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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  February 12, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ahead this morning, warmer temperatures on the way in. some rain and what you need to know about today and what's in store for the week ahead. >> more information on the car chase and arrest that ended with people evacuating the casino and how an up related crime triggered the massive response. good morning. thanks for waking ups with us i'm annie yu. >> i'm tom fitzgerald. it's february 12. two days until the valentine's day. what a better way to start off the week. caitlin roth is with thus morning and it seems like we keep saying this but
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unseasonable temperatures. >> milder yesterday. kind of cloudy. but at least did not feel as cold the past two days. mild one today. taking a live look outside on sunday morning. see the light on at the white house. we're just starting to see daylight. >> trying to get them to flick the lights. >> flick the lights. >> sometimes they watch they will flick the lights. >> i'm sure they're watching like that upstairs window to our right, flick it for us and let us know, give us a sign. tom, you're hilarious. >> you need lights on this morning. it's dark and cloudy out there. actually we have a few showers around, too. showers in the forecast. 4 reagan national and 48 dulles and 48 bwi. temperatures well above freezing and above normal this is closer to normal high for this time of year. warmer air came in yesterday and we made it into 50s in washington. and this morning we're starting off not too cold in 40s. there's the showers i mentioned.
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corridor seeing showers in extreme western maryland, hagers up to, down the i 81 corridor and few showers in hereby about 8 a.m. or 10 a.m. few watches and warnings out for us a high wind warning in orange takes effect lighter tonight. wind has been a part of our forecast. few showers around today as the storm system strengthens and moves to new england. winds increase tonight and we can see gusts easily over 40 miles an hour. as we get into the rest of today it is still mild. few showers around. temperatures 60s and again watch for those breezy conditions through the wrist of the evening. i'll have a better look at how the winds affect your forecast tonight, monday as well and colder temperatures wait on monday. that's still coming up in the 7 day forecast. annie. >> thanks so much, caitlin, all new at 7 fairfax county detectives are working to identify remains of female found yesterday.
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morning with new details. good morning, alex. >> good morning, guys, we're on the 7100 block of win set road here me north springfield. this is the area where fairfax county police said they found that female body yesterday. take a look. you could see where we are. you see it as wooded area there's a neighborhood behind the area where we are. and just kind of gives you an idea. well, we know very little at this point. fairfax county police said they were actually helping a different jurisdiction search for a missing juvenile at a park three miles away from here. somehow, they ended up in this neighborhood. take a look at this map. this is we they found that female body. now while they have not identified here in fact they said they were not able to and have to wait for the results of an autopsy monday to give us more information. what we can tell you our cameras were here in the very neig
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along with fairfax county police detectives. because they had been searching for a missing teenage mom and her boyby in this area. they were canvassing the neighborhood looking for any information. they've been very concerned about her well-being. again, we do not have any confirmation good whether the body found was connected to that missing teen mom case however we have reached out fairfax county police department because again this is the very neighborhood they were searching just last week. annie, tom. >> thanks so much, alex. in other news d.c. police are searching for the suspects that shot a man, took his yeep jeep and set it on fire. >> it happened friday night in north east. she found a man lying in the street calling for help sdmrt man said two unknown suspect shot him and took his jeep and police later found that vehicle and say it was set on fire. >> as police were searching for the stolen jeep they fri
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similar car. even though he was not involved in the carjacking, he refused to stop and that sparked a long change that ended inside maryland live casino. >> here's a maryland live and anne arrundel county got a square last fwhiingt this man came into the casino own police came rushing n prior to that he eluded police in d.c. and prince george county and kept going to anne arrundel. keep in mind at this point investigators thought he could be the shooter from the d.c. carjacking. police say the man ended up driving to the casino, parked his car and went inside. officers with prince george county and anne arrundel county joined casino security to search for him. within a half hour they found the suspect sitting at a slot machine gambling and he was arrested without incident larry philip brown jr.. he's from north east. police say while
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linked to that carjacking in northeast he did have 40 grams of marijuana on him, $1,000 cash and they found he had outside warrant. there was a team of officer who calm to arrest him which caused a panic among some of the casino, sim were injured as a crowd ran to the door. >> we didn't order evaluation we went up to the suspect in ordinarily fashion but with a number of officers and people apparently became alarmed and sex evacuated that led to some people having some more issues like ankles, knees, back, et cetera, minor injuries. >> brown did not have any weapons. studied casino camera footage to track everywhere he had been to make sure he did not leave anything behind. >> now as far as that car cracking and shooting goes that proceeded all this or after all this last check there was still no arrests. >> man shot and who had his jeep stolen is in critical
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we'll keep you posted. >> caught on camera and not caught yet. two robbers broke into a five guys last week in concernsing ton maryland think used power tools to get into the restaurant safe. the pair made off with cash and they may be the same suspect responsible for other recent burglaries in aspen hill and rockville. if you recognize these people you're urnled to give police a call. >> we're learning new details this morning about a deadly the shooting in montgomeryville am faulk run terrace. police are identifying the victim as 20-year-old wassy young of hyattsville. young was not the only person shot. a 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital after hit by gunfire. the attack does not appear to be random and they believe one of the victims had arranged to meet with shooter. detectives questioned a number of people nowment so far nobody has been arrested. >> time now is is 7:07. developing overnight norm korea test aid ballistic
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landed in the scene between korean peninsula and he called it intolerable. he says north korea must comply with the un resolutions regarding missal tacks. president trump says us backs japan 100% in condemning north korea actions. >> while all that is going on president trump is -- >> he might issue a new executive order to temporarily ban travel into the u.s. from 7 mostly muslim countries. and an executive order needs to be in place as soon as possible in order to keep the country safe. the problem with that the current order is in hand of court. court battles take time to play out. and it's clear the court
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battles play out for a long time. and president acknowledged yesterday on air force one. >> we'll win that battle but we have a lot of other options including filing a brand new order. >> with need mind the white house is working on new executive order which accomplishes the same thing as previous order but would be taylored to address concerns that have been raised so far the judge is handling the legal challenges and one concern that's been repeatedly expressed is lack of spevkdz on who the immigration ban applies to and allen dershwitz laid out what the new order can include to address that. >> they have to distinguish between categories of potential visit is visitors to the use united states and due process safeguards into the process so that it seems to be fair to the court and maybe tone down religious language. >> the president said we can expect the new executive order to come out as soon as
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or tuesday. and legal challenges to that new order are also expected to come soon after that. >> well, happening over the weekend thousands of people showed up for protest and counter protests in more than 200 city as around the country for efforts in dovrns defund planned parent h ad and aa nationwide demonstration came out to pro-life groups for clinics across the united states for pro-choice activist. they said abortions are only a small% annual of the services they provide. kong guessal leetders want to defund planned parenthood as effort to refund obamacare. >> time now 7:10 more to come on "fox news morning". >> wild video for you a semi-truck blown over. cop cruiser caught it all on camera. video sin credible.
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we'll take another look. stories just ahead.
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>> happening now safe track surm 12 underway the round of repairs and blue line and should last through end of month. will impact rosalyn to pentagon station and this means arlen r ling ton cemetery says there's no blue line train on the charity. >> the "washington post" says d.c. charities martha tabl
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received more than 10,000 metro cards doe fated from people who bought them for the day. the local charity also throughout the district collected unused metro cards. maryland woman was behind the idea and she got it started by posting on facebook asking for metro cards and idea went viral. >> that's putting them to good use. >> there it is. >> how are you. >> great how are you guys. >> tom welcome on in. >> we've been talking the last couple weeks of how you like the snow. >> yes. >> my brother this week in new jersey boy they got hammered. >> me did. it's first big snowstorm of the season coming late mid february and new york city, north jersey, long island, new england, mass imagination, they got a on ton. you know what massachusetts and most of new england got pounded against tonight. another foot of snow they could get in boston. >> they like to drag about how good they are. >> at least so they're used to it.
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they'll dig out yet again. not us here. it's not about our winter weather and we'll feel affect of the snow system, the wind. not a funny infect. i hate when head lanes have to do with wind but who cares but it's snow, rain, temperatures, who cares about the wind. but you will when you try to drive your car tomorrow morning during am commute because winter winds return, remember how gusty it was on thursday? we missed out on the snow and got the wind. that's what's going to happen as the system wraps up to the north. current watches and warning take place high wind in baltimore. that becomes wind advisory in moun as and southern virginia you won't feel as much affects of the storm. philadelphia, delaware, that's a high wind watch that will be turned into add sciencery or wind warning. not bad today. as you take a look at current wind speeds now they're out of
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to 10 miles an hour no big deal. slight breeze. i don't think we'll have much whipped today. it's again tonight when the warning takes effect 11 . 48 washington and 45 gaithersburg and 46 annapolis and 48 mannasas and 48 culpeper and in contrast yesterday morning we had a chilly start to turned into a mild afternoon. we have a fairly mild morning and temperatures turn again into a fairly mild afternoon. we have showers out there and this is courtsey of warm front lifting out of our area brings showers today and low pressure develops along the warm front and turns into a blazard for new england quickly to tonight. cumberland, frostburg, showing rain showers through pennsylvania. you can see snow break out newspaper state morning. that will intensify and become a big storm in boston and coastal maine too they'll get wind and snow. fox future cast shows here we are 8 a.m. showers urz to sneak into the washington area
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showers off to the north baltimore, northern maryland best khans of rain while sections of northern virginia may not see any rain. just cloud cover. also the further south you go down 95 warmer it will be. sunshine breaks out. warm temperatures will be very sunshine dependent today and here along the beltway and off norm i think you're kind of stuck in the clouds. it's still not cold but not going to be beautiful, sunny day in 60s lining areas towards south will see. by 7:00 tonight we get decent amount of clearing and rain comes to end and we wake up by sunshine tomorrow monday morning. here's setup late sunday into monday nor easter yes low pressure developing sitting off new england coastline. wind develop back behind the storm system clashing with high pressure moving in and gradient will cause wind gusts exceed 40 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour at times. snow stays towards north and winds will continue all throughout the day on monday. here's forecast for this afternoon. showers are
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around this morning and that gives way to mainly cloudy afternoon. 58. mild here but much warmer down towards south. central virginia fwheel 60s. windy tomorrow. 45. feels like it's in the0s most of the day. hey beautiful valentine's day. whatever you have planned with loved once weather shouldn't get in your way. mostly sunny skies and cloudy by wednesday. another front comes through and cools us off thursday. temperatures stay around normal through friday and heading into next weekend looks nice 55 and sunshine as you head to next saturday. all right that's a look at 7 day forecast now speaking of winds sending it back to tom. >> we had to go out west caitlin but we found out who cares about whipped. this guy in wyoming. strong winds sending a semi-truck boom sailing into a police cruiser. troopers were responding to
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an hour gale wind tipped that truck right oaf. good news, thankfully nobody wased in the car at the time it happened and driver of the semi-and truck and passenger were not hurt. that is incredible. look at that. >> yeah. >> ugh. >> meanwhile three people were rescued from raging floodwaters in newhall california their cars were caught if a flash flood. emergency crews used a long support ladder toe grab the people there's no report of serious injuries. >> new this morning a united airlines pilot was taken off a flight bound for san francisco after broad boarding in plain klonls and acting odd. it happened on friday. a female pilot ordered plane not wearing her uniform. passengers on that flight started posting on social media that the woman seemed up stable talking about divorce and election even other issues not
7:20 am
to board in plain clothes. that next flight had to be delayed for a couple hours. unsettling. >> 7:19 still ahead. >> what president trump senior adviser is taking heats over allegations he dealings with russia before the president took office. what we're learning new this morning.
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>> syrian arm yeah peers to be at advancing on territory held by isis. the army has to carry a string of villages on the southern age clearing out hundreds left behind by isis fighters. >> and security advisor michael flynn is under fire over report he discussed things with the ambassador of the u.s. from russia while president obama was still in office. >> national security advisor if he did discussed things with russian add vooser it would be
7:24 am
power when flynn had phone calls with russian am bar door to the u.s. to talk about obama's newly ak deathed sanctions. it would be a breach in diplomatic protocol. he denied talks ever took place and president-elect mike pence said he never talked to flynn. >> conversations that took place at that time were not any way related to the eus sanctions against russia or any explosion of diplomats. >> that previous denial in statement to "washington post" saying flynn indicated while he had no recollection lex of discussioning sanctions he could not be certain that the topic never came up. misleading vice-president pennsylvania would put a strain on national security advisor role in the white house as multiple members of congress are calling for investigation into flynn and even fellow republicans are
7:25 am
any possibility that the trump administration would go easy on a country many consider a foe to the u.s. >> general flynn and trump administration there will be a violent reaction in congress against lifting russian sanctions sghz top deputy to mrin had top critical security skleerns denied by cia which portion forces one of the right hand men out of the security council this is catchet up tense relations between flynn and i intell community. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> time now 7:25 don't forget valentine's day is two days a way. so what are you getting your special someone. >> have not decided yet. >> we'll talk about that after the break we'll show a candy shop create tasty treats that will not only make your heart race it might raise eyebrows as well. stay tuned. >> caitlin of course will be back with another look at today's weather and what we can look forward to this week. stay with us,
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we'll be right back.
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>> what year is this song. >> love songs. >> that gets you going for valentine's day. >> i want to know what love i
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>> 80s powerball lot right out of my high school play list. >> we are playing your play list now. >> we are. >> and it would stand the test of time the ballot. >> in my 8 track player. >> how are you. >> great it feels great to be moving along round and 47 degrees. >> you know i was outside i went to rock creek park yesterday. i went for a nice walk. it was not warmest day ever or sunest but it felt nice. >> comfortable. >> not bad. >> couple showers today, guys, umbrellas may be needed. >> all right. we'll talk to you guys in a bit. accuweather forecast let's start with temperatures here. fairly mild. 48 reagan national and 4 dulles and 45 bwi marshall. yesterday we started some places below feesing and now that is not the case. we're well above feeingz everywhere and took app edge off the winter cold. 45 baltimore and 46 annapolis and 45 cambridge and looking at 45 leonardtown. 49 fredericks
7:30 am
culpeper areas south if central virginia well into the 60s, 70s yesterday if you saw the sunshine yesterday you really had a nice warm afternoon and we had a lot of clouds in d.c. that made it to low 50s. wind out of east now slowly increasing 14 mile an hour winds in baltimore and 12 mile an hour winds in gaithersburg and not overly windy this afternoon and high wind warping for d.c., baltimore, surrounding suburbs takes effect 11:00 at night lasting through monday morning and blustery with gusts over 50 miles an hour at timesment stormtracker radar we'll talk about more of aeffect for us tonight and more wind tonight. few sprinkles showing up outside the beltway in southern maryland and mainly falling rain further up to 70 and off frederick country and into washington country maryland down 81 and further off west cumberland down through petersburg that's where you are falling showers. now these will move east ward and make it to d.c. by mid-morning and we'll have rain that
7:31 am
mid afternoon. low pressure back towards west and more a threat to the north it kind of got stuck over washington during the overnight hours. showers primarily are in pennsylvania and grays our area and the further north you go to northern sections of maryland the better chance for rainy day. scattered showers for us increasing wind as we go through the afternoon. again that's sunday. temperatures later on today we're looking at 5 in washington and notice that setup again that disparity of temperatures if you're north where the front is hung up you only make it to mid 40s and for showers and if you're south fredericksburg again 67 close to 70 you're south of warm front and getting more sunshine and it won't be a bad day. low temperatures overnight, falling into 30s. for just about everyone. however we stay at 40 for washington and again very windy. we could have gusts over 50 miles an hour at times and that will continue through monday. back to feeling like winter monday. 45 degrees for high temperatu
7:32 am
45 degrees for high temperature. with persistent wind it will feel like in0s all day long. it will be cold. valentine's day that winds subside, 50, sunshine, not a bad day. 49 mostly cloudy next cold front comes through wednesday. earlier indication that maybe there could be a rain shower or snow shower it's not out of the question and the front will mainly tap buy on the dry side. sunny and breezy, 0 on thursday excuse me 45 degrees and 48 and sunny and cool friday and it looks like we warm things up to next weekend. 55 and mostly sunny looks g i will walk you through that wind forecast. we'll look at that coming up 7:45. right now annie and tom back to you guys. >> thanks so much, caitlin writing right now at:0 fairfax county detectives are working to find the remains of female found yesterday. >> alexandra limon is live in springfield this morning with the developing story good morning. >> good morning, guys, 7100 block of win
7:33 am
body of the female yesterday. take a look to see where we are. it is swhad wooded area and also residential neighborhood all around us and police what they have said is they were actually helping a different department search for a missing juvenile at a park a couple miles away from here. somehow they ended up in this neighborhood and found this female's broady. now, what they have not done is identify her yet. and they said that they were not able to and they had to wait for result of autopsy on monday. however, we noticed that we were just in this neighborhood last week because the fairfax county police department has been looking for a missing teen aim mom and her 5-month-old son. they have been missing for about a month now and again, police have been canvassing this area looking for them. we have reached out to the department to see whether there could be
7:34 am
these two cases. and we don't know that yet. and we are waiting to hear more information from police because again this is very neighborhood they were searching. annie, tom. >> thank you alex. we're learning new details this morning about a deadly shooting in montgomeryville am happening friday afternoon on hawk run terrace. police are identifying victim as 20-year-old wassie young of hyattsville and young was not the only person shot. a 23-year-old map was taken to the hospital. also hit by gunfire and the attack does not appear random. one of the victims arranged to meet with the shooter. detectives questioned a number of people but so far no one has been arrested. >> and caught an scam but not yet two robbers broke into a five guys in kenging ton maryland and used power tools to get safe. the pair made off with cash and police believe they may be
7:35 am
same suspects responsible for other recent puringrys in aspen hill and rockville. if you recognize people give police a call. time 7:34 you've watching "fox 5 news" this sunday morning valentine's day two days away. >> big fyi. don't forget. it if you already have a gift you're g if not, still looking for something, we've got valentine's day suggestions to help that day go off without a hitch. >> great day to go shopping today. windy. time now:35. adds we go to break here's a live look outside. indicates lynn says the temperatures will number the high 50s. that's good i have windy. she will have a full forecast for you and workweek preview straight ahead.
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>> the ken ill club dog show wraps up tomorrow. >> this year three new dog breeds took the stage the american hairless ter orand pumi and slugy all take part in the show for the very first time first a little controversy going on
7:39 am
fee lines reason part of competitive need breed event the show wraps up tomorrow. i guess that probably went better than sounded. these are very high skilled intelligent top of the line dogs right? >> this is true. >> not like my diagnoses. >> we need our own show. they need their own show. >> cats do have a show. >> what is it. >> i was wonder what it was. we had cat shows in the studio my dog would go ballistic if you brought a dog n he's 8 months and out of his mind. that's why he not in a dog show. you may have pept say lot of money and time planning per
7:40 am
valentine's day. >> last things you want is for the day to go completely wrong. fox yes julie benderes has tips to put your best foot forward on this special day. >> valentine's day will soon be here while men and women across the country are busy making plans for a very romantic day. >> giving people direction on reserving hottest table for valentine's day book 8 to 30 days out depending when that particular restaurant opens things up. many people are booking ten days in advance more or less we have lots of same day bookers and then you know also tables become available for last minute. >> the american dental association wants you to make sure you have kissable breath that day and every day. >> for that day and for all the days of the year you pretty much want to take care of your oral health so
7:41 am
have bad breath. >> dentists say some daily mouth maintenance can help awe void the one accessory you don't want that night. bad breath. >> some of the common causes can be simple as not cleaning your teeth properly and not getting food particles out from your teeth it can go from one extreme to the other in terms causes of bad breath. >> it doesn't have to put a damper. >> and very important you brush your team and clean your teeth properly. >> you need to brush your teeth waits to a day with toothpaste that has ada seal of ab acceptance twoys a day two minute and need to clean in between your teechblingt making sure to floss helps you have a minutey clean mouth. floss goes where the toothbrush doesn't. >> avoiding specific foods can also help the romantic atmosphere smell sweet. >> if that particular day you want to have
7:42 am
fwar lick and on yopz and day before tobacco products can cause bad breath as well. >> in new york, julie banderes fox news. >> that's important information to know. >> all right. >> what do you do if you go out for italian. >> avoid garlic. avoid. . >> candy shop near buffalo new york is doing something new chocolate hearts literally. >> jenny's ice cream and clock late shop in williamsville they took that inspiration of the candy heart and do it for real. crafted a piece of candy that looks like heart. ventricles and all weighs less than human heart, too much candy for anyone to eat but it looks like the real thing and even melted at 98.6 degrees. >> that could get me to not eat it and avoid chocolate.
7:43 am
time 7:4. actor jake jill yn nah is known to break out on the scene. >> and he's breaking out for a debut on the scene. >> winter winds are returning. remember that thursday we had gusts over 40 miles an hour and see that again tonight when high wind warping took effect for d.c., this is all due to a storm system off to norm. temperatures cool down as we start off the workweek. that's all coming up as fox news morning returns after this
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> welcome back, a missing antique wedding dress that was a family heriloom has been found and thanks to facebook the dress worn on her wedding day belonged to great, great-grandmother and was in the family nearly 150 years and newhappen mother took the dress to a dry cleaner after a wedding and the dress was lost and be able to track down the dress and sure enough the landlord and dry cleaner she saw the poet and called newhall to tell her he found the dress. good news there. >> happy ending. >> happy ending. >> quite the beautiful wedding and beautiful l
7:47 am
that wedding, too. >> you get those things and pass them down generation to den ration. it would be a shame. >> cleaners going out of business. >> all the things we knock about social media. thank god for social media. >> communication -- how is the weather looking for us. >> pretty good today. we have a couple showers around. mild. and then cold canner very windy. wow, what a monday. yes yeah, i know. monday will be a lot colder, notably colder, we're talking about the week all morning. that will be the biggest factor into into our monday. what happened to the 80s play list? >> this is my play list. >> this is annie play list. >> we went from pat benetar to present day music. i get it. all right. guys, the winter winds are are returning. so flags blowing.
7:48 am
yeah, yours is great, too. winter wind return later tonight when we have high wind warping that takes effect. watches and warnings lit up across new england and storm warning for most of massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire and main mane and back home here no snow. pennsylvania, new jersey and new york under wind advisories and wind warnings or watches. in orange d.c., baltimore high winds warning for gusts over 50 miles an hour later on tonight and tomorrow and a wind advisory in that tan color where it's a little further south and west of where the worst winds will be. this is all due to the fact we have nor easter in new england and we won't see know but effect of wind on backside of. it right now winds are not bad and most of the day all right. we have a light breeze out of east, 5 to 10 miles an hour and temperatures fairly mild. you can tell we're way to warm for snow and will be way too
7:49 am
warm later this afternoon. 45 baltimore and 45 gaithersburg and 45 winchester let's look at temperatures and let's check radar. we had showers and this is all part of the same storm system organized and we'll deliver snow to new england and us. showers off norm central and western sections of maryland snow breaking out and streaking down to upstate new york and headed to western massachusetts and connecticut. clearly we're far enough south seeing rain showers and most of which tracks along 66 and points north of washington. hours our storm system. winds howling. you'll hear them tonight i'm sure you might want to the secure any loose items outside
7:50 am
a strong southerly flow it will be warmer today. 11 p.m. in morning and advisories take effect. many of us with wind gusts over 45 miles an hour continuing to early monday morning you'll battle wind taken will be sunny and winds will exceed 45 miles an hour. and they come down a bit tomorrow evening but it is still blustery. 25 mile an hour wind gusts there. so the forecast for today mild. not nearly as mild as we thought it would be earlier this week and pretty tough touv pull off 70 in winter and 58 still not cold and few showers cloud kli and mild today light winds east windy monday. valentine's day looks fairly nice whipped subsides and
7:51 am
beautiful afternoon and evening head out with the loved ones here with washington sunny and breezy and we stay dry and cool and warmer as we head to next weekend, saturday, 55 degrees. that's the latest of the forecast. annie, and tom back to you guys. >> thanks, caitlin. new this morning did you know jake will be in today. >> he's recently talented recently made a broadway debut. a closer look at his secret. >> i'm obviously intimidated. >> jake jill inhall is not unknown to movie goers but the oscar nominee is making a broadway debut and to make things more exciting he's in a musical. jill jp inhall plays
7:52 am
the park with george. based on life of painter george. it heriulht. >> if i'm acting on stage it's a musical pros fwroses any way. >> the big question on everyone's mind can he sing. well with release of video from rehearsal the answer is resounding yes. the video. gyllenhaal is going viral and with a voice like that it's time he takes broadway. >> he's gifted as musician and voklist and it's about time, jake. >> speaking of new beginnings new york hudson theater where the show goes on is literally getting a new lease on life. it's one of the oldest theaters on broadway.
7:53 am
the show after 50 years. >> this theater happens to be oldest and newest on broadway. not only has barbara streisand graced stage bullet vis and list of other incredible new york working actors we're inspired to honor. this is working theater again. >> and as the musical is about making art gyllenhaal said it's a full circle moment. >> in this world we live in today we need more of this music. if you could hear the orchestra practicing before you came in it's life affirming feeling and life affirming sound you know and that's what the show s. >> sunday in the park with george is running for a limited engagement on broadway. but with all the buzz already surrounding the star here's hoping this won't be the last time jake gyllenhaal decides to sing. fox news.
7:54 am
>> that guy has pipes. >> yes he does. >> did you hear that? >> the worst would be if he opened his mouth -- >> he's talln'ted. >> crazy, crazy talented. >> time 7:53 you're watching "fox 5 news at 7" we'll be right
7:55 am
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7:57 am
>> 48. congratulations. >> and hitting the ice. the capitols taking on the ducks getting early leave and ducks rally tying game at 4. zach stanford scored first career goal in nhl breaking ties and caps win 6-4. >> that's going to do it for now at 7. >> yes, but we have more ahead at the 8:00 hour hope you join us. >> fox news morning contains at 8 stick with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning, everybody, welcome back to fox news morning. on this sunday i'm and annie yu. >> greet see you it's february 12. two days left. until valentine's day. get your chocolates and get your flowers and get everything you need because you're going to not want to be walking done the street with flowers. >> those balloons will fly away right out of your happened and you'll
8:01 am
i know. this is very exciting for valentine's day. >> i lose love the enthusiasm. >> it's great. >> a live look at the white house surprised morning gray skies mild and we is showers out there to tell you about. shaping for dpraingt today into tomorrow. let's get to. it temperatures 48 reagan national and 47 dulles and 45 bwi marshall and much warmner comparison to yesterday where we started below freezing and warmer air moved in yesterday afternoon and got only to 53 in washington an widespread 60s to the south with sunshine and that's how it will be today. we're starting off in 40s. 45 in frederick and 4 winchester and 49 in fredericksburg. wind out of east at the about 5 to 10 to 14 miles an hour baltimore and breezy today and tonight will have high wind warning to take effect. colors across northeast and mid atlantic. winter storm watch most of new
8:02 am
for coast at maine. they'll see a lot of know snow. we will not. washington, baltimore and surrounding suburbs and that's wind advisory further off south and west. again that takes effect 11:00 tonight and will makely affect monday. showers throughout now in the north east corner of beltway and up through 95 and steadier showers 1 corridor to hagerstown and front royal rain sweeping through the metro most of this morning and pushes out through this afternoon. fox future cast shows showers. if you're not already seeing them you will within the next hour. if you're watch ton and point norm that has best chance of seeing rain and mid afternoon we start to clear things out and by tonight we have clear skies tomorrow monday we have sunshine. >> all right. 52 with morning showers tapering off to a high temperature of 5 later today and 55 mostly cloudy by 5 p.m. i'll talk you through the wind forecast to your monday morning. much colder
8:03 am
that's still ahead in the 7 day forecast. >> annie, tom. >> thanks so much caitlin. meanwhile top story right now at 8:00 is fairfax country where detectives there are working to identify the remains of female that were found yesterday. >> this morning our "fox5" alexandra limon is live in springfield with the latest on this story. good morning, allison. >> good morning, we are on the 7100 block of win set road here in springfield, this is the neighborhood where far fax country police found body of a female yesterday. let me have you take a look. you can see where we are. you can see wooded area but it is surrounded by residential neighborhoods and what fairfax county police have told us they were actually helping different jurisdiction search for missing juvenile couple miles away at a park. somehow they ended up in this neighborhood and found body of that female. they have not identified her an
8:04 am
her and have to wait for results of autopsy. take a look at this map so you can see exactly where we r because this happens to be the same neighborhood that just last week fairfax country police were cap vasing searching for missing teenage mom and bade. they had been missing almost a month now and police have been serving for them and also for the baby's father who they fear may be connected to their disappearance. now, at this point, we do not know if the female body found is connected to the missing person's case. however, as i mentioned, this is a very neighborhood that fairfax country police railroad searching last week. annie. tom. >> all right. thanks so muchal e. time now is:404 and other news this morning d.c. police are searching for suspect that shot a man, took his jeep and set it on fire. >> witness says she found a man lying
8:05 am
for help. >> and a man said two unknown suspect shot him and took his jeep and police later found the vehicle and they say it was set on fire. >> as police were searching for the stolen jeep they tried to pull offer a man driveing a similar car. even though he was not involved in the carjacking he refused to stop. that sparked a long chase that ended inside the maryland live casino. >> patrons of maryland live and anne arrundel country got quite a square when this man came into the casino and police came rushing after him. prior to that he eluded police in d.c. and prince george county and kept going to anne arrundel. keep in mind this point investigators thought he could be the soot shooter from the d.c. carjacking. police say the man ended up driving to the casino parked his car and went inside. officers with prince george county and anne arrundel county joined casino security to search for him. police say within a half hour they found the
8:06 am
was sitting in a slot machine gambling and that's where he was arrested without incident. his name is larry philip brown jr.. and from northeast. and while he is not linked to that car squawking in northeast, he did have 40 grams of marijuana on him and 1,000 cash and they found he had outside warrant. there was a team of officers who came to arrest him which caused a panic among some of the casino. six people were injured as the crowd ran to the door. >> we deposit order evacuation we went up to suspect in ordinarily fashion and with a number of officers and some people apparently became alarmed and self evacuated and that led to some people having some more issues and ankles, knees, back, sets, minor injuries. >> brown did not have any weapons and they studied casino camera footage to track everybody where he had been to make sure he did not leave anything behind h. >> now as far as that car being jaing and shooting that proceeding
8:07 am
check there was still no arrests. >> the man shot had his jeep stolen he's in critical condition and he will keep you posted on that as the investigation continues. we're learning new details about a deadly shooting in montgomeryville am happening friday afternoon on hawk run terrace. police are identifying the victim as 20-year-old wassy young of hyattsville and vettors say young was not the only person shot, a 23-year-old man was also taken to the hospital after also being hit by gunfire and police say the attack does not appear random and they believe one of the victims had arranged to meet with the shooter. detectives have questioned a number of people that so far no one has been arrested. >> and caught on camera and not caught yet. take a look at this. two robbers broke into a five guys last week in concernsing ton, maryland, they used power tools to geted in the restaurant safe and the pair made off with wash cash. police believe they may be the suspect responsible for other recent burglaries in a
8:08 am
and rockville. >> time now:07 developing overnight north korea test aid ballistic missile last night it's country first test of year it landed in sea between korean peninsula and japan. president trump and the prime minister addressed the media. he called tin tolerable. north korea must comply with un regarding these tests and the u.s. backs japan 100% in condemning north korea actions. >> president rum trump is weighing next move on immigration. >> president indicated friday he may issue new executive order that would temporarily ban travel in u.s. from mostly muslim countries. >> the president made it clear that he believes his executive order needs to be in place as soon as possible in order to keep the country safe. the problem with that is the current order is in the hands of the courts and as we know, court battles take time to may
8:09 am
after that the growing number of legal challenges coming in from around the country and it's clear court battles could play out for a long time. something the president acknowledged friday on air force one. >> the unfortunate part it takes time statutorily. we'll whip that battle but we have other options including fileing a brand new order. >> with speed in mind the white house is working on a new executive order which will accomplish the same thing as previous order but taylored to address the concerns raised so far that the judge is handling the legal changes and one concern repeatedly expressed is the lack of specifics on who the immigration ban flies to. and yesterday, on "fox" and friends, alan dershwitz laid out when the new order can include to address that. >> it has to distinguish between categories of potential visitors to the united states and a few more due process safeguards into the pros sos it seems to be fairer
8:10 am
and maybe tone down religious language. >> president said he with expect the new executive order to come out as soon as tomorrow or tuesday and legal chinks to that new order are expected to come soon after that. >> well, happening over the weekend, thoss of people showed up for protests and counter protest in more than 200 city around the country and effort says congress is looking at defunding planned parenthood. nationwide demonstration brought out pro-life and choice groups across clinics in the united states. pro-choice activist called for increased access to women's preproductive healthcare saying a, woulds are only a small% am of the services the organization provides and republican leders say they want to defund manned parent h as part of appeal be obamacare. the organization receives more than 500 million a year from the federal government. >> time now:10 we have more coming up on "fox news morning". >> including wild video you wi
8:11 am
semi-trucking blown over on to a police car in wyoming and the video is incredible and story more so. find out how it turned out. just ahead >> as we take a live look. never mind. >> this is live. >> yes. >> and here's a live look. >> you're live. >> of what you're waking up to on this sunday morning. temperature is 47 degrees and it's going to get into the 50s. but it sure will be windy and caitlin will have the full forecast coming up. we'll be right back
8:12 am
z29kuz zstz y29kuy ysty
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> lx back. 13. strong winds sending a semi-truck into a police car. wow, troopers are responding to a police accident when 90 mile an hour gale winds tipped that truck over to its side. thankfully nobody was inside that car. the driver of semi-and passenger were not hurt. that is amazing. >> meanwhile three people rescued from raging floodwaters in california. officials say cars were caught in a flash flood and emergency crews were seen using a long support ladder to grab the three people thankfully there are no reports of serious injuries in this one. >> united airlines pilot taken off a flight bound for san francisco earlier this weekend after boarding a plane in ai
8:15 am
clothes and acting odd. this incident happened on friday and a female pilot boarded plane not wearing uniform and some passengers on the flight started posting on social media that the woman seemed unstable and talking about divorce and election and couple other issues and not knowing why the pilot was allowed to board the mraep in plain colleges and another woman was called into flight and delays for a couple hours. time now 8:15 watching fox news at, coming up round of repair work on metro after the break an safe track program is back this time impacking blue line. we'll tell you about the best ways to get around during the delays up next
8:16 am
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>> welcome back, everybody, time now:18. happening now safe track surge twelve is underway and round of repairs impact blue line and should last through end of month affects service through pentagon and rosalyn station and arlington station is closed and no blue line trains on the weekdays. >> local kharitys benefiting from the march
8:19 am
"washington post" says d.c. charity martha's table has now 10,000 metro cards donated from the day and local charities located unused metro cards and maryland woman was behind the idea. she started posting on facebook and she started asking for metro cards and suddenly the idea went viral. >> very cool. >> put those to a good use. >> you can only use the weekend or day. >> give it somebody else. >> caitlin roth back here with another look at weather. breezy tomorrow. >> it is under statement. >> under statement absolutely high whipped warning you know we don't get them often but there's storm system, blizzard across new england we will not see the snow. yet again missed out on snow. >> i'll take the wind. >> all right. >> i don't feel like i missed out. >> how strong are we talking? >> we had this discussion. >> gusts over 50 miles an hour
8:20 am
>> gusts over 50 miles an hour. that will impact vehicles on the roadway and toss your garbage cans like a town over and that will also be impacting everyone on the roads tomorrow morning. i know it doesn't sound like it owe could be that crazy and but we have wind like we did on thursday. it will certainly impact you not ip just out on the roads but when you try to sleep at night and hearing winds howell that happens tonight. winter winds return and cold are by tomorrow. we still have mild sunday. watches and warnings lit up across mid atlantic. and warning upstate new england and coastal maine under mrizard warning. pennsylvania, new jersey, washington, winds will be primary factor. washington, abaltimore surrounding suburbs, whipped aadvisory gust will not be as high and takes effect 11:00 tonight. wind now fairly light out of east 5 to 10 miles an hour warm front draped over us and showers and clouds and light wind. again shouldn't
8:21 am
later this evening. 48 d.c. and 43 gaithersburg and 49 culpeper and 50 fredericksburg and areas south and west warmed up yesterday on beautiful saturday with surprise smin. we're stuck in the clouds in d.c. and only made to 53. maybe goat upper 50s today. stormtracker ray door showing showers arching off north and west and we have a couple sprinkles making it to ground outside baltimore and to the beltway prince george county and up 9 a5 and more substantial showers as you go back north and west from haagerss town to front royal. you're seeing rain showers no frederick county around 70 split there. here's what to expect position of the storm system developing throughout the day will be off the coast of new england tonight high pressure moving in delivering us sunshine on monday and that disparity between high pressure and i blizzard snow staying off norm will cause high whipped gusts to exceed 50 miles hon aarr and
8:22 am
monday. here's what we expect. not gusty today. although decent breeze out of east. but wind switch by late tonight when that wind warning takes effect. you can see wind gusts over 40 miles an hour north and wet and midnight and that will continue through 7 a.m. and that morning commute will be blustery all day long it stays windy, cold, sunny. very winty for monday. 58 today. showers, cloudy and mild. let's check the 7 day forecast. even though we're on mild side of things we're not. 45 with whipped and in the 0s. low 0s all day long. winds subside tuesday. valen type's day looks beautiful. few more cloud wednesday cold front comes through and brings cooler breezier weather for thursday and looks normal friday into next weekend. we'll warm up temperatures mid 50s by saturday. caitlin roth, "fox5" on twitter keepin
8:23 am
wind as we go through the rest of the week. stay with us "fox5" on the mill after z29kvz zstz y29kvy ysty
8:24 am
8:25 am
z29ksz zstz y29ksy ysty >> welcome back. chris wallace social security anchor of "fox news sunday" he joins us now with a preview ever today's program. >> good morning. >> tell us about the guests you have lined up today. >> well we could got have a
8:26 am
better guest. we'll talk to steven miller not household name but enormously important person in trump administration senior policy advisor and one of top people he and steve ban on behind the trulp controversial travel ban on visitors and refugees coming into this country from the middle east and africa obviously that has been debaulkal some people would say with nice court after peels coin tinning to block it. at the top of the hour we'll talk to steven miller not only about what happened and what's going wrong with travel ban lut also broad hint from the administration the president will try to get out of his legal battle by issuing a new travel plan this week. we'll ask him about that one, one, if it happens and if so how would it be different than the original one. >> it's fascinating he's not really a household name. but that the may change with all the press that has come out about that temporary travel ban
8:27 am
chris? >> very interesting. let me say on the policy pan and travel trump policy we'll talk to maryland democrat ben carden who i expect has a develop reaction to a lot of these issues. a lot of folks here in washington have driven long the mall and seen that modern building down next to the state department between the state department and potomac. big swooping curves. it's u.s. institute of beef i always wouldn't whaerd it did. we interviewed woman in charge thancy lynnworking it's in effect a peace ago that goes in not on big international issues but go in fwlins isis cleared out of city to create and iraq they try to get the tribes together to avoid some kind of religious blood bath. they prevent aid lot of people from being killed and crte
8:28 am
vibrant societies there. you have a sense of what goes on inside that very interesting building in our power player of the week. >> thank you so much. chris, you can catch "fox news sunday" 9 a.m. after our show. we'll be back
8:29 am
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>> white house travel ban president trump saying we may sign a new order on immigration coming as early as monday. good morning, sunday, february 12 i'm vermont. >> tom fitzgerald along with you i will see new court. those were the words for the president vowing to fight back after a federal appeals court decided not to uphold the travel ban. president is not backing down on his temporary ban for immigrantp from the 7 muslim majority nations and he's confident he'll ultimately win this legal battle and over this plan and eluded to moving forward with another plan. >>. >> we'll whip that battle and other openings of violating a brand new order we have strong vetting extreme vetting and we'll have strong security in our country. >> all right. now there he is air force one melania by his side and
8:32 am
struck any was a different tone with the president and appears clear now that the direction they're going to move in this is not fight this way all the way to the supreme court. like people were kind of saying this weekend. they're going to start over in effect and write a new executive order and you know we heard alan dershwitz and legal system is broken and 77% of refugees allowed in the u.s. from 7 suspect countries and wt i imagine is that the washington times so daink plus it all caps. alan says what they have to do is go back to the bones of this, spell out exactly what the vetting means and include due process and do this probably the way it should have about done originally and i'm curious though how damaged their position is right now being
8:33 am
of original one is they have necessary sary confidences they'll be able to put out a new one that will pass all these now because now people are really, really going to look at this with a microscope. >> it's interesting point and certainly the initial rollout we spoke about this last week the initial rollout was disastrous and it did hurt the entire way he presented this owe to the person people. this yes he's been president two weeks, three weeks whatever it is now and. >> seems like two years. >> we're aging i'm going gray. not the president anymore the press now and i think he has an opportunity to fix a mistake. it's an executive order that if it was written in a different way i think it could have been upheld if he didn't not include people with green card and visas and there's an opportunity do it right and i think is that the why the decision was partly made maybe not to bring it to the supreme court because you look foolish and one thing president trump doesn't like
8:34 am
looking wrong or folish. he with release a new executive order that us is staips and he says he fulfilled that campaign process. >> i think there's positives moving forward after administration that they would sooner put behind them. you have now the situation now if they take this up again you got a secretary of home land security general john kelly and who is you know firmly in place now has got hants on apparatus of department and got a couple of full weeks under his belt. and ready to function a better than it was when this was originally put out. and there are things on the table right now that cot nut white house in better position to get do over on this and
8:35 am
have this fall part the way it did and almost from the very first hours of this thing there were troubles and attorney general that argued this case said listen we understand president dashed power to this country to set power on these kind of things but there's a thread that runs through this and has to be constitutional and if they take another crack that they'll probably have the experience of having and maybe not using someone like stephen miller that will be fwuingt on chris wallace today. 31-year-old limited experience kind of taking
8:36 am
kind of taking it rally did not look good for the administration. >> fem coming to this administration for whatever work they did before kind of came out of the talk show circuit right steve inmiller appearing and there's a difference between somebody with money and somebody whob has to write policy and writing policy is not sexy and not fun and it involves homework and i think the learning curve is going to be that there's a difference between having opinion and following constitution. you have to be careful what you put out there. you can see what happened this week in dorts can get knocked down if you have not crossed t's and dotted i's. >> maybe someone out there thinks writing politics is sex
8:37 am
in the valentine spirit. >> and price tag for the border wall between united states and mexico could be more than originally thought. now internal report by the department of home plan security says wall could cost as much as 21.6 billion and take more than three years to build. nat is more than 12 billion president trump estimated during the cam pain remember when he said this. >> he has to say that i'm tell you there will be a payment it will number a form perhaps complicated form. what i'm doing it good for united states and good for mexico. first phase of the wall would cover part of san diego and tell tem and maybe some changes but this is first report. >> i think that's a big change. big change in this. because all along what candidat
8:38 am
over and over and over again mexico could pay for that. >> with the price tag we're told they're reimburse us for that and there's trial balloon floated about what we releft thinking ft. american taxpayer is left to pay this bill. shawn spicer has thoughts on this this week. this is what spicer has to say. >> by doing it that way we can do $10 billion and easily pay for the wall through that mechanism alone. but the other net positive you have to realize is that through the wall, not only do we secure our border but i think we'll save atitional money that we would have had had to spend on froming down ieg
8:39 am
and immigration it's a huge win for american taxpayer. >> i love that they're doing gaglees on cameras now on air force one because a lot of times you used to read about these things late erin now you can see what they're saying. but this say lot of money we're talking about. >> it is. >> it is starting to impact them their pocket books if we do it this way and you know, one thing that has always been a hallmark of republicanism is that you were supposed to be the party that was against tax that you were against reaching into people's pockets and pulling out their wallet and taking what government wanted and sticking back what was left. and if they get into a situation here they start taxing the american people for this wall that's against what most people consider to be republicanism. you know supposed to be party of tax cuts and party of budget conservatives. and when you start laying this kind of money on people's back they start
8:40 am
happened to the republicans that we used to know. >> i think a lot about that. i any what donald trump is going to fall back on and change i was reading national boarder patrol endorsement of donald trump. they say if we do not secure boarders american communities will suffer at hands of gangs, cartels, criminals and lives of american security are at stake and this is what border control feels and conservatives and democrats and americans should ultimately you know some of these issue you can agree they're true you can say it's unifying point towards any cost like we saw efforts in place 9/11 and security and safety of it. it's all about brand and presentation
8:41 am
it's going to be a tough tell and donald trump will need to change the messaging and everybody says mexico will pay. he has to make the conversation a little more complex and in dep m to really sell this to the american people because right now there's people that think this is a big waste of money. >> one thing is stumbling into these things that looked like losses piling up rights away out of the gate. this white house needs a win. we're three weeks in and already it has been story after story and things they have been turned back on and things that did not work out and you know these embarassing fumbles like nordstroms flap this week and whether or not the size -- things leak that this white house needs a whip. what border agents are saying there's a lot of truth in that. and this is hard stuff. it just doesn't get solved
8:42 am
an idea like you know thrown it's complicate the to you rush into it they're starting to new understand you know when you look at things like immigration border that should be probably a lesson for them moving forward about you could have a goal on something which you know might be a very, very good foal and you want to prevent terrorism i don't think anybody want to prevent terism it's going about it in the right way and right way is legal and it will stand up and also with the wall going about it in a way to in the turn the american people they're getting something that will be more expensive than outed. this is not what we're hearing mexico is paying for the wall. this is we're paying for the wall and will try to get money back if we can later on. that tend to not work out. >> it's a little different mess am but fewy you're talking about them needing
8:43 am
it's all in spip of it donald trump, president trump can point to district efforts to fulfill campaign props within weeks and that is is cheerily i think the intention of all of these steps being played and there has to be concern about effectiveness about it. he can look to the american people. he can say check i did this and did this and did this and you can say well did you did it? that's next. >> that's one way to look at it but you actually have to do the thing you promised not i tried folk. you know we rolled out immigration policy that deposit make it past the circuit they tried to pay pour a wall and didn't do. it you actually have to do that's theengz you cannot say we tried. white what house will have a busy week coming up. benjamin net ingentleman hoo and trump will meet sing the first time he took office
8:44 am
>> and. >> when you saw the event and heard about it i thought about benjamin netanyahu's sweet where he said right i built a wall long the boreden and great success, great idea. there will be controversy. israel saying it should be a friend of mexico as well it was attack on them and it's interesting to watch that relationship develop and very interesting to see what happens. >> this say bit of diplomatic whiplash this week. briefly when barack obama was in the white house relationships between him and benjamin netanyahu was not great and there was a love fest when justin treadue came in and this whole thing will turn on its head. every time netanyahu came to the oval office with obama body language was painful. you could look at these two men and tell they did not get
8:45 am
so it will be interesting to see this week if netanyahu comes in how different that is and on the flip side how it looks with justin treadeu come in. >> and that #come to canada after executive order clearly if they have battles on twitter both sides were playing and he ipt secretaryed himself into the conversation. >> it seems from what we've heard face to face meeting president trump has goes better that phone calls. maybe move forward if you're head of state you come to washington sit down. >> and sit down with us. >> maybe don't call him on the phone. >> that's funny. >> we head to break and once again, saturday night live rolled out the melissa mccarthy ads. shawn spacer take a look how it went last night. ♪ get out. get out.
8:46 am
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8:49 am
>> is betsy devos a threat to public schools. we've heard a lot of report on betsy devos and some are true and vom not you have a lot of experience in education 30 years in policy and white houseen education tell me initial reaction to what your expectations are for the next four years. >> my expectations the next four years is you might very well put education back and as couldn't verseial as betsy devos is the great news for us to try to get parents and teachers the ability to have great schools once again and do what
8:50 am
public light. >> it struck me this week that for all of the to keep her out of the schools and the upset at her confirmation hearing and the controversy over whether she has qualifications in this job would it be fair to say the secretary of the u.s. department of education has a lot less to do with kids' education than local school board? it's about federal policy and federal money which make up 10% overall what we spend on education yearly are applied and some people think which is why there was roll back of no child left behind the federal roll
8:51 am
secretary to devos's job will to be make sure and she'll want in philosophy to push control to a local level so local school boards your point the state policy makers can dictate what happens from to state i wonder how many can have members of local school board and local intend enter on schools and where your kids day gets crafted. >> absolutely. >> and the most important roll in education secretary bully pulpit teddy roosevelt came up with the idea to basically talk, advocate, expose foam what's happening. we actually have tremendous amount of success in education across the country. we have education reforms that have created better opportunities for teachers and more freedom for them and flexibility for school distribute and parent openings right in the district and more than 45% of kids in charter schools and we have changes to
8:52 am
goon close at chiefment gap all over the can'ty she can expose more tem to the issues. >> let's look at what she's been saying. to everyone on the team my challenge is simple think big be bold and took the serve student and i'll promise you this together we will find new ways in which we with positively traps form education. >> let me ask you this question you don't have to depend it. however you interpret it. major concern brought form by a lot of people was lack of connection to public schools. is that valid? and is that something that people should feel worried about >> i can appreciate why she would say her kids don't go there but tom's point earlier let's remember what education secretary is about you don't have to be artist to appreciate
8:53 am
great art right? >> this is just about messaging or bad messaging to administration to defend that point. >> i think he they should have defined what the position was about to begin with and she may have done that better in her hearing and reality is federal policy ai political animal. what you do about higher education and how idea is applied yes should you know something about that policy absolutely. >> and confirmation hearing it seemed she didn't and tried to really posture opinion about anything it made her look like she didn't know anything. i think that was bad device not betsy devos it was people telling her don't say anything to get you in trouble. long advice. >> and she was in the room when she gave the speech for the education department and one grown i heard from the back of the room with a lot of career education department employees she said new ways. what did she mean she says she will find new ways
8:54 am
education. >> and i think she's talking about all the various kind of innovations and options that percolating and in fact in place at the local and state lovl and different ways of using digital education technical and department of education in washington for all amazing people that worked there for years and i know many of them they don't tend to think innovatively. it's not their role right they're there to regulate and administer what the feds do and tell them to do through law and policy. and so what she is saying is how can we maybe be make money flow differently and make sure that we're exposing students to the kind of learning technology we know work today. we know more today about the brain than ever before and we know not all kids learn the same way. how can department actually help support goals like that at the local and state level. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> we'll be back
8:55 am
this week president trump says he'll move rapidly to support the travel ban and we'll discuss what the president will do next with white house senior advisor senior miller and ben cardin about his party plans to block trump policy and sunday panel on whether mr. trump personal attacks are getting way of the agenda all this week on "fox" news sunday.
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>> that does it for thus week. >> "fox news sunday" is next with chris wallace. we'll see you next weekend
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>> chris: i'm chris wallace, president trump says he will move this week to protect the u.s. homeland. after a federal appeals court blocks of the ban on travel from the seven largely muslim nation nations. ♪ ♪ >> we will continue to go through the quick process and ultimately i have no doubt that we will win the particular case. >> chris: we will discuss what the president will do next on the band, his domestic agenda, and the supreme court nominee. with the the senior advisorn miller. and we will ask stephen miller, the top and the senior committee blocking the policies in the nominee.


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