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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news miso frox, immigration ban fallout.allout. reaction continues to come inme from around the worlde world following president trump'strums executive order outlining aini travel ban for citizens
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seven majority muslim muslim countries. >> good monday morning to youi t look at that. outside, yes, a morning round of snow brought up to an inchch of white stuff that of somete s areas.of we'll talk weather and trafficec ahead. >> good morning to you. thank you very much for good ucr joining us.joininus. i'm wisdom martin.sdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. i'm holly . today is monday, gentleman andmd 30th. a quick but a heavy burst ofvy o snow came through overnight enough to cause school delays and even one closing so let'so take lookok. in maryland, charles and the cha saint mary's schools are both onry's sa two hour delay.o hoe. >> in virginia culpeper countyeo schools are closed.are close also stafford county schools scl are closed.ed. it's code two for employeesde te there. in spotsylvania county schools are closed. in virginia fairfax countyaxcoun schools are delayed two hours.ts also a two hour delay for quantico dod schools.sch the complete list is scrollingcl at the bottom of your screen s and on >> we have our team in place. p. mike to my mas is talkingalki weather, erin is talking roadsgs and so i guess we'll go ad hadaa and start with you, mike. mike. >> why not. let's do weather first anderst d we'll talk
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which is actually winding downd here in and d.c. t the worst wrt of it came through about anughon hour, hour and a half ago. ag quick burst of heavy snow it'sws what put down all of theth accumulation you'll see. mostly on the grassy surfaces. generally wet roads around the immediate d.c. metro area. ar. first round is light snow justst about to push out of thet to puu region and maybe a little bitli heavy snow still left downeftdon across portions of lower lower southern maryland.sorn mar more details on the weather in e a bit but now let's do traffictc with erin como. >> 5:02. seeing a lot of heavier snower s in the area of fredericksburg,d, virginia around the marinethe corps base, 95 northbound arthb crash after the marine corpscorp base it's in the express lanes blocking the right lane.king tht you're seeing green for the most part paw volume is still sl light but trust me you want tono slow it down and use caution cun this morning especially be onecn the secretaries in woodbridgeieg and that end again in portionsgo of southern maryland as well.el. 95 and southbound crash block cl pentagon the left lane atlane at fairfax county parkway.a we'll have more traffic trffic coverage coming can up. u of want to he coo you moving coi this snowy and wet
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mourns. holly.lly. wisdom and >> developing breaking news w story from canada. gunmen in quebec city kill sixks people and eight on thes werehee wounded in a deadly mosque shooting. the shooting comes after aft canada offered temporarytem permits to muslims stranded byay the immigration ban. >> an executive order banningani immigrants from seven muslim usm majority countries.ountries. >> the protests continue atsts t airport as and cities across cii the country officer this beganhe and over the weekend the whiteni house administration tried tomit clear up some confusion.nfion. >> our melanie alnwick live at e dulles internationally airportpo and there is some still a lottl of confusion, mel. >> reporter: is that right,ortei confusion ands protests at dulles as people sort out theoro details of how to effectively implement president trump'st prm executive order.or at the same time departm
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last night sec to perhaps ease some of the restraints on theth order saying in are statementsmt that basically it clarifiedallyd that the holders of permanenterm u.s. green cards from those seven affected countries wouldu be allowed to reenter theenterth united states as long ased statn there's nog information thatont they would pose a threat tohreao the also it's? you have the not? o clearu ha what additionaltional screening those greenthoseen cardholders might face.face. department of homelandpart security saying it will carrycay out its job humanely and with t professionalism. also no the clear how manyhow ma people have been detained by customs and border control are e since the order was signed friday.. >> locked themselves behindve closed doors and won't come c out to answer any questions.u >> reporter: tell us yourus your most pressing concern at this ah point. point. >> well,? you have the find? h out what's going avoe n. . if there are detainees, ifaineef there are where are that he, he can
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have they be moved.m just a and a couple of simpleime questions. >> reporter: we have a little bit o rfep information f a lawsuit filed by a legal aidll group saying it was on behalf of 50 people who had been been detained here at dullest international airport.airp. that alexandria federal judgexaa and a federal judge in newge new york both and issuing isuing temporary retraining ordersordes preventing any detained green cardholders or refugees fromeesr being deported.bein the the who us is saying this ss is not pow any religion it'sn is simply about trying to keep the country safe noting therefe are more than 40 muslimmuslm majority countries that are thae not affected by this order and s saying the 90 day hold will will essentially give the administration time tom reviewe its security procedures f rotom it can, issue visas from thosere countries once again much live e at dulles airport i'm melaniet alnwick fox5 local news.. >> 5:05 is the time right now.o. happening today, viceoda president mike pence will thatn meet with jordan's king abdullah. the vice president will host pre the king for
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morning at his home at the at te naval the the can inc. is note scheduled to meet withth president trump.cahedu jordan is not affectedid by thet immigration ban.b the country he hosts more than t 650,000 displaced syrians.placey >> today president trump'say p secretary of state nominee rexni tillerson is expected to bectede confirmed by the senate. the last week the senate foreignnatg relations committee votedo along party lines to clear thece way for a full senatesente confirmation. the vote is expected to come c this evening. >> ♪♪ >> all right. thatutw to talk snow that we have been havebeen getting. the good news is that it's on nt its way out of here.itway out oh >> yeah, i have to say i was a a little surprised when i wokeisew up this morning. >> yeah. >> and saw it mike.>> andaw >> did you all happen to watch e fox5 news at all this weekend?w? >> no. >> probably not, yes. >> it was the weekend.was th >> that would be the case,t wo c right. >> we have children'se activities on the weekend.we >> monday snows are always thews toughest because a lot ofst becs people do that.. they tone tune into the newsne i and then they get these little surprise storms.rprise stor it's mostly a gas event aroundvn the region from everything i'mrg seeing coming most of the accumulation is on i the grass and most of the
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wet in most locates o.ates o. crews can did a fantastic jobfab of pretreating so hats off to sh all of that em who worked soword hard last night to keep thet to roads safe. road there's your storm trs ackerackr radar its mostly snow winding wi down again here in d.c. just js very light and we're donewe'rdoe accumulating snow here in d.c. c the only place really gettinggeg some accumulating snows isting s across portions of southern so maryland just south and east a of prince frederick north ofnot drum point. drum that's th e location where the heavier bands of snow he areeare still going through and that's a why countndies in that directio have decided toin delay. to dey. officially we're still and under a winter weatherr a advisory until 7:00 a.m. inry d.c. unt wouldn't be shocked if that's tt pulled down just a little bit early.early. temperatures later thismp afternoon staying in the 30's.ey going be a chillyin g anind br y january day t-maybe an isolated snow flurry in thesnow afternoon as well.afternoo that's the wean ther.eather erin como has got traffic on afa monday morning.mond >> on-time traffic brought tayoo you by toyota. toyta. visit buy a for special offers.ffer >> well, 5:07 right nowht n keeping our eyes on the roads it's a wet morng
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especially as you make youru mao way out in fredericksburg,eriur portions of woodbridge alsodge s southern maryland seeing theylag worst conditions in else then el of roads.of rads. right now 95 northbound northbo there's a crash just afterst ftr quantico. from staffordstaffo and fredericksburg watch forrg o that slow down right lane in in the express lanes is currentlyls blocked. seeing green on the map rightp g now because at 5:08 volume is really light. get that early start and florida and to slow it dowtnt do especially on your secondariescs throughout the neighborhoods.hb. 95 southbound is also crashso rh blocking the left lane its lefts right at fairfax countyrfax cout parkway so as you make your e way from the beltway downltway d towards the occoquan you'll hit that aside from that slow it down bridges overpasses on and offov ramps they could be extrald be r slick this morning.g. metro all rails on time. tim in it changes we got you covered and reach out to me onmn twitter at erin fox5 d.c. onc. twitter if you have anyitter ifh questions holly and wisdavom.wi. back to you. >> coming up on fox5 news news morning hackers hit mpd's closed circuit camera network. >> kirk cousins was essentially a dropped passroppes away from being the star ofr of
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>> heading toic vertebra right i now, live look outside acrossacs the reetch john. we have been talking about itlk all morning is the snow. snow. mike thomas says it's moving m out of here so relax. r we have delays and those typee of things.things. they're rolling at the bottom bo of y in your dunkin back in a moment. pennsylvanias pass. >> u.s
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in yemen over the weekend in a surprise raid against al-qaedad is agbeing honored by presidentt trump. the president released a a statement which said "brave "bve u.s. forces were instrumentali in willing can an estimated 14si militants and capturingcapturing important intelligence that will assist the united stateseds in preventing terrorismnting te against its citizens andns peoplet around the world.orld. ." at least one other servicer ic member was injured in thatred it raid. >> dealt at a flights resuming a of the a systems outage lasttt night.age th e outage led to departureeprture delays and cancellations. cane in a statement the companye apologized to customers whoomero were impacted, pow 150 flights1 have been canceled with more expected. delta says a waiver has been a w issued for travel scheduled ondn january 29th and 30th foror rebooking by february 3rd.bruar. >> toyota no longer the world's largest biggest automaker. tomaker. now this morning it reports it sold 10.1 million vehicles1 milh worldwide last year. ear. the top spot belongs to volkswagen. they sold 10.3 milliond 10.3miln vehicles in 2016 despitede peeing tainted pie anted pi emissions test scandal.
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if general motors falls shorts when it reports sales it will si be the first time volkswagenvola has become number one.r e. >> the nfl's pro bowl game bow played yesterday in orlando. game tied seven-seven.v a .f. c with the ball, the touchdownon pass and the best part of thert game he does the celebration doing the trademark salt theme. redskins qb kirk cousins, whenun his pass was bobbled and a intercepted. intercepted afc wins 20-13. 2 did you watch.wach >> absolutely not.utely not. no pro bowls, no all-starall- games for me. me. >> why do they exist.eyst. >> we want to know. kw. 5:11 is our time. coming up, former soviet union leader mickle gorbachev sayschev he believes we're headed toadedo
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>> the 49ers believe they havee found the right person to leadbd their front office.eir frt offic >> as we go to break with awi live look across the d.c..c. region, 5:11 is our time manyoui of there's a good look at ourt roads this morning.this one of m our crews out and powa as you can see.e. nonetheless allow a little ltle extra the as you head out on ou this monday. we're back right after this. >> ♪♪ honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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>> we're following a fewe're breaking stories as well as school closings and delays. dey. one person was stabbed two others injured in a fight at the lachoza grille.ozarille. fairfax county police saye three suspects are involved in n and that two are in custody.cus. breaking developmentsbr overnight fromeaki canada.cada. six people were killed eightille others wounded in a deadly d mosquee shooting in quebec. q police arrested two suspects.usp it is being investigated as an
5:15 am
act of terrorism by police. p >> is now to the schools situation because of the the take a look at yo sur screen can. can. in maryland prince george's county charles countyland and saint mary's county schoolssc all on two-hour in virginia culpeper stafford and spotsylvania county schools closed today. today. fairfax and warren county county schools on a two-hour delay asys well. all the latest closings and delays are scrolling along the g bottom of your screen and updating on >> speak, of the weather at 5:15 let's head on over and chat about it with mr. miketh me thomas. thomas. >> your ya', but let's look atat it first. darn, it went so fast. fat we haven't seen much of theof te snow so far this season.sen. even though it's only a little bit on the grass here justg about a dusting to an inch inchn some locations though i'veugi've seen some higher amounts, the city of fredericksburgerisburg 2-inches coming in.comi you can see the storm quicklyquy pushing offer to the east its te going to be the easterng to be n shore's problem for the restprob of the morning hleere although a we have one little area d
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southern maryland just kind ofa the tip of sojuuthern portionsps of calvert county there andhered maybe extreme northern ern portions of saint mary'sio county getting aisa little bitit of more moderate snow.s this is why these countiesunties have mostly decided to delayidet this morning. in d.c. nothing yet. as erin como will show its i mostly wet highways out winter weather advisory stilleah officially in effect.eroffici look at that they just droppeda it whoerus t in washington, d.c. southern montgomery and montgo fairfax county as well so didso kind of expect that to happen h that that they might drop it early wilt snow really windingwg done here though it does it remain in and effect for fr portions south of d.c. until aua little later on this morning.isn temperatures outside right nowro 33 in washington, 30 in gaitrsburg.g. pretty marginal and that's whygy we didn't see too many road problems so far. annapos 3434. leonardtown at the freezingtown mark so a they're still gettingg snow accumulations across portions of southern maryland.rd your forecast the for today,tod, that storm will push off to theast.t. we still have
5:17 am
piece of energy sliding across a this morning and earlyeary portions p of the afternoon. could bring a couple snowupl flurries to the region and notnt expecting any morem acmulation from again just amu quiclak look at t that. there we are at into and today. a little bit of patchy white there on thehy whi futurecast. those the are snow flurriese snf that will move out. t we'll actually see app decent dt amount of sun. s tomorrow more clouds, 48 anw mon early flurry is possible andurr then as we head towards groundod hog day 44 degrees with mostlywt sunny skies. mexico meis back from and the traded the beach for for some snow.some snow >> i was literally going to.erat say i traded palm trees and a flip-flops for wet roads andad snow beats. >> welcome back.>> welcomeack. >> 95 just south oft souft springfield interchange youtercg can see that slushy white snowis in the center median. for the most part the roads r have been cleared. you mayha encounter some saltsat trucks. please slow it down. dow use cautio
5:18 am
traffic moving slower despitemoi the at ing that volume isnglumes still light.still lit. to and from fredericksburgericsg simply because of the wet conditions. this is a look fairfax county parkway at popes head roadroad seeing wet slushy roads its another area where you need to use caution its a w monday m morning where you want to getwhr an early e start especially asca more folks hit the roads. ros. new crashes in wheaton a new a e crash on, its connecticutco avenue southbound at randolphund road so caution there. ther this crash we've been tracking r 95 southbound left lanehbound le blocked at fairfax countyrfaxouy parkway. as we take a wide view again aa the beltway still lookingoing good. majors looking good.majors loo slow it downki. dwn. bridges overpasses they and stoned freeze first andreeze fid secondaries especially inecially woodbridge areas ofge areas of fredericksburg southern maryland. maryland any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. boots and now boots and. aesti heavy jacket if you're walkingae to metro as we still have railae lines on time. back to you. >> time now is 5:18. 5 let's take a look at thek at the stories you're engaging withngah the most this morning onmo social media with our realtimsta news tracker.cker. >> first tup, form term soviet leader
5:19 am
making headlines.dles. according to the washingtonhing post gorbachev says with world problems like militarizationlit of politics and arms races itrs looks like the world is world is preparing for war.g for it is a different tone than he took last mol when he told the associated press russian russia president vladimir putin andir president trump together couldtm lead the world to peace.pea >> next if you t-the aclu saysus it has raised over $10 millionmi since saturday and respectd r cuted over 150,000 new members b in response to presidente torest trump's order to ban citizensizs from seven muslim countries tri an aclu director says he'says he never seen anything like thisins and people are "fired tup andir want to be engaged."ngged." >> d.c. police revealed theypo were the victilims of hackers.h. according to the post, the hackers infected 70's percent'se of storage devices that record d data from police surveillance se cameras. now it reportedly happeneda eight days before that president trump's inaugurationgh and forced c
5:20 am
reinstallation efforts. it left the cameras unable unble record between january 12 and 1d the 15th.15h. >> finally in football the san a francisco 49ers have a newve a w general manager and he's a hall of fame finalist.fin john lynch was announced as as the new gm after the 49ers the e courted him for weeks.weeks. now the deal is six years. the 45-year-old john lynch her-o last played hni ln 2008 for thee denver broncos under coach c mike shannahan -- tom t shannahan is the new -- is- is expected to be the new coach cch for the 49ers who is mike's snow. there's a connection. >> just like thas ta the 49ersr are set.e set. >> yeah. >> or are they. >> or are th>>ey. oare they. >> we'll seal.>> >> that's the big question.s thi still got have people that tat actually play the game. >> got to throw the ball, gott to catch the ball.ll. >> just the little things, yeah. coming up on fox5 news morning the ceo of uber facingfg backlash after meeting withting present trtrump. >> the nation's favoritevori coffee chain announces plans to hire thousands of refugees. >> as we head to break rightr
5:21 am
the region. the time is 5:20, the, te temperature 33. we're back after thi. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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[000:21:10;00] >> starbucks a weighing in onucs president trump's travel ban. they have announced at tr pumlas hire 10,000 refugees over five years. chairman and ceo howardowrd schultz says the hiring will take place across the 75 75 countries where it does business. business. hiring will begin with peopleil who have be served with u.s.l bt troops as interpreters andterprt support personnel. meanwhile the ce. o of air bnb is offering free housing to refugees who find fid themselves unable to enter therh u.s. because of president bec trump's executivaue order.oder. >> uber's ceo facing backlash.ah travis cal nick posted ono facebook that presidentbook thar trump's 90 day immigration banra would hurt uber drivers.drers. but people are upset that hat
5:24 am
uber's ceo will be in d.c. this week to sit on a business advisory panel for presidentn trump and now people are urging people top an ban uber. . uber's ceo says his company comn will and find a way to compensate uber drivers who are stuck overseas becausebe they cannot return to theto unit states.s. >> kodak some says some of hollywood is still hanging onto film. kodak says "la-la land,", fences "hidden figures" has bucked the trend.tren they're the last biggest i supplier of film.supplier o they began making movie filme fm back in 1896. 16. >> you like ice cream.m. >> yeah. >> make room in your freezer because ben and jerry's is unveiling through knee icein cream flavors. urban bore bun combines burnt carmel ice cream almonds a new jersey flakes and bourbonb carmel swirl. you're all in. >> uh-huh.
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>> ben and? truffle kafuffle van va untilological ice creamm roasted peck cans fudge chips cp and roasted carmel ganace. ga >> ly i'm allly in isn't that tt >> cold guest month of thenth oe year and they're going tong to announce new ice cream. >> i could eat a pint of each ah one. ice cream is always good. i could eat ice cream in them ih snow mike thomas. t >> i could, too. >> i still get a milkshake.ksha. i go to chick-fil-a i get myself a milk shake. sh >> light snow coming down in
5:26 am
the district though it's winding down rather qui we hit a quick heavy burst ofvyf snow that came throughme th overnight and dropped appnight coating to an inchdrop in a coue locations of more than an inch h around the area.area several schools are delaying. da those are scrolling across there bottom of your screen andeen we'll leave those on all all morning long for you.ou. the winter weather advisories wereer wea dropped for andpped montgomery county, fairfaxfairfa county the district just about 10 minutes ago.10 minutes a they remain and in effect for e prince george's county and geo most of southern marylandaryla until 7:00 a.m. this here's your planner for the rest of the of ay. can't rule out an isolated io flurry until about one,urry unt, 2 o'clock and the sun comes com back out and we're breezy the be rest of the afternoon muchf thef that's a check ofte rnthef te forecast. erin como has got a check of the roads this morning.has got g >> 5:26. king into the studio st because it's busy right now. nw. metro wanted to get thiss updated. updated. expect delays to branch avenue a on the green line. the green li dealing with app disabled train at of greenbelt.reenbe connecticut avenue andnnecen southbound up in wheaton right r now to crash was blocking the
5:27 am
right lane at randolph. it's moved to the shoulder.ould. slick roads we're seeing light i snow denars snow in some areasas and just at wet slushy ride. r 66 eastbound crash before that 29 right shoulder blockedoulder please use caution there a nd then 95 after quantico on theano northbound side a crash. any questions at erin fox5s d.c. on twitter.ti getting to be ad.c. busy mondayy commute. mmute. back to you >> thanks erin.>> thain coming up on fox5 news morning today mayor moo youy m murielbowser will kick off educn week. we >> a lawsuit being filed law against a big time collegecolle football program in that texasis accused of fostering a rape a re culture. cultur >> there's a live view acrossros the d.c. region. it is cold. we're just at 33 degrees so at bundle up before you head allow a little extra time,fo too. more on the on the side. on thei don't go anywhere.
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built for business. >> today on fox5 news morning,n5 immigration ban fallout.allo. reaction continues to come inco from around the world wld following president trump'sump's executive order outlining autli travel ban for citizens from that seven majority muslim countries.. rex tillerson and several other trump cabinet nomineesnom are still waiting on theg on t senate to approve or rejectrejec their nomination to lead ad several federal agencies.ens. >> a former prince george'sr pr county school volunteer andgel u and scheduled much scheduledte
5:31 am
to appear indule a federala courtroom later this morningom l to answer to sateveral charges of child exploitation.itation. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ news morning. mo >> good morning to you. good mon thank you very much forg joining i'm wisdom martin.ank yo >> and i'm holly month are holl. many of you waking up to snow on your lawn, your deck t-your,r cans even. >> and. >> we'll begin in virginiavirgi where the following schoollowinl systems are closed. culpeper county orange county uy page county spotsylvaniaylvania county and stafford counties.cos again all are closed.e clsed. >> here are the delays inelaysin virginia. fairfax county schools k-rappahannock county schoolstys and warren county schools youscs all are on a two hour delay. ho. prince william county schoolsnth also delayed two hours buto hout that's for staff only. oly. the students actually alreadyley had to the day off. >> prince george's countyince charles county and the sainthest mary's schools delayed twools do
5:32 am
hours. the complete list of rogs and delays is scrollingays on the bottom out of yourtom out screen and updating at >> we have the team in erin of course is talkings about the roads this morninge rr how things are shaping up for ur the morning commute and mikeinge thomas is talking about thiskini burst of snow that camers through in thet ofweak mike we'll start -- wee hours. u mike we'll start with you.ith y. >> the burst of snow has moved e across the bay already.alread still light snow left across prince george's county georg portions of southern maryland m up through anne arrundelardel county all very light snowli this mornghing.ning. that's not accumulating to too t much. we've started to see our next system push out of thestem p mountains much maybeus a quickik burst of heavy snow in thatow front royal but that's a smalls little snow flurry that's sno going to be pushing its way in our direction later.e pur. again its just snow flurries fle coming our way this here in and d.c. we're donewe're with accumulating snow. that that's a quick check ofecko the fork.
5:33 am
erin como has got a quick uick check of the >> we're keeping our eyes on ke the road.. we have our crew driving onrivi 295 southbound. we're at speed as you headu h towards the beltway.the b this is a great representationno of what our beltway looks like. like. slushy she but nicely cleared.ld watch for wet let's take a look at our maps. . we're seeing some issues iss however especially on our and secondaries in addition to to ad that disabled train at greenbelt green line residual delays to brant avenue. >> big talker in the newsys t ts immigrants p refugees eveneven some residents of the united states can't get into the country because of an executive order baesnning cancor immigrants from seven muslimom m majority countries.counries. >> protests continue atrotests t airports and in cities acrossi the can untrue over this ban. ba over the weekend the wastriewase tried to clear up somer up som confusion. >> melanie alnwick is live this morninganie from and dulle international airport with then latest out there. goodte morning, mel.ning >> reporter: good morning,ortero
5:34 am
guys. movedwe' to the internationallyte arrivals terminal.ri no sign of protesters here yet. we don't believe the first't internationally flight is due be in until 6:30.6 there was still some confusiono of course over how customs andsn border protection are implementing president trump's executive order. oer protests of course continuedf ce through the weekend last night n as well and we heard from the te department of homeland security about just a littleep bit oarftm p aubollinutg back st on those orders. dhs issuing a statementsta basically clarifying thatcally l holders of u.s. grareen cardsees from those.hose seven named countries would be allowed into the united states. stes. however, they would be subject perhaps to some additionaldd scrutiny to make sure they areur not a threat here in the uned it's not cletear hows. many peop have been detained by customs and border patrol since thel sie order was signed friday. fri we know many people have
5:35 am
attempted to get thattht information and have beennd havn thwarted. alexandria filed a lawsuit and n in an alexandria federal court naming 50 people that it says as were detained at dulles on saturday. federal judges now have that issued temporary restraining orders preventing pg anyone who was detained either r with a green card or someone soe who was trying to become a be a refugee here in the unitedhe states, preventing them from being sent out of the country, deported, at least for a week wk while all of this is trying tort get sorted out o the whitehe house for its part is sayings that this is not about religion, that this is about a trying to keep the countryoutry safe noting that there aret th more than 40 muslim majorityajor countries that are noties thatrt affected by this order andrder n saying that the 90 day restraining order essentially,, the 90 day order is a hold on immigrants essentially ists essi going to give them time tomet work out more security policies and procedures beforenp it will begin issuing visas as from those countries oncees once again.
5:36 am
agai live at dulles airpo melanie alnwick fox5 local l news. >> also in the news dam former o prince george's countyince geor' elementary school vos lunteercor deonte carraway and scheduledy n to appeard in a federal fe courtroom at 9:30 thism at 9:30 morning. he's expected to plead guiltyl inly a child pornography case. e ice accused of directingdir several children to engage inn sexual activities which werectie recorded on cell phone. some of the alleged sex actslegs happened at an elementary school in a private home andomen at a church. a chur >> happening today, d.c. mayormy muriel bowser will announce aou change to d.c.'s school scol lottery system for the 2018-2019 school year. year. the mayor will be joined by deputy mayor for educationducatn jennifer niles. the event kicks off educationedn week which highlights how d.c.o. is accelerating the pace for school reform. >> i was waiting for the the weather song to announce yournnn
5:37 am
presence and for us to talk atak little bit about this snow sn which it actually is a -- ita >> it's a beautiful snow. sno that's the thing with these thee little small systems is they hey make everything look so nice. ni >> as long as the roads aren'ta' covered. >> it was just on the grass. >> there you go. >> but you know most in thist is area if the snow is um canningag down it's like ah. ah >> i saw snowplows on the sidehe of the road.of >> we have a high freakouteakout factor. >> d.c. does snow better thanben anybody else.anybody els hats off to the road crews. cre they did a fantastic job and most roads this morning mainly just wet. w the accumulation that you're yur seeing is mostly on the grassyh surfaces on your cars on yoururr deck, that kind of thing.thing. oakton virginia reporting halfnl a inch, opal virginia 1.8-inches, chantilly justtillyt under an inch but our friends fr to the north and to the westhe s did not see too much with thisws system. winchester virginia only .10 on of an inch, dulles airport .3ai3 of an
5:38 am
the snow system is winding wind down and pushing off to theto e east although heavy snow eastern shore.eastern sho not expecting too much more inh the way of accumulation this aci afternoon. 39 for our daytime high today,a, maybe a few more snow flurriesen later 48 tomorrow wioth anwith early flurry possible.y flurryb. that's the fork. forecast.erin como has got road. >> traffic slowing down 95wing w southbound by fairfax county parkway. we had an earlier crash closing the ramp from fairfaxmpi county parkway to 95. 5. that has cleared but trafficaffc is slow because of slushy wet conditions from slight snow we're getroting. e let's move to o your maps. that's the only problem this ths morning. 66 eastbound before 29 crashre h blocking the right shoulder. sho still seeing green but traffictc moving slower because of thelowe wet conditions. gainsville towardowrd centreville give yourself some extra time.oursextra ti. 95 northbound crash afterash ftr quantico moved over to thever te shoulder but seeing heaviereeinh snow conditions in fredericksburg, secondaries in woodbridge very slushy.ush 95 southbound crash blockingking
5:39 am
the left lane however athowevert fairfax county parkway has ha again cleared but still slow traffic. any questions at erin fox5es d.c. on twitter. back to you. >> all right, coming up onti g up on fox5 news morning michiganmicign residents are paying for the legal expenses for officials of charged in the flint waterd in crisis. >> as we head to break a liveere who, across the region and. a the time right now 5:39. 5 back in a moment.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
nt. >> michigan taxpayers from ton o pay up important legalportant expenses for the two and be managers.both have been chargede state attorney general onral o several charges includingding committing false pretensesalse s misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty whilew in oice.e. >> former student at baylor bayr university is accusing theng he school's football program ofogrf fostering a culture of sexual violence. she says co aches encouragedncoged female students to have sexve s with recruits and players.and py she says that led to at least l 52 rapes by more than 30an 30 football players.a in the lawsuit she says she says was raped by two footballrape
5:43 am
players in 2013 and thatd school's football program proam operated a "show them a good god time policy."polcy >> today is green monday in maine. main possession of home growth ofme o marijuana became legal today. t. it's now legal to smoke it gift it grow it and to have up to 2.5 ounces of pot o still a o lot of unknowns including whatia rules businesses will have too follow. foow. >> 2017 is expected to be a b a record year for u.s. automakers. >> and presidentauto trump and king salmon of saudia arabia ar discuss refugee safe zones.ones >> people getting up and atttina 'em starting off the work week e its cold, a little slick outt there. be careful. beareful. fox5 news morning coming right back.
5:44 am
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you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. >> ♪♪ >> back now at 5:46. back now . with a weather alert to tellathe you about. while you slept a quick but strong burst of snow came through the region. thankfully as you can see from this live picture from 95 south in springfield it didn't stick to the roads. yo >> still its ledu slng bur tothy of school closings and delays.el let's take a look.. we'll begin in virginia wheregwh the following school systemsowio are closed.olclosed culpeper county, orange ornge county, page county, spotsylvania county and county d stafford county.afford cnty. again, all those are closed. cle now these are the a delays e clark county schools rap honhool no, county schools and warren wn county schools delayed twolayedo
5:47 am
hours. are also delayedil two hoursliat that's for staff only. on the students actually alreadyens had a day off a today.t >> let's talk about maryland. m prince george's county,nce georc charles county, calverout county and saint mary's county mary's n schools are all delayed fored two hours.two the complete list of closingslos and delays is scrolling alongc the bottom of your screen and updating on >> is. >> 5:47. mike thomas is back to talk all about this little monday morning snowstorm that wesnowste experienced. >> some kids waking up happy this morning for a delay.delay. we haven't had any snow to talk about this winter.w this is something. >> this is as meassourable sno, right. righ >> we'll see. >> mike doesn't seem like he's ' impressed with this snow. >> i'm trying to groove. g my whole life i've been trying y to groove but hasn't reallyrelly worked out for me. [laughter] >> let's talk snow reports around the region here.'s t rege i'll work onr that gr here everything we have so far f
5:48 am
into the weather center -- i'mt' not reading a lot of reportsf out just because they really rly didn't get that much snow its is mostly northern virginia andinid southern maryland that picked up on the measurable snowfall amounts. snow out of chantilly reported as ofp 4:30 this morning justins under an inch of snow for you. let's go a little fartherfar south in virginia that's opalhat snow accumulations of almostalmo 2-inches. still mostly on the grass buth not bad for this little quick qk moving system here. hee. down towards do well in zornn maryland one check on that ask s of 5 o'clock this morning they were reporting an m inch ofinch snow. that was kind of the last areat area that heavy band hit before iteft pushed out over i don't and tono the eastern shore here.h we have a little piece ofle pief energy swinging out to thengingh west that's kicking offer a a few more light snow showerss and snow storm trd acker radar this layei of white is mostly just lighti snow falling and we're e'r watching south of front royal fa maybe a quick burst ofrst of moderate to heavier snow southw of i-66 but again this is a relatively small system thatem t will lose its energy a little al faster than the storms thatorms moved through overnight.verht.
5:49 am
moving to futurecast kind of asa mix ofc your way with snow flurriesith n mixed in about the one, on 2 o'clock hour. what's left of that energy that kicked off the storm kickef today is out of here and wef thw actually start clearing it outte and i think we see a decent dect amount of sunshine before itnshe sets later on this we're mostly clear through atly the early part of the cthe overnight arlny dpa then cloudsd return and then watch this. t. towards the early morning werly have a clippermo that's passingg far enough to our north that io don't think it's a majork it's m problem for us here in d.c. c but we could see a few snowfewsn showers off in locations thatns kind of got missed today off towards at theat the maryland-pennsylvania border.lvr of 39 degrees your daytimeur d high this afternoon, feww afternoon flurries possible. p o tuesday an early flurry i'llli leave in the forecast but the fs highs in the afternoon up tot e 48 and we get into the 50's by0y the time we get to wednesday.n all right, that's a check ofs ac the forecast. erin como is back from vacation and here with someere o traffic. >> we already have big metromero problems. heads up for my red line riders single tracking becausekn of a track problem betweentween tacoma and silver spring.s delays in both directions.r
5:50 am
not the only green line earlier disabled train at greenbelt. dealing with residual delays onwith the green line to branchb then as you head out on the onth roads it's a wet morningorning commute. ut snowy in some areas especiallysy fredericksburg virginiavirinia woodbridge portions of of southern maryland.uthern m starting to see typical delayspe begin to pop up on two and 70 ad southbound coming out ofound cof frederick. as wes take a look top south sou oft outer loop, watch for road spray slick conditions much especiallydi bridges overpassesr on and off ramps.. 270 volume building towards clarksburg. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.clesti we'll lec.t o n you know if thit pick up we start to see moree me slowdowns. wisdom and holly. and hly. >> time right now is 5:50.50 developing right now presidentos trump spoke with saudiah sau arabia's king solomon over thehe week. the king agreed to supportsup safe zones in syria and yemend e for displaced refugees.ref
5:51 am
the leaders effort to defeat terrorism.r saudia arabia was not one oft of the seven muslim countries included in the president'sresds travel a a >> president trump is expectedne to name his choice to fill the e vacant seat on the supremen thee court. the announcement could come as s early as today or tomorrow oorro federal appeals court judgesjuge william prior kneel the gorsuch and thomas hardiman.di. trump told fox he would want senator mitch mcconnell to use the >> we're going to treat thistres nominee fairly but we need tot know who he or she is, what hat they stand for and the believea that they're in the mainstream m of thinking when it comes tos to american political tt >> one seat on the high court has beenc vacant of course cu since the death of justicejustie antonin scalia last yearly.n scl >> all right.ia 5:51. you is let's take a look at thet stories you're engaging withnga the most this morning onmor social media with our realtimera news trackerly.
5:52 am
>> first if you, australia'sf yo prime minister says president trump has agreed to administration promise top reset tell refugeesgees languishing in pacific islandisd camps despite the u.s.e u. toughening and its stance on immigration. the prime minister malcolmmacolm turn bull says the agreementl sr was made during a 25 minutem phone ca he also says he thanks he president trump for his commitment to honor themmitment existing a most of the as sale luma seekers are muslims from theom middle east africa and asia. australia refuses to resetto est tell any refugee who arrivesrivs by boat and has been searchings to are countries that will reset tell them isn't that sanmn francisco 49ers had as a new n general manager.anag john lynch. the deal is for six years. the 45-year-old lynch last5- played in 2008 with thyeare denr broncos under head coach mike shannahan. shannahan's son kyle shannahanso will be the 49ers new coach. >> big night for "hiddenhthidden figures." it took the ev ening's top honor best movie ensemble.ens what you a surprise win fori hid biggs. the os car frontrunner "la-launa
5:53 am
land" wasn't n category so. cate most expected a contestcon between "moonlight" ornlight" or manchester by the sea. sea the result could mean p "hidden figures" is thes" is t strongest challenger to la-la land. >> and 23-year-old dental-old dl student from france has won n the crown. cr this is iris.. >> isn't it funny that won a w crown and she's a dental a student. >> very clever. >> jd power and lmc automotive reports 17.6 million vehicleslie will be driven off the lotse this year.driv that's a new record boosted by the expected economic stimulusus and the deregulation ofation president trump. now the president says he'sent s looking to ease regulations toa help auto companies and anyan other companies which wishingis to do business in the unitedss d states.
5:54 am
>> top spot at the box office b once again in a multiple personality split is the number one movie t right now inhe n its second week in theaters.eaters. it took in 23 and $.6 milliond $ t it beat out "a dog's purpose" when opened amid controversy. co that earned $18$18 ml the the "hidden figures" in its fifth weekend in theaters brought in 14 million i don't and. >> girl scouts cold frontirl america celebrating 100 years of cookie sales thissccelebr yer to kick offer their busiestbusit times of the year they senteynt their troops to cookie university learned how tohow manage sales.a cookie orders are alreadyie being take on forrd a shipment of -- first shipment scheduledpn to around around february 4th.h. >> don't they and sell themselves. a list anddut up they sell themselves.em >> is that wonder woman? say hello to ida elaine baggily p. looks like you're right.ight. she has an alter ego.alte ego.
5:55 am
i saw the star on the headthe >> really? i saw the gold cuffs, bracelets.braclets. >> ida says she would love toay be the fan of the day beshcausee she "starts every testimonyest day a ready to use her powerse e for good just like fox5.5. okay, ida, we do try to use to our powers for good althoughalto sometimes that doesn't workat dt when you're dealing with mike mi to my mas. my mas. >> what. >> oh, no.h,n >> are you throwing shade?ing s >> i think -- you are thee the powers of evil, wisdom. >> exactly. >> mike it's snowing.ike i couldn't help it.i co if you would like to be the woul fan of the dikae y host your picture and below ida's picture. realize mike doesn't do you will whichly make thekethe weatr wisdsdom. >> really. >> there's no weather machinewet in the weather center that that he's cranking up. >> then i take ithe back. b >> i'll tell you all about itboi later wisdom.isdom. radar this morning east of 95 we had that heavy burst ofheavyf snow that came through about three:30 this morning its0 th pushed well off to the east. st. worst over the eastern shorea at this hour.ur. it's kind of light snow leftnow
5:56 am
east of 95. of for the kids at the bus stoptop maybe a cpl down. for those on a two-hour delay dy maybe not this cold, 26 to 34to for the city t35 to 42 treest t-will be a little bit breezy br but we should get some sunshine -- tongue twister,t the, later today t39 trees t39 e your daytime high.time high. tuesday maybe an early morningrm flurry but 48 degrees.ur not expecting that to be rya b i deal either.eier. wednesday mostly cloudy upday into the 50's we go.0's we. but then we'll cool it back it down as we get towards groundrdo hog day and the end of they an week. all right. that's a check of the the at's forecast. a c erin como walking into ckth oefe studio right now with someith s traffic news. o oh, yeah. 5:56 rh,igh ytea now and single tracking on the red line between tacoma and silver spring. green line disabled train attra greenbelt. aside from and as you makeom a your way outnd a inly and elkrie maryland area crassmary investigation. fatal crash scene route oneut oe and dorsey run road.road. please use caution as you make m your way out in many area.area notice how route onerou northbound also dealing withnd a
5:57 am
some heavier traffilsco aroundd out in leesburg a battlefieldatd parkway northeast there's aherea police investigation so use so caution through that area asth well and then for the rest ofsto your monday morning commuteg ome sluggish roads because of wetoae conditions from some light snow and slush. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we have you covered as we take , looks likeu cooks likeie just some wet roads butoads b they're moving along okay for the purpose your majors.maors. secondaries slow it down there. >> ♪♪ >> fios is not cable.
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