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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 2, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, some democrats calling on fox5 l attorney general jeff sessionslf tof sessio resign.regn. comes after news breaks that henews b may have perjured himse during his confirmationnfi hearing when asked about abut contacts with russianacts with u diplomats. >> take a live lookss outside.out we're in for a relatively mildiy day mixed with heavy winds, though. th especially during the earlyrly part of this >> hold onto your hat when youwo head outside.head outside >> thanks for joining us i'mus ' maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly moehrris.orrs. today is thursday march 2nd.rh >> mike thomas is going tog to talk about that weatherhat weatr headline in a second but so isoi erin.
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give us that headline.headline >> you mentioned it.ou mentid the winds will be blowing.o that is kind of the big story of the day today. to of course you had all thathad al damage yesterday as the storms rolled through. through. lots of sunshine thists of sune afternoon, a quieter day in store. erin. >> right now we're dealing whip winds that could impact n your drive especiowally on w the bridges but look behind me allnd the we're seeing nice drive times. i'll let you know if thatw if th changes. >> all right erin and mike we'll get withight you guys on e 5s. new details this morning aboutsn a deadly crash along interstate 270 in frederick.frer maryland state police now say two people were killed in that accident that happened around ad 10:00 last night near the baker valley road overpass.verps police say speed may have been a factor.fato northbound lanes were shute shut down for hours but they areut ta now back opened. >> also developing overnightnigt from prince george's county, gey police there are, searching for eight-year-old mohammed mohammed was last seen in theasi 9100 block of lanham severnam sn road. it's unclear what time thatt tit was. police say he was wearing a camouflage jacket and graya
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if you know any informationow af please call porolice.police. also breaking overnight,ver, calls from top democrats forratf attorney general jeff sessions s to resign.resign. and revelations that he was inwa contact with the russianct wittu ambassador last year.yer. >> sessions insists he neverh discussed campaign issues withmi anyone from that russia despite testifying under oath that he never talked titofy anyy russian official.fic >> our melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with all these e overnight developments.night de good morning, mel.ning >> reporter: good morning.. and those contacts firstose cons reported by the and fwirashingw post. post. now, let's go back to january.n. here on capitol hill and those e comments from sessionsessons confirmation hearing that haveht sparked all of this. this >> i have been called aa surrogate at a time or two in ti that campaign and i did notd n have communications with the russians. >> reporter: but as a member m past senate armed servicesrvices committee sessions had two interactions with the russianssn ambassador. the justice department saident one was a visit similar tolar o those that sessions had witha w di
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countries. the other in a group setting seg following a speech at the the heritage foundation. democratic house minorityse m leader nancy pelosi accused sessions of lying under oathu and is calling for his resignation. senators elizabeth warren and elijah cummings are joining that chorus cummings calling sessions testimony false saying he let it stand for weeks even as president trumpe d told the natent iotrn he knew kw nothing about campaign cam advisers talking to the to the russians. russia now, sessions was a policypolcy adviser for the trumptrum campaign. he says during his his confirmation hearing, he was w responding to a question about the trump campaign contactspaign with russians, not his meetings as a sitting senator. he said in a statement, ," i i never met with russianrussn officials to discuss issues ofse the campaign. i haveca mno idea what thish allegation is about.a it is false ."fa there are also calls, olsf, o course, for sessions to recuseiu himself from the ongoing investigation into russianat dealings with that election.ion
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sessions has said that if that f there's anything to recuseg to r himself from, he will. wil. live on capitol hill, i'mll, melanie alnwick, fox5 local5 news. >> mel, thank you.>> m the next trumpel, thtrump administration cabinet nomineeee up for a vote in senate is celebrated neurosurgeon bensurgn carson. vote is scheduled today caontody president donald trump'sent do choice to lead the departmente e housing and urban developmenteve and approval is expected.pecte carson has no government orernmr housing policy experience.xperie despite that, though, he won unanimous support that are appor senate committee vote back in january. >> meanwhile ryan zenke hasenkas been torn in. he was sworn in by viceas president mike swo pence yestery with zinke's approval theroval e senate has confirmed 16 out of o 22 of trump's cabinet level nominations.mina >> developing in virginia the supreme court ordereding in a ll court re-examine whether the whe state general assembly unconstitutionally forcedfored african-american voters intotero certain districts. critics say theai n movedi
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form a new political map that could reshape the republicanhe controlled state legislature.tae the case calls i lntego questiou whether the use of a 55 percent african-american voting threshold led to thehe forbidden practice of race based gerrymandering.yma a final decision could come later this year >> could the trump administration's recent action n rolling back guidance to to schools about transgenderansgeer bathroom use delay the case of f a virginia boy that's due to to go before the supreme courtt this month.heth m gavin grimm a transgenderednsged teen from that gloucesterrom tht county g,lo virginia is suing ts school board to be able to usels the bathroom that matches hisace gender his case is scheduled to go to g before the supreme court onrt n march yesterday lawyers for bothy sides urged the court to molveaw ahead with the case but the school board did suggest thet te justices get clarificationi from the trump administrationinn about its recent >>♪♪♪ >> 5:05 on this thursdayhis t morning. mike thomas we're talking ta about our weather and hopingr ap that the winds die down soondie 'cause man, they were
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just about never sight.t >> they'll continue to doughinuh this morning but by the timeng b we get to the evening hours ith think we'll lose some of thatiht wind. i want to go to the wind the wid advisory because it is inecausen effect this morning for justfor about our entire region untiliou 10:00 a.m. that is for wind gusts potentially 40 to 50 miles an50n hour and some places even 50s e0 plus. outside right now 50 here inhern washington with winds blowing out of the north andnds west att 17 miles an hour but gusting upwards of 25 and up towards tos hagerstown and cumberland seeing some gusts much closer to 40. instead of temperatures let mepa show you wind chills.d chill still feels like 50 in d.c.n d but those locations that areonsr cooling down off to the northffh and west it fee enls like thes e 30's in gaithersburg, dulles dus up towards westminster,nster, frederick, hagerstown as youyo step out your door thisour doors morning. so again make sure you'reu bundling it it up it's not the warmth we had we around the region yesterday.ion satellite and radar heyeredar hr showing clouds clearing acrosslr the we'll have mostly sunny skiesstu here in d.c. today but thosenn d who live north anday bwest outt towards the far north andthe fan west, i'm talking like garrettgt county maryland, mountains of west virginia, you could haved e some snow showers as we rol
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through those afternoon hours. u you were forecast for the dayfoy today here in washington,hin we'll call it mid-50's for's r daytime highs. high lots out of sunshine but veryvey windy and those winds wills wll make it feel about five to o 10 degrees colder thisoldehis afternoon. all right, that's a check of the forecast. h traffictra back twhait this morning.mrn >> on-time traffic brought tor you by toyota.oyo visit buy a for special offers.ffers. >> 5:07 right now and you canu n see some volume picking up asics you make your way out on 95 on northbound coming past princeast william parkway.iam parkway. no major delays but folks folks definitely out and about thiss thursday morning.ornng. can't believe it's friday eveevv already. in other locations traffic isras just as quiet.just as we're starting to see some s s things wake up a little bit liti but as we forward our cameras you can see we're doing veryoing niceve on 295 southbound.ohbo this is as you pass eastern easn avenue. no issues from 50 down to theown to 11th street bridge.brige. northbound side also in thee clear. we'll switch it over for acl look at our maps.itch at our ma the entire stretch of theetc beltway looking good.ltway lo as we look at our drive times,t, all green all good across 66cro6 from prince william parkway toao fairfax county
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395 northbound from theound froe beltway to the 14th street 14tht bridge also a 10 minute ride. r. we're seeing very light volume e there. 270 from 70 down to 109 into ino urbana just 11 minutes.min none that of usual congestionl g by the truck scales just yet. y. and the outer loop in collegep e park 95 to georgia of a fivergii minute ride so love what i'me wi seeing there across the drive times. that pretty much represents the entire area.tty mue entire we're not sereing anye isa.suesn the freeway we're looking goodoo on all of our secondaries bydar the hill hm issue free ine freen northeast in bethesda all ofll our secondaries looking good. g. gw parkway inbound 123 to theo e key bridge is also cruising.. metro all rail lines andnes and metrobus on time right now.n any questions at erin fox5stio d.c. on back to you holly and >> coming up on fox5 news nws morning, russian militaryiliry forces bomb u.s. backed rebelses in syria.syria >> and several parts of thets oe midwest are beginning to cleanen up from around -- a round ofund severe weather. wea >> we're heading to break headir right now with aea lkive lookivo across the d.c. region.r it is 5:08 and 51 degrees. degr. you see the winds stillnds blowing out there.t whew, okay. back after after more details t-ne
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and traffic when we continue. >> ♪♪ ♪ >> ♪♪ >> 5:09. >> a north korean man will be released from malaysian ma custody today. there wa
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connecting him to the fatal attack on kim jong nam. on he was arrested four daysr a after the attack in malaysianala airport but officials never offe said why he had been arrested.r he was released and deporteddeod because he does not have valid travel duments. >> russian war planes bombednesd u.s. backed firefighters in firn several small villages inll vili northern syria yesterday afterf they mistakenly thought isishoug group forces were in the areae e that's according to a u.s. general this morning we do nottr know how many people have diedhd in the attack.he attk. the russians apparently sawsaw isis fighters in the area oferse the attack and wrongly assumedoe that other forces remaining rein were more militants.ilints. >> cleanup is under way aftery e a deadly tornado swept throughw the midwest. at least three peepople were wee killed. the storm tore off the roof of a strip mall outside ofof cleveland, ohio.d, ohio. school in northern alabama hadbd to send kids home early ea because of the storms there. t clear skies, though, areugh, expected in most of thected in e affected areas through thehrough weekend. >> back here at homehere at home yesterday's storms caused somess pretty big damage as this is video
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barker from gaithersburg wherebe downed power lines started aine big fire in the roadway. r fire department quickly quikly arrived, did put out the out the flames. thankfully no major injuriesmajo were reported in our area butreu the storms did leave hundreds without power. >> spring break is right sea around the corner and if you're planning to travel, tra expect plenty of company. coany the t.s.a. is preparing for a 10-year high travel volumegh this year.tthis yr. security agents expected toecte screen about 62 millionut 62 mil travelers at the nation'sers ata airports in march taloione.marcn the agency also plans to open to more automated screening lanese to deal with the ilncrease inren the coming months.n >> if you are a bookworm, thenon today is a special day forecial you. today is read across america ami today march 2nd which also celebrates dr. seuss' birthday. later this morning tucker andthm allison are going to head toor o school in northeast to read toao some students.ud and the washington redskins re are joining in on the and the special day by hosting fiveostig local elementary schools at redskins park.s park. >> that's great. great day.
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>> coming up on fox5 newsup on s morning, one of the most famous talk show hosts in theta world is said to belk sworld ise considering a run at thethe presidency in four years. years >> and for the first time in 146 years, chicago didn't get'tt any snow during the first twoiro months of the year.r. mind >> what are your peeps saying.a >> mind blowing.g. they're not minding it but it is a little. >> it is a ill unnerving.ll uern >> yeah. >> let's take a live lookake a o across the d.c. region muchgionh not many people up and at 'em am just yet but we're gettinging there. time now is 5:12, 51 degrees t5 it is windy outside folks. f going to feel cool pretty muchlo all day.o l day mike will talk about the will weather and erin will update upd us on the traffic.e trafc. don't go anywhere.don't go you're watching fox5 newsg fox5s morning. >> ♪♪
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>> calls for corner general f jeff sessions toor c resign. >> search will resume in the th human remains found at two a separate parks. investigators are lookingra into whether it may be connected to t gang violence. search is under way in maryland for a missing boylech b seen on your screen scren eight-year-old mohamed drame-old who was seen in the 9100 block of lanham severn road. >> meanwhile in the weather we quarter past the hour is ours time right now.time what a difference a day makes. >> it was summer yesterday.rday. [laughter] aughter] >> right. >> and now we're back to now definitely early springlikeprine temperatures. >> uh-huh.te >> maybe even late winter some w might call it, riginht,ter mikee >> you're absolutely right holly. holl we're in that battle zone andonn today winter is going to start to win out a little bit and wead have several days of winterw lime temperatures coming up.res. speaking of yesterday's stormsyt they did not come through with a lot of thunder and lightningdl but boy did they come through th with wind. every circle is a report ofrt dage
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as the storms rolled you see a lot of trees wind advisories remain in effect this morning. we have a lot of wind out there and that's going to bedv the case as weisor wfeoctre k o into at least the earlyarl afternoon hours before winds bei start to subside just a bita bi but it really won't be until unl the overnight hours when we whee finally start to lose them and a it gets a little more pleasantpe around 25 miles an hour wind gusts inr d.c., hagerstown 38,wn 3, cumberland maryland 43 as wellae as there in martinsburg westburt virginia so again, a lot of lot wind this morning and it will kind of hold until at least,le well, through the first halffirs of the day really.lly. temperatures outsidet 50 degrees right near d.c. righ. that's not too bad when youwhenu consider temperatures aremperate already falling back into thelit 40's but this cooler air is onlr the way. it's going to be pushing into ti the region just about all day a today. you factor in those wind gustsnh i just told yoosue wi about, an, here's what it feels like ast ik you step oue t your door.oor. 37 in gaithersburg, 39 atrg, 39 dulles. washington it says 50 but it sa0 but probably feels a little li chillier than that. 43 for manassas.anasas. 35 for westminster.ster. the heavier jacket will be w
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needed today even though youougu didn't yesterday 'cause't temperatures here in yeseren washington reached thated that 80-degree mark, first time, fire we've done that this early inea the season in 41 years. satellite and radar showing aow little bit of a system coming c off the great lakes there,th lake effect snow showers thist n morning garrettow county, grantn mineral counties in westties int virginia could all see some som snow showers as they heady head through the day today. t here in d.c. we're clearingle the clouds out, dry and sunny this afternoon but if youft heard the rumors,erno yes, snows possible around the region asron we work our wayd into tomorroww morning. fast forwarding futurecastu 10:00 p.m. tonight maybe ma flurries around 3 aroua.. overnight a couple of snow of sw showers. looks like the main wave ofav of the snow showers is going tos go come through late morninghroughg early afternoon tomorrow.afterno there you go with just again ag some conversational snowonve showers coming down.ming down to show you how much of a nonfactor this little snowthis n system is, just a spottysp grassy coating and again, i a can't even guarantee that everybody sees the snow showers tomorrow. soshow really not too much to tk about. it will be interesting to seeste given that we were 80 degrees 8s yesterday. quick look at the fox5the f accuweather 7-day for
5:18 am
after the snow tomorrow, ito will be a cmhilly weekendwee before we start warming it upt u again next week.n ne all right, that's a chxteck of the weather. erin como is back this morningmg with the traffic.trfic. >> our producer og just saidsaid to me did he just say >> i did say snow. sn >> i can't believe it. believe . doesn't seem right. >> i don't want anybody toy to panic. panic. >> just some >> not at panicky snow. sow. >> conversational snow withtion the air quotes.e air qu right now we have somee breaking news out of manassas.. le mond drive is car into a house at that th location. loc aside from that as you makeatasy your way out in montgomery county pete perringer lettingetg us know they have windav advisories for montgomeryries county through 10 o'clock this morning. winds 20 to 25 miles an hour f with gusts upgh 1 o 25 m to 50 miles an0 m an hour.ho temperatures in the 40's.40'. use caution while driving andiv be aware of hazardous roadd conditions throughoutns montgomery county. ntgomery cnt. watch for debris trash cansr other obstacles in the roadshe r from the winds and rains that tt moved through yesterdayd thugh y afternoon and during thed durine overnight. we'll ep
5:19 am
entire area in virginia andaand portions of the district.rict. right now on 66 it is a quiet qt drive from gainsville tole to manassas noon great conditions throughions thu fairfax. all green all good.. same story on the inner loopinn through annandale thisnandal morning. and then as you make your waykey out on the freeway we're inewa the clear. the clear. metro is all good to go. o. no delays reported.po any questions at erin fox5tion d.c. on twitter. holly andd. maureen. >> 5:19. let's take a look at the look at stories you're engaging withu're the most this morning onorn social media with our realtimeel news tracker. track. >> wisdom is back with what's hot on the web. hey, whiz. >> good morning. first up the white>> house isses proposing cutting theing th environmental pro sectionnmentao agency's budget.bud this means staff members wouldmr lose their jobs and dozens ofs f programs would be eliminated.lii this is according to the washingtons ac post. p for example, grants to states, n as well as its air and waterter programs will be cut byy 30 percent. the trump administration'sistras budget blueprint indicates itsri priority to rebuild tnthee military and making investments into the nation's security. meanwhile, white housenw lawyers have instructed thehile president'
5:20 am
materials that could beat coulde connected to russianr interference in the 2016 election. instructions were stone white st house staff on tuesday --u stone white house staff on tuesday. esday. possible contacts betweenle c trump advisers and russiaon while congressional committeesss are investigatingio russia's role in political hackingcki during the campaign.paig also this morning actoring r cal pen has become the latesttet face to mob kellyanne donelyanne way. you may have seen a picture of her.her. pen montgomery county thent photogome using the caption call anne. >> how about this? oprah winfrey for president.president. for years she ran daytime tv t but could she run for the ovalte office? oprah winfreyah winfrey suggests that the oval office could be in her future in ann hn episode of bloomberg's the david reuben stein show.shw that aired on yesterday.ired ont and also this morning, thenin
5:21 am
wind and snow but for the for th first time in 146 years, the national weather serviceher documented no snow in chicagoico in january and february.fe >> i'm telling you, mindou, blown. >> end of the world is near. >> i can't believe it. >> yeah: >> believe it next year when w mother nature lowers the nat hammer. >> exactly. y atpayatdy has got to pa some point. point. >> always.>> alws. >> wisdom. >> always comes full circle.cir. >> thanks to are that.hanks to e coming up on fox5 news morning, an american autori maker is about to changeca the h definition of wait means to drive in comfort.dr >> and mcdonald'siv is usings technology to get you back into its restaurants.stnts. >> back to a break with a live e look across the d.c. region.regi it's 5:21 and it is 50 degrees. 50 d fox newseg morning after thisr h break. back after that.back aftt. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:23 is our time right now. ford is bringing a new our feate to its in this case suv. its 2018 ford expedition willexl be able to stream live cableiv or satellite tv to a rear seat entertainment system.en the systemtert includes 28-inch8 screens in the front seatont sea headrests and passengers wills be able to connect toand to streaming services using the suv's wireless internet.wire good news forle tesla. tes the electric automaker has ha beat out gm ford andrd and fiat-chrysler to become the th highest ranked american brandria in consumer reports annual aual report. but what makes the honor even more significant is that teslasa received the honor despite the e fact that it only sells twoly s model the ranking is based on ba reliability safety road testty t and owner satisfaction.ownect >> the owner of the trump tajruj mahal casino property has propes struck a deal sell it to hardo d rock international and two andwo other
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investors. carl icahn closed the casinothea four months ago citing ci $300 million in lost revenue. hard rock has long toyed withoy opening a casino in atlanticno c mcdonald's, they'redonald'se looking to get you -- your-- our food even faster using someing e new technology. customers may be able to ordero their food and pay for it on itn their app.p. customers who use the app willpl have the option to pick up orders at the drive through windows or designated curbsidece delivery spots o no launcho date has been released but the fast food chain says it willt w be available at its 14,000ts u.s. restaurants by the end of the >> the taste of spring. starbucks has added two newded w spring drinks to its menu. drino you can order a coconut milk macchiato. [inaudible]
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>> ♪♪ >> mike thomas perking up. p. he's our resident starbucks -- what do you want to call it. >> fetcher. >> i'm not interested in'm nntes either one of those. t >> almond milk macchiato mightmt be my favorite my >> warm drink today would befava nice because many wothat culhia came back with a vengeance.veng >> you're absolutely rightsolutt maureen. we have colder air working worin back into the region. int you'll be going for the hot chocolate rather than theolat chocolate milk later this afternoon. satellite and radar showingite snow showers pushing into theanh mountains garrett county and cou kind of the mountntains of westo virginia there, you could sheyou snow showers this afternoon.we near d.c. we'll break into sursu but look at thosehose temperatures. buthere in washington dulles and bwi have fallene f back into the 40's.0's quick look at the planner panner today. mid-50's this afternoon.50'ss ao the it will be wn.indy today soo pack the wind breaker. b erin como is back with your traffic. >> 5:26 right now. keeping our eyes on the roads>>d this thursday mo we are tracking
5:27 am
car into a house le mond driveu near sudley road.y road majors increasing volume wiseoli but moving along fine. southbound 295 increasedhbound c volume but not enough to cause e major slowdowns to the 11thownse street bridge. a look at meettro as we continue. any questions at erin fox5es d.c. onti twitter.t >> all right erin thank youhank for that.r that. >> coming up on fox5 news nws morning, local police and fbioli team up to search for thatea human remains. >> and the wife of the orlandoh nightclub shooter is releasedele from custody. >> as we head to break let'sr go ahead and take another live look outside across your d.c.. region on this blusteryluy thursday morning.thur let's call it that.tht. it's 50 degrees right no. 5:27 is our time. we'll have much more on the other side. fox5 news morninotg back right t after this.after >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> some democrats are callingdeo on attorney general jeff sessions to resign.crtt thisor comes after newses breakr that he n may have perjuredve rd himself during confirmationconf hearings when asked about abut contacts with russianss diplomats. criminal indictment.ditment. seven baltimore city policebalt officers are chargedim withth federal crimes.crimes. and initial publicpubc offering. fering. later today another socialot media giant goes public.lic. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ news morning. mor >> good morning to you. good mo thank you very much forrn joining uins.ank yojoinin i'm wisdom martin.m wisdom mart >> and i'm holly mori. today is thursday marc 2
5:31 am
place. pls i mike thomas and erin como coo talking about weather andabout a traffic. , winds willinds will remain gusty this afternoonafteo with gusts between 40 and 50 miles an hour.n hour lots of sunshine but temperatures went tomper 25 degrees colder thanat deg dasterday: erin. >> and right now we're tracking a car into a house le h mond drive is closed inclosed manassas at 234 sudley road.roa we'll take a look at that andatd a new problem on five as well. e >> thank you erin and mike. mik we'll check in with you inth you just a moment. if you're just wak moming up les get you caught up on the topon stories this we'll begin withorie politicalol developments overnight and calls from top democrats for f attorney general jeff sessionsg to resjeign in thffe wake of nes that sessions met with a top russian diplomat last yeart y during the presidentialresidentl campaign. the washington post first reported that then senatornator sessions had two conversations with the russiantw ambassador tt the united states in 2016. 201 now in a statement releasedrelad late last night, the attorneye y general said that he did notd t meet with any russianssian officials to discuss issues ofss the campaign.e camp during
5:32 am
hearings last mol sessionsesson testified under oath that hed un never talked to any russianussi official. al >> now let's get to the story that's developing's gin fairfax county. police and the fbi areare searching parks in the areain t for human remains. rem >> they believe those remainsbeh are relatosed te o the ongoing n gang violence. violenc fox5's annie yu live in in fairfax county this morningun with the story. annie. >> reporter: hey, good rep morning, holly anord wisdom.sdo. well, fairfax county policety p respect not providing a whole lot of information at thisfo time, but we do know thatw tat police believe this may all belb gang related and we also knowalw that they didn't find anydn't fy human remains yesterday during i their search but the search will continue today.ontinue t and if you look behind myook ben shoulder here, you can seensee they've basically restricted access to this cul-de-sac in this neighborhood.ighborhoo we're on crater place.'re it's ri oght close to holmes run park in the lincolnia sectionlna of the county and officersffices have basically blocked off of this cul-de-sac and theyc and th continue to keep watch w guarding the scene around this t park and again, the search searh will continue today.will conti now, tuesday is when policewhen say they receed
5:33 am
there could be bodies in thisods area and since then police and d the fbi have saturated this neighborhood with all sorts ofod equipment. now, wiin vestigators roped off a a large section of the park andkad they set up a mobile command post yesterday adjacent to thehe park lawn pool andpark lawn pooa investigators were seen venturing into the woods in four wheel gators, that's someth of the video you're looking at t now. no they also set up a tent in thete woods about 200 yards from thee single family homes and thed area is protected by crimeby c scene tape. we still don't know what is inside this tent. police have not revealedinsi th. one neighbor told us she didid hear gunfire in the parkn the p sunday night and tuesday night t put was not concerned enoughoero to call the police.pol police also tell us that thisus may be gang related and so wesoe asked them if thisif t investigation was in any way related to the recent gang gn related murder of a a 15-year-old girl and here'sr-olr what they told us.whathey to >> we don't know of any of any connections from the previousomi cases that we'veou recently been atvestigating. however preliminarily we do believe this may have a gang connecon
5:34 am
crime but the information thatio we are receiving is there mayery be a gang involvement. involv >> reporter: did they say d that this may have somethingidms to do with somebody who is missing? mi >> they did not say >> reporter: now, police police also tell us that this is not ot the first time they searchedsead this neighborhood. back in may of 2014, theyhey actually found two gangud members decapitated and buriedb in the holmes run park.he holmea and so this would be the second time fairfax countyfax co police are searching thishingths area, but again, as of this ths morning, no human remainsreains found but the search willse continue today. that's the verntyin latest frome the lincolnia section of theof t county, annie yu, fox5 local lol news. ne >> 5:34 is our time right now. . another black eye for ther e baltimore police department.e po seven of their officers arers a due in court today to faceo c federal charges in an alleged a corruption scheme.r federal prosecutors called the seven police officers thieveser in uniform and 1930's style gangsters. the allegations stem fromtions crimes investigators sayes itigy started back in 2015 andd continued
5:35 am
including falsely detainingag people, stealing money from those detained and fakingnd f reports to cover up theirir tracks. trac >> they felt as though thatksy e gave them tlthe as privilege to take advantage of a number ofbef citizens that they were ere dealing with on the streets otro the problem with that is thathat these citizens that they werethe taking these weapons and drugs s from, they never reported itrepd for a long period of time. ti >> for more than a year the dea and fbi led a covert investigation into ainigation in specialized unit of theunit of e baltimore police department.ce . >> meanwhile maryland woman islm under arrest this marornings mog charged in connection with ain i virginia man's murder.muder. police charged moniquear williams as an accessory aftersf the fact in the murder ofrderof michael gray.ael gr police are still looking forre l the suspected l gunman jason jan johnson much he's wanted for shooting gray at a party in arlington. >> the parent company of thear populaenr snapchat app will will begin trading on the new yorke stock exchange. california based snap pricedp its initial public offering ati $17 a share which is higherhier than its originally pro
5:36 am
now this could value theld vhe company at $24 billion.4 snap is one of the most anticipated technology ipo's ipo since twitter's debut back in 2013. 20 >> ♪♪ >> all right. now. nowhe time mike thomas, that wind is kicking. kickin >> uh-huh. >> man, when it first came, whea through yesterday, i walkedy, iw the dog after the storms came through and the the wind waswins blowing so hard i think thenk th sticks were coming down harderon than the rain. >> i know. >> saw a tree in the road. road. >> trash can alert. alt. >> yeah. >> someone tweeted me and saided all his deck firn cherry was on top of his neighbor's car. >> ooh.oh. >> got to thatch furnitureo when the wind starts do know that the wind will behew blowing as we work our wayay through this morning -- theseg e morning hours o50 degrees yourgo current number here in d.c.mber. but 40's spilling in throughugh the mountains even a 30-degree-e reading towards cumberlandcum this morning.or definitely jacket weather is back and it will be sticlyki jng around for the next several thet days. yes, you're not seeing things, n that's snow showers pushing pu into the northwestern
5:37 am
that's up towards garrettgarre county, maryland, westunty, mard virginia where they could havecd some snow showers later it's that storm system thatem ht brought us the severe weather wt yesterday it's that's why warm front theen's wy windtoday.y. w temperatures later on this late afternoon in the 40's for our o northern suburbs and low to mid-50's here in d.c. d.c. but again, winds will bes will e blowing so it will feel aee little colder than that. c all right, that's a choleck of c the forecast.o erin como, take it away withwit traffic.traffic. >> 5:37 right now.:37 right we're tracking a lot of breaking news this morning.morig in manassas right now happen no pond drive closed at sudleylosey road. car into a caution there.r in southern maryland crash atcrh renner road on five southboundod leonardtown road.lero it's jammed back to jones laneja you can see a lot of red onn se our map rightlot there.her. southbound crash again trafficgt just squeezing by as you makeoue your way out by renner road oned the shoulder so we'll keep youpu posted on that crash.crash. aside from that as you make your way out in montgomeryt in county o-pete perringerperrier letting us know window advisories in effect untilor about 10 ieos 'clock this mornin 20 to 25 miles per hour.hour. gusts could put us up topuo
5:38 am
please use caution on bridgesn i and overpasses.and oes use caution watch forh for hazardous conditionscond throughout montgomery county and really all ofut mthe dmvhev watch for debris potentiallypot downed trash cans from all the e heavy winds and rainsins overnight. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. ow. nw.s on time righest nti bacto you.u. >> 5:38 is the time. the time. coming up on fox5 newsming up os morning, the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter onetcu step away from being >> and the judge in the caseyhe anthony trial offers hisff theories on what happened ton wo little caylee. >> as we head to break righteadr now here's a liveig htlook outse across the d. the time rightd. t now is 5:38, temperatureemature 50 degrees. back in a moment.back in a ment >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone.
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dunkin's full-bodied, cold brew coffee. takes 12 hours to steep... and almost no time to sip. keep on with ultra smooth taste, now available with a sweet and salted kick. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪♪ >> 5:41 is the time right now. back with news this morning of thehe tws t widow of the orlandd nightclub shooter because she sh could be freed from jail be tomorrow. now this comesfr after a judge granted noor salmon $500,000n ,0 became the government has the until friday to appeal that many ruling. giday t a judge ruled there's nomany ruo evidence that she has connections to isis. if released she would besed required to wear a trackingtr device until her trial salman has pleaded guilty touil charges of helping her husband d omar mateen plan that shting.g. >> former judge who presidedreid over casey anthony's caseny believes anthony probablyes antp killed her two-year-old daughter caylee by accident.
5:42 am
judge perry believes she tried to give her chloroform tolorofoo knock her out but used tood to much he bases that theory onhe the chloroform searches onrcheon casey's computer and theer and t traces of it in the trunk ofe tf her car but he admits it'sts i just a a theory. >> a bill on college rapellege e investigations is causingausg something controversy.nsy. georgia lawmakers advanced ad a bill that would limit rapeld lie investigations of collegeclleg campuses. is designed stop sp georgia colleges from settingse up special procedures toproceduo investigate sexual assaulte sext cases and to steer more casesr e toward authorities.wa some see that bill as one ofs of the most restrictive laws onctiw how schools can respond to campus rape reports.repo >> coming up on fox5 newsing morning, aup opublic health hel crisis leads to a state ofs emergency in maryland.genc >> and the academy awardscademyd takes steps to make sure next year's oscars ceremony goes go off without a hitch.h a hit >> as we head to break, let'srek go ahead and take a live look lk across the d.c. region.r we're at 5:42. 5: on the clock right now.he clo rg 50 degrees on the thermometer.h. it's thursday, we're almost there.. friday eve, rig
5:43 am
morning back right after this. . >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪♪ back..ome >> smooth jazz weather time.eatt >> i thought our goal was towaso get everybody up and going outg the door.. i think we're just lullingustllg them right back into bed. bd. i'm just going to pull thep covers right back up.s right ck >> you know what the name of
5:46 am
>> smooth. [laur]ter] >> no. >> no. you're smooth. the name of the song is freshs h and so >> fresh and so clean. >> that's you. >> mike thomas. [laughter] >> i got big shoes to >> i think you already hit the e mark so you're good. goo >> good morning, folks atfolksat home. [laughter] let's start with a little le weather on this thursdayhurday hey, good morning.r hey, yesterday, wowesterday springtime. nal 80 degrees. degrees. that ties the record fromfro 1976. that was also the last time march first hit 80 degrees.rees. so, warmest start to spring ini 41 years basically.sically. although later on today, notn t going to feel like this. dulles, were. wi both mid 70's yesterday afternoon. our average high should be inh the 50's and when those storms t rolled through yesterdayestay afternoon check out these peakhk gusts. sts. quantico virginia a hurricaneure force wind gust, 78 degrees, germantown 66 miles an hour wind came through.66 lots of powerwi ond cutages andu trees down around germantown.rm reagan national gusts
5:47 am
i think i sailid degrees.deg miles an hour is of course h whatou i meant. met. 25 miles an hour gustsiles currently out at washington.ou w 43 for martinsburg, 36 out of 3f cumberland. the main story is the windse wid remain very gusty and becausey n of that, wind advisories in effects, 40 to vive miles an0 hour wind gusts could be anticipated at least through 10:00 a.m. this morning. to ind. then winds w tillhimorn insg.tin but they won't be up to thisup s degree after that 10 o'clock0 ok hour. temperatures outside right nowiw still 50 here in washington,ashn we're hanging on for as long asg as we can here because you cancs see the cooler airily isirily spilling in from the north andoa west. west. martinsburg down to 44, frederick 43, hagerstown 43,rwn wind chills anywhere from fiveo to 10 degrees below so, definitely jacket weatherckw is back in d.c. and it will be e hanging around for the nextnext several days.a good news is clouds haveds hav cleared the region.thre we'll be mostly sunny here inhen washington today. the one exception, those who tho live north and west, garrettrret county maryland, marylandryland panhandle and kind ofandle and f mountains of west virginias of w clouds and even some snow some n showers later on today.r on to here in d.c. the rumors are true. we could doug
5:48 am
snow tomorrow. tomorrow. this ribbon of snow out of thete dakotas heading for iowaa that's a weak alberta clippercl and that's going to be racingrag through pennsylvania duringpennr the daytime hours tomorrow.toor. that could bring snow showerssh and snow flurries around theflus region. a all ahead of yetregion a colderr mass that will be spilling inili as we head towards your fridayfy night and saturday.atu weekend does look like it'sook e going to be on the chilly sidel around here.around here. feeling more like late winter,w, early spring should. sh how much snow? this is reallyal a nonevent.onevent. i'm just showing this to you tou so -- we don't want to cause panic. nic. spotty grassy coating for oney e or two. not even everybody in ourdy in o region is going see the snow showers. dusting to 2-inches in the-inch blue zone although do note foror those of you in that blue zoneze that does include some snowome w today. 56 degrees your afternoon temperatures today. it will remaintemper windy.wind. quick look at that fox5f accuweather 7-day forecast.7-daa chilly through the weekend. thee we'll warm it up again nextin nt week. all right, that's the that's t forecast. erin como back this morningo bak with a look at this those roado >> that's right, it's 5:48 5:4 right now and if you head ot
5:49 am
in manassas this morning leor mond drive remains closed atsed sudley road 234 with a today to into a house. they're working on thaton that investigation. we're also tracking this crash h in southern maryland.arynd. five on the southbound sidehbou right now is closed at jonesos lane. we do have some northboundnothbd lanes affected as well.el. we're seeing some big delays dl by billingsly road buildingngslo and then out by reading asding s well so please allow for a lotr of extra time on five.e on we'll keep you updated on that t serious accident scene.ccident . aside from that we're hearinging from pete perringer thiserri morning that wind gusts are a w problem as a awind advisory isrs in effect for montgomeryr montgm county with gusts you couldsts see winds up to 50 miles an50 mn hour. use caution especially onspecia bridges and overpasses.ese and also watch for some so hazardous conditions on thetione roads. pretty much a standard for the e district maryland and virginiair because of the heavy rains andnd winds that moved in last night. watch for trash cans that areh e fallen over and potentialotentil debris on the road like downed w tree branches.ran let us know if you run intoino any issues.issues. take it slow. ally how extra time.a tim i
5:50 am
this morning, no issues there. t bottom of the beltway is quietui through oxon hill h metro all ll rails on time. ti any questions at erin fox5ti d.c. on twitter.onitter. holly and maureen -- holly andan wisdom rather.ther. rather. >> thank you erin. e larry hogan declared aared a state of emergency in responseer to the state's heroin the governorcrisis. announcednn $50 million in new funding fundg over five years to helpo help address the problem.the probl the money will be used toll be s support the state's preventionrn recovery and enforcementnforcemt efforts. hogan says the heroin problemprm is increasing at such a andand alarming rate that the state tha must allow for rapidlow f coordination with state andtionn local emergency managementmanage teams. >> a push to require paid sick i leave in maryland compass innd i the democratic controlled house tomorrow. advanchoed adv billmocrat in the house yesterday. the measure would require businesses with more than 15 employees toe w wit provide eare paid sick leave. leave. companies with 14 or feweror employees would have toyees wouo provide unpaid sick >> arkansas is the latestansas t state tohe consider raising thee legal type of use or buy to be e back dough 21. the bill was introducedtr earlier this week and
5:51 am
prohibit the sale of cigarettes vapor productsrodcts nicotine patches e liquidne products and r polatling paper o minors. it would authorize police or police o school officers to confiscatesce tobacco products.ducts. california and hawaii already have laws banning anyone under u the age of 21 from possessingosg or smoking tobacco products.odu. >> heads up if your commutecoute takes you into the district.tri. residential street sweeping is i officially under way to ensurnge city streets are thoroughlyo cleaned the department ofd the a public works is asking drivers s to obey all parking parkingking restriction signs. s officials will be handing outg t warnings through march 10.0. after that violators will be fined $45. street sweeping runs through ruh october 31st. >> time is 5:51.5 let's take a look at theok at te stories you're engaging withre i the most this morningng oning social media with our realtime t news tracker.rack >> maureen is back now withw wih more on what's hot on the web. >> good morning to both ofrningf you. first up the stock market stoc making history. the dow closing yesterday above 21,000 for the first00 fot time ever. r. this major milestone is good is news for president his speech to congress on tuesday night was
5:52 am
investors for its optimism.tiis. next up, facebook has ha begun using artificialun using intelligence to identifyo iden members that may be at rick ofcf killing themselves.g themsel this is big news here's. here's the social network developed algorithms that spot warninga signs in users posts ands posnd comments their friends leaveheir in response much after confirmation by facebook humanyn review team the company contacts those thought to bethou at risk of self harm toham suggest ways they can seekways help.ek a suicide help line chief sayshies facebook's action is "not just t helpful but critical."critil." the fallout from the te historic oscars 2017 flub is7 fs starting to spread. the two accountants involvedco will not be coming unbtaack toak work the academy awards. academy president cheryl boone isaac says two staffers from price waterhouse coopers wille c never return to the oscars show. she blamed one of them for fr being distracted by tweetingw during the show. as you may remember, the th presenters announced louisiana a land" won best
5:53 am
"moonlight" won.wo >> reporter: president joe prede biden's widow in law is now innn a relationship with finally mercedes intensey me rolling out a new pickup truck p called the x class.ed the x cla. people in the u.s. won't ben thn able to 'tbuy it. it. it's only being sold in argentina brazil south africaca australia and europe.urpe. so hit up those relatives andla tell them what you want for christmas in december. >> thanks, mo. >> the national park service released its peak bloom pea forecast. fore this year'cas prediction isst definitely inspired by ther's warmest february on record inc that washington.ahi >> and the projected dates are march 14th to
5:54 am
>> it is kind of nerveof wracking to see -- predicte something that might be the the earliest one ever.. >> earliest peak bloom onest record was march 15th back in n 1990. all r right. meanwhile let's talk aboutle this the nfl is reportedly looking li at doing something fun for once. >> what it's the no funnofun league. >> they may allow this at some point.po the league is considering theg e idea of loosening thef loosenine restriction on touchdown celebrations which mearnsatio twerking may no longerns be aa 15-yard penalty or a hefty he fine. this past season 30 playerss were penalized or fined forined whooping it up in the zone.zn whooping it up. having a goowhd time in the endd zone after they scored.ft they may erloosen thee restrictions which willtions ll actually be fun. f >> yeah, what is it going toha hurt, rightt .ght >> it is just just spt i'm just saying.i'm ju >> just a game, sgame, >> just afo lgakme.gae. >> hey, look at this. at this is our facebook fan of the day.o e day. today it's monica snow andw ad there she is. of course monica is the one onh the right. you know those two on the left. ow tho eare our familiarac
5:55 am
fox5's kevin mccarthy andrthy nd his gorgeous wife lauren.e lau >> monica says she met kevin ken and lauren back on february 24th.febr she says no matter uahow her day was going at that point themt pm taking the time to stop for a picture, well, that madewe things better.ll monica, i'm sure you madeyou m things better for them, too.oo. you made them have a good day as well. as well. thank you for being a gracious o fan. we appreciate it.ciate i >> great picture, great picture. all right. are we in for some great weather? >> e. >> i don't know if great is the word i would use, right,'t u, >> we're in for more typicalyp whether a we should be gettingeh this time of year.oue of we were 80 yesterday. 20ye to 25 degrees colder todayd it will be windy. wi wind advisories in and effect if through 10:00 a.m. thisugh 10:0 morning but 0 aftea.r that poina winds will continue to gustg this afternoon up over 20 to t 30 miles an hour.our. pickup temperature at the busths stop 38 to 50 it will feel grcolder than that. bundle it up this morning.morng. after school still chilly 45il45 to 56 but with those breezes br once again colder than that. t seven-day forecast, 56 degrees,s your daytime high today. snow showers, yes
5:56 am
tomorrow although that's snow big deal . >> [laughter]>> [lauger] [applause] >> 45 degrees your daytimeees yr high on saturday, 50 o dnay, on sunday. so chilly through the weekend.t we warm it up next week. w 62 on monday, showers possible, 68 on tuesday.ue all right, that's a check of thes a forecast.or erin como looking good thisg ts morning. ck witith traffic. >> thank you so much mikeh trafu thomas. s right now breaking neo wmus oute charles county. out we've been telling ychoaru about this five southbound crash atas jonene.ane. all lanes right now aree blocked southbound and somed s northbound lanes affected asffes well. this is causing some very big b delays on five in both directions out at jones please use caution there.the i'll suggest finding an sugge alternate this frnat aside from that we alsoe hathv new outer loop crash, tworas right lanes blocked out byne kenilworth and you can see that line of yellow froms th aom lanham as you cross bw parkwayrw you'll hit sluggish traffic trac and again keep it to the left to get through the outer loop ot at that location.hat locaion. and then for the rest of your yu commute in maryland right now we're seeing nice conditionscond on the outer loop from 95 over r to georgia avenue.v we'll certainly keep youainly ku updated on that one.d on tha. metro is on time r
5:57 am
we'll keep you covered this friday eve here on fox5.5. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ z29phz z16fz y29phy y16fy fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we' en ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone.
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>> ♪♪ news morning.orng. >> straight ahead at 6:00,:0 increasing calls for attorney ay general jeff sessions to resign. under fire from meetings withth russia during the presidentialpe campaign but this morning, this, he's firing back saying he did nothing wrong.wrg >> plus the investigation inton local gang activity continuesnga after a tip leads police toct
6:00 am
we'll tell you what they'rehat e looking for and if this isf this related to the case of a a recent murdered teen from maryland. outside on thison thi thursday morning.ning it's march 2nd, a blustery anded chilly day on tap.y o tap. weather and traffic coming uping on the 5s at 6:05. 65 good thursday morning to tha you, i'm allison seymour.'m allr >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m st. welcome to fox5 news the big story this morningry thi those calls for attorneyfor aory general jeff sessions torajeff s resign and revelations that heh was in contact with theco russian ambassador during dur president trump's campaign.ampi. >> sessions is now firing backgk saying he did nothing wrong.hin. fox5's melanie alnwick islnwic live on capitol hill with more. mel. >> reporter: well, steve andallt reported by the washingtonasin post. po now, let's go back to january jn here on capitol hill and those confirmation hearings for sessions that have smaparked sok much controversy. here's what he had to say. sa. >> i have been called a a surrogate at a time or two ine a that campaign and i didn't timpt have -- no the have not havee


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