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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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over used words. news at 6 starts now. >> and it is good to have you with us tonight i'm tony perkins. i'm sarah simmons shawn has the night off. turkish authorities detained eight people in connection with the deadly attack on night club. there the gunman is on the lose and isis has claimed resopnsibility. fox news correspondent benjamin shall in london tonight. isis claims responsibility for deadly attack at turkish night club. statement from the group said the shooting was carried out by soldier of the taliban and it's where christian where celebrating their feast. is it was not suicide mission but hit and run mission. >> surveillance capturing images of the gunman opening fire before targeting hundreds of people inside. shooter dressed in black and sgrikd as wearing a
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fleeing the area. local media reports investigators are looking into the attack at the airport in june. >> he planned exit strategy and he managed to escape from the attack site. >> american william jacob brat is among those in the shooting the businessman celebrating his 31st birthday when it broke out. the bullet hit his phone first most likely saving his life. >> it's a massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. i was with nine people. seven of us were shot. >> turkey is nato alli and nato led coalition bombing iraq and syria and there's been more than 30 violent acts in the country in the last year al
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in london, benjamin hall, fox news. >> now we turn to story out of montgomery country. at this hour, police are searching for a man who fired shots in a town home community in gaithersburg. one woman was hit by the gunfire and we want to two to "fox5" tisha lewis live at the the scene, tisha. >> and tony all we know he was wearing dark colored jacket before managed to escape and what police tell us the suspect and victim did not know each other. that's concerning because that means that this was likely not an isolated incident. now all of this unfoldedeled here on the 100 block of la mopt lane in gaithersburg and police say the calls came in shortly around:30 this afternoon and reporting gunfire again as you mentioned tony a young woman was shot in the leg and we're told she was taken to a nearby hospital. we spoke with folks that lived in the neighborhood and they've never seen
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this. >> it's uncommon you don't see police very much here. it's just very uncommon something like this happen. i was shocked to see so many police earlier we shut the wound owes and stayed inside the house to be safe. never seen something like this before. >> back out here live police are coming and going from this particular town home here on the 100 block of la mopt lane. we do not know why he's tight-lipped about what they're doing an we can assume they're gathering information and evidence trying to piece together this troubling puzzle on the first monday of the new year. it's a tough way to start 2017 for us. now again we spoke with folks in the neighborhood and they say they've never seen anything like this happen before. it's a quiteet and calm neighborhood and wheeling following the story tonight and find out exactly a little more about it and what happened and
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nursing gunshot wound to the leg. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". tonight at 6 a shocking new year's day triple shooting under investigation in ellicott city this happened at a home on knoll glen drive 16-year-old charlotte zareba was shot and killed had her bedroom and the mother was injured and a shooter a 15-year-old boy shot himself in the head and he's currently in critical condition. many of charlotte's friends are still trying to process this loss. >> i had not cried yet but i want to throw up i wanted to throw up all day. >> this is real this is a friend. she's always sweet and seemed to have a ton of friends. my daughter gave a perfect description small but mighty she was strong but tiny. >> at this the point the suspect's relationship with the victims is unclear. no word yet on a motive. in the district 19 months after a toddler died in the
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and city officials are refusing to turnover key information in the case and toddler's father desperately wants to know what the nanny told investigators in a video taped interview before fleeing country. but the nanny is nor to be found and videotape remains under lock and key. paul wagner joins us with the story, paul. >> hey, tony, what happened to martin is march 2015 was known the toddler was choking on grapes while a city of mishaps from city agency and dare application from city firefighter had too manically to the house. >> what was the nappy tell investigators about what happened that morning and more importantly where is she today? >> the questions run through jose's mind over and over again. what did judith hoe pez tell d.c. police in the videotaped interview. she was never charged with a
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crime and the child's death was not ruled a homicide and yet she nrid the country and went back to honduras apparently into hiding. >> she had telephone here in the states. and obviously we tried to call her at that number and it didn't go through. we called family and she had in honduras and of course they said they don't know where she s so that's all we tried directly with her. we've tried with the police here in d.c. and they would not go to con door us to find her and we tried tone office in honduras. >> lopez was acquaintance of his wife's family and he's convinced somebody in the country is protecting her but why. he wants to know what he told police to compare it with what she told him before getting on a plane and leaving the same day martin died. but the d.c.
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turn it over. in two freedom of information acts requestsed and filed by "fox5" and request of family. >> they said she's entitle todd right of privacy which is pour important than my right to know what happened. this is person who fled, we either know where she is or that you node she did what she did. we have not had a chance to talk to her. she was thinking of leaving country and they didn't do anything. to this day i have no idea why she did that. i have no idea what they said to the police. >> what baffles jose is the fact the nanny was under orders not to feed the baby grapes but still she did. why? is the answer in the videotaped interview. in response to "fox5" the d.c. police said this. d.c. official
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with investigator records compiled for law enforcement officers to the extent such record would constitute unwarted invasion of personal property and we do not have an authorization of disclosure from the nappy and as you specifically identified an individual redaction of her name would not protect her privacy interest. >> it's traimingith to loose a son and i lost him. the police the fire emergency services, mayor's office i make the whole process even more painful and traumatic. >> we reached out to mayor's office today for further comment and at this hour we heard nothing back. jose quest asays he has no intention to sue the city and just wants to see interview with police. it's his own the information would hope authorities in honduras and get to the botto
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paul wagner, "fox5" lael news. >> to virginia now police are trying to practice down us is sbhokt toll puppies from a pet store in mannasas this happened yesterday morning z.c. pup store center street. >> someone broke into the store and stole 6 puppies. they head an appointment and when they got there the puppies were gone. the owners have this mess only for the thieves. >> rern the dogs. somewhere where the dogs can be taken care of they have certain feeding iping struck asen they're puppies, nine, ten weeks oingd. >> we is to come in every two hours sometimes to force feed them with syringe. if they're not taking -- they could possibly die. >> the suspects took the surveillance call ra from the store. the shobz is right next to city hall, too. ble they the suspect would be captured
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next door. >> i hope they wind him. >> please return him. >> coming up next president-elect trump speaking out after election hacking accusations. what he has to say about using computers. >> and new laws going into effect, sue. >> a there, sa r sarah, tony, it's been a drizzly mess and more hain is in the forecast. arch and what you can expect for the rest of the week neck 017 coming unin a few minutes. "fox5 local news" at 6 will be right back.
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>> as president obama prepares to leave the white house. >> donald trump is speaking out about the election hacking ak sais and technology. president-elect trump doesn't use computers very much. he says he's not a huge fan of them. business tycoon and soon to be prid
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information from newspapers, presented articles and reading the news just in general. he says he rarely uses computer and would much rather use cureier service. if you have something important write it out and use keer he your. i don't ware what they say no computer is safe. >> tweet us your thoughts rights now about his comments on hacking using 5@630 and look for your tweet on our political show coming up at 6:0. >> november election was about far more than who would lead country r voter driven initiatives were on the ballot in many states. >> fox news correspondent laura engel takes a look at legislation. >> as americans ring in the new year a slew of new laws are set to take effect. from minimum wage to
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cholesterol control marmingage and taxes and voters in 5 states decided 162 ballot initiatives of which 71 were citizen driven high nest a decade. >> i think it's a sign of how frustrated people have gotten with the lack of responsiveness and accountability they're seeing from government at all levels. >> legalizing medicineial marijuana at the state level has been a trend with recreational use new. pot smokers in nevada could actually celebrate the new year with a joint at pot use there took effect january 1. in california and massachusetts recreational use became legal almost moodily after november vote with bay state adults 1 and older able to possess ten ounces inside their home and one ounce outside. >> lots of details to workouts and we'll continue to monitor
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>> they're losing restrictions on marijuana possession and many are tightening laws on gun cot. in california people will no longer be able to buy semi-automatic with bullet buttons which makes it easier to remove and replace ammunition clips. >> they took it away from responsible adults orer responsibility adults they took it away completely. >> an interesting law in portland involves taxs with city council there impose ago i 10% tax increase on publicly traded businesses who ceos make 100 times more than median income of arm worker. brawrn blanchard fox news. >> one family celebrate the new year welcoming twins to their home. there's a twist that could make celebrating birthdays interesting from here on out. >> and 2017 and that means out with the old and in with the new. including some of your favorite words
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>> over the last couple days twins were born minutes a part but in different years. marcy jones has the story. >> we were shocked. >> shocked. >> shocked and surprised and very excite. >> reporter: for holly and brandon expecting twins was a surprise going too labor new year's eve was shock and what makes bridge of two boys more unbelievable is the fact they were born in different years. sawyer born 11:51 p.m. new year's eve and just ten minute later every receipt born 12:05 a.m. new year's day. >> sawyer was born in 2016 and everett was born in 2017. so sawyer will be over everett his whole life born a year earlier gentlemen 22 days away from rae tirement allen sawyer
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better way to end 25 year bgyn. bragging rights to have 1st and last baby born of the year doesn't hurt. >> it's like they're playing poker and holding them tight to their chest and going oh, so did you have a bade yet? and nobody want to divulge what time their baby was born. >> knowledge and dad are doing fine. a little tired but so in love. even though the twins are just hours old tlaev got a lot of personality. >> oh, yeah they're loud. they like to senator and squeak. >> and although the shays will leave the hospital soon with little more baggage this is not good-bye for dr. sawyer and twins. >> we became awe facebook friend after midnight i think. i get to see sawyer grow up. >> marcy joe's, fox 10 news. >> that is so great. >> awe wonderful. >> cute babies
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>> and mom looks fantastic. >> i know how did you do that? >> i know. >> professional makeup artist? >> she looked great. >> they'll have a lot of fun. >> happy 2017 you guys. >> yes. >> yes. >> i need to come back because i was told to step back from the refrigerator again after the holidays and i can feel that coming. i'm glad to be here where i cannot get ahold of fat and carbs at my house. cookies and all that. >> lot of good eating and great holiday and now tonight most people are off today. >> yeah a lot of people. >> deposit have to deal with drizzle and fog this evening and rinse and repeat for tomorrow, everybody, we'll do it again with rain and rain maying a little bit heavier tomorrow. but it won't last all day. looks like morning commute will be wetter than evening commute. so plan accordingly and fog and drizzle out there tonight will stick around for a little longer too. we're starting with a check of radar and so you can see that drizzle which does not show up well on radar is still out
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showing up on composite pulling away quickly and the next round is already on deck and this is -- there's a lot of warm air down here you can see the red outline of tornado watchs in effect. this is heavier rain that will be in the area as early as 7 or 8:00 tomorrow morning and prepare for a wet one tuesday. may need patience on the road and may be drier and breezier wednesday and we'll get most of the news out of here before the sun goes down tomorrow night and we watch for colder air coming late that week couple snow chances one thursday evening there could be slight know or maybe friday morning we have to watch the timing and then at least one of our observational models is thinking there could be possibility of coastal storm. we're watching that as well. and meanwhile invisibility in miles we're looking at possibilities of fog tonight. it's not terrible right now. fog will be round in some form in the overnight hours
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as little bit of drizzle around. 43 gaithersburg and 49 frederick and 39 martinsburg. one good piece of news it does not look like temperatures below or close to freezing tonight. we'll keep it on the milder side so all that water and drizzle out there is not going to be freezing. you can see there's warmer air on the weather map and this is what we're tracking for later in the week and thursday, friday time frame that arctic cold air will be on the move. doesn't get here wednesday. we'll have a mild day wednesday because front will be out west. but continues sinking in our direction and feel it thursday and friday and cold air as well as wind pick up will make it kind of hard to take. so tomorrow we'll still see a few places getting into 0s and maybe a lot of 40s arounds and we'll stay soggy because we'll have the area of low pressure we watch coming up from the deep so long. that is going to bring us round of rain. let's time it out for you. tomorrow morning at 8 might be tough driving here. moderate rain especially through central virginia and
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for some areas as opposed to today when we had a thid of an inch and noon hour raining north and east and beginning to shut out of south and west and while we can't rule out leftover showers at 5 it doesn't look like much is left. that's up for a drier wednesday. as we look at tuesday potential there for many places to get close to inch of rain tough to drive in. overnight temperatures close to us in terms of not dealing with freezing and wrapping up up with the day forecast. some places to 50s. wednesday 56. looks like great day. we are going to have to watch saturday. one model one of the operational models is a coastal storm and another says no deal for us. >> got to figure that out. >> here
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year. >> have to be uncertain for four days. >> i know. >> we'll be rights back. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> her are some board on list of banish words. on fleek. bigly, guestmate. dad pa, listical. >> i don't know what that is. >> i'm not sure what it is. >> it refer is to lists. eye list of 19 words was put together by lake spreep oruniversity they've about putting togethers the list. >> only t
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university is known for. they're the ones that put out the list. so random. >> i like the worst guestmate. >> i don't mind that. >> on fleek is big kardsahian word. >> tony you want that off. >> yes. >> i don't know some of them are still funny. >> only of them will still be around. >> most definitely. that's it for "fox5 local news" at six. >> keep it here 5@630 coming up after the break
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>> a know a lot about hacking and hacking is a hard thing to prove. >> president-elect doubling down while trump says he's skeptical russia ibt feared with election. >> as you can see from the rundown on side of the screen they is the hottest story 6:30 tweet us using #5@630 and we're now 1 days away from up august ration. donald trump speaking out about the election hacking accusations and technology he says he's not a huge fan of using computers himself. >> he's a business tycoon and soon to be president getting news from newspapers and printed articles and reading news. he rarely uses computer and would rather use coreier he


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