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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, the car are chase and arrest that ended with people evacuated maryland live casino, how an unalerted triggered last night's police response. and then president trump hits the p golf course withresi the prie minister of jap pan. the's plan on a new
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order on immigration. we had pretty comfortable temperatures, what does the rest of the weekend have in store.or. > i'm lauren demark keen i'm matt ackland.klan tonight d.c. police are still searching for a sus p peck who took a jeep and set it on fire.. it happened along division avenue. a witness said she found the victim lying in the street calling for help. two unknown suspects shot him and then took his jeep. they later found his vehicle. it had been set on fire.e. as police were searching for the stolen jeep they tried to pull over a man driving a similar car even though he wasn't involvedn' in the cart jacking. he refused to stop. that sparked a long chase thatat ended inside the maryland live lindsay watts joins us with new details on what happen. >>reporter: patron of annen arrundel count got quite a scare when this suspect came into the
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rushing him after hip. prior to that he add i lewded prince george's county and thenn went into europe. keep in mind, investigatorsesti thought he could be the shootere from the d.c. shooter car jacking. the man ended up driving to the casino, parked his car and thend went inside. i officers with prince george'sh r county and anne arrundel counties joined casino securityt to search for him. it was then a half an hour they tracked down the suspect and he was sitting at a slot machine gambling. these where he was arrested without incident. his name is larry phillip brown, jr. he's from northeast and police say while he's not linked toinke that car jacking in northeast, he did have 40-grams of marijuana on him, a thousand dollars cash andhim, they also d out he had an outstanding warrant. there was a em too ofs officers who came to arrest him whichich caused panic among some in the casino. six pep were injured as a crowd ran to the door. we didn't order an
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we just went up to the suspect in an orderly fashion but with a number of officers and somend people became alarmed and self-evacuated and that led to some people having some orthopedic issue, ankles, knees, back, et cetera. minor injuries. police say brown did not have any weapons. they studied casino camera footage to track every where he had been just to make sure he didn't leave anything behind h. as far as the car jacking andnga shooting that preceded all of this, at last check there were t still no arrests. police say the man who was shott and had his jeep stolen is inis critical condition.ndit of course we'll keep you posted as that investigation continuesn lindsay watts, fox5 local news thank you, lindsay.lind we want to switch gears taking it outside, a live look at thee washington monument there for a check on the weather. the the temperature is not in the 70s today can, but really weeal can't complain, it was still
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gwen is here with what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. we are going to get a warmup for tomorrow. that's at least a little bit of good news. no, we didn't get in the c proper area up to the 70s att all. we actually did hit it, though,h in some other areas and actuallu there were a couple of records f that were broken. but let's take a mr. at what we did. we went into the low 50s, a far cry from the 30s we were we yesterday at least, so a 20-degree or so warmup and itit was very welcomed and if youif take a look you can see the s clouds right now. the clouds and the location of the frontal system all main factors today as to why we didn't get as warm as we had anticipated. but as i said some of our neighbors did get the benefit oi that and they did warm up quite nicely. cloudy skies for tonight, your current 41 in the district, 40 breast at culpeper, but take a looklpep at the west, we're into
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50s. cumberland, 50, 52 at martinsburg. these are areas that also warmed up quite nicely today. 44 in annapolis and 46-degrees at baltimore. 46-degrees for your overnighteri low. winds will be fairly light, mostly cloudy skies. weaver ' talking about some showers that will kick in to tomorrow for the first part of the day. we're also talking about a warmup. the temperatures will start to rice. we'll let you know that is going to arrive and how long it willit stick around with our seven day forecast. > back to you. >> thanks, gwen. president trump gave japanese prime minister shins owe if aa five five as they played golf. they played two rounds of golf at two different trump golf courses. the president tweeted that he's having a great time hosting the leader. the leaders and the wives are spending the weekend at the
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president's mar largo estate ine palm beach he is also weighing a his next movlse on immigration. the president indicated yesterday he might issue a new executive order that would temporarily ban travel into the the united states from sevenve mostly muslim countries. we get the latest now from fox's garret >>reporter: the president hasin made it clear that he believes his executive order needs to be in place as soon as possible on in order to get the keep country. the problem with that is his current order is in the hands of courts and as we know court battles take time to play out and the growing number of legal problems coming in from around the country and it's clear that these court battles could bebe playing out for a long time. something the president euphonsed yesterday on air force one. we'll win that battle. we also have a lot of other options including just filing ag brand new order. with speed in mind the white whi house is now working on a new executive order which wouldld accomplish the same thing as this previou
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taylored to address some of the concerns that the judge. ju the lack of specificity of who the immigration applies to. this morning a law professor laid out what the new order can include to address that. you have to distinguish between categories of potential visitoro to the united states.he u you also have to put a few moree due pros safeguards into the process so that it seems to be fair to the courts and maybe a tone down some of the religious language. president trump has indicated wee can expect his new executive order to come out as soon asman or tuesday and the legal challenges to that order areorde also expected to come soonoon after. in washington, i'm garret kennyy fox news. > developing tonight, tensions rising yet again between north and south korea. north korea reportedly fired a ballistics missile that n
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in the waters between north korea and january pan japan. the white house is monitoring the situation and that the president has been briefed onha thes launch. back to prince george's countycn where police are looking for a gunman who shot and wounded aoun security guard. this happened last night at the hickory hill apartments ony silver parkhi drive in suitlandt the guard was flown to shock trauma in baltimore and is expected to survive. the shoot ergot away. so far no arrests.rres we're learning new details about a deadly shooting in montgomery village that happened onn yesterday afternoon in hawk run terrace. police have identified theav victime as 20 year old was i young of hyattsville. young was not the only person shot.shot the 23 year old man whoened up
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northbound, possibly raising each other. one of those cars struck another driver who was going southbound and trying to make a left turn. a 65 year old man was in the car that was turning. he is in critical condition tonight. two robbers who broke into ao five guys restaurant were caught on camera. you can see the sparks from the power tools they used to get into the restaurant's safe. saf this happened overnight last monday at the five guys in ceasing ton. they made off with some cash and police believe they may havemay been the same suspects responsible for other severalevr recent burglaries in aspen hill and in rock investment i've seen a lot inv oesf break-ins before, different types, but i've nevere seen a torch or something tryins to get inom there. straight ahead tonight at 10,
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metro. after the break, the safetrack program is back. this time it's impacting theting blue i'll give the details of thehe best way to get around. switch up speed limits, the debate onto whether the limits in certain parts of the district at certain we'll have that and more as fox5 news at 10 continue storm system m
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> the latest metro safetrack surge kicked off today. it affects passengers to travel on the blue line. this roundon of repairs should last through the end of thehe month. fox5's alexandra limon has moreh on what you should expect. this next safetrack surge is going to last 18 days and itit means big headaches for people f who commute toor and from d.c. d virginia. here's what you need to
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it will impact service betweenve this station, rosalyn and pentagon station. i also means that the arlingtont cemetery station is closed and there are no blue running trains on weekend weekdays. that's going to cause a lot of trickling problems, primarily your connection to silver linee and orange line train, well, that's cut off. blue line trains will be replaced with yellow plus rush trains metro says, but they expect trains across the potomac will be extremely crowdedreme because of this.s. if telework is an option, that might be a good plan. i usually take the blue i had to take another line, i took the orange line. it took me a lot longer.r. i had to switch over to l'enfant plaza first and then come overvr this way. we were trying to go from dm where our apartment is to arg ton and it messed us
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we had no clue until we got our metro card when we got into the station. > it's okay. we're figuring it out 6789 we're trying to catch a bus now. some of your options includenclu express, slugging, car pooling or maybe even officials say biking across a bridge might be your best bet and maybe even the fastest to get across the potomac because you can be sure that this surge of safetrack is going to cause a lot of extra traffic on the road as people get behind the wheel and hospital on the beltway, i6 of and drive across all bridgesment you need to mentally prepare for the next two and axt half weeks.we > reporting in arlington, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > the federal transit the administration announced it will withhold nearly $9 million from metro and other transportationio agencies across our region. this is all because the localhe governments missed the deadlinea to create a new safety oversighv program, maryland, virginia andg
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come up with a program after the deadly crash at the fort totten station in 2009 which killed nine people. the d.c. council has passed a proposal but the legislation is awaiting final approval fromppr virginia and maryland. metro board chairman jack evans described the decision from the fta to withhold the funds as quote, ill advised.ised let's take it back outside for another check of theide weather. there's a beautiful shot there.t i think that's the air force memorial there. a live shot on this beautiful saturday night.rday it wasn't that cold out thereut earlier today.ea that was a nice break, wasn't it? >> it was. was going to be a little bit warmer but we certainly can't complain. how are things looking foretop. >> we are expected to get warmer tomorrow. the clouds in front of the frontal system prevented us from getting as warm as we were supposed to. here's where we did go today. temperatures into the 30s and right now
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outside at 46-degrees with mostly cloudy skies, winds are pretty call. we're going to see that changet as well as we get into the next 4 to 48 hours. if you take a look at nationalo map you can see the warmer air well to the west into and to tht south of us, cooler air to the north, still sitting there. we are going to benefit from a nice southerly flow as a frontal system starts to move more to the nort mh and the northeast.oh cloudy skies right across thecrs beard and as i menned we areare anticipating some showers. we'll see those starting to develop in the overnight hours. once we get into the first partt of tomorrow you're going to havo to definitely keep the umbrella handy. winds are going to be a factor for tomorrow and mainly tomorrol night into monday and we do have a high wind watch in effect ande that will kick in with thoseh wind gusts at about 60 miles ann hour, if possible, so definitely a situation that bears watching. in the meantime your overnight lowe's into the 40s. kind of nice to not say 20s for once with the
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develop as well.ell once again, hang on to your hats, winds will be kicking in, but temperatures will be on then rice. > i'll have the full forecast in just a bit. > how much is too much and how fast is too fast, that is the debate underway in d.c. and maryland over speed limits and speeding fines.nes. so many people are talking about it. all are in favor of safety butat some worry this is a way too drive up for speeding violationt and pad the government budgets. >> by mr. haythorn:ier this h week i spoke with one lawmaker who is applying the brakes. new rules could crack down on most all of us for drivers, bikers, even pedestrians, thepee ultimate goal safety. d.c. council member mary chaseyh says she's all for that, but not arbitrarily hiking penalties ani lowering speed limits into some places at certain times. it strikes me as a way of increasing our revenues becauser it goes to the operating funds
10:19 pm
chase said speed limits should be lower where kids are. she reverse to senior centers where late at night going 41 miles an hour will get you a $500 ticket. chase fought against an around the clock speed limit reductionu outside senior centers.ters >> it's kind of crazy, right? 50 miles an hour in the middle of the night going past theth senior centers or past a recreational field. what we've done now is cut itit back from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. that still strikes me as a reach. so again i want to know, show mw some data. some say lowering the speed limit to 15 miles an hour in many parts of the city is simply too low.w. how fast are we going 24. take a look. we're right next to this bikeis list. we're going how fast now. >> 16, 15, and he's passing us. so we did that not to show that
10:20 pm
how they resume. just to show how traffic can really slow down when it'ss 15 miles an hour. as i was saying earlier after we did the story so many parentsma want the speeds reduced because they're worried about their kids. in my neighborhood kids actually play in the street.tree so they're worried about safety, but the people on the other side say this is just a way to generate revenue. there is definitely two sides. you can definitely understandef where the kidsin are.ids as a parent i'm all about that. for sure.r chase is going to have a hearing about this in three weeks.ks. we'll follow it, i'm sure. > up next, a fight over funding. opponents held rallies acrossoss the country today calling forcal the federal government to stop funding planned parenthood, butt the organization is also getting its share of support tonight
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> s ' been another weekend ofn protests against policies ofan e trump administration. a people gathered across the country to support planned parenthood and rail against republican plans to potentially cut off funning to the organization. from fox's will car. >>reporter: demonstrators took to the streets across the country today over efforts in congress to defund planned parenthood. anti abortion activists say they're energized by the actions of president trump.ump. the nation's prolive advocates gathered outside the planned parenthood office to voice their opposition. i'm so greatful to all of youyo here today to help stand against the abortion county. a they were met with counter protests. we are in for a couple of difficult years with the peopler who are ins charge of our government and the p
10:25 pm
are coming into our city.ty. by the way this is not theirir city, this is our hundreds gathered in states across the nation with pro life shouting in ohio, minnesota, arizona and more. babies are being aborted, murdered in facilities such asch planned parenthood and other facilities across the united states, 60 million babies' lives have been destroyed. des not all women have access to the healthcare that they need and n planned parenthood allow for that. you can go in and talk to them about what is changing. you can talk to them about sex and safe sex. there's so much more that they did than just abortions. the. the debate to of how to scale back has been an effort to strip the group of its funding. > coming up we are standing byn for a joint statement fromemen president trump and thet primeri
10:26 pm
their remarks come in the wakee of reports that north korea test fired a missile. stay with us. we'll have more on that in just a moment.
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> this is fox5 local news at 0. > it's not the 70s that i want, but -- what did we have, 50s today.toda >> it didn't feel so bad.l so > 50s in d.c.n i want to tell you south and areas to our northwest they hit -- they're the lucky ones. >> -- upper 60s. we had one location that broke o record today. t > it's we had in december the past two years, but february is usually our bundle up month.h. and very unpredictable as well. we are going to get warmer tomorrow. the timing of the warmth andmth some showers that we're anticipating all are going to be dependent on a frontal system. that frontal system stalled out
10:30 pm
we're going to get to it. some cloudy skies tonight and some overnight showers in our forecast. expect them to at least start to head in at least about dawn or so. sun is going to be much warmer. we're going to see a rice in the temperatures. winds are going to be, especially tomorrow into mondayn they're going to get very gusty as the system is going to pull away. the week starts with plenty of sunshine, but it will be cooler. we have the roller coaster thing going on. the day before we were into the 30s on friday. we gained about 20-degrees at our airports in the area.. look elsewhere where the temperatures were, martinsburg breaking a record hitting 69-degrees. was 70 in front royal. 66 at hagerstown, 67 at new market and at charlottesville it was 730-degrees. they hit the mark as far as that warm air is concerned.s right now it's 46-degrees in the
10:31 pm
baltimore, 44 at dulles this hour. 45-degrees at frederick, 41 atrk manassas and that's the same at culpeper. and we are going to see the clouds sticking around for tonight and into tomorrow. it will be mainly cloudy skies as well. so not a lot of sunshinehine tomorrow. get a few peaks by the afternoon maybe. we're also going to see some rain showers. as the low pressure system moves along the front that's going tog head through that's going to be the trigger point for us to see some of the rain showers. so 40s and 50s for our overnight lowe's tonight, above seasonal low, but tomorrow when the low pressure starts to move throughh that's when we're going to start to seat showers kicking in as i said starting late tonight ahead of it and along as we move intom to.ov but then the front is going tong move more to the north and the that's going to open the door for more of a southerly flow. s this is going to head off to the northeast and as it does, a bit of high pressure is going to start. itil
10:32 pm
side of that cold front. we kind of have a little bit oft each happening as far as the forecast is concerned in the seven day forecast. here's futurecast for you showing the 7:00 hour tomorrow. if you're heading to morning services you can expect to see e some rainfall right through r until kt 9:00. as it moves throughout the day you can expect some heavier rainfall here and there but not a total washout. 1:00 we see lots of improvement. tomorrow afternoon we're talking highs into the 60s forecastingoc 66-degrees for tomorrow, but we could get even warmer than that. i'm being a little conservative with you.. by midday 61-degrees, still 61- dealing with some of the t showers, hour. the winds will be picking up so that by tomorrow night into monday the high windh watch kicks in gusting up to about 60 miles an a just be aware of that if you have anything that you'ree leaving outside. 46-degrees for tonight, mostlyty cloudy skies, the overnight showers movi i
10:33 pm
morning showers and 66 for your daytime high.ig here's at look at your fox5 seven day forecast. you can see that weseven are cg down behind that frontal system with the sunshine on monday. valentine's day looks absolutels great for anything you want to do with that special someone, 62-degrees, mostly sunny skies. if you're going out that night, bundle up.bund reality check we're back to where we should be temperature wise. by the end of the week we're actually back up to the 50s alll over we hit a 55-degree day by saturday. back to you. thank you, we are following a developing news atr this hour. president trump and japan's prime minister sheen owe and bad are expected to make a joint statement in just a few momentss thei.r remarks were not scheduld and they come in the wake of reports that north korea has tested a ballistic that landedd in the waters between the korean
10:34 pm
peninsula and japan. threes a live shot at trump's estate at mar largo in palmalm beach, florida.da. we are expecting both leaders to address the median talk to us about this situation coming up soon. we do know that the president ignored a question as he and and bay posted with their wivesr before heading into dinner. they are now expected to speech. these unscheduled and in response to north korea has tess fired a missile.le. we will bring it to you as soon as someone comes out to the podium. flynn is under fire over reports that he discussed phone callss with to russia's ambassadorssad while barack ohm bam a was still in office. president trump says he has full confidence in flynn. we get more now from fox's lauren blanchard. >>reporter: if national security advisor
10:35 pm
did discuss russian sanctions with the russian ambassador before president trump was sworn it would be a violation of the act. flynn reportedly had phone calle with russian ambassador to the us to talk about then paper's obama's newly economiconom statements. would be a breach in diplomatic phone call. flynn denied the phone call ever took place and in mid januaryua then vice-president elect pence defended mike flynn. i talked to mr. flynn at that th time and the conversation asnver that took place at that time were not any way related to the us expulsion. a spokesman for flynn is walking back that previous statement.met flynn indicates this while he had no recollection ofcoll discussing sanctions he couldn'o be certain thatns the to
10:36 pm
misleading vice-president pence- would putpr a strain on therain national security advisor's role in the white house, as multiple members of congress are callingn for an investigation into flynn. even fellow republicans are concerned about any possibility the trump administration wouldio go easy on a country many consider a foe to the us.. i can tell general flynn and the trump administration that therea will be a violent reaction in the congress against lifting russian sanctions.ions >> plus a top deputy to flynn has had a critical securitytica clearance denied by the cia with essentially forces one of flynn's right hand men out of the national security counsel. this could severely ratchet already rampette up tense u situations between flynn and the intel security. > we continue to follow the the situation developing in floridaa at president trump's mar largo estate. he is expected to address the media soon. we'll be following that for you and bring that to you live when the president and the primeme minister of
10:37 pm
joint comments together. stay with fox5 news.
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woo me at this joint press conference. president trump and i myself completely share the view thatew we are going to promote furtherr corroboration between the two nations and also we are going to further be reinforce our alliance. that is from myself. thank you, mr. prime minister.rp i just want everybody to understand and fully know that the united states of america
10:41 pm
stands behind japan, its great alley 100 percent. thank you. > a rather brief statementte there by president trump and the prime minister of japan. they are responding to reports that north korea test fired a a missile that landed in waters between north korea and japan. very brief there, the two leaders coming on. we came onto it a little bitt late. we are going to back and look at it because we might have missed something.
10:42 pm
saying we stand behind japan 100 percent.100 this morning, there was a ballistic missile that was fired and landed between the two countries in the waters there. it just sounds like he came oute just to reassure the alliance between gentleman ban and the united states when it comes to something like this. once again we came out of programing so there might havet been some comments that we missed and we'll try to get that for you just as soon as possible. it appears that the primee minister of japan was the firste to speak and he talked about how the two leaders have talkede about strengthening the two nations. he's been hosting him at his estate. this test fire fro m north korea is the first of the year and also the first during trump'sp's interesting to seat response there. we'll need to follow it. at saturday at 106789. 30 you don't often hear from th
10:43 pm
so you know this is important and something i'm sure will be addressed on the morning talk shows, with chris wallace tomorrow and we'll definitely'l have more for you tomorrow and then on our morning show starting at 7:00. we'll be right back.
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the capitols are in first place on an # 1-game home winning streak.reak there aren't am more regular home season goals they haven't accomplished. except this one. the caps are the first team to score five and ten home games.. a five spot tonight they tie tht bruins as the only team in history to make it 11 1 # straight. the caps fans have been gettingg a good deal for their money. if you see a caps' game at verizon you're probably going to see a win and a lot of goals. tj on each situate, lights the lamp, his 23rd. that's one. nick i backstrom, right place, right time. t his 17th. that's two goals. let'
10:47 pm
tom wilson his fourth of the year makes it 3-0 into thee first. the caps on their way, second period. daniel withinnic. the caps just one away. they need five for the record. and for the win. tied at 4, less than three minutes left. stanford his first career nh goal wins the game, ties the record, the caps add another win the biggest question for thee redskins besides to do with kirk cousins is what on do with pierre garcon and desean jackson. this week deshawn said he wants to be back. he said i have everything hereet h. i don't want to be in the transition of moving. first things first, i do want tw be here. hopefully we can make it work. once again, this is a business and it's the envelope, things happen. i'm just really
10:48 pm
the opportunity i have to sit back. now the ball is in my corner a little bit. this right here is jungle tracks meet the breeds event. the a cat at the world's biggest dog show. for the first time fee lines ars a part of the westminstermins program. earlier this week i talked to the barrier breaking bengals breeder. something the people have been talking about the 140 years of the westminster dog show catsow will be a part of the main program and i am here withth anthony hutchinson from jungle tracks and this oweis investigation the cat that willt be involved in the proceedingsin and sue palka.. hi, anthony, congratulation ullings. >> what an honor. it's perfect being here with you guys. how did you end up in the westminster show? it's a funny investor, actually. i'm on the board of the international cat association,
10:49 pm
something called meeted breeds where akc and westminster wantnt everybody to come and see the vast array of breeds so they cae get toed know them and see the variation in coats and colors. this cat has an unusual coat. i said it looks like cheat a. does she have a name. i love it. yes. this iso investigation, she is a been gallon the goal of the been gallon cat is to get a cat that looks asks much like a leopard as possiblel but is a sweat, friendly, easygoing domestic cats. how did you start breeding cats. >> my parents gave me a kitten when i was a kid and it was the greatest thing i thought nothing could compared to this. that cat and i had a super relationship. i thought what could be better than this, how about a leopard.
10:50 pm
they said no.. this was the next best alternative. i was literally in the grocery store with my mom and the national inquire error one of those news papers had an article about a woman who created a cat breed but it was a domestic cat. this has caused a lot of reaction on social media. there's cat competing-kñ in this year's westminster dog show. if that's not the most liberal thing i ever heard. what has the reaction been like. what has the reaction been like. >> i've heard talk of transeat justism. it's the apock lips that bill murray talked about in the movies. the people at atc want me to be sure to stress that a c
10:51 pm
win in the show. did you ever think as a cat breeder you would be in the westminster dog show. >> i had no hope, no idea. i'd watch it as a kid and thinkn that was just incredible. all these amazing dogs. these cool people on tv and then i got a call. what an honor.nor. if you are going to watch thech show for the first time it's on the fox family of networks. watch that next week.ek. we're requesting to keep playing with these cats. i'll never get a thing done today. you know someone is going to start the hashtag, let the cat win the show. a closer look at the cost related to cupid.. yep, get ready to pay up between flowers, dinner, jewelry. things can add up fast.t. we're going to break down the business of valentine's day coming up. .
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everything's on sale, now during havertys presidents day event. havertys. life looks good. valentine's day, how much ares you spending thisday, year? >> i don't even -- i'm still working on that gift. i got a couple days. >> you mean valentine's day is just a couple days away and you don't brian anything. >> valentine's day may be aboutt love and it is also big business, chocolate, diner and chock rate can add up fast. >> love is a fruitful businessuf especially leading up to that special day in phenyl it's not uncommon to spend $500, plus, once you factor in dinner, roses, perhaps an outing at a bed and breakfast, then you'reue looking at
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it seems as though cupid's arrows may have missed some people this year.year the national retail federation says the average american will spend 1 $7 for valentine's dayns with total penning down fromm last year's record of almost 20 billion-dollar to 18.2. industry analysts say it's the one day of the year when millions find a way to show their loved ones they care regardless of their budget. it's the thought that actuallyul counts, but if your significant other wants the high-end stuff, yes, you do pay for that. you have to have something. a little something will go a long way even if it's just a small box of can't. edible arrangements says it plans to deliver 170 pounds of chocolate. jewelry rakes in about 2 billion-dollar.2 bi and 2 bill on roses and other flowers.flow despite the expected drop inover all, 1800 flowers says valentine's day still brings
10:57 pm
big bucks.cks. it will fulfill 20 million bucks which a million will be for thif valentine'sor day. we're expecting a significant increase over last year as it moves from a sunday to a tuesday. the magnitude of valentine's day is tremendous because it comesu up on a couple of days. when you're dealing with valentine's day it's not just magnitude of size, it'ss remembering it's the magnitudeid of love. make sure that you and your sweetie are on the same page when it comes to gift giving. while 40 percent of consumers surveyed say they would like to get the gift of movies or a show, only 46 percent said they'll give one. > is that what you're spending, 5 or $600? you got to love your partner. > a little chocolates may be the number one gift, everybodyby knows that dinner dates on d valentine's day are the necessity, but the cost of the
10:58 pm
valentine's day love story into a halloween nightmare apparentla we knorew that in our area we he some home chefs that can really sizzling in the kitchen.e we know you're out mr. . you're much whatting right now.t we want to hear from you. tweet your specialist, post-it on our facebook and we may select you to come here to our studios and share your recipes on fox5 so others can benefit. don't you want to take somebody out to dinner instead of cook? >> i would be very impressed if my husband made me a nice romantic dinner at on. he makeso breakfast at home all the time, but i'd be impressed if theressd was a dinner. > an aging landmark in missouri is being repurposed and a way for couples to keep the love alive. > some have the name resting on them, some locks just
10:59 pm
at kansas city t's old red bridge people have differentrent reasons for wanting to lockk their love. some are new relationships, others and veeries, sharon and fred campbell are proof even ifn the eachings on them start to fade, love doesn't have to. team the couple has been through a lot in their almost 5 a 4 years of marriage but never had sealee their love in quite a n we're. n i think more people need to do this to keep things going ining their life. to keep things that mean something to him. when carlos meant i thought he and one of his kids them to one of their doctor's appointments. instead they took him to the old red building. i pulled out the bag and thered was our lock. at last count nearly 2500. heidi downer came up with theth new idea as a way to give new life when the old red bridge
11:00 pm
and replaced by modern construction. it's an amazing feeling to me. to know that we kind of made this happen makes me very proud. for the campbells apparently some other kansas city couples love is an anchor, but the nott the kind that weighs you down. it's an remembrance and everyry time they come by here they think to themselves there's a reason why we did that and remind themselves that there's still love and romance alive no matter how old you get. this is fox5 local news at 11. thank you for joining usinin tonight, i'm lauren demarco andd i'm matt ackland. d.c. police are still searching for thest suspect who shot a ma, stole his jeep and set it on fire. it happened last night alonggh division avenue.di a witness says she found theund victim lying in the street calling for help.p. the man said two unknown


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