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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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plus protests against president trump's executive order continue. the response tonight from the president and his top
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a newly open buyy restaurant now th re scene of a triple homicide after three employees were shote inside after a week after its grand opening. the details of the investigatioe as fox5 local news starts right now. thank you for joining using tonight, i'm lauren demarco i'm jim lokay. off the top we're talking aboutt the potential of snow during the morning commute.mmut you know it doesn't take a whole lot to slow down everything on the road. there's going to be a few delays for the kid owes. i know the whether they're going to be closures, if there are, it will be south of us. it's going to be a little bit hectic in the morning commute. i think most of the snow getsts through here overnight and getse out of here by 6, 7:00 tomorrowr morning. by sunrise most the snow is too the east us.. it's not a big snow, but i don't want to completely marginalizeal this simply because if it
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commute obviously we could havee problems. one little l waive of snow has passed by. that's not the main event. hopefully didn't wash away too much of the pretreatment. we did have some flakes reported in the area, nothing sticking. temperature is just too warm. this is the current snap shovele one area of snow is moving away a. look back over here to the west, right along i81. this is the beginning of i guess what you would call the main event for lack of a better term there. mostly a light snow event for us. we're talking mainly an inch or two at best and that should beod south of d.c. it will be gone by sunrise. most the accumulation does look like it's goinulg toat be on the grass, the roof tops. if we get some snow burst over top tonight, that's why we would anticipate have some problems on the road. expect a few delays out there. coming
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i'll show you what we're thinking in terms of the snow totals. how much we're going to get outget of this much it's the not going to be much, but i think we'll have it narrowed down. > one of the big story that we're following tonight andt across the country, the protest in response to president trump'' executive order on immigration.a for the second straight dayy people gathered at dulleslles airport and outside the white house and in multiple cities across the country. the administration says it tookk action to prevent immigration across the area. anjali hemphill is live at dulles. >>reporter: good evening, for the second night inood a row, protestor are making theirr presence knownare here in the international baggage claim area on the bottom of dulleslles international airport apparently a much smaller group than there was earlier today, but some steadfast folks here or about a dozen or so making sure that everyone comes out of cu
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erupting every time a passenger walks by, things like welcomeome home. there have been dozens of people here with signs, chanting and cheering and everything has remained very pieceful evenen though there have been protestors here since yesterday evening. also here at the airport are hundreds of immigration attorneys to offer legal advisel to any families affected byecte trump's executive order. we also caught up with a family who says they've used in the us for 18 they're originally from sudan and they were supposed to pick up their family member yesterday who was coming to see her son who is a n a diabetic coma at howard hospital but they say she was not even allow to board thed plain to get to the unitede states. take a listen. >> she is a permanent resident in h queue tar, but she is a sudan ease national. she was granted visa to come and see her son. yesterday she
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her son and she was denied boring. this is her only involvement god knows when she willly i be able to see him just we're here to show everybody what is going objection to the form even mr. president i don'tn to think he'll be deanybody to see their only son in this situation. unfortunately there's a lot of stuff we even as attorneys don't what's happening but that's unfortunately.ely. really what we need to know if people are being decontainedcont here we need to be able to haveo access to them and be able to help. that's not what's happening here. that's what is our concern. that immigration attorney isy holding up signs asking passengers if they witnessed anyone on their flights retained or treated unfairly. cause toms and border patrol has refused to engage with them.. there have been several local polici
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here also demanding to speak to any detainees. they've also had no questionssto answered by cpe. at this time there it is unclear if there are any detainee at dulles. as you can see the protest continues. that's the latest at dullesle international airport, anjali hemphill fox5 local news news. > this is the seen outside the white house protestors carrieing sign and chanting this is whatat democracy looks likement demonstrator called on president trump to immediately lift the executive order. thousands of people marched in local manhattan. just last night a federal judge in brooklyn imposed a temporaryo stay if they have valid > in boston thousands of people pro tested. the demonstration attracted aace number of politicians includingi senators ed markly and elizabeth warren as well as
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meantime members of the trump admission made the rounds on the sunday talk shows to defense the executive order.exec we're going to protect our country and our people. there are 46 other countriestrie with muslim populations that art not part of this. i would suspect as long as they're not awful people that they will move through before another half a day today andday perhaps some of these people should be decontained further and if they are folks that shouldn't be in this country they're going to be decontained. the president insists the ordere itself is not a ban on muslims. this is not about religion.igio this is about keeping our country we will again be issuing visas to all countries once we're assured we've implemented the most. the department of homelandrtme security speaking out
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it is and will continue to enforce the president's executive order hew manually with professional.ssio it is doing so in compliance with judicial breaking news right out of canada. several people are dead at a ad shooting a at mosque there. no word on exactly how am people were killed yet. people were gathered inside the mosque for evening prayers whens the shooting happened.ned. witnesses reported seeing multiple gunmen. two suspects have been arrested. we will bring you more information on this as we get it. now to prince george's county, wee ge are learning knew details about a triple murder at a restaurant in butty. it happened early this morning. it appears to be a case of workplace violence in the alleged gunman is alive and in custody after he shot himself. fox5's marina maracco is life in but i with more. marina.mari the blue sunday bar and grill just opened only a week ago.
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happened just here. it is closed tonight. employees coming to this restaurant here in buyy paying their respects as they learn three of their colleagues werela shot dead inside. investigators saying the triple homicide is a result of workplace violence. investigators quickly naming.the suspect. he was an aspiring mold andng m actor. investigators saying that.shot himself twice in a wooded area of silver a woman we spoke with says she was scheduled to work last night and would have been here when the shooting happened. i was supposed to come in thisis morning to work and i got a text message saying that they wereey gone and he i just couldn't ju believe it.eve i called them and i called and nobody would answer the phone. and then i saw the news. i can't believe this
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happening. do you know car lease at all. >> we bartended together. i can't believe he would do something like this. he was a friend. that em lee says the tripleiple shooting happened after the restaurant closed its doors to the public. police expected to identify ally three victims tomorrow. live tonight in buy yes, marina maracco, b fox5 local news.s. > straight ahead on news at 10. the president is preparing to his make his h selection on theh supreme court sel nominee. plus, where confirmation stands for remaining members of the president's cabinet.
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> closely monitoring c developments in a federal courtt house in prince george's county. former elementary volunteer deonte carraway is scheduled tol appear at a hearing. carraway is expected to pleadad
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case. he's accused of making several children to perform acts. they were performed at glenn arden, at a private home and at a church.h. right now president trump expected to name his choice toce fill the vacant seat on the supreme court and the announcement could come as early as tomorrow or tuesday. fox's lauren planrd as more onto the president might pick. >>reporter: the potential listp ofo nominees may be down to two names. if anything the administration has shown us over the campaign and the first week in office is that we can't be totally sure who president trump will choose until he announces on thursday. but here's who we're watching junks kneel correspond such and thomas hardin. president trump told fox that he would want senator mitchell mcconnell to use the nuclear option and change the
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allow for a simple majority vote and the senate if democrats tryt to stall his pick.s we're going to treat this nominee fairly but we need to know who he or she is, what they stand for and that they're in the mainstream when it comes to political thought. just into a week of protestor administration only three of his members have been sworn in. we've been urging the democrats to not be obstructionist to do t what's best in the interests oft this country which is to confirm that the people who are needed to run this government and make sure we're moving forwardovi together as a united nation totn make this country better and stronger. a busy day is expected tuesday, senate committees expected to vote on at least five cabinet members. that's what recommend tiller son the secretary of state nomineess waiting for, his full senatee vote is expected this week
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he narrowly cleared the senateae foreign relations committee last week. in wash attorneys lauren plant hard, fox news.. > let's take it outside. i don't know if you were outside at all. we went from spring-like temperatures earlier in the week to gathering up for a little snow right now i think it madede me sick. they always say it's not the weather, but i'm telling you -- >> when it changes? > i think it's as good as anything to blame it on,. but if you want to blame it on the weather. broad shoulders.lder this is not going to be a big snow event, but we're going to get one, maybe two inches in some places before it's all said and done. this is the winter weatherher advisory went into effect at 10:00.10:0 it's d.c. basically south andth down to the southwest. parts of the montgomery county, loudon, frederick you're
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howard, you're not. all those counties are always ia winter weather advisories, you're excluded from this one. this is kind of a d.c. south event. i think d.c. is right on thee line here of actually getting maybe one inch of snow beforeor it's all said and done and that would probably be more likely on grassy areas, roof attorneys caa tops, places leak that.e i hope it's notak going to be a problem on the roads this morning, even though you want to be here i of that because it may indeed be the case early tomorrow morning.ning here's what we're thinking. this hasn't changed a lot since 6:00. i tweaked it a little bit.. basically d.c. you're kind of in that one inch zone there,h northern z suburbs, just a coating. maybe up to one inch in some spots and that really is just initially north of d.c. it looks like maryland counties may be a coating outmary there. may be a couple of delays. across from the eastern shore, you see the
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and up towards jersey, that's two to three. all indications are it looks like that will be the heavier zone for a first snow. of course two to three is not really heavy, but thatut definitely looks like where most of it is going to be. d.c. we're right on the line.e. i think maybe an inch for d.c.. at best. it won't surprise me if a lot of our northern and northwesternrtw suburbs wake up tomorrow morning with maybe a few flurries analyte dusting around. we're going to be right at rig freezing and i can see where d.c. only gets down to about p 33, 34 and the warmer it stays the better it will be forr tomorrow morning's commute. all eyes on that a. more on your workweek weather, a all that good stuff. it is almost february p, by thee way. > i was going to say. we'll get through this together. > i'll come over in just
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> st still to come at 10, protests continue over president trump's executive order on immigration. we're taking a deeper look at lo both sides of the issue when fox5 news returns at 10 after this. this.
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welcome back. a movie for doing lovers and lauren's favorite, a new installment in the evil resident franchise. i was waiting for that one. of course our own kevinour mccarthy, he's seen them all.l. here he is with his reviews. hey, everybodies it's kevin mccarthy and here is this week's movie releases, including a dog's purpose as well as rede
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of the sixth movie. first up is a diagnose's purpose. the idea behind the film, it's a k9 spirit that continues livingi different life times in different doing's bodies. the only problem with that yout have to deal with the death off the dog four times in the film. that to me is a little bit of hard. i love dogs beyond belief. my wife and i have a dog that we rescued. to me it was very tough to watch the scenes. the connection between human beings and animals is really portrayed here. what i loved about it, the line. they fall in love at a young age. later on in the film the dog comes to the characters and somehow connects them back atbak their older age. it's a beautiful idea. i love thats a effective it. dennis wade is great in thee is movie. the middle story lines where yoe have to deal with the death of
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i couldn't get through some of that. as you get to the end, you do reach the powerful message evere the movie. for me it's harder to watch animals get hurt on screen thann it is to watch humans on screenn when you you see a dog get get hurt, it seems different because they are sort of defenseless. i love the beginning, loved the end, the middlesexsss i really didn't care with. three and a half of if you're a dog person p, go se, it, but if you're a dog person e know there are some unsettling scenes. this film has been around since 2002. i enjoy these movies. they're a dumb action movie. the action scenes are amazing and that's what you you go for. paul ws anderson
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the movie brings back the famous laser hallway from the first movie. that's the kind of idea thethe movie is. this is a return to the hive in ran queen city and the character is trying to do the final ballet. it's over the top. the dialogue is cheesy.chee that's the problem. the plot doesn't feel much ditch the other ones that you've seen. if you're a fan the franchise in do recommend seeing it. i had fun it with. i don't think it's anything new. for me i had fun seeing it.eein i'm going to see it in 3d eye max this weekend and i'll tweett out whether that extra $6 is worth it. great action. review ares forres this week. tweet me your reviews at kevin mccarthy tv, i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news much. up next we are talking snow.
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everyone is so over it, i know. gary is back with what you needu to know for the monday morning rush. plus the seven day forecast. .
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this is fox5 local news a at 10. well, fortunately lauren already used the local newses clear sayw >> say it isn't snow. > gary, it's coming, isn't it. >> it is. again, i don't want anybody ton think it's a big deal. i just think the problem is any time around the morningor
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ones, there's mow doubt aboutbot that. we just want to prepare everybody. it looks like this is all gone by the morning commute. it will be just what's left over that will be the problem. the winter weather advisory iss in place. now starting at 10, it looksooks like when we look at this in just a second. today's temperatures were backar up into the 40s. some ofe this winter weather thi advisory has been expanded not north, but it's actually farther back to the south and to the west. this will go pretty much all night long.. technically it's going to go until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and most of the snow by 7:00 a.m. it looks like it's over on the eastern shore headee off towards the atlantic. all of this is expanded out towards the southwest.outh that's going to be a little bitt of a new thing.hin the band of snow will set up south -- primarily south of d.c. from west to east from say 81ay8 right in between 66 and 64. i just
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stop forecast, a few flurrieslur left over, cold, 24 to 34. to there will be some delays. i think most of the delays willa be d.c. to the south.uth. probably no delay for d.c.d.c. we'll wait and see.see. after school 35 to 40-degrees. we may have a few flurries froml time to time or a couple of snow showers. it will be breezy with these nice strong westerly winds coming in behind the system. we've had one little waive movee through. no accumulation. a little bit of rain, too. it came through when we were still fairly warm. here's what's most of going toto come through overnight tonight. it doesn't look too organized. it looks like it picks up more organization really as it crosses over i95 tomorrow. so i think there will be a little bull's eye over on the eastern shore. 39, i do believe theieve temperatures in and around the d.c. metro ar
10:32 pm
get down to 32. it looks like we'll make it, but it will be a struggle to get down once the snow starts fallingfall that should cool off the air just a little bit.ju frederick, 34 most the acommunities along i8 # already down to freezing. t we'roe going to take it down ton about 30, 31 the city. tomorrow with the clouds and limited sunshine i think the temperatures will only warm upa mid to upper 30s. storm tractor radar, we're tryty now, but we're already beginninn to see some of the snow approaching 1 back out to the west of us. u a little bit of light snow coming accost here and thenthen overnight tonight, this is 1:00 a.m. you notice how the snow blossoms. most the snow is d.c. down to.c. the involvement 2:00 a.m. we'rem starting to see the badge edge. by 3:00 a.m. the back edge starts coming over i956789 it
10:33 pm
this is kind of moving alonglong pretty good. by 4:00 a.m. it's clearing off towards the bay. by 5 or 6:00 in the morning most of this should be over on the eastern eastern. we get a little bit more enhancement as it does show. by 7:00 a.m. the commute is in full throttle l here at 7:00 a.m. and at least the snowh is out of here.e. what's left over in its wake i will still be in place. i don't think it's going to be a huge problem, certainly for thee northwestern suburbs.nort we couldhw have a couple of snow showers moving through from timm to time. no big deal.eal. we're not expecting any extra accumulation. continues show most snow d.c.. south. tomorrow cloud, a few flurries, no more than that. chilly at noontime, 36 and and a couple of flurries through theet day as well. here's the snow cast in terms of what we're thinking we're goingo to get.. maybe one on grassy areas, cars, roof tops, places like that. it could be a tt
10:34 pm
roads, too. an isolated would not surpriseps me in southern suburbs. easily nothing to a coating or r couple of spots may get onene inch, but that one inch isnch probably going to be closer dowo towards d.c. northern prince george's countyc overe towards northern fauquiei parts of fairfax and loudon,loud too. i could see how the northern suburbs don't get anything out t of this.of t it looks like it's going to be a southern storm moving through.ho 38 with the clouds and the windn coming from thde northwest. some clouds on tuesday and maybe even a few flurries on tuesday morning. the high on test gets up to 50. wednesday, 50.we a couple of days towards the end of the week we'll actually be o the 30s and there's something oe the extended charts that show maybe we have a little l storm a system to keep on for next weekend. as we gets toward the middle l part of the week i'll have more on that. > that sounds good, gary. let's
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trump's executive order that bans countries that have ties to terrorism from entering the united states. sta democrats and some republicans have criticized the move. we have the latest from fox's car garrett kenny. the white house is adamant thata this order is not a ban on muslims, but a lot of republicans are still uncomfortable with the objectsb of this directive since the seven countries targeted all have majority muslim populationa this morning on abc's this week mitchell mack a only said he a o fully supports procuring our borders but cautioned we need te be careful in how we do it. we need to bear in mind. we also need to remember that some of our best alleys in the war against islamic terrorismrrr are must i am. at a press conference today with the pam list of immigrants, senate minority leader chuck surer criticized the president's executive order and he's
10:36 pm
toes get it over turn. this executive order was mean spirited on americans and i as your senator from new york will claw, scrap with every fiber ofr my being until these orders are over turned. already federal judges in fouror states, new york, washington,hig virginia and massachusetts have issued orders temporarilypora blocking us border agents from deporting a number of peopleple from the seven countries who hao already arrived in the us when the president's executive order' wass signed. the aclu estimates around 200 people will be affected by the ruling. human rights groups have filed lawsuits challenging the ban and several others have announced plan to did the same. still t
10:37 pm
it will continue to enforceorce awful the president's executive orders. in washington, i'm caret den i, fox president trump's executive order is being applauded by somy and opposed by others. ot we have to protect americans and that's what this president isis clearing stating. everybody needs to stop andop think for one second. what's going on in europe right now? can anybody one country where the reef gentlemen crisis has not significantly impacting those countries in a negative way? i can't think of one where it impacted them in a positive way.wa that's a big part of why brex ix happened in britain they were feeling overwhelmed and they didn't feel protected by their own borders and a they said enough. we're executing the eu. it's a terrible decision thattht seems to be motivated more by hatred and animus towards our
10:38 pm
and sisters than it is based on any kind of national security reason. all right.l ri switching gears and coming up on fox5 the highlight of the night, the top five place of the week. so good, this inbound three i didn't make it.nbit. yes, it is a good part of the week. the close five, top five next in sports. sports.
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every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough. > if you didn't watch last night you missed the pinchch hitting performance of a lauren wasn't here. and this guy was sitting in that chair. and there was a reason theyea urged you to get back as soon a you could. >> i had something to say and you guys were having way too much fun without me last night. i'm glad to be
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hilarious. i was like is lauren like this. that's coming up in a little bit. i honestly don't know if d.c. can handle this much serious ritz ' a fan base that loves to complain and too many n positivity going on this early in the year. the caps are in first place. the wizards are 23 and 12 sincec their he wouldful 2 and ate start. john wall says the goal this year, eastern conference final. and there is john wall named to the all star team this week playing the pen begins at the smoothie center.r. at the clock, hits it. the wizards lead by 17 at the half. the pelicans would battle back. great ball movement up three six
10:43 pm
minutes left.ef wall marque force, hits the tray, morris had 21 and ate rebounds. next time down the court, wallll brings it to bradley beal. wall, a career 9 aises, the wizards win # 07 to 94. to the college game, virginia on the road fairing number one villanova down in philly. i say a will slams it hope,e, virginia up double digits. back comes villanova. chris jenkins nails the threethe pointer just like he did in the championship game last year. there's the bucket, both teams tied up 59 at time winding down. the final seconds, josh hearther from silver springs, maryland, misses, but at the buzzer, villanova escapes a
10:44 pm
61-59 so huds are a big part of sports usually reserved for game-winning celebrations.lebr a nascar driver can hug a curve, but rarely does a hug itself wi a gape. but it did in this top five. not this one, number five, the farm's open, final round, john recall by one stroke 18th and final hole. this is a 60-foot 8-inch. that was so close. this is first of pga turn a.m. amount. the next round of put put is free. 100 percent. well, mr. was no wind million. you have to kind of discount it,
10:45 pm
number four, ravens justin tucker did all week. into the basket on the right uph right. i don't know why they havehave baskets there.ere. from 50 yards away. is that on purpose or was hewas supposed to make the middle basket. >> he was going for that one and that's why everyone was celebrating. he had a 75-foot field goall earlier this week.k. that's a good way to practice. >> he does opera, trick shots,st game withins. but he doesn't do this. number three, playing field,eld, plainfield south in illinois,lio tied game, no time. bobby bicola for the win and he hits it.hi what i love here is he almostish gets stopped by his own teammates. he throws it up and he won the game. they won by three. i love those walk offs. no, man, i'm going to win this. storm court. the visitors do not travel
10:46 pm
here is ambiguous bee, look att this, celebrating hug, owe, no. and that ties the game in the final minutes. great job. owe, no. by the way, it was sort of like him trying to say, oh, no, it did go in. what's even worse that team,m, they might get relegated because of that. number one pi or i river man in over time. you got to see the movie he puti on. this is the game winner. love the celebration. check out the reverse single. goes in for the winner in overor time. this is one of the best moves you'll see anyone. just watch. s that you got to t look at the celebration.
10:47 pm
you need to see theth pronunciation of some of thoseho names. that was your play. the thing is you just say it with a lot of confidence.on >> and really fast.ast. someone who is turkish and says that's not even close. good job, i liked it.d see you in a about it. coming up n it's a deeply divided debate, who is better, cats or doings? >> now there is evidence that both animals are equally intelligent. intelligent.
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> are you a cat person or a dog person? i hear a lot of people are
10:51 pm
there's no gray area. both animals are equally intelligent.ent. fox's brew ischemia tool talked to an animal expert.isanim it's been said that there arere cat people and dog people and along with those allegiances owners of each species have been convinced of their pet's superior intelligence.supe cats and dogs may be more similar than we that.simi are cats more intelligent or o doings. >> i'm go to say cats. i think dogs are maybe a little marter. >> are dogs part error cats. >> dogs. he's completely trained in everything. he can he jumps on his hind legislation. i think dogs are much smarter. i never had a cat that taught mm anything. scientists in japan have determined that cats have especially theftic minds. cats will not go into a certain room may
10:52 pm
happened thereau maybe a long te ago. yeah,. cat therapist carol will burn says her extent of interaction with cats backed up the researca you've learned so many things s from a cat. they taught me about relationships. think of all the different places where cats hang out. that takes intelligence, that takes memory. it takes everything. a cat is the entire package. so whether you tend toward the k9 or the feline you can rest assured that your best friend is heart. barack ischemia taw fox5 news. >> dogs all the way. wa >> me, too. > a red panda in virginia on the run for nearly a week now the virginia zoo in richmond iss looking for sunny who somehow got out of hire enclosure. zoo offerings believe son any be
10:53 pm
they say they haven't had any indication that the left thehe property. she was not in her enclosure one tuesday morning. you weren't here at the time, but we had rusty the red panda.a >> you were talking about this. >> from the national zoo. it's not funny. how long did it take them to find russ. >> just a couple days.ust it was city-wide.. a school in washington state there's a little bit of aa li mystery going on here. they want to know what happened to their time capsule. students were excited to find out what had been left behind h items reflected over the years e dating back from 1944 and it was buried in 1992. now, 25 years later the school h held a big ceremony to open itop on friday, but look at that, when the lid came on, there was national a inside. even though there was nothing
10:54 pm
was really cool. coo >> how was it still really cool i feel like it was horrible. alumni from the school says they remember putting things in the capsule. they invited back a bunch of former students who say he theya weren't too disappointed becausa they got to reunite with old friends. > did somebody steel it. >> they're going to look into that. > you look in and things of th sent momental, you see that thah a you just trash it.t. >> i'll bet you was some old school punk from the 1940s who was still around.
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the program provides education, training and even snowboarding.w the reporterrer john mure said go together mountainsterrer is g on. fitting considering home is why these wounded warriors fault just the tank quilt of it and you look around and there is nothing around to think of. s moor renne machine gunner done morris served several tours in iraq and afghanistan and is noww suffering ptsd. repaying his sacrifice is impossible, but offering a dose of exhibition and inspiring helps. getting out here and getting away from what's wrong with you. retired air force master sergeant say hamilton sufferedah chemical exposure in iraq. of his group he was the sole
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forever carrie injuries to hiso brain and to his back, today he feels alive and well. it's a black. i crashed a couple of times, bus i guess that's expected. i'm having a great time. thanks to a combination of equipment dedicated to getting them back on the mountain andmo people dedicated to giving them back their spirit. i don't feel like i fit in and with these fine folks here, they don't make me feel like i'm an outsider. i feel like i'm one of them and that's form. and that's theorm. goal to bring wounded warriorswr here year round offering everything from recreational to rehabilitation to education. to come out and feel the wind in the face and the sun on their cheeks. that's real healing. > healing for every military branch from every military era. it's a place whe
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can and unwind. > or wind up. 87 year old korean war vet zinc brigham says he plans to stay in the game and on the mountain. this is an amazing place and amazing place for guys to comece and enjoy each other and enjoy the snow. in manmuth lakes, california, trace gallagher, fox news. > this is fox5 local news at 11. thank you for joining u.s.inin tonight, i'm lauren demarco and i'm jim low came off the toplow we're talking about the potential for snow during the morning commute and it doesn't take a whole lot to mess thingss up on the drive to work. we want to bring in gary mcgrady. what should we be prepared with. not a lot of slow.of it looks like most the snow will be out of here by sunrise. that will be good, too. i honestly think there may be aa little bit of snow


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