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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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power scooter. tonight d.c. police are tryingae to find the shooter.oote paul wagner joins us live withle the latest. >>reporter: shawn, this is ais murder that has really touched a nerve not only in the community where miss marrow lived, butut also in the mayor's office, mayor mueller so outaged overo this violence she put out a personal statement and asked for today. interim police chief peter newsham put out a news conference also asking for helpl saying that there's a $25,000 reward for information on hockon solve the murder of this grandmother. when vivian marrow was killed monday morning making her wayher down this sidewalk to the corner store, d.c. police say she was not caught in the cross fire of a gun ballet as they first said. instead, detectives now believe a gunman who had no regard for where he was firing hit a 68 year old woman loved
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the complex where she lived. the woman some people knew simply as miss vivian, whiless v others knew her as the candy a grown man who apparently had some kind of beef or dispute with someone else felt it was okay to fire multiple shots in this neighborhood. guess what, that reckless behavior has rutted in the death of a beloved community member. the shooting took place justst after 10 in the morning on a clear, cold day within feet of a d.c. police crime camera.amer but chief newsham declined tolie say whether it recorded the gunfire. if somebody has some specifics regarding a motive or what this beef was about, you know, theno, only thing i can tell you now is we do not have a motive in thiss case. one of vivian mario's threethre children was in the room to hear the chief's remarks today.oday william marrow told reportersore his mother deserves justice.
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children.ildr last night i had to speak with my grandkids about this situation and they way littletle kids. you know what i'm saying? marrow says he wants someone to come forward with the detectives now need to close the case. she did a lot of stuff for a lot of people. she always had her door openen where people can come in there and sleep if they have no placeo to go, all that kind of stuff. i know if somebody in thatin t complex knows something, they gointhg to talk. hopefully, i'm wishing and prays. at the apartment complex near elvins road, special policed, s officers were check the ids of every driver arriving at thethe gait. now after the news conference wr did learn that that crime camera did apparently get some or recorded some of what happenedwh there inat front of that apartma complex. we also wanted to tell you tonight that this area thereere where the murder took place, the
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elvins road, stanton road intersection has been a very troubled neighborhood for a vero long time. there have been a number of murders along elvins road alone. it's actually a dead end and there's been so much trouble there in recent years that thett last chief, cathy lanier, kept a fixed post right there, a policr officer station odd that road,d, on elvins road around the clockk because of the problems up there. the people that live there, they believe this is an ongoing beefg between two neighborhoods. the chief wouldn't confirm that today, but that's what thehat' community believes and nowes a they're looking for help. live outside d.c. police headquarters, paul wagner, fox5 local news. new tonight, a george mason university professor is accusedu of recording intimate momentsomn with a woman out her consent. james fell camp is charged withh unlawful filming. the victim told police she had a con eventing intimatee relationship with the professors for some type but then on december 25 she discovered somee of their
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they obtained a search warrant for his home.ome. tonight they are still investigating. tonight at 6, the president has commuted sentences for 209 people. most notably, chess see manning. manning is the transgender army soldier to leaked to wikileaks. she was sentenced to 35 years in prison and has already been incarcerated for six years.year manning's sentence is now set to expire may 17. she was known as bradley mannina at thedl time of her 2010 arres. the president elect donald trump took to facebook with a personal plea for people to come to his inauguration. video the president elect is trying to drum up business. fox5's tom fitzgerald is liveerl with thed latest on this facebok post. >>reporter: we're trying to separate fact from fix.x. a lot of people wondered would big crowds come to washington tg watch donald trump on friday become the president of the
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we spoke to several congressional offices here one the hill tonight and they arere telling us this demand is soso high some republican members of congress have been reaching out to democratic offices trying to see if they have any sparespar tickets which they can then give to their constituents. but that's not all, it turns ou that the president elect is getting into this himself tonight. he's returned to one of hishis earliest forms of social media, facebook tonight. trump online with a new message asking people to come to d.c..c. for his inauguration.inau the inauguration is our moment in american history and i want you to be with me on inauguration day, january 20 at the mall, it's going to be so exciting. most importantly, we're going to make america great again. i'll see you on january 20. now you may remember some skeptics had won
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crowds would come for the trump inauguration and would they be thinner in past years. it turns out that may not be the case. fox5 spoke with the presidentiae inaugeral committee today. they told us they have been requested annex ceding the ticket supply. the office of virginia congressman rob whitman tells us they received roughly 1,000ly requests for tickets, but theyty only had 200 tickets to give out. so now the office is scrambling. they're trying to come up with some extra tickets for their constituents. meantime they've put t together a waiting list. now, if you do get a ticket for that swearing in, taylor mason, the presidential inaugeralnaug committee is urge you to do your homework, familiarize yourselffi with the maps and check out the entry points for friday beforeof youri go to the west front of te capital. if you have a ticket they're all color coded. we try to make this as simple as possible. the colors coordinate with the specific met stop. we're suggesting that the people
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the directions that were given out with the ticket or they can visit our website to get more information on the tickets themselves. in fact, this is the very website he was just talking about. now, while these tickets havetik been in demand, the presidentias inaugeral committee is telling this tonight, they are still taking requests. so if you or somebody from out of town thinks they want to tryt to get a ticket there is still l chance you can go to that website, pic2017. org. you can put your olympics in ani if there is a ticket they said they still have time to possibly get it to you. we're live on the hill tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. meanwhile, the list of lawmakers who say they are boy coting the presidential inauguration continues to grow. maryland around any brown and ao virginia representative doneun buyer. both say they will not be attending the inauguration of president elect donald trump duu to tweets by trump in responseps
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they spoke about their decision earlier today on fox5 news morning. i wrestled with this and after months and months of hearing disrespectful and disparagingpaa comments by mr. trump, themp, tipping point was the remarks ha made aboutrk representative johe lewis and it wasn't just the insults to john lewis, the person, and the civil rights here oh, but he disrespected the office. all this last week we've hadhad these intelligence reportsinte coming out about how much the russians intentionally and maliciously tried to steer thiss election in trump's favor. that adding to the lying again and again without apology, theal huge disrespect for women. it's one thing to respect the presidency, it's another thing to try toly jet myself a manoly whose values are so differentfee present what i hold deer. both brown and buyer said theyad respect the presidency and willd attend the state of the
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address where donald trumpere presents his plans to congress. > later tonight tom fitzgerald will have more on the interviewe and what the lawmakers are saying about the president elece undermining the office of the presidency. tweet us your thoughts right now on this topic.ic. use the hashtag 5 at 6. 30 and then look for your tweet on our political show which is coming up next at 6:30. > when donald trump takes thend oat of office will he make good on those campaign promises? one of the things discussed thisis week at the gathering you have us mayor in d.c. he promised to appeal obamacare, improve the job market and take federal funding away where arean police areg instructed not to k with immigration tat us. today several mayor said theyy would fight any moves againstais undocumented residents. i recognize a good number of them were undocument and theyy are scared out of their it withs, but the fact of the matter is they're in our city we're going to under the rule ou law do
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to do through education, through outreach, through the courts too keep those children n and those families in our schools. if these immigrants, most off them people of color were white europes this h would not be a conversation. hosted thebowser event today. ' has already announced she is setting a half million dollarsal for legal aid to help protect undocumented residents if the trump administration gets toughr on immigration. a am toker apprentice contest and the made some strong allegations against the presidentthe legati elect. >> he was simply retract his thoughts and derogatory statements about me and abo acknowledge that i told thethe truth. her side of the story and why she is suing donald trump. and a controversial painting has been removed for good from the us capital.ital we'll have more on that. hi, sue. >> it looks like the measurable rain is starting to pull away.ay we play be left with some drizzle, mist but we're going tg be left w
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visibility is dropping. we're keeping an eye on that and we're watching the temperatures slowly creep up overnight. we'll tell you what you can expect for wednesday as well as this very busy week in d.c. fox5 news will be right back.
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former us homeland security secretary janet in a l poll tan owe is undergoing treatment for cancer. napolitano was add mid for side effects related to the treatment of the disease. she was diagnosed with cancer last august. the 59 year old previously was treated successfully for breast cancer. a spokesperson says she isys expected to be discharged in the next day or so. former apprentice contestant summer certify owes is now suinn donald trump for defamation. she was joined by her lawyer gloria all red as she filed a lawsuit this morning. accountable for what deer voice claims false statements he made.
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last year zeff rose you mayr recall accusedzeff trump of grom andp kissing her about a job opportunity in 2007. she took a polygraph test to backup her the lie detectivor test was administered by a very experienced and recognized pennsylvania liggographer.ania she passed the lie detector test.test the polygraph examiner concluded that she was telling the truth. gloria all red also says zeff rose would dismiss the lawsuit if trump would take back his comments and would admit his allegations against him are true.true a controversial painter that divided members of congress is now an agency that remains the capital removed painting today after they determined it brokemi thened rules of a congressional arts competition.etit the painting depicts the riots in ferguson, missouri with a pig in
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it's the work of a missouri high school student who won an art contest. a lot of members complainedplai saying it's anti police. one doctor is very special relationship with some new parents. and later a local family'sily' tearful reunion with a good samaritan who safed their son'sr life after a terrible crash. the news at 6 is coming right back.
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when it came time for one coupl to welcome their new son into the world they made sure to share the moment with a doctortr from their past. fox's jodi goldberg explains the session connection between them. >>reporter: when lisa and scott pep first met in 2012 they had no idea they were both delivered by the same doctor more than 30 years ago. the first time i met scott's parents they asked me what i did for work and when i told them they said scott was born at that hospital and i said, i was, too. and th
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prince delivered scott. and i said that's so funny he delivered me as well. she worked as a labor and delivery record with doctorh do prince at north shore university hospital when they were born. so last time when it came time for their second chimed doctor prince just happened to be on-call. the chance for delivering for two people who stay in the aim area, get married and then come and deliver at the same hospital with the same physician i think is incredibly rare. herself ' mom, dad and dylan with their theyei wanted h him to deliver i first son ryan two years ago. he couldn't, but he had a good discuss. he had his own granddaughter thats a coming in the world. doctor prince has delivered well over 5,000 babies. he admits his bonds with this little guy is extra special. to have an opportunity like this to deliver, deliver scott, lisa and then
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the loop. i've never heard, the same dr. deliver us and then for him to deliver my son, it what is incredible. lisa and scott aren't done yet. they would like to have at least one more baby, hopefully a girl, of course delivered by doctor prince. jodi goldberg, fox5 news. >> that is really amazing. can you imagine you and yourur spouse delivered by the same doctor. >> doctor prince is quite thehe kingly doctor. i love that story.y. we've warmed up a little bit. we have. we were stuck in the 40s all day. we've been waiting for this cold front to be coming through. temperatures have only now h started to get up to 50-degreesr they will probably stay steady or rice a little bit overnight. we've obviously lost the sun now. we're also noticing a little bii of you can see it a bit in this andd some of our models as well as our observatio
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that this could get a little bit thicker as we requesting through the what is not going to continue which ended up being a quarter of an inch. there are one or two showers around, we're not going to take them out of the forecast butt they will be much spottier if. up through new york state andne partsw of new england we'll hal clouds and drizzle that will linger tonight and the fog that may be around. our interpret at 5:00 jumped up to 50-degrees. so that isto our high for the d. dulles 48 and bwi45 and i wouldn't be surprised if maybe it gets even a little bit warmer.warm we're certainly tracking an unusually mild january with an above normal temperatures allert over the place. and as we look toward tomorrow, 20s likely, mid 50s, maybe upper 50s, but down to the south of d.c. i would not be surprised with enough sunshine that you're right back into the 60s tomorrow. get ready for a mild day. we're going to go 58 in the district. a noticeable
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day. fog will not last long.g. by thursday, 57-degree, anotherd mild day. two really terrific kays coming unusually mild for this time of year, especially in the run up n to the inauguration.ugur not everybody has gotten into the mild arks the trapped coldsh air that you see out here towards the martinsburg area kept them at 39-degrees, d.c. at 48. we have dropped down just a little bit. these 6:00 temperature. we were up to 50. that's going to fluctuate just e little bit. bit and i also wanted to mention that sibility has beenen dropping. it's not terrible, but it's also not terrific. three myelitis visibility in d.c. a quarter mile in winchester ans about three-quarters of a mile into gaithersburg.ther factor that into your plans ifpn you're going to be out tonight you might have to deal with a little dea bit of that. a milder wednesday is expected. we're going to have a frontalve boundary crossing later tonight. that will also help to get those clouds out of here. as high pressure builds in that will get rid of the clouds, the fog and the breez
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dryer, warmer afternoon. i wanted to show you the futurecast because again as weia go through the night, one or two showers could linger, but by and large the heavier rain done. a little mountain snow tomorroww morning, but the rest of us should see the clouds breakinghc up and most of the day with clear skies.ies. that helps us get to 58. 56 for leonardtown, 55 for the high temperature for annapolis.i how about inauguration day, ay, lot of people coming into town. maybe you have friends coming friday or maybe even saturday.ry we're going to start the daye saturday with clouds, but the warm front down to the south will be edging closer and that t means rain is in the forecast it the afternoon. it looks a little bit like today actually with lighter rain showers that will likely start right around 1:00 or so, rightht around parade time. we're going to go 42 degrees at nine in the morning mostly cloudy still dry for the swearing in the room.
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e by andl be clos scattered showers will begin shortly after the swearing inngi and take us through parade time tapering off into the evening. where is the winter cold so far, well, it's been locked up to the north. for those of you wondering ifndr it's going to get colder next weekend, a cold shot rolls into town. we will be tracking that are too you. in the meantime all of these temperatures are above averageov for this time of year. so friday for the inauguration e we're going 48 years. saturday a lot of people cominge in town for the march 55-degrees.marc it looks like a dryer day. saturday a few late day showers and maybe some significant raing on monday that could be a little bit heavier at 58 degrees.gree even tuesday, 56. getting lieu the month of january kind of easy. >> not too# i have no complaints. we'll be right back.
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now to a followup on a story wey brought you yesterday.ght there was an emotional reunion this morning as a gaithersburg family met the nurse who helped save their son's life over the weekend. 20 year old matt golf crashed into a guardrail saturday whilew trying to make a last minute exit. he lost his leg in h the crash and almost lost his life. his parents say if it had not been for this nurse who drove ud on the scene he most likely would have died. they sayhe nurse was in the right place at the right time. and his friends were like is he going to die? i was like, no, he's not going to die. i was like, stop freaking him out. >> he looked at his leg and he said my leg is gone.e. i covered his legs and saidd don't look at it. i was like if you need to holdod onto me, hold onto me. he grabbed me so t
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turns out they were just fine. his parents used facebook toook track down the nurse. even though he lost a leg he did not suffer any other seriousri injuries. an incredible story. thank goodness she was there. she is an an l.n > thank you for being the rain should be out of here r by tomorrow? >> it will probably be tapering off throughout the night.ight if we have anything else, it'ss, physician i and drizzling. a brighter day tomorrow. stay with us, 5@6:30 is next.
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place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. > three days and counting andcn according to new poll numbersoll donald trump will take the oath of office as the most unpopular president ever.pres plus more democrats protesting inauguration day and you can see the run down on the side of the screen. it's what we're talking tonightng at 6:30. as always tweet us with what is on your mind. this is the ultimate politicalli pulse the abc newses poll says that donald trump will take the office as the least popularular president in nearly three decades.cade 54 percent show trump as unfavorable, but 45 percent say he's favorable.'s of course the president elect took to twitter to


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