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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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enjoying the day off. of. not these two.e t. >> not these two. these t >> mike thomas is working inor the weather center and erinr anr como is in the traffic should be a low traffic day dy but she's got her eye on ito for sure.for sur. >> developing overnight aoping woman wasa murdered in princedei george's county.ncgeorgeounty. >> our melanie alnwick joinsanis us live from the scene in hillcrest heights with the h latest.ei what's the story here, mel? me >> reporter: hey, guys, so apparently prince george'sly p county police came here to the h lynnhill condominiums andondomia found a wndoman who had beenad e shot literally they saidy d outside and from what we could d tell, driving back through ug here it appears to be furtherrer back in the parking lot of theoe complex. they really don't have a lot't t of other information.nfo than that just that it washat iw 10 o'clock last night, woman wo found shot dead in the parkingag lot but you may remember the th name lynnhill condominiums. this is the complex where welexr were here for several days when everybody was losing thr power.ower the power had been shut offbeent for failure to pay the bills the and everyone had literal allitel day or two to get out. ot. and then you may recall thatl
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restraining order injunctiong or and the pdeurb ilic servicese commission ordered the power po companies to put lights backt lk on. so, folks are back here.. not that many cars in the parkingmany lot, not too manyny occupied condos here but but again, a little bit of crimeime tape right over across thess gate here and then somethenme further back in the complex.c prince george's county policerg' haven't evens able to give usus more information about whattiont happened. ha they say they're looking for or information in this case. in th. anyone with information isormats asked to call prince george'sllr county police. live in hillcrest heights i'mes melanie alnwick fox5 localick fl news. >> thankmel.l. fairfax county policenty searching for a suspect wo wh stabbed two men on a middle school soccer fielder happenedfl yesterday afternoon aton at langston hughes middle schoolhe in reston. police say a fight broke outut between two groups of guys g playing soccer ended with awitha man stabbing to other people. ol the suspect then took off. of. police believe the suspect and d victims knew each other andohe there's no threat to thereat public. >> we are days away from donald
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oath of office as our 45th president. hundreds spender part of theirti weekend rehearsing for the big g event. event. practice session was held onessi the west front of the capitolcal building where mr. trump willmpl take the oath of office.ffi stand ins have been practicingag the movements from walkingemen down thets steps to plait bedo trucks rolling in the parade.paa the official theme is uniquelyuq american celebrating theting the peaceful transfer of power po between administrations.nis more than 700,000 people arepeor expected to attend inauguration related eventsd evt including protestors.teors. discord continues insc washington as a growing numberor of democratsowing plan to boyco president-elect trump'sident-el' inaugurations.inauguration. including michigan's johnhigan's conyers. california's barbara lee and georgia representative johnsentn lewis this amid revelation of russia's alleged meddling inedd the election and trump'st rebuke of john lewis after after lewis said he didn't considern' trauma legitimate president. yesterday other democrats oth climbed in on thee feud.
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>> i understand why john lewisw feels the way he does. this is a very fearful and divided nation right now and the trumps have not done anything to bring it together. >> i've got the utmost respect for congressman lewis. he's an icon. i just wish that rhetoric would tone down from both back and forth. >> now, this isth a coventigreso s wish own continue efngfort ngress to undo the affordable careordae act. democrats argue that repeelingat the law without a replacementlat will cause more harm thane harmn good. good. >> democrats across the draine are leading a day of action ac protests and rallying againstagt republicans plans to repeal rel the affordable care bernie sanders says 70 says 70 demonstrations are happeninghapg from coast to coast.coa own care backers andckrsand respiratories joinedsp democratic leaders toir showsho their support.
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>> very few americans believeamr that repeal the affordable care act without a replacement program to make it better. >> we're we're on on obamacare. we're a rich company. we ought to be able to do this. >> president-elect donald trump has said is he wants to repeal and replace obamacare with a better plan almost simultaneously. ht t >> attorneys will be on hand to assist individuals and to see if tsahey'reid i rep b etetr u expungement. a lot of nonviolent offendersffr have trouble finding work r because of their arrestrest records. rerds. this event runs until unt 2 o'clock this afternoon.fternoo >> also happening today a day to honor at the life andnd legacy of dr. martin luther malu king jr. ng jr. the 11th annual mlk paradepaade will kick off at 11:30 in d.c. . the parade runs untilti 2 o'clock this several streets in d.c. will.c.i be closed so beware of that. th. the parade begins at the rise center in southeast d.c. andso we have a list of closures on our web utsliitest o fox5dc.como
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let's go ahead and headhead downstairs check in with mikethe thomas and see what kind of kinf weather we're going have onwe this're mlk day. >> generally we're talking about temperatures in the midaly 40's to sew a chillier martin luther king day coming our way. way. unfortunately not a lot ofy notf sunshine. suns won't be as sunnhiy and brightgh as we had definitely start the day around here on sunday.un let's start with temperaturest i little chilly outside.thle chil. washington 39 degrees.ingt not nearlyon as cold as itas should be for this time of year. jacket weather. wea 34 for gaithersburg thisthersg s morning. good morning, fredericksburg,de, 39 degrees and some 20's to and0 the north.'sort hagerstown 29. westminster 27 degrees.27 d satellite and radar today show w showers down to the south but b as you can see as we loopw through they're all sinkingsink down to their south.wn to those will stay down south ofutf town this afternoon.eron. just throwing some clouds ourdsr way.wa and that's going to be theoing story as we head through the the course of your martin luther king jr. holiday here's youridar planner for the day. d mostly cloudy skies,es 41 degrees, chilly at 10:00 a 1a mid 40's
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again lots of clouds clouds clos around. 4 o'clock in the afternoonafernn maybe some patchy drizzle hereah and there. i think that's most likelylikly both south and then also outals to the west near the mountainsm so i won't totally rule it outet here in d.c. but i do think thnk most will stay dry aroundaro town. that's a look at the forecast. f erin como has got the roads.road hopefully not too busy this busy monday morning.monday morning. >> right now very quietuiet conditions on the road miken tho for 4:36 in the morning.or want to touch base on the mlk k jr. schedule for saturday schedule trainschule as running every 12 minutes.m rail system is opening at 5:00 0 so it will be opened within witn the next half hour.h off-peak fares and freed parking. no delays i'll keep a close eye on metroeo for you. metrobus looking good for youfou as well. you can see we're very quietuie across the inner loop. loop. just a little bit ofbi congestion picking up towardsp the wilson bridge but noton brit enough to cause any slowdowns. 295 from inside the beltwayb down into past 50 you get intoet the district is smooth sailing. all area bridges 11th street t 14 street wrestled key bridgere are seeingbr problems -- no
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problems ironed say. 270 quiet through rockville and i like what i'm semseing onm the se icc. ic if you have haven't earlyearly flight or if you have friendsfr or family heading to towno tow things on the way to reagan rean dulles and bwi looking veryery nice. frederick we are problem free fe from 70 down to the spur.n to t things are looking good as you u make your way out on 66 and 95a in virginia.r any questions at erin fox5tion d.c. on twitter.c. on twitte want to help you get around aro the mlk jr. day commute asom well as gear up for the inauguration. maureen andin holly.lly. >> thanks erin. coming up on fox5 newser morning eight men now possess ns as much money as half thethe world. wow. >> near technological 150r techo years the greatest show onho earth announces plans to closele forever. >> as we head to break a live ae look across the d.c. region. eg it is 4:37 right now and 39 degrees. more fox5 news m39orning afterma the break.ftthe brak. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back now with what's trend other web monday wi. outgoing cia director johni brennan taking some parting shots at president-elect trump. brennan claims trump lacks theai full understanding of the threat rumss usindera possess te united states. during an interview with fox news sunday brennan attacked trump's impulsive trump fired back on twitter suggesting brennan had done a ba bad job asn cia director saying "zero really? couldn't doly? much worse. just look at syria brennan ." b. >> next up, it is a startling look at global wealth inequality. according to a report by anti poverty organization oxfam, eight men own as much wealth as 3.6 billion of the poorest ot people. the executive director ofiror of oxfam says "it's obscene for f so much wealth to be held in the hands of so few when onefewe in 10 people survive on less than two dollars a day." day." findings
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the rich and poor is evenpoor ie greater than just a year ago when the richest 62 percent ofef people owned as much as the ownh bottom half.haf. >> next up, academics racing to save millions of historicalhs documents in cuba before they're lost because of poor ofr storage conditions.c some onf those documentsos include details about cuba's long and colorful history. many shed life on the slave trade closely connected to thee u.s. >> next tup a loss in thet tup s wrestlings world. former wrestler jimmy snukasnuka died sunday. sunay. his attorney said snuka died due to complications from hisomc ongoing medical problems butatir did noobt sletmsate what they we specifically. he was >> and finally the curtain will finally close on theon the ringling and barnum and baileyby brother circus after 146ter 6 years. it will perform its last so in may. the show is closing for
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various reasons waningwanng popularity and difficulties with animal rightsrity amal rigs organizations. >> that is an end of an eraan for sure.ure. >> it really is.>> >> 4:41 right now.:41 right coming up on fox5 news morning n a local school employee is fired for replying to a greet g a down. >> we are at 39 degrees a degrsa little chilly on mlk day. we're back right after this.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, preparing for everyis foxn foiny possibility. the secret service and local loa lane torment along with several national guardverationag soldiers have spent weeksnt we getting ready to secure there th trump inauguration.auguration. >> live look outside on thisok h monday. we got some good news and some bad news in templets weather today. here's the good news. temperatures expected to be in the mid to upper 40's.erhere'se' bas.d news, hm, expected to bece cloudy and gray so maybe not the prettiest day.ret >> no. but you have the day off right t so it's already looking up.king good morning. thanks for joining us.or joini . i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. today is monday january 16.jan >> mike is going to talk about t weather ervin going to talkr er about let's actually talk about ourabr weather right now mike. ke. it's not looking too bad rightat now weather-wise at leastt least
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>> you're right. guys covered overed everything pretty much in they t intro there with the cloudyth to and gray and temperatures inmper the 40's. that is y basic overallveall forecast for the day today. fory not the most beautiful martinail luther king jr. day but you da know what, at least it's not a washout. good news there.good news th there's your futurecast atur fuu 10:00 you see generally speakingp some clouds around the region r maybe a little bit of sun offu to the north but then cloudsthes continue to move north side nor ward through the day today.ay notice the patchy green hereat and there up towards thechy th t mountains mainly.manly that's drizzle. yes we could have a patchy coule area of drizzle or two through u the afternoon hours but you see generally it's just a grayry cloudy day according to futurecast. not a lot of sunshine.unne. we work into the overnightvenigt hours. shower chances start toower crt increase a bit and by the timete we get to tomorrow morning iorr think we have a pretty goodwe chance of hav seeing some showeo scatter around the region. so, that's kinr dar of the the overview here.overvi here. 46 degrees today. clouds. very patchy tomorrow showers much more likely with a highryow sof 55.5 how about a day of 60's there te on wednesday with some early showers in the forecast butut afternoon sun back. bk. mix of clouds and
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much. much 45 degrees. for that all importantmportan forecast on friday t-inauguration day, 52 degrees s for a daytime high but we'reut e watching the chance forance showers during the afternoon trr all right, that's a check ofthat the forecast.e fo erin como has got ar check ofh the roads this morning.o >> that's right, mike.r 4:47. keeping our eyes on the roads.t. it's a quiet start on 66 by by 28. . west and eastbound volume very y light from gainsville to the ga beltway in both directions.irec. i anticipate since a lot of a lf folks are having a day offy federal holiday in honor of mlk jr. day lighter trafficlight pattern than we typically seee e on a monday morning.morning. same story on 395, 395 is verysy wide opened across the 14thh street bridge there passing gwrw parkway no problems closer tolo the beltway and if you moveif yu over for a look in marylandmr same story on 270 as we makee m our way out not seeing any issues, 50 out by 202 is also al seeing smooth sailing right smo i'll let you know when a lotea o of volume picks up but so fart r from annapolis to the bayto they bridge to the beltway we're inta for a y quietwe ride. ride. maps showing the same thing. thg just a lot of green
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through chevy chase problem free on wisconsin.h chevn. starting to see a lot ofa lot of barriers getting in place bylac the national mall. we'll keep you update other othr inauguration closures oncen os they kick in later in the week. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.esti but so far today has just been e a very calm and pleasant ride.r. maureen and holly.d hoy. >> it's 4:48 and developingelopg overnight a woman was murderedrd in prince george's county.nce >> woman was shot and killed ki last night and our melanier mane alnwick is on the scene this morning in hillcrest heights. what's the story here, mel? me >> reporter: good morning.orn. so, really no more policeolic activity here.ty here. this happened about 10 o'clockdu last nit ght.10 niht. everything still pretty quiet. e all we can see is just ajust little bit of police tapee showing that there certainly was a large area blocked off oc here. not only the front of the fronte condominium complex but also towards the back. we did drtoivwaes back through complex a little bit and it appeared to us just based on some of the things that we sawa that it probably happenedapened further in the back area ofack the parking lot of this condominium complex and p
4:49 am
did -- said nothing more thano that the woman was found outside shot and pronouncedpr dead on the scene. scene. and you may remember this isthis the lynnhill condominiumominium complex. you may recall that this wast the same condominium complex cox where they had the power shutsht off in the fall because of nonpayment of utilities andut then there was an injection, a court injunction that got thethe power turned back on.ack on they're not to full there's only about i would sayly less than half of these units appear to be occupied at thisath point but really nout information more than whatationh we've got from prince george's county police at this hour. h they are still asking for tipsos so anyone with information isins asked to call prince george'scal county police. live in hillcrest heights, i'mch melanie alnwick fox5 localeighkl news. >> 4:49 is the time. 4:49 is the security will be tight for tim this 58th inauguration more than 28,000 officers from 40frm0 different agencies will beagenc working to protect the largect e crowds
4:50 am
credible threats to thereat president-elect. secret service agents havece age been prepping at a trainingraing facility in maryland thatn marya includes a mockone of theone oft parade route.e. agents worked through 40 mock40k incidents. in >> we don't want to be seeingseg these events for the firstthe fs time on january 20th. 20 how are we going to respond too the rpresident or first lady lay were to sprain an ankle while we they're walking? if there'sthes an assault of some sort orort mortar attack.att every scenario has a different t response. >> more than 700,000 people are expected fore than this eves this weekend and they include protestors. protestors. >> a maryland school employee ep who called out a student for their spelling error on twitter looking for a new josb.. >> here's the tweet from january 5th the student tweeted if school would beol woe closed tomorrow but missbut spelled the word tomorrow.. katie nash responded back withdk this tweet but then how wouldn you learn how to spellow tpe tomorrow? nash was told notw?
4:51 am
then on friday she was fired. fi the woman says she understandsns why she was let go and she she doesn't want to be a distraction. >> a rally supporting metro meto workers took place at thece a famed metropolitan ame churchame in northwest. parishioners came together toamo honor the birthday of martin luther king jr.of m and show thr support for wmata employees. >> transit is a civil rights c issue and what better day too celebrate transit and dr. king's day other than hishas birthday? and also to show ow the cuts they're making are ae really going hurt more of the te lower class citizens in this washington, d.c. area.n, d.c. >> the head of the naacp and union leaders spoke. sp >> diplomats from more than 70 countries neat try and jumpies j start the peace process in theee middle east. >> today the supreme court ay tof a rocka rock band fighting for the right tog trademark their name.tradem coming up we'll tellar you howuw
4:52 am
impact the redskins.impact t >> as we head to break let'se take a live look across therossh d.c. region.c. r it is 4:51 right now andan 39 degrees. more fox5 news morning back after this. ths. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios.
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>> diplomats from more than 70ma countries met this weekend in paris intsies me a bid to jump t the peace process in thepeac middlet.ast. they're urging israel and palestinians to recommit.t. benjamin netanyahu called theale conference "useless."ueless ." many say they feared t president-elect donald trump'stt policies will only make the make problem worse.problem wo >> happening this week theappent high court will take on a free e speech case involving an oreg
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slanders. they wanted to trademark theirtr band's name but their requestirq was denied because the trademark office thought thetho name was racially disparaging.di now the high court will thatour decide. this also could affect theecthe washington redskins. they lostas their trademark lasa year for similar reasons.rea >> weekend box office box offic dominated by "hidden figures" f about the little known story of three black mathematicians who helped nasa launch a manch m into space. to space. the movie brought if 20.5f 0.5 milwaukee i don't say.n't "la-la land" was in that second place. ""sing" was third.s >> five minutes before thebefort hour. time for to us talk a little lie weather mr. mike thomas. >> all right,t holly let's getlt the kids off to the bus stopus t shall we. let's get them off on a good note. chillier today. depends on where you live. lve. off to the north temperaturesorr starting in the 20's toward
4:56 am
hagerstown come lands soom definitely bundle them up up upp there as you work your way southward towards leonardtownond fredericksburg temperatures abue little closer to 40's but generally chilly and cloudy louy too start the day. after school staying cloudy patchy drizzle here and there. r here's your fox5 seven-dayday forecast. 60 on wednesday with early th ear showers to afternoon sunshine.u. thursday's dry with a mix ofmixo clouds and sun with temps inn the mid-50's and inaugurationgun day on friday 52 degrees but de we are watching the chance forno some showers during the afternoon hours. hour weekends right now looks split, dry on saturday, maybet showers on sunday. that's the weather.we let's do traffic with erinc witn como. >> 4:56. >> 4 metro service kicking in at 5:00. they are operating on an n adjusted schedule in honor of martin luther king jr. day.r. ay no delays right now reported red across all six rail i'll let you know if that know t changes. in th
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annual mlk parade street stee closures in place from 11:30 113 to 2:00 nor parade. it starts at the rye center atc the elizabeth campus. cam all the green on the map the behind me traffic in thefic in district looking good. all light he know if anythingghy beltway quiet. not seeing any delays. any questions at erin fox5uest d.c. on holly and maureen. maureen. >>hanks erin.n. coming up on fox5 news morninge president-elect donald trumpent- says he has a plan to replaceplt the affordable care act which he says guarantees healthlth insurance for every american. a >> we know whmich four teams will play in the championship game. >> let's look live across theves d.c. region. there you go. that comes up holiday traffic tc right there. t good for you all sleeping in in and having a day off of work.ofk there's a few.there'a few. there's a little bit of lifes a out 4:57 is our time right now. 39 degrees. it is quiet morning, though.qu we'll takeie
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we're back right after this. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ morning.orfox5 news >> today on fox5 news morning,o, a political bickering. bi number of senior democrats sayts they have no plans to attend atd the trump inauguration leadingl to a war


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