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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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(backgrounds parade noise). >> and we want to welcome you, and thank you for joining our coverage. this is fox5 news at 5:00. our coverage of the inauguration of donald trump continues. you're watching right now the united states marine corps staff element coming in. the bands is playing right now. we are the parade is now in full swing. right here, we are waiting for the arrival of president trump and vice president pence in the viewing stand to actually view all of the groups in the parade. >> we will transition now into fox5 news at 5:00 and continue with our inaugural parade coverage. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >>
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>> little more information here. the officers are wearing what they call their dress blue uniforms with their dress blue trousers, scarlet, hats are white, black trim, gold band. this is the home of the commandants, by the way, the longest occupied building in washington, d.c., united states marine corps by declaration of the second continental congress in 1975. excuse me. >> let's go to holly more which is more on the parade. holey? >> reporter: i can go back and forth with you all about the different elements you're seeing, good news about seeing the marines, is that officially, marks the second division of the parade. so, we've got one division done. we're on to the second. there is five total. of course, when you talk about the marines here, in washington, d.c. you talk about the marine barracks, it is extremely storied. and it is an
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honor for a marine to be stationed therefore sure. as you all well know. that exact location, i believe, picked out by thomas jefferson themselves when they were planning the city of dc. after the marines, we're going to see several different parts of the marines come through. there is going to be the color guard. there is going to be active duty, and then you're going to see, it looks like, you're going to have members of the reserve. now you have the navajo coal toppers association, so guys, when we talk about diversity, go from the rains to the navajo, by border patrol, pipes and drums, here in d.c. >> that's right. we know the pipes and drums, the us board pear troll pipes and drums marching band, here in the district. their uniforms reminiscent of the us
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uniforms of 1924. official us border -- i did not know it was official. >> did i not know that either. >> it always amazes me, i don't know it strikes you, all these military groups, their precision is so impressive. always so impressive. >> it is impressive indeed. i believe this might be the united states customs and border protection office of field operations and air marine operations. >> it is, it does look like who we've got going through now. and they are in part honoring fallen agent, the horses we are are told, are are work horses, assigned to perform in the rio grand sector of the state of texas. >> and following them the indianapolis metropolitan
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i believe. >> shout out to the indianapolis police department. welcome to the nation's capitol. yes it, looks like indeed little hard to see it from where we r but it looks like that's what they're spelling out there. >> this drill team actually performs at the parade across the country, schools, children's hospitals, nursing homes, and the like. >> standing here on the riser watching the parade. >> okay, well, we heard paul wagner there. if paul would like to chime in, we certainly can go to paul wagner. paul, you there? >> hey there, tony, yes, i'm down here at the archives. we're on the south side of pennsylvania avenue. and i can tell you that this is the biggest cheer that we've heard so far since trump went
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indianapolis, and it is quite a site. it is really fun to watch. >> paul, let me give this lilted bid, since i'm from indianapolis. the governor's mansion is actually in indianapolis. it is actually not too far away from my parent's home in indianapolis. that's probably why folks there were so excited, all of the folks that may be fans of the vice president coming in from indianna today. maybe many of those folks are from indianapolis, indianna. >> sorry, paul, go ahead. >> i was just going to chime in here a lot of fun to watch these guys come through here. i've never seen motorcycles with big red letters on them like that. so it is pretty fun to watch. >> pretty cool. >> yes, it is. >> twenty motorcycle officers overall, 12 of them spelling out indianapolis. and i should mention the travel expenses funded privately by individuals and businesses in indianapolis and around the country to get them here. >> this is not
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they've performed in seven presidenal to them. >> all right, coming up. >> other thing i would just chime in with, guys, although it is colds and damp here, the crowd has stayed for the most part here along the parade route. but one thing did i want to point out is that all of the protesters that we had seen over at the navy memorial, there were thousands of them. they all disappeared, as soon as trump and pence went by. there is nobody over there at the navy memorial right now. so these are the hard core group, the people that wanted to see the parade. and they're really enjoying it, having a lot of fun down here. >> hopefully that will mean things will be peaceful for the rest of the night. we'll keep our fingers crossed about that. >> what you are looking at now the request tree al from culver, indianna, another indianna connection no doubt here because of vice president mike pence, who is from indianna. culver
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they're wearing their uniform of blue coat, black writing helmets, black riding belts. >> they have participated in 16 inaugural parades overall, a favorite for inaugural parade watchers, particularly with the horses as they come through. and, you know, it is something that you don't see as much of as you did in years past, equestrian groups coming through, but always very popular. >> absolutely. all right, they're following with another indianna connection, columbus indianna. this is the columbus north high school marching bands from columbus, indianna. one of their well known columbus 9/11 ifs is race car driver, tony stewart, a member of the bands and was one of several major contributors to help with the fundraising to get them to be able t participate in this inaugural celebration. >> they actually come from the vice president high school alma
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the columbus north is a ten time indianna marching band state finalist and a 19 time indianna concert band state finalist. let's listen in. (music playing) (band playing) >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i imagine this has to be pretty exciting for a high school marching band to participate on such a grand stage like this, with so many people watching nationwide, and not only that, but to also be representing the high school of the vice president. >> and any parade appearance, you know, when these bands get the travel, they're always very excited. i know the m
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big thrill for people. but his is something completely unique. something that literally the whole world is watching, this peaceful transition of power is something that does not occur in a lot of places around the world, and to take part in this is something that these folks are awfully proud of. >> this is marching unit from arlington, virginia. >> we know them as the tragedies assistance program for survivors, made up of widows, mothers, father, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and battle buddies of military fallen heroes. >> it is a hon tore have them here. i'm sure an honor for them to participate today. >> apparently many of them are caring photographs of the fallen heroes that they're honoring. >> they're followed now by the regimen band and drill team from north field, vermont. the teamma
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from across the country. by the way the oldest private military college in america, also the birth place of the rotc. >> university is very proud of their drill team. it is considered a show piece of the university. and their team also perennial power house and us college and university drill competition. >> i think a favorite of many will be coming up here in just a moment. >> oh, here you go. not every day. usually the tractors. this by the way the rural track or brigade from he will elkorn
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of american made tractors commu. those are some big wheels. >> they are. they are the world's premiere youth organization. believe it or not. holly morris. holly? >> around your neighborhood all the time here? >> these are some cool tractors. >> those are big wheels, babe. >> i my question: do they drive those from nebraska or are those loaded up on a truck, i hope? >> they actually left before the reelection was decided, hole. >> i they didn't even know who would be president, but they would be a part of this parade, by god. you know, something struck me that you said, tony, when were you like you know there are a lot of big parades out there obviously, the macy day parade. rose bowl parade. always an honor to be part of those iconic events. but those events do happen every year. this parade only happens every four years. and so, you
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it all that much more special t. and, sean, i have to say, for awhile i thought i was actually in indianapolis perhaps watching the parade. there were so many groups from indianna, which is awesome, you're right, i can't imagine not only the thrill of being part of this, but then also having that personal connection. we actually, from our viewing spot here, have been near an anchor team that has been here all morning and evening from indianapolis, field anchoring all of their shows from here. and you can obviously see their sense of pride and being a part of such a great event, as well. but so far, i think that most of the people along the route here have really enjoyed the parade. it has been moving along nicely. and, you know, they're just taking it all in. >> i think they might be a little overwelmed with the tractors if i'm being honest. >> you know, they do stand out. dow want to mention, just because i like this name, there
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represent many different rural associations, among the drivers is zip i due paul. he is the president of the american farm bureau federation and their 6.1 million members. >> they're slow moving tractors. >> and did not know they came in that many colors, right? trying to think of green john deer, but i've learned something new today. >> guys, i've got little breaking news here. we are seeing report now that the senate has approved the first member of the donald trump's cabinet, retired general james mattis as secretary of defense. again, is reporting that senate approved the first member of trump cabinet, james mattis secretary of defense. >> so zombies being done on this inauguration day, as well.
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capitol hill. >> you are seeing now the university of tennessee marching band, making their way through. they're marching in their 13th presidential inaugural parade. they're known as the pride of the southland. >> and appropriately i think they're playing rocky -- >> i think that's what they're playing, at least that's what the script says. so i'm going with it. >> you know what? i think if everybody starts singing along as they go by then, then we'll know for sure. >> i'm feeling right about now, certainly not dressed for the weather, but it is what it is, right? >> at least they're moving. that's good. >> that is true, keeping it moving out there. and they're doing a great job. i know my hands are cold with no gloves on. so for them to be able to twirl and catch and keep their fingers moving, oh, that's a lot. little cold out here. >> by the way as we joke about rocky top, i did just read that it was recently named the pop
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>> oh,. >> who knew? >> there go. >> i certainly did not know that. >> for those of how are just joining us or who have been with us all afternoon, but aren't quite sure what's going on here, we, tony and i, are right in front of what the sez stands, see the field right there, right behind us where shortly we are awaiting president trump, vice president mike pence, and both of their families, they'll come and they'll sit here and they'll review all of the different marching bands and the act and the parade as they come by. >> one thing that's changed during the last couple of moments, everybody is on their feet standing, so any moment now the expect the president to come through, the first family, vice president mike penned, and his family, as well. we have some military honor guard folks standing right at the door there, as well. so, momentarily we should see them make their way down to the front of the reviewing stand. >> absolutely. and just to gave you a idea for what's going on in there, they have blankets, they put out blankets with the official presidential seal on all of
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stay warm and comfy when e are. i would guess they might give some heat to the president, wouldn't you? >> i would think so. hey, holly, let me know, is this still tennessee we're seeing? we turned away. >> yes. no, no, no, you know, a lot of volunteers there, right? the tennessee volunteer marching band, obviously, and looks like -- >> hey, holly, let us just jump in for a second. looking at video of the first family as they're walking from the white house. they'll come out into the viewing stand. you can certainly see ivanka trump right there, her husband, jared kushner. you can see eric trump. you can see donald trump. you can see tiffany trump. you can see barron trump there. they are all right now, the doors are open in the presidential viewing stand from our stand point. so we are waiting right now for the president to officially walk in, which technically signals, you know, us guys have been watching for long time it, signals the official start of the parade, once the presi
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the box. >> literally, literally, you can't see the wide shot, but they are walking a path has been set there, blue carpet where they are walking from the white house, into the reviewing stand, and we can see them now, as they make their way in. >> all right. >> first family. as they make their way into the reviewing stand. >> there is trump with his wife, barron trump, followed by tiffany trump. here comes ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner. you can see them walking in. they are being greeted by some members of congress, also, members of or hopeful members of president trump's cabinet. >> this is the fun part of the day. after they've -- here comes the vice president and his wife, karen. >> this is the first fun part of the
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second fun are all of the inaugura but you've done -- you've taken the oats of offers. you've find some paperwork inside the capitol. and now you have come and you get to watch a parade in your honor. and then make your way to the inaugural ball later tonight. >> there you see vice president mike pence and his wife karen pence making their way inside. and i would assume that once they are all in, we will then see the president himself and first lady melania trump making their way into the viewing stand, last but not least. >> just want to let holly and paul know, we will come back to you shortly, we just want to see these pictures of the trump and pence families as they make their way into the reviewing stand. lots of waves here. everybody in the stands, the spectators here standing, hoping to see a glimpse, because a lot of
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are standing at the very top of the stand, the bleachers if you will, hoping to see the president as he walks from the white house to the reviewing stand. once he walks into the reviewing stand, they won't have a very clearview of him. >> right. and the doors are opening. and they will announce vice president mike pence. can you hear the music playing from our vantage point? >> (music playing). >> vice president mike pence and his wife karen pence walking in right now. everyone is standing up, welcoming them.
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>> as the pence's make their way to the front of the reviewing stand, here is president donald trump and the first lady melania, making their way from the white house, as they head to the reviewing stand. >> i will tell you what's fascinating, as we are watching the first couple now, watch them walk into the reviewing stand, as a mom, my eye is drawn to the young children who are already seated there. i am looking at their son, baron. he was peaking out of the window a minute ago, looking at the drummers. i'm looking at what are donald trump, their grandchildren. this is a long day for little kids. they're just taking in all of the excitement. barron trump right now looking out, trying to see what's going on. >> president trump giving a thumbs to up someone who shouted out a question at him. thanking folks, someone asked how it feels to be president of the united state. he gave a
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behind us now. they a so chant usa, usa. they can actually see donald trump as he is making his way down this pathway into the viewing stand. >> well, he will, as they do, as they did with vice president, he will hold there at the door for a moment and then the announcement as he makes his way. vice president and his family waiting, first family waiving. a lot of protocol. you know, you learn on day one, a lot of protocol. >> a lot of things that they're going to have to go through. (music
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the 45th president of the united state, donald j trump. and the first lady of the united states, melania trump. (music playing). >> hail to the chief. will get used to that. >> donald trump coming down to the front row. donald and melania trump, they will sit inbetween baron, and evan a trump, and her husband, and to the right of your screen there, vice president mike
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in the front row. >> i don't know. >> and it will officially begin. >> i don't know if you can hear, but very loud cheers from those here in the reviewing or in the bleachers. very loud cheers for the new president. >> donald trump is waiving to the crowd, waving to the glass. directly across from him, we are in what we have said earlier the best seat in the house, directly across from him. but there are people who are sitting in the stands, in bleachers directly across from him. and he was waiving at them short time ago. giving them the thumbs-up. baron is now waving at them. every someone sort of moving into place. and even though we've been showing you many of the groups that are marching in this parade, the crowd, they'll be marching right down here in front of this viewing stand. the president will get to review
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>> the parade itself continues. it is going on. there is a nice wave there. >> the crowd is now chanting baron, baron. >> are they chanting baron? >> they're chanting baron, yes. that was a chant for baron. >> time to enjoy this long awaited inaugural parade. now to tell you more about our units, our dod announcer corporal alex smith. >> the united states army unit today's parade is the army staff. the army staff is comprised of oscars from the active and reserve component. national guard, united state military academy, at west point. fog them closely w
5:25 pm
united states army field band from our nation's capitol, united states army steel band known as the musical ambassadors of the army. the band was found in the 1946 with a mission to take the story of the army and its soldiers to the grass root of america. >> hearing the official -- more than 1 million people, they are the military's most traveled band. (music playing). >> i am keeping my eye right now on the reviewing stand and i am watching barron trump. his eyes lit up. he's tapping on his father's arm, dad, lockdown
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they come. he was moving his arms like he was marching with them. so it is truly, through the eyes after child. >> so, you know, parades, i don't know if anyone ends joyce a parade more than a child does. i remember the first few times i ever saw a parade. i remember seeing the thanksgiving parade in new york. and it is just bewildering, amazing to see. >> well -- >> certainly the pom and circumstance of this one, got to leave him floored. >> and to be watching the parade as the son of the president is even more exciting. so commander in chief right now is saluting as first group passes by. you can see right now from where you are, there you see. now this is where i will tell you, the members of the military are told not to look over at
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(music playing). >> (music playing). (music playing)
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(music playing). >> and the next group every fine young men and women of the united states army reserve, third transportation brigade, expedicious area command marching in today's parade represent the 205,000 soldiers who currently serve in the army reserve. upon hearing their nation's goal, these warrier citizens have served in overseas con ten jen is he operations in afghanistan, iraq, and throughout the globe. let's hear it for our united states army unit. (cheers). >> there is a look at the
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president. >> approaching the review stand, the nypd emerald society pipes and drums. they have performed internationally in ireland, canada, australia, germany and switzer lands. they've had the discontinuing honor to perform at the 75th commemoration, the attack on pearl harbor, hawaii. ladies and gentlemen, the nypd emerald society, pipes and drums. >> the city of new york police department coming through right now. certainly this is where donald trump calls home. it is actually where his wife melania and son baron will return to because baron will finish out his school year in new york before moving to the white house. (music playing)
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(music playing)
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(music playing). >> the first volunteer firefighters pipe band in the united states. organized since 1985. (music playing). >> firefighters also from new york. (music playing)
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to have representing the project marching in the parade today. wounded warrier project is to honor our wounded warriors, wounding warriors and their families. (music playing). >> and right here in washington, d.c., disable american veterans instrumental in the creation of the american veterans disable for life memorial. they've been serving disable veterans for nearly a century, helping 1 million veterans and their families each year. let's hear it for the dav. >> this is the dav, supporting victories for veterans, as they walk by the review stand right now. guys are out and about, all about the city, whether along
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else, we encourage to you share your pictures and your videos with us. use the hashtag fox5, sends it to us on twitter, post it on facebook, where ever you have. sometimes you help us see things where we aren't. we want to see your stories, we want to see your pictures, we want to see your videos, again, use the hashtag fox5. 5. >> certainly we've been seeing number of different groups from new york, which of course is where donald trump is from. where he is home, at the trump tower. he was raised in new york, military academy going by right now. donald trump is saluting everyone, as they walk by. up next, the maris marching york theme
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ (music playing). >> all right, right now in front of the presidential reviewing stand, we have been seeing the new york military academy come through. and they're being qualified the maris college band from new york. >> ♪ ♪ >> this is the maris college band and spirit team. the conductor and founder of this band is art kimmelburying is her his name, recipient of the us army legion of merit medal. >> ♪ ♪ (music playing) ♪ ♪ >> you can see right there, the first family standing,
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watching, as each one of these go by. right now you are looking at the boone county 4-h equestrian drill team from arlington, kentucky. >> maids up of young people, well, young people, a wide range of people, from nine to 61 years old. now, we see the west monroe high school marching band, from louisianna. >> ♪ ♪ >> that's quite a large bands for a high school marching band. my goodness, a lot of, a lot of students out there.
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. >> inside the reviewing stand the first family, clapping as the bands goes by. this is a very large band, i will tell you. (music playing). >> all right, next up, we have the texas state university strutters, we saw them earlier on pennsylvania avenue, absolutely fantastic. >> to perform in the people's republic of china. and these strut verse also represented texas state university and the city of san
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marcos. >> giving them one right back. >> you see, tiffany trump, taking in the ceremony. >> all right, coming up next, taladayga great tornado band. >> from alabama. >> now, of course, this is the bands that we heard so much about leading up to this inaugural parade. after they were invited, there was a lot of back and forth, because they're from historically black college. many alumni who said they would not support them, go they decided to participate in this
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there were positions to boycott the parade there. were petitions to support the parade. ultimately, the school and the band director decided they wanted to be here. they started a large fundraising campaign, to be able to bring their band here. and they're here marching today, in this inaugural parade. >> well, we are the beneficiaries of it, because they are absolutely fabulous, and, in fact, they've been rated in the top five of historically black college and university bands. they've received many awards, let's list never for a couple of moments. >> ♪ ♪ (music playing) ♪ ♪ >> watch a lot of the historical band, these guys are no exception. >> ♪ ♪
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>> saw it a short time ago. >> (music playing). >> (music playing). >> arousing reception. you see the president clapping along. >> one more time, for the talladega band. >> i think you're right, tony. we are the
5:40 pm
the band. >> yes. >> they're outstanding. >> yes. >> (music playing). >> this has got to be one of the biggest bands in the parade. a lot of members of this group walking through. >> section one, bow scouts of america -- >> all right. finishing out division one, and you're going to see this throughout the
5:41 pm
scouts of america, th the natioa boy scouts of america from bethesda, they're caring state flags, from delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey, georgia, connecticut, and elsewhere. and you're going to see boy scout divisions wrapping up four of the five divisions of the parade. >> announcer corporal alex smith. >> coming up next the united states marine corps staff element. united states marine corps was created by declaration of the second continental congress. >> second division of this parade. and to start you'll see members of the united states marine corps. you'll see the staff element, the marine band, the marine corps color guard, and the marine corps reserve.
5:42 pm
>> established in 1798. marinend made its inaugural debut in 1801. >> we mentioned earlier first stop is the president's own, is the name of the marine band, they're performing in their 54th inaugural appearance. they were established in 1798. they made their inaugural debut in 1801, president thomas jefferson. >> (music playing). >> their commanding in chief, and he's saluted them right back.
5:43 pm
(music playing). >> each time they play for every inauguration, they're such a pleasure to hear. >> in fact, members of this band performed at the white house more than 300 times a year, and at 500 performances annually nationwide. >> the marines ... >> up next here, the navajo association, hailing fro arizona, they represent the navajo tow truck ers, world war ii veterans. >> all right. >> the navajo coat tuckers are up next. you can see them, as they're coming in right now. you just heard a little bit about that. they come from arizona, and they represent the navajo pro
5:44 pm
representing the brave service members who serve vital roll in achieving victory during world war ii. >> we are proud to welcome the us board pear troll. >> of course great with native americans taking part in this great inaugural tradition. the small group, but they're very, very proud, very excited to be here. the director is hope mcdonald. >> they're followed now by the united states boards err patrol. the pipes and drums were right here at washington, d.c. the us board pear troll pipes and drums, honoring falling nations, the horses are work horses, assigned to work in the rio grand, valley sector of the state of texas. (music playing)
5:45 pm
>> this group also received arousing welcome from those attending this parade just a short time ago. again, any group that is representative of some of the themes of president trump's campaign, board pear troll, increasing our presence on the border, veterans, as you'll see throughout the parade, receiving extra special cheers from the crowd. >> now talking about the united states custom and border protection honor guard. comprised of members of the field operations and air and marine operations honor guard. >> all right, i must say now, i just saw a big smile common vice president mike pence's face, and it might have a little something to do with
5:46 pm
this is the united states customsd on. wait just a second. this is the indianapolis police department motorcycle drill team. as we saw them earlier, they're quite creative on those motorcycles. they, as you can see, they've spelled out the name of the capitol of indianna, indianapolis, mike pence the former governor of indianna. the governor's mansion in indianapolis, indianna. so this has a little special place in the heart of vice president mike pence. >> you saw there, he gave them a very big smile. obviously very please today see them here. they're actually, they're riding motorcycles that they actually use every day in their work, in their service. >> i was trying to get a picture there, but i missed it, for those of how don't know, this is my indianapolis. so i have to give them a little love, too, little shout out to the folks from my hometown o
5:47 pm
indianna. >> i did mention earlier that the travels and the expenses for this group funded privately by individuals and businesses in indianapolis, and indeed from around the country. >> now it is time to welcome the academy group and equestrians from culver, indianna. >> you saw these guys, a little bit earlier tonight. this is the culver academy. it is equestrian group, from culver, indianna, also from indianna. >> they've actually participate in the 16 different inaugural parades. and look at the reviewing stand. vice president elect mike pence, not elect, excuse me, vice president mike penned, has a big smile on his face. as he is welcoming and saluting these groups from indianna. you can see the big smiles on their faces, too. they're looking into the reviewing
5:48 pm
mike pence just gave them the two thumbs-up. got a big wave from the president, donald trump, as well. you can see the smiles on their face, as each of them look to the left, to say hello. >> and i'm getting the sense that some in the crowd are also from indianna. because every time these indianna groups go by, a very loud cheer. so perhaps -- >> the indianna people are just entheusiastic. >> there you go. (laughing). >> four thumbs-up from vice president mike pence. >> awe. >> (music playing). >> i'm sure hopeful, i'm sure you heard the announcer there, they said this one, mr. vice president is for you, the columbus north high school marching band from columbus, indianna. that is the vice president as
5:49 pm
>> so you can certainly understanded the entheusiasm from him, and his wife, karen, as they welcome the sound of north band, from indianna. what a special moment this has to be for the vice president, to see his alma matter, the band from his old high school participating in the parade, as he's now the vice president of the united states. >> get this, not just here because they're from indianna. they're from this high school. they're fantastic band. they have ten time indianna marching band state finalist, and a 19-time indianna concert band state finals. absolutely fantastic. (music playing)
5:50 pm
>> race car driver tony stewart actually a member of this bands at one point. >> those of how don't know, we are talking about indy cars, of course, the big thing in indianna, the indianapolis 500. playing america the beautiful. (music playing). >> from arlington, virginia. mother, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunt, daughters, battle buddies of military fallen heroes. >> we're now seeing representatives from taps, a group near and dear to many of our hearts, the tragedy assistance program for survivors. >> this bands is an unite every widows, mothers, fathers, brother
5:51 pm
sons, daughters, aiends are caring photographs of fallen heroes that they're honoring today. photographs there in their hands. many of them waiving at the president and the vice president, as they walk by the reviewing stand. >> caring for the families of america's fallen heroes. they do that well. >> up next, the drill team from vermont. >> the talented drill team, considered a show piece of the university. the team is what they call a perennial powerhouse. and the us
5:52 pm
university drill competition, and certainly they're showing off their skills and their talents today. (music playing). >> ♪ ♪ >> the hard lands of america is represented in this year's inaugural parade. by a combination -- >> oh, as we saw these guys earlier today, certainly, they -- certainly can understand that. tractor brigade from nebraska. rolling through with their big wheels. >> i love these guys. >> look at all of the beautiful colors. red, green, orange, usually, oh, wait, and the tractors wheels are shining, too. >> i told you,
5:53 pm
everybody's all cleaned up and stepped up for today. >> look at barron trump's face right now. >> look at that. >> amazement. he grins so big just a second time ago. always a big hit with the kids. and the grown up kids, as well. >> these folks are caring the banner for the rural trang tore brigade members of the national future farmers of america, the world's premiere youth organization, very popular here. >> by the way america's farmers and ranchers crib nearly $180 billion to the u.s. economy each year. >> talk about the nation's heartland, and that is what these folks represent. and, you know, donald trump made a big deal, in fact, part of his inaugural address today about people who feel like they weren't being heard, that washington has forgotten about. and to a great extent, these
5:54 pm
talking about, rural america, what some people rather dismissly call the fly-over state. you know, when you're going from the east coast to the west coast. that's what these folks represent. >> well, they are well represented here today. and certainly a big hit, especially with barron trump. >> i've never seen tractors in this many colors. >> there we go. the university of tennessee marching band. >> they call themselves the pride of the southland. they're from knoxville, tennessee. they wear as they march in their 13th presidential inaugural parade. >> quite a feat for them. >> than is a large group, if were you with us earlier, when we saw them elsewhere on the
5:55 pm
here, let's listen to some of them. (music playing) (music playing) (music playing). >> to see these folks come through, and they look over at donald trump, and mike pence, you know a lot of the band directors, just performance, don'
5:56 pm
seen on tv in an't h turn around and look. i mean, not only that, they have learned so much about the first family, as well. so they're trying to get a glimpse at ivanka trump, melania trump, anbar on trump. >> yes, yes.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
it was marine personnel and for the first one, army personnel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:59 pm
they sound absolutely fantastic. participated in many, many, inaugural parades, of course. absolutely wonderful. following the band, representatives from the united states naval academy. yes. you're seeing here many talented young man and women from each company within the brigade of mid ship men since 1845, the united states naval academy served as the undergraduate college of the navy and marine corp and prepares mid ship men morally mentally and physically >> marching unit has 91 members representing the companies in the brigade. spring of 16 is representing the shipment and the marching
6:00 pm
is led by midshipman first class george sigalo. >> members of the united states navy color guard as we make their way past the stand. >> you heard it the sheriff's department from california. >> 2400 miles to washington, dc for this parade. first organized in 1948. won significant awards and appearances over the many years. >> if their uniforms was a little different to you, that's because they are, they're vintage western style with


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