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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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snrvr straight ahead a step closer to finding out what happened to a bethesda man that vanished more than a week ago. details about arrest in the case. >> and con nikting report the president-elect tweeting overnight taking more jabs at intelligence community and getting help from becomey leaks fouder julien assange. >> we could be talking about snow in the forecast later this week. weather and traffic on the fives 6:05. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up happening today in the district mayor bowser will sign new gps monitoring legislation and new law would close a loophole that previously allowed people equipped with gps monitoring device to go unpunished after removing, tampering or
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month's brutal murder of tricia mccauley the suspect dwayne johnson had several run ins with the law arrested i've times times in 2016 and a week before he killed mccally was ordered by a judge to wear an ankle bracelet and never returned to court to get one. also this morning a break in a case hauntsing a family for weeks. a man was last seen as family bethesda home last month. >> now a person that police believed may have answers about his disappearance is in custody. fox 5 melanie alnwick in bethesda this morning with more. good morning. >> good morning, allison, steve, december 13 when john donna jp ho was last seen at parents house 2 1/2 miles from where he lives he in bez bethesda. he's well known in this area and grown up in this area and police are not identifying the woman who was arrested yes bays they have a lot of questions for her and still have a lot of information they're trying to get. they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. but
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donnaho and this woman did not know each other. the bethesda native worked as or works as web designer and at university of maryland university college and family says he has no known history of disappearing and really doesn't know of any conflicts that would make him want to take off. after two weeks of waiting in and wondering finally a clue on december 8 in the form of store surveillance vedo. that showed a woman with a child walking into the beauty land store upper marboro there she made a $7 0 0 purchase with a credit card that is donnahos it was used retail shops in the hyattsville area. she's just fashioning credit card fraud charges and police are asking for information on john's car it is similar to the one you're seeing here on the screen and plaque 2011 khvy equinox par mar tag number 2ak
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2ak885 detectives are checking for signs of john's car. they have looked and said they have not found any outstanding parking tickets so far no license plate readers have detected that vehicle either. live in bethesda i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> right now 6:00 russian election hacking scandal continues u.s. intelligence officials say russia had something to do with influence of election. >> becomey leaks founder spoke to fox news and said russia didn't have any information in released emails in hacked election. >> and let's goat maureen for the latest sgle next president is expressing skepticism of the intelligence briefing he's sxex todd receive in russian interferencep of the election. intelligence officials say russia was behind hacking of democratic groups during the presidential campaign and sought to influence election on trump's behalf. trump tweeted the meeting whats delayed and more time was
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case" top intelligence officials say there was no delay. becomey leaks founder said russian hackers did not i somewhat the election and by accuracy of leaked exmails which many plame for causing hillary clinton to lose election. >> we have said repeatedly over the last two months that our source is not russian government. and it is not state parties. >> meantime democrats this congress are trying to put u7 road blocks to trump's agenda. they're warning administration they will not be rubber stamp for proposals. >> shumer is using trumpism using maximalist threats and in hopes of getting something better down the road and get leverage out of this deal. >> and the democrats are already trying to block the president-elect cabinet picks.
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floundering right now. they know they have to appear to base to be saying no. but that will drive moderate and middle class america way from them at rapid pace. >> president obama is defy defining new administration as he wants to transfer alleged terrorists out of guantanamo bay. >> with these he'll likely transfer out by january 200 many will be the same people donald trump will have to go back and in his administration they'll have to capture. president-elect donald trump now plans to hold first press conference this election day on january 11. one of the things he campaigned on was promise to get rid of affordable care act and vice-president elect will be on capital hill to talk about the lawmakers about what they'll do. president obama is hoping to save some signature healthcare law and the president will be on the hill today to meet with democrats of how to defend
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steve, allison. >> donald trump's privl hillary clinton and bill bill will up laura bush will president bush will also attend. >> the fight against donald trump nominee to be u.s. attorney general to jeff seeings office. the sit in ended with self arrest and demonstrators have questions be sessions civil rights record. 6:06 now going to tucker barnes for a look at the forecast. >> good morning how is it going. >> good. >> really? >> good. >> pretty similar actually, blue. >> going with blue theme today. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> what's not looking good is fog out there. did you encounter? >> yes. >> some spots having problems with fog. today will be the good one. up in mid 50s with sunshine and cool are air gets in tonight. we have a cold front
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through this morning. 46 washington and 43 dulles and 43 bwi marshall everybody well above freezing mark quick look at visibility i want to mention dulles now visibility reportedly zero and gaithersburg quarter mile we have spots leonardtown quarter mile where we're dealing with good fog. give that a couple hours here and that will burn off. you may encounter that the way out the door this morning. otherwise a weak cold front out towards -- it's not a weak cold front weak and moisture with it and sprinkle out west and then as the front comes through winds pick up and after a mild start we'll cool it down tonight with overnight lows below freezing look at daytime highs 55 degrees. >> sunshine too. >> something we have not seen in a couple days. >> very nice let's check in with erin and see how traffic is. >> 6:07 dampness to the roads and fog and problems 66 eastbound beltway crash blocking left lane at outer
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getting by. upper loop just fine. 66 eastbound backing up as usual from 234 through september areville and again slow through fairfax. this is look as we move to 95 northbound route 1 jammed dale city to ewington and heavy volume and average speeds under 20. give yourself 20 extra minutes to get from dale city to beltway and keep in mind soul ever that backing up through stafford as well 95 northbound. as we look at maps problem aspen hill. connecticut avenue closed on southbound side between bell friday road and georgia avenue causing a lot of extra volume along connecticut and georgia be prepared to detour around that and dealing with a car that struck a tree. they need to get the tree out of the way connecticut southbound. aside from that if you take metro this morning all rail lines on time and metro buses on time now and safe track surge twelve not going to begin until february we'll keep you updated on those delays. for now enjoy quiet rai
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tucker, may be mighty outside not necessarily rainy i got head nod. that is accurate there. volume picking up on beltway and looking good outer loop through college park. back to you allison and steve. >> out of turkey a raid involveing a deadly night club shooting in istanbul. >> shocking video viral a teenage girl thrown to ground by school resource officer. we're back in 0 second
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>> in turkey this morning authorities made five arrest in connection with night club shooting in istanbul that killed 39 people on new year's eave. >> the attack has stepped up security. searching cars and checkpoints. breaking news in turkey overnight. parliament extend state of emergency that allows government to crack down on network linked to u.s. base muslim accuse of ork straighting kao. >> charles manson was moved from california prison to hospital. tmz reported and prison officials have not confirmed they say manson alive only and reports suggest he's seriously ill and privacy laws prohibit officials from discussing
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inmate medical situation. >> a police officer in north carolina has been placed on administrative leave for slamming student to the ground during a fight in school cafeteria rolesville. in eight second video posted on twitter is are a male officer body slams a teen and pulls her to her feet. the student claims she was trying to break up a fight and was shocked when pulled to the ground. the student was not seriously hurts. closer to home the longest serving member of virginia senate pass away charles colegan died yesterday hospice olney, virginia. this was back in 2015 when we honored him with hometown hero award in mannasas. and he was elected in 1975 and retired last year. also sad news olt of montgomery county. after a sudden and unexpected death of county health officer. dr. ald er tillman of rockville died from brain aneurysm yesterday she was county health
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oversaw county public health system and expansion of programs that served uninsured. >> and this morning nation is remembering a groundbreaking veteran dead at the age of 89 and angus hardy j. jamerton was one of first african-american marines that served in segregated military in world war ii and drafted in 19 45 few years ago awarded congressional gold medal. he died yesterday at his home in georgia. >> a health alert this morning people with diabetes and price of insulin continues to rise and many have risen as much as $200. expecting 9 million people d.c. one of greatest concentrations in the country. hopefully you can get a chance to get flu shot because cdc says after holidays people came down with flu. flew cases are
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virginia and they expect to to increase and peak in most parts of the country over next couple weeks. besides seasonal vaccine cdc is reminding everybody to cover mouth when you cough and stay away from others when sick. >> washington monument harder so tee this morning j and liver picture outside, talking about the fog this morning it'sing to foggy. we'll academic with erin and gary and get a look at weather. it's 6:13. k8 everything you need to know about life, you can learn from grano jla. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet.
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nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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sfwhv a look outside. the fog is hanging around -- tucker it all most looks like fireworks display just happened. >> it does. >> and all that moisture from yesterday impressive sight. look at mgm lights out there. >> and let's get to it. you know what nice and mild today. temps mid 50s later this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. actually a chance to dry out. we have fog out there early and
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things improve quick. 46 washington. not cold overnight. 46 leonardtown and 48 annapolis and fog overnight holding temperatures a little bit. 50 fred rikdz martinsburg winchester all with winning temperature 50. mentioned visibility is not great particularly bad west of d.c.. quarter mile in gaithersburg and zero visibility reportedly out of dulles. if you fly out of dulles call and make sure flight is on time. three quoorters mile in leonardtown as we've been doing with fog in spots across the area. and all right this will change things up in a big way. cold front, not expecting rain with it and breezes through. but it will mix up the atmosphere quick. we'll see sunshine break out and ep in for a good looking day today. much colder air behind the front and it will take a little time feting here. midday hours sunshine and westerly wind should number the mid 50s. want to point out this feature here. upper
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early tomorrow, the reason i mention upper level disturbance i could get this. snowflakes here late thursday and early friday and could be enough with cold temperatures in place to get to light snow accumulations around here. so this is setup for late thursday called upper level low and piece of energy coming through and develop surface low and for us, that means the potential for first widespread snow accumulation for the season. it well be light and temperatures will be cold enough it should stick out. there there we are. friday at noon given generally inch plus to part of area here with expected -- well possible delays friday morning for schools and that sort of thing as temperatures will be in the 20s. we'll it will you more? also want to point out on 7 day we've got coastal storm it doesn't want to go away on comput
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interesting a little closer to us. we'll throw it out there if possible parts of area could be dealing with second round of snow saturday. still question marks and still possibility that misses us. friday is pretty much a sure thing. you get your own name guaranteed. >> oh, >> all right erin. >> things could be better. 6:18 now. we say the love congestion and fog. this crash in process of clearing 66 eastbound as awe approach the outer loop it's blocking left shoulder and look like most of cars involved towed out of the way already and traffic moving along long better. keep in mind 66 eastbound jammed by 234 sutly road through 8 and again through fairfax slow to beltway. look forward cameras starting to see typical morning congestion pick up as well this jam-up begins around virginia 110 and goes past the bridge getting freeway. give yourself ten extra minutes there. it's not tear ill. no crashes just congestion.
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tucker has been saying this fog should be burning off and if you encounter dense patches use low beams and make sure you take it slow. let's go from cameras and look at maps. we have other areas to be aware of. aspen hill, connecticut avenue closed southbound side between bell friday road and georgia avenue and car hit a tree and they need tree towed out of the way. use caution. volume picking up on connecticut and georgia in that area. no delays on metro rail now. if you want to avoid roles roads and rails and metro bus things looking good and safe track surge twelve does not begin until february. aside from that as we take a wide view of wednesday morning road around the defendant exhibit mv traffic looking good on suitland parkway picking up a bit towards south capital street and new york avenue bladeens epzburg volume as well and if you have an early morning flight to watch looking good reagan, bwi and dulles check your sta
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check out. back to you allison and steve. >> crews trying to put lights back on at washington monument. light which illuminate outside of monument went out 7:00 last night and national park service says problem is with computer program that controls lights not a power issue and red airplane warping light at the top though not affected thank goodness. >> my goodness all right. >> a huge retirement package ar exxon former ceo ahead of confirmation hearinging to be next head of secretary of state. >> in you were to design a car for millennials klaz one feature you want to uninclude. >> really you will not believety promise. >> chrysler's newest venture next. 6:206789
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>> become now with new car designed with mill epials in behind. first a check of markets joining us on "fox" business network studio hawrn lauren i
6:23 am
say happy new year. >> happy new year. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we're wearing black today my shirt is fancy i have leather sleevrz. >> i like it very much. >> how are we looking on wall street i love you how are we looking. >> good. dow up 30 points. quest for 20,000 continues and january is looking a lot like november and december did with energy and bank stocks and industrial stocks doing well and consumer staples safeties and you'lltytys not doing as well within 120 points now. private job number today auto sales and notes from feds last meeting on interest rates. >> way close to 20,000. meantime somebody not worried about former 401 k is former head of exxon. >> rex tillerson what has page your ties
6:24 am
to being secretary of state. as result he needs to make sure all ties to exxon mobile are cut and as result what he did he's walking home with retirement package worth $10 million getting $2 million deferred shares in independent trust to make sure there's no mixing of politics and business here. he doesn't need the money. that's a nice pay package. >> my mom told me try to be a c. eo i should have listend didn't you go to business school. >> no. >> let's talk about what chrysler is doing for millennials it's genius and mad eping at the same time. >> i would describe it like that. as consumeer is electron youices show kicking off chrysler unveiled concept car which means they're not going to make this they may but likely not it's called portal has plug in ports for iphone or
6:25 am
around car so every single person can charge devices and devices can take selfies of them and then those selfies automatically upload to social media i mean really, really? represent you supposed to be driving in the car. >> right. >> it's hilarious. >> fixed cameras it's caezy and i looks weird too. >> it does look weird. >> other side of my is like it's a little cool that's all i'm saying. lauren, see you tomorrow. >> bye. >> bye. >> i get the feeling -- by the time they build it selfyes, we'll be on to the next thing. >> you can imagine everybody could be in it presumably at a stop sign and you're like it goes right to your social media. >> i get it. >> okay. >> weird. >> all right. >> all right. >> or you can have a passenger just take a picture. >> right. >> but it's not as cool. >> anyway a concept car. >> one day we can dream. >> meanwhile we can dream o
6:26 am
>> so it's 55 where we're going today normal. >> ten degrees above normal. >> it's 11 to 12 degrees above normal. so today will be warm one. let me mention much colder air moving in tonight and tomorrow and let's enjoy today with sunshine. 46 out there and still feeling fog and clouds early. winds north at 3. you can't see fog well but there are reduced visibility out there we burn that off because we get cold front here. see rain back to west vir ver and pennsylvania that front will roll through and mix up the atmosphere and we'll be back into the sunshine as mentioned. mid 50s this afternoon. mild, breezy and much cold are by tomorrow. yes, period of snow around here. i'll have more on it coming up early friday. >> just a little bit and not nuisance it would be pretty decent snow. >> all those things and nuisance. >> oh, >> okay. >> all right. >> pretty nuisance. >> i guess that moons i need
6:27 am
>> yeah. >> writing in and out taking a look outside. 66 westbound side crash after nutly street causing delays this is as you go away from beltway you'll hit that delay. atypically heavy traffic westbound side and 6 eastbound also new crash cedar we'll keep you posted on that one. eastbound and westbound dealing with slow moving traffic we'll keep you updated with next look at traffic metro is on time if you want to avoid the roads keep to fox news morning 6:30 half hour coming right up.
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♪ >> wow, yeah, that's washington monument where are the lights that usually are around it? they're not working. it's a computer issue of some sort. not a power outage. thankfully that red airplane light at the top is working. we won't have mishaps today that could be dangerous. we'll stay on top of that story and let you know what the lights come back on at our washington monument. we'll have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:35. first though we have breaking news at 6:30. headlines that are topping news as well. let's talk about china first a man with knife attacked kindergartners after climbing over wall of school and 11 children were hurt airport thankfully no one has life-threatening injuries. none of the little kids and this man is in custody. >>
6:31 am
arresting in connection to a missing bethesda man. john donnaho was lasts seen december 12 and police got surveillance of this woman using a credit card in upper marboro. they're not identifying her right now. his car is still missing. meantime new details about new year's day murder in howard county and the 15-year-old who shot and killed 16-year-old charlotte zeremba is now dead. his name was shawn cityer is and they were classmates at howard high school. he shot himself after shooting vick tem and her mother. shootings came after charlotte's mother discovered her daughter struggling with himle who was wearing a mask income girl's bedroom. he is accused of burglarizing at least two homes in that same community last month stealing a gun, he then used that gun shooting and police are trying to figure out the motive. in a murder case that rocked d.c. last month accused
6:32 am
gps monitoring device on and never got one. aa week late area caused of killing this woman. it's cases like that that muriel bowser wants to avoid. today she'll sign new gps monitoring legislation that will close any loopholes to keep criminals from get ak way without wearing gps device. >> there's a new push to help fine the gunman that killed a national committee member in july new billboard and bus ads feature seth rich where he was shot. he was gunned down after a boched robbery. a rockville manziel his dog is doing better after shot pointblank by stranger on his front porch friday. he saw what he described as light skinned person shoot his dog. roxy. he rushed rovrmy to animal hospital with stafferd calls police and had to amputate roxy
6:33 am
police and had to amputate roxy's right paw. he started a go fund me to cover dog's expenses and plans to move. all right. time for morning line right now. what a great came for caps verizon center ending maple leaf game. that adds to trauma. caps entered third period. 4-they scored two goals in a minute to tie up and six minutes to go toronto in the lead and john carlson had a score. how about that? and 22 seconds into over time and carlson breaks free and alex owe he very much kin who wols score game winning goal in ot. 19th career of over time and washington welcomes blue jackets to town tomorrow looking to end 16 game win streak. that team is good. caps good too. stick by the way ov used during last night's game is auctioned off to
6:34 am
surgery. alex ovechkin's wife put it on her page hopefully it helps that girl. >> john wall lobz to brady beihl for alley-oop and technical for happening on rim too long. game high 27. wiz overwhelmed by malasia flight vicks 17 three pointers including 113-105. on the road three wins so far. >> when seahawks take on lions they will look to veteran returner for key plays: formerly of baltimore ravens hester is 34 and leads record with 1 touchdowns and he posted this saying god has another chapter many my book of life. he'll westbound seattle now. >> original hog
6:35 am
picked as hall of fame finalists. offensive tackle played 1 years for skins and was anybody of all three super bowl teams and one of over 1 0 alums that attended this home coming game november 1 annual hall of fame let's put him? >> get it done. >> and back to my basketball playing days happening on hoop is my signature move. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> wow. >> did somebody lift you up to grab electric or stepladder. >> i had vertical back in the day. >> how tall was the hoop. >> how tall was it. >> not official. >> you were right. >> one of those nerf hoops. let's do the forecast. steve is just jealous because i could take him in horse. >> that's right. >> 46 washington. temperatures will be nice and mild today. mid 50s later today. the nice thing about being de
6:36 am
stories and and they don't have to be true. they're so long ago they won't even know no people around to attest. rain showers out west we won't get rain but will get a cold front and we mix up the atmosphere. fog burns off and in for a pleasant afternoon. let me mention that is serious cold front that ush ears in more air overnight. up ahead of of it we get a brief warm-up. colder late this afternoon and tonight. and we're still talking about somey the four letter word snow in the forecast. you want to stay tuned to that momently. >> as long as it's not a blizzard i'm okay with that. >> won't be that. >> could be minor league event. >> it's january we deal with these things. checking in with erin and see how things are going. >> 6:6 breaking news out of aspen hill a live look now a downed tree completely across connecticut avenue and shut down in both directions at grand prix road and this is north of georgia avenue. i
6:37 am
at belfry road and police are on location there and big scene they need cleared. you can see traffic making the way to the intersection. that's a huge tree right. we'll keep you updated on that. it could take a while. as we could go over to cameras problems in virginia as well. this is 66 it's on the westbound side right after nutly street. and being blowing right shoulder and lane causing atypical slow down on westbound side coming from the beltway past nutly. watch for that one. and in addition to that slow down on westbound side, eastbound side heavy because we also have a crash out by cedar lane as we forward super there. 66 eastbound as well crash at cedar lane give yourself extra time to get through both sides especially eastbound side because you're jammed 234 sutly all the way to 28 and again leading to
6:38 am
crash outer ramp cleared 66 eastbound. let's go ahead an take a look at maps now. this is map of the first live look we took of large downed tree again exit bellfry road to get around that and extra congestion connecticut and georgia because of that big scene and a look at map of 66 to give you perspective. annandale quiet and 95 northbound backing up dale city to beltway and stop and go traffic ewing top as well. in addition to that 395 slow from beltway up through etsel and 110 across the 14 bridge and in addition to that 295 super jammed up now typical glaze in full swing 50 to 11 street brim and watch for fog causing visibility problems. meto on type of receive, allison. >> confusion on capitol hill when congressman son tries to dab during a swearing in ceremony. >> plus don't do it plus taking a dmrus near future what carnival
6:39 am
to personalize your next bass pass
6:40 am
6:41 am
bass pass. >> let's check what's trending on web now this wednesday morning and first up carnival cruise lines using technology personalize next voyage. and linked to sent ors around
6:42 am
helps crew members respond to needs like unlocking cabin or delivering took callstails. that debuts in november. next up a fewy moment on the hill during swearing in of a congressman. paul ryan got education on ways of dab he was looking straight ahead and not to the side. the son of kansas representative roger marshall was dabbing in front of ryan as the family met with him and the boy kept doing it until ryan noticed him and asked if he had to sneezing. then told him to put his hand down. ryan tweeted he doesn't get what dab be is but roger marshall seemed to get it and said his son was grounded. 50-year-old pop singer janet jackson and hubby parents of newborn baby boy a spokesperson said jackson had stress-free healthy delivery and singer post popd a tour last year to plan the family. she got married in 2012. >> that means. >> first baby at 50. >> what does that mean. >> there's still hope for me.
6:43 am
>> grand baby thanks steve. >> gospel singer and pastor that sings duet with ferrell on hidden figure sound track gets boot from ellen show next in today's fox beat we'll tell you why. if you have a tip share it 202-895-3000 or email tips to we're back in a moment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> excellent f
6:46 am
with two emergency vehicles. perfectly positioned in the tree. >> i can't get over it's amazing. back with breaking news. there's a tree across connecticut avenue causing delays in aspen hill all lanes blocked in both dreks grand prix road. >> it's a true that was standing many, many years. >> don't want to miss good day d.c. today because wttg receipt van mauri po vich is joining us. he was a big part of wttg and big news he's buying a popular northwest d.c. bar and restaurants partnering up what other folks you may have heard of tony corneyeser and gary williams. >> you serious? >> will the name stay the same. >> they'll change name. >> they are? >> well we'll ask mauri. >> one of the three said they'll khavrp the name. we'll talk to him and see if
6:47 am
>> i think it's perfect. >> it's d.c. institution. >> just like maury. >> there you go. >> i need to may pay attention in class. >> sunrise this morning 7:27 i got tweeted tucker "fox5" we're adding 29 seconds of daylight a day. >> inching closer to daylight. >> there you go 39 seconds. >> temperatures are not tear bally cold. mid 40s this time of year. after school, actually pleasant. sunshine. we have not seen much of it the last couple days and breezy and temperatures mid to upper 50s. we think we'll get to 57 here before cooler air gets in tonight. 46 in washington and leonardtown and let's see 46 frederick and 41 westminster and out towards dulles major fog issues and visibility here. at least for the moment greatly reduced. better than a few minute ago. one and three quarter miles. two in leonardtown
6:48 am
gauge rzburg and you get the idea there are pockets of fog. it should burn off quickly as we start to mix the atmosphere this cold front approaches and winds out of south and eventually out of west behind the front which will come rolling through quick. not expecting rain showers with it but as it moves through quickly winds pick up behind it later this afternoon. big picture, little piece of energy out towards home a ha and nebraska and watch that carefully and dive down and kind of pin wheel back up and create a surface low off the southeast coast. brings good chance of light snow around here. tomorrow night late into early friday morning. that friday morning commute will be cold and certainly possibility we could get light ak layings and by light i mean inch that sort of edward end of it inch hope fem are giving me a high five on that. friday, temperatures cold enough of what falls will be able to stick aup cross the region. again travelsh use early friday
6:49 am
far in fact we had almost no none in washington no more than a tris this season. there we are 2 a.m. friday still again fast forwarding this. and through tat morning commute we'll have at looingt a possibility of light snow showers across the area and with secondary storm we have to watch for weekend as well. so lot going on weather-wise over the next couple days and also i want to include the cole theme. 57 today cold. clouds, 39. look for early snow showers friday. second storm is coastal storm. up southeast coast saturday right now misses us but close call can bring us second around of snow saturday. okay updated you on weather. airport will update you on all things traffic and trees. >> we start with large fallen tree car crash earlier this morning car into a tree and down across the road aspen hill connecticut avenue north and southbound shut down right now. police presence there helping traffic get
6:50 am
intersection of grand prix road and if you want to get around that heading down southbound side exit billfry and take georgia avenue as alternate make sure you work your way around secondarys and incredible picture. folks are slowing down with you been rubber neck delay to check out what is going on. aside from that aspen hill moving it over to cameras. we have a crash westbound side of 66. right after nutly street and because of that and typically speaking he we don't have westbound delay and eastbound side let's forward cameras and ever hade. westbound delay eastbound delay this is out by cedar lane and earlier car crash eastbound cleared. but from 50 to beltway we are also slow own eastbound side. 66 not shaping up to be too great either direction. we'll keep you updated slow past truck scales and metro on time. >>
6:51 am
lady michelle obama will recognize the school counselor of the year and on friday. she'll give final speech as first lady during this event school counselors across the country expected to get to the white mouse and farewell speech in chicago next week. >> all right time for fox beat right now kevin joins us good morning kev. >> we start off the story one of the most important films was "hidden figures" about incredible women working behind the scenes at nasa that actually were huge points and parts of john glenn getting into space and/or biting for the first time ever. someone involved gospel singer and pastor kim betterel who sipingz with ferrell on the sound track this song is incredible it's a big part of movie she recently got boot from ellen degeneres
6:52 am
last week after youtube video showed her giving hateful sermon against gay and lesbian people calling them "perverted" and "embarrassment" ellen did not let barrel perform with ferrell. it did not get barrel off the show but ferrell performed she said betterel will not appear on my show and she replaced a facebook live video and she continues to defend remarks. back story, once this all went viral ferrell even tweeted out ferrell loves this singer as a singer but he said i condemn hate speech of any kind there's no room in this world for any kind of prejudice my greatest hope is for inclue and love for all humanity. janelle monet the star of the movie reinstagrams
6:53 am
has her comments about that specifically about how she is not going to allow this to happen. regardless of music she put into the film they're all going against it obviously. so i'm interested to see if it gets brought up on the show and interested to see what song ferrell ends up doing on the show now if he even goes on. he wrote a bunch of songs for the film. how do you feel about -- this is interesting situation. >> i think it could have gone two ways ellen, advocate for inclue could have brought her on and talked to her about it. or not it's her show. i'm not surprised she did what she did and i'm not surprised she is getting condemned for her comments. >> and by the people involved in the 34506y with her. >> liena dunn
6:54 am
the sixth and final season she loves this fot he and loves best the cellulite you can see on her thighs it's a triumph for womenkind she's happy about this appears not to be photo shopped it's her natural state i guess she's saying in the comments there. so lena dunnham. >> next up show called new season of celebrity apprentice this show has been along forever and trump was involved and producer and it people are eerd with aaronald swats naiinger with the host and it's not going over well with viewers. i saw him tweeting. their ratings down 4% from last year's premiere and big difference donald trump not hosting and aaronald taking over and new catch phrase not you're fired but terminated and
6:55 am
because of aaronald. >> i think it's change. >> not trump right. >> i it would have been tough to you put anybody there. >> if trump hostsed show do you think ratings would be up or down. >> they would be what they were. >> up from maybe what it is now. >> not from before. >> there are people that fweeted me saying i'm not watching the show anymore because of this political season. >> i got it. >> i'm wondering if people denounced show. >> if people have political biased for donald trump and he's still executive producer of the show. that's not my personal opinion. >> i like the glamour cover too. >> are they all not photo shopped. >> maybe other three are but i think more magazine covers should be like that i think show your natural self. >> 6:55. >>
6:56 am
>> they never photo shop tucker barnes. >> you need a full spy cover on the magazine. >> he will. he has great legs. >> we've seen tucker's legs in heels. >> too much. >> let's do the weather, kev let's do weather. fog, temperatures in 40s. later today mid to upper 50s. happened movements. go to maps. please take it away. 45 washington. winds south here at five miles an hour. yeah it's mild temperatures today and chance to dry out. we get sunshine this afternoon. but cold air gets in here. quick heads up. early friday morning brief period of snow and could be enough to cause travel issues. yes light accumulations we'll take about that next hour. erin is back with roads. >> nothing wrong with talking with your hands. >> i can't help myself. >> right now 6:56 tag a look at roads you have a crash 295 northbound approaching laboratory road jammed to bet way and if you try to get to 11 street brie
6:57 am
typical delays oxon hill upper loop and suitland parkway low pennsylvania avenue inbound. want to take a live look outside at the fallen tree it's pretty incredible images now connecticut avenue north and southbound if you travel aspen hill take a live look at that. completely shut down grand prix because of downed tree buses to friendship heights on delay for metro keep it to "fox5" we'll get you around that and other problems as the foggy morning drive continues
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
7:00 am
>> intelligence community as he gets support apparently from becomey leaks founder. >> and what happened to this montgomery county man this morning new clues in disappearance. more than a week after he was last seen. we're live with the latest. i heard her yelp and i thought she was gone. >> a maryland dog owner pleading for ans after his be loved dog was shot on his own front porch. that dog suffering serious injuries and this morning the search is on for the gunman. and traffic alert on this wednesday january 4, 2017, take a look. crews li


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