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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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up near 70 this afternoon. erin. >> you know what showers can do to the road around maryland, district and virginia and we'll let you know problem areas to avoid this morning. >> all right. thank you both of you queel check in with you in a bit. first let's get you news. mixed reaction this morning to the decision by alexandria public city schools cancel classes tomorrow because hundreds of staff members requests the the day off. >> tomorrow sint national women's day as well as planned day without a woman strike. the school says the decision is not a political stance but one that took into consideration safety the students with under staffing. >> i know it creates great inconvenience for parents and families on the other hand if we don't take a stand for something that is important then who are we? >> i think even though it's not like purely like a political decision i think it's a good cause. >> and students will got have a make up the day. school released a statement saying in part we potential apologize for thun foreseen burtden
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you for your pain embarrass and understanding, keep it here to "fox5" because ahead at 7, in the 7:00 hour we're going to talk to a representative from alexandria public city schools for more on the decision. >> and the new executive order bans immigration from six muslim countries and twhoz visas will not be affected and current green card holders are exempt. and this executive order comes six weeks after the first effort was blocked nationwide and syria are no longer definitely barred indefinitely from the u.s. >> while no system can be maiden fallible the american people call have high confidence we are identifying ways to improve the investigate process and keep terrorists from entering the country. >> the new travel ban takes effect next week. >> and d.c. justice for muslim
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coalition will start a rally at 8 this original in northwest. meanwhile a glimpse at the house of returns rather long awaited health care bill. >> fox amelanie alnwick now live with the details. good morning, mel. you can bet that bill will be scut niceed to see if the republicans can lower healthcare without redousing coverage and propose the gop legislation does keep a few provisions of affordable care accountable. people with preexisting conditions could get insurance and children can stay on their parents' health plans until they turn 26 and government would also provide tax credits for people who want tobuy their own health insurance. the bill repeels tax penalties that
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insurance and reduces role of the federal government. health analysts looking at the bill say they believe it means fewer people will likely have insurance coverage. >> it's important to remember this is just beginning of debate not the end. this bill has to pass the house. and then it has to go to senate where there's some you know very contentious issues ahead. >> and so house committee members say they plan to start voting on different bills parts of the bill the amendments of the proposals and that process is supposed to begin on wednesday and we can till some republicans say they may be making changes as this process goes forward. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:is the time and happening today jeff sessions will meet with civil rights leaders including al sharp ton. the goal is to talk about criminal justice reform and federal id laws. and the stawts of
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garner case. those are among issues expected to be discussed. >> also happening today the public tours of white house will resume. they were temporarily us is spended as common practice when a new president takes office and requests for a ticket must be submitd to congress is and the tours is self guided tuesday through thursday 7:0 to 1 on fridays and saturdays. svrments well, early, 4:34 let's goat pike mike talking about weather. i can not keep it straight are we warming up, did we cool back down? >> we're warming up. we cooled down this weekend. we're slowing a trend upwards and we won't have a lot of sunshine. temperatures upper 60s, near 70 with lack of sunshine will feel cooler than that with showers around as well. umbrella later this afternoon. temperatures outside start chilly, 48, we were 34 this time yesterday
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yesterday. 45 in gainersburg and 41 up towards fred rick. 44 dulles and 44 mannasas and down in fredericksburg 5 4 we'll get a warming trend later on and again showers out there for the time being to the west along the 81 corridor towards winchester and harrisonburg all windy this morning and moving east as we head through the next few hours. morning showers and drizzle possible. i think we get a break in the early afternoon maybe a little sun breaks through and warming up. we will be breezy. winds gust up and over he 25 to 35 miles an hour later this afternoon and then yet another round of showers moving through ahead of a cold front this evening highs today, 66, 67, if we get enough sun we'll touch 70 i think we have lack of sunshine today. >> let's check the forecast erin como is back with traffic. >> hi. >> good morning. >> 4:35 mike mentioned grab umbrella use caution on the roads on
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from the rain. quiet conditions on gw parkway moving along long fine outside the beltway on 66 and 95 and sfav ford coming in through anne arrundel this morning. little caution there and otherwise quiet through largo, pennsylvania avenue, looking good and problem free in southern maryland as you head out through for the washington an brand question whine this morningth i'll let's you know if that changes. we have safe track work second day impacts for first phase of surm 1. single tracking blue and yellow between braddock and huntington vandoren trains running every 24 minutes and if you take the yellow rush plus no service between franconia and green belt. as we hop outside for a live look let's see how things are stepping up 270 near shady grove. light volume. that continues frederick to the beltwa. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter we'll keep you moving this tuesday morning back to you. >> coming up
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carson gets dragged on social media. >> and one of the largest tech companies looking to buy its way to hollywood. >> here's a live look across the dmv. time 4:7. temperature 48. fox news morning back after this winter you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline® intensive care® lotion supports the vaseline® healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin.
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>> 4:9 and time to look at stories you're engaging with the most on social media. >> holly joins us with what is hot on the web. >> homeland security department is considering separating children are parents caught crossing the mexican border illegally. homeland security secretary john kelly says that this move is part of a broader efforts to discourage family from making the dangerous trip across mexico to u.s. border. >> wait toer having a field day with housing and urban secretary ben carson
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first official speech at hud secretary n his speech he called slaves immigrants that dime america with a dream. many stweetedheir outrage on the comments and then late last night secretary carson posted on facebook the immigrants that made the choice to dom america in contrast slaves were forced beyond their will and lost opportunities. we continue to live with that leg sixt two sxeerpsz should never be intertwined nor forgotten. >> meanwhile national park service released dozens of photographs of president trump's inauguration and released photos of president obama'sen august ration. the pictures counter president trump claim up to 1.5 million people attend his inauguration. >> apple could be the next big name in show business. there's several rumors the company is is expanding original content. source president veeld to new york post apple executives met with the paramount pictures and sony t stroxt prepare for something bigger than purchasing shows. coul
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>> chance the rapper giving back to his community. donating $1 million to chicago public schools at event he took aim at republican governor bruce rauner saying he won't commit to give chicago kids a chance without caveat or ultimate umz. mature own and wisdom. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" resignation of fairfax county high school principal. >> and metro riders you better get ready for higher fares and reduced services. >> and heading to break. live look across the d.c. region, 4:4 1. sometimes you need a spice song, something to sieze the day with. maybe this is it. maybe not. we have a full catalog on the way this tuesday morning. 4:41, 48 degrees. more fox morning news after the break fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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>> gop lawmakers releasing their plan to replace the affordable care act and not every member is united behind this new plan. >> we're taking a live look outside right now mike thomas says we're in for another warm day mixed can scattered showers and don't get comfortable winter is expected to make a return this week. i didn't know it it ever went away. >>
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erin como mike i mentioned about the weather it's been consistently cold all week. >> guess what things are khapinging a round here and good days ahead and three at least. i don't want to include today because it will be showery later this afternoon. i think tomorrow and thursday best day of the week by far you'll see for a second on the 7 day future cast in kas you plan the day today sometime between 7:30 and 9:00 rolling across the d.c. region be prepared for that on morning commute early afternoonp will be the best chance to get a break. sun spokes throughout clouds and helps to warm thing up a bit and you see showers out to the west that work their way in once again as we head to the late afternoon and maybe another round oaf night
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could have thunder possible during the overnight hours as actual cold front comes through and clearing thing out after that. there's your forecast. 67 today. tomorrow, sunned clouds and thursday lots of sunshine temperatures in upper 60s. of course everybody wants to know about the weekend. not a lot of answers there but we're watching for potential for some wintry weather. there we go. okay that's the weather let's go to erin como with traffic. >> 4:46 i don't like the sign of wintry weather this weekend if you wake up now grab umbrellas rain moving in and roads look dry by river road. as we see that moisture move in it could cause slick spots and potential problems for the commutes once more folks hit the road. 70 in the clear as you make your way to the beltway. no issues through germantown or gaithersburg this morning and i like what i'm seeing on 95 by prince william parkway north and southbound sides quiet as you make your way to and from fredericksburg
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i'll let you know if that changes, out by 4 and 66 you see congestion starting to build and not enough to slow us down. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter and let you know as well there if anything pops up, back to you. >> 4:47 is the town talking about politics and house republicans they unveiled their plan to repeal and replace at fordable care act. >> what does this mean for millions of american. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the details. mel. >> good morning, phase, that answer we'll foypd out i suppose in the next two days two different proposals capital hill and they'll be combed over carefully in the next few days. they want to see if republicans are able to keep prols of lowering cost of healthcare without reducing coverage. proposals do keep some of the items in the affordable care act specifically people with preexisting conditions could get insurance and children can stay on parents health plans until they turn 26. also the the
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provide tax credits for people that want to buy their own health insurance the bill repeels tax penalties that were forcing people to buy health insurance and reduces role of federal government. experts looking at language in the bill say it appears fewer people will likely have insurance coverage. the way it works here is that house committees will begin debating and voting on some of the particulars and line items in those proposals starting tomorrow an i can tell you also that there are some senate republicans that say they are prepared to make changes if necessary. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> melanie, thank you, 4:48 now to a "fox5" exclusive we uncovered thousands in travel costs for two fairfax county school employees paid for with taxpayer money. we started que asking question after alex case and michelle lidle were put on leaf. the county has refused to say
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travel records obtained he gotta approval for three out of state trips in the past three months that cost $1,000. they told "fox5" all travel procedure were properly followed. >> meanwhile metro transstill moving closer to raising fairs. the governor said it is needed to avoid a financial crisis. rail service during peak times goes up 10 cepts and off peak fares and bus fares up a quarter and weekly bus passes remain the same at 1 7.50 so bus routes expected to be eliminated. >> happening today, maryland law makers in considering a bill on funding equity for the state historically black colleges and university and the bill would ensure that black institutions receive sufficient funding to compete with the other state's four year. maryland hvcus have been pushing for funding. ey
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enough funding or support. >> a local man facing charges after police say he decided to play dress up pretending to be a federal agent. >> and warm wimenter is once again changing the route of the most famous dog sled race. >> as we head to break a live look across the region. 4:50 the time, 8 the temp.
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a game urzburg maryland man is accused of impersonating a police officer. >> and police say back in october he was caught imperson nay nateing an officer in the false church area. in
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not a member of law enforcement and found nearly a donz weapons in his home including high powered assault rifles. former football coach jerry sandusky was nroovd maximum to medium facility in pittsburgh. no explanation was given for the move. he was initially sentenced to maximum security prison out of fears for his safety. he was conviction in high profileself bus case. >> and bill paxton cause of death certificate says he died from stroke triggerserd by heart valve replacement surgery. he went into surgery on valentine's day and complication as cos and died of a stroke. he was 61 years old. paxton was best known for twistser, tie tantic, tombstone and hbo series big love. >> happening now in aalaska the annual dog sled race. ,000 dogs are taking part in this
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this to race fans across alaska. it was moved from anchorage to fair banks due to lack of snow in ang rage area of the temperature was minus 35 when it began. >> sounds so pleasant. >> no. >> racing all that way in 5 degree temperatures. >> no. >> mike. were you looking up the temperature. >> what's going to happen inthis weekend google. >> is that how you do it. >> google doesn't know. >> secret is out. has that's how you do it. >> pretty much. >> we are watching a couple things on the 7 day forecast. we're watching spring like temperatures and yes potential for wintry weather this weekend. we're still -- no, i was not googling that but yes, we still have a lot of questions about what is going to happen this weekend something let's get over to the radar now. satellite and radar this morning a lot of clouds to start out. there showers publing up to the best along i 1 and poofing across d.c. in the next couple hours. expect showers as you get off to start
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and as the kids get off to school this morning to the bus stop, again, pack the rain gear and maybe umbrella. 38 to 50. temperatures north and west and milder south and east. again, showers there at the bus stop and after school, too, could be another around of showers and that may hold off until later in the day. we pob accuratley get peaks of sunshine during the early afternoon hours as well to help those temperatures get up to mid up toer 60s. 67 what we'll go for in d.c. and tomorrow much better day. we'll start with clouds early morning and by the mid to late morning it's all sunshine and we'll keep that sunshine around through thursday as well. thursday looks gorgeous, 67 with no shortage whatsoever of sunshine. friday, 51 for a high early. temperatures will fall throughout the day and weekend is chilly. 4 on saturday and 39 on sunday and yes we are watching a storm system but still so many questions with that. we're not sure if that will track too far south of our region that we don't get a lot of snow at all or whethe
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region and end up giving us a rain, snow mix. lots and lots of questions and stay tuned for details as we head through this week we'll bring you answers as we figure out exactly what that system will do. that's a check of the forecast let's head to erin airport for a check of traffic. >> 4:56 now we're starting with a live look along 66 as you owe approach 1. construction in the process of clearing we had a truck move from the right lane. cars are poof ago long slower. so please allow for extra minutes as that construction zone clears. that's 66 out by 12. let's go ahead an take a look at maps right now and show you what else you're up against. rest of the beltway looking good oxon hill upper loop across the wilson bridge and all area bridges are in the clear if you have early morning flight to catch traffic on the way to bwi and dulles and no problems 295 by benning road we're seeing clear traffic in both directions
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through chefly and 95 northbound to aquia harbor is cruising and metro gearing up for service at 5 and safe track surge 13 impacting blue and yell o any questions erin fox5dc on twitter. >> and a series of attacks on north west. >> product we use ever day are contributing to bad health and low sex drive. a live look across the d.c. region. 4:57 the time and more fox news morning after the break.
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>> today on "fox5"news morning gop lay makers release they are plain to replace at fordable care accountable. not every he member is united behind it. >> casey anthony breaks her silence speaking to reporter for the first time in fearly 9 years since aate quitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter kaylee what she says about the case that gripped the nation. >> live look outside and pretty warm day. mixed with scattered showersment don't get too comfortable though. old man winter expected to make a return this weekend. >> slowly but surely


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