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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in the news d.c. policenewse stepping up patrols in an upscale d.c. neighborhoode after a woman claims that shed.e was and sexually assaulted andld robbed inside her own home.hom >> it happened in the kaloramaaa neighborhood blocks from where o the obamas now live.i melanie alnwick is live inve n northwest with more.with mr mel. >> reporter: hey, goodheyod morning, guys. guy that secret service protectionon is something that folks in folkn this neighborhood have becomeboh used to butoo now there are morm d.c. patrols going on becauselsg of this incoiident that happened friday night.ight. it startd from what we we understand in the police report around 7:30 p.m. fridayrd but police became aware of there incident when they took the police reports at the home onorn saturday afternoon. afternoon. now, for three hours fridays riy night, the victim told police that she was tied taped tuptiedp sexually assaulted and robbed.r. police haven't given out a ton n of information about theion abte investigation. the assault happening inside a multi-million dollars home home here on california neighbors are on high
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>> i mean, it's shocking.ho i mean, you know, you got the obamas a couple blocks this is obviously -- they-- they probably have their own secretcr service units in this army you wouldn't expect something likei this to happen. >>ha reporter: the so manyso may adjacent to the embassy of el el salvador and a block away fromyo rex tillerson recentlyrece purchased a home asn well. w from the d.c. police report itrp does the say that it -- itt it only mentions a suspect but does not give any otherotr information about that.. however, saying that somehowat w that person was table breakson into thiswa woman's home but ut police have not given us really any lookout informationot that we can put out to the to public. all we can tell you is that is they are investigating this. thi they tell us as a random a affect violence.affect viol live in nenorcethwest, i'm mela alnwick fox5 local news.l news. >> mel, thank you.ank you 4:31 is the time.e time. developing this morning inng thn northern virginia the seinarchta continues for this man whomom police say called security cally guard at potomac
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woodbridge. jamel kingsbury was suspectedspe of shoplifting and was a approached by drumgole. talking politics now. n president trump accusingmp ag former president barack obama ob of wiretapping trump tower aera hester 2016 election.016 president trump sent out four tweets accusing the former president of tapping hisent phones before the election.ecti. the obama spokesperson hasespers dismissed the allegations adding that neither he nor the n white house ever order surveillance on any citizen.i analysts say it does not no preclude that another part ofant the u.s. government had ordered an inquiry into trump.up >> i've never he.ard that t allegation made before by b anybody. i've never seen anything aboutnt that anywhere before. but again, the president putesi that out there and now then white house will have toave to answer as to exactly what he was referring to >> the sources tell fox news that the president's tweetsden' caught his entire staff offff ff guard. >> the new york times is n re
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james comey asked the justice ju department to publicallyically reject president trump's claim a saying they are false and mustau be corrected. comey says the allegations insinuate that the fbi brokethat the law. >> the justice department says s today that jeff sessions willsil deliver his amended testimonyndd to lawmakers. it's e lxpected to be a fulla fl account of his contact with russia's ambassador during the campaign. some leading democrats want awaa special outside councilncil appointing to conduct investigations into russia'sss tampering effort.g effo. that republicans disagree.i >> if you started over with awi new commission or a new new committee that could take coulde months. i think it's in the bestb interests of the americanst people if we cs onofduct ourond review as quickly as possibles and make as much of ourf ur conclusions public asc as possible. possible >> i have no hard evidence of collusion. i think what hard evidence evdee there may be will bel e discovered either through aed eo full release of president trump's financial interests and concerns andinan taxes or te intercepts that i believe
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intelligence community and fbi i have among and between russiantn officials. >> the white house has notse han indicated that it's evenven considering the appointment of a special counties you.ount >> president trump is getting ready to sign aient tru revisedl began executive order.or it would temporarily preventrent people from certain muslimsim majority countries fromountriesm entering the united states. t it would halt thehe u nation'sis refugee program.r white house official says thee h plans to roll out the order are on track for today. for to the new order has been in the in works since the federal courtl c blocked trump's initial efforts. effort republicans will> reportedly introduce theirre much awaited boil repeal andpead replace the affordable care ca act this the draft bill will include expanded tax credits ands nd health savings accounts whilehie reducing federal spending and a tax subsidies and medicaid.d me the bill could nearly eliminate the employer andr and individual mandates to providese health insurance.n >> coming up on 4:35 on thison s monday morning.monday morn mike thomas checking in with wth you on this cold start. s you know, we thought we hadho seen tuhe last of winter but i t guess not. guess no >> no, the spring sp rollercoaster continues, the
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early spring roller we'll be going through the ups and downs through the next few weeks. another up and down comingcoing this week. w let's do a look at thet th satellite and radar around the region. o starlear skies to start the day whit ch means some sunshinee once it starts coming up in the sky here for the morning nig hours but you kind of see the se clouds and showers off to therse west. we'll get the clouds in heren hr later on this afternoon but irnu do believe we keep it dry. dr. not until tomorrow do we seese the shower activity creepingti in but the showers will come cme with some warmth.wi we'll talk about thatht in just a few minutes here butw minutest temperatures right now 34 degrees as mentioned bytioned maureen it is chilly.n it is ch. 28 in gaithersburg, 27 for frederick, 26 at baltimore.a good morning leonardtown it's is 32 degrees as you step outside d your door t here's yourr t herer planner for the day today. the . we'll head into the 40's bythe y about 10 o'clock with brokenroke sunshine and then we'll cloud ll it up through the rest of theof afternoon. even with temperatures headingei above normal later today we'lly still have a cool earl feelol thanks to the lack ofks to the f sunshine. all right, that's a check of t the forecashat' erin como is back with a look at >> th
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starting monday morning offing o with some construction fromconsm overnight on the outer loophe ol between pennsylvania avenuevenue and ritchie marlboro. watch for a tap of the brakest as you head past that area.t ar. then things open up as you proceed towardstowards baltimore-washington parkway.wa moving shoinver to dale city, 9y northbound we do have a crash closing the on and off ramp tooa the truck scales.the tr in dale city watchuck out for r that on and off ramp closedoff but you can see that 95 north no and southbound in general very e light volume not causingra any y delays in that area south ofh of that point in stafford you'retaf in the clear past courthouser road looking good in good in fredericksburg as well. w 66 eastbound traffic istraffic i flowing. in fact let's take a live lookvl outside and show you 66.66 you can seat eastbound sidestboe looking good towards theowards e beltway and problem free westbound past gains vigil anyg questions at erin fox5 d.c. onrn twitter. we'll get you around saferou track surge 13 with metro railol next. next. back to you maureen and wisdom. wisdom. >> 4:36 is the time. tie. coming up netflix will soonll give you the month your tor o decide how certain storiesrtai i turn out. turn ou >> and a numbert. of marines investigating for shri
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photos of each other on socialsl media. >> as we head to break right rig now a live look outside acrossss the dmv. the the time right nowdm is 4:36, 46 temperature 34 degrees.ure back in a moment. nt.
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>> ♪♪ >> 4:39 and it's time to lookan at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media.itries m sso wciith wris joinsos t u what's hot on the's good morning, holly.ho >> good morning both of you. james clapper system clappingte back amount president donald trump during an interview withut meet the press clap he wereap he said he absolutely denies mr. trump's claims there was a secret order to wire trapto trump tower. mr. trump played the flames aesa flurry of tweets over theeets oe weekend accusing formereken president obama of beingd behindiden it. i the president meanwhile has provided no bae basis for his bs
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in a private facebooki group with more than 30,000ha300 members called marines united,ut hundreds or possibly thousands of pictures were posted of unsuspecting service women. w even more disturbing some ofng o the comments suggested theed te service men performed sexual se acts with the women and then filmed it for other members.mem. what does it mean to beean anker. >> it seems this question isems yet another isthsueis q currenty dividing the country alongnt party lines. new survey from the associated d press finds republicanspublicans identify american culture with christian believes and theian traditions of early european immigrants and it finds democrats, that is, cite the cie mixing of different culturesrenl around the world in welcoming wo those seeking refuge.rege regardless of party 70 percent0e of people say current turmoil ct in the u.s. is causing urtheusie country to lose its identity tnt remember those choose your ownhw adventure books? i lovedoks? l thosright.t. netflix is trying to bringto brg that concept to your remote.rem. the company is working on interactive story tel
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alternative plot segments wentsm at home would then be able toleo decide the character's fates. f. netflix will run a trial withwih children's shows later this this year. and then finally saturdaysaa night live continues to roasttit on the trumpo this time attorney general g jeff sessions in the hot seat st over the recent scandal that he misled congress aboutmisled speaking with russian representatives.esentatis. actress kate mckinnon openedpend the show portraying the alabama born sessions at forest gump.ump >> holly thank you.nk coming up on fox5 news morning, today d.c. mayor.c muriel bowser will celebrateele the reopening avenue fullyfully renovated >> police are searching foric the person who fired e oarn an officer this weekend in prince george's county. break let'sd to take a live look across thess d.c. region. 4:41 is your time, 34 degrees4 r your temperature.peratur more fox news morning. mo back after after this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ i lost my sight when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning d.c. police investigating a sexual attack which happenedis f less than aox on fool icme ilace kalorama home of the obamas obm and trumps.and trus. >> live look outside rightside g now. cold start to the morning as we set the stagert t for another mild day. oing to talk tkg about your forecast coming up cp in just a moment.m >> good morning to you.ood mornn thank you for joining us. s. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin.urnd today is monday. i'm it is the sixth day of marchf mh and the rollercoasterlleraster continues in the weatherweaher department. erin como is going to talkt about traffic in just a moment
4:45 am
to talk about thethe rollercoaster. >> the ups and downs ofdowns of spring. we are down this morning with mg temperatures as you felt aselt a i'm sure you walked outside out this morning jacket weathert w once again. once aga >> and it was cold thisi and it weekend, too.cold t weeken >> oh, it was freezing thisd,zis weekend. this was one of the firsthe fi weekends where temperaturesds actually came in a li wttlheette colder than expected in quite awhile given what we had thisve winter. we'll be back on the un pis tred as we head through the early week. near 70 by tomorrow but thatbyor will come with some showers. sho let's go straight tolet's go sti futurecast here. i'll show it to you. 9:00 a.m. today brokenbroke sunshine but then we cloud itwou up into the afternoon.fternoon. temperatures near and 60 today y but with all those clouds clods we'll still feel on the colder r side. we head into tomorrow morningw lots of clouds to start andart maybe showers working theirers way in as we head into those toe afn rnoon hours. quick look at the fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast.- 57 today. today. up to 67 tomorrow.trrow wednesday and thursdaydnes probably the best two daystwo this week and then yet againetan rollercoaster ride continuesas as we head downte as we get int the weekend.weekend. only 45 degrees next saturday,a, only 40 next sunday.s all right, that's a check oft,
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traffic time with erin. como. >> 4:45 right now mno construction on the beltway.tion outer loop impacted between pennsylvania avenue and richiere marl breast at least one laneasl still blocked through thath construction zone and a crash ca in dale city. cty. 95 northbound the accidently c is blocking the on and offe oanf ramps from the truck scales. sc so caution there.h good news is volume is veryis light so it's not causing anycay major slowdowns right now asighs you work your way around that tt closure. let's go ahead and take a live l look outside 270 as you head had down through germantown thismans morning, some volume building on the southbound side but notbn enough to cause any majormajor slowdowns. slowdown in fact from 70 frederick downre to the beltway we are at speed. we'll let you know when volume does start to cause anyse any slowdowns there.the you know congestion does buildoo and start to add some time to se your drive.your we'll take a look at metro m safe track surge 13 phase oneeas impacting the yellow and blue lines next.lines net. maureen and wisdom.. back to you.u. >> 4:46 is the time. 4:46 is t . developing right now in theng re district police are steppinge up patrols in one northwestoth neighborhood after a woman wom claims that she was sexuallyshey assaulted inside her own home.n. >> now, the alleged assault ass happened just blocks
4:47 am
where former first lady -- the form -- where former firstre foe family the obamas and whereher current first daughter ivanka ia trump lives.trump ves. fox5's melanie alnwick live alnv in northwest this morning withmh more on that story. st mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. rep there's also a number ofrnin embassies and embassymbasy personnel in this neighborhood g as well so police protectionprot is something that they aret thea quite used to but now there are even more patrolsare happening here in thisev in this neighborhood. now, the incident that was incis reported to d.c. policepolice happened 7:30 friday night. n it was not reported to policeole until the next afternoon butnoot according to the victim, itim, i was endured for three hours on u friday night. she told police that she was as tied, taped up sexually assaulted and robbed.robed police haven't given out a lotnu of information about themation t investigation but we can tellat you it hapiopbuened inside one f these multi-million dollarlliond homes and neighbors here are are on high alert.alr >> it's shocking.t's shog. you got the obamas coupleoue blocks away.
4:48 am
safest neighborhoods in thee entire -- the entire city.tire >> reporter: and the home hom also adjacent to the embassye he will salve do. will s also just around the block b from where secretary of statef rex tillerson recentlytill purchased a home. pu told police thatol somehow the suspect was ables ae to enter her home. her home. we didn't know -- the police report doesn't say whether d there was forced entryoe or not. we said also there was a robbery in this incident as well. the d.c. police report onlyy mentions one suspect in thisthis particular incident but policeei have not given us any -- anyny lookout information for thationt suspect. however, they do tell us they u are investigating this as a a random act of violence.vie. live in northwest, i'm melanie,e alnwick, fox5 local newsily.ew >> all right, mel, thank youl, very much. t ry muc 4:48 is the time right48 isg now. we still don't know wham't sparked a deadly house fire inei capitol heights.pitol heigs. the fire broke out around 9:00 0 sunday morning on crown street o a neighbor called 911 toled 9 to report the house next door waso on fire. on when firefighters arrivedarr
4:49 am
pouring from that house a bodyhy was found insigneded firefighters have not yete not identified the victim.tim. we're told the fire caused about $55,000 in damage and the house did not have a5,0use a working smoke alarm. al prince george's county where police areince looking foi man who fired shots at an a officer saturday night.ficer san now, this happened on kayak k avenue in capitol heights.ghts police were called aftered after someone reported a fight ingh i that area. when officers arrived a man a told them that he had been ben robbed. police then spotted a man matching the description of the suspect and gave chase.thha. investigators say the suspecthet and police exchanged gunfire. no officer was him. the suspect got away and itnd was unclear if he was injured. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser will launch the r. emaopenyoingf engine company 16. 16. engine company 16 in northwestns d.c. has been fully renovatedreo for efficiency safer routes and gender inclusivei accommodation for fireghtersrs the mayor will that join will tn council member jack evans jack v along with fire chief gregorygr beam and other leaders forrs that reopening. >> your favorite mobile vi
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knowledge about the world around you.ledge >> newar study suggests that the average prisoner spends morerisn time outside than your our childly. >> as we head to break rightak r now live look outside across acs the dmv at 4:-- 4:50. 4:0. just changed.d. 4:50 is the time, 34 is the, 3 e temperature. back in a moment.moment. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in stomer satisfaction jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. l for $79.99 per month, r the first year with a o-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. go to or call 1.888.get.fios get the best. get fios. “let life in with new herbal essences
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>> ♪♪ >> back at 4:52 and new thisew i morning a major change couldc beh coming for something many teenagers look forward to.rdto. we're talking about driver'sdri ed. lawmakers are considering co whether driver's ed classesclses should teach students what toea do if they're pulled ochver by the police. the pol illinois justic e.made it at requirement earlier this year ye an similar bill is awaitingiting virginia governor terry mcauliffe's signature.gnture. >> people who rely heavily
4:53 am
things like gps and apps to do simple everyday tasks have ave harder time rerymdaembering information. in i can co-sign on that. that. also found the overuse ofof smartphones did stopones did individuals from becoming deep thinkers. >> want to co-sign that. >> i'm going remain silent on that one.ant toing r multitasking on phones has made it harder for people to ignore distractions and focuss on one particular task.lar t in addition your brain canb suffer from lack of down timen e because we're always lookingys g at our phone.e. >> uh-huh. >> i'm going to co-sign onto con about six of them.t six of the >> we needed a study for thatr t hm. >> man, those were some wildild birds, weren't they.y. study suggests kids areudy spending less timesu outsideout than prisoners. pis the study was published in the uk's magazine the guardian.gua this is a british study.udy. uh-huh. it found nearly three-quartersrq of children are spending lessg s than an hour outside everytsi dane about 20 percent are notut going outside at 2 al0 l. all. those numbers were compared towe the guidelines for prisoners pi in the thek. they mandate that prisonersi must receive at least one houror of suitable exercise in
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open air daily. da >> a spinoff of a blockbusterock is looking like it's ait's blockbuster its own. "logan" the x-men's spinoff ismn the number one movie in the country. exceeding expectations.xpect of course the film stars hughrsu jackman in his ninth appearance are wolverine.o "get out" slipped to numberippe two but it had another strong sr weekend with $26 million.26 m "the shack" based on aa christian novel opened withth $16 million. >> all three movies i want towao see. see. >> okay. want towant to but i see them. >> at least you got them onu goh your list.your lis they're on your radar.. >> hopefully on the radar adar warmer temperatures.rmer temp please tell me whener it's it's coming mike thomas. thom >> we got them a little bitl coming in the forecast herecast this week. this >> okay. w >> we don't have 80's like weliw had last week but we have someve near 70's but some 60's and'sand some sunshine will get youetyou through this week i believe. b let's get over to your bus bus stop forecast for the kidscast s getting off to school thisto scs morning. as they head out jacket ja weather definitely needed.neded. 25 to
4:55 am
it will be some sunshine but sut definitely a cold start to the l day here.hee. after school 50 to 59 so nearso 60 in a few spots but we'll kind of be clouded over so ov with the lack of sunshinesunshie still going to have a cooler col feel to it later today. tod i do believe it's a jacket allkl day kind of day here in earlyeay march. 57 degrees your daytime highytih later today. we'll start with a little bitar oft with a sun. n we'll cloud it over in thever it afternoon. clouds all day tomorrow withorrh some showers mixed in here and there. up to near 70, though, butnear t again with all the clouds theous probably won't feel too muchfeeh like it. your best day of thebest week is wednesday, mostlydnesday sunny, mid 60's around theund te region and then even some even lower 60's on thursday there the will feel relatively nice. nice then yet again we start our ur cooler trend. 53 on friday with a fewew showers. down to 45 on saturday andy and yes, you're not dreaming,drea chance of rain maybe a few a fe snowflakes mixed -- blah,ixe blah, blah, a few snowflakes fe mixing in next sunday. i hadt a little bit of the -- t >> what happened to you. to u. >> put those smartphones downard and then you won't have these problems. i saybe i should just have the smartphone dohoul thd eth
4:56 am
smartphone gets thee pronunciation correctly.orly >> don't give them any ideas. i >> snowflakes mixing in nextlake sunday, high of 40 degrees.40 that's enough weather.nougwe let's get over to, with ato, h a check of traffic this morning.h >> i'll bring you some'll brinye breakfast and coffee, mike. mi that's all you need thisou ne monday morning.nday right now if you're taking metro, keep in mind this isd th the first week day impacted bya safe track surge it started this past saturday.r. it's phase one and it will beite in place through april 1st.prl . so if you typically take the blue or yellow line sight willns be taking place betweenetween braddock road and huntingdonuntn van dorn street. if you have any questions about your metro commouute h av the roads at erin fox5 d.c. ondn twitter. twit we'll let you know how these ths delays are shaping up but i would plan on giving yourselfy a lot of extra time if you if take the blue or yellow line ole you can also take metrobus.t we'll keep you updated as we e get used to this new metroo pattern. no yellow rush plus servicese between franconia-springfieldcod and greenbelt.
4:57 am
line also because of the safe track work. as we look at our roads we ds we have this ongoing construction from overnight still impactingig the outer loop between bet pennsylvania and ritchied ritche marlboro. rlboro. aside from that 270, 50, 66,, 956 looking good. again any questions at erinan fox5 d.c. on twitter. let's get you ty oqu workfox5 . back to you maureen anden wisdom. wisdom >> 4:57 is the the time coming up on fox5 news morningmo president trump is said to beumi close to signing a new executive order travel ban. an >> new treatment center isnt cet helping first responders ing fis our area live a normal life. li. >> we're going to break with awa live look across the dmv.v. time is 4:57. 457 back in a moment.mont >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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z25eiz z16fz y25eiy y16fy
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>> ♪♪ fox5 ne morox5 news morning. >> today on fox5ning. news morn, d.c. police are investigatingesg a sexual attack which happenedhp less than a mile away from the kalorama home of the obamasobaas and trumps.rums. >> looking live outside, todayto will be the last truly cold cd morning you'll have to dealto dl with for awhile we hope.ho. mike thomas has your forecast fr and news of a warming trend. tre that is coming up. up >> yes. >> good morning to you, thanks maureening us i'm umeh. >> i'm holly morris. morr. today is monday march sixth.six. we've got erin of course inu the traffic center watchingfic this morning, mikece thomas into the center.nter. mike let's start with you and brrr it's cold ou


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