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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> true love for our people requires us to find common ground to advance the common good and to cooperate on behalf of every american child. >> trump lays out his vision for future of america. the future he says will require bipartisan unity. >> looking live outside we're expecting temps to top mid 70s but temperatures come complete with a day of scattered storms and rain unfortunately. all right. good morning to you you. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, march 1. it's also, of course, ash wednesday which is the first day of leapt. >> all right. michael thomas we'll talk about weatherhead line and erin como will have traffic and mike you give us that headline first. >> little bit of everything today, march coming in like a
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and warmth and sunshine and that could all chance topps stronger thunderstorms later on this afternoon. more details on that coming up. for now erin como has a quick look on traffic. >> 5:00 now. quiet conditions on the beltway and as you make your way to metro. no longer safe track work. we have the next look at traffic. back to you guys. >> 5:01 following breaking news out of midwest where cleanup is underway following a deadly storm outbreak at least two people were killed in mow po and illinois. the powerful storms hit western po mow last night bringing heavy reigns, whipped, hail, even prompted tornado watches and in illinois a tornado did touchdown storm chasers capturing tornado in the town of ottawa. illinois, look at that. 80 miles outside of chicago as mike mentioned the same like of storms are headed up the east coast and could bring severe weather to the region later today. >> breaking overnight closer to home now a woman fights for her life after being shot early this
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police say it happened in the 200 block of wayne place around 12:0 this morning the woman is reported in critical company and right now there's no suspect information and no word on motive. >> all new at 5:00 this morning breaking news from loudoun country where deputies are investigating a double stabbing there. two men were stabbed in the marking lot of community plaza in sterling after 2:00 this morning antevictims were taken to the hospital and are going to be day we nvrments right now the sheriff's department is looking for stabbing suspect who they say took off in a car. >> two minute past the hour now. let's turn to politics. president trump's first address to joint session of congress. >> one hour long primetime speech the president touched to close to a dozen major issues laying out legislative agenda. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with more, good morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, president trump was restained pressured and some called him in fact many called him presidential as he was create
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in a way this was sort of reset of that item ul tu us first run with president trump calling for return to greatness and asking democrats to join in the effort. he greeted supporters who gather add long the aisles at the podium he started off condemning recent threats of jewish community centers and shooting in kansas. he outlined immigration reform suggesting a merit based system and listed american companies that pledged to bring jobs back to the u.s. and promised a large boost in defense spending and on one of the biggest campaign issues revealing obamacare president trump said it will happen by expandinging choice and making cost of insurance affordable perhaps most striking trump put aside his go it alone banner and asked democrats to be part of the efforts. >> my administration wants to work with members of both
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accessible and affordable and to help ensure new parents that they have paid family leave. to pro note clean air and water and to rebuild military and infrastructure. true love for our people requires us to find common ground, to advance the common gr and to cooperate on behalf of every american child who deserves a much brighter future
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deserves a much brighter future. >> and you see long periods of applause there during this hour long or so speech. president trump also promised big tax reform for koorping rations and still sdenz but did not say he how he plans to offset those tax cuts. melanie alnwick, "fox5" local any. >> 5:05 is the time reaction pouring in from democrats and republicans. >> our tom fitzgerald spoke to spevrl lawmakers following president speech last night. here's what virginia rep representatives rob whittman and democratic senator ben cardon had to say. >> i think what he's proposing as far as tax reform so you hope there are areas we can wo
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tonight's speech helped in that regard. >> in other news president trump is expected to sane a new immigration order in the coming days and iraq is being taken off the list of countries on that travel ban. the decision followed pressure from the pentagon and state department which had urged white house to reconsider iraq conclusion giving key role in fighting isis. 5:06 is the time now, 57 degrees. mild out there. but it is indeed the calm before the storm right mike. >> you are absolutely right about that. march coming in loob a lion today. we have warmle and thunderstorms this afternoon and part of our region storms are already approaching severe criteria. let's get right to it. news coming in. 57 current number in d.c.. we're cloudy wind out of the south that warms us up today. garrett county maryland our viewers up there we had severe thunderstorm warning issued for northwestern portions of country. if you live
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look for big time lightning and gusty winds that warning goes until 5:0 this morning. not ovrp we get severe thunderstorms at this time of day. that tells you hoy potent the system is that will come through later on this afternoon. do be prepared here in d.c. for some stronger storms later today. that is the line you sigh coming through indian and ohio that approaches our region later this afternoon. your forecast for the day today. we will break into sunshine. late morning, early afternoon. breezy, temperatures warm up to mid 70s and then also somewhere between and 4:00 we'll have a strong line of thunderstorms coming through that will knock temperatures back. gusty winds, large hail and tornado or two cannot be ruled out as storms rumble through a little later today. let's check the forecast and go to erin como with traffic. >> 5:07 this wednesday morning and happening right now if you're waking up in alexandria dealing with traffic
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repair intersection of keng and bogard there treat that intersection like a stop sign. you may need to reroute this morning. we'll keep you up state odden that one. 395 way on etsel on and quiet conditions aon pentagon and great on upper loop as you make your way through annandale. no typical slow downs yet. aside from that 95 northbound dale city to beltway look at the green on the map as you pass through wood bridge on the clear and south of that point fredericksburg and stafford. volume picking up and not enough to you cause congestion delays. i'll let you know if that changes. route 1 nobody quiet at this time. 66 eastbound light volume building through mannasas to gainsville through nation and centerville past 28 wide on through chantilly 8 looking nice right now. we're not seeing issues through falls church or arlington once you get noodz the beltway any questions @erinfoxdc twitter we'll
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metro and twitter next. >> and two young women charged in fascination which happened at busy airport terminal in qualimpor. >> headed to break on this wednesday morning with a live look across the d.c. region. 5:09 is the time and it's 57 degrees. more "fox5 news morning" after the break.
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>> back now 5:10 checking world headlines the two women accused of killing estranged half brother. north korea leader charged with murder. kim young-um was killed at an airport. in court one of suspect claim she is innocent and the other had no response when hearing charges. timer entered official plea because the court they appeared did not have jurisdiction of murder case. many speculate the attack was orchestrated by north korea and the country denies any role. >> today opening statements are scheduled for double murder trial of exnfl star aaron hernandez the tight end is charged in 2012 fate at shootings of two men he encountered at a
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he's serveing a life sentence after convicted in the 2013 killing of odon loyld a semi-professional football player. >> medical emergency on majesty of the seas force the entire boat to turn around. 10-month-old baby girl hit her head and lost consciousness at one point. she and her mother were airlifted to the hospital monday night. it's second time this month that majesty of the seas many a problem. coastguard delayed the ship at port after some of his life vest failed inspection. >> well, president trump was speaking to congress yesterday. some of his children were hard at work in canada. says sons attended grabbed opening of new trump hotel in vancouver. their stepsister stephanie trump was there as well. president trump handed off his business enterprises to his children to focus on presidency. >> coming up on "fox news morning" embattled uber ceo gets in a fight with one of his drivers. >>
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michigan, must start paying the full cost of water they still can't drink without risking health. >> as we head to break a live look outside there's the white house bright and early. actually dark and early at this point, right, 5:12 is the time now. 57 degrees. it will be nice. we're in for storms perhaps later today. michael thomas will fill us in on that when we come back.
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>> cleanup underway in parts of midwest this morning after deadly storm outbreak. two people were killed in missouri and illinois. at least one tornado tchd down in illinois and now turning to politics president trump first address to joint session of kong greg is met wit
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and the president touched near will a dozen -- touched on nearly a dozen issues and called for unity in congress and breaking overnight in d.c. a woman fighting for her life after shot wayne place south eat. no word on suspect or motive. >> and 5:15 is the time now and everyone is going to be enjoying weather i think today for the first half of the day. and then we'll need to be buck uled up. michael thomas, it could be a wild afternoon. >> absolutely it is looking lying a wild afternoon the way things are looking right now. and dobb prepared for. it we want you to be prepared for severe weather that can potentially come later today. my friend here. we never have sound effects. >> you need a whip. >> march in like a lion. that's why the lion is. there out like a lamb february. really all not that bad. yesterday was wettest day of february and that rain came late at night. we want ta to talk about where march is coming in like
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that's well north and west. we have viewers in gaert country, maryland, i want to warn you if you live in the north western quadrant of county you're under severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30 a.m. this morning and the storm is tracking off norm and east. it is showing signs of a little rotation but nothing to -- possibly gusty winds. readsville 5:29 rjts mason town 5:30 and albright 5:0 today fuxt live in the path of the storm don't be surprised at all here if you have a lot of lightning and thunder incoming on your windshield and hail as well. satellite and radar showing that first kind of cluster of storms sliding offer north. it could give us here in d.c. maybe a brief little shower later on this morning. but it's this line out towards ohio and diana that is main he vengt coming our way later this afternoon let's time it out future cast. there's that light shower activity i was talking about 8:30, 9:00, you see heavier north and west of town here. and then as we work our way to the afternoon future cast showing clouds
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sun will build. much look a summertime system. sun build we build instability and here comes the leading edge of cold air which is thunderstorm activity. and 11 a.m. out towards garrett county and as we work towards 1:00 right along the i 81 corridor and by 2:00, fast moving line of storms. potentially right on top of us here in d.c.. and again this could contain large hail and biggest threat will be gusty winds and we cannot rule out an isolated tornado here or there and even as we head into the evening hours we're keeping clouds and showers around. busy day. make sure you're staying up to date with us, follow "fox5" weather and tucker barnes will number starting 6:00 and he'll let you owe know what to expect going forward. quick look, warm today. cooler tomorrow. maybe a couple snow showers around friday morning and we'll keep the weekend cool as well. let's check the forecast, erin como walking in this morning to do traffic. >> you got. it 5:17 now and we're you know what mike dss
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light blue doesn't work i need you to be a traffic model. >> this is actually blue. >> i'm actually surprised it's keying out. >> go figure go thing i have backup dresses because i spill coffee we'll get that changed. traffic light repair. you want to avoid that intersection and then 270 southbound quiet drive coming from frederick, 70 down to truck scales. we're absolutely problem free and at speed. i love what i'm seeing there and nice conditions on 355 problem free on secondary rockville and gaithersburg and 95 and bw parkway looking good. if you have an early morning flight to catch. bwi, relation an national and dulles. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter i'll get that dressed changed. back to you holly and maureen. >> thank you, erin, 5:18 is the time. let's look at stories on social media with the real times news tracker. >> what'
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wisdom. >> uber ceo travis kolnick arguing with a driver after a driver accused-imlower prices of rides. video first obtained by bloomburg news shows him shouting he man. in a memo he september out to staffers yesterday he admitted he needs to "grow up." >> meanwhile, president trump has to find 54 billion in the budget to cover increase in defense spending state department and usaid could together see 3% of budget slashed. a move to bring layoffs and security contractors decrease foreign aid and also this morning residents in flint michigan about to start paying full cost of water again even though the water has not been declared safe without approved filter. today state officials will end the program that helped pay resident's bills since the water was contaminated and president trump
5:20 am
dealing with historically black colleges and university falls short in one of two key demand that black college lead rz requested. it doesn't advocate for federal funding for foods and the order issues an initiative under the umbrella of white house rather than education department. it's something black college groups advocated for in hopes of better access to the president. >> and former president barack obama and his wife michelle obama are breaking records with their book deal. they reportedly signed a 60 million deal to write their memoirs. former first couple inked deal with penguin random house. terms ever the deal not disclosed. mouvr at this time this will be mrs. obama first memoir. back to you. >> wisdom, thank you. 5:20 coming up on "fox news morning" forget using thumb print. new generation smart phones include retinal scan and
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a lot of pocket money. >> heading to break, live look across the d.c. region. traffic moving swiftly there. okay. it is 5:20. we are at a very warm i believe it was 57 degrees or something like that. warm outside though. need to know that. fox news morning back after this
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>> 5:23 now your next smart phone could feature major security upgrade. introduction ever iris scanners in devices like iphone 8 and galaxy s 8 expected to replace fingerprint sensors. they believe every smart phone will have the technology. smart scanners can read 240 characteristics of eye and also tell ft. user is wearing frames or sunglasses. >> you can imagine how your eye reacts to
5:24 am
opens and closes and you have water on eyes and blood vessels there's many many signals that allow us to get that sense we have a real person there. >> developers say iris scaners are more resistant to hackers and secure enough to be used for bank transactions and making purchases on your smart phone. >> youtube is about to over take television in popularity. online service surpassing 1 billion hours a day as the company prepares to take traditional cable companies head on. it's online video service called unplugged is set to launch soon and will stream live tv. service estimateded to cast between 0 and 40 a month. >> according to a new study millennials account for wellth and affluent market defined as household with at least 100,000 in up investigateable assets. this is compared to generation xers which account for only slightly more at 17%. experts say millennials have all this money because they put
5:25 am
off finding their own places to live. they avoid credit cards and cheap out on splurges and start saving early for retirement. >> sounds like they're smart. >> exactly. >> heads aup if you live in the d.c. region. amazon launched restaurants delivery snvrs this area. prime members can order frood more than 150 different restaurants. you have to order at least $20 worm of food and they promise delivery within an hour. not everyone can take advantage of the service though. four different zip codes and districts not included. >> is that just in d.c. or -- >> get out and enjoy the first half of the day. >> if you're able to do outdoor lunch in washington as long as before 1:00 in the afternoon i think you have a pleasant afternoon. >> one is the magic number. >> one is the ma'amic number. >> when we he go to the basement. >> yes. >> when we have to prepare for storms later thi
5:26 am
it's going to be busy day in the weather department and during the afternoon hours line of strong thunderstorms to come through later today. current numbers outside mild to start the day. 57 degrees here in washington and 55 dulles and many mid 50s out there and even 60. 60 not ba bad at all to start the day. cumberland thunderstorms out to the west. 45 degrees to start the day there. there's sat light and radar round one sliding through northern maryland early this morning. west of that you see main line of thunderstorms coming through later this afternoon. 5 your temperature at 10 a.m. around 1:00 we have to watch for thunderstorms mid 70s expected. let's check the forecast, erin airport is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> 5:26 now and behind me we're seeing congestion build slowing down 95 northbound prince william parkway and traffic on the overpass moving fine and that just cluster of headlights moving slow coming towards us w
5:27 am
stafford and heavier traffic start toling collect 66 eastbound be past sutly road and 20 also dealing with slow down an any questions @erinfoxdc twitter. we'll keep up updated back to you holly and maureen. >> 5:27 coming up on "fox news morning" president trump removes one country from his travel ban list. >> the former head of naacp handout possible gubernatorial run in the free state. >> as we head to break a live look outside. people getting up and moving on a wednesday morning. hump day, folks, we're getting there right, we're halfway there. it's all downhill from here. hopefully in a good way. let's look at that in a good day. 5 the temperature now. more news on the other side. don't go anywhere, fox news morning coming right back
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>> true love for our people requires us to find common ground and advance the common good and cooperate on behalf of every american child. >> in first address to joint session of coming gretion president trump laid out vision for future of america. more religious septemberers in our area are targeted with messages of hate and fear. and tag, you're it. if they decide to keep it the redskins will have to pay their quarterback kirk cousins roofly $1.4 million every single game. fox news morning starts
5:31 am
now. >> good morning thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, march 1. ash wednesday, first day of lent. >> we have our team in place. erin como talking about traffic. first we want to check in with michael thomas real quick. >> quick weatherhead line we'll be dealing with warm temperatures and a little bit of sun later this morning and strong storms rolling through early in the afternoon. we'll time it all out to you in a few minute, erin. >> 5:31 happening now in alexandria king street and borard street we're dealing with traffic repair. we'll help you get around that as well. >> and and joint session of congress and last night's hour long speech the president outed campaign promises he kept in his first week's office he used the opportunity to look ahead including outlining plans for boosting military spending and fighting terrorism and tighten
5:32 am
fighting terrorism and tightening u.s. immigration laws and overhauling the nation's healthcare system. >> mandating every american to buy government approved health insurance was never the right solution for our country. the way to make health insurance available to everyone is lower the cost of helm insurance and that is what we are going to do. the president welcomed five guests including widows of late supreme court justice antonin scalia and the navy s.e.a.l. killed in yes, ma'am ep last month. >> that's carry owen she was giving a standing ovation several minutes by democrats and republicans. however there were a handful of democrats tat refused to applaud her in protest of the president and they're getting backlash this morning. her husband, senior chief william ryan owens
5:33 am
in a raid approved by president trump. >> also this morning the president new immigration order will remove iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face temporary travel plan decision following pressure from pent gop and state department. they umed white house to reconsider iraq inclusion given key role fighting islamic state group and new order is designed to replace earlier trump order that was blocked by federal courts. and developing overnight d.c. police are investigating a early morning shooting of a woman in south sgleeingt along wayne maes. annie yu is live in southeast with the latest. what you can tell us, annie. >> reporter: good morning to you, holly, wisdom, we have a handful of d.c. police officers here still on this scene some five hours aft shooting happened and as you mentioned an adult woman shot seriously wounded we're told she's at nearby hospital fighting for her life. this is the 200 block of wayne place in south eat and it's not far
5:34 am
school and police say they got the call around 1:0 when they got her they found a woman shot. again she is at the hospital right now in critical condition. now police are not saying much. it's unclear if shooting happened inside the apartment building or outside and i can tell you we have seen officers coming and going out of this building since we've been out here and we don't see any evidence markers or canvassing going on outdoors. they've been focusing in on this apartment unit. so it's pretty evident that it's probably something that happened inside. but it's still too early to tell. police tell us that they don't know what let up to the shooting right now and say then the dot have any information about a suspect as well. now the shooting is not far from the 3900 block of wheeler road which is where a woman was shot on monday night and that's also about a half mile from here and also the place where d.c. police had a string of shootings last week about 9 shootings in the wheeler place area. so, d.c. policeig
5:35 am
letting us know if any shootings are connected but all happening in the same ward same area. that's the latest from south eat. back to you in the studio. >> thanks annie, 5:34 the latest in a string of slaets tlaringeting jewish centers and mosks, two separate movks in silver spring were late nest our area. islamic education society of maryland and muslim community center received two letters one note including crude drawing of violent act and these notes came the same week three different jewish community centers in virginia and maryland received bomb threats via telephone calls. >> the search continues for the culprits that vapdized howard university campus. walls and sidewalks were defaced with mess amounts reading welcome to the trumen foundation. pred rick is howard's president. vandalism came the same week president trump met with leaders of black clems and university. >> "fox sports" a
5:36 am
kirk cousins gets slapped with franchise for second year in a row. they negotiated with cousin for a long term deal paid nearly $2 million this year breaking down to $1.4 million per game and skins have until july 15 to work out long deal with cousins but could betrayeded to another team. 5:6 is the time now. michael thomas good morning to you. >> good morning to you both. >> so we're at the peak. remember talking to the roller coaster all week long we're at the peak of it and. >> hand up. >> hands up. >> get ready for free fall. then we'll come back up again. yet another hill to go. >> i still run into people talking about it ain't over yet. grocery store and -- >> winter? >> they're still waiting for the last big something to happen. >> you never know it can creep up on us like that. >> we kind of know, mike. >> we feel like it might be. >> let's get to the weather forecast though. we have thunderstorms to rule spring like thundersto
5:37 am
this morning if you live in garrett country want to mention your severe thunderstorm warning is loued to expire and experiencing lightning and brief heavy downpours in your direction short hi here. bigger picture is that strong around of thunderstorms you see coming through on ohio, indiana and two active tornado warnings today southern illinois and tennessee as well. that's going to be heading our direction later this afternoon and we do expect around of severe weather here in washington. 58 degrees your current number reagan national and did you is 55 and bwi 5. there's where you are roller coaster down we go. 76 today and 20 cooler tomorrow. >> that's a check of the forecast. let's head to erin como with traffic. >> right now we'll take a look in alexandria. king street that intersection moving again after traffic light repair and other than that secondarys in alexandria queue they morning. take a look at beltway. wear cruising through haring owe and no problems through oxon hill. i love what i'm seeing 295 north d
5:38 am
inbound bridges looking good and metro on time now. any questions for the the commute @erinfoxdc twitter. more traffic in a few back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up. a high tech device used to store personal information is now vulnerable to hackers. >> and maryland lawmakers call for more classroom time and fewer standardized tests. >> as we head to break right now live look across the dmv time 5:38 temperatures 5. back in a moment.
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5:41 is the time now we're back with a warning for parent about a popular toy at sitet of data breach. the cloud pet toy exposed thousands of voice recordings and email and passwords. it allows you to record a message and have it september to the toy. anyone to who has the toy has to setp a password protected online account. but the place that stores that information was not protected. >> time is up. maryland house of delegates approved a bill that with limit the amount of time school district can spend on testing. the less testing the more learning sailed through the vote. the bill would limit schools to spending% of classroom time on tests required by the federal government and state or school district including standardized tests.
5:42 am
jealous could be running for next governor of maryland jealous made the announcement yesterday and he's in early stages of contemplating khexings governor larry hogan in 018 election. jealous resigned from naacp in 201 and since then working at venture capitol firm. >> we're just days away from the start of another safe track surge from metro transit. >> and maryland native michael phelps testifies on capitol hill about doping on sports. >> take a live look across the d.c. region, 5:4 2 is the time now. we're at 57 degrees. we're expecting severe weather though later today. michael thomas will break it down for us on the other side of the break. don't go
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>> there we go. >> staying alive♪ >> how did you know that. >> i learned this one. >> that's what that is from right. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my goodness. >> got to be a little stronger with that point. >> that was a little wimpy. >> oh, my gosh. >> just go ahead, you try. >> just go ahead young man. >> exactly. >> oh, my goodness.
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all dance ago side and all terrible dance ago side we have a serious situation later today. we want you to be prepared for that. cold are air spilling in through midwest and warm air surm ago head of it. combination this time of year for severe weather. if you live north and west of town frederick county maryland and northern howard on enhanced risk for severe weather later this afternoon. d.c. south and east. slight risk. still doesn't matter which category you're in be prepared for stronger storms this afternoon. we had one warning for garrett county maryland earlier this morning and that expired 5:30 and still lightning being but out of the cell there to the north today. we could get showers that slide across right along the 7, 8:00 hour in d.c.. i'll show you future cast in a minute associated with this first batch of rainfall. the main line is this one. coming through cincinnati and tornado warnings with it. southern portions of illinois and into tennessee this morning as well. and a lot being ppa
5:47 am
let's get to future cast. there is the rain i'm talking about there 8:30 in the morning and not shocked to see thunderstorm activity through the maryland pan happenedle i 68. we work our way late morning early afternoon we start breaking out to sun here in d.c. that will do two things warm us up and start to de stableize the atmosphere today and feel humid and humidity fuel for the fire as main line starts to pull on through. look at us 1:00 along the i 81 corridor strong thunderstorms rolling through and we expect thunderstorms warnings with the line. we roll into the 2:00 hour that's primetime here close to d.c. metro and then after that continues to kind of march its way east ward. should lose intensity if it pushes through southern maryland and still worth keeping eye on. gusty winds are main threat with this particular line of storms and can't rule out a tornado or two and also large hail possible. not too concerned about flash flooding locally in d.c. and off to north and west it's certainly a possibility towards highland
5:48 am
garrett country and such. a quick look at the 7 day. your daytime highs it's we'll hit that early. temperatures drop second half and look at that, 20 cooler tomorrow. maybe even snowflakes fly ago around the region on friday. each the weekend looking chilly at this part. we're on downward trend of roller coaster. airport erin. >> right now 5:48 dealing with problems if you make your way to or from the roosevelt. constitution avenue by two rights lanes blocked at the big crash scene we'll he keep you updated on that and traffic getting by slowly. looks like they're trying trying to get that moved out of the way for the morning rush. crash scene constitution 2 3 at roosevelt bridge. we'll show you other issues in the district. water main break 11 street northwest remains closed between g and h north west. you can take 1 to get around that one. as you make your way out in fairfax wires
5:49 am
pray burn drive closed after olly lane and caution that neighborhood around the secondarys. all metro rail lines on time and look at growing delays on major as we continue. holly, wisdom, back to you. >> hey, karen, speaking of metro, we're tracking metro today the agency will host a news conference this afternoon to talk about safe track surge 13. the next surge starts on march 4 and returns through april 9. blue and yellow line trains will run less frequently surge 1 is final surgeon yellow and blue lines in virginia. now today's news conference will take place at the hunting ton metro station in norp virginia and happening today metro new customer information call centers new hours take effect and the new hours are moon through friday a.m. to 8 p.m. and then weekends from 8 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. it safe metro a million a year and the moves comes as steady decline in call volume over the past five years. >> developing in alexandria where west potomac high school
5:50 am
resigning and case and assistant principal michelle lidle were both put on leave from the school in alexandria earlier this month and district declined to say why calling it personnel matter and source us say is has nothing to do with students. assistant principal lionel remains on leave. >> a bill that makes it misdemeanor to smoke marijuana in public or while driving is under consideration by law makers maryland. it is quality of life issue and says the bill is especially important for people living in prince george country. >> what we have currently as law is civil penalty which means our pepties will be lower than penaltys in washington d.c. and in virginia and again we find that this would put us at disadvantage the laws here give less protection to it citizens driving on roadways or enjoying public spaces and so we want to make sure we provide the same protections for citizens would live here. >> similar b
5:51 am
last year and it did not pass. >> olympic great michael phelps uming congress to take action about drugs in sports and the retired u.s. swiler was on capital hill on how to improveant eye doping measures. >> i don't believe that i've stood up on international at an international competition and the rest of the field has been clean. i don't believe that. i don't think i've ever felt that. >> representatives from the world anti-doping agency and international olympic committee were at yesterday's hearing though the president of international olympic committee declined invitation to attend. >> nine minutes before 6 let's look at stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. we'll do it with the realtime news tracker. >> maureen begins. >> california representative max even waters skipped out on president trump's speech to congress tonight and says his speech to congress was more celebratory event where pepl
5:52 am
smile and shake hands. she didn't want any parts of that. she didn't attend the inauguration evenlyer. betsy devos continues to receive backlash after her xlept about historical black colleges and university he said they are the real pioneers when it comes to school choice. many supporters hvcus point out they were established because african-american students didn't have a khoyxts and amazon cloud storage suffer aid major outage causing thousands of web sites and apps not work proper will i thos us of companies had features from file sharing to web feed. >> and corella found a headliner after beyonce said she could not perform. lady gaga is taking the stage in tweet gaga wrote let's party in the dessert with picture of cocella poster with her name listed ahead liner. >> and thousands pit the street to new or leans to celebrate fat tuesday they took part in party and parade and
5:53 am
and so dial it back, everybody, happy march. hope you got it all in. >> thanks, mo. >> before you order up another subway chicken sandwich you might want to find out how much of it is actually chicken. researchers in canada conducted dna on fast food chicken sandwiches and found misdemeanor and wendy's scored near 100% with chicken. subway tested worst though they found dna of subway sandwich 50% chicken and most of the rest is so i filler. subway called the study "absolutely false and misleading and said the chicken is 100% marinated white meat with seasonings delivered to stores as finished cooked product." >> youtube a british writer says they stole the song or a
5:54 am
youtube lifted key elements from copy i i wrd song. u2 has not publicly respond totd lawsuit. >> so that album came out 1991 and this is now coming out. >> i guess they just listened to it. >> they finally got their hands on one. >> lawyers. >> who knows. >> all right. >> you see how that fares out. >> 5:54 now time for facebook fan of the day. say good morning to nina, looks like nina scored picture with familiar face there's. >> that's right her mother tatiana says this was taken last summer during our "fox5" zip trip she metal i son, maureen and tucker. she loves everybody aat "fox5" and maybe sure to meet tucker barnes she celebrate add i birthday and happy belated birth day to you. >> you all look good. >> warm today it feels look a zip trip day. >> early part of the average here we have to watch out
5:55 am
march will be roaring in like a lion. let it roar [ grrr ]. >> they should have played katy perry. roar. >> that deposit go as well as i thought it would. >> we tried. >> bus stop forecast. >> i appreciate wisdom. >> that lion should setd see a veterinarian there. >> maybe a shower and we break into sunday and de stabilize after school hours watching for thunderstorms and temperatures really start to drop the second half of the day here. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast 76 the daytime high today watch for strong thunderstorms gusty winds and large hail and tornado or two even possible and later this afternoon and we drop, 20 cooler tomorrow. almost 30 cooler by friday with maybe some snow showers around the region. weekend looks sunny and nice. on the cooler side. 46 saturday and 55 surprised before we start the trend back up. 60s
5:56 am
near 70 on tuesday [ lion roaring ] good better late than never. >> take a look at traffic with erin sglaern i swear i was like what is that noise it took me a second to realize what was happening. >> i'm having a little moment there. >> okay. things are going off the rails. first my dress keys out and wisdom is growling or roaring like a lion. 270 southbound lot of frustrated drivers now because volume is increasing as you come around the curb past father hurley boulevard increased volume knowledge to the truck scales and leave 15 minutes early. topside of the beltway college park outer loop new hampshire avenue no major slow downs and that trend continues down the spur. 295 on southbound side. not seeing a lot of brake lights yet. i like that from 50 to pennsylvania avenue moving niecely northbound side looking good and how about this 95
5:57 am
parts way. con just john there give yourself 30 extra minutes. keep it to fox news morning we you have covered for morning news, weather, traffic, 6:00 hour coming up.
5:58 am
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spv a softer tone as president trump calls for unity. optimistic topics from affordable care took the immigration. >> and saluting the wife of navy s.e.a.l. killed in i araid he ordered after taking hours and some repused to clap during that touching tribute. >> a live look outside. wednesday morning, march 1 everybody a whole brand new month the threat of severe storms is a big story today. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's get right to tucker barnes for a timeline as one can expect the severe weather to roll in. >> good morning, saturday, when we have a lot of heat build up throughout the day and in the afternoon big thunderstorms and hail and even isolated tornado in southern maryland we're concerned with we could do that again today. this is heads up. fine this morning. future cast.


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