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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 2, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now at 10, trapped insided the cargo hold of an airplane.a. the flight crew they accidentally locked him in the cargo area. thousand an airport employee gee trapped and flown all the way from north carolina to dulles airport? and don't put a away those umbrellas just yet because we have another round of ra
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get through on tuesday.tues i'll let you know how that effects both commutes. plus, busting through a wall too raid a local liquor fox5 news at 10 starts now.ow. good evening, welcome, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. we begin at dulles airport whert a man is lucky is okay afterter getting stuck in a car going hold. he was trapped for the entire hour and a half from north carolina. teisha lewis is live at dulles airport. the big question is, how did the employee get trapped in the first place. >>reporter: the short answer to that is that it was all just an accident, but needless to say, this was far from your typical day on the job for this baggage handler who ended up here at dulles international airport.rpr it appears the worker wasas accidentally locked into the
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compartment and again as you mentioned, he is lucky to be alive. it happened from charlotte to dulles. he reportedly worked for a company called g2 secure services, but dispatch workers could be heard saying he forgot his h airport id. now, that is the last thing you want to hear obviously thatt prompted a flurry of security concerns. ultimately the baggage handler'r identity was confirmed. listen to this audio of the workers discussing the incidentn as it unfolded. they want to make sure the person involved is an employee and not a stow away. they're also requesting possible support. > there is no one stuck inside the aircraft. he was a baggage ld
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charlotte airport.rpor they accidentally locked him in the cargo area. there's no injuries.nju we're all in service. so united issued a statement saying united expressed flight 66 be operated by mess a airlines from charlotte dulles to washington dulles landed safely at iad yesterday.terd once at the gait, an employee of the grounds handling vendor was found unarmed in the aircraft cargo hold. we're looking into whatt happened. what we can tell you is that this worker did refuse medical attention and here's where the concern kind of initially prompted the security concernshs is that the flight crew did not recognize or remember seeingmemb this worker so this incident was initially investigated as a security incident, some type of security or deal. teisha
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all right. we want to turn now to your weather. it has been an evening of cold, drizzly weather and now the fog is debting in. we're looking at more rain thatt could impact your commuteom tomorrow. that's a dreary forecast, isn't it? >> it sure is. > it even looks bad. it's hard to get your energyrg going when you see sites like that. you have the drizzle continuing, the low clouds and a little bita of fog. no fog advisory has been issuede there is thicker fog out toward the mountain communities. it will be around in a light fashion and patchy tonight.chy this is the big headline more rain is coming inne and i have a feeling this morning commutethis tomorrow is going to be a toughu one because this could be heavier rain than we had today.. it will likely be heavier rain. today's batch has moved on out, but we have low clouds and moisture as mentioned translating to a about it of drizzle we picked up about aut third of an inch of rain today. what's coming is more substantial an t
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a lot of thunderstorms tornadoes been reporting down in the deepd south because the air is warmer there. this is charged up as it moves in our direction. itin looks like it will be arriving before the rush starts. we'll be playing out our commutu with half inch and inch of hourf picked up between now and noonad hour tomorrow. the bulk of the rain south andth west of d.c., but some showers already pushing in.ushi by the time we get to 8 in the morning you can see the pocketss of yellow and orange indicating the moderate and occasionally heavy rains that goin to be all over the area making travel really tough tomorrow. so mantra time that's for sure. maybe a lot of you had a longhad weekend out of this and the last thing you want to see is this.ts by the noon hour it looks likeos most of the heavier rain will br up to the north and east. there will be some patches of heavier rain and there will be a few more showers for the evenint commute as well. the bulkheco of the heavier raiv will be mo
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that is going to be a challenging commute. we'll clear all out by tomorrow. speaking of clearing out wewe won't see much change in thee cloud cover which ace good thino because we don't weren't to see anything freezing up. it's still pretty wet out there. it is 44. we're not expecting placesces getting close to freezing. no concerns tonight that we'reee going to see any icing.icin here's where the overnight lowe's will be with the fog and drizzle hanging tough until the more seer yes, sir weather arrives. back to you. > a community is on edge tonight, residents in the car veer and langston terrorist neighborhoods are fearful that violence is once again returning to layer community l. l gun shots ranga out on 21st street and neighborhood act tests want police to step up patrols and accepted a messagees that crime will not be tolerated. marina maracco is live with more details on this.ils >>reporter
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end of gun violence here in the district and in this northeast d.c. neighborhood, community activists are hoping to get it under surveillance. although there is a crime camera, an mpd crime camera, they say it's not enough. they're hoping the violence in this very neighborhood will prompt neighbors getting camerae on their own properties. mpd officers canvassing this antibody hooked knocking on doors, reeducating these neighbors on the city surveillance camera rebate program that reimburses citizens $500 and businesses 700 $50 for sewer cams that are set up outside homes and store fronts.r the camera must be registered with d.c. police in order to aio in the event ofrder a crime ande rebate only applies to cameras that are placed on the exterior of structures.uctu now, tonight ter
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a applaud this effort and there is some who say they will not be taking part in the program.rogr if you don't think having cameras out here is the answer,e what is the answer? >> the citizens, you go acrossos bridge to virginia, maybe ain't getting robbed on the street because they know.nnow. there's cameras every where in the city t.ity you think people are packages stop getting stolen, they put on a mask on and then what they going to do. people even ignore those kinds of things. one of my constituents wasas robbed at begun point by two individuals with a gun. and then a couple of hours latee they actually robbed somebody else at a nearby 7/eleven. we can't accept this disruption in our community without a fight. we're fighting back.g we have a tool that is excellent
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armed many we have to help the police help us. > 2016 closed out with 137 homicides. we're now well into day two of 2017 and thankfully no homicides to report in the district. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > now to montgomery countyo where the search imos on tonighn for a man who fired shots in a townhome community inn gaithersburg. 3:30 thisned around afternoon on lamont lane. one woman was hit in the leg by gunfire. she's recovering tonight at a objection to the form onectio resident we spoke withn says hh was surprised to see all of the police cars and the commotionhe that unfolded in his neighborhood. you don't see police very muchic arounde here. it's just, you know, very uncommon something like thisis happen. i was shocked to see so am police earlier.. we open our windows and we stay inside the house just to be safe
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before. police tell us the woman and the gunman did not know each other and that this was likely a random act of violence.iole they're canvassing the neighborhood, talking to residents hoping someone willsoe provide them with information that will lead them to the gunman. > now to a fox5 exclusive, a liquor store burglary you won't believe. a thieve uses a power tool too cut a hole in the wall, crawls through it and then robs the cash register. reporter roar we're herein sidee of bright wood liker. a small shop opened by a husbann and wife who say they have been burglarize three different times. the first time someone kicked in a back door, next a thieve came in breaking out the air-conditioner vent and then yesterday a guy burrowed through the wall despite all the liquor
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bottles. he ended up stealing everything thetealin owners made on new yes eve. > we work hard. after one of the busiest daze of the year, a new year's thieve armed with a saw took everything. you can see him on the corner on the surveillance video. it's just before 5:00 a.m. sunday. he grabs the register, shakes it open and steels all the cabinbin side. according to the police report, about $25,000. then the burglar crawls backs into the hole he came throughe into an adjacent hallway.llwa very bad. cause cargo says he left thet cash in the register because hee didn't want to walk out with it when the store closed a at midnight. he planned to retrieve it firstit thing in the morning. he says this cuts especiallyecia deep because he and his wife are devoted to their work and givinn their kids a better life. work
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i enjoy the life in america.rica they're originally from eat open yeah. i came from another country. when i came to this country it gave me a loft opportunity. i start my life. after building a life here heer can't stand to see criminals try to tear down his business. it happens over and over again. he says he was burglarized several years ago as well ass this past summer and still notil one has been caught. what happens next now? there is no consequence.sequ what will come? six months from now, three months from now? what will come? there are a lot of security cameras in you can see all of the different screens. the owners also have an alarmalr system and they say they'rey're continuing to try to improve security to prevent futurevent crimes. if you have any information about
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break-in, contact d.c. police.pi > we're live in northwest, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > just amazing. what they were able to do and get away with. coming up more than a year has passed since a d.c. child diedld in the care of his nanny. the caregiver has since fled the country and the toddler's family remains tight lipped.rema now we sitin down with a devastated father who is looking for answers. a teenager who was shot andshot killed by another teenager. the latest developments in this pussing and troubling case. a man entered a restricted areac and fell to his we'll have details next on fox5 news at 10.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures. > well, by tomorrow morning we should know more about atomo dey triple shooting in ill cot city iin happened new year's day at a home on knoll glenn drive. police say 16 year old charlotte seriema what was shot and killes in her
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the teen's mother, susan was w also authorities say the accused shooter, a 15 year old boy shot himself in the head. he is currently in critical condition. many of charlotte's friends arei still trying to process the loss. i hadn't cried yet. but i want to throw up. i've wanted to throw up all day. this is somebody you knew.w. she's always sweat she seemed to have a ton of friends. of my daughter gave a perfect description, small but mighty. she was strong, but she was tiny. at this point it is unclear if the teenage suspect had any connection to the victim. to there's no word on the motive. they expect to update us on the case early tomorrow morning. new information tonight in a deadly pedestrian crash in upper marlboro. 61 donald durant was crossing route 4 late sunday night when he suffered a medical emergencyi that caused him tcao pass out in the road. moments later he was hit by a car. a few people witnessed the
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identify the car.ti if you know anythinfyg about the crash, you are asked to call police. in the district 19 months after a toddler died in the care of his nanny d.c. police and city official are refusing to turnto over key information in the case. the toddler's father desperatels wants to know what the nanny told investigators in a videotaped interview before fleeing the country.flee butt nanny is nowhere to be found and the videotape remains under lock and key. fox5's paul wagner has the story. >>reporter: the questions run through hose aquestions that'sts mind over and over again, what did judith lopez tell d.c. police in that videotaped interview? she was neverver charged with a right. the child's death was not rulede a homicide but yet she fled the country and went back to honduras where she has apparently gone into hiding.hidi she had a telephone here in then obviously we tried to call her at the number. it didn't go through. we called
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honduras and of course they saiy they didn't know where she is. so that's all we tried directlyl with her. we right with the police here in d.c. of course they tell us that thet wouldn't go to honduras to find her. we have tried with the attorney's office in honduras.da lopez was an acquaintance of his wife's family and he is nowow convinced someone in the countrn is protecting her. but why? he just wants to know what she told police. so he can compare it with what she told him before getting on a plane and leaving the same day martin died. the d.c. police have refused to turn it over. in two freedom information act requests filed by fox5 and thend quest that family much they said that she is entitled to a right of privacy which apparently is more important than my right to know what happened. this is a
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we don't know where she is.s. we don't know why she did what she did. we haven't had the chance to talk thorough. we told the police that wewe thought she was thinking ofhi leaving the country. they didn't do nothing.othi i have no idea what she said to the police. the fact that nancy was underune orders not to feed the grace, but still she did.. why? is the answer in that videotaped interview? inervi response to fox5's inquiry the police said this, d.c. officiala code provides an exception for investigatory records compiled for law enforcement purposes.t to the extent that the production of such records would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy ani we do not have an authorization for disclosure present the nanny and as you have specifically identified a
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redaction of her name would not protect her privacy interest.nt it's very tragic, too. lost him. the police, the fire emergency services, the mayor office are making the whole process even more painful and traumatic. paul wagner, fox5 local news. > now, fox5 a reached out to the mare's office today forfor furnisher comment, but at this time we've heard nothing back. jose questions t says he has no intention of suing the city andy just wants to seat interviewervi with police.e. it's his hope that the information would then force the authorities in honduras todura locate judith and get to the bottom of his son's death. de > a guest at a d.c. hotel isote dead after what appears to be a freak accident.iden it happened around 3 this morning at the dupont circle hotel. police say the man fell from the roof ten floors down the boiler shaft to the he's been identified as 23 year
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virginia. police believe leonard had gone up to the roof to get a look at the view.w. spokesperson for d.c. fire and ems says that crews thathat specialize in confined space rescues recovered his body.ody. the hotel manager called the incident a tragic accident. > next at 10, president electt donald trump is expected to get a cia briefing this week detailing russia's involvementio in the 2016 presidentiall election. will he accept the agency's findings? > coming up at 106789. 30 jim low can kay and i are sitting down to discuss the redskins new year's day loss tos the new york giants. fans are frustrated. it seems like the team didn't even show up.en we have a lot of your commentsr from facebook and twitter. you can tweet us your thoughts using the hashtag what the hail. we'll share some of your comments at 106789
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> developing tonight, a massive man hunt is still underway in turkey as authorities[z say thea are close to identifying the gunman who carried out that deadly new year's attack in istanbul. 39 people were killed, dozens more were hurt when the gunmannn sprayed the popular nightclub with bullets. about 600 people were in the club to celebrate bullets. the gunman fired off nearly 200 rounds and reloaded his weapon five they say he changed his clothesh in theis kitchen of the clubclub before leaving in a taxi. isis is claiming responsibility for that attack. president elect donald trump is expected to receive a briefing from us intelligence officials this week. they are expected to share the evidence they have that shows russia meddled with the 2016 presidential elect. the president elect has been reluctant so far to accept their findings. we hear more from fox's catherine. >>reporter: there is a healthy debate in the
10:27 pm
community over how much information to show the hacks were intelligence driven. there is more information aboutu russian involvement in thein russian hacks than was releasels last week.eek. the concern is exposing sources methods as well as collection by foreign alleys who work with the us. the future press secretary urged concern until all the facts are known. once that report is made final and the president elect is briefed then i think we'll have a better idea to make of whatof the situation.uati the hacker's intent were not fully addressed in the report last week. who was behind the option arepto even higher standards to meet.t. the house intelligence committee senior democrat said sunday the evidence is undeniable. it's very they didn't just steel data, they weapon iced it. they dumped it during the election with the specific intent of influencing the
10:28 pm
that is not something china hashi everng c done. china has stolen economics second:after the the justicee ju department indicted five people. this is economic espionage bycoo chinese military. when they stole 25 million s people from the securitythe clearance database, the obama administration did not publicly punish beijing and sanctions were only threatened. the punishment to russia doesn't seem proportional. for a report that's 398 words of analysis, if at that annex fell 35 people there should have been chinese expelled, not russian people expelled.xpel over the weekend the russian dim mats bore add private jet and le tft united states. given the alleged russianruss hacking began in the
10:29 pm
2015, the administration waited too long to act. what vladimir put minute needsne is a sense of new boundaries.. he's had a free rain throughout the world over the last eight years. he needs to have a sense of boundaries. this week mr. trump plans to get his own in don't briefing on the intelligence. aesident obama has requested comprehensive report before he leaves office on the 20th. in washington, catherine hairai rage, fox news. > i'm so sorry i have to bring this up.p. i know you were at redskins park. >> fed ex field. > and it was kind of tough.ough >> it was a tough loss, yes. here's the deal. thousands and thousands andnds thousands of people out therethr yelling, cheering, excited for a redskins team that for all intents and purposes failed tope show up. > they didn't show up.dn't and play the game yesterday. a lot of people are talkingople about it. we have asked for your thoughtsr about this on facebook andand twitter using the hashtag whatat the hail.
10:30 pm
talk about this and share somehe of your thoughts coming up inup just a couple of moments. you have a lot to say. >> so do you. z27mkz z16fz
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. we played a very good team today and we didn't get it done. just that like your season is over. and you just got to say goodbye. we hope we will see you all next year. just about 26 hours now after the redskins season ended we are asking the question, what wenttw wrong? i think that's an excellent question to start with because this was a gym where it was so winnable. they beat the giants once this i year and i can't imagine beingne there yesterday like you wereou and just the frustration on everyone's faces.aces i have to say, you know, maybe 70,000 fans. there were a lot of giants' fans, too. the sense of frustration was
10:34 pm
some folks were very vocal about it because it seemed like we're all there we're screaming. we got the gear. we're making noise, but the team isn't doing anything. the fans felt like we showed up, what about you guys. >> we put out the calls to you folks. we want to hear from you.u. we said use the hashtag what the heal and we had a pretty bigy reaction. i want to show you a couple of messages that rolled throughgh here. david heyman, a frequent viewer writes redskins always come out flat when the spotlight is on them. that is poor preparation and couch coaching. give them a break, two years out from being the worst team in the league, two winning seasons is progress. you did hear jay gruden sayn sa before, if you don't make thee playoffs that's the in a successful season. nine wins last year, ate wins this year that's a step back. i expect nothing a
10:35 pm
let down. that's from aaron.on. that's pretty harsh.rsh. that's rough.that we got a lot of these coming n.c it was kind of amazing earlierre tonight and then we put it out on facebook as well. carol said i was very disappointed in the last two games. they played with zero enthusias and not to heart. i chalk that not up to the players, but to the bad couching. during the off season they won't pay big bucks for cousins. i don't think he's a within, a a nice guy, though. i'm not sure what was worse the level of intensity by thetens players or the lack a of the imagination to make adjustments. all of the key plyers that they faced last time were playing. the giants as we've all said had nothing to play for, they hady nothing to gape, nothing to lose from this game.hi no senses of urgency, no fire, the d shows up you versus carolina and the giants then th o disappears. i don't get it. we taed
10:36 pm
cousins. this is a guy, are you really getting the $20 million worth when they signed him? h what da you think as a fan? should we see him hanging around next year. >> i like kirk cousins. i hope he's around next year. he did himself a disservice. i know it doesn't come down to one interception. an interception that ends the game and your pockets of going to the playoffs, that hurts a lot. josh norman, where is he fitting in he really turned it on the last couple of games. it's a shame thathe rest of the team didn't join him. he showed a lot of emotion.on. it cost him a little bit. this is what we're talking about and this is where y we wanted to hear from you guys and get your most of the thoughts have been frustrating, frustrating. here's my thing. i've been a lifelong fan, i left the team four years ago, but i came back. we spend money on the team. we buy
10:37 pm
we buy the memorabilia. we take out eight hours to go to fed ex. we yell and scream and we're doing our part.t. here's what it comes down to, i know there's the draft, the training camp, practices, preseason. here's wait comes down to, you have 16 kays out of the year that you have to show up and be on and get it done. i don't expect perfection. there will always be a better team, there will always be a mistake and some losses. we expect you to show up. 16 days out of the year. there's no one else that has that kind of job and you have te show some heart. they showed no heart.we i wentd to the giants game, im, went to the panthers game. they were embarrassing. the team seemed like they didn't want to be it's ridiculous. at one point, home games are the amazing benefit for the team where they show up and they do well. we're talking about two straigho games particularly at home
10:38 pm
they didn't make it happen. we want you to win. you've got to want it, too. mason foster summed it up all, you got to hear this because i think really encapsulates the feeling that everybody you just got to take thise feeling that you have, you know like heartbroken like you just got dumped by your girlfriend or something and go into the off season and train that much harder. > you and i have did a live special last year when they were heading to the playoffs and the one thing that you pointed outup and did prove well this year, we didn't see a lot of behind the scenes drama like we did ind years past. >> that's great. > you didn't build on anything from last year. you took one brick off the building. i guess we'll see where we go from here. a lot of questions left to be answered. >> a loft questions, especially
10:39 pm
> we'll be back and thank you for your comments.
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> republicans in washington sas they plan to start i dismantling obamacare as soon as tomorrow can the first day of the newew congress. but even with just days left in office, president obama is not giving up. fox's mike he man yell reportser on the president's last ditch effort to safe his signature healthcare >>reporter: president obama ant democrats in the house and senate will meet wednesday to make a last ditch effort to safe the president's signature healthcare law. the house democratic leader issued this warning to the gop. the fact is it's the old thing of going into a china shop. you break it, you own it. they're dealing with something that is very -- when i say complex, it's sophisticated. it may be complex, but over the weekend, the president elect
10:43 pm
unaffordable and doesn't work. he's president until january 20. and then after that it's our turn. we'll see what happens.appe he has to protect what he wants tohe do and perhaps you can say his legacy. if you look at obamacare whereba you have in many cases over a hundred percent increase it's unaffordable. comments, interim dnc chair is taking a wait and see approach with mr. trump. let's see what he intends to doo in terms of obamacare will he just repeal it without putting up an alternative that will strengthen it? or will he continue to just say i'm goingig to, you know, just get rid of it in fox has confirmed in coming senate democratic leader chuck you shoo mere, nancy speak lowe's i and vermont senator bernie sanders are planning annn call to action on december 15. they plan to criticize
10:44 pm
republican efforts to repeal and replace the law n and hope to spotlight those now covered bio balm a care. republicans are expected toivesr that the votes to scrap the law. experts say the bigger issue iss what's next? the hard part is republicans have had a lot of plans for a number of years now, but this time they have to pick one. and as a party unite behind ithd and pass it that's going to take some genuine hard work. on the same day the president id meeting with democrats, house republicans will have a vip visitor as well. fox has confirmed president elect mike pence will rally house republicans wednesday, thy gop leadership aid says pencesas will discuss with lawmakers alam plan to dismantle the healthcare law. on capital hill, mike emmanuel,e fox new. > developing now in israel, mime brian store it inen yahoo is denying allegations hee accepted gifts from wealthy supporters. police questioned him at his home for several hours
10:45 pm
the justice ministry isis examining the alleged corruption, plus possible campaign financial violations. some of his family members are also under investigation.atio i reiterate there won't be anything because there is nothing. i know him president for 30 years. i'm aware of his personality person and i'm convinced that he will be found clean of any allegations. the allegations are base less. he took office in 2009 and while opposition leaders have criticized his lavish lifestyle, it in in yahoo has never been charged with a crime. the maryland city where youhere could now get a fine for smoking e cigarettes in public places. coming up on fox5 news at 11,t six puppy stolen from a local pet store on new year's day. why time is
10:46 pm
much contacting the dog nappers. join the morning crew tomorrow starting at 4:25:00 a.m. as they unlock the fox5 we'll be right back. . millions of americans areio ringing in the new yearns o with pay race. nearly 20 states are raising the minimum wage at the start of 2017 and it's just not states, even more cities are hiking the minimum pay for workers. all eyes are going to be on the stock market tuesday for theor first trading day of new year. >> the interpreter: verizons on are hope the neck will be the year. finishing with the big gain. the do you, the nasdaq, the sp500 all seeing plenty of greens. also a big year for real
10:47 pm
and that pushed up the collective wealth in our houses to nearly 30 trillion bucks.cks. that's business. i'll trish reagan
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> a new documentary is setting the record straight about why the tie decongestantic really sang. according to this new documentary called titanic, thei new evidence, the ship sang due to a fire in a bunker, not simply because it hit an isenberg. the journalist behind the film situated he saw burns.ns. the ship back in 19126789 as a result more than 1500 people were killed.were that is fascinating. i never heard that. they should be a able to check it out, too because they have ne much video of the recollect rage. new documentary.cume i'll have to watch that. it's a very interesting founding.
10:51 pm
the weather is interesting. tomorrow is going to another wet start. wednesday looks like a keeper. > surge into the 50s. the fog, it looks like we should have a dense fog advisory, butvo most places are at least at a half mile visibility.ibil although i will say this looks a little worse than it did at 10:00. low clouds, drizzle and then closer to about between 6 and 8 in the morning heavier rain wili come in and that will disbursesr some of this fog.this we want you to be ready for another wet day on tuesday andsy especially tomorrow morning. think the rain will be a lot more heavy than it was today. although the bulk of it beforefe the noon hour.ur a dryer, breezy day coming intoo town on wednesday.dnes then a big cold shot. that rolls in thursday and friday and a couple of chances, a small ones to watch for snow. the first one would be thursday afternoon or evening and thatd would be a few
10:52 pm
sometimes those little squalls cause the bigger problems.oble we're going to watch that oneat and then there's a slight chance that we could seeing somethingig on saturday although the beste chance looks to the coastal areas and mostly south. > the first batch of rain that we had today is moving away. woo he do have the clouds that are hanging tough and then the next match a little bit moree vigorous storm system is going to role into town tomorrowro morning. we've been seeing a about it ofi a tornado outbreak because of the warm weather down in the south and that system will actually bring some warmer airer in this direction by the time we get into wednesday. but what should you be ready fo tomorrow morning as the kids head back to school, 43. we're glad that it's not going to be dropping blow freezinglow because we have some icyy problems. tomorrow morning, the rain will require rain gear and it couldd be again moderate to heavy.. after school some showers linger, temperatures between 46 and 50, but it's not going to be
10:53 pm
nearly as heavy as what we'ree expecting in the morning. it will also be a moderate dayte as the area of low pressureure pushes into town. we stay soggy that's for sure. a few places could touch 50-degrees. thinking ining're terms of rain for am to. generally about a half inch to an inch so that's more significant than what we had today and we think the bulk oflk it probably over by the noon hour. but let's run you through the future cast because you can see at 6 in the morning that is pushing in from southwest to northeast. your heaviest rain around between 8 and 10 in the morningn those oranges indicate where it could be fairly moderate and by the noon hour you could see it starting to pivot to the northe and east. we'll still have a few showersfw that we have to track. the clouds will hang around but we'll see a drying trend begin tomorrow night. we have visibility that has bees dropping in a few areas tonightt these are the currentrren visibilities down to a mile and three-quarters in gaithersburg. we expect that to get betterr closer
10:54 pm
temperatures staying fairlyy mild. let's check out the seven day forecast because i mentionedntio wednesday looking nice, 56-degrees, but i also have tove say it will feature a rather gusty wind coming in. we'll have to watch for the possibility of some snow showers antibody timed out for the thursday evening commute. some items too it doesn't take much. thursday really cold99 saturday coastal storm with a question mark because the onee model that is pretty bullish has it pretty far south and eastt although maybe close enough thah a few spots in south easternth virginia could see it and we'll have to watch we're back to the cold stuff with a lot of sunshine on sunday and monday as we trend back into the 30s. enjoy the next couple of days relatively warm as compared to thare rest of the forecast.ast. > that's sure right.s su it looks pretty cold coming up. > coming up next at 10, the maryland city that has a new ban against smoking e cigarettes in public places. we'll be right
10:55 pm
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> a change in the new year for anyone whoin t lives in or visis the city of gaithersburg. the city has added videotaping a and e cigarettes to itsdded bann smoking in public buildings and public spaces. that includes parks, stores, restaurants, schools and theaters. the new law went into effect yesterday. bars, clubs and retail tobacco shops have an exception from thf e cigarette and videotaping bani hot on thede web tonight, police are still trying to figure out who vandalized the ionicic hollywood sign in los angeles. on new year's day prankster altered the sign to read holly weed. it is now fixed. but they are looking at surveillance video that shows as man scaling up the sign. many folks got a chance to seese the altered holly weed sign themselves. > you have to admit it was
10:59 pm
fox5 news at # 1 11. > this fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a shocking mistake. a north carolina airportirp employee trapped in the cargo hold of a plane is found at dulles international airport. how did this happen? and what does it say for airline security? six puppies stolen from a local pet store on new year's day. why time is of the essence in tracking down the dog nappers. d some expected tenants come across a shocking surprise. what they found in this dust covered car has police scrambling for answers. > fox5 news at 11 starts righta now good evening to you, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. we begin at dulles internationaa airport tonight where a man is lucky he's unarmed after getting stuck in the cargo hold of a
11:00 pm
he was trapped forth hour and a half long flight from charlotte to north carolina.caro how did this guy get trapped ine the firstt place?ce? >> well, tony and sarah, therah, short answer is that it was anit accident. what i can tell you is that i can't even imagine being trapped in an elevator let a loan a plain's baggage a compartment but that's exactly what happenet to a bag worker and needless tol say it was far from his typical day on the job. job now, it happened on a united airlines flight. this obviously was a very scary or deal that quickly turned into a security incident because ofof so many reasons that we're going to get in. what i want to say it appears that the worker was accidentalle locked into the baggage compartment. he's lucky to be alive as sarah mentioned. the scare happened yesterday on a united airlines flight from charlotte, dulles international last airport to dullesles international


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