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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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takes first big step today. >> a live look outside on this wednesday morning it's march 8. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". we'll start with developing news at 6. laurel man police on a wild chase midnight 4 street laurel and ended p street d.c. u.s. park police helped and the suspect was treated and re leased from george washington hospital and facing a large list of of charges fleeing police, driving on suspended license and registration and drug paraphernalia. >> and number of school systems closed in the our area today up to three after a high number of teachers and staff requested personal leave for the day without a woman. and strike effort across the country. prince george county public schools and degree public city schools and several locations
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prince george county alone 1700 features requested off -- teachers requested off. >> live in upper marboro with more, mel, good morning. >> good morning, guys, the school system wants to be clear that this was a decision not because of the protests but literally they had no choice. they were taking a stand on the movement itself. prince george county by far the largest school system to be affected by this call out. the message was sent through e male a.m. posted on school web site 7:30 last night which is not a lot of time for parents try to figure something out for the 127,000 students who now do not have a classroom to go to today. now, letter from super intend enter dr. kevin maxwell apologized for inconvenience noting call-out was action urged by organizers of the women's march on washington. as you me
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1700 teachers and also 30% of transportation staff requested that personal leave day. maxwell said absences compromised school system ability to transport students and provide safe productive learning environments and told parents the leave request increased significantly during the day yesterday forcing decision to keep students at home. now, some parent we spoke about supported day's message and some did not. >> it should have been discussed. >> and you should have input. >> we should have input or at least give feedback perfect a decision is made. >> it's good thing to allow the teachers to go and express opinion. i'm okay with that. i wish we had no earlier. >> now, aconsidereding to one of the school board members we spoke to similar to what we heard in alexandria city yesterday, the school system cannot deny that personal leave when it is requested and today employees
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and school system are told to report to work as usual and they wish to take the day off and they must go ahead and sun mit a personal leave request through the normal channels and also we want totd let's you know we've been checking around trying to get information about whether there would be breakfast. and lunch available affected by the closure today. and we have not seen anything so far posted bit school red regarding that. live in proyns george countsy i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and story is generating a whole lot of comments on facebook page with people both in support of teachers and against the decision to close. here's one audra said what about the children who depend on the school for a hot meal or parents that dent vo healthcare for their children. selfish people and paula says snand solidarity and i'm happy my kids are not in
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to happen. >> and michelle says i get it, but what about us women who are nurses, how will a hospital function without female workers. no one could be sick or care for your loved ones. >> our coverage of this decision to close continues all morning coming up in the 7:00 hour two members of prince george county school board will join us live on this, and good day d.c. talking live with county school ceo dr. kevin maxwell. >> today's without a woman strike coincides with ipt nagal day and it's our plan to bring awareness to women's rights and from freedom plaza to lafayette park walk. and in a rally lafayette park noon. later this afternoon a separates event women's workers rally:30 department of labor. we'll talk about organizers of women's workers rally. developing overnight, check out the statue
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the iconic landmark wept dark on hour last night. the statue is dark except for crown and torch. lights eventually flickered back on shortly before midnight and some believed it was a show of solidarity ahead of women's day and national park service says it was unplanned outage and probably related to a project for a new emergency backup generator. >> when will the truth come out about that. >> somewhere in between. >> somebody would pay the bill. >> probably like late fee and then you know we warn you we will cut this off if you don't pay. >> that's a government bill. >> lady liberty is also affected by that. >> i live it i can tell you. whp they say it's tu, it's due. >> let's look at the forecast. cold front coming through 3:30. >> yes. >> wind was rattling everything. that was
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bwi marshall we'll number for a beautiful day. yesterday got warm and 70. >> i remember that. >> nice and mild today but windy today and there's the front coming through and whipped and rain and fading off quickly to the east. leftover showers generally east of us. we have one or two left to the west we have to deal with before we can call it quits and most of the day will be sunny, bright and beautiful and gusty whipped. warm and breezy. look at whipped, 30 miles an hour. all right we have a couple chaps owe for a little snow. >> oh, diminishing. >> diminishing in the last 24 hours. we'll talk about it we're not giving up hope. >> okay. >> but yeah it's lookg less likely we'll talk about it coming up. >> hey, erin, good morning. >> not good morning. >> right now we have big problems. breaking news off a track. 2670
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now 85 because of a big crash we'll help you work around that way in 95 southbound quanitco so just two left lanes are getting by that's causing 20 minute delay 234 dumfries road to past take route 1 southbound around this big crash this one involving tractor-trailer and another one. >> in dishave the north east headed to union station louisiana avenue closed right now because of crash between d and columbus circle. and caution there. 270 southbound again tracking crash and lawl lanes blocked you have to hop off and take 253 southbound straight down. as we look at drive times now 95 northbound from virginia 3 to 6:30, that's 22 minute, 95 north to the beltway that takes 6
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30 minute ride from pips william parkway. aside from that metro is dealing with slow downs. if we can look at metro maps we have blue lines and then safe traffic? the fight to repeal and replace the affordable air act takes its first step on capitol hill today. >> this morning there's lots of push backs from both side. they're calling the program obamacare light. annie yu is live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison, president trump hitting first road block with republican leers trying to rally out support as they roll out the new healthcare plan. the battle over healthcare
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house ways and means xhipt tee need fine. >> we've been working with members of the house and nat and stakeholders around the land about this legislation. i think we have gotten to a tweet spot. this is work in progress and con didn't to be so. >> cost issues. >> you really need that cbo score to talk about how many bill love dove range and how many are lost. these parties don't want to talk to you about a way for it. >> many are upset the proposal does not repeal entitlement. >> you cannot retract a that is not developed national health insurance and re vokd it. >> meantime the state of hawaii files a lawsuit against the trump administration over
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order which sets temporary ban on immigrants from six muslim majority countries. >> we're concerned this decision though temporary may compound anguish for those it affects. >> now the ban on immigrants from the six muslim majority countries go into effect march 16, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> and wiki leaks, used software tools to hack nook people's computers, phones and tv. what this wanz was which ising after him in flood waertz wael be back in 30
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>> back now with new video out of norm korea showing a massive rally celebrating the country recent missile losses and protests on ongoing protests of military drills. overnight it proposed to halt. >> more bomb threats reported at jewish community centers nationwideen including a bomb threat yesterday. and montgomery county executive isaiah legit is asking
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council to spend 225,000 for ju wish community centers and ask the coup question for help the outy may? chase the down a man wanted for a number of burglaries. the suspect dodged officers for a while but was caught hiding in ceiling of emthink theater in green belt plaza. took hours to lure the suspect out of hiding. >> the man wanted for murdering a security guard in woodbridge behind bars. d. considers police arrested jamal kingsbury. spoke to a military nurse would was with him during his final moments. >> i cannot ma'am inthe pain they're feeling now. i want them to find comfort knowing he was not alone and
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>> kings bury will be extradited where he'll space murder charges. >> in beluxi, mismiss a crash involve a train and bus four peopled on the train tracks at up the section. n. it sb is headed to the scream and before they raeming there's a meeting at 6:30 this morning. >> and a man hangs on for dear life as he is trapped over floodwaters. he was trapped if a swollen river. it swept only of his belongings and they were gone an he held on to helicopter if she lists him to safety. >> do you want to eat like tom brady. >> he look healthy. >> he's launching a male kit program we'll
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>> wednesdayier, weather and traffic on the fives coming up
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■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ >> a live look out there. details as far as the commute goes. we made today to hump day. >> yes, 3:00 in the morning the front started to come through and we have winds headed to the bus stop this morningment temps in the 40s. we're in low 50s city. look to after school forecast once again temps well into 60s. it's breezy day. and a nice, mild afternoon and more sunshine an yesterday. all in all a great spring feel this afternoon. >> 51 washington. cooler overnight quantico and i'll show you 40s north and west and notice nobody here early this morning near the freezing mark. these temperatures not bad, 46 fred ring and 48 dulles. winds gusting this map not as impressive as i was hoping you get
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of the west and north here at 20 to 5 miles an hour to northwest and i'm showing you map because it will be windy day today and leftover showers through city up and down 95 here this is last of rain showers associated with frontal system and all this pushes east and we'll clear out the clouds we'll have this morning. we should be mostly sunny this afternoon. again if you get in the car early this morning you ep count are a few showers. look at the back edge of the front. and next couple days look beautiful. 70 tomorrow. nice springtime temperatures wednesday and thursday and colder air drops in. i want to show you end of week clipper system props down and friday you want to bring in cooler air. it may, early friday morning give us rain, snow mix across the area and we're not
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big deal. it's a rain snow mix here early friday. weekend storm, still question marks as i mentioned and said a few minutes ago it's looking less likely and trying to track further south. we're not completely in the clear there. but we'll continue to watch that here. we'll have more answers in the next 24 hours. notice how cold it is this weekend. temps not out of the 30s saturday and sunday and we could have morning lows in the teens. so hard freeze on the way. right? >> seriously i think conditions are dangerous for roads so i'll say no. >> good for vegetationing. >> did you like what i did there you're welcome. >> 6:15 now. >> we're going to go ahead an take a look at maps. we had all lanes temporarily blocked 270 southbound 85 big crash scene moved to shoulder and right lane and 70 to 85 super heavy traffic and you break up little urbana to clarksburg and again
6:19 am
stopped traffic because of cop juston. 355 be prepared from 70 to frederick down this morning you need extra 30 minute out are loop looking good. problems in virginia. let's hop outside and show you a live look. this is 95 southbound by 6:19 as you head to quantico this morning you hit a huge delay 25 minute 34 from tractor trail are crash. back to you guys. >> a massive intelligence leak raising new concerns this morning about smart devices we have in home. agencies like c iment a may be able to listen in on private kvrpings exploiting new test fet turz we'll take a closer look next. >> and super bowl champion tom brady bringing plant-based performance meals to the table if you pay for it. more on that after the break. >> as we head to break we want to share more of your comments about the decision of some schools in our area to close
6:20 am
leave for a someday without owe woman strike and natalia says teachers have every right to support this movement like anyone else does. >> tina said when with moms decided not to mom for the day. this is ridiculous protest. keep the comments coming we want to share as many was we can throughout the day today and we'll be back.
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6:22 we get toe "business beat" in a minute and keeping an eye on market activity after two straight down days yesterday. do we have lauren? don't have lauren. okay. one of the things we want to do is talk about watchdog group and mayor bowser receiving ill him campaign contributions in 2014. they submit aid formal complaint yesterday and in that
6:23 am
illegal contributions were claimed and we spoke with public citizens and mayor becauseer for more comment. do we have lauren now. we have lauren now. hey, we see you good morning. >> good morning. >> we had trouble connecting with you. >> you did. >> markets down again. where are we going today. >> they're having trouble connecting to this holding pattern trying to get to positive all week can't do. it same story today. why are we in holing pattern we're waiting for jobs report february friday fed decision next week on interest rates there's 85% chance at this point they hike. we'll see friday's jobs report willing telling. >> let's talk about wiki leaks. information coming out yesterday when it comes to technology and a little starey thinking anybody who uses a smart device. >> this morning you say i have to admit i say this when i connect to internet who is watching, what hacker is seeing what i'm doing. turns out based on massive
6:24 am
leaks data dump yesterday thousands and thousands of pages that the cia, spy agency, has tools to spy on what you're doing via your phone, your car, your smart television, your ipad, you name. it they release this information it seems to be valid and big questions are who exactly leaked it was it contractor and what countries could have this information too. >> i think as we got more and more smart devices this was the tier and i think we accepted it because we like the smart devices now lauren it's almost impossible if you get a new tv to not got a smart tv or to get a car to not get a car with built in smart devices. >> and if you're electronics make are or gadget maker what do you do with this information. you were hacked and you did not know about it. how do you make your devices less vulnerable. >> anything that connects to any wifi for
6:25 am
hacked. >> i know you don't care but you haveers do might care about eating healthy we all want to look and play like tom brady. >> i know you you care. >> now you can eat like tom brady. >> this story do i not care b i don't eat vegan. but if you are plant-based or want a plant-based diet tom brady through tv 1 teamed one purple carrot a massachusetts company to send you males for the week and you can heat helmy like some and jizel and be part of you can't be my age and in nfl. >> the rest of us could heat what he eats and never have the success he has. he
6:26 am
>> extent point. >> he sold out a $200 cookbook which was a binder and people paid $200 for. it he'll get the money. >> last but not least muslim athletes, nick getting involved here and finding a way to fill that need for create. >> i don't know the price tack but it goes own sale in 2018, nick hijab. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> and my apologies to you. >> i'm sorry. >> tucker good morning. >> cold front coming through. let's get to it. radar showers still in the area. >> all right. >> okay. >> l
6:27 am
fell ten degrees in an hour a couple hours ago. cooler air working in and leftover rain hour activity not done with it yet. i want to point out back edge of front is approaching the region. we'll trend towards sunshine quickly here and it will be a sunny and beautiful springtime day windy and 66 this afternoon. more on the weekend forecast coming up. >> let's check with erin on the roads. >> 6:27 we're deal with a lot of show downs and wet road and high winds upper loop by branch avenue blocking shoulder and left lane and delays heavy pennsylvania to branch avenue and watch for that slow down. as we forward cameras dealing with problems 5 southbound quantico and big slow down there and we look at that as we look at the tractor-trailer crash. keep it to "fox5".
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>> back at 6:30 with a crash. virginia 619 two lanes getting by announcement erin and tucker will be along on the fives with weather and traffic. welcome back to fix news morning. big story 6:0 no school for tens of thousands of local students today that's because there's not enough teach anticipates staff to keep schools on. closed today, prince george county public schools and alexandria city schools and campuses of septemberer city public charter schools. this after they all say a high number of teeners and staff requested personal leave for
6:31 am
in prince george skountsy alone staff requested off and a question, what about the free breakfast and lunch program will that go on today for students that need. it school spokesperson says no decision made on that yet but we indeed talk to alexandria city yesterday and they will offer free and reduced meals and transportation. but no word from prince george county. . well this decision generated hundreds of comments on facebook page. ashley says works for me get to go exploring with my son. linda says i sure hope these people are not getting paid for their day off. the kids are the ones this hurts and theresa says it definitely should be non paid use to lay out of work. i'm woman and proud to say i will be, would go and this battle over healthcare reform moving on now
6:32 am
capital hill today. the ways and means committee, new gop healthcare plans introduced earlier this week and republicans admit while united on appeal they're divided over replacements. back now take "fox5" exclusive a watchdog group claims d.c. mayor becauseer accepted illegal campaign contributions during her 014 campaign and group public citizen submitted formal complaint yesterday. in that complaint they claim there were more than 30,000 in illegal contributions and we spoke with a group as well as mayor for comment. >> there should been immediate poll from mayor and funding should have been returned. >> why does all that money exit and you refunded other money? it's three years laider. >> actually i don't want to get into the details of updates and times. >> would you get into the details with anyone about that.
6:33 am
answered your question. >> are corporate interests running your agenda, mayor. >> no. >> "fox5" reached out to office of campaign finance for comment and we're still waiting to hear back see? >> time for good news now in the morning line this morning if you are a fan of the redskins vernon davis maryland grew up here will stay another three years and he was signing in bruce allen's swanky office. he is 3 but a prime target at a good season. >> meanwhile no sighting of general manager of team headquarters. scott mc clue land was spotted washinging his dog. "fox5" tried to talk to him. he was on the porch until jim got out of the car and went back inside. when we asked the team for comment he
6:34 am
on free agency. what his neighbor job it free agency tomorrow. >> widz ardz are on the court. bradley beeld scored first 18 points and then mc done vich once again 29 points off the bench and set a franchise record for free throws 16-16 from the line coming offer the last game where he had throw pointers. even though they were up in one point it was a okay. >> last night a bit of -- mascot was retrieving a drum stick that had fallen on to the court. i got this one. >> got that this. >> front. >> i don't know you got me.
6:35 am
on road in portland. 58 points. that's a career high for him. ties franchise record for the thunder. >> getting me lost. >> but was not enough because they lost to portland. >> and "maverick" s during becomes first international player to score 30,000 points. he hit the fade away jumper and 7' german in 19th season in league just for you some soccer though disappointing end to she believes cup for france and united states. first loss in back-to-back home games. on twitter they said we are ready to get back to work. >> last night i was feeling doubt and out about my own personal things i'm working on. >> you want to talk about it. >> no not in and out. >> then i got online and read about dysfunction of redskins park and i felt good about
6:36 am
>> let me say this i get it have you have a job to do. seeing his face inside the house something is is definitely not right. i hope he gets betters. >> cousins the whole things is -- >> they're back in the news. remember like year of off season they weren't in the news all the time and. >> and then they went to play yvs. >> i was talking about gruden and not cousins i mcrlelan and not cousins. >> and cold front come through. must have heard the wind blowing and the actual frontal system came through, quick downpours, you're watching end off form and west and clearing and we're going to actually have a beautiful springtime day to look forward to. slot of sunshine it kourpz to a windy day. 66 at 6
6:37 am
afternoon. couple sowers this morning and we get. >> we'll still helz be on to show snow now are you? the game is not over yet. >> okay. >> okay. >> okay. >> game over. >> game is not over. >> good morning, 6:37 wet road problems and lot of slow downs and accidents and all the gross stuff. this is what the crew got earlier this morning passing by the crash. windshield wipers are on 95 how about oub quanitco and chris 619 involving trail tore trail or and left lane still getting by this morning as you can see passing harrow truck from steevz were released to 10 miles an hour. weaver dealing with a lot of shows downs. theres with a second crash in addition to the tractor-trailer crash close are
6:38 am
crash close are russel wod road. and just because two left lanes is a 5 minute slow down. wet roads as well and use caution this morning. from the bottom side, upper loop crash blocking left shoulder at branch avenue and you're jammed solid back to pennsylvania avenue and typical delays from 210 to across the wilson bridge and once we move over fts beltway to look at maps earlier crash causing big problems in frederick. and 0 southbound moved to soultder at 85 and once you pass aout of frederick and get to urbana you can see the big line slow down into clarksburg and average speed because of congestion under 10 miles an hour and i'll have more on your traffic in a few, back to you guys. >> 6:38 now. >> a lock at what is hot on the web this morning. >> an as we head to break more reaction to several area school
6:39 am
without a woman strike. they're taking wawp day to take the kit may learn more from the one day civics lesson than ring har it. >> women are tired of fight be to be equal. everyone needs to a woman's history course. here we are fiinging for equality and writing as a well. we'll be right back. 6:9. - wow. - why is uncle jeff green? - that's not uncle jeff. - aww, oh you look mad in the picture too. - [narrator] tame the tuition monster, visit
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- [narrator] tame the tuition monster, visit - [narrator] tame the tuition monster, visit >> we're back now with what is trending on the web on wednesday morning. move out of the way brawny paper towel man you've been replaced by a woman. it's part of #strength has no gepder campaign. the girl power packaging is nod to women's history month the month of march. >> some good news for ivanka trump her kloming line made record sales online. several department stores announced they were dropping her clothing line. >> and tinder is giving 100 to cause of your choice today all part of honoring ipt nagal women's day. those interested in donating can tweet tipter with
6:43 am
issue and women's right and once you get a code you'll want to. >> yeah i think it's awesome. >> coming up, movie theater for parents and kids. think jungle gym. would that be distracting at theater we'll tell you. shirley mcclain the legend that stars in the new movie, the last
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>> welcome back. that's quantico tractor-trailer involved in a crash. two lanes getting by earlier. wet road does not help. >> the wet road on 95 you can easily see what the road conditions are like. we'll check in there with erin in a minute ob the road conditions. first though rain falling, tuck? >> wipedp down. >> it's spring like and sunny today highs to upper 60s. not quite beautiful yet but look at radar coming up. temps not bad, 45 gaithersburg and 48 dulles and 50 quantico and 5 1 annapolis and in case you're curious march is windest of the year and will deliv
6:47 am
winds north west at 10. they'll pick ungusts 25, 30, 35 miles an hour a little later this afternoon. >> and last of shower activity as mentioned here. pushing off to south and east and we're not quite done with it yet and next hour or two i think it will be clear of the area and clear of bay there and we should see gradual clearing norm and west you can see back end of front. once that comes through lots of sunshine to look forward to and again a beautiful day. temperatures good 10, 15 above normal and nice looking information and tonight pleasant overnight and tomorrow fantastic high temperatures near 70. by friday things cool down and here's setup for the weekend. we'll have a real push at very cold air starting friday around here while that springtime warmth is pushing in the area we get a storm along that air there and divides cold and warm air. where exactly our storm sets up
6:48 am
about snow saturday night or sunday and right now looks likes cold wins out. far enough south to you have cloudy day. few flurry around. i'll be honest we're not 100% sure about track of system for sunday. it's still possible we have snow around here on sunday 6:48 sky fox quantico triangle area one lane getting by, by that tractor-trailer crash. and we had a second crash in that area as well. with rainy assure you delays are heavy to cardinal drive past 234 now. you're looking at slow down as you get to quanitco and 95 southbound. your best bet route 1 southbound. dealing with bailout traffic and not as heavy
6:49 am
bottle neck as you merming to one left lane as you pass through 6 of 19 to virginia and things improving cleared to left shoulder and delays heavy pennsylvania to branch avenue and slow against the wilson bridge. we look at maps. 270 southbound side and earlier crash by 85 clear to shoulder. you can see from 70 all the way to clarksburg this morning you're in for 30 minute delay and again wet roads not helping anything out and northeast section of district louisiana avenue remains closed between d street and columbus circle don't forget safe track. pretty heavy winds. wet roads. get early start this morning and have patience. we're seeing a lot of problems out there. >> thanks, erin. >> yes. >> you got it. >> story time for
6:50 am
meme. >> oh, yeah. >> i know wow. >> no music? >> we need good music today. >> you never know what you get with this fantastic segment. all right. thank you very much. starting off with emcee meme when you lose your mom at the store this happened to me in florida. >> that's hilarious. >> i love your story from florida. >> i was down in florida years ago wentz around corner at grocery store with grandma came around corner and there's ten grandmas that look like my grandma. i could not figure out which was mine. >> how old were you. >> like 16. >> okay well now it's not cute anymore. >> the perfect body pillow. >> adorable. >> love it. >> adorable. >> thank you. this is me on any given
6:51 am
>> all right. allison we'll wrap up this morning's morning meme with deep thoughts of the day. >> hey. >> sometimes i feel like i have my life together and i was like wow as a nice 45 seconds. >> we were all talking to us. >> #morning meme. >> i feel a lot better today after those. >> it lifts you up. >> we owe you a debt of gratitude. >> viewer not me. >> thank you. >> it's 6:51 now let's give you a look ahead. good day d.c. we'll continue to stay on top of the decision by prince george country school to close today due to overwhelming number of personal leave requests approved today and we will get answers from the top when cool school eco kevin maxwell joins us live. >> shoot like a
6:52 am
>> i'm trying to see if tom hill's shirt is on in that or illusion. >> go with it. >> he sits down with kevin whose shirt is fully on. kevin mccarthy fully dressed. >>. >> i could not tell is that illusion. maybe it's other arm across his chest. >> i thought at 1st and then thought maybe the shirt is on. >> good to see you this morning. >> we've been talking about beauty and the beast for a while this has come to interest headed to regards to what is happening russia. monday i spoke to josh guy among the air and this song was fist sdlusively gay moment and it was first openly gay character. i've seen the movie it's subtle they y
6:53 am
movie. if you live in russia you have to be 1 or older to see film. he equivalent of r rating in the united states where you have to be 17 or older and this of course is courtsey of associated press that received a statement regarding rating 16 plus and this came from petitions against the film for having exclusively gay moment and terminology used were overt and shameless prop began di of sexual per version under guys of fairytale. they have a 213 law beganing -- to minors. result on you cannot be 16 or -- >> ridiculous. >> last words new movie opening on friday starring shirley mc claim. mcclain's character wants her owe bit wary written before she di
6:54 am
>> it ses good thinkers. >> why didn't shirley mcclain take beaty name as last name. this is shirley mc change. >> shirley mcclain and warren beaty how did you decide to go with mcclain. >> good questions. go back to washington with knowledge. my birth name is shirley mcclain beaty and i wanted to honor my mother and do her name and changed spelling because she was always klawld mcclean, kathleen mcclean and took it to debty pause he doesn't like people saying the name beatr. >> the name i was bo
6:55 am
clean. >> and i took mac i made myself more scotch maclaine then you don't say mclean you say claine. >> i love that. >> she took it and ran. and warren beaty didn't want to be called beady. >> would i go with this is ridiculous. . >> is it soundproof. >> no in la times the big question i'll do more research on this i don't think the kids with play during the film, i read the articles entered the film early and play and help in mexico they have interest fwlex they play more. >> woman i want
6:56 am
what time. it's happenty hour. >> would the light be on it's distracted. >> there's 75% chance i'll get disstrairkted. >> you would let kids play watching movie. >> is no, i don't let the kids i would play there. >> 51 in watch ton didn't keep me riveted. >> once north tweingt at 12 a fuel fall day mid to upper 60s i papt to mention the wheels 6 miles an hour and we'll get the rain out of sheer shortly. i'm done, traffic. >> we're seeing huge delays. sky fox out in quantico now to get throughout triangle area. tractor trailer crash blocking right shoulder and lanes. one left lane is squeezing by and you're jammed packed as you make your way norm of 234 to
6:57 am
delay. 95 northbound is parking lot the through dale city. we had earlier crash prince william parkway upper loop crash now springfield interchange and wet roads and big problems keep it to
6:58 am
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>> the president's care for obamacare goes under knife today as democrats and republicans plan to dismantle it and travel ban hits the first roadblock in a live report, mel. >> day without women means day without schools. for students in prince george county i'm melanie alnwick live from upper marboro with what led to the decision and reaction to parents. >> and massive intelligence leak raising concerns about smart devices in homes. document dump courtsey of wiki leaks has officials at cia and fbi serving for a mole. >> good wednesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining us it's 7 arm wednesday morning march 8. >> if are you just waking up this morning here's a live look outside, georgous day. >> let's check


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