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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪>> >> today on fox5 news morning mr a top story from overnight. ovet dramatic video of a metro worker being rescued after falling 35 feet down a shaft.ha. >> live look outside.utde the weather is the other top oth story this morning.y th it's it th'se arctic blast mike
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us has arrived.ived you'll need a coat today so bundle up.bund >> coat scarf hat, gloves., glo. good morning to you, i'm soning, happy you're with us.ppy yo i'm holly morrreis.lly rri >> and i'm maureen umeh today. d is thursday january 5th.anua 5t. let's get trite mike thomast who is talking about thesetritag coldut t temperatures.tus. erin will talk to you as well because traffic bound to be impacted. mike you're first up to bat. >> we're keeping an eye on itngn for tomorrow morning'sning's mmutute. there could be snow showersuld even as earlybe as thisthis evening's commute. not expecting accumulations until after dark tatonight.onht here's the weather headlines.ins some afternoon snow showers today but we don't think thoseho will be too big of a deal.f aea a steadier light snow picks uppp late tonight mostly after 8 o'clock but here in d.c.. probably closer to 10:00. 100 most accumulations around this region, 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. to tomorrow and i do think thatthit the system's likely gone by sunrise so kids if you're you watching here in d.c. or surrounding areas, do your
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i wouldn't be shocked if i schools are going back either on time or at worst a delayay tomorrow.tomo just a dusting to an inch nearnc d.c. and through northern virginia, southern maryland.ary. north and west maybe northern nh montgomery county howardmeount county up towards frederickrick and carroll county maybe amae a dusting to 2-inches jackpot jact zone well out to the west twoo to 5-inches of snow. sw. quick look at your forecast.t ur 38 degrees today, some scattered snow showers this srss afternoon. the bulk of it doesn't comeit until tonight. d all right guys back to you. you >> mike thanks.s. 5:02 is the time. t if you're just waking up at 5:02 these are some of the tophe stories we have this morning. m. cyber security will be the t topic of discussion today onisca capitol hill.y o the senate armed serviceser committee is hosting the first r in a series of hearings tongs to investigate the threat ofhreat computer the issue of cyber security is taking on the an greatern grea importance in the wake of the i russthian hacking scandal as you know. >> keep on the fight. fig that's what president obamaidt told congressional democratsonad on capitol hill yesterday whende he urged them to remind voters s how the affordable care act
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vice president elect mikesidentt pence says that donald trump's s first order of business will be to repeal president obama'sna healthcare law and replace it. i pence says republicans mustys r avoid hurting consumersep thougg as they do that. that. >> also on capitol hilllil senator ted cruz and representative ronde san at the time of this accident >> the gop leaders say theop l move would help overhaul washington.inon. >> edgar welch pled not guiltyuy and is in jail. welch is accused of firingirg shots inside comet ping-pong ppo in northwest d.c. after reading a fake news story thatke claimed the restaurant was at na the center of a child sex ring r organized by hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> a dramatic residue knew r k bethesda. a metro worker falling severaler feet down a shaft.haft
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the intersection of wisconsiniss avenue and elm treatment ourme melanie alnwick is there liverev with more on exactly whatxactlyt happened. what a story, mel.,el >> reporter: the bethesdahe b metro entrance is a few blocksek up wisconsin avenue but here h at elm street you see these the grates all along the sidewalk and actually those are along meo tunnels where metro workers basically they havelly they h maintenance, they have utility equipment under there and apparently overnight metroetro workers were working in these tunnels underneath when this accident happened. montgomery county fire and rescue got the call about 1:30 this morning. let's take you to some of theacy you to wsoas shot by shot montgomery county fire and rescue of the technical rescueas they had to do here and you're r going to see in this videoid right here as they are -- a - those ropes and that pulleyhat l system they had to device tohadc get down into that shaft andafta pull the worker out.r o. you're going to see that rightht there as this work several coming out of the shaft. o i asked montgomeryf c
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chief scott goldstein what happened.. >> this maintenance crew wasintr working on the moving debris,ri leaves and other general nuisance material from inside is this shaft that gets through tgh the greats at the streeteats level. the worker fell from one levelnl below ground a further deeper de level below ground and had a orthopedic injury, so pain in p his back and his >> reporter: and soo transporter what they call priority two to the hospitalos with nonlife-threateninghrni injuries. want to show you video also of what that shaft looks like so you can really get a sense ofse what the chief was talkingng about. so, there's a platform andor a then another level that goeshaes below and that ledge therere appears to be where the worker r slipped from and fell againgain from that secondary ledge somege 20 feet below and again theyin e had to bring in that fire apparatus to conduct that cductt technical rescue.te took a little bit of time. t they said they wanted to be be very careful ma
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didn't do further injury to the patient or any injury tonju the rescue workers as well so wl it is all cleared thisleared morning.morn certainly there will be ann investigation as well into the accident. back to you guys. >> mel. >> glad everything is going toyt be okay there.hi isbe everything okay on theg okh roads? let's check in withn erin this morning.erins morning. how's it look early, erin? >> wel, right now 5:06. metro holly and maureen iff you're skipping the roads andppn keeping it to the rails allg ill rail lines on time right now.ow no metrobus delays. delay we're taking a break from safeme track. safe track surge 12 not set to begin until february.ur we'll keep you ugepdatgiedn otr information there as soon asn th that becomes available. becom i would just say bundle up if i you're walking out to the out t metro stops or the bus symptomut is a cold one out.. mike thomas can tell you moreelm about that as they anticipate snow. things in chevy chase lookingasg good. problem free on the roads in largo.larg as we make our way in southernor maryland very light volume vum
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not seeing any problems inem brandywine or clinton.linton four inbound coming through tou upper marlboro past dower past r house still at speed.use ill we don't have any of the usual u congestion yet inside the beltway syped past southy capitol is also looking very nice. i like what i'msy alsry seeing s the wilson bridge in oxon hill l and we're delay free dale city c to the beltway on fly.n fly. route one looking good in woodbridge. problem free in franconia-springfield.fiel south that of point int i stafford problem free frome from that 17 to the aquia harbor. hr. i'll let you know when thatenha morning congestion does startngs to ptiop. so far at 5:07 if you're juste hitting the roads you should yoo have a pretty decent drive in di terms of weather conditions ontn the roads and congestion veryy 395 same story. sto all area bridges are cruising. n no problems on the way to bwi reagan national or dulles. dle any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and holly. >> coming up, police ationrrd.ea several people in connection to a disturbing facebook livebo video. >> and a new study finds uberinu
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the world from hours of headaches. >> okay. we're heading to break with a liveing lootok across the d.c. region. regi it is iold. we're expecting snow showers, se snow flurries. details on that.ha 5:07 is the time and a 32 degrees is what it ishat it outside. more fox5 news morning after the break. ak. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> police chase ends in a pol crash at the mixing bowl in northern virginia. d.c. police say it started pol to pull tofficer tri ted over a car in southeast d.c.. the driver backed into a i police cruiser then took off. t. police chased the car through c prince george's county and into northern virginia whereha the suspect crashed into asece jersey gorther suspe officers discovered a youngred u girl in the suspect's car.ct's the driver is in police custody. luckily no one was seriouslyious hurt. >> staying in the district police looking for atang black four door mercedes which wasic thaw spotted on the scene avenue shootinawg sinpo southeh man was shot about 10:00 p.m.. on martin luther king jr.g avenue and police believe theve car could be involved in theolve crime. the victim was responsive whennw he was taken to the hospital. hi >> formal charges expected to ee be filed against four suspectssf in connection to a shockinougn g crime broadcast to the worldbrot on facebook the video shows the suspectspe beating a mentally challenged man in chicago ripping hispi clothes and cutting him with ait knife. police say the suspects madepecs anti-trump remarks during the rg tortur
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happened over a period of one to two days where they held thel the victim captive. >> convicted charleston churchec shooter shooter dylann roofter e began his case in court cou yesterday addrsing jurors assing they decide whether to giveo him the death penalty. pen dylann roof told jurors thereorr was nothing wrong with him psychologically.ho he is convicted of hate crimesae and other charges in theharges deaths of nine black churchhs oi members. happened back in 2015. 2 he is representing himselfly. hf >> three men serving lifee sentences in maryland forn maryr crimes they committed as teensmt appeared in court yesterday as e part of a challenge to the to t state's parole system. s it was the first hearing in the case which was filed lastsew year by thehi aclu of maryland. now the suit alleges thealle state's parole system is notot in line with the supreme courtot decision that found lifend lif without parole sentences fortens youths charged as adults to be unconstitutional.nsti except in rare cases. ly.tuexce >> newes. study finds uber andd lyft may be able to save the the world from traffic yup, the study says carpool
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services such as uber pool and lyft line could reduce thee number of vehicles on theclehe roads by 75 the study was conducted by mit's computer science andcience artificial intelligence intelge laboratory. labo it also says uber and lyft lyf carpools could eventuallyll replace most taxis in new york city. ci >> fox5 news morning a top senate democrat is warningt is president-elect donald trump toent- pick a mainstream supreme court candidate. real reason ford reaso abandoned its plans for a factory in mexico may havema nothing to do with donald trump.trump. >> as we head to break let'swe h take a live look across the d.c. a liv region. regio crust at a clear out there andar cold. we are at 32 degrees thiss morning. so bundle up when you headenou out. 5:11 is our time right now.ightw we're going to talk morealk m weather and traffic on the other side. don't go anywhere. fox news morning back right after this. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> 5:13 is the time right now.
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32 degrees. little smooth music to get youoy moving on a thursday >> yeah. we're getting ready forttg d it, mike.mik >> we're ready. i think we're going to be able a to handle this one i'm got a good feeling.od fling >> listen, after last winter win we can handle anything. >> good point. the not the two to 3 feet of snwo tow that's for sure that wt were getting this time last january.january. 24 hour temperature change i cng want to mention this first. washington 17 degrees colder. winchester almost 30 degrees0 gr colder this morning inrning in winchester.wi fredericksburg 23 degrees.ic so, yeah, very, veryks chilly.hl look at these temperatures. 30 now here in washington.ashit. 27 for 25 westminster.esin good morning leonardtown,nardwn 28 degrees. temperatures play a factores pyc because again it's all aboutut ground temperatures kind ofempe from this point forward howint h cold is the ground going tod goi get that will kind off determine how much snow sticksnc and is it able to stick to theat roads or is it just the grassyra accumulation.accu that's kind of what we're watching.hing winchester good morning very cold 21 degrees for you.r y satellite and radar showsad clouds moving into the south.inh this is is xpecte
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sunshine right around sunrised i but after that, it's generallyey a mostly cloudy day here.ay h here's your system out to the west. west not terribly well organized. orz not a ton of energy with itit i but yes, it does have the snow o and that's going to be sliding i our way late this afternoon,, mostly late tonight and into i tomorrow. let me show you futurecast shoy here tell you exactly what iha i mean here. 11 o'clock today mostly cloudyay skies, sliding into thent the afternoon maybe we get a little bit of snow showerle b activity one, 2 o'clock don't -- maybe a grassy coating with i don't expect this to be a toe big issue on the roads.e onhe r you see evening commuteom futurecast not showing too s much, just clouds unless yous u live out to the west over the mountains that's kind of your ou core of the energy there.gyhere that slides across late tonight, 10, 11 o'clock snowocks kind of picks up here in d.c.s should be mostly light snow. midnight, 1:00 a.m. that's t kind of your prime time hourse e and then we get to 2, 3 o'clock in the morning it'sng i already starting to lift offlif to the north and west andd potentially by the time we hit h the air tomorrow snow issno i moving out and skies are a starting to clear and thenng it's a t question of how much oc
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roads or not that will determine things like schoolkeco claims if you're watching nearyw d.c. and locations south of d.c., fairfax county i'd doountd your homework tonight kids. k i really don't see you gettinget off school tomorrow, kind of kid really no chance of that maybece a delay but i wouldn't co ounttn on it. dusting to 2-inches north and west where you see this light yt blue. not record setting amounts by any meanrds. set two to 5-inches over the mountains where winter weathertr advisories are in effect. effec that's the only location here. r since it's not expected to beteb falling during rush hourg du rus anymore during the morningor they did not put us aunt us a winter weather advisorynter w because they'reae expecting expc totals to be relatively light. g what about the weekend? still e watching this area of low pressure.hing t it looks like it's going to get close enough tproesks like s light snow back to areas east of i-95 here in washington.ashio doesn't look like it will beike too big of a deal saturdayurda afternoon but we'll continuenu to keep our eye on it here. 20's andp our 30's all weekende long though. it's going to be a very v bitterly cold weekend.d eke maybe good weekend to sitkend t inside and watch some playoff po football. 38 degrees, snow showersrees, e around through
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hours of tomorrow and thenndhe again as we get into thento weekend much colder. cde few snow showers saturday,aturd, sunday just sunny and bitterlyty cold. then we'll warm it up as weas head through the course of next cou week. w all right, that's a look of the weather. erin como getthe them off to wr and school safely thisely th morning. >> thanks mike. we'll try our best. the good newswe is'l weather not impacting our commute right now for this thursday morningurm and if you're skipping theou roads and keeping it to the rails, no metro delays acrosscr all six lines right now. silver and red also looking good.. problem free on our buses. bes keep in mind safe track surge tr 12 is kicking in february.ary. we'll keep you updated on that o when we get more informationti an start date but if you are are take, the roads here's a lookoo at manassas northboundd centreville road crash c blocking the left lane at lane t yorkshire lane. seeing a significantig northbound delay backing upelay towards that we'll keep youwa posted on thatt crash with extra time if tim you're taking 28 northboundorbo towards 66. once you goat 66 good news,d n you're delay free through tou manassas and centerville into i fairfax this morning.x the inner loop
5:18 am
fine through college park. p let's take a live look outsideue see how our cameras aremas are shaping up.shapup. just as quiet bottom of theotm e beltway. this is out by maryland 214.and4 no problems there as you make y your way across the wilson wilso bridge on the inner loop. l outer loop traffic flowing without any issues.tht an and take a look at that.ha 66 this is a live look past the visitor's center. cente we're just cruising. volume is increasing though. any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter.witt i'll help you get around maureen and holly. >> 5:18 is the time of let'she t take a look at the stories lhe you're engaging with the most tt this morning on social media.nii >> wisdom standing by in our realtime news tracker.rack >> ford motors scrapped plansmoo to open a factory in mexico and will now dismanned michigan. a michigan plant creating moremore than 700 jobs. while ford's ceo saysays confidence in the businesshe bus climate under president-electndr trump was partly the reason a to report bite washington poste was suggests the real reason ists t the company's investment inent i electric cars.s. the post reports moving the movh engineers who create thoseeers cars would have made theiroue jobs hde
5:19 am
for ford to find skilledd workers here at home. home. next up, senator chuck schumer is warningarni president-elect donald trumpt-el about his eventual supremel supr court choice. cour he says trump needs to name a nm mainstream nominee orominee o democrats will oppose the opposh individual with "everythingythi they have." have. schumer says he fears the hard r right running the show will decrease the chance -- thence chances of a mainstream choice. when he was asked to define mainstream schumer said youchumr know it when you see it. and finally, the owner of the popular cocelo music festival fa may not be as liberal. ler the family foundation donated almost $200,000 to anti-lgbtqi- groups between 2010 and 2013. 21 now, the foundation is owned isw by philip who also runs the entertainment group that funds
5:20 am
coachella.coac now the news comes on the heels of the announcement of coachella17 lineup which wch includes beyoncé kendrick kendr lamar and radio head. back to you.ou >> thanks whiz.>> t >> 5:20 is the time.>> 5 coming up on fox5 news morning the maker of a popular infomercial pillow is comings cn under fire. unde >> you might be in for a price i shock when you buy your girl you scout cookies this year.t cookia >> oh no,.r. as we head to break a livea liv look across the d.c. region. 5:20. 5:20. looking quiet on this roadiet right there. okay. ay details coming up on yourng up u weather and traffic on theicn 5s. fox5 news morning back after this. >> ♪♪ been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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sears has only been profitablene twice in the 12 years since it bought k-mart.bought >> my pillow the populary llow pillow maker known for itsor i late night infomercials iscial facing more problems. the better business bureauinesse announced it has revoked my pillow's accreditation and a lowered its rating from an aromn plus to an f months after settling a consumer protectionio uit.uit. my pillow received several consumer complaints. >> we can get just about anything out of ae ca vendingen machine these days.e d imagine buying a car. car a dealership is trying to do that: the ceo says he wants to simplify the car buyingying experience with coin operated vending machines. yeah. it's simple he says 'causees.s s customers buy a car online andle then they get a coin to pickn tc up the car the next day.ay each car couples with aples wh a seven-day no questions asked money back guarantee an 100 day warranty. warrant >> hm. pizza hut launching a new prom
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going to love especially those of you suffering fromove holidl shopping hangover.piangove pizza chain is givingiving customers 50 percent off all pizza orders placed through next monday.on now to get the discount you yo need to use pizza or the pizza hut app. a >> you might get some stickere c shock if you -- this year when e you buy yourar annual girl scout in some parts of the countryouny the prices have gone up since sn last year.ea each girl scout council setslet its own prices.rice in georgia most of the prices thin mints samoas are four are f dollars but the new s'mores cookies six bucks a box. b >> price gouging. pri >> by the way 2017 isce the the 100th anniversary of girl scout cookie sales.ok >> i'm sticking to my thinto myt mints any way. four bucks a box. b >> i don't know if this is for s boden to say but i think there is a keebler that makes the tha
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>> stop it. >> come on maureen. mau support the scouts. >> i don't care howsco much theh are they're delicious. >> they are. whole sleeve ofleev thin mints. [laughter]ter] >> new year's resolution time.r' >> i know, i knos >> all right, let's do at' d little weather.eath we're watch somethingwatch meth potential snow later thisntial t afternoon.hi i don't think it's much but it's probablyt thin our first ot measurable snow of the season so here in satellite and radar showingand g that system sliding into the midwest now. everything's kind of moving a mn little faster than it wasn was yesterday and most of the -- [inaudible] evening commute comu should not be impacted andte a tomorrow morning's commute's should be done by then. 30 degrees your currentrees you temperature here in washington.r te 25 formp gaithersburg, 27 at frerick.k. 25 in winchester.inchte i'm sorry, westminster. 27 degrees in baltimore thismo t morning. morn planner today, cold, cold, 35 degrees by 10:00 a.m. a highs later on today only innl the upper 30's.0's. some flurries and some snowome showers possible even as early r as the noon or 1 o'clock hour.lh that's a check of theck of
5:26 am
ef thcomo has a check of th roads this morning.roads hey, erin. >> that's right, 5:25 andnd right now we're seeing really r nice conditions around theun t beltway in terms of volume.olum very light volume but ifolume f you're waking up in manassasanas we have a crash you need to bed aware of.e northbound centreville road virginia 28 it's blocking theing left lane at yorkshire lane.rks. because of that the yellow tt th line northbound we're seeing sen has turned red.s tur several miles of very slowylo moving traffic. once you pass yorkshire laneshi heading the rest of 28f 28 northbound towards 66 that is6 t flowing 66 coming inbound66 comn through manassas andthro centreville also quiet rightllei now on the eastbound side.ide. maryland commute is looking good. good. let's hop outside for a livep ou look and we'll show youts thoset roads. this is the outer loop at new ae hampshire avenue throughue t college park from 95 over to t georgia light traffic volume and at the inner loop also quiet from the 270 spur past connecticut. as we take a look at 95 this att is outside the beltway on the southbound side past cherryaschr hill as you make your way fromue the icc down to the beltway t b volume is increasing but no major delays just yet.justet northbound sid
5:27 am
towards bwi looking good. goo more traffic in a few. f any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter. maureen. mre >> thanks erin. e coming up on fox5 news morningsr the inauguration is inchings closer and closer but the t president-elect says he stillt-l doesn't think people really get him.ect thin >> and a woman going for a jog r makes an unusual discovery in rthwhwest. >> as we head to break, let's, go ahead andle take a live lookl across the d.c. region. regn. it's actually dropped a couple degrees this morning.thisorning. we're now at 30 chilly, chilly degrees. bundle as you head out on thists thursday morning.ning. 5:27 is our time right now. rign fox5 news morning back rightac g after this. thi don't go anywhere.ere. >> ♪♪ >>
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>> today on fox5 news morning,f5 cyber security and protecting american interests from thee interference of foreign governments going to be the topic ofencents go debate on cal hill. a north carolina man who opened fire in ah ca popular northwest pizza restaurant allan because of an internetn inter conspiracy theory due in court. and dramatic video of af metro worker being rescued rcued after falling 35 feet down aown shaft. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.ood thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin.mor >> and i'm holly morris.ollyorr. today is thursday, january 5th.y 5th. erin is in the traffic center tf working mike in the weather ce perhaps working even a little l bit harder because we've got bec perhaps some wintry stuff that's headed our way so let'sss
5:31 am
th topp. hey, mike.ike. >> hey, holly.. keeping an eye on potentially our first measurable snow herear in d.c. late tonight and very early predawn hours ofprawn tomorrow morning. potentially causing some som issues for tomorrow morning'sori if there's any good news its seems to be moving faster sogte that by the time the commute coe starts tomorrow most of thef t snow should be well off to theb north and west. wes snow showers possible as early as the early portion of this ofh afternoon. that's not the main event justtt a couple of flurries or light l snow activity up ahead of the oe main system.te steadier light snow later onnowo tonight. we think the bulk of the accumulations here and therere a won't be many of them but b 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. is when we'llsw get the bulk of the measurablere system is likely gone by sunrise so kids do your y homework. i do not expect many school closings tomorrow at all. all dusting to an inch here in in d.c. southern maryland m northern portions of virginia.i. farther to the northwest ast dusting to 2-inches maybeay northern montgomery county,y, howard county, frederickre county maryland, carroll county maryland
5:32 am
38 degrees today afternoonfterno snow showers snow flurries.w flu picks up late tonight withtonigh some steadier light snow butut again tomorrow we should clearw things out in the afternoon,erno 38 degrees, cold air hasir h settled n that's a check of the forecast. guys, i'll send it back to you.yo >> ♪♪>> >> thanks mike. t>>ime. tr let's get to what's beent's developing overnight.lopi. we'll begin with the dramatic rescue in montgomery county toru save a metro employee.mployee. >> a few hours ago that worker e fell several feet down an a aft.t. his rescues caught on camera. fox5's melanie alnwick livewicke in bethesda with more. mor mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. ot ofou know, a lot ofepor folks -- if you're like me i'm one of those people that ppl doesn't like to walk across these grates. now we know how deep thesep es shafts go.o. these are utility shaft that is metro uses even though theuge entrance metro is a littleetro e ways down wisconsin avenue. anu all along here is where the is t metro runs and so
5:33 am
tunnels connect. cnect workers were doing their job overnight clearing debris andsnd other things from these grates e these tunnels. it was about 1:30 in the 1:3in t morning when montgomery countyno fire and rescue got thent call. let's take you to some of the sm video that was shot duringat w thisas s rescue. rcu head to do what they call a technical rope rescue to trype to get this worker out fromut fo the shaft. they had to bring in the tbrin ladder truck. they had to rig up some ropesop and pulleys there. it was definitely -- i would i d say it took some time because bu they wanted to make sure that the patient was safe. they wanted to make suree apala of the rescue workers, too, t, were not injured in trying toryn get this guy out. o fortunately did appear to ber e just what they called someome sort of orthopedic injuries, nonlife-threatening injuries. he was transportedin tg o whatoa they call priority two to the hospital for treatment.ment we did also get some video, we're going to show it to yout y here, of just how far down f d that shaft, what it looks likeoi and so it appears that the worker was on there's sort of
5:34 am
and then it goes down's anotherh 20 feet and it appears fromro what we understand that theundea worker mayt have slipped offip that of first ledge and then plunged another 20 feet below. o there were metro investigatorsta and safety teams here, also, al, just finishing up the accidentcn report.po and wisconsin avenue wasnu w affected for a little while whi but right now everything isthins opened but i'm sure thehe investigation into what caused c this worker to fall so far is is going to continue but fortunately, he's going to beoie okay. back to you guys. guy >> thanks mel. appreciate it.>> this morning water has> m beenor restored top washingtonto adventist hospital in takoma ino park this after a pipe burstipes there around 6 o'clock lastoundo night. the hospital had advised adv patients visitors and staff sff not to drink water from f faucets and to use hand sanitizer in addition to washing their hands but thatha has been lifted now with thehe restoration of the water. wssc crews are still on thethe scene though fixing the pipe.hep the hospital is still accepting patients and working i at full capacity. capit >> cyber security will be the t topic
5:35 am
capitol him. the senate armed services committee is hosting tnahe firsr in a series. senator john mccain chairs j that committee. th the head of the nsa and the director ofto national intelligence.elnc mccain is working withit senators from both parties too get more resources devote to d do that threat.ea the issues of cyber security set take on a greater importance in the wake of the russian hackingake scandal. meanwhile as trump's inauguration draws closer, so c, does the potential repeal off obamacare. the president even making aent k rare stop on capitol hill h yesterday in a last ditchch attempt to save his signaturenae healthcare reform law. law. the president urged fellow f democrats not to rescue res republicans by helping them to pass replacement measures and floating the idea of referringeg to the gop's new plan as trump care. >> happening today, the northodh carolina man accused of firingf shots inside a d.c. pizzeriaizza is expected to be in court for f a hearing. edgar welch pled not guilty guit and is currently in jail. jail. welch is accused of firingin shots inside the cometom ping-pong in northwest d
5:36 am
story that claimed the t restaurant was at the centert er of a child sex ring organizedrgn by hillary clinton's presidential >> all right. time now to see a what's happening on the roads with erin como. hey, erin.g on t >> 5:36. if you're taking metrooutaki breaking news for you.king newso a train malfunction at shadytha grove right now because of that on the red line residual delays to glenmont. glenmon outer loop 95 andp a baltimore-washington parkwaywash looking good. 27is qhough 270 is quiet through rockville right nowow big delays building throughldin urbana on the southbound side.ds so be prepared to add about 10 1 extra minutes to your commute.oe we'll sort out what exactly is going on in urbana if it'sf ' just congestion or if there's problems going o we'll keep you updated.pdat aside from that 295 southboundub is flowing as you make yourmaour way down from 50 towards the t 11th street bridge. streeidge. a bit of congestion picking upku on new york avenue inbound byy bladensburg road. and then as we take a look at l the at&t 395 northbound fromdro edsall road to the 14th street 1 bridge is quiet. problem free through annandale e on the inner loop up to 66
5:37 am
then again as you head towards the american legion bridge. bdg i'll keep you posted on that t one and 95 northbound we do d have some delays picking up pic through woodbridge as usual. usl any questions at erin fox5stio d.c. on twitter and again don'tnsn twit forget 270 southbo starting to see a lot ofngsee volume building by urbana. wisdom and holly.. >> metro transit announces plans to close during a majorg r football holiday >> and federal investigatorseral begin looking for answers after a trainlookin derailment n new york. >> as we head to break liveiv look outside across thes t region. region the time right now 5:37. 5:3 back after this. this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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z27mkz z16fz
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y27mky y16fy
5:40 am
>> 5:40 right now. in mexico, a violent attack in v broad daylight leaves six people dead. this happened yesterday in the resort city of acapulco.d dayl ned of alc city officials say thefficia shooting in the parking lot of f a pop-up market is what is happened there.ened t. several gunmen exited ad vehicle and began shooting atin vendors killing three men anden three women.rewomen the suspects then fled into a nearby town known for its gang g so far no arrests have been made. made. >> this morning the>> t investigation continues into what caused aatio train to dough rail yesterday in brooklyn. more than 100 people wereesterde injured when the long island isl railroad train slammed into a tn bumping block as it pulle sladas into the atlan itic terminalmi station. the impact knocked the wheels off the first car causing theaug rain to shift off the tracks.era no major injuries were we reported and the t
5:41 am
suffered only minor >> d.c. police are still. policr trying to figuree out where a violin case full of guns came from. a woman discovered the case thee yesterday afternoon near the t boathouse at fletchers cove inin northwest.t. she called police and when they did a search of the area investigators say they found aod second case full of guns and ammunition.muni. >> metro has a huge work hug wor project planned for super bowl b weekend.en buses will replace orange bluene and silver line service in downtown d.c. on february 4thrut and 5th. 5th free shuttles will run insteadui of trains between foggy bottomot and eastern metro is telling ridersider traveling through the area tog h plan for up to 45 minutes of additional travel time.l time >> ouch. >> yeah. going slow down all those super bowl par ty peoow dple. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> letting you know though inho plty o of time. 5:41 is our time.ur time. coming up on fox5 news morningng a 13-year-old girl fromd gi fro illinois is attending president-elect donald trump'sec inauguration and it's all a because of a program based in bn virginia. >> and the washington redskins are, you know, looking at
5:42 am
possible future homesites forsi nfl free free agents. that's one of them on your screen, this g we'll tell you all about it abo when we come back. >> as we head to break let's h take a live look across the d.c. region right neaow. live . 5:41 is our time. t we are at 30 degrees.0 degr we've got more stories to talkmi about so don't go fox5 news morning coming right ack after this. >> ♪♪ the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea ♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:44 is the time. no music for>> 5 my -- it's all silent. >> ♪♪ >> there you go. you g >> yeah. >> this is the same one as yesterday. >> supposed have the same one,dt mike. >> maybe it will become associated with you. y >> because you danced so goodo o yesterday. >> let's see it, come on. on. give it.give i >> don't do that ever again. [laughter]ter] >> don't do that ever again. dtt talk about snow, would you.ouldu >> in the club. c >> we'll have us giggling thisih morning, which is a gooding, thing. >> we need a giggle.ig it's thumbs be least the thu weekend is almost here. the snow might not makeeken youu happy. we are watching that. it's clouds already starting srt to move into the region fromn f south to north. that's going to continue as we t head through the course of the morning hours.morn there's your snow system.ys see the snow coming through indiana, illinois throughoi portions of saint louis thist lo morning getting some snowsome sn showers already in cincinnatiin the snow is kicking things are generally moving aovg little bit faster than kind of models were hinting at were hi
5:46 am
run just came in.just c you'll see what i mean. 11 o'clock today generally geray just cloudy out there, maybe a,a couple of early snow showers or snow flurries out there byflt 2, 3 o'clock this afternoonerno but that shouldn't be anythingyg that drops any accumulation.umat there's your main energy,y, 3 o'clock pushing into theo e mountains. now, this run of futurecast,uras new run is bringing it in a a little faster we're seeingre sen light snow here in d.c. here d maybe by the second half off the commute 7, 8 o'clock'clock tonight we're seeing a little more moderate snow starting torn pick up in u maybe we need top watch theatch second half of the evening eni commute tonight for travelorrave difficulties. there we go i finally got itt out. ou later on this evening 10,ening , 11 o'clock we keep the lighte he snow around.ow a this is when we're doing our d accumulations and as early as as 12, one, 2 o'clock i guess gu tomorrow morning, things are, ga starting to pull off to thepu t north and west and then we're we so again kids i would do yourd o homework tonight. tig this isn't something that's somi going to keepng you out ofou o o school tomorrow.schoomorrow. dusting to an inch washington wg south and east.soh an north and west maybe a little le more dus
5:47 am
montgomery county carrollnty l county baltimore county, evenmon the city of baltimore could beed up to 2-inches. 2-inc the jackpot zone well out to o t the west where winter weathertee advisories are in effect:no effc ice of course for us in d.c.for. yet. 30 degrees your current number u in washington. was it is much colder thann 27 for gaithersburg as well as frederick. dulles winchester's 19 degrees to start the day here. her wind chills are littlere lit chillier as well.illi feels like 22 as you step outside here in washington. feels lycopene winchester.chte 19 martinsburg.tinsburg so again grab the jacket as jke you head out the door today,oday certainly a day when you'll w need it. 35 by 10:00 a.m., cold maybe mbe some flurries around one --ne between one and 4 o'clock here'r with highs staying in the 30's all day long. l what about the weekend? lowut t pressure still coming up kind of the coast but still it's stai far enough to the east that maybe areas east of 95 get aeasa little bit of light snow butw i'm not expecting it to bee anything significant as ofcas o this time. what is a definite for thisfor t weekend is just how cold it's i going to be. high temperatures in the 20'spea and 30tu's on both saturday anda
5:48 am
you can see that here. fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, 38 degrees both38 today and tomorrow. t snow showers this evening intose the early part of the predawnhea hours of tomorrow morning.ofrn we'll clear it out in the afternoon.oo saturday maybe a second roundond for those living east of thehe i-95 corridor. sunday sunny and colds with a high of 30 degrees.0 degr erin como do a little traffic. f >> sounds good mike. 5:48.5: tracking a red line delay withth metro. train malfunction at shady grove. residual delays to glenmont.le once you pass the intersection o at yorkshire lane it opens upen to 66. 6 notice that yellow l 66 to 234 through 28 volumee increasing giving us about a 10 minute slowdown there.owdown. aside from that the rest of 66 is delay free from thatt centreville towards theards beltway so that's good news.go hop outside for
5:49 am
and show you what you're up youp against.agns 270 southbound coming past 109 0 in urbana heavy volume. things moving along okay.alg oka north that of point from 85 to t 80 we're seeing a lot ofa lo o congestion popping up on ouron map so coming down from 70 from past the truck scales and then past 109 i would say right now n give yourself 15 extraxt minutes. we'll let you know if that turns out to be a crash olert typical morning congestion but b we are seeing a lot of red ong n our map. again between 85 and 80.nd northbound side of 270 iss moving without any issues right now. as we forward our cameras once e again traffic is looking goodkio on the top of the beltwayhe t we're problem free throughehrou colesville but we're increasing volume wise i would say from 95 to georgia giveom yo 9urself o5 nly by five he can tram. we'll keep you upit dated. dated any questions at erin fox5uest d.c. on holly and wisdom did thatm did thanks erin. it is a once in a lifetimeim opportunity for teens fromunitf across the can tune tomorrowune witness american history atto at president-elect donald trump'set now dozens will come to
5:50 am
january 18th as part of the envision presidentialvi inauguration leadership sisummit which is based in specializes in youth iyout leadership programs.rogram >> i read about what it's likeab for me to be aout leader and hh i help others around my school and my house. hse >> teens will take part int several days of activities andsa hear from guest speakers that includes malala yusefi. yusef >> time right now 5:50. 5 let's take a look at the stories you're engaging withagih the most this morning onmo soal m >> mauer 15 standing by with bit our realtime news tracker.cker. >> the united states has sent special forces to the baltic thi states according to officials.ic dozens of troops went to lithuania latvia.a. the new york times reports sayor that the countries are increasingly nervous overvous potential russian agrees. nato is also deployingde soldiers. ld next up the holidayss weren't so jolly for macy's
5:51 am
de the company announced it is cutting 10,000 jobs closing 68s6 stores including the one at landmark mall in alexandria. finally lg stepping up the home entertainment game. it revealed a wallpaper tva it a can be hung on the wall with w magnets. lg says it will create the the experience of looking through tu a window into another world. a no word yet on how much it will cost and i'm betting it'stg going to be pretty expensive exn at least right off the bat. >> fascinating. >> i know. how do o they do that. >> i don't know but sign me upte if i can afford it. >> right exactly. >> eventually they'll get downl to like 200 bucks. >> wait, exactly.xactly. also making news funeralnewl services will be held for two fo hollywood stars. a private joint ceremony isate planned for carrie fisher andiee her mother debbie reynolds. rno it will just be family closeilcl friends. they both died about two weeksee ago but just one day fisher died from a heart hea attack and her mother had
5:52 am
stroke.stro fisher was cremated yesterday. y some of her ashes will bewilbe buried with her mother during a ceremony tomorrow at the forest lawn memorial park in l.a. public memorials are expected to take place in the future. f >> redskins off season withins s pierre garcon and desean jackson both being free agents e and perhaps looking elsewhere ee redskins reportedly keepingeepi their eye on kenny britt. b he recorded his first first 1,000-yard season in an otherwise miserable year inear los angeles. angel there is a catch though.houg brit has told his friends he fre wants to play with kirklath k cousins. >> that's not a catch, thatco'ss a good thing,, ri >> i guess. gue. if you're a rams wide receiver e i don't know how good you canouc be. i'm just saying.juayin >> a thousand yards he tand recorded his first thousand yards. >> mike thomas gets a thousandas yards. everybody gets a thousandybody yards now.gets yards now. that's not even a benchmark anymore. he's not great.he's not great. >> i'm trying to be positive.ryn >> happening today, we'reg ap going get a new loopekni at plap for the redevelopment of rfk stadium.adiu events d.c. is going to bee hosting a city wide communitytyw
5:53 am
tonight to provide updates onpds the development plan as well asl as information on short term t plans for the 190-acre campus cs and report on the progress of a environmental study. >> ribbon cutting ceremonyuttinc held for a new women's center'sr in montgomery county. the new center will offer women shelter mental healthin ml services and primary h healthcare.heal maryland lieutenant governor boyd rutherford and montgomeryrr county exec isaiah leg get areee set to attend.tten >> researchers gathered gat information on the eatingrmat habits oiof nearly 1,000 people around the age of 70 who did not have dementia. demen people who did not follow theolt diet closely were more like toik have a higher loss of totalss oa brain volume than those who w did follow itly. i >> a lot of study
5:54 am
overseas. overseas. might want to keep a closewa eye onnt your significant other next monday.xton a dating web site for people peo looking to have affairs claimslm it sees the most web traffic tff the second monday afterafter christmas.chst this year that's january 9th. j. relationship experts say thereip are a e few reasons why some people look for affairs afteroo w yeaear's.for af couple of them includer's. holiy stress, family fights during the holiday season and fory ason some it's a new year'sr's good luck with that if that's ta your. >> and it's your resolution to have an affair.s yo >> apparently so. >> i don't understand that.on't >> yeah. >> 'cause you need a resolution u >> ' to cheat on c o somebody. just saying.just saying. >> that's silly. all right. let's move on to something oto t that's going the make us alls smile today which is ours facebook fan of the fan and today it is the very dashing thaddeus >> great beard. thaddeus says he and his beardns say good morning.orng he adds that every day is a good day when he starts itay w with fox5. he wants every one to have a pros
5:55 am
right back at you thaddeus thadd your beard too. if you would like to be fan ofll the day post a picture below this one. o >> i wonder if he goes by thaddeus or thad. they're both super cool. i love that. 'rthat's a strone g nam e.trong >> that's a strong beard.rd. i'm impressed. i couldn't grow something like o that even if i tried.n 22 to 32 degrees at the bus t stop early this morning.orng no snow just yet but yet definitely cold.tely cd. bundle the kids up as they get y out and about.out and ab after school 32 to 39 degrees. maybe a few snow showers ora flurriesfew around. aroun bulk of the accumulations niter tonight. very early tomorrow but i do do expect to do a bus stop sto forecast tomorrow kids.wid sorry to tell you, you probable have school tomorrow. o egrees.ees. again your daytime high today.od snow picks up later on thisrth evening.enin lasts through the predawn theda hours of tomorrow.urs of tomorro then it's out of here. h maybe another round for some f s of us saturday off to the east e of i-95. i-9 then we're clearing things out. we're just cold this hi on sunday of only 30.olnday . most stay in the 20's.0' we'll moderate things a little bit heading into next week.inino 40 by tuesday and then back to t the 50's w
5:56 am
wednesday: all right tuckerghuc will have more on the storm s coming up during 6 o'clockg hour. for now erin como has your traffic.c. >> 5:55. taking metro all rails on time m except for the red f dealing with a train malfunction at shady grove.dy ge residual delays to glenmont. gnm rest of your metro rails andaila bus lines reported on time. i'll let you know if that let's forward our maps to aard t look at our roads and show youou 270. some heavy volume increasingreag from 70 through urbana.rban right now it's about a 15ut a minute delay but once you pass s 109 you're wide opened down down towards the spur.wardthe and as you can see 40 and 70 also looking good. g outer loop volume increasing through college park.thro but the good news is notuge od n enough to cause any major slowdowns. 95 on the way to bwi is quiet.ui same story on bw no issues there. forwarding our maps once againaa we'll take a look and show you y what else you're up against a for your morning commute.r moin 295 volume increasing justasingj south of 50 as you get downou gd towards the 11th street and new york avenue pastas bladensburg also seeing a bitg e
5:57 am
taking a look at our inboundnb 50 towards 295 you're quiet and light volume building inldg southern not enough to slow us down.slowd keep it to fox5 morning. mning we have you covered.overed any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on beautiful view there of the of t d.c. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> straight ahead at 6:00 a scare for a metro worght keahr r a 35-foot fall down a shaft. sh. we're on the scene of that of at overnight rescue near the t bethesda station where it took o crews awhile to pull that man tt to safety. >> today's other big story is snow. sn just cold temperatures outsideri right now on this thursdayhu january 5th but there could berb snow moving in later today.ay >> good thursday morning toornio you. i'm allison seymour and.n seymra >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning.ori so first up at 6:00 you see s them behind us right now working hard tucker barnes inarn the weather center. good morning.en ning.goood morood mor let's get right to it, right.. the main event as it were. i w not a terribly big event tobig look forward to but we have whae snowflakes in the not for the daytime h ioun rs bt the big change from yesterdayge the timing on this ha fs movedsv up a little bit so we think in i time for sort of the end ofhe ed the evening rush hour some off this light snow shower activity will move in and beigli with us through the


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