoon andnd tonight by tomorrow morningorror we'll be near freezing.reezin all right, guys, that's it. over to you.
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>> thank you very much. thank you tucker. thankthan biyogu story at 9:00 you her th song off the top singing in then rain because debbie reynolds the famed actress who sang that sonn joining her daughter in thehtere after life just one day later.dt the actress and hollywood legeng dying on wednesday afteray a apparently collapsing at herg ar son's house.. sources say she may havehe may h suffered a stroke.ffered str but to those who knew her, itw t was more likely a broken heart.t reynolds was reportedlyorted distraught over the death of her daughter star wars star carriere fisher. >> good morning, good morning to you. ♪♪ >> reynolds hollywood tripleripl threat best known for her starring role in syncing in thee rain.rain singing and dancing alongside greats like gene kelly andelly d donald o'connor but the a claimed singer, dancer and ago a tress starred in more than 40 m0 films and countless tv shows. ss she was also a business woman, a film historian, humanitarianar avid col
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biehl ya.. first big tabloid sensations sei after her marriage to singer sge eddie fisher fell apart when hee left her for elizabeth taylor.. reynolds remain active well intw her 80s wasn't recognized for her charity work with wit humanitarian oscar at thishi year's show, and a lifetimeifim achievement award from the fm screen actor's guild. gld reynolds was 84 years old an survivor of her son todd whod w says she passed moments aftertst telling him she wanted to beo be with >> such a tough loss.>> sh a to ugprobably was like everybody es yesterday i saw it across thes twitter feed.twitter fee my goodness.oodnes >> i gasped.>> i >> i felt the same way.e sa way >> here we go again, right. >> hard way to end 2016 for sure. s >> no doubt about i fans created make shift memorial on the walkl of fame in hollywood.lywood fisher did not have a star so message on blank star may the mt force be with you always. fisher's mom star a few blocks k away covered in candles andanesd flowers this morning. switching gears now 9:05 is0 the time.e. happening today president obamaa could announce retaliatoryia measures against
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this comes after the over the country's alleged interferenceec in last month's presidentialntia election he's receiving rec bipartisan reports from members of the u.s. senate who say the y issue trump's party loyalty butb the move could add more tensionn to the president's relationshipi with president-elect donald trump who has so far rejected claims of russian interferencene in the election.ct said last night that quote i think we ought to get on with ow out lives.ives. the russian foreign minute treee meantime promised to retaliate l against any us acts. >> meantime, relations also a strained between israel and thet united states asset of state john kerry defends the ushe u decision to be a taken from un u security council vote declaringg israeli e settlements illegal bb doing so the u.s. broke long log standing policy of shieldingng israel from certain diplomatic actions between the united the u states and closest immediate imd east ally. let's get back to the to president-elect receipt now.t-el donald trump taking credit forar bringing thousand of jobs back b to the united states.sted tate speaking from his estate down in
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in order, donald trump toldmp tl reporter that is executives frof sprint had just called him andnd said they would be bringing 5,000 jobs to the united statesa sprint later said the jobs werej part of preifly announcedoued commitment by japan's soft bank which owns stake in the mobile b bank's plans allegedly pre-datee last month's elections. electio that according to the cellular carrier itself.ier i back here at home we're we' following new developments ing e the case of aw missing bellssil today man. >> investigation is now faux cuff on the woman police saythea used his creditn po card tabu tt supply store a week after heer e went missing. fox5's annie yu is live with the latest. good morning, >> reporter: hey, maureen, good everybody.vebo new surveillance video videoeild shows a woman scene using hisngs credit card at beauty salon... >> very popular real estate e family here in the dc area, of co
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that family and there's some ofm the video.the ideo. that's the person who policeho l believe used the credit card ofd that missing person that woman w right there at the beauty supplp store where annie is this morning in high yatesvillesvi maryland.mand that is in bethesda who has been missing lived.g that's what his vehicle looksha like. he hasn't scene since a week w before christmas it has been some time.. >> the latest developmentelme somebody used or tried to at least use his credit card in hyattsville.tslle let's hope the clues help polich find out what happened to him. h we'll check in with annie or ger more on the story as thingss in progress. latest in the death of d.c. yogy instructor the man charged withd killing 46-year-old tricia t macauley appeared in courtrt yesterday.ster court documents show adriancus h dwayne johnson told police p macauley offered him sex. s he also claimed that she hangedd herself in inside her car afterwards but, prosecutors notn buying it. they say her injuries she was assaulted and then killed. k johnson charged with firstargedf
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of course, one of the bignei stories that came out this iame think a lot of people were maybm just finding out for the firsthr time or outraged the fact thisai is suspect in this case is is somebody who had skipped courtpu appearances good exactly.aran >> who was in the probationceasb program in d.c. d and people were wondering why is it at this person skipped his sd appointment to get an ankletmeng monitoring device. >> he never went to get it. >> if he kept missing courtngrt appearances why wasn't he foundu before he could, um, as the police accuse him of kill someone. of course allegations at this point but that's the crime he'sh atcharged's the with.ith. that led to the bigger questiono of how is this all monitored inn .c.. the washington post done wholeoo expo say on this they've beeny'b working on before this happened. this has hammed so many times ii d.c. because the differencehe df between d.c. and other states, e maryland, virginia, in i particular, is that the agency e that handles probation is is obviously because dc is not aota state run it's federal run you u have more layers of bureaucracy
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and so instead of just sayingay somebody missed a courtsed cour appearance, let's get that t warrant the judge science that it day they go out and pick thaa that person that day it has to h go through a process that can tc last more than month before thet can actually go find t person. >> okay. >> apparently, you know, therene have been efforts in the past p from counsel and the mayor's the office to try to do somethinget about this. t but the way that it's set up it goes through congress. cgr the head of this agency in dc dc says she reports to the white to house. ho she doesn't report to any district official.l. >> here's my --y - >> many layers that are not aren right. >> here's the disconnect.ere'th d.c., we are fighting foringor statehood.ateh you know, federal -- feds getedg out of our business.usiness. if you can even handle your ownn house, how is this an issue thaa anyone in their right thinkingg mind would say, hey, let's givev this over to the feds? you'reou talking about criminals withintl the districts . >> handle them first before you talk about feds stepping in andt doing something in a morein aore regulatory way.gulatory way >> i agree and that makes sensee the problem this dates back to c 1997 when the feds took over tht city because of the city'sit financial problems.ia >> right right.
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since then, and according to tht authors of these series oferieso stories in the washington post,s when they contacted the mayor'sr office, the response was, let'st deal with statehood first. >> oh, my gosh.os okay. >> we'll address these issues to try to regain control.. >> am i crazy here?er >> we haven't heard any responsa from the mayor' officnye. >> am i crazy here thinking thi is the wrong answer.he wng answe >> it is the wrong answer. wro >> you have a family grievinggri bought this bozo who wasas supposed to be fitted with anith ankle bracelet --ra >> doesn't show up. >> what's -- i'm sorry i'm goini on a ran this makes me so madad this woman her life could haveeo been spared if people had justdf taken precautions to get someone like this off the street.f the . that's not saying --in >> what makes you more mad thisd has happened dozens and dozensnd and dozens of >> which i had suspected. >> brings to my mind you saidtoi this goes back to 1997. 199 during that time period, andnd this keeps happening over andpsh over againap, why is this neverv come up for somebody to make -- take action and change this? t >> because you have city leadera and you have this kind of thingo going on.f t
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going on. if you keep seeing the same sam people not getting arrested andd not following through the thrgh process. >> many, many, many bureaucratic layers. apparently d.c. policee department is not thrilled withw this because they don't evenve know sometimes if somebody hasyh skipped court appearance.ped cor >> right. mebody hasbody has not -- skipped drug ntesotts that information is considered i private in d.c. in maryland and virginia it's not. not. >> pulling someone over in the s diomstrict they can't see what w they're they're possiblybly missing. >> yes. because of private concerns because it's a federalmiss e of p run organization not a city or state rupp. >> it will be interesting --est- >> privacy laws are different. l >> it will be interesting to see after the washington post studys and conversations we're havingan right now what happens with this. >> and with this latestnow whitn that illustrates this. >> someone lost their life. lif. >> many people have lost theire lives. >> yeah. because there are people who should be locked up who are outo running aroun up d because they missed an appointment or theyapm just don't know ---- >> any other state aft they ty missed five consecutive drug d tests or court
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would have been locked up that day and not back on the bee strr to commit a commit a cr >> this is unbelievable. i'm incensed by this.hi i really am. >> something that is for sureisf getting a lot more attention in the coming year. >> it will now. >> let's hope so. >> something else getting a lot of attention as we switch gearsa such a tragic heart disease known as the silent killer withr all the other attention towardss on the charity a lot of peopleel forget heart disease the numbern one killer. one killer after the deaths of carrie fisher and alan thick. we'll talk with dr. shilpi findd out the warning signs and risk factors wouldn't this has becomc so much more prevalent and the e differences between men ands be women. >> millions of people getting pe ready to ring in the new year. we'll see how their going tong celebrate, how much they'lluch t spend want authorities are doine to keep everyone safe.e. it's's good day 9a will be right back. ♪♪
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♪♪ soon will be as peoplebe ael around the world preparing torit usher in 2017 but for some a sense of fear comes along with festivities in the wake of the berlin christmas market attack.a authorities are making sure toe make sure new year's revelerser stay safe. safe. kenny logan in london with more. estimated 1 million people arell expected to be in new york cityc
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famous countdown to the nowow year. strict security measures will ba in place for those waiting houru for the ball to drop and streets surrounding the area will bee closed. >> we have extraordinaryradinary capacity here to protect our own people, and we are vigilant vign against such attacks. attacks >> reporter: police in theic t german city of cologne are also increasing security pulling last year's new year's eve attacks.ts hundreds of women reportedepor they've been groped and robbeddn by groups of men. men as a result, extra surveillancec cameras are now in place. >> translator: we will have 1500 officers on duty. 900 from cologne plus an extra e 500 supports >> reporter: officials in rion de janiero are preparing for influx of visitors. some 2 million people are expected to celebrate at copacabana alone and thousandsus of additional police officerslic will be patrolling key locationc throughout the city. >> we're excited about seeingg millions of people all having an great time, listening to music m and seeing the fir
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they say it's just unbelievablee >> reporter: also be extraext security in moscow ahead of celebrations in the russian capital.tal authorities have already stopped suspected terror plots relatedet into you years eve in indonesian and bag la dash.a dh. in london kitty logan, fox news. >> 9:18. new year's eve it also means a lot of parties e aven lot of champagne.e fox business network's lauren simonetti breaks down theeaks business of new year's eve. >> reporter: the countdown todot end all count downs new year'sea eve is upon us so broke out the bubbly. >> 40 million bubbles are reported until bottle of o champagne.champagn >> reporter: with 360 million60n glasses of the stuff said to beo served during the holiday seasoo which one is best. >> the great thing aboutreatng a champagne there's a real rangeea of price points.. purchasing champagne does mott have to be expensive. >> reporter: 1 billihaveon t vis are expected to watch the annuaa times square countdown from
9:19 am
the world famous waterfordatfo crystal ball will once againnc help new yorkers and thoseho watching celebrate 2017.7. the ball is covered with a total of 2,688 waterford crystal triangles. we asked what that would cost -s >> it is priceless, because it i is about -- it is about thebo t celebration. it's about celebrating with youy loved ones as that ball drops.a. >> reporter: when the clock strikes 12, more than a ton off confetti dropped in timesimes for the best seat in the house u spokesperson for the marriottart marquis says it will cost you, get this, $10,000 for a three-night stay in their ball drop sweet. set >> the benefits of new year'sew eve are not only tangible inib i terms of people in hotels room,r people coming here for the holidays, but also intangibleo l because it's a big image promotional so it's search al giant free advertisement for new york cityo to the rest of the world. >> reporteher: did you know thad throughout the month of december, tourists and newri anw yorkers alike are invit
9:20 am
write their new year's wishes on a piece of confetti. that confetti then rains down ow the crowds in times square.qu in new york, i'm lauren simonetti, fox business. all right. okay. fun time will be had by all. bya [ laughter ] 9:20 is the coming up update on breaking b news we've been following all fa morning long. deputy shot in queen ann county maryland. cbs are facing a major lawsuit w from jonbenet ramsay's brother.. uber driver green light record, come on. >> you're not buying thisco. >> come on. o >> we'll have more about that.m. >> we got a chegg of what elsea is making headlinesch next. next plus counting down theing t biggest hits and biggest flopsge at the box office in 2016.016. kevin mccarthy will be back with all the details just a littlee bit later.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ >> 9:23. time for check of what else is making headlines on this heck thursday heathsday m that's right.orni first up, m>>ystery right near houston, texas this after witnesses say they heard h an explosion and saw a militaryt helicopter break up in the airia before crashing into galvestonvt bay killing two u.s. servicevice members.members. texas guard officials say thesat chopper crew was on traininginin mission when something went wt wrong. at the time of the crash,wrra, witnesses say the chopper was flying unusually low when it suddenly appeared to broke apara in the air.. police in queen ann marylanl say a man has died afterft exchanging gunfire with
9:24 am
hugh who was also shot at a homm on maryland's eastern shore.ho it happened around 9:30 last0 l night at a home on he had moreor road in chester t police say the suspect fired aea shotgun at the deputy. deputy returned fire and the suspect was also shot. s deputy is currently in critical ndndition. the older brother of jonbenet ramsay seeing cbs andnd others for $750 million saying y his reputation was ruined by au recent tv special that concluded he killed his six-year-oldd sister 20 years ago.go burke ramsay claimed the networo aired the six part series on thn unsolved murder to defame himim for publicity as well as for ofit.t. a new study finds thatfis t pregnant women who took highookg doses of fish oil in the last ls three months of pregnancy werean less likely to have children wh developed asthma.. asthma cases have gone up as consumption of omega three fattt acids have gone. lack of omega three
9:25 am
pregnancy may affect asthma rism in b and finally, maureen umeh favorite story of the morningng all we have to say hashing todad goals if it is real. earlier this month, new york, ny city uber driver noah foreman f hit not one, not two, but get this, 236 green lights in a roww how do you even track that? he says that his trick to drive isi it a steady speed so he doesn'tt have to lee is down or speed upd and that hess new goal is to hit 500 consecutive green light.ig he previously made headlineseadl back in 2014 when he hit moreit than 100 lights in row and posted the video to >> somebody ask him why he didye it because he had nothing elseot to do. if you've ever driven in new york the streets are not thateet empty during the day. day. >> right. >> or at night. >> it looks like it's the middle r dliriveker dorube not want to make money becauseeu it took him half an hour to dor this. >> right. >> 30 minutes wasted of nothinge picking up any fares.s wapickin >> i don't under astnyand. >> he recorded it. he was driving through new yorky
9:26 am
>> it's his thing to see how s w many --many - >> he doesn't have any he passengedors while he hit the green lights, right. right. >> i don't think so. >> i mean, i would not be in the back>> i wou of uber very happyr ong the green light thing. >> i don't believe it. d't b >> why are we talking abouttag a this. come on.come on. >> i don't believe he got don'tl through 10 lights in new yorkie city. you can evenve10 lig walorkk 10n really? seriously?? >> add that my to my list off 2016 thing we want to leaveo l behind.. >> if it happened, more power to him. m. but it doesn't -- >> i need receipts. h we all that much thatt mh that much free time. >> but it just doesn't add up.'u >> that's my goal. >> we all been to new r you see how that place a made. m you see how it's laid out.dut it just doesn't make -- itake doesn't another up. >> even in this area you'rea y'r most -- your best timed roads r who here ever made it throughhr five. >> i drive every single day too the station i ran dollar manyoly hit red lights. >> all i'm saying. all i'm s you didn't run into run i construction. you didn't get behind any slow drivers
9:27 am
no pedestrian crossed street ini your way. >> get him on the phone and we'll have to go to new york ank foror ride. he can drive us around.roun >> all right,, eve >> we'll solve this mystery.his. >> come on. ing tlot of times trying to solve the history of heartf h disease it's silent killer but one of the leading causes in cai death in america if not number e one it may have played a role of big time celebrity items in ites couple weeks.ks we'll learn more about the signs and symptoms.ymom >> tucker barnes with back withh the seven day that includes theh first week of 2017.. >> why good day d.c. the place p to be when hollywood comes too washington. we'll take look back at theke la biggest stars who stopped by thy loft in 2016 right now it is 9:27. we will be right back.htack. ♪♪♪♪
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♪♪ >> i love this song. i l >> it's very appropriate erin. know why? >> tell me more, maureen. app >> ourme more, m main man briann at fox5 for longer than i can count. >> he's the nicest person.ern >> our go to he does a little bit of tapeape editing he runs us around. best guy ever. eve all around nice guy. g he got married? >> to his love marisol they madd it official.ffl. she's the sweetest too.oo >> they are beautiful couple.ou. beautiful family. brian has help us behind scenese for many, many years. yea we wish you the best. congratulations, brian and a >> remember she's always right.t she'll stay married a long timem
9:31 am
>> happy wife, happy life.pyif >> says wisdom.>> saysdom. >> so proud of our brine.. >> yes. y. >> finally growing up. >> growing up. he's an adult now. >> he got there. tre it took awhile. >> 9:31. tuck can you help him out with u nice forecast for the weekend. >> wait a minute. he was back in the day he was th one of our club --ur cb >> running buddies. bud >> our clubbing partners.tners. >> well i got to tell you it's ' over now. >> been over for long time. [ laughter ] >> you still have your men'sour' weekend sometimes.ometim >> we have men's weekend usualld ends by 9:30.0. >> it's a bridged now. >> exactly. >> and the group is getting.s gi smaller and smaller.small. >> i know it's down to like men and steve. >> steve is like can we justus move this along? [ laughter ] >> soon he'll be all by himselff >> 43 in washington.higton. congratulations brian and a marisol. >> are you talking aboutalki abt yourself.. >> tucker, congratulations.atuls >> congratulations.gratations. [ applause ] >> tucker! [ laughter ]er ]
9:32 am
>> 47 in frederick.rederick. 42 in quantico. in qutic i'm getting older. oer. i can't go out with him everyime minute. 43 in 44 in annapolis.nnapol rain showers moving through the area. they are winding down very quickly. win quic wee get breaks and get some s sunshine this afternoon.. about 50 later today.. so get ready to enjoy muchoyh improved afternoon after very v gloomy start here. her the good news is temperaturesrae are now above freezing forg for everybody. we were concerned about icing earlier. out to the west high pressurence will build in. we'll be in for a cool couple oo days. . both friday and saturday daytime highs in the 40s and that laketl effect snow is really going toyo kick in along the alleghenyllegy front in the mountains out tohei the west here great for the skii resorts but if you're travelingi heads up later this afternoonfto tonight and tomorrow.omorro we could be looking at upperpper wards of six, 10-inches of snows in the mountain out to the westt fast forward to new year's eve, upper 30s were you're going outt in the evening and it will be chilly out there with a few few clouds but it should most most importantly it will be dry newrw year's eve.. fast forward to redskins gamesam sunday afternoon
9:33 am
and we're looking ought cloudyou skies with a few showers around. upper 40s account kickoff at 4:25 sunday afternoon.noon so you'll want to make sure youu got your jacket both saturdayh a night and sunday.nit and sund there's your seven day.en we do warm it up next week intoe the mid to upper 50's don't last. we got colder weather bite end d of next week as we are rolling into 2017. big congratulations to brian and marisol.sol. >> congratulations to you, toooo tuck. i'm very happy for you. y >> we want to talk about heart t disease it's called the silentht killer as we've seen in the pase few week it can strike without t warning doesn't matter how richh you are famous you are.oure it doesn't matter who you are. e which sex you are.. earlier this week we saidiswe s goodbye to star wars star carrii fisher who went into cardiacardi arrest during a flight froma igf london to los angeles. few weeks earlier former growing pains star alan thick passedsed away after suffering an aorticnr tear we wanted to talk about th risk of heart disease, some of s the signs ofo symptoms you shoud know about that you can talk tha about with your family.. and what's different between men and women
9:34 am
near help dr. shilpi agalwar asr we've been talking about allkinl morning i want to talk about aut this.this. so we talk about the heartheea disease, the cardiac arrest when it kim to carrie fisher, and yesterday the tragic news herew mom died a day later at the agee of 84. don't have the final results ofs the medical examiner but leadinn toward stroke right now. now. >> um-hmm. >> so many people say, it's ay,a broken heart. hea >> right. >> is it possible to die from broken heartos?sibl h >> so in some senses y. we definitely see that that terr broken heart is used, but as as syndrome what it really means ms that stress affects somebodyomeb with underlying heart diseaseise that they already have.ady he. so in her case, she was under a lot of stress and pressure andse of course sadness because of tht loss of her daughter and so that really pushed her over the edgeg what we're thinking and led her to have this stroke develop andd she unfortunately pass add waysy om thahat. so when they use the term brokee heart it real sal couldn't could stelle laying of symptoms thatgm affects your hardernd putsut strain on the heart to cause death or heart attack.ttack >> let's keep it on thatitthat scenario first before we talk tk about cardiac arrest as whole.
9:35 am
with the quote unquote broken be heart that we talk about, is abs there any way if somebody is ini that position of having that extreme amount of stress put ono them that we can match that tha better perhaps so that it's notn a fatal ending?nding? >> the best way to do that is tt first recognize as you sid steve you have so much pressure on yop because once you recognize that, it's hard to say if we can havev really prevented her from havinn this out come but maybe her blood pressure was elevated at this point. she already had some underlyingn heart issues. is. so not having so much strain ana having her rest a little bit bit more managed that really gotllot more support in terms of the o t depression and the sadness shens was it may have led to a effort a ef different out come for otheroumf people it's the same idea.s ths. when you're really under so much stress and pressure, that can really have those type of of cardiac events. >> getting a lot more attentiont obviously with high profilefi deaths of carrie fisher are alan thick to name a few.toame a when it comes to protecting ouro heart or recognizing that t somebody something may be wronga with our heart war some of thee things we should be watching out for. >> the best in
9:36 am
and women really present very differently. so men are going to present with your typical symptoms.ptoms. so that are are the things thest crushing chest pain feeling like an elephant sitting on my chest. sweating and dizziness.. feeling just discomfort andcomft pressure in the chest. women on the other hand really y present very much differently iy the steps they might say, okay, i'm having a lot of fatigue.ati. more fatigue than normalnorma especially around this time of o year where they'll say, oh it's' probably just holiday suppress s but reality it's harder for thee to carry that basket of laundryy they also big one is nausea andd indigestion women typicallyypic present with those symptomsympt before cardiac event like ant le heart attack.tack so if you're feeling any of o these symptoms, the most important thing you can do is first check your blood pressure and then go to your doctor to be evaluated.ted. because these really can be live saving. >> i was going to ask you about that i think it'sng to ju know, we're stubborn a lot ofstl times and i know as a doctootr u tell us not to be but we are.. >> right. >> so a lot of times when we we feel something that may be a bea symptom we either say,
9:37 am
it's indigestion i ate somethini or maybe i felt pressure for aef minute or so and then it went iw away so i'm not going to worryor about it.t. >> um-hmm. >> if we do something as simplee go to the local drugstore andtoa the blood pressure machine, doei that help at all.ll >> absolutely helps.olel when you go there and you're y'r seeing numbers that are abovebo that 120 over 80 or whatever isi normal for you, you should, that's correct should trigger aa red flag. 140, 150 on the top number, that should prompt you to go to the doctor because stress somehow io affecting you and that can downd the road lead to these cardiac c events.ev >> all right. tep is isess the neck s actually going to the doctor.oco >> absolutely. >> even if we don't feel like we we're having the heart attack.k >> right. >> we should probably get check> out.t. let me ask you this.t me ask y is it possibloue to, f i go to t doctor today and i get check out and they're like okay your blood pressure is within the safe zonf or whatever ---- >> right. >> i could still have heart attack tomorrow? it's kind ofl sneaks up on you sometimes,it'sm,gh >> right. ay, a why, okay, it's a silent killer. it's confusing for people but pu the best test to know tee iste really this if you're doingeoing activities, exercising if
9:38 am
parking lot and all of a suddena you're feeling very tired,ed, you're day to day activities are becoming a little bits more mor difficult for you, those are all symptoms that should trigger rer flags in your mind and say, heyh something is not right. rht this is very out norm for what'' normal for me. f me. it's important to note for women especially heart disease reallya is the number one killer.iller. more so than all cancers combined. so even though we don't hearcomr about it maybe as much like aika breast cancer ovarian cancer,, for women they're the ones thatt we often miss and then for menon it's more about they just seeuss the symptoms and they ignore ior them.em. >> we're very stubborn.tubbor >> right. >> okay.y. any destressing tips that you have for us in the meantime?s it >> what i would recommend and in always tell you guys this allthl the time, more sleep. people really don't -- -- >> people just didn't though. >> i understand that. real iity, ste uve,nd if you consistently sleepless than sixx hours a night, that ups your you risk for heart disease. so me telling you that youhayo should prompt you to go to bed
9:39 am
>> 6.5 last night. night >> that's good. >> start. >> chronically you don't want ty be under six hours.oube that's und terhe first thing. t. of course, exercise, quitting smoking, and then like i said, , know your number. n so if you don't have any idea what your blood pressure is, you haven't seen a doctor, seen the inside of a blood pressure cuff in years and years it's time now. make that appointment. >> have a starting point so upping if things change. thaa ss for sure. fore. >> thanks, dr. shilpi.s, dr. shp good to talk to you. 9:39. send it back9: over to you guys. update on breaking news we're ns tracking on the roads. rds police directing traffic this is fairfax county it had been complete the shuttle down on the southbound side s because of a zero yes crash at a terminal road. right now traffic is getting by. if you're trying to access acces fairfax county parkway from f knife traffic is moving. mg. huge scene there involving a car and at least one tracto tailer. still very large scene there watch for delays as lar you exit from 95 in newington we'll keepk you posted on that one on one o twitter as well. 9:39 is the time right it's been a big year at the boxo office but you have to t
9:40 am
coming up next kevin is sharingi some of the biggest hits and the misses from 2016.01 i really like that back in about bassett.. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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9:42 am
♪♪ 9:42 is the time. is t it's been a big year for disneyd at the box office and the hitshh just keep coming thanks to thes new star wars movie even if youy didn't like it.t. but as everyone --veryon >> the only one.>> the only >> you have to take the bad wit the good and
9:43 am
share of train question too forr more on the biggest hits and the biggest misses kevin mccarthy. >> train wreck is wisdom's taste in movies. he has absolutely terrible tastt in movies.. >> kevin i never heard you likek this.. >> i'm not a mean person wisdoms notice how to poke the nerd ner bear. he poke me. he knows that like that areth things that i love that he just hates. hate >> he hates -- he hates to get g arise out of.e ouof. >> a hundred%.uned there's no star wars -- you saii star wars sucks. those were your exact words.ds >> absolutely. >> that's a pretty -- >> fighting words.ighting words. >> brutal thing to say considering that star wars rogur 11 of the best reviewed moviesdm of the year.ofhe yea >> may be we should take the tae emotion out of it and we'll just focus on the facts were it todad um to the theaters.the eate >> yeah. >> considering that one of thet things you wanted to throw awaya and leave in 2016 were superer hero films -- >> no, no. >> come o
9:44 am
together. come on.. >> i'm mad at steve and wisdom now.w we'll get to maureen.aure >> stay on your good side.ood sd what you got, buddy. buddy >> tell us more kevin. >> 2016 in my opinion wasinio w incredible year for cinema. cinm i know a lot of people it wase s bad year for movie. movie. there were a lost successes atss the box office a lot of films i particularly loved weren't inn stainly, sink street and la-la a land doing better now.oing bter. we'll go through the top three e highest grossing movies of 20162 we'll hit up some flops moviesvi that just did not reach their tr budget or the commercial budgete first up the highest grossingssn movie of this year before we geg to it ---- >> captain america civil war. >> that's right.t'righ >> wow.ow one point -- best movie i've i seen all year. all yr. >> amazing film. number seven of 2016.01. >> that's one that made money mn and you both liked.. >> that's >> made $1.1 billion at the box office. of huge but, again, when films are likek
9:45 am
over $200 million.lln. so it depends on your ratio of success. >> 1.1 billion not number two this year, any guesses? guesses? >> top box office money? >> yup. >> um, um -- i don't know. >> i don't either. >> finding dory.ory. >> okay.>> okay. >> finding dory 1.027 billion. i this is according to little sitt call box office mow sew this crush. dizzy pixar.ixar. i didn't think it was good ass finding nem mow. nem captain america civil war waserc the best film to da ate.ciilm tt definitely in the middle area o the pixar films. f i'm personally love the waleal incredibles and finding nemos. s made a lost money.on >> ellen degeneres very good. zootopia number three. thr >> we'll see a lot more animatet movies in 2017.01 >> are you recognizing a trendni here at all? all? >> animated movies do well.o w
9:46 am
>> yes. well. wellies do >> unreal movies do doe. >> yes. >> movies that are not e >> all three of those movies ara from disney.isne >> okay. the number four of the yearher which we don't have video for is another disney film the junglege book. i mean disney crushed it. >> and they star wars came out t last december.ber. >> correct. >> so it wasn't technically ay 2016 movie but it made a lot of movie in 2016. >> rogue one came out camut december 16th. it made 615 million worldwideld and keep going much these tse numbers could change.hae >> did he say knee is owning itn at the box office. >> i do want teeoat t mention oo specific film when it comes toet profit and necessity of thesitye mother of invention in regarding the budget, dead pool to me is i the most -- biggest successucce story of the year this is 11 11 year action project. >> cost $58 million to make. made $783 million worldwide. here's why i love this movie and the scene you're watching whentg he's fighting those guys on then bridge they had very small budget. r rad
9:47 am
it's crude, violent kids won'tsn see dead pool. they will but they won't watch h it. there was a scene where he'swhe counting down the 12 bullets inn his gun because he's like ---- >> brilliant scene. >> i only have 12 bullets. that joke was written in becausu they couldn't afford a shoot out. like they were like, okay, we w can't give him a bunch of guns n and explosions.plns. >> $50 million budge. >> $58 million -- >> here's the thing they gottheg creative and it was very successful.esul >> necessity is the mother off invention. some things when he leaves the s guns at the cab in the end. end they couldn't avenue for it. $58 million sounds like a lot ll but in the grand schemely ofemey assume per hero films it's not t lot.lot. >> all right. .ke.e are films that worked that made a lot of money. what flopped?lopped? >> here's the movies thate' flopped.thpe first one is ben hur. now this was unnecessary remake. i don't know why -- why - >> they made 17 of them so far.f >> why would you touch the crip of original film with charltonro heston this cost $100 million tt make. in the us it only made
9:48 am
$26.4 million.miion. >> 99 -- 94 million worldwide. you have to take into account $100 million budget does nott dt include the >> okay. o >> so it made nowhere near backb where it needed to make in order to become a success. >> that one lost money and wee o called that when it fistrst camc t.t. >> who didn't? who dt? >> next sun ghostbusters.busts. now, ghostbusters in my m opinion -- >> another remake. >> was not that big>> of aa flf i mean people are calling this a movie a flop.lo i wanted to put this one in thii category i don't think it did aa d.d. >> i didn't particularly liket >> was it a financialrt felop. >> cost 144 million to make. ma. >> um-hmm. um-hm >> made 128 million in the us and then 229 worldwidede altogether. >> it broke even or made aen ome little bit worldwide.wide. >> they actually didn't breakal' even unfortunately because allec the marking that went into it it they still lost.ey still lost. i believe there's a story thate' said they lost a certain amount. definitely millions of dollars.s and then finally n my opinion,pn the most unnecessary budget of the year teenaged mutant ninjatn turtles tells two.swo take a guess how much it cost tt
9:49 am
>> i'm afraid to. >> 120 million.>> 1 >> how much it cost to make20ucc this.ost >> 120 mill.20 >> i'm going to go 85 million.mi i'll go less. >> it cost $135 million.llion. >> why? >> it doesn't even look that lot good. go i mean dead pool, forod example, $58 million.8 my opinion it looks just as goo as this movie.his moe. this movie only made 82 millionl in the us and 245 worldwide technically speaking it madet md back its budget worldwide but b after all is said and done it flopped. flopped. >> we have move on. whave m was dead pool the most money f f r rated ever.. >> dead pool was the most mos grossing r rated.ated. number one of the >> dead pool one.d pool >> heck yeah. heck yeah. >> no question. >> we'll debate after>>. >> it's 9:49. 9:4 thank you very much, kevin.u ve, coming up, staffing crisisgsi across the country and it's it's reached a boiling point. poi apparently there are not enougho cooks in the kitchen. the we'll tell you why and what -- - >> boiling point.>> b >> the neck time you dine out. t did you like that, >> i did. >> we'll be right back. ♪♪
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪♪ little jack johnson. 9:52. 52. you've heard the saying, there't
9:53 am
an kitchen but the next time you're enjoying a nice dinner out with friends, you should know thatha that statement just may not be tr.e. fox's anita vogel has more onn shortage that could be a tall t order to fill. here we have jaime right nowim he's a line cook. but due to the nature of thehe shortage of line cooks, jaime is also like my kitchen right handh man. >> reporter: john atkinsonn owns two restaurants in southerr california and like many otherso across the nation has trouble finding young aspiring chefs whn are willing to get their handsds dirty. >> it's not what you see on tv.v there are no bobby flays in anyy of these kitchens it's reallyly just sweat and hard and hot. h >> this is our secret spice that we have. >> reporter: it's the same story in new york.ortey inew y where salvatore copy pole lay pl likes to keep his manhattanttan eateries brimming with his oldwo italian family recipes but alsob worries about finding enoughding help. >> long hours, getting paid, yo, know, 15 to 22 to $25 an hour at
9:54 am
this point which is still good s money, i mean it's not where people are not earning it's jusj very difficult job. difficult jb >> reporter: the bureau ofu labor statistics estimates 200,000 more cooks will be wbe needed in the next eight years a but the supply has been chpedn d by the high cost of culinary school, wages that can start ofs at just $10 an hour, and millennials wanting to go out on their loan like aspiring bakergr britney hicks. hks. >> by the time we graduate, wedw really are like, okay, i kind oo done that already. now let's branch out and do it d for >> these are students who sawhos how their parents were impactede by the recession of 2008.00 they don't want that to happen t to them.m. they're completelyomplel entrepreneural in spirit and soo they -- they're desire is to goo out and start something on theie own. >> reporter: who pace the price if there's not eepnoo chef. >> if we have six cooks and wea go down to four, we will have to reduce our menu drastically.stiy we're talking about guys who are shrinking options making
9:55 am
like less interesting food fordr consumers which is not what weh want to do. d >> reporter: kitchen staff are e also shrinking because of an an increase in the minimum wage and rising health care costs.ost which are eventually passed dowd to you the customer. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> if anybody has ever work inoi the food service industry. indur >> i have. >> it bet the be a job of passion.ssn you work long hours for low pay. interesting thing it's not justs this line of work this will wl impact but, look, you know, i k watch the cooking channels all the time. >> i love those >> you watch those shows. thoses you watch your youtube videosbeo and you feel likehy do we need n to go to culinary school i'll dd a food truck or branch out on my lone own.lone o folks and millennials feel likek why do i wanting to through theh old school channels of doing chg this and spend all this money. >> the hard work, not great payp >> take a chance be go out on my own. ow >> a lot of people successful al it too. it t
9:56 am
at the same time for everybody who loves to eat nice to know ko that chefs there a >>htight. >> and skilled chefs.lled che >> exactly. >> for sure. k to thek to te'll tal latest celebrity news we have the latest episode served up celebrity dish live in the 10a 1 today. we're getting ready for a partyy too. maybe a year enter perhaps.erhas we'll show how to you step up se that new year's party you mightm be huh! did you have hors d'oeuvreu along with meals.alg wi >> we'll have hors d'oeuvres.eur party is at erin's what's that?a remote in your hand. >> and coffee time on good dayfe dc. dc. >> look at you. eyeing our coolye good day dc mugs we have a new good day dc merchandise dunkin'' donuts mugs mug to give away a perfect couple for that greathag dunkin' donuts coffee.nuts cfee. go to fox5 n contests tt enter our mug contest one luckyy winner selected by randomm drawing up though you only havey now until 11am to enter.o ent
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ i re
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you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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♪♪ trending at 10a queenendi latifah target. targe an degree an today grande collapse back us will tray songs arrested. >> what a year we've had in the loft from academy award winnerss to taylor's ex and hollywood legends.s. don't miss our epic look back at 10:30. >> getting ready to throw the perfec rt neaew ydyear's eve bas we have some >> the good day at 10a starts st right now.ow. ♪♪ good morning, good morningng to you. >> ♪♪ it is
10:01 am
loss of holly wide icon debbie reynolds.ynol hearing one of her iconic roles singing in the rain there she is doing her thing.r thi. oddly enough didn't have any dancing lessons. can you believe it? just pure j talent. >> she's right for the part we can teach her what she doesn'ton know and they did and the resths is history. >> voila. >> we'll talk more the life ofkl debbie reynolds and then we'll l also going to talk about what's' coming up new year' >> it's a party. par. >> party going on.>> par >> happy new year's everybody. >> we have princess here as a well. >> i forgot.. >> can we focus -- you'll be ini a good mood all through the 10aa >> i'm always in a 10a. >> how many times have we seedee eat a snickers. sniers. >> if you do not have party pty plans well tell you how theu w e party can come to you.o you. >> yes. >> this holiday.his hoday >> we'll have all that coming up. >> all right.>> allht
10:02 am
>> your look for sure, erin. >> is that pitbull i hear in the background.ground. >> wis dollar, it just so pitbull is hosting the fox's nen year's >> you're right. >> and his comer bun and all.ll >> when you're sitting only like this on new year's eve -- eve - >> i'll be asleep, steve. >> pitbull will be on.ill o >> i'll shock you guys and i'm m going to go out. >> i'm going -- i might go out and -- >> going to the club. >> i'm not going to club.o club >> true story i'm aware thatreha wisdom does have a new year'ss invitation. >> does he? >> i can vouch for that. vou >> where are you going? young >> it's a big party. party >> don't spoil the secret. spoit >> watch out outow. >> it will put our party to putr shame. lie say that. k ouook at you. >> i knew it. >> either that or one hasn't onh the remote one hand in bed. b >> one hand on the remote ande d one hasn't like this.. >> thanks for staying with us wt for the 10a. i've steve alongside wisdom,, erin and maureen
10:03 am
enjoying a nice holiday break. . >> all right. time now is 10:02. 102 let's check what's trending thid morning and first up anothert nh hollywood star her light has h dim. debbie reynolds mother of carrir fisher died just one day afteray her daughter's death.eath fox's trace lager has a look ata her incredible life.if >> good morning, good morning to you. >> reporter: legendary actressrs debbie reynolds died at 84 years old one day after her daughterge carrie fisher passed away. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: a claim singer, dancer and actress starred inrri more than 40 films and countlest tv shows.tvho she was also a business woman,, film historian, humanitarian and avid collector of film of fi memorabilia.lia >> ♪♪ >> reporter: born mary frances reynolds an april 1st, 1932 in i el paso, texas she had her break out role in 1950s three little e words. word but danced her
10:04 am
history two years later with ono she co starred with gene kelly k and donald o'connor in syncingyi in the rain.n. ♪♪ >> reporter: her success inuc the '50's continued with the affairs of doby gillis, susan slept here and tammy and thend e bachelor. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: title>> role ine i 1964 the unsinkable molly brownb garnered her a best actress oscar nomination. in between movies and stage shows, she also head lined the e sitcom the debbie reynolds show. debbie was married and divorcedr three times. tes most famously to carrie fisher's singer father eddie who left foo reynolds good friend elizabethla taylor.or. ♪♪ >> reporter: over the years, ye, reynolds a massed a hugeug collection of movie memorabiliaa she later was forced to auctionu off due to bankruptcy. in 2011, she told us why so many people find these items so s endearing.endearing.
10:05 am
our favorite movie star live itt wuss and be quiet. qui it's just nostalgia and it's for our hearts.ea >> reporter: reynolds remainedei active well into her 80s and was recognized for her charity worky with the humanitarian oscar ataa this year's show.ho >> i'm so excited. excit >> reporter: lifetime achiever:m many award from the screen actor's guild. she is survived by her son toddt in hollywood, trace gallagher, fox news. of course reaction pouring g from hollywood this morning. george at a kay saying there's s nothing harder than having to t bury your child. child. debbie died with a broken hearth but she's with her daughter name. jamie lee curtis who works witht billy lord the grant daughter of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher's daughter there are nog words we all want to surroundrd billy with loving strength andra support. please give her space media, me, please, and larry king tweeted, debbie reynolds was pure class,s loving, talented, beautifu
10:06 am
unsinkable i feel sorry forry fr anyone who never got a chance ta meet >> fans of carrie fisher createt make shift memorial to the t former princess on the walk ofao fame in hollywood.ywd fisher didn't have a star so s someone wrote a message on blanb one saying, may the force bece b with you always. fisher's mom's star just a fewtf blocks away is also covered in candles and flowers. >> debbie reynolds took over the glob gossip column from ivanka trump.. >> what a were good tip ofip information. >> i had no idea before today oo yesterday i had no idea that was carrie fisher's mother.her. >> no >> 2016 was amazon's best b segment year to date the year a question is how big is bestest selling? well, when it comes ts amazon obviously is with garyita than you might think. the company shipped 1 billionili items this season with amazon ao prime the two-day free shippingg service. that is five times more than last
10:07 am
which is pretty mazing when youh think about it. december 23rd actually the3rd al most popular day fort prime now deliveries. that's the online retailer's tws hour delivery service. servi sales of the amazon echo homeom assistant and echo dot toppedpe the list of most wanted products. they had trouble keeping them in keeping tm stock.stock. keurig cups, movie finding doryy and pokemon roll playing games.s >> on the echo can you order yod things on echo. can you say order me -- me >> order yourself.el >> order me more amazon stuff. s >> i'm sure they would love toet hear that. >> order me anything. >> pocket squares.s. >> purple and purple. pur >> it might whisper topl you wisdom when you're sitting by it i need more ties.eie >> you know what --now hat >> you never know.>> you >> nothing wrong with wo >> you never know.>> y >> that's good ink that.t's listen to this. house flipping back along bc with the housing market as welll according to reports the numbern of april investors who flipped i house in the first nine monthsio of this year has reached itsches highest level since before t
10:08 am
homes flipping is being fueled by combination of sky rocking rc home prices venture backed start ups and wall street cash. cash. and get this. investors are making averagege profit of the about $60,000 perp flip. that's good.that >> i got friend who does this t for living. but he makes a good profitd ofit because he does all the labore r himself. >> oh g.>> o >> that's where you make thewh money. >> it's a lot of work.erlot ork. replacing floors and putting upp sheetrock.eetr but when the profit comes in prm it's all good. he doesn't have to share it with anybody. >> i like the sound of that. >> you have to know where youtho live what's going to bnoew g e >> exactly. >> what parts of the country you ormoofn t thanhae m other glass if you're a're contractor go for it, learn thea real estate of it and you got g yourself a great business. g bus speaking of homes if you iyo could live next door to anyny celebrity who would it be? a new survey from the website zillow puts first family atrst number one on the list of mostfs desirable neighbors.ghbo. president obama, first ladyt lay michelle, sasha and malia got%%g of the vote just narrowly edginn dway
10:09 am
top spot on the list. >> that's who i would have wave picked. >> i would have picked him too or j low. j l >> i could borrow a cup sugar. >> or mariah carey. >> if you go with j.lo you doo get drake for free. f that's good idea, steve. >> unfortunately for those voted as the leastly d fesirable celey neighbor that went to wisdom'ss favorite man justin beiber. followed by rob kardashian andia blac chyna.. >> if struck a $10 million housu but next to justin beiber, would you take that house? hou >> they going to give it to me.t >> i will live next to the devil for $10 million.on. >> oh. >> you take that back. you don't mean thatou t.t. >> watch what you is a it. >> i'm good with my soul.y s i know where my soul is going. i >> church going folk. >> maureen the devil is alwaysh around us. >> you never lie. neverie >> okay. i'm good. >> wisdom is getting philosophical. >> i know. k >> careful now. >> we took this to a differentie level. >> i think out of that list to go back to it iut thi onk i wouu take dwayne johnson he seems
10:10 am
.e. somebody that might actually be neighborly.neighborly. >> invite you to the barbecue.u >> if you asked me i wouldtou ae probably i pick where i want too live and then just say --ay- >> whoever lives over here. >> on maui the biggest celebrity i want to live next to him. >> my guess dwayne the rocks dwy johnson has a nice house.ce hou. >> how about the islands mightag be a good time to book a trip t the virgin islands perhaps ifhas you want to plan your 2017 vacation. you can getvaca extra cash for r islands offering visitors $300 $ to spend while you explore the islands.las the thing you have to book theke trip through the officialouhe o website which is visit to get those credits now unfortunately for those of you who just want to sit at the bare at the pool it doesn't count fof that. they want to you get out andto o explore the island so it's $300$ in credit for things like ecoco tours, museums, kayaking trips,, food tours. tou maybe we can sell you on that.ha for those who just don't want t go to island to sit at the a t resort all day
10:11 am
intensive.nse. >> whenever i tour anywhere i'm the person who visits museums. s i do it all. i t cannot just sit there. >> i pack too much into ita int vacation. >> i have to explore theto ehe country, the sights.untry, i have to see it -- really.lly. >> i have a vacation planned i plan to literally sit on theit o beach and read.h and . >> i have never done that.e t >> i wouldn't sit on the beach anywhere. >> i don't plan anything for pli vacation much it's not aon m vacation if there's a schedule.d >> thank you wisdom martin.arti. >> i just go and whatevernd wtee happens, happens.pens. >> i have to do it. do >> i try to do that. iry i get there this would be kinddd of cool to check out while i'm >> i'm fine with kayaking, greag with morning yoga i want to t chill.chl. >> no. >> that's detox from the world. >> okay.>> let's tell you boy this.. listen vacations for -- whatever floats your boat.your . let's just say that.t' say tha here, finally, not quite aue celebrity but someone we all owo a debt to, moment of silence,, please, creator of the red soloo cup has died at the age of 84. robert leo howls also holmanolma lived in illinois but spent mucc of his time in
10:12 am
arizona.izona. began working for his father's business the red solo company aa the age of 18 and he became thee president and ceo. rest in peace, mr. leo. >> we raise our red cup to you. >> every backyard barbecue isbei indebted to >> cheers! >> there's nothing in it.othingt >> what? >> we'll fix that in just a itttle bit. fix t >> we need to. >> i promise you that 10:1212 maureen no secret good day getss very big name live in the loft.f coming up next we're looking l back at the celebrities whoit w stopped by in 2016.01 first off queen latifah's car stolen ari an today grande withh a message for nay yo fans and a pink welcomes a new addition to the family. celebrity dish coming up.
10:13 am
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>> it's time for good dayt' celebrity dish. >> indeed it is.s ti >> news indee.ueen latifah >> she's not been in the newsthn lately. she's returning with this story. someone makinging off with hery expensive merchandise benz at $160,000 car.$160,000 c >> what. >> here's what happene d.ap a friend takes the car. the c they're driving they went to gas station to pump some gas. so apparently it's on the left sidl of the car.ef they get out, they're trying toy pump the someone hops in just drives awaa with the car.. >> yeah.>> >> needless to say, police theyt did their leg work they wereey w able to track this car down to o an apartment in southwestthst
10:16 am
but the thieves they're still te looking for them.m but very scary situation. situai no word if the car was damagedad or if they stripped it clean or whatever but queen latifah theae victim of a car theft.. she wasn't involved directly. but still not -- not - >> it was her car.>> >> not a good thing to for her.h >> there's video of it right now let's talk bourtree sander maded good on a threat during auring a erncert. someone at joey lewis told 33 t his set was going too long heooe wasn't near ready to leave.r rel in fact, they dared him to -- he dared them to cut his mike off e promising retaliation if theytin did. well they cut the mike. 33 started destroying everything in sight hurling objects in thes air. a cop who tried subduing him was hurt after being struck by theyh debris. 33 was arrested for resistingti arrest and malicious destructioi of property.. >> all because everybody wants to be the big guy. you can do this to me and yes, i will and you getausetohi ts hisi >> i hate seeing that.. >> yeah. i know you like ray jay
10:17 am
let's switch gears and talkwitc about ray jay. >> what about him? >> talk about raout ray jay. you know he had thaty vjaideoyo there's this video.. >> which one? >> well, old days. >> the video. video >> let me give you background in know you haven't seen this see video. back in the day ray jay made a video with kim kardashian. >> with unknown kim kardashian.. >> with unknown kim kardashianir it was a video -- let's just sas it was a video only adults could see. >> a i know lot of kids that sat that too, unfortunately.tunately >> yeah, yeah.>> any way, that's the story behinh the video.eo >> okay. okay. >> celebrity big brother thatha show their bosses they're tryinh to strike up a deal with kim kardashian's ex-boyfriend rayrid jay producers of the new allew star version of that show whichi starts on january 3rd they'rerd' in talks with ray jay and they t hope that he's going to spill all the details about their time together when kim kardashianar star started to rise. re. >> you're in the fan of that.e >> here's why. t to want to be on the t here's why. b he came to our show loved him. h
10:18 am
>> so amazing. he's married now. n he says he's moved on.ed she's moved on. leave it alone. i think if he were to dredge upr the relationship it makes himakm like petty like he's holding on may have feelings for her. f you're such an awesome guy andmy you have so much else going on i in your life, don't do it. i >> but did he make a song and sg then talk about her.. his latest release. release. >> i don't know why people -- again, this is kno coming from o met this guy and this is not the first. he's still awesome.he's swe don't do it, ray. r don't do it.t >> all right. rig how about ari an today grande the perpetual ponytail.l >> i think she's beautiful i'def like to see her do a differentnt ok.k. >> funny you mention she openspe you being objectified not afi n piece of meat. that's where this is all about.a she took to her twitter accountc to call out fan for objectifying her 23-year-old pop star wastar going out to eat with herer boyfriend mack miller, do youle know who that is. tt is >> no. n >> i don't either when an donit excite
10:19 am
approached mat.ed he was excited and told mack he was a big fan and ariana thought it was was cut then the fan went on to talko tk about ariana and that's where ie got uncomfortable. so -- >> what did the fan say? >> let's definitely into this d some more.efin >> okay. >> he went to pick up my foodnt with myo pi boyfriend tonight aa young boy followed us to the cat to tell mack he's a big fan. bin he was loud and excite the by the time we were seated in the driver's seat he was literally r almost in the car with us. ariana talked about this i thought this was cute andasute d excited until he said, ariana is sexy as h-e-l-l man i see you hitting that. >> oh. >> yeah. >> okay. being objectified not cool. >> especially when someoneheom violates your personal space yos like this. that's not cool for anyone not a celebrity.cebrit not a non-celebrity. >> i don't know i don't care who you are,. >> i'm surprised mack millernow m ackdidn't deck th me guyil.k thy >> that's completely innhat's cp appropriate on any level.leate l you should never say that tot
10:20 am
we already know that becauseec we're adults and we have good sense. >> speak of adults love thisnsue couple we're talking about pinko and her boyfriend -- her husband corey heart. hea they just gave -- gav >> carrie heart.>> carri i'm sorry. i'm sorr they just had their second babyb this is their newborn jim my son moon. yes, joining big sister willowil the baby game on december 26th tweeted i love my baby daddyby d which i think is so cute.o they're such a great family.y. they had their rocky patch pat couple years ago now they're th' great family unit.t family unit. look at -- oh, daddy holdingoldi baby. so now she's got little girl an little boy in the family looksfy to be complete and we wish them many years of baby bliss andnd wedded bliss and all the good ae stuff. >> i love >> pink is one of my favorites,r too. >> yeah. acrobaticscrobicthe during her show. cary heart does the motorcycle r stunts. >> those kids are going to bee b like -- >> super talented.upalen >> with her voice, my goodness.s full package right there. t >> i love them. >> aren't they the best?ren't et >> yeah
10:21 am
at 10:20. 10:20 can't believe it's 10:20 10:20 already.alre coming up later stepping up youy new year's party and taking som of the stress out of it. i >> we have a party planner right here with us. hi. sharing ideas and we'll show you how to in addition to this to recreate an entire bar seen b s right in your own living room.o. can i have a bar, please? thana you very much there's onere's delivered right to us.ght tos. how you can have this happen fop you as well for one night only.o we'll be right back.k. it's 10:21.21 ♪♪ ♪♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:24. happening new developments in the case of missing bethesda man the investigation now focused on a woman police say usedne hw it credit card at a beauty supplypl store one full week after heftee went missing.isng annie yu joins us this morning in hey yachtsville with the wite latest. what happened, annie? annie? >> reporter: hey, good h, g morning, steve. well detectivernsin released tha surveillance video of the womanw who tried to use the credit card.. she was caught on surveillance o video. this is the beauty store behindn me called premium beauty supply right on annapolis road in hyattsville and montgomery mon county police are now asking fok the public's help to identify her. i want to show i was picture of the missing man, 36-year-old john patrick donahoe he lives in bethesda last seen two weeks aga at his pan's home on elmer lane in bethesda.sda employees say last week a new lead in the case bout them to high yatesville where a womanom was caught using his credit carr
10:25 am
the woman season scene on sceneo surveillance entering andnd leaving with a small ai detectives say the woman alsoana used his credit card at mall mal pell stores in the high yatesville area charging hundreds of dollars. so they are now trying to filigg out who this person is and how h she got a hold of his creditt card. card. now i want to show i was picture of john donohoe's car. car it's a black 2011 chevy equinox with maryland tag 2ak8853.53 police say they have not found this car. if you know about john patrick donahoe's whereabouts orabouts recognize this woman in theoman surveillance video, montgomery e county police would like to heao from you. s have the lar latest here inere hay yatesville, maryland, annie yu fox5 local news. >> d.c. is the place to be whene hollywood comes to town. in 2016 was celebrity central cr here in the love.ov coming up next we're taking aaka trip down memory lane with some of the biggest stars thatrsha stopped by this year. year. right now it's 10:25.t no 10: we'll be right ♪♪ ♪♪
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
♪♪ >> all right. 10:28 right now. we have quite a bar scene behind us we'll get to in just a little bit. good little tease for it. well, unfortunately, at 10:28. e a t tougho ytteale litr fora lot of people, but here in the loft, we've also got to have ao lot of fun.loof f so for the rest of the week, wew wanted to look back at some of our very favorite memories fromm the past
10:29 am
this morning, why good day wasas the place to be when hollywood made their way to washington. ♪♪ more cool than you evenool n think she is. th >> yes. >> she is special. >> she's the first lady butut there's something so special spe about her.h. >> amazing. >> there's glow from inside.nsid >> yes. and outside.tsid >> i coach third graderd basketball team.ea let's talk me.e. my third grade basketball teamkl we lost seven games in a row. aw we finish the weren't one andne seven and i couldn't get them to tie their shoes.. >> whoa, whoa, whoa.ho >> i was going to say. s sounds like the coach.. >> you want snoop dog to come in ere and coacach. >> you might have problem.h. mi >> here we go.o >> crank up the music a little l bit.t. >> ♪♪ >> every girl in the building ig flipping out right now.ow i go
10:30 am
let's do it again. >> two step. here we go. >> ready? >> it may take while. >> ♪♪ >> pretty girl got the look in her eye.. she might be trouble but troublb is what you need sometime.. she can't obey and she won't len go like a sinking ship just keeping me a float ♪♪at >> i really want to know the kne answer to this question.ero this your name in real life is john.. >> your character's name is's ni john. >> does that help at all having the same name asat hel the cay c character in helping you act. at >> not a stupid question, quest andrew. it's perfect.erfect it was weird thing the scripther was written i didn't write the e script
10:31 am
>> did you call me andrew. cl me >> did i? >> i'm kevin.'m kev >> oh my god kevin. >> kevin.>> k >> andrew kevin john john.rejo i'm sorry john the characterhn a called you andrew.nd i'll sorry. >> here you go. >> all righter.. take t wind it up just like you just j did.d >> put some steam on it. it. >> okay. >> hit him right in the glove. >> ross, whatever do you don'tou miss this ball. ball. wait, wait, wait. roross.oss. that's not your money maker.r ma make sure you protect this righg rere. >> all right. don't destroy the money >> all right.y .o ahead >> hook it up.p >> coach martin, let's see if'ss coach can get this rye.s rye. >> that looks like it it's going to be fast. f >> thank goodness there's nore n glass. >> show it off then. >> go.o >> work it. it >> work it. [ laughter ] >> i'm excited because this isae my hometown. >> you're from bethesda,. bethed >> shout out bethesda!! >> shout out walt whitman high school! >> vikings shout out universityt of maryland college park. what's up? and
10:32 am
university.ty grad school.. whoop whoop. >> this is something that i do with all my som heart.rt. i love what i do. d and then you get these kinds --k this kind of recognition it'snin just a reminder that i'm doing the right thing.hi i don't rely on the recognitionn but it is very welcomed as welll >> remember that.emember that. >> good day d.c. we take itake >> i get a chance to do it my my way like you said but at theut same time like what a i'm hearii in the notes and the melodies i create them.hem. so it's like i really identifynf with the music.. >> massage helped relax my body. >> never under of the mate theft power of a good massage.mas >> when you are in the best inu thare world, where do you go frm that? >> um, i think you just keep going it depends what you wanttw to do. i'll take little bit of time ofo and then there's tokyo. tokyo >> we're talking about singer, entrepreneur, tech guy, realityi tv star.r. >> yes. >> ray jay. thanknk god i'm here. gois g good. god i'm h >> god is good all the time. >> i just popp
10:33 am
itinerary. >> now you're here.he >> you're here with good day.ood want me to go over the list of l hit songs.hit s. >> don't because there's nothers that many. [ laughter ] >> good to see you guys. guy >> thank you.. >> mr. goldblum and i played the movie game. g what has your character been b doing in the last 20 years. yrs >> where is he now from when wew last saw s him >> they offered me and i've andi become the director so called ol the art space defense in thesene 20 years so it's been myn m responsibility to head up thispi program that if they come back c again and are they coming backk again, spoiler alert. art. >> it's my job to analyze, youou know, who are they, what werewhw they doing the first time, whata do they have for us the next n time, and can we make ourselvess ready? howow you doing? >> hey. >> nice to meet mt yo >> you ever done the weatherer >> it's too cold for that colora >> you just going to take over. >> i'm going to tell you righttr now it's too cold for thatha color. co it's paisley what you callal that's correcting. >> doesn't work. that.t color isat's >> paisl
10:34 am
blue. >> that's easter colors rights c there. >> you want -- i'm not ready foa this. >> it's too cold for that. in your shoes we got to get -- - let's make a memo. what are those? tho >> get in closer.lose >> what are those!! >> why do they exist! exi [ laughter ] >> don't wear those shoes.ho you better than that people.teo in this cold weather, please ple don't take the flor shames off,, put themea back. bk. seven day forecast.oras >> we don't know what the hell this is. this rain shower and spit.pit. it's all bad.ll this is all bad. b this is much better.ter. but it's still 30 degrees.0 gree you ain't going to see manyg tos black people outside but whiteue people will be jogging. now, 44 degrees, yes, this is aa lot better of a weather a fight may break out or two we don'tont like the fistfights until it's ' if he 50 degrees.. you may somebody.omebod drunk white guys will beysill be fighting. 50 degre
10:35 am
friday.. still like i said wear plastic c bag. sisters you don't want to messnt up that. early showers on -- what's thiss saturday? we don't care becausc we still going to be drunk fromk friday.frid so it doesn't matter from fridaa to saturday because we ain't going to remember that any way.w come sunday, it's 48 degrees.8 r brothers is out.ut white guys is tanning naked at d this point.this point. [ laughter ] >> brothers will still have socks gloves and winter hats ons and then we return on monday,on the worst day of the week,he because it's back to work for wk some of us, but you know weno going to call in sick because why, because we whooped it up i all weekend long and that's the weather.he [ applause ] >> thank you very much.ery much. now, please -- i gave a forecasc similar to that earlier today. d >> thank you, thank you, thankat you.u [ applause ] >> whoo! >> epic moments there.moments tr >> we're still recovering fromev that weather forecast. >> yes. >> one thing i like about our ao great viewers sometimes they rii things better than we do
10:36 am
we want to know if you had a favorite celebrity that was on o our show 2016 tweet us and lets us know who you loved or your yo would like us to leave behindehn next time. >> i want to know who kw opportunity see in 2017. >> exactly. >> i think my favorite moment that didn't make the cut innk m1 was when justin beiber andnd taylor swift were on the show te you were both off that day.ay >> right. >> you missed out on that. we tried to schedule it aroun m. >> 2017 i'm claiming it. >> taylor swift was on the show but it was years ago before she was -- >> i'm claiming this. 2017, first lady michelle obamao will be in the loft. l >> yes. please. to give me a one-on-one, right?g >> i think that is -- >> okay.>> okay. us. >> eight good and ma. >> it's a plan>> eig? >> i hope it happens. i'm if youing it out there. t they say put it out in the universe.un >> wisdom is like every day d you're going to beg. >> we need to get presidentsi ama a with her. >> why not? >> begging?
10:37 am
>> careers have been built onrsb begging. >> keith sweat the crooner he tc built a career on maureen umeh building her career on begging mrs. obama to come to the loft.the >> it was an invite.ite. >> erin, that's what i'm talking about. ab that's what's up.'shat' >> i actually like ray jay on ry the show. he was fun >> he was just as nice officff camera when i walk into thehei h green room as he was on camera.m >> was he changing when you walw in i walk in on him i was like oops, oh, my. >> seriously? >> i was just trying to get g ffffee. >> bill bell lamb knee wasl bell another one. >> he was great. >> good guest.e gu >> so yeah. .. oh, man >> aaron carter was really cooly >> aaron carter who gave out hit phone number on nu he was good.he wasd. >> and some of our viewers som called him. >> yes. >> they were calling him as soon as he gave out that number cal.. >> he took the call. c >> it's great when you have, yoy know, the people who you haven't met you seen on that level and v when they come in, look, i'm non going to lie some of them aree a cooler than you think they weree some of them are -- >> let's not forgive our shrew s of '90's icon. christopher william
10:38 am
>> tiffany. >> the barge. was inn vogue in >> i wasn't here for that. total. total. >> we had a lot of great momentn in 2016.01 >> total was here. they were good. good >> i remember total being here. >> it's helped to make our year fuman. we appreciate it.we appreciate i >> we hope it made your yt.earoa fun. >> i'm a fan. f >> lisa ray.ay >> lisa ray.. >> something else that makes its fun for a lost folks when you wo can just party it up and we'll do that for the new year's aseaa well. we why spent the night out at the t bar when you can actually bringg the bar to you. we'll make it easier for you. f. look at this set up. how great is this. t mobile bar service could makeldm your next new year's eve partyvp or any party really in the new year.. >> awesome. high five each other.high five a >> are those jelly beans ichn te corner? >> jusi really like thatn. ♪♪ about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
10:39 am
sure, you could sit around all night iting for a pizza to be livered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪♪ >> 10:41 right now. i'm trying to talk and take m>>1 off off at the same tim. i don't want to bust in with a tie. it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere. if you're looking to take youray party to the next level maybe ay pop up bar in your own livingivg room. you heard to hear you can have all of this in youn own home for the right price. pe joining us now with the uniqueni way to up your party game iame shall say roland and divo the owners of bar road.d. great word play bar road i getai it and the row is for row andowa the d is for divo.div thanks for coming in.ks for this is an awesome awesome setup.
10:42 am
idea come from to get out of thee ide from bar yourself andj kind of make it your ownr own business take the bar to peoplel >> well, basically wanted to be able to be business owners and s work for ourselves, and get ourt name out there.he we're in transition of thatof t right now as we grow.e g we're growing really fast it's a good sign. >> i take it you both havee experience behind the bar,ar right. >> oh yeah. >> for how much, how long. nd hustrowyndin the bar i for about 15 years. >> long. >> i'm like the utility guy. guy whatever needs to get done, something needs to get fixed orx found i'm your man.ou man. >> it's very simple concept youu decided let's stop working forog other people. try to do it for ourselves.urlvs >> right. ht >> but the idea is to still havv a professional setup for people. >> >> what kind of events do yound do? what types of o parties? w would want your services? ser >> when we met, we decided ted t get back to our creative roots.s she had this idea. we've ping-ponged severaled different ideas, and with our d row let's go for it.let's for let's run it.
10:43 am
>> you're bore borrowing a bar,b t't's do it. we have a staff with us and we keep it moving. we do weddings, barts mitts havh a, bats mitts have as, corporata events. >> private parties. house parties. mean anything that you canyo cn name. >> i know a lost concept and iff folks go to the website they cat get some ideas.get sode >> yes. >> as to what you can do. i know the concept is ts oto w r with the clients and basically taylor yourselves to their needs. >> exactly what types of needs have you seen over to? like t k from big blow outs to smallestml events give me range of whatrant you've done so far? >> well, it's funny, because our entire concept is to be ass customizable as possible. psi if you want ice, if you don'tifn want ice, if you want a bar, if you want bartenders how many yo want, what kind of drinks youriu have. have we have our signature drink the dirro we've had that at manyt m events ranging from hundreds of people to small parties of 40 people. peop so it's just depends w
10:44 am
you're going for. everything we have designed hasd been high end and classy andlasd look clean and look professional >> customizable you can put the zablcanames he there and everything and ever>> exactly. we can display any message anyga logo, any, you know, if it's a a wedding a bride and groom namern on the bar. on >> right. >> people might think when theyt hear this this can costos thousands and thousands ofds dollars in some cases it could.a >> it >> if they want the>> w iholet w out. >> right. >> you can start at much lowerhw price point, right.ight >> absolutely. autel >> absolutely. >> we're literally talking from hundreds no thousands whetherdsh you want the alcohol involved and like you said ice, cetera. >> how many bars involved. how many bartenders involve. how big the party is. man bar >> you want g a standare d bar, plane bar all these panels popep out. so if you want your own privately labeled party and wetw can make panels that will bele privately labeled just for you,u so your party will be themed just for you.ou. >> i love it.e how busy have you been since yoe launched the program? >> pretty busy.usy. >> pretty busy.. um, december was very very busys we
10:45 am
in the beginning of november.r. and we've been booked ever e since. sinc >> it's literal al brand new brd toppings that you have going.t i >> brand spanking new. new >> best way if folks have folkse questions to get a hold of you,y best thing to do. thingo do. >> our website. that's the best way to get allet the information and everynd evey contact information. >> my hands getting cold because i'm resting it on gethett ice.h the icy drinks right now.. >> yes. >> we can't do a bartendingtein segment without having a drinkut at least. >> i won't make you actua llyua make one do we have one we cane at least celebrate the success e of the company with. w >> absolutely. >> what do we have here. >> we have our signature drihank it's call the diro. d >> thank you very much. very >> and we can't tell you thecanu ingredients.grnt >> it's that much of a secret.e. >> it's that much of a secret.uf >> can you tell me one can ingredient? >> stolely red. r. >> there we go. tre w >> stolely raspberries vodka.oda >> am i going to do this on my m own somebody going to help me tm out. >> come on over. >> i feel like we have t co gomn early start on the new year. erin, please. p >> you picked me. i'm in.>>mn. >> thank you.
10:46 am
will you toast with us.alreadoas >> absolutely.>> absolutely. >> sure. >> i feel like you should. >> this is the best segment ever. >> support local businesses. cheers to you guys. >> much success.rt lch >> and as soon as we get partyep place big enough maybe we'llaybw just throw big old party.arty. >> great. >> that is very i taste a hint of pineapple anda i'll have to keep drinking more. >> that's me.. >> stolely raspberries withes w pineapple.appl at's's start. >> congratulations on the earlyy success so far.success are you book for new year's. ye. >> we are.e >> see l you go.ouo i figured you would be.gured be if folks want more information fine it on the website as well.l good luck to you guys. thank you very much. m >> wish you the best. i think it's a great cucon>>cept >> wisdom we have jelly beans for you. fo ughtughter ]r >> yes. yes. >> i'll drink this water rightar here. >> we are toasting to the new year.e toas tyeping this party going. but this time we're showing youy some very simple ways to plan pa and decorate.e even with time running out it's 10:46 right now.ght now we're back with more good dayooy d.c. d.c. look at that spread. sprd. who wouldn't want to come to this pear? we're back aft thist ♪♪♪♪
10:47 am
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10:49 am
♪♪ >> oh, my gosh doing a little♪yh jagged edge? can you believedg? that. throw back. eveback. okay.
10:50 am
new year's eve two days away ana you have decided to have h fabulous party, have you? afte busy holiday season decoratingat and getting ready might be thete last thing you wanted to righttt now, right? so that's where ouo next guest comes joining us now live to show usw how to up our at home new year's eve party game al shamell rod rouges f party rent. rent. >> good morning to you. g >> you've gived n us a wonderful spread some things that we canan do on our on own >> absolute.>> abs convince me this looks too goodg e true.rue. >> all right. it's not that hard to dress up ha.t he holidays one of the main things i alwaysy tell people know what type ofe w party you're you' >> okay. oka >> with new year's it's not sitr 'sdown situation. you want everybody up and and hanging out. tell people grab cocktail high top table. tab >> can you rent these. rentse >> yes. >> can you improvise at homempro with something else.nglse. >> we tell people to rent them.. they're only $10 to rent. couple linens dress it up a lin little bit. i usuallyen go with colored themesored thes so new year's it's always blacka and gold and bla
10:51 am
>> right. >> mixed them all up today.hem d >> okay.>>. >> really simple way to create c that cocktail style inn many. >> the linens you rent these ast well.we >> absolutely. >> you don't have to go out and spend a lot of money buying th't hing.ava lot g. the same linen to rent wouldn tu probably cost 200 bucks to buy. >> these are just regular ornaments. >> that was another way tot wa create center pieces and take, t you know, christmas holiday hold decorations and then just kind s of use those as your centerour pieces you can take little, you know, hangings and jazz it. jazi >> from the dollar store that's' not expensive at all. balloons make it festive. fti >> another way to take the holiday decorations take pinee p cones, take one of the pinein cones and you can color coat it. do a little -- ltle >> spray paint it a little bit.. >> yes.>> >> look at that.t >> you have ready madedy m decorations without having toon spend a whole lot of monwiey.ofn >> i love that idea.>> i love th even for christmas i would do that.. >> definitely. oh my goodness great. usually for the foooh mdy as
10:52 am
everybody has like whitete platters at home.t hom i usually recommend kind ofnd taking a couple of peaces andnd again, go ahead and rent them. t they're only like $10, $8 too rent these dishes, and so fors,s your appetizers you can put them on the pressure plates ands dressing up your -- little bit t of linen and there and get thatt theme so it changes up the lookk of your kitchen.. >> absolutely.>> a >> you'll always have, you know, party favors and few here and an there. not big deal.ea. i always recommend if you don't have borrowed because we're alle booked and busy recommend a server self drink station because you want the host to enjoy and mingle. >> absolutely. >> we've got this all taken cara of, and can i get -- get >> let's mix a drink.. >> usually whenever we're take making a drink with whateverte cocktails i usually like to usee clear ones for the holidays.s. >> okay. >> why? you prefer the look ofp >> i love the way it looks. l instead of having a limeg a especially for new year's and y' things hike that, you can dressn it up with cranberries.
10:53 am
>> another good way to make the cranberries look really good ini your drink freeze them. >> useless ice.>> u not watering your drink down. dn you can put them in your --ou >> look at that. >> absolutely. you'll pop this. >> oh,' nothing says new year's mores m like champagne. >> yes! >> get that pop. se party is starting already. >> there you go. >> oh yeah. yea >> and you're right. chill cranberry in itberry in it automatically adds like a little festive.iv >> absolutely. >> dresses it up. >> i love this. ikeikis not glass but l .t. beautiful. beau >> yeah. we rent those out, too. t back to the food.. serve finger foods you don'too n want a big sit down meal. >> absolutely. with valentine's day and thingsi like that people want to do atoa sit down and things like that.t. thanksgiving is sit down by thii point people are ready to just j enjoy, have cocktail.l. mingle, bring in the new year. y >> how do you feel about music?? >> oh always have pumping musicc keeping everybody awake.dywa you got to make the through t midnight. people start around 7:00 o'clock.peop7:00 olock so, you know.
10:54 am
two year. >> i love this look. gang y >>ou're sitting ther ieou'rsitte comfortable. come officer over. let's celebrateco the new year.y we've got one more day to go ono good day, but there's no reason --ason >> come on over here.ver he. >> i'll come over in >> i'm ready for champagne i gog my tiara.. >> erin is always in the partyhr mood.. >> steve -- cheers to you tucker come on over here.r >> guys, come on. >> i'm >> besides we got champagne. >> we're toasting. here's the thing. >> come on steve. >>.let's take the man show>> >> yeah.>> >> i don't want to do it just yet.'t wan i'll have tucker do thi s. >> great day here.. >> i'm non-click. non-click >> and the thing about this --hi this does not have to break thee bank. you don't have to go to debt inn the new year because you'rear b trying to celebrate.trng t >> this is festive fun >> how much do we have to drink mo -- como. >> that's vodka and i believeel some sort of a soda
10:55 am
with cranberries in it. >> steve is sold.ol watater. >> you've got champagne.. >> okay. o we're not going to pop this juss yet. ye we want to get your thoughts inn before we head to tucker.r >> let's read some tweets. t why not? let's do that. >> we shouldn't open unless wenl have a sword. srd >> you don't need a saber.ab >> read some of these tweets.the wisdom is such a pessimist withh cynicism.nicism >> oh. >> drink his water. wat >> you are trying to get me arey tired up on twitter. >> that is an -- >> nice to see the hosts arere guests are fans too. t >> you should see them geeking t.t. favorite celebrity year with yoi the entire give it up for wisdom march mayh the hate be with you. >> i like that.ha. >> we forgot about.tut my favorite was teak today t sumpter played michelle obamaplm and pregnant with heric baby. b >> she was great. was >> loved her g. l her >> all someone else pick this oneu
10:56 am
if not please have her on her show i adore her. her she's my favorite actress. actss >> who was the celebrity fromriy walt whitman. that was julianna rancic. >> rpm restaurant in d.c.n.c >> that was the last tweet. t tuck tuck. >> my turn.n >> hey, the rain is out of here. and we are going to be looking at clearing skies here thisere t afternoon and daytime highs upper 40s about 50.0. so cool weather gets in heren tonight and both friday and saturday and new year's eve. >> we're good for new year's eve. >> nice and dry. arn everybody at home righte r now because wherever you'reve watching your living room orlino your kitchen, this mess my bee coming your way. >> go celebrate. >> happy new year!! >> oh, my gosh.os i love t >> this is awesome.hiis a oh, my god, happy new year a day early. we'll do it all over againga tomorrow. don't be scared. good day is back with mor
10:57 am
year. >> i think our stage man justanj quit. >> bottoms up, everybody. ebody >> don't troll me on twitter because i'll get you. >> don't troll me either.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we do not judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you so much for watching our show.


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