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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this i fox5 local news at 0. right now at 10, retaliation, the white house slaps with russia with severe sanctions following the election hackinga candle al. this guy is accused ofof visionally attacking a woman at an upscale d.c. hotel t. thet. item that police used to track him down. and how a local store
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saved the life of her co-worker in a crowded supermarket. i love you because if it wasn't for her i wouldn't be here. h your news starts now. we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. off the top tonight the use strikes back. the white house has handed downd a sweeping set of punishments for this comes after the us accused of russia of trying to sway they presidential election for donald trump. the sanctions target russiassia intelligence agents that russiaa says were involved. the move freezes their us assets and blocks americans from doing business with russia. the state department is also kicking out 35 russia dim mats a from its embassy in washington n and its con so date in san francisco. she have 72 hours to leave thehe us and the us has shutdown two government compounds in the us, one in maryland and one in newin york.
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allegation calling the obama administration quote, losers and is threatening retaliation. president elect testimony has repeated. tonight he rhys lease a statement that read it's times for our country to meet onme bigger and better things. i will meet with thehe intelligence community next weem in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.tuat we'll have much more on this t story coming up in just a few minutes. meanwhile, new at 10, police are investigating the shooting of a taxi driver in annapolis. sky fox was over the scene.ene. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. at an apartment complex on beans driver. o the driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition. the investigators are stillstil searching for a sub pectinea motive. a sheriff's deputy on maryland's eastern shore is in criticalcrit condition after being shot in
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dopey warren scott hogan wasn responding to to a call for a domestic disturbance when he gon into a shootout. the suspect james rich fired at the deputy from inside the home. deputy hogan fired back shooting and killing the suspect. the deputy was wearing a body cam during the incident. so far the footage has not been release. a vicious attack at posh northwest hotel. c police with the assistance of a metro transit officer werens able to makeit an arrest in h t case. fox5's marina maracco is live tonight on the details for the close call on the victim. >>reporter: for roughly a month detectives have been trailingen the suspect. it all started at the city center grand hyatt hotel. the 18 year old suspect made his way in through the hotel through a side entrance and then he went upstairs through a guest roomrom hallway and it's there where her entered his victim. take a look at the surveillancen video because it shows t
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belonged inside the hotel and it was inside where he pipped that female employee against one ofof the guest room beds. he pulled out a knife, yanked her hair off her scalp and then he got naked as he attempted to assault her. she fought back and called police. the suspect eventually called of on. thanks to a metro card he used, metro transit police were able to track his steps. h today as he got off a train in maryland, metro transit officers decontained him. metro transit police notified uo that the suspect was in the metro transit system, in thein train system.stem they tracted him out to the landover station area where hea had exited out of the metroo system and detectives from metro transit police had recent video from that day of that individual using the metro card. and they were able to locate him very close by, top him. our
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working very closely with them. we were able to identify him and obtained an arrest warrant that evening. the 18 year old suspect who has not been named is facing a single charge foray salt with intent to commit first degreeree sexual abuse while armed. marina maracco, fox5 local newsw > a missing new jersey woman and great granddaughter have been found g alivera in a rurala of virginia. 7 # year old barbara briely and her great granddaughter look mit were supposed to be taking a road trip from new jersey to north carolina but something went wrong. on wednesday they were spottedte near their vehicle in a wooded area just south of richmond.ic the pair was taken to the hospital. at last check bash was in serious condition.ond her great granddaughter is doing just fine. > we want to take it outside now. this is video thats was shotshot earlier tonight at city
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in northwest. temperatures out there are tumbling and the wind is starting toic p up. these are beautiful shots. mike thomas is here with a first look. the shots are absolutely beautiful. hard to believe that theeve christmas tree is going away pretty soon.soon holiday season is achanging.acha the winds are starting toic p up, some locations upwards of 40 miles an hour. all thanks to the big stormrm system spinning its way. look at all the snow showerswers coming off the great lakesakes tonight. yes, it will be a big deal for the mountain reasons especially westward slopes this evening. we are not expected to see anything more than a scattered flurry east of kind of the blue ridge mountains weather. you can see themo snows startini to slam into the westward facing slopes of west virginia and thed pan handle of maryland as well. winter storm warnings are in effect. no concern here in downtown d.c.
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have seen winds turning up to 25 miles an hour locally around d.c. cumberland just had a 40-mile an hour gust. 25 for winchester. it will be a gusty evening andad the winds will continue to be on the rise as we head towards theh overnight hours and into the day on friday. temperatures are starting to tumble now at 40 in washington, 30 at gaithersburg, 30 at 30 frederick as well, hagerstowna 38. martinsburg we're heading down to the lowere 30s in washington. 32 for gaithersburg, 30 for 30 dulles but with the winds. it can feel anywhere from fiveom to ten degrees colder and that will hold through the day tomorrow, by 8:00 a.m. 34-degrees. by noon breezy with temperature reaching the upper 30s.0 again we'll feel like lower 30s to even 20s most of the dayday tomorrow. what about the new year'sr's forecast i have that forecast coming up in just a about it.a b all right, mike, thank you very much. we want on go back to our top story now, the us has slappedslp
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accusing the country of tryingof to sway the presidentialre election for donald trump. fox5's lauren demarco is live at the russian embassy with reaction. >>reporter: president obama said that all er: americans shouldhou be alarmed by russia's actions. meanwhile a spokesperson for the gremlin called president obama's sanctions unpredictable and aggressive. a number of the 35 dim mats ands their families who have been ordered to leave the united states within 72 hours live here at russian embassy and earlier today we saw several unmarkeder trucks and vans leaving the property. the public affairs director at the embassy said he has h fulminant.e he said the ambassador may makeake a statement tomorrow.t one woman, a russian nationalusi was here in d.c. was to pick up up her child. she said she believes the sanctions are senseless, part of political games. it is quite strange because i
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think that american president is leaving now.le his actions like this are really strange for&us russians. you don't think there was any russian involvement with theinvo hacking into the democratic party. >> no. it's like saying goodbye barack obama a, just for me. > i'm very upset about russia's alleged actions and i do think that we need to take a firmrm stand against them, whether this is the right move to make i really can't say just on thehe spur of the moment. > that last woman lives right next door to the embassy. she said the situation between the two countries she feels isis sad. she says that there have beenen rumors going on for years abouto spying right here just in the glover part neighborhood on botd the part of the us and russia. she says there are some rumors about a secret tunnel underneat
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the embassy here. when people come to our house that they joke is the tunnelnnel starting in our basement. which of course it isn't. we've heard this joke since we moved in here 20 years ago.go i have no idea whether it really exists. i have seen -- my husband hasu seen people in one of the houses over there who he thinks arethin some sort of cia agents orr something. > rumors ofs pion naming have swirled around a compound on maryland's eastern shore for decades. i was purchased by the soviet government in 197 # and has been used as a resort. the property and a compound inun new york wered being used for te russians for intelligenceor i related purposes. the president ordered bothered compounds shutdown to allall russian personnel by noon tomorrow. cream line has promised a response that will make the us uncomfortable as well, that's a quote, very uncomfortable as well.
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lindsay gram all called thecall sanctions overdue. meantime this puts the presidene elect donald trump in a position when he gets into office he'll have to decide whether or not to rollback these sanctions. live at the russian embassy, fox5 local news. there is a potential majorajor breakthrough tonight in syria. a cease fire broke by russia and turkey is now in equal if. more than a quarter millionrter people have been killed acrossrs the war ravaged country over thr last six the truce between the situateryu and government and the country'y mainstream rebel forces was announced by russian president vladimir putin. previous cease fires in syria have collapsed, many in just ain few days. > up next, witnesses described the chaotic movements after a fast moving fire swept through g local house. preparing for new year's
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and times square much what's being done to protect the crowd from attacks.tack > a grocery store employee wenl into cardiac arrest while on the job. what her co-worker did next saved her life. the heart warming story as fox5 newses at 10 continues.
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the cause of a house fire ine f prince george's county is still' a mysterys co tonight. this is dramatic cellphone videe right here of that fire. it happened this morning on the 6400 block of green del place in buy i.bu it was so intense it caused the roof to collapse.laps we spoke to a neighbor who sawo firefighters arrive on the scene. i was like covering the whole rooftop. the flames were on the roof of the house and i guess it must have started from upstairs. i just saw a bunch of them running into the house. some of them carrieing therrie little hoses and splashing up on the roof trying to cut the fire out as quickly as possible. trying to go see if anyone was
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anything that they can. it was pretty crazy much thatch fire caused about $250,000 wort$ of25 damage.mage fortunately the family made itya out of the home safely. baltimore county police have release body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting. take a look the video shows an officer shooting 48 year oldar bryant palmer who was carrieing a knife at a identificationvilln apartment. palmer can btie heard time to die at the officers before theye shoot him once and then handcuff him. the man is currently in good condition at a hospital and is can expected to recoverage the e officer involved isco placed on administrative leave.rati we have new video to show. this dark colored suv was captured leaving the scene following the accident yesterday in northwest.thwe jacqueline kohl's was walking
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street and park place when sheac waes hit. the driver just took off. kohl's was rushed to the hospital where she later died from her injuries.from if you have any information about the car or the driver, please contact d.c. police. questions linger tonight how thw man accused of murdering tricia mccauley managed to walk thee streets with so am run ins withh the law. mccauley was the crowing instructor who had gone missing. johnson had skipped court hearings and just days beforeys the murder he failed to show up to get a gps tracking device he had been ordered to wear. here's one of tricia's friends outside court yesterday.e co we feel as who he the justiceti system is broken in this case and that we pray to got god our loss is not something that anyone else will ever have to go through. this isn't certainly the firsty time th that a person ha
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comply with court orders in the district.dist aaron just completed a series looking into this very problemem called center chance city. he spoke about the federal agency who has oversight over offenders when they release.leas it doesn't have law enforcement powers, so unlike maryland and virginia a probation officer can write the warrant, have it signed by a judge and have itve sent out that day. and d.c. gives three weeks. they're relying on an antiquated system where they send a certified letter where they stop showing up for their appointment. then they he that it to the judge, it takes 30 days to get on the docket. the whole system can take twoke months or more. mayor bowser's office releaseles this statement yesterday everything about this is tragic. we are committed to eliminating gaps in our law enforcement
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system. we must remedy lapses to ensuree our neighborhoods are save and stronger that's why she proposed gps tampering system. we invited kevin donohue to speak with us and he'll be here tomorrow morning at 8. 30. > do you know cpr in well, this next story highlights howghli important it is to learn it. an employee at the giant supermarket in southeast wenthes into cardiac arrest, but her co-worker didn't skip a beat and saved her live. fox5 a's alexandra limon spoke to both women and has more. >>reporter: she was girl, you just dropped.just she said i just went intoto action. in the middle of the day in a crowded giant supermarket, karen stuart went into cardiac arrest. it's lucky for karen her co-worker is a reel life safer.l it was instinct that kicked in.
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for 10 minutes sand i and a customer performed cpr whileile waiting for help. miss stuart is alive because shc had a co-worker who knew how to do cpr and was willing to do it. and wouldn't give up. on top of the shear energy andy stand ma needed to performs& cpr cassandra had to get over the mental stress she was feeling.n. it was scary, just to see and not knowing how long she had been laying there before i got back here. karen said she's sore, bruceed and tired, but one week later she's heading home. i love you because p it wasn't for her i would not be here. > alexandra limon, fox5 local newses. > wow, impressive.. when somebody steps in so quickly. >> that's why we all need to learn it.lear > on christmas day, a marineine vet left virginia and started jet skiing down the coast. where is he now? an update onae his trip that's all for a good
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also ahead, hollywood heartar break, a cardiologist weighs ins on the loss of broken heartart syndrome after the loss of debbie reynolds.
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tonight fans are gathering onfa the hollywood walk of famens a o pay tribute to debbie reynoldsey leaving flowers and candles oncd the star that bears her name. she died yesterday at the age of 84 just a day after the death of her daughter.he hisr sister's death was just tot much for his mother to bear. some believe she died of a broke especially we spoke to a cardiologist todaa who says dying of a broken heart is medically possible.ic firsalt of all we don't know why she died, but what we have seene is there is a syndrome that people call broken heart syndrome. some people
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simply call it stress cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome and it's seen almost exclusively in women, often in post mens pausal women and in the context of an incrediblefull stressful event. debbie reynolds was reportedlyeo planning her daughter's funeral when she fell ill. we have an update on a marine veteran who was jet skiing for a good cause. he left on the morning of christmas eve with the hopes off arriving in miami one week later in miami. his charity called take pointoit now is trying to race money for both veteran issues and suicide prevention. we're happy to report that ewing is currently in florida and is just a few hundred miles from his final destination. he has a wet suit
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warm. he has a helmet and storage space for food.sp if you'd like to make a donation. can visit take point > i'm sure he's glad he's finally made it to florida.orid it's so much warmer. coming up next, an up close look at the tight security measures for new year's eve in times's e square. one of the who thest toys thisis holiday season swearing at kids. coming up tomorrow morning on fox5 a doctor will have somee hangover cures for you you just in case you party a little l too hard this weekend.ha that will be in the 8:00 a.m. hour. on good day at 10a, new year's eave party desert ideas.idea that's tomorrow morning on fox55 a. we'll be right back
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some of tonight's top stories. the united states is striking back at russia foray ledge i hacking the presidential election with a sweeping set of punishments targeting russia's spy agencies and dim mats.ats. the us says russia must bearust costs for its actions. moscow calls the obama administration looses and is threatening retaliation.tali a metro card helped metro policm track down a man wanted foray salt. it happened last month on the grand hyatt hotel. eastern necessary could hes pino opinioned a woman and forced her to take off her clothes. the woman was able to fight back. after being shot in the line of duty. deputy warren scott hogan was responding to a domestic disturbance call at a home nearr chester town when he got into a shootout with a man inside the
10:31 pm
that man was shot and killed.le. body cam video of the incident has not been release. three more days -- today is almost over so two more dayss left in 2016. are you planning the big new year's party in new year's eve looks just fine. it will certainly be a coldld night with temperatures in the 30s to maybe even low 40s here in d.c., but surrounding suburbg in the 30 if you're going to be out and o about or heading downtown you're going to need a jacket, but not the umbrella. new year's day looks prettyetty good. a mix of clouds and sun, an isolated late shower iss possibly, not terribly likely and certainly not a washout. i do think the red skin gamekin will be okay.wi if you are heading to the game probably 40s. you're definitely going to want to bundle it up for game time. we do have a day to
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week. temperatures in the 50s and 60s before we cool it down at thethe end of next week. > tony, over to you. this coming in tonight just aus short time ago, d.c. police have arrested a woman accused of killing her infant son. back in july, d.c. fire and ems responded to a call for an unconscious child on new yorkk avenue northeast. one month old christopheristo connelly jr. was taken to the hospital in grave condition. he later died.d. earlier this month, the medical examiner found the cause of death was blunt neck and head trauma.trau and connelly's death was ruled a homicide. police arrested his mother 26 year oldie and a due brow bro connelly in philadelphia.phil she faces first degree murder charges. > and in prince george'snd i county, a suspected drunk dn rik is under arrest after crashing into a police cruiser.ruis it happened just after noon atfr the intersection of central andc in your air avenues in capital heights. the officer was conducting a traffic stop when another carhe hit hirs
10:33 pm
the driver he pulled over. no one was hurt, but the driverr who struck the officer's cruiser was airiest and charged with dui > rain couldn't dampen the spirits today in times square, with just a few days until we welcome the new year. crowds gathered for the annual confetti test. they say the confetti is built to last and no weather condition will keep it down. an estimated 1 million peoplete are expectedd to gather in tims square to welcome 2017 and the 2 new017 york police department is ready for those large crowds as officers will line the streetstr of manhattan to keep everyone safe. fox's rick leventhal has more. >>reporter: big events like new year's eve bring big safety concerns for new york city. while there are no threatsthre security measures will
10:34 pm
stricter than ever just in case. there will be no come plane even i. earlier this month a material drove a truck through a crowded christmas market in berlin. 65 trucks will block stabbed bags on side streets. we'll have one of the safest venues in the entire. thousands of uniforms officersoi will patrol. revelers ill will have to go through two checkpoints. a lot you will see and a lot you will not see. and it's that combination that keeps us nearby hotels, theaters and parking garages are already being swept and secure. mailboxes and trash cans heavily armed cops will eyeball the crowd from land, air and see. if you plan on joining the party this year, the nypd says your
10:35 pm
alcohol, your backpacks and your umbrellas at home. in times square, rick leventhal, fox new. > well, apparently there are not enough cooks in the kitchen. still to come, the nationwide chef shortage and what it couldd mean for you. and they were this year's who thest christmas toy, but do some hatch mals have dirty little mouths? that's next.
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> so first they wouldn't hatch now thisth year's hottest holidy toy is coming under fire once again, this time the hatchimals are reportedly saying some naughty words. i don't hear i, but apparently some people do. some parents are saying the toy is swearing when it's meant toet be asleep. asl spin master makes the toys and o they responded
10:39 pm
speak their own language made up of random sounds and we can ashier you that the hatchimal is not saying inappropriate. >> that means they're havingavi little nightmares.ight they don't mean to. > i don't hear it. >> i didn't hear it, either. we probably didn't want to hate. we wouldn't have put it out there. > for a full hatchimal, go to our website. we >> well, if you could live nextl door to any celebrity, who would it be? >> i don't know. paul mccartney.cca >> that would be yours. because i could listen to the th music he's writing. a new survey from the website zillion owe has the first family at number one of the most desired, that's first lady, they got 14 percent of the vote just narrowly wayne
10:40 pm
chip and joanna of hgtv finishes third. >> whoever they are. > ellen degeneral rest and adele rounded out the top five. >> adele would be good. she says it how it is. > the least desired celebrityee neighbor that went to justin bieber followed by rob kardashian and black china.lac >> very specific.peci > people put some thought into this.. > it's been the holidays, ho people had nothing else to do than randomly think of who they would not want to live next to. > another step towards recovers in elliott city. nearly six months after the flood, one local business is reaching an historic milestone.. > an ionic landmark is getting ready to shut its doorsoors tomorrow. those stories and more coming uu all new
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a major recall for a popular minivan. honda says it's calling back nearly 650,000 odessey models from 2011 through 2016. apparent lit second row seats may not lock during a crash. so far no injuries reported due toorte the glitch.litc if you're looking to buy a home, this may motivate you to put in an offer. mortgage rates rising to to 4.32 percent. that's the highest level we have seen since april 2014. but it's still far blow the record high of 18.6 percent setback in 198 #. how do you like that? wall street is still waiting. here at the do you falling on thursday, so no 20k just yet. it wasn't just a down day foray the do you. all the major indices thereher ending the day in the red. meanwhile carrie fisher fans are flocking to read her latest book p
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> tray songs has been chargeds with assault after aha concert outburst, songs appeared before a judge in detroit today. he was arrested last night after he went on an on stage tirade ae the joe lewis arena in detroit. investigators say he became upset and belligerent and of he was told to end his concert and his mic was cut off. prosecutors say someone was struck in the head by an object and an officer was pun shalled. songs was release on bond he is due back in court next thursdayy have you ever donated money to charity. if you made a donation through
10:46 pm
third matter, the money never made to where you thought it would. american households on average donate $3,000 a year to charity. regulators say about half doesn't go to charity, however, but rather to the professional fundraisers and telemarketers they higher. there's many cases where there's a fundraising contract where 85 to 90 percent of the money is going to the professional fundraising company.g > to test that we examined california's registry of charity trusts, a list of national campaigns. many cases charity raised thousand, but got little backle and some actually lost money.. example two campaigns in 2014 for the covenant house raised a combined $66,000, but the charity got billed for a total of 209,000. statement the covenantnant house said it used the telemarketer to convert current donors to ongoing monthly donors but ended the program
10:47 pm
out of seven came pans, two lost money. costing it thousands of dollars. the campaigns were designed to attract new supporters, not ract they're in the alone. in 2015, 24 percent of charitiee in mostly national campaigns took home less than 20 cents on the dollar and 21 percent lost r money altogether. > at charity watch we think it should be -- that it shouldn't cost $35 to race more than # r hundred dollars. that's a higha barhu. over the last three years almost 80 percent of us charities failed to keep at least 65 percent of their donation as. but it's legal. as the us supreme court ruled states cannot regulate how much money a charity keeps. the bottom line, experts sayrts don't give to charities youitie don't know. don't be fooled by familiar names, don't be pressured, don'u give cash and don't give money over the phone.e. and if you do give, give gregly to a chari
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in los angeles, wayne less necessary, fox new. > a massive snowstorm caused problems for residents in one eastern pennsylvania city. this was the scene in hazel ton as snow and ice caused dangerous conditions on the roads. crews were out cleaning snow off the roads in hopes of making it safer for drivers and pedestrians. it looks like it was a mix of snow and ice up there. there was a lotto owe not just hazel ton, but there was a the look of areas across the northeast that got a lot of snow. we didn't.9f5't >> yea.. atppy about that. janice just getting started.rt our big storm season,ason specifically late january, february and early march. we've got time.we'v so is that little l taste of what's to that prepares us when we look at what's going on up north.rth. but outside tonight, not much going on right now. elsewhere the snow machine is still cranking. you'll see that on radar.dar. a quiet evening in d.c.c. so far the temperatures arees a
10:49 pm
starting to pick up in a few locations. they'll be very very gusty tomorrow morning and through the early part of tomorrowmo afternoon. but there is the snow machinechn off to the north here throwing a lot of snow up towards upstateae main and the interior portions of vermont, new hampshire wherei they got anywhere from 8 to 8 10 inches of snow. the mountains are acting like an little bit of a shield. it rises and then it kind of runs out of moisture. i won't rule out an isolatedolat flurry here and there.ere. we in d.c. have nothing to worry about. garret, maryland and especially portions of garret county couldy be looking at three to 1 inches of snow through the overnight hours and first part of fridayrt as well. this little dot purple in west virginia, is 12 to 18 inches. some good snow from the mountains, but none of that could be making it into our era. 40-degrees your current numberou here inr c w
10:50 pm
gaithersburg, 37 at leonardtown, 34 for baltimore. frederick has already dropped into the 20s at this hour.r. colder air is on the way.y. again, there's that storm system off to the north. high pressure h building in froi the south.uth. that squeeze play gives us the nice northwest flow pulling in some colder air out of canada.a. tomorrow will actually feel likl a late december day here in d.c. gusts from time to times. i do know from 30 to 50 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon and wind chills all day in the 20 #-s and 30s. definitely need the heavier coats tomorrow afternoon. wind chills not too bad.d. 36 in washington, feels like 30. 20 in frederick, 28-degrees in frederick, which is the current air temperature.r not much of a breeze out thereut at this moment.s those will be picking up through the overnight. here we are at 8:00 a.m. 22 for gaithersburg. the lower 20s north and west and look as we progress into the lunchtime hour it still feels like the lower 30s. 28 by 6:00 p.m. tomorr
10:51 pm
forecast here and we'll talk we' about the weekend. yes, the holiday weekend comingd up here. 47 for saturday, looks dry, new year's eve should be fine. sunday a little bit warmer.rmer maybe a late day shower sundayny night. i don't think it's anything thread skins fans should be worried out.ied monday, tuesday, when have a storm system coming up.g and that will be all rain asain temperatures head for the 60s, but then cooler air gets here ae the end of next week. > tone initial sarah, over to you. > you've heard the saying too am cooks in the kitchen.hen. >> there's apparently a nationwide chef shortage and fox's anita vogue al has more on what it could mean for you reporter roar here we have him me. right now he's a line cook, but, due to the nature of the shortage of line cooks, gym me is also my kitchen right
10:52 pm
handman. john at kin son owns two restaurants in southernaura california andnt like many othes across the nation has trouble to find young aexpiring chefs to get their hands dirty. >> it's not like what you see on tv. there are no bobby flays.s. it's sweat and hard and hat. > it's the same story in new york where salvatore copula likes to keep his italian eat eateries bridge with his old recipes, it's long hours. they're getting paid 15 to 22 to $25 an hour at this point, it's still good money. it's just a very difficult job. the bureau of labor statistics estimates 200,000 more cooks20 will be n0,eeded in the next eit years, but the supply has been chopped by the high cost of culinary tools, wages that cant start off at just $10 an hour and millenials wanting to go out on their own like aspiring
10:53 pm
by thebr time we graduate we really are, okay, i ' kind of done that already, now let's branch out and do it for myself. these are students who saw howw their parents were impacted bypt the recession of 2008. they don't want that to happen to them. they're completely entrepreneur in they want to go out and start something on their own. who pace the price if there's not enough chefs if we have sixe cooks and go down to four we would have to reduce drastically. we're talking about make less interesting food for con upon u zooers which is not what we want to do.o. they are also syringing because of the increase in minimum wageu and rising healthcare costssts which is eventually passed down to you the customer. > coming up next, the redskins' nightmare playoff scenario. we're back after
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the redskins need to win thisin sunday against the giants tots make the playoffs for the secone straight year:their chances of pulling off the w got better today because jay gruden saysud readen is on the right if the skins win, they're in minus one tiny lit of caveat, a, tie. if the redskins win sunday andy the lyons and packers tie thatat night both green pay and detroit make the post season. there's a small chance it could happen. but the redskins know all too well about tie games. it happened to them once and thd skins don't want to even consider it happening again. out of everything in
10:58 pm
that could possibly happy do not want a tie. i know they would not want to do that because that would be hurtful for us. i'll probably go crazy if i see a tie. >> i don't care. it has nothing to do with me. the only thing that has to do with me is winning the ballll game. nothing more, nothing less.. we know we can't control thatrol whatever happens with that game, but, you know, ties don't come a whole lot.whol so we're just hoping and praying that doesn't happen.pen. > don't come a whole lot. it happened twice this year. most couches get doused with the traditional gait toward. he got droned in confetti. he told them they would have to run sprints in the hotel.rint theys realized we could all gol back to the hotel and run around all i don't know where they found the confetti at that point.
10:59 pm
serena announced her engagement of cofounder alexas who he and. she got herself a bear. they're definitely a power couple. he is worth an estimated $6 million. williams is worth an estimated 150 million. the first thing he did when he made his mills was upgraded redskins tickets from the 400 level to the dream season, thean front row. > maybe we'll see him and serena at some redskins games. >> congrats to em this.ats the news at 11 1 # starts rightt now. right now at # 1, mounting tension between the us and russia. president obama hands down sanctions over election interference. we're live outside the russian embassy can
11:00 pm
then police hunt down and arrest a sex abuse suspect with helph from his metro card and surveillance video.ll and ana snowy end to 2016 for 21 states to our north.. but what about here at home. mike has your new year's forecast. fox5 news at # # starts now. > well, tonight the united ton states is taking action againstt russia. thank you for joining us, i 'm tony perkins anding us i'm sarah simmons in for shawn.awn. the white house handed down a sweeping set of punishments. this after the us accused ofcuse russia of trying to sway theay presidential election for donalo trump. the sanctions target russiansi intelligence agencies to. the move freezes their us assets and blocks americans present doing business with russia. the state department is also kicking out 35 russian dim matsm from its embassy in washington and it its consolate in san francisco. they have 72 hours to leave the us and the us has


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