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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ news mning fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 6:00 the searchea for a serial sex offender inendn the district.ct three attacks happening justus this week.eek. coming up, who police say theyay are on the lookout for. for we'll have a live report.ort. >> plus, still an active scene this morning in montgomery county. a tractor-trailer crash ininng in ashton. you saw erin talking aboutngbo this. th causing major problems. pros. a fuel spill has 108 closed at mink hollow road.ollowd. >> look at this picture a a little ominous. >> looks a little scary. >> i know.ks nothing buthi ba ck tododay. no unlucky news here. he. we'll talk weather traffic allff the news you need to know. kno that's straight ahead and with d that we say good morning.orng i'm holly morris in for i f allison seymour.n seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. well do you mean fox5 news'm syf first up at 6:00 and new this ti morning a desperate search sea under way for a mother and a four month old child missing from silver spring. sin this is maduba polan and her daughter zoey. they were last in touch withlan family members yesterday atrdaya 4:30. 4:30 they are el
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driving a 2005 dodge caravange v with maryland license plate.late police and family are concerned for the emotionalotnal and physical well being of of both the woman and the welfarere of her infant. ian >> let's go to fairfax countytoc now.w. the search continues there this morning for a teenagerninga here is t believed to be in danger. 17-year-old venus roam mayor mar are a ihrata is fromm her mother reported herte her missing missing on monday to mdo the annandale resource officer. fi that officer acknowledged contact the teenager but couldtb not determine her whereabouts.ts investigators received a tip that the teen was involved with known gang members andmber threats had reportedly been made against >> d.c. police need your helpp tracking down 72-year-old violette la fleur last seen yesterday just before 5:00 a.m. inn fort washington at then the safe way in the 900 block ofck o swan creek creoa she was last seen wearing alast black north face coat, blackt,la pants silver if you have any information onmn any of these missing personserso case cans make sure to call police. li also this morning d.c. thi police n
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man they say is groping womenpin in the district. the dic >> the assaults happened justus over the past two days and all within 1 mile of each other.ther our melanie alnwick is live in northwest that is with a snapshot of who police areolic looking for. what's going on here mel?el >> reporter: guys, this suspect, he is bold.d. d.c. police tell us that thisths is happening at hours of thers t day when normally there would wd be a decent number of people around, all in public.c. three police reports taken intsn 24 hours. the most recent right here in front of the residences atresid thomas circle.enthom circl it was 8:30 in the morning on police say the suspect gropedpeo the victim. now, it was over the clothingthg but shocking as you cans you imagine and upsettingsetng nonetheless. the suspect was at its it wednesday as well groping a woman as shel gr walked down thn street in logan circle at 5:00 a.m. on that same morning at 8:200 a.m. on 15th street northwestst reaching out and grabbing a woman as she walked past.d past police released a photo theyhey be
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he's a black male around 30 todo 50 years old. old that's a pretty wide range there. five-two to five-five heavy build dark complexion an full trimmed beard. call calaring what they a red flannel type shirt. shi whenever we hear stories likee e this guys you know that policean and people who study sex stuex offenders say there's always a concern that something likeethie this could there's also a chance there'she a lot more people out there the than just the three that feltel comfortable talking to policee and filing a police report for f something like so, police areth asking ifin anybody has had any contact with someone moo matches the description of the suspect or has also been groped likeed lik this, they definitely want to hear from them. they want to try to get thiss suspect before he strikes s again. live in n orthwest, i'm melanie melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> mel, thanks very much. veryu. also developing overnight alight montgomery county policeomer officer being treatedy at shoco trauma this morning after this n crashing into a nomg e a gianteg parking lot in burtons vigil happened about 11 o'clock last1' night.ght. 15,600 block of columbia pikea e
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the officer is that expected to be okay. no word on what it was that was t throwed that that crash.tra >> this morning investigatorsin are still tryingg to pinpoint o exactly what caused a house a h fire in baltimore that killed kd six children from one family.aml now, this broke just afterfter midnight yesterday.terday. the children's mother kateat malone 13 other kids were ableer .she worked for elijah cummingsn officer. baltimore's mayor spoke about the tragedy and at least oneat o issue investigators aretors a definitely looking into a space heater in the the. >> in montgomery county one ofnn the suspects charged in theects death of a 22-year-old man c found near game preserve roadoa will face a judge today. 16-year-old jacqueline esperanza will have a pretrial r hearing in rockville.ockvil she's one of several suspects se charged in first degree murderit in the death of josé mejia. she believe he was lured toas lo maryland from new jersey by aros fake facebook account.oocoun >> police in fairfax countye inf trying to figure out who fired r a bullet through
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a day-care center whiler whi children and staff members aff were inside.nsid fortunately no one was hurt.ur now you can actual seal these t bullet hole there on the second floor window above thevet main entrance to their police do not believe thisbeliei day-care center was targeted. >> 6:05 right now.ow mike thomas in today with a wit look at our forecast.or is it a friday the 13th fulll moon? we have to be close tolo it. >> we are awfully close to it am i have to google it. >> this is so funny. thi i actually think it was itas because we saw it out lastast night and we googled it and it said it was a full moon.loo >> there you go breaking newsew full moon this morning.ning. >> all kinds of craziness will l ensue this morning.ue >> that's right it's going to be a crazy friday. >> crazy friday althougrihght ba weather-wise it should be awise calm friday. so it's izy saturday i kind of k-, isn't it a leap't it year? everything is delayed by a day. one more mild breezy day.ay >> laugh. >> one more mild day. m i'm put pentagon it algegether.i'm pu one more mildther breezy dayy d today. temperatures mild this morning to start the day. mil 57 degrees your current number -- rather 59 now in now washington so tempe
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few hours l.few kind of a backwards day.a backwa there you go.thu go friday the 13th. 1 56 for 55 down in leonardtown.rdwn cold air is come co. it's well off to the north and d west though. cumberland 43. hagerstown 46 taking a look at satellite andte radar this morning, good amount of clouds out there but t we'll get some sun thisis afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun coming cin your way for your friday afternoon.n. it will be rather breezy lateryt today as well as that cold airar starts to push in. 55 degrees.55 that's your early afternooner temperature. your daytime high today is highs going to be officiallye offially 64 degrees. we hit that at 1:00 in the rning.g. >> we're dropping off w throughout the day. >> yes, that is ce'rethroorrect. >> all right. >> all right. traffic tffcheck onugc now see how the roads are shaping up on this fridayis fday morning. erin como has got that. hey, erin. eri >> hail. it's been pretty busy all morning. 606 skyfox over 108 in ashton. o tracking that tractor-trailerrat crash. it's a jackknife dni tractor-trailer into a pole,r il do you understand pole downedert wires as well as a fueanl spilll you can see right there. darkk and quiet
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activity closing that portion of your drive. avoid 108 between new108 b hampshire and the interseetctioo of mink hollow road. you can keep to it tucker lane to get around that. that. it's pretty close to sherwoodsh high school. schoo we'll take a look at our maps. . some other issues we're up u against this morning comingg through cheverly 50 inboundve there's a crash just after bw parkway. jammed back before 410 almost to the beltway so very heavy hey traffic there. also notice how h bw parkway southbound towards t 50 is backing this is impacting the rampamp from bw parkway to 50. t 5 you can use the ramp but the b crash scene there is partially y block blocking a lane so keepki that in mind. once you cross 50 things start ss 5 on 295. on 295. riggs road in northeast shut inh down between capitol streetitolt and south dakota avenue with a h large crash scene.crash scene i'll let you know when thingswht get back to normal there. as. a for your commute out in seven in corners we're dealing withling w seven corners intersectionerse traffic light on flash.ct treat that intersectfic liiont a though you would a stop sign.ldp falls church patrick henryenry drive closed due to
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between 50 and route seven.te sv that could cause some big .ssues. we're seeing a lot of backedin up traffic og n 50 arlington art boulevard and seven in area.rea. if you're skipping the roadsip and keeping it to the rails green line still singlen litill tracking. unscheduled track repair between georgia avenudulee and u street. delays in both directions. the rest ofn both your metro rar lines on time. starting to see a lot of a l congestion on 270 southbound by the trucks and 95 truck northbound in virginia through h strdford. back to you holly and steve.teve >> the official full moon was w yesterday. >> yeah, last night. nht >> we're not going have the the full moon friday the 13th.3t >> friday the 13th.h. >> that might be a little toot much. much: another d.c. pizzeriaizzi targeted. >> are you looking for a job? amazon is going on a hiring hirn blitz. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:090 due in a federal fer courtroom today the manoom to arrested for shooting at a u.s. consulate official insuff mexico last week. week. i charged with attempted murder of an internationallyptaa prtiotected that shooting was captured onred surveillance video as you cancev see the diplomat was hit inid the chest is that still recovering this morning. he has a detention hearing today int ring d aetlexandria, i >> john kerry is in vietnamvieta today. his final trip as secretary off state. kerry met with the vietnameseh prime minister to discuss relations between the twoons cobeuntries.coun
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a university.rsy. fbi director james comeyom is the focus of a new justice j department it will take a look at thepak he e-mail investigation of former f presidential nominee hillary clinton. the dtooj inspector general genl wants to know if comey com followed proper policies whencih he sent two letters to lawmakers about the matter inn late october just weeks before s the presidential election.ct comey says he willfullyillfly cooperate. >> also new this morning,o new anotthher d.c. pizzeria targetee and this one just blocks awayloa from comet ping-pong.g- just two days after the high h profile arrest of a gunmann inside comet ping-pong a louisiana man called b had best-a pizza. the man told officials he >> another step to improve relations with cuba. the the practice allows cubansoa who arrive in the u.s. without a visa to become permanenternent residents under the new pol
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illegally will now be immediately sent back and back d accepted by the cuban government. >> two members of the r and b ad funk band tower of power areowea being treated at a hospitalospil after being struck by a train. a they were walking across theos e track before a show in show i oakland's california lastcorni night when they were hit.ey whi. the group's manager says thes t drummer and bass player areer both alert and responsive.espoe. >> that's scary.>> t the world's largest online retailer growing its workforceor by creating, get this, 100,000s0 new jobs here in the united ute states. amazon said it will be hiringe i for all kinds of positionsositis from software development toevet warehouse work.wa it is the latest move to win to over shoppers by investing in i faster delivery. delery. first volkswagen nowgen regulators say fiat-chryslert- has been cheating on emissions test.te the epa istssued a notice ofof violation to the company and claims fiat if i wouldif i would disclose software in somee inom diesel vehicles.dies veh it allows vehicles to emit more pollution than allowed under the clean air act..
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for its new console. console >> still trying to get thehe last console.last c a live look outside as we head to break on this friday morning. we will bring you more updateset on this story and more. mor weather and traffic on the o 5s next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> breaking news out of fairfax county. please take a look at the bre thisse taken of thien oakf young man right here. this boy was found overnight. oi police are trying to reuniteg tt him with his family.amil he was found about 3:30 this morning at burke lake road and e deep lake way in burke. in burk. but police say he's so they can't get anyy ca information out of him as to who his familyion is. if you can help him get backan h to his parents you are askedresk to call police. calce. again this is coming fromn fairfax county police.this that young boy found about a three:30 this morning.morng. >> heartbreaking. hopefully that will bepelly resolved before this newscast is over. 6:14 is our time right now. now mike let's talk a littleit weather.her. amazing day yesterday by the he >> a beautiful day.wa a butif
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temperatures in the 70's some70e records set at dulles and bwi. bwi tied a record set all theetl way back in 1890 so big timee warmth for january and it's not gone just waking up to 59 degrees heregrer washingngton. not a bad start as well as richmond still at 60, even a en couple 60's still around aro locally but look at the coldol air north and west. that will start spilling downl t as we work our way throuargh the afternoon and into the evening.evening. expect temperatures to drop asrd we head through the day today. d satellite and radar showshows general eight quiet here inl ei d.c. you see some showers trying torg sneak up through west virginiavr but these should stay to they e south today according to mostrdm of our modeling here.ere. next kind of system is thiste little area of pink you see. s that's sleet and freezing rained heading towards saint louis.towa that comes our way tomorrow tor and gives us kind of a wintryiny let me show was i'm talking tng about. noon today clouds down to thetot south mix with sunshine hereshe in d.c..c will cloud up as we heade h through the evening hours withnh temperatures falling and thenurs here comes this littl fe system down from the south and from the west.m th by 11 o'clock tonight, maybe even some snowflakes flying
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west. by the time we get towon a thee morning hours, south of d.c..c through northern virginiagia futurecast showing some snow. s i don't think this is snow isw that's sticking though. keep in mind wetho were 7070 yesterday, we're nearlyea 60 degrees right now so ground temperatures have come up andme we'll have the snow -- it will have to snow for awhile before anything sticks. snow up north of days.h da around d.c. it's mostly sleettle and freezing rain.d freeng rain. southern maryland looks like myn most al showery rain event andve then up through the marylandylan panhandle maybe some light accumulating snows but we're not expecting anything major with this particular system. ste the biggest concern is going to be the freerezn ing rainin leading to some slick spots on o the roads out there. but snowfall-wise nothing major. dusting the an inch up here inur the white. white sleet and freezing raineet through the pink and mostlyh thi rain down through southernn h maryland and the eastern shore as well. w freezing rain advisorieszing ra already issued out to theadvi ww in the pink. they go into effect at 10:00eff0 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. tomorroww winter weather advisories there foear portions of the maryland panhandle. same time frame for those.
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55 degrees. we'll call that your daytimellhr high but really it's just your temperature in the afternoon.e t daytime high already set atlreaa 1:00 a.m. of 64 degrees. mixing with clouds and sun and s this afternoon. temperatures fall throughft thee day. this evening we're heading back to the freezing mark withfm clouds increasing, much colder overnight and then, yes, that chance of a wintryt an mixd winm tomorrow there on your fox5 fox accuweather 7-day forecast.ast. that's a look at the weather. wh erin como's got traffic. >> hey, good morning mike. 6:17. i tried to take us back an takec hour but it is 6:17 and skyfoxyx is in ashton maryland thisylan morning. 108 remains shut down in both directions between new hampshire and mink hollowand road. we're dealing with a biging witg jackknifed semi semi crashed into a pole, p downed pole downed wires and a d fuel spill. little dark out there but you can see the flashingark louighg you'll need to avoid that t intersection. detour is in place fortour traffic. right now police tell us noell word on when they'll be able be to clear that and let it l reopen for traffic.raffic. as we move to our maps this isti isn't the only problem we're we' dealing with. right now the outer loop ofy o over the legion bridge is dealing with a disabledh a di vehicle blocking that lefthale lane.
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crossing the legion bridgeing ti you'll hit a bit of a tap of tao the brakes. once you get past that past disabled vehicle things opend ve up and the inner loop looks rehially t niche ie from 66 allt way across the bridge. problem free rider now cabine ri john and clara not seeing any delays. delay 50 inbound because of a crash ch scene after bw parkway we'rekwa' seeing a huge slowdown there.he. bw parkway southbound fromd that just inside the beltway btw down to 50 is completely cometel jammed up. this is partially impacting iac the off ramp from bw parkway to 50 and 50 slowing before bef 410 all the way to that crashsh scene past 50. sc but 295 you updated and 50 intersection dealingerse with some big problems there.he riggs road shut down. d yellow line rigids train tin malfunction at pg plaza.g plaza green line single trackingline georgia avenue to u street.o u steve and holly, back to you. yu >> new details about the next n phase of metro's safe trackaftrc program. up next, 18 days of work onn the blue line.the now that starts february 11th.
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upgrade and repair the rail t r system expected to be finished asin of now sometime in lateimet june. luxury pop-up hotel in arlington's pentagon city willil start renting out 50 unitsts today. to the bartlett is actually anlly a apartment building but some ofu the empty units are now being bg rented out as hotel rooms. staying just one night oring several, each unitju fully f punished includes the usualsu apartment amenities fullull kitchen and laundry. prices 179 a night up to three h fine twine night. rates will be higher during peak times as you can imaginefi that includes tyohen ima inauguration. like the entire week of theire >> exactly which means now.ow next word that disney is negotiatorring with carrieatrinw fisher's estate about theer'sou future of princess leia.s leia. we'll have more on that comingtm up. >> first though with a bighougwh game less than a month away a look this morning at the firsthe super bowl ad released. rse now this is from intel and it features tom brady. shocker. the spot shows intel'snt's 360-degree technology bydeec watching the pat
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quarterback make every day ery y things like yawning brushingsh his teeth making pancakes allnc just look amazing if you'ree into that.t. but he's not wearing his signature -- >> i was thought it was going to toug be his jammies.ammies >> right.
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>> gamers listen up.>> nintendo has a release date for its new console. first we'll check the market. gs joining usr 'll check th from ls hillary vaughn.ary vaughn. >> reporter: hey good>> morning steve. >> let's check the mark. et's,000elusive 20,000 i rsep becoming more so he'll llewes hs is. >> reporter: we get close, we fall back.or te crarawl back. we fall back. bac where are we now? >> reporarter:. [laughter] all right, well, the market closed slightly down yesterday. the dow dropped 63 pointsdow nt closing at 19,891.9,89 still close to 20,000 but2000 further away than we weree yesterday. the nasdaq fell 16 points16 poi closing at 5,547 and the s & p & also down four points at 2270. 7 just a lot of
6:23 am
among investors as they are as y waiting to see whatee president-elect donald trumpt-el does once he's inaugurated on january 20th. >> all right. yeah, the world continues to wait for. e ywos talk about disne t dne right now wait on carrieon c fisher's estate to do moreo m perhaps with princess li it's interesting with bothit bot parties involved. disney kind of owns the rights to disney -- i mean to "star tos wars" but what's the latests tht with the carrie fisher involvement? >> reporter: here's the deal. in california, there's a reportw that says when a actress or acto celebrity passes away, youity have to get permission fromion their estate to use their likeness for up to 70 years70e after their death. dth so, that's what disney isney is reportedly doing now. they're talking to carrieg arri fisher's estate to see if theyeh can get this permission.erssion. now what they do with theith the permission moving forward we mfo don't know. we don't know if they arehe a going to recreate her image tomo be used in other films or ifilm this is just going to be revisited with, you know, kno different t-shirts or anyr other signage that they have.tha so we're kind of waiting tong t see what thilo
6:24 am
they have reached out and arend in that negotiations for that rmisission. we'll see what happens and how they end up using her inhe movies moving forward.g fwa but we have no details on that yet. >> do you know, does thatoes tht includes everything? i knowthgn it includes digital re-creations like we saw recently.ce but does that also include like animated things? ntesis tt any likeness? len >> reporter: that would be determined in these negotiations so we'll see what a the parameters of thethe permission they end uppay end receiving will be but again we don't know what that lookst look like as they're still ongoinglli right now. >> gotcha'. nintendo for gamers there wasth a nintendo item the classic css that was one of the hottest t ht holiday gifts around and thatgit was kinds ar of the cheap versii thing, the throwback.owck. now we're ready for the big event. event. >> reporter: right.>> repor this is definitely a game aam changer and here's why. why because there's three's t different modes. the nintendo switch coming outig march third, 300 bucks in the u.s., here's why it's different because y c
6:25 am
and utilize it in three ith different modes. you can see it like a normal gaming console plugged into your tv with normal game controllers. or you can switch to tabletop te mode which allows you to puts it up on a kick stand and play a on any table.ab or you can use the portable por version which is a hand held h mode which is kind of likans ki ipad. you can take it on the road it e with you in the car with you on road trips and you play it that way.. but this is something something different than we've seen ont th other devices like xbox thatbott are strictly plugged into yourgy tv and you got stay there inhere order to use them. this allows you to grab and go o and use it in a lot ofa t different capacities which isici why it's called nintendo ntend switch.swch. >> interesting 'cause you have your xbox your play station they're trying to replace everything that's in your're tr house by being there. there >> yeah. >> kind of nice. now you have your old school with the hand held things.hehe >> game boy. >> yeah, like a game boy from fm the past. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. exa. >> awesome. thanks hillary. have a great weeke
6:26 am
you, t>>oo. r >> bye. 6:25. >> i just -- you know, you y looked right past me which wasw the right thing to do becauseec i just don't get the gaming thing and i know it's big.s b >> that's nice having all the h options. you know you can start theow game on the console c finish thn game while you're -- y're >> it's the year of the newew console. play station has got a new one coming out.ut. >> choices, decisions, decisions. >> which one is wii.>> which one >> wii is nintendo.innd >> that's the one where you could throw your controller atu the tv and breakcont it. i is that still popular. pop >> that's old school. >> that's retro.hat's retro. let's do some weather here.ther. let's get to the forecast.get f it's a mild day. mild start to the day here. h if the weather maps want tont come up. re t there. 59 degrees in washington. won't last too much longer.h lge cold air starting to spill intol from the north and west. the frederick falling back intong the 40's. winchester is at 48 more details on the weather inlo just a bit.
6:27 am
radar. a mix of clouds and sun today.n we'll have somtoeday. wintry prp heading our way for tomorrowomro and we'll talk all about that ta coming up at 5:35 here but b there's your planner for the day today. we'll call it low to mid-50'st m there early and then the temperatures falling theng t second half of the day. >> all right.cond h sounds good. thanks, mike. >> let's check in with eri in th e see how the roads are this t morning. >> 6:27 and it's pretty busy bus out there. skyfox out in ashton marylandn r where we're tracking a closure u on route 108 between new hampshire and mink hollowho road. traffic not getting guy. semi jackknife hit a pole. p no word on when they'll ben th'l able to open this.le to en t follow the detour.llow t detou not the only problem on then the roads right now.ow 270 jammed solid from 70 toro70t clarksburg road. yellow and green line delaysnd g on metro. we'll take a closer look atroo that as we continue. con back on fox5 in just a few. few. >> ♪♪
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is. >> a tanker truck causing ang fuel spill closing route 108 rt1 at mink hollow m erin is watching this. t she'll keep you updated withted traffic on the 5s.afc on meanwhile we say welcome backe to fox5 news b morning on this friday. friday. we'll talk weather, too, inlk wi just a few minutes. minut we have more breaking news outg of fairfax county that we want w to get to as well. wel please take a look at theake a picture on your screen rightr er now. this boy was found overnight. og police are trying to helpo h reunite him with his parents. p. he was found around
6:31 am
morning at burke lake road inn deep leak way in burke virginia.rg police say he is nonverbal. nonb so they are not able to get information from him in orderer to help with reuniting him so hm if you can help get this young n child back to his parents,aents please, please, please callcal fairfax county police. pole. a desperate search also under way in silver spring forg a mother and her four month fou old child. take a look at your screen again. this is maduba polan and her daughter zoey. they were last in touch withn tt family yesterday 4:30 in the ternoon.n. they're believed to be driving a 2005 dodge caravan witharavanw maryland tags. ts. >> also d.c. police lookingking for a man who is groping women m in the district.he dist. the assaults happened hpe wednesday and thursday allday al within just a mile of eacht le o other. ot the most recent assault was in front of the residences atence thomas circle. police released a photo that tht they believe is the suspect. s they say he's a black male inac his 30's to 50's
6:32 am
five-two to five-five whit a dark complexion and a full f beard. and a space heater is oner e possibility being investigated as the cause of a firey bein ine baltimore that killed six children. their ages ranged from nineag months to 11 yeaesrs ran old. o their mother, kate malone andloa three of her other children were able to escape but wereer injured. ahead of the> d of the president-elect's swearing int- next friday, todayel techis picture of donald trump willrump go on display at the national nt portrait gallery.rtrait gal it was taken in 1989 shows him touring an apple.urin it's one of four images in the smithsonian's collection representing trump. and then at the newseum todayreprd then a new exhibit os showcasing the power of music m and its role in influencingencig political and social change. it's called louder than words rock power in politics and its d will be on display through thehh end of july.end of july. it was created in partnershipip with the rock and roll hall ofhl fame in cleveland ohi now coming up in the 8 o'clock'c hour the president of thatt museum in cleveland
6:33 am
us live to talk more about theee exhibit that's going on now ino d.c. >> that's awesome.>> >> sounds like a good one. >> president of the rock and roll hall of fame.nds dentro very cool.l 6:32.> if we could get him to bring b in hendrix's guitar. gta find new offensive coordinator for the redskins. why not add offensive totor fo e list. list. sean mcvay headed to los congratulations to him.ngratulai he'll be theons to new coach ofh los angeles rams.s angeles ram the team announced the news t n yesterday tweeting out this t photo of mcvay holding a football his hand on a rams r helmet which you would be able u to see ifld it didn't say sean a mcvay on the bottom of thetoof screenly he'll be 31 years oldrs when he coaches his first nflirn game making nfl history as thehe youngest head coach ever. congratulations. mcvay will get help from veteran cy oawich wade phillipss who has been who tired run theun rams defense.rams d phillips had been on theon redskins radar and interviewednd at redskins park was believedin to have been scheduled for today.s pae beor not going t appen
6:34 am
he's also with the rams. ram rams course getting somegeg some company in los angeles. losngel. now they have to compete withomw the chargers. crg chargers officially moving butmi fans in san diego as you can see from the burning of the charger flags not happy att all. all. they're blasting the team.e burninblg flags, burning jerseys. do you know they're going tono play in a soccerw stadiumtadi 27,000 seats.27,000 >> intimate setting. sting >> there will no longer be b empty seats at chargers gamesarg we'll just say that.'lst s so there you go. go. that's your sports updatepdate right now. n right now let's head to thehe hill where we are getting more r hearings throughout the day today but we are also gettinget donald trump tweets.we donald trump tweeting just a tw few minutes ago via twitter,tt what are hillary clinton's cntos people complaining about with aw respect to the fbi? based on the information they had she should never -- flip it --flip have been allowed to run.un guilty as hell. as hell. they were very nice
6:35 am
campaigned in the wrong in e states. no enthusiasm.huasm. he tweeted four other tweetshe before that. if you want to check out hisanto time line then you can c follohk along for the whole story. story want to do doj or not? nope.otp mike's here.mi here. let's do weather.let'do w >> why not.>> whyot oh, that donald trump onn itteter. >> oh, right. >> all right, let's do a ll r weather. wth big eyes on the weekendn the eee although it's not a major m snowstorm or anything likeg that coming our way but it'singr enough that there could beould some trouble spots on the roadls if you're traveling this t saturday so keep that in mind. m high pressure setting is up tou the north going to push coldh cl air down south in our ir direction. it will get trapped up against the appalachian mountains so that's kind of your zone wheredf the worst of the weather should be tomorrow. that's kind of what we'reworssh expeoucting some sno'sw o kff te north, sleet, freezing rainngain and ice around the d.c. area. ae although i think the worst ofheo the problems will be north andta west of town. t so, some snow sleet and, so freezing rain is what we areme expecting throughout the dayughe tomorrow. accumulations snow-wise very,isr very
6:36 am
same deal ice-wise. iceis we're talking about just atalk glazing but you know itazinbut doesn't take much ice to cause t major problems out there so tre that's what you want to keepnt e your eye on especially on someye of those side roads and rds sidewalks. so that's your biggest concern there. i think the majornk the m arteries, your 95, your 495, your 695, your 66 are going to be okay.y. your rest of your weekendeeke forecast here, saturday is a isa big concern.on the other two days should be dry. >> sounds good. thanks mike. been a busy morning erin. e >> and the busy morning continues hole.cont new problems. so we'll get rigneht to it withh our maps. for your friday morningning commute you can see themmut sle owyodowns on the beltway 272 southbound jams 70 tosouthbound clarksburg road. j it open up throughksbugh gaithersburg. outer loop over the legion bridge a disabled vehicle blocking the left look at that delay a solidelay s line of backed up traffic fromro just after the 270 spur. 270pu once you cross the bridgeri though however things do open up. 50 inbound crash after bw parkway. park you're jammed back past 410.t 41 also keep in mind bw parkwayaray very slow from just inside then beltway down to
6:37 am
causing a big overflow effectw on both of those routes. rte in addition, a new crash onra the inner loop by route caution by the dulles toll road. ro riggs road in northeast shutad down between capitol street capr and south dakota avenueakota ave because of a large crash scene e we'll keep you updated. updat yellow line earlier trainin malfunction at pg plaza. pla rigids to huntington.unng green line no longer center ce between georgia and u streettrt but rigids there in both directions. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll be back in just a few. esti w.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> ♪♪ >> 6:39 right now.>> one week to go until the presidential inaugurweekation ad at joint base andrews in maryland, thousands of airmenai and women are prermparing to participate in the big day.ay >> annie this morning is livernl and joining us with an inauguration day preview.revi good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodter:ey, morning, holly and steve. steve good morning, everybody. evebod. this is so amazing to get this i special access pass to jointo ji base andrews and see all the a t moving parts coming together tet and i've got the man in chargeha of it all here with me. major general darryl burke.arrye good morning to you sir. >> good morning, annie umorn you are the commander of the aircomm force in washington. not a lot of people areforcof pa familiar with it believe it ori not. why don't we start with that.t t what are you in charge of. >> comprised of about 32,000ab00 people and our mission is to provide ceremonial honors operational support and
6:41 am
continuous response. >> reporter: we were res talkinl off cam ran you mentioned youedu are all eyes will be on the inauguration.ingura it's a world you can't mess up not to's put t any more pressure on you but not only is this your first yous inauguration but you're goingtin to be in it as b well. w >> that's correct. t i get to march in the parade pad along with all the otherhe airmen that will beairmen that participating about 1360 of us going to be a parter of it. o i'm really excited about that. >> reporter: there's a lotorter: that goes into this and we'll be talking more about that buthb i wanted general burke to sortos of give us a sense of whatf w we're seeing this morning.s rnin right behind us here, i feele, f like the honor guard drillua team asrd well as the band get g lot of attention but you don't u really get to see the other support going on so what do wea have here.vee. >> yeah, this is obviouslyh, t some of the medical supportmediu that would go on behind thein t scenes hopefully that we won't t have to do anything like this lt buts we have to be prepared totp do what we have here is the 79th 7t medical wing that is a bigng b part of the air force strictorct of washington and provideshito this kind of support behinduppon the scenes if necessary. >> reporter: then we alsoep sawor ate demonstration with the
6:42 am
eod unit very dangerous jobob but important one. >> there's a lot of stuffhere 'sgoing on behind th ae scenes e we get ready for a week away wey now and our eod team will be ae big part that of as we prepare obviously for the security ofecr the event. >> reporter: and there's there just a lot and i think thehe word of the day is justus we are so impressed withimpr everything that's going on,hingo guys and so throughout thet morning we're going to being 'rn talking with moreg leaders anda airmen and really getting aetng sense of wait takes to put this together because as youecao mentioned there's a job for everyone.eryone. there's thousands of peoples thu involved. communication is key so we'll give you aation little more behindore h the scenes throughout thenes roe morning. back to you in the studio.o yo >> very cool. >> looking for toward that.king >> thanks annie. f coming up next denzelten washington answers one of yourou questions, one of our fox5ur viewers had a question kevinnevn put it to the man himself andima we'll tell you what >> that's when denzel called cal him on the phone yesterday. >> yup. >> and kevin answered. >> kind of a big moment. >> plus it's also andind move rihanna ran view friday. frida one of the new films hittingmsii the box officeng "patriots day"d a fil
6:43 am
marathon bombing. bom fox beat coming up next. as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪♪ >> 6:45 right now.>> we are back with breaking news in fairfax county. please take a look at the 6withe picture on your screen. this boy was that found overnight and police are trying to helpgh ht im get reunited with his parents. pare. he was found around 3:30 this morning on burke lake road anddd deep lake way in burkeur virginia. police say he's nonverbal. nonvb if you can help him get back he to his parents, you are asked to call police.
6:46 am
our facebook page. i know fairfax county policeax c have tweeted ite out so if you y do that social media, pleaseciea share on those platforms asor well so we can get this youngoug boy reunited with his family. >> hopeful that happens real tha soon. in the meantime let's check incn with mike.ik i guess we already reached oured high point of the day. p of >> yeah high point was early ear this morning, 64 degrees atgrat 1:00 in the morning.orning temperatures have beener h bouncing up through the 50'sh e0 ever since but they will droplld through the second half of the afternoon today and by sunsety e tonight much colder than it'st' been the past couple of days.ay. hopefully you enjoyed those 70's yesterday.esterd they're gone for a littlee goora while though i won't say theyay won't be back next week. wk. we'll talk more about that inoua a bit. let's focus outside right now.hw 59 degrees. d not a bad start.bad srt look at the north to northwestoe wind. that's a little breezy there and we'll see some cooler airitl start to filter down from the north and west as we head through the daytime hours today.ilter and we again already froh m thick e in toda hagerstown, 46 in frederickrick but look at all the 50's0's around town south and west. leonardtown good morning 55n go this hour,od m annapolis 58. baltimore 56 degrees. satellite an
6:47 am
the region mix od fra clouds ans clear skies out there.t there. i see a couple specs of green gn here but i don't suspect anype a of that is hitting the ground. g we should keep it dry through tu daytime hours today. today. this pink you see south of saint louis that's our nextuis weather maker here and by theth time it gets here tomorrow, we'll have enoughro cold air inn place that it could be a i little messy here in terms of of winter weather.ther. friday at 2:00 p.m. again we'll go with this afternoon afr first on futurecast just a mixtx of clouds and sun today.oday we get to this evening,ve 10 o'clock tonight there's thehe system starting to push upto puh from the south and west.nd wes by the time we get to 4:004:00 a.m. saturday morning,or futurecast is showing a littleit band of some snow comingw coming through northern and centralrt portions of virginiahe with somo sleet and freezing rain down towards the richmond area.ond a. i think it's overdoing things'se a little bit but we'll keeput wp our i on it.oui on i by the time we get towe 2 o'clock in the afternoon aft it's kind of a mix of snow rain and sleet around the d.c. region. and east of east o d.c., i think you're mostlythins looking at a rain event htlere.h if you live north of d.c., probably a little bit of snowfno for you and i mean very minoror amounts,
6:48 am
isolated cases maybe in d.c. i think it's most al mt sleet and freezing rain eventziv for us. fo at best i think we can do a do dusting maybe a little moree mo than that on the grassyherassy surfaces around d.c..c dusting to an inch off to the tt north biggest concern is going to be some of those roadways asay a temperatures fall through thehhe day tomorrow.omorrow. getting a little slick. sli freezing rain advisories outie there in the pink start at the 10:00 p.m. tonight go untilont 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. tor winter weather advisories inther the purple. we do expect those to be b expanded eastward as we heade ha through the day today.ugh th once they do e we'll bring thoso to you. taking a look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecastt weekend is cooler, 46 on sunday, looks dry. d. by monday more clouds than sun but 43 degrees. once again looks dry now ass compared to yesterday.ay we get into the middle of nextd week, 60's come back.k. showers likely on wednesday.n we all right, that's thes th forecast. erin como has got the roadso this fridahas y the 13th. 13t >> friday the 13th and bignd b problems mike. look behind me at this delay. skyfox is over the outer loop. o there's a crash blocking twockgo left lanes just befo
6:49 am
delays extend back onto the 270 spur so coming down fromro bethesda, you're going to hito h big delays on 270 southbound trying to get onto the outerto t loop and the outer loop delayel itself goes back to old johnld j town road. roa seeing miles and miles of just s parked traffic there so havereov some patience on the outerheuter loop. again that crash as youat cras approach gw parkway it's it' blocking the left lane. lan let's switch it over from over o skyfox show you a look at our ar maps because that's not thes t h only beltway problem we're upe'u against right now.agait inner loop crash two leftwo l lanes blocked after the dullesd toll road. to so as you come llup throughough tysons just north of 66 you'refu going to hit that delay as a well heading towards mclean mcla this morning. in additionth tiso m that 50 ind crash there still at bw parkway blocking the righthe rit lane from the beltway down to 50bw southbound is all parked pe up with congestion.stn. and then 50 inbound through thrh cheverly seeing a lot of backed up traffic frolym s well before 4 aside from that crash in the district, northeast riggs roadhe closed between capitol street and soutwehen d cakota that still in place because ofeo a large crash investigation. as we head over to ashtono as maryland outside
6:50 am
108 remains shut down in both directions at mink hollowions a road.t tractor-trailer crash. there's a pole dmiown.nktor-pol. tractor-trailer jackknifed. fuel spill downed wires. big mess. big that's near sherwood higher school. so please give yourself extra time. time yellow line rigids to hunting hg ton. earlier pal of malfunction at pg plaza. plaza green line because ofeen unscheduled track repairli no longer and single tracking butct rigid >> for this week's special foxox beat free friday give way you can win four tickets an prize ae pack to see monster jam. it's back at verizon centerizonc trucks atv's speedsters. january 28th at verizonerizon center. >> now it is a prize with a retail value of $350. $35 just go to our facebook pageebo between now and 11:59 tonight tg and enter for your chance to win. win. one winner will be selected byse random drawing. drawing. that will happen on january all entrants must be 18 or older. comple
6:51 am >> it's loud and it's fun and it's monstrous. >> 6:51. time for the fox beat. fhe fox a kev is here.kev is it's movie review friday but first -- >> i heard your phone rang ran yesterday. >> it did ring yesterday. >> whodid ri was on the other ed >> yesterday morning denzelrday washington gave me a call yesterday. mgton g now,.now, >> see you just throws it out denzel washington. >> that name is right over here.el wna >> i dropped his name.meroppedin okay, let me get it. i >> there you go.>>here you go. >> i had to get his name.isam no, here's how it happened.appee excuse me. here's how it happened. ippen they call you and connect you yu to denzel through like an interviewer. >> you didn't get his personal a cell. >> they called me and then denzel was on the otherlled l mn >> leave that detail out whenhe you're talking to otherther people. >> he did call me.>>e di we spoke yesterday about the movie fences. i wanted to connect our tnnec viewers to denzel washingtonhi so i took a bunch of tweets from our viewers and i picked pe the best one that i thought thog was the most incredible inc
6:52 am
is. i was on the air this morning here in washington, d.c. andhe i was telling people that you thau and i were going to speak andpek i got a lot of questions fromnso some fans of yours and thisnd ts one question really struck meste because i love that you shot st this film like actually on o location versus -- this personso says you shot fences at an actual row house. her name is mickey divine. divin she said why did you decide to film in a residentialidtial neighborhood rather than aho studio set. >> because you want that -- you can'tod rseecre yatoue that. tha you know, if the dog up thep t block is barking then the dog is barking. you know, we were constantlystal telling folks well, you know, yk you got to go back in theinhe we can see you . >> [laughter]laughter >> oh, okay. oka y'all go ahead and make the vivie. the neighborhood was a chacter.r. pittsburgh is a character ins this story anda the hill hil district specifically and the te block that we were on, the people that were there, there t love that we got, the food food that they cooked for us.
6:53 am
inform the movie.ovie. >> we actual had a very interesting conversation overg o the course of the five minutes we talkednvf th about gloryut gy philadelphia training day malcolm x there movie i'm hader the fui'll interview on my on facebook page which is kevinagev mccarthy fox. at the ends of the the ends intervofiew i'll put it in the next sound bite i said denzel i wish we had more time whiche c is a line from man on fire and he started dying laughing. he said kobe bryant and i are ia the only people that saidd that's our first time line innei denzel's >> that's pretty good >> yeah, house that. yse >> the story was when theytory wrapped the film, they filmedhed in pittsburgh in thein the neighborhood where august wilson grew up the playwright tw and the story was that people pe would as he said come out of o their houses but the b t production trucks would also tru block people's driveways and make it inconvenient so whennt e they wrapped the filmingng denzel threw a little party for the neighborhood to say thank you.neighbthk you >> a little block party ofty o sorts. >> right. >> that's great. >> movie reviews for this >>ie revekend "patriots' day," s is the first what a film this is. i just a warning it
6:54 am
very, very intense. intse petersburg is essentiallyssenal telling the boston marathonho bombing from different it's before during and afterrint the we all remember this very well e but the movie really puts you into that moment and thehe beauty of what peter burg allows up to wonder what'sat's going to happen even though hap you know the endpe to the storyy mark wahlberg is phenomenal tnol the beauty of this movie evenove though it was a very, veryery horrible thing that happened, h the movie is all about lovebo le and how quickly we cameicy we cm together to help everybody and a one of the great quotes fromuot patrick downs one of thek do people who was injured on thehe line when he was watching the rates with his wife he said it took weeks for these two two people to plan hate butteut seconds to respond with love.d i i thought that was really cool. i'm sorry. sry >> what did you give it.t you >> a four and a half out ofr an five.d >> it's interesting to me when n movies like this come out, is o it too soon.oon. >> too soon.oon. >> will people want to go s
6:55 am
that moment. it will be interesting to see. . >> it's a four and a half outalu of five. of finally live by night ben b affleck is back directing.ting i loved gone baby gone. g i loved the town. town. this is definitely his weakest w film unfortunately.ortunately there are some great elements.en shot well by robbedd richardson. the action is insane.e that's wachat selltis the moviee definitely moves it along veryov slowly in the beginning andn thi the middle.nnthddl great cast though. tugh. zoe saldana chris cooper sienna miller.le a three out of five.ive. i gave gone baby gone a five. av it's definitely not a strongitel film from him but it's -- ifs i you want a weekend of ben of ben affleck films maybe this isfilm one to watch. >> i would go see "hidden s" which isould g the mosthe mos important film out right now n or "patriots' day."tsay." >> thanks guys. guy >> let's check back >> kevin good to see you this yt morning, bud.ud. >> hey, buddy.ey, buy. >> what movie should i seed s this weekend. weekend. >> "hidden figures." figures >> "hidden figures" number num one. >> know that because you know what saturday is going to be aag good movie day. we got possible alwynbl
6:56 am
there's your bus stop forecast for the kids getting off to school 45 to 55 and not muchot m cooler or warmer for the after r school hours.ol h it will be a northerly breezeere and temperatures will dropl through the second half of the e afternoon today.oday. saturday 36 degrees for youreesu daytime high. a messy wintry mix around thero region but not expecting too too much accumulation.ulion. sunday 46 degrees.ees. does look dry with a mix ofwitho clouds and sun. andun 43 on monday with a few more clouds around.rod. 60 are back next week. all right, that's the the forecast. erin como has got the roadsgot s this friday morning.i. >> 6:56 and some big problems ps on the beltway. outer loop skyfox on location.xn crash blocking the left laneefae before the legion bridge. bdg traffic is backed up all thekedt way to old georgetown road on r the outer loop and it's alsot'ss spilling onto the spur throughpo bethesda. as you try to come from 270 fro0 southbound onto the outeround o loop, we also haveth a crash ini that backup. backu let's move over from skyfox toft look at our maps.look second crash in bethesda, 270sd0 spur it's involving four carsras after democracy boulevard solevs as you can see we're starting sg to see big delays picking
6:57 am
from rockville down to the outer loop. that delay continues connu before the spur. spu keep it to fox5.ep ito fox we'll be back in just a few.ew want to take a closer look atoot this inner loop crash aftershft dulles toll road.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪♪ fox5 news >> police in maryland andyland virginia dea
7:00 am
separate cases involvingate children. on the left that young boy inoyi the orioles jersey was foundas f overnight away from his home he but he is nonverbal.onverbal. police are trying to track to ta down who he is trying to find fd their family. hopefully you can help orangeyo right police in marylanu cadaran searching for a missing foursinr month old baby last seen with her l on both caseshas straight ahead. plus,. >> reporter: three cases of sexual abuse in the districttert in just 24 hours. hrs d.c. police are looking forkingf the suspect.the sus i'm going to tell you what hehah did to women all within a few mile area.rea. >> and breaking political news. president-elect donald trump tweeting a lot early on this fridayelec morning lot.. moments ago making a strong strn accusation against hillary clinton. as he commented on the new the n probe of the fbi's handling of o her e-mail scandal. scand >> all right.>> all right. let's take a live look right now at joint base andrews.e and they are getting ready for the inauguration already and our annie yu is there.yu ishere we'll check in with her in aer little bit and we'll see how sew


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