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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thursday afternoon placing items in evidence bags. approximately a dozen law enforcement personnel were taking photographs and placing collected items in orange crates. >> it's more than likely that the recovery of the remains that we have to date in this active crime scene will be linked to another set of gang murders. >> reporter: just about three years ago, police and the fbi recovered the remains of two gang members murdered and decapitated within yards of where the bodies were discovered in the park last night. although gang related. the chief declined to say who investigators think the two might be. >> this problem is horrible. this is four murders in this park. obviously, we've had other murders in the region in the past few weeks. this is getting out of control. we need to stop it. >> reporter: the identification of the bodies will be made by the medical examiner's office. the chief declined to say what detectives believe may be the
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ages or sexes of victims. detectives have not ruled out the possibility the victims could be two teen boys missing from the falls church area since last september. 17-year-old edwin mendez and 14-year-old sergio, trimineo, were acquainted with each other and affiliated with gangs. neighbors are horrified and concerned >> gang related does scare me a lot, because kids nowadays, they are subjected to things that didn't happen years ago or wasn't as common. so it's an alarming part of it. >> hopefully, everything will be much better. because we have bad experience right now, and maybe they have to communicate with each other better. >> reporter: penny gross represents this area on the
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supervisors >> it's horrible. unacceptable. but the other part of it is -- i've had conversations with the police and with the park authority director -- as soon as this is done, they're finished with their investigation, i'm going to be convening a meeting with staff to look at how we make the park attractive for the regular park users but open it up so there's not the cover for nefarious use. >> reporter: police declined to say how they received the tip that ultimately led them directly to the bodies in the park. that must have been pretty good intelligence, because this park is fairly large and the neighbors say they first noticed at the police in the neighborhood tuesday night. by wednesday morning, the park was flooded with officers and then they very quickly seared in on this hill side behind me. they need help from the
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to lead them to suspects. paul wagner fox 5 local news. fox 5 in prince george's county now where the search continues for the suspect who shot a teen in oxon hill. jay holiday was walking home from potomac high school when killed yesterday afternoon, it happened at the south view apartment complex off iverson street. holloway had celebrated his 17th birthday two days before the shooting. he was a junior at potomac high school. >> i got a text message saying my son got shot. i just dropped everything. left, would. rushed home. and yeah, no son, my son gone. >> investigators believe the suspect may be driving a light colorado suv. holloway's loved ones plan to hold a candle vigil around 7:00 p.m. in prince george's county police investigating a deadly shooting in district heights. when officers arrived theyfo
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gunshot wounds, taken to a hospital where he passed away. and right now, police don't have a motive or suspect. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. skyfox over the scene of a deadly crash in waldorf this afternoon. police say the car slammed into a pole near the intersection of smallwood drive and saint nicolas drive around 12:30 pthe force split the car in half. tonight, we've learned that cullen bit pack and did he see monday cook were killed. the third person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, no word what led to the crash. authorities have made their first arrest as the investigation into recent threats against jewish community centers ramps up. fox news laura engle has more. >> reporter: there have been about 100 bomb threats called into jewish community centers and synagogues since january. authorities have made their first arrest saying 31-year-old jawn thompso
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behind at least some of the threats but not all. he was allegedly attempting to frame his x girlfriend using her name while making the threats. the suspect's former roommate said he hasn't seen thompson in months and shock to do the charges. >> he hand been there >> how long >> couple months now. >> reporter: thompson allegedly sent defamatory e-mails and faxes to his ex-girlfriend's employer here in new york. he's being charged with cyber stalking which could land him in jail up to five years and he could face additional charges as the investigation continues. >> we will drown out this latest waive of anti-semitism and i'm confident as we evidence in today's arrest in missouri, that we will find and we will prosecute those who are committed these acts of hatred >> jewish leaders are applauding the fast work but with the threats coming over such a wide area, they say more needs to be done to identify and arr
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suspects responsible >> because there's been an arrest today around our bomb threat does not mean that the threats have disappeared or will stop. >> reporter: at least three jewish cemeteries have been vandalized, including one in new york wednesday night. in new york, laura engle, fox news. this week, started out with so much hope. it was warm. we even hit 80 one day, but my goodness, winter has returned. i saw snow his morning >> you did. you know what? some of it is still flying way through. we're trying to figure it out. the plants are trying to figure it out. seen blooms. man, i'm telling you. can't guarantee anything in february or march, totally unpredictable as far as weather. >> take a look at satellite and radar. you can see there's a few flurries flying around there, especially to the north and to the northwest. we've had reports of snow squalls here as well.
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so visibility has been affected. there's been reports up through hagerstown we can see some of those kind of coming through. don't be surprised if you see a flake or two flying by the i95 corridor. it will be out in a bit. we're not talking anything that's going to accumulate. we're going to be dealing with are the temperatures, it's that bone chilling cold that's heading our way, 39 degree at dc. 34 at good faithberg, baltimore 35. 29 at hagerstown where they're seeing flurries and 32 at winchester. the wind is flash and right now the winds are gusting from 18 to 33 miles an hour and 33 in dc. we're going to see windchills that will be significant. not only tonight but also for tomorrow. those winds pushing in from the northwest. pretty cold gusts headed our way. overnight, 27 degrees, clearing skies, cold and blustery. we got plenty of sunshine for your weekend. as i always say, don't be fooled by the
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bundle up. it's going to be a chilly weekend. i'll have more details in that seven-day forecast coming up for you in just a bit. sarah? president trump is in florida at this hour. earlier he tour add private religious school in orlando. the president was joined by his new education secretary betsy devos. mr. trump had praise for saint andrew catholic school can calling it an ideal place for disadvantaged children. the president said his main education goal will be to focus on school choice. and he reused a line from his speech on tuesday. that education is the civil rights issue of our time. fox 5 is your station for politics. tweet us your thoughts on the trump campaign ties to russia. or mike pence, vice president mike pence using his private e-mail for government business. use the #5at630. then look on the political show coming up next at 6:30. on the news at 6:00, many among us have not filed our tax returns, m
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but there are already suggestions on how to spend, save or stretch your tax refund, smart way to handle when the news at 6:00 goes on if you have a story idea or tip give us a call. 2028953,000. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ back with good news for gamers, nintendo switch is officially now on sale. hundreds of fans brave the elements just for a chance to get their hands on the console. >> i had 36 hours of no sleep. >> it's just going to exceed the ideals of anybody. >> 24 hours before this moment. see more daniel christopher brandon and robert never met, spoken to or heard of one another. >> mortgage. it has been like, i can't even describe
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>> reporter: spent sitting on a manhattan sidewalk waiting for a potentially revolutionary gaming system evidently has that effect. bonding together five strangers, loyal to nintendo products >> i'm going to be calling out of work today, tomorrow and saturday. >> reporter: this and the how to or so others lined up 48th street up 6th avenue across 49th, gathered a full day in advance to purchase the nine nintendo. >> dad was supposed to but dad has to work. >> reporter: like so many others resting for the many sleepless hours of gaming in the near future, abby gall planned to begin with z elda. >> it's considered one of the best reviewed games fall times. >> reporter: pr manager allowed us to demo the game hours before the rest of america. and admitted ten years with the company through t
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volunteers of various nintendo products this night felt special >> i've been excited for nintendo switch. it's revolutionary. >> reporter: the first mod lumbar system of its kind allows users to play in a variety of imposed on a variety of screens with a variety of controllers, offering friends, a brand new way to experience some familiar franchises. >> it's been a wholesome brand for me. >> reporter: in mid town, matt king, fox 5 news. there's lot of folks out there listening sarah, how will you spend your tax return >> assuming i have one. >> i understand that. tax refunds are averaging about $3,000. a lot say going toward the credit card debt. 8% will use refunds to spruce up the homes and some will put it towards an emergency fund
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>> taxes are due, by april 18th. >> get it done. it's not a fun toomey, but got to do it >> few extra days now. you know how everybody thought beyonce's pregnancy had the world excited? apparently millions of people are obsessed with april, the giraffe, but wait till you hear what animal rights activists are saying >> he won't be back. why arnold schwarzenegger quit apprentice.
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feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. millions of people around the world waiting to welcome one big baby out of new york zoo. the zoo has been live streaming the video of april the pregnant giraffe. more than 15 million people tuning in hope to see the birth of her baby. fox's julie van deres has the story. >> reporter: you thought beyonce's pregnancy was
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the stir. april is based in a suburban new york zoo but captured the attention of fans all over the world. the live stream of april has been viewed by millions of people for about three weeks now. as onlookers anxiously await the new arrival. sounds innocent but the feed was not without controversy. it was briefly taken down after some activists complained it was sexually explicit. it was soon put back up as fans just couldn't seem to get enough of april and her merchandise actually going up for sale. and even a gofundme page has been set up to help support the new family, not by the giraffes themselves, of course, but by the owner of animal venture park, who set up the live stream to increase community involvement. april, by the way, is about 15 months pregnant. she was supposed to be due any day now, adding to further suspense, but the owner admits the due date might be slightly off and has told the a p labor not yet
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it's >> it's a matter of when, an hour or day, it's waiting game. >> reporter: for now it's still a waiting game as the world waits for its newest internet celebrity to be born, unlike most, luckily no one is fat shaming this giraffe whose baby is he did is to be 150 pounds and six feet tall. in new york, julie ban deres, fox news. >> six feet tall? >> 150 pounds, that's an actual human being in there, the size of one. >> she doesn't even look like she's that big. >> you're right. i agree, i'm looking over your shoulder right now, she doesn't. >> you can't tell. >> exactly. >> they will be like. >> that's too much. >> let's talk about the weather. >> how about a snow flake or two. >> i don't want that either. >> my goodness
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know what? it has been an incredible ride. you know what? we went from 70's and sunshine to people walking around in shorts to people having to put their winter jackets back on to snow squalls. you name it. all this happening on the weather buffet. we're still dealing with the cold and snow squalls, it will get bone chilling cold as we move into tonight and tomorrow. let's talk about it. staying chilly this weekend, yes. we're also talking overnight tens and 20's. it's been awhile since we've been talking about that. the chill of winter definitely returning as i tweeted out. no shortage of sunshine but i also say, don't be fooled by those bright skies. it is definitely cold. we got gusty winds to talk about with windchills, but will be warming you next week all over again. a little bit of that roller coaster ride happening on the seven-day forecast. in the meantime, some snow blew its way through today, we got an inch in cumberland, less than an
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anticipate it really be much in terms of that at all. it's the same is story now with some continues to move its way through to the east. we're seeing flying flares here and there. hagerstown seeing some of this action. don't be surprised if you see a flake or two kind of making its way across the i95 corridor. there have been squalls really gusty winds out there. some of their areas to the north and northwest. visibility has really been greatly removed with the squalls. this is not anything that's going to be sticking around long at all. we have a ridge of high pressure building in and that's where we'll get the sunshine. today, daytime highs, seven degrees below seasonal average. we should be in the low 50's, nowhere. near that. or the 70's and things taking a reverse, 32 at winchester, 30 at gaithersburg. 29 at hagerstown. 39 in the nation's capitol. annapos
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and 36 degrees at dulles. i spoke about the winds being gusty. this is going to be happening tonight he as well as tomorrow. we're talking wind chills. it's going to be in the 20's, it will feel a lot colder. sustained winds from five to up to 20 miles an hour. right now, they are gusting. 29 miles per hour at dulles, look at this at dc. 33 miles per hour wind gusts definitely hang on to your hat. 30 at quantico and 31 at baltimore. these winds are moving in from the northwest. that's a pretty chilly wind that we're going to be dealing with. behind this frontal system, winds continue to be strong, clipper system will be moving its way out and then on the back side of it is where we're going to start to see a clearing trend. clearer skies for tonight. temperatures only in the 20's. with those winds, we're going to have those windchills so it's going to feel colder especially in the late overnight hours. temperatures will be anywhere from upper 20's to the low 30's. bundle up.
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for tomorrow, ridge of high pressure starts to move in, going to give us the sunshine but it will be cold and windy as this ridge of high pressure moves, in that low pressure system moves out. that will continue to re strong and pushing in from the northwest. so for tomorrow night, it's going to be another cold night once again, and we're talking, chilly conditions in the daytime in the 40's both saturday and sunday. sunday, not quite as windy but still it will be cold. we need rain. don't have enough happening for us. we're under a severe drought right now for the dc area. an areas around us are into a moderate drought. the rainfall is on the seven-day forecast. hopefully that will help. not for tomorrow though. by midday, 39 with sunshine, by 4:00, 43 degrees. and wrapping it up for you then, tonight 27, cold and blustery, bundle up then for tomorrow, 44 degrees with plenty of sunshine. here's a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. while we star to warm up
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week, we're going to go see sunshine heading to the 60's and then tuesday we have another frontal system coming through, and ahead of that frontal system looking at showers, that's the much needed rainfall, we'll be flirting with the 70 degree mark by tuesday, you won't even remember the 20's existed this weekend. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> i don't remember. it's where we should be. where we want to be. >> thank you, gwen. >> we'll be right back. ck.
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i don't know if you heard about this, arnold schwarzenegger saying good-bye to celebrity apprentice. he's blaming he didn't
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come out and say it you assume he's blaming president trump. in a statement, he said he loved every second working on the show and go so again on a show that, quote, doesn't have this baggage. in january, president elect trump took to twier blasted arnold for the poor ratings. he talked about the national prayer breakfast if i'm correct he said when he found out he was still involved as the executive producer, viewers is started boycotting the show. so at this point though, there is no word of celebrity apprentice will be renewed for another season. i don't know if it's still on, if they finished, picked the winner. >> he's like i need to move on >> they were back and forth for a little while. the president tweeted and arnold said look, why don't we switch jobs? >> we'll see. tonight,
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your heat. we're going to the 20's with gusty winds same stories is, temperatures well below seasonal. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. 5at630 is after the break. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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♪ ♪ happy friday. can you believe we've made it after the week we've had? >> no. >> we're here and things are still rolling. the trump administration called it a witch hunt but is moving on after jeff sessions recused himself. more close aids to the president are facing questions about russian relations and developing the vice president is embroiled in his own scandal. as you can see from the rundown these are the big stories at 6:30, not just one, multiple. tweet us what's on your mind using #5at630. let's get you up to speed. attorney general jeff sessions recusing himself from the investigation. we're learning president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner and former national security advisor flynn had a previous undisclosed meeting. it has been a wild


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