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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here, in the school annex here at suitland high school, one of the bullets that was fired today went inside this window. and lodged into the ceiling. we learned in just last few minutes. that that, when that bullet crashed through the window here at the annex, according to a spokesperson, there was a teacher and a student inside when the bullet came crashing through. >> the response of the school was swift. officers swarming the campus and surrounding neighborhoods. gunning engines lights and sirens and speeding into the area. helicopters circled overhead. paramedics loaded the wounded student into an ambulance and left campus escorted by police. within minutes, investigators located the crime scene in an apartment complex parking lot off brooks drive. by our count, there were as many as five
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ground. one round appeared to have pierced a window, after the lockdown was lifted. police gave this account >> noon a group of students left the school. during fight, a student produced a gun and shot a second student. the student suffering from gunshot wounds was -- a gunshot wound was dragged back on to school property where a school resource operator was notified >> k9 teams searched near where the shell casings fell where officers with long guns searched the area >> when it happens on school prop, we're. we're insuring no other students are in danger >> i was terrified >> a junior at the school says during the lockdown wasn't providing much information, they got on their phones and on to social media. >> we were reading and sa
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situations posted on twitter and facebook that said at suitland. it has to be a suitland kid and i take great offense to that. maybe there's one two. we're very creative >> her mother said she got the news in a series of text messages and then received one from her daughter. >> she told me what part of the school she was located. i was just praying and i was like i'm frightened but praying for you and i'm on my way there >> in times like these, there's nothing more comforting than a mom and her shoulder. >> we counted as many as five shell casings. it's unclear how many shots were fired. we now know that some of these bullets went quite a bit of distance. according to police one went into a classroom here that we showed you just a minute ago. we understand now and confirming in the last few minutes that there was a teacher and a
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feet down in another classroom, we found another hole. you could see it here. it appears that there may have been a bullet that also went inside -- into that window there, and into a curtain. now police are only confirming one bullet into the annex here. it's unclear whether or not this is connected as well. but according to the trajectory of these bullets that we've seen from this parking lot, it could possibly be the same case here. we're just not absolutely clear. prince george's county police again confirming one bullet did go in a classroom. now we have confirmation from the school system that there were people in that classroom, a student and a teacher. the bullet lodged into the ceiling. we're told that after the bullet crashed into the classroom, the student and the teacher ran out. they're doing ok tonight. one other note. the two suspects police are looking for are not yet in
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live in suitland, paul wagner fox 5 local news developing tonight, dc police released new pictures of a man wanted for murder. let's take a look, 34-year-old elliot stark, accused of stabbing and killing 40-year-old anita pratt in november. there's currently a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. if you know something polices wants to hear from you. take a good look at this, dc need your help identifying a person of interest who assaulted and tried to rob a man in september. the incident happened on the 1300 block of good hope road southeast. police say the suspect pulled a gun on the victim and demanded his belongings. the suspect then fired his gun, but he didn't get away with any property. the victim was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. police are also asking for your help in solving this one. new tonight, the head of the dc national guard
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a job just as president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. a memo announce, the removal of general earl schwartz was obtained by washington journal. it says the 65-year-old will be officially dismissed at 12:01 p.m. on january 20th. shorts confirmed the memo saying he will retire at that time but he's insure of why he was dismissed. unlike other national guard chiefs who are appointed and dismissed by governors of their respective states, the chief of dc national guard reports directly to the president. so far, the white house has not commented on the move. huge crowds are expected next weekend not just for the inauguration but also for the women's march on washington saturday. >> that mean hotels are filling up and the prices are skyrocketing. that's why one dc gym say they're opening their doors for a sleep over. alexandra limon is live in cleveland park to explain. how do you explain this one? >> that's
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they say anyone coming in from out of town who has just $25 can actually have a place to stay. that's because city fitness gym in cleveland park is opening up the doors for what they're calling a big girl sleep over. they tell me they're going to start by filling up the fitness phase, the floor that you see here for people to spend the night next friday night after the inauguration for women going to the women's march on washington. now, what they want to do is put down these tumbling mats so that it can be a little bit more comfortable for people to stay. they have extra. this has grown to an entire to community event. s. people donated pillows and sleeping bags to make this happen. we did talk to some of the members of
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one of the owners about how and why they are doing this. >> i came up with the idea when one of my clients came up to me a couple weeks ago and said i got sick people staying at my one bedroom apartment and anyone else, i don't know what to tell them. i don't have any room. that kind of got me thinking, my wheels turning a little bit and somebody on my is staff said, you know, we should city fitness should be the designated point of departure for the women going to the march. we're also going to provide light refreshments, dinner friday, we'll have coffee and isn't that correct, sir and grant nola and bay gels in the morning >> i'm bringing the coffee pot and coffee. and somebody else is going to the deli and someplace else to get donated food. others are going to be here both in the night and in the morning. and i think it's wonderful that they've invited people who are
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regardless of whether they're members of the gym to gather here in the morning so we all go the to march together. >> that's the plan city fitness gym says they want to invite everyone, not just member, other people in the community to meet here and head out to the march together and they're actually not the only ones planning kind of special events for the women's march. council member mary chase said she'lling opening up the door to her office not for a sleep overafter the march for anyone who may need a place to get indoors, warm up you or use the rest room. she ask possibly rsvp and that is open to her residence. live in cleveland park, alexandra limon, i will send it back to you. sounds likely quite a bargain. when thousands poor into the district, air b and b said it could be the biggest night ever for the company. more than 15,000
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booked to stay in the area between january 19th and jan 21 it's. more than 13,000 bookings are for inauguration day. of those listings, 25% are first time hosts. the typical price is about 30 bucks a night. many rooms are going for $130 per night. when it's said and done, dc area air band bhosts are expected to earn nearly $6 million combined. i want to say. >> anywhere you can get a place to stay. take a look a live look outside. wind blowing. the temperatures gary mcgrady 54, not too bad. looks kind of cold after 70 that is we had >> what's not cold after 70's in january. listen, we've come down to lower 50's. there's still 40's. let me show you the temperatures and kind of give you an idea what's going on. it's been nice today with the sunshine, we have been
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this afternoon but we have dropped off a little bit. gaithersburg 45, dulles 48. we'll continue to get colder through the overnight and by tomorrow morning, we think we're going to be right around freezing. we could be 32, 33. all this could just basically be dependant on what the temperature is. one or two degrees off of freezing makes a huge difference. weather weather advisory has been posted. this will be for midnight through 6:00 tomorrow. the pink you see farther back to the west, just a freezing rain advisory, thinking it's going to be mainly freezing rain, the weather weather advisory we could have a little bit of snow over to some sleet then eventually freezing rain and hopefully, by tomorrow evening we'll begin to switch over to all rain. but it does look like during the day the presip will be by sunrise, most gets
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the morning, and it does look like we'll start with the snow, sleet mixed in, freezing rain, on and off through the day tomorrow, but the snow should be confined to just the early morning hours and behavioral just becomes kind of a sleet to freezing rain event. trace amounts of ice for the dc metro in virginia area then in terms of what we're going to do tomorrow, we have to watch out, obviously, for some of the icy slick spots out there. that's going to be our greatest concern, again, just a trace am for the dmv. temperatures right around freezing and colder to the north, it won't take much presip. coming up, i'll show you what we're going to get and when i think it's going to happen and what we can expect the rest of the evening in this holiday weekend. coming up, guys. >> thanks. an owner is searching for their dog tonight after the pup got loose and ran into traffic this morning. the dog's owner was involved in a crash on the exit ramp from the inner loop from the bel
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when he opened the door, the dog jumped out and ran across traffic almost getting hit. the owner -- there you see the dog, this is video from a helicopter. he tried to catch the animal, dog got away. the animal is still missing tonight. if you're in that area, 270, the exit ramp there, please help them track down that pup. i hope he's doing ok. straight ahead at 5:00. a baltimore house fire where six young children died. >> an update on the mother's condition day after escaping the deadly fire and what police are saying about what may have started it. the justice department revealing the results of their investigation against the chicago police department. what was determined following the video release of this fatal police involved shooting? important information for nursing mothers, why doctors say your baby will not be getting all the newt recents he
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new wherible censor that is alert you when something is wrong inside your body. back after this. his.
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young boys surv
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yesterday's fire ranged in age from nine months to 11 years old. malone is a long-time staff for congressman eli sha comings. they're talking with an 8-year-old girl who reportedly helped rescue some siblings, officials are looking into whether a space heater may have been the cause of that fire. . new tonight, a report out by the justice department found chicago police had a pattern of using excessive force, feds lawn'sed their investigation in 2015 after the release of dash cam video show as white police officer shooting and killing 17-year-old la quan mcdonald. they also revealed they had poor oversight, insufficient training and a failure to hold bad officers accountable. >> it does not adequately review use of force incidents to determine whether force was appropriate or lawful or whether the use of force could have been avoided altogether. all of these issues are
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and oversight lead throwing officer moral and an erosion in officer accountability. >> chicago mayor has pushed through summary form since the doj investigation began. including issues body cameras to officers on patrol. in tonight's health watch. the obama administration has agreed to provide disability to veterans exposed to contaminated water at camp lejeune in north carolina. they total more than 2 billion dollars. in march, the va may supplement healthcare being proceeded to veterans. those legible had to be assigned marine base for at least 30 days between august of 1953 and cities of 1987. va says as many as 900,000 service members were exposed to the tainted water. the american academy of pediatrics are ais
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to take vitamin d, they say breast milk does not contain enough for handle bones, nearly four out of every five said they prefer taking victims instead of giving supplement drops to babies. breastfeeding mothers need to know the importance of vitamin c, which is i'm sure you take the supplements to begin with. >> you continue take to go them after. seems like everyone has one of the that he is wherible fitness trackers and a team of researchers at stanford is using the idea to create wheribles that act as a sort of check engine light. volunteers were taking part in the experiment al study will wear up to eight different activity sensors to minority things like heart rate, blood oxygen, researchers say slight changes like an unusually high heart rate could signal an infection. >> i like tha
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although when it comes to sleep, it probably >> mine would be going off. you're sleep deprived >> alert, alert. ahead at 5:00, a miraculous story of survival >> a woman stolen as a baby from hospital resurfaces 18 years later when she was found and the disturbing details of her kidnapping. police in prince george's county grant a special wish for one little boy fighting cancer. the heart warming story ahead. the names are in. lives perform whose will be taking the stage at next week's special inauguration concert. we'll have those for you coming up. up.
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back now with a break in a cold case, a newborn girl
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hospital nearly two decades ago has been found alive. authorities announced camia, mobilely now 18 was found in south carolina living under a different name. she was living with 51-year-old gloria williams, arrested and charged with kidnapping and interference with custody. police say she gave birth to her on july 10th, 1998. hours later, a woman posing as a nurse, snatched her and left the hospital. there was no photos of baby kamia >> she had an inclination beginning a couple months ago that she may have been involved in this in some way. we were able to deliver that to her today. she's taking it as well as you can imagine. we have victims advocates up there. she has lot to process. she has a lot to think about, as you can imagine. >> mobilely's mother said she settled a lawsuit with the hospital back
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received $1.5 million. this is actually, i believe, a picture of kamia now as she looks. this case, by the way, was featured on america's most wanted. a young boy who is battling brain cancer got a and honor from prince george's county police today. >> eli sha young was named an honorary member of the department. he got to meet police chief, and was made an honorary officer during a special ceremony. he got oh ride shotgun in the side car of a police motorcycle wasn't gifted a couple of cool new toys. ninja turtles. >> this was specifically for you. >> you got to be careful. all right? >> after that, it was on to a pizza part for lie sha. if you notice his hat, he's into another group of crime fighters, the nine
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a serial sexual assault suspect on the loose in dc >> the man police are looking for tonight, who they say has been groping women and one busy section of the city. lindsey? >> reporter: we've told you about the scandal at the howard county sheriff's office forced to resign after allegations of racist sexist and overall horrible treatment. there is a new sheriff and we sat down with him to talk about how he's turning things around. the touch to go letter from two former first daughters to is a sha and malia, the message they gave the girls about choosing friends and making mistakes.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. dc police are looking for a man they say is groping women in the district. the assaults happened wednesday and thursday. all within one mile of each other in northwest. the most recent assault happened yesterday morning around 8:00 a.m. in front of the residences at thomas circle. police have released this photo of the suspect there on your screen. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. a louisiana man called in a threat days before a shooting. 52-year-old pleaded guilty to calling best of pizza onky connecticut avenue and quote finish what the other guy didn't. it's two doors down from comet ping-pong where a fake news story opened fire. he's scheduled to be stiffersed in april >> a bill
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president obama desk. the house and senate passed the legislation. they said president obama would sign if it passed before he leaves office. major grants say one time exception from a law that bars service members out of uniform less than seven years from holding the defense secretary job. the restriction is meant to preserve civilian control of the military. mattis retired from the marines in 2013. new tonight, we're sitting down with the new howard county sheriff. he's been on the job just four weeks after his predecessor resigned, accused of discrimination, regional and other misconduct. lindsey watts joins us. this was a big shake-up for howard county. >> reporter: it was just a few months ago when we learn the former sheriff was accused of shocking behavior. it ended his ten year career of sheriff then the governor appointed bill
5:31 pm
look familiar, he's the former howard county police chief. we talked with him about the new direct for his office >> there's a new sheriff in town. i think my style is a little different. >> reporter: the style of bill mcman's predecessor was laid out for the public in this ethics investigation. employees said james fitzgerald ruled by fear and terror. commonly using sures and women and monitors. quoting as saying i can do anything you want in howard county >> the allegations of what happened in the past to me are in the past. but i think they did really kind of violate what people felt this county was known for. >> reporter: sheriff's employees described the workplace in turmoil, one comparing mcman's work now to reviving a body. >> i don't think the body was dead. i think the body was miraculously doing great work, despite difficult
5:32 pm
>> reporter: he says what he found was a group of hard working people ready to put the past behind them >> in terms of conflict or turmoil or division, for the most part, we haven't seen that, people are ready to move on and move forward >> it was lieutenant here who launched the investigation into the former sheriff. he's never spoken publicly but i did speak to him by phone. he says he had noticed a real moral change here. and that he and others are smiling again. >> the people that work here want the community to know what they do and how passionate they are >> mcman said he seen that passion for himself. at christmas sheriff's employees organized a collection for the county domestic violence center. >> this wasn't essentially collections from the community. this was out of their own pocket. we had a conference room full of diapers, cleaning supplies, food, all types of things, that's encouraging when you ask about, you know, the moral of the workplace, to a nice situation to
5:33 pm
have employees walk in that are motivated >> great to see that. since the former sheriff resigned, we have been working to get the private agreement he made with that lieutenant who filed the complaint against him. we were recently able to obtain it. it shows the former sheriff got no payout or severance when he retired. he agreed to leave office. lindsey watts fox 5 local news. student and small businesses in the district are encouraging unit in advance of inauguration week. students at stewart middle school created signs in art class to celebrate the capitol hill neighborhood. they're calling the from the hill united. the students walked from school around the community to nearby businesses. of several local businesses on h street northeast agreed to display the signs to help get out the message of unity we have a better idea of how officials plan to keep next week's inauguration events safe. secret serce
5:34 pm
responsible for the planning and coordination of security. an estimated 28,000 law enforcement officials from 40 different agencies will be working overtight to protect the crowds. ticket holders to the inauguration will be subject to bag searches and extra barriers will be set up to block vehicles from driving into crowds >> we have to be concerned about home bound extremism, self radicalation, aside from that, there's the larger picture of general security and public safety when you have a large public gathering such as this. >> 99 different organizations have played for permits to demonstrate during inauguration weekend. 63 on inauguration day alone. homeland security said as of now, there are no specific threats to any event. today, the presidential inaugural
5:35 pm
the performers for a special concert set for the day before the inauguration. >> toby keith is set to perform at the make america great again welcome celebration. jennifer holiday will also perform at the concert. as well as the band three doors down, lee greenwood known for his song god bless the usa and dj ratadrm. set for thursday on the lincoln memorial and the best part, it's free. ♪ ♪ college marching band, it is coming to the district to perform at donald trump's inauguration. and the historically black college in alabama raised more than $300,000 for the trip thanks to a gofundme page. more than three times what it need for travel, lodging and other expenses, donations
5:36 pm
started pouring in after the school's president billy hawk consistents appeared on the o'reilly factor. hawk ins said he received a lot of criticism but he says it's a civic ceremony. it's not about politics. >> the national pour transit gallery put up a new picture of president-elect donald trump. it was taken back in 1989 and shows trump wearing a suit and tossing an apple into the air. fox 5 photo journalist spoke with museum david ward. >> this is a pour transit of mr. trump as a businessman in the late 1980s, he's tossing the big apple in reference to his role in new york's real estate renaissance of the 80's, it's not a political pour transit. mr. trump had nothing to do with our putting it up or our acquiring it but he obviously likes the image because he used it for his second book. i heard from the photography,
5:37 pm
subject. mr. o'brien bought on his way over from the studio bought the apple, he was trying to figure out how to do something a little more energetic than just a conventional board room. so he bought a couple of apples and asked mr. trump to hold it or toss it and they ended up using this one in which he tosses the apple into the air in this kind of surreal elevation a sweet moment involving obama's last days, words of advice for first daughters, malia and sasha. former barbara bush and jenna bush actually, jen ma bush hager were writing a farewell letter and offered them advice. the bush twins saying you will be riding the story of your lives beyond the shadow of your fame parents yet you will carry with you the experiences of the past eight years.
5:38 pm
forget the white house workers they came in contact with over the years. we heard someone talk about this earlier. they kind of become family they said to them. those that are helping in way, they're the one that really don't want anything from them. they're just there to help them live their lives and be comfortable. >> and what's interesting is they're there through all the administration, it's no politics, politics aside. that's wonderful. coming up, you may remember when paul ryan stopped a teen from dabbing while his farther was getting sworn into congress. he's showing off his dabbing skills. and how i bay is cracking down >> it's been gorgeous today, winter weather is coming in. weather weather advisory. stick around.
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thanks program that will be powered by a network of professional authenticators. sellers can sign up to have the goods authenticated. if you choose to buy from sellers who don't use the service you can request the product be inspected for a fee. bad news for millennials, new report shows they're worse off than their baby boomer parents. according to the advocacy group, millenials earned 20% less despite being better educated. also have half the net worth of baby boomers, home opener rates are lower and their student debt is
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economists say they fit into a broader pattern of diminished opportunity. we're talking about millennials a lot these days. you may remember when paul ryan stopped a teen from dabbing. the speaker seemed confused by the son of kansas representative roger marshal who decided to try and do the dance mood while his father was sworn into congress. ryan said he didn't know what the boy was trying to do. well, paul ryan says he knows the move and proved that he can dab himself. here you go. busted out the move at a cnn after being challenged by jake capper. he said marshal's son looked more like sneezing than dabbing. he was kind of like i didn't know what he was doing. >> now he knows. what was going on. >> not what you expected to see during a swearing in. someone's kid trying to dab. >> i think he's learned how to do that. >> do you know how to dab >> absolutely.
5:44 pm
i've been dabbing a long time. i'm not going to dab now because it's turned into a bit of a decliche. >> you're too cool >> i hope you enjoyed the 70's yesterday. >> it was lovely >> it was wonderful. >> then 50's today. today was great. i thought it was wonderful. tomorrow not so much. beautiful shot. look at that. we're looking towards mgm and you see a little bit of broken cloudyness, there's presip too. coming from west to east across the mountains. we'll talk about that in a second. that may be a little bit earlier than had been anticipated early on. explain. here's what's going on. weather weather advisory is in place, this is the purple here. includes dmv. fairfax county, prince george's county, maryland you're in this, so is prince william to the
5:45 pm
freezing rain advisory, basically way out there have not just freezing rain. most of presip, the winter presip, the snow, sleet arrives just before sunrise. we may get a little early rain. but the temperatures won't support much more than that freezing at the surface, that's good. snow, sleet and freezing rain on and off kind of the progression. trace amounts of ice for the dmv, we still have to worry about slippery spots. especially the places that haven't been treated. here's what we're thinking. first of all, in the pink, it's mainly sleet and freezing rain. to the west, i think it's mainly rain over to freezing rain, here through dc back off immediately to the east of us and to west of us, we're talking about sleet mixing in with freezing rain. then hopefully, by late tomorrow evening, we'll go on over to rain. to the north, light snow sleet and getting into freezing rain would not surprise me down to the south, early mix is possible. and then basically it goes on
5:46 pm
that will be good. how much? up to an inch of snow north of us. again, it's going to be kind of a mixture of snow and sleet and a little bit of freezing rain. up to an inch, not everybody gets an inch. up to a 10th of an inch of ice accumulation back to the west. this does not include dc. here in dc, i believe maybe just phrase amounts of something slippery for us before it's all said and done. evening forecast looks like this, 7:00, 44 and cool, 39 at 9:00 p.m. here's a little bit of presip coming across, but if this comes across early, it will be light rain, no need to worry about anything freezing at the surface, we're still 50's. cold to the north, you have to get the cold air in here tonight we'll get down to 32 and of course, once we touch 32, it could be a problem. if you can see futurecast shows a little bit of mix by 10:00 and tomorrow morning, a little sony sleet and then kind of mixture of that and as we start getting into the evening hours tomorrow, hopefully it goes over to just basically some rain. so that will be real nice for
5:47 pm
seven-day forecast looks like this. we'll get 32 to 34 tomorrow. 34 is probably 7:00 or 8:00. much drier warmer on sunday, 46. martin luther king day, 44. right now for inauguration, we're going to keep it dry, but temperature of 58 degrees. when was the last time we had that? 58? >> i'll take it. thanks. an incredible newly discovered piece of history was unveiled today in the district. photo negatives 108 years old were recently found showing the inauguration of president william howard taft. shows at the wilson building months. and an historic blizzard. jack frank gives us a closer look >> one day i got an e-mail saying there was this cash of 31 historic negatives that had come up and that were available on
5:48 pm
ebay. they showed the inauguration of with my howard taft, agg assaulted in 1908. it's now the hotel. and pennsylvania avenue running in front, you have the district building known as the wilson building now. it's very soon after the building was built. it was brand new. this was the first inauguration got to take part in. we believe this is the task. we're excited that the president are in these photos at all. it's obviously not the best picture. there happened to be a blizzard that day. that ended up having moved the swearing in of the president inside the capitol from outside and here you get a better look at the weather. it was only ten or 11 inches but they still call eight blizzard. still did a number on the inauguration. this area here was very much a real neighborhood where people lived and worked. this one a little further afield from the district building, it's
5:49 pm
interesting because a get a little more detail metropolitan police department officer, you got folks kind of in their sunday finest, more horses and wagons. to have a set of a 110-year-old note negatives in excellent condition. we couldn't have asked for a better discovery. as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest.
5:50 pm
with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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we got brody logan with sports and a little bit of musical chairs going on. >> it's becoming one of the situations where the h r department at redskins park. >> now hiring >> yesterday there was a rumor their top candidate was coming in and before then, he was hired by another team. they keep missing out on the guys >> got to move quick. >> got to move in. it's a hot job market out there. the lights have c
5:53 pm
redskins are still standing alone at the bar, they thought they'd have a date but wade phillips went for a younger man. the skins now have two open spots, offensive and defensive coordinators. the pool of potentials dries up every day. first prevailing jay gruden will take back what he bestowed on his former oc and fill the spot with west phillips, oh. quarterback cavanaugh could get it. the skins have interviewed former browns coach mike petting. he fielded a top 10 defense every year. bradley thought to be at the top of the list but close relationship with new chargers headcoach anthony lynn and could follow him. 49ers
5:54 pm
up for a job on the defends side. big weekend of football right here on fox 5 starting tomorrow the seahawks travel to atlanta to take on matt ryan and the falcons will be facing off against seattle, the best game. aaron rogers and the packers will continue. dallas taking on ezekiel elliott. working toward the super bowl on february 2nd on fox 5. in that game you will see new vantage point for replays, fox worked with intel to develop a virtual point of view. at least 20 times during the super bowl broadcast using intel's 360 replay technology, viewers will be able to see exactly from the view of the players on the field getting a look what the happened in the play and why the players made their decisions. no worries about bryce harpers at least for this year. agreeing to a one year
5:55 pm
reason, a hefty raise over the 2016 sample rare of. 5.8 million dollar deal. new catcher derek north signed for over 4 million and starting picture tanner ror. selecting roman right back, chris do, with their first pick. >> that was impressive, that pronunciation. >> we go way back. >> i'm way into college soccer now. i had to look at a lot of clips to learn how to pronounce it >> did you practice? >> yes, i did. not in the mirror though. thank you for being with us here at 5:00. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts after the break.
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♪ ♪ this is fox 5 local news at 6:00 >> i'm tony perkins,000 i'm shawn yancy, we begin with scary moments, suitland high school was placed on lockdown after police say one student shot another during an off campus fight >> the wounded student was shot in the leg in a parking lot and then was pulled or carried back on to school grounds. at this hour, there have been no arrests. fox 5 paul wagner joins us with the latest. paul? >> reporter: tony and shawn, standing in the parking lot where it happened, the 2300 block of brooks drive. as many as five shots fired here in the parking lot. let me show you this. as we walk around this way, what we know is that after the student was shot in the leg, he was then either pulled or dragged or taken up this hill, past that fece
6:00 pm
ground, that's the annex of suitland high school right there. we also know now that one of the bullets that was fired went through the window of a classroom and lodged in the ceiling, a classroom where a teacher an student were inside. the response of the school was swift with officers swarming the silver hill campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, guns engines with lights and sirens and speeding into the area, as the helicopter circled overhead, paramedics loaded the wounded student into an ambulance and left campus escorted by police. within minutes, investigators located the crime scene in an apartment complex parking lot off brooks drive. by our count, there were as many as five sell casings on the ground, one round appeared to have pierced a window of the after the locked lifted >> about noon a group


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